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Blissful Living? HAPPINESS IS

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Kim Serafini and Kristine Carlson

Living the Big Stuff with Gratitude



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Follow your bliss!


ell it was pretty difficult to not have immense gratitude receiving twenty or more articles about gratitude in my inbox this month! How did I get so fortunate and what a gift! There are so many ways I am grateful for the magazine and my life and I’m not saying that to be cheesy, it’s actually how I feel on a deep level. And after connecting with so many kind souls at the Conscious Life Festival last month, there seemed to be a recurring theme… many people shared (and a few with tears in their eyes) that the process of writing an article in the magazine has assisted them to express and be themselves more fully than ever before. And I realised what a transformational experience it is to write from the heart, pushing through fears of being exposed (and for some of our spiritual writers, past

life fears can come up) and it is giving and a receiving on many levels. Writing and sharing openly in a public forum is about being seen so it is a great joy and honour that I have been a part of people’s process particularly given ‘being visible’ has been a big part of my journey and continues to be… I have realised, you don’t have to be talking on a stage to ‘be seen’; expressing yourself, openly with your guard down, through written expression, is just as much about being in the public eye. Words can and do change the world as they have an energy behind them and a possibility in them… What words can you express in the verbal or written form that can transform and connect you even more to YOU? Can you be grateful for all of you?

“Your Magazine With Soul”


Blissful Living? HAPPINESS IS

Simplicity Food for the Soul FOR SPRING

Kim Serafini and Kristine Carlson

Living the Big Stuff with Gratitude



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8 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Spiced Red Lentils by Vicki Taylor 7 Dukkah-Crusted Ocean-Caught Fish by Marlies and Jai Hobbs 8 Millet Patties by Bo Wong 10-11 Let’s Build a Very New, Refreshing Approach to Wellness by Warren Stewart 12 Be Spring-sensational! by Lucy Walter  Personal Training with a Difference by Clint Bauer 13 What is in your Water? by Ann Zulehner COVER STORY 14-15  Kim Serafini and Kristine Carlson Living the Big Stuff with Gratitude

36 49

16 Gratitude in your Body by Jean Sheehan 17 The Gift of Grief by Wendy Mulder 18 Healing with Gratitude by Jo McAlinden 19 Creating the Life We Desire by Michelle Lightworker 20-21 Opening the Heart to Love by Jennifer Therese 22 Ascension Therapy and Forgiveness by Natalie Grant 23 Happiness is Simplicity by Erin Barry 24 Body Beautiful by Shauna Teaken 28 Would you be Willing to be Grateful for You – Right Now? by Gary Douglas 29 Natural, Organic Presence by David Anderson

30 Appreciation for All Things Great and Small by Toni Reilly 32-33 Thankful for my Health and Vitality by Dr David Hendrey 34 Spring Clean from the Inside Out by Leanne Vickery 35 Guided by Spirit by Jane Tredrea HOLISTIC KIDS AND PARENTS

36 Spirited Children by Talitha Talarek 37 Sharing Gratitude with Children by Jean Sheehan 38 Blissful Living by Margaret Braunack 39 The Secrets of Your Shadow by Inna Segal BEAUTY AND STYLE 40 Creating a Divine World by Therese Kerr MINDFULNESS AND CONTEMPLATION

42 Fear of Commitment Can Feel Like It’s Real. It’s Not! by Mary-Lou Stephens 43 Can NLP Change Your Life? 44-45 The Power of Gratitude by Dr Cassandra Osborne 46 Clearing the Baggage for Spring by Veronica Garrett 47 All Well and Good for You! NATURAL ANIMAL CARE 48 How can You be Grateful for Your Horse? by Viv Adcock 49 The Natural Healing Force by Dr Henry Stephenson 50 51


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Spiced Red Lentils RECIPE VICKI TAYLOR, Queen of Spice


Serves 4

Have you ever used this spice? It’s a vital spice used in vegetarian cooking, mainly Indian cuisine that contain lentils like dhals and pickles. It’s also referred to as ‘Devil’s Dung’ or ‘Hing’. Asafoetida comes from sap from a perennial herb relating to a species of giant fennel. Ground down, Asafoetida is usually blended with a starch of some sort so be careful as sometimes this can contain gluten. Yellow Asafoetida has been blended with turmeric and is usually okay but check the labels. The aroma of Asafoetida is extremely pungent, smelling something like sulphur but luckily it doesn’t taste like that. When it’s cooked out it has a flavour similar to that of onions and garlic. Some religions forbid the use of onions and garlic in their food so using Asafoetida is perfect. Asafoetida also helps relieve digestive problems like flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome and irritable colon. Many people suffering from these conditions can tolerate and enjoy lentils or beans when Asafoetida is used.

Ingredients: 2 cups dried red lentils, rinsed 1 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, thinly sliced 8 curry leaves 1 quill of cinnamon 2 whole cardamom pods, bruised ¼ tsp Asafoetida 1 tsp Red Hot Chilli Pepper Bombaywalla curry powder 1 tsp mustard seeds 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced 1 tsp grated fresh ginger 2 anchovies, chopped 5 cups of reduced salt chicken or vegetable stock (subtitute water if no stock) ½ cup coconut milk Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Method: Fry sliced onions in oil until caramelised, with the mustard seeds and the curry leaves. Add minced garlic, ginger and cook for a further few minutes. Add in the anchovies, the Asafoetida, the curry powder and the remainder of the spices. Add the spiced lentils and stir well. Add the stock and bring to boil. Turn heat to low and simmer with lid on for 015-20 minutes, stirring occasionally (don’t let them burn!). Add a little more water or stock if required. Cook for another 5 minutes, before adding in the coconut milk. Stir. Remove from heat and add lime juice. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

At Paleo Café we are proud to be different. We adopt the Paleo philosophy which is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle is about eating and living as Mother Nature intended. That means eating a good variety of lean meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries. Avoid eating dairy, grains, sugars and preservatives which our bodies were not designed to digest. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, play time and laughter!

Paleo is 100% gluten free and it has been around for 2.5 million years so it is not a fad! If this lifestyle appeals to you, then our team is here to support you every step of the way. fresh Paleo meals takeaway and readymade meals juices and smoothies tea and coffee baked goods health products, resources and supplies Paleo Café HQ P: 07 4225 5388 E: FRANCHISES AVAILABLE – currently 12 cafés throughout Australia and growing! For your nearest Paleo Café, visit our website 6

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Dukkah-Crusted Ocean-Caught Fish and Garden Salad RECIPE MARLIES and JAI HOBBS

Serves 4 Prep time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes

Tartare sauce (recipe in paleo recipe book page 218) Sweet potato chips (recipe in paleo recipe book page 128)

Ingredients: 4 x 200g firm white fish fillets 1 tsp coconut oil Salad: 4 cups mixed lettuce 1 punnet cherry tomatoes, halved ½ cucumber, sliced 1 small red onion, finely sliced Salt and pepper, to taste Serve with: Honey and wholegrain mustard dressing (recipe in paleo recipe book page 207) 1 / 3 cup dukkah (recipe in paleo recipe book page 205)

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Method: Preheat oven to 190°C. Season fish with salt and pepper. Make dressing, dukkah and tartare sauce according to instructions and set aside. To speed things up, you can also make these the day before and store in the fridge. Prepare sweet potato chips according to instructions and place in oven. While chips are cooking, melt the coconut oil in a large frying pan over high heat. When pan is very hot,




Good for nature Good for you

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carefully add fish. Cook for 5 minutes and then turn and sprinkle with the dukkah. Transfer the fish fillets to a baking tray, dukkah-side up and cook in the oven for a further 5-8 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. While fish is cooking, prepare garden salad. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with honey and wholegrain mustard dressing. Serve fish with sweet potato chips, garden salad and tartare sauce. Tip: Fish is cooked when a fork penetrates the thickest part of the fish fillet without any resistance.

Fusion Cuisine 13th September Sri Lankan 11th October


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Have you heard about Millet?

Millet Patties WORDS BO WONG

Serves 4 Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: ½ cup organic hulled millet 2 cups water 3 big flat mushrooms 5 sprigs Italian parsley 1 medium red onion 1 / 3 cup sprouted flour (or spelt flour) 2 organic medium sized eggs ½ tsp turmeric 1 tbsp cumin powder ½ tsp Himalayan rock salt (or sea salt) ½ tsp cracked black pepper ½ tsp onion powder 2 tbsp coconut oil Raw garlic aioli: ½ cup blanched almonds or cashews, soaked for a minimum 4 hours 2-3 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp organic Dijon mustard 1 juice of large lemon 2 tbsp olive oil ¼-½ cup water, as needed ¼ tsp Himalayan rock salt (or sea salt) ¼ tsp cayenne pepper


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Method: Before cooking the millet, rinse thoroughly under running water. Begin to boil the millet with 2 cups of water on a medium flame, stirring occasionally until the water is evaporated. It will look like a grainy porridge – set aside to cool. Finely chop the onion, parsley and mushroom. Add these and the rest of the ingredients (apart from the coconut oil – this is used later) to the millet and combine well. Once all mixed together, form palm size patties and fry in the coconut oil over a medium heat. It will take about 3-5mins on each side depending on how crispy you want your patties. To make the dipping sauce, place all the aioli ingredients (except the water) in a high speed blender and blend until well combined. Then slowly add the water and blend until the garlic aioli is a creamy consistency you are happy with.

Millet is a gluten-free digestible grain, which has a mild flavour that lends itself well to seasonings. Locally grown organic millet in its hulled and whole-grain form is generally available to buy from bulk food places in Australia – which means less packaging (you can usually take your own) and therefore fewer recyclables. Not to mention easier on your wallet while also supporting the local economy and in turn decreasing your footprint on the earth. Millet should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place, which will keep it fresh for several months. For more healthy meal ideas and tips visit the Empowered Women’s Channel – the home for vibrant living. We love eating a more plant-based diet, which supports locally grown food. We feel eating this way not only gives us a colourful plate, but it’s more eco-friendly and strengthens our connection to Mother Earth and ourselves while filling us up with positive energy and happiness. Talk about a plate worth eating!

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8/20/2014 7:14:07 AM


to b th S v

Refreshing Approach to Wellness

Let’s build a very new,



he health food market in its zealous desire to ‘get it right’; to change the landscape in our society from a sickness industry to a vibrant health food market, in truth is half blind to the actual mistake it aimed to correct. While the aim was to build health, the answer has typically been, in all reality, fixing illness symptoms not with drugs, but by natural means. The approach though actually, is almost a carbon copy of the original. Often I find myself blocked in my thinking of a new approach, as I and you have the

upbringing of the sickness model of health. We literally see in the same old way, and fail to see a new way. With all due respect I ask you this question: What is the function of a ‘Health Department’? It is in reality to ‘stop disease’. Does health not mean absence of disease? Frankly we all have so much upbringing like this that blocks us from seeing the opportunity to be healthier. The new approach must be to focus our thinking on the outcome we want: not absence of illness, but true wellness.

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Dip. Kinesiology and Homeopath


Okay, my parents used to argue about buying brown or white bread. My Dad said it was healthier, my Mum said white lasts longer, so it’s better. And if I, as a kid bought brown, the baker looked at me sideways, as only 5% of the bakery had brown bread on its shelves. The truth is though, that this difference of opinion still exists. When you know that prior to the Industrial Revolution all bread was wholesome, and man decided to mill bread and take the roughage out, as it would be – get this – easier to digest. Our gut was built

Train to be a Raw and Vegan Chef with our certificate courses – study online and at your own pace. Learn how to start a successful business as a Raw Chef. Make this the year you begin a new lifestyle or career with Raw and Vegan Chef training.

The Raw Food


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o fu th a b b fa th w in h n

a p “o A a w a sp m o o a


to process fibre; it is what makes the bowel move. And, it was the outside of the wheat that has all the goodness in it. So white bread (or white flour) has no vitamins, no minerals and no fibre. So, we have a piece of knowledge on brown bread, fibre and bowel function, nutrients, and health. Surely this empowers us to think with a new approach. Bakeries today have not only brown bread, but all varieties of enriched bread, with nuts, fruit and Omega 3 fatty acid sources. The new thinking is that eating wholesome bread leads to wellness. I have been in the health food industry for over 25 years and I have had many a brown bread-white bread nutrition dilemma. Here’s another. I remember hearing about amino acid (the building blocks of protein) supplementation, and I thought “oh god, only those protein starved in Africa would be benefited by taking amino acids”. So I read the research: why or why-not would you benefit from an amino acid supplement? Simply speaking our protein intake while high, may, after digestion result in deficiencies of some aminos as the protein is typically of a meat source (and this may not have all the aminos we need). Furthermore, as our diet is typically high in fat, our liver may not convert

one amino to another. Then there is the research evidence: that certain amino supplements have a beneficial effect, like high tryptophan intake can help with sleep at night. Do you see how my upbringing, a belief about protein intake blinded me from seeing the truth? That is, the real reason for deficiency, and the opportunity to use amino acids to boost wellness. So I say to you: we still exist today with many ‘pieces of knowledge’ and nutrition beliefs that act as blocks – stopping us from seeing the truth of how we can build wellness. Here we go. We all know that we need a ‘good diet’, so what exactly is that? Some carbohydrate, protein, fats… oh, more fatty acids… and good salads. So is this totally correct? The truth is no. Definitely a big no! Our research shows that indeed we need what is called a more alkalising diet. The reality is, that after the digestion of our food we are left with either an acid residue – from say a high protein intake – or alternatively, left with an alkaline residue from say, a high greens intake. The truth is, that just like the white versus brown bread story, we now have to consume about 70-80% alkalising foods and 20-30% acidifying foods.

