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Welcome! We are thrilled to bring you our 2023 edition of Miami-Dade Favorites. This magazine showcases the effort to discover and celebrate the businesses, people, and places the community loves most – as voted by you. Our readers and residents are proud of the community they live in and know the area the best. That is why Miami Herald set out to deliver a “best of” program to help the community and support Miami area businesses. Miami-Dade Favorites has been a great extension of these goals, and we are proud of the voter turnout and engagement from local businesses. Miami-Dade Favorites had over 4,500 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 248 categories. Producing a contest this size takes a dedicated local team and committed businesses. They, along with all our advertisers made this possible. We could not be prouder to salute and pay tribute to the great businesses that were voted the best in their individual categories. Thank you to all the folks who took the time to vote. We encourage you to explore MiamiDadeFavorites.com and engage with our winners. Some may be familiar, and some may be new to you. All will welcome your business. Please make sure to congratulate them for being voted Miami-Dade Favorites!




Varujan Burmaian had a dream of opening a store in Miami in the late 80’s. A first-generation Brazilian born three years after his father had arrived in Brazil as a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, Varujan worked very hard, became a lawyer, and built a real estate, retail, franchising, and banking businesses Varujan had a dream from aBurmaian shoe repair store in Sao of Paulo.

opening a store in Miami in the late 80’s. A first-generation born three Also, his dreamBrazilian was to part of the years after hisBusiness father had arrived inwhere Brazil American Community could learn and grow hisGenocide, businesses as ahe survivor of the Armenian evenworked more. Invery the hard, 1980’sbecame he shipped Varujan a a container of shoes Miami but never lawyer, and built a real to estate, retail, was ableand to secure a location. franchising, banking businesses from a shoe repair store in Sao Paulo. Forty years later, his son, Ricardo

Also,Burmaian, his dreamfulfilled was to his part of thedream. father’s American Business Community where he could learn grow hisone businesses He was onand the internet night evenlooking more. In 1980’s heinshipped forthe shoe stores Miami toa container of shoes Miami but never purchase andto stumbled upon was able to secure a Motion. location.Two tennis Alton Sports in coaches, sisters Alice Castin and

Forty years later, his son, Ricardo Marta Gross founded the store, and Burmaian, fulfilled his father’s dream. they were looking to sell it. They

a very goodone reputation in the He was had on the internet night looking Miami tennis community. He knew for shoe stores in Miami to purchase and instantly that it was an opportunity, stumbled upon Alton Sports in Motion. Two andcoaches, on an impulse decided to buy tennis sisters Alice Castin and it. Marta Gross founded the store, and they The new owners embarked on aafull were looking to sell it. They had very good renovation of the store along with renting the reputation in the Miami tennis community. stores on either side to expand their floorplan. He knew instantly that it was an opportunity, and on an impulse decided to buy it. Many things get in the way of success, and this venture was no owners different. At that time, Burmaian The new embarked on a full was unaware thatof Alton about renovation the Road store was along withto close for two years to forstores infrastructure repairs due renting the on either side to to flooding and would severely impact its foot expand their floorplan. traffic. Many stores on this street went out of Many get infor the way of success, business. Histhings store went ten years with no and this venture was no different. At up that profit, but Burmaian was not willing to give time, Burmaian was unaware that Alton and kept building his customer base.


Road was about to close for two years to VOTED BEST for infrastructure repairs due to flooding and would severely impact its foot traffic. VOTED BEST SPORTING Many stores on this street went out of SPORTING GOODS STOREGOODS STORE


business. His store went for ten years with no profit, but Burmaian was not willing to give up and kept building his customer base. After keeping the store’s original name for four years, in 2014, Burmaian secured the rights to change it to World Tennis, the same brand for the chain of stores in Brazil. The people at World Tennis know that great customer service is the key to long term success. Customers have so many sporting goods store options, and the market is more competitive than it has ever been. The only real differentiator over time is original name for four After keeping the store’s treating like gold. years, incustomers 2014, Burmaian secured the rights to Ifchange customers focused onthe same brand for it tofeel World Tennis, the cared chain about, of stores in will Brazil. and they keep coming back and talk The people at World Tennis know that great about their experience.

As with all businesses, it starts with a dream. In this case, Varujan Burmaian’s dream. Then it As with all businesses, it starts with a takes people to bring the dream to life.

dream. In this case, Varujan Burmaian’s dream. Then it takes people to bring the World Tennis won the International Retailer dream to life.

of the Year prize from Sports International Communication in 1998. The brand also won World Tennis won the International Retailer Franchisor of theSports Year award from the of the Year prize from International Brazilian Franchising in 2005, Communication in 1998.Association The brand also won Outstanding Franchisor Award theBrazilian Franchisor of the Year award from the in the Senior Franchising Category several times (2007, 2008, 2009, Brazilian Association in 2005, 2012, and 2016), and Franchisor have won the Franchising Brazilian Outstanding Award in Excellence seal for 20 years. World Tennis has 315 stores in Brazil and understands that sports translate across all cultures. They have plans for additional expansion in the Miami area and look forward to gearing up and serving casual athletes as well as pros so that everyone can enjoy the sports experience.

customer service is the key to long term

Secondly, Miami World success. Customers have so many sporting Tennis has anoptions, excellent goods store and the market is more general manager competitive thanat it the has ever been. The only real store. Leny Kouover hastime beenis treating customers differentiator running the store for five like gold. If customers feel focused on and cared about,She they willthe keep coming years. sets tone for back and talk about their experience. the staff, constantly training them and making sure that Secondly, Miami World Tennis has an excellent they never stop improving general manager at the store. Leny Kou has the customer experience. been running the store for five years. She sets

Leny is also a tennis the tone for the staff, constantly training them player along with the they never stop improving and making sure that rest of the staff. They understand their the customer experience. customers since they also play the sport. Lenygives is also a tennis player and along with the rest That them expertise credibility at of the staff. They understand their customers all levels. since they also play the sport. That gives them

Since the employees are passionate about the expertise and credibility at all levels. products they carry, the sales atmosphere is exceptional. Their customers experience that Since the employees are passionate about the passion and know thatthe they are getting the best products they carry, sales atmosphere is service and best effort from the experience World Tennisthat staff. exceptional. Their customers

passion and know that they are getting the best service and best effort from the World Tennis staff.


the Senior Category several times (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2016), and have won the Franchising Excellence seal for 20 years. World Tennis has 315 stores in Brazil and understands that sports translate across all cultures. They have plans for additional expansion in the Miami area and look forward to gearing up and serving casual athletes as well as pros so that everyone can enjoy the sports experience.


1448 Alton Rd, Miami Beach FL 305-531-0008 www. worldtennis.com 305-531-0008 | ALTONSPORTSINMOTION.COM 1448 ALTON RD, MIAMI BEACH FL


Take Your Banking to New Heights Sunstate Bank is committed to providing its valuable clientele with competitive rates, top-of-the-line customer services, and unparalleled security and privacy. The bank in sunny Florida has a sunny disposition on its clients. Sunstate Bank offers customers personal banking services which includes checking, savings, moneymarket accounts and certificates of deposit, business banking, which includes nonprofit interest checking accounts, IOTA checking, and money market accounts. Specializing in international premier banking, which includes loans to non-U.S. citizens, wire transfers, and competitive rates on commercial accounts, it’s a one-stop shop for all one’s banking needs. Whether safeguarding personal belongings in safedeposit boxes or facilitating international banking transactions, the bank places the utmost importance on ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all its clients’ assets and information. At Sunstate Bank, the security of safe-deposit box services is a paramount concern. The safe-deposit box nests are securely housed within a vault compartment at the bank’s branches, adhering to stringent physical controls and access protocols. Only authorized employees are granted access to these vaults, ensuring that the contents remain protected. Customers seeking access to their safe-deposit boxes are always accompanied by an authorized bank employee. Access to specific safe-deposit boxes is limited 6

to authorized individuals who have signed a Safe Deposit Box agreement and signature card. Each authorized person is provided with a unique set of keys, and the bank does not retain copies of these keys. To open a safe deposit box, the unique key specific to the box and the bank guard key are required. In cases where customers misplace their unique keys, the box is opened in the presence of the authorized customer, a locksmith, a bank-authorized employee, and a notary public, ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality. It’s important to note that the contents within safedeposit boxes, including cash and valuables, are not covered by FDIC deposit insurance. The bank conducts daily inspections to ensure everything is in order and operating as intended. Access to the vault compartment is strictly controlled and limited to authorized employees, ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality. The bank maintains Inclement Weather Preparedness and Business Resumption policies to ensure the safety of assets in case of unexpected events, such as hurricanes or natural disasters. While safe-deposit boxes offer a secure option, Sunstate Bank recommends customers store their contents in appropriate cases, boxes, or plastic sleeves that suit the size of the box. The bank acknowledges that no building is entirely immune to natural disasters and strives to provide the best possible protection for customers’ valuable possessions.


Sunstate Bank also features real-estate financing, and investment options in equities and fixed-income products as well as safekeeping-custodial accounts. The bank combines local community commitment with international expertise to meet the diverse needs of its customers, and always offers credit and debit cards with online banking capabilities. The bank prioritizes the privacy and security in international transactions. Access to customerfinancial information is granted only to essential employees. This might seem a little over-the-top, but it is essential to the way Sunstate Bank, which takes banking personally, operates. Mobile banking isn’t the wave of the future; it’s here now. And it’s effortless to open an account online and keep up with one’s finances with the bank’s mobile app. Bank-on-the-go and check balances, pay bills, make transfers, and find locations. It’s easy at Sunstate Bank, which prioritizes customers and makes banking simple. It’s never a chore at Sunstate.

Coral Gables 2901 S. Le Jeune Road Coral Gables, FL 33134-6690 Tel: 305.567.0600 Fax: 305.567.1331

Falls 14095 S. Dixie Highway Miami, FL 33176-7222 Tel: 305.256.0900 Fax: 305.256.9850

West Miami 5722 SW 8th Street West Miami, FL 33144 Tel. 305.263.7900 Fax: 305.263.9866


sunstatefl.com 7


Healthy Connections, CMHC (HC), founded in 2001 by dedicated psychotherapists Prince Drago and Beatriz Martinez-Penalver, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. Initially established with a noble mission to address the mental-health needs of the Miami-Dade community, their focus was primarily on geriatric patients and adults grappling with significant psychiatric conditions. However, about a decade ago, they recognized an emerging need for early intervention services for children, their families, and teachers. Recognizing the pivotal role of early intervention in tackling the escalating mental-health crisis in today’s society, Healthy Connections expanded its services to encompass children, adolescents, parents, and schools. Their commitment lies in the realization that collaborative efforts are essential to providing comprehensive support to empower the entire community. The organization’s mission has since evolved, equipping individuals with the tools and resources necessary to confront their mental-health challenges, nurture emotional resilience, and cultivate healthier, more supportive environments. Central to their mission is the Triumph Steps program, which places significant emphasis on emotional literacy. A poignant example of its impact is showcased through Melanie, one of HC’s clinicians, and her 9-yearold client. Initially contending with frequent anger outbursts, the client underwent a transformative journey through the program. Melanie introduced phrases like “thoughts become things, keep them beautiful,” and enabled the child to reflect on the

consequences of her actions and realize the power of choosing her responses. Dedicated clinicians at HC are committed to driving change. They have all undergone Triumph Steps training and earned the title of TS Transformative Coaches (TSTCs). This certification equips them with a comprehensive tool kit, including affirmations, cognitive behavioral messages, meditations, and more, enhancing their effectiveness in working with clients. This program is rooted in prevention, targeting children, teens, parents, and teachers, and is designed to foster emotional intelligence and create a more nurturing environment within schools and communities.

The effectiveness of the Triumph Steps program is not merely anecdotal. The Behavioral Science Research Institute has conducted extensive studies, confirming its impact through evidence-based practices. A study involving 106 participants demonstrated remarkable results, showcasing a substantial reduction in emotional distress, hyperactivity, and peer-related issues, alongside improved emotional resilience. Healthy Connections primarily adopts Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as its therapeutic approach. CBT is a highly effective, goal-oriented method supported by extensive research. It aids clients in reducing negative emotions by identifying and addressing cognitive distortions, such as personalization, jumping to conclusions, and thinking in black-and-white terms. Through therapy, clients develop healthier perspectives and coping mechanisms.

305 646-0112 | healthyconnectionscmhc.org | 2780 SW 37th Ave. Suite 206 Miami, FL 8


While their initial focus was on Miami-Dade County, Healthy Connections has expanded its reach to offer telehealth services nationwide. With the launch of the Mental Health and Emotional Literacy Foundation (MHEL Foundation), they can now reach underserved families through after-school programming, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact on a broader scale. Since 2016, HC has been dedicated to the belief that “happiness is a skill that can be learned.” Their motto, “where happiness can be learned,” underscores the critical role of emotional literacy in their mentalhealth services. Clinicians at HC are not just dedicated professionals; they are inspired agents of change. They regularly attend in-service sessions and undergo coaching certification, which equips them with a vast array of audio tools, affirmations, cognitive behavioral messages, meditations, and more. This comprehensive tool kit, coupled with video modules, posters,

workbooks, a gratitude box, and a roadmap enriched with positive psychology principles and cognitive behavioral techniques, enables them to enhance their work with clients. In the words of Prince Drago, “Our therapists are skilled in helping clients recognize and reframe distorted thought patterns to promote healthier, more balanced thinking and emotional well-being.” Healthy Connections transcends the conventional concept of a workplace. As Beatriz Martinez-Penalver beautifully puts it, “Ours is a journey of growth, excellence, and the pursuit of making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.”


Co-Founders: Beatriz Martinez-Peñalver & Prince Drago MIAMI HERALD


ACE HANDYMAN SERVICES Miami Kendall - What a way to celebrate our first anniversary in business!! We feel the love, Miami! Thank you!! And thank you for the nominations and overwhelming number of votes to be selected as Miami-Dade’s FAVORITE REMODELER/CONTRACTOR Silver Medalist in the Miami Herald’s 2023 Best of Miami-Dade Contest!! We are honored and challenged at the same time. As a member of the 100-year-old Ace Hardware brand, it’s our pleasure to bring that well-known Ace Helpful to your home or office. With two, soon to be three, ACE HANDYMAN offices here in Greater Miami, we service all Miami-Dade, lower Broward and the Upper Keys. ACE HANDYMAN has elevated the Handyman Experience, and it all starts for you with just a call or a click. Call the office at 305.964.7612 or visit us online at AceHandymanServices.com to click “Get An Estimate” where you can upload photos and start your project with ease. Our goal is to help you get your To-Do list done so you can spend your weekend with your family rather than painting a wall; enjoying the beach rather than fixing a fence; or watching the Dolphins beat the Patriots rather than renovating a bathroom.

Customer Reviews 10


It’s a great question because we do so much! Bathroom and Kitchen Refresh Our team can handle everything from minor upgrades to full-scale remodels, including tile installation, fixture replacement, and more. Painting, Interior/Exterior Painting is a great, cost-effective way to redecorate and add a low-cost, high impact personal touch. Let us help you knock it out. Drywall Repair Our skilled Craftsmen can repair any drywall damage you may have. We do this all…the…time. Carpentry Need custom-made shelves, cabinetry, or wood repaired? We can definitely help you with that. Flooring Installation Flooring to suit your style and requirements, from installation to restoration.

“Susan responded rapidly and set up appointment immediately. Leandro came in time. He was very polite and did his job very well! He installed a new toilet seat and fixed two kitchen cabinet doors. So happy with Ace. Will definitely use them again!”


. i m a i M ank you,


! o o t u o y We love e Favorites

i-Dad 2023 Miam RACTOR T N O C / R E REMODEL

WHY CHOOSE US? Simple. We’re Miami’s BEST! At ACE HANDYMAN SERVICES Miami Kendall, our relentless dedication to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service makes us stand out and will leave you with confidence knowing you made the right choice. When you call ACE HANDYMAN, you get: Reliability. We value your time. Our team arrives promptly, working efficiently to minimize disruptions to your routine. Expertise. With years of combined experience, our skilled Craftsmen handle everything from minor repairs to complete remodels. Solutions. Painting to door installation, fence fixes to bathroom transformations, we offer diverse solutions for residential and commercial needs all in just one appointment.

305.964.7612 Follow us on @ACEHANDYMANMIAMI

Quality. We provide a 1-year warranty on our workmanship for your peace of mind and because we’re confident in our ability to do it right the first time. Service. Your satisfaction is essential. We listen, advise, and tailor solutions to your preferences and budget. Your vision guides us. Choose ACE HANDYMAN SERVICES for your projects – because excellence is non-negotiable.

“Outstanding customer service from Arellys in the office to Sterling, the handyman. All were courteous, professional, and thorough. The work done was exceptional.”



“Andrew was very nice, professional, punctual and did a great job installing a grab bar in my shower! Thank you so much!” 11




Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar Miami • 305-408-8386 chefadriannes.com

Unique Designer’s Cake 69 NW 9th St Miami • 786-351-4276 designerscake.com

Sports Grill Multiple Locations sportsgrill.com

When Chef Adrianne took a trip to Napa Valley, she found a love for the food, wine, and atmosphere that grew and developed into Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant brings the taste of Napa to Miami, evoking the same comfortable, idyllic atmosphere that gives wine country its charms. Its menu was created with the goal of providing the most varied and powerful flavors the region has to offer.

Unique Designer’s Cake creates unforgettable moments based on stunning cakes that are as delicious as they are artfully designed. Since 2008, Unique Designer’s Cake has combined a passion for striking textural art, architectural pieces, and sweet confections. It creates cakes that are seasonal and themed, and also makes cupcakes, cookies, healthy bites, cake shots, cake pops, Rice Crispy treats, and more.

Sports Grill was opened by a young couple in 1987 and continues to deliver the family-friendly spirit and popular “Special Grilled Wings” it has become known for. Its team excels at offering a wide selection of high-quality drinks and providing exceptional customer service. Sports Grill’s bartenders deliver unforgettable experiences to their guests with an ambiance that blends sports and music with great food and drinks.

Doya 347 NW 24th St Miami • 305-501-2848 doyarestaurant.com Anacapri Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Pinecrest • 305-232-8001 anacaprifood.com

Joanna’s Marketplace 8247 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-661-5777 joannasmarketplace.com Sullivan Street Bakery 5550 NE 4th Ave Miami • 786-536-2389 ssbmiami.com

Flight Wine Lounge & Shop 9711 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores • 305-392-1277 flightwinelounge.com Cafe La Trova 971 SW 8th St Miami • 786-615-4379 cafelatrova.com

12 | EAT & DRINK




Shorty’s Bar-B-Q Multiple Locations shortys.com

Monty’s Raw Bar 2550 S Bayshore Dr Miami • 305-856-3992 montysrawbar.com

Since 1951, Shorty’s Bar-B-Q has served the area’s favorite ribs, smoked chicken, homemade sauces, creamy coleslaw, and classic corn-on-the-cob. Today, the restaurant is a living landmark and reminder of the area’s history, as well as remaining the best spot in town to enjoy a succulent barbecue meal. Shorty’s has maintained its iconic atmosphere and the high quality of its offerings from its first day in operation.

Monty’s Raw Bar, an iconic waterfront tiki hut, offers a relaxed setting to unwind with sea views, bay air, and great food and drinks. Guests enjoy the full lunch, dinner, and brunch menus or dive into the famous Happy Hour Raw Bar Boat featuring oysters, peel and eat shrimp, and stone crabs (Oct 15th-May 1st) from Florida Keys fishermen. Located at Bayshore Landing Marina, one can arrive by boat and have a fresh catch cooked.

Hometown Barbecue 1200 NW 22nd St #100 Miami • 305-396-4551 hometownbbqmiami.com Harvey’s BBQ Kitchen 9351 SW 56th St Miami • 305-233-1227 harveysbbqkitchen.com

Nikki Beach 1 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-538-1111 miami-beach.nikkibeach.com Joia Beach 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail Miami • 305-400-7280 joiabeachmiami.com



Greenstreet Cafe 3468 Main Hwy Miami • 305-444-0244 greenstreetcafe.net

The Tank Brewing Co. 5100 NW 72nd Ave Ste A1 Miami • 786-801-1554 thetankbrewing.com

At Greenstreet Cafe, breakfast is just as essential as its lunch, dinner, and late-night offerings. The menu is packed with favorites like build-your-own breakfast platters, a la carte continental breakfast items, omelets, pancakes, French toast, brunch cocktails, and more. This popular destination is an ideal spot to see star athletes, local politicians, artists, and many others enjoying Greenstreet’s great food.

The team at The Tank Brewing Co. uses their unique backgrounds to craft beers in which different influences and ingredients come together to create unique-tasting brews. The company’s story is one of a homegrown passion for brewing honest, expertly crafted artisanal beer using the finest ingredients from mash to tap. From the purity of the water to the carefully curated ingredients, quality can be tasted in every sip.

Mendez Fuel Multiple Locations mendez-fuel.com

Beat Culture Brewery 7250 NW 11th St Miami • 786-360 3905 beatculture.com Cerveceria La Tropical 42 NE 25th St Miami • 305-741-6991 cervecerialatropical.com

Little Hen 3451 NE 1st Ave #100 Miami • 305-677-0584 littlehen.com MIAMI HERALD



FOR OVER 15 YEARS... We've been inspiring the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of each child through authentic Montessori education in a secure & joyful environment



305-238-9375 8640 SW 112th St. Miami, Fl montessorischoolmiami.com monteSsorischoolmiaMi.com Coral Way|Killian|Shenandoah EAT & DRINK | 13




Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar Miami • 305-408-8386 chefadriannes.com

Texas de Brazil Multiple Locations texasdebrazil.com

LoKal Multiple Locations kushhospitality.com

After a life-changing trip to California to sample the popular eateries of Napa, California, Adrianne of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar resolved to bring the fresh flavors of the region to Miami diners. Its brunch menu offers fun twists on brunch classics, including avocado toast, short rib chilaquiles, breakfast tacos, English muffin sandwiches, and more. Visit Adrianne’s for the best brunch flavors in town.

The vision for Texas de Brazil can be traced back to one of the founder’s experiences with the rancher life and Brazil’s rodizio-style cooking. Customers can carve off ample portions of succulent picanha, rump steak, lamb chops, filet mignon, beef ribs, flank steak, pork loin, and more. Between its family-friendly atmosphere and unique dining experience, it is no wonder the restaurant is an area mainstay.

The main purpose of LoKal is to offer an ideal dining experience through great menu creations that have been prepared from scratch. Customers will enjoy any of its unique offerings, which include the Frita by Kush with guava jelly, The LoKal with avocado and Jack cheese, and the Bababooey Burger with caramelized apples. Its interiors feature works from local artists, so every location’s concept matches its setting.

