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Elevating Health Wealth & Happiness BIG Potential Shawn Achor

Subtle Energy Dr. Yury Kronn

Robert Oblon

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Lower Your Taxes Big Time!




LEADOFF Elevate Your Happiness

Garrett McGrath We are all far more powerful than we believe. Don’t let the fire consume you. Become that magnificent phoenix rising from the ashes!


COVER STORY Elevating Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Robert Oblon Robert started out as a graphic artist and became a meta-search pioneer and online travel expert in the early 90s. When he found network marketing, he fell in love with the business model and tried his hand at building a successful travel MLM. As a company owner, his #1 priority was to build retention in a climate of transparency. After years of trial and error, Robert now owns one of the fastest growing companies in the direct selling space.


NT PEOPLE Big Potential

Shawn Achor & Michelle Gielan After 12 years at Harvard, Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and how it relates to success. In his latest book, Big Potential, he shows how success and happiness are not competitive sports, but rather depend almost entirely on how well we connect and collaborate with others. To achieve our highest potential, we must transform the pursuit of happiness and success from a solitary one to an interconnected one.


NT SCIENCE The Power of Subtle Energy

Dr. Yury Kronn For the past 40 years, Dr. Kronn has been studying the “subtle energy” that fills 96 percent of our universe, yet cannot be seen or measured. Modern scientists call this “dark energy,” while ancient wisdom traditions referred to it as Prana or Chi. Dr. Yury’s research and experiments show how we can use this energy to affect matter; and perhaps more importantly, that we can interact with this energy using our thoughts.

Spring 2019





RISING STAR Bringing Mamas Home

Bridgette Testino Paine A 22-year-old mom, Bridgette turned to direct selling to be home with her baby while her husband was deployed. When he came home, she was able to “retire� him from the military.


RISING STAR Simplify Your Life

Keith & Katie Yarbrough The Yarbroughs are full-time networkers based in Texas. Keith is a gifted speaker who motivates teams, while Katie excels in product knowledge and caring for others.


RISING STAR Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Mark & Judy Willodson Mark and Judy were not looking for a business when they joined their direct selling company. Their product experience made them want to share with others.


RISING STAR Let the Tools Do the Work

Brittany & Joseph Beck Living in a small town in rural Alabama, Brittany and Joseph had accumulated a lot of credit card debt. Thankfully, learning about network marketing gave them hope for a better future.


RISING STAR Master the Basics

Toney Freeman A competitive bodybuilder and successful personal trainer, Toney had to retire at the age of 50 due to an injury. Timing was perfect for him to shift his focus to direct selling.


Networking Times



RISING STAR Commit and Trust

Lori Windham Just a few years ago, Lori’s life was ruled by the typical challenges of traditional business. Everything changed when she transitioned to direct selling. Today she has time to enjoy life.



Ricky Durant Working three different jobs to make ends meet, Ricky was looking for a better way when a couple he knew shared an opportunity that in just one year would completely change his life.




Les Brown - with Janine Avila Network marketing offers people a path to freedom. Part of this freedom comes from the personal development people receive from teachers like Les Brown, transforming how they think and act.


THE CLOSE Happiness Rising

Clare Holbrook Choosing happiness today and working toward your goals will help drive your business and put you on the path to personal fulfillment as a way of life.

Income Disclaimer:

The success stories in this issue feature extraordinary leaders and do not portray the typical results of the average network marketing professional. Everyone’s results in network marketing will vary, but basically it takes consistent work to make a substantial income in this profession. Many people make little or no money at all. Earnings are dependent on—but not limited to—skills, effort, commitment, leadership capabilities, and market conditions. Common sense suggests that in most opportunities, one would find exceptional individuals performing well above average. Choosing a particular network marketing company does not guarantee any level of income or success.


Bridgette Testino Paine


Networking Times



Mamas Home

ridgette Paine is a 22-year-old mom who turned to direct selling to be home with her baby. She joined her company in January 2018 while her husband was deployed. One year later she has built a team that is doing more than $500,000 in monthly sales. Not only is Bridgette living the life she designed, working with people she loves; she was able to retire her husband when he came home from military deployment. Thanks to her home business, they no longer stress about bills and get to enjoy being a full-time family.—J. G.

