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22 Nerina Quotes van die kwartaal—Stefani van der Merwe

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LETTER from the Dear Nerina sisters

Editor ♥

As seasons change, I realise that we, like trees, sometimes need to throw off our own dead leaves in order to grow and survive the winter.

“You are in charge of your own happiness.“ What I mean by letting some leaves fall is that we are removing people that impact us negatively and stopping any activities we don’t like anymore. The amazing thing is that when we shake these leaves off, we make space for new growth and new opportunities. I want to encourage each and every one of you reading this that you will be bold enough to make your own decisions, because after all our decisions shape who we become. Shake off those old leaves and get ready for the new ones about to come! Lots of love Mari-Louise Vermaak 4

Nerina Huislied Daar staan geen huis met beter naam op vaste fondament Waar elke dag a vreugde is en vriendskap waarde het Nerina is ‘n huis waar jy ook jouself sal vind Want hier sal almal saamstem, Dis liefde wat ons bind Laat ons almal saamstaan, laat ons almal bou Kom laat ons Nerina aan Hom toevertrou Hier waar ons kan lewe, ons erfenis kan behou Hier beloof ons nou vir jou Nerina ewig trou 5


Huisfondsdans The excited murmurs drifting around, the outrageous costumes, dresses and expensive shoes, the faint tang of cologne and the cool crisp night air made it almost impossible not to know what was going on. It was Huisfondsdans night! Perhaps the guests and Nerina girls were most excited about the theme. The Pictionary theme allowed all person’s attending to dress up in a unique and funky way, expressing their inner self (or inner diva), be it with Bikers and Babes, Twotone and Tekke, Cops and Robbers, Rockstars and Groupies, or North and South. Or maybe it was the free wine that got all those attending so riled up and ready to party. Yeah, that was probably that, now that I think of it.. This relaxing night spent sipping wine (let’s not forget to mention that it’s free!), reclining on a picnic blanket with your man or even just a bestie, indulging in a brown bag full of glorious wonders (the fact that there was both a wrap and a burger, a chocolate and a drink in one simple brown bag almost blew my mind – go Fedics!), and drinking in the good music and hilarious conversation, all the while staring up at the stars, was not to be missed. I hope that my excitement over the night could be seen in that absurdly long run-on sentence. The quad looked spectacular. But then again, the Jacaranda tree, fountain and lush plants look spectacular on a daily basis even without all the extra hoo-ha and glittery lights. Although I must admit, they did add a sense of ambiance and wonder to the night. Well done to the committee! All in all, I wouldn’t have traded the memories made that night for anything (even more free wine). A night spent laughing and relaxing under the flickering stars with Nerina sisters, in the beautiful place we call home, was definitely one for the books.


Genna Warrington


Welcome Newcomers! They say that a smile is the universal welcome and judging by that as criteria we were definitely welcomed with the warmest welcome we possibly could have imagined. A personal description of welcoming week would be a week and a half of constant busyness, the shortest time period in which I have met as many people as I did and a week and a half worth of memories I will always cherish. When I think about those first few days as a new resident of Nerina, I remember the yodel song that played at all of our meals, on repeat, three times a day. I also remember thinking that I would never miss that sound – oh, if only I knew how wrong I was! I remember babysitting Pancakes and being woken with heavy metal music accompanied by the clanging of pots and pans right outside our doors every morning wondering if I would still categorise myself as a morning person after this period of loud awakenings. I remember hearing, “NERINA,VAT AAN MY…!” every morning at seven, sharp. I remember the greeting every morning and I remember practicing new material for skakels. I remember Jeanette’s impossible name and I remember night NCC. I remember getting chills when reciting the values, learning the house song together and also the last bit we were taught in Steph’s room. Of course we think back at events like Vensters, Swart aand, Wit oggend, Rooi aand, skakels, mentor sessions, the night tour, the scavenger hunt, the wine tasting and the evening we all saved Steph. These are the general memories we all share. Then there are moments some of us personally look back at and laugh at as we retell them. I definitely won’t forget the morning I chose to get up earlier to wash my hair only to hear “FIRE DRILL” being shouted through the hallways as I was mid-shampoo. Long story short, I ended up on the front grass at six AM in nothing but my towel and slops. This was also one of my first encounters with neighbourliness as my next-door neighbour covered my shivering self with her fluffy blanket. Celeste covers her face as she laughs to retell the story of her first skakel. She was chatting with this really nice guy and they get along super well and when the whistle blows to switch to the next person (it was a speed dating skakel) they both stand up and with both arms in the pre-hug position she realizes he is holding his hand up for a high-five. Awkwardly they high-five and part ways. Cara giggles all through telling me about the cluster day. She was playing soccer and the ball ended up in the ditch. Having long arms, she goes to retrieve the ball. She reaches in to get it and falls in. This resulted in tying her tekkies to her bag and walking barefoot for the rest of the day. These are just a few of the stories that will forever be remembered. These memories, like my fellow Nerina sisters, will be cherished long after I leave the beautiful Stellenbosch. Hannelize Joubert





