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Evolve and Prosper! Be Future-Focused September/October 2016


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LEADOFF Evolve and Prosper!

Garrett McGrath Those who win big in business don’t complain about trends or progress; they embrace it and look for ways to capitalize on it.


PEOPLE BUSINESS Everything Is Culture

Todd Smith The real competitive advantage in business is building a strong culture by knowing, living, and demonstrating your principles and core values.


TAX TIPS Starting a Business

Sandy Botkin, CPA Esq. Being in business can change your life with potentially increased income and increased deductions. However, these benefits won’t come automatically.


DIAMOND LEADER Selling a Dream

Omar & Liliana Salazar




Andre Vaughn From Schoolteacher to Top Leader

DIAMOND LEADER Born to Sell Monica Orozco




NT INTERVIEW Anticipate and Innovate David Gilmour

A conversation with the founder of FIJI Water and author of Start Up


RISING STAR A Worry-Free Life Rebecca Garrett



Dave & Barb Pitcock From Broke Beautician and Bull Rider to Making Millions


DIAMOND LEADER Winners Never Quit Sergio Contreras


MASTER NETWORKER Educator at Heart Blake Graham The Gift of Wellness


DIAMOND LEADER Live Your Purpose Manuel Wilkins


RISING STAR Inspiring Women

Claire Danielle Cowan


Networking Times


DIAMOND LEADER Puerto Rican Power Rafael Caban


MASTER NETWORKER Learn to Multiply Maxandra Desrosiers From Haiti to Global


DIAMOND LEADER Play to Win! Steven Juarbe


Scott Burnett, Esq. As a new business owner, take the initiative to learn about proper business operations, or you could join the statistics of businesses that fail.


THE CLOSE Income and Time Freedom

Bill Andreoli Direct selling allows ordinary, hard-working people to grab the brass ring—build a passive income while having the time freedom to enjoy their success.

Income Disclaimer:

The success stories in this issue feature extraordinary leaders and do not portray the typical results of the average network marketing professional. Everyone’s results in network marketing will vary, but basically it takes consistent work to make a substantial income in this profession. Many people make little or no money at all. Earnings are dependent on—but not limited to—skills, effort, commitment, leadership capabilities, and market conditions. Common sense suggests that in most opportunities, one would find exceptional individuals performing well above average. Choosing a particular network marketing company does not guarantee any level of income or success.


Selling a D r e a m Omar and Liliana



mar and Liliana Salazar are a Mexican couple with great plans for their future. As leaders in the network marketing profession, they have created a community of more than 2,000 people in eight countries and growing. “Social media is the key,” they say. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are their business headquarters. They never take a break, but, at the same time, they are always on vacation. How do they do it? Here Omar and Lily explain how this apparent contradiction is perfectly possible.—J.L. 8

By Julio Llerena

Networking Times

When we contacted Omar in his home in Querétaro, Mexico, he was waiting for a guitar that was being shipped from California. Not any guitar, but the one he always wanted, a custom-made Schecter Diamond Series, Apocalypse. Every time he gets a chance, Omar says, he turns into a domestic rock star, and that guitar has just the right sound for him. “These are the things we all want,” he says, “the little pleasures of life and time to enjoy them.” Omar and Liliana Salazar are leading a network marketing organization that is thriving not only in Mexico, but also in the US, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, and France. It took a long time for Omar and Liliana to be where they are now. They met in Querétaro, during an event Omar organized in 2013. He and Lily decided to spend some time together afterwards, and just two weeks later, they wanted to live together ever after and raise a family. But, while they agreed on their future, their ideas of making a living couldn’t be more different: Omar was already in network marketing and Lily was working for an insurance company in Kansas City, Missouri. Although Liliana had been living in the US for some years, she was born in Mexico, so going back to her homeland was always an open option. But not network marketing. “I almost joined a multilevel business once,” Lily recounts. “But when I was about to sign-up, I realized I didn’t want to invest in something I really thought didn’t work.”

A Team Is Born

Omar helped Lily change her mind the very day they met. After experiencing his presentation, she said, “I saw the magnitude of this business and I understood it’s not only about generating income, but also about helping many people with something legitimate and worthy.” Omar thought asking Lily to join his business was the right thing to do. He also realized that getting her buy in might take some nurturing and require a little patience.