And, instead of saying we are healthier, let us move away from this word that means (and is very much tied to) absence of disease. Let’s say we will be ‘more well’. Wellness is a very positive word. And the approach of alkalising to ensure wellness is a very positive approach. This is the mission of the nutritionresearch-based company Morlife: to vastly improve your nutritional intake. We are conducting the research to formulate nutritional solutions into truly high nutrient foods (or functional foods) to ensure wellness. This is a refreshing approach; one in which we want to partner with our customers to ensure all of us do gain wellness, and in turn get more out of life. My role, (and it’s fun), is to facilitate this Morlife business mission: to ensure our customers gain wellness (not just our goal, but yours too). Do email me, to seek more on this story. WARREN has spent over 25 years in nutrition research, has a PhD from the University of Tasmania, and heads the research team at Morlife, a Gold Coast functional food company that has won many awards, including last year the Best of the Best, in the Australian Food Magazine Awards.

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Be Springsensational!

Personal training with a difference WORDS CLINT BAUER


’m shaking my head at how quickly spring has come around this year, each year it seems to show its face earlier and earlier, or maybe I’m just getting older! This is such an exquisite time of year and my thoughts start to turn to beautiful salads, Spring fruits and a feeling of abundance. I’m filled with a sense of gratitude when I consider where we live. Our country is second to none with the variety of fresh foods we have access to. Over the last couple of years we have been developing Australia’s first accredited Raw and Vegan Chef Certificate to take to the world, and in this program we get to showcase some of the most incredible foods grown right here in our beautiful country. I love winter and I definitely love my winter veggie garden, but for most people, one of the biggest obstacles when considering adding raw is those colder months. We know it can be tricky, especially on those chilly nights snuggled in front of the fire. But now Spring is with us, let’s shed those winter coats, bring out our creativity again and celebrate food in its most pure and alive state.

ost people see a personal trainer with the main goal of losing weight, but what if traditional exercise is causing more harm than good and not helping you achieve your goals? So many of us are suffering from one major health problem or another; from hormone issues and chronic stress, to diseases such as diabetes. Focusing on just one aspect like losing weight by following conventional methods (i.e. counting calories, long bouts of high intensity exercise etc) may be very damaging long term, mentally and physically. Often a ‘less is more’ approach is needed. Performing more gentle and consistent movements throughout each day may be more beneficial and sustainable than 3-4 hard sessions per week. Instead of making weight loss the focus, learn how to use your body the way it’s designed; looking at the food you eat, your mindset and the way you move. For example, the human body is designed to be fully engaged when moving. It’s more natural to move and look at the body as a whole, not focusing on training biceps, abs and thighs individually. Primal Influence helps people make the connection between the body, mind and nutrition using paleo principals. When these connections are re-established, true health is easier to achieve and maintain.




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“organic vegetarian goodness” Free WiFi • Kombucha on tap 5/8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Phone 07 5438 1647 Follow our story:

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What is in your water? WORDS ANN ZULEHNER


p to 50 different chemicals can be legally added to our tap water. Fluoride is just one of them and was firstly added in Australia in the 1950s. More than half a century later there is still controversy about the possible health effects. Why? When you hear about fluoride in drinking water, it comes from adding a fluorine compound (usually sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, or fluorosilicic acid) to the water. When fluoride enters into the food chain, it stays there, it accumulates and is not biodegradable. Once in the body, fluoride is absorbed into the blood through the digestive tract. It travels through the blood and tends to collect in areas high in calcium, such as the bones and teeth. How did water fluoridation start? In the 1930s industrial fluoride emissions from the aluminium, glass and fertiliser industries were posing an increasing problem because of their devastating effects on trees, crops and wildlife. Meanwhile some studies of children living in naturally fluoridated areas confirmed their lower incidence of dental decay. It was the biochemist Gerald Cox, sponsored by the American aluminium giant ALCOA who suggested that if naturally fluoridated water might prevent tooth decay, it was only logical to add fluoride to all drinking water. From being a troublesome industrial pollutant, fluoride suddenly became a desirable “medication”, and the

fluoride-producing industries had found a new way to dispose their toxic wastes. As water fluoridation schemes spread across the globe scientists got disappointed by the results. In the 1980s it was obvious that dental health improvements were actually related to a better diet and improved dental hygiene. The figures published in 1990 by the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry showed no benefits to teeth from water fluoridation. Some studies even proved that dental health got worse in fluoridated areas. The National Research Council of America admitted that by the 1980s, where the fluoride content of the water was around 1 ppm, 22% of the population now had fluoride toxicity (dental fluorosis) and at 1.8–2.2 ppm, 53% of the population had dental fluorosis. Fluoride toxicity occurs because, in addition to the water drunk, all foods and beverages manufactured in fluoridated areas and all food cooked with fluoridated water also contains added fluoride. It is also added to all crops watered with fluoridated water and gets into sewage, rivers and the ground water. Fluoride overdoses can cause mottled teeth and bone damage known as skeletal fluorosis. Many studies have demonstrated that fluoride inhibits a wide range of enzymes and has inhibitory effects on the functional abilities of white blood cells, an integral part of the immune system. That

Water Filter System Creating Healthy, Alkaline Drinking Water

fluoride has an adverse effect on the brain has been known since 1945. In several studies fluoride has also been linked with affecting thyroid functions and causing arthritis, gastrointestinal effects and kidney diseases. Under the Water Fluoridation Regulation 2008, South East Queensland (SEQ) Water is required to produce fluoridated water of between 0.7mg/L and 0.9mg/L. They source their fluorides from Shanghai, China. Unfortunately more than once SEQ Water had to shut down a treatment plant because of dosage errors. In 2009 the North Pine plant in Brisbane served water with 19.4mg/L – 13 times the legal limit to thousands of homes. For people concerned that they or their families may be exposed to too much fluoride, there are some steps you can take. First, know the level of fluoride in your drinking water. If your drinking water comes from a public source, you can find out about the levels of certain substances in your drinking water, by contacting your local community water system. Those who get their drinking water from a private source such as bore water or rainwater tanks can have the fluoride levels tested by a reputable laboratory. People who want to make sure they do not have any fluoride in drinking water may consider using bottled or filtered water. or

8-Stage Tap Water Purification and Mineralisation

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f I rated my level of gratitude speaking with Kristine, I’m sure it was ‘off the Richter’ especially given her personal circumstances at the time. Kristine’s daughter was due to give birth to her third child in a week or so and just days before we spoke, Kristine’s dear motherin-law passed away which was the last family connection to her late husband Richard. As many are aware, Kristine and Richard shared a great love with a deep connection living and working together with spirit and bringing two beautiful girls into the world, so it was a shock and tragedy when Richard died seven years ago from a pulmonary embolism while flying on a plane. Kristine and her family were grief-stricken and also left with an international book series and brand to manage. With time, they found the courage to process their loss and Kristine released a book, ‘Heart Broken Open’,

which has touched people all around the world. It was such a privilege for Kristine and Kim to share their personal experiences with me so candidly. Kristine’s grace and serene calm was palpable and she demonstrated what gratitude and being present means in daily life, which was very inspirational. She said, “Unless we can access our gratitude, we can’t have true abundance. Gratitude for me is about noticing what you have and focussing on what you have rather than what you want. To be able to look at your life and look at all the aspects of it that are wonderful, even in the midst of difficult circumstances helps foster resiliency in life.” Kim added, “For some people gratitude is a specific activity, but for me it’s a natural way of being. It’s not something I do, it’s something I am. I don’t do ‘thank-you’ because it’s a way to express appreciation, I am thankful, all day every day.” Kim went on to explain the science of gratitude which she shares with international audiences… We know when we feel a deep appreciation and genuine sincere thankfulness, a couple of processes happen physiologically. We know we get an increase in oxygen absorption in our cardiovascular system. That is medical proof. So it’s a healthy emotion to indulge in and we also get an increase in collagen production. What gratitude does, is it starts a cascade of chemicals so there is a cocktail that your body is being saturated with through the endocrine system. Of all the emotions, gratitude is the healthiest to experience on a regular basis. So being grateful is a mindset and you can completely change your life by shifting your focus; from being negative to being in gratitude. For most of us it’s not a straight path, it’s a winding road with peaks and valleys. Kim’s the first one to admit her life has not been without challenges. She has experienced loss, tragedy, illness and said she went through a significant issue last year with a personal relationship ending. What she discovered in the process was the power of gratitude and asking questions to set herself free: “What do I need to see or know that this is in the best interests of my higher self? If I had to be grateful for this, what would I be truly grateful for? What aspect could I be

| SEPTEMBER 2014 | Holistic Bliss

8/20/2014 7:22:17 AM

g q th w

e th li to a w d h a g a th

K S in o




grateful for? She said you can ask these questions in mini meditations and during the day… “I’m not saying coming up with the answers is easy!” she said. Kristine reflected and shared her experiences of growth and gratitude through her loss, “I can identify how I lifted myself up quite immediately. I said to myself, “You’ve been really blessed and I thought about my blessed life with Richard.” She still went through deep grief but what it did was give her the hope that she could return to a blessed life. She learnt ‘presence in grieving’ quite quickly, more than at any other time in her life, “I realised in the present moment I could feel okay.

I believe in kindness as a true spiritual principle and priority for me. Sharing what is really going on with people on a heart level. Not from an ego level. I do believe in living the principles you teach rather than telling people how to live, without living those principles yourself. – Kristine Carlson

What an amazing teaching, if I’m in my past, I’m crying all the time and if I’m in the future, I’m crying all the time and miserable. Being in the past or future was like standing in the doorway bashing my head against the door. Once I realised

Kim and Kristine originally met through a mutual friend and global change agent, Marci Shimoff from the United States. So now Kim and Kristine work on many projects together including earlier this year touring with the “Truth event” and they also empower groups of women in Bali twice a year through the Serafini Mindspa retreats.


s d



I’m the one doing the head bashing, I could stop it pretty quickly.” Both are as humble as they are successful, smart as they are joyful. They don’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ and are prepared to ‘live the big stuff’… and Kristine is even okay with the fact that her car and wardrobe are not always neat and tidy! Kristine said Richard never held himself above the rest of the world. He sat in the trenches of life like everyone else and he just observed the things that bothered him and also watched the people around him and the things that stressed them out. That is why the series remains popular today; it isn’t the big things that people struggle with, it’s the day-to-day minutiae that gets them down and into a spiral of negativity rather than focussing on what matters. “That’s what the ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff work’ is all about and that’s why gratitude is so important as a daily practice,” she said. The three of us exchanged a lot of information in a few hours and with plenty of laughter! I actually felt like I could have written a whole edition (and more) about all their combined wisdom and stories: from Kristine’s spiritual background, to being on Oprah, to discussing personal and confronting issues like grief and loss. They both demonstrated generosity with open hearts and I am also grateful that a special Holistic Bliss episode has been created by Kim Serafini using her new enriching visions technology. To honor the miracle that is your mind/body and enhance your wellbeing using a brilliant new approach, please treat yourself to a very special transformational video at This video focuses your mind on wellness, joy and positivity, to inspire and empower you to create holistic wellness from inside out! It’s a FREE gift for Holistic Bliss readers this month. Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 7:23:29 AM


Gratitude in your Body WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


id you know that when you are truly grateful each and every cell will sing and buzz producing amazing healing properties that will ‘fix’ anything?

Every step was a ‘story’ I had created and my initial reaction would not be ‘why me’ but THANK YOU and then reflect on appreciating what was, is and will be.

During my Medical Intuitive sessions I watch the anatomy and physiology of the physical and metaphysical bodies. It also includes the auras, chakras and so much more. I am blown away every time when I see these energies in the state of gratitude. The major organ that holds gratitude is the heart and it is about awakening, awareness, love of self and others, self-respect and gratitude.

Children naturally do this and move on quickly as they tap in to their heart. When was the last time you said thank you to an enemy, someone you despise or even yourself?

The key element with gratitude is being thankful and appreciative. All you need do is say THANK YOU even in the worst times and appreciate what has occurred so as to move on. I have practised this since a child and it’s got me through the worst times including rape, homelessness, depression and cancer.

In my personal life I practise gratitude each day by waking up and saying ‘thank you’ and appreciating I have a bed to sleep in, roof over my head and food to eat, as growing up I did not have these things. Then I say thanks for my husband, children and clients for being in my life and ask, how can I serve them to

Everything is a gift if you perceive it that way and when you do, your heart will open more to the abundance of all creation and you can manifest your heart’s desires.

show my appreciation. This concept goes straight to my heart, then to my blood (life force) and is pumped all day to assist my journey in creating the life I love. Family meals are always commenced with saying ‘I am grateful for…” and “I helped…” – I also teach this on all my courses. My work emails are signed off ‘absolute love and gratitude’ so everyone knows that I appreciate them. To end the day, I lie in my warm bed and say my three things I’m grateful for to myself as this is private and they are my personal learning lessons. Doing this has created the life I love, winning business awards, travelling overseas twice a year and meeting people like you. I am thankful, grateful and appreciate you reading my article. SO remember everything is a gift and it is how you perceive it.