Health and beauty

Basic Makeup Tips, in 5 minutes Achieve a fresh face & flawless makeup look with these 5 steps 1. Great makeup always starts with fresh skin. Start by washing and toning your face.

2. Smooth, supple skin is your best material and to achieve this you need moisturizer. Apply your moisturizer cream, giving your skin a few minutes to absorb the lotion. Apply only a pea- sized amount all over the face; you want to make sure your skin is soft and hydrated so that your makeup sits right but isn't greasy. 3. Skip the heavy foundation and even out your skin with a healthy dose of sheer color from a tinted

moisturizer or BB cream. BB Cream is a popular all-in-one cosmetic that often acts as a moisturizer, primer, and light foundation. The tone that comes closest to your natural skin tone will likely suit you best. 10

Health and beauty If you have oily skin, consider a BB Cream with a matte finish. If you have normal skin, consider a moisturizing BB Cream that can make your skin appear smoother. If you have dry skin, look for a BB Cream with a watery consistency instead of a thick cream, since thick creams can cause excess dryness.

4. A thin layer of mascara is all you need for a natural look. You still want your eyes to stand out, so if you have light lashes, adding a layer of mascara may be a good idea. If you naturally have dark, full lashes you may skip out on the mascara. Mascara looks great on everyone and makes enough impact that you can skip other eye makeup. Work from the base of lashes to the tip, remember to roll the brush—it's the easiest way to separate lashes and avoid clumps. 5. Apply a lip balm on the lip surface to seal moisture in your lips and protect them from external exposure. Dry air, cold temperatures and wind all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body. Lip balms are delightfully flavored and ensure soft, smooth and beautiful lips. Mieke Kleynhans


Health and beauty Brace yourselves: flu-season is coming. Winter is coming and so is war. Cue dramatic flashbacks of aggressive sneezing, fevers so bad you shiver and piles of defeated tissues. Yes, brace yourselves, for winter is coming and its bringing the flu with it. Now soldiers, to win this war you need to have constant vigilance, be one step ahead and never, under any circumstances, trust anyone. Even your best friend could be harbouring the enemy. These tips will help you on your path to victory: Wash your hands. A lot. And if you don’t want to run to the bathroom every time you touch a dirty keyboard or handrail, keep a bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer in your bag so you can zap those germs on the go. One of the most common tips for anything, ever: Drink lots of water. Maintain a healthy diet. (This just seems to pop up everywhere.) Get yourself some vitamins! Even if your cupboard starts to look more like a pharmacy, you can never go wrong with a few multi-vitamins to boost the immune system. The following tip is for hardcore soldiers, those of us brave enough to do anything for the cause. The following may involve slight discomfort, maybe even a bruise. If you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate flu-fighter, this tip is for you: get a flu shot. Seriously guys, it’s one of the best ways of avoiding the flu before it even starts. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as germs can spread this way. Keep your surroundings clean by sanitizing your work space, door knobs, keyboard, etc. You can never be too safe. Get enough sleep. (Like we need an excuse to get some more sleep) Avoid being in contact with people that are sick. Or any people for that matter. Just stay at home. Be prepared for defeat. Stock up on flu medicine in case you get struck by the enemy that is the flu. If you are as unlucky, be sure to get enough rest and to hold your hand in front of your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze. I wish you all luck as we enter the battlefield that is flu-season. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mieke Futcher