The couple got married in 2015, had two children, but still Lily was not ready to be a full-time networker. She got involved little by little, helping Omar here and there, lending a hand during presentations, until one day she was doing the presentation all by herself. Lily became an extraordinary leader, who, according to Omar, always has a word of wisdom for her teammates and brings everyone peace of mind. For Omar, honing his own talent for networking was also a long process of self-discovery. “Before getting to know the world of network marketing, I was a physical therapist and fitness coach,” he says. “I worked for a couple of sports clubs. My pay was not bad, but I was working 16 hours a day, so I was under a lot of physical and mental stress.” A close friend told Omar about network marketing, and he had a revelation. “When I heard about this new world and did the math, I didn’t think twice,” he says. “I quit my job and decided to learn all about the network marketing profession.” In a sense, working as a fitness coach prepared Omar for a new yet surprisingly similar career. He explains, “Both have to do with giving people tools to make their lives better.” Omar studied physical therapy in Universidad del Valle de México, and although he doesn’t practice that career anymore, he considers having a college degree a powerful advantage in his personal relations. “Financial freedom was the first advantage I considered as I entered network marketing, but then you start a close relationship with your teammates, and you care for them, their families, and their success.”

Sharing the Blessing

Before meeting Omar, Lily was facing serious financial challenges and saw no way out of her situation. “Witnessing so many success stories sparked hope in my life,” she says. “Everything changed for me. If you are blessed, it’s your duty to bless other people, so I was motivated to build and grow my team.”



No One


A N D R E from Schoolteacher to Top Leader VAUGHN 14

Networking Networking Times Times


hat do a second-grade schoolteacher and a network marketing leader have in common? They both love helping people achieve their potential, they cultivate patience, and they understand the need to keep things simple. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Andre Vaughn left his grade schoolteacher position because he wanted to make more money while still helping people as an entrepreneur. Today he leads a growing team in a young network marketing company that sells cutting-edge wellness products. The secret to his success was taking his teacher’s heart with him in his new business and creating a culture where everyone feels loved and supported, with no one feeling left out.—J.G.

How long have you been in network After being an entrepreneur for a while, I decided marketing? it wasn’t good enough for me to start over every I found network marketing over 13 years ago, on February 24, 2005 and it changed my life forever. A childhood friend’s father introduced me to the business. At that time, I had a real estate company. Before that I was in horseracing. We did well with those things, but at the end of the day, the crazy thing is there wasn’t any residual income. If I didn’t work or win, I had zero income. Every month it felt like I had to start over. Prior to me becoming an entrepreneur in the real estate market and horseracing, I was a second-grade schoolteacher. That really motivated me to get into entrepreneurship, because while we helped many individuals, teachers don’t get paid very well. People would say, “Andre, what do you do?” I’d reply, “I’m a second-grade schoolteacher.” They would answer, “Oh, that’s so cute.” And they would give me a hug. I always loved helping people, so when I learned about network marketing, I figured it was a great fit, because it’s all about teaching. We’re just teaching bigger kids.

What was it like to transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur? ANMP 2018 SPECIAL

month. So when a childhood friend’s father gave me a call, he put me on a recorded line which had a three-minute presentation. I couldn’t figure out exactly what in the world they were talking about, but I realized that I needed to do something different if I wanted to get a different result. I wanted to be able to do something to impact many folks, instead of just my own family. That’s why I said yes, to make a difference in other people’s lives. I figured out that if I help enough people get to where they want to go, then I’ll get to where I need to go as well. That’s how I got started in the profession, and I’ve been having fun ever since.

You started building your first company in 2005. Give us a little overview of how that went.

It was a financial services company. Because I was already in real estate, a lot of it just made sense. I was ambitious to make it work, and I was fired up to bring as many people as possible into the business. I got a fast start in network marketing, setting some records in my company pretty early on. The crazy thing was as I started building a team,





Monica Orozco


fter migrating from Mexico to the US, Monica Orozco found a series of challenges, but nothing big enough to stop her journey to a better life. She had to clean houses, live paycheck to paycheck, and adapt to a new environment. But she knew she had a powerful talent: she could be extremely persuasive. In this interview, Monica reveals the journey of a woman who could sell sand in the desert.—J.L. 26

