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Funky tea room – dine inside with style. Alfresco dining experience – relax in amongst the tranquil outdoor waterscape feature.

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follow your bliss!

Oneness… what does it mean to you?


ver the last few months I have been aware of my heart opening up even wider than before and the energy that emanates has a clearing and connecting affect that really goes beyond words. This type of change can also be quite exhausting at times as it’s about letting the barriers down and also opening up to receive and contribute more to the planet. This has been my personal experience with oneness of late but this topic can mean all sorts of other things and it’s great to share some different perspectives this month from our contributors. It’s okay… our writers are not talking about oneness being ‘one’ centralised system of power, or being carbon copies of each other. Actually many of our writers talk about expressing our uniqueness to heal and

empower ourselves, others and the planet. If oneness does not discriminate against gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc then there is a place for us all to ‘be’ where we are all included and we are all connected. I am excited to see things shifting… I also see the traditional health care systems and natural therapies starting to work together, I see the chasm between ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ becoming less pronounced… Can we be one with all, without there being just one way? There is movement happening and what can we do to nurture these connections even more this year? Who’s on the Cover: It’s the amazing Gary Douglas, pioneer of Access Consciousness and worldwide facilitator. Gary has created tools, processes and questions that have changed the lives of countless people here in Australia and internationally over the last 20 years.

“Your Magazine With Soul”



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Simply Organics



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Vanilla By Vicki Taylor, Queen of Spice


anilla is the world’s second most expensive spice and this is purely due to the fact that all vanilla orchids grown outside of Mexico, where it originated, must be hand pollinated for the pods to grow. The bee in Mexico cannot live anywhere else in the world so this makes it another labour intensive spice. Inside the pods, there are thousands of little seeds and the aroma that comes from vanilla is only apparent on drying, you can’t smell anything from the orchid or when the pods are green. Did you know that the largest use for vanilla in the world is vanilla ice-cream? Vanilla is a versatile spice that is also used in commercial products like perfumes, lotions and air fresheners to name a few. I’m not a big fan of the aroma but I adore the vanilla flavour, especially in a good quality ice-cream! How about you?


Organics By Adriana Krueger


t is interesting to see how many opinions exist about the health benefits of eating organic foods. According to one study, organic food does not contain more nutrients than conventional produce. The study also suggests that it does not taste much better and is more costly. Another study shows organic food is full of nutrients, rich flavours and its growing method cares more for the environment. Every one of these studies is very convincing and it makes it harder for consumers to form an opinion. But it’s easy to forget the cultivation of organic food is very different from the cultivation of conventional fruit & vegetables. The use of pesticides and chemicals is not permitted. Furthermore, different certifying bodies strictly control the whole process of growing organic food. Therefore it is best to buy certified organic produce. Eating organic food means the consumer is less likely to be exposed

to harmful substances, which would be encountered if consuming conventional food. The application of synthetic pesticides, e.g. hormones or genetic engineering is banned in the cultivation of organic food. Organic food is more expensive because of higher labour costs and greater crop losses – use of chemicals reduces labour involved with tending crops and also prevents losses due to disease or pests! Many consumers are happy to pay more for ‘peace of mind’. They know that certified organic produce is not only free from toxins but the growing practices are environmentally friendly. There is no doubt that the complete absence of chemicals is a HUGE plus! It is not what organic food contains but rather what it does not! This makes a very strong case FOR organics simply on the basis of what we are NOT eating!



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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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hree words: These. Are. Addictive. You have been warned! Now that’s out of the way, these little babies are my answer to any chocolate craving I may have. They kind of remind me of the chocolate munchkins that you can get from dunkin donuts (a childhood fave of mine!). They also make an awesome gift – to yourself :) or someone else! – as they are sweet and hand rolled with love. They go perfectly with your favourite nut milk and I especially enjoy mine served with brazilian nut milk. Cacao superfood truffles are a hit with the kids too and they can have fun helping you roll them. Even though these are way better than processed confectionery, make sure to remind them (and yourself) that they’re a “sometimes” food, that’s what makes a treat… a treat! Enjoy! This recipe makes 15-25 truffles depending on how big your roll them.

APPRECIATING SPICES 9th Feb and 9th March

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Raw Vegan Cacao Superfood Truffles

Appliances you will need: Food Processor Ingredients: (I use good local organic produce – if you can, you should too!): • 1 cup almonds (www.veggiewave. com/soaking_chart) • 1 cup cashews (www.veggiewave. com/soaking_chart) • ½ cup hemp seeds • ¾ cup raw cacao powder • ½ cup shredded coconut plus extra for rolling • 1 tbs coconut oil • ½-¾ cup coconut syrup/sugar (depending on how sweet you want them) • 2 tsp vanilla extract After preparing all of the above: Place all ingredients except for the last three in a food processor and mix until the consistency of almond meal (very fine crumbs). Slowly add coconut oil, brown rice syrup, vanilla and good vibes until a sticky dough forms. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and shape into balls by rolling between the palm of your hands. Finish by rolling in shredded coconut and place in the fridge until ready to serve. I freeze most of my batch and only remove two at a time so that I don’t eat them all in one go.

Sadhana Kitchen is one of Australia’s most respected and exciting raw and whole foods businesses. The cafe was founded by Maz Pugoy to share the benefits of living foods through delicious meals, desserts and beverages. She left a successful corporate career in healthcare to open Sydney’s first living foods café and make optimum health, vitality and wellbeing accessible to everyone. Sadhana Kitchen creates mouth-watering desserts and delicious meals using only organic ingredients. All menu items are dairy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free and guiltfree. In addition to offering an expansive range of eat in, take away and catering foods, Sadhana Kitchen also delivers educational classes, demonstrational videos, awareness through columns and blogging and food preparation workshops. Maz is fast becoming an international sensation, assisting people all over Australia and the rest of the world to improve their health and wellbeing through raw and whole foods. The recipe below is one of many delicious and nutritious items available at Sadhana kitchen. Others include Raw Banana Coconut Pancakes served with a super food caramel sauce, Raw Sesame Noodles, Superfood Smoothies, Cold Pressed Juices, Organic Coffee and so much more!

Specialising in Burmese cuisines and traditional South East Asian food • Gluten free and Vegetarian options • Speciality hand-made artisan food products including gluten free Asian inspired gourmet sausages, spring rolls and other pre-prepared cook-at-home products “I cannot recommend Burma In Ya Belly highly enough. Trish is professional, her food is amazing, and it is reasonably priced. What more could you ask for?” Kirsty Greenshields

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Ph: 0407 143 173



We cater for functions ions ons and parties parties, corporate meetings meetings, markets and festivals. BOOK NOW! And the delights don’t have to end when your function does, ask Trish about our range of “Take Home Heat and Eat” packs, Plus Retail Line Now Available. Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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10 Reasons to Use


Coconut is said to be one of the healthiest and most versatile of all oils. very high smoking point and will not turn rancid and oxidize when it is heated.

By Jenni Madison


ative tropical cultures that thrive on diets rich in coconut attribute their heart health, youthful skin, lustrous hair, dental health, strong immunity, and lean bodies to their beloved tropical trooper. Pure coconut oil makes a natural source of food and body medicine. It is a true gift from Mother Nature that offers remarkable benefits, especially when taken daily. Here’s why: 1. Great to use as a cooking oil Unlike other vegetable, seed and nut oils, including olive oil, coconut oil has a

2. Boosts energy levels Coconut oil is metabolised and converted by the liver directly into energy. In his book, ‘Coconut Cures’, Dr Bruce Fife likens ingesting coconut oil in the body, to putting high-octane fuel in your car. 3. Helps reduce food and sugar cravings People taking coconut oil as a health tonic have noticed increased feelings of satisfaction, and the ability to go without food for longer periods without symptoms of hypoglycemia or sugar cravings. 4. Good for digestion Coconut oil possesses a gastrointestinal antioxidant and antiinflammatory effect. It has natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties that detox the body, making it

Certified Organic Health Products

Also available at the Big Pineapple Markets on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday or online

Call Roger on (07) 5443 2278 or 0437 730 688

The Tea & Tummy Man 8

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A study reported in the Journal of Nutrition found that coconut oil boosts metabolism. Researchers found that participants who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day burned more kilojoules than those who consumed less. An increase in metabolism boosts the body’s immune system and sheds excess weight. 6. Strengthens immune function The Lauric acid in coconut oil is highly toxic to viruses, funguses and bacteria. Breast milk is the only other natural source of Lauric acid.


Organic Food is BETTER for you! We are offering NEW customers a great opportunity to sample the delights of organic food at a special price!

• Herbal Teas – singles and blends • Pure Essential Oils High Quality – Certified Organic • Assam Green Tea • Jinxuan Oolong • Ruanzhi Oolong Choui Fong Tea • Guihua (Osmanthus) Oolong • Papaya Leaf Tea

5. Increases metabolism and supports healthy weight-loss

Get into organics…

• Colon Cleansing Kits • Internal Organ Cleansing Kits • Fully Organic Natural Health Support

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effective in treating candida albicans, bacteria, fungi, parasites and various other contributors to intestinal imbalances and indigestion. When taken together with food it aids in the absorption of good food nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER! If you spend $65 or more on your f rst order, OQF will

REFUND 25% of your invoice total on 2nd delivery!* *2nd order must also exceed $65 – maximum refund $50

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Coconut Oil Every Day 7. Good for brain function and memory More than half of the fat in the brain is saturated. Research indicates that taking coconut oil daily, as a healthy saturated fat, can nourish the brain in a way that may help in the prevention of brain related disease. Dr Mary Newport states that coconut oil could potentially be a treatment for Alzheimer’s and memory loss. 8. Makes your skin look and feel beautiful It is ideal for dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Its high content of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) makes it easily absorbed by the skin. It prevents stretch marks and lightens existing ones. Its antiseptic elements keep the skin young and healthy and relatively free from infections. Coconut oil can be used both internally and externally for nourishing and repairing the skin.

