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Spring/Summer 2021



of the UNG MAGAZINE TOGETHER, WE PROSPER. Looking for local business connections? We are here to help.

Since 1998

284 Main Street North Technology Square, Uxbridge www.nrg4lifefitness.net


“Strengthening Uxbridge ONE Person at a Time” Full Service 6,000 sq ft Facility & Virtual Fitness Services • Comfortably physically distanced marked areas • Spotlessly Clean & Modern • Large Cardio Mezzanine • Strength Machines • Free Weights • Lots of in person & LIVE STREAM weekly group fitness & yoga classes • Personal Training • Bathrooms, Showers • Great Hours! • A Variety of Memberships Starting at $45/Month!

"I have lost 50 lbs and feel awesome! I no longer have pain in my knees! The COVID pandemic had created a lot of anxiety and I was not looking after myself. I encourage you to look at your health at this moment and if you are not happy, to reach out to NRG 4 Life for help, as I did, to create a new path.” Jose A, Uxbridge

FREE Personal Training Session Redeem by: September 15, 2021

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Virtual Education Expert



Celebrating a Decade of the UNG Magazine!

2. Member Spotlight: Hollay Ghadery

Communication is a tenant of networking. While there are multiple ways to communicate, for many of us, writing is a favourite. Unlike conversation, writing allows us to take our time with words; to feel out and explore our feelings while picking the best way to express our thoughts.

3. 10 Years of Teamwork

In this 10th anniversary issue of The Uxbridge Networking Group Magazine, we’re celebrating the words we share and how we come together to make our messages stronger and more vibrant; how our collaboration helps us communicate further. That’s why we’re talking to—and about—the people behind the four companies who bring together the UNG Magazine every issue: Chris Auger, John Auger, Hollay Ghadery as well as myself. We’re also going to be learning more about some exciting recent publications. Hollay’s memoir, Fuse, is part of Guernica Edition’s Spring 2021 line-up. Diving into the conflicts and uncertainties surrounding the biracial and bicultural experience, Fuse explores mixed-race identity and mental health in what has been called a “must-read”. I am also part of a #1 International Best Selling book, Asian Women Who Boss Up, published by Tam Luc, Founder of Women With Vision International. This book profiles over a dozen women from around the world who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties or inspire change through persistence and passion. Their stories are singular, but all of these incredible women are successful in their own ways. In light of what’s going on in the world— of what continues to go on—it’s important to give purchase to the voices of misrepresented and underrepresented groups in any way we can. After 10 years, it is my hope that the UNG magazine can continue to be a force that brings people together, using hope, understanding, and connection as a way to make us stronger and more fulfilled.

Annie Hardock, B.Math Founder & Chairperson Uxbridge & Area Networking Group Founder, United Networks for Growth

4. Business Booster Shot 5./9. United Networks for Growth 6. UNG Membership Listing 11. UNG Member Milestones 12. UNG Magazine Congratulations 13. UNG Magazine Covers from the Past 10 Years

PUBLISHING TEAM Publisher/Editor Annie Hardock, Uxbridge On-Line Inc., Abacus Uxbridge Inc. Magazine Writer Hollay Ghadery, River Street Writing Magazine Coordinator Chris Auger, DIRE Marketing Publishing & Design

LET’S COLLABORATE! In 1998, the Uxbridge & Area Networking Group was born to serve the need of small and home-based business owners. Over the last two decades, the membership has grown to include professional services, golf courses, retail and restaurant businesses. A few years ago, we included non-profit organizations in our membership as well. We are seeking entrepreneurs, business owners and operators, business professionals, as well as representatives of larger organizations to join our diverse and friendly group of members. The benefits of becoming a member are: • • • •

and explore how we can facilitate in the growth and exposure of your business. For our Membership form and to subscribe to our E-Newsletter, please visit us at: www.uxbridgenetworkinggroup.com or call 905-852-6686, or email networkinggroup@uxbridge.com.