Sunshine ealth

Find your path to wellbeing

Holistic Health Care

67 Channon Street, Gympie. Sunshine Health, Gympie

Phone 07 5483 7688

S PIRITUAL TUNE-UP • Do you have holes in your Aura? • Is your Energetic Body aligned with your Physical Body? • Is your Hara Line straight leading you to your life’s purpose? • Are there Entities or Earthbound Spirits attached to you? INTUITIVE KINESIOLOGIST • Full Spiritual Tune-up and JANE 0405 090 028 Alignment


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Gift of Grief



hat if you could see grief from the space of allowance and gratitude? If you have gratitude, not only just for now, but for everything that you’ve ever chosen, done or been, there’s no room for judgement. When any judgement exists, it’s destroying. So if you make that demand that you will have gratitude instead of judgement, it will change your experience of grief. Every time you go to judgement of yourself, look at that and ask: “What could I be grateful for here? Or: What’s right about me here I’m not getting?” When you have an awareness of this, the judgement can disappear because there is no right or wrong. There’s no such thing as a wrong choice. What if every choice is a contribution? So what if you just be with yourself during those times of

sadness. Have those tears. And have allowance for you. It’s the energy of having ease with what was, and what will be now. What if you could have those times of sadness and tears, but still be willing to be present with yourself and be in the question? It’s not that you’re not going to have tears if you are missing someone – you need to be willing to allow yourself to have tears. And what if you don’t stay in that space all the time? Sadness can be part of your life, but it’s not your entire life, unless you allow it to be. A friend’s grandmother is 93. Her grandfather died about 42 years ago, and her grandmother still talks about him like it was yesterday. He died when she was in her late 40s. She has not lived her life and all of this time later; she is still living in the space of what he would think. How many people are in

relationship and they live so much in each other’s world, that they actually don’t know who they be? So when someone dies, moves away, or there’s a divorce or whatever, you need to ask: “Well, what’s going on? Who am I?” if you’d like to get out of the loop. And if you don’t want to let go of what was, you especially need to ask this question!! Many people think that if they actually let go of the relationship, they haven’t got anything left. Your point of view creates your reality. What if you could change your point of view of what grief is? What if someone choosing to die can be the inspiration for you to truly live? And what if we didn’t actually have to have something occur in our lives to get that? What if we could be willing to live every day and just enjoy it?

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 7:27:06 AM


Healing with gratitude WORDS JO McALINDEN


ecently I received an opportunity to experience the power of gratitude in a big way. At the beginning of this year, out of left field, came a most unexpected health challenge. Having always been health conscious, I was really surprised and questioned how this could happen to me, especially when I had just opened my new jewellery design gallery. Was I sabotaging myself, now that I was finally on the path of my dreams, designing and creating inspirational jewellery in my own space? So, I just stayed in a state of denial and non-acceptance and was really disappointed in myself about what I perceived as a big “failure”. But, a treatment decision was required, so I finally took action to choose to treat the disease with natural therapies. I created this dis-ease, so I felt it was up to me to take responsibility for my own healing. Being a determined soul, I still went to the shop each day, even though I was in a lot pain and unable to function

properly. I also planned to exhibit at a local festival… surely an invincible creature like me would be better by then? So, as I clearly wasn’t listening, the universe stepped in and made some choices for me. I was on my way to work one morning, feeling physically depleted, and while waiting at a red light, a 4-wheel-drive slammed into the back of my car pushing me into the car in front… while I was saying the affirmation “I love and accept myself”… I was really upset and the boot was so badly damaged that it wouldn’t open… how was I going to exhibit at the festival, when my car was like this? But at least this finally got my attention, I finally surrendered and closed the shop, cancelled the festival, went home to rest and do some soul searching to look at what was going on here. Was I loving and accepting myself and respecting my body’s need to heal? No. Was I accepting this situation and

Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised Medical Intuitive

What is Your Body Telling You? Medical Intuition

15 - 20 November 2014 (Sunshine Coast)

Successful Healing Business

22 - 23 November 2014 (Sunshine Coast) w. e. p. 07 5641 4009 18

18.indd 1

looking at what my body was trying to tell me? No. Was I trusting the universe and that everything happens for a reason? No. I was in a state of fear, focussing on how bad the situation was, instead of looking for the potential gift. So I embarked upon a “life review” to find the underlying subconscious beliefs that created this situation. There was some really old “stuff” that no longer served me. This illness was created by my being, to bring my attention to it and release it. What an incredible gift, I am so grateful for. Meanwhile, my amazing body was trying to heal me, despite my harsh self judgement. So, I shifted my perspective, began to love and appreciate myself and be grateful for this opportunity. This created feelings of surrender and peace once again. I began to trust that everything was okay. I’m now healed, happy and ever so grateful for the joy of the simple pleasures in my everyday life.

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing energy in the shop, where locals and visitors have been coming since 1995. Spiritual Books Crystals Jewellery Psychic Readings Oracle and Angel Cards Tarot Cards Essential Oils Incense

Australian Bush Flower Essences Inspirational DVDs Meditation and Music CDs Feng Shui Products Tibetan Singing Bowls Himalayan Salt Lamps Meaningful Gifts and Cards Plus more…

Shop 3, 36 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction Qld 4567

Phone (07) 5448 0166

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Creating the

Life we Desire



here is more than enough to go around. We are entering an age of consciousness where being thankful for the services that likeminded people are offering, does not translate into competition. Gratitude translates into contributing to a greater awareness of the truth of what society needs to sustain itself into the future. I have found that we need open-mindedness to ensure that we connect to the Everyday Lightworker within ourselves. This is one of the first principles my students learn during the Lightworker Practitioner Training. Anyone who offers an holistic service or other service that assists humanity to raise their consciousness, vibration and to heal is important. We all contribute towards a collective consciousness and we create a new normal. Alternative is the new normal. If you look closely at movies, television and magazines, holistic health and wellbeing are becoming the centre attraction. Even the corporate arena is now being

infiltrated by holistic concepts such as meditation, increasing intuition, setting intentions and overcoming limited beliefs. More and more of my students are coming from ‘mainstream’ and ‘corporate’ environments. I look at the change in who we are attracting to the Lightworker Practitioner Training as a sign of the times. I also see the changes in my students sooner rather than later too. I had one student start recently and after only three modules this is the testimony she sent me (this is coming from a Personal Trainer who trains elite athletes and now offering Holistic Empowerment workshops for teens on the Sunshine Coast). “Michelle holds a safe space for us to comfortably explore and develop our spiritual gifts. I love the energy in my course and have wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to connect with likehearted souls. The clarity I have gained through my sessions have already led to amazing shifts in my consciousness.

Revolutionary Approach to

D e t ox h o u s e

18kg in 8 weeks


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I am already integrating the skills I have acquired into my personal life and my holistic health coaching practice with amazing results – applying the principle of open-mindedness has resulted in the universe presenting me with new career opportunities and I am so excited about my future.” Kaye Vlachos, Soul2Soul Wellness. How could I not feel grateful for the service that Kaye is offering? When we pass our service on or we are grateful for the service that someone is offering, we contribute to the collective of a more conscious and evolved planet. If all holistic services operated this way, we would find that more and more people would be accessing these services because they are more the norm. The more we open our mind the more gratitude we have. The more gratitude we have, the more we create the reality we want to live.

Hormones and Thyroid out of Balance? Tired, Exhausted, Overweight? Sugar Cravings? Late Night Eating?

Activate your body’s Master Switch NOW!! Gosia Kuszewski, ND Weight Loss & Detox Specialist

Det o x h o u s e

To learn how, feel free to phone Gosia now on… Ph:

04 1495 7039

*Terms & Conditions: Redeemable during any Detoxhouse consultation and any product purchased at time of consultation. Limited to (1) per valued reader. Expires 30 Sep 2014

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8/20/2014 7:29:23 AM


spiritual experience during a very difficult time in my life. I was nine years old at the time. During a lunch break, I went from the Catholic primary school I attended, across the playground to the church. No one was there. The blue light was shining on the altar. I had been taught that this meant God was present. Boldly I went up to the altar and the light, and asked God to help me understand. Deep sobs of grief wracked my young body. Soon I was lying on the steps in front of the altar, bathed in a golden light of love. My crying melted away. I felt a love and peace as never before. A soft voice said to me, “There is always someone here for you!” Comforted, I went back to the school playground as though nothing had happened.

Opening the Heart to Love WORDS JENNIFER THERESE

Abundance flourishes in a grateful heart; gratitude is the secret of love.


– Harold Klemp, ‘The Spiritual Laws of Life’

have always felt grateful for the comfort my guardian angel gave me as a child growing up in Sydney. In a large family, we went to the Catholic Church where I was taught this. I prayed with my angel every day. I had a vivid

Spiritual, Physical, Emotional Healing Consultations Worldwide SEPTEMBER COURSES – BRISBANE Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner Course: 12-14 September ***Scholarship For All Attendees

On a deep Soul level I knew I had found spiritual truth. I just didn’t understand this then, and so began my search for truth and understanding. I asked my mother about what had happened. She said, “Don’t tell anyone, they lock people up for telling these sorts of stories”. I was confused and silenced! After other spiritual experiences that no one could explain or understand, I kept on searching. My search would

Tim Fraser 1300 387 063 - 0410 102 751

Soul Mate Day – Intro to ThetaHealing®: 21 September Soul Mate Practitioner Course: 19 & 20 September Rainbow Children Course: for 7-11-year-olds – 22-25 September Rainbow Children Course: for 12-15-year-olds – 29 Sept-02 October For other Courses offered go to

Talitha Talarek ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor T: 0432

207 738


Hosting Opportunities Available Australia Wide so we can bring this amazing technique to YOU! 20

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TRANSPERSONAL ARTS THERAPY Using the arts to create and respond to life ~ by connecting with the space flowing in between the two ~ For more information phone Marnie 0477 626 861 Email:

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ta m w c a a V n

th a w o a h e

im c m b b a a a e to I re m se




take me on a roundabout journey, mainly looking outside myself until I was around 35 years old. After my third child was born, I began a course to be an NLP counsellor, and we had to learn about using a technique called ‘Creative Visualisation’. This I found I could do naturally and easily. I would start out seeing myself on the inner as in a dream walking along a beach. I discovered a cave and inside was a being. He was holding a sphere of blue light. I felt my fear melt away and the love and compassion from him reminded me of my childhood experience. Dismissing this again as just my imagination, I told no one. I still felt compelled to keep going on the inner to meet with this wonderful, compassionate being. He took me through the sphere of blue light to meet other beings. Each had a quality, an essence unique to them, always there was love. I felt really grateful and uplifted with these wonderful experiences; I kept these experiences to myself. I was learning to Soul Travel, I just didn’t know what it was called, recalling my mother’s warning. This kept me from discovering who they were until several years later. After my son was born a friend

came to visit, bringing a most precious gift that I still use today. She said it was a love song to God, the song of HU (pronounced hue). She taught me and my family how to sing this simple but soothing sound, without directing it. Later she loaned me some interesting books. I started to pay attention, because they said things I knew in my heart were also my truth. When we went to an Eckankar meeting for new guests, there on a table were photos of paintings of these very same beings I had been seeing on the inner for years. I felt like I had come home to myself. I wanted to know everything about these beings, and found it was not just my vivid imagination. They were real, as others had also met them. I joined Eckankar in 1994, and have not looked back, I began to see the same blue light and a six-pointed star, and can hear the sound of HU within me, which I learned to understand through Eckankar is the Light and Sound of God. The miracles just keep happening every day as I become more aware of my spiritual guide always with me, and grateful for these easy-to-understand yet profound teachings of Eckankar working in my everyday life. They have taught me how to learn from my dreams,

and to Soul Travel to other planes of existence, how past lives affect my life today, and also that karma was what was troubling me as a child. I was working out my karma through experiences with others in my outer life, and with this understanding I have more compassion for myself and others. These wonderful ECK/Spirit teachings give me validation of who I am, and what I receive on the inner for myself. This always continues to fill me with joy, gratitude and love, so much so I just have to give out and share with others who are ready. My spiritual guide has taught me that through gratitude we are filled with love for everything in our lives, no matter what happens.

