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MELISSA CHRISP an inside look at New Zealand Fashion Week

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04. Letter from the Editor Read what Lou Parker has to say about this month’s issue of Nevaeh!

12. Battle of the Bulge Updates from Andy George and Alison King on their weight loss challenge.

05. Inbox Your feedback including our letter of the month.

22. The Rotorua Community Awards Acknowledging the people who make Rotorua a fantastic place to live.

06. What’s On We look at what events, activities and shows are happening in Rotorua this August. 07. Community Noticeboard Info on upcoming Rotorua events activities and associations. 08. An Inside Look at NZ Fashion Week Melissa Chrisp, fashion journalist, gives Nevaeh the scoop on the winter collections of 2012 New Zealand Fashion Week.


24. Riding to the Podium at the World Champs Megan Dimozantos recaps the WIMBO 24 hour solo world Mountain Bike Championships 2012. 30. Pilot Saves Lives Mid-Flight Richard de Crespigny, the QF32 pilot who saved 469 lives. 34. Life Around the World Living and working in Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressed female states in the world.

36. Making Decisions The process of good decision making, the second entry of Alan Solomon’s motivation column.

58. Fitness 101 - Core Conditioning A conditioning and exercise program to improve your posture, stregth and flexibility.

38. Know Your Rights - with Paula Lines Our expert Paula Lines from The Law Shop answers your legal questions.

60. New Mum Blog One woman’s experience of parenting.

42. 2012 Spring Fashion Spring is finally here! Take a look at the style trends for this season.

62. Great Gift Ideas Struggling to think of a fabulous gift idea that is sentimental but doesn’t cost the earth? Check out this month’s suggestion from Nevaeh.

50. Putting Together the Perfect Outfit There’s more to an outfit than clothes! An accessories guide to complete your look.

63. Spiritual Connection Resident medium Andy connects one lucky Nevaeh reader with a family member.

52. Something to Keep an Eye On The ultimate FOUR step process to ensure your eyes are looking gorgeous for any occasion.

64. September 2012 Horoscopes Check out what the stars have in store for you this month.

54. What’s Hot and What’s Not Lady Spy’s monthly view on anything and everything hot and….Not - Travel Edition.

66. Burning Questions Nevaeh answers your burning questions!

56. Natural Remedies The power of Kiwifruit for maintaining good health. 57. Recipe: Classic Cheese Scones A great, easy to follow recipe for perfect for an afternoon treat.

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68. Monthly Confessions Those things you’ve been dying to tell someone. 69. The Weird, The Wacked and The Wonderful Bizarre facts to pull out at your next quiz night. 70. September Vouchers and Special Deals Nevaeh gives you exclusive deals and discounts!

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Editor’s Letter Swing into spring! How exciting to be finally coming into warmer months. Daylight savings is just around the corner and before we know it summer will be upon us (let’s hope we actually get one this year)! This time of year is a hard slog for a lot of people. The gap between Queens birthday and Labour weekend feels like a lifetime, luckily the team at Nevaeh have been busy working to deliver you a fantastic September issue. This month we have had the opportunity to catch up with some truly amazing people! Firstly - Melissa Chrisp, Cool Charm Fashion Editor who has the inside scoop on Fashion Week’s most intriguing personalities, coveted collections and exclusive events at this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week (September 3-7). Secondly - Richard de Crespigny, the Australian pilot in command who saved the lives of 469 Qantas passengers on flight QF32 November 4 2010, tells us about the day the engine exploded mid-flight. Thirdly we get an inside look at the Rotorua More FM Community Awards where our locals are congratulated for all their hard efforts in making Rotorua a truly great place to live. We also touch base with Andy and Alison to see how they are getting on with their ‘battle of the bulge’ challenge! See, told you we have been busy! Busy is best in the world of Nevaeh and we look forward to doing it all over again next month. Happy Reading. Lou Parker xxx


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Inbox: Your Feedback Letter of the Month Dear Nevaeh, I would just like to send a letter in to say thank you Nevaeh for offering such a quality magazine with interesting topics and local reads. It is not often I indulge in a magazine but I make time to read Nevaeh from page to page because it is so well put together. I would also like to say thank you for offering readers something for nothing. It’s not often that you can have something sent to you for free, with no strings attached! I really look forward to the many more issues to come. From Tammy Winters

Dear Nevaeh, Love love love the voucher page. I will defiantly be scanning these for monthly deals and offers. Great to see local businesses involved in something like this.

At Nevaeh we would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at

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Dear Nevaeh, Really enjoyed the August issue of Nevaeh – so much so I actually got in trouble from my boss for spending too much time reading it! I have emailed it to my home email so I can enjoy it without being tempted at work. From Larissa Maynard

From Matilda Winiata Dear Nevaeh,

The new mum blog was amazing! I have recently had a baby and the blog sounds exactly like my life. It’s nice to read something that I can really connect with.

So looking forward to see how the weight loss is tracking with Andy and Alison. I listen to Andy on More FM and think Alison is so brave! I think it’s a great idea. Trying to lose weight is hard so I think these two will be an inspiration for those who don’t know where to start.

From Patty Stevens

From Vanessa Sharpe

Dear Nevaeh,


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Rotorua Has Talent

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MELISSA CHRISP We speak to Melissa about what goes on inside New Zealand Fashion Week as well as her ventures around the world as Fashion Editor for Cool Charm.



Inside Look

at New Zealand

Fashion Week

with Melissa Chrisp

Melissa Chrisp is a fashion journalist whose career has taken her around the world! Melissa attended New York Fashion Week in February where she viewed the winter collections prior to them being seen on the New Zealand runway, as well as the off-site New York Fashion Week Karen Walker show in Chelsea, where she was seated alongside editors from Teen Vogue. Karen Walker will be showing this same collection the week prior to New Zealand Fashion Week.

Date of birth: I was born on the 7th of April, 1989. Where are you based? I am really fortunate that my work takes me all over the place! I originally come from Christchurch, but can spend stretches of time in Auckland, Sydney or New York, all depending on the season.   When did you first decide you wanted to be in fashion? I have always loved fashion, and have really enjoyed experimenting with trends, but I didn’t know that I would work in fashion until about 5 years ago.

I actually started out studying law with the intention of becoming a criminal lawyer. Halfway through my study I re-evaluated and knew that it was time to pursue my passions which included fashion, writing, and communications. Fashion and beauty journalism was the perfect fit!

These internships are not all glitz and glam, like MTV’s The Hills makes it seem! They are very tough work, working long hours, and doing some very unglamorous things! But I didn’t mind working hard because it was exactly where I wanted to be, and it was a great way to start out.

How did you get into the industry?

What’s your style?

I started out really simply by beginning a fashion blog, and as my audience grew so did my ability to write with authority about fashion. With my new found confidence I completed countless internships at some very cool fashion magazines in Auckland and Sydney.

My style changes every day depending on what I am doing, what trends I am obsessing over, and what my mood is! Right now I am loving dressing super feminine, and on the total opposite end of the spectrum I am also really into wearing edgy pieces (like studded heels).


Whatever style I wear I always, always, always match my fragrance to my look. It’s part of my signature style, and I believe it makes my look even more memorable! It’s a great thing there is a Cool Charm fragrance that matches perfectly with every daily look! What is it like dealing with people in the industry…eg is it catty/ do people have big personalities? The fashion industry is such a massive industry, you can find every personality imaginable, and I have worked with the all! There are definitely divas, and people who are catty, but honestly, in my experience, the most successful people I have met within the fashion industry are also the nicest! The movie, The Devil Wears Prada really highlighted some fashion industry stereotypes, but the Manhattan offices of the New York fashion magazines I’ve visited are full of incredibly nice, genuine and hard working people! What were the highlights from this year’s New York fashion week?   One amazing highlight was watching the runway presentation from Badgley Mischka at the Lincoln Centre at New York Fashion Week. I was seated behind Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers who were filming Fashion Police, and I can totally understand why they selected that show to record.


It was MIND BLOWING! In New Zealand we don’t tend to see too many red carpet worthy gowns, because we don’t have the same Hollywood industry to support the events. However, in the States they absolutely have the events, and people need a dress for the red carpet, which is exactly what Badgley Mischka specialise in! It was absolutely incredible seeing these gowns on the runway, and listening in to Kelly and Joan’s conversation about what dresses they wanted their stylists to secure for them!

When I looked up amidst the flashing lights there was Heidi Klum What are your predictions for the trends based on what was seen in New York? Based on what I saw on the runway in New York I predict we will see some oriental influence (think East meets West) in designer’s collections, white as a key colour, a focus back to well-tailored pieces, cropped outerwear, more peplum (buy up now, the trend will be sticking around!) and touches of metallic. What types of famous personalities are you likely to see at New York fashion week? Absolutely everyone! Fashion Week is definitely the event to see and be seen at!

I had an all access pass which included getting to go backstage, which is where the majority of paparazzi were stationed because all of the biggest celebrities enter via the back to avoid the craziness at the front. Tell us about a time you were star struck? On the second day I was entering the backstage area to check out the hair and makeup teams hard at work before the show began. As I was walking past a huge group of about 40 paparazzi their bulbs started flashing and all I could hear was the shutters of their cameras. When I looked up amidst the flashing lights there was Heidi Klum walking out of the door I was entering. As a huge fan of Project Runway I froze for a second before realising that she was holding the door open for me! Needless to say I came out of my daze, thanked her, and tried to keep my cool as I went backstage! What are the main differences between fashion in New Zealand and overseas? The only difference I can think of would be menswear – New Zealand guys tend to play it safe in terms of their style. Whenever I am overseas I am always so impressed when I see guys welldressed. It would be awesome to see more New Zealand men get onboard with fashion!   Who should we keeping an eye out for at this year’s New Zealand fashion week?

The big name designers whose names may sound familiar including Trelise Cooper, Zambesi, Juliette Hogan, Hailwood, Huffer, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club and Ruby are all showing – it’s great to follow what they are doing for the next season. Are there any raising stars we should know about? Tons! New Zealand is so lucky, we have incredibly talented fashion designers! Wellington designer Deryn Schmidt is having her first solo show this year, and we have all of the new generation designers to watch too. Follow along and get involved to show them you support their work.