MILA 1636 Meridian Ave Miami Beach • 786-706-0744 mila-miami.com R House Wynwood 2727 NW 2nd Ave Miami • 305-576-0201 rhousewynwood.com

POC American Fusion Buffet & Sushi Coral Gables • 305-529-0882 pocbuffet.com Bombay Darbar Multiple Locations bombaydarbar.com

Sports Grill Multiple Locations sportsgrill.com Old Tom’s Sports Multiple Locations oldtoms.com


Josh’s Premium Meats 7295 SW 57th Ave Miami • 305-646-8817 joshspremiummeats.com A family business that focuses on quality, integrity, and community, Josh’s Premium Meats specializes in importing Australian and Japanese Wagyu beef as well as high quality domestic proteins such as lamb, chicken, pork, and prime cuts of beef. Owner Josh Pascual created the company with a curiosity for seeking the best and rarest products to provide customers with good quality meat at an affordable price. Meat N’ Bone Multiple Locations meatnbone.com Plum Market 17801 Biscayne Blvd Aventura • 786-692-5450 plummarket.com 14 | EAT & DRINK





Bill Hansen Catering 2167 S Bayshore Dr Miami • 786-761-5756 hansengroup.co

Ms. Cheezious 7418 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-989-4019 mscheezious.com

3 Chef’s Multiple Locations 3chefs-mia.com

Bill Hansen Catering pushes the possibilities of an event-production and catering business by offering untold customizability and quality. Every detail of its unmatched service is meticulously thought out in advance to offer the smoothest, most enjoyable guest experience. Each curated dish selection is composed of the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Fresh flavors and plenty of variety are hallmarks of the service.

High-quality meals with fresh ingredients are cooked from scratch at Ms. Cheezious. Owner, Brian Mullins’ beloved chicken-wing recipe is a customer favorite as the skin is crispy and the meat tender. Brian makes his special wing sauce from scratch and has a house-made extra blue cheese dressing for blue-cheese lovers. Ms. Cheezious continually creates delicious, memorable meals for their loyal customers.

At 3 Chef’s, customers can enjoy a variety of quality Chinese favorites, including many different fried rice entrees, flavorful bowls of dim sum, high-quality specials, ramen, authentic appetizers, piled-high plates of lo mein, and chop suey with a house special option. Visitors also enjoy the restaurant’s many Thai specials, which include pad Thai with scallions and bean sprouts as well as four kinds of Thai curry.

Joanna’s Marketplace 8247 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-661-5777 joannasmarketplace.com The Stuffed Cuban 305-619-2921 thestuffedcuban.com

Casola’s 2437 SW 17th Ave Miami • 305-858-0090 casolas.com Soulfly Chicken 2615 N Miami Ave Miami • 305-440-9121 soulflychicken.com

107 Taste Multiple Locations 107taste.com Hutong Miami 600 Brickell Ave Miami • 786-388-0805 hutong-miami.com


VOTED BEST COFFEE SHOP Sabal Coffee 140 NE 39th St #241 Miami • 305-712-6775 sabalcoffee.com Sabal Coffee, a family-owned specialty coffee shop, stands out in the Miami Design District’s MIA Market food hall. Open seven days a week, it offers ample indoor and outdoor seating. Beyond quality, Sabal differentiates with locally roasted coffee sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. Its simple menu highlights the coffee’s flavor, featuring classic espresso-based drinks like macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes. Cienfuegos Coffee cienfuegoscoffee.com Panther Coffee 305-677-3952 panthercoffee.com MIAMI HERALD



Cuban Guys Multiple Locations cubanguysrestaurants.com Cuban Guys combines the speed and efficiencies of the fast-food industry with the amazing flavors of Cuban cooking. Founded in 2012 by Jorge Llapur, Isaac Sklar, and Enrique Santos, Cuban Guys serves customers all over Miami-Dade County with five locations. Its owners are thrilled to bring their Cuban flavors to the fast-casual industry and spread their Cuban love in the communities they serve. Cafe La Trova 971 SW 8th St Miami • 786-615-4379 cafelatrova.com La Esquina del Pan con Bistec 1190 W Flagler St Miami • 786-631-4287 elpanconbistec.com


Misha’s Cupcakes Multiple Locations mishascupcakes.com Misha’s Cupcakes is a thriving bakery with seven locations and numerous wholesale partnerships. Every day, over 10,000 freshly baked cupcakes delight customers, offering a selection of more than 36 mouthwatering flavors, including special editions. Misha’s extends its culinary excellence to other delectable treats such as cake-in-a-jar, gourmet cakes, brownies, cookies, and cookie dough for home baking. Cakeology 802 SW 27th Rd Miami • 305-916-9405 cakeology.miami dbakers Sweet Studio 3501 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 786-310-8763 dbakers.us 16 | EAT & DRINK





Giselle Miami 15 NE 11th St Miami • 305-686-2230 gisellemiami.com

Joanna’s Marketplace 8247 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-661-5777 joannasmarketplace.com

RivaReno Gelato 901 S Miami Ave #105 Miami • 786-851-2501 rivareno.com

When stepping into Giselle Miami’s ambiance, guests are immersed in a world of mystique and sophistication, the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. Its curated menu fuses Asian, Mediterranean, and French-inspired cuisines. Its creative cocktail program adds a playful and imaginative dimension to the experience. Giselle’s team delivers five-star hospitality, exceptional service, and culinary excellence.

The deli at Joanna’s Marketplace has built a reputation in the community by offering fresh and delicious food, along with outstanding service for many years. Whether it is fresh-baked breads and pastries, house-roasted meats, sandwiches and salads, or a catered event at a home or office, Joanna’s will take the worry out of making meals delicious. The team works everyday to give excellent service in a great environment.

RivaReno Gelato is renowned for its extraordinary gelato experience. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the finest, globally-sourced ingredients selected for freshness, purity, and intensity. With flavors like Pistacchio, Bacio, Cremino RivaReno, and Cremino Dark, they deliver a palate-pleasing adventure. Their gelato is freshly crafted every morning in-store, and is void of artificial additives.

Komodo 801 Brickell Ave Miami • 305-534-2211 komodomiami.com Thank You Miami 1701 W Flagler St Miami • 305-342-1208 thankyoumiami305.com

Mendez Fuel Multiple Locations mendez-fuel.com

Cakeology 802 SW 27th Rd Miami • 305-916-9405 cakeology.miami Night Owl Cookies Multiple Locations nightowlcookieco.com




Chug’s Diner 3444 Main Hwy Miami • 786-353-2940 chugsdiner.com

The Salty Donut Multiple Locations saltydonut.com

Pura Vida Miami Multiple Locations puravidamiami.com

Chug’s Diner offers a unique experience. Casual yet refined, it serves an all-day menu along with a full bar, featuring craft cocktails that reflect chef/owner Michael Beltran’s Cuban-American heritage. Established in 2019 as a pop-up, Chug’s transformed into a staple with its brick-and-mortar presence in 2021. Beyond lunch offerings, it has gained popularity due to its breakfast sandwiches, cast iron pancakes, and dinner selections.

The team at The Salty Donut believes that a quality donut is an easy ticket to a great morning. The shop features a continually shifting menu of quality offerings that are freshly made every day using the best ingredients available. The shop uses the draw of its tasty menu items to foster community, providing a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike to meet, talk, and bond over a hot cup of coffee and a donut or two.

The goal of Pura Vida Miami is to help the community live cleaner by providing easier access to food that is as tasty as it is healthy. From its all-day breakfast menu to its baked treats, entrees, sandwiches, salads, juices, and smoothies, everything Pura Vida offers is made with the freshest ingredients and crafted with care. Its offerings always reflect its team’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Chuck Wagon Restaurant Multiple Locations chuckwagonmiami.com

Mojo Donuts Multiple Locations mojodonuts.com

Big Pink 157 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-532-4700 mylesrestaurantgroup.com

Pink Love Donuts & More 222 67th St Miami Beach • 786-431-5144 pinklovedonutsandmore.com

Mamey Miami 1350 S Dixie Hwy Coral Gables • 305-266-2639 mameymiami.com Mama Jennie’s Italian Restaurant 11720 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-757-3627 mamajennies.com


Babe’s Meat & Counter 9216 SW 156th St Miami • 786-429-1315 babefroman.com

EAT & DRINK | 17




Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar Miami • 305-408-8386 chefadriannes.com

Bianco Gelato 3137 Commodore Plaza Miami • 786-717-5315 biancogelato.com

Rosa Sky 115 SW 8th St Miami • 786-745-7486 rosaskyrooftop.com

It only took a single trip to Napa, California to inspire the theme of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar; Chef Adrianne Calvo brings the rich, powerful flavors of California wine country to Miami diners. Its upscale-steakhouse offerings are as tantalizing as they come, from its raw bar oysters and sashimi to its Five-Diamond Filet Mignon, Osso Bucco, NY Strip Steak, Harris Ranch Black Angus Filet, and Cowgirl Filet.

Bianco Gelato is a family-owned business established in 2013. They craft delectable Italian gelato using natural ingredients, free from GMOs and gluten. Its commitment to quality extends to vegan and sugar-free options, ensuring a healthier indulgence. The gelato is prepared the old-fashioned way, without chemicals or artificial additives, using almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk for vegan varieties.

Rosa Sky Rooftop is the perfect spot for an early evening filled with ambiance, views, food, and cocktails. Its captivating design features an illuminated bar and a mesmerizing ceiling choreographed with colorful lights that brings the space to life as day transforms to night. The food and drink selection boasts a little something for every customer to enjoy while they dive into the electrifying music.

Anacapri Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Pinecrest • 305-232-8001 anacaprifood.com MILA 1636 Meridian Ave Miami Beach • 786-706-0744 mila-miami.com

Rivareno Gelato 901 S Miami Ave #105 Miami • 786-851-2501 rivareno.com Below Zero 375 NE 54th St #5 Miami • 305-303-4064 belowzeromiami.com

Tequiztlan 1884 Bay Rd Miami Beach • 305-397-8442 tequiztlan.com Cafe La Trova 971 SW 8th St Miami • 786-615-4379 cafelatrova.com


Natural Vegan Gluten Free Non GMO Lactose Free Kosher Certified

3137 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove Tampa Premium Outlet Coming Soon to Aventura Mall & 8845 SW 72 PL, Downtown Dadeland

www. biancogelato.com 18 | EAT & DRINK


Finnegan’s Way 1344 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-672-7747 finnegansway.com Since opening in 1999, Finnegan’s Way has stood out as the community’s premier sports and Irish bar, offering an unparalleled blend of authentic Irish hospitality and an unbeatable sports-watching experience. With its welcoming atmosphere, a wide selection of Irish and local brews, and a menu featuring delicious pub fare, it provides the perfect setting for patrons to hang out and enjoy major sporting events and Irish hospitality. John Martin’s 253 Miracle Mile Coral Gables • 305-209-0609 johnmartinsmiami.com Duffy’s Tavern 2108 SW 57th Ave Miami • 305-264-6580 duffystavernmiami.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




Tutto Pasta 1751 SW 3rd Ave Miami • 305-857-0709 tuttopasta.com

MILA 1636 Meridian Ave Miami Beach • 786-706-0744 mila-miami.com

Sports Grill Multiple Locations sportsgrill.com

All of the pasta served at Tutto Pasta is made fresh from its production operation located next door. The restaurant perfectly pairs the relaxed feeling of casual dining with elegant interiors that make it an ideal date night spot. Each of its breads, sauces, and desserts are prepared in-house on a daily basis, so no matter what one orders, it will come prepared with a quality and authenticity that one can taste.

MILA is a rooftop restaurant widely famed for its flavorful Japanese dishes and upbeat atmosphere that provides a vibrant night full of fresh food and fun. It is inspired by the idea of Eudaimonia, or the happiness involved with travel, and offers a curated dining environment designed to transport one to another culture. Its upscale items include charred edamame, wagyu skirt steak, sushi, and more.

Sports Grill has a winning combination of delicious food that caters to anyone looking for a satisfying lunch with co-workers, family, or friends. Its dedication to providing a vibrant sports-themed atmosphere, prompt service, and a wide range of tasty menu options perfectly complements not only the excitement of a game day, but any day out with friends and sets Sports Grill apart from the competition.

Anacapri Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Pinecrest • 305-232-8001 anacaprifood.com Caffe Italia 3800 SW 8th St Coral Gables • 305-443-8122 caffeitaliacoralgables.net

Sushi Sake Multiple Locations sushisakemiami.com

Ms. Cheezious 7418 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-989-4019 mscheezious.com SoBe Vegan 110 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 786-216-7071 sobev.com

Osaka Miami 1300 Brickell Bay Dr Miami • 786-627-4800 osakanikkei.com


Mayami 127 NW 23rd St Miami • 786-660-1341 mayamiwynwood.com Mayami is a destination for dining, where each evening promises a unique experience. With mesmerizing performances and carefully curated menus, Mayami sets itself apart. It is also known for incredible cocktails, particularly its distinctive margaritas, crafted using organic methods, featuring natural juices, homemade salts, and infusions. Mexican products like blue-agave syrup are integrated, ensuring a remarkable experience. Tequiztlan 1884 Bay Rd Miami Beach • 305-397-8442 tequiztlan.com LIME Fresh Mexican Grill Multiple Locations limefresh.com MIAMI HERALD

EAT & DRINK | 19


Doya 347 NW 24th St Miami • 305-501-2848 doyarestaurant.com Opened to celebrate the Meze culture of Greece and Turkey, Doya also incorporates inspirations from the larger Mediterranean region as well as parts of the Middle East. Its operators understand that good food takes time to prepare, which is why each dish is cooked over fire and every bread loaf is freshly prepared in advance. Its offerings are available on a seasonal basis, which keeps the selection fresh and varied. Fabel Miami 50 NW 23rd St Miami • 786-534-4851 fabelmiami.com Santorini by Georgios 101 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-672-6624 santorinibygeorgios.com





20 | EAT & DRINK

Tequiztlan 1884 Bay Rd Miami Beach • 305-397-8442 tequiztlan.com Paying homage to its early roots of Mexican flair with cuisine that dates back to 1991, Tequiztlan boasts an upscale twist to the typical Tex-Mex cuisine. The Miami Beach hotspot offers guests the chance to dine in style, featuring an eclectic menu that offers savory, authentic bites of abuelita’s classic dishes including: enchiladas, chimichangas, flautas, fajitas, nachos and many more. LIME Fresh Mexican Grill Multiple Locations limefresh.com BAKAN 2801 NW 2nd Ave Miami • 305-396-7080 bakanwynwood.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




Fabel Miami 50 NW 23rd St Miami • 786-534-4851 fabelmiami.com

Doya 347 NW 24th St Miami • 305-501-2848 doyarestaurant.com

Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza Multiple Locations mistero1.com

Fabel Miami is a high-energy dining experience paired with top-tier service and culinary innovation. It is designed to transport guests through their five senses and extend their journey beyond a typical dining experience. Fabel’s menu draws from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine so guests can explore new flavors with every bite and encourage each other to discover new combinations every time they visit.

Celebrating the Meze culture from Greece and Turkey, Doya is a modern Aegean Meze restaurant and bar. The team at the restaurant loves simple, honest cooking with loud colors and big, bold flavors prepared in the purest way and often over wood fire and coals. The airy, upscale restaurant provides the perfect setting to enjoy one’s company, the views, and the amazing food in the beautiful outdoor seating area.

Mister O1 pizzas start with a delicate, thin and crispy crust made with a light dough, which is prepared and rests for a minimum of 72 hours to leaven before use. The menu features 13-inch traditional and specialty pizzas as well as calzones, salads, and an antipasti and burrata bar that is locally sourced. Select traditional and specialty pizzas are offered in 8-inch, while signature pizzas are served as 13-inch pies.

Giselle Miami 15 NE 11th St Miami • 305-686-2230 gisellemiami.com Pastis Miami 380 NW 26th St Miami • 305-686-3050 pastismiami.com

Giselle Miami 15 NE 11th St Miami • 305-686-2230 gisellemiami.com Palace Bar & Restaurant 1052 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-531-7234 palacesouthbeach.com

Spris Artisan Pizza Multiple Locations sprispizza.com




The Lazy Oyster 4631 SW 75th Ave Miami • 305-905-0257 thelazyoyster.com

Giardino Gourmet Salads Multiple Locations giardinosalads.com

Joanna’s Marketplace 8247 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-661-5777 joannasmarketplace.com

The city’s first traveling raw bar, The Lazy Oyster delivers fresh, delicious oysters all around the community. The menu rotates weekly and features variety and quality that people can expect at a restaurant, delivered to their own home or catered to their event. Customers appreciate how easy it is to place an order online and receive their order of top-notch oysters without ever leaving the comfort of home.

The food philosophy at Giardino Gourmet Salads is that the Earth provides all that is needed to be healthy. The company recognizes the importance of safety procedures and partners with reputable purveyors and quality farmers who follow protocols necessary for fresh ingredients. Customers can choose from a variety of delicious salads made with combinations of ingredients that nourish and satisfy.

One of the city’s oldest family-owned and operated deli and gourmet markets, Joanna’s Marketplace has built a rich tradition of offering fresh and delicious food, coupled with outstanding service. Whether one is craving a sandwich hot or cold, Joanna’s are made to order and will not disappoint. Since 1992, the deli has been perfecting the sandwich menu, offering a range of delicious choices that satisfy any taste.

Rusty Pelican 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne • 305-361-3818 therustypelican.com Monty’s Raw Bar 2550 S Bayshore Dr Miami • 305-856-3992 montysrawbar.com

Mendez Fuel Multiple Locations mendez-fuel.com

La Esquina del Pan con Bistec 1190 W Flagler St Miami • 786-631-4287 elpanconbistec.com Sanguich Multiple Locations sanguich.com


Pura Vida Miami Multiple Locations puravidamiami.com

Old Greg’s Pizza 3620 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 866-653-4734 oldgregspizza.com

EAT & DRINK | 21


Joe’s Stone Crab 11 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 305-673-0365 joesstonecrab.com For more than 100 years, no visit to Miami has been complete without stopping at Joe’s Stone Crab. It has always been the love of food, family, and friends that has brought in customers and kept them coming. The seafood options at Joe’s Stone Crab hit the spot with orders of stone crab claws that are chilled, cracked, and served with mustard sauce, Stone Crab Bisque, Lobster Lumb Crab & Shrimp Salad, and more. Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill Multiple Locations flanigans.net Rusty Pelican 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne • 305-361-3818 therustypelican.com


Best Specialty Cocktails Savage Labs is a unique restaurant, cocktail bar, and lounge in the vibrant Wynwood Arts District of Miami’s up and coming 5th Avenue. Step into our welcoming space, where we have created an ambiance reminiscent of a cozy living room, making you feel right at home. Owned by passionate locals with deep roots in the Miami hospitality industry.

786-597-3320 | 2451 NW 5th Ave Miami, FL savagelabswynwood.com

22 | EAT & DRINK

Savage Labs 2451 NW 5th Ave Miami • 786-597-3320 savagelabswynwood.com Savage Labs is a unique restaurant, cocktail bar, and lounge in the vibrant Arts District of Miami’s up-and-coming 5th Avenue. The venue at Savage Labs has an ambiance reminiscent of a cozy living room to let this community-driven establishment embrace the spirit of togetherness. Savage Labs combines comfort, delectable food, creative libations, and community spirit in the heart of Wynwood. Doya 347 NW 24th St Miami • 305-501-2848 doyarestaurant.com Komodo 801 Brickell Ave Miami • 305-534-2211 komodomiami.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM



Sports Grill Multiple Locations sportsgrill.com After 37 years in Miami, Sports Grill continues to deliver an exceptional sports-viewing experience with state-of-the-art screens, an extensive selection of games, and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps guests coming back. This longevity is a testament not only to the Special Grilled Wings menu item, but to the variety of food choices, exceptional service, friendly staff, and the continued loyalty of Sport Grill’s guests.

We’re more than just wings!

Old Tom’s Sports Multiple Locations oldtoms.com American Social 690 SW 1st Ct Miami • 305-570-4468 americansocialbar.com


El Toro Loco Churrascaria Multiple Locations eltorolocochurrascaria.com


Best Bar, Lunch Spot, Sports Bar


Sunset Bird Road Kendall South Miami Miami Lakes Pembroke Pines Palmetto Golf Course Doral

El Toro Loco Churrascaria opened its first location in 2017 and Aldo, the founder and CEO offers the best quality meats from all over the world at some of the most affordable prices in Miami. El Toro Loco has a rustic ambiance with wooden tables and leather seating. This location has become a hot-spot for families and meat lovers to appreciate quality cuts cooked with the proper attention to culinary detail. The Wagyu Bar 2257 Coral Way Miami • 786-579-2498 thewagyubar.com Papi Steak 736 1st St Miami Beach • 305-800-7274 papisteak.com MIAMI HERALD

sportsgrill.com EAT & DRINK | 23




Komodo 801 Brickell Ave Miami • 305-534-2211 komodomiami.com

Tequiztlan 1884 Bay Rd Miami Beach • 305-397-8442 tequiztlan.com

Lung Yai Thai Tapas 1731 SW 8th St Miami • 786-334-6262 lungyai.com

The sushi offerings at Komodo transcend the ordinary and become edible works of art. Renowned for its avant-garde approach to presentation, the restaurant takes sushi to new heights, blending traditional flavors with cutting-edge aesthetics. Its highlighted sushi include the Seared A5 Wagyu, Spicy Bluefin Tuna, and Baked Crab Dynomite. Every plate is a visual feast, inviting guests to savor the exquisite taste.

For over 25 years, the Ortiz family has strived to keep the Mexican tradition alive by using only the finest and freshest ingredients available to prepare Tequiztlan’s authentic Mexican cuisine that follow their abuelita’s recipes. From Tacos al Pastor, Tacos de Cochinita Pibil, and even Tacos de Lengua, diners are sure to find something that will leave them wanting more.

Guests enjoy authentic Thai flavors through salty, sweet, and sour dishes at Lung Yai Thai Tapas. Its menu includes items such as wok stirred noodles, soup, snacks, curry, northern Thai specialties, and more. The restaurant features a wraparound wooden bar where customers can watch dishes being spiced to perfection. Customers say they are delighted by the cozy hole-in-the-wall ambiance, yummy dishes, and quality service.

Inari Sushi Fusion Multiple Locations inari-sushi.com

LIME Fresh Mexican Grill Multiple Locations limefresh.com

Moon Thai & Japanese Multiple Locations moonthai.com

MILA 1636 Meridian Ave Miami Beach • 786-706-0744 mila-miami.com

Coyo Taco Multiple Locations coyo-taco.com

BÂOLI 1906 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-674-8822 baolimiami.com




Love Life Cafe 545 NW 26th St Miami • 305-456-4148 lovelifecafe.com

Rusty Pelican 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne • 305-361-3818 therustypelican.com

Plum Market 17801 Biscayne Blvd Aventura • 786-692-5450 plummarket.com

A local, plant-based restaurant, Love Life Cafe was originally a wellness center and has kept its focus on community, delicious food, and sustainability. Its delicious dishes are made from scratch using whole ingredients that are as local and organic as possible. The team believes that eating healthy is an act of self-love, and they prioritize providing customers with tasty, cruelty-free options to do that.