Thanks to our Sponsor & Local Media

Year Round Collaborative Opportunities Monthly Meeting & E-Newsletter Business & Professional Development Initiatives Promotion Across Website, Magazine, Social Media & Community Events

Currently we are endeavouring to grow our membership’s businesses by using multiple digital platforms. We would welcome anyone interested in attending one of our UNG Uxbridge & Area Networking Group meetings to connect

UNG MEETING SCHEDULE BREAKFAST MEETINGS 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 11, 2021 Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Tuesday, November 9, 2021

LUNCH MEETINGS 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 11, 2021 Friday, October 8, 2021 Friday, December 10, 2021**

*Meeting break for the summer July/August Non-members are welcome to join us for an introductory meeting.

RSVP Annie Hardock at 905-852-6686 or e-mail networkinggroup@uxbridge.com *July and August events to be announced **Location of the annual Christmas social lunch to be determined.





MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: UNG’s Hollay Ghadery Releases Fuse, A Memoir on Mixed-Race Mental Health In May 2021, UNG member Hollay Ghadery’s book, Fuse, will be officially released by Guernica Edition’s MiroLand Imprint. Drawing on her own experiences as a woman of Iranian and British Isle descent, Hollay dives into conflicts and uncertainty surrounding the biracial female body and identity, especially as it butts up against the disparate expectations of each culture. Painfully and at times, reluctantly, Fuse probes and explores the documented prevalence of mental health issues in biracial women. Here’s what Governor General Award Winner Diane Schoemperlen has to say about Fuse: “I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the savage clarity, the gorgeous language, and the remarkable depth of insight contained in this courageous book. It took my breath away.” You can order Fuse from anywhere books are sold, including Blue Heron Books at 62 Brock Street W in Uxbridge. Look for an upcoming virtual event with Hollay and Blue Heron Books! Follow Hollay @hollayghadery on Instagram or @Hollay2 on Twitter. In a recent virtual UNG meeting, UNG Founder Annie Hardock asked Hollay about her upcoming book. Here, they talk about why Hollay wrote the book and the challenges and rewards of such an intensely personal undertaking. Watch the interview video below. https://youtu.be/8tyFUYIQKuE


10 YEARS OF TEAMWORK: MEET THE TEAM BEHIND THE UNG MAGAZINE If there’s one thing COVID-19 didn’t have to teach the UNG Magazine team, it was how to work together from afar. Remote collaboration was our modus operandi long before the first lockdown. In fact, it’s been years since all the magazine crew actually lived in the same town, but we’ve managed to keep this project running seamlessly.

How? We trust in each other’s strengths! We’re going to introduce you to the UNG Magazine Team and in the video below, you can listen to us chat about our singular collaboration process.

Meet the UNG Magazine Team Publisher/Editor Annie Hardock. Annie is the force behind the UNG and the UNG magazine. As the Editor of this publication, she provides direction to the team, assigns the content, and collects the ads that go into every issue. Magazine Coordinator. Chris Auger of DIRE Marketing is the organizational backbone of the UNG Magazine. Chris receives the theme of the upcoming magazine from Annie at the beginning of the project and passes the info to John. He then creates the initial layout of the magazine and provides the estimate of the project. When we had the printed copies, Chris was also the one to coordinate the hard copy publication. Publishing & Design. John Auger is the owner of seven8creative. John uses his graphic design talents to create all the front covers, the layout, and the ads for our publication. Writer. Many of the words in this magazine are written by River Street Writing’s Hollay Ghadery. After a quick call, a couple of emails, or sometimes even just a brief chat over Facebook Messenger, Hollay absorbs Annie’s vision and brings it to the page. Watch the video to learn more about our collaboration process. https://youtu.be/0G74k4XLeyQ