What do you think summer will have in store for us on the fashion front? There is loads of colour! If wearing bright primary colours are not your thing, then bring pastel pieces into your look, and definitely match your look with a Cool Charm fragrance. Trust me… It finishes your look perfectly, and you are definitely memorable! What is the atmosphere like behind the scenes at a fashion show? There is just an indescribable buzz in the air! There is a lot of stress and pressure – imagine tons of people; models, stylists, designers, publicity coordinators, media, makeup artists, hair

stylists, and so many more, all crammed into a tiny space! It’s inspiring being surrounded by amazingly talented individuals of various roles in the industry. What has been the highlight of your career so far? One particular part of my career that I love is having the opportunity to talk with others about fashion, beauty and their personal style. Say hi to me on Facebook at and keep up to date with all of the excitement of New Zealand Fashion Week. I’ll be posting videos, blogs, photos. Can’t wait to meet you all! Interview by Lou Parker


1 month do wn 3 to go!



Nevaeh reader, Alison King and Rotorua’s More FM Breakfast announcer, Andy George have embarked on weight loss journey that is challenging them mentally and physically.

shift the extra pounds and get their health back on track.

Having started in July, the next three months Alison and Andy are left to their own devices to

There is one condition….they have to diarise their journey for the world to read.

Nothing is off limits, the pair can do whatever they like to lose the weight.

The good, the bad and the ugly are all recorded in the following pages. So many of us struggle to battle the bulge and while Alison and Andy push through the barriers they inspire many others to do so too! Let’s take a look at their journey so far.

ANDY GEORGE THURSDAY JULY 19 So, I took a leap of faith today and had the ‘before’ photo shoot in just my shorts. In three months’ time I’ll look at those pictures and think, man, you really had some guts to parade ‘that’ body for the camera!  I tend to avoid indoor swimming if possible at the moment as I don’t like my figure, and on the beach I’ll wear a t-shirt with my togs.  I’m sick of having to do that, so this is what I need.   I had my first official workout today with my fiancée who’s a personal trainer, and it’s through no fault of hers that I’m this way.  She’s very motivating and I can be lazy at the best of times, so today was a kick in the guts as it’s the first proper workout I’ve done in 8 months.  8 months ago, I completed a 10 week challenge where I shed 11kgs and lost well over 30cm across my whole body, so I know I can do it, let’s do it again! Sometimes in conversation, people ask what my fiancée does for work and when I say

personal trainer, I can tell they’re thinking, ‘So why do you look like that?’ Haha! I’m 31 tomorrow and I’m not getting any younger. With my 2 year old daughter’s love for running around in the garden, I want to be a fit and trim daddy so I can keep up with her. Eating has been average and not stupid but can be improved.  For me, I’m good at eating well but it’s the portion sizes that get me. You probably don’t want to see me at a buffet!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll get into an eating routine, bump up that metabolism and eat foods that are low GI so I’m eating less and staying full for longer.

FRIDAY AUGUST 10 3 weeks in and I can’t say I’ve done as much exercise as I wanted to. Is there a doctor out there that can help me cure procrastination? It looks worse in writing than it really is, but I’m not 100% happy with the effort I’m putting in.  I took it upon myself to run around the garden with my daughter, then throw some weights in a backpack and run lengths of the garden.  My garden is quite long when you open the side gate, so got a good workout there.


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15 I ran around the block today and it’s the first time I’ve made it round in one hit. It’s a good 2.6km run with a couple of inclines. I averaged 18 minutes which isn’t that fast to be honest. It works out to about 8.6 kph running speed, which doesn’t look quick, but I’m happy with that....getting there!

I even had my daughter in her pram, so pushed her with me and I still ran a good distance.

TUESDAY AUGUST 21 I’m back on the bandwagon after a lazy weekend.


I really wish fat was hard to gain and easy to lose as opposed to easy to gain and hard to lose. Never mind though, I’m happy with my intensity now. 

Had a longer run today - ran four blocks nonstop which averages approximately 4.5kms. I must have better running capacity than I thought.

I’ve just completed yet another great workout on my upper and lower body. I have an awesome weights programme my fiancée drew up for me.

The exercycle in the garage has 860kms on the clock and my aim is to hit 1000kms by the end of August It seems to be doing the trick. The exercycle in the garage has 860kms on the clock and my aim is to hit 1000kms by the end of August. That’s 10 days. I’ll update you on that goal in the next issue of Neveah!


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254 - 256 Fenton Street, Rotorua | | Phone: (07) 346 0560 |


ALISON KING FRIDAY JULY 20 As soon as I agreed to this I panicked and promptly made a chocolate milkshake. Losing weight is always on the top of my list of things to achieve every year, or at least finish the year no heavier than the year before. New Year’s Day 2012 was markedly different to any other. I was 34 weeks pregnant and roughly the size of a beached whale. Five months after the birth of my son I have lost 16kgs of pregnancy weight, but I’m still 25kg heavier than what I would rather be. I gained 30kgs when pregnant and was already overweight at conception so I knew it would be a long road. I needed more motivation than an idea of looking skinny. I needed to be accountable to someone and to work towards a set time. So here goes. In the past week I have eaten a few biscuits but I have also made sure I am eating lots of vegetables, a healthy lunch and making time for exercise.


That’s no mean feat when this first week was also the one where my boy would be teething, therefore very unsettled, screaming, waking lots in the night and generally being mentally exhausting.

Having my photo taken means I am more motivated to improve my body shape. I need to show that I can do this. I’ve lost weight before, this time I need to form good new habits and stick with them.

There may have also been chocolate, possibly more than I should have consumed but hey, I’m only human.

Eating: 6/10 Exercise 6/10


Exercise this week has involved a total of 90 minutes on the windtrainer (road bike attached to indoor trainer), a 3km run and a 6km brisk walk with the buggy. I know I should have done more but I didn’t. An extra hours sleep has been worth more to me this week.

Knowing I am reporting back means I am getting in more exercise than I would have previously – I am less likely to put it off which is great because I love the endorphins exercise gives me. But it’s not so easy fitting it in with a 5 month old baby and no family to babysit.

Yesterday I got up early and rode my bike on the windtrainer for 35 minutes (I’m gradually increasing my time). Today I was hoping to do the same but with the boy waking up three times in the night I was a bit zombiefied, so instead I combined meeting up with another mum in town with some exercise. I walked, pushing the mountain buggy, for 3km each way. Eating has been a little better, though I have to remind myself that a cup of coffee doesn’t make a substantial meal. Tomorrow I will be eating a bowl of fruit salad, or maybe a banana and berry smoothie. Either way it will involve fruit as I know this fills me a lot more than cereal does. Dinner tonight will be stir fry, plenty of vegetables to give my body fibre. I’ll add some chopped up sausage from last night’s dinner (toad in the hole, or sausages in Yorkshire pudding for the non-Brits) and a sweet chilli sauce. Eating 7 Exercise 6

FRIDAY JULY 27 I’ve noticed there’s a common discussion among mums, once you’ve compared sleep, nappy contents and feeding. It’s our weight.

Some mums drop the pregnancy weight – and more, and find they are struggling to keep weight on. The majority, in my experience, are unhappy that the pregnancy weight is still hanging around six months after their babies popped out. It’s hard in this day and age as, unlike the 1950s when celebrities would hide away from the spotlight during their child’s first year, we are bombarded with images of famous mums squeezed back into their pre-pregnancy jeans. We don’t have nannies, personal trainers or chefs to help us. And why should we be focussed on “bouncing back” when our babies need us. At the same time, we make things hard for ourselves. This week I have been to three coffee groups. I have loved every single one, catching up with different mums and seeing how much their babies have grown. I have also been tempted by every sweet and savoury item of deliciousness you can think of. On Wednesday I ate less than half of what I would have normally, the same on Thursday (lunch was a Tim Tam, mini sausage roll, a handful of Haribo lollies and lemon slice). Today? I had a cup of coffee, and though the spread was amazing, I knew I shouldn’t and didn’t indulge.

On Wednesday I went for a 3km run (and was a minute faster than the week before) and yesterday I went to spin class and gave it my all. I had intended to wake up early and go for another run but my body decided it needed the sleep more than the alarm call – so avoiding temptation was all the more important. So my eating has been getting better and the exercise is more consistent than it has been. I just need to keep it up. Eating: 7 Exercise: 7

FRIDAY AUGUST 3 I love Thursdays. For most it’s nearly the end of the week but that no longer has any significance in my current stage of life. For the past 6 months it’s been just another day and most likely supermarket day. Today, and for the third week running, it’s taken a new turn. Many hundreds of turns in fact; I’ve started going to the Rotorua Association of Triathlon and Multisport (Rats) spin classes. Imagine a warehouse full of bikes on windtrainers with their riders following a programme devised by tough coach Lawrence. Some people work so hard they leave a pool of sweat beneath their bike. I’m just happy to be back.


It was a hard session (and that shouldn’t surprise me) but it had the desired effect. In the past I would reward such a hard session with a chocolate bar (or two) but all I could think about on the drive home was having a shower then dinner (already cooking in the crockpot). It’s changing behaviours that’s got to be a key for me but every now and then I find myself heading to the fridge and breaking off a row of chocolate for no other reason than it’s there. No one said this was going to be easy. Eating 7 Exercise 7

SUNDAY AUGUST 5 The past seven days I’ve had a list of goals to achieve and I’m pleased to say I reached 95% of them. Two of my goals relate to this journey – to exercise at least four times this week and to eat breakfast every day. It is with breakfast that I have slightly tripped up. I ‘know’ that I should eat breakfast, not only for the setting myself up for a successful day but also to avoid the morning tea-itis. I managed breakfast of sorts five days out of seven, not too bad considering I have regularly skipped this very important meal for much of my adult life.