The contemporary American menu at Rusty Pelican features everything from fresh locally caught seafood to refreshing signature cocktails and perfectly cooked cuts of steak. Situated on the Rickenbacker Marina, it boasts the finest views of the city’s skyline Miami has to offer. Whether guests enjoy a fabulous brunch, seaside luncheon, intimate dinner, or unbeatable happy hour, it will be a dining experience to remember.

The Plum Market wine department is home to a vast selection of top selling and hard-to-find wines from around the globe. With a section of Kermit Lynch Wine Imports, there are small-producer French and Italian wines at every price point among growing categories like natural and biodynamic. The knowledgeable staff of wine connoisseurs and sommeliers are always on hand to help with recommendations, pairings, and more.

SoBe Vegan 110 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 786-216-7071 sobev.com Vegan Cuban Cuisine 9640 SW 72nd St Miami • 786-391-1542 vegancubancuisine.com

Amara at Paraiso 3101 NE 7th Ave Miami • 305-702-5528 amaraatparaiso.com Bayshore Club 3391 Pan American Dr Miami • 305-209-1200 bayshoreclubmiami.com

Happy Wine in the Grove 2833 Bird Ave Miami • 305-460-9939 happywinegrove.com Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar Miami • 305-408-8386 chefadriannes.com

24 | EAT & DRINK


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BEST CREDIT UNION Like a Bank, Only Better As a credit union our focus is on serving our members, not maximizing profits at all costs. For over 72 years we have been providing personalized banking to South Florida families that turns their financial dreams into realities. Join the family today! powerfi.org MIAMI HERALD

EAT & DRINK | 25




Mater Academy East Charter School Miami • 305-324-4667 matereast.org

Elite Kids Academy 2731 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-573-4445 elitekidsacademy.com

Sunset Elementary School 5120 SW 72nd St Miami • 305-661-8527 sunsetinternationalschool.com

Serving the community for many years, Mater Academy East Charter School provides children in the area with the highest level of quality education. The school works hard to hold its students to high academic standards while fostering a nurturing environment that can help students develop their character. Throughout the years, it has built a reputation for excellence in academics and a high level of care for students.

Providing children with the learning opportunities of a lifetime, Elite Kids Academy produces results that parents can see. The daycare features innovative learning opportunities, teaching, and a training facility dedicated to elevating early care and education. Children aged three months to five years, at varying abilities, receive the highest quality early care and education to prepare them for the future.

Sunset Elementary School delivers an internationally benchmarked curriculum that enables dual language literacy in the primary years. Its vision is to nurture culturally competent and globally minded individuals. The mission of Sunset is to cultivate an inclusive and innovative educational community – focused on culture, language, diversity, and excellence – developing life-long learners.

Mater Grove Academy 2805 SW 32nd Ave Miami • 305-442-4992 matergroveacademy.com Lincoln-Marti Charter Schools Multiple Locations lincoln-marticharters.com

Centro Mater Multiple Locations centromater.com

Our International Academy 3201 SW 67th Ave Miami • 786-476-8816 oiaschools.com Coconut Grove Elementary School Miami • 305-445-7876 coconutgroveschool.org


La Petite Academy 6190 NW 7th St Miami • 844-734-2221 lapetite.com



Coral Reef High School 10101 SW 152nd St Miami • 305-232-2044 coralreefhighschool.net The city’s mega-magnet, Coral Reef High School has consistently demonstrated excellence in academics and has been repeatedly designated an “A” school by the state. Since 1997, the high school has been a place where students can excel academically and become well-rounded individuals. The campus includes a park, basketball and tennis courts, soccer, baseball, and softball fields, an auditorium, and gymnasium. Saint Brendan High School 2950 SW 87th Ave Miami • 305-223-5181 stbrendanhigh.org Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 500 SW 127th Ave Miami • 305-223-8600 belenjesuit.org



Saint Brendan High School 2950 SW 87th Ave Miami • 305-223-5181 stbrendanhigh.org








With the guidance of faculty and staff, the students at Saint Brendan High School learn and grow in self-awareness and the awareness of a complex and global world. Students experience a Catholic education that gets them ready for the world and inspires a passion for learning by fostering intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development. Unity is built at the school through faith, culture, innovation, and charity. Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 500 SW 127th Ave Miami • 305-223-8600 belenjesuit.org Our International Academy 3201 SW 67th Ave Miami • 786-476-8816 oiaschools.com MIAMI HERALD


Care Never Goes Out of Style Study nursing and prepare for a career providing care to those who need it most. At West Coast University-Miami, you’ll get the resources you need to earn your nursing degree, including no-cost tutoring, a Weekend & Evening pace, and technologically advanced simulation labs where you can master your skills.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

+ No associate degree required!

+ Licensed practical nurse (LPN) credentials required

+ As few as 39 months at the Accelerated pace

+ As few as 34 months at the Accelerated pace

+ One-on-one clinical support

+ One-on-one clinical support



Explore our programs!

University of Miami 305-284-2211 miami.edu The mission at the University of Miami is to transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service. With more than 19,000 students from around the world, the campus is a vibrant and diverse community in one of the most dynamic and multicultural cities in the world. The university is comprised of 12 schools and colleges that serve undergraduate and graduate students in nearly 350 majors and programs. Florida International University fiu.edu

We are Miami-Dade’s Favorite Bronze award winner!

West Coast University 9250 NW 36th St Doral • 786-501-7070 westcoastuniversity.edu Healthcare and nursing students at West Coast University gain an innovative and hands-on undergraduate and graduate education. Its programs offer student-centric training with technologically advanced experiences so students can develop critical skills that emphasize best practices, therapeutic communication, collaboration, decision making, and leadership. West Coast University offers undergraduate degrees in nursing, dental hygiene, and business administration as well as master’s and doctoral programs in nursing, health administration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pharmacy. It is set apart by its programs’ flexibility, which accommodates students with already busy schedules. This allows a broader range of people to pursue an education and career in healthcare. With innovative training experiences and a diverse, supportive community, West Coast University prepares students for the complex and changing world of healthcare. It was founded with a bold objective and a compassionate spirit to make this education accessible to everyone who meets admissions criteria while leading the way for market-responsive programs that adapt to the complex and changing landscape.

WCU provides career guidance and assistance but cannot guarantee employment. West Coast University is a private institution licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, License #5014. Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400, toll-free telephone number (888) 244-6684.






Ransom Everglades School Multiple Locations ransomeverglades.org

Our International Academy 3201 SW 67th Ave Miami • 786-476-8816 oiaschools.com

Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 500 SW 127th Ave Miami • 305-223-8600 belenjesuit.org

Founded in 1903, Ransom Everglades School is a college preparatory school that provides a rigorous education to promote students’ sense of identity, community, personal integrity, and values for a productive and satisfying life. Students are nurtured through top-notch curriculum and an environment that prepares them for a lifelong journey of learning as the staff and faculty teach them to lead and contribute to society.

Our International Academy, a Miami-based preschool established in 2018, offers extended hours from 7 am to 6 pm. With a sister school in Venezuela serving for over 30 years, its global presence continues to expand. The campus transforms into a hub for enriching summer camps. The preschool’s core values revolve around fostering fellowship, truth, honor, and a strong sense of family.

Providing a family atmosphere, Belen Jesuit Preparatory School fosters growth in its campers through a variety of activities. Since 1984, the camp has been a safe and nurturing environment for boys and girls. Campers can participate in sports, games, and activities that focus on personal growth and independence while forming close bonds and friendships and development in the Catholic values that the school is known for.

Highpoint Academy Multiple Locations highpointacademy.com

Village Montessori School Multiple Locations montessorischoolmiami.com

BaurBall 305-491-3833 baurball.com

George Washington Carver Middle School Coral Gables • 305-444-7388 gwcmiddleschool.net

Highpoint Academy Multiple Locations highpointacademy.com

Ransom Everglades School Multiple Locations ransomeverglades.org






FocuStudio, Academy of Photography 305-930-9639 focustudionline.com The founders of FocuStudio, Academy of Photography, along with the team of administration staff maintain the philosophy of taking students’ passion to the next level through innovative programs that fully equip them for professional photography. These programs help students improve their skills and expand their knowledge in different areas of photography while extracurricular activities nourish and expand their learning.


Robert Morgan Technical College 18180 SW 122nd Ave Miami • 305-253-9920 robertmorgantech.net Miami Lakes Educational Center Multiple Locations miamilakes.edu MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM

Health & Beauty




Treehouse Acupuncture & Wellness Miami • 305-443-2220 treehouseacupuncture.com

Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence Miami • 305-573-4337 bayoaksmiami.com

Epic Plastic Surgery 2645 SW 37th Ave #603 Miami • 305-712-2809 epicplasticsurgery.com

Treehouse Acupuncture & Wellness specializes in Japanese acupuncture techniques, emphasizing immediate results. Their masterful approach, taught by renowned teacher Kiiko Matsumoto, prioritizes patient comfort and individualized care. They are expanding into neurological orthopedic acupuncture and internal medicine, addressing sports injuries and chronic diseases as well.

Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence breaks the institutional mold with a place in which residents thrive because their home is as individualized as they are. It provides the highest level of assisted living services facilitated by a nearly one-to-one staff ratio, and a modernized historic campus. Bay Oaks is conveniently minutes away from Mount Sinai Hospital which is the second largest medical district in the country.

Epic Plastic Surgery offers patients a world-class surgical facility to provide the most comfortable, private, and safe aesthetic surgery experience possible in the heart of the city. Led by Dr. Orlando Llorente, the clinic provides breast augmentation services that are based on the anatomy, desires, and goals of each patient. Dr. Llorente believes that the key to meeting expectations is communication with his patients.

Dr. Nathalie Cabrera Acupuncture 1410 20th St #211 Miami Beach • 305-979-2860 nathaliecabrera.com Benessere Miami 8726 NW 26th St #12 Doral • 305-599-0770 benesseremiami.com

The Palace Group Multiple Locations thepalace.org

Seduction Cosmetic Center 4950 SW 8th St Miami • 305-406-9055 seductioncosmetic.com Salas Plastic Surgery & The Love Med Spa Pembroke Pines • 786-623-2079 salasplasticsurgerymiami.com


The Oasis at Coral Reef 15005 SW 97th Ave Miami • 786-823-9600 royalseniorcare.com





Epic Plastic Surgery is an aesthetic practice founded by Dr. Orlando Llorente, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Llorente is a breast and body-contouring specialist with over 15 years of experience. He has established a world-class surgical facility to provide the most comfortable, private, and safe aesthetic surgery experience possible in the heart of Miami.Beautiful results are patient-driven and natural. Breast Augmentation Brazilian Butt Lift


Breast Lift


Mommy Makeover


Breast Reduction



Prestige Plastic Surgery 3400 Coral Way #700 Miami • 305-357-0157 prestigeplasticsurgery.com The professional staff at Prestige Plastic Surgery makes their patients’ health and well-being a top priority. Whether one is seeking a procedure for cosmetic purposes or to correct damage from an accident or genetic condition, this practice can help. Prestige has served over 3,000 patients with the most prestigious and unbeatable customer service and state-of-the-art facilities that makes surgeries a pleasant experience. John Martin, MD 2912 S Douglas Rd Coral Gables • 305-444-5950 johnmartinmd.com Epic Plastic Surgery 2645 SW 37th Ave #603 Miami • 305-712-2809 epicplasticsurgery.com


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Epic Plastic Surgery is a physician-owned and operated aesthetic practice founded by Dr. Orlando Llorente who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. The skilled and detailed Dr. Llorente is a breast and body-contouring specialist with over 15 years of experience. His practice at Epic Plastic Surgery has made it a world-class surgical facility where clients get the most comfortable, private, and safe aesthetic surgery experience possible right in the heart of Miami.


Achieving outstanding results with liposuction and breast augmentation requires a unique blend of artistic eye and surgical skill. Dr. Llorente has honed these skills with fellowship training and years of experience that is evident in his medical contributions as well as his happy, confident, and beautiful clients. In addition to his artful and tested surgical technique, Dr. Llorente uses the latest technology, excellent communication with the patient and between the facility’s staff, and cooperation with a patient’s natural physical features to achieve stunning transformations. Office consultations at Epic Plastic Surgery are modeled to be more of a patient interview to ensure patients feel confident about each step. These sessions are education-focused, and the surgical plans discussed are individualized to meet realistic expectations. The staff at Epic Plastic Surgery understand that in every part of one’s aesthetic journey beautiful results are achieved when procedures are patient-driven and natural.






Miami Cancer Institute Multiple Locations cancer.baptisthealth.net

Coconut Grove Chiropractic 3400 Coral Way #101 Miami • 305-443-4636 grovechiropractic.com

Brickell Avenue Dentistry 1865 Brickell Ave #207A Miami • 305-653-2231 brickellavedentistry.com

From the moment one receives a diagnosis, the physicians at Miami Cancer Institute are ready to treat patients as individuals deserving of respect and compassion. With a team of prominent physicians joined by an ever-increasing number of cancer experts and clinical researchers recruited from top cancer centers, Miami Cancer Institute develops a targeted treatment plan that is best for patients.

Coconut Grove Chiropractic, established in 1998, is deeply committed to educating and caring for local families. Their unique approach centers on ensuring every family understands the significance of chiropractic health for their well-being. Dr. Eddie Martinez, a dedicated practitioner with over 25 years of experience, leads the clinic. He brings a wealth of knowledge, including the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific Technique.

Dr. Abraham Jaskiel, DMD of Brickell Avenue Dentistry excels in high-quality, minimally invasive dentistry with cutting-edge technology. He specializes in cosmetic treatments like veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and more. Brickell Avenue Dentistry uses a holistic approach that fosters trust and patient understanding, addressing the source of issues.

Baptist Health Cancer Care Multiple Locations baptisthealth.net

Jimenez Chiropractic-Med Spa 2464 Coral Way Miami • 786-294-0710 jimenezchiromed.com Miami Chiropractic & Wellness 2800 Biscayne Blvd #777 Miami • 305-322-4007 miamichiropracticwellness.com

CONFIDENT by Dr. Seage 475 Biltmore Way #302 Miami • 305-445-6969 confidentmiami.com Smiles & Sonrisas 6000 Bird Rd Miami • 305-665-5525 smilesinmiami.com




GG Salon & Spa 9063 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-759-9710 ggsalonspa.com

The Dental Care Group Multiple Locations dentalcaregroup.net

Anna Chacon, MD 135 Madeira Ave Coral Gables • 305-902-5733 drannachacon.com

GG Salon & Spa is a second generation family-owned, full service boutique salon with a beautiful, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere. It has proudly served the area for over 19 years, offering clients a head-to-toe pampering experience from the moment they walk in. The team of licensed professionals stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques, helping clients glow from the inside out.

The Dental Care Group’s physicians give each patient high-quality, personalized care and treat them as an individual. The dentists are considerate of patients’ feelings, needs, and special requests to ensure their treatment experience is enjoyable. They keep up on the latest and most innovative technology and research available in order to give patients the most effective and efficient care possible with the most comfort.

Anna Chacon, MD is a board-certified dermatologist who practices independently as a solo and private practitioner. She collaborates with indigenous tribes, is the sole provider for the Alaskan Bush, and practices in Florida, Alaska, and California both in-person and remotely. She holds 53 medical licenses covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Biltmore Spa 1210 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables • 855-311-6903 biltmorehotel.com Lapis, The Spa at Fontainebleau 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-674-4772 fontainebleau.com

Brickell Avenue Dentistry 1865 Brickell Ave #207A Miami • 305-653-2231 brickellavedentistry.com Relax & Smile Dental Care 271 NE 2nd St Miami • 305-740-1444 relaxandsmile.com

Skin Associates of South Florida 4425 Ponce de Leon Blvd #200 Coral Gables • 305-443-6606 skinassociatesfl.com Barba Dermatology 4770 Biscayne Blvd #1140 Miami • 305-573-7200 barbadermatology.com

Mount Sinai Medical Center Multiple Locations msmc.com



THANK YOU FOR VOTING US AS THE BEST COSMETIC DENTIST & DENTIST IN MIAMI DADE We offer General, Cosmetic, Specialty & Reconstructive Dentistry with a holistic and biomimetic approach. We focus on having you understand the SOURCE of your problems, not just treating them. We strive to give you the best and healthiest dental experience possible! COSMETIC DENTISTRY



Dr. Abraham Jaskiel DMD, PA






#A207 MIAMI, FL 33129





The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the f ree, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment. FL LIC #DN15777






Leonard J. Pianko, MD Aventura Cardiovascular Center Aventura • 305-384-4720 leonardpiankomd.com

Specs Appeal Optical 11217 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-256-3937 specsappealopticalmiami.com

Laser Eye Center of Miami 1661 SW 37th Ave Miami • 305-443-4733 miamilaservision.com

Leonard J. Pianko, MD, founder and medical director of the Aventura Cardiovascular Center, is board-certified in cardiology and internal medicine, with expertise in cardiovascular disease, preventive cardiology, and non-invasive treatments. Dr. Pianko combines his knowledge from 30 years of his practice with the personalized approach of a primary physician to provide the caring approach of a concierge practitioner.

The eye doctor and staff at Specs Appeal Optical make it easy to find one’s perfect lenses and the most fashionable and iconic frames. Its shop has an extensive list of fine eyewear brands such as Ray Ban, Prada, Maui Jim, Oliver Peoples, and more. Each visitor to Specs Appeal Optical gets great eye care services and can find glasses that help promote and protect their vision and express who they are.

Dr. Gabriel G. Lazcano, MD, an anterior segment surgeon with 20+ years of experience, is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Dr. Lazcano, along with his expert team, operates the Laser Eye Center of Miami. They offer cutting-edge refractive surgery using the WaveLight Refractive Suite for customized, fast, and precise procedures.

Leyda E Bowes, MD Riverchase Dermatology Miami • 305-856-6555 riverchasedermatology.com Julia Cristina Sanchez, MD University of Miami Health Systems Multiple Locations doctors.umiamihealth.org

Chrycy Eye Group 1661 SW 37th Ave #102 Miami • 305-443-3783 chrycyeyecare.com Eyes On Brickell 1925 Brickell Ave Ste D301 Miami • 786-801-1335 eyesonbrickell.com

Eye Consultants & Surgeons of Miami Miami • 305-854-3307 eyesurgeonsofmiami.com Bascom Palmer Eye Institute 900 NW 17 St Miami • 305-326-6170 umiamihealth.org




Anatomy Multiple Locations anatomyfitness.com

Sean Donaldson Hair Multiple Locations seandonaldsonhair.com

Jackson Memorial Hospital 1611 NW 12th Ave Miami • 305-585-1111 jacksonhealth.org

Anatomy is a collaboration among fitness, sports science, and nightlife veterans that embodies the future of fitness. This gym has proprietary programming influenced by sports performance and strength conditioning so its members can excel in all aspects of their lives. Members of Anatomy create intimate health and wellness communities where friends and families can sweat, enhance, and recover together.

Sean Donaldson Hair is a hair and beauty destination in the heart of Miami Beach, and Brickell City Centre. Sean Donaldson combines the service and technical expertise of a bespoke European hair salon offering traditional salon services alongside new and innovative techniques. Stylists tend to celebrity icons such as Victoria Beckham, Richard Branson, Kate Winslet, members of the British Royal family and more.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is the center of a nonprofit academic medical system offering world-class care to those who walk through its doors. Governed by the Public Health Trust, a team of citizen volunteers acting on behalf of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, Jackson Health System ensures that all residents of Miami-Dade County receive a single high standard of care regardless of their ability to pay.

Slice Girls Tennis Club 786-882-6468 slicegirlstennisclub.com

Alexandra Siles Salon 217 NE 98th St Miami • 786-607-0736 alexandrasileshair.com Salon Ethos 3301 NE 1st Ave #102 Miami • 786-574-9609 ethosmiami.com

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Multiple Locations nicklauschildrens.org

Peak 360 Fitness 6802 SW 81st St Miami • 786-481-3654 peak360fitness.com 36 | HEALTH & BEAUTY

University of Miami Health System 305-243-4000 umiamihealth.org MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM

Here, Children Matter Most

Hope and compassionate care fill every room and hallway at Nicklaus Children’s. With the brightest medical minds dedicated to children’s well-being, we proudly maintain our position as the top-ranked children’s hospital in South Florida, according to U.S.News & World Report’s 2023-24 pediatric rankings. Leading with compassion and extraordinary care, we demonstrate every day why this is where your child matters most.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is the top-ranked children’s hospital in South Florida.


Nicklaus Children’s is honored to be voted Best Hospital, Best Pediatrician and Best Urgent Care/Walk-In. MIAMI HERALD





Hear Again America Multiple Locations hearagainamerica.com

Granny Nannies 2489 NW 7th St Miami • 305-570-4016 grannynannies.com/miami

OpusCare of Florida Multiple Locations opuscare.org

Hear Again America’s professional team of audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and patient care coordinators are among the best in their industry. As one of the largest audiologist-owned hearing aid companies, Hear Again America protects patients’ hearing from further deterioration through appropriate amplification recommendations, education, and the proper use and care of hearing protection devices.

Granny Nannies makes professional in-home senior care services available 24 hours a day throughout Miami. Whether one needs short-term or long-term home care, Granny Nannies is dedicated to ensuring clients receive the home healthcare they require and deserve. Its professional staff can support clients in need of Alzheimer’s care, hospice, Parkinson’s care, recovery from an accident or injury, and more.

OpusCare of Florida strives to meet its patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs while providing support for the family during the illness, and in the year following a patient’s death. It also provides clients’ medications and medical supplies that promote their comfort at home or in another setting. Families go to OpusCare for its excellence in hospice care where dignity, comfort, and quality are a priority.

South Florida ENT Associates 4302 Alton Rd #115 Miami Beach • 305-667-4515 sfenta.org Kendall Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Miami • 305-595-1530 kendallaudiology.com

Home Instead 1150 NW 72nd Ave #650 Miami • 786-220-0291 homeinstead.com Family First Home Health Care Multiple Locations myfamilyfirsthc.com

Continuum Care of Miami-Dade 1150 NW 72nd Ave #400 Miami • 305-463-1600 continuumflorida.com Catholic Hospice Multiple Locations catholichealthservices.org



Epic Plastic Surgery 2645 SW 37th Ave #603 Miami • 305-712-2809 epicplasticsurgery.com

Massage Envy Multiple Locations massageenvy.com

A physician-owned and operated aesthetic practice, Epic Plastic Surgery offer high-quality liposuction services. The practice was founded by Dr. Orlando Llorente, a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Llorente has honed his skill with many years of training and experience. He uses the latest technology to achieve stunning transformations using a unique blend of artistic eye and high-level surgical skill.

The massage therapists at Massage Envy help their clients keep their bodies moving smoothly and with less tension. This assists clients in their daily purists whether that is athletic achievement or accomplishing big tasks at work. Each massage is crafted from the client’s input and the therapists use techniques that wake up one’s muscles, and products that were developed my Massage Envy that are paraben and sulfate free.

