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FUN, VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, LIVE TEACHER, LEARN AT INDIVIDUAL PACE Abacus online is designed to help your child to learn at his or her own pace and support them at their current level. Learn more about Abacus Homeschool. Contact us for a 15-minute discovery call.

Develop the senses: fine motor skills visualization and mental processing listening training & improve cognitive function

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The response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the UNG community has been, in many ways, surprising and in other ways it’s totally expected. Over my two decades of working with many of the people who constitute our network, I’ve learned that entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy. They are the people with the visionary insight, gumption, and passion to make things work when other people would give up. I’m surprised by the inspirational ways in which UNG members have been adapting in the midst of this global pandemic. But I’m not at all surprised by the resilience and dedication these people have shown: it’s the same resilience and dedication I’ve witnessed for years.


It Takes a Community to Grow a Business!


How are You Coping with COVID-19?


Abacus Goes Online to Support Home-Based

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Entrepreneurs! Will You Survive or Thrive?


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The Real Cost of COVID-19

In this issue of our magazine, we’ll be exploring the ways in which people have been struggling, but also, the many ways our members have been evolving their businesses to stay relevant in the pandemic era. In addition, we’ll be sharing news about exciting online events, like The Real Cost of COVID-19 —a UNG panel discussion that dives into how the pandemic is truly affecting small business owners and entrepreneurs. This virtual event welcomes an open dialogue with the aim of helping attendees feel more prepared, empowered, and supported during these uncertain times.

PUBLISHING TEAM Publisher/Editor Annie Hardock, B. Math Magazine Writer Hollay Ghadery, River Street Writing Magazine Coordinator Chris Auger, DIRE Marketing Publishing & Design John Auger, seven8creative

At the end of the day I know that the majority of people who enter entrepreneurship do so to have more control over their lives—to not be a constant slave to the whims of people or circumstances. It’s this drive that’s helping so many of us through the personal and professional challenges of COVID-19, and I believe, it’s what’s going to help us not only survive, but thrive. Enjoy reading this issue, and be sure to take advantage of the insight and opportunities within. Now is a time we can use to grow our mindsets, and our businesses. Together, we prosper!

CONNECT ~ COLLABORATE ~ COMMUNITY Annie Hardock, Founder & Chair, Uxbridge Networking Group Founder, United Networks for Growth Co-owner, ABS Abacus Brain Study (Uxbridge)

Rosa Lokaisingh, Founder Connecting YOU GTA’s Business Matchmaker


IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO GROW A BUSINESS! In 1998, the Uxbridge & Area Networking Group was born to serve the need of small and home-based business owners. Over the last two decades, the membership has grown to include professional services, golf courses, retail and restaurant businesses. A few years ago, we included non-profit organizations in our membership as well.

and explore how we can facilitate in the growth and exposure of your business. For our Membership form and to subscribe to our E-Newsletter, please visit us at: or call 905-852-6686, or email

We are seeking entrepreneurs, business owners and operators, business professionals, as well as representatives of larger organizations to join our diverse and friendly group of members. The benefits of becoming a member are: • • • •

Year Round Collaborative Opportunities Monthly Meeting & E-Newsletter Business & Professional Development Initiatives Promotion Across Website, Magazine, Social Media & Community Events

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Currently we are endeavouring to grow our membership’s businesses by using multiple digital platforms. We would welcome anyone interested in attending one of our UNG Uxbridge & Area Networking Group meetings to connect


Due to COVID-19, all meetings are being held online until further notice. VIRTUAL MEETING SCHEDULE September 15, 2020 8:15 – 9:30am Panel Discussion – The Real Cost of COVID-19 October 16, 2020 12 Noon – 1:30pm Virtual Networking Lunch & Learn November 10, 2020 8:15 – 9:30am Virtual Networking Breakfast (BYOB)

November 16 – 20, 2020 (Do It In Durham events, in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week) Meeting with Durham Networking Organizations on November 16 (host: BACD). Panel Discussion with Breakout Sessions (host: UNG). Watch for a lineup of virtual events organized by various business organizations in Durham Region.

Non-members are welcome to join us for an introductory meeting.


HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH COVID-19? For most small and home-based business owners, the economic impact of COVID-19 has been predominantly negative. According to a recent survey* conducted by CIBC, 81% of Canadian small business owners report feeling the crunch of the coronavirus, with 54% saying sales have dropped, 32% expressing concern about the viability of their business over the next year, and 85% of business owners saying that the uncertainty is the hardest part of dealing with the virus. However, 76% of people surveyed say they are confident their businesses will rebound post-pandemic. Turns out, these numbers and this outlook come as no surprise to the UNG members who participated in a brief survey in August. Out of all the respondents, only one found the pandemic to be purely beneficial for business. Likewise, only one business reported completely negative consequences. The majority of those surveyed reported mixed outcomes, saying that their traditional way of doing business has suffered due to COVID-19, but that with some ingenuity, other opportunities have presented themselves. Julie Heyes, owner of Dog-Happy, said, “In the beginning I was closed down so I decided to take the time to build in a different direction. Like many businesses, I switched over to offering Online Lessons which was going really well but the time also fueled the creation of my YouTube Channel, which has become an incredible asset that is fully part of my long term business growth plan and now incorporated into part of how I serve my clients going forward. Since being able to start back up business is going well. I lost a few clients through the ‘ripple effect’... but my Private Training and Behavior Consultations have only accelerated toppling past numbers.” Here’s what some other UNG members had to say: “We will be cautiously optimistic. Business is slowly returning to “normal”. Timing of the pandemic delayed my clients’ plans until Fall and with contractors’ schedules filling up, we will need to be aware of these issues.” --Arelene Lyons, A L Designs “I was required to discontinue offering services during the shutdown to be the primary care-giver to my kids (my wife continued working full time).” --Ryan Rogers, ForthWrite Canada “Things look better, as long as we don’t get shut down again, for next year. I am blessed that I don’t pay brick and mortar rent or have employees I had to let go.” --Mary Evans, Mary’s Country Kitchen “I have been so busy doing taxes, that I really haven’t been affected a lot. I have not been able to see my mother for a long time, which has been troublesome. COVID has really only helped my business grow.” -Owen Tulk, The Mad Accountant Inc. “During this difficult time we have kept the Radio station on air and have been able to keep our listeners informed. We have really grown our listenership and gained the trust of the community. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic everyone is holding off on advertising.” --Jennifer Culley, CIUX 105.5 Hits FM “Businesses do not want to spend money on marketing when they have no or little money coming in.” --Stephen Wright, Wright Web & Photo “I have resigned from Scientists in School after 18 successful years to focus my energies on my Young Canadian Space Club. I am working on a podcasting program during the pandemic.” --Stan Taylor, Stanscienceman Thank you to all who participated in this survey! Be sure to watch the video “The Real Cost of COVID Panel Discussion” on page 12.


ABACUS GOES ONLINE TO SUPPORT HOME-BASED COVID LEARNING Whether your children are at school, homeschooled, or taking part in their school board’s virtual learning program, Abacus has a new online program to help students not just continue to develop, but excel in multiple facets of learning. Headed in Uxbridge by UNG Founder Annie Hardock, the Abacus program has proven to help students develop math skills, as well as cognitive function abilities, fine motor skills, visualization and mental processing prowess. This new incarnation of the program brings all the benefits of Abacus together with the peace of mind provided by distancelearning during the COVID era. Features of the online Abacus program include: • • • •

Live 1:1 lessons with the Abacus teacher Virtual classrooms of small groups Tailored lessons for each student Teacher feedback and support

Students ages 4-5 are offered a parent and tot 1-hour session per lesson, and students 6-12 can take part in 1.5-hour lessons. Abacus online is designed to help children learn at their own pace, and support them at their current level. This epoch may not be the best time of our lives, but the slowing down of the world does provide unique opportunities to enrich our lives and minds. Contact us for a 15-minute discovery call. Visit for further information.


THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE LIVES OF ENTREPRENEURS! WILL YOU SURVIVE OR THRIVE? A wave of shock, wonder and fear hit a whole lot of people on the planet when we realized what happened! We had a pandemic in our hands – Covid-19! Time stood still for some of us! For 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or more! The question was: What do we do now? And how are we going to manage? ourselves, our families, our business and our communities at large from here on? Here’s what I did, and how I bounced back to a stage of Hope, Confidence and renewed Enthusiasm! I reached out to a few of my friends and business colleagues. What I heard from some was confusion, uncertainty, and fear of losing stability, possibly our health and wellbeing, and focus. On the flip side what I heard from others, was: spending time to chill, time with family, time to re-think and re-strategize, and time to reflect on what do I really want in life? Some folks needed reassurance that we still have options and to understand how we can find support to explore what they are, and how to choose what’s best for us. Others were ready to pivot, so they got right on the bandwagon of learning new things, ideas, strategies, through webinars and various online groups and sessions, to figure out “What’s next, and how to pivot?” I was fascinated at the difference between these 2 groups, so my question was: How can I help both groups of people and take my work to a deeper level? Interestingly enough, although I was procrastinating getting online with my work, this propelled me to get started. I saw a need and immediately found the courage to jump on the bandwagon of working with groups online. I started 2 groups: 1) Deepening your connections 2) Town Hall Gathering of Hearts and Minds in Business The first group “Deepening your connections”, was established to get entrepreneurs to take advantage of getting to know their database of clients in a deeper way, and connecting with other entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges by asking deeper questions so they can form better quality partnerships for collaborating and referrals to each other. The benefits they received were as follows: 1. They made friends in business as opposed to just being colleagues, so it became easier to have a conversation and develop quality relationships 2. Connections were made at a deeper level as participants were opening their hearts to help others, and in doing so, regained their own self-worth, confidence and strength 3. Built trusting relationships, resulting in tons of referrals for business – a community was formed The second group, “Town Hall Gathering of Hearts and Minds in Business” got together for the purpose of sharing their challenges, outcomes and WINS, and to help mastermind for solutions. Here are 3 benefits they received: 1. By sharing their challenges, they realized they were not alone, and felt safe enough to trust others to give and receive support. This brought people out of isolation and into community thinking. 2. By sharing their ‘WINS’ and Breakthroughs, it gave others insight, courage and confidence to seek help and work through their challenges together. 3. Masterminding for solutions in the group showed participants the impact of teamwork and collaboration; bringing back a level of JOY in working together for mutual success. Overall, what I saw and learnt was that until we apply what we learn, it usually remained as knowledge and stored information in our brains and minds. With every adversity comes deep insights and lessons. Through Covid-19, many entrepreneurs realized that true success only comes when we learn to trust in others and ourselves. It takes a village to bring up a child, and it takes a community to grow a business. A bit of introspection is healthy and if we can open our hearts up to others as human beings, we have the opportunity to create “REAL CHANGE!” Is this a misfortune or an opportunity to grow? Maybe this pandemic has given us the opportunity to repurpose entrepreneurship itself! Rosa Lokaisingh, Connecting YOU, Founder/Connector/Business Match-Maker


UNG MEMBERSHIP LISTING 105.5 HITS FM 6050 Owen Road, Unit #2, Uxbridge Jennifer Culley, Account Executive T: 905-852-9992 E: North Durham’s local radio station, playing today’s best music, local news, traffic, sports, weather & community events.

BALANCED SENSES FB @Balancedsenses Susan Centofanti, Founder I help individuals with health challenges by giving them the knowledge needed to empower them to take control of their health using Reishi infused beverages and Frequency Healing Technology.

2BEEZ PROMOTIONS Carmine Benincasa T: 289-460-2978 E: We provide printing, apparel, graphic design, photography, signs, ad specialties, websites and direct marketing services.