Today it was a banana before I went swimming. Yesterday it didn’t exist and on Friday I ate a tin of fruit salad (the Watties lite version). Exercise has been awesome, I have ridden my bike on my indoor trainer, been for long walks in the forest (two of 5.4km, one of 7.5km) and after last night’s Olympic triathlon I was inspired to get back to the pool where I swam a slow 1500m. I want to do more. The more I exercise the greater I feel about myself, and the better I am mentally then the less likely I am to overeat or make poor choices. It’s such a cycle but being a mum means I cannot fit in my exercise as easily as I would in the past. I’m not using my son as an excuse, it’s the truth. I just have to find innovative ways around it. Now to apply the same thoughts to food – eat breakfast, eat lunch and then have a great healthy dinner. I make sure I get my five plus a day (not too difficult in my house), restrict sugary foods to the bare minimum, and drink more water. Simple. Eating 8 Exercise 8

TUESDAY AUGUST 7 I love exercise, the endorphins that flow through after committing myself to physical torment are one of the reasons why I do it. I love that feeling of being on cloud nine, of feeling the blood coursing through my veins as my heart pumps its hardest. So it made perfect sense for me to return to my swim squad today. It was hard, I have to be honest. The last time I pushed myself in the pool was last year. After getting pregnant in May I carried on swimming with my squad but obviously my 100% was somewhat different to previously. I stopped swimming in January as getting in and out of togs had become too much of a mission, although I did love that weightlessness feeling. So off I trotted, joining the Rats squad at 6am. I picked a good day to start back – the first Tuesday of the month is testing day. Although I didn’t like the sound of it I knew it would provide me with a benchmark so I know how much I improve by swimming more. We did a 1km time trial and it took me 24:30, some four minutes slower than my personal best. I will get there slowly. I also joined a gym and had my first session, though it was a bit of an easy 45 minutes.

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perfect for the perfect for the whole family

whole family w w w.s i m u ol i v e . c o . n z

Lakes Care Pharmacy - 1155 Tutanekai St, Rotorua w w w.simuol i v e348 .c Phone / Fax: (07) 4385 19

I had been lamenting to nonRotorua mums for months that there was no baby-friendly gyms around. Then last week I was talking to another mum and she said she had heard Profiles now had a crèche. After visiting late last week I decided to bite the bullet and join for a month to see how it would fit around Axel. The crèche is only open for two hours in the morning and coincides with a morning class. I just have to hope Axel copes with it. Eating 7 Exercise 8

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8 So much for good intentions. I woke up with a horrible head cold, blocked sinuses and feeling a little light-headed. Not a good day to go to the gym. I stayed home and thanks to Axel reacting badly to teething (lots of crying, not very much sleeping) I ate badly. Not a good day. Eating 4 Exercise 4

THURSDAY AUGUST 9 Still feeling unwell but I had to at least get out of my pyjamas today as I had to take my son to a hospital appointment.


Since he is still teething quite horrendously I took a friend up on her offer of going for a walk. But in between the hospital and the walk I succumbed to the drive through at McDonalds. I just couldn’t be bothered to go home and cook (as I really wanted to meet up for the walk and the hospital visit took all of lunchtime to complete – nothing serious, just a routine check on his hips as he was a breech birth). Well the McDonalds was a let-down (cold chips) and consequently a good reminder as to why I should have made a sandwich. But the walk, well despite still feeling the head cold in my sinuses, it was still a great idea. We walked about 5km with our babies in their buggies, pushing them up lots of hills and through lots of mud. Definitely what I needed. Eating 5 Exercise 7

TUESDAY AUGUST 14 My cold only lasted a few days and by Sunday I was back at the gym, hammering it out on the treadmill (well it was faster than what I have been waddling, though far from my pre-baby best) and doing some weights. I made it back to swimming this morning too (another 1700m done) and for a change I decided to take part

in a Body Step class. Man I am so unco! Just as I figured out what I should be doing the class moved on to another move. I’m sure I will get it eventually. I certainly worked up a sweat, that’s for sure. So two hours of exercise in one day, it’s what I was previously used to but it’s now taking my body longer to recover from, at least for now, I know it will get easier. Eating 7 Exercise 8

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15 How can I have gained 2kg in a week? I’m exercising a lot more and I know my food intake hasn’t been the best but it hasn’t been that bad, has it? Well I guess the scales don’t lie. Maybe I shouldn’t get too upset about it, I’m slowly getting fitter and I know I’m building muscle. It’s hard to tell if I’m changing shape since I live in one pair of jeans or my track pants. If I had any ice cream in the freezer I would have devoured it. Or cake, or biscuits dunked in a hot chocolate. But no, it could have been easy to wallow but that’s partly the reason why I am where I am. Instead I figured out something healthier to eat to try to break this cycle.

If I keep on doing what I’ve always done I’ll get what I’ve always got. The plan is to go back to the gym tomorrow and to cut back on hot chocolates – I’ve been indulging in too many hot milky drinks and I think they are partly to blame. Eating 6 Exercise 8

FRIDAY AUGUST 17 I’m back on track. I’ve cut back on the hot chocolates (every other day, not twice a day), there’s been no snacking and I’m cooking (and eating) more vegetables.

I should lose those extra 2kgs and make inroads on the rest.

I’ve also been exercising. On Tuesday I stumbled through Body Step, on Wednesday and today it’s been Body Pump. I was going to swim yesterday morning but my baby woke me up a couple of times in the night and I was too tired.

I have been fortunate this week in that my husband has been off work sick. He has been able to look after Axel without me worrying about him grizzling in the gym crèche.

Then I was going to either go to Body Pump or the tri club spin class in the evening but I’ve cricked my shoulder and it was particularly painful. After resting it yesterday it felt good to work out today.

Instead of three visits to the crèche he’s only had one. And with my husband home I’ve been less inclined to snack. He’s back to work tomorrow so hopefully I can make this a habit that can stick.

As long as I maintain healthy eating and good exercise then

Eating 8 Exercise 9


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The Rotorua Community Awards WRITTEN BY LOU PARKER

What makes Rotorua a great place to work, play and live in? Short answer - the community.

These are the people that create a community and make this town a fantastic place to live.

There are a range of things which build the foundation of a great community. For Rotorua we have beautiful lakes, forests, parks and schools.

An exciting concept came to life last year when the team at More FM decided to celebrate and reward these important people in a ceremony that would recognise all their hard efforts in the community.

Most importantly though, we can define the culture of our community by our people, and boy are we lucky to have some amazing people living in Rotorua. You will soon understand the type of people this is about – it’s the people who volunteer countless hours of their time and energy making Rotorua an even better place to live. It’s the teachers, parents, coaches and mentors that invest time into our youth to give them a chance at life. It’s everyone from a great neighbour to a tremendous service provider, even someone who simply gets up every day with a smile on their face and goes about their business with a positive and kind attitude.


The More FM Community Awards was a hit, so much so the team knew they had to do it again this year, marking the second annual More FM Community Awards. Over a period of three months More FM wanted to find those extraordinary people. They called for nominations high and low in a bid to compile Rotorua’s top community contributors. The event was carried out on August 22nd 2012 and combined people from all walks of life to gather together in an effort to applaud all the shining stars and unsung heroes that Rotorua had to offer.

While no one walked away empty handed and the evening was an exciting array of appreciation and More FM are happy to announce the winners of the 2012 Community Awards as follows. Top Teacher • WINNER: Ann Sheehan, Rotorua Intermediate, J6 – Ann gets her class involved in their learning and treats the children with respect and as young adults.  Ann also organised the class to go up and have breakfast at Skyline recently and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her class involvement. Best Coach   • WINNER: Daryl Cogger – Daryl is a busy guy but does amazing things with what spare time he has!  He manages the Rock Shop Rotorua, performs at gigs around the Bay of Plenty, plays Futsal (a Brazilian version of soccer), and coaches soccer for the East Lake Geckos and the Under 11 representatives.

Best Neighbour • WINNER & SUPREME WINNER: Tim Henneveld – Tim is solid character in the Rotorua community. Tim heads the Rotorua scrabble club and earlier this year unveiled a scrabble board he made which blind people can use. It’s completely in Braille. Tim lives on Barraud Place which under his guidance has claimed Rotorua’s Neat Street two years running. He frequently knocks on doors to update residents on happenings in the street and even provides them with security solutions to keep possessions safe. Best Volunteer • WINNER: Angie Brierley, Plunket - Angie has three wonderful children under the age of 6. Not only does Angie volunteer at her son’s school but has also been volunteering at Plunket for 3 years now. Angie works tirelessly on the Rotorua Plunket committee on top of her part-time position for Plunket.

Angie is so organised and keeps everyone going with fundraising activities and ideas! Best Non Profit Organisation • WINNER: 1st Ngongotaha Scouts – Angela Hughes & Kirstin Jones do a lot in the community for the kids. They do an awesome job at keeping the kids entertained while giving them something worthwhile to do outside of school rather than roaming the streets. The ladies do a lot for the youth aged from 6 to 15 years and up. They take the children camping and do a lot of outdoor and indoor things that they don’t always learn at school. Best Tradesman • WINNER:Pit Stop –A great team who take the time to realIy look after their customers! The turnaround is fast and the service is fantastic. Best Receptionist

• WINNER: Lee Thompson – Temprite Industries. Lee’s customer service is 10 out of 10 with a fantastic phone manner and the ability to help any customer out. Temprite are forever getting comments about Lee’s positive attitude, customer service and passion for her job! Best Apprentice • WINNER: Stu Pinfold – Stu’s work place gets lots of great feedback about his work from customers. Stu has done great work for the company and is very tidy, a good communicator, conscientious and reliable. Service with a Smile • WINNER: Kathy Folley – Kaikaute Services. Kathy is a respected, cherished and much loved person in the community for her kind and down to earth nature. Kathy’s customers enjoy every minute she spends with them as she is so incredibly helpful, positive and customer service driven.


Riding to the Podium at the World Champs Rotorua local Megan Dimozantos is natural on the endurance mountain bike racing circuit. Having recently come 3rd in the WIMBO 24 hour solo world Mountain Bike Championships 2012 - Megan recaps her journey from the time she arrived in Italy until the minute she hit the finish line and became a champion.

I feel like I have been away from home for so long now. It’s been an amazing experience, and I have felt humbled by the actions and kindness of so many people I have met along the way.

Neither of these outcomes would be ideal, so it was amazing to arrive in Finale and find that Matteo had ordered and now had in stock everything we needed for my bike service.

I arrived in Finale with little clue of anything to do with the race, but to be honest what was really nagging at me was the fact I didn’t have a support crew lined up. This was one of my biggest races of the year and I was missing half my team.

However, I still didn’t have a support crew. Most people don’t understand that for 24 hours, it can be a thankless, tiring and full-time job - once they did know that, chances were they would politely decline.