By Julio Llerena

Networking Times

If you had to tell us your story, where to develop myself. Confused and depressed, I enwould you begin? tered a company to clean houses. I didn’t like that In my childhood, definitely. I loved working with my grandparents at a little retail store they had in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico. My grandpa used to pay me with bubble gum, but then I sold all that bubble gum at school. I got in a lot of trouble for that, but I just loved sales and being in contact with people! After finishing high school, I went to study at University of Guadalajara, 160 miles away from Uruapan. Then, I started working at a big telephone company as a saleswoman and later I was promoted to sales manager. I got married and in 2000, my husband and I migrated to the United States, where our daughter was born some months later. My life changed completely. I went from being financially stable to having nothing. Due to unexpected circumstances, I had to stay in the US, where the only person I knew was my father. He gave us a place to stay while we settled. My husband started looking for a job, but finding one was really difficult. My daughter was growing and so were our expenses, so I started to look for work too. I found a job at a dry-cleaning business in our neighborhood, which was perfect, because they allowed me to have my daughter with me. I met many people in that place and started doing catalog sales on the side. Everything was going well until, all of a sudden, I started to feel tired and depressed. Surprisingly, I found out I was pregnant. I had to leave my job, but I kept in contact with the dry-cleaning customers. Then, I started a daycare for their children. I kept doing sales, but I was always looking for a better option, even though my husband found a steadier job, where he was paid better than me. That was good, but I am a woman who doesn’t like to depend on anybody. I’ve always worked hard to get what I want and now I had two more reasons to fight: my children. I felt frustrated, because I knew I had the abilities to make more money, but I couldn’t find an area


job at all, but I did it. After some time, I realized I was working a lot of hours for very little money, and I couldn’t even take care of my children. Finally, in 2015 I joined a network marketing company and that’s how my life changed “from tragic to magic.”

What was it like to get started in network marketing?

It was not easy. The person who enrolled me was not really committed to the business. But that didn’t stop me. I saw how other leaders worked and I wanted to get similar results. That was my goal. I started developing my abilities through audios and seminars, and as soon as I enrolled my first direct partner, I shared with her all I’d learned. I found a great mentor, José Luis Pastrana, who taught me Armand Puyolt’s Five Steps to Success, which is an incredibly effective method to follow. Then, the creator of the Five Steps, Armand Puyolt himself, became my second mentor. Thanks to these two leaders, who are now my friends, I found the way to real financial results and to building strong networks.

Can you share us those five steps to success?

Of course! First, keep the product with you all the time, so you can share samples and complete retail sales on the spot. Second, look for prospects, which means starting conversations even with strangers. Third, follow-up. Nowadays, we have dozens of ways to keep in touch with someone: a phone call, a text message, and so on. Fourth, classification, which means separating prospects who want to stay as consumers from the ones who want to join the business. Fifth, duplicating this process with all my teammates.





a conversation with

David H. Gilmour


By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Networking Times Times


orn in Canada, David H. Gilmour is a world renowned businessman, serial entrepreneur, global philanthropist, and bestselling author of Start Up: Don’t Predict the Products of the Future. Create Them! Founder of FIJI Water, David Gilmour successfully cultivated FIJI Water into the fastest growing premium beverage in the US in record-time. Since his entrepreneurial pursuits began some 60 years ago, Mr. Gilmour has raised 12 startups, from conception through success. In 2011 he launched a collection of unique organic wellness products, hand-cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of the private island of Wakaya in Fiji, which he owns since 1973. A young octogenarian full of energy, Mr. Gilmour is a human treasure of wisdom and a living testimony to power of high quality nutrients for sustained health and longevity.—J.G.

How did your background prepare you for your extraordinary accomplishments?

Because I was sent to a new school during the chaos of the Second World War, my parents inadvertently made me jump two grades and I never really caught up. I excelled in things like history and English, but seemed dumbfounded by mathematics, because without the two-year background it made life pretty difficult for me. My father, I’m sure, thought he’d produced an idiot, even though I was pretty competent in some other things. He asked me one day would if I’d like to travel as part of my education. I said, “Absolutely.” That travel was my PhD and my education, rather than a scholastic curriculum. I’ve traveled over 8 million miles in my life. When I say travel was my education, I mean every startup, every one of my ideas came from having observed the behavior of every nation on Earth, understanding what the needs were, and perhaps what people didn’t even know they needed. That’s what started so much of what I did. For instance, when it came to electronics, we were first to use solid state technology in the home entertainment business, when it used to be vacuum tubes in a radio or hi-fi set. . When it came to home interior designs, it was realizing that when the war ended, the next generation would want something different than following their grandparents’ ornately cut Czechoslovakian crystal and old English silverware patterns. I connected with some exceptionally gifted artisans and designers in Denmark, and we found factories that were willing to change their whole production method to make bright, cheerful, and exciting modern designs. That was very successful.

David at age 13







efore getting into business, Rebecca Garrett was an educator for 12 years. She initially joined network marketing to help offset the expenses of being a single mom with a noble but lowpaying career. Once she experienced the life-changing products and residual income, she saw a way that she could provide more for her family while still being of service.-J.G.