BDO CANADA LLP 1 Brock Street East, Suite 1, Uxbridge Heather Allison, CPA CA Client Services Partner T: 905-852-9714 E:

A L DESIGNS Arlene Lyon, Owner, Principal Interior Designer T: 905-904-1488 E: Interior design service with drawings/3D illustrations for individual room, new build construction. A TREASURED GIFT Gayle Summerland T: 416-209-8538 E: When a smile is all the thanks you need. Gifts for all occasions. ABS ABACUS BRAIN STUDY 92 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Annie Hardock, B. Math T: 905-852-6677 E: Online mental math training that exercises the whole brain. Promote 19 brain powers with high speed listening training. ANGELA SHIM – HEART SCENTS WELLNESS Angela Shim, Wellness Business Strategist T: 416-723-7324 E: Helping wellness businesses elevate their impact and reach through strategic alignment of best fit wellness products, training and collaborative networks. BALLANTRAE TREE CARE Paul Leslie, Owner T: 416-347-6761 E: Tree services include tree removals, tree pruning, hedge and shrub pruning, tree planting, cabling & bracing, sawmilling, and firewood. Certified and insured arborists.

All Listings with a red dot indicate that an ad was also placed in the magazine.


BOSTON PIZZA UXBRIDGE/WHITBY NORTH FB: @BPUxbridge @BPWhitbyNorth 284 Toronto St South, Uxbridge 20 Taunton Rd E, Whitby Swapneet Ranike, Owner U: 905-852-0003 | W: 905-620-1102 E: We offer casual dining with more than 100 menu items, including gourmet pizzas made with our signature hand pressed dough. CANCOV MEDICAL INC. 1143 Wentworth St. W., Unit 101& 102, Oshawa Jeremy Hannan, Co-Founder, VP T: 905-409-1741 E: CanCov Medical is deicated to providing clean workspace environment solutions for your staff and clients during and after COVID 19. CONNECTING YOU Rosa Lokaisingh, Owner & President T: 416-419-2531 E: I teach entrepreneurs networking skills and help them find business connections that would help them expand their reach globally. COZY MATTRESS AND BED 307 Toronto St S, Unit 14, Uxbridge Shirley Saunders, Owner T: 905-904-1884 E: Cozy Mattress and Bed is a boutique style, family owned shop for bedroom furniture, mattresses, linen, & decor. 3 Locations Uxbridge, Stouffville and Newcastle.

CURVES UXBRIDGE 97 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Carrie-Lyn Dufton, Owner/Operator T: 905-852-2878 E: 30 minute circuit workout that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio, stretching and also a coach to help with proper form, answer questions and offer encouragement. DARLENE CORDINGLEY BOOKKEEPING 685 Ravenshoe Rd, Uxbridge Darlene Cordingley T: 416-684-0053 E: Bookkeeping and Budget Specialist. Business support & guidance. Quicbooks Pro, Quickbooks Online, Sage 50 Pro. DELA’S VOICE FB/IG: @delasvoice Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Dela Fotoohi, Founder & Host E: Dela’s Voice is a Talk Show that brings Entrepreneurs in the Spot Light and allows them to inform the public through an interactive interview. DIRE MARKETING Chris Auger, Owner T: 905-806-1954 E: We do graphic design, we can print for you and source products and services. DOG-HAPPY Julie Heyes, Owner T: 416-735-2117 E: Dog Training, Walking and OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures (on fence private forest acreage). DURHAM COLLEGE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 29 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Shannon Inglis, Case Manager T: 905-852-7848 E: Provides job seekers and employers a variety of free services: Employment Support, Job Development & Training/ Community Planning.

EDWARD JONES 80 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Tammy Scuralli, Financial Advisor T: 905-852-1244 E: We look forward to learning about your long-term goals and what is important to you. Building your personalized strategy by using our established process is our commitment to you. We strive to exceed your expectations and to partner with you and your family over time. ERIC KIS ACCOUNTING SERVICES Eric Kis T: 905-852-9110/C: 416-712-7816 E: Accounting services. Bookkeeping to corporate tax returns and everything in between. Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor. FAMILY HISTORY SIMPLIFIED Louise Todd, Owner T: 705-252-4467 E: Unlock your past. Knowing our past helps us prepare for the future and re-connects us to who we are. Let us take the mystery out of your family history! FIREBRIDGE FIREPLACES 168 Brock Street West, Uxbridge Jim Treloar, Owner T: 905-852-0369/1-877-489-8880 E: Bring real warmth to your home. For quality that will stand the test of time, let Firebridge Fireplaces in Uxbridge guide you to the perfect fireplace, insert or stove. FORTHWRITE CANADA Ryan Rogers, Principle T: 905-904-1485 E: Straightforward and honest marketing and communications services to strengthen your business’s relationship with its stakeholders, and to identify and enter new markets, and grow your business. We’re right-sized to serve small business. FRASER EDUCATION 7 Adams Court, Uxbridge Dr. Ruth Anne Fraser, PhD – President T: 905-852-1145 E: I provide tutoring in my home to assist elementary, high school, college and university students achieve success. I provide professional development workshops for business workers.