9. Supports thyroid function and hormone balance Regular consumption of coconut oil restores thyroid function by assisting the hormones transport to the cells.

coconut oil daily. For those who are not used to it, it is best to start out with a lesser amount and see how the body reacts before following the recommended dosage.

10. Useful as a natural sunscreen Coconut oil screens 20% of ultraviolet. The first commercial sunscreens and suntan lotions contained coconut oil as their main ingredient. The effectiveness of coconut oil in protecting you from sunburn will also depend on your diet.

How can you take it? Replace your cooking oils and butter with coconut oil. Mix it in a drink of warm water with lemon juice. It is delicious in green tea, hot cacao and regular tea and coffee. Add it to smoothies, regular and raw food deserts. When I first began my journey into the world of coconut oil I was amazed at the many health benefits and its versatility. Soon after I started using it, my personal health completely transformed. Now I could not, and would not go a day without my beautiful and magical coconut oil.

What type should you buy? Virgin is so important as this means that it has not been refined, bleached or deodorised. Also look for coconut oil that is organic, raw and cold pressed. Oils are best kept packaged in dark glass rather than plastic. How much should you take? According to researchers, an adult should consume around 2-3 tbsp of

To find out more about the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil visit and/or join us on facebook

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Relationship with


By Dr. Shala Kaleka



hink for a moment of a food from your past, one that makes you feel great after you eat it for no specific reason. Maybe it is macaroni and cheese, slow-simmered tomato sauce, ice cream cones or potato pancakes. Eating comfort foods (every now and then) can be incredibly healing, even though your rational brain might not consider it highly nutritious. Food has the power to impact us on a level deeper than just our physical well-being. What we eat can reconnect us to precious memories, like childhood play times, first dates, holidays, our grandmother’s cooking or our country of ancestry. Our bodies remember foods from the past on an emotional and cellular level. Eating this food connects us to our roots and has ‘youthening’ and nurturing effects that go far beyond the food’s biochemical make-up. Acknowledging what different foods mean to us is an important part of cultivating a good relationship with food. This month when we celebrate lovers and relationships, it’s important to notice that we each have a relationship with food—and that this relationship is often far from loving. Many of us restrict food, attempting to control our weight. We often abuse food, substituting it for emotional wellbeing. Others ignore food, swallowing it whole before we’ve even tasted it. What would your life be like if you treated food and your body as you would treat your beloved – with gentleness, playfulness, communication, honesty, respect and love? The next time you eat your soul food, do so with awareness and without guilt, and enjoy all the healing and nourishment it brings you.

Food Focus: Beans

Beans, or legumes, including peas and lentils, are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Beans are found in most traditional cultures as a staple food, offering grounding and strengthening properties that enhance endurance. They offer a highly usable, highly absorbable source of calcium for the body. A very inexpensive source of high nutrition, beans can be rich, delicious and satisfying. Lack of sexual energy is often due to overtaxed adrenal glands and kidneys. Beans are known for strengthening these organs (ever noticed the shape of a bean?) and can help restore vital energy as well as sexual energy. Beans have a reputation for causing digestive distress, but this is usually because they have been undercooked or improperly prepared. To help reduce gas-forming properties, soak beans overnight prior to cooking, increase cooking time, add spices like bay leaf, oregano or cumin, or add kombu (a sea vegetable) when cooking.

Easy Beans and Greens Prep time: 10 mins. Cooking time: 10 mins. 2-3 servings. Ingredients: 1 can black beans (or pinto, red, kidney – your choice), 1 bunch collard greens (or kale, spinach – your choice), your favorite toppings, such as salsa, avocado or guacamole and sour cream Directions: In a medium saucepan, heat drained beans. Add your favorite seasonings, if desired. Fill a separate medium saucepan with 1-2 inches of water and bring to an u us se a boil. Wash and chop greens (you can use the stems, too) and add to boiling water. Cook for 2-3 minutes until greens are bright green and tender. Drain off water. On a plate, arrange a portion of the greens, top with a portion of the beans and f nish with toppings of your choice.

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E3Live Energize ®

‘ ‘

Your Body, Mood and Mind!

The most nutritious food on the planet is called E3 Live.

Dr Brian Clement, Director Hippocrates Institute

More than any other food E3 Live helps restore biochemical balance.

Dr Gabriel Cousens, MD

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Blackberry and Honey Omelette Ingredients: 8 eggs 2 tbsp water 4 tbsp coconut oil, ghee or butter 1 cup fresh blackberries 4 tsp honey Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Preparation: Whisk the eggs in water in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Heat 1 tbsp of cooking fat in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Pour in Âź of the egg mixture and cook like an omelette. When it sets, reduce the heat to low. Top with Âź of the blackberries. Drizzle 1 tsp of honey before folding the omelette over the berries and cooking for another minute while it is covered. Set aside and repeat the process for the rest of the omelettes. This recipe is from the new E-Cookbook called “Feel Good Nudeâ€?.


Sabrina’s Wellness tips for 2013:


id you know that 95% of people who actually still set New Year’s Resolution will have already forgotten about them by mid January, only for those resolutions to re-appear on their list the following year? Most people don’t even make them anymore as they have done so for the previous years and haven’t followed through with them, so they wonder why bother? What makes us actually want to make New Year Resolutions? I guess it must be the calendar providing us with a clean slate, a fresh start to do things differently. An opportunity to change things! But what if you where to look at the New Year (or even just today) as an opportunity to make progress and grow instead?

What are you going to do differently this year to realise all your goals? Let me show you proven ways of turning 2013 into your best year yet! Sabrina Muller is a Wellness Coach and Inner Goddess Transformation Expert. With a background in health and fitness as a Personal Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner she’s very passionate about the body and mind connection and creating change from the inside out.

)BWFZPVIBEZPVS Coconut Magic UPEBZ Finally a coconut oil that tastes great! Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is so delicious and nutritious, you can easily enjoy its many health benefits and versatility.

t4UPQTTVHBSDSBWJOHTt*ODSFBTFTJNNVOFGVODUJPO t#BMBODFT)PSNPOFTt#PPTUTFOFSHZMFWFMTt&BTFTEJHFTUJPO t"TTJTUTIFBMUIZXFJHIUMPTTt/PVSJTIFTTLJOBOEIBJS Take daily as a health tonic for maximum inner body health benefits. Use externally for skin and hair hydration. Coconut Magic can be heated to high temperatures without oxidizing and is therefore ideal to use as cooking oil.

CertiďŹ ed Organic, 100% Pure and Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.

The coconut oil that health professionals recommend. Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Optimal Health:

Walk on the ' Wild’ Side

By Tim Shaw


he organic/’chemical-free’ agriculture movement has made incredible strides over the past three decades, moving from local farmers markets into the produce aisle of major grocery store chains. As the marketplace has adapted to the influx of organic goods and provided them with a platform for publicity, the amount of research and published articles surrounding the

‘attributes of organic living’ has grown exponentially. As is the case with every sociocultural development – especially in regards to the nutrition industry – there are those individuals and groups who are constantly seeking ‘the outer edge’, the latest and greatest innovation or discovery that, in the parlance of such people, “takes the paradigm to a whole

new level”. The mindful approach to diet often leads health-seekers to discovering the benefits of organic produce – and eventually, to research regarding the pinnacle of optimal nutritional assistance: wild-crafted foods. As nutritionist David Jubb describes in his ‘Lifefood’ book, wild foods “...have self-protective qualities bestowed through minerals that fortify and protect

Yummy Treats Full of Goodness!

We use dried fruits, nuts/seeds and spices to create tasty treats and the list of treats is growing.



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Goodie Goodie Yum Yums started as an opportunity to give those with food intolerances/allergies a chance to enjoy the sweet, “yummy”, treat-like foods that are loved without the after effects. It has since grown into a greater passion to supply products that appeal to not just those with intolerances or allergies, but those who are conscious of the food they eat, those who are seeking alternative food ideas and of course, those who are simply food lovers. Holistic Bliss Reader Special for February:

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12.indd 1

Find us on

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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[these] plants from being overcome by the forces of nature. Those very same quantities that fortify the burdock plant to be able to grow anywhere under most any condition, are the very same properties that allow you and I to fortify ourselves when eating it raw. Wild foods possess minerals and beneficial electric charges beyond any standard vegetable grown in a garden.” The phrase ‘wild-crafted’ describes the retrieving or harvesting of plants in their natural surroundings, as opposed to ‘domesticating’ and farming them in a controlled environment. The gradual rise of wild-crafted nutrition’s profile over the past decade has coincided with the rise in global popularity of a product that is considered by respected scientists, researchers and health experts to be at the very top of the wild food pyramid – E3Live. E3Live is AFA (Aphanizomenon flos aquae - “Invisible Living Flower of the Water”), a blue-green algae superfood (harvested and bottled by Klamath Algae Products in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA) considered by experts to be foundational nutrition in its most effective and uplifting form, imparting several dimensions of nutraceutical assistance which may profoundly assist individuals in their wellness journey.