Salas Plastic Surgery & The Love Med Spa Pembroke Pines • 786-623-2079 salasplasticsurgerymiami.com Avana Plastic Surgery 8700 W Flagler St #250 Miami • 305-501-6000 avanaplasticsurgery.com

BodySense 2292 Coral Way Miami • 305-854-3100 bodysenseusa.com Golden Asian Massage & Spa 2500 Douglas Rd Miami • 305-569-7188 asianmassagemiami.business.site

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South Miami OB-GYN Associates Multiple Locations toplinemd.com

The Palace Group Multiple Locations thepalace.org

Healthy Connections 2780 SW 37th Ave #206 Miami • 305-646-0112 healthyconnectionscmhc.org

At South Miami OB-GYN Associates, comprehensive, personalized, and professional medical care is the standard. This facility is the OB-GYN of choice for South Florida women of all ages, from adolescence through menopause. The South Miami and Doral locations offer an array of obstetrics and gynecology services, both surgical and non-surgical ultrasound testing, blood work, vaccinations, and esthetic treatments.

The Palace Group has many senior care communities in South Florida that are crafted to promote belonging and well-being for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It started small in 1980, but today The Palace Group has grown to serve over 1,500 residents and 1,100 employees. These communities uniquely provide outstanding care and lifestyle for seniors, and the locations are beautiful and welcoming.

Healthy Connections, founded by clinicians Prince R. Drago and Beatriz Martinez-Penalver, has been serving the community since 2001. The dedicated staff offers excellent client care and empowers individuals and families through essential mental health services and emotional literacy programs. The innovative program, Triumph Steps, has demonstrated its effectiveness in elevating the well-being of clients.

Conceptions Florida Multiple Locations conceptionsflorida.com

Chrysalis Health Multiple Locations chrysalishealth.com

Miami Beach Community Health Center Miami • 305-538-8835 mymbchc.org

Mirabelle 7400 SW 88th St Miami • 786-371-2143 mirabellelifestyle.com Miami Jewish Health 5200 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-751-8626 miamijewishhealth.org




Cilverbow Botanicals 561-907-6999 cilverbowbotanicals.com

Dadeland Oral Surgery 8950 SW 74th Ct #1610 Miami • 305-670-7610 dadelandoralsurgery.com

AC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Multiple Locations acpediatricdentistry.com

The team at Cilverbow Botanicals Nail Salon prides themselves on their holistic approach to natural beauty, focusing on eco-conscious practices and personalized client care. The skilled technicians are trained to provide expert services in a clean and relaxing environment. Their dedication to ongoing education and collaboration with local beauty schools signifies a salon that invests in both the team and the community.

The expert surgeons at Dadeland Oral Surgery are equipped with a state-of-the-art facility, and the knowledge to perform a broad range of procedures with safety and client well-being as top priorities. Its surgeons can perform dental implants, bone grafts, tooth extractions, and treat wisdom teeth issues. They can also attend to TMJ, facial trauma, sleep apnea, and help restore Miami residents’ comfort and confidence.

When patients and their caregivers arrive at AC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics the staff make the experience exciting, educational, and easy. They are dedicated to helping children build healthy, life-long dental habits – including regular check-ups. AC’s team is committed to helping families maximize their insurance benefits, and the staff always try to best accommodate families’ scheduling needs.

Leelou Salon and Spa 200 S Biscayne Blvd #700A Miami • 305-372-1278 leeloubeauty.com Venetian Nail Spa Multiple Locations venetiansalon.com

Miami Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Miami • 305-595-1905 miamioms.com Brickell Oral Surgery 444 Brickell Ave #48B Miami • 305-374-6644 brickelloralsurgerymiami.com

Garcia Orthodontics 11400 N Kendall Dr #105 Miami • 305-419-0417 garciaorthodontics.com Miami Beach Orthodontics 939 Arthur Godfrey Rd Miami Beach • 305-672-2260 miamibeachorthodontics.com


Rogers Behavioral Health 5805 Blue Lagoon Dr #440 Miami • 305-929-0600 rogersbh.org



78 6 -74 6 - 6 4 64 | CMA MI A MI .CO M 650 NW 1 20T H ST, SUI TE 2 , NO RTH MI A MI , F L 40 | HEALTH & BEAUTY


WELLNESS • Medically supervised weight loss program with semiglutide • Bio identical hormone optimization SKIN • Acne and Acne scars treatment • Tattoo removal • Sun spots, Brown spots, Hyperpigmentation • Fine lines, Wrinkles and Loose skin • Morpheus 8 Microneedling • Medically Directed Skin Care • Facials • Botox, Fillers BODY • Beautif ill laser liposuction to neck, arms & body with fat transfer • Accent Prime: Body Conturing • Cellulite Reduction • Evolve X: Trim, Tite & Tone HAIR • Hair restoration for hair thinning & hair loss • Laser Hair removal for all skin types SEXUAL HEALTH • Vaginally Restoration • CO2 Laser Labioplasty • O-Shot Women Sexual Enhancement • P-Shot Men Sexual Enhancement


Lavish Laser Medspa 3160 Florida Ave Coconut Grove • 305-846-7524 lavishlasermedspa.com Lavish Laser Medspa uses state-of-the-art aesthetic technology and products to enhance one’s overall beauty. The highly trained and licensed staff, led by Dr. Marc Epstein, specializes in skin rejuvenation, injectables, body contouring, and other non-invasive techniques. All the treatments at Lavish Laser are performed with an eye toward natural enhancements in a safe, relaxing, and professional environment. Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics North Miami • 786-746-6464 cmamiami.com Each team member at Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics is equipped with advanced training to perform a variety of cosmetic treatments. The staff of licensed aestheticians, nurses, and medical assistants bring a unique array of skills so they can provide the best possible care to meet each patient’s needs. The med-spa’s Dr. Rudolph Moise has assembled a team of experts equipped with the most innovative medical aesthetics treatments and wellness programs. Patients of Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics get access to revolutionary technology produced by Alma Lasers. This med-spa’s use of the most innovative, cutting-edge lasers available enables it to perform minimally invasive procedures while delivering precise, accurate results that meet or exceed each patient’s expectations. Whether one is interested in skin tightening, anti-aging treatments, or body contouring, this med-spa’s impressive laser and radiofrequency treatments are entirely customizable to meet the cosmetic needs, concerns, and goals of patients at any stage of life. The cutting-edge facility at Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics features a relaxed spa atmosphere and a comfortable reception area where patients can unwind. Monaco MedSpa 2930 NE 2nd Ct Miami • 786-536-6117 monacomedspa.com







Miami Bone & Joint Institute Multiple Locations miamiboneandjoint.com

UHealth Advanced Institute for Pain Management Multiple Locations umiamihealth.org

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Multiple Locations nicklauschildrens.org

The team at Miami Bone & Joint Institute delivers the highest standard of patient care by providing dedicated, compassionate, and specialized treatment, and expands the boundaries of health care through research. Under the direction of Dr. Jorge Orbay, a board-certified hand and upper extremity surgeon in practice since 1991, the center employs new techniques and innovations to provide the best outcomes for patients.

The University of Miami health system is home to UHealth Advanced Institute for Pain Management. Residents of the Miami area do not have to live with discomfort when this clinic is there to help. The compassionate and medically informed services from UHealth Advanced Institute for Pain Management address both physical pain and the emotional toll that pain or serious illness can take on one’s daily life.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s medical staff encompasses 800 attending physicians including more than 500 pediatric subspecialists. Many of them receive patients from throughout Florida and beyond for their expert specialized care. The 309-bed hospital is renowned for excellence in all aspects of pediatric medicine with more than 40 pediatric specialties available to meet the needs of the region’s children.

Miami Institute for Joint Reconstruction Multiple Locations miamiorthodoc.com Ceda Orthopedic Group Multiple Locations cedaorthopedicgroup.com

Spine and Wellness Centers of America Multiple Locations spinewellnessamerica.com South Miami Pain Center Multiple Locations southmiamipaincenter.net

Marimon Pediatrics 3661 S Miami Ave #803 Miami • 786-600-4733 marimonpediatrics.com Roads Pediatrics 2525 SW 3rd Ave Miami • 305-285-2574 toplinemd.com/roadspediatrics




USA Sports Therapy Multiple Locations 305-479-2973 usasportstherapy.com

South Florida Surgery Center 6110 SW 70th St South Miami • 305-662-3100 southfloridasurgerycenter.com

Sobe Tan 762 Arthur Godfrey Rd Miami Beach • 786-326-2015 sobetan.com

USA Sports Therapy has sixteen cutting-edge facilities with world-class practitioners who help patients get back to the activities they love. The medical staff focus on orthopedic and sports physical therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports chiropractic, chronic pain treatment, injury prevention, sports performance, and more. USA Sports has worked with executives, and top athletes, musical performers, and actors.

Every procedure at South Florida Surgery Center is handled with the utmost care and safety, as well as the application of the best medical technology and knowledge around. It has three operating rooms, four treatment rooms, and state-of-the-art equipment for treatments in the areas of gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and more. The doctors at South Florida Surgery Center believe health and care are inseparable.

For a spray tan with top-notch, clean equipment, go to Sobe Tan, the original Florida spray tan salon. The salon carries its own spray tanning line which they distribute worldwide for technicians who use natural products. It has a Versa Spray automatic tanning booth as well as hand tanning services. Training and mentorship are provided for individuals wanting to start their own business as a spray tan artist.

Orthopaedic Center of South Florida Multiple Locations ocsfdocs.com Miami Physical Therapy Associates Miami • 305-444-0074 miamipta.com

University of Miami Health System 305-243-4000 umiamihealth.org Baptist Health Multiple Locations baptisthealth.net

LIVTan Miami 1451 Brickell Ave Miami • 508-431-4047 instagram.com/livtanmiami Tan-Go Tanning 50 Westward Dr Miami Springs • 305-883-3663 tan-gotanning.com






Baptist Health Multiple Locations baptisthealth.net

Miami Vascular Surgery Multiple Locations miamivascularsurgery.com

SugaringBeeWax 215 SW 17th Ave #311 Miami • 305-456-9980 sugaringbeewax.com

Baptist Health has conveniently located clinics throughout South Florida that have urgent care, diagnostic imaging, surgery centers, and other outpatient facilities that provide cutting-edge treatment and testing in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Every staff member and physician at Baptist Health is committed to hospitality that extends to urgent care patients who are given the fastest and best treatment possible.

Miami Vascular Surgery stands out with a legacy of excellence and expertise. The team comprises fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular surgeons, alumni of prestigious academic medical centers. Committed to patient well-being, these specialists tirelessly deliver the highest level of care. Reflecting on an enduring commitment to patient health, Miami Vascular Surgery maintains an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

SugaringBeeWax is Miami’s go-to destination for organic hair removal. It offers sugaring paste made from sugar, water, and lemon as a natural, gentle alternative to traditional waxing that provides clients with smooth and silky skin without the harsh chemicals. From the moment a guest steps into SugaringBeeWax, the friendly team makes them feel at home and tailors an experience that caters to one’s beauty needs.

UHealth Jackson Urgent Care Multiple Locations jacksonurgentcare.com

University of Miami Health System 305-243-4000 umiamihealth.org Miami Vein Center 1501 S Miami Ave Miami • 305-676-8042 miamivein.com

Uni K Wax Studio Multiple Locations unikwax.com




Physicians Weight Loss Centers 5761 Bird Rd Miami • 786-347-1321 physiciansweightloss-miami.com

South Miami OB-GYN Associates Multiple Locations toplinemd.com

Mimi Yoga 278 NW 27th St Miami • 305-456-8686 mimiyoga.com

Physicians Weight Loss Centers is focused on the health of its clients above all else. That means clients are treated holistically rather than given a generic fix. At the Miami center, Physicians employs only experienced and knowledgeable nutritionists to help clients in their goals of achieving a healthy lifestyle. With six medically supervised program options, this center has the best results and healthy clients.

South Miami OB-GYN Associates delivers the highest quality, most professional patient-oriented obstetrics and gynecology care as well as comprehensive healthcare for women of all ages, from adolescence and into menopause. The South Miami and Doral practices offer OB-GYN services and esthetic treatments such as Botox, laser hair removal, fillers, wellness vaccinations, labs, and prenatal nonstress ultrasounds.

Mimi Yoga Studio offers a diverse range of yoga and pilates modalities, from heated signature power and vinyasa flows to restorative sessions, mat pilates, and Yogilates. Classes cater to all levels, fostering a sense of community and personal transformation. They provide rental mats and towels and conclude with a complimentary, rose essential oil-infused towel placed on students’ foreheads during savasana.

Vive Ageless Weight Loss Centers Multiple Locations viveagelessweightloss.com

VIEVE Women’s Wellness 370 Altara Ave Miami • 305-333-8872 vievewellness.com Conceptions Florida Multiple Locations conceptionsflorida.com

Casa Vinyasa 1430 S Dixie Hwy #113 Coral Gables • 786-238-7327 casavinyasamiami.com Franci Blanco Miami Beach Botanical Garden Miami Beach • 305-673-7256 mbgarden.org

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Multiple Locations nicklauschildrens.org

A New You Wellness 9655 S Dixie Hwy #310 Miami • 786-751-3971 drweightlossmiami.com MIAMI HERALD

Habits Skin Lab 975 SW 8th St Miami • 786-694-8586 habitskinlab.com







Marcelin Home Appliance 2781 NW 104th Ct Miami • 305-593-1183 marcelin.com

Farias Kitchen Cabinets 2330 W 80th St #6 Hialeah • 786-253-2359 fariaskitchen.com

Sir Clean 1000 5th St #200C3 Miami Beach • 833-872-5326 sirclean.com

Established in 1976, Marcelin Home Appliance is the city’s premier dealer for high-end appliances and outdoor kitchen products. As the market has changed, the store has evolved with it, gaining insight into the wants and needs of the modern customer. The team enjoys helping customers avoid common pitfalls and guiding them in the planning of their dream kitchen. It also offers delivery and installation services.

Farias Kitchen Cabinets provides customers with affordable and high-quality cabinets customized to their liking. The products are made of wood, formica, and thermofoil, so customers can choose any combination of price and quality that best suits their needs. Cabinets can be made in a wide selection of styles with choices of cherry, oak, and maple, all with beautiful stains working together to create a great product.

Offering residential and commercial cleaning services, Sir Clean takes all the stress and planning out of keeping spaces looking great. The company offers a vast selection of professional services, including janitorial, mold removal, restoration, and emergency cleaning services. Clients can rely on Sir Clean for all their carpet and floor cleaning needs, such as deep cleans, post-construction cleanup, and more.

Best Appliances 7037 NW 2nd Ave Miami • 954-200-9829 bestappliancesinc.com La Cuisine Appliances Multiple Locations lacuisineappliances.com

Pro Kitchen Design & Distributors Miami • 305-399-9701 prokddusa.com Sunshine Custom Design Cabinets Miami • 305-342-5869 sunshinedesigncabinets.com

Dr. Steemer 305-396-8776 drsteemer.com


Paul’s Carpet Co. 208 NE 65th St Miami • 305-573-8337 paulscarpetco.com HOME & GARDEN | 45




The Carpet Boutique Multiple Locations thecarpetboutique.com

Anchor Fence Wholesale 3670 NW 79th St Miami • 305-691-7711 anchormiami.com

El Dorado Furniture Multiple Locations eldoradofurniture.com

Since opening in 1979, The Carpet Boutique has been a source for designers and consumers looking for high quality and sophisticated flooring. The team builds relationships with customers to ensure they understand each individual’s lifestyle and decor needs. Exceeding expectations in quality of product and level of service, the store keeps a continuous commitment to honesty, fairness, and respect.

Since 1974, Anchor Fence Wholesale has been a leader in supplying fence-related products. The company provides customers with a one-stop shop for all fence and gate access supplies, delivering the highest quality of gate products and automation services. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, providing suggestions and recommendations to ensure customers are getting a product they are happy with.

Since its opening in 1967, El Dorado Furniture has grown to become the largest Hispanic-owned furniture retail enterprise in in the country. The store features household furniture, beds, and decorative accent pieces in traditional and contemporary styles. The storefronts showcase the latest styles of furniture for every room in the home. Customers can browse for the best pieces with the help of the professional staff.

Cal & Son Carpet & Wood Floors 4100 SW 71st Ave Miami • 305-667-8006 flooring-ideas.com Floor & Decor Design Studio Multiple Locations flooranddecor.com

Nova Fence 3301 NW 71st St Miami • 305-586-2904 novafence.net Fence Masters 3550 NW 54th St Miami • 305-635-7777 fencemastersinc.net

One of a Kind Miami 3600 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-576-0060 instagram.com/oneofakindmiami BoConcept 800 Brickell Ave #107 Miami • 305-350-1941 boconcept.com




Plant Daddy 400 NE 36th St Miami Beach • 305-833-1671 plantdaddymiami.com

Shell Lumber & Hardware Multiple Locations shelllumber.com

Air-Con Service 13007 SW 47th Terrace Miami • 305-553-4501 air-conservice.com

Plant Daddy offers a diverse array of plant species, from rare and tropical to shrubs and trees, catering to both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. The shop also provide pots, planters, soil, accessories, and professional design and installation services for residential and commercial spaces. With a rich heritage in floristry and botany, Plant Daddy understands the importance of nurturing and fostering growth.

As a full-service store with an extensive stock, Shell Lumber & Hardware has everything for customers’ hardware needs. Customers can browse the extensive stock with the help of enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees. If there is a product the store does not have in stock, it can be sourced through the store’s special order department, which ensures customers get the best item at the best price for their project.

For decades, Air-Con Service has been providing the community with full heating and air conditioning services. The company specializes in planned preventative maintenance, ensuring quality for years to come. Believing in the importance of maintaining a hands-on approach, the team makes sure that customers are getting exactly what they need as they adhere to the highest standards of quality for service and safety.

Andromeda District 1132 S Dixie Hwy Coral Gables • 305-570-5542 andromedadistrict.com Midtown Garden Center 2600 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-576-9199 midtowngardencenter.com

Ace Hardware of Bird Road 5749 B C Bird Rd Miami • 305-284-1123 acehardware.com Ramos Decor & Lumber Multiple Locations ramosdecorandlumber.com

The Fix-It Guy HVAC Repair 786-565-6096 the-fix-it-guy-hvac-repair.business.site


Harper’s Air 1031 SW 69th Ave Miami • 305-266-1040 harpersair.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




Monster Grass Multiple Locations monstergrass.com

Pego Lamps 5407 SW 8th St Miami • 305-447-0667 pegolamps.com

Miami Doors & Locks 1601 NW 54th St Miami • 305-576-9320 miamidoorsandlocks.com

A full-service turf company, Monster Grass provides installations of synthetic lawns throughout the city. Artificial turf has the benefit of looking like real grass without all the hassle and imperfections. It saves customers money in the long run as it cuts down on the upkeep that real grass requires. Monster Grass specializes in customer satisfaction, as each one is treated with care, and no job is too big or too small.

A staple in the area’s lighting business, Pego Lamps carries many of the world’s elite and high-quality brands for customers to choose from. It carries everything from exterior lighting fixtures to exquisite chandeliers. The store has many unique displays to give customers ideas when decorating. Professional and friendly staff help each customer find exactly what it is they are looking for.

Since Miami Doors & Locks opened in 2004, it has grown to be one of the leading locksmiths in the community. The team lives and works in the city and wants to reflect the spirit of the community while serving customers well. The company has a fleet of vehicles to dispatch to clients’ homes and businesses any time of the day, seven days a week, for efficient, high-quality service when people need it the most.

Blossom Landscaping & Design 305-754-6739 blossomlandscapinganddesign.com Plant Daddy 638 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-833-1671 plantdaddymiami.com

Farrey’s Lighting & Bath Multiple Locations farreys.com

A-1 Lock & Key 3431 NW 48th St Miami • 305-559-9999 a-1lockandkey.net Best Locksmith 7455 Collins Ave #216 Miami • 305-900-2003 bestlocksmith.org

Fadecci Architectural Lighting 2223 Coral Way Miami • 305-860-9062 fadecci.com




OIA strives to cultivate the values of good fellowship, truth, honor, and family through the study of languages, music and sports.

SEB Mattress Multiple Locations sleepevenbetter.com With a relentless pursuit to offer clients an incredible experience, SEB Mattress provides a wide selection of organic mattresses and bedding. The moment a customer walks into the showroom they can expect great service that continues until the delivery team finishes installing their purchase. Customers appreciate the attentive and professional staff who make every effort to help people find the best mattress for them. Sleep Number 3603 NE 1st Ave Miami • 305-882-9155 sleepnumber.com Mattress Firm Multiple Locations mattressfirm.com MIAMI HERALD

(786) 476-8816 OIASCHOOLS.COM 3201 SW 67th Ave. Miami FL HOME & GARDEN | 47




Mancav Movers 11112 SW 161st St Miami • 844-626-2284 mancavmovers.com

Miami Outdoor Living miamioutdoorlivingllc.com

Organic Pest Control Miami-Dade 786-319-9024 organicpestcontrolmiamidade.com

Specializing in tailoring and executing the perfect move, Mancav Movers helps clients get to their new destination without any of the stress. The company provides local moving, packing, unpacking, and full-service storage. The team can handle any size move from small apartments to large offices. Clients can rely on efficient service and rest assured their move will be completed on time and well within budget.

The team at Miami Outdoor Living has years of experience transforming outdoor spaces through quality service that clients can rely on. Bringing peoples’ visions to life, the company provides only the highest quality materials and employ the latest techniques to make sure each project meets the highest of standards. Clients appreciate having their outdoor spaces made into a place they can enjoy for years to come.

With the services offered at Organic Pest Control Miami-Dade, clients can find solutions to their pest problems. The team delivers results that customers need to prevent a pest infestation from occurring. The company has built up a reputation as one of the most reputable and reliable pest control services in the area. Clients can expect to receive top-notch services when they rely on Organic Pest Control Miami-Dade.

Two Men and a Truck 1521 NW 82nd Ave Doral • 305-680-0284 twomenandatruck.com Fuentes Moving 9730 NW 10th St Miami • 305-231-0980 fuentesmoving.com

Plant Daddy 638 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-833-1671 plantdaddymiami.com Miami Outdoor Masters 7572 NW 70th St Miami • 305-615-5335 miamioutdoormasters.com

JL Pest Control 33 NW 27th Ct Miami • 813-519-0627 jl-pest-control.ueniweb.com Natural Resources Pest Control 10756 NE 4th Ave Miami • 305-912-4092 naturalresourcesfl.com



Bay Plumbing Co. 3029 SW 28th St Miami • 305-446-8141 bayplumbingco.com Since 1968, Bay Plumbing Co. has been serving the community with high-quality services. With access to a large inventory of materials, the company completes standard and emergency repairs efficiently 24 hours a day. Clients can rely on the skilled plumbers for all kinds of needs, including backflow inspections, drainfield inspection and repair, leaks, septic system repairs, new fixture installations, and more. AAA Plumbing & Rooter Service 1000 5th St #200 Miami Beach • 305-504-3504 aaaplumbingservices.com Ronald & Sons Plumbing & Heating Miami • 786-321-8424 ronald-sons-plumbing-heating.business.site MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




King of Florida Pools 786-869-5873

Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa Multiple Locations pinchapenny.com

Cutting Edge Home Improvement Coral Gables • 305-680-1063 cuttingedgeinnovative.com

No matter the kind of pool a customer wants, King of Florida Pools can make one’s dream a reality. Whether one wants a pool with a spa, a pool with a waterfall, or just a standalone pool, the team can deliver. The experienced contractors have worked with different homeowners and can create different designs and plans to transform people’s outdoor living spaces with the pool of their dreams.