BUSINESS BOOSTER SHOT - EMERGING STRONGER, TOGETHER In hard times, we all need a shoulder to lean on and friends and family to help us through--and businesses in North Durham are no different. In November 2020, the Uxbridge and Area Networking Group hosted the Business Booster Shot: Emerging Stronger, Together virtual workshop for local enterprises to share their experiences, best practices and unite so businesses in North Durham could emerge from this pandemic stronger, together. The online, virtual, and interactive event hosted a series of panelists from across North Durham who shared their survival strategies and discussed what they had done to face the pandemic challenges of COVID-19. Panelists included Annie Hardock from ABS Abacus Brain Study and the Uxbridge Networking Group, Swapneet Ranike from Uxbridge Boston Pizza, Sandra Bannon from Forget-Me-Not Alpacas, Lois Shaw from the Cool Cow and the BYC-Building Youth Capacity, Margaret Ayres from Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham, and Robert Rock from Communicate Freely. The panel was moderated by Ryan Rogers from Forthwrite Canada. The free online event was held during Business Advisory Centre Durham’s (BACD) eighth annual Do It In Durham campaign, which was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Do It In Durham Week is a major part of the BACD’s events calendar, run as a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Learn more by visiting www.bacd.ca. Global Entrepreneurship Week is observed in 180 countries, and features more than 40,000 events across the world. GEW removes barriers and welcomes all. Learn more by visiting www.genglobal.org/gew. Watch the video recordings of the event:


TRANSFORMING EDUCATION – A NEW INITIATIVE FROM UNITED NETWORKS FOR GROWTH UNG Founder Annie Hardock took her 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to launch United Networks for Growth in February 2020. Annie’s expertise in children’s education over the past 10 years has led her to expand United Networks for Growth with a new Education Advisory Board this year. Her goal is to foster active participation among educators, learners, and parents in transforming education. The new Education Advisory Board’s role is to support the growth of all genres of education globally. Board members are chosen because they are exceptional educators who are willing to

United Networks identify, share and collaborate their resources with others to transform educational systems worldwide.

for Growth

Education Advisory Board Members Margaret Boersma, OCT is an instructional coach, teaching artist, speaker, educational consultant, and trainer. Her varied career in teaching, combined with her expertise in social/ emotional learning (SEL), allows her to assimilate the affective domain (people skills) with academic curriculum goals. Having trained extensively in the arts and with Dr. Eric Jensen in brain-compatible pedagogy, Margaret’s mission is to transform classroom practice to enable students and teachers to thrive. Her innovative training programs result in students gaining leadership and communication skills while becoming compassionate citizens. She works with school districts and schools in Canada, the U.S, Holland, New Zealand, and Australia. www.creativeeducationinaction.com

Dr. Ruth Anne Fraser, PhD, Educator, provides all levels of private academic tutoring services from elementary to university level courses and projects. Anne uses storytelling to design and deliver professional development initiatives such as workshops which have the potential for insight into improved professional practice and worker satisfaction. Anne also offers individual curriculum and professional development support to colleges, universities, business workers, educators, and students. www.fraser-education.ca

Jennifer Green-Blair is an author of a #1 International best-selling book to help children better cope with stress and anxiety. She is a Mindfulness/Wellness Specialist, and a Certified Teacher. She has degrees in Env. Sc., (Hons), and Lib Sc., with specializations in Physics and Biology; and has additional qualifications in Language, Guidance, Health and Wellness education. She is also certified as a Travel Expert, Reiki Master, and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her expertise as a Life Success Coach further supports her students of all ages to optimize their mindset skills and achieve their most resilient and happy life. She is an advocate for the Global Green Action Project, an initiative that supports healing for all life on this planet through global community action. https://authorjgreen.wixsite.com/books Continued on Page 9...