FOXBRIDGE GOLF CLUB 350 Reach Street, Uxbridge Brent Harper Clubhouse: 905-852-7962 Play great greens at affordable prices. HALIBUT HOUSE FISH AND CHIPS 4 Banff Road, Unit 106 & 107, Uxbridge Masud Sethi, Owner T: 905-852-8889 E: We are bujilt on the foundation of optimizing the guest experience. We understand that it takes three pillars for success; quality food, amazing service, and affordability. HEATHER ASHTON Independent Representative of Primerica 2-1615 Dundas St. E, W Tower, Whitby O: 905-240-3300 T: 416-803-7955 E: Helping families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. HOLISTIC HEALTH & RETURN TO FOOD COACH Karen Porter T: 416-414-5356 E: I help busy entrepreneurs to heal their gut, so they can improve their gut instinct, increase energy and focus to accelerate their business. INNAVATAR INC Saran Purushothaman, Director T: 647-271-7679 E: Innavatar is an innovative business development company for “Go-ToMarket” strategies. We add wings to hundreds of Entrepreneurs & SMEs to fly high in business. JAMES~CAMPBELL INSURANCE BROKERS 33 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge Larry James, CAIB, President T: 905-852-9191 TF: 1-888-354-6444 E: We’ll shop your insurance for the best possible rates guaranteed! All lines of insurance: Commercial, Residential, Auto, Recreation, Farm, Life & Health. JENNY HALL ENJO CANADA Jenny Hall, ENJOpreneur T: 705-527-6849 E: Clean 6X more hygienically, without toxic chemicals, using ENJO fibres and water.

K.R. MAY REAL ESTATE LIMITED, BROKERAGE Nancy Hill, Sale Representative T: 905-642-2223 C: 416-735-7041 E: A life-long Uxbridge resident, award-winning Law Clerk and sales representative since 1995. KATHY NORMANDEAU, OGPT Piano Technician T: 416-518-8897 E: Helping Uxbridge stay in tune: piano tuning, repair, consultation, instrumental service. Registered Technician with the Ontario Guild of Piano Technicians. KEYBASE FINANCIAL GROUP 1725 16th Ave, Suite 101, Richmond Hill Alan Loney, Financial Advisor T: 905-709-7911 E: Keybase is an independent mutual fund dealer committed to offering comprehensive financial advice to Canadians from all walks of life. LISA RITCHIE, CPA, CGA, ACCOUNTING SERVICES 304 Toronto St S, Suite 207, Uxbridge Lisa Ritchie, CPA T: 905-862-4166 E: Professional accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Committed to developing a strong relationship and excellent communication with every client. LORELEI INTERIORS 97 Brock Street West, Suite 2D, Uxbridge Pam Domingos, Owner T: 905-862-3939 E: Custom drapery. Canadian manufactured blinds, shades and shutters. MAIN STREET REALTY LTD., BROKERAGE 11 Main Street, Uxbridge Wayne Cordingley, Broker, SRES T: 416-936-0254 E: Real Estate Broker, SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist).


