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GO BEHIND THE SCENES an exclusive look at glamour photography


08 a picture speaks a thousand words body basics with dr libby

20 16 Strength, courage, faith and cancer 04. Letter from the Editor Read what Lou Parker has to say about this month’s issue of Nevaeh!

12. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder What you see is not always what you get. Anyone can look like a celebrity in a magazine.

05. Inbox Your feedback including our letter of the month.

16. Strength, Courage, Faith and Cancer Donna Burns’ emotional story, from the phone call that changed her life, to today, living with cancer.

06. What’s On We look at what events, activities and shows are happening in Rotorua this July. 07. Community Noticeboard Info on upcoming Rotorua events activities and associations. 08. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words Ursula Schraa, winner of The Breeze Mother’s Day Makeover Competition gets glammed up for her photo shoot.


20. Body Basics with Dr Libby If you’re struggling with regaining your health then Dr Libby’s tips are a must read. 22. Life Around the World - Jubilee Weekend in London Sacha Martin tells us what it was like to be in London during the Queens Diamond Jubilee. A four day extravaganza. Street parties. Pageants. Concerts.

25. Conquering Fear - Rally Drive Rally driver Sloan Cox takes Nevaeh editor Lou Parker for the ride of her life.

42. Natural Remedies What is Selenium? Could it help you ward off those winter bugs this season.

26. Stage Challenge 2012 Photos and inside stories from the 2012 Stage Challenge in Rotorua.

43. Recipe: The Perfect Steak Have a delicious steak cooked to perfection without leaving the house.

28. Know Your Rights - with Paula Lines Our expert Paula Lines from The Law Shop answers your legal questions.

45. Great Gift Ideas Struggling to think of a fabulous gift idea that is sentimental but doesn’t cost the earth? Check out this month’s suggestion from Nevaeh.

36. 2012 Winter Fashion Take a look at this seasons style trends. 36. Fashion: Lou’s Top 10 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves! Make sure you have all the fashion essentials this winter to bring your outfits together. 38. Winter Skincare It’s important to keep those beauty rituals up to date during the winter season to keep you looking and feeling good. 40. Fitness 101 - Primal Movement Patterns The seven basic body movement patterns that will improve your chances of leading a life free of aches and pains.

46. July 2012 Horoscopes Check out what’s in store for you this month. 48. Burning Questions Nevaeh answers your burning questions! 50. Monthly Confessions Shhhhh, get it off your chest. You share with us those things you’ve been dying to tell someone. 51. The Weird, The Wacked and The Wonderful Bizarre facts that you might be able to pull out at your next quiz night. 52. July Vouchers and Special Deals Nevaeh gives you exclusive deals and discounts!


Editor’s Letter Can I swear in this magazine? No? Didn’t think so. This month it was my turn to conquer a fear. Normal words cannot express how scared I was when Nevaeh’s Creative Director Molly Chattell literally threw me into a rally car with Sloan Cox! The fact that I came out of it alive and am back on solid ground is astounding (yes, I know, I’m a wimp). I didn’t realise I was capable of producing such horrific language. I unfortunately have the ‘beeps’ in the clip to prove it. Please, watch at your greatest enjoyment. I do however recommend if you ever get the opportunity to go in a rally car – take it! It scared me stupid but was worth every second. Wow! We are into the second edition already! It’s cliché but I have to say it, time really does fly when you’re having fun. In this month’s issue of Nevaeh we show you what goes into looking like a celebrity with two very different com parisons – the results will shock you! Donna Burns opens up about what it is like to live life with a prognosis and we catch up with Sacha Martin for this month’s Life Around the World piece. Thanks for taking the time to read the second edition of Nevaeh. I hope you enjoy it! As always your feedback is appreciated so feel free to flick us an email with your stories, questions, confessions and ideas. Happy reading. Lou xxx


Chris Parnell and Natalie Bufton from CG Design, happy to be part of the Nevaeh design team.



Excellent reviews from the Ministry of Education 20 hours FREE for 3 and 4 year olds Loving whanau environment 7.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri Ages 0 - 5yrs old

Inbox Your Feedback: Letter of the Month Dear Nevaeh, Congratulations on the new magazine! It’s nice to see something fresh and inspiring. My daughter and I loved reading about the More FM Prenuptial Pursuit. What made it even better was going to the You Tube link and virtually being able to watch the entire wedding. Talk about taking a magazine to the next level – really enjoyed all the interactive bits and bobs! I look forward to reading more. From Cate Myer, 46


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Dear Nevaeh, Dear Nevaeh, Molly you have inspired me to give blood! I too have a massive fear of giving blood. People don’t understand that it is actually a real fear. I thought you were so brave. After watching the clip I knew I had to do it and yes I too managed to give blood.

I live in London and am originally from Rotorua. I love how I can stay connected to my home through your magazine. It’s awesome to hear about all the wonderful things that are happening in Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty.

Thanks for your inspiration Molly.

You definitely have a loyal reader in me.

From Jenny Smith, 32

From Louise Morcroft, 28


What’s on in July

01 02 03 NZALT International Biennial Conference

California Youth Symphony

Fire & Ice Mid Winter Festival

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School Holiday Art and Museum Programme

Fire & Ice Blaze Night

BBNZ U13 Zone 2 Premiership Basketball Tournament

Superstars Mid Winter Xmas at The Blue Baths

Kids Fish Out

09 10 11 12 13

Quiz Night at The Lava Bar

Fruit in the Forest

Experience Wicked Wednesday at Reading Cinemas

Great Hits of the 60’s & 70’s

Tales of Tennessee

14 15 16 17 18

Daily Post Home & Leisure Show

Elizabeth Marvelly in concert

Indoor Bowling Club Night at the RSA

Don’t Panic It’s Just A Shed Inspection

Men in Tutus

19 20 21 22 23

Head to the Heart of Tutanekai for the Rotorua Night Market

Give Blood Today!

Kaharoa School Winter Extravaganza

Opus Orchestra

Quiz Night at The Lava Bar

24 25 26 27 28 The Rotorua Museum hosts Bedazzled

Collectors in the Community Belleek Display

The Rotorua Night Market

29 30 31

RATS Winter Duathlon Series 3


The Rotorua Museum Hosts Haunts of Dickens

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Miss Saigon Opening Night

The Rotorua Museum Hosts Haunts of Dickens

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Community Notices North Habitat for Humanity Central tian Island is a humanitarian/Chris t works not-for-profit organisation tha goodwill in partnership with people of ng to and families in need of housi ng by eliminate sub-standard housi g simple, building, renovating and sellin le basis. decent houses on an affordab are raised The funds for these projects gh the sale by donations and also throu Restores.  of second hand goods in our second We urgently require quality bles, hand winter clothing, collecta for our antiques, linen, and furniture vide a stores in Rotorua.  We do pro .  pick- up service for furniture a few Our Restores are manned by rs from paid staff and a lot of voluntee the community. Our Restore is located at: i, 50 Edmund Road, Mangakakah 9273. Rotorua. Telephone: 07 343