UNG MEMBERSHIP LISTING 105.5 HITS FM www.1055hitsfm.com 6050 Owen Road, Unit #2, Uxbridge Jennifer Culley, Account Executive T: 905-852-9992 E: jculley@1055hitsfm.com North Durham’s local radio station, playing today’s best music, local news, traffic, sports, weather & community events. 2BEEZ PROMOTIONS www.2beezpromotions.ca Carmine Benincasa T: 289-460-2978 E: carmine@2beezpromotions.ca We provide printing, apparel, graphic design, photography, signs, ad specialties, websites and direct marketing services. ABS ABACUS BRAIN STUDY www.easymathforkids.com 92 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Annie Hardock, B. Math T: 905-852-6677 E: online@easymathforkids.com Online mental math training that exercises the whole brain. Promote 19 brain powers with high speed listening training. ANGELA SHIM – HEART SCENTS WELLNESS www.heartscents.ca Angela Shim, Wellness Business Strategist T: 416-723-7324 E: angela@vibrantbalance.com Helping wellness businesses elevate their impact and reach through strategic alignment of best fit wellness products, training and collaborative networks. BALANCED SENSES Susan Centofanti, Founder E: susanmcentofanti@gmail.com I help individuals with health challenges by giving them the knowledge needed to empower them to take control of their health using Reishi infused beverages and Frequency Healing Technology. BALLANTRAE TREE CARE www.ballantraetreecare.ca Paul Leslie, Owner T: 416-347-6761 E: ballantraetreecare@gmail.com Tree services include tree removals, tree pruning, hedge and shrub pruning, tree planting, cabling & bracing, sawmilling, and firewood. Certified and insured arborists.

BOSTON PIZZA UXBRIDGE/WHYTBY NORTH FB: @BPUxbridge @BPWhitbyNorth 284 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge 20 Taunton Rd E, Whitby Swapneet Ranike, Owner U: 905-852-0003 W: 905-620-1102 E: ranikes@bostonpizza.com We offer casual dining with more than 100 menu items, including gourmet pizzas made with our signature hand pressed dough. BUSTARD CONSULTING ryellegroup.com Roberta Bustard, Principal Consultant T: 416-220-2121 E: robertabustardconsulting@outlook.com A boutique consulting firm working with organizations and businesses from strategy development to service delivery to achieve transformational outcomes. CONNECTING YOU www.connectingyou.ca Rosa Lokaisingh, Owner & President T: 416-419-2531 E: rosa@connectingyou.ca I teach entrepreneurs networking skills and help them find business connections that would help them expand their reach globally. CREATIVE EDUCATION IN ACTION creativeeducationinaction.com/ Margaret Boersma, Founder, CEO 5 Prestbury St., Toronto, M4A 2H9 T: 647-881-6958 E: mb@margaretboersma.com Alignment in families, classrooms and organizations: Transform impact, free up time, increase energy, save costs, reach full potential & wellbeing. CURVES UXBRIDGE www.curves.com 97 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Carrie-Lyn Dufton, Owner/Operator T: 905-852-2878 E: curvesuxbridge@powergate.ca 30 minute circuit workout that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio, stretching and also a coach to help with proper form, answer questions and offer encouragement.

DARLENE CORDINGLEY BOOKKEEPING 685 Ravenshoe Rd, Uxbridge Darlene Cordingley T: 416-684-0053 E: dcordi2015@outlook.com Bookkeeping and Budget Specialist. Business support & guidance. Quicbooks Pro, Quickbooks Online, Sage 50 Pro. DELA’S VOICE FB/IG: @delasvoice Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Dela Fotoohi, Founder & Host E: info@delasvoice.com Dela’s Voice is a Talk Show that brings Entrepreneurs in the Spot Light and allows them to inform the public through an interactive interview. DIRE MARKETING www.direnow.com Chris Auger, Owner T: 905-806-1954 E: chris@direnow.com We provide creative graphic design, print and source products and services. DURHAM COLLEGE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES www.employmenthelp.ca 29 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Danielle Donnelly, Job Developer T: 905-852-7848 E: danielle.donnelly@durhamcollege.ca Provides job seekers and employers a variety of free services: Employment Support, Job Development & Training/ Community Planning. ECOHUG.CA www.echohug.ca Afroza Hossain, Founder & CEO T: 905-409-3966 Caring is being eco-friendly! Save the planet! Use eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic, natural & sustainable products. Most of our suppliers are in USA, Canada & EU. ERIC KIS ACCOUNTING SERVICES Eric Kis T: 905-852-9110 C: 416-712-7816 E: eric@erickis.com Accounting services. Bookkeeping to corporate tax returns and everything in between. Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor.