Continued from p. 9 MAPLEBROOK DENTAL 280 Main St N, Unit 300, Uxbridge T: 905-852-2672 E: Family and General Dentistry in Uxbridge. We can help ensure the best oral health for all members of your family. MARY’S COUNTRY KITCHEN Mary Evans T: 905-852-5578/905-260-4572 E: Offering freshly made delicious meals and desserts for any occasion. Anything from a business lunch to a full wedding, we will create a menu to suit your needs. MEDIA GONE MAD Mike Duhamel T: 289-354-3344 E: We create business videos that convert more leads into sales and help you become the Expert in your local market. Attract & engage more customers with video marketing. Are you ready to make business videos that convert? MILESTONES AND TRANSITIONS Headoffice: 60 St. Clair Ave. West, Suite 301, Toronto Partners – Patricia Fenton, MSW RSW Michaele-Sue Goldblatt, MSW RSW, Betty Ann Streeter, MSW RSW, T: 416-486-1056 E: Social work services for individuals and families facing significant changes, planned or unplanned, parenting, marriage, retirement, loss, comprehensive seniors’ services and more. MILL RUN GOLF CLUB RR#1, 269 Durham Road 8, Uxbridge Matt Savage, General Manager T: 905-852-6212/1-800-465-T-OFF A full-service facility with 45 holes of golf, first-class banquet facilities for up to 400 guests & a value proposition that is second-to-none. NEVER ENOUGH WOOL 26 Water Street, Port Perry Carol McGavin, Barb Harvel T: 905-985-0030 E: We offer a selection of hand-knitting and crochet yarns and wools, ranging from 100% acrylic to wool & silk, and many variations in between. We also offer the necessary tools of the trade -- needles and hooks -- as well as patterns.


NFP CANADA CORP 2 Elgin Park Drive, Unite E, Uxbridge 15930 Old Simcoe Road, #10, Port Perry T: 905-852-3309 (Uxbridge) T: 905-985-3344 (Port Perry) We offer a full range of property and casualty insurance including automobile, home, farm, commercial, watercraft, recreational vehicles, professinal liability and travel insurance. NRG 4 LIFE FITNESS 284 Main Street North, Unit #100, Uxbridge Sarah Terrion T: 905-852-4750 E: info@nrg4lifefitness. net 6000 sq ft full service nonintimidating fitness facility, 55 group fitness & yoga classes/week, personal training. ONIX NETWORKING CANADA 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1800, Toronto Dawn Campbell, Account Manager T: 613-876-0495 E: Equidox by Onix Networking Canada offers a full spectrum of digital accessibility services. We specialize in document and website accessibility. OPTOMETRIST, DR. VI TU BANH 2 Elgin Park Drive, Unit D, Uxbridge T: 905-852-6733 E: “Healthy sight for lifeTM” – Provide a full scope family optometric practice. No referrals necessary. All ages welcome.

RIVER STREET WRITING Hollay Ghadery T: 647-866-7784 E: Over a decade of professional writing, editing and creative consulting services for print, online and personal projects. SCRAMBLES RESTAURANT 350 Reach Street, Uxbridge Brent Harper T: 905-852-7323 Kitchen & Bar. Book your events. Daily lunch specials. STANSCIENCEMAN Stanley R. Taylor T: 905-706-4720 E: Founder of Young Canadian Space Club; author of biographies of promising Canadian scientists and children’s howto-books; science workshop presenter for students, educators and community groups. TD BANK 230 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Jane Martone, Branch Manager T: 905-852-7696 E: Financial services. THE MAD ACCOUNTANT INC. Owen Tulk, Founder E: Small business taxes, Accounting and Consulting

PARACHUTE VIRTUAL SERVICES Rachel Leslie T: 647-261-9242 E: Virtual Assistant and Event Management services. Supporting businesses with admin and marketing tasks so they have more time to focus on their business.

THE UXBRIDGE COSMOS 38 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge Lisha Van Nieuwenhove, Publisher, Editor, Owner T: 905-852-1900 E: The Uxbridge Cosmos is a hyperlocal newspaper with a sole focus on the Township of Uxbridge.

PHARMASAVE UXBRIDGE MEDICAL PHARMACY & HOME HEALTH CARE CENTRE 1B – 29 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge Sameer Remtulla, Owner T: 905-862-2800 E: We are a local independently owned pharmacy and home health care centre proudly supporting the Uxbridge community for 10+ years.

THIRTY-ONE GIFTS Wendy Lawton, Independent Executive Director E: Thirty-One Gifts offers fun and functional products that will help keep you organized at home or on the go! Products come in a variety of prints and most can be personalized.