Rotorua Wine & Food Society Form al Dinner and Jubile e celebration. H.R.H . Queen Elizabeth 60 th Jubilee, and the W ine and Food Societies 50th Jubilee, Distin ction Hotel Rotorua.  Saturda y July 14 2012 at 6.30pm.  Any pa st members of the society that wish to attend should contact Mrs Judy Hayes at 3485303, for an official invita tion.  This being a formal dinner, ho nours and medals may be worn.

ga Drug Free Aotearoa is runnin mme ‘drug free’ education progra ve at the Manuka Crescent Reser during the school holidays ’ll from June 30 to July 15. They be there giving all sorts of information including their ation education booklet and educ er programme to help make a saf . community free of drug abuse

Rotorua Holiday Fu n Football Programme at Wes tern Heights High School takes place on 9th, 10th & 11th July, 9.30am – 2.30pm . Boys and girls are welcome aged 6 - 12.  The Price is $30.00 per day.  Registrations clos e Thursday 5 July.  To register contac t: Paul Stewart on 07 2117896 or .nz

Porse in home childcare are having a free community ir event to all under 5’s and the on families. This is taking place the July 10, from 10-11.30am at ng Redwoods Longmile Road.  Bri on, morning tea and a rug to sit n make some fruit kebabs, the ar wander over to the sails to he the wonderful stories of the Travelling Tuataras.


URSULA SCHRAA Winner of the Mother’s Day Makeover Competition

A Picture


a Thousand


The saying a picture speaks a thousand words could not be more true. If you look at the picture to your left, it is hard to believe that the women staring back will be turning 80 this August.

It started with a phone call. One that would make Ursula Schraa’s day, her week, possibly even her month and would remain a fond memory for the rest of her life. On May 10 2012, Mrs Schraa received some very exciting news when her daughter rung to say she had won a mother’s day makeover competition. Although, this would be no ordinary makeover. The 79 year old was initially apprehensive to realise she would partake in a glamour shoot. Having been involved in theatre most of her life, attention was nothing new to the Vocal Director. A glamour shoot on

the other hand? Well, that was certainly something Mrs Schraa had never considered. As a lover of all things music and theatre Mrs Schraa had only a vague idea of what she was getting herself into. Once the shock wore off Mrs Schraa agreed to do the shoot .… on one condition, the charismatic gran had to make sure no one was going to whip out the old Trinny and Susanna on her. “I was looking forward to it,” Mrs Schraa said. The mother, grandmother and great grandmother was about to become a glamour model.

So what exactly is a glamour shoot? Traditionally glamour photography has had an alluring sexual connotation to it with subjects generally semi-nude. “I did draw the line at being completely naked.” One of the master minds behind the competition was Tracey Robinson of Tracey Robinson Photography. Tracey said these days glamour photography is more about making people feel good about themselves. “It’s about bringing out the best in you. Glamour photography shows that anyone can look just as good as the Hollywood star’s


in the magazines. With the right lighting, clothes, makeup and photographer anyone can look like a celebrity,” Tracey said. The process starts by taking a ‘before’ picture, one that bares it all. No makeup reveals every blemish, fine line and wrinkle. Next the professionals get to work with hair and makeup, and then with a few clicks of the camera you’ve got yourself a full blown glamour shoot. While it’s a bit more involved than that, it’s the subject’s job to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride or in this case the attention. Mrs Schraa allowed herself to be a canvas, letting the team of talented artists create a master piece.

been put in place to make some-one feel special. Everyone involved was personable, pleasant and gave it their all Mrs Schraa said. For some, posing in front of the camera would seem a daunting prospect – for Mrs Schraa who

away with the result of her glamour shoot. “That’s me?” she said. “I have never been a ‘babe’ or ‘glamorous’ before.” It doesn’t take much to realise what the retired beauty is

I was confronted with an absolutely glamorous image. It was breath taking has spent a life time on the stage it was a moment to be relished. When asked if she enjoyed being centre of attention Mrs Schraa replied “Yes! I felt like an actress.” Another magical moment was when the pictures were revealed.

“I just asked that they kept my hair white as that is the colour of my age,” said Mrs Schraa.

“I was confronted with an absolutely glamorous image. It was breath taking.”

The Dame Judy Dench look alike enjoyed the fact that the day had

Mrs Schraa, who confessed to being rather ordinary, was blown



talking about. Whist naturally stunning before her shoot, the transformation was astounding. You only have to look at the pictures to see that Mrs Schraa is glowing with radiance and not looking anywhere near her 80th year. Mrs Robinson said that a lot of women realise how gorgeous they really are once they see their pictures. For the youthful Mrs Schraa it wasn’t only her physical appearance that changed. “I realised how lucky I am. I recommend everyone who gets the opportunity get a glamour shoot done, especially for people my age – it’s a real confidence booster.” So if a picture says a thousand words, what does yours say about you? As Mrs Schraa would say, it’s definitely worth finding out. By Lou Parker


Photography By Tracey Robinson of Tracey Robinson Photography

natural,safe safe skin natural, skincare care

perfect for the perfect for the whole family

whole family w w w.s i m u o l i v e. c o . n z

Lakes Care Pharmacy - 1155 Tutanekai St, Rotorua w w w.simuol i v e348 .c Phone / Fax: (07) 4385

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however what you see is not always what you get. Anyone can look like a celebrity in a magazine. It’s easy to manipulate the external, but true beauty cannot be changed so easily and can only be found deep within.


11 13

12 14

13 15

STRENGTH, COURAGE, FAITH AND CANCER They say that one phone call can change your life. In my case that was an understatement. At 37 years old, healthy and fit with two young girls aged 2 and 4, the last thing I expected to hear was, “I’m sorry its cancer.” It all started when I found a lump just below my arm pit. It was an enlarged lymph node. I had surgery to remove and get it tested, at this stage, although worried; I did not think the worst as I was so healthy and not showing any signs of illness. The surgery was a Monday and on the Friday as I was getting myself and the girls ready to have family photos taken at play centre, when I received the phone call from my doctor, with the results. At that stage we still did not know how bad it was, only that it was a type of Lymphoma. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - a type of cancer of the blood.


The next step was to have a scan. I remember the lady who did the scan being so friendly and lovely as we chatted about our children. After the scan was finished

and she checked the photos, I felt her demeanor change, she went quiet and it was as though she felt sorry for me. Little did I know that the next day in Waikato hospital, I would find out that the cancer had spread to my neck, armpits, chest, front and back of my stomach and both sides of my groin - the lady at the scan had seen it. This made me stage 3 of 4. To be at stage 4 it would be found in your bones also, so to eliminate that they did a bone marrow

biopsy. As bone marrow is found in the bone, they have to get it out through the hip bone to test it - and yes it is as bad as it sounds. But thankfully it was not found in my bone. Three days later I was having my first chemo session in Waikato. The wig lady even came at that first session to fit me for a wig - if it hadn’t sunk before then, it sure did that day! There are two types of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

An aggressive growing one, which believe it or not is the better one to have, as it can

My world stopped, but life went on as if nothing had changed. I got angry at everyone who

My world stopped, but life went on as if nothing had changed be cured, and an indolent type that is very slow growing, hard to detect, as you get no symptoms until it has spread. I have the indolent type that has a prognosis 10 to 15 years - although it is different for everyone.

couldn’t read the fear in my eyes, or said how nice it was for me to shave my head to raise money for cancer - sometimes I would just smile and not correct them. It’s funny how the first person I called was the one person that took it the hardest - my Mum.