Health and beauty


essentials MRP R259.99


Woolworths R49.95


Clicks R119.95 (spiced raisin)

4 5 Woolworths R999

Spree R499

by Anja Brink

13 13

Res life

A day in Nerina fifty years ago Have you ever wondered what such a day looked like? Can you believe there were days without chicken schnitzel Wednesday and swiftly swiping your student card to enter the back door? After speaking to a fellow Nerina who also lived in our beautiful home in the 1970’s a few questions were answered. Firstly, meal times were divided into three meals per day and the entire house ate together, but it wasn’t compulsory, just easier since two-minute noodles wasn’t yet their “I’m too lazy to make proper food” back then. Sadly, there were no choices of Standard, Banting, Carb Conscious or any other options, because what you saw was what you got. Luckily, all our special Nerina functions still occurred like house dance and “skakels”. Klein Saterdag” may have originated long ago, but about 50 years ago, curfew wasn’t any student’s favourite word to hear. The ladies had to be in Nerina by 11 o clock on week nights and had to ask the “huismoeder” special permission to stay out later at night on weekends. 14

Res life

“Although, Nerina did not have any pets in those days, the ladies still smuggled little cats, dogs and chickens into the residence, but when discovered, it had to be quickly removed. Men’s visiting hours were a lot stricter and men were only allowed in residence from 9 pm to 11 pm at night in the “toesitkamers”. About 50 years ago, section meetings and coffee dates also occurred and precious friendships were formed. She remembers the compulsory house meetings till early morning hours (even when you were writing a test the next day) as well as the serenades by men’s residences or just groups of drunken students singing loudly when celebrating a friend’s birthday that led to much laughter as well as water balloons being thrown from the Mountain View balcony. However, all those wonderful ladies that lived in Nerina about 50 years ago, helped carry on our legacy and looked after our beautiful home so well even without chicken schnitzel Wednesdays and that young Jacaranda tree growing in the quad.

Elsje de Wet


Res life How to save water in res The Western Cape is currently experiencing a water crisis. It is up to us to make a change, by saving every possible drop. Here are a few water saving tips:

The buckets in the showers can be used to collect water while the shower is warming up. After your shower, you can fill the toilet tank with the water that you have collected.

Do not leave the tap running when you are washing your dishes. Rather use the sink or a separate bucket to rinse them.

Time how long it takes you to shower and try to decrease your time by 5 minutes. You will be surprised how much water can be saved in 5 minutes.

Make sure you always close the taps properly when you are done with them. A leaking tap can waste 30 litres of water per day.

Do less laundry. A group of friends can wash their clothes together, to save water.


Hesmari Basson

Res life

Wat is koningskos teenoor koshuiskos? Die een ding wat altyd teenwoordig moet wees in ‘n mamma-pakkie is huiskos. Dis iets wat jy gou leer waardeer, sodra jy vir jouself moet begin sorg. Nie net is kreatiwiteit en geld beperkende faktore nie, maar ook tyd. Met al die faktore in ag geneem het ek gaan jag vir maklike resepte – want almal was eens ‘n beginner – wat ons in die mikrogolf kan maak, sodat Nerina ook huiskos kan lewer. You know how they say: “Breakfast like a king...” I would say amen to that, but why eat like a king if you can eat like a kid? Want S’more oatmeal? 1/3 cup Oats ½ cup water 1 tbsp grounded cinnamon 3 marshmallows (cut up) A cracker ½ tbsp chocolate chips (optional)

Microwave the water and the oats for one minute on high and stir until it is thick. Add the cinnamon. Top it off with the marshmallows and cracker for a fast breakfast filled with energy.