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 7:31:58 AM


Ascension Therapy and




ne powerful way to a happier life is to embrace forgiveness. I believe that anyone can benefit from Ascension Therapy as a means of freeing themselves of any negative patterns that prevent HAPPINESS. I have been using these processes for my own healing as well as others for the past 12 months with amazing results! I am happier, more in love and at peace within myself than I have ever been in my life. Forgiveness is the key. When I forgave everyone, including myself, for all perceived wrong doings, it set me free. The freedom of letting go of the past, where the negative patterns were formed, was a way I could understand the life lesson presented to me. I decided to take every situation that presented itself, as an opportunity to grow and learn more about myself. With Ascension Therapy I have the tools. The way people deal with different situations is solely based on their past experiences, this is their point of reference. Understanding this helped to aid the forgiveness process for me. Knowing that people only behave the way they do, based on past experiences gave me the ability to release the emotional connection and get to a point where I no longer had an emotional tie to the situation. I was able to look at it from an open-minded space with

no reaction. I didn’t necessarily agree with what had happened, but I was able to accept that it had happened and that the only way to be free from the negative pattern it had created was to forgive myself for my involvement and forgive the other people for their involvement. I understood that I was the only one who continued to be affected. Holding on to the hurt or anger had a detrimental effect on my physical and mental health. Science has proven that stress causes inflammation in the body; inflammation prevents the body’s balance. Heart attacks, strokes, anxiety and stress are all symptoms of inflammation. I didn’t know what would happen when I embarked on an Ascension Therapy session, but I was sure that I would learn a lot about myself. I continue to forgive, giving my body an opportunity to be in balance; here I have a sense of freedom and lightness. When that is compromised, I face the emotion head-on using Ascension Therapy. If anyone is interested in facing these challenges, I believe there is great benefit from these processes. NATALIE GRANT is an Ascension Therapy facilitator, Usui and Seichim Reiki Master and conducts Healing Your Soul Workshops in Marcoola along with Reiki Masters Christine Devery and Richard Giakoumis. or


Conscious Loving for Couples

12th-18th October Sunshine Coast, Qld

Time for Love In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one. * Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. Presented by


For full details and registrations, call Janet: or visit our website:


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0428 726 849

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Happiness is Simplicity


WORDS ERIN BARRY, Psychologist


hat a joy it is to write about my favourite topic – GRATITUDE – which is, in my opinion, the best antidote to just about any heavy emotional state. In thinking about this topic, I was reflecting on time I spent recently in Peru. When visiting a country that is steeped in such traditional ways, I am reminded of the beauty of simplicity. Despite the survival challenges that pervade their everyday life, and the political and social changes that they face, the people here exude an aura of acceptance and gratitude for what they have. The native Peruvians (Quechuans) are quick to smile broadly and offer their salutations. They work with each other in the spirit of collaboration rather than competition, and use bartering as a means of exchange, just as the Incans did in times past. They use what the Earth (‘Pachomama’) produces for their food and medicine and still to this day use

the farming methods passed down through their generations. Families here live and work together and young children can often be seen playing in the fields, outside the shops or in the markets where their parents work. Mothers wear their babies and toddlers in colourful wraps on their backs. Children don’t appear to cry, or ask for anything. Friends here call each other ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, language that promotes seeing everyone as family. People in public spaces connect with each other, rather than stare into screens. I witnessed groups of teenagers delighting in sliding down natural rock formations and younger children happily flying kites, kicking balls around and chasing each other. No toys or devices in sight – just simple, natural play. It was inspiring to see a culture display such joy for life and retain their connection with each other. They lead a simple life, and seem grateful for it. As a therapist, I reflect on the types

W W W. N L P S U P E R F E S T. C O M

of problems that commonly arise for my clients, and it is interesting how different our challenges generally are in western culture. We experience struggle in different ways. I think about our lifestyle and what we do to create our sense of struggle. When you live a life of comparative luxury, without the kind of survival challenges that people in third world cultures regularly experience, where does all that energy go? I believe what we can all do easily is cultivate more gratitude. It truly is the best medicine! Gratitude for what we have, where we live, and for our connections with each other. The best part is – you can do it anytime, anywhere and it’s free. We can all overthink things way too much, and create unnecessary suffering. My suggestion – get your gratitude on! ERIN BARRY is available for consultations at Circle Wellness Clinic, Peregian Beach

Australia’s Premier Mind Training 3-Day Conference

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W W W . N L P S U P E R F E S T . C O M

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 7:35:03 AM




So what else is possible? Gratitude is seeing what is – your lumps, bumps, scars and lovely bits, too. And, yes there may be some things you’d like to change. It’s seeing that no matter how you may have mistreated your body, applying other people’s ideas, or just judging it harshly, like a faithful dog, it is the one thing that will never judge you or leave you. Our bodies know what they require to look and feel amazing – but do we ask? Or do we listen to all the diet and exercise experts and then impose that on ourselves? Here’s how gratitude for your body could start rejuvenating, healing and reshaping your body right now. 1. Acknowledge that what you see in the mirror today is simply the result of the past, and all the judgements, comparisons and criticisms you’ve heaped on yourself. Say thank you to your body for putting up with you! And never judge it again!

hat if having gratitude for your body meant it didn’t have to age and could be the body you’ve always wanted? Flexible, energetic and youthful? Fun to be in? A match for the inner you? I’m not talking about the whole ‘You gotta love your body the way it is before it can change’ mind-set. Have you tried that? Me, too! How’s it working for you? After working in the health and fitness industry for 36 years, I’ve watched thousands of women struggle with diets and punishing exercise regimes, swinging between elation (“Yay I’ve lost a kilo!”) and depression (“I ate too much chocolate!”) – somehow, ending up always feeling out of control with their bodies, health and pleasure. Something has to change! The whole ‘You Gotta Love Your Body’ thing is trying to accept what is, all the while fighting against it, and judging yourself for being weak-willed or lazy when it doesn’t seem to work.

2. Ask your body what it would like to eat, wear and what movement it would like. “Body would you like to go for a walk, do some dancing or …?” Whatever feels light, fun or delicious is the thing to do!!! 5 minutes might be all that’s required! The brilliant thing is, a happy body doing what it enjoys, just naturally becomes slimmer, firmer and younger. Your body knows exactly which foods, vitamins, and even medicines it needs to be well. It’s different for everybody, and it’s different every day. Ask! There’s an added, spectacular sideeffect with starting a thank-you fest with your body – all your other relationships – with money, people, work – will start to change too! How does it get any better than that? SHAUNA TEAKEN is a self-confessed Hedonist – if it isn’t fun she isn’t doing it – and runs workshops/sessions in Brisbane. She can be found at

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1 1 th - 14th DECEMBE R


Join us for a 4-day celebration of co-creation in action with global pioneers in science, health, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, conscious leadership, youth activism, sustainability and arts. Together it’s time to create a new story.


Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Chief Avrol Looking Horse Charles Eisenstein, Satish Kumar, Patch Adams, Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Joan Borysenko, Scarlett Lewis, Jamie Catto, Joshua Gorman, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez MUSICIANS INCLUDE:

and many more.

Trevor Hall, Deva Premal and Miten, Sacred Earth, Hamsa and many more.


Indigenous Arts and Culture, Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Conscious Film Festival Embodiment - Yoga and Ecstatic Dance Workshops, Creative Kids Village Interactive Youth Program, Global Food and Crafts Village and much more.

Subscribe to the Global Webcast - streaming live all weekend TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE at Now is the time. Let us journey together.

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8/20/2014 1:59:11 PM

Access Consciousness Moira Bramley

Margaret Braunack Director



“Facilitator of Wealth and Relationship”

Power Trainers International Pty Ltd

Phone 0437 049 746

Phone 0418 877 946

Sarah Be

C.F.M.W. RN.BNSC. Author of Learning from Grief


“Facilitator of Living with Ease”

“Inspiring You… To Be… The Greatness of You”

Phone 0431 170 710

Phone 0405 734 656

Shauna Teaken C.F.M.W. “The Joy of Youthing”

Phone 0421 858 176

w w

Wendy Mulder



Alison Wright C.F.M.W. “Facilitator of Magic, Bodies and Ageing as Just a Choice”

Phone 0414 501 621

w w

Heather Barker Grace Hart



“Uncorking Your Creative Genie: Retreats and Private Coaching”

Phone 0402 462 518

Phone 0438 865 811


w w

All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory


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8/20/2014 7:37:35 AM

Empowering People to Know That They Know Simone Milasas C.F.M.W.

Brendon Watt

Worldwide Coordinator Access Consciousness


Author Joy of Business

“Totally Different Dad”

Phone 0412 888 645

Phone 0415 669 064

Shennan Rae Thomas

Mel Mazing



“Looking After You”

“What if Life was Meant to be Fun?”

Phone 0410 471 724

Phone 0431 223 707

Delany Delaney C.F.M.W. “A Catalyst for Change. Facilitating Your Voice in the World”


Phone 0412 421 903

Pepa Prabha Demasson C.F.M.W. Conscious Be @ “The Place”, Shop 4/ 10 Coral Street, Maleny

Phone 0417 651 614

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic system of easy to use tools and processes that can release and clear limitations in any area of your life. This creates the possibility of a dynamic ever-evolving, ever-expanding Life and Living that is available to us all. The Bars® is the Foundation tool of Access and facilitates more consciousness for everyone. Releasing blockages within the cellular memory of the body, many people report experiencing immediate peace and calm after a session. If you have any questions or would like to experience the tools of Access Consciousness contact a Facilitator today. 27.indd 1

8/20/2014 7:38:09 AM


Would you be willing to be

Grateful for You– Right now? WORDS GARY DOUGLAS


elf-love is a catch phrase for spirituality and personal growth, and it’s suggested that the path to peace and happiness starts with selflove. So why then is it so elusive? Why is self-love so difficult to achieve and maintain? Why do we continue to judge ourselves so harshly? Have you ever truly considered what ‘love’ means? Think back to when you were a child and your parents said to you something like – “we are only punishing you because we love you”. We’ve been taught to believe that love = judgment and/or punishment. So if we are ‘loving’ ourselves, then we are in essence judging ourselves, probably for all of the things that we think we are not. I can guarantee that love means different things to different people and so defining ‘love’ and in particular ‘selflove’ can be a never ending rabbit hole of searching. Then, as it continues to

elude you (because you’re too busy judging yourself) you make yourself wrong for not quite getting the ‘zen’ you’ve been seeking. And around and around and around you go. Gratitude on the other hand is simply that. Gratitude. You are perfectly capable of having love and judgment for yourself at the same time which keeps you stuck in a pattern of trying to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself as a path to self-love is a lie because in order to forgive yourself you have to make yourself wrong so that you have something to forgive yourself for. On the other hand, judgment cannot exist in the space of gratitude. Gratitude simply is. What if you could simply have gratitude for every single choice you’ve ever made and for the awareness you’ve received? Being truly grateful for yourself expands your universe and gives you the space to choose

something different, without making yourself wrong for it. Gratitude is receiving all of you without judgment. Try having allowance for the choices you’ve made and ask for what else is possible instead of going to the wrongness of you and see how much it expands your universe. Be grateful for whatever this moment brings, wherever you are and whomever you are with. What if gratitude was the new paradigm for self-love? Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for – to be truly grateful for your life and grateful for you? And the secret is that when you have gratitude for you, you can’t help but have gratitude for everyone and everything else. You actually BE it. Gratitude. You can attend a BARS class with GARY DOUGLAS in Noosa on 26th November.

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Organic Presence



here ever you are now, take a moment to become present. Give permission for your whole body to relax. Slowly take a deep breath in, feeling your belly expand. Let the breath out, feeling the belly drawing in. Do this a couple times, just feeling yourself relax. Take note of how you are feeling. Perhaps you feel calm, stressed or tense. However you are, welcome these feelings. Don’t push them away, mask or distract yourself from them. Choose to freely feel them. As you do so, just feel how calming that is. In return, you may observe your mind feeling more spacious and free. Notice your sense of self expanding to encompass that around you. See how the greenness of the grass has a shine to it, the trees, sky and water seem to be brighter. Notice your sense of inherent gratitude and joy just to be part of THIS. That is the power of presence. When I find myself getting stressed, or feeling like I’ve lost that spark in life, I become present again. From this presence, natural, organic gratitude is effortless.