FORTHWRITE CANADA www.forthwritecanada.com Ryan Rogers, Principle T: 905-904-1485 E: ryansrogers@hotmail.com Straightforward and honest marketing and communications services to strengthen your business’s relationship with its stakeholders, and to identify and enter new markets, and grow your business. We’re right-sized to serve small business. FRASER EDUCATION www.fraser-education.ca 7 Adams Court, Uxbridge Dr. Ruth Anne Fraser, PhD – President T: 905-852-1145 E: rafraser508@outlook.com I provide tutoring in my home to assist elementary, high school, college and university students achieve success. I provide professional development workshops for business workers. HEATHER ASHTON www.primerica.com/heatherlynnashton Independent Representative of Primerica 200-1615 Dundas St E, W Tower, Whitby, ON L1N 2L1 O: 905-240-3300 T: 416-803-7955 E: hashton@primerica.com Helping families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. INNAVATAR INC www.innavatar.ca Saran Purushothaman, Director T: 647-271-7679 E: saran@innavatar.ca Innavatar is an innovative business development company for “Go-To-Market” strategies. We add wings to hundreds of Entrepreneurs & SMEs to fly high in business. JENNY HALL ENJO CANADA www.enjo.ca Jenny Hall, ENJOpreneur T: 705-527-6849 E: jhall@enjo-canada.com Clean 6X more hygienically, without toxic chemicals, using ENJO fibres and water.


K.R. MAY REAL ESTATE LTD, BROKERAGE www.mayrealestate.com Nancy Hill, Sale Representative T: 905-642-2223 C: 416-735-7041 E: nahill@trebnet.com A life-long Uxbridge resident, award-winning Law Clerk and sales representative since 1995.

KATHY NORMANDEAU, OGPT Piano Technician www.uxbridge.com/arts T: 416-518-8897 E: uxbridgeintune@gmail.com Helping Uxbridge stay in tune: piano tuning, repair, consultation, instrumental service. Registered Technician with the Ontario Guild of Piano Technicians. LISA RITCHIE, CPA PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION lisaritchie.ca 304 Toronto St S, Suite 207, Uxbridge Lisa Ritchie, CPA T: 905-862-4166 E: lisa@lisaritchie.ca Professional accounting firm. Financial statements, taxation, business consulting, bookkeeping. Committed to developing a strong relationship and excellent communication with every client. LORELEI INTERIORS www.loreleiinteriors.com 97 Brock Street West, Suite 2D, Uxbridge Pam Domingos, Owner T: 905-862-3939 E: lorint.uxbridge@gmail.com Custom drapery. Canadian manufactured blinds, shades and shutters. MARY’S COUNTRY KITCHEN Mary Evans T: 905-852-5578/905-260-4572 E: robmaryevans@hotmail.com Offering freshly made delicious meals and desserts for any occasion. Anything from a business lunch to a full wedding, we will create a menu to suit your needs. MEDIA GONE MAD www.mediagonemad.ca Mike Duhamel T: 289-354-3344 E: mike@mediagonemad.ca We create business videos that convert more leads into sales and help you become the Expert in your local market. Attract & engage more customers with video marketing. Are you ready to make business videos that convert? MG BPI INC. www.mgbpi.com 6 Balsdon court, Ajax Malcolm Gurley, President T: 416-669-7644 E: mgbpi20@gmail.com I help businesses improve productivity and leaders to excel.

