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100th ANNIVERSARY Rawlplug openly share’s its

This helps Rawlplug to focus

knowledge and support with

on creating products which

customers in choosing the

meet the unique or specific

appropriate fixings and preparing

requirements of its customers.

projects. Regardless of the size

During the last century a lot

of the job, Rawlplug guarantees

has changed in the construction

the safety and reliability of its

industry but one fact remains

products for long-term operation.

the same – Rawlplug are experts in the fastening sector. Products,


services and training are the

Rawlplug offers a wide range of

three pillars the company is

products and services to an equally

built on to achieve consistent

wide customer base. Listening to

performance excellence that will

the needs of the market helps it to

satisfy the expectations of the

design, manufacture and distribute

most demanding customers.

innovative fixing solutions.

During the last century a lot has changed in the

• The product range – fixings,

construction industry but one

fasteners, tools and power tools

fact remains the same –

includes over 30 000 items.

Rawlplug are experts in the

• This comprehensive range is

fastening sector. Products,

characterised by excellent tech-

services and training are

nical parameters confirmed by

the three pillars the company

leading certifying bodies.

is built on to achieve consistent

• Rawlplug retains direct control

performance excellence

over its products by designing

that will satisfy the

and manufacturing them at its

expectations of the most

own facilities.

demanding customers.

PREMIUM WATERPROOFING SOLUTION One solution for different waterproofing expectations! USES - Exposed waterproofing on roofs (non-walkable) - External waterproofing under tiles (e.g. on balconies) - Waterproofing of new roofs - For refurbishment & for life cycle extension of old roofs, e.g. bitumen membranes & coatings - As reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs (in white colour) - Roof detailing in combination with other roofing solutions - Repairing work on roofs and walls

Rawlplug has over 30 000 products in its arsenal. DIY & INDUSTRIAL TRADE NEWS MAY 2019

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DIY and Industrial Trade News - May 2019