By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Times

A Life-Changing Presentation

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Rebecca moved to Atlanta right after graduating college in 2004. She became an elementary school teacher in the inner city, mostly teaching fourth grade math and science to students who were behind. “I came from a very traditional family that taught me to go to school, collect degrees, and obtain a job,” she says. “I collected several degrees in the field of education over the years and started teaching right after graduation at age 22.” She currently is 35 years old. Rebecca was introduced to network marketing in 2012 by a good friend. He had invited her to several “parties” for his company, but she never attended. “I always promised I was coming,” she says, “but I never actually showed up. Finally, he got me! But I was late. I missed the entire presentation… I signed up just for support.” Paying a favor to a friend turned into Rebecca falling in love with what she saw was possible, and she began dreaming again. “I was introduced to a world I didn’t know existed. I started immersing myself in personal development, listening to audios in the car. I changed up my social circle with uplifting and motivating individuals who were achieving what I wanted to accomplish. I started reading more and cut out TV, partying, and other distractions.”

Overcoming Challenges

There was definitely struggle as well. It was hard for Rebecca to go through all the “no’s” she got from family, friends not answering her calls, and others who thought she was flat out crazy. So she decided to take a different approach and move beyond her “warm” market. Meeting new people and building friendship is something Rebecca does naturally. When asked about her favorite prospecting approach, she says she


doesn’t really have one. “I am a very social person. I just like to talk!! I never use business cards. To grow my contact list, I collect phone numbers and connect with people on social media.” To train her team and create duplication, Rebecca holds mentoring and leadership calls three days a week for her team leaders. She also holds strategy sessions with each new member focusing on their why, making a list, and setting a date for their business launch. “We teach seven steps to success for enrolling new team members,” she says. “Duplication is easy because everyone follows the same simple system.” Now that Rebecca has a thriving business, she could never get used to having a job again. “Being able to schedule your work around your life, instead of the other way around, is priceless,” she says, “and well worth the struggle I had in the beginning to get my business off the ground.”

Born to Change Lives

Rebecca has always had a soft spot in her heart for children. That’s what led her to her career as a fourth-grade teacher. “I thought about being a pediatrician but when I realized I would have to deal with blood, I knew it wasn’t for me!” she laughs. As a teacher, she intentionally positioned herself to take on the toughest classes at the lowest-performing schools. Looking back on why she chose

Fun Fact

With her latest bonus check, Rebecca is going to surprise her mother with a new car!




Dave & Barb


from Broke Beautician and Bull Rider to Making Millions...


By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Times


ased in a tiny town in Kansas, Dave and Barb Pitcock have been network marketers for over 20 years. They found the business in 1996, when they were on the brink of bankruptcy, and were able to build an income for their family in just over 90 days. Since then, they have built several companies (consecutively) and even owned a network marketing enterprise. In 2017, they finally found their home in a wellness company where they feel they can truly help anyone succeed.—J.G.

How long have you been in the business? mentioned that I had been in all these companies. BARB: I came in contact with network marketing at a young age. I grew up with grandparents who sold vacuum cleaners and a weight loss product. I watched them being entrepreneurs. My grandmother was also a network marketing distributor. It felt like her basement was filled with everything from fiber bars to cleaning concentrates. I never really saw my grandparents have a ton of success, but I saw their passion for not just nutrition but also green cleaning products. I was probably 18 years old the first time I enrolled in a program myself. I was sponsored into one of the biggest network marketing companies and did that for several years, without much success. Of course, I was young and didn’t really know what I was doing. Like any novice networker, I figured if something went wrong it had to be my upline or somebody else’s fault, not mine. I quit and joined a second company for about four years. At that time, I was running a full-service beauty salon. I love Christmas, so I got involved in a Christmas party plan. Because I was in a salon, every third person said, “You should sign up in my company!” I did the three wick candles. I sold jewelry. Anything. I always joined with big dreams, thinking, “I’m going to sell enough makeup to get to Hawaii,” or “I’m going to earn this free car.” It just never really happened for me. I probably had a dozen distributor kits when I got engaged to Dave. He was a shy, introverted cowboy who was riding bulls professionally. I never


I just made a decision I was never going to do it again. Network marketing had left a bad taste in my mouth, because I had worked hard but never made money, and because of the toll it took on some of my friendships. Dave and I didn’t have a prenuptial agreement that we were never going to do network marketing, but in my mind, it was as though we did. Then Dave caught me by surprise…

What happened that made you change your mind?