The first thing I remember thinking was, thank god it’s me and not my girls, well, I am my Mum’s girl. I think people forgot that - I forgot that. No one can understand life with cancer until you live it. The day we were leaving for Waikato for my first treatment I sat on the couch with my husband and cried and said I didn’t want to go - but I knew I had to. On the way we stopped at a café for lunch. I couldn’t eat as I felt so sick with nerves. Everyone in the café was smiling and eating, and no one knew what was about to happen to me. I wanted to yell to everyone and tell them how scared and sad I was.

It has been two years since my last Chemo session, which is great. The longer the time between sessions the better, but when you have a prognosis of 10 to 15 years to live, is it good that 2 years have gone already? And so quickly? My family was my rock. My brilliant husband for holding down the fort and caring for our two girls when I was too sick to. Not even batting an eyelid when I came out of the shower completely bald, crying, and him telling me I looked like GI Jane.


My daughter for just rubbing my bald head and saying how nice it felt. My daughters friend at 4 years old for asking what my hair was like under my scarf, and after showing her, having these two

little girls giggling uncontrollably in the back of the car. My daughter’s friend said, “your mum has hair like my Dad!” - Hey at least mine grew back! My sister for being my Chemo buddy. For sitting with me for 5 hours each session, while ‘jungle juice’ was pumped into my veins. For telling me I wasn’t getting fat, even though I had put on over 20kg’s with the treatment and after each fortnight, was getting even more wedged into the Chemo chair. My Mum for looking after me. For making me Wattie’s tomato soup and toast. For doing the vacuuming, and for being brave. Also to my Dad for coming to the hospital with me, even though he hates them.

Lastly, to my friends for cooking meals, doing lawns and sending flowers. For the friends and family I didn’t hear from. I understand -it’s hard to know what to say. The old saying of ‘there’s always someone worse off than you’ is so true. Even though I am young, I have travelled the world, had a good career, have two beautiful children and a great husband. I have much more than some people will ever have, just not my health. I do however havemuch more to do and believe I will live a lot longer to do it. A positive attitude is imperative and has helped me battle through the terrible disease that does not care who you are, how

much money you have in the bank or what your story is. It’s true that time heals. I think about having cancer less often and don’t check myself for lumps three times a day anymore - just once a week now. I do still look at my girls and pray that I will be there to see them grow up, be at their 21st and their weddings. Thinking about it for too long does make me swallow back the tears.

I have a new appreciation for life and it has made me a better me

That is the hardest thing when you face the threat of a prognosis, the fear of leaving your loved ones behind, the thought of your children growing up without a mum, and causing them any kind of pain at all. To live in fear would be wasting valuable time instead of enjoying every little minute with my family and living everyday as if it counts. If there’s anything good that comes from having cancer it’s the strength, courage and faith you find in yourself. If I am honest, I have pride in myself for the battle I have fought and overcoming the hardest and toughest time of my life. I have a new appreciation for life and it has made me a better me.

When it is time for me to fight again, I will be ready and will have my boxing gloves on - boy it picked the wrong person to mess with! My message to all is trust your instincts and be aware of your body. If something is not right or you find lumps of any sort, get to the doctor pronto. Early detection is a life saver.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t grizzle and moan about little things and be thankful every day for your health and good things in your life. The sad thing is you never know how lucky you are until it is taken away. Live and love like there is no tomorrow I know I am! By Donna Burns Images By Lilly Betty Photography


BODY BASICS With Dr Libby IF YOU’RE STRUGGLING WITH REGAINING YOUR HEALTH THEN THIS IS A MUST READ. Calorie counting, quick fix diets and rigorous weight loss regimes are becoming the average women’s modern path to being ‘so called’ fit and healthy, but what are these fads really doing to our body? As women, we are always quick to judge and the first to beat ourselves up with guilt when we fall off the band wagon, but the reality is, there’s much more to it than that. Losing weight is an emotional roller-coaster and once on, it can sometimes take a life time to get off. As Dr Libby would say, “we know that eating a packet of biscuits is not going to be good for us, it’s not for lack of education that we are in this predicament.” So, there simply has to be more to it. The beautiful brunette is more than just a pretty face. Dr Libby Weaver (Ph.D) is one of Australasia’s leading nutrition specialists and weight loss experts. Based in Auckland,


Libby’s passion for empowering people has led her to become an author and a much sought after speaker, covering a broad range of topics that leave her audiences well informed and uplifted. “My mission is to educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.” With obesity and other health related diseases now more common than ever, there has never been a more important time to look after yourself. The following tips are compiled from Dr Libby’s New Zealand tour, Body Basics - A Guide to Optimum Health. These pointers are merely just a starting point to take control of your health.

Dr Libby outlined nine factors to look at when battling the bulge and regaining your health. Take a look and see if any of them could be affecting you and your right to better living. • Calories • Stress hormones • Liver • Thyroid • Gut bacteria • Insulin • Alkalinity • Emotions • Digestion • Dr Libby believes it’s time to get back to basics. Our bodies need good nutrition to build, protect, maintain and restore. Don’t get caught up in fads when it comes to food – nature gets it right every time. Base your diet on plant foods, decrease packet/ processed foods and rely less on takeaways.

• Stress hormones can be a big reason why diets don’t always get a desired result. When we are stressed we create hormones that send our body messages. Because our body has been programmed in the same way since the beginning of time, stress hormones send us into a fight or flight mode which tells our body to get prepared for the battle, famine or flood ahead. To be ready for that the body needs to slow down its metabolism in order to store energy and protect our precious organs, with a particular focus on fattening up our back, midsection and arms. As you can imagine in this day and age it’s no wonder our waistlines are getting bigger with the amount of stress in our day to day life. • Our lovely liver - overused and sometimes abused. Alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, trans fats and synthetic substances are all what Dr Libby would describe as ‘liver loaders.’