MILESTONES AND TRANSITIONS www.milestonesandtransitions.com Head Office: 60 St. Clair Ave. W, Suite 301, Toronto Partners – Patricia Fenton, MSW RSW Michaele-Sue Goldblatt, MSW RSW, Betty Ann Streeter, MSW RSW, T: 416-486-1056 E: info@mandt.ca Social work services for individuals and families facing significant changes, planned or unplanned, parenting, marriage, retirement, loss, comprehensive seniors’ services and more. NEVER ENOUGH WOOL www.neverenoughwool.ca 26 Water Street, Port Perry Carol McGavin & Barb Harvel T: 905-985-0030 E: info@neverenoughwool.ca We offer a selection of hand-knitting and crochet yarns and wools, ranging from 100% acrylic to wool & silk, and many variations in between. We also offer the necessary tools of the trade – needles and hooks – as well as patterns. NRG 4 LIFE FITNESS www.nrg4lifefitness.net 284 Main Street North, Unit #100, Uxbridge Sarah Terrion T: 905-852-4750 E: info@nrg4lifefitness.net 6000 sq ft full service non-intimidating fitness facility, 55 group fitness & yoga classes/week, personal training. OPTOMETRIST, DR. VI TU BANH www.uxbridge.com/healthandwellness 2 Elgin Park Drive, Unit D, Uxbridge T: 905-852-6733 “Healthy sight for lifeTM” – Provide a full scope family optometric practice. No referrals necessary. All ages welcome. PARACHUTE VIRTUAL SERVICES www.parachutevirtualservices.com Rachel Leslie T: 647-261-9242 E: rachel@parachutevirtualservices.com Virtual Assistant and Event Management services. Supporting businesses with admin and marketing tasks so they have more time to focus on their business.

PHARMASAVE UXBRIDGE MEDICAL PHARMACY & HOME HEALTH CARE CENTRE www.pharmasaveuxbridge.com 1B – 29 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge Sameer Remtulla, Owner T: 905-862-2800 E: uxbridge.rx@gmail.com We are a local independently owned pharmacy and home health care centre proudly supporting the Uxbridge community for 10+ years. RIVER STREET WRITING www.riverstreetwriting.com Hollay Ghadery T: 647-866-7784 E: riverstreetwriting@gmail.com Over a decade of professional writing, editing and creative consulting services for print, online and personal projects. STANSCIENCEMAN www.stanscienceman.com Stanley R. Taylor T: 905-706-4720 E: stanscienceman747@gmail.com Founder of Young Canadian Space Club; author of biographies of promising Canadian scientists and children’s howto-books; science workshop presenter for students, educators and community groups.

STELLAR EDUCATION AND WELLNESS authorjgreen.wixsite.com/books FB: @JenGreenAuthor Jennifer Green-Blair, Owner & Founder E: stellarmindfuled@gmail.com Health Education and Wellness TD BANK www.td.com 230 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Jane Martone, Branch Manager T: 905-852-7696 E: jane.martone@td.com Financial services. THE UXBRIDGE COSMOS www.thecosmos.ca 38 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge Lisha Van Nieuwenhove Publisher, Editor, Owner T: 905-852-1900 E: lvann@thecosmos.ca The Uxbridge Cosmos is a hyperlocal newspaper with a sole focus on the Township of Uxbridge. UNLEASH PR INC www.thehottrafficaccelerator.com Jennifer Beale, President T: 416-unleash (865-3274) E: jenniferbeale@unleashpr.com I work with ambitious and well-meaning business owners. I created a membership program called The Hot Traffic Accelerator™. Members of this program use 10 key strategies to generate an ongoing stream of hot qualified prospects for their business.

UXBRIDGE FAIR BOARD www.uxbridgefair.ca Bev Latva, President T: 905-852-7745 E: secretary@uxbridgefair.ca The Uxbridge Fall Fair is an annual celebration of community and agriculture held every year on the weekend after Labour Day in Elgin Park. UXBRIDGE ON-LINE INC. www.uxbridge.com Annie Hardock, B.Math T: 905-852-6686 E: annie@uxbridge.com Owner and operator of www.uxbridge.com since 1996. Internet Advertising. UXBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY www.uxlib.com 9 Toronto Street, Uxbridge Corrinne Morrison T: 905-852-9747 E: corrinne.morrison@uxlib.com The Uxbridge Public Library provides a wide variety of programs, print and nonprint materials, games, computers, and genealogy information. WRIGHT WEB PHOTO www.wrightwebphoto.com Stephen Wright T: 905-852-9520 E: info@wrightwebphoto.com Web Design, SEO, Marketing, Wedding & Portrait Photography, Corporate Headshots & Store Photography.