Res life Pizza can now be an everyday meal. A cup of pizza. 4 tbsp flour A pinch of salt A pinch of baking powder A pinch of baking soda 3 tbsp milk 1 tbsp oil Your favourite marinata sauce (the tomato-stuff) Cheese and your prefered topping. Whisk ingredients 5 and 6 in a microwavable cup. Add ingredients 1-4 and mix thoroughly. Add a dollop of your prefered marinata sauce. Top this with the cheese and your own topping. Microwave for 70-80 seconds and enjoy. And then the day ends with eating like a pauper, or eating proper. Couscous Greek salad 1/3 Cup uncooked couscous 1/3 Cup water 1 Tbsp Olive oil Salt Salad ingrediants of your liking (Olives, Feta, tomato, cucumber etc.) Pour water in mug and microwave for three minutes. Pour the couscous in the mug, cover it and let it stand for five minutes. Add olive oil and salt and stir. Add your salad ingrediants and enjoy or refrigerate. 18

Res life Some of us follow our hearts and they often lead us to dessert. Kaaskoek vir môre en vir meer ½ pakkie mariebeskuitjies 1 liter plein joghurt 1 blikkie plein kondensmelk ‘n sjokolade (‘n Flake werk maklik)

Krummel die mariebeskuitjies onder in ‘n bak. Meng die joghurt en die kondensmelk en gooi dit oor die beskuitjies. Sit die bak vir 3-5 minute in die mikrogolf. Bêre die mengsel oornag in ‘n yskas. Net voor ete, rasper die sjokolade oor en geniet. The last one is for all of us who enjoy die simple things in life, thus we do not need the microwave for this one. I scream, you scream and we all scream for... Ice cream A mason jar Whipcream 1 tbsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp sugar Tissue paper

Fill the mason jar half with whipcream. Add the vanilla and sugar. Shake the jar and cover it with wet tissue paper. Refrigerate. Eating shouldn’t be admin. Eating should be an adventure and it can be, if we make time and enjoy every experiment by sharing. It doesn’t have to be hard, it only needs to be lekker. Karla van Rensburg 19

Res life

Overcoming the Nerina struggles “I forgot to book lunch for Nerina Wednesday.” I am sure we all have been in this sticky situation at least once or twice while living here in Nerina. Even though Nerinas are the best kind of girls at Stellenbosch University (don’t mind my objective opinion), we too are not free of the student struggle. When a month comes creeping to an end, Stellenbosch becomes an abandoned town. Students remain indoors where their credit cards are safe from swiping. This is the early symptoms of empty bank syndrome, but don’t worry, there are ways to make the end of the month a much happier time again. At the end of the month, students are often more stingy with their money and their parents’ speeches of budgeting suddenly seems beneficial. I personally think my parents are most proud of me at this dark time. It is as if the currencies change by the end of the month. A R20 at the end of the month is suddenly worth a R100 at the beginning of the month. When the last days approach and you see your fridge is looking rather empty, do not forget about your friends, COB and Fedics. Just load some COB credits on your student account and book your meals at res and then you are sorted till payday. There comes a time in every Nerinas life where she comes to the realization that she is going to miss Wednesday’s schnitzel. You are then thinking about everything you could’ve done with that R22.67. You think of how you could’ve spent that money on COB. You could’ve spent it on an ice cold Coca Cola after a hot day of walking around on campus or spoiling yourself with chocolates after a draining study session or buying comfort food because all your friends are home for the weekend and you are stuck with YouTube to keep you company. Don’t fear when Fedics is near. Fedics is kind enough to accommodate us unorganized Nerinas who do not plan ahead of time by cancelling our meal bookings two days prior to Wednesday. Fedics has a system where you can

leave your plate on the counter where the toaster is. You then have to write down your student number and the meal option you booked on a piece of paper and leave it on your plate. Then you just swipe your student card and you are one step closer to overcoming the Nerina struggles. Just don’t forget to fetch your food downstairs when you return to res. It is Sunday night, you are returning from home, and you’re suddenly hit with the reality that you were one of the Nerinas that did not receive parking. Every time you look for a parking you get reminded of the fact that all those dances’ committees were for nothing. People often ask me