When we load up on these bad boys our liver prioritises processing them over other things our body makes like estrogen and cholesterol, which sit in our liver waiting to be processed. When they aren’t because of the ‘liver loaders’ they get released back in our blood stream in a slightly changed form. This has sparked questions of why so many cancers and diseases have come about in the last few decades. • The thyroid influences metabolism and regulates temperature. An underactive thyroid can cause tiredness, depression, constipation and weight gain that just doesn’t add up. Ways you can combat an underactive thyroid is by taking selenium, iodine and zinc. • When we digest food with a high acidity level (basically most things that are not green) our body needs alkaline to keep the levels in our blood balanced, and the body looks to the calcium and magnesium that we store in our bones to do that, hence how

issues like osteoporosis come into play. • Emotions and Meaning. Why do you do what you do, when you know what you know? Dr Libby said that humans do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Listen to your body. What energises you? What relationships and activities make you feel good? When you know, find more of it because often it’s not physical food we need to consume, its soul food often needed. When you weigh yourself, you weigh your self-esteem and this can be a very deflating feeling. Women are motivated by praise. Rather than weighing yourself concentrate on your energy levels. Dr Libby is an expert on all things health. Her book Accidentally Overweight, talks about all of the above in a lot more depth which will have you going from ‘aha’ moment to ‘aha’ moment as the penny drops from page to page. By Lou Parker



Life Around the World

Jubillee weekend in London GOD SAVE THE QUEEN INDEED London local Sacha Martin (37) tells us what it was like to be in London during the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years of reign. Two bank holidays. A four day extravaganza. Street parties. Pageants. Concerts. Cracking. I have always been a fan of monarchy, both at home and abroad. Charles I, King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were all favourites of mine in history lessons, as were the last doomed Tsar and Tsarina of Russia.


I spent my childhood watching Royal weddings, putting up posters in my bedroom and

attending street parties. I watched Diana be the ultimate princess and Fergie be the ultimate catastrophe. I took Diana’s side in the big D-I-V-O-R-C-E and The Establishment’s when Fergie took up toe sucking. I joined the voices insisting on more emotion when our Queen didn’t flinch at the tragic loss of Diana and listened earnestly to the conspiracy theories surrounding her death. I hissed in despair

when Charles married ‘that’ Camilla. Our papers ripped the Windsor’s apart, massacring them by typeset, turning the tide against them at every opportunity. Even the irascible Harry, whom we forgave anything given his spare and motherless status, fell foul of the tabloids. His late night drunken escapades had us shaking our heads and exclaiming that had his mother been here things would have been very

different. And wasn’t it the fault of that awful Charles that she wasn’t? It seemed that the Royal Family’s place in our lives was teetering on a knife’s edge. We had nothing but bad to say about them, they added little value, didn’t live up to our expectations and even their massive tourism contribution to our economy wasn’t enough to stem the tide that rose against them. We talked of getting HER off of the throne, skipping Charles and his false wife and putting Prince William on it. It seemed there was nothing but doom and gloom ahead of the Queen, we’d grown out of her. She’d had her day.

Not us. We’re far too proud for that kind of business. We need a Queen who is great for our Britain, Northern Ireland and Commonwealth. And here she was with her stoic demeanour and uncompromising work ethic mourning admirably the loss of her sister and mother only months apart. She was human and needed her nation’s support. We let her back into the fold.

the word austerity. It had gone wrong so many times before that they didn’t risk our wrath again. This time they entered the water one toe at a time.

And so it was for a while, Queen and country jogging along together quietly. The boom was over, the economy was failing and life as we knew it was becoming a bit of a struggle. We were sticking together, riding out the storm. The years rolled on bleakly and then at last we had something to celebrate - William and Kate were to be wed.

Royals on to really go for it for the Jubilee, to throw a party like no other. They didn’t disappoint.

They needn’t have worried. We were ready for the distraction that only a Royal Wedding can bring and we threw ourselves at it with gusto. It was this endorsement that spurred the

And then, things changed. The Queen Mother’s death, shortly after Princess Margaret’s, had us all taking a step back. We saw through documentaries and speeches, books and articles, what an amazing pillar of strength the Queen Mother had been to her daughter and, more importantly how much our Queen needed that. We sighed in relief when she spoke candidly of the sadness of her loss. We enjoyed stories of Princess Margaret’s controversial ways and celebrated them rather than folded our arms in judgement. Suddenly we realised that whilst her life was privileged, the Queen had a ruddy big job on her hands. We quickly backtracked. Sure she showed little emotion but who wants a weeping, squawking Queen anyway?

I wanted to celebrate Her reign and I relished the idea of being a part of history.

The country let out a sigh of happiness, greeting the whole thing with excitement.

There was a buzz in the air, an expectant pause before a mighty bang and I thoroughly enjoyed the build-up. I hunted down bunting (much harder than it sounds), signed up for the street BBQ and piled up the booze.

The Royals though were less convinced. They approached the event with caution, played it down just a little, threw around

Yet whilst I was ready to party I wasn’t ever drawn into signing up for the trek into London. I weaved through the throng and


we watched our Queen attend event after event on TV, never letting the side down sighed happily when I sank into my seat on the next train out to suburbia. I was happy to go home and watch from the sofa. If an 86 year old standing for over four hours wasn’t amazing enough, the commoners topped it. They stood in their thousands, in the pouring rain, in shivery temperatures and they watched every single boat that passed by. They cheered on the soaking wet singers and musicians that carried on regardless and they followed the procession right up until the end.


Across the country marquees sold out as street after street gave the two finger salute to the clouds and huddled together

under makeshift camps munching BBQ food and drinking Pimms with their neighbours. Union Jacks were everywhere, adorning houses, stitched into dresses and iced onto cakes. In between parties and soakings we watched our Queen attend event after event on TV, never letting the side down, never showing signs of fatigue, her classic patent handbag swinging from her arm. This tiny little woman, quite frail but somehow strong had bought so many millions of people together in such an amazing tribute. She had done us proud. As Prince Charles closed the Jubilee concert with a tribute

to his mummy I marvelled at Camilla’s presence beside him and our Queen. A few years ago we might have stoned her, yet now we watched on as she shared smiles and respectful banter with the Queen. At a concert that had seen Elton John sing the same song for our Queen as he had sang for Diana at her funeral it was difficult not to appreciate the magnitude of Her comeback. God Save the Queen indeed.

Written By Sacha Martin Photos Supplied By Jo Reynolds Kellerton Road Jubilee

Conquering Fear - Rally Drive!

CLICK TO WATCH FOLLOW SLOAN AND TARRYN ON FACEBOOK OR VISIT THEIR WEBSITE You may have noticed in the last issue, Nevaeh’s Creative Director Molly Chattell conquered a huge fear and gave blood. Each issue we are dedicated to finding and accomplishing something that puts us out of our comfort zone. It sounds crazy, and it is, which is why I wasn’t exactly thrilled to find out I would be chucked into a rally car with a complete stranger a couple of weeks ago. I guess the whole point is realise that fears are just fears. Don’t get me wrong, I have set limits and a lot of them. I have acute arachnophobia for one and wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near a spider, but then there’s the things we choose not to do because of lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, loss of control and being out of our comfort zone. These are the things we want to inspire people to conquer.

Fear is a distressing emotion which can limit our personal growth. It’s important to remember we are here to live life to the fullest. A bit of thrill is sometimes just the trick to put that swing back into our stride, and the feeling of achievement is like none other. I don’t need to go into too much detail regarding conquering my fear of rally driving this month – the clip (and beeps) get the message through.