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The experience of being present is inherent within the work I do as a Journey Facilitator. Pioneered by Brandon Bays, the Journey is a powerful and tangible process of transformation. Being truly present allows the body’s natural intelligence to guide you to the source of your intention. From here, stored cellular memories are accessed from the subconscious mind and together with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, memories, beliefs, patterns of behaviour or injured body parts can be reprogrammed to reflect health, freedom and vitality. Any area of life such as love, relationships, career, money, mental health or addictions can experience transformation through Journey facilitation. Let me take you on a short personal facilitated journey. Please feel free to read these words out loud to yourself. As I close my eyes and become settled in my body, I invite the feeling of gratitude. It spreads throughout my heart. Gratitude then dissipates and a feeling of expanding joy becomes

present. As I welcome this joy, I begin to feel excitement tingling throughout my body. Suddenly it stops and a warm, expansive glow surrounds me. I feel like I’m floating. As I invite this new feeling, I begin to feel peace pervading inside and outside my body. I rest here in my SOURCE. In my mind’s eye I see a campfire which reflects love, peace and freedom. I see a guide and he smiles, handing me a multi-coloured balloon of gratitude. As I breathe in ‘Gratitude’, I feel it permeate my entire body. The guide then tells me that this gratitude is an expression of myself in all my activities. The Journey is over. I open my eyes, feeling radiant and aglow with peace. As I continue to be present I notice how beautiful and full life feels around me. And inside me, a fire of natural, organic gratitude continues to burn. Phone 5499 9476

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for all things great and small



t strikes me that gratitude is a sincere emotion which affects us deep within. Saying out loud that we have gratitude for something or someone does not necessarily mean we truly appreciate or understand what we are declaring our gratitude for. Are we grateful for all experiences that we endure or enjoy? If we could look at life objectively then we would see that even the challenging experiences make way for a positive outcome. We can genuinely be grateful for harsh circumstances where we have endured turmoil and be thankful to anyone who attributed because they agreed to work with us, and they opened up an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes. Gratitude can be felt for an abundance of pleasant emotions as much as for a period of depression where we received great insight, or where it enabled a period of healing to


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take place during a phase of deep rest. Depressed sounded out is deep-rest, in some cases it is a time where we are forced to hibernate from the world and possibly the lifestyle we were leading, to discover ourselves and discover the deeper meaning to our lives. And what about seeing the richness that a simple life holds? We can feel abundant, with little or no pressure or competitiveness to keep up with the Joneses or be a part of the ‘rat race’. Western society has moulded us to believe that it is not acceptable to do nothing. A life where there is shelter overhead, no matter how simple and enough food and water to survive, creates a life with no worry about weight issues or diet extremes. Then there is no need to compete with others but instead nurture communal acceptance and gratitude for the basics of connection and family interaction. When I travelled to India last year, many people made statements like, “I

couldn’t stand to see the poverty” or “those poor people”, “I feel so sorry for them”. These statements were from people who have never been there. India, while a complete contrast to Australia, is populated with people who are proud of their heritage and culture, who love their children and family despite living in slums. The children play together, laughing and the occupants appear and head off to work for the day. They are full of gratitude for what they have. I feel gratitude every moment; it’s a way of life, and it’s also about expressing kindness and acceptance. TONI REILLY is an internationally recognised regression facilitator and professional trainer who devised her own unique techniques. As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute she developed the Diploma of SoulLife™ Psychology, a professional qualification for intuitive practitioners. |

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Same day appointments Less aches and pains Back and neck pain Children to elderly

• Low dose on-site x-rays (bulk billed) • Whiplash • Sports • Disc

“Find out if I can help you. I will conduct a full chiropractic exam, including orthopedic, postural and neurological tests. We also have on-site x-rays if required to find the cause of your problem.” – Dr David Hendrey

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Thankful for my Health and Vitality WORDS Dr DAVID HENDREY, Chiropractor

To lose one’s health renders science null, art inglorious, strength unavailing, wealth useless and eloquence powerless. – Herophilus C. 300 B.C.


or millennium we have understood the value of health and vitality. We all want to feel great and function great. We need our mind, body and spirit all aligned flowing in synchronisation to live a vibrant healthy life. As with everything of value, we must invest the time, energy and at times, money to achieve our full potential.

We were all born with one of the world’s most amazing super-computers: the central nervous system. It processes over three trillion bits of information every second, yet only 50 of these are conscious. The majority simply are part of our sub-conscious and help our body and mind operate automatically. This vast network of nerves uses electrochemical impulses to operate. Signals travel faster than 300km/h which is known as the “Speed of Life”. The central nervous system is the only system fully encased in protective bone: the skull and the spinal cord. Functions that require a healthy nerve supply are: • Thinking and learning • All healing, growth and repair • Every emotion and memory • Control and regulation of every organ system • The stress response • The immune response • Every muscle and joint position, tone and performance When we are in sync, we have a beautiful flow of vital impulses running over this vast network keeping us functioning at our best. Just like our fingers, hands, and arms are all functionally one unit: the spinal cord, brainstem, cerebellum, limbic lobe and

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS Spiritual Intuition in Business CORE CLASSES Want Love, Gratitude and Appreciation

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS Spiritual Intuition in Business CORE CLASSES Want Love, Gratitude and Appreciation

–professional with Brendon Wattexperiences? – and business

–professional with Brendon Wattexperiences? – and business

Ready and realign your Bars – to 9thconnect November

Ready and realign your Bars – to 9thconnect November

Foundation –

Foundation –

at the heart of your personal,

energies to your Highest Purpose?

at the heart of your personal,

energies to your Highest Purpose?

14thWe & 15th blendNovember professional business transformation,

14thWe & 15th blendNovember professional business transformation,

Level One – intuition, accessing metaphysical sources of information,

Level One – intuition, accessing metaphysical sources of information,

coaching and personal change experiences with spiritual

16th & 17th resourcefulness November and guidance.

Have you always tried to be normal? Are

If you want to explore and become the paradigm of you capable of more? – next Brendon Watt ‘Conscious and Sustainable Business’ in your business, then please contact us...

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ACCESS All of life comes to me ® CONSCIOUSNESS with Ease & Joy & Glory

coaching and personal change experiences with spiritual

16th & 17th resourcefulness November and guidance.

Have you always tried to be normal? Are

If you want to explore and become the paradigm of you capable of more? – next Brendon Watt ‘Conscious and Sustainable Business’ in your business, then please contact us...

5 days to change your life! At Peregian Beach!


ACCESS All of life comes to me ® CONSCIOUSNESS with Ease & Joy & Glory



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th D h S e e li m sh b

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sp fu C

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cortex all function as one. The spinal cord relays the signals to and from the body to the brain. The brainstem governs our survival instincts. The cerebellum has an amazing list of tasks especially with coordination and regulation. These include learned motor patterns such as walking or driving a car. The limbic lobe is for emotions and the cortex for thinking and processing. Every nerve needs three things for survival: 1. Oxygen 2. Glucose 3. Stimulation The most important stimulation for the central nerve are motion of the spine. Dr Roger Sperry won the noble prize for his amazing research on the brain. Dr Sperry discovered that spinal motion is essential for normal brain function. He explained the impulses generated, are like a windmill generating electricity. No motion = no electricity!! Studies have shown that these impulses cause the brain cells to increase in size. Sadly this system can be overloaded or damaged causing the same cells to shrink. This disturbance to the normal spinal motion and normal nerve system function is the focus of Chiropractic. Chiropractic began in 1895 and is now

the largest drug-free profession in the world, with four Universities running fiveyear Bachelor’s degree programs right here in Australia. When you are overloaded, either from stress, toxins or a trauma, you can lose the synchronisation within yourself and tension builds up in your body. Chiropractors are trained to examine and identify these disturbances. The nerves may be overactive or underactive, that is, too much or not enough electricity to control and coordinate normal function. The spine is made up of 24 movable bones and discs, sitting on the pelvis. A normal spine has four healthy curves, a neck forward curve, a thoracic backwards curve, a lumbar forward curve and a sacro-coccyx backwards curve. Latest research tells us that the shock-absorbing ability of the spine is due to these curves and not the discs as we previously thought. This new discovery emphasises the importance of healthy curves and posture for a healthy spine and nerve system. Dr Jeb McAviney, the director of the Sydney Scoliosis Clinic conducted research that showed patients are 18 times more likely to suffer with headaches when they lose the healthy curve in their neck. The spinal tension changes the normal amount of signals from the spinal

joints creating a pre-excited spinal unit. Muscles tighten to protect the body, joints become stiff, the joint fluid is under pressure and biochemical changes occur resulting in “Gluggy lubrication oil”, and the nerves’ normal electrical resting activity is altered. This will often lead to aches and pains, stiffness, and even referred or radicular pains or numbness. The job of the Chiropractor falls into two main areas: first find the problems (often called subluxations), then help the body heal and release the abnormal motion and tension. 1. Restore spinal motion and balance mechanically 2. Rebalance and re-harmonise the nervous system Some people are nervous about visiting a chiropractor for the first time. This is often because of the unknown or they might have heard some secondhand story. The best thing to do is write down any questions or concerns you have and discuss this with your chiropractor. Every person is different and chiropractors are taught how to work with these differences. To achieve our full potential we need to have a nervous system free of stress and tension.

Secrets of Your Shadow Revealed 2-DAY WORKSHOP WITH INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED CREATOR OF VIH INNA SEGAL During The Secrets of Your Shadow workshop you will learn to: • Break out of the prison of fear, shame, blame and sabotage that stops you from knowing who you truly are and living your soul’s purpose • Discover the gifts of your dark side and reclaim your creativity, confidence, power to love and freedom •tensegrity Learn how to meet and embrace your shadow so you can experience flow, synchronicity and incredible opportunities tbc conflict, resistance, unresolved hurt, anger and resentment • Heal internal • Discover how the shadow side can help you to reclaim your wholeness Satur • Recognise and release the masks that are keeping you day 1 5th stuck in limitations & Su “This course challenges you to take charge and recognise all aspects of yourself, learn to love and accept these aspects and move forward with confidence and without fear of your true beautiful self.” – M Johnson (Student)


INNA SEGAL BOOK NOW – phone Dianne on 0421 888 232 or email

nday Novem 16th ber

Ven Sunsh ue: ine Queen Coast, sland Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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Spring Clean

from the inside out



pring is in the Air. We are lucky enough to be living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not only do we have an abundance of nature at our fingertips, we also have plenty of organic marketplaces to indulge in. So if you want to feel refreshed and revitalised for the new season, one of the simplest ways to do this is with your diet. Today’s diets are becoming increasingly filled with refined carbohydrates, sugars and caffeine, to name a few, all of which add to the burden on our bodies’ detoxification systems. Although it is almost impossible to live entirely free of toxins, it is possible to change the way your body responds and deals with the toxic load we place on it. It is well known that good health begins in the gut. The digestive system’s function is to provide fuel for the body by processing food into nutrients that the body can use. If the digestive system is constantly bombarded with

processed foods and insufficient levels of fruit and vegetables there can be an accumulation of waste products in the body. This can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, constipation and poor digestion. Enzyme deficiency, low stomach acid or bacteria imbalance can all contribute to the gut’s inability to break down foods. The liver is an essential organ that is in charge of several major metabolic and digestive functions of the body. One of its most key functions is to detoxify the body by neutralising and eliminating the extra toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. It not only clears out excess toxins but is a key hormone balancer. Many health problems can be attributed to a liver which is overburdened. The top 5 foods I recommend to include for cleansing both the liver and digestive system are: Lemon – start your day with a warm cup of lemon water. Lemon is a liver detoxifier and contains a high amount

of vitamin C, vital for the production of liver cleansing compounds in your body. Garlic – Fresh garlic cleanses bacteria, parasites and viruses from your body, especially in the blood and intestines. Brassicas – The brassica family is an amazing family of vegetables that contains numerous cancer fighting and antioxidant compounds. These compounds support the liver in breaking down excess hormones. Apples – are high in pectin which bind to cholesterol and heavy metals making it an excellent cleanser for the liver and intestines. Blueberries – contain a high amount of antioxidants which neutralise free radicals. By incorporating these foods into your diet on a daily basis and making the most of our pristine beaches, lush rainforests and hours of sunshine, you can look forward to a healthier and more energised you.

Want rapid change in your life? Experience Faster EFT Combining ancient Chinese Acupressure, Modern Psychology & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Faster EFT releases physical and emotional pain and helps change or break habits.

Jackie Durnin

Advanced Level IV Faster EFT Practitioner One of only 20 Practitioners Worldwide with this qualification

Get change in relation to: Depression & Anxiety Grief & Loss Addictions Physical or Emotional Pain

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Testimonials: “After one session, I could feel my physical response to my addiction disappear..” Bec “If you are struggling with any type of emotional trauma, I highly recommend a session with Jackie...” Ashley

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Mum, I bought a dead boy home,” my 14-year-old said nonchalantly. This had become a regular cry in the last year or so. Of course ‘the boy’ was an earthbound spirit who had died in the area some time ago. “I met him at the park. He didn’t like me playing on the swings, then he followed me home. Mum, can you take him to the light?” And so… my spiritual business developed. I was already doing a form of Allergy Testing and Treatments called N.A.E.T. But this has certainly opened up a whole new world to my healings. From calling on Arch Angels and Ascended Masters, to help with healing, to releasing beliefs and things that do not serve people in their auras. Sometimes clients have holes in their auras which just need patching up, usually from alcohol and drugs but it can be from other things. Six months ago I had a call from my eldest daughter who had just finished building a new home asking if I could check if there was anything in her house. She told me last night she

was lying in the spare bedroom sorting things out when she was overcome with fear and frozen to the bed. She started shaking and crying but was unable to make much of a sound for her boyfriend to hear. She was trying to scream out but couldn’t. Eventually after much trying, she was able to make some sound, when her boyfriend realised something was wrong. He rushed into the room and felt something icy cold go through him. He was able to comfort her and after some consoling she returned to normal. I checked and sure enough found out there had been an earthbound spirit who was an Aboriginal woman there. She was livid. They had built on her land. I explained what my daughter had to do to move her on and she left that night. Quite often I find portals or vortexes in houses or auras which need removing. The spiritual healing I do usually does not involve these dramatic releases. Usually I go through checking

the chakras, the meridians and the energy bodies and see how healthy everything is before we begin and then checking them when we have ended a session. They are always completely different. If your Hara Line is out of alignment then you are not on your right path for this lifetime, I check this and straighten it. The session works on the diseases of the physical body and now I understand why a lot of people cannot heal on the physical level. There are often spiritual blocks, sometimes brought over from past lives. There may be a curse which needs to be lifted or a hook which needs to be removed. I also use colour in my practice to infuse into chakras, meridians or energetic bodies. When most people are sick or in pain their energetic body is not aligned with their physical body. It can feel quite lovely to move them back into alignment again.