Find Soil to Supper on Facebook for all the latest info

E3Live is an ‘undenatured food’: unpasteurized, totally organic, and wildcrafted, with a 98% rate of nutrient assimilation within the body – the perfect form of gentle nutrition to revive and repair, rejuvenate and restore. Algae (of which AFA is an edible species) is the ultimate survivor and adaptor, and can be found growing in almost every environment on the planet, whether it be tree bark, rocks, soil, or the sunlit surface of bodies of fresh or salt water. Wild algae truly is the most wild of all foods – and must develop ways of strengthening itself in order to thrive. The AFA algae found within Klamath Lake offers people the opportunity to optimise their bio-available intake of the unique nutritional profile afforded by the rugged freshwater conditions in which AFA flourishes. E3Live is a superfood whose benefits (and incredible unicellular ‘structural design’) very much reflect the environment wherein it grows and adapts. Upper Klamath lake, where E3Live is harvested, possesses every natural element necessary to create a unique, edible and incredibly beneficial species of cyanophyta (freshwater plant). Wild plants use minerals (in conjunction with other components derived from sunlight, oxygen and water)

Are you ready to take the f rst step to providing you and your family with healthy, home grown food? Most of us are, but sometimes we don’t know where to start or what to do.

“Soil to Supper” is a specialist service that educates and supports people to gain the skills and knowledge to grow, harvest and cook their own food. It starts an on-going legacy of nourishing and nurturing for yourself, your family and friends. The Sustainable Organic Workshops will begin again in 2013 and held at a new location on the Sunshine Coast. To f nd out more about the new programs please visit and sign up for the Monthly Newsletter. For enquiries on services and programs please contact Cath Manuel on 0408 060 997 or

to protect themselves against the natural forces that surround them. The energetic elements that allow AFA cyanophyta (E3Live) to flourish in a wilderness environment are the same properties (and nourishing effects) which are passed on to those who consume the food in its original state. As a wild food that is provided to the consumer in its closest-to-natural state, E3Live possesses the widest spectrum of nutrients in their most potent form. Aiding the body in managing stress, increasing energy, elevating mood, improving digestive functions, aiding in cognitive activities (concentration/ memory/etc.), oxygenating the blood, and assisting with inflammation issues are some of the many benefits imparted by consuming this incredible product. E3Live utilises light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and hydrogen from the water (at three times the efficiency of land-based plants) in order to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyl and many other nutrients. This natural process produces an organic, fully-digestible, full-spectrum source of hundreds of primary and secondary nutrients that assist in assisting the mind and body on many different levels.

OPEN Wed to Sun – Lunch and Dinner Friday Night Buffet (new menu) $35 includes 3-course meal and a welcome drink on arrival and Live Music Alfresco Sunday Lunch Slow cooked curries, also vegetarian and gluten free options

07 5429 6536 Cairncross Corner, 10 Mountain View Road, Maleny Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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1/22/2013 1:37:08 PM

Breathing in the new energy of 2013 By Sue Joseph, Owner of Daisy’s Place and Bassett Barks


ello to 2013 – Wow wow wow wow stuff is what this year is made of - I can feel it and when I am blessed with looking into the eyes of others I can also see it – there is excitement, there is change, there are many new roads, there is passion, there is truth and there is love. It is NOW and it is great to be part of this life. There really is much to do, much to give and loads to show the world – I wonder how this journey will be savoured for us all. I am committed to sharing the love and to start the year I purchased one of the finest blenders to use each and every day, morning and night. I also wanted to make sure the ingredients in the blender will be home grown, organic fruit and vegetables and as much greens as I can get my hands on (that will fit into the most beautiful blender in the world), so I will enjoy my creations. On a piece of land six metres by six metres, with no chemicals and through this heat, I have magically witnessed – watermelons, the most perfect rockmelons, beans and more beans, spinach, basil, parsley, celery, bunches of shallots, chives, red yummy tomatoes, chilli, cucumbers and snow peas grow. Just watching this happen has been a real treat. It’s a wonderful way to feel this

Experience spectacular captivating views of the Glass House Mountains

• Indulge your tastebuds with delicious home-made meals and cakes • Enjoy fair-trade organic coffee • Discover free-range eggs, bacon and chicken GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE

It’s a magical place; it would be unfair to keep it all to ourselves so come and enjoy. OPEN 8.30AM-4.00PM EVERY DAY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH, MORNING AND AFTERNOON TEA

Mary Cairncross Cafe Mountain View Road, Maleny

Phone 5494 2287 GROUP BOOKINGS AVAILABLE Mentions this article and receive a free cup of coffee


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planet – standing in the garden each day as I water, has been a joy that I could not have imagined and so, as I stop each day to tend the garden I can just feel the love, the year that is appearing to me; simply one of the finest. I have many ideas that will assist you to feel the change, feel the love for this wonderful time – 2013. Perhaps it could be a walk on the beach each day, a new form of exercise, something that you have never done before – perhaps it is time to push yourself in a heated yoga class, maybe it is time to give up all or even just some addictions that you do not wish to carry with you anymore, drink more filtered water, read wonderful books. Perhaps it is taking a drive to somewhere you haven’t been for a long time or just sitting reading a book or building a garden and watching it grow. But what I do know is that there is love everywhere, you just need to feel and believe. Best wishes for this wonderful time we are all in together xx Sue Joseph is an Australian entrepreneur who is the owner of landscape and potting media supply company, Bassett Barks and the visionary and owner of Daisy’s Place restaurant.

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:37:42 PM

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1/22/2013 2:21:05 PM

Conversations on Q: Can you tell us what oneness is? Gary – Oneness includes everything and judges nothing. People talk a lot about oneness and consciousness and they do it from the point of view that it’s something you should choose, something you are and something that you should be. However people often don’t mention that judgement is actually the killer of oneness.

Q: How did you come to the awareness of what oneness is? Gary – There are so many definitions of oneness. I just suddenly realised one day that as long as you have judgement you couldn’t have total awareness and total consciousness. I had this realisation that anytime I did anything that was from a judgement or a conclusion that I had about how it should turn out, or even why I was doing it, it created a crank in my universe that diminished some part of my life. And I became aware that when I wasn’t judging anything, the possibilities would become greater.

Q: What makes you say there are so many def nitions of oneness? Gary – People are always trying to judge and look for the answer. It’s normal, it’s the way we’re taught by society and this reality. I’m always looking for the questions. I’m always looking to expand what I see, what I experience and what is possible in the world and I do it from always being in the question of “where is this going and what is this going to create? “ If you look 16

16.indd 1

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:38:37 PM


s n

Onenessry Douglas with Ga

at everything from that point of view, you begin to see how judgement actually stops creation and stops the energetics of what you are creating.

Q: Do you have a couple of tools to help people come out of judgement? Gary – In order to judge anything you have to have been there and done it. So, every time you have a judgement, say “ok, everywhere I was or did that, I destroy and uncreate it.” You destroy and uncreate the point of creation and the point of destruction of what creates this place where you think it has to be a certain way. You can find out more about the Access Clearing Statement at www. That which makes you feel light is always true and that which makes you feel heavy is always a lie. Take a look at what you are calling a judgment. For example “This person is really mean.” It may be an awareness of a negativity that actually makes you feel light. Look at everything not from the point of view of – that which is negative is a judgement and that which is positive is not. Instead, ask questions. Is this positive? Is this negative? What is this? Is it really a judgment or is it an awareness?

Q: Are oneness and consciousness the same thing? Gary – Oneness and consciousness are the same thing. You can’t have oneness without consciousness and you can’t have consciousness without oneness. They go hand in hand.

17.indd 1

Q: Is oneness something you can have while living a normal life or is it something we are supposed to work at until we become enlightened? Gary – If you include oneness and consciousness in everything in your life, your life becomes easier. You get away from the trauma, drama and the upset and you go into the place where you are in question, which gives you a different possibility and a different choice every day. It’s not a place you get to; it’s a space you be in the world. It’s the space of you as an infinite being, where you are totally you and have no judgment of anything or anyone.

Q: What else does oneness contribute to people’s lives, bodies and the planet? What is the target? Gary – Oneness and consciousness will allow us to have a sustainable planet. Half of the recycling we do is based on judgment, not choice. It’s done from necessity, not possibility. We eliminate a whole lot of things that we could be doing when we don’t function from consciousness. When you function from consciousness you see what your choice

is going to create as a future, because every choice creates something. We’ve got to start functioning from awareness about how our choices create instead of allowing our judgments to destroy.

Q: Could you give an example of how people can experience oneness? Gary – When you go out in nature where there are not a lot of people around, you have a sense of belonging. You have a sense of you being included in everything and there’s no exclusion available. Nature provides oneness and consciousness. This is the space of you.

Q: Is it your point of view that oneness is something that we should be shooting for? Gary – My point of view is that consciousness is what you should be shooting for. Oneness and consciousness are the place where we are all interrelated and interconnected to all things on the planet and as we function from all places and all possibilities, the end result is that you cannot judge. So if oneness is what we are shooting for then judgement is the one thing we need to lose.

You can read more about Gary Douglas at and about the life-changing system he created called Access Consciousness® at

1/22/2013 1:39:07 PM

Oneness through


s we all settle into the potential of a new year, a new cycle of evolution, a new way of being, there are a few things we are required to embrace as we grow and move forward with great awareness and excitement of who we are and what we can create. There is a universal call to oneness, a deep yearning that is rising within us all, a feeling to be more whole, complete and real, a sense that we can only be who we truly are. The separation of aspects of self through the many disguises we wear is becoming more challenging to manage as this deep call to oneness is rising. The separation we live and see in ourselves, is directly reflected through the world at large. Once we own all of who we truly are to feel whole in our own life and inner world, only then will we see it happening in the greater world around us. As with all things there has to be a place to start. Self-responsibility will be the director, the architect, the author, the band leader for this year ahead. The more we engage in judgement, blame

and victim mentality, the more separate we allow ourselves to be. The gift of selfresponsibility is that it creates the opportunity to venture within, to listen, witness and acknowledge the aspects of self that have been living out of alignment with your true spirit and soul. There is no-one who can do it for you; there is no magic wand, elixir, tonic, crystal, course, workshop or coach to change things for you. The absolute onus is on YOU. Being self-responsible is the ONLY way forward. Investigating your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns in life is an enormous step towards wholeness or oneness. Then investing in you through disciplined action with intention to be more whole, will pave a new way forward. You can change anything that you desire, but first you must visit that place through self-responsibility, own your actions and all other parts of your life that have kept you segmented. The more we know ourselves, the better our lives will be, which ensures that our world

Happy High Herbs

will evolve into a united oneness. We have become accustomed to behaving in ways that ensure we ‘fit into’ many situations, which keeps us separate from our whole true self. Better to be who you are all the time and invite people into your life that accept you for who you are, than to be lost in the efforts of trying to be something else. To be ‘At One’ with self, requires us to ‘atone’ all the parts of our lives that we have shut ourselves off from, have denied, pushed away and pretended, weren’t a part of our complete self. To make peace, to forgive, and to completely own that we are perfect with our imperfections, will create a sense of peaceful oneness in self. As we move deeper into our own sense of ‘oneness’, weaving all those parts of self into a unique expression of our true selves, we find that the external world responds. This year we can be expansive, creative, complete, unique and powerfully potent, just through oneness of self.