To sum it up though, it was probably one of the scariest, liberating, uncomfortable and craziest things I have ever done. Am I glad I did it? Hell yes! I have to mention a huge thanks to Sloan and Tarryn Cox for their patience and kindness in helping me conquer this fear. Best of luck to them both for the rest of their rally season. By Lou Parker


Stage Challenge 2012

STAGE CHALLENGE 2012 Featuring performances from a range of schools from Kawerau to Rotorua, Taupo to Taumarunui, the 2012 Stage Challenge was an event to leave the audience feeling inspired, moved and in awe of the amazing young talent we have in our midst. We interviewed a couple of the choreographers to get their view of what it means to be a part of Stage Challenge.


NAME: ISAAC MARSH SCHOOL: TOKOROA HIGH SCHOOL What is your theme? Our theme is about our friend Rangitiriao Wilson who was hit by a car last year on his way home from a party and tragically lost his life. He was an ambitious, straight A student, who was great at sport. We want to get the message across to other teens that partying isn’t everything. What division are you in and what does it mean to you? We are in the Raw division, which to us means pulling out emotion when you’ve got nothing else left. It’s about telling people our friends tragic story the realist way possible using only raw emotion. We have no trained dancers and our group is made up of 11 males and 57 females. What does Stage Challenge mean to you? It’s all about having fun, sharing the experience with other schools and meeting new people.

NAME: BELINDA PIESSE SCHOOL: JOHN PAUL COLLEGE How many years have you done Stage Challenge? This is my fourth year of being involved with Stage Challenge but my first year doing choreography. What is your theme? Our theme is based around the recent Caterton Hot Air Balloon. My sisters best friend Alexis Still who was only 19 and like a sister to me, sadly lost her life in that accident and so our performance is a tribute to her, in memory of a beautiful life cut too short. What division are you in and what does it mean to you? Our division in Stage Challenge is Raw. Raw means that there can be no set used and so the story of the performance has to come through in the dancing, the acting and the costumes. Our group is made up of 10 boys and 32 girls of all ages and capabilities from JPC. What does Stage Challenge mean to you? Stage Challenge is all about having fun, we are all here to support one another. It’s not about winning or losing, it is about making Alexis proud.



Dear Paula, My ex-partner and I own a house together. He is currently living in the property and we fairly contribute to the mortgage. At this stage we have no intention of selling. We have been told that our arrangement is crazy. We get along fine but should we have some sort of legal contract in place? From Diana, 32 I certainly think you need an agreement in place to record your arrangements! Things might be okay now but often problems arise when one partner meets someone new or one partner is no longer able to contribute to the property (such as if they lose their job). This is now a business arrangement and any business arrangement needs an escape plan if either partner becomes unhappy.


An agreement under the Property Relationships Act will record how the property is to be owned and paid for now but also when it will be sold and what will happen to the sale proceeds. You will need to see separate lawyers to receive advice on the agreement but the cost now will be worth it if things go wrong later.

Dear Paula, My husband and I have been extremely lazy and haven’t gotten around to getting a Will. We don’t have kids but do have a house. What would happen if one of us dropped dead without having a Will in place? How do I go about organising one, it’s something I’ve really been putting off From Chelsea, 28

If you don’t have a Will your assets get distributed in accordance with the Administration Act taking into account your personal circumstances. As you don’t have children, you may presume that everything will go to your spouse but that is only the case if you don’t have parents still alive. If your parents are still alive, your spouse receives your personal items and 2/3rds of the residue and your parents get the remaining 1/3rd.However, any joint assets (joint bank accounts and your house if it is owned as “joint tenants”) will go to your spouse by survivorship. Making a Will is pretty easy - you need to know who you want to manage your estate and who you want to receive your assets. Once you give this information to your lawyer (who may also have other

questions for you!) they will prepare a draft for you to check over. We have our clients complete a booklet so we know we get the information we need and the issues for the clients to think about are in front of them.

Dear Paula, I am looking to buy my first house. Am I legally required to purchase a Building Inspection Report? What do you recommend? From June, 26

of the property), checking the property file at the Council (to check the plans match what is there) and potentially reports on the electricity wiring and gas appliances (depending on the age of the house). Sometimes it may be wise to get other reports such as from a geotech engineer (if you were buying in Christchurch this is a MUST).


You don’t legally need to get a builder’s report, a Land Information Memorandum or any other reports. However, if you don’t do your homework before making the offer and the property has defects you may find you have limited rights to get out of the contract or get compensation from the vendor. We recommend a builder’s report from a specialist building inspector (to show you any current problems as well as maintenance that you will need to do), a LIM (to ensure the property has the necessary consents and there are no developments nearby that will affect your enjoyment



FINNS 2012 WINTER FASHION Phone (07) 348 7682 1281 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua











FASHION: Lou’s top 10 winter wardrobe must haves! The great thing about winter fashion this year is that anything and everything goes! Fashion experts are saying that all things patterns, prints, oversized and brightly coloured is the way to go this season. Every woman has those key fundamental items that are mixed and matched to bring an outfit together. The following are my top 10 winter wardrobe must haves!


SCARVES Thank goodness for scarves. Adding a scarf to an outfit can make your whole look go from drab to fab in a heartbeat. If you find yourself wearing something quite plain and feel it just needs that extra something to complete your look, try a scarf. Bright and beautiful designs can easily add a spark to your outfit. TIGHTS Every woman needs a pair of black tights! In this day and age tights are essential. They go with anything for any occasion any day of the week. A definite must have. If you’re feeling adventurous, this winter is the perfect opportunity to try out tights with prints. Printed tights are becoming increasingly popular and work well with long tops and large cardigans. Printed tights are also good for adding dimension to an otherwise plain outfit.


A must have. Making sure you have a couple of long tops in your wardrobe is super important. With this year being all about bold colours try and add in some hot pinks and bright greens to your collection. I promise you that with a pair of black tights, a bright long top, a large knitted cardigan and some gorgeous boots, your winter look will be complete!

A LARGE KNITTED CARDIGAN Whoever created the oversized cardigan was a genius! This is a must have to complete this year’s winter look. Either over tights or jeans, a large knitted cardigan will not only have you looking great but will also be major comfort on those rainy days. The best thing about the oversized cardigan is that there are no lumps and bumps sticking out, no tight material sucking you in and you can eat an extra dinner helping without feeling like you’re going to pop! Just remember not to go too big, you don’t want to look like a knitted blanket.

THE LEATHER JACKET This is a must have for winter. There is nothing cuter than a leather jacket with a pair of tightly fitted jeans and boots. Extremely warm and comfortable, the leather jacket will prove a timeless and essential item in this year’s winter wardrobe.

A COAT Thankfully one quality coat can last nearly a lifetime. I suggest that if you already have a black coat start looking at integrating more colour into the mix. Each winter treat yourself to buying a coat in a different colour, it’s nice to have a bit of variety. This year ruby red is a stand out choice.



Or maybe two? Well the more the better really when it comes to shoes! Winter fashion is all about warmth and comfort while maintaining a killer style. To me, winter just wouldn’t be winter without a good pair of boots. I prefer sleek and black with a bit of a stiletto heel. It’s good to have a flat pair too, and oh who could forget the ankle boot! I’m officially in heaven.