UNLEASH PR INC Jennifer Beale, President T: 416-unleash (865-3274) E: I work with ambitious and well-meaning business owners. I created a membership program called The Hot Traffic Accelerator™. Members of this program use 10 key strategies to generate an ongoing stream of hot qualified prospects for their business. UPRIGHT DOOR SERVICE INC. Alan Fortnum T: 905-852-1981 E: Fast dependable service and repairs. Sales and installation of quality garage doors & operators. UXBRIDGE FAIR BOARD Bev Latva, President T: 905-852-7745 E: The Uxbridge Fall Fair is an annual celebration of community and agriculture held every year on the weekend after Labour Day in Elgin Park.

Swapneet Ranike


Boston Pizza Royalties Limited Partnership, used under license.

UXBRIDGE ON-LINE INC. Annie Hardock, B.Math T: 905-852-6686 E: Owner and operator of www.uxbridge. com since 1996. Internet Advertising. UXBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY 9 Toronto Street, Uxbridge Corrinne Morrison T: 905-852-9747 E: The Uxbridge Public Library provides a wide variety of programs, print and nonprint materials, games, computers, and genealogy information. WHITE GLOVE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Andrea M. Scowcroft T: 416-819-3475 E: We help you focus on your business by taking over the tasks for which you don’t have time or expertise. WRIGHT WEB PHOTO Stephen Wright T: 905-852-9520 E: Web Design, SEO, Marketing, Wedding & Portrait Photography, Corporate Headshots & Store Photography.

Tel: 905.852.0003 UXBRIDGE 284 Toronto St Uxbridge, ON L9P 0C5 Tel: 905.620.1102 WHITBY 20 Taunton Rd E Whitby, ON L1R 0A1

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THE REAL COST OF COVID-19 – PANEL DISCUSSION The UNG-Uxbridge Networking Group recently hosted a virtual panel for members and guests to talk about how Covid-19 has affected them personally and their business. A diverse group of business owners were present to talk about the subject matter. All of the attendees at the event had the opportunity to participate and share their thoughts.

PANELISTS Moderator: Jennifer Culley, 105.5 HITS FM Hollay Ghadery - River Street Writing Hollay Ghadery is the force behind River Street Writing--a collective of freelance writers dedicated to helping their clients with writing, editing and creative consultation. In addition to being a veteran writer of over 15 years with her MFA in Creative Writing, Hollay is a mother of four children under ten years-old and has an upcoming book due for publication in the next year with Guernica Editions. Life can be chaos, but she believes that being relentlessly aware of personal limitations and having a razor-sharp ability to define what truly brings you joy can make the chaos not only manageable, but life-affirming. Learn more about Hollay at Swapneet Ranike – Owner/Operator, Boston Pizza in Uxbridge and North Whitby I am a new immigrant, well not that new we came into this beautiful part of the world in 2017. With so many dreams in my eyes and a desire to accomplish myself. I come with over 13 years hospitality industry experience. Great hospitality is in my blood because of the country I belong to, India. Starting my journey with an airline then Luxury hotels and finally living my dream of being a Mompreneur. My 2 young girls are my source of motivation. When everyone told me with 2 young kids, I can’t achieve my dreams, I told them to wait and watch how it’s done. Apart from running my restaurants, I am also a mentor for new immigrants and I work closely with the community for various fundraisers. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than an independent, powerful and loving woman. Rosa Lokaisingh - Owner, Connecting YOU As Founder, Networking Coach, Business Connector and Matchmaker of Connecting YOU, Rosa Lokaisingh teaches effective Networking strategies to professionals, and coaches entrepreneurs both online and offline, how to find the ‘Right’ connections for growing their business. She provides one on one coaching, group coaching, and holds Matching and Masterminding events, where heart-centred entrepreneurs and conscious changemakers meet and connect to build a strong business community. She also speaks at several events on the Power of Connections! Annie Hardock – Co-owner ABS Abacus ( When the lockdowns began in March due to the pandemic, Annie pivoted her children learning center online by conducting classes in a virtual classroom, plus using a proprietary online learning system. Rather than seeing an obstacle during the pandemic, Annie saw new opportunity to deliver the entire children program online. Annie can be reached at


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