Before I arrived in Finale, I had been in touch with a guy named Matteo from one of the local bike shops here. We had been emailing back and forth and I had sent him a huge list of stuff I needed done to my bike before the big race. It was one of those situations where I had to think of the worst-case scenarios. If I can’t get my bike serviced can I deal with riding it as it is? Yes I could! If I don’t get a support crew can I deal with supporting myself? Yep - if I had to I could.


I had been speaking to Matteo about support, and eventually, I told him I would send him a list of what I would need someone to do for the 24 hours and if he could find someone (anyone!) who could help, then that would be great. The list I emailed him was pretty extensive. It covered everything from food, water, monitoring performance and chamois cream. No stopping was allowed and I would expect someone to be there for me each and every lap.



I was surprised when I arrived at the shop the next day to find Matteo with my list printed out, asking me questions to which I clicked that he planned on helping me out himself! As we scoured over my list, he said, “and one more thing... what is chamois cream?” Okay, well this is a little awkward. I tried my best to describe it delicately, I also made a point I didn’t expect him to help me put it on, he just needed to know where it was if I needed it. He then replied “oh, so you mean ass cream?! Why didn’t you just call it ass cream?” Yes, that’s exactly what it is Matteo... ass cream. That evening, I still had my doubts. I knew Matteo was also helping out the organisers during the race, and I wondered how he would fill in the gaps when he was needed elsewhere. I rocked up at the shop the next day to discover he had enlisted the help of one of his team at the shop, then another one bowled in the door and started speaking about sleeping in their tent at Le Manie and would be cheering me on. Matteo had seemingly pulled together a small, local army as my support crew. The Tuesday evening meeting with the team before the weekend race was awesome. We had a plan of how we would approach the race and how we were going to utilise the figure of eight format lap to our advantage.

Matteo practised putting the Ayups on the bike, we spoke about what food and how much. The race was approaching faster than ever so I took some time to analyse the track.

We stood on the start line, the gun went off, and we were running to our bikes. The “classic” loop, which is used for the team edition of 24 hours of Finale is about 12km long and the additional “solo” loop is approximately another 6km long. The course is technical enough to be interesting, but not too technical to have to slow right down. The tracks are super-fast and definitely demand a level of concentration and respect. A wrong move at speed when you are tired could have some pretty dire consequences. There is also a lot of the loose rock and it’s easy to see that the course could get very dusty if it stays dry. There isn’t a great deal of climbing in the course, maybe about 550 metres per lap. The climbs are pretty steep, but generally short, and have very little traction. I would need to get my running legs on for a couple of these towards the end of the race.

The course is in a figure of 8 format, which means we pass through the pits twice each lap and can feed twice each lap which is very convenient. Seeing the crew twice each lap can be very uplifting too. Overall, I really liked the course. There is nothing that made me nervous or that I was concerned about. It was race day! We stood on the start line, the gun went off, and we were running to our bikes. My original plan had been to try and stick with Jessica Douglas the current world champ, for as long as I possible. As the trail became less congested I was able to settle into a rhythm. My feeding was working really well, a bottle of fluid one half and food the second half. This meant I could ride straight past and grab one thing as opposed to having to fumble my way through grabbing numerous things. It allowed me to carry my speed through the feed zone, which in turn, conserved a lot of energy. Functional eating is hard work when your stomach is shrinking, you feel sick and you don’t feel like eating anything that is handed to you. The thing I got wrong was the portion sizes I had directed my crew to put in the cups were a bit small, so as we rode on further into the race, I slowly moved into carbohydrate deficit, a mistake that I think cost me a good 30 minutes later on.


The first 13 hours of my race went really well. I was clocking some very consistent lap times and the gap between me and second place wasn’t really getting any bigger. Even better was that first and second place were riding together, so I wasn’t far off the pace. My plan had been a five minute break for lights on and a five minute break for lights off (lights on is when it gets dark and you must turn your lights on). I shoved down some pasta and changed my shorts while my crew sorted out my lights and gave the bike a quick check over. The stop was nine minutes long, but was necessary to do everything we needed to get done.

As I approached the 13 hour mark, I started struggling. I was so sore and the course was brutal The sunset was spectacular and provided some minor respite for the pain I was feeling. The temperature was cool but not cold and I was able to find a very comfortable combination of clothing which consisted of knee warmers and a vest with no sleeves.


As I approached the 13 hour mark, I started struggling. I was so sore and the course was brutal. When you weren’t climbing, you needed to pay attention to the descents if you didn’t want to join the fish in the ocean 400m down the cliff. You realise you are half way there, but that it is still such a long way to go. This is a hard realisation when you are alone, tired, sore and hungry in the middle of the night out in the forest on a bike. Finally I saw the new day begin to dawn with a faint line across the horizon, but I still felt like crap. I arrived in the feed zone in a bad way. I’d had two or three terrible laps, and then I vomited... It’s never a good sign when you are sick during a race. It generally makes it is very difficult to start feeding your body carbs again. My crew removed my lights and lubed my bike while I tried to manage some pasta. This was my longest stop of the whole race. I don’t know how long it was. I asked Matteo if I can close my eyes for five minutes and for him to wake me up. Five minutes later, he taps me on the leg and I jump up go. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a thrashing your body will let you give it if you really want to.

I forced my pedal strokes through the pain, promising myself “just this little pinch, then the pain will go” My next pass through the feed zone was better. The lap after that, better still. My lap times were back up to a time nearly comparable with what I was riding the afternoon before! Those last 6 hours for me were strong. I don’t remember thinking about much. Fourth place had come dangerously close and was within 15 minutes of me at one stage. I forced my pedal strokes through the pain, promising myself “just this little pinch, then the pain will go.” I had to bargain with myself to keep my legs turning. It eventually became evident to me that I may arrive back from my “last lap” in time for another. The finishing rule at 24 hour solo world champs is that you may start a new lap before the 24 hour mark and it will count as long as it is completed within 26 hours. I arrived at the end of my lap four minutes before the course was closed.

I heard Jess Douglas yelling at me, “do another lap Megs!” “Der,” I thought to myself, “of course I’m doing another lap!” I rode through the timing tent which was packed with the media and riders who had finished. I hollered and made some ridiculous gesture with my hand like a cowboy, then set out on my last lap. Guess I was a bit caught up in the moment. That lap was really lonely. Finally, I entered the feed zone for the last time and rolled around into the time zone in 25 hours and 34 minutes. My crew, Matteo, Vojtek, Mike, Rene and Bobby were waiting to celebrate and the first thing I said when someone stuck a mic in my face was, “I want a burger.” Then I was off to the race office for my drug test (actually the first drug test I have ever done). I was third place elite female. I was stoked. It was an amazing feeling to stand on my first world champs podium next to riders I really admire and have a lot of respect for. Jess Douglas took her second world champs, and certainly deserved it. I can confidently say that the positive attitude I carried into the race was 90% of the result, and my support crew the rest. My body was simply doing what my head told it to do.

It was an amazing feeling to stand on my first world champs podium next to riders I really admire and have a lot of respect for. I get asked so often why I like 24 hour racing and to be honest, it’s hard to give a response. I really like riding my bike, as every other rider does, but I suppose it is the dynamic nature of the sport that draws me in. No two races are ever the same. The combination of physical ability, mental toughness and tactics swings sharply towards the ‘top four inches’ compared to a great deal of other sports. I’m still in search of that elusive ‘perfect race’ and I think that’s what keeps me coming back. Or maybe I just like being a hard woman. Whatever it is, I have no doubt I will be lining up at WEMBO world champs again next year in Canberra, much wiser from this years’ experience and ready to battle for that top stop. By Megan Dimozantos Follow Megan’s blog


Pilot Saves Lives MidFlight Captain de Crespigny – the pilot who saved 469 passengers while in mid-air.

Rotorua’s 95.9 More FM, The Morning Fix with Andy and Lou, recently spoke to Richard de Crespigny, the Australian pilot in command who saved the lives of 469 Qantas passengers on flight QF32 November 4 2010, about the day its engine exploded midflight. Captain de Crespigny’s book, entitled QF32, provides a vivid account of the harrowing incident. On that fateful day, Captain de Crespigny had dead-headed to Singapore from Sydney to take control of the continuation of QF32 (London to Sydney). Mid-flight, one of the aircraft’s engines exploded, setting off a chain reaction of technical failures that created a critical emergency situation. On top of ensuring that 469 passengers remained calm, Richard de Crespigny had a mammoth battle on the flight deck to keep the aircraft in the air and get it back on the ground.


For two hours he and his fellow crew remained calm as they planned how to stabilise the damage, configure the overweight aircraft, manoeuvre it toward Changi Airport in Singapore and eventually land it safely. “My account in the book contains important messages regarding teamwork, problem solving, judgement, knowledge, experience and putting years of highly-skilled training into practice. I also cover the aftereffects of this hugely pivotal

event and how my life has changed forever.” Andy: Richard good morning – how are you? Richard: Great, thanks for having me on the show. Andy: I don’t think we have spoken to a true hero on the show before. Richard: I’m not a hero at all. It was a team effort, but I’m very proud that everyone performed so well.

Lou: Before we get into the story can you tell us a little bit about your history as a pilot? Richard: Sure! I’ve been flying now for 36 years. I was in the air force for 11 years; and then I joined Qantas where I flew Jumbo’s, and then A330’s, and then A380’s till 2008. Andy: Wow, that’s some career! You were in charge of a double decker A380, so in mid-flight, one of the aircraft’s engines exploded which obviously set off a nasty chain reaction of technical failures, which created this emergency situation. We are keen to hear the story about that day where it all went slightly pear shaped in the air. Roughly though, how heavy is an A380? Richard: Well that day we were about 450 tonnes, which is about a medium weight for us. We can actually take off at about 570 tonnes. So we could have been heavier but when we took off we were still 50 tonnes over our maximum landing weight if we wanted to come back and land, so that proposed a problem for us. But it’s certainly the biggest and heaviest aircraft in the sky.

when engine number 2 blew up it put 14 holes in many fuel tanks

Andy: Now apparently when this type of thing happens you have to dump fuel, or do you have to wait for it to burn off before you land? Richard: Well ideally you dump fuel if you can, you see, when we came into land, because we

Richard: Well we weren’t sure whether we would lose all the engines so we set ourselves up over Singapore in a position ready to glide before all the other engines failed. We had been prepared for that so ultimately the A380 can glide pretty well.

we weren’t sure whether we would lose all the engines so we set ourselves up over Singapore in a position ready to glide before all the other engines failed were so heavy and because of all the failures, we had 21 out 22 systems on the aeroplane affected, so our landing distance would be that with so many failures we would only stop 100m at the end of the runway spare. Andy: So what exactly was the damage to the plane then if all these systems were down? Richard: Well when engine number 2 blew up it put 14 holes in many fuel tanks, at least about 600 wires were broken, and 8 out of 11 fuel tanks were faulty…and that’s just where we start. Andy: Did it affect the other engines that much? Richard: Yes it did. All the other engines were affected. Andy: Wow! So you were pretty much flying a 400 tonne glider?