First a healthy self, then a healthy possibility

Pia Hughes


• Nutrition

- Women’s Health Practitioner

• Herbal Medicine

- Encore Breast Cancer Facilitator – Sunshine Coast

• Iridology

- Mobile consultations within 15km of Tewantin


- Hormone imbalance, weight loss, fatigue, anxiety and depression Proudly supporting the YWCA Encore Program

• Reiki • Access ‘The Bars®’

wcaencore afterbreastcancer

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For bookings phone 0416 926 350 | Tewantin Clinic – ‘Noosa Banks’ | Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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magine a future where there is no addiction, no suicides, no violence or abuse in homes nor on the street and no homelessness… Imagine that everyone is healthy, happy and loved, there is harmony, balance and joy in society. It’s what most of us are working towards right?! A better future for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. But what if the children of today are the answer?!… There would be no point waiting until tomorrow! Most of us (not all) have grown through life with unpleasant circumstances and repeated cycles and patterns whether inherited genetically, gained through this life’s experiences, through the collective consciousness or taken on from other people /or places in this life or maybe even in past lives. We then reached a point (or maybe are yet too) where we decided we deserve better and stepped onto the

path of healing, forgiveness and selfdiscovery to become free and enriched to become conscious co-creators of our own reality. This means we start living the life of our dreams in alignment with our soul’s purpose; living life as our true selves. Being a conscious parent and being free from projecting our “stuff” on to our children is most certainly important but so too is providing them with tools and understanding of how to deal with life’s situations, to be clear and use their natural abilities in the highest and best way while also feeling safe to be their true self. Children are naturally more open than adults, as they don’t yet have the layers of belief systems hindering them or creating fears we as adults have developed. Many children today are the Children of the Rainbow. They are very loving and soulful with the ability to change the energy in a room, they

Integrative approach to health Ibuki Health & Wellness offers a refreshing approach to your health, combining conventional and complementary medicines to increase your quality of life. Dr Vivienne Taylor offers comprehensive assessments for both men, women and children with special interests in hormones, anti-ageing, nutrition, lifestyle management and longevity. Dr Sanchez complements the Ibuki Team with his expertise in nutritional medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, IV therapy treatment, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and management of chronic diseases.


are understanding, intuitive with an amazing ability to manifest and create. These children deserve the chance of beautiful wonderment without fear of failure. It has become quite well known that our lives are shaped from the very beginning of life up until the ages of six or seven. With scientists reporting that between the ages of two and six, we are mostly in a Theta Brainwave, this is when we are most influenced by our surroundings. So what if instead of waiting until later in life, children from the age of seven could start shifting any ill patterning and really flourish in their lives. It’s with great joy that I have teamed up with Sonia James to facilitate Vianna Stibals (Founder of ThetaHealing®) Rainbow Children Courses, commencing this September school holidays at Soul Space Brisbane. Visit: or

Lightworker Practitioner Training ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN for Semester 3, 2014 Facilitator training available for Graduates Phone Michelle 07 5309 5209 or 0433 831 946

71/6 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads • 5447 5679 36

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Q& A

Sharing Gratitude with Children WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

Millennium Children

Q: How do I teach children gratitude? I have been teaching as a secondary teacher for over 15 years and I notice there is a ‘whatever’ attitude. A: I hear this comment all the time from parents and teachers and the ironic part is when we show children gratitude they will mimic and return it back. Each generation talks about the past generation being better and it is ‘different now’ or even yesterday whilst teaching primary school teachers someone expressed ‘it is a lot harder for kids now’. This is conflicting as in one statement – ‘children are ungrateful’ and then ‘children have it hard.’ This sends mixed messages for children and yourselves. Children do have it much better now than in the past as they have a home, food, schooling, clothes and all the basic needs met. They can access counselling, psychology, courses and support networks, emotional care and even receive a pension. Children mimic

adults. So are the adults grateful – do they express how much they appreciate the children? Do they see the gift when a child yells at them and is subconsciously saying ‘I need help’? Ask yourself ‘do we give too many material things to children’? This teaches expectation, demands and behaviours such as manipulation. A recent 14-year-old girl I was treating confessed that if she did not get attention she would cut herself as then she gets whatever she wanted. She truly believed that she was ‘hard done by’ and she should be ENTITLED to anything. To teach gratitude, BE grateful first yourself. The beginning of each dinner or classroom session get everyone to stop and take a breath. Have each person share: 1. What they are grateful for 2. Who did they help? You may have kids rebelling at first but practise is the art of learning. The

Music, Meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness

Do you have a question for Jean about your child or teenager? Email:

Jean Sheehan

with Daily Yoga & Ayurveda Massage

Internationally Recognised & Award Winning

India Retreat Easter 2015

Medical Intuitive

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati

helping part is important as it allows children and adults to stop and reflect on someone else. Try confiscating something. Allow children to feel the feelings of what it is like to go without. This is nature in its normal process and creates gratitude. Many parents and teachers have actioned this lesson and the results were instant. You are teaching them life skills to be an adult just like we have had to learn. Lastly, always be sure to say ‘thank you’ to the children and let them know how grateful you are for them and why. Being thankful is gratitude and GRATITUDE IS THE ART OF LOVING. This is the first thing written on my website. We teach children how to be loved and we teach people how to treat us… so what are you communicating to the children?

COURSES Nov 15th - 20th Medical Intuition (Sunshine Coast) Nov 22nd - 23rd Successful Healing Business (Sunshine Coast) w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

Mobile: 0408 517 796 Mention this ad for a gift with purchase Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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s a facilitator of change and possibility for over 25 years, one of the things that I have become so aware of is a large majority of people have no idea of what it is to create and generate their life. It was this awareness that inspired me to write my first book, “Having Your Cake and Eating It Too”, The Hedonist’s Guide to Opulent, Decadent and Orgasmic Living. I have had snippets of my life having some idea of what it was like to “have my cake and eat it too”, and so much more; although, I had been so entrained to get my life right by this reality’s standards and to fit in to what everyone else was choosing or what I was supposed to choose. It was all about being the same as everyone else and hiding my difference. This all started to change for me around the age of 22, for this is when I really started to become aware that there

was so much more available and all I had to do was choose differently. The snippets were no longer enough for me. It was time to break the mould of what I had grown up with, and of course this didn’t often endear me to others. It was the first time I started to realise that the people around me didn’t want me to choose differently and be different. This is where the “just for me, just for fun, never tell anyone” concept came into existence for me. I didn’t talk to people a lot about what I was choosing as I knew that their judgements of me and my choices would kick in. A real taste for life and living came alive in me that I hadn’t even known existed before. I started to find and do things that brought me joy. Drinking great champagne, eating delicious food, wearing beautiful jewellery, making my clothes with beautiful fabrics and enjoying and laughing until I was ready

to burst with some amazing friends, brought me joy. I would be lying if I said that it was all roses because it wasn’t. There were many good, bad and ugly times and now I can honestly say that I am so grateful for it all, for every choice that I have made has made me into the person that I am today, someone who has a demand for so much more possibility and awareness. Having lived in the “either or” universe for a long time, I now know that making different choices and being willing to continually add to my life is what truly allows me to create my living of choice. How many times as a child were you told: Well, you can have this or that, you can’t have both. How much limitation has that created in your world? Are you now ready for the adventure called living?

Sunshine House of Wellness 100% NATURAL HAND-MADE THERAPEUTIC SKINCARE Made locally in Belli Park Naturopathically inspired with you in mind • Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil balms, lotions, rejuvenating oils and body scrubs • Neem Oil products • Transdermal Magnesium Oil and Go Go Cream for Pain • Hydrolysate Collagen for joint pain and anti-ageing 10% OFF all online orders until 31st October 2014 Sunshine Quote Voucher Code SUNSHINE when ordering online to receive your discount. House of Wellness $10 flat-rate postage to anywhere in Australia – spend over $100 and your postage is free! Products also available at The Pathways Wellness Centre 7 Ocean Street (upstairs), Maroochydore Purchase via my website Follow my blog via Facebook


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Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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of your



e all know that it is incredibly important to love ourselves. Yet it is impossible to truly do so if we do not embrace our shadow. Our shadow side consists of the parts of ourselves that we are afraid of, want to erase, reject and suppress. To face the aspects we are afraid of and running away from is scary but it can also be exhilarating if we are able to integrate them and work through our issues. Embracing our shadow has the capacity to lead us out of limitation and control into freedom and choice. Our shadow side contains incredible gifts and opportunities to grow and transcend out of limitations. Most people are so afraid of their shadow qualities that they block them. However, the feeling of fear never seems to leave. Thus more and more people are turning to drugs or medication to push down aspects of themselves which have the

Sunshine Dental Care


potential to create freedom and the joy of being who they are. Sometimes people ask me, “Why am I going around and around in circles? I’m trying to be good, to think positively, to do all the right things, yet I still seem to sabotage myself.” Often the sabotage comes from ignoring and rejecting these aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. We feel ashamed that we could have angry, negative, violent, hateful, judgmental and critical thoughts and feelings about others or ourselves. Then we try to suppress these thoughts or emotions and punish ourselves, which leads to more negativity and internal suffering. Connecting to our shadow allows us to embrace and love every aspect of ourselves, including those we have rejected. We begin to see how each part of us has the capacity to help and enrich our lives if we are willing to bring it into the light rather than keep it

hidden in the darkness. The first step to discovering our shadow side is our willingness to recognise that we possess the good and the bad, the light and the shadow, the peace and the anger, the victor and the victim. The second step is to explore the roles these aspects play in our life and how by embracing rather than rejecting them we can experience deep love, compassion, creativity and healing in our life. When I teach workshops on the shadow side it amazes me how many people also suppress their highest potential, their light and their beauty. Working with your shadow is about learning to embrace all those parts. I include two major sections about our survival archetypes and explain how to work with your shadow in my new book, The Secret of Life Wellness.

Now you can find your Holistic Dentist in the heart of the Sunshine Coast SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.


Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

Phone 5475 4866

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) We choose biological materials for restoration and can evaluate your wellbeing providing you with the best options to give you a beautiful smile and healthy oral care.


Also Ava

entistry D p e e l S tion ht seda g i l i w T or ay

your w … sleep procedure your y through w length ter ho (no mat mplex). or co

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Creating a

Divine World


a way and the knowledge I gained and have continued to gain since this time consistently amazes me. I was uneducated in relation to health and wellness, yet I would not have thought so prior to having gone through this experience. I thought I was healthy, but clearly I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. The simple truth is that I wasn’t educated as to the amount of chemicals I was unknowingly putting onto my body every day or the amount of additives, preservatives and/or the lack of nutrition that was in the food I was consuming. When I had tumours in my spleen I could not find certified organic products that worked effectively and as I am a perfectionist, the products I have released are super concentrated and so effective. There are certain products that we use every day that have a massive impact on our health. I created the Divine by Therese Kerr range to make the maximum impact in reducing the

Sacred Om


Created by Nikki Vandenberg SCHOOL HOLIDAY KIDS YOGA PROGRAM September 23, 24, 26, 30 and October 1 & 3 • Tuesdays 4-5pm • Wednesdays 11am-12noon • Fridays 9-10am | AGES 8-15 Commit to all 6 sessions for only $111 and receive a FREE yoga mat on your first class

Super Food Oil Serum A Potent Blend of Super Food For Your Face and Body Pure, Organic, Hand Blended Essential Oils Discover nature’s perfect gift to our skin, loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate, nourish and treat fine lines and wrinkles.


