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PRODUCTS Ingco has released its 162 piece tool chest set. The set is not just TOOL CHEST SET

beautiful, but rugged and ready for the most demanding applications.

Dimensions: 765mm(long) x 465mm (wide) x 812mm (high) The tool chests a seven drawer chest with five shallow drawers and two deep drawers. A single lock controls all seven drawers. Each individually has a latch that prevents them from opening accidentally. They also run on soft close ball bearing slides. Drawer 1: Ratchet sockets and accessories Drawer 2: Screwdrivers and a torch Drawer 3: Spanners and allen keys Drawer 4: Pliers, hammers and grips Drawer 5: Gloves. Level and hacksaw Drawer 6 & 7: Empty for storing loose tools. The chest top is made of rugged plastic and features a useful tray on which to place tools as well as an array of holders and holes to store everything from screwdrivers to nuts and bolts. The sides of the chest are steel and feature peg holes so you can clip in pegs to support an array of tools. Magnetic tools will also stick to the sides of the chest. The rubber casters are industrial and come complete with a brake. The edges of the tool is chest are protected by an impact resistant frame.

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