Lou: At this stage, how were you feeling? Richard: Well it was very stressful. We weren’t panicking but we were very busy. It took an hour and 50 minutes in the end to sort the problem out before we landed, and then once we stopped and we thought it was finished it wasn’t, the problems just went in another direction and we had another gruelling two hours on the ground. Andy: Was that one of the longest moments of your life? Richard: It was certainly one of the most challenging if ever I’ve had. It’s all in the book and it’s a great adventure story. Andy: Do you have much memory of the moment – Did it go in slow motion or did it fly by for you?


Richard: On the day it actually flew, the whole time you’re looking and preparing and trying

my phone number to them all and nobody rung to ask for help or to complain.

There was never a time when we thought we wouldn’t make it to counter the threat that’s right in front of you, so it went very quickly on the day but when you recall it, if you were a pilot it would take me two and a half hours to explain what happened so that can take quite a long time.

Andy: Impressive. So what kind of reaction did you get from passengers that you caught up with? Richard: They have bought me a few beers and I’m very happy to see them at any time.

Andy: So 469 passengers on the plane, that’s a lot of people, you saved every single one of them.

Andy: Do you spend more time telling the story on tour than you do in the air now?

Richard: Well, the main thing is that there were 8 teams involved; including firemen and air traffic control as well as a fantastic cabin crew, and the most extraordinary thing was all people got home safely. I gave

Richard: Yes. This event will never happen again, it was most unlikely – it was a million times less probable than the most stringent failure case they look at when they design aircrafts, so there’s a lot of information for

the designers, certifiers, airlines and pilots. I was asked to write the book and the book is a best seller in Australia, its number 1 so I guess people are very keen to hear the story. Lou: How did you feel when you touched down on land? Richard: Really relieved! Lou: I’m a really nervous flyer, was there a point when you were in the air where you thought, ‘we are not going to make it’? Richard: Well that’s a good question. There was never a time when we thought we wouldn’t make it. The way I can reflect back on it is that we never declared a major mayday or a major emergency and I never thought about my family and children. I never thought I wouldn’t get back. We were very busy but we were never panicking.



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Life Around the World Living in a country where a woman has to choose a “black tent” as fashion. Well never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be living and working in Saudi Arabia. One of the most oppressed female states in the world. Where Islamic Sharia Law is the only law to follow. Where women are not allowed to walk around in public without wearing an abayah and generally a hijab (head scarf) too. So what brings me to such a different culture? One word, work.


I am a teacher at an international school where the majority of children are of Arabic nationality, with the rest being made up of European and British children. We do also have Saudi Arabian children, and some of these are from the Al-Saud royal family.

“black tent” as we like to call the abayah that we have to wear in public.

I have now been living in Jeddah for the past 12 months.

In a way it wasn’t a huge culture shock, it just was an inconvenience. I had to make sure that every time I headed out the door I was dressed in my abayah with my scarf, ready to cover my hair and carrying my ID.

After having spent the past 4 years in Asia and then moving to a 3rd world developing country like Vietnam, I didn’t think I would have much problem in adjusting to life underneath a

Even if it was 45 degrees outside and you felt like you were going to melt we still had to be covered. And yes by law the abayah should always be black in colour.

There were many other things I needed to get used to. No driving, women are not allowed to drive in Saudi, as according to religious leaders it is not safe and we may become pregnant. I can’t go out and meet friends (male) for coffee. If the male is not related by blood or isn’t my husband I am not allowed to meet with them or actually speak with them in public at all. So when going out for dinner with friends we have to be careful that the Mutawah (religious police) are not around and that all the husbands have their wife with them as well. All expats live in compounds. These range in various sizes of 10 houses to 200 houses. All private property in Saudi is enclosed by concrete fences that come up to the 1st floor. This is so that no one on the street can see in the windows and therefore are not able to see a female at home without their hijab on. (All Islamic females must cover their hair in public).

Apart from getting paid quite well (a whole lot better than in New Zealand as a teacher) class sizes are small so learning is much more student centered, generally the kids LOVE coming to school (yes even the high schoolers), maids and cooks are readily available (yes I have both), compounds generally have most things you need - swimming pools, gyms, small convenience stores as well as handymen to come and fix whatever problem. One thing that amazes me about living in Saudi is the TV. We get cable from the USA and get over 400 channels and very rarely is anything blocked by the Saudi government which is great! I am able to keep up with all the latest shows and sporting events, even New Zealand rugby and netball. In the 12 months I have lived here I have been through the death of 2 Crown Princes, each bringing with it the apprehension of what new changes will be implemented.

Will they keep expats in the country or will they kick us out? What changes will there be in the visa laws? Now, if I want to go on a trip outside of Saudi I need to apply for a re-entry exit visa every time. Before, we were all given multiple visas which meant we could come and go as we please. Saudi sent its first two female athletes to the Olympics this year and slowly Saudi girl’s schools are able to have a very small and controlled amount of sport in school. It is fascinating to see the change that is happening in the country. Yes it is slow by the rest of the world’s standards and yes they may never get to where the rest of the world is at, but for Saudi Arabia they are making huge leaps and bounds by their standards and by Islamic law standards. Witten by Nevaeh’s correspondent in Saudi Arabia.

The compound I live in has 39 villas all housing the teachers at my school. We back straight onto school, which means I walk through the gate and I’m at work. A very short commute!! It does have a down side - we all live and work together, sometimes you just want to GET away! However, there are many pluses about living in Saudi.


Making Decisions BY ALAN SOLOMON Ex-military Physical Training Instructor, Health and Fitness Coach, Relaxation and Sports Masseuse, Journalist, TV Presenter, International Speaker Business Owner, Student, Motivator and Encourager

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my motivation column in last month’s edition of Nevaeh. Even if it inspired only one reader to make changes for good and help them succeed, then it was definitely worth it. This month I want to challenge you with one of the simplest tasks you can do to achieve success. Decision making. For a lot of people this concept is far from simple. Many fail to make decisions because they are paralysed by the fear of failure and what could go wrong. What most people don’t realise is that not making a decision is more likely to lead to failure. Even worse than making the wrong decision is letting fear prevent you from making any decision at all. It is also a choice, and does not serve you well.


One of the greatest lessons I have learnt in decision making is you actually do not fail when making a decision, specifically if it is the wrong decision.

arrived at the second. In the process you would have most likely learnt what not to do and therefore stepped up in life by gaining experience and wisdom.

Hmmm, does that even make sense? Look at it this way - You make a decision, you act on it and it ends up being the wrong choice. Learning from the first decision, you make another one but and it brings success.

Experience and smart decisions are triumphs you gain, while bad decisions are opportunities to learn from and correct your plan or purpose.

If you hadn’t made the first decision, you would have never

While that sounds all well and good, what are the practical applications of the decision making principle?

The way to get better at making good decisions is learning from experience and not repeating the same mistakes again. You can’t keep making the same decisions and expect different results. A famous anonymous quote states, “Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.” Here are some tips that will help when you come to a crossroad of decision making. • Consider the pros and cons and look logically rather than relying on emotional impulses. • Write them down. If you can see the choices, you can make better decisions.

• Ask yourself, what could possibly happen and what is likely to happen from this decision? • Choose! Have control of your choices rather than allowing your inaction to bring about its own consequences. ‘Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.’ - Professor and writer, Peter Drucker (1909-2005). Be bold and confident in your decision making because you will learn, gain experience and grow in wisdom. You will be more in line with who you truly are, and the life you want to create for yourself and your family.

Finally, the exciting thing about making a decision is the next key to success – taking action. Good intentions mean nothing if you do not follow through with your decisions by taking action. I am an ‘action man’ and I love talking about this amazing key to success which will be the topic of conversation in next month’s edition. Have an awesome month and decide to better yourself so you can help others, which is true success. Remember the more your give, the more you will have. See the October issue of Nevaeh for the next installment of Alan’s motivational column.

Rotorua Drycleaners have moved

Now at 15 Sunset Road • Laundry Service • Clothing Repairs • Alterations • Bridal/Evening Wear • Shower Proofing • Blankets/Duvets • Leather/Suede • Woolrests • Sleeping Bags • Sheepskins • Pressing

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Dear Paula, What are considered ‘normal hourly rates’ in the legal industry. I need to have a consultation with a lawyer and I don’t want to be paying more than I should be.

I recommend you ring around a few firms to find out what the rates are and who you would be best to speak to. Also ask friends for recommendations.

Dear Paula, From Fiona Priest There really isn’t a “normal” rate for lawyers and it can be a case of you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the advice you receive. A partner in a firm will charge a higher hourly rate then a staff solicitor but will have more experience to draw on when advising you. If you are eligible for legal aid the lawyer’s hourly rate is determined by the type of work (i.e. criminal, family, civil).


If a neighbours tree fell on my property who’s insurance is responsible? From Katy Jenkins The neighbour is responsible for any damage caused to your property by their tree. However, you should still notify your insurance company as often they will pay to have the damage repaired and then they will recover the costs from your neighbour.

Dear Paula, Mine and my neighbour’s houses have no privacy. We were able to see right into each other’s homes. I have approached them before about going half’s in building a fence but at the time they weren’t really interested. I got home one day to builders building a fence, I later got an invoice from my neighbour to pay half. I don’t mind paying but it’s costing us an absolute fortune and the building places I was looking into were nearly half of what this is costing us. Should they have given us quotes and made an agreement with us before just doing it? Legally what are our obligations? From Debbie

The Fencing Act says that adjoining owners need to contribute equally to the costs of an adequate fence BUT an adequate fence is one that is “reasonably satisfactory for the purpose that it serves”.