BARB: Being entrepreneurial, we started five traditional businesses. I had a full-service salon, a dance school. We opened an espresso coffee bar together. We had an antique and gift gallery. We started a furniture company. We were doing craft shows, big trade shows on the weekends, going to large markets, wholesaling furniture. We were making a lot of money and generating a lot of cash flow, but our banker said it was all going in the wrong direction. Then, in 1996, there was an economy plunge in our little town of Kansas. Oil was at the lowest price it had ever been—$7 a barrel. People were losing their homes and cars. In short order, nobody was coming in the salon, buying tanning memberships, getting services, or getting extra things done on their hair. Dance moms weren’t able to pay tuition. Pretty soon we found ourselves with our backs against the wall. We’d never been afraid to work hard and take risks, but some uncontrollable factors put us in a near-bankruptcy situation.





SERGIO Contreras


By Julio Llerena

orn in El Salvador, Sergio Contreras carries the resilient spirit of a country where people need to get really creative to survive. A long time ago, you could find Sergio on a local fair in the city of San Salvador taking instant pictures for a dollar or two, and later he’d be selling clothes, food, or mastering decibels as a sound-man. That’s the off-road attitude he took to his networking career, and the results are worth of a man who believes success is non-negotiable. —J.L.


Networking Times

Tell us about yourself, Sergio.

walk a path that has filled me with so many experiI was born in El Salvador, the little “Tom Thumb” ences and satisfactions. This is my tenth year and of Central America. We’re a small country full of counting. In the beginning it was a real challenge, because dreamers, hard workers, and people who are always moving forward. For Salvadorians, if plan A everything was new to me. I started talking to all doesn’t work, then it’s Plan B, and if this one fails my friends and relatives. I was eager and confident, too, we have all the letters of the alphabet! I’ve been and although I explained everything the wrong like that since I was 18 years old, constantly looking way, I signed up 22 people in my first month. In the how to generate income. And I’ve always found a process, I realized this was a career of persistence, way. Sometimes I did well, sometimes I did poorly, and I said to myself, “If others can do it, I can do but I loved trying every crazy business that crossed it too!” That’s how I decided to become a network my mind. I took instant photographs in fairs, sold marketing professional, because I felt passionate about talking to people and conveying the vision of clothes, sold food, you name it. I also studied in one of my country’s best uni- freedom. It’s not been easy, but I’ve enjoyed the process, versities for more than seven years. I couldn’t finish my studies, but I did learn how to create a company because I understand and accept that my success is in El Salvador. At 22, I decided to open my own non-negotiable. It’s very difficult to defeat someone business. I offered professional sound service, event who never gives up. Years went by and I learned network marketing production, and had a roster of models and promoters for big commercial brands. My job was guiding is a huge space, and a company is the vehicle you and managing groups of people. Little did I know choose to reach your goals and dreams. There are slow, secure vehicles, as well as fast vehicles. Along life was preparing me for something else. I kept my company for seven years, in spite of my journey I met Armand Puyolt, who inspired me financial problems, because I considered that would with his story and dedication to service. I joined be the best way to reach the goals I’d set as a little kid. him and found myself in a much faster vehicle. I However, I was always stressed and looking to cut achieved results I thought would take me 10 or 15 expenses to keep my business alive. I really thought years to obtain. As an entrepreneur I don’t expect a smooth there was no other way to succeed. My debts were growing, but my entrepreneurial spirit never gave up. ride, but I always find a way to make things happen. That’s when I was introduced to network marketing. A friend of my older brother preMachu Picchu, Peru sented the business opportunity to me one afternoon in a shopping mall’s food court. He explained the concept of residual income and how to build your own organization.

What convinced you to get involved?

I said to myself, “I didn’t think a business like this existed… and is totally legal!” I said yes, of course, and the following day I started to




Educator at



The Gift of Wellness


By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Networking Times Times


lake Graham moved from Utah to Japan after he spent time there as a missionary for his church. His first introduction to network marketing was doing translations for a large Utah-based company that was expanding in Japan in the mid-nineties. Blake fell in love with the business model, but not seeing himself as a salesman, he struggled to build a business—until he shifted his focus on educating others and making a difference.—J.G.

How did you get started in network marketing?