Photo Adori Studios

Self Discipline

By Raelene Byrne






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comfort for women 1300 66 17 66 PO Box 804, Woodend 3442

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


he subject of ONENESS is one of my favorite subjects to share and connect with as this is how I see the world through my ‘absolute’ vision. I see each person as one through patterns and mathematical codes and one heart beat. Each being on earth and the universe has a gift of potentiality and is connected to everything and separate from nothing. As a small child I would look at people and see them as the same and sometimes could not decipher how old they were as I would see them as one energy and form. I could ‘hear’ their omnipresent heartbeat humming making them all one. I would see the same for animals, plants and life in general. The only vision I had and still have is we are one. There is a mathematical code and patterns within each person and physical matter which equals neutral or what is called zero one point. This is the oneness. I relate this to my Medical Intuitive insight by saying there is a heartbeat to

everything including the planets, universe/s and each thing on earth. This mathematical code and patterns have been taught in many ancient civilizations including the Mayans, ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria. Certain patterns including Platonic solids, Flower of Life and more are a mathematical code to oneness. The oneness is the self realisation we are all one being and that there is no separation, including no separation of time or space. When we remember we are one heart beat of absolute love we can create the future and ourselves knowing we are pure potentiality and live a life of abundance and joy in everything we are. When I worked in pathology and autopsies and examined matter using a microscope each physical thing has a moving vibration and with that a specific heart beat. Further investigation according to quantum physics and mechanics showed this had a specific sound just like the human heart beat. The

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quantum part is that oneness and the heart beat is a discrete packet of energy and that the secret we have forgotten is we are all one. When we know this awareness that we are all one we can be, do or have anything our heart desires. What if we are all having the same human experience in different ways and that we are all remembering how perfect we are through different modalities and living styles and bodies. Have you ever noticed someone looking very similar to someone you know? Have you noticed that you attract people going through similar experiences to you depending where you are in your life? As one heart beat, and one sound known as OM, we are in the best times of our lives, as we are one!

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1/22/2013 1:40:11 PM

Photo Yasemin Sabuncu By Vanessa Finnigan


iuhtezcatl (pronounced Sh-tesscot) is a twelve-year-old boy from Boulder, Colorado (US) who has touched the hearts of many with his passion to save the planet! While other kids his age are hanging out with their mates or are glued to the computer, Xiuhtezcatl is making his way around the globe to inspire others and create a sustainable future! Not only is he one of the leaders of the worldwide youth

organisation called ‘Earth guardians’, he has been involved in over 35 rallies, initiated a no plastic bag/bottle campaign and has addressed the UN about environmental issues (just to name a few of his projects). Xiuhtezcatl is convinced we need to work together to make serious change happen and we need to start now. This bright boy from Boulder visited Australia for the first time in December last year, when he was a special guest at the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay. He blew audiences away with his insightful key note speech and also engaged a wide group of people performing original rap songs with his younger brother. Xiuhtezcatl believes people will start listening to our youth more and more so we need to start empowering them. It is very clear he has some very mature aspirations but I also discovered he enjoys the simplicity of just being a kid too. He likes being with his three sisters and two brothers and has a wide variety of interests including: playing piano, violin, taking photographs of nature, carving wood sculptures and playing sports. Xiuhtezcatl loves music just for the fun of it and also likes rap as a creative tool for expression and a way to get his message across to kids. And yes, he still goes to school every day and can do distance education when he is

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:40:37 PM

involved with eco projects and travelling around the world. Seeing the effects of climate change in his hometown was one of the big catalysts for him to make a stand and be very vocal in the community. His actions have also been inspired by his family background (his mother is a devoted environmental activist and his father’s Aztec heritage meant he learnt about the importance of culture and the connection at an early age). The Aztec elders of Mexico gave Xiuhtezcatl his name based on the cosmology of the Aztec calendar and he grew up with dance, ceremony and learning to honour the land and all living things. There was fragility in Xiuhtezcatl’s voice when he talked about his concerns for what his generation will face and what will be left for his children to inherit. “We are in huge trouble in a lot of ways,” he said. Climate change and forest devastation are just a few issues but he also said, “there are all these amazing groups around the world and we still haven’t found a way to connect them. With social media and you tube we could be using these tools to connect more. So we have to find it in ourselves to find way to make the next steps in order to do this.” He believes anybody can make a difference and we need to look to our

own homes and change our lifestyles. “We can reduce carbon emissions, reduce showers, turn lights off, ride our bikes more and don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Then when you’re ready, make the next step and connect with the community and tell more people about what you’re doing, but it starts with yourself,” he said. “To make a big shift we need to have all generations uniting, young kids and old grandmas and grandpas, there needs to be people of all ages that are coming together.” “People think sustainability is just about solar panels and wind mills but sustainability is about the way you relate to your life and the way you relate to the earth. We have lost the sacred connection to the earth that we once had and we need to reconnect again.” Xiuhtezcatl mentioned we also need to work on the beliefs and the

programming we have taken on from our society. He said happiness is not about making more money or getting a bigger car and house. He said, “we have to break free from the old programming, connect with nature as soon as possible and reduce the carbon emissions otherwise we are heading for colossal collapse of all life.” He and the earth guardians are working on all levels of change including politically, by working towards receiving a commitment from the government in the U.S to develop a climate recovery plan. I had to keep reminding myself this was a twelve year old boy, as it felt like I was talking to someone my own age at times. If this is an indication of what to expect from our youth then we may just create a whole new world yet!

Xiuhtezcatl’s thoughts about oneness: “We need to drop the thinking that one group is better than the other and one group has had more success and let go of segregating and putting limits on other people. We are all connected to not just the earth but to each other. We’ve

been sucked into our video games and computers and TVs that are controlling our lives because of our society. Oneness is when we can break free and unite together and make a solution and take a peaceful stand.”

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1/22/2013 2:18:52 PM

“May All Beings

Be Happy�

By Soraya Saraswati


t was Summer Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar, 21 Dec 2012. The golden flames of the Havan danced in the twilight, shedding a soft light over the 30 faces gathered around the fire. (Havans are ancient Vedic fire ceremonies for the purification and transformation of both individuals and the environment). The sound of our voices chanting in unison mingled with the birdsong in the fading light. ‘Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu’ we chanted under the open sky. Each recitation was followed by the word Swaha (which translates as ‘so be it’) and those closest to the sacred fire gently offered aromatic spiced herbs to the flames and others extended a hand from the heart to the fire sincerely as I offered ghee to the flames. Terry counted each of the 108 beads of the mala as we continued the

chanting, all the while holding in our hearts the meaning of this ancient and profound mantra, “May all Beings be Happy� and within this, “may my thoughts words and actions, add to the happiness of all beings�. As the last round of chanting subsided, we all fell into a deep and peaceful stillness where we each communed in our own silent space. Sadly the shared goal of humanity ‘to be happy’ seems wrought with confusion. Still the fear wants to cling to the doubting mind, a cancer that prevents self love, trust and happiness. Anxiety, disillusionment and depression have become epidemic in society. It seems only when we are truly squeezed or challenged by life do we realise that the old ways of fear, control and the denying of our unique essence are not working. There is no “one-size fits all�.

We are each unique, and this is as it should be. 2013 more than ever before is the time for us to wake up to a new way of Being; living more consciously with greater awareness of how our individual thoughts, words and actions affect Global Consciousness. By living with greater authenticity and honesty in expressing our own individual uniqueness to the world, we will grow in self love and undoubtedly align with our soul purpose, easily manifesting contentment. Once enough people make this deep inner commitment consciously, then we will create a global Shift. This is how humanity can move into a golden age of peaceful existence living in beauty and oneness of all beings on our wonderful planet.

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/ !  01

      !  "#$%&'()*)"+$)&(,-*'"."&'+$"&*(%.



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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:41:38 PM

BEING YOU, CHANGING THE WOR LD 3.5 day Intensive class NOW including learning Access Bars®! Learn how to run bars and become a practitioner PLUS learn about BEING YOU with money, relationships, bodies, creating your future and more. Explore how being you and accessing all the energies you have available to you can be the beginning of creating the life you’ve always wanted…Is now the time to start creating the life you truly desire? Is now the time to start being FULLY ALIVE?