Dear Paula, I know this is quite a broad question but what are the different types of business entities? From Holly Smith

The usual process would be for neighbours to discuss the type of fence and agree beforehand. If the parties can’t agree, one can serve a “fencing notice” on the other stating what type of fence and the costs, etc. The recipient can then serve a “cross-notice” setting out their objections to the proposed fence.

You can have a sole trader (one person), a partnership (two or more people), a company and even a trust. Each has positives and negatives.

The decision on which entity to use is best made in consultation with your lawyer and accountant.


If the parties still can’t come to an agreement, one can file a claim in the Disputes Tribunal to allow a third party to decide on the matter. In this case, as your neighbour hasn’t given you the opportunity to discuss the matter beforehand, I suggest you advise them of your objections and offer to pay what you consider reasonable. They may then make a claim in the Disputes Tribunal for the balance and you would get a chance to explain to the referee why you think the cost is excessive.








Join the clean revolution! Nothing is more important to a beautiful face than naturally dazzling skin… and the secret to this is effective daily cleansing. Cleansing is designed to rid the skin of the make-up, dust, pollution and dead skin cells that dull the complexion and can greatly assist in minimising imperfections. However, this essential step must be done gently so as to preserve the skin’s natural hydro-lipidic film.

A revolution in facial cleansing! In the past women used lotions and cotton balls to clean their skin. Then, in the late 1990s, cleansing towelettes made a big impact on the cleansing market, but there has been minimal innovation since… until now! Using its skincare expertise, L’Oréal Paris has invented a brand new, unprecedented, cleansing tool for perfectly clean skin. After years of research, the L’Oréal Laboratories have created a cleansing product with a combination of innovative packaging and customised cleansing formulas.


NEW with the CleanPod L’Oréal Paris shakes up face care with the invention of Perfect Clean… the first deep pore-by-pore cleansing routine with the truly innovative CleanPod. The break-through CleanPod, with 500 soft tips, is a super soft and flexible cleansing disc dermo-clinically proven to clean the skin more effectively than traditional cleansers, for a more beautiful complexion. This unprecedented cleansing tool, combined with unique packaging and customised formulas for every skin type, will make Perfect Clean the 2011 cleansing innovation!



is the spokesperson for the L’Oréal Paris Perfect Clean franchise.

The 2011 Cleansing Revolution… the

The CleanPod is a silicon cleansing brush with 500 soft, flexible tips, which mould to facial contours for a gentle massage that cleans the skin, pore by pore. The pod is so flexible that even difficult-to-access areas, such as the sides of the nose, are left perfectly cleansed. The CleanPod tips enhance the cleansing formula’s performance to eliminate more dirt and make-up than manual cleansing.

Customised High-foaming Cleansers L’Oréal Paris Perfect Clean is available in three customised formulas adapted to meet the needs of varied skin types and sensory preferences. The cleansers have been specifically designed to lather in contact with the CleanPod for ultra-effective facial cleansing.

Gentle Apricot SCRUB


All Skin Types A gentle yet effective scrub for every skin type, the Gentle Apricot Scrub refines pores and eliminates dead skin cells for softer and more luminous skin. The formula contains natural apricot seed extract and salicylic acid to reveal perfectly clean, smoother skin. With a rich lather and a fruity, apricot fragrance, the Gentle Exfoliating Scrub is mild enough for daily use.


Detoxifying Foaming GEL Normal to Combination Skin

A delicately fragranced formula for normal to combination skin, the Detoxifying Foaming Gel is a deep-cleaning and high-foaming gel which unclogs pores as it removes oil, dirt and make-up. With notes of naranji, orange flower and mint, Perfect Clean offers a refreshing fragrance and feel on the skin. The gel helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes and leaves skin intensely refreshed and detoxified.

Cleans & Softens Foaming CREAM Dry and Sensitive Skin

The Cleans & Softens Foaming Cream is a soap-free, fragrance-free foaming cleanser which removes impurities to leave skin feeling both clean and comfortable. Perfect for dry or sensitive skins, this cream based formula gently cleanses the skin with no harshness.

Three-step Active Application A fast, easy method for perfectly clean skin every day: 1. Pop out the CleanPod and hold between your fingers.

2. Pour the customised cleansing lotion (nut sized quantity) onto the CleanPod.

3. Lather and activate the Perfect Clean formula by massaging the CleanPod onto a damp face. The flexible CleanPod moulds to facial contours for a gentle massage that cleans pore-by-pore. Rinse with water.

Following use, rinse the CleanPod brush with water. The CleanPod can be replaced back into the bottle or suctioned onto a smooth surface, such as shower tiles or a mirror, ready for the next use.

Results that stand the test!

L’Oréal Paris Perfect Clean offers a unique cleansing method, combined with customized formulas, which is dermo-clinically proven to be more effective than ordinary, manual face washes. Cleansed of impurities, pores become smaller and tighter for a smooth, velvety skin surface. L’Oréal recently conducted self evaluation tests with 110 women that revealed extraordinary results:

• • • •

86% believe skin is cleansed in-depth 97% believe skin is refreshed 90% believe skin is ultra-smooth 93% believe skin is extra-soft

RRP $12.99

The L’Oréal Paris Perfect Clean range is from selected pharmacy, grocery, department and variety stores from March 2011. For further media information please contact Kristen Peoples, Pead PR Tel: 09 918 5548 Mobile: 021 652 403 Email: To access images visit – User Login: lorealmedia Password: media

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FASHION: Putting Together the Perfect Outfit! Those that know fashion know there is a lot that goes into an outfit aside from the actual clothes! Accessories can easily take your look from a 5 to a 10 out of 10. This is sometimes easier said than done as time after time mismatched people grace our streets screaming, “help me, I don’t know the first thing about putting my outfit together!” Well never fear, Nevaeh is here! This is your ‘go to guide’ for how to bundle those accessories together in a nice little outfit which will have everyone saying “wow, she looks so well put together.”

TIP # 1


No matter what you are accessorising with; make sure it fits with the overall outfit theme, core colours and patterns.

Head accessories are fun! Anything that can be worn on your head or inserted into your hair can totally change the nature of your whole outfit. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve there is a clip or hat to accessorise any outfit! If it’s a cold day or you are going to the snow a cute beanie would defiantly complete the look, a headband in summer or a nice evening clip when getting glammed up.

HANDBAGS A handbag can complete your look. Traditionally I am a very ‘safe’ handbag goer, black, medium sized and more black! But just as you wouldn’t wear the same jeans with every outfit the same goes for the trusty handbag. Experiment with different sizes and colours. Wearing an outfit that maybe predominantly black can easily be taken to the next level with a bright red handbag.

SHOES Shoes are a girl’s best friend! Well, mine anyway. Wearing the right shoes with an outfit is definitely one of the overall tie in’s for putting together a great look. Keep it simple. If you have one pair of winter boots, ankle boots, a pair of black stiletto’s, a pair of (nice) jandals, and a pair of sneakers then that is your basic shoe wardrobe complete and you can build on it from there. With these essentials in your wardrobe you will have a pair of shoes to match and look good with any outfit.


SUNGLASSES Sunglasses are a fashion statement. They are definitely a personal preference but again no matter what style you are into variety is the key. Invest in at least three different pairs of sunglasses and mix it up when going out.

TIP # 2 Plain outfits can easily be accessorised with colorful and large necklaces. SCARVES Scarves are a ‘must have’ and can be worn all year round. This winter there has been a particular emphasis on large, colourful and woolen scarves. This can sometimes be the focal point of the outfit, so wearing something simple like jeans or tights would work well with this arrangement. Coming into spring and summer – light, thin material type scarves are great way to add life to an outfit without being too hot. If you can find a few different thin scarves, try and wrap them around each other and wear together for a unique and stylish look, again – the outfit does need to be quite plain in order for this to work and not look over done.

TIP # 3 If you are going to wear large or long earrings make sure to leave your neck bare.

BELTS Belts are a game changer. A belt can change the way your outfit looks completely! They’re great if you are feeling like your outfit is lacking something or is looking a bit plain. There are so many different belts to choose from so when experimenting just make sure it ties in with the other colours and themes you are wearing. Don’t be scared to be a bit diverse. Belts are commonly used to accessorise many different outfits aside from just jeans and pants. Try and use a belt to style a dress or long top.


SOMETHING TO KEEP AN EYE ON Eyes are important for many things, the most obvious of course, visionary purposes. Your eyes aside from being the ‘window to your soul’ are what people usually first notice about your appearance. Find out how to make your eyes stand out with these amazing tips and tricks. Whether you going to work or hitting the town this is the ultimate FOUR step process to ensure your eyes are looking gorgeous for any occasion.



When doing your eyebrows it’s important to always have a plan. Decide where you want your brow to start and end as well as what shape and thickness you want to achieve, then draw on accordingly. Make sure you have the right coloured pencil. There is nothing worse than having eyebrows that look way too light or dark.



Use three different colours. If you are going out for the night, smokey eyes are a great option and can be achieved with black, grey and light pink. For work, a medium blue, light blue and grey will do the trick. The colours you choose don’t have to be exactly the same but just make sure that they are close enough to merge when you are applying the eye shadow. It is important to make your shadow blend for a more natural effect. The base is usually the light colour/ shade, the medium colour for the crease and a main colour for the lid.


It’s great to invest in a couple of different shades of eye liner. Light brown for casual days around the home, a matte grey for work and a black for hitting the town! The shade of your eye liner can make a huge difference in the overall look. Applying eyeliner is the easy part (especially for those of us who have been wearing it for years), just keep in mind you can achieve a range of different looks depending on how thick/ thin you apply it.



These days there are a huge amount of different mascara’s to choose from. It’s hard to know which deliver the best for results without having to buy them all! While having a great mascara is important, it is also key to know how to apply it. Remember these two bullet points when applying mascara: • Mascara placed near the roots gives the illusion of length so make sure your wand is going right down to the base. • Pull the wand up and through lashes, wiggling as you go to shape, this also separates the lashes. WRITTEN BY LOU PARKER



TIP #1 - Don’t want to over pluck? Use a white eyeliner or even concealer on the hair that you want to remove. TIP #2 - Either play up your eyes or your mouth, never both. TIP #3 - Try a coloured mascara! TIP #4 - When using pencil eyeliner, set the line with eye shadow as well. Penciled lines sometimes don’t last all day.