I was in pre-Med, studying physics, biology, and chemistry to get into medical school. I had lived in Japan for a couple of years and spoke Japanese. Some distributors of a wellness company that was opening up in Japan approached me and asked me to translate for them. Most of the content was about nutrition, a new field for me since it wasn’t taught in pre-Med. And even after our undergraduate study, we were told we would only get one 30-minute lecture on nutrition in four years of medical school. I was introduced to all the research from the medical journals, which just astounded me, and also to the concept of network marketing. Initially, I was just a translator, but I was intrigued by what I was hearing. I began learning about this concept of residual income. I thought, “If I could earn even $500 a month, that would be a great way to help me pay my way through medical school.” At the end of college, I had to write a thesis. I asked the professor if I could do it on network marketing, and she said yes. I ended up doing an entire thesis on network marketing before I joined. I fell in love with the business model for a couple of reasons. One is I loved the ability it has to change people’s lives. As a distributor, you get the opportunity to interact with people over and over again. It’s not just a consumer/merchant relationship. It’s a much deeper relationship. Another reason was that I loved learning about nutrition and natural healing. In the medical profession, where I was headed, everything was geared towards selling drugs and doing





L i v e Your Purpose A

fter emigrating from Mexico to the US, Manuel Wilkins spent years looking for a chance to prove himself. He started out picking fruits in the field, then became truck driver and a construction worker, but none of those occupations allowed him to live his purpose: being a leader. Today, as a network marketing professional, he gets paid to use and grow his leadership skills.—J.L.


By Julio Llerena

Networking Times

How did you start your new life in the pay the rent for the small apartment I lived in. I had US? a car that I couldn’t pay either, and debt collectors I was doing all I could to survive as an immigrant. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, I grew up in a humble family. My mother, Gloria, always taught me the importance of hard work, love, and respect. I moved to the United States in 2000 and settled in the city of Fresno. Back then, the only option available to me was to be a farm worker, so I started working in the fruit fields. Earning $350 per week, I was barely able to support my family. Then I worked as a truck driver and a construction worker, but the pay was always too low. For nine years, I looked for something different from a traditional job. My dream was to support myself while also contributing to the Latino community. Living in the US, I experienced the challenges Hispanics go through to survive here, and I wanted to do something to change that. Meanwhile, all those years I worked at a church, where I started cleaning bathrooms and ended up as a preacher. That job allowed me to polish my speaking and leadership skills. In 2016, I met José Luis Pastrana in the fruit fields where I was working and we immediately became friends. We always talked about our daily life, until one day I shared with him my desire to lead and serve others. He told me about the network marketing business and thanks to him I found the opportunity I had always been looking for. I finally felt I was in the right place to develop my skills. I worked harder than ever. My determination was so great that in a record time of two years I was able to obtain extraordinary results and change hundreds of lives.

came a couple of times with a tow truck to take it away. I couldn’t even buy my daughter something to eat. I remember one day we looked for pennies everywhere, and when we had a dollar, we went to a Jack in the Box to buy two tacos. That was not all. When I told my mother about my network marketing business, she was very upset, because she thought it was a scam and was sure I would fail. She even “unfriended” me on Facebook and stopped talking to me for a year. Her reaction

With his sponsor José Luis Pastrana and his brother Roberto Marcelo

really hurt me, but my sponsor said, “Be patient, you’ll earn her respect once you can show her your results.” Today, Gloria is a proud mother. I’m earning a high five figures a month and can now comfortably help my daughters and family in Mexico. Looking back, I realize those moments of crisis are How were those first days as a net- what makes your character strong.


I was passionate about it, but I was broke. My situa- Do you remember how your work day tion was so dire that at one point I was on the verge was at the beginning? of becoming homeless. I didn’t have the money to When I started, I basically used the internet to find




Inspiring WOMEN

Claire Danielle Cowan


laire Danielle Cowan is a millennial mom who lives with her partner of nine years and teenage son in Manchester, UK. Claire also leads a thriving team of women in 11 countries who are “building an empire” from their homes or phones. Before network marketing, Claire had worked as a waitress, bartender, and receptionist—until she found a better way to provide for her family and live her purpose.-J.G. By Dr. Josephine Gross

Claire’s Success Tips

Looking for a Vehicle

Claire stumbled upon network marketing one day by scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed. “I was at a time in my life where I was wondering how I could make life better,” she recalls. “I had the want, the drive, the need and the why… I just didn’t have the vehicle! What could I do?” It all started with a work-from-home post she saw on Facebook about a US-based direct sales company that would soon be launching in the UK. Claire looked into the opportunity and immediately felt it was something she could do. “Perhaps this is just what I have been looking for!” she thought, so she decided to jump in. The company at the time wasn’t shipping products yet to the UK, but Claire didn’t let this deter her. Instead, she started building a team in preparation for launch day. Through the powers of social media she had a huge team ready by the time the company officially opened in the UK seven months later. Claire had gathered such momentum that she hit the top rank in the company just three days after sales launch. “To this day people ask me how I did that,” she says. “The answer is, I didn’t. Network marketing is a team sport. I had a vision for my future and I simply shared that with others. I learned that there is nothing more powerful than a shared dream. During those first months, I barely slept I was so excited, and it all paid off thanks to my incredible team.”