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1/22/2013 1:42:04 PM

ENERGY CHANGES FOR 2013 By Jeannine Stephens


he Chinese New Year, 4th February heralds Feng Shui energy changes, for every home. What an opportune moment to ‘open new doors’ and allow in your intentions/visions. Consider an energy invocation blessing to support your heart’s desires. Feel it in your heart. Set your invocation in line with your heart’s desired new expression, to align with the energy of the ‘heart’ of your home. Light a candle, write out your intentions; read it aloud, feel it, breathe it and infuse it throughout your home, smudging with Sage or Myrrh and Frankincense resins, ring a Tibetan bell / singing bowl, or spray with essential oils. Make sure there is no clutter in the centre of your home especially! The Feng Shui energy moving into all home centres this year, is a strong earth element energy. The impact will be felt differently, for each house- innate energies are different. However, it is best harmonised by the ‘sound of moving metal’, in the form of a chiming clock, brass gourd (calabash), piano music, a singing bowl or bell. Add your choice of these to the centre of your home and re-locate any bright red coloured objects or rugs from this area for the year. Workshops and consultation inquiries welcome. Mobile: 0488665822



By Theresa Pedersen


was recently thinking of all the ‘hype’ that surrounded 2112-12 and all the ‘End of the World’ paraphernalia that followed, and realised that we really are all connected, we really are just ‘one’ consciousness. One person’s interpretation of an ancient calendar became ‘gospel’ for many, and so this soon became another’s; and then 30 more and so on, until the vibration of energy surrounding this date was one of fear; a vibration which seemed to submerge many a community/ township. Fortunately, ‘The end of the world’ really just meant a change or shift in our consciousness. This shift creates the ‘power of manifestation’ for love, peace, and optimal health! Illness can come about because of a belief/behaviour/ mindset that we have either perceived or have had passed onto us, whilst growing up. However, nothing is set in stone. In order to maintain optimal health, we need to look at the entire ecosystem within the human body – mind, body and Spirit, and change our consciousness. When we treat the WHOLE person, dramatic results occur, and a new mindset of what constitutes good health is created. With the mind filled with love, truth, honesty, and positivity; and the understanding that all is connected, illness cannot find a ‘home’ to reside in – it simply moves on. By establishing this new healthy consciousness, our body stays strong and remembers how to heal WELL. Our minds are then free to see/experience true gratitude and balance is re-established.


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(Adv Dip Acupuncture, Dip App Sc Oriental Massage, Cert IV Ref exology) Jasmine moved into Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine after she had f rst hand experience of their applications to sufferers of ADHD with her son. She was searching for an alternative to prescribed drugs for C her son and found outstanding results in Complementary Therapy . Jasmine is skilled in Acupuncture, T raditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Massage (Acupressure), L ymphatic Drainage Massage and Ref exology. She graduated with the A ward for Excellence and Outstanding Performance in Acupuncture. Jasmine has been practising for over nine years and specialises in structural disorders, children’s and women’s health as well as stress management.

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1/22/2013 1:42:51 PM

The Gift of Friendship and Facilitation

By Viv Adcock


hen I was a kid, I used to watch cowboy and Indian movies almost obsessively. There was something the Indians had that I could sense and see. It was the connection they had with their horses, with the land… with everything. I went to the local riding school and learnt to ride. I spent all my spare time around horses. I was taught to control, physically dominate and “be the boss” of horses… but I knew something was missing. Adulthood and the itch to travel took the place of my equine friends. 25 years later my love of horses was re-kindled by a little horse with a huge personality. She had been physically “man-handled” with force, ignorance and

unkindness. She was dis-connected and mistrusting of people (not surprising). Yet, when I went into her field to meet her, she literally walked straight up to me, sniffed me and the proceeded to follow me around. She made it very clear that she wanted to come home with me and I knew this was the beginning of something transformative… I would take a book and sit and just be with her in the paddock. She did not want to be anywhere else but by my side. I was blown away. She came and literally put her chin on my shoulder. I became aware of an exchange of energy taking place, she yawned, rolled her eyes, sighed and licked and chewed. She was processing, (exactly what I wasn’t sure) just by us sharing space. She was showing me something ..that something was what I sensed the Indians had with their horses… in a short time we had developed a bond being built gradually on trust, her fear was dissolving and she was willingly connecting with me. When I spent time with her, my head became quiet, my body was at ease, I

became more present and my life took on a gracefulness. The barriers we both had were disappearing, creating connection and oneness. Animals function from being… they learn to do… we function from doing and have, to a large degree forgotten how to be. My horse has re-connected me to what it is to be, if I approach her with busy ‘doing’ energy, she turns away. I then take a moment to change my energy and she literally walks to me. When I am being, we become one, I am present with her and everything. If a bird flies out she remains calm. If I am distracted, she reacts, if I am present she is relaxed… what a gift. I am a facilitator of consciousness with people… she is a facilitator too! She is empowering me and others to become conscious in all we do with her, which is a muscle I build everyday… which flows into my entire life… what contribution does your pet desire to be for you? Viv Adcock is a Life Transformer at Circle Wellness Clinic in Noosaville. Sessions with your pet are available.

Co-creating a sustainable future with love, wisdom and harmony

SAT & SUN 4/5TH MAY 2013 9.30AM-4PM

Peregian Beach College Sunshine Coast


41 Tulip Tree Road, Murrumba Downs 4503 | 0406 990 808


exhibitors seminars, workshops & music! The Conscious Life Festival is a celebration of the collective spirit. Promoting health & wellbeing, lifestyle & environment, sacred art & music, awareness & education over 2 days. 26

26.indd 1

• Chakra Balance Healing • Holistic Counselling • Reiki • Massage • Ear Candling • Workshops & Holistic Lifestyle Products



Dip Hom Med, Dip Bow, Ayur Cert, Cert LBA ATMS

A Health & Wellbeing event for parents, parents to be & children of all ages Proudly sponsored by

design by Proudly brought to you by

cmbdesign studio

TEL: 5476 7742 0408 705 650 Professional with 20 years’ experience

Buderim Natural Medicine

SUNSHINE COAST Serious medicine for serious health conditions CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY LIVE BLOOD ANAYLSIS • Treating stubborn puzzling • See for yourself the cause of symptoms and building immunity your symptoms • Treatments for depression, anxiety, • Prevent and reverse and emotional imbalances developing health problems

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Spiritual and Psychic Attack Homeopathy, Live Blood Analysis and Bowen Therapy By Karuna Tohow – Homeopathy, Live Blood Analysis and Bowen Therapy


ost people with knowledge of a spiritual nature will at some point become aware of some sort of psychic attack. This can simply be experienced as picking up negative energies from a friend, who may feel anger towards you but is unable to speak of it or resolve it. We may not know where it comes from but we feel affected by the negativity. Or we may feel drained in the company of certain needy persons who unconsciously suck our energy like the vortex of a black hole. We feel the need to avoid them to preserve our energy but there are other ways to handle these types of situations. Other psychic or spiritual attacks can be more powerful as they are conscious projections of negativity. For example another person could consciously manipulate us by projecting thought forms onto us causing us to feel things which do not originate in our minds. Being a sensitive type means you can be picking up on things all around you all the time. Also after periods of drug use or illness we can become vulnerable as the aura is weakened or made too open.

Several years ago I went on a journey to Africa where I was married in a village and amongst my new in-laws was uncle Amakudhi. Uncle was a spiritual man of great fame, a herbalist in the ancient methods. I am told that cursing is a huge problem in Africa mostly due to jealousy and greed. Uncle Amakudhi treated this in his simple clinic and helped people to find ways of protecting themselves. I really liked Uncle and we decided to share knowledge which was a great honour for me. I taught him some homeopathy and prescribed a medicine for him and he revealed some of the ancient methods to me in dealing with negative energies. For many years here in Australia I have been using homeopathic medicines to restore wholeness and balance to the aura and give protection to my clients and to myself. Because homeopathic medicine is energetic it can penetrate the psychic body and strengthen body and mind as well as resolve negativities. Uncle Amakudhi was happy with homeopathy as he finally had restful sleep after many disturbed years and my life was enriched by his gracious presence.

Get ‘Siiriius’ about your health h!! NATUROPATHY, HOMEOPATHY, HERBALISM, CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY, REIKI, MEDICAL INTUITION, REIKI TRAINING,CRYSTAL THERAPY, PRANIC HEALING, RADIONIC BALANCING, THERAPEUTIC OIL THERAPIST From minor accidents to major physical injuries, mental, and emotional problems. We believe in an Holistic Approach, and treat each person as a unique individual with individual needs and healing requirements.

Good health does not just happen. You must also take an active role. Meet two experienced practitioners at Sirius health: Dr Arikian is able to scan a client’s entire body whilst merely cupping the palm of their hands gently under their head. He has a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and a unique and gifted ability to be able to connect deeply whilst in treatment; so he is able to connect to the client’s cellular level, which is similar to the hard drive of a computer. This enables him to trace client’s problems as far back as the

date of conception in their mother’s womb. Jean Rudd is a medical intuitive, which means she can see the body throughout so she knows where any problems may exist. She uses Reiki which is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and selfimprovement, effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and will also work in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.



Ph hone: 07 7 5441 47 730 0 Mob: 0405 5 324 801 and d 0407 7 76 65 39 90


• 234 Dulong Road, Dulong, Nambour • 9 Cambridge Street, Bulimba, Brisbane – Friday only Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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1/22/2013 1:43:48 PM

By Jeremy Britton


everal years ago, I decided to make a dramatic left turn on my life’s highway, as I was not happy with where I was heading. At the time I did not know where I would be going; I just knew that I did not want to continue on the same road.