Anything and everything goes!

THE BLAZER Classic, chic and a compliment to any outfit. Fantastic for the professional look and can easily go with any dress, pants or jeans. Experiment with different colours and styles.

GLOVES Very cute and of course great to warm up those freezing hands! Having a nice pair of gloves in your drawers is a must have. Try experiment with different styles and colours. A pair of leather gloves and a couple of knitted designs should set you up for a stylish and warm winter.

JEANS Let’s be honest, a great pair of jeans is not just subject to winter, but it is a good time to update. This year a pair of dark blue denims, which are well fitted and accentuate all the right places, is a number one piece to have in any women’s wardrobe.


They don’t call it the winter blues for nothing. With the cold weather, dark days and constant cravings for all things warm and wonderful, this can sometimes mean our beauty regime slides onto the back burner. It’s important to keep those beauty rituals up to date during the winter season. This will not only help you look and feel good but also gives your body the extra care it needs during those harsh wintery months. Dehydrated skin, sensitivity and loss of elasticity are all common symptoms which make signs of aging more noticeable. The following are some great skin care tips to help maintain your glow throughout the brisk and sometimes unpredictable winter months.

MASK YOURSELF IN HYDRATION. Use a moisturising face mask once a week to spoil your skin with a replenishing treat. Those skin cells will thank you for it!

SLEEP, SLEEP AND MORE SLEEP! Great skin relies on a lot of sleep. Give your body the opportunity to recharge and restore those cells which will help to make your skin shine.


DON’T FORGET YOUR JOINTS. When moisturising take extra care to show your good old joints some much needed attention. Massage lotion into your knees, elbows and feet. A good time to do this is at night before you go to bed which gives the lotion a good amount of time to soak in.

KEEP YOUR LIPS LOOKING LUSCIOUS. Lovely looking lips and winter don’t always go hand in hand. The nippy wind and cold temperatures are notorious for creating cracked, dry and sore lips. Thankfully there is a simple solution. The next time you are at the supermarket pick up a chap stick or even better a glossy balm to help protect those precious lips. Find one with and SPF of at least 15. Use throughout the day and before you go to bed to let all that good nourishment seep in.

CUT BACK ON THE ALCOHOL. Thankfully this is not talking about the consumption side of things (although that would probably help too). Cut back on alcohol based products. They may feel nice on your skin but they are another sucker for stealing your moisturiser.

MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE AND MOISTURISE MORE! Buy your favourite moisturiser and lather up baby. Avoid using alcohol based creams because it can make your skin even drier. Moisturising is a pretty standard practice but winter makes this routine task imperative. It’s a good idea to moisturise your body before you get dressed in the morning and again before you go to bed.

EXFOLIATE. Make you’re sure you are exfoliating at least once a week. Removing dead skin cells allows your skin to soak up more moisture to keep replenished and hydrated. This is important to prevent those nasty little fine lines that lead to premature aging.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS. It’s super important to have a decent hand cream, especially in winter. Keep your hands smooth and supple by investing in a vitamin filled hand cream. Keep one at home and another at work and try and make a habit of reapplying throughout the day. Our hands touch a lot of different things during the day so it is important to take good care of them.

BE A WATER BABY. Make sure you drink as much water as possible. Being winter it may not feel as necessary to drink as much water as you would in summer. A warm hot chocolate may seem more appetising when it’s freezing outside but it is important to still get your quota of water. Buy some lemons and squirt some into some warm water to help with the flavour. You skin will LOVE you for it.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN. The sun can be just as harmful in summer as it is winter. Select a sun lotion that offers SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin all year round. Even better, find a foundation that already has sun protection in it.



FITNESS 101 PRIMAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS As a personal trainer I often come across gym users who are confused, uninspired, lacking motivation or misinformed as to what they should be doing and why. Gym users without direction or purpose are the ones who end up seeing it as a waste of time or money and give up. Understanding why you should be using a gym is the key to seeing successful results. Most people set themselves unrealistic goals based on looking like a Hollywood film star but let’s face it, who has the time, money or the right plastic surgeon to look like that! Lower your sights, work on goals that are achievable and you will feel as if you are accomplishing something. This change in mind-set will help you see your membership as value for money rather than a waste. Fitness means something different to all of us. Whether it be losing weight, gaining weight, or training for sports, all these end goals are valid but first you must step back and make your primary goal a correctly functioning body, this should be the foundation of all exercise programs. People tend to skip ahead of this stage as they are eager to reach their targets.


However without this foundation most people will end up with injuries, or a simple frustration at

not seeing instant results, which will eventually have you quitting. To help prevent this feeling of disappointment in results we need to look at our primal movement patterns. Primal movement patterns were first described many years ago by fitness guru Paul Chek. They are seven basic body movement patterns that everyone should be able to perform correctly so your body can function in the way it is designed to: SQUAT, LUNGE, PUSH, PULL, BEND, ROTATE, GAIT Your exercise programme should reflect your day to day life, whether at work, at home, at leisure or in the gym. Your trainer should analyse the information you provide them about your lifestyle and with this information they can select exercises and analyse your movement patterns to help perform these tasks correctly. Our day to day lives have been made easier by technology; however these same devices have also had a negative

Contact us 021 705 696 or 0275 357 403

impact on how our bodies work. Prolonged sitting at a computer for instance can create bad posture, rounded shoulders and shortened hip flexors. This can often lead to the corruption of our primal movement patterns which will in turn make performing certain tasks and exercises more difficult, potentially creating injury issues. Working on your primary movement patterns and establishing good habits will mean a better exercise technique and a greater chance of leading a life free of injury, poor posture, aches and pains. Mastering these patterns will certainly lead to a more satisfying visit to the gym as this solid base will allow you to move onto more difficult exercises which in turn will reap better results. Follow me in the next issue of Nevaeh for primal movement exercises you can do at home. By Paul Chattell

Natural Remedies SELENIUM We all know what it is like to be busy and lead a crazy lifestyle. That’s precisely why when it’s finally time to slow down and take a holiday many of us begin our much anticipated time off with a cold or the dreaded lurgies! It was in anticipation of this precise thing happening to me that sent me to the pharmacy looking for a preventative measure to ensure I didn’t pick up the colds and bugs being pumped into my face through the air conditioning unit of a long haul flight. That was when I was first introduced to the wonder that is selenium and I have never looked back. Selenium is a mineral found naturally in soil, water and some foods. However in New Zealand selenium is only present at very low levels in our soil. If it is not in our soil it cannot be in our food and therefore we as New Zealanders are particularly susceptible to selenium deficiencies. Research has found low selenium levels to be a significant risk for several degenerative diseases and a diet low in selenium may contribute to feelings


of depression, anxiety and fatigue. Selenium can be found in some fish, vegetables and brazil nuts however the amount of selenium in vegetables is dependent on the selenium content of the soil. Selenium can be purchased as a supplement in either drop or tablet form from most health food specialists and pharmacies. Its anti-oxidant functions have now been shown to reduce the risk of thyroid disease, infertility and arthritis. There is even a suggestion that selenium alters genes that cause cancer. Selenium also helps support a strong immune system, regulates thyroid function and plays a role in the prevention of cataracts and heart disease. Selenium has an abundance of amazing health properties and I encourage you to head to your local health shop, naturopath or pharmacy and get some. Trust me; it is magic for your body.