September 6th – 10-11am “Setting intentions – how and why” October 4th – 10-11am “Yoga and meditation free class” Monday November 3rd – 5.30-6.50pm Beginners 6-week yoga course $144 Early bird offer includes Isis Seichim Healing Treatment

Visit our website for full yoga and meditation timetable


PHONE 0432 448 418 Email:


40.indd 1

THERESE KERR is an author, speaker, ambassador for holistic family health and founder of certified organic personal care range Divine by Therese Kerr. Visit:

Pure & Precious Oils

Please join us the first Saturday of the month for a FREE community event held at Sacred Om –

Suite 10c, 69 Attenuata Dr, Mountain Creek Qld

chemicals people use every day as these products have a continued and a cumulative impact on the body. Products such as deodorant, toothpaste, sanitising hand gel, mouth rinse, fresh breath spray, hand wash and hand lotion are products we use every day and continued use of these, especially the leave-on products (hand and body lotion, sanitising hand gel, deodorant) have exposure and absorption which is greater when the products are left on the skin. Through Divine by Therese Kerr it is our goal to educate and uplift others, to share the benefits of using certified organic products and to make a positive contribution to our world; a world that our children and our children’s children will ultimately inhabit.




magine a world where people don’t get sick; where our loved ones don’t get cancer and get taken from us too early; where everything we eat and use on our bodies nourishes us instead of slowly killing us. This is the world I want to create and I would love you to join me and the Divine by Therese Kerr team to form this divine world. We cannot live in today’s society and expect health to fall in our lap, that won’t happen. People need to educate themselves about what they’re putting on their bodies and in their mouths. That’s why I created Divine by Therese Kerr; to educate, empower and teach people how to live chemical-free. In 2001/2002 I had tumours in my spleen and had to have my spleen removed. That was a turning point in my life and was the best thing that ever happened to me and caused me to delve into every aspect of my life at a level I had never looked before. During this time I questioned why my body would react in such


for normal/dry dehydrated skin


for oily/combination skin

SUBLIME EYE ELIXIR for delicate eye area

Flocy 0467 637 818 Deby 0420 971 709 Available at Sun and Earth Organics 845 Brunswick St, New Farm

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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ommitment. Why do so many of us find it so hard? I spent many of the early years of my marriage terrified. It was exhausting. Yes, some of our problems were real but there were concrete things we could (and did) do to handle them. It was the things I made up in my head that I had trouble dealing with. Dreadful things. I battled with the demons in my mind. My fears caused continual mental anguish and even physical pain. They sent me down dark hallways and spinetingling crevasses. And, in a way, that was the point. Fortunately, thanks to years of work in Twelve Step Programs, counselling and especially meditation, I knew that these fears were not real. Through meditation I had discovered just how addicted I was to feeling bad; to having all these emotions coursing through my body, putting me on edge. It was like a drug and I used it to feel alive even though it was killing me on many levels. I would make things up

can feel like it’s real. It’s not!

and then react to them as if they were real. Madness? Yes. But boy did I get a kick out of it. Often I felt like a trapped animal. My partner was getting too close. It terrified me. And that’s the way I’d acted in many of my previous relationships. Fight or flight. Lashing out at those who got in my way. Yes, I had been hurt in the past – by other lovers, by my upbringing, by my friends – but this fear of commitment was irrational, mad, out-of-control terror. A base reaction. A lot of us think that when someone really gets to know us they won’t love us anymore. If that is the case, it’s far better they get to know you as soon as possible. Then if they can’t handle the truth at least you can move on quickly. One of the fears that tormented me was the “but what if there’s someone better out there” kind. And, now I say, well, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. You’re never going to be in a wonderful and loving relationship if

that’s the way you approach it. I knew, deep in my heart that if I couldn’t be in a relationship with this man, I would never be able to make a relationship work with anyone, ever. He was very much in touch with himself and continued to do the work to clear his emotional baggage despite the constant setbacks we suffered. I had to show up and do the work too. I knew he would always support me in that. But often I didn’t want to and acted like a spoilt brat. Sometimes, I must admit, I still do act like a spoiled brat. However these days I know the truth and the truth is where we always end up. We love each other. We are committed to each other on every level and it’s no longer terrifying. MARY-LOU STEPHENS’ meditation memoir, Sex, Drugs and Meditation, is the true story of how meditation helped changed her life, save her job and find a husband. Find out more at





Learn from the industry’s most experienced: 1. Pilates Teacher Training Course Starts Saturday 1st November Learn • Thorough anatomy and physiology • Application to pathologies and injuries • A broad range of Pilates repertoire • Excellence in teaching methodology

2. Pilates and Good Food Retreat Friday 26th Sept - Tuesday 30th Sept We’re passionate about your HEALTH! Pilates and Garuda workouts daily and complete menu of organic produce.


Tensegrity Pilates

306 Kiel Mountain Road, Kiels Mountain PH 0400 600 360 42

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Can NLP change your life?


or the first time ever, Australia has rallied the best international and national NLP trainers all under one roof. Happening from October 3rd to 5th, NLP SuperFest will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, and it will showcase the best skills and strategies developed by NLP for gaining success in personal and business life, clearer thinking and communication, and developing the leadership and mind skills to plan, implement and achieve goals. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was developed over 40 years ago, after uncovering the hidden relationship between how our brains operate and think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour (programming). The skills developed by NLP are so adaptable, that people from all walks of life have experienced profound change and understanding of themselves and the world around them from this field. It is not uncommon to find out that a health or wellness professional uses NLP to better understand and communicate with their clients, just as much as a manager of a company uses NLP to guide their team into high performing states and fulfilling work targets. While there are numerous NLP Trainers in Australia, people are often uncertain about which trainer or coach to learn from, which is the

same predicament experienced by the conference organisers themselves. This is the sole reason why NLP SuperFest 2014 is so groundbreaking, as the organisers have brought together trainers that are all highly sought after and respected for their skills, ethics and training style. In fact, the conference has even secured the elusive Mr Frank Pucelik, the recently discovered co-founder of NLP to share his knowledge on replicating the psychology of excellence. With over 14 world class trainers the line-up is simply extraordinary, and here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the amazing presenters: • FRANK PUCELIK: Co-Founder of NLP and Top US 100 Business Trainer • JAMIE SMART: International bestselling author of “Clarity”, who’s skills have recently been endorsed by Liverpool FC’s striker, Daniel Sturridge • ALISTAIR HORSCROFT: Founder of the Mind Academy, and Discovery Health Channel’s “The Life Guru” • JUDY REES: Best-selling co-author of “Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds”

• MARKVIN OKA: A Founding Director of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) based in Washington, DC, and co-author of mBraining So what’s the story behind the conception of NLP SuperFest? It was just a meeting of like-minded people who all had a passion for learning, and sharing “the good stuff” around. “We heard about all these awesome trainers – but quite a few were interstate or overseas,” explained Paulina Samy, one of the directors of the conference. “And because we didn’t have the time to take off work, or the money to pay for all their courses in one go, we thought – Hey! Why don’t we ask them to come to us and make it so affordable that everyone could go too? Wouldn’t it also be amazing to connect with all of Australia’s NLP community in one place?” And that was how it all eventuated! Melbourne will be abuzz with happy brains and clear minds, during NLP SuperFest this October. Visit: for more info

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g o fi re ra to o m th im

Power of Gratitude

WORDS Dr CASSANDRA OSBORNE, Clinical Psychologist, Mindful Therapy


few months ago I wrote about bringing mindfulness back into our busy lives on a daily basis. This month I would like to extend that discussion by considering the

relationship between gratitude and mindfulness. Gratitude is defined as a “feeling or quality of thankfulness and appreciation.” This simple definition does not quite capture the full extent

of gratitude, as it is also important to consider it more broadly as a quality of orienting ourselves to notice and appreciate the positive in the world. We have all experienced moments of

Secrets of Your Shadow Revealed 2-DAY WORKSHOP




Deborah Kidd has had Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) for 24 years During The Secrets of Your Shadow workshop you will learn to: and she chose to recover with natural methods, • Break out of the prison of fear, shame, blame and sabotage that stops you from knowing who you truly are and living your soul’s purpose healing her mind, body and soul. • Discover the gifts of your dark side and reclaim your creativity, confidence, power to and freedom Deborah has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and love is offering naturopathic consultations • Learn how to meet and embrace your shadow so you can experience flow, for people who have been diagnosed with M.S. and her approach is unique and holistic.

synchronicity and incredible opportunities • Heal internal conflict, resistance, unresolved hurt, anger and resentment • Discover how the shadow side can help you to reclaim your wholeness Satur • Recognise and release the masks that are keeping you day  Herbalist  Iridologist stuck in limitations & Su



“This course challenges you to take charge and recognise all aspects of yourself, learn to love and accept these aspects and move forward to with confidence and Validwithout 14 fear of your true beautiful 9 30-0 - self.” – M Johnson (Student)




44.indd 1

Deborah Kidd


The M.S. Goddess SEGAL INNA Accredited Practitioner and M.S. survivor

BOOK NOW – phone Dianne on 0421 888 232 PHONE 0438 275 378 or FOR email APPT Shop 1, 292 Main Street, Montville Q 4560

15 nday th 1 Novem 6th ber

Ven Sunsh ue: ine Queen Coast, sland

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in is a g e th y u m


Research links individuals who practise gratitude regularly with higher levels of overall wellbeing, satisfaction and health.

gratitude, which may have been towards others, situations or ourselves. Often we find that these feelings of gratefulness are reactive to something that has happened rather than us making a conscious effort to deliberately cultivate the experience of appreciation. However, like practising mindfulness, cultivating gratitude is a skill that we can choose to strengthen and implement in our day-to-day lives. How does one bring gratitude back into our daily lives? Jack Kornfield who is a leading Buddhist teacher speaks about not taking life too seriously or getting so wrapped up “in your own everyday dramas that you forget to see the beauty that is constantly surrounding you”. These words clearly paint for us the relationship that exists between mindfulness and gratitude. The nice thing about the relationship between mindfulness and gratitude is

that it is reciprocal by nature – practising one tends to help foster the other. By opening ourselves up to our moment-to-moment experiences without judgement, as we do in a state of mindfulness, we are creating a space for gratitude to cultivate. Similarly, by bringing our attention to what we appreciate in ourselves, our environments and others, as we do when practising gratitude, we are fostering a sense of mindfulness. Why would one want to practise gratitude on a daily basis? The reason is simple and comes down to the strong evidence base linking gratitude to many positive effects. Research links individuals who practise gratitude regularly with higher levels of overall wellbeing, satisfaction and health. These individuals tend to also display higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Recent studies have found that consistently practising gratitude can actually change our brain activity and pathways. Drawing our attention to and cultivating positive thoughts in place of negative thoughts, as we do when being grateful, creates a stronger positive feedback cycle in the brain.

Here are a few starting points to begin cultivating gratitude towards yourself and others on a day-to-day basis:


Engage in daily positive self-affirmations – perhaps waking up in the morning and repeating to yourself a short statement like “I am a good person” or “I make the best out of every situation.”


Start a gratitude jar or journal where each night you might consider writing down, drawing or even placing a photograph of something or someone that you are thankful for from the day.


Throughout the day take a quick moment to anchor yourself by taking a deep breath and then scan your environment for something that you wish to acknowledge no matter how small.


Practise gratitude towards others. Write a letter to someone that you appreciate, listing the reasons why and share the feelings of happiness that it promotes by taking it one step further and actually giving it to them!

Introducing a New Clinical Psychologist to Our Team! We are pleased to Introduce Dr. Cassandra Osborne to our team in Maroochydore. Cassie specialises in offering services to Children and Adolescents. To celebrate Cassie’s arrival at our practice, we are offering to first 5 clients referred to our practice with a GP referral letter, 6 bulk billed sessions (no out of pocket expense)!!

Also on our team are: Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Gayre Christie – Adolescents, Pain Disorders, Couples Mr. Mitch Lawrie – M.Ed, ASCH, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Career Counsellor

To discuss your needs call (07) 5451 1575

Scan this QR code to download our FREE STRESS-BUSTER APP

Be Mindful

Mindful Therapy Psychology Services Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 7:56:42 AM

Clearing the Baggage

for Spring



oxic beliefs and emotions not only affect our thoughts but also have a detrimental effect on our physical body and need to be cleared in order to create harmony within a world of unconditional love and Oneness. Each generation has inherited “stuff” by taking issues that were too painful to clear into the next incarnation, however, to end this cycle our consciousness is being raised leaving our heart chakra open and we now only need the INFORMATION and TOOLS to clear the blockages within the two strands of DNA represented by our Matriarch and Patriarch lines… and then the old book can be closed. HIS-tory in one of struggle and survival whereas HER-story is a vision of faith and unconditional love with the genetic memory of both being locked within our first two chakras. This duality/separation (the sacral is the interface with our endocrine/hormonal system) heals and faith replaces fear. Our All of Life Coaching simply removes the heaviness of these “echoes

from the past” lifting the dark clouds and empowering our solar plexus to where we “shine”… our lives then become free and “light hearted”. With this release of energy we sense the ONENESS in consciousness that was experienced before our earth journey began with a flow-on effect increasing our emotional and physical wellbeing. In freeing up the energy around money (within our root chakra) we then change our version of “prosperity” and go on to create wealth as part of HERstory. New research suggests that 90% of everything we do is subconscious. The “unconscious” carries all our personal fears, guilt and baggage and is now merging with the collective global fears… any wonder we are feeling more fearful and vulnerable. However, these conflicts and challenges are all part of our spiritual growth which is becoming a priority as we can no longer “pretend”. The fog is lifting and “she” is awakening as

ADVERTISE IN HOLISTIC BLISS AND BE SEEN LOCALLY, NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY Be part of a publication that makes a difference and shares you and your unique message.

we realise the immensity of what lies ahead. My own experience of this evolutionary process has been as a practitioner in naturopathy, counselling and vibrational healing. By claiming the vibration of SERVICE through the Holistequine horses we have merged HIS-tory with HER-story and this new focus is now detailed in our new “All of Life Coaching” manual, workshops, private session and courses. By providing the practical exercises, tools and new philosophies/insights we heal the conflict within our “two selves” and change direction on this amazing journey to ONENESS. New Spiritual Workbook (online) merging HIS-tory with HER-story… a step-by-step guided journey to end separation. Workshop: Spiritual Spring Cleaning Saturday, September 13th, Cooroy Ph 0434 314 811

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144


Phone 0422 538 335 for more information 46

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Magicality is 10 years old, in Mary Street and is an amazing business. Very affordable and great potential to expand.