My lifestyle changes were made primarily for health reasons: a heart attack at the age of 33 is not recommended, but it did help me to reevaluate my choices. First I gave up meat and dairy; anything that may clog my arteries and

cause another heart attack. I also quit coffee, cigarettes and alcohol: yes, the body and mind fought for their addictions but my determination to live won out in the end. At the time, I did not know about the connection between “Junk Food = Junk Mood”, but I soon discovered some amazing things. Having less toxins in my system made me have more energy on the inside; having no animal products made me more conscious of energies on the outside. I say “on the outside”, because at the time, I considered myself to be a conscious being which existed inside of my own skin, and everyone else was seen as separate or “outside”. This view would change in a heartbeat, just by “opening the bottle”. Still following the Health Road, heading away from Heart Attack City, I felt drawn to activities which promised to reduce my stress. Meditation seemed simpler than yoga or Tai Chi and carried less chance of accidentally pretzelling myself. After learning some basic techniques and asking a silent question during a beach meditation, “What else is possible?”, I was shown an amazing vision. God (or Source, or Universe…)

‘Gift the one you love’ Give the gift of beautiful skin this Valentine’s day, with our exquisite Vegan range www. Valentine’s package special: Lemon Juniper Cleanse (125ml), Deep Sea + Collagen Moisturise (50g) $55* (RRP $76). Add Eyes for extra $10* (RRP $25). *Specials available if ordered through Expires 28/02/2013. Spice up your Valentine’s Day with Herbs, Teas, Tinctures, Liqueurs and Massage Oils from Happy High Herbs. Contact their Maroochydore store on 07 5479 6607 or Noosa Junction (07) 5412 2829.

Valentine’s Day FEBRUARY 14


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Show your love for each other AND the environment this Valentine’s Day with a cute, organic cotton Fluf Lunch Bag, such as this I Heart You design, $29.95 each. Buy online at or phone 1300 60 63 90. Free shipping over $99 in Australia; and 10% off for HB readers until 1/3/13 – just enter code KGHB10 at the checkout.

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Back to Source:

Just open the bottle!

showed me a vision of my drinking water bottle being thrown into the ocean. Even though my bottle was a single litre and the ocean was trillions of megalitres, I understood that the level of the ocean had just been raised, all around the world, by a fraction of a millimetre. By the bottle dropping into the ocean, I also understood that the temperature of the ocean had been raised, all around the world, by a fraction of a degree. However small the effect, whenever someone or something is at cause, there is always an effect. It became apparent in my vision that the water in the bottle represented my spirit in my body. I was floating in a sea of consciousness. I was minutely affecting the ocean and it was greatly affecting me. The next step was the scary part. Source asked me to open the bottle and let the waters mix freely.

Letting go of ego and identity, opening the bottle, allowed my spirit water to mix with Source consciousness. My soul was connected to all things and all things were connected to me. It was everything I imagined and indescribably more. Jesus said “I am in the (Universe) Father and the (Universe) Father is in me”, Quantum physics tells us that we are all connected in Universal Field; this may be correct, however it is like someone telling you about sex. No amount of talking can prepare you for the feeling. After my moment of Oneness with Source, I replaced the lid back onto the bottle, and became one with my body again. As you may expect, the water in both the ocean and the bottle had changed slightly, and the spirit in the Universe and

the spirit in my body had changed also. Already a vegetarian for health reasons, I became a lover of animals and nature. I stopped killing anything that lived. I felt compassion for all living things, even those who disagreed with my choices. Experiencing Oneness was easy: all I had to do was to momentarily let go of fear, let go of ego and allow myself to be what I always am: One with Source. Try it for yourself, and know that, if you are not happy, you can always have your fear and ego right back again! Jeremy Britton is an holistic wealth coach for enlightened business owners. Entrepreneur, capitalist and author of several books, Jeremy is also a committed sunrise meditator who aims for “wealth in all areas”. Find him on Facebook.

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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1/22/2013 1:44:50 PM

From Pain to Gain: The Role Emotions Play in Recovery!


eczema and lots of pain in her body. All of her symptoms started to appear when her father died of cancer. She is eating very well, taking great supplements, yet nothing relieves the symptoms. Dealing with her anger, fear and other emotions completely resolved her issues” “I see many patients in a similar scenario; they go from doctor to specialist, trying many alternative modalities and accumulating supplements in the pantry, spending money looking for solutions, but not really looking into their emotional state. As a result, their symptoms remain,” Gosia says. Gosia continues to teach her patients that healthy, unprocessed, raw foods are essential, as is avoiding processed foods and excessive consumption of sugar and animal products. We cannot ignore, however, that emotional stress leads to cortisol and adrenaline secretion, making our bodies acidic and inflamed. Both cortisol and adrenaline increase our blood sugar leading to cravings, anxiety, headaches and muscle pain. ‘Although we hear a lot about the benefits of an alkaline diet, we tend to forget that negative emotions such as

or 15 years Gosia Kuszewski has practised naturopathy, discovering new and better ways to help people detoxify the body, lose weight and improve overall health. While Gosia has always believed in the mind-body connection, her training in nutrition and herbal medicine has been heavily concentrated on treating the physical body. In recent years however, Gosia has learnt that the way we think and feel plays a significant role in our health. Gosia was compelled to investigate the power of emotions on physical health after treating a number of patients whose symptoms persisted, even after many treatments, supplements and the purest of diets. In her search for answers, Gosia discovered the book, Shattering the Pain Myth by Gary Little, which she believes is the most clear and easy to understand resource on the subject. The book simply explains how suppressed emotions create stress in our muscles, leading to blockages and oxygen deprivation, resulting in pain and disease. Gosia explains, “Recently I had a patient who had severe migraines,

guilt, frustration and anger, make our bodies more acidic than anything we eat or drink,’ Gosia adds. Here are a few powerful examples of the effects of emotions on the body’s chemicals and physical health: • Dopamine (for neuron communication) is lowered by the lack of joy; • Norepinepherine (essential for brain function) is depleted by fear and/ or rage; • Endorphins (reduce perception of pain) are lowered by love deprivation; • Serotonin (happy hormone) is lowered by fear, anxiety and powerlessness. (by Dr Michael Lincoln PHD in “Messages from the body”) Gosia is now determined to educate patients about the effects of their emotional well-being on the physical body, and has joined with Gary Little, author of Shattering the Pain Myth, to offer consultations that empower people to treat the true cause of their pain and illness. You can find out more about Gosia and Gary’s work by visiting and

TREAT THE CAUSE OF PAIN SO YOU DON’T NEED TO RELY ON PAINKILLERS ANYMORE! IF YOU HAVE “TRIED ALL” AND DEPEND ON HARMFUL MEDICATION, YET STILL SUFFER PAIN, CONSIDER LOOKING AT THE ROOT PROBLEM INSTEAD OF TREATING JUST THE SYMPTOMS GOSIA KUSZEWSKI and GARY LITTLE, two highly experienced pain management specialists are offering consultations recommending a completely new and different approach to treating pain. The aim is to empower you to find out true cause of your symptoms and eliminate your pain forever.

Eliminate your pain forever – call today to secure your consultation: 5493 4952 SPECIAL OFFER: FIRST 20 CALLERS WILL RECEIVE A

FREE Gosia Kuszewski ND (Bach.Health Science)


Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, specialising in detox of the body and mind 30

30.indd 1

Value $100

Gary Little, author Ga of the book “Shattering the Pain Myth”, has 20 P yyears’ experience working with professional athletes in Australia and Internationally

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Contact: Brisbane North 3216 0011 or email:

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1/23/2013 8:39:19 AM

Creating Intimacy By Janet McGeever


n the last issue I wrote about how to create a more fulfilling sexual relationship and how the way we approach lovemaking can have a huge influence on the relationship. I said that we have adopted a ‘more male approach to sex’ and I want to clarify this more. Generally, due to the nature of the polar opposite differences between male and female bodies, a man’s body, generally speaking, is in a state of sexual readiness – and a woman’s takes a little longer to warm up – women’s genital anatomy is internal, and obviously a man’s is external. You can say that a man is like fireworks – starts quickly and goes off with a bang and a woman is like a pot on the boil – generally, she takes a longer time to warm up but once she’s warm, she can stay like that for longer! When I refer to a ‘male approach’, what I mean is that women, over time


32.indd 1

have been going along with the faster, finishing off with a bang style sex, which is fun while it lasts, good for procreating the species and also handy when time is short and the kids are demanding…but how many women have you found in long term relationships, who actually are happy with this? In all the talks I give with women and in our workshops, every woman puts her hand up when I ask if she can relate. And this is not all about men making sure that they are satisfying the women! No! Men find that once they adopt a more relaxed style of making love, that allows a woman to really open up into her deeper divine feminine self, that they want nothing less. And once a woman taps into that part of her, her man is showered beyond his dreams with her softness, her shining love and her heart. She becomes less emotional and needy. One woman recently said it was like ‘I was unfolding,

like a bud opening, an unfurling, and I just drowned in the sensation and the connection. All my cells felt like they were pumped up … like every cell of my body was alive and plump!’ And when this happens, a man gets the opportunity to really nestle within a woman’s love, within her body, and lovemaking becomes an incredible healing force. If men are feeling resistant to a more relaxed style, I ask you “Are you really happy and fulfilled and creating more love in your sexual relationship? And is your woman also happy and fulfilled and loving?” If the answer is no to either one, then why not try something different? Janet presents workshops and retreats for women and couples.

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:45:58 PM

Awakening to a

Spiritual Birth By Katrina Zaslavsky


e live in an era where normal physiological birth is rarely seen, let alone spiritual birth. Yet the blossoming of pregnancy and childbirth is the perfect initiation to spirituality, opening a doorway for awakening conscious awareness of ourselves, our bodies and our babies. Birth forces us to face innermost fears and emerge stronger, likened to practices used for spiritual growth. Many cultures consider birth sacred, honoured with rituals, ceremonies and songs for spiritual protection and easy birth. Meanwhile modern western culture treats birth as physical only and the woman as a mere incubating vessel, perpetuating the myth of mind separate from body. The culture of fear, inadequate preparation and support for the depth of transformation that occurs, leads women to accept that birth is the price we pay and causes many women to leave their body to the experts. Yet giving our power away is probably the biggest mistake of all.