Providing value, quality, and service to every customer, Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa has an extensive selection of supplies to keep pools well maintained for years to come. The team’s expertise is something customers can count on. The friendly staff is fully trained and able to help by supplying the answers, tools, and products that customers need to have an exceptional pool care routine for years to come.

Carlos Guerrero, founder of Cutting Edge Home Improvement, is a visionary in home remodeling and custom construction. His passion for design and innovation redefines industry standards. Carlos’s dedication to quality ensures every project is a masterpiece of design and innovation, inspiring clients and peers. Cutting Edge transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary places, combining the latest trends with sustainability.

Creative Backyards 12973 SW 112 St #129 Miami • 786-871-7911 creativebackyardsinc.com Designer Pools 12252 SW 128th Ct #105 Miami • 305-969-6300 designerpools.co

Alligator Pools 8934 SW 129th Terrace Miami • 305-255-7946 alligatorpools.com Tropical Oasis Pool & Spa 305-798-3304 tropicaloasispool.com

Ace Handyman Services Multiple Locations 305-964-7612 acehandymanservices.com United Architects 4000 Ponce de Leon Blvd #470 Coral Gables • 305-552-5465 unitedarchitectsinc.com


SERVPRO of Miami Beach 2665 S Bayshore Dr Coconut Grove • 786-923-8061 servpro.com As a trusted leader in the industry, SERVPRO of Miami Beach possesses the necessary advanced training and equipment to clean and restore homes and businesses in the community. The highly trained team of certified professionals are always available to respond to problems, at any time. Taking necessary precautions, the team can safely restore buildings after water damage, fire damage, mold, and more.


Dry Out Restorations 305-285-0030 dryoutrestorations.com Water Damage Restoration 1115 NW 126th Pl Miami • 786-841-3758 water-damage-restorationllc.business.site MIAMI HERALD

305-234-5444 | alecstrucktrailerrv.com 17110 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33157 HOME & GARDEN | 49




Del Sol Roofing 7570 NW 14th St # 111 Miami • 305-228-0218 delsolroofing.com

Value Store It Self Storage Multiple Locations valuestoreit.com

Coconut Grove Glass & Mirror 3660 NW 41st St Miami • 305-634-3420 coconutgroveglass.com

With decades of experience in the industry, Del Sol Roofing has established a reputation for being efficient and reliable. The company specializes in residential and commercial roofing, providing solutions that customers need at unbeatable prices. The team upholds the highest level of professionalism and concern for safety and keeps clean working spaces. Customers can count on consistency and quality craftsmanship.

Offering a safe and clean space for customers to store their belongings, Value Store It Self Storage brings more peace of mind and convenience to the community. The professional staff maintains the cleanest storage rentals and is trained to guide customers to find the right size of unit so that no one ever pays too much for a space. Each location offers truck rentals as well as packing and moving supplies.

Established in 1987, Coconut Grove Glass & Mirror provides quality, reliable, and professional glass services. The team, led by founder William Valdes-Zuazo, works hard with each project to make happy and loyal customers. The company is friendly and safe, which is why the skilled and committed team members are happy, with daily work that reflects this. Services are available for commercial and residential projects.

Miami Roofing Systems 660 NW 98th St Miami • 305-754-5554 miamiroofingsystems.com Bee’s Perfect Roofing 2235 NW 41st St Miami • 305-895-9237 beesperfectroofing.com

A+ Storage Multiple Locations aplusmini.com

Advance Impact Glass System 305-927-9010 advanceimpactglass.com

Life Storage Multiple Locations lifestorage.com

Safety Impact Windows & Doors 786-673-6096 safetyimpactwindows-doors.com




Ford Window Treatments 14270 NE 18th Ave North Miami • 305-945-5516 fordwindowtreatments.com Ford Window Treatments was founded locally in 1949; today, it has a dedicated following, and Ford’s prospective customers get the confidence of working with a reputable and knowledgeable business. Ford is a full-service operation that begins with an initial consultation. Each window treatment is made by quality manufacturers using custom measurements by expert staff and then installed by professional technicians.

305-945-5516 | fordwindowtreatments.com 14270 NE 18th Ave, North Miami, FL 50 | HOME & GARDEN

Myriam Interiors 8891 SW 131st St Miami • 305-232-2449 myriaminteriorssouth.com Reef Window Treatments 8235 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-740-7001 reefwindowtreatments.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM


LAW | 51


LARGEST CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY FILING FIRM IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, is an established Miami law firm, and we are here to help clients reach favorable results. Primarily, we are known for our bankruptcy work, but we also handle real estate issues such as modifications, foreclosure defense, closings and other related issues. Moreover, we also have an established family law practice.


“We Make it Fast, Simple and Affordable!”

VOTED BEST BANKRUPTCY LAW @PcorderoLaw (305) 445-4855 | AttorneyCordero.com 7333 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155

52 | LAW

Patrick L. Cordero Law Firm 7333 Coral Way Miami • 305-445-4855 attorneycordero.com Patrick L. Cordero, a seasoned bankruptcy attorney with 34 years of experience, finds deep fulfillment in helping clients regain financial stability. He specializes in emotionally challenging cases, such as home loss and garnishments. His primary goal is to provide solutions for clients in despair, recognizing that life’s uncertainties can be overwhelming. Patrick takes a personal approach, focused on client needs and goals. CAVA Law 1390 S Dixie Hwy #1110 Coral Gables • 786-675-6830 cava.law Peraza Law, P.A. 1150 NW 72nd Ave #410 Miami • 786-206-3939 perazalaw.com


Trembly Law Firm 9700 S Dixie Hwy #1100 Miami • 305-985-4580 tremblylaw.com Trembly Law has a rich history of establishing legal security for businesses. Their approach, rooted in direct communication and trusted counsel, fosters enduring client-attorney relationships. Through the Danger Zones program, they have helped countless businesses create solid agreements to prevent legal disputes. Their mission is to “Protect the Economy, One Business at a Time.” Wolfe Law Miami 175 SW 7th St #2410 Miami • 855-573-2702 wolfelawmiami.com Haber Law 251 NW 23rd St Miami • 305-379-2400 haber.law MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM


Piotrowski Law 169 E Flagler St #1600 Miami • 305-204-5000 piotrowski.law The team of experienced attorneys at Piotrowski Law understands the serious nature of criminal charges and are ready to work diligently to get the best outcome possible. The attorneys represent clients who are being charged with a crime for the first time as well as repeat offenders facing career criminal designations and life sentences. Free consultations are offered so the client and attorney can get acquainted prior to a case. Stroleny Law, P.A. 66 W Flagler St #1005 Miami • 786-882-1871 strolenylaw.com Izquierdo Law Firm 2655 S Le Jeune Rd #805 Coral Gables • 305-707-7345 izlegal.com



DEALING WITH Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio 3006 Aviation Ave Miami • 305-285-0285 zhvlaw.com The elder law attorneys at Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio prepare clients’ loved ones to meet the challenges and opportunities common to the elderly population. It assists with drafting estate documents, navigating nursing home expenses, living wills and healthcare directives, protection from elder exploitation, guardianship, and more. The attorneys are passionate about advocating for seniors and others who need a voice. Suarez Law 9100 S Dadeland Blvd #1620 Miami • 305-448-4244 suarezlawyers.com Monique M. Sadarangani, PLLC 66 W Flagler St #900 Miami • 786-638-8777 estateandfamilylawyer.com MIAMI HERALD



305-204-5000 | PIOTROWSKI.LAW 169 E FLAGLER ST #1600 MIAMI, FL

LAW | 53

ESTATE LAW Divorce | Child Custody Divorce Agreement Modification | Alimony Prenuptial Agreement | Postnuptial Agreement Paternity | Guardianship

Irama Valdes, P.A. 12485 SW 137th Ave #201 Miami • 305-477-1111 probatelawmiami.com Attorney Irama Valdes and her team at Irama Valdes, P.A. assists clients in preparing for and dealing with incapacity and death issues. The team helps people protect their loved ones by representing their interests in court and managing their healthcare and finances. They are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and concern for clients that makes what is normally a burdensome process much easier to bear.

VOTED BEST FAMILY LAW Tel. 305-701-2901 www.miafamilylaw.com 2 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 2200, Miami, FL 33131

The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm Multiple Locations floridaprobateandfamilylaw.com Perez-Roura Law 7951 Bird Rd # 202 Miami • 305-359-3888 perezrouralaw.com




Business | Franchise | Employment | Litigation Trademarks | Intellectual Property | General Counsel The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm Multiple Locations floridaprobateandfamilylaw.com

Voted Best Business Law

305-985-4580 | tremblylaw.com 9700 South Dixie Hwy Penthouse 1100, Miami, FL 54 | LAW

Navigating family matters requires not just legal expertise, but compassion and understanding of the emotions involved. The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm is uniquely equipped to handle these complex and deeply personal challenges. With a team that boasts a diverse blend of cultures and backgrounds, they bring a multidimensional approach to every case, whether divorce, child custody, or other family legal concern. Miami Family Law Group 2 Biscayne Blvd #2200 Miami • 305-701-2901 miafamilylaw.com Maria T. Sallato, Attorney at Law 2655 S Le Jeune Rd #511 Coral Gables • 305-598-9600 mariatsallato.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM


Santana Rodriguez Law, PA 3663 SW 8th St #206 Miami • 305-916-4800 srlawpa.com Devoted solely to the practice of immigration law, Santana Rodriguez Law, PA represents clients across all 50 states and abroad. The team’s goal is to help clients achieve their American dream through honest and tireless service. The practice is focused on family-based and marriage-based residency, naturalization, deportation defense, and more. Known for being professional, honest, and kind, the team can be depended on. Pozo Goldstein 3401 N Miami Ave #235 Miami • 305-856-0400 pozogoldstein.com Fraser Immigration Law 1000 5th St Miami Beach • 305-915-8167 fraserpllc.com

Committed to the Economic Stability & Success of our Clients


The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm Multiple Locations floridaprobateandfamilylaw.com The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm is an experienced firm serving clients across the state. The firm provides services in family, probate, guardianship and estate planning law. They are passionate about representing under served communities. Headquartered in Miami, known for its diverse Caribbean and Latin American communities, they also proudly serve a significant Arab and Middle Eastern community throughout the state. Vasquez de Lara Law Group Multiple Locations 305-767-7827 familylawprotection.com CAVA Law 1390 S Dixie Hwy #1110 Coral Gables • 786-675-6830 cava.law MIAMI HERALD

Bankruptcy Law

Law Firm

Thank You for Voting! 786-675-6830 | cava.law 1390 S Dixie Hwy. Suite 1110, Coral Gables, FL

LAW | 55

CELEBRATE THE BEST! Explore our 2023 online catalog featuring an array of licensed products. From vibrant banners and trendy shirts to stylish hats, mugs and street signs, we’ve got it all. Visit ShopMiamiDadeFavorites.com and place your orders. Many items can be customized to best represent your business. All orders are shipped directly to your business.


56 | LAW

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Amanda Demanda Law Group 5959 Waterford District Dr #306 Miami • 844-336-2632 callamandademanda.com Amanda Demanda Law Group, founded by attorney Amanda Demanda, offers personalized and aggressive representation to individuals injured due to negligence. With prior experience representing insurance companies and corporations, Amanda possesses insight into defense strategies. Her Miami roots connect her to South Florida’s community, making her a fearless advocate. Pita Weber Del Prado 9350 S Dixie Hwy #1200 Miami • 305-670-2889 pwdlawfirm.com Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada 877-448-8585 floridainjurylawyer.pro

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(305) 856-3992


Cobreiro Law 2100 Ponce de Leon Blvd #1220 Coral Gables • 305-252-8342 cobreirolaw.com Cobreiro Law provides clients with unparalleled service, clarity, honesty, practicality, and direction as they navigate complex legal matters. The firm specializes in real estate law with a variety of tangential experts who bring their diverse experience to issues that intersect with other areas of law. Moreover, the staff is fully bilingual in English and Spanish to assist clients and partners through the whole process. Munar Law 8400 NW 33rd St #405 Doral • 305-677-6513 Haber Law 251 NW 23rd St Miami • 305-379-2400 haber.law MIAMI HERALD

Voted Best Elder Law 305-448-4244 | suarezlawyers.com 9100 S Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 1620, Miami, FL 33156 LAW | 57




El Capitan Marine & Fishing Center Multiple Locations elcapitan.com

MarineMax 700 NE 79th St Miami • 305-758-5786 marinemax.com

Neptune Marine Detailing 9020 SW 45th Terrace Miami • 786-525-9857 neptunemarinedetailing.com

A family owned and operated dealer, distributer, exporter, and importer, El Capitan Marine & Fishing Center has been serving the boating and fishing community nationally and internationally since 1973. It offers the best fishing tackle and marine supplies at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. If they do not have a product, they can get it for the customer.

Providing unparalleled sales, service, brokerage, and boating expertise, MarineMax is the go-to destination for all boating needs. Regardless of the activity, whether it is offshore fishing, cruising, or anchoring up at the sandbar, the experienced sales and management team will help customers choose the right boat. The team provides excellent financing, insurance, and after-sale services customers can trust.

For top-notch boat cleaning and detailing services from a family-owned business, visit Neptune Marine Detailing. Its mission is to provide customers with quality craftmanship and exceptional customer service at affordable prices. The services provided include maintenance washes and detailing for interior and exterior. As avid boaters, the team understand the beauty of a well-maintained marine vessel.

Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply 8501 NW 7th Ave Miami • 305-374-4661 captharry.com JD Outdoor Adventures 2437 SW 67th Ave Miami jdoutdooradventures.com

Marine Connection of Miami Multiple Locations marineconnection.com

Reel Tight Marine Detail 786-325-3850 reeltightmarinedetail.com

Miami Boat Place 2340 NW 27th Ave Miami • 305-713-8268 miamiboatplace.com

Riptide Marine Detailing 305-812-3537 riptidemarinedetailing.com






Eric’s Outboard Marine Service Multiple Locations ericsoutboard.com

Miami Nautical 3660 NW 21st St Miami • 305-209-2585 miaminautical.com

MarineMax 700 NE 79th St Miami • 305-758-5786 marinemax.com

Eric’s Outboard Marine Service boasts South Florida’s most extensive inventory of Yamaha Outboard Parts and a diverse selection of marine accessories. With over 30 years as a proud Yamaha dealer, its mission is to leverage its expertise to keep clients on the water. As a factory-authorized repair facility, the staff provide dockside and mobile repairs, annual services, trailer usage, and a comprehensive marine ship store.

Offering a wide array of boats and yachts, Miami Nautical is Miami’s #1 stop for boat rentals and yacht charters. The company assists in putting together boating events such as romantic outings, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, corporate events, birthdays, fun-filled days on the water, and personalized events for whatever the one has in mind. Look out for its limited time deals monthly.

The factory-certified technicians at MarineMax exceed expectations for boat repairs, restoration, and maintenance with quality customer service. The fully licensed and insured facilities at MarineMax feature modern equipment and technology and always use genuine OEM parts. Its services include repairs, seasonal winterization and recommissioning, repowering engines, and professional financing and insurance.

Crook & Crook 2795 SW 27th Ave Miami • 305-854-0005 crookandcrook.com MarineMax 700 NE 79th St Miami • 305-758-5786 marinemax.com

Club Nautico 4000 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne • 786-206-3241 clubnauticomiami.com Miami River Boat Rental 2660 NW 18th Terrace Miami • 305-904-3000 boatrentalnow.com

Monster Marine Services 8940 SW 129th Terrace Miami • 305-256-9500 monstermarineservices.com Ozzy’s Marine Service 305-324-0882 ozzysmarine.com





The very best in Yamaha Parts, Engine Sales, Service and a wide array of Marine Accessories.

Rickenbacker Marina 3301 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami • 305-361-1900 rmimarina.com


Established in 1983, Rickenbacker Marina is a family owned and operated, 680-slip, full-service marina. It is every boater’s true one-stop shop, offering wet slips, dry storage, fueling facilities, parts and service, a marine retail and convenience store, casual and fine dining restaurants within walking distance, 24-hour security, and concierge dockside assistance from professional and courteous staff. Miami Beach Marina 300 Alton Rd Miami Beach • 305-673-6000 miamibeachmarina.com Pelican Harbor Marina 1275 NE 79th St Miami • 305-754-9330 miamidade.gov/parks MIAMI HERALD

Call our Yamaha outboard specialists today! PROUDLY SERVING SOUTH FLORIDA FOR OVER THREE DECADES



305-251-4067 | 8755 SW 129th St | Miami, FL 786-652-0955 | 98750 Overseas Highway | Key Largo, FL MARINE | 59


Dinner Key Marina 3400 Pan American Dr Miami • 305-329-4755 miamigov.com Dinner Key Marina is a city owned and operated marina in the heart of Coconut Grove. It has 582 wet slips and 250 moorings and houses commercial, recreational, and live-aboard customers. The marina features electrical, water, laundry, and shuttle service as well as a dinghy dock and Cruisers Lounge with cable TV and Wi-Fi. A variety of restaurants, bars, and other services are within walking distance. Haulover Marine Center 15600 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-945-3934 haulovermarinecenter.com Marine Stadium Marina 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami • 305-960-5140 miamigov.com


Sailing Services 80 NW 73rd St Miami • 305-758-1074 sailingservices.com The experienced team at Sailing Services specializes in manufacturing marine and architectural rigging using the finest quality components available. The shop has a huge inventory of rope and sailboat hardware in addition to rigging, splicing, and sail handling services. Its team is passionate about sailing and shares their passion and experience with new and bona-fide sailors to ensure success on the water. Crook & Crook 2795 SW 27th Ave Miami • 305-854-0005 crookandcrook.com West Marine Multiple Locations westmarine.com 60 | MARINE







West Kendall Collision 13755 SW 139th Ct Miami • 786-536-9671 westkendallcollision.com

Machines Gone Wild 8927 SW 129th Terrace Miami • 305-256-1779 machinesgonewild.com

Prestige Auto Miami 211 SW 37th Ave Miami • 786-655-0747 prestigeautomia.com

The technicians of West Kendall Collision offer a standard of quality that goes unmatched in the area. They always treat every customer with the utmost courtesy and make sure to answer any questions and address all concerns they may have. The staff members understand that their customer’s time is valuable, so they work with efficiency and care to ensure the vehicle gets on the road and stays there safely.

The founding philosophy behind Machines gone Wild was to offer the best customer service in the auto enhancement industry. Its technicians are specially trained to handle Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRX/STI, Hyundai Genesis, Nissan Skyline, and many different Toyota performance vehicles like Supras and MR2s. The facility has an All Wheel Drive Dyno Jet Model 424X to accurately measure torque and horsepower.

Customers always find quality when they browse through the showroom of Prestige Auto Miami. The dealership carries a wide variety of high-quality cars, trucks, and SUVs from brands like RAM, Jeep, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and more. Its online showroom allows customers the convenience of browsing through the full inventory from anywhere. The customer can pick a car at home then stop in for a test run.

Moby Auto Collision Repair Center Multiple Locations mobyauto.com Giant Motors Auto Body & Paint 470 NW 5th St Miami • 305-538-4517 giantmotorsauto.com

Wheels Boutique 2845 SW 69th Ct Miami • 786-249-0127 wheelsboutique.com The Auto Firm 12248 SW 133rd Ct Miami • 786-544-6900 x305.com

Prado Auto Sales 7300 SW 8th St Miami • 305-381-5453 pradoautosales.com Machado Auto Sales 843 NW 27th Ave Miami • 786-397-7033 machadoauto.com






Kuruma Imports 7105 NW 41st St Miami • 305-607-4948 kurumaimports.com

Brickell Luxury Motors 590 SW 8th St Miami • 305-876-6531 brickellluxurymotors.com

Ocean Auto Sales 2951 NW 27th Ave Miami • 305-633-3155 oceanautosales.com

Kuruma Imports has been proudly owned and operated by passionate auto enthusiasts since 2014. As a licensed, bonded, and insured dealer, they specialize in importing classic right-hand drive vehicles that are over 25 years old and federally legal. Their selection includes iconic models like the Nissan Skyline GTR, Silvia, Toyota Supra, Honda NSX, Integra, and more. Customers often compare their showroom to a museum.

Those who are looking to ride in luxury do not have to pay premium prices at Brickell Luxury Motors. The dealership has an online storefront that allows customers to scroll through its whole inventory, and its Car Finder tool can be used to search for a specific model. Customers who want more of a human transaction can stop in and speak to a helpful sales associate who will help pair them with the ideal luxury ride.

Locals know that the home for the best pre-owned cars in the area is Ocean Auto Sales. The dealership offers an assortment of quality vehicles as well as a top-notch customer service experience. The dealership maintains close relationships to several lenders on the local and national level, so there are plenty of financing options available. The best value and service comes from the professionals at Ocean Auto.

Imports Collection 1861 NW 97th Ave Doral • 305-597-4332 importscollection.com Prestige Imports 14800 Biscayne Blvd North Miami Beach • 833-290-6287 prestigeimports.com

AutoNation Chevrolet Coral Gables Miami • 305-306-0846 autonationchevroletcoralgables.com Braman Hyundai 2060 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 786-623-6062 bramanmiamihyundai.com

Brickell Luxury Motors 590 SW 8th St Miami • 305-876-6531 brickellluxurymotors.com Prestige Imports 14800 Biscayne Blvd North Miami Beach • 833-290-6287 prestigeimports.com



National Sunshine Auto Parts 3051 NW 27th Ave Miami • 305-635-6633 natlsunshine.com

Manny’s Auto Service 5609 NW 6th St Miami • 305-262-9921 mannysautoservice.com

Having been serving the local area since 1967, National Sunshine Auto Parts has forged a close relationship to the community it calls home. Its personnel possess a level of experience and knowledge that is unmatched. No matter what part or accessory one is looking for, the shop either has it conveniently in stock or can special-order it for them. It also carries some parts for forklifts, airport tugs, and generators.

With cars, small issues can turn into much bigger problems if they are not addressed, which is why Manny’s Auto Service provides a comprehensive list of repair services ranging from simple tune-ups to electrical work. Its personnel truly care about their customers and offer the lowest possible rates for each of their services along with providing free estimates and consultations. They never upsell or mislead any customer.