The Perfect Steak In our house steak is definitely a ‘sometimes’ food and this is for the simple reason that if we can’t afford a decent eye fillet we simply don’t bother having steak. There is nothing more disappointing than a tough, fatty bit of meat that has been massacred by the chef, so here is a recipe for how to cook ‘The Perfect Steak’.

INGREDIENTS: Eye Fillet Steak Cooking Oil PREPARATION: If your steak has been stored in the fridge it is important to take it out at least an hour before cooking as you want it to start cooking from room temperature.

enough flick a couple of drops of water in it. If the water almost immediately disappears your pan is ready. Put a few drops of oil directly onto the steak and rub all over – do not place oil in the pan as it is not required.

Remove your steak from its packaging and blot with paper towel to remove all excess moisture.

COOKING: Once your steak is oiled and your pan is hot enough, put your steaks straight into the pan and then set your timer for exactly 2 minutes.

Heat your pan to as hot as you can get it (sensibly of course), to test if your pan is hot

Avoid prodding, touching, moving, stabbing or any other contact with your steak.

Goes great with a jacket potato and salad After 2 minutes flip your steak and set the timer for a further 2 minutes. When your timer sounds immediately remove your steak from the pan and leave to rest for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper if required.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Serve with a jacket potato and salad.


Harvey World Travel

Weddings, Honeymoons Romance


At Harvey World Travel Rotorua we understand that every wedding needs to be unique. We are passionate about working with you to ensure your overseas wedding and or honeymoon is a dream come true.

Our services to you Wedding Overseas

Bridal Registry

We can take the hassle and hard work away from you by liaising directly with your chosen resort’s wedding coordinator who will cater to all of your needs and ensure that your wedding day is memorable (and stress free!)

Create a register for your dream honeymoon with your wife or husband to be. At Harvey World Travel Rotorua we will provide you with a professional Bridal Registry Pack for you to send out with your wedding invitations. The bridal registry cards invite guests to use the Harvey World Travel registry as their wedding gift to the bridal couple.

Honeymoons Time to kick back and indulge! If you’re seeking a tropical relaxation, rejuvenating, romantic honeymoon we have tailor made romantic packages for you. We will do everything to ensure your honeymoon will be inspiring and memorable. Discover our luxury honeymoon packages to suit all budgets all around the world...

Wedding Co-ordinator Sarah Browne from Harvey World Travel Rotorua is our Wedding Specialist. Sarah travels to Fiji and the Cook Islands regularly to update herself with all the Resorts and their Wedding facilities. Call in and discuss your wedding & honeymoon requirements with Sarah.

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Great Gift Ideas Bunting In continuing with the theme of personalised, low cost great gift ideas, how about giving your loved ones a personalised bunting, picture board or matching cushion from Birds Nest Bunting. Handmade by Rotorua stay at home mum of two sets of twins, Angela Baker, the bunting you get from Birds Nest Bunting is made with love and care and is double sided unless you want it to hang in front of a window- then it’s lined in white; and trimmed. Angela says, “I love to make special one off bunting using vintage fabrics and I am happy to turn your old favourite pieces of clothing or maybe a childhood pillowcase into unique bunting for your children to enjoy. I can make bunting in colours and

fabrics that really suit your child’s personality- not all little girls are pastel princesses nor are all boys into cars and robots. So if you have a soccer mad daughter that loves turquoise, I can customise the perfect accessory for her room- just ask” Most of the bunting from Birds Nest Bunting is on a 3 metre ribbon or tape, but longer lengths can be made on request. Check out these great gift ideas BirdsNestBunting


July 2012

Horoscopes CANCER: You are in for another busy month. As you are rushing around here, there and everywhere trying to get things done, just remember that communication is the key – you don’t want to leave too many people behind.

LEO: This could be a bit of a stressful month for you. Some time on your own to reflect and plan ahead will be important. If you continue to rush around and take on too many things you may lose sight of what is really important. Relationships may also be put under strain if you don’t take time out to show loved ones that you care. Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and what you don’t get done today you can still do tomorrow.

VIRGO: You will be feeling vibrant, bold and highly attracted to the opposite sex this month. For singles, you will be ready to make a move on someone you have had your eye on for a while. For those that are married, you may have a sudden urge to put that spark back into you love life.


LIBRA: Your career and finance sector is looking promising. Now is the right time to follow through on that pay rise or promotion. You might finally feel like all that hard work has paid off. Just remember to celebrate your successes. Go out to dinner with friends or buy those shoes you have been eying up for months. Small treats can make you feel like you are accomplishing more than you think.

SCORPIO: July should be a very happy time for you. Your future is full of light and you have lots to look forward to. Imagination is the key to keep dreaming up those fabulous and exciting ideas, because with your current mind set, anything is possible.

SAGITTARIUS: This month is all about career for you. Your mind will be busy thinking about all the different opportunities. This could be a great time to talk to your boss about a promotion or even adventure out and try something new.

CAPRICORN: A holiday could be on the cards. If you have been thinking about taking a break, seriously, do it! Pack your bags and don’t look back. Once your refreshed you will be ready to get back into it but right now you need some time off to relax.

AQUARIUS: Have you let the budget slip lately? Time to pull in that spending. If you are having trouble trying to figure out where all your money has been going it might be best to sit down and look over the finances again. Best to do it now before things get out of control.

PISCES: Keep a clear head and you will be fine. Your usually timid non-confrontational side will be put aside when you need to get something off your chest this month. Just remember – honesty really is the best policy.

ARIES: Your health will be great this month so now is a great time to capitalise on that by starting a new exercise programme or curbing those cravings. You could gain a lot of satisfaction by putting more effort into looking after yourself. Don’t overdo it though as you will be susceptible to injuries.

TAURUS: Romance is in the air! You’ll be feeling very sexy, vibrant and in the mood for some mega romance. Someone at work could sweep you off your feet or an old flame may come back to town, either way tread carefully because it could all fall apart before it even begins.

GEMINI: You may get itchy feet this month. Before you just get up and go, try something that may help ground you. Shift furniture around or even redecorate. This could help with the frustration you are having and could be just the change you need to feel fresh again.


BURNING QUESTIONS Need advice? Ask our resident “know it all” She’ll tell it how it is

I’m finding myself incredibly unmotivated in all areas of my life at the moment. I still enjoy my job and of course I love my family but I can’t help feeling like every day is just the same old routines time and again. I’m not depressed but I do have a sense of anxiety that is making me feel like something needs to change… and soon. Name and address supplied So many people go through these feelings of frustration when your life falls into the same old routine, you are not alone. Sometimes our lives are so full of ‘stuff’ it’s not actually practical to make big changes to our routine, if that sounds like your life then just take some time to make some small changes. One easy suggestion is changing the family menu a couple of nights a week. Sometimes just trying out a new recipe can be a lot of fun and quite satisfying. The other suggestion I’d make is making a change to your exercise. Find something that you love like dancing and turn your anxiety into positive energy.