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• Maldives One of the most beautiful settings in the world!

• Gold Coast, Australia We are sooooooo over the hype of the GC!

• Shanghai, China This city has one street with 6kms of pure shopping bliss!

• Republic of Sierra Leone Unless you are into cheap diamonds, an amazing football team, and a funky flag, be sure to take your bodyguards!

• Dublin, Ireland Party central and fantastic people. • Las Vegas, USA Shows, casino’s & amazing entertainment! • New York, USA Theatre, Broadway, Dance & Artistic beauty • Alaska, USA One of the worlds ‘Wildest’ and most beautiful winter destinations!

• Republic of the Congo There are great chances of’ gorilla spotting’, hot weather and lack of expats mean you will truly experience the ‘delights’ of the Congo! • Belarus Flipside: ancient castles and churches, mysterious beauty and value for your / their money!

• Republic of Iraq Iraq has some tragic and amazing history and you won’t find a lot of other tourists getting in your way or causing you to spend hours lining up at attractions. Ensure you take your protective armour. • Newark, NJ, USA This is the real NYC, one of the most dangerous places in the US. However if you survive it’s streets you can pass through this gateway to New York City and tax-free shopping!

http://travel.ninemsn. weird/655350/worldsworst-holiday-spots

Keep this advice in mind when planning your next get-away and be sure to read next month’s What’s Hot and What’s Not for more tips from Lady Spy!


When the ship b e c ome s t he destination !

Royal Caribbean in the Caribbean – Largest ships at sea! The newest and most incredible ships offer an unrivalled cruise experience with truly revolutionary innovations and seven groundbreaking “neighbourhoods”, taking your holiday adventures to the next level. From the 9 deck high 25 metre Zip line experience to strolling the leafy glades of Central Park – you’ll discover there’s never been anything like Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.

• State of the art loft suites offer multi-level accommodation options with floor to ceiling windows for unparalleled views of the ocean • Amazing selection of formal and casual dining options • DreamWorks experience, with parades and shows, 3D films and the chance to meet your favourite DreamWorks characters, including Shrek!

• Open air Central Park brings the outdoors in with lush tropical grounds, al fresco dining, boutiques, art gallery, street performances • Top Deck pool and sports Zone, featuring 2 flow riders, H20 zone, the first beach pool at sea • Revolutionary Rising Tide Bar which moves up and down between 3 decks • Heart pumping Zip Line ride for a birds eye view of the ship as you fly from one end of the Boardwalk to the other • Spectacular Aqua Theatre for mesmerising high diving acrobatic shows by night

Harvey World Travel Rotorua 1235 Tutanekai Street, Phone: (07) 349 4130 Email: *Conditions Apply: Airfares additional. Price is per person twin share inclusive of all discounts, taxes and charges (which are subject to change), based on sailing in an Inside Cabin onboard Oasis of the Seas. Advertised price is based on 10 Nov 12 departure from Florida. Other departure dates are available, however a surcharge may apply. Additional accommodation may be required due to airline availability and schedules and this is at a surcharge. Sales valid until special cruise fare sells out. Price correct as at 17/08/12 but may fluctuate due to changes in surcharges, fees & taxes. Price is in NZD. Non-refundable deposit of $400 per person is due within 3 days (by midday) of reservation. Final payment is due 75 days prior to cruise departure. Travel agent service fees are not included. Valid for new bookings. Cancellation & amendment fees subject to additional supplier fees. Product supplied by supplier with their own terms & conditions, ask your Harvey World Travel Professional for details. HWT2220


Natural Remedies TEA TREE OIL Essential oil of tea tree is a proven natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal remedy. Because it’s soothing, antiseptic and wound-healing qualities can penetrate right into the lower skin layers. Tea tree oil has countless first aid uses for skin ailments like spots, cuts, scrapes, burns, infections and insect bites. It also powerfully cleans skin, absorbs oil, reduces skin blemishes and refines skin tone. As a spot treatment, it is best to apply 1 drop of tea tree oil directly on affected areas, or dilute 30 drops of tea tree oil in 4 tablespoons of grapeseed oil,

and wipe over acne spots using a cotton pad, twice daily - morning and evening. You can also make an excellent purifying mask by combining 4 drops of tea tree oil, 3 tablespoons of green or white clay and 2 tablespoons distilled water. Apply this mixture on your face and leave until dry. Tea tree oil can very efficiently cure also many fungal skin infections all over your body. To prepare a helpful remedy, add 10 drops of tea tree oil to 1 cup of warm water, soak a cotton pad in the solution and wipe over infected areas 3 times a day, until the infection disappears.

Rowlinson Honda Phone: 07 3484100 51 Fairy Springs Road

Tea Tree Essential Oil

If you have an itchy or dry scalp add 3-5 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo before you apply to your scalp, once on your head massage in to the skin and leave for five or so minutes. Although tea tree oil is ‘oil’ it also absorbs oil and so it won’t make your hair look or feel greasy. Written By Molly Chattell

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Classic Cheese Scones This is a great, easy to follow recipe. Cheese scones are perfect for an afternoon treat with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of self-raising flour 1 cup of milk Half a tea spoon of salt 1 cup of tasty cheese 2 rashes of finely chopped bacon 1 small finely diced onion 1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Perfect for an afternoon treat

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Mix all dry ingredients into a bowl. Add cheese, bacon and onions. Add milk in while stirring. Mix until all ingredients form dough.

Lay dough on a cold oven tray in a slab. Cut the dough into eight even pieces. Leave the pieces placed closely together in order to rise. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 12 minutes

TIP #1: Make sure your tray is cold and your oven is at temperature. TIP #2: Unlike bread; spend as little time as possible handling the dough. The sooner it is mixed and in the oven the better.


FITNESS 101 CORE CONDITIONING As a Personal Trainer I’ve found one of the subjects that gets mentioned most and creates more debate than others is Core Conditioning. So what is the core? Most people think of the core as a six-pack or strong, toned abs, but actually the abdominal muscles are a small part of the core. The abs have a very limited and specific action, and what experts refer to as the “core” actually consists of many different muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis, and run the entire length of the torso. When these muscles contract, they stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle and create a solid base of support. When this happens, we are able to generate powerful movements of the extremities. The core muscles also make it possible to stand upright and move on two feet. These muscles help control movements, transfer energy, shift body weight and move in any direction.

A strong core distributes the stresses of weight-bearing and protects the back. Core conditioning exercise programs need to target all these muscle groups to be effective. Because of the desire for a six pack the front abdominals tend to get overworked in comparison to the rest. This creates a muscle imbalance and more often than not leads to bad posture and back problems. Abdominals get all the credit for protecting the back and being the foundation of strength, but they are only a small part of what makes up the core. In fact, it is weak and unbalanced core muscles that are linked to low back pain. Weak core muscles result in a loss of the appropriate lumbar curve and a swayback posture. Stronger, balanced core muscles help maintain appropriate posture and reduce strain on the spine. The choice of exercise is crucial when looking to effectively train the core.

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Isometric bridging exercises will bring about much stronger and functional front abdominals then an exercise such as a crunch or a sit up. Bridges or planks work the entire front section of abdominals making them strong without the shortening effect that excessive crunches will create. When the muscles of the front abdominal wall shorten they pull on the pelvis and spine. If this happens for long enough the pelvis will start to rotate forward creating back issues and causing the wall of the lower abdominals to push out making a flat stomach impossible. Rotational exercises are also crucial for providing strength and mobility through the core. Wood chops and reverse wood chops work the core through multiple planes making them a very functional exercise as we rotate the body a lot through our everyday lives. By Paul Chattell

Fitness Rotorua

Want to get fit or lose weight? Want to fit into that smaller dress size? Let Fitness Rotorua help you achieve your goals with a well constructed plan and support along the way



the “core” actually consists of many different muscles

TIP: To keep hydrated be sure to drink plenty of water

TIP: Exercise with music!


New Mum Blog BABY LOVE. One woman’s experience into the wonderful world of parenting.

I’m a new mum. What a loaded word…Mum - caregiver, cook, cleaner, peace maker and superhero. For now my new role comes before my other roles of wife, individual, career woman and exercise fanatic. No one told me my baby would make noises like a dinosaur or sound like he’s almost dying. No one told me how to settle him, how well he would sleep, or how often to feed, change or burp him. As a new mum I’ve learned these things while running on empty. I carried my baby inside me for 9 months, knowing I had to ‘get him out’ either by hydro-slide or sunroof. I’ve dealt with the pain and discomfort of healing from this experience, alongside the pain of learning to breastfeed. And through extreme tiredness post labour; I was up around


I often get the first smiles, the snuggles and gazes of affection from my precious baby. These are the moments and memories that can never be replaced. Being a mum is hard work. But it is also extremely precious and special.

• “I am so tired” (you think you’re tired!) • “Why are you breastfeeding?” Why aren’t you breastfeeding? • “My baby sleeps (*insane hours) every night”… Does it really? Does it sleep in the day? • “You look amazing” (I am wearing sick stained clothes, have bags under my eyes, messy hair and no make-up, plus the extra kg’s from pregnancy are still hanging around).

Here is a suggested list of things not to say to a new mum: • “Your baby is fat, cries a lot, skinny, ugly” *insert offensive, often obvious word here

I must sincerely apologise for saying any of these things to my friends, normally while inwardly thinking “motherhood can’t be that hard...

the clock for the first six weeks. So why is it my husband gets to ‘wet the baby’s head’ with a few beers? It’s not all bad though.

My busy career focused world is so much harder than being a mum…” Um no, from first-hand experience I can now say it isn’t. So now lack of sleep, weight loss from breast feeding, insane thirst and hunger are my daily friends. I’ve sat on my couch feeding and cuddling so much that I now have two dreadlocks developing from my hair rubbing against the couch. While spending time sitting and feeding I tend to overthink all the jobs I need to do, things I’d like to be doing, or worrying all the time about how fast my baby will grow up. Being a mum has some perks. I’m now in an exclusive ‘club.’