JDM of Miami 14195 SW 139th Ct #2 Miami • 305-606-5533 jdmofmiami.com New Jersey Auto Parts 6251 SW 8th St Miami • 305-264-0221 njaparts8street.com

European Auto Service Center 3773 Bird Rd Miami • 305-446-0061 autorepaircoralgables.com Leader Service 1700 Coral Way Miami • 305-858-1020

NEED LEGAL HELP? Turn to the guide with the BEST in Law in the Miami area.







El Car Wash Multiple Locations elcarwash.com

Unique Superbikes 658 NW 99th St Miami • 786-353-0550 uniquesbk.com

Palmetto Motorsports 6400 W 20th Ave Hialeah • 305-557-1311 palmettomotorsports.com

Each piece of equipment used by El Car Wash has been hand-selected to provide the best washes while preserving the vehicle’s paint job. Its exclusive wash products offer unmatched value and leave every car that comes through with a Miami Shine. Its personnel care about the impact their business has on the environment, which is why they reclaim 90% of the water they use, lowering their resource consumption.

Since opening, Unique Superbikes has been the go-to spot for motor and powersports enthusiasts across the region. The store’s personnel are united in their passion for Italian motorcycles, which has helped them expand thanks to the close professional relationships they forge with other like-minded hobbyists. Its repair department provides robust maintenance services, and its parts department is well-stocked.

The inventory at Palmetto Motorsports includes motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, personal watercraft, and side x sides from such names as Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, and Husqvarna. The sales staff has decades of experience and is trained to pair riders with their ideal vehicles. Power sports enthusiasts themselves, the professionals make sure the customer has all their questions answered before rolling off the lot.

Busy Bee Car Wash Multiple Locations busybeewash.com Magic Hands Car Wash & Detailer Multiple Locations magichandscarwash.com

Peterson’s Harley-Davidson of Miami Multiple Locations petersonsharley.com Central Moto 351 NE 79th St #102 Miami • 305-399-6823 centralmoto79.com

Motoport USA 1250 NW 57th Ave Miami • 305-264-4433 motoportusa.com 2 Wheels Motorsports 15420 SW 136th St #7 Miami • 786-250-4475 2-wheels-motorsports.business.site




Alec’s Truck, Trailer & RV 17110 S Dixie Hwy Miami • 305-234-5444 alecstrucktrailerrv.com

Balado National Tire Multiple Locations balado.com

Sunshine Towing Multiple Locations 305-261-9520 sunshinetowingfl.com

Alec’s Truck, Trailer & RV is the go-to stop in the area for anything one could possibly need for their truck, trailer, or RV. The air-conditioned facility spans 5,000 square feet of displays as well as over 40 different truck covers to play around with and get a feel for. The dealership offers such trusted brand names as LEER, Blue Ox, Extang, Dometic, ProMaxx, Raptor, Rigid, WeatherTech, ARE, BNW, UWS, and more.

The preferred source for quality tires, auto maintenance, and more, Balado National Tire is a trusted name in the industry. Its technicians offer some of the most competitively priced tire lines from names like MICHELIN, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, and others. The helpful sales staff are experts at pairing the customer with the tire sets that will suit them best based on their driving habits and personal preferences.

A tight-knit family of professionals is the driving force behind Sunshine Towing. The company is a trusted partner of the Florida Department of Transportation, area law enforcement agencies, and motor clubs, and it offers its trusted services to individuals as well. Sunshine has built a strong reputation for trustworthiness and great business practices, so customers can be sure they are in good hands.

Miami RV’s 18401 W Okeechobee Rd Hialeah • 786-253-1209 miamirvs.org SRS RV Sales 2400 NW 79th St Miami • 786-317-2170 srsrvs.com

That New Tire 475 Brickell Ave Miami • 863-466-2376 thatnewtire.com Mr. Goma Tires Multiple Locations mrgomatires.com

Reliable Towing 3021 SW 2nd Ave Miami • 305-250-2503 reliabletowing-towingservice.business.site Nu-Way Towing 2343 NW 7th Ave #3 Miami • 305-572-0111 nu-way-towing.business.site






Brickell First Apartments 110 SW 12th St Miami • 786-369-4938 brickellfirst.prospectportal.com

Fausto Commercial 1761 W Flagler St Miami • 305-431-2258 faustocommercial.com

One Miami Downtown 325 S Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-547-8747 onemiamidowntown.com

Brickell First Apartments is a boutique high-rise luxury rental at the center of Miami. The property offers spacious one, two, and three-bedroom apartment homes for a luxurious living experience. Residents enjoy walking to dining, shopping, and culture. Brickell First Apartments also tops it off with an incredible array of perks like a private clubhouse, fitness center, spa with hot tub, and sun-splashed pool deck.

Fausto Commercial is a real estate brokerage, investment, and development firm that specializes in urban commercial properties and transactions. The company’s personnel are driven by their united understanding that commercial real estate is among the most effective ways to develop and maintain thriving communities. With Fausto’s help, it can also be a tool for productive investments and wealth generation.

The 44 residential floors of One Miami Downtown offer one, two, and three-bedroom options all accented by verdant, tropical interiors. Each unit features state-of-the-art amenities that make living any lifestyle easy and comfortable, including floor-to-ceiling windows, air conditioning, bathrooms with imported tile, European cabinetry, granite countertops, private balconies, and more.

10X Miami River 1001 NW 7th St Miami • 305-493-8953 10xmiamiriver.com Blume Coral Gables 1501 SW 37th Ave Miami • 786-882-3569 blumecoralgables.com

Properties of Miami 8950 SW 74th Ct #2201 Miami • 786-715-8190 propertiesofmiami.com Trident Real Estate & Trident Management Miami Beach • 305-535-7599 tridentmiami.com

Brickell Flatiron Condominiums 1000 Brickell Plaza Miami • 305-600-0958 brickellflatironfl.com 23 Biscayne Bay Condo 601 NE 23rd St Miami • 305-438-9220 23biscaynebay.com






Cutting Edge Home Improvement Coral Gables • 305-680-1063 cuttingedgeinnovative.com

Flamingo Lakes Golf & Country Club Pembroke Pines • 954-435-6110 flamingolakescc.com

Home Development Group 7950 NW 53rd St Miami homedevelopmentgroup.net

Cutting Edge Home Improvement, a premier custom home builder, creates one-of-a-kind residences reflecting clients’ unique desires. Committed to excellence, they work closely with clients, integrating the latest construction techniques and materials. The talented team collaborates seamlessly to bring dream homes to life. Cutting Edge creates homes where unique stories unfold.

Since 1985, Flamingo Lakes Golf & Country Club has provided the ideal setting for a game with optimal course conditions and affordable rates. The semi-private, daily fee course has a par of 71 and is challenging enough to interest experienced golfers yet smooth and well-designed to offer a beginner-friendly experience. Available memberships can span the whole year, six months, or just through the summer months.

The personnel of Home Development Group collaborate with architects and design professionals to create outdoor pools and residential buildings that are not only stunning to look at but also highly functional and safe. The Home Development team takes care of every concern from the beginning of the project to the final touches. They create spaces and structures that fit the client’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Newman Brothers Construction 1590 NE 162nd St #300 North Miami Beach • 305-933-2583 newmanbc.com CC Homes 2020 Salzedo St #200 Coral Gables • 305-448-0353 cchomes.com

Normandy Shores Golf Club 2401 Biarritz Dr Miami Beach • 305-868-6502 normandyshoresgolfclub.com Palmetto Golf Club Apartments 15900 SW 95th Ave Miami • 305-233-3832 mymiamiapartment.com

Lennar 279-500-8692 lennar.com


CDC Builders 305-261-4100 cdcbuilders.com


Cardinal Financial Home Loans 305-527-4741 toddlapenta.com The personnel of Cardinal Financial Home Loans offer the broadest, most diverse range of mortgage options in the industry to meet the needs of the community. From foreign national options for their overseas buyers to bank statement loans for the self-employed, low down payment options for first-timers, and more, the firm delivers reliable solutions. The team offers a world-class experience that builds solid customer relationships. DG Pinnacle Home Loans 780 NW 42nd Ave #324 Miami • 305-851-5225 dgpinnacle.com Miami Mortgage Group 2311 NW 152nd Terrace Pembroke Pines • 954-598-4418 miamimtg.com MIAMI HERALD


Life, simplified.





Property management is a balancing act. When you lead your community on a path of change, every decision is an important one. With competing priorities, juggling it all as a community leader can seem complex. But it doesn’t have to be. Our local team has the expertise and solutions to anticipate your needs and respond. Our servicefirst philosophy means we don’t stop until what’s complicated becomes uncomplicated. Welcome to life, simplified.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us as their Miami-Dade Favorite!

FirstService Residential Multiple Locations lifesimplified.com With the goal of streamlining the often complex process of property management, FirstService Residential has teams of hospitality-minded professionals that serve communities across the country. Its personnel work closely with community organizations, property owners, and land-development professionals to continually improve the properties under their care. By looking after their spaces, the company offers a better quality of life for each resident. FirstService has the size and resources to consistently offer effective management services. The company is able to balance its property owners’ many priorities while giving the appropriate attention to each decision that gets made. The staff members are experienced enough to pivot and problem-solve at a moments notice and have the foresight to circumvent problems before they arise. Regardless of the kind of property, FirstService makes the most of its budget, saving clients time and money in the process. Its services also come with a host of digital tools to make running one’s commercial property a breeze, including a text-based, A.I.-supported communication tool for responding to resident requests and concerns. For residents, FirstService has an around-the-clock customer care team that is prepared to help with emergency services and answer any questions one might have about their community. Also available for resident access is a convenient online portal that simplifies and improves communication with the building’s management. Residents need only send a simple email to get daily community issues addressed promptly. Trident Real Estate & Trident Management Miami Beach • 305-535-7599 tridentmiami.com Real Property Management Miami Metro Miami • 305-731-2320 rpmmiamimetro.com



Copyright © 2023 FirstService Residential. All rights reserved.


LAST MINUTE DATE NIGHT IDEAS? Turn to the guide with the BEST things to Eat & Drink in the Miami area.



Giovanna Calimano Luxe Properties 786-797-0012 giovannacalimano.liveluxehomes.com Giovanna Calimano of Luxe Properties is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional. With over a decade in the industry, including four years as an administrative assistant for a leading REO Team in Miami, she brings extensive knowledge to the table. As a top producer for three consecutive years, she has closed over $50 million in volume, helping numerous clients find their ideal homes. Carole Smith Compass Coral Gables • 305-775-5330 veryspecialhomes.com Rachel Wertheimer ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Aventura • 305-849-8330 rachelwertheimer.com


ONE Sotheby’s International Realty Multiple Locations onesothebysrealty.com From its founding in 2008, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty has developed into the region’s most trusted partner in luxury real estate and development. ONE’s relationships with other large international real estate companies mean that its clients benefit from a global reach and maximal exposure for selling their properties. Its well-trained, amicable agents are standing by to help clients buy or sell. Properties of Miami 8950 SW 74th Ct #2201 Miami • 786-715-8190 propertiesofmiami.com Jason Smith Showcase 550 Biltmore Way Ste PH2 Coral Gables • 786-326-8115 showcasemiami.com 68 | REAL ESTATE





The Smith Formosa Team Compass 305-775-5330 veryspecialhomes.com

My Mobile Homes 8400 NW 154th St #325 Miami • 305-520-7912 mymobilehomes.net

Abraham Ash Multivest Realty Miami • 305-586-9734 abescondos.com

The Smith Formosa Team with Compass thrives on referrals earned from its high client satisfaction for over 25 years. Led by Realtors Carole Smith and Cristina Formosa, the team prioritizes concierge-style services, masterful negotiation, and factual advice. It specializes in markets such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Brickell, Key Biscayne, Upper Eastside, Miami Beach, and the Falls.

Serving the needs of mobile home buyers and sellers throughout the region, My Mobile Homes provides some of the best value. Its staff members are experts in their industry and offer the unique convenience of on-site brokerage services. The company has built a strong reputation for adherence to honest and transparent practices and operational flexibility. They will go the extra mile to make the buying or selling experience enjoyable.

Abraham Ash of Multivest Realty is a second-generation real estate broker in Florida with over 18 years of experience. With a pristine record, he has earned numerous awards and certifications, and his success is primarily driven by past client referrals. Abraham’s commitment to exceptional customer service is evident in countless testimonials on Google, Yelp, and Zillow.

The Jills Zeder Group Coldwell Banker Realty Multiple Locations jillszeder.com Guillermo Teran Group Avanti Way Miami • 305-457-9609 gteran.com

1st Choice Sales 5901 Miami Gardens Dr #305 Miami • 786-355-5484 1stmobilehomes.com Home Mobile Home 480 SW 8th Ave Hallandale Beach • 954-454-0822 homemhcfl.com

Eric Farmelant Compass 954-850-3905 ericfarmelant.com Patricia Vega RE/MAX City Centre Realty Miami • 305-773-1631 patricia-vega.remax.com




REMODELER / CONTRACTOR Properties of Miami 8950 SW 74th Ct #2201 Miami • 786-715-8190 propertiesofmiami.com A Miami-based real estate brokerage, Properties of Miami has diverse expertise in residential, commercial, luxury, investments, rentals, and leases. Its team is multilingual and prioritizes clients’ best interests, upholds professionalism and transparency, and embraces education and advanced technology. Properties of Miami makes selling one’s home stress-free and works collaboratively to maximize value. Trident Real Estate & Trident Management Miami Beach • 305-535-7599 tridentmiami.com Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty Coral Gables • 305-960-2500 ewm.com MIAMI HERALD





YOTEL Multiple Locations yotel.com

Riley Smith Group Compass 305-342-1623 rileysmithgroup.com

Las Palmas Senior Living 5300 W 16th Ave Hialeah • 305-556-3500 laspalmasseniorliving.com

The lodging offered by YOTEL is designed to conform to the routines of its many guests, streamlining the traditional luxury hotel experience while maximizing comfort. Each suite comes with such standard features as a fully adjustable SmartBed, a SMART TV with multiple device connectivity features, multiple charging outlets and USB ports, and an upscale bathroom with a subtle jungle theme and rain shower.

Collaboration, consistency, and drive are at the heart of service at the Riley Smith Group. Clients work with a team rather than an individual agent to receive the branding of a boutique firm and the marketing amplification that comes with a network of the most productive agents in the country. Led by top-producing real estate agent Riley Smith, the group has grown to serve over 2,000 families in the last 16 years.

The staff of Las Palmas provides lifestyles that revolve around pursuing the simple joys and recreations that the whole area has to offer. Residents get to embrace a life full of leisure, comfort, and purpose as they go about their days in a self-directed manner and with only the assistance they need. Optional services like grooming, dressing, and bathing assistance are also available for its assisted living residents.

Related Group 2850 Tigertail Ave #800 Miami • 305-460-9900 relatedgroup.com Century Homebuilders Group Multiple Locations centuryhomebuilders.com

Ivan & Mike Team Compass 561-310-3009 ivanandmike.com The Opes Group Compass Miami Beach • 305-902-1874 opesre.com

The Watermark at Coral Gables 363 Granello Ave Coral Gables • 786-688-6010 watermarkcommunities.com Tuscany Cove Apartments 5900 NW 7th Ave Miami • 305-889-9912 tpmcmiami.net

TITLE COMPANY 7400 SW 88th St, Miami, FL, 33156 786-371-2143 | MIrabelleLifestyle.com/Herald | LIC #13576

Live a Life of Luxury

Mirabelle, South Florida’s 5-star senior living community, offers the luxurious lifestyle you’ve been looking for. Situated within minutes of Downtown Miami, your life at Mirabelle will be nothing short of elevated, upscale, and full of excitement! We have the concierge services and trained staff to fit every unique lifestyle — from total independence to dedicated memory care and everything in between.

Call 786-371-2143 for a private showing. I ND E P EN DEN T LIV IN G | ASSISTE D LIVING | BRIDGE S | ME MORY CARE


Top Notch Title 2100 Ponce de Leon Blvd #1220 Coral Gables • 305-252-8342 topnotchtitlefl.com Top Notch Title delivers unparalleled service to its clients and referral partners. Understanding that buying, selling, or refinancing can be daunting, the attorney-led company makes transactions easy to understand and ensures clients stay informed. To better serve the community, the company’s staff is bilingual (in English and Spanish) and can conduct closings in the language clients feel comfortable with. Sunny Title Co. 7001 SW 97th Ave #103 Miami • 305-539-9880 sunnytitle.com NU World Title Multiple Locations nuworldtitle.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




Horta’s & Associates Group 8242 W Flagler St Miami • 305-264-1004 hortasassociates.com

Inked Pro 786-275-4587 inkedpro.com

Topgolf Multiple Locations topgolf.com

Horta’s & Associates Group is a respected Miami-based accounting firm with a legacy since 2012. Their mission is to deliver top-quality financial and advisory services. With a remarkable 50 years of combined expert knowledge, they stand out through their commitment to expertise, personalized service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled responsiveness. Horta’s supports businesses and individuals in achieving financial goals.

Inked Pro is known for its speed, top-notch service, and its ability to bring ideas and brands to life quickly with the highest quality. Inked Pro does screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, clothing line production, digital transfer, and graphic and web design. From branding to self-expression, it has a variety of custom apparel choices and its staff love working with clients to ensure they are capturing their vision.

A premier entertainment destination, Topgolf has made socializing a sport through a blend of technology and entertainment. Guests enjoy the climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort with HDTVs in every bay and throughout the sports bar and restaurant. There is no pressure to have a good golf swing or score a lot of points, it is all about everyone having fun in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Ulloa & Company P.A. Accounting & Tax Services Miami • 305-275-1300 ulloacompany.com CFLG Multiple Locations cflgcpa.com

Coral Gables Graphics 305-351-3210 coralgablesgraphics.com

KUSH Multiple Locations kushhospitality.com

305GEAR Custom Apparel 407-325-5068 305gear.com

Brightline 600 NW 1st Ave Miami • 831-539-2901 gobrightline.com



Thank You for Making Us #1 At Sunstate Bank, prudence is not just a word—it's the cornerstone of our approach to banking. Built on a foundation and conservative principles, we conduct our business in a safe and sound manner, backed by a high level of capitalization. We understand that every financial journey is unique, which is why we offer personalized solutions to align with your specific goals. With our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge online tools, we empower you to navigate your financial path with confidence. As your committed partner, we're dedicated to nurturing not only your financial growth but also the well-being of our communities. Experience the Sunstate Bank standard of excellence, where relationships are direct, sincere, and long-lasting. Join us on the path to success.

Your peace of mind is our greatest asset.




SunstateBank Bank Sunstate MultipleLocations Locations Multiple sunstatefl.com sunstatefl.com Foundedin in1999, 1999,Sunstate SunstateBank Bankisisaatrusted trusted Founded financialpartner partnerthat thatserves servesthe thecommunity community financial withaapersonal personaltouch. touch.This Thisisismore morethan thanjust just with theaverage averagebank; bank;ititisisaaplace placewhere wherethe the the staffmembers membersare areone’s one’sneighbors. neighbors.With With staff headquartersin inPalmetto PalmettoBay Bayand andbranches branches headquarters inthe theheart heartof ofCoral CoralGables Gablesand andcentral centralWest West in Miami,Sunstate Sunstatemakes makesbanking bankingeasy easyand and Miami, convenient. convenient.

Coral Gables 2901 S. Le Jeune Road Coral Gables, FL 33134-6690 Tel: 305.567.0600 Fax: 305.567.1331

Falls 14095 S. Dixie Highway Miami, FL 33176-7222 Tel: 305.256.0900 Fax: 305.256.9850

West Miami 5722 SW 8th Street West Miami, FL 33144 Tel: 305.263.7900 Fax: 305.263.9866 MIAMI HERALD

SunstateBank Bankoffers offersaacomprehensive comprehensiverange range Sunstate ofservices servicesto tomeet meetthe thediverse diverseneeds needsof ofits its of customers.Whether Whetherone oneisisseeking seekingvarious various customers. checkingand andsavings savingsaccounts, accounts,certificates certificatesof checking of deposit (CDs), Interest of Account Trust Accounts deposit (CDs), Lawyers Trust (IOTA), (IOTAs), Individual Retirement Individual Retirement AccountsAccounts (IRAs), or one or oneowner is a business looking is(IRAs), a business looking owner for solutions such forcommercial solutions such as commercial mortgages, as mortgages, term and working term and working capital lines loans,ofcommercial capital loans, commercial credit (LOC), linesletters of credit (LOC),Sunstate and letters credit, and of credit, hasofthe ideal Sunstateproducts. has the ideal financial products. financial Moreover, Sunstate Bank brings international expertise to its services provides a global Moreover, Sunstate Bankand brings international expertise to its and provides a global perspective to services cater to customers’ financial perspective to cater to customers’ financial requirements. It is dedicated to nurturing requirements. It is dedicated to nurturing sincere, long-lasting relationships with its sincere, long-lasting relationships its customers and contributing to thewith well-being customers and contributing to the well-being of the community. Customers’ financial of the community. Customers’ financial success is a priority, and the bank’s staff helps success is a achieve priority,their and the bank’s staffaspect helps customers goals in every customers achievejourney. their goals in every aspect of their financial of their financial journey. What sets Sunstate Bank apart is its What sets Sunstate Bank apart is its unwavering commitment to personalized unwavering commitment tomembers personalized financial solutions. Its staff financial solutions. Its staff members understand that each financial journey is understand is unique, andthat theyeach offerfinancial tailoredjourney solutions. unique, and they offer tailored solutions. Its knowledgeable team is complemented Its teamtools is complemented byknowledgeable cutting-edge online that empower by cutting-edge online tools empower customers to navigate their that financial paths customers to navigate theirBank financial paths with confidence. Sunstate provides with confidence. Sunstateand Bank provides peace of mind, stability, a sincere peace of mind,tostability, and a sincere commitment one’s financial well-being. commitment to one’s financial well-being. City National Bank of Florida Multiple Locations citynational.com Ocean Bank Multiple Locations City National Bank of Florida oceanbank.com Multiple Locations citynational.com

Ocean Bank Multiple Locations oceanbank.com SERVICES | 73

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Swap & Drop 1% percent loan rate reduction is available for autos and motorcycles currently financed elsewhere that are refinanced with MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM EdFed. The Swap & 742 The | SERVICES Drop loan rate reduction is subject to a Floor Rate of 2.75% APR. Offer excludes refinances of existing EdFed loans.




Power Financial Credit Union Multiple Locations powerfi.org

Society Cleaners 3912 SW 8th St Coral Gables • 305-444-6611 societyc.com

Since 1951, Power Financial Credit Union has been empowering members with personalized banking solutions. As a financial cooperative, members play an active role in the company’s future as part-owners. Customers get exclusive access to better rates, low to no fees, free financial education, deep discounts on products, and more. Financial listens to, respects, and treats its customers like family.