I’ve recently started a new job and I’ve found myself attracted to one of my colleagues. We’re both single so it’s nothing sinister but there is an 18 year age gap!

He’s only 22 and I’m nearing 40, we get on really well and he is already on the way to being very successful in his career and owns his own home so it’s not like he’s emotionally immature. My friends think it’s hilarious but I just don’t know what to do, is it wrong to have such a big age gap in a relationship? Carey, Springfield Hi Carey, I say just go for it. We can’t help who we fall in love with or develop feelings for and it’s not like this guy is still a teenager. If he’s mature enough to handle an older woman, then there’s no reason this relationship can’t work. Who cares what other people think, in this day and age most people accept that loving relationships come in all ages,

shapes, genders and colours. You might actually find that being with a younger man is quite exhilarating and that should certainly keep the passion alive for a while! Good luck How do you motivate a teenager to get off his butt and get a job? I could use my contacts to get one for him, but I refuse to because I believe he needs to learn these life skills for himself. Confidence is the main problem as I think he has to push past his fears. How do I find the balance between nurture and cutting the umbilical cord? Trish, Rotorua Hi Trish, Although you haven’t told me how old your son is, based on the frustration in your email I’m going to assume he’s 16 or older. At this age most kids will be starting to think about leaving home in a year or so with university or travel.

To give your kids the best head start into being a successful adult I think it’s important to instil a basic sense of fear into him about how the world really works. With the GFC still hanging over our heads it is irresponsible for parents to still be sheltering their teens from the realities of how to live on a calculated budget with an understanding of how to save and how to invest. Give him a brief outline of your household budget and make him start contributing, don’t hold back. Use it as an opportunity to teach him how to grow into a man.

Send your burning question to us at and keep an eye out for it in the next issue of Nevaeh!


Monthly Confessions! Send your confessions to US AT

My friendship has been ruined! As a lesbian, I promised my friend (a girl, who is straight) I would never hit on her. I have secretly always had fantasies about being with her – the whole off limits thing was a bit of a turn on. I promised myself I would respect her wishes, even if she didn’t know what she was missing out on. One night after having a few beers with our friends, I don’t know what came over me. I couldn’t resist and planted one on her. She slapped me across the face and hasn’t spoken to me since. From Too Tempted

may kward at work. This Things are really aw st broken off a three be because I have ju with y boss. He is married month affair with m ss always found my bo three children. I have act on had any intention to attractive but never . After conference together it until we went to a r. I thing led to the othe too much wine one thing ing to be a once off thought it was just go after ck into the real world but when we got ba . He fiery affair continued the conference, our and ver done this before assured me he had ne The ave his wife for me. that he wanted to le ve r me and recently I ha guilt got too much fo what I was thinking ended it. I don’t know job ith myself. I love my and am disgusted w for think it’s best to look but at the moment I something new. From Selfish Lover


I had a heart attack three ye ars ago and although I have been happily married to my wife for 25 years, after the att ack something changed. I have since been int erested in men. I have explored this an d would like to keep doing so. I would also like to remain married to my wife. I know I will need to choose which path I want to go down but I honestly just don’t know. From Confused

I recently walked in on my best friend and my father ‘doing it’. They swear that it wasn’t planned and that this was the first time. I’m more than angry! My Dad is 69 and my so called best friend is 27. I am beyond disgusted. My Dad has always been a bit of a player jumping from one relationship to the other. My friend WAS like a sister to me. I’m disappointed, mad and extremely grossed out. It goes without saying I’m not talking to either of them. From Wild

I am a closet eater. My husba nd has paid nearly $20,000 so I could have lipo suction surgery last year. I went on a diet before the surgery to prove I could lose the weight. I los t 30kgs and my husband rewarded me by he lping me shift the last few pounds with liposucti on. I maintained the weight loss for the most part of last year but in the last couple of month s the kilos have started creeping back on. My husband has noticed and has asked what’ s going on. I have told him I don’t know but the truth is I have been sneaking McDonalds, ch ocolate and other naughty treats when he is at work. I feel bad but at the same time it’s amazing . I love food and the thought of giving up all my favourite treats makes me want to eat them even more. From Naughty Foodie

THE WEIRD, THE WACKED AND THE WONDERFUL You share your birthday with at least 9 other million people in the world.

Due to the angle at which the optic nerve enters the brain, staring at a blue surface during sex greatly increases the intensity of orgasms. AN OSTRICH’S EYES ARE LARGER THAN THEIR BRAINS.

When you sleep, you may eat over 70 kinds of small insects and about 10 spiders unknowingly.

A starfish has eight eyes, one on each leg. AN ANT WILL SCRATCH ITSELF WHEN IT WAKES UP.

SCUBA divers cannot pass gas at depth of 33 feet or below.

A cat can produce over 100 types of sounds, but a dog can only do 10.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

A snail can live for three years without food or sleep.

Some lions mate over 50 times a day.

A caterpillar has over 2000 muscles.

Da Vinci spent 12 years alone painting Mona Lisa’s lips.

Bats are the only mammals able to fly.


The majority of dust in your home consists of your own dead skin.

Approximately one-sixth of your life is spent on Wednesdays.




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JOAN’S FLOWERS During the month of July 2012 Joan’s Flowers offer you a stunning orchid in flax wrap, normally $35, this month $25.

EXQUISITE TOTAL IMAGE Half head of foils, mini facial with neck and shoulder massage and day make up. Valued at $220.00, now $170.00! 20 packages available. One voucher per customer. Valid until July 31. 1139 Eruera Street Phone 07 346 8005 Excludes haircuts.

WEBBS SHOES / SOLE OULET $25 off of any footwear or handbag purchase over $100. Not redeemable on specials or promotions. One voucher per purchase. Valid until July 31. Phone 07 348 7914 On the Shoe Corner 1310 Tutanekai Street

FREE CONSULTATION INFINITE ADMIN Call us and present this coupon for a FREE consultation during July

KREATIVE KIDZ If you enrol your child with Kreative Kidz in July you’ll receive “One Week Free childcare per enrolment” – voucher must be presented. Phone/ Fax: (07) 346 0610 5 Isobel Street, Selwyn Heights, Rotorua



Call us and present this couple to book a FREE 15 Minute QRA session to test specifically what is needed to maximise your health

Time to sort a Will? Receive $100.00 off a basic Will! Usually $250.00 + GST but until July 31 receive a basic Will for just $150.00 inclusive. Book today – Call The Law Shop 07 349 2924. 1253 Hinemoa Street.

JULY 2012

Nevaeh Magazine July 2012  

Mediaworks Rotorua has a new online womens magazine. Nevaeh is designed for local women filled with interactive content, stories, tips and a...

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