Bridgette found out she was pregnant while in her sophomore year of college. She stayed on campus, finished up the semester, and then went home to have her baby. She continued taking online classes until her daughter Caroline was four months old. “Caroline started getting mobile very early,” says Bridgette, “which made it hard for me to sit down and study. I was on a track to become a High School math teacher.” Bridgette decided to take a break from school with a plan to go back when her daughter would start preschool. However, she quickly

Spring 2019

realized that she didn’t want to be away from her child and work on someone else’s schedule. “I did not want to have to go get a job,” she confides. “I knew in my heart that daycare was not going to work for us. I wanted to be a stayat-home mom, be truly present, and not miss the special moments.” Bridgette was introduced to network marketing in September 2016, the very month that she decided to take a break from school. “Right away I saw what could be for me,” she says. “Watching other leaders over the course of the next few months, I knew



Keith & Katie YARBROUGH 10

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Times



Your Life

eith and Katie Yarbrough are full-time direct selling entrepreneurs who live in Texas with their children and three dogs. Keith is a gifted speaker and has a memorable ability to motivate teams and spread encouragement. Katie excels in product knowledge and is known for her love of sharing and caring for others. Each contributing their unique gifts, Keith and Katie complement each other as a power couple in their company and the direct selling space. With a background in automotive management and nursing respectively, Keith and Katie pour a mixture of both expert knowledge and authentic passion into their business as they aim for ever higher levels of achievement.—J. G.

Keith and Katie Yarbrough got started in direct sales over twenty years ago. They fell in love with the benefits of residual income and time freedom, and this is still what drives their commitment today as they continue to work hard and strive for success. Prior to getting involved in network marketing, Keith was working in the automotive industry where he developed his expertise in speaking, training, and motivating sales teams. With an education in nursing, Katie developed outstanding people skills working in

Spring 2019

healthcare management. Over the span of their two decades in direct sales, the Yarbroughs have crossed paths with many accomplished networkers and influential leaders. In March 2017, the couple aligned with Robert Oblon as they connected with his vision and mission for the company he had just launched at the time. This meeting inspired a renewed and heartfelt commitment in the Yarbroughs, as they embarked on their next journey in direct selling.



ELEVATING Health, Wealth & Happiness

A conversation with

Robert Oblon 16

Networking Networking Times Times

Direct Selling in the Online Retail & Gig Economy


obert Oblon is a multifaceted figure in the world of direct selling. He started out as a graphic artist and home-based entrepreneur who became a meta-search pioneer and online travel expert. When he found network marketing, he fell in love with the business model and tried his hand at building a successful travel MLM. As a company owner, his #1 priority was to build retention in a climate of veracity and transparency. After years of trial and error, Robert now owns one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the world. It’s a hybrid model, combining the efficiency of online retail and the perks of the gig economy with the unique benefit of residual income. Leaving behind the stigma of MLM, he calls this next generation of direct selling super affiliate marketing—SAM. Along with his executive team, Robert made a deliberate choice to keep the product business strictly separate from the entrepreneurial opportunity, with an overarching mission to “Elevate health, wealth and happiness.”—J. G.

Spring 2019




BIG Potential 32

Shawn Achor

Networking Times


fter spending 12 years at Harvard University, Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and how it relates to success. His research on mindset and positivity has been featured in Harvard Business Review since 2012. His TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with almost 19 million views, and his lecture series on PBS have been viewed by millions. Shawn has worked with over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as with the NFL, the NBA, the Pentagon, and the White House. He has lectured in more than 50 countries, speaking to CEOs in China, doctors in Dubai, schoolchildren in South Africa, and farmers in Zimbabwe. His Happiness Advantage training is one of the largest and most successful positive psychology corporate training programs in the world. Shawn’s research has been published in a top psychology journal for work he did at UBS (a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company) in partnership with Yale University to transform how stress impacts the body. Shawn recently did a two-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey at her house to discuss his mission to bring positive psychology to the world. Shawn is the author of New York Times bestselling books The Happiness Advantage (2010), Before Happiness (2013), and Big Potential (2018).