An award-winning boutique dry cleaner, Society Cleaners- Dry Cleaning Company has been an industry leader in wedding gown cleaning and preservation since 1972. With its strict standards of care for fine clothing, professional experience, state of the art equipment, attention to detail, reliability, and courteous customer service, Society Cleaners is the preferred choice of many to care for wedding gowns and more.

Educational Federal Credit Union Multiple Locations edfed.org Dade County Federal Credit Union Multiple Locations dcfcu.org

Iron & Steam Modern Cleaners 2308 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 786-860-4093 ironsteamcleaners.com Coconut Grove Laundry & Cleaners 3101 Grand Ave Miami • 305-444-1344




Coastal Wealth Multiple Locations mycoastalwealth.com

Trias Flowers & Gifts 6520 SW 40th St Miami • 305-665-5300 triasflowers.com

As a single-source wealth management firm for successful executives, affluent individuals, business owners, medical doctors, and those in the Marine industry, Coastal Wealth provides products and services to address every aspect of financial life. It provides support in an independent, objective, and integrated fashion to help clients achieve long-term goals through a wide variety of financial resources.

A floral arrangement store with roots that go back to the 1960s, Trias Flowers & Gifts has inherited a tradition of excellence in service and products. It offers selections for any occasion including weddings, social or corporate events, and more. Customers select from a wide variety of seasonal flowers, bouquets, green plants, blooming plants, candles, vases, home decor, serve-ware, and more to bring any event to life.

Florida Financial Advisors 901 Ponce de Leon #600 Coral Gables • 305-676-8436 floridafa.com Bessemer Trust 801 Brickell Ave #2000 Miami • 305-372-5005 bessemertrust.com

Blooming Gardens 20462 Old Cutler Rd Cutler Bay • 305-256-2772 bloominggardens.net Avant-Gardens 7220 Bird Rd Miami • 305-554-4300 avant-gardens.com


305-264 -1004 hortasassociates.com 8242 W Flagler St, Miami, FL SERVICES | 75




Caballero Rivero Multiple Locations dignitymemorial.com

Jim Diaz State Farm Insurance Agent Miami • 305-385-6696 jimdiaz.com

Florida One Insurance Agency Multiple Locations floridaoneinsurance.com

At Caballero Rivero, families can choose from a wide range of funeral service options ranging from non-traditional to traditional. It offers a variety of services including graveside, cremations, catered receptions, and celebrations of life, all completed with uncompromised quality. Families are provided with personalized attention and meaningful care through professional, compassionate staff that are available 24 hours a day.

As a local auto insurance agent, Jim Diaz of State Farm Insurance is committed to providing customers with auto insurance and homeowners insurance savings. He also covers business insurance, renters’ insurance, life insurance needs, health insurance, and pet medical insurance. Jim is an active member of the community with Cub Scouts and was chosen as the Univision Despierta American guest speaker.

Serving customers not only today but well into the future, Florida One Insurance Agency works with the goal of establishing a lifetime relationship with every customer by offering unparalleled service. Since its beginning, the company has grown at a rapid pace, making it one of the fastest growing agencies in the state. The company’s culture is one that embraces its customers, employees, and business partners.

Van Orsdel Funeral & Cremation Services Multiple Locations vanorsdel.com Lakeside Memorial Park & Funeral Home Miami • 305-592-0690 dignitymemorial.com

Carlos G. Cisneros Allstate Insurance Miami • 305-595-5668 allstate.com Mario Sueiras Geico Insurance Miami • 305-595-2911 geico.com

All Florida Insurance Agency 1350 NW 36th St Miami • 305-633-6344 allfloridainsurance.business.site Miami Insurance Brokers 18851 NE 29th Ave #500 Aventura • 866-729-1274 mibrk.com




Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami Miami • 305-644-0066 bbbsmiami.org

SoMi Pet Resort 2950 SW 71st Ave Miami • 305-504-8255 somipetresort.com

City Pooch 1686 Coral Way Miami • 305-859-7829 city-pooch.com

Since 1958, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami has helped youth reach their full potential by creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth who most need it. It develops leaders, strengthens families, and builds community through matching youth with professional adult mentors and providing tools and programs for littles to learn and have fun in a safe environment.

At SoMi Pet Resort, the safety and comfort of pets are a heartfelt commitment. The devoted team provides the same love and care they would give to their own pets and guarantee furry companions feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Tours of SoMi’s facility can be done during its office hours with no appointment needed. Owners can enjoy watching the two spacious dog parks from SoMi’s lobby or from a webcam.

Offering some of the best pet grooming services in the region, City Pooch specializes in breed standard hair styles as well as creative grooming for mixed breeds. Customers have the option of selecting a technical, scissored cut as well as a basic trims, hand-stripping services, and cat grooming. The team only uses natural products for the furry friends in their care. Owners can trust City Pooch to do a good job.

La Casita Foundation 362 SW 4th St Miami • 305-439-6888 lacasitafoundation.org Voices for Children Foundation 601 NW 1st Ct Miami • 305-324-5678 beavoice.org

Dogtown Multiple Locations barkfetchrun.com

Classy Canine Grooming 8253 SW 124th St Miami • 305-278-1139

Fit & Go Pets 711 NW 24th St Miami • 888-691-9461 fitandgopets.com

Good Boy Pet Care & Nutrition 5989 SW 8th St Miami • 786-360-5873 goodboypetcare.com






Enrique Muñoz Studio 6055 SW 8th St West Miami • 305-261-7777 enriquemunozstudio.com

EmpHire 5201 Waterford District Dr #802 Miami • 305-262-7280 emphire.com

COKI Tattoo Shop 8558 SW 8th St Miami • 786-483-4446 cokitattoos.com

At Enrique Muñoz Studio, the team of qualified and experienced sales representatives, designers, and photographers work to make life’s most special occasions into cherished memories that last a lifetime. From communions to graduations, quinceaneras to weddings, and more, the studio has the service, quality, and products to deliver its long-held tradition of excellent service with modern expertise.

EmpHire has served the business community since 1991. Its national network of offices benefits clients by providing superior information systems, assured compliance, and risk management. Its strategic outsourcing plan includes customer focused staffing, one-call service, on-site management, and strategic outsourcing. The heart of the company is the employees who maximize quality for each client.

Offering a wide range of services from small and simple tattoos to large and complex pieces, COKI Tattoo Shop is known for its friendly staff members and welcoming atmosphere. The shop was founded in 2019 by Osman Coki, an experienced tattoo artist that has been working in the industry since 2000. Each of the high-quality pieces the shop generates are delivered with top-notch service and for an affordable price.

White House Wedding Photography Miami • 305-714-1950 whitehouseweddingphotography.com Jackelyn Marcos Photography jackelynmarcosphotography.com

Express Employment Professionals Multiple Locations expresspros.com iDEAL Hire 2 S Biscayne Blvd #3200 Miami • 305-379-8889 idealhire.com

Iris Tattoo 2700 N Miami Ave #508 Miami • 786-615-9186 iris.tattoo Tattoology Lounge 6421 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 786-329-6011 tattoologylounge.com


Ulloa & Company P.A. Accounting & Tax Services Miami • 305-275-1300 ulloacompany.com

Thank you for Voting us Best of Miami! TAX SERVICES


The staff at Ulloa & Company P.A. Accounting & Tax Service is dedicated to building personal relationships with each of their clients. By taking time to know the unique needs and circumstances presented, the team can provide the best possible service, striving to make the typically time-consuming tax process stress-free and create reliable, accessible service that leaves clients with confidence and peace of mind. Community First Tax Service 6341 NW 7th Ave Miami • 786-360-1781 community1tax.com Miami Tax & Financial Services 4315 NW 7th St #20 Miami • 305-643-7070 1040miamitax.com MIAMI HERALD

305-275-1300 | ulloacompany.com 14050 SW 84 St. Suite 104 Miami, FL SERVICES | 77




Miami Animal Clinic 7337 SW 8th St Miami • 786-542-6070 miamianimalclinic.net

Fuster Financial Group 6625 Miami Lakes Dr #381 Miami Lakes • 305-690-0060 fusterfinancial.com

Chris Weinberg Events 1005 NE 125th St #103 Miami • 305-244-6603 chrisweinbergevents.com

The team of professional staff at Miami Animal Clinic provides the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly and compassionate care. They treat every patient as if it were their own pet, giving them the same loving attention and care. The clinic offers many services for cats and dogs including consultations, examinations, vaccinations, deworming, dental cleaning, spaying, neutering, and more.

As a wealth management firm, Fuster Financial Group provides the same level of care to clients as one would for friends and family. Its strategy involves meeting clients at their current stage, employing a distinctive process to identify potential challenges, and providing guidance throughout the wealth-building journey. Its distinct approach and exceptional expertise set Fuster Financial apart from the competition.

The devoted team at Chris Weinberg events creates unparalleled wedding experiences every time. The company’s approach is characterized by creativity, empathy, trustworthiness, and generosity – attributes that infuse every project it undertakes. The result is an unrivaled experience that transcends the ordinary, providing an enduring testament to the exceptional bond its personnel forges with their valued clients.

Coconut Grove Animal Clinic 3200 Grand Ave Miami • 305-448-2123 coconutgroveanimalclinic.com Silver Bluff Animal Clinic 2515 SW 27th Ave Miami • 305-859-7979 silverbluffanimalclinic.com

Sulzberger Capital Advisors 4500 Biscayne Blvd #205 Miami • 305-573-4900 sulzbergercapital.com The Blanco Team RBC Wealth Management Miami • 786-582-2749 us.rbcwealthmanagement.com/blancoteam

A Events aeventsmiami.com ANDI Soirées 6363 SW 132nd St Miami • 786-514-7122 andisoirees.com



Villa Woodbine 2167 S Bayshore Dr Miami • 305-489-9518 villa-woodbine.com

Stability. Service. Solutions. Sulzberger Capital Advisors focuses on working with individuals and families offering investment advice, financial planning and overall wealth management. We work with a deep network of national investment service providers to find customized solutions for our clients.

Gene C. Sulzberger, JD, CFP®, TEP, ADPA® President 4500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 205, Miami, FL 33137 E-MAIL: gene@sulzbergercapital.com OFFICE: 305.573.4900 FAX: 305.573.4990 www.sulzbergercapital.com Registered Investment Advisor.


Wealth Management

Rustic, magical, whimsical, and elegant are just a few words to describe Villa Woodbine, a premier event venue. Designed by a renowned architect, the mansion is located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove, and evokes a Mediterranean-Renaissance aesthetic. The Spanish archways and Cuban craftsmanship make a lovely backdrop for an unforgettable event. Amenities and planning guides are provided to ensure success. The Historic Alfred I. duPont Building Miami • 305-777-1637 thedupontbuilding.com Coral Gables Country Club 997 N Greenway Dr Coral Gables • 305-446-6800 coralgables.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




Cycle World 8476 SW 40th St Miami • 305-221-2123 cycleworldmiami.com

Earthy Chic Boutique 4300 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-364-5989 earthychic.com

La Vie En Blanc 7184 SW 47th St Miami • 305-261-2440 vieenblanc.com

Miami’s premier bike shop, Cycle World, helps customers find their next dream bike. Whether it is for trail riding, road racing, or just a cruise by the beach, customers can find the perfect bike. Its shop includes a wide array of bikes, parts, accessories, clothing, helmets, shoes, car racks, and more. It provides bike fitting, repair, and tuning services as well as information on local biking events and group rides.

For on-trend merchandise to suit every style from funky diva to timeless classic, shoppers trust Earthy Chic Boutique. Customers receive personalized service via phone or email to make online purchases a breeze and ensure each person is 100% happy with their purchase. Earthy Chic is meticulous in its attention to detail on all jewelry, clothing, and accessories and will fix or replace any damaged item free of charge.

The customer centricity, great prices, and the variety of styles set La Vie En Blanc apart from the competition. This is an off-the-rack shop where brides take their dress home the same day. Gowns are in pristine condition and discounted 25%-75% off retail. The collection is always changing and offers a variety of styles in sizes ranging from 0-20. La Vie En Blanc is a key destination when shopping for a bridal gown.

Friendly Cycle 1014 E 8th Ave Hialeah • 305-967-8012 friendlycycle.com Cycling 101 Shop 6741 SW 24th St Miami • 786-878-4222 cycling101shop.com

Beach Boutique 1701 Sunset Harbour Dr Miami Beach • 305-531-8908 beachboutiquemiami.com Miami Twice 6562 SW 40th St Miami • 305-666-0127 miamitwice.com

J. Del Olmo Bridal Gallery and Couture Miami • 305-448-3599 jdelolmobridal.com Merlili Bridal Boutique 356 Miracle Mile Coral Gables • 305-476-1715 merlili.com






The Hot Box Hemp Dispensary & Smoke Shop Multiple Locations thehotboxusa.com

Caprilina 8785 SW 132nd St Miami • 305-906-2729 caprilina.com

Neptune Cigar SuperStore 12475 S Dixie Hwy Pinecrest • 800-655-3385 neptunecigar.com

Providing the highest quality THC & CBD products, along with hand-blown glass art and a variety of traditional smoke & vape essentials, The Hot Box Hemp Dispensary & Smoke Shop strives to share the love of cannabis and its healing properties. Its broad array of products includes flower, oils, edibles, pain creams, tinctures, and more. The team helps inform and guide customers to find the best fit for their needs.

Caprilina, a Miami-based brand, is known for its exceptional baby clothes. Transforming each piece into a cherished keepsake with name or initials, Caprilina makes every moment memorable. The shop offers everything one needs from the moment a child is born, to special occasions, birthday outfits, and so much more. Caprilina’s curated gift baskets are the most loved gift for expecting families.

For fresh cigar and tobacco products, customers visit Neptune Cigar Superstore. Detailed information is posted beside each product and knowledgeable, friendly staff are always available to answer questions. Customers report that they leave feeling confident in their purchase and happy with the prices. The stores’ products include rare cigars, flavored cigars, bundles, samplers, humidors, accessories, gift sets, and more.

CBD Essentials 7480 Bird Rd #810 Miami • 786-584-4377 cbdessentialsusa.com Planta Rx 1205 71st St Miami Beach • 786-572-3034 cbdmiamishop.com

Happy Monkey 7569 W Sample Rd Coral Springs • 786-488-3270 happymonkeyshop.com Mother Goose 4910 SW 72nd Ave Miami • 786-233-2037 mothergoosestore.co

City Cigar Lounge 41 NW 2nd St Miami • 786-536-9376 citycigarlounge.com Casa Habano 1743 SW 8th St Miami • 305-772-8952 casahabano.net


The Fashionista Consignment Boutique Miami • 305-443-4331 shopthefashionista.com Since 2006, The Fashionista Consignment Boutique has been dedicated to luxury resale, offering fashion-forward couture and designer clothing and accessories. The store helps fashionistas of all kinds find affordable high-end designer items while providing a luxury experience by curating high-quality pieces and designer finds. It also offers concierge reselling services such as wardrobe editing and in-home pick-up. Second Showing 11655 S Dixie Hwy Pinecrest • 305-971-0747 Swap Boutique 7356 SW 57th Ave South Miami • 786-953-8972 swapboutique.com 80 | SHOPPING





Herc Rentals Multiple Locations hercrentals.com

Edward Beiner Multiple Locations edwardbeiner.com

Cutler Bay Carts 19151 SW 108th Ave #23 Miami • 305-310-1795 cutlerbaycarts.com

A premier full-service equipment rental company, Herc Rentals provides customers the equipment, services, and solutions they need to achieve optimal performance safely, efficiently, and effectively. The company continues to evolve through technological innovations, expanding product offerings, value-added services, and consultative solutions to support customers’ projects and equip them to build a brighter future.

Every professional at Edward Beiner is committed to improving customers’ vision and refining their style. The greatness of the lenses is the result of dedicated professionals, including the optometrist who examines clients’ eyes, the craftsmen who creates the frame, the technician who grinds the lenses, and the specialist who fits them to the face. Edward Beiner is an eyewear shop in the people business.

Locally owned, Cutler Bay Carts carries a wide selection of Club Car golf carts and all the accessories needed to customize the carts. Its inventory includes traditional golf carts as well as personal and commercial transport vehicles. There is also a variety of tested and inspected preowned golf carts for buyers on a budget. Golf cart financing is available through partnerships with Sheffield Financial and TD Bank.

Delta Tool Rental 8427 Bird Rd Miami • 305-220-1166 deltatoolrental.com ABC RENTALS 50 NW 20th Ave Miami • 954-318-1947 abcrentalequipment.com

SEE Eyewear Multiple Locations seeeyewear.com

Golf Car Depot Miami 7240 Bird Rd Ste A Miami • 786-244-9123 golfcardepotmiami.com Coconut Grove Golf Cart Rental 10705 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 786-435-2927 coconutgrovegolfcartrental.com

Sunset Eyes Optical 7360 SW 107th Ave Miami • 305-412-4840 sunsetoptical.net


Thank you for voting us one of the best Bait & Tackle Shops in Miami Planet Golf 7045 SW 87th Ave Miami • 305-275-9070 planetgolfmiami.com With professional club fitting, two in-store simulators, and exclusive products, Planet Golf has everything one could need to step up their golf game. It offers items including clubs, shafts, bags, rangefinders, and more with a variety of brands for everyone. Customers can schedule a custom fitting where experts observe their swing, analyze the simulator data, and create a set of clubs for their swing and play style. True Spec Golf 5300 NW 87th Ave Miami • 844-729-8809 truespecgolf.com/miami Edwin Watts Golf Multiple Locations worldwidegolfshops.com MIAMI HERALD

jdoutdooradventures.com 2437 SW 67th Ave, Miami, Fl SHOPPING | 81


Plum Market 17801 Biscayne Blvd Aventura • 786-692-5450 plummarket.com Whether in-store or online, Plum Market is committed to offering the best selections of all-natural, organic, local, and specialty items in a full-service shopping experience. Shoppers find seasonal selections including peak produce, all-natural sustainably sourced meats and seafood, and chef-crafted prepared dishes made with fresh ingredients. Plum Market teams up with the community to inspire guests to live well, with taste. Manantial Market 6778 W Flagler St Miami • 786-388-8989 manantialmarket.com Sedano’s Supermarkets Multiple Locations sedanos.com


Richard’s Gems & Jewelry 33 E Flagler St Miami • 888-539-3588 richardsjewelry.com Richard’s Gems & Jewelry, a fixture for over 40 years, is a jeweler dedicated to lasting customer relationships. Located in the Seybold building, they offer an extensive selection of natural diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems, and custom-designed jewelry. Their experienced team is passionate about delivering exceptional service and understands that jewelry symbolizes cherished moments. Buchwald Jewelers 36 NE 1st St #123 Miami • 305-373-5683 buchwaldjewelers.com JC Leon Jewelers 7795 W Flagler St Miami • 786-732-5493 jcleonjewelers.com 82 | SHOPPING



Total Wine & More Multiple Locations totalwine.com America’s wine superstore, Total Wine & More is committed to offering the nation’s best wine selection with an emphasis on fine wines. The typical store carries thousands of different wines, beers, and spirits from popular brands to hard-to-find imports. The knowledgeable wine experts ensure customers are confident and comfortable with their selection whether they are great enthusiasts or new to the world of wine. Jensen’s Liquors Multiple Locations jensensliquors.com Big Daddy’s Wine & Liquors Multiple Locations bigdaddysliquors.com


Hive & Colony Aventura Mall Miami • 305-407-8437 hiveandcolony.com The stylists at Hive & Colony work individually with their clients to craft fully bespoke menswear looks from a selection of over 1,000 luxury materials representing an array of colors, patterns, and textures to be paired with their variety of hand-crafted Italian accessories. The clothier’s body-scanning technology takes measurements and draws a diagram to illustrate posture, pose, and stance in seconds. Pepi Bertini 357 Miracle Mile Coral Gables • 305-461-3374 pepibertini.com BASE 2215 NW 2nd Ave Miami • 305-531-4982 baseworld.com MIAMI HERALD





West Miami Jewelry & Pawn 6448 SW 8th St Miami • 305-200-5994 westmiamipawn.com Specializing in pawn loans of up to 50,000 dollars, West Miami Jewelry & Pawn buys and sells jewelry, gold, silver, watches, coins, and other valuables. It offers repairs for broken jewelry as well as rhodium dips to change yellow gold into a stunning white. As a small business, it values customers and treats them like family and not dollar signs. The pawn shop serves the community with the best prices, rates, and service. La Familia Pawn and Jewelry Multiple Locations lafamiliapawn.com

305-491-3833 | BAURBALL.COM |


Queen of Pawns 2430 NW 36th St Miami • 305-635-2225 queenofpawns.com



2833 BIRD AVENUE COCONUT GROVE, FL (305) 460 - 9939 84 | SHOPPING




Snaks 5th Avenchew 7125 N Miami Ave Miami snaks5thavenchew.com Pups’ palates can be spoiled in a healthy yet elevated way at Snaks 5th Avenchew where the staff is committed to precision, detail, product design, and carefully selected, clean ingredients. Owner, Carrie Sarabella made her original recipe for her dog’s extreme food allergies by working closely with her dog’s veterinarian. Snaks does not use any preservatives or byproducts which means dog owners can try them too. Pet Supermarket Multiple Locations petsupermarket.com Animal Crackers 280 NE 2nd St Miami • 305-374-8004 animalcrackersdelivers.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM


Happy Monkey 7569 W Sample Rd Coral Springs • 786-488-3270 happymonkeyshop.com Home to some of the world’s most beautiful baby and kids brands that support sustainability, safety, and mindfulness, Happy Monkey was formed to share the world’s talent. It delivers heirloom products that spark imagination and grow as children grow. Even more, its products accentuate artisan beauty, encase authentic stories, and hold the highest standards of principles that make every purchase meaningful. Urben Gifts & Gadgets 5802 Sunset Dr South Miami • 786-577-0151 shopurben.com Miami Twice 6562 SW 40th St Miami • 305-666-0127 miamitwice.com


Safe House Smoke Shop Multiple Locations safehousesmokeshop.com Not only a store with all the latest trending products, Safe House Smoke Shop is a community staple with a team of staff who are knowledgeable on what they sell to their customers. Since it first opened its doors in 2018, the shop has created an atmosphere in which people of any age, race, or gender feel comfortable shopping in. The store always carries authentic, trending items at the most reasonable price. Vice City Smoke Shop 206 NE 2nd St Miami • 305-305-7470 vice-city-smoke-shop.business.site Casa de Cristal 933 SW 87th Ave Miami • 305-549-8434 casadecristalmia.com MIAMI HERALD

BEST SMOKE/VAPE SHOP HIALEAH 786-452-0123 | 3300 W 84th St Unit 17, Hialeah, FL COCONUT GROVE 786-558-5973 | 2500 S Dixie Highway Miami, FL






Champy’s Seafood 305-916-9051 facebook.com/champysseafood

World Tennis 1448 Alton Rd Miami Beach • 305-531-0008 worldtennis.com

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique 3141 SW 8th St Ste A Miami • 786-534-4178 dragonflythrift.org

Champy’s Seafood delivers fresh seafood straight to homes, and is best known for fresh stone crabs and its famous smoked Mahi fish dip. Champy’s timely arrival and exceptional customer service ensure its customers get their deliveries in a personalized, reusable cooler with mallets, bibs, and mustard sauce directly to their doorsteps. Each stone crab batch is handpicked by Champy’s staff to ensure freshness.