With conscious preparation of mind body and spirit, birth can be profoundly moving and empowering. We discover birth is not to be feared, numbed or endured but a powerful journey of self discovery to be fully experienced. How far a woman engages with this inner journey lies with her, although much depends on the kind of support available to her during this time. Many of our challenges, traumas or joys are formed from our experiences of love, compassion, kindness – or lack thereof. In this transformation of self, kind and loving support through the process makes all the difference. At its essence, the spirituality of birth is LOVE. A birthing woman in her power (empowered and supported by love and kindness) is a sight to behold. She emanates spiritual strength, working together with the conscious being within to bring about a safe and gentle entry into the world. Those fortunate to have witnessed or experienced such a birth will agree that something ‘other worldly’ was occurring.

In my new book, everyday mothers explore birth as a positive and spiritual experience: “Birth was an experience where my spirit, mind and body became one and I became the birthing goddess I was meant to be.” Some felt a strong connection with all women who have birthed including their own mother and with the primitive aspect of themselves repeated over time. How would it change our experience and society if we introduced a new spiritual model of care with gentle birthing spaces as the norm and women treated with dignity, loving kindness and respect? Now is the time to raise our consciousness and the next generation in pure love! Katrina Zaslavsky is the author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth and empowers women to discover their inner birth goddess.

Are you feeling Stressed, Tired and Run Down? Are you wishing there was something you could do to get more energy; cope better with the many demands of your time? Or, would you just love to be a lot less stressed?


Rejuvenation... a soothing collection of deep vibrational music threaded with didgeridoo, flute, guitar, vocals, keyboard and saxophone. Rejuvenation emanates a simplistic beauty, destined to unwind and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. (suitable for spas, healing and massage therapies, yoga studios, salons, cafes...)

for sample tracks visit ph: 0416 223 931

Whatever your needs Mystical Essence Natural Therapies Practice can help! We are a TRULY holistic practice, focusing on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit!

We offer: • Naturopathy • Herbal Medicine • Nutrition • Body Talk • Reiki • Essences • Readings Our therapies can help with many areas of health and wellbeing, including: • Stress • Digestive • Acute and Chronic Disorders Illnesses • Weight loss • Fatigue • Diet and Lifestyle • Colds and Flu Advice • Anxiety • Food Sensitivities • Emotional Release to name just a few… Our 6 week “Health Kick” program gets you started on your journey back to health, which allows you to trial our therapies, to f nd the one that suits you best.

Contact: Theresa Pedersen on 0402 097 271 to discuss your health requirements, and organise your f rst appointment

Private Health Fund rebates apply to some of our therapies

Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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1/22/2013 1:47:08 PM

Business Intuition By Angelle Laurence


aving coached hundreds of highly successful people, I can tell you the secrets between ordinary and extraordinary people. Creating astounding results doesn’t just happen by chance or by wishing alone. That’s the best part. We can create it. A skill, which is critical, is the beautiful but much maligned and misunderstood, legacy of New Age speak, intuition. Intuition is often considered a whimsical soft skill because it can be an elusive, hard to measure ability, giving it no real business credibility. If we want to be taken seriously in the business world, we don’t proudly say we are relying on it for our key decisions. However, regardless of what we call it, well-developed intuitive skills make the difference to how people are creating magnificence in their business and their lives. In fact, I have helped hundreds of

these people trust and hone this skill, consciously focusing on one significant difference. Not once did I use the term intuition to describe how they were making the right decision, acting with perfect timing, connecting with the best person or solving the seemingly impossible problem. I gave it a new name, and with that, left the prejudices of the old behind. I call it super-logic and with this new word I created a new meaning that freed my clients to be able to comfortably practise this winning talent in everyday mainstream business. It begins with deciding to be open to new possibilities and knowing where and how to focus your energy so it really counts. Super-logic combines both the measurable and un-measurable with the seen and the unseen. It combines our logical and analytical abilities with our inner wisdom and knowing. It uses both sides of our brain, the left and the right hemispheres. By drawing from both we can develop more of our

abilities and reap the insights. It simply makes no sense to exclude one or the other. Our super logic allows us to draw together information from all sources and make connections, which produce inspiration, flashes of knowing, crystal clear clarity or deeply instinctual understanding about a person or situation or right timing. Developing our awareness is the key. The next time you have a flash of inspiration or knowing, notice where you imagine it is located in your body. I know mine happens in the center of my chest. Notice the place your best ideas come to you, places like the shower or driving. Notice when your inner knowing is coming from joy and makes you feel energised, that’s how you can tell it’s the real deal. Awareness and daily focus are practical actions you can take in honing your super-logic on your unique journey to extraordinary.

• For all occasions • No minimum order • Your choice of scents

Phone Dewi on 0418 887 300 34

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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1/22/2013 1:48:23 PM

eco style people and processes at work before a garment is brought to us. As with anything else that we buy, each time we make a purchase, we can choose to support companies that share our values and are more in line with the world we wish to see. If we consider that we are all one and start to feel just how connected we are to each other, the earth, the trees, the animals and all other beings, then to be considerate and mindful in our consumerism makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, in the western world fast and cheap fashion is rife and this is having a huge and detrimental impact on people, animals and the environment. Often we do not realize the harm that is being caused because it is very conveniently kept from our view. To give you an example, every year billions of animals are killed for leather. Once they have been slaughtered, it takes a huge amount of energy and hazardous chemicals to preserve the animal skins and tan them. In places like Bangladesh and India, where a large portion of the world¹s leather comes from, these


t first glance, it can seem that style and beauty are a far cry from oneness. Fashion can seem indulgent and frivolous but fundamentally it is about being clothed. We all have to do this and whether we realise it or not, what we wear becomes an expression of who we are, the person that we want to be and our values. Just like anything else, we can make fashion choices and purchases that are more in line with our values, bringing us closer to our true selves and the world around us. There are many facets, different

with Amanda Rootsey chemicals get in to the waterways and can cause severe health problems for the workers and surrounding villages. Thankfully, many companies are choosing to become more transparent so that we as consumers can make informed choices. Some questions that we can ask ourselves include: • Who made this? (Look out for fair trade certifications to ensure workers were not exploited) • Where was it made and how far did it have to travel to get here? • Were any animals harmed or killed in the process? (Eg. Silk, fur, leather, wool, feathers) • Was sustainability in mind during the production and design process? Amanda Rootsey is the Director of SHINE From Within, an academy specialising in personal development courses and model training in an holistic environment. For more information visit She is also Australia’s first Eco-Model

February Valentine’s Specials* Give the gift of beautiful skin, with Jjenisis Vegan, Cruelty free, exquisite quality, natural skin care range. To order email, f nd us on /jjenisis, go to our website or phone 0438 794 243.

Pure, Natural SKINCARE

Australian Natural Beauty

Deep Sea Moisturiser 50g normally $47 Special Price $30 Lemon Juniper Gentle Foaming Cleanser 125ml normally $29 Special Price $25 PROUDLY 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED *Specials available if ordered through,


36.indd 1

Buy both and get Gentle Eye Cream 20g for an extra $10 /jjenisis, 0438 794 243 or participating retail outlets. While stocks last. Offer ends 28/02/2013. Excludes postage.

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... Shattering the Pain Myth


by Gary Little

CD by Matt James

Pain is one of the biggest health issues in Australia today! Gary Little is an international wellness navigator who has dedicated his adult life to helping people with physical and pain conditions including working with Olympic athletes. So his latest book includes his research and experience over the last few decades. What is important to note is this book challenges the usual ways of thinking about and treating pain. It takes into account lifestyle factors and the underlying emotional and mental factors as well as looking at nutritional utritional and energetic factors leading to acute and chronic pain conditions. This book provides a thorough approach to recovering and reclaiming your zing for life.

Hearing Matt’s beautiful music threaded with didgeridoo, f ute, guitar, vocals, keyboard and saxophone – the most soothing collection – is so destined to unwind, strengthen and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Matt James, a long-term performer at Eumundi Markets and Australia Zoo, (previously Soul Prism and Tribal Trance) is renowned for his talent as multiinstrumentalist musician. Having produced four solo albums, ‘Rejuvenation’ his latest release, is an album held close to his heart. Co-written and produced by his wife Lauren James (previous Crown Casino resident musician and yoga instructor), Rejuvenation is an album with a purposeful musical intent that celebrates the journey of life through love, challenge and triumph. With a generous running time of sixty two minutes, Rejuvenation is an album perfect for yoga, massage, spa and relaxation.

To purchase this book go to

February book giveaway!!! Angelle Laurence’s insightful and unique book,

“Create Your Reality with Ancient Wisdom and Futures Vision” is Angelle’s journey from corporate high flyer to an expansive facilitator. She shares the tools she has used and continues to use to live an extraordinary life. We are offering 10 of Angelle’s books this month as a giveaway. To go in the draw please email: by 5pm on the 28th February. Our 10 winners will be notified by the 1st March.

Being Woman … 2013 A gathering for women

8th-10th March, Sunshine Coast, Qld

To purchase, and for sample tracks head to


from within

Giving you the tools and conf dence to SHINE bright • Personal Development Training • Professional Model Training • Holistic Environment W: /shinefromwithin E: Ph: 0430 035 740

Come Home to the Fire Within

Relationships, Sexuality, Dance, the Sacred Feminine and much more …

Mobile: 0408 517 796 Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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1/22/2013 1:49:16 PM

Paws 4 Thought!

Photo Just Dogs Photography

Q: Benji, sources tell me you are quite the adventurous dog, can you tell me a little more about your scooter expeditions? A: We live close to the beach and my owner has a specially designed seat for me to ride with them. I ride in the back and I just love the wind blowing through my ears, I feel so free. It is a different kind of experience compared to going for a walk. I have a whole new perspective of life and nature. It gives me the bigger picture of life and how everyone and everything is interconnected.