TRANSFORMING EDUCATION – A NEW INITIATIVE FROM UNITED (CONT’D) Annie Hardock. Watching her parents struggle financially to raise their nine children, Annie knew, from a young age, that education and personal development were the keys to financial freedom. Annie pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a major in Computer Science, shortly after arriving in Canada from Hong Kong in 1980. In 2010, she opened a children’s learning center in her local community which has since been pivoted online since 2020 due to the pandemic. She believes that all children deserve to unlock their genius to make all their dreams come true. https://www.easymathforkids.com

Diane Devenyi, LLB, MEd is a former taxation lawyer who has been committed to revamping education on the planet since 1999. Diane has run pilot projects in schools, earned a Masters of Education degree, founded a summer camp, given learning workshops for students, parents, teachers, and companies, and presented at many educational conferences. Today, Diane runs online multi-generational learning programs at www.mboldneducation.com. Her first book, “Dear Genius, Your Letter Dis-order is Showing! - Great news if you’re affected by inconsistent focus, poor spelling, messy writing, slow reading and trouble turning thoughts into written or spoken word”, is in the final publication stages.

Pharmasave Uxbridge

Sameer (Sam) Remtulla, Pharmacist/Owner 29 Toronto Street South | 905-862-2800 Voted Uxbridge Times Readers' Choice Best Pharmacy for 6 consecutive years (2015-2020).

Your Community Pharmacy & Home Health Care Centre Easy file transfers from any pharmacy $2 co-pay waived on eligible ODB Rx’s Blister packaging & free local delivery Compression & Ostomy products

All drug plans accepted Flu & travel vaccinations Wheelchair & walker rentals Ideal Protein Diet program




stanscienceman747@gmail.com 11 Eastside Street, Greenbank, ON stanscienceman.com Virtual Space and Flight orkshops are available at reasonable prices.”


WE’VE GOT YOUR WINDOWS COVERED We carry quality blinds, shades and

416-684-0053 • dcordi2015@outlook.com Allowing you to do what you're great at, without worrying about the paperwork!

shutters, manufactured in Canada. Visit our fabric gallery to select the perfect fabric for your custom drapery treatments and upholstery needs. For all your window treatment needs.

(905) 862-3939

There is music in everyone.


Kathy Normandeau Piano Teacher, ORMTA Piano Technician, OGPT

97 Brock St. W. Suite 2D ~ Uxbridge, ON

(416) 518-8897 uxbridgeintune@gmail.com uxbridge.com/kathynormandeau Music for all ages, levels and styles ~ Online lessons Piano Tuning with care, dedication and safe practice. 30 years of service in Durham and York region.


Swapneet Ranike

Franchisee ranikes@bostonpizza.com

Boston Pizza Royalties Limited Partnership, used under license.

Academic & Professional Tutoring for Elementary, Secondary, College & University Students Academic & Business Services

Tel: 905.852.0003 UXBRIDGE 284 Toronto St Uxbridge, ON L9P 0C5 Tel: 905.620.1102 WHITBY 20 Taunton Rd E Whitby, ON L1R 0A1






Uxbridge On-Line Inc. (Annie Hardock)


Optometrist, Dr. Vi Tu Banh



Abacus Uxbridge Inc. O/A ABS Abacus Brain Study (Annie Hardock)

Annie Hardock #1 International Best Selling Author Asian Women Who BossUp Book

Join Hollay for a virtual launch of Fuse, hosted by Blue Heron Books on May 18, 2021 at 7 pm. Tickets available on Blue Heron’s website and part of the proceeds will go to Ontario Shores to support their programs and services for people suffering from mental illness.

Stan Taylor – Certification. Maria Nickel, an educator with Interlake School Division in Manitoba, and a strong supporter of the Students Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP). Maria held a competition of SSEP in her Division. Teams of students had to design an experiment with the possibility of the winning team’s experiment being sent to the International Space Station. Stan was one of four judges to evaluate each team’s experiment and to receive this certificate. If you want to know the process of being involved in SSEP, Maria spells it out in detail in Stan Taylor’s book, Career Options Maria Sirdar-Nickel, available for purchase at online stores.