Growing Confident

Claire wasn’t exactly prepared to become a business leader. From being pregnant at age 16, having a son at 17, living on government assistance, and with no education, she had no idea of what she was good at—apart from being a mom. “However,” she says, “when you have a little person whose eyes are on you and it’s up to you to make sure he has the best life possible, you do whatever it takes!”



If you want the life change—the time and financial freedom—be prepared to work hard. 2. When you know the why, the how is easy. 3. Dig deep and figure out exactly what it is you want and commit yourself to making it happen. 4. It’s easy to not see your efforts paying off and take your foot off the accelerator. Trust that what you do today and every single day will lead to an incredible tomorrow. 5. No one other than you can change your life. Your results will be the outcome of the actions you take. 6. Do not allow negative and toxic people into your headspace. 7. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you? Take control of your thoughts and show people what you are capable of. 8. Accept full responsibility for your business and the work you do or don’t do. 9. Be persistent and consistent, but most of all, patient. Some people quit too soon because excitement wears off and the hard work begins. Embrace every challenge because it will help you to become the best version of yourself and a better leader. 10. F.O.C.U.S—Follow One Course Until Successful. If you’re serious and want to go all the way, find one company and give it 110 percent.



Rafael CABAN




afael Cabán started working at his father’s store when he was only 13 years old. He quickly learned that, like his father, he wanted to be his own boss. Life took him through an intense journey of trials and tribulations. Today, at 29, Rafael Cabán has a growing network marketing team.—J.L.


By Julio Llerena

Networking Times

Let’s go back in time. Where did it all saw the potential of this profession. Then I got in start? touch with another friend I knew who was in netI was born in Puerto Rico, in the city of Aguadilla, also known as “The Garden of the Atlantic.” My father and my uncle owned several clothing and footwear businesses, and at age 13 years I started working with them. At 19, my dad gave me one of the stores to manage. Unfortunately, five years later (in 2013) my country was hit by a serious economic crisis that put me out of business and shattered my dreams. On top of that, losing my store affected my personal finances and I had to declare bankruptcy. I was already married and had a little girl, but my marriage was not going well either. At the age of 25, I separated from my wife, and that was particularly hard, because I had to leave home and couldn’t be with my daughter every day, like I used to. I went back to live with my parents, in the basement of their home. Those were times of confusion and many changes. I can’t tell you enough how lost I felt. However, I already knew about network marketing. A year before I closed down my store, a friend talked to me about his business. We worked less than three months together, but I immediately

work marketing, Alberto Torres. With him I worked much better, although only part time, because I still had my store. After I shut it down, I became a fulltime network marketer.

How did you do?

The beginning was very difficult. I didn’t have enough experience to make network marketing my main source of income, however, I had no other choice. Every day I went out looking for prospects— in stores, gyms, and even in flea markets. I offered the product more than the business, and little by little things got better. Eventually I was making about $200 a day, which was very good in Puerto Rico. I always kept in mind I didn’t want to work for anyone and that was a good reason to pursue a career as a networker despite the obstacles.

What other challenges did you have to overcome? At first, I was very insecure, mostly because I felt I didn’t have a good education. Remember, when I

Surrounded by his team in California






M u l t ip l y


DESROSIERS from Haiti to Global 80

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Times


riginally from Haiti, Maxandra Desrosiers is a Gen X leader in a young network marketing company. From her home in Florida, she is building a growing team of entrepreneurs from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Maxandra was sent to the US by her mother who believed her daughter deserved a better life. Today Maxandra is teaching others with her story that they too can create the life they want. —J.G.

Please share a little about your back- producers at the firm left, and by then I had turned ground. 18, so my boss allowed me to get on the floor and My early life experiences truly built me up and got me started for what I’m doing today. I grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; moved to the US at the age of 13 without my family, shortly after my brothers were murdered (as a result of political unrest). I stayed with a family member for three years, and then I was on my own. I started middle school, then went to high school. I graduated high school early, at age 16, and started working. I was homeless, then living with a friend, sleeping on her floor. To supplement my income, I also worked nights and weekend shifts as a telemarketer for a mortgage company. I’m thankful God led my steps to be around some amazing people. One of them was a gentleman who was a wholesale account executive for a bank that we dealt with at the time. He called me one day and said, “Maxandra, you are struggling to pay for your college classes. You must give up one dream and open yourself to another. We’re all going to Anthony Robbins this weekend. I think you should come.” Getting together $500 or so to see Anthony Robbins was a big deal for me, but I thought it was important. I had to borrow half of the money, but I ended up attending my first Tony Robbins event at age 17. After his conference, I remember going to work that following week and telling my boss, “I want to be a broker.” I started going to mortgage school and helping the brokers. Within a few months, a group of


become a mortgage broker.