World Tennis specializes in tennis, padel, pickleball, beach tennis, and running. They offer an extensive selection of top brands including Nike, adidas, Aqua Sphere, and Asics. World Tennis understands the significance of exceptional service as a key to sustained success in a competitive market. They treat customers with care and focus, recognizing that a personalized approach leads to loyalty and repeat business.

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique started by empowered women with the goal of empowering other women. It partners with the nonprofit LEAP program to provide women who are in prison with education, housing, post-release employment training, and a lifelong community. Dragonfly supports women as they gain independence and reminds them that they are individuals worthy of dignity and respect.

Books & Books Multiple Locations booksandbooks.com

Pelé Soccer 532 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach • 855-897-0008 pelesoccer.com Area Code 305 Sports 231 E Flagler St #2 Miami • 305-536-9036

Red White & Blue Thrift Store Multiple Locations redwhiteandbluethriftstore.com

Chevre Miami 1295 Coral Way Miami • 786-332-4128 chevremiami.com



The place to get Nike, Wilson, On, Lacoste, Fila, adidas, Asics, Babolat Yonex, Head, Aqua Sphere, VOTED BEST Drop Shot, Luxilon and Tourna.


TENNIS | PADEL | PICKLEBALL The place to get Nike, Wilson, On, Lacoste, Fila, adidas, Asics, Babolat Yonex, Head, Aqua Sphere, Drop Shot, Luxilon, and Tourna. 1448 Alton Rd, Miami Beach FL 305-531-0008


Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique 2040 NW 7th Ave Miami • 305-576-4112 lotushousethrift.org


Miami Twice 6562 SW 40th St Miami • 305-666-0127 miamitwice.com What started as a small vintage store in the mid-1980s, deemed Miami Twice, has transformed into a well-known destination for vintage items as well as the new and hip style hunters. As a family-owned and -operated business, the owners personally select each piece for its design, quality, and contemporary wearability. Its collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories spans the entire 20th century. alice + olivia Multiple Locations aliceandolivia.com SAVVY & Sole Mate 5781 Bird Rd Miami • 305-665-9833 savvyandsolemate.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM




CARABOOM caraboomlive.com

1 Hotel South Beach 2341 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 833-625-3111 1hotels.com/south-beach

Sunset Inn South Miami 5852 Sunset Dr Miami • 786-545-2204 soflavacations.com

The Greatest Carwashow on Earth, CARABOOM is an unexpected spectacle of silliness and physical poetry following the trials and triumphs of the Caraboom family. It takes the concept of a car wash and turns it into a bombastic immersive theatrical experience using foam cannons, bubble machines, and human water fountains. CARABOOM is a splash-filled participatory experience appealing to peoples’ inner child.

Sitting directly on 600 feet of pristine beachfront, 1 Hotel South Beach transports guests to an outdoor oasis. Guests can visit Tala, a 50,000-square-foot beach club featuring sprawling daybeds, overstuffed pillows, time-tested textures, and an outdoor bar, restaurant and VIP lounge. 1 Hotel South Beach prioritizes creating a sustainable oasis that emulates the natural world and ultimately brings the outdoors inside.

An atmosphere that exudes warmth, hospitality, and the true essence of the city is what guests can expect when staying at Sunset Inn South Miami. Nestled in the heart of downtown, it offers cozy and comfortable studios with kitchenettes and other features to ensure guests feel at home. Guests appreciate the close proximity of the inn to major destinations like restaurants, schools, museums, airports, and more.

Cruisin’ Tikis Miami 301 N Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-222-8454 cruisintikismiami.com FunDimension 2129 NW 1st Ct Miami • 786-360-1766 fundimensionusa.com

The Balfour Hotel 350 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-538-1055 thebalfourmiamibeach.com Fontainebleau Miami Beach 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 800-548-8886 fontainebleau.com

Bars B&B South Beach Hotel 711 Lenox Ave Miami Beach • 305-534-3010 barshotel.com The Goodtime Hotel 601 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 786-687-0234 thegoodtimehotel.com


STAY & PLAY | 87




Esmé Miami Beach Hotel 1438 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 305-809-8050 esmehotel.com

Miccosukee Casino & Resort 500 SW 177th Ave Miami • 305-925-2555 miccosukee.com

Komodo 801 Brickell Ave Miami • 305-534-2211 komodomiami.com

Esmé Miami Beach Hotel welcomed guests in November 2021, gracing the charming Española Way of Miami Beach. This boutique hotel, originally known as the “Spanish Village” when constructed in 1927, now stands as a chic South Beach escape, lovingly renovated over five years at a cost of $40 million by Infinity Collective. It boasts 145 guest rooms, a rooftop, pool, and five signature eateries.

Miccosukee Casino & Resort has been a renowned entertainment destination for 33 years, and caters to gaming enthusiasts seeking their fortune. Established in 1990 as a bingo hall by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, it has evolved into a comprehensive resort and gaming complex with over 1,800 slot machines, poker, bingo, dining venues, entertainment options, and 302 elegant rooms and suites.

Connecting the community with the energy, flair, and regional flavors of Southeast Asia, Komodo is a hip, exclusive lounge. It is fueled by bold aesthetics, trendsetting artwork, a state-of-the-art DJ booth, and a full bar. The club regularly hosts top DJs and features six oversized banquettes. The atmosphere pulls inspiration from Miami and Southeast Asia alike. It is a truly unique experience for all who come.

Arlo Wynwood 2217 NW Miami Ct Miami • 786-522-6600 arlohotels.com/wynwood The Betsy Hotel 1440 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 844-539-2840 thebetsyhotel.com

Magic City Casino 450 NW 37th Ave Miami • 305-649-3000 magiccitycasino.com Calder Casino 21001 NW 27th Ave Miami Gardens • 305-625-1311 caldercasino.com

LIV Miami 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 305-674-4680 livnightclub.com Club Space 34 NE 11th St Miami • 786-616-6742 clubspace.com




FunDimension 2129 NW 1st Ct Miami • 786-360-1766 fundimensionusa.com

Bar Gaythering 1409 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach • 786-284-1176 gaythering.com

Biltmore Golf Course 1210 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables • 855-311-6903 biltmorehotel.com

FunDimension has laser tag, virtual reality, rock climbing, bumper cars, arcade games, and new duck pin bowling. Being in the Wynwood Arts District provides the location with original art on the walls. This is an ideal choice for parties with guests of all ages, or corporate events. Whether one is a parent playing a game with their child, or colleagues after work sipping beer and bowling, FunDimension appeals to all.

Creative drinks in a hotel space with games, a lounge, high top seating, and eclectic interior details make Bar Gaythering a great space for a fun night. The drink menu is simple and to the point with craft cocktails and beers at unbeatable prices. The bartenders can create delicious drinks and are most proud of their attention to detail. The rooms are clean and well decorated, and the staff are friendly and polite.

Located in upscale Coral Gables, Biltmore Golf Course is the city’s most iconic golf course. A challenging par-71 Donald Ross layout, the course provides spectacular landscapes and a sense of style that is unsurpassed in the area. The Biltmore Hotel has long been a symbol of elegance and sophistication where guests can enjoy a blend of timelessness combined with modern amenities and conveniences while playing a game of golf.

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science Miami • 305-434-9600 frostscience.org Zoo Miami 12400 SW 152nd St Miami • 305-255-5551 zoomiami.org

Palace Bar & Restaurant 1052 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-531-7234 palacesouthbeach.com Twist 1057 Washington Ave Miami Beach • 305-538-9478 twistsobe.com

Crandon Golf 6700 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne • 305-586-6539 golfcrandon.com JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa Aventura • 305-932-6200 marriott.com

88 | STAY & PLAY



InterContinental Miami 100 Chopin Plaza Miami • 305-577-1000 hicmiamihotel.com Offering guests a premier hotel experience, InterContinental Miami provides unparalleled service for an unforgettable stay. The hotel was built around Henry Moore’s famous sculpture, “The Spindle,” which is the focal point of the lobby. The guest rooms are elegant and present luxury paired with Miami charm. Guests can enjoy the top-notch amenities and services while taking in the captivating waterfront views. Arlo Wynwood 2217 NW Miami Ct Miami • 786-522-6600 arlohotels.com/wynwood SLS Brickell Miami 1300 S Miami Ave Miami • 305-239-1300 slshotels.com





Arlo Wynwood 2217 NW Miami Ct Miami • 786-522-6600 arlohotels.com/wynwood The 76-foot-long heated pool is the crown jewel of the Arlo Wynwood. Guests are invited to soak up the sun in the heart of one of the city’s most creative neighborhoods. The rooftop pool features a bar in which guests can order salads, guacamole, wings, and more that pair well with wine, beer, cocktails, juices, and soft drinks. Classic and specialty cocktails can be ordered in pitchers to sip on between dips in the pool. SLS Brickell Miami 1300 S Miami Ave Miami • 305-239-1300 slshotels.com Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables Coral Gables • 855-311-6903 biltmorehotel.com MIAMI HERALD




90 | STAY & PLAY



Carillon Miami Wellness Resort 6801 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 866-800-3858 carillonhotel.com

Duck Tours 1661 James Ave Miami Beach • 305-673-2217 ducktourssouthbeach.com

An innovative center, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort provides an escape at an extraordinary beachfront setting. Guests can enjoy therapies such a infrared saunas, cupping, cryotherapy, and more as the resort brings a mixture of Western, Eastern, alternative, and aesthetic medicine for individualized treatment plans with impactful results. Spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments make for a great stay.

With a fleet of passenger hydra-terra amphibious buses, Duck Tours provides an experience like no other. The vehicles have revolutionary positive buoyancy with USCG approved foam-filled compartments, making them virtually unsinkable. All captains hold a United States Coast Guard Masters license as well as a driver’s license and complete a rigorous training program. Guests can enjoy the city on a unique and thrilling tour.

The Standard Spa 40 Island Ave Miami Beach • 305-673-1717 standardhotels.com/miami Mandarin Oriental 500 Brickell Key Dr Miami • 305-913-8288 mandarinoriental.com

Miami Tour Company 305-260-6855 miamitourcompany.com



Brick 187 NW 28th St Miami • 786-467-1205 brickmia.com

Magic 13 Brewing Co. 340 NE 61st St Miami magic13brewing.com

Whether people are looking for a casual night out with friends or celebrating with bottle service, Brick has it all. It is a 1920s house with a beer garden featuring craft brews and bourbon, plus a patio and talented DJs. Based in the heart of Wynwood, it is a truly unique dance bar offering a large beer selection along with a cocktail and full kitchen menu. It is open late, so the fun can last for hours.

An experience like no other, Magic 13 Brewing Co. is in the heart of the city and is on a mission to bring the finest craft beer to the community along with amazing live music shows. The brewery boasts a spacious indoor and outdoor area making it the perfect place to enjoy cold drinks on hot days. The food menu features a variety of options, and the wine list is carefully curated to complement the food and beer selection.

Salsa Mia 900 Ocean Dr Miami Beach • 305-458-4558 salsamia.com Siboney 6051 SW 8th St Miami • 786-380-9667 siboneymiami.com

Miami Beach Bandshell 7275 Collins Ave Miami Beach miamibeachbandshell.com Lagniappe 3425 NE 2nd Ave Miami • 305-576-0108 lagniappehouse.com

Miami EcoAdventures 275 NW 2nd St Miami • 305-755-7800 miamidade.gov





1 Hotel South Beach 2341 Collins Ave Miami Beach • 833-625-3111 1hotels.com/south-beach Located on Miami Beach, 1 Hotel South Beach prioritizes creating a sustainable oasis that emulates the natural world and brings the outdoors inside. The Retreat Collection offers added amenities for hotel guests in addition to a rooftop terrace, four pools, beachfront service, and six food and beverage outlets. Guests are invited to enjoy the Bamford Wellness Spa and an 18,000 square-foot wellness Anatomy gym. The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami Key Biscayne • 305-365-4500 ritzcarlton.com Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables Coral Gables • 855-311-6903 biltmorehotel.com



Cruisin’ Tikis Miami 301 N Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-222-8454 cruisintikismiami.com Cruisin’ Tikis Miami is the ultimate floating tiki bar experience. With a focus on fun, it provides VIP water tours that always put smiles on peoples’ faces. Each tiki boat comfortably seats six passengers and includes a captain, ensuring a carefree journey. Known as the most photographed boats on the water, they offer six exciting tours, from sunrise to city skyline, making them perfect for family fun. Water Taxi Miami Multiple Locations 305-600-2511 watertaximiami.com Biscayne Bay Boat Tour 786-785-1700 wannadotours.com MIAMI HERALD



Call 305-222-tiki (8454)

cruisintikismiami.com 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL 33132

STAY & PLAY | 91




Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua 2200 SW 16th St #122 Miami • 305-332-1636 miamicapoeirasolelua.com

Aliona Ortega Fine Art 2300 N Miami Ave Ste B Miami • 305-576-5335 alionaortegafineart.com

Creative Cove 6998 SW 47th St Miami creativecove.net

The Encounter is an annual ceremony and celebration ran by Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua. The events features four-day workshops in Capoeira, percussion, music, Afro-Brazilian dance, Samba, and Maculele as well as beach time, sharing, and the magic that the city is known for. The school offers a few free classes during this time for the community as well as a sliding scale payment option for those who qualify.

The gallerist at Aliona Ortega Fine Art has made an exceptional niche for herself in a way that very few art galleries can sustain. Aliona has developed an award-winning global art platform focusing on modernism and contemporary art. The gallery has worked at becoming a respected source of honest, thoughtful, and important art that is directed by what is enduring rather than what is currently in vogue.

Children can spend their birthday celebrations at Creative Cove, one of the most unique and fun party venues in the city. An art and event studio in the heart of the Bird Rd. Art District, it has been providing fun parties since it opened in 2016. Parents can relax as the talented team takes all the stress out of party planning. Clients can choose from studio celebrations, mobile classes, and stations.

Miami International Boat Show miamiboatshow.com

Miart Space 151 NW 36th St Miami • 786-406-9915 miarts.webador.com Deering Estate 16701 SW 72nd Ave Miami • 305-680-5219 deeringestate.org

Weekend PE 786-505-2970 weekendpe.com

Carnaval Miami 1400 SW 1st St Miami • 305-644-8888 carnavalmiami.com 92 | THINGS TO DO

Topgolf Multiple Locations topgolf.com MIAMIDADEFAVORITES.COM


Voices for Children Foundation’s Annual Golf Invitational Miami • 305-324-5678 beavoice.org Serving as a beacon of hope for children in foster care in the community, Voices for Children Foundation’s Annual Golf Invitational provides advocacy, essential needs, and positive experiences. The organization was founded in 1984 by a group of advocates who were moved to action by seeing the needs of abandoned and abused children. The event raises funds to help support the critical needs of these children. Fashion Gives Back Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation nicklauschildrens.org/ncya The Little Lighthouse Foundation 100 Biscayne Blvd #1607 Miami • 786-890-6854 thelittlelighthouse.org


Miami International Dance Academy Coral Gables • 305-986-8470 miaminternationaldanceacademy.com Everyone is welcome at Miami International Dance Academy, a studio that offers different dance disciplines based on Cuban Methodology to girls of all ages and skill levels. It mainly focuses on classical ballet but also teaches acrobatics, jazz, lyrical, tap, hip hop, and Latin dance and is the home to a competition team and recreational dance program. The studio is one of the few that follows the Cuban style of ballet. Miami Royal Ballet & Dance 300 Altara Ave #1415 Coral Gables • 305-396-8839 miamiroyalballet.com Dance Center of Florida 250 NE 61st St Miami • 786-391-2146 dcfstudio.net MIAMI HERALD

Join and and help help change Join changethe the lives of of children children in lives inneed. need.

Nicklaus Children’s Young Ambassadors (NCYA) is a vital partner in Nicklaus Ambassadors is achildren’s vital partner NicklausChildren’s Children’sYoung Hospital’s journey to (NCYA) transform lives.in Committed to creating awareness and raising significant funds, lives. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s journey to transform children’s NCYA stands the forefront of ourand mission, championing Committed to at creating awareness raising significant the funds, causestands of pediatric NCYA at thehealthcare. forefront of our mission, championing the cause of pediatric healthcare. With an astounding $1 million raised-to-date, NCYA has already made profound difference in the lives of countless from With anaastounding $1 million raised-to-date, NCYAchildren has already Southa Florida anddifference beyond. But not of stopping there. made profound in we’re the lives countless children from

South Florida and beyond. But we’re not stopping there. We invite adults ages 22-45 to join NCYA today, because together, we are the driving force behind hope, healing, and happiness for We invite adults ages 22-45 to join NCYA today, because together, our littlest heroes. Let’s make a greater impact on children, one we are the driving force behind hope, healing, and happiness for heartfelt gesture at a time. our littlest heroes. Let’s make a greater impact on children, one heartfelt gesture at a time.

To learn more, visit: nicklauschildrens.org/NCYA

To learn more, visit: nicklauschildrens.org/NCYA Congratulations to NCYA’s Fashion Gives Back for being voted Favorite Charity Event!

Congratulations to NCYA’s Fashion Gives Back THINGS TO DO | 93 for being voted Favorite Charity Event!




Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre Coral Gables • 305-444-9293 actorsplayhouse.org

Gama Filho 2750 Coral Way #204 Miami • 786-878-7782 gamafilhomartialarts.com

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science Miami • 305-434-9600 frostscience.org

For decades, Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre has been a pillar of cultural excellence in the area. As a leading producer of critically acclaimed dramatic and musical theatre for all ages, this private nonprofit professional theatre has enriched South Florida’s cultural landscape. Actors’ Playhouse provides programming that resonates with diverse audiences and nurtures local theatre professionals.

The instructors and students at Gama Filho form tight bonds that go beyond the dojo. Gama Filho believes that martial arts strengthens individuals and their families. Students develop self-defense skills and confidence that can be applied in life. The beautiful gym is spacious and impeccably clean. This ensures ample room to hone techniques while ensuring a welcoming and hygienic atmosphere.

The city’s only planetarium, aquarium, and science museum, Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a hands-on facility that offers many interesting and educational exhibits. Guests can enjoy descending the thrilling depths of the three-level aquarium, and see riveting live shows, animals, hands-on interactives, and cutting-edge technology. Excitement and learning come together for one amazing experience.

GableStage 1200 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables • 305-445-1119 gablestage.org CARABOOM caraboomlive.com

Master Kim’s Martial Arts 2296 SW 8th St Miami • 305-643-0532 mbkma.com Valente Brothers 16360 NE 26th Ave North Miami Beach • 305-354-2060 valentebrothers.com

Peerez Art Museum 1103 Biscayne Blvd Miami • 305-375-3000 pamm.org Coral Gables Museum 285 Aragon Ave Coral Gables • 305-603-8067 coralgablesmuseum.org



Miami Heat heat.com

Bru Med Travel 6557 Coral Way Miami • 305-262-1727 brumedtravel.com

Fans love cheering on the Miami Heat, the city’s professional basketball team. The club plays its home games at the Kaseya Center, located downtown by Biscayne Bay. The arena is positioned between the skyline of the city and the beautiful beaches. Locals and visitors alike enjoy gathering to the vibrant waterfront setting to cheer on the team. The team is sure to excite lifelong fans and those who are new to the sport.

Founded in 1989 by Francisco and Rosy Bruna, Bru Med Travel is a family-owned and operated travel agency with over 34 years of service in Miami-Dade County. Specializing in Europe, they are committed to organizing high-quality, enjoyable trips for a memorable vacation. As a full-service agency, they offer air tickets, hotels, cruises, train tickets, car rentals, customized vacation packages, excursions, and more.

Red Dragons Miami Dragon Boat Racing Team facebook.com/reddragonsmiami

Mena Travel Advisors 305-649-7066 mena-travel.com

Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team puffdragonboat.com

Lorraine Travel 377 Alhambra Circle Coral Gables • 305-446-4433 lorrainetravel.com


Turn to the guide with the BEST Things to Do in the Miami area. MiamiDadeFavorites.com



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Miami Animal Clinic...............................Inside Back Cover

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Miami Family Law Group.................................................. 54

Baurball................................................................................. 84

Mirabelle............................................................................... 70

Belen Jesuit Preparatory School.................................... 30

Monty’s Raw Bar................................................................. 57

Bianco Gelato.................................. Inside Front Cover, 18

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.............................................37

Brickell Avenue Dentistry................................................. 35

Our International Academy...............................................47

Buchwald Jewelers............................................................ 82

Patrick L. Cordero Law Firm............................................ 52

CARABOOM........................................................................ 60

Piotrowski Law.................................................................... 53

CAVA Law............................................................................. 55

Power Financial Credit Union......................................... 25

CDC Builders....................................................................... 65

Sabal Coffee......................................................................... 15

Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics............................. 40

Safe House Smoke Shop................................................. 85

Cruisin’ Tikis Miami............................................................. 91

Savage Labs........................................................................ 22

Cuban Guys.......................................................................... 16

Somi Pet Resort.................................................................. 80

Educational Federal Credit Union...................................74

Sports Grill............................................................................ 23

Epic Plastic Surgery........................................................... 32

Spris Artisan Pizza............................................................... 19

Eric’s Outboard Marine Service...................................... 59

Saint Brendan High School............................................. 27

Fashion Gives Back........................................................... 93

Suarez Law........................................................................... 57

FirstService Residential.................................................... 66

Sulzberger Capital Advisors.............................................78

Ford Window Treatments................................................. 50

Sunset Inn South Miami.................................................... 90

Happy Wine in the Grove................................................. 84

Sunstate Bank.................................................................6, 72

Healthy Connections............................................................8

Trembly Law Firm............................................................... 54

Hive & Colony..................................................................... 83

Ulloa & Company P.A. Accounting & Tax Services.....77

Horta’s & Associates Group............................................ 75

United Architects, Inc........................................................ 69

Irama Valdes, P.A................................................................ 48

Value Store It Self Storage............................................... 44

JD Outdoor Adventures.................................................... 81

Village Montessori School................................................ 13

Laser Eye Center of Miami.............................. Back Cover

West Coast University....................................................... 28

LIME Fresh Mexican Grill.................................................. 20

World Tennis....................................................................4, 86

Miami Animal Clinic is proud to serve Miami, FL and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. We believe in treating every patient as if they were our own pet, and giving them the same loving attention and care. We are a group of highly trained, experienced animal lovers who are devoted to giving our patients the best care possible.



786-542-6070 | miamianimalclinic.net | 7337 SW 8th St, Miami, FL




305-443-4733 | miamilaservision.com | 1661 SW 37th Ave. Miami, FL

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