Spring 2019








Networking Times



ark and Judy were not looking to build another business—as they are in the fifties— when they were introduced to their direct selling company. As soon as they tried the product, they wanted to share it with others. “We loved the concept of elevating lives in the areas of health, wealth, and, most importantly, happiness. How fitting was it that we could share Shawn Achor’s findings and programs on happiness, while at the same time offering products that actually helped us release happiness hormones!” The business opportunity has helped Mark and Judy create an income beyond their wildest dreams in less than six months, but they say the biggest gift is the family of business partners they have joined.—J. G.

Where were you before you got into cesses and empower them to help others do the same. this business? We have created an environment where everyWe were introduced to network marketing 24 years ago at a time when we were self-employed in the retail and wholesale furniture industry. While we had a very comfortable income, we lacked the time to really enjoy it. We joined a direct selling company and learned about the power of leverage. We believe it’s the perfect way to share and deliver a product to the end consumer, and with the technology we have today it has the potential to grow a network of entrepreneur partners and customers much faster and larger than ever before. What we experienced in the 24 years of being in this profession we love so much was the importance of building relationships with people and meeting them where they were at, regardless of where they came from or who they were. Most people just need someone to believe in them, as they typically question whether they can do something or not, especially when it’s something new. By believing in them and doing it with them, not for them, we lead them to suc-

Spring 2019

body feels comfortable, regardless of who they are. We believe that success is simple and that if you have a great product that works, a vision, and a mission to drive your passion, all you need is the culture to build a business.

Who introduced you to your business and what made you say yes?

A good friend, Rich Cordle, called us to meet Robert Oblon and talk about an investment opportunity. We met for dinner in June 2017. It was a casual dinner that changed the direction of our lives forever. Next, Robert sent us a box with a “healthy coffee” to try. We drank it, it worked, and we didn’t care about food anymore! We got excited when we found out it was a direct selling company, so we became affiliates and started sharing the product.

How do you build your business day to day?




the T ools D

k r o W o the

Brittany & Joseph BECK 48

Networking Times


rittany and Joseph Beck live in Arab, a small town in North Alabama. Before finding network marketing, Brittany was an 8th-grade science teacher and Joseph worked in IT. Shackled by limited income, they had accumulated a lot of credit card debt, to the point where they were considering bankruptcy. Thankfully, learning about network marketing gave them hope. They saw a platform to get paid based on their hard work. Thinking they had found the answer to their prayers, the Becks dove all in and 6 months after joining their first company, they were debt-free. To date, they have achieved the top rank in their current company, building a multi-million dollar business in less than a year. They are now, both full-time network marketers with solid plans and lofty dreams.—J. G.

Who introduced you to network marketing?

JOSEPH: We really got our feet wet in February 2017. We found some products that intrigued us and we knew we could share them with others to earn a little extra income. A few months after joining our first company, we began hearing about this happy coffee through the grapevine. We knew Maria Giambrone had left our company for this new company, so we reached out to ask her for a sample. We tried it and fell in love. We knew right away that we were looking at a game changer— a product that is affordable, gives instant gratification, and is something people are already familiar with! BRITTANY: We knew we had something special from day one. We spoke to Maria and Judy Willodson for a few weeks and really drilled them with questions before deciding this was it for us. We had to make sure this was the best decision for ourselves, our customers, and the close friends we knew would be transitioning with us. We had to be ready to walk away from a significant income in our prior company and be ready to With Landon (7 years) and Layken (4 months)

Spring 2019



The POWER of

Subtle Energy A conversation with

Dr. Yury Kronn 52

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Networking Networking Times Times


or the past 40 years, Russian physicist Dr. Yury Kronn has been studying the “subtle energy” that fills 96 percent of our universe, yet cannot be seen or measured. Modern scientists call this “dark energy,” while ancient wisdom traditions referred to it as Life force, Prana, or Chi. As Dr. Yury’s research and experiments show, we can now scientifically verify what shamans and energy healers knew all along: that we can use this energy to affect matter; and perhaps more importantly, that we can interact with this energy using our thoughts. After immigrating to the United States, Dr. Yury started a research and development company to create therapeutic energy tools. The energy patterns he recorded can be infused into any substance and used to enhance the potency of any product—be it nutritionals, skincare, or even jewelry or clothing. While Dr. Yury is first to admit that we don’t fully understand how it works, his team’s scientific research methods prove that it affects all life forms including humans and animals who are not susceptible to the placebo effect. Dr. Yury and his team are committed to educating the world about the extraordinary healing potential of subtle energy, not only for humans and animals, but for every living system on our planet.—J.G. Crater Lake, Oregon

Spring Spring 2019 2019

Dr. Yury, can you tell us a little about your background and what led you to the work you do today?