Having been in the country for only a few years, how did you do?

I took it head-on. I believe you should always be ready for an opportunity. You can’t get ready when the opportunity presents itself. I was always in that preparation mode and in the mindset of working hard. I sank my teeth into different books and continued learning. I didn’t have many friends, because my peers had different interests. At my age, they were in college, living with their families. For me, my family was in Haiti and I had to provide for them, in addition to supporting myself. As a teenager, I had as much responsibility as any adult. As I started working, I really developed the skill of listening to people, of being accountable, of being able to learn from others. I had humility as well, doing whatever life called for, and just being thankful that I was around all these top producers. They were all different, yet I learned from all of them, and from there I created my own way. Thank God I had amazing success in the mortgage business. I did well, to the point where I was able to open my own firm in downtown Miami. I had great success in the business for many years. Eventually my mother and sister came over from Haiti to Florida. I continued providing for them, while having all these incredible experiences.




to WIN

Steven Juarbe


teven Juarbe had a promising future as a baseball player, until a shoulder injury put him out of the sport forever. However, this Puerto Rican warrior was not giving up. Looking for something new to make a living, he found a career in network marketing, allowing Steven to play the best game of his life.—J.L.


By Julio Llerena

Networking Times

What were you doing before you got did well, but it took me a long time to learn how to into this business? get comfortable and good at public speaking. Believe or not, my plan was to become a professional baseball player. I was born in Puerto Rico, where I started playing at an early age. In 2010, I won a scholarship to play baseball at the University of California. Unfortunately, one day I broke a bone in my right shoulder. I was a pitcher, so my dreams of making it to the major leagues disappeared overnight. That was an emotional shock because of all the time I had dedicated to my sport. I was 17 years old and had already major responsibilities, like paying a rent, driving a car, all the obligations you find when you live by yourself, away from your family. I was “growing up fast” in California, so I had to find, as soon as possible, a way to support myself and move on beyond my studies. Later that year, I received a call from my brother, who convinced me to meet a very successful businesswoman. He said she could really help me improve my financial situation. I had nothing to lose, so I traveled from Orange County to San Diego to meet her. She explained to me what network marketing was and how it worked, and I thought it was an interesting business model. But her story was even more impressive. Although she hadn’t finished college, she had reached financially freedom and had accomplished her dreams and goals. I immediately identified with her story and decided to take a chance on joining network marketing.

Also, at the beginning, I saw almost no financial results, but I acquired a lot of knowledge that prepared me to have a much better third year as a networker. That’s when my network marketing business finally became my first source of income.

What were some other challenges you had to overcome?

The first one was being so young. The problem was that my contacts were mainly kids, like me, and their priorities at that moment were a cool car, a girlfriend, nice clothes, things like that. They didn’t take me seriously, and that was very frustrating. Besides, during my first two years in this business, I went through some bouts of depression, which led me to consume drugs that made everything worse. I suffered rejection and I barely had money. My family in Puerto Rico had been asking me to go back to them, and in 2013 I finally returned to the island. I had lost everything I once had in California. In Puerto Rico I came back on my feet and I could focus on what I considered my new career: networking marketing. I was able to push through many obstacles that led me to become a successful person. Eventually I returned to the US, and now I live in Orlando, Florida, with my wife.

Do you remember how your work day was at the beginning?

How were those first days as a netMy routines were very basic, mostly business worker? presentations and partner duplication. Today, I see My first two years in this business were not what I had imagined. I didn’t know how to talk to people. As soon as I had a prospect in front of me, I felt like I was about to fight Mike Tyson. Here’s a funny story: I did my first presentation in front of five people, and I was so nervous I decided to take an Imodium pill before the meeting. You heard right, Imodium. I just thought anything was possible. I was that nervous! I


things differently. I not only teach people to duplicate, I also empower, educate, and coach them. My current goal is developing my teammates’ abilities to turn them into network marketing entrepreneurs. We have an online coaching system that allows us to guide different leaders internationally.


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