This month, Australia’s Pupcake Queen, Tanya Arnold gains insight from Benji, a Maltese cross who is committed to being at one with life. Q: Benji, you mentioned that this experience has changed your perspective, can you elaborate further on this for me? A: When I’m walking, I’m so focussed on the next smell and protecting myself in my surroundings. When I’m in the scooter, I feel more confident and experience things I wouldn’t normally if I was on all four paws. I can smell the sea, hear the waves crashing against the sand and see the birds flying and dancing in the air. Because I am a smaller dog, when I’m on the ground, the larger dogs can be very intimidating. But when I’m in the scooter, I’m on their level and can really appreciate the gentle giants they really are. Q: Benji, I have to be honest, a dog in a scooter is quite a rare thing to be seen, how do other dogs react to your set of wheels? A: I receive all sorts of reactions. Sometimes I’ll get looks of jealousy and

envy, while other times it is a real conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many females have approached me after getting down from the scooter, particularly the poodles. The ladies really love a dog with a sense of adventure and someone who is willing to face the fear and do what they love. It has also been great when approaching a pack of larger dogs, I seem to have their respect. As for humans, well they just can’t get enough of me. Whenever we drive down the main strip, I see people from afar pointing at me. I am always approached for a photo although sometimes it can become a little overwhelming, particularly when I just want some ‘me’ time. Benji, I wish you the best on your travels and I’m sure you will continue to inspire other dogs to let go and live a life of adventure.


March 23 & 24 Location: Furry Kids @ Play Doggy Day Care Centre in Morningside, Brisbane seminars_massage-therapy.php

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3122 1997

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services 38

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/23/2013 8:40:25 AM

Therapeutic Animal Massage:

benef ts from top to tail

By Dr Elaine Cebuliak

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to the brain that improve equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system. Balance between the activity of the two subsystems of the ANS – the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) and parasympathetic (calming) nervous systems – improves blood flow throughout the body and reduces inflammation, muscle tension, spinal cord sensitisation and pain. Another little-known benefit of massage is improved digestion – one of the most important functions of the human or animal body. Research indicates the vagal stimulation from massage is significantly beneficial to premature infants. It has been shown to positively impact digestive function by improving gastric motility, decreasing gut permeability (‘leaky gut’), increasing availability of nutrients from food, regulating blood insulin levels, and promoting weight gain and growth rate. Similarly, massage can improve the outlook for puppies and kittens suffering from failure to thrive after birth. Massage also has the potential to help older pets with digestive problems and conditions. Weight loss is another are where massage can assist pets. Studies of obese

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herapeutic massage is more than “patting your pet!” Massage can be exceptionally useful for calming pets, and for pets with behaviour problems. It is a useful tool for the examination process, and helps veterinary consultations to be much more relaxed for both the vet and the pet. Therapeutic massage can be an integral part of rehabilitating an animal following cruciate, spinal, abdominal or any orthopaedic surgical procedure; injury; illness; or stroke. Massage has great therapeutic benefits for allergic skin disease, immune system dysfunction and geriatric arthritis. Veterinary staff and pet owners have found that with remedial massage, pets obtain relief from pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia, joint pain, muscle cramps or stiffness, skin problems, digestive problems, and spinal problems. Massage stimulates circulation and increases lymph flow. Deep tissue pressure massage of the skin which reaches subcutaneous tissue and myofascia (the fibrous tissue that encloses and separates layers of muscle) stimulates vagal nerve endings. These send signals

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rats indicate long-term vagal stimulation through massage can lead to a reduction in food intake. This suggests the vagal nerve network is capable of sending satiety (‘I’m full’) signals to the brain, effectively reducing appetite. From this we can assume regular massage has the potential to reduce food cravings in your pet, and stimulate desire for more physical activity because his or her body feels better. Various massage techniques may be incorporated into remedial physical therapies, such as acupressure, which releases blocked chi (or energy). Students that have attended workshops on remedial massage have commented on the effectiveness of myofunctional release techniques (such as cross fibre mobilisation) in helping improve mobility and decrease discomfort. Becoming skilled in pet massage will make you more attuned to picking up subtle changes in your patient or your pet. seminars_massage-therapy.php

Dorothea Hofman BVSC.Hons

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Pl Sto о By Mary-Lou Stephens

have spent a lot of time meditating. Guided meditations, breath meditations, visualised meditations. I’ve imagined pyramids with coloured steps, stared at candles until my vision blurred and spent hours in silent agony at Vipassana retreats. It was at Vipassana that I became familiar with the teaching of the Buddha. Not that I was expecting to. I was told that Vipassana was just a meditation technique, pure and simple. And it is. But at the 10-day retreat where it is taught, every evening there is the Teacher’s Discourse which involves a lot of Buddhist theory. During one of these discourses I heard a theory that I’d heard in various forms before – that the idea of self is a delusion, that there is no I, no me, no mine. The teacher explained that any attachment to the delusion of I, me, mine only leads to misery. In the past I have reacted badly to this theory. I want there to be an I. I want things to be mine. I like owning stuff. And I like there being a demarcation between you and me. I believe that’s called having boundaries. I spent most of my thirties being told that having healthy boundaries was a good thing. So where does that leave me when it

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comes to relationships? Friendships? Am I supposed to have boundaries? Or am I supposed to merge with the eternal we, the group consciousness? Is it possible to be in a relationship if we are all one? The teacher has a wife so I guess it must be okay. The important thing for me to remember is that if there is no mine then no one belongs to me. I don’t own anyone, no one owns me. We are all free. Thinking I have owned people, that somehow they belong to me, has only caused me misery and heartbreak. There is liberation in letting go of that illusion, there is bliss in relinquishing ownership. Nobody owns anybody else. Love is a choice, not a commandment. In The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran wrote: Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. I like that. It says to me that even if we are one, we can still be separate. There is space between us to experience the joy of heaven. The best of both worlds.

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

1/22/2013 1:50:18 PM

The Astrology of 2013 ~ Year of the Feminine By Ri Rich Richard ch hard G Giles iles es


he symbology of the year number 2013 is interesting to look at as the year contains the number 13. This is the number of lunar months in a calendar year and represents a softening of our attitudes to the world as it’s a more Yin feminine component of the year. In Chinese it’s the Year of the Water Snake which is a Yin, emotional year beginning February 10th. Forces that drive events on our planet, are setting the scene for major transformations and 2013 will help it move further forward. Two of the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, go through a cycle of connection and disconnection traceable throughout history. It’s a part of a long term cycle that runs through world affairs every 110/135 years and in the mid 1960s was in Virgo. We are now in a waning square of Uranus/ Pluto until 2015/16 which will see an ongoing period of radical reform, social consciousness change and science breakthroughs that will transform our world. This is marked by rapid shifts in opinion and in democracies.

Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2015: The planet of structures moved into the deep and intense Scorpion of the zodiac in October 2012. It’s likely to bring much sense and responsibility into financial affairs and the reform of corporate systems will be likely. Under Scorpio there is intense commitment to your tasks, so expect serious business around taxes, insurance, and corporate affairs. There will also be a much better understanding of death and dying moving into place. Saturn remains there until September 2015. The Great Grand Trine of 2013: From June to July this year we experience the line-up of three big planets in the three water signs. We have Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio from 26th June 2013. Put the three together and we get a grand trine of pleasant and harmonious sensitivity energies. From July 1st - 13th we get the three forming the trine in water signs then Mars goes into Cancer on the 13th and there are

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four planets in the Grand Trine to the 26th. This beautiful, sensitive, creative, psychic water grand trine, enables us to deeply link our emotions with our intuition and many people will make great strides slipping easily into a way of seeing and intuiting that surpasses all the ideas we now have about intuitive insight. If you have planets from about 2 - 9 degrees of the three water signs, then you will feel it opening your personal planetary chart. Have an astrologer check your chart. The creative potential of this period is magnificent and many amazing works of art, music or literature may be composed at this time. Younger children, who we now call the Crystal children, will most likely greatly advance in their psychic intuitive skills at this time. Overall 2013 will have some serious reforms, some repressive shifts and transformational opening up.

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL REIKI PEARL

Debbie Bingley from Reiki Pearl is a Reiki Master who is a compassionate woman with a beautiful gift of Reiki intuitive healing. She believes that with REIKI “You can have a pearl of a life.” The choice is ours!

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Higher Visions is a spiritual/Holistic Community network. We provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop. We offer : • Monthly casual lunches – varied subjects/ speakers • Evening gatherings with guest speakers – varied subjects • Workshops and regular meditation evenings Conscious Life Festival 4/5th May 2013

Conscious Life Festival 4/5th May 2013 Laura Di Mambro 0400 673 563 BEING WOMAN …2013 GATHERING 8TH – 10TH MARCH

Join some of Australia’s most renowned facilitators in a fun, enriching weekend exploring women’s relationships, sensuality, sexuality the sacred feminine, ceremony, dance, yoga, sound and much more. Connect with women of all ages and backgrounds at this great annual community event.


Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body – The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness (now in 15 languages) and The Secret Language of Colour Cards (now in 6 languages). Running workshops in Australia and internationally, including Qld in July 2013.


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If you could change anything in your life what would it be? Maybe to sleep easier, have greater connections in your relationships, having more clarity and focus, a happier body, what about having more fun, what about having more money? Access Bars therapy is dynamic and profound and at the same time a very nurturing process. I invite you to have a session with me. Ease, Joy & Glory

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Holistic Bliss, February 2013

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Reflexology In Caloundra

with Courtney

Courtney Alexander Crook R.A.oA., A.A.M.T., B.A.A. Diploma of Ref exologyReiki Master

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