Dr. Banh Congratulations on his upcoming new book “12 Elephants and A Dragon” – Helping 1 Billion People.

Randy Hickey, BDO Canada LLP (UNG member since 2001) Alan Fortnum, Upright Door Service Inc. (UNG member since 2001) Dale Hickey, Former Ron Noble Insurance (UNG member since 2016) 11

UXBRIDGE NETWORKING GROUP CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations on your 10 year milestone of publishing the Uxbridge Networking Group magazine. Annie Hardock and her publishing team, Chris Auger, Holly Ghadery and John Auger have been connecting small businesses for 10 years now. We’ve been as proud as parents watching your magazine and your membership grow. There is power in teamwork and now, more than ever during this Covid pandemic, we need to stand united. Community support and encouragement has been high priority. We have learned to be resilient and build virtual connections. Reach out and talk to a fellow business member today. All the best to the publishing group for another successful 10 years, and beyond!!! Nancy Hill, Sales Representative (UNG Member since 2002) K.R. May Real Estate Limited, Brokerage ********** Congratulations to the Uxbridge Networking Group on serving Uxbridge and the surrounding area for 23 amazing years! This is a huge, celebration-worthy accomplishment! Supporting the local business community is essential to our economy. UNG has been stellar in publishing the Uxbridge Networking Magazine for 10 years and growing! Under Annie Hardock’s expert guidance, this organization continues to flourish. As a networking leader myself, I have first-hand knowledge of what this takes. It’s no easy feat!! It requires dedication and commitment! Annie and team – we celebrate YOU!!! Here’s to the next 10!! Marlene Marco Heart Of Networking Events www.HeartOfNetworkingEvents.com Heart Of Networking has been built on three pillars – Connection, Education and Opportunity. These 3 key elements are included in every event we produce! We are primarily a business women’s networking organization inclusively serving business owners, practitioners and entrepreneurs. Four times each year we include business men as well, for our special events. Networking events are held monthly – always on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Additionally, bi-monthly “Next Level” workshops provide training on a variety of business skills taught by our guest trainers. ********** A 10 year milestone! Congratulations! Thank you to the Uxbridge Networking Group (UNG) Magazine Team! Your efforts have sparked the imagination of the business community. Just reading the covers delivers a boost of energy revitalizing our creativity. “The Many forms of Entrepreneurial Growth” have helped me personally “Learn to be more Productive” . As one of many “Women in Business” I have learned the value of “Collaboration” . Annie Hardock, as chief editor and publisher, is incredibly creative and in finding her voice she has inspired us all. Together we Prosper is such a wonderful phrase. It is the foundation of what can be achieved as a group. The content in the magazines is always enlightening and useful. Thank you Hollay, Chris and John for your writing, design and publishing skills. What a team. Networking is key, sharing ideas and supporting each other. Our latest magazine sums up how working together has helped us survive and even grow in these challenging times. “Collective Resilience” will guide us forward many more years. Well done! Kathy Normandeau, OGPT, ORMTA (UNG Member since 2006)


Wow! Publishing 20 issues of UNG magazine over 10 Years! Are you kidding me? That is an amazing feat in this day and age. Most Publications die after a couple of years. Congratulations to you Annie, and your publishing team, Chris and Hollay. You are well deserving of all accolades you receive. Hard work always pays off and you are the proof! Mike Duhamel, Media Gone Mad (UNG Member since 2019) ********** Congratulations to the Uxbridge & Area Network Magazine for celebrating 10 years of publication! Lisha Van Nieuwenhove Publisher/Editor, The Uxbridge Cosmos (UNG Sponsor since 2018) ********** Congratulations to the Magazine Publishing Team on their 10th year anniversary of the publication! Sameer Remtulla Owner, PharmaSave Uxbridge Medical Pharmacy & Home Health Care Centre (UNG Member since 2019) ********** Congratulations to you Annie and the publishing team on this achievement! Swapneet Ranike, Franchisee Owner, Boston Pizza Uxbridge & Whitby North (UNG Member since 2018)

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