I was born in Russia, where I studied physics. After earning my Doctorate specializing in quantum radio-physics, I became a conventional scientist and started working for the Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics at the Academy of Sciences of Russia. In this Institute, scientists were investigating—clandestinely, because it was contrary to communist ideology—two women who demonstrated the incredible effects they could produce using their energy. They could move objects, and they could read through paper or even metal. One of them was Nina Kulagina. You can find information about her online. Nina was able to do incredible things, like bend laser beams. She could slow down or speed up a frog’s heartbeat with her thoughts. She could stop the propagation of ultrasounds through a big man-made crystal, which is not possible from a scientific point of view. Witnessing these experiments totally turned my world upside down. It literally kept me awake at night. I had just defended my Doctoral dissertation, and suddenly I saw something that didn’t jive with my knowledge of physics, yet I had to believe my eyes… It was the beginning of my lifelong research into “subtle energy.” I decided I needed to understand what that was. Definitely some kind of energy was involved, but it was not the energy known to science. The scientists tried to measure electromagnetic radiation and the magnetic field coming from Nina, but they couldn’t find anything unusual. We continued our research, but it was difficult. The KGB started persecuting us. As a result I was dismissed from my position as head of the lab. I became involved in political activity and was eventually expelled from the USSR in 1988. I came to the US in 1989 and made my first subtle energy generator. Since then, I developed a technology we call Vital Force Technology. Today we work with health

53 53


Toney Freeman By Dr. Josephine Gross


the Basics

ased in Atlanta, Toney Freeman has been a top-ranked IFBB professional bodybuilder since 2002. With over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Toney has been very successful as a personal trainer, coach, and competitor. He was first introduced to network marketing in 1996 and for two decades he experienced the typical ups and downs of building a business. After an injury in early 2016, Toney was faced with the decision whether to continue with competitive bodybuilding or retire from the sport at the early age of 50. Timing was perfect for him to shift his focus and invest in a new direct selling business. Once he realized he had found the right company with the perfect product, he and his wife Kelly started building a community of happy customers. Many have joined Toney as marketing affiliates as he is leading one of the fastest growing teams in the company.—J. G.

Tell us a little about your background.

I started bodybuilding in 1989 and won the Junior Nationals in 1993. I went on to win the super heavyweight and overall champion title of the NPC Nationals in 2002, which propelled me into the professional ranks. With the loving support of my wife Kelly, I continued to advance my career and competed in over 70 pro shows, including seven professional wins, Top 5 placings in Mr. Olympia and Top 3 in the Arnold Classic. Being amongst the elite group of fitness individuals for many years was an incredible experience. Being an ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding allowed me to travel

Spring 2019

the world, meet many wonderful people, and build powerful relationships. The experiences I have had and the knowledge I gained has prepared me well for the next chapter in my life.

How did you find your company and what made you join direct selling?

Kelly and I have been involved in other network marketing companies in the past, but we were unsuccessful until now. What made the difference is that we have found a company where we feel truly at home. It’s like a family reunion every time we gather at events. Not to mention the products are amazing



Lori Windham 66

Networking Times



ased in Florida, Lori Windham is a single mom and successful entrepreneur who is in love with helping other people succeed. Just a few years ago, Lori’s life was ruled by the typical challenges and overhead of traditional business. Everything changed when she joined her direct selling company one year ago. Today she has time to breathe and develop herself, as well as empower others in their pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness.—J. G.