Ph Di Woodstock 0419 224 628

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Well and Good For You!

he 7th annual ‘ALL WELL & GOOD DAY’ on Saturday 6th September at Eumundi Markets will feature some of Australia’s top health care and wellness professionals sharing their wise words and demonstrations on four stages throughout the market precinct. Recharge your mind, body and soul at the YOGA HALL, with FREE yoga, tai chi, and dance from 7am and running throughout the day. The Market Kitchen Stage features well-published authors and renowned health foodies including: The Eumundi Medicine Man, Friendship Food, Linn Wiggins, Kathryn Alexander and Dominique Liv Kamal. Head to the Amphitheatre Stage for drum workshops, Latin dance, music, hoop jamming, acroyoga, sports aerobics and more! The Good Health Stage welcomes presentations on the chi cycle, how

to stay married, access consciousness, meditation, laughter workshops, flower essences and treating IBS. On top of that, there’ll be hug power, laughter therapy, crystal grids, and an All Well & Good Trail of 60+ wealth and wellness market stalls. At 3pm, head along to The Healthy Writers High Tea at The Bohemian Bungalow, featuring Vanessa Finnigan and Rebecca Grisman talking about healthy marketing and writing strategies for success. Tickets to the High Tea are $20 and available by calling The Bohemian Bungalow.

HB QUOTE OF THE MONTH: We can all say we are grateful for our families, friends and lovers but are we really? When it comes down to it, do we show it? Do we really tell the people in our lives how important they are? We often feel grateful from a past perspective, when that person has moved out of our lives. Whether they leave us, move away or die, we appreciate the gift of who they were after they have gone. Let today be the day to put a stop to that. Let’s be grateful today for ourselves and each other! – Andrea Wilkes, owner of Ecclectica Esoteric Books & Curiosities

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for September appointments

PAWs Nurse

Ph: 3324 2291

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services

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How can you be grateful for your horse? WORDS VIV ADCOCK


horse owner recently emailed me asking if I could assist her and her horse with a “problem” that had been going on for six years. I asked the horse (in my head) what was going on for him and he communicated so much in a few seconds that I had to ask him to slow the information down so I could keep up! The main thing he showed me was that he felt that he couldn’t really trust anything or anyone. He was in a hyper-vigilant state, which made him nervous and jumpy. The owner was stuck in a trauma that they had been through. The energy of the event was so prevalent in the owner’s mind and body, the horse sensed it, and most times reacted to it by bolting, with the owner on his back. I asked him, “What are you facilitating?” He was surprised and relieved that I saw the situation from this angle. I acknowledged him for what he was doing to show the owner and didn’t conclude he was wrong. The “reaction” was his way of getting her to change what she was being when they rode. Horses have a space in their head of peace

and awareness. I encouraged the owner to practise being this space in her life, before she does anything with him and especially riding him. This way, he can sense she is relaxed. We also did other processing for both of them to clear what had been created. When I began doing some energetic bodywork with him, he was reluctant to let me in. He would let me and then stop. Somewhere in his Universe he knew this energy was assisting him, he breathed deeply and let me in a bit more, then a bit more and then he gave himself over to me. His eyes gently closed. WOW. He knew I had his back and that I was on the “look out” so he could relax, for the first time in a very long time. As I drove out of the property he turned and looked directly at me. A wave of gratitude rippled through my body, his thank-you was palpable. I also offered the owner a session of Access Consciousness Bars® and bodywork to exponentialise the session for them both. She told me a day later that she had a dream and got clearly what he was communicating. She commented how relaxed and light her body felt. What contribution can they be for each other now?


‘We care about your pets’


One Needle Acupuncture

Specialising in natural treatments for pets including one needle acupuncture. One needle acupuncture is possibly one of the most powerful treatments available – it works instantly. The success rate is in the region of 90% on a single treatment. How scientific can you get? Making only one change in the body to get instant results is pretty mind-blowing.

Free treatment for owners to test the effects on yourself when your pet is treated. “Australia’s purist nutritionally healthy natural pet treats”

Shop online direct from the manufacturer


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42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

Ph: 07 5499 7211 3/20 Enterprise St Caloundra Qld 4551

PHONE 5447 7877

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The natural healing force WORDS Dr HENRY STEPHENSON


art of my training as an alternative health practitioner for animals is to understand that each body heals in the most perfect way that it can. So if I am to interfere, I must interfere by strengthening the healing force, not by stopping it or even slowing it down. This ultimate internal energy or vital healing force is smarter than any doctor or veterinary surgeon and more powerful than any medicine. What we need to do is to recognise what the healing force is trying to do and then help and strengthen it in its own function. I liken a symptom to seeing the fin of a whale coming out of the water. We can only see a fin, or sometimes a small part of the fin, but we know there is a whale underneath there. What sort of whale is it? We can try to strengthen the being based on the fin we are presented with, and we can also ask questions about other parts of the whale that have surfaced previously to get an understanding of the full picture. In life when things go our way and there is no pressure or stress, our systems can maintain good order. But then when something changes, or we eat something

unhealthy, or we get left in the boarding kennels, the same problem areas tend to resurface. Conventional medicine will cut off the fin or paint it a different colour so we cannot see it. If the presenting symptoms are taken away by anti-inflammatories or antibiotics, I find I have less of the whale to look at and help. True healing means watching the symptoms that come to the surface, understanding the nature of the whale, and then strengthening the whole animal. When animals heal from deep diseases their symptoms gradually become more superficial. Often I find that as bowel, liver or kidney issues improve, skin problems begin to surface. In animals, these skin problems then move, as the animal gains strength, from upper areas like the head and back to the belly and feet. Sometimes the ears are used like a waste-paper basket and pour out some discharge during the healing process. When I treat animals for their liver disease or their kidney failure, they always feel better mentally: a violent cat will no longer scratch its owners, and

an anxious dog will no longer want to escape when the builders use a nail gun next door. A simple example of this process is the treatment of fleas. This is an everyday issue for vets and conventionally involves the application of endless rounds of various poisons. When I treat an animal’s skin disease, I usually find that as the skin problem resolves and the animal becomes stronger, fleas are no longer so attracted to them, meaning that they no longer require so much of the chemicals. My understanding of true healing and cure is to honour every symptom and only attempt to strengthen the being. Disease is the healing force reacting against the individual’s growth on the planet.

KK’S HOLISTIC VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu BVSc, CVCH, CVA (獣医師金光香―西洋&東洋獣医学の免 許取得) Specialises in: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Tui-na (Medical Massage) HOUSE CALLS AVAILABLE BASED ON THE SUNSHINE COAST (no extra house call charge within 20km of Noosa)


PHONE: 0401 373 603 (日本語でも相談受け付けます。症例により スカイプ診断可能。)

9am-6pm Monday to Saturday

(except public holidays unless emergency) /KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service

“It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a care. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true.” – Jen Hsou Lin, DVM Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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8/20/2014 8:01:41 AM


Do you need direction or clarity in your life? Benefit from a psychic reading and energy healing session with Marie Blake, who has 20 years’ experience. Group bookings are available, including flower reading parties with minireadings. Give your inner-wellbeing wings.

Phone: Marie on 0412 826 027 in Maroochydore or Email:


Do you have an event or services you would like to promote? Do you require brand specialists to mastermind your campaigns? At Spiritual Events and Directory we cater for all budgets and event types and go the extra mile to identify your needs and what you want to achieve from your campaign(s). Contact us today and we’ll be only too happy to discuss our packages with you.

Phone: Sarah Watkins 0423 402 715


HEALTH & WELLBEING A SINGING GROUP FOR WOMEN Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore DOMESTIC DIVAS Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!


A delightfully eclectic collection of clothing, gifts and homewares featuring inspirations and affirmations, singing bowls, aromatherapy, salt lamps, oracle cards, meditation and mantra CDs, books, amber, silver and crystal jewellery and local artistry.


Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld

Phone: Trish 5476 9192 or Gary 0438 972 880

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Qi Gong for Beginners – What you learn: - Breathing for more Energy - Acupressure for more Balance - Movements for more Vitality - Stretching for more Harmony - Mindfulness for more Tranquillity 5-week course: Thursdays 11th, 18th, 25th Sept, 2nd, 9th October – 5.30-7pm OR 1-day workshop: Saturday 11th October – 1-6pm Eumundi – $75

Phone: Petra on 0439 265 230 or visit: to register


Are you passionate about law of attraction? Our award winning personal development product line is assisting people globally to attract the life they truly want. Create the life you desire and help others to do the same. A really powerful way to earn an income.


Find us on facebook or at 1 / 1500 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale Phone: 0416 076 245


Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.


Learn about Reconnective Healing, see practical demonstrations with volunteers from the audience. Presented by Julie Jara, Associate Instructor. Saturday 11th October, 10.30-11.30am Kawana Library. 2 tickets drawn to see the Founder, Dr Eric Pearl in Coolum 31st October. Bookings essential.


Provides exceptional natural health care solutions in central Morayfield. An evolving multi-modality clinic, we are currently seeking expressions of interest from all natural health care providers. Our valued clientele benefits by building better health through education and participation in a safe and supportive environment.

Phone: Lorelle for further information on 0408 411 010 or email


Higher Visions is a spiritual/Holistic Community network. We provide a place for other likeminded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop. We offer : •M  onthly casual lunches – varied subjects/ speakers • E vening gatherings with guest speakers – varied subjects • Workshops and regular meditation evenings Laura Di Mambro 0400 673 563

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Naturopathic Consultations now available with Qualified and Experienced Practitioners

SPECIAL – 1hr Consultation only $60 Gleny Pirovich – available Tues Medical Herbalist specialising in Thyroid and Adrenal Issues, Hormone Management and Support, Naturopathy and Nutrition Shella Hall – available Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Registered Nurse specialising in Chronic Medical Conditions and Health Improvement

Buderim Health Store Natural | Foods | Supplements | Skincare | More

Ph (07) 5445 3256 now for an appointment or call into the store at 1/56 Burnett St, Buderim

Embracing Presence & Living Love

The Science Of Inner Stillness DAY MEDITATION RETREAT

with Terry Oldfield & Soraya – Sept 7 • Yoga, Music, Meditation and Mindfulness • Weekly Healing Havan Fire Ceremony • Young Living Essential Oils Dist. 540882

Holistic Naturopathic Consultations

Phone 0400 520 624

Healthy and Happy High Tea PALEO STYLE HIGH TEA on

Saturday 11th October 2014 at The Village, 5 Corio Street, Bulimba For event and booking details visit:

Radiance Retreat

Wellness Clinic

Counselling and Natural Therapies • Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 •

21-24 February in beautiful Montville with Dominique Liv Kamal

Australia n Herbalis to the Year f a Founder nd of The Medicin eroom Purchase your retreat booking with accommodation – PHONE: 0409 765 033

HEALTH CONCEPTS ‘for your total wellbeing’

- Remedial Massage - Deep Tissue Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Sports Injury Massage - Jaw R.E.S.E.T. - Ear Candling - Musculoskeletal Therapy - Kinesiology - Acupuncture & Cupping - Holographic Kinetics - Homeopathy - Trigger Point - I Detox Foot Spa - Lymphatic Drainage Fully Qualified Therapists – Gift Vouchers Health Fund Rebates – Pension Discounts

5432 8812

Call us on: Shop 5, 870 Beerburrum Road, Elimbah 4516 Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2014 |

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Nutrient absorption and gut function.

Did you know that thyroid disease is becoming increasingly common, particularly in Australia? It could be the result of many factors, such as an overwhelming stress load, chemical overload, increased autoimmune risk, or the depleted nutrient content in the soil our food grows in. Both selenium and iodine are low in many locations of Australian soil, both are important for optimal thyroid function. Both an over and under active thyroid can influence weight, infertility, mood, sleep, libido and menstrual problems. Much of the standard thyroid testing measures TSH, when in fact to truly diagnose a thyroid problem, the tests require more detail. T3 and T4 are the thyroid hormones that your body uses, so it is best to get those checked too.

Your digestive system is like the root system of a tree, when the roots are healthy the tree is healthy. Did you know the digestive system is in fact a nervous system? It is called the Enteric Nervous System. This system has a huge role in the production of your brain’s happy chemicals, not to mention the huge role that it plays in absorbing nutrients for everyday bodily functions. Certain bacterias in the gut have the potential to produce an enzyme called Beta glucuronidase, this enzyme can increase oestrogen re-circulation. This may lead to oestrogen dominance. This imbalance can be linked to painful periods, PCOS, PMS, breast tenderness, irritability, weight gain, depression, skin conditions, fluid retention and lethargy.

Are you sleeping sufficiently? Are you stressed?

Pyroluria is a genetically determined metabolic condition. Those with elevated pyrroles usually have an increased demand for certain nutrients that are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. These are your happy brain chemicals! Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, strong fatigue, temper outbursts, IBS, joint pain, memory loss or low stress tolerance. A simple urine test can confirm if you have elevated pyrroles.

If you are having difficulty sleeping it could mean that you have a melatonin-cortisol imbalance. Cortisol is the “fight or flight” response hormone, when it is high, melatonin levels can drop. Melatonin is what helps assist proper sleeping patterns. If you are under a lot of stress, your cortisol levels are likely to be out of balance, this then imbalances melatonin. A cortisol problem can throw many of your happy hormones out of balance.

What about Pyroluria?

Do you relate to any of this? We offer a series of thorough pathology tests and naturopathic treatment to get to the root cause of your health concern. We work along side your Doctor so you get the best possible health outcome.


MOOLOOLABA 5458 4800

Suzi Le Fanue BSc (BMed)

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Leanne Vickery BHSc (Comp Med)

Naturopath & Herbalist

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Holistic bliss sept vol 61  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss sept vol 61  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast