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PLASCON MICATEX LAUNCHES SEVEN NEW EXTERIOR COLOURS Choosing the right colour for a building’s exterior can be a daunting task. Plascon Micatex’s newly launched exterior colours will take the guesswork out of exterior painting with seven chic colours to complement any project. “Elegant and backed by Micatex’s unrivalled protection against all weather conditions, our seven new colours are all contemporary neutrals that will suit any building exterior,” announces Leslie Frank, Plascon Category Manager for Exterior Brands. The new colours include neutrals from grey to greige: Island (BBO 611), Moist Sand (BBO 612), Riverbed (BBO 615), Beach Cabin (BBO 613), Spring Tide (BBO 614), Subtle Night (BBO 617) and Dolphin Coast (BBO 616). Leslie explains, “These new colours

align with architectural and design trends and suit any type of building. They are also suitable for a commercial space, ensuring the building always looks on point.” Plascon Micatex is a premium quality, extremely durable UV-resistant waterbased coating. As Plascon Micatex prevents and bridges hairline cracks, it is suitable for application on all exterior surfaces, from gutters to cement plaster

and brickwork, and it can be used all around the building to protect against the elements. Research conducted in 2018 among urban homeowners across all consumer segments concluded that Plascon Micatex was the most preferred exterior paint for its finish and protection qualities. “Now that Micatex is available in the seven new colours and comes with a 12year guarantee, professionals and homeowners can rest

assured that the building is duly protected,” offers Leslie. Using a premium paint product will not only keep the building looking good but will also improve its value. “Our new Micatex colours will make the painting process easier, and also protect and preserve the building, leaving an exemplary calling card in the form of your expertly completed project,” finishes Leslie.

COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2020: SETTING A TREND As we look towards 2020, we know that bold colour is the next big trend. Consumers are tiring of stark grays and are looking to infuse their environments with colours that delight the senses. Blue is the easiest possible entry point from the world of neutrals to the world of colour, delivering energy and brightness. Cobalt Blue is a trending hue taking the fashion industry by storm. It also incorporates the enveloping of a deep, muted navy tone that is popular in residential and hospitality design. Chinese Porcelain NCS S 3060-R90B is a rich, traditional hue that provides the perfect agreeable backdrop for vivacious

colours to pop. It can also act as a feature colour in a living room space with a crisp white sofa to provide a sharp contrast. Layer the hue with additional blues in tufted and velvet furniture, or pair it with trending natural hues such as Gingercake S5030. Pair Chinese Porcelain NCS S 3060-R90B with décor in warm saffron and turmeric tones, such as lush drapes or velvet pillows. The hue also pairs well with leather accents and dusty sand tones, for an attention-grabbing look. Prominent Paints are available at Prominent Paint PCs and independent retailers across South Africa.


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