Where were you before you got into this business?

in a matter of days. I also recognized that these products were something everyone could use and afSince 2005 I had owned ford. What’s even better is a real estate and restauthey provide instant gratirant business, both of fication: when you share a which consumed my days cup of our “healthy coffee” and nights. I had very with someone, you can see little time freedom, until I their face light up within found network marketing minutes! That’s something about six years ago. I knew not many products offer. about it for many years Ultimately, I joined my but never really believed company because I felt it was an actual opportusomething special coming nity that could provide me through the people. Some with what I was looking for. Boy was I wrong! Once I got started, I got it into of them I had known from my previous years in my blood and I became addicted to it. I knew that if network marketing. People in our company have a others could make a substantial residual income in heart for others and a desire to see everyone succeed. All this is what made me take the plunge of network marketing, I could do the same. faith and jump all in!

Who introduced you to your current company and what made you say yes? How did you launch your business and I actually found the product online, scrolling how do you build day to day? through my social media posts. I knew of others who had found this “magic coffee.” I was skeptical at first and wanted to try it for myself, so I reached out to Toney Freeman through a friend and placed my first order. Once I started taking it, I was hooked

Spring 2019

I dove in head first because I left a company and a pay check to do this full time and as a single mom. Failure was not an option, so I had faith and took action. I just trusted that it would be all I imagined it to be. We experienced—and still do at times—the




Networking Times



Better WAY


hen Ricky Durant joined his direct selling company in December 2017, he was wearing many different hats. First and foremost, he was a husband and father, but in order to pay the bills while his wife was finishing college, he was working three different jobs. Ricky explains, “I was a chemical plant operator working 12-hour shifts for a minimum of 60 to 84 hours a week, including night shifts; I was also working as a personal trainer, and I was diligently trying to build a business with another network marketing company for the first time.” Needless to say, Ricky was ready for a change and looking for a better way. He was introduced to his current company by a couple he knew from his previous network marketing experience. “When they told me I needed to come to Dallas to check out an opportunity that could change my life, I didn’t hesitate,” says Ricky. After meeting with the company owner, Ricky immediately resigned from his previous business venture, because the owner’s vision aligned with Ricky’s key values—integrity, passion, and a desire to help others succeed.—J. G. “I knew I was being led in this direction on purpose,” says Ricky. “The opportunity of being a direct selling entrepreneur is a blessing—when you are with a company whose vision and goals align with who you are—and this is exactly what happened to me. Were their challenges? Of course! I joined a brand new company that is growing rapidly. The challenges we faced are the best type

of challenges to have and every startup in the world has experienced them.” To get himself through the rough patches, Ricky reminded himself to be thankful rather than feeling frustrated, realizing that without these growing pains, there can be no growth. To build his business, Ricky engages with people daily wherever he goes. “When I’m out and about, I just start conversations,” he says. Celebrating 15th Anniversary at Grand Opry House in Houston, Texas

Spring 2019






Networking Times


es Brown is one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers of all time. A leading authority on achievement and peak performance for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, and nonprofit or community leaders, Les Brown helps people overcome the limitations of their own mind so they can face the challenges of the world around them. Over 20 years ago, Les won a Chicago-area Emmy® for his unsurpassed fundraising pledge drive for the Public Broadcasting System. This milestone was followed by several bestselling books and hosting popular national talk shows on television and radio. Today, with thousands of followers on social media, Les Brown’s impact goes well beyond the stage and public appearances, meshing traditional and digital media to reach his global audience.

From Denmark to Dubai, Canada to the Caribbean, Les Brown shares his powerful message rooted in his own extraordinary life story, showing why we can’t afford to be complacent. For anyone facing roadblocks or adversity, it is his compassionate heart combined with the depth of his knowledge that creates personal transformation and lasting results. Les Brown received the National Speakers Association coveted Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), and ultimately, its most prestigious Golden Gavel Award for achievement and leadership in communication. Toastmasters International also voted him one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers worldwide. Les didn’t have an easy start in life. In elementary school, he was mistakenly labeled “educably mentally retarded” by his teachers, who did not recognize his true potential. Using determination and belief in himself, he went from being

SSIBLE Spring 2019




The beauty and magic of network marketing

is that we can only succeed by helping others

succeed, and the way we achieve our freedom is by helping others reclaim theirs.

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