Other mums give me understanding looks as we share the toughest job in the world. They tell me how great I look while understanding that I feel like the leader of the walking dead... These are my suggestions to any new mums reading this blog on how to survive those first few months. Talk to anyone who will listen. Surround yourself with other mums who can share stories, and advice. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Choose your own parenting style which suits your baby as each child is different. If your partner doesn’t ‘get it’ risk an argument and tell him how you feel.

Put your baby first and then you, happy baby = happy Mum! Don’t overthink every decision, go with your instinct. Ask if unsure and stop feeling guilty. Cuddle your baby, you will never spoil a baby with love and you will never regret doing so. I leave you with a link to my favourite ‘mum’ blog: Check it out, it might give you a laugh!

Written by Jane Trask

Be sure to see the October issue of Nevaeh to read the next part of the New Mum Blog

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Great Gift Ideas Specialty Candles There is something alluring and mesmerising about fire and nothing is more romantic than a room lit by candlelight. The candles featured in this month’s Great Gift Ideas have been hand crafted with love by local company Wicked Wax. These candles are individually hand crafted to suit any occasion from corporate functions to birthdays, Christmas or weddings. This is the type of gift you could give to someone else … or you could be “Wicked” and treat yourself with a set of exquisite candles from Wicked Wax.

Check out their candle creations at:


Spiritual Connection with resident medium Andy “My friends mum passed away last year and while I didn’t know her mum very well I was there during the time she was unwell and when she eventually passed. It was my first real experience with death and I felt quite traumatised by it all. I want to know if her mum is ok and if she is recovered after what seemed like a horrible and painful lead up to her death.” - From Kathy

Thank you Andy I am blown away!

Hi Kathy The way your friends mum passed was it cancer and maybe something to do with the throat? I felt restriction in my throat. She said there were times when she just wasn’t herself and could be quite short and crabby. She is sorry for this and for all her daughter had to watch her go through. She is now healed, healthy and painfree. Does your friend have a little blonde girl? She watches and plays with her. She says your friend worries too much, there is nothing she could’ve done.

Do you suffer from...

It was just the way it was meant to be. Her mum is ok and is around her a lot. There is something about stars that seems important for your friend to know. She wants her to know she loves her and watches over her as promised and that she is very proud of her. She said she is peaceful and its beautiful here. It feels light and peaceful for her. She is grateful that you have asked on your friends behalf, thank you. From Andy

Stubborn health issues

My friends mum did suffer with cancer which was around the throat and mouth area. Your reading was right on the mark! This has given my friend and I so much closure. Thank you so much. From Kathy If you want to make contact with a loved one – write in to Nevaeh’s resident medium. Send your email and question off to Andy at, and Andy could be connecting with your loved one.

Muscle aches or pain

Skin problems

Listen to your body, come and see the team at Maximum Wellbeing


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September 2012 Horoscopes


CAPRICORN: 23 Dec - 20 Jan

TAURUS: 21 Apr - 21 May

VIRGO: 24 Aug - 23 Sep

AQUARIUS: 21 Jan - 19 Feb

GEMINI: 22 May - 21 Jun

LIBRA: 24 Sep - 23 Oct

PISCES: 20 Feb - 20 Mar

CANCER: 22 Jun - 23 Jul

SCORPIO: 24 Oct - 23 Nov

ARIES: 21 Mar - 20 Apr

LEO: 24 Jul - 23 Aug

SAGITTARIUS: 23 Nov - 22 Dec

VIRGO: If you don’t have a holiday planned in the near future, start planning one now. It’s time to put your feet up and relax and if you don’t do it now you will never do it. Whether it’s going to a B&B, staying at someone’s Bach or even an overseas holiday, you need to be doing as little as possible.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be on high alert this month with positive energy making you more productive than ever. This is the month to achieve all those things you have been meaning to get to. Just make sure you don’t leave anyone behind or ignore how others feel. Not everyone will share your new vigorous outlook.

LIBRA: Time to declutter Libra! With spring on its way it’s time to start having a good clean out around the work place and home. You will be surprised with what you find and how much better you feel. This could also be a great opportunity to sell a few things around the house you don’t need, freeing up some money to spend on things you do need.

CAPRICORN: This really needs to be a month where you have some serious down time. Don’t take on any new projects or jobs and just concentrate on the simple things in life. Use any spare time to get back into the kitchen, garden or even that book you have been meaning to read. Exploring your interests more will give you that much needed time to recharge.

SCORPIO: Financial struggles will be a stress this month. Try to not let it dominate you. Draw up a healthy budget, everything will have to take a back seat until this is sorted. Don’t be afraid to ask others how they manage. This will help lessen the load and may create ways around your problems you wouldn’t usually think of.

AQUARIUS: You will be a bit of a socialite this month with invites for Africa. People want you at all their events and you will love the feeling of being popular. As the weather starts to warm up, you are looking forward to saying ‘goodbye’ to winter and ‘hello’ to spring with a lot of events to rush around to.

PISCES: Your career is on fire this month. People are noticing all your hard work and you will feel as though the effort you have put into your job over the past few months is finally starting to pay off. The attention may catch you off guard at first but you will quite quickly get used to it. Well done, you deserve to feel appreciated.

GEMINI: This month you may feel like you are being pulled in a hundred directions. While your relationships and friendships are very important, don’t over commit yourself. Over working yourself isn’t going to help anyone on the long run – especially not you. By the end of the month it may pay to have a long weekend to rest and recuperate a little.

ARIES: This month you will be feeling extremely intelligent, so much so that it might even surprise you. This new found brain power may inspire you to take up a new hobby, teach some body something or take up an extracurricular activity!

CANCER: This month might be a snapping point for you. If you are feeling sick and tired of people putting all their responsibility on your shoulders then it might be time for a change. Look at areas of your life where you can cut back a bit, especially at work where demands might just be getting a bit too high.

TAURUS: You will be feeling on top of the world this month! You can feel good that your careful planning and meticulous goal setting has got you to this position. Now, just make sure you enjoy this space for a while before gearing up for the next big idea. Well done Taurus – you deserve a pat on the back.

LEO: There are romantic opportunities in every avenue you turn. Your flirtatiousness is at an all-time high and people are noticing you. Just remember, although you have the luxury to pick who you wish, use your head as well as your heart. Sometimes the ones that seem the most appealing need the most background checking.

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BURNING QUESTIONS Need advice? Ask our resident “know it all” She’ll tell it how it is

My wife left me last month with the children and ran off with a man who works with her at her real estate office. He has been divorced three times and is smooth.


You may find some clues that show you have both struggled with communication, finances or maybe there have been some sexual frustrations?

My wife just got into real estate last year to help us out financially. The children and I have been walking around shellshocked.

I cannot comment on why this happened, but I do suggest you and her have an open and honest conversation without the children and see if you can work it out.

She called last night to ask whether she could visit us. She’s left the guy and the office and is living in a motel. What do we do?

Every marriage goes through ups and downs, but that’s no reason to give up on all the years of hard work that have come before this.

Name & Address supplied


Firstly I must say how nice it is to receive a letter from a man, but now on to you.

My family is giving me grief because I am pregnant with our fourth child. My husband and I want a big family.

I understand how hard this feels for you, but I would suggest you put the fact that your wife took off with another man aside in your mind (just for a few minutes), grab a piece of paper and start writing down all the pro’s and con’s that were in your marriage before she left. Often longstanding marriages with children can become ‘routine’.

However, on both sides of our family the people think three is quite a lot of kids. I don’t dare tell them we want six or eight children.They act as though we are insane and say snide things such as “aren’t you ever going to stop?” or “Oh, did you have another accident?” My husband makes enough to support us all and I love children.

My mother and sister tell me I am wasting my life in nappies and baby-talk. How can I handle this? Julia, Mt Maunganui Julia, you are about to be a mother to your forth child, you should know all about diplomacy and negotiations. If you can comfortably support yourselves and family (no matter how large) then who cares what other people think. If your mother and sister have a problem with how many kids you want then that is there issue, not yours, so don’t take it on board. However, if they feel like you are all about the nappies and baby talk then maybe you should work on your ‘adult’ conversation skills, these are just as important. I’ve always wanted to have breast implants. I’m in my mid-thirties and have two beautiful children and a very supportive husband. He knows how much I’ve always wanted bigger boobs.

I loved the fullness of them when I was breastfeeding. I’m about to receive a family inheritance which would see I had enough money to pay for this surgery, would it be selfish to spend the money on myself? Lisa, Hamilton No, it would not be selfish. There are too many mums out there who feel like every time they get some extra cash they need to spend it on their children. My thoughts are that if you’re not ‘relying’ on this money then go for it! Just make sure you know exactly what you want, I know several people who have had to go back for second boob jobs because they didn’t truly get what they wanted the first time. Don’t hold back, if you’re going to do it – do it right!

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Monthly Confessions! Confessions Special! Mum’s the word... Anonymous mums spill the beans on their deepest darkest secrets

Sometimes the only way to get the shopping done is to occupy my son with a toy from off the shelf. It works every time. However this little shopping habit has turned me into a stealer. I have given my son a toy to hold while I walk around the shop to keep him quiet and have walked out, three times now; completely forgetting he had the toy! Toy Borrower

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of this, and not Not that I make a habit thout my husband that I would EVER be wi e about getting - but sometimes fantasiz have every other divorced just so I could weekend off. Desperate Thinker

I flush the toilet when my husband is in the shower because I resent the fact that he actually gets time alone without the kids bothering him. It’s not his fault and I shouldn’t get annoyed at him but I just can’t help it. I know he gets a shot of cold water because I hear him scream and I smile. Resentful Wife

When the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs and are too hard to handle, to get a five minute break, I tell my husband I have to poo. I really don’t have to poo at all, I just know if I don’t get out of the room I will have a mental break down! I shut and lock the toilet door, sit on the seat and check Facebook on my phone. Sneaky Toilet Break



The brain is said to be much more active at night than during the day.



The colder your bedroom at night, the better the chance that you’ll have a bad dream.


There are 200,000,000 insects for every one human.

There are as many chickens on earth as there are humans.

Bamboo can grow up to 3 ft in 24 hours.

A 75 year old person will have slept an average of 23 years.

Average man changes his position while sleeping 30 times a night.

The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.


Apparently 250 people have fallen off the Leaning Tower of Pisa.







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