Res life

before they start their first year of varsity, what tips I can give them. I usually say, “Get involved in your residence because room points are a struggle.” While writing this article, I realize I should say in the future, “Don’t park on someone else’s parking.” In Nerina there is usually always a cold war taking place in our parking lot. There is always someone parked on someone else’s parking. If you don’t have parking at res, but you still need your car on campus to do your weekly errands such as grocery shopping, you can apply for Peripheral parking and if you are returning from a “Klein Saterdag” type of evening you can just park your car at the dead end of the recreation hall parking lot

for the night and return your car to it’s Peripheral parking the next day. When Sunday night approaches and you are wondering what you are going to wear the next day but you suddenly realize that you have nothing clean to wear accept those ugly socks your gran once gave you for Christmas. Don’t worry. When this happens, you can remain calm by reminding yourself that it is in these times that having to share a room with someone is a positive thing. Borrow an outfit from your roomie to wear the next day and go give your laundry to Weané first thing the next morning. By Monday afternoon you will be strutting the streets in your squeaky clean clothes.

“Mom, I seriously need a car.” When I have this phone conversation with my mom, she already

knows what I spent my day doing: grocery shopping. When your friends complain about parking you wish to remind them of the struggle of walking with your groceries back to res. I am sure looking for parking is not as bad as your grocery bag breaking and seeing your deodorant, potatoes and cucumber rolling across the street. After these unfortunate events, I have learned that you need to plan ahead. Ask your friends with cars which day of the week they are doing their grocery shopping and ask if you can join them. Your argument can be the following: the odds of finding a parking is better with two sets of eyes.

Being a Nerina can be hard. Having a residence so far from town can really have its disadvantages, but luckily for us we live in a house were sisterhood is something we view as very important. It is important to love your neighbours and help out where you can. Some of our sisters live very far from home and depend on their Nerina sisters to fill in as their support system. So next time you see a Nerina wondering around the streets with Checkers grocery bags, help a sister out.

Wilma de Waal


Res life

QUOTES VAN DIE KWARTAAL I enjoy personalities with a sense of quirkiness. I also enjoy laughing – especially re-laughing at old jokes and funny memories. We all know that feeling you get when you laugh so hard that your deepest tummy muscles begin to ache, your nose crinkles and snorts accompany your gasping-for-air noises. We have all experienced that grade of funny on the Hilarious scale.

Kom ons wees gou eerlik met mekaar: almal het al iewers in hulle lewe hul broek natgemaak van te veel lag. Dit is goed vir die gemoed, maar onaangenaam vir die uitrusting! This term we have decided to gather some of these lovely moments and we put them together in an article right here under your nose. So grab a piece of pizza, sit down and enjoy the cheesy quirkiness as we travel down Giggles Lane. Jana Boleslawsky: “Hoe was jou toets?” Georgina Baker: “Ag, daar is ‘n valskerm, so dis oraait.” Anri Magerman at the mentor meeting: “Guys, the mattresses in men’s residences are so much bigger than ours!” Mentors: “How do you know that?” Anri: “I felt them and they’re bigger.” The NCC to the newcomers: “When the time is right…” Almost everyone on the Nerina Secondies group: “I’m selling my Varsity Cup ticket for the rugby game tonight. If anyone is interested, please pm me.” Margot Basson, elke keer as die liedjie Shoutout to my ex speel en almal danspassies uitvoer: “FORMASIE! FORMASIE”

Steph Weiss: “Naas” Nerine Rocher: “Wie dink dis ‘n goeie idee om 3 uur die oggend te kom lawaai onder my venster?” All the Pedi, Tswana and Sotho girls: “Wagafa” Julia van der Westhuizen: “I low-key travelled with an 11-kilogram watermelon from KZN to the Western Cape over the long weekend in my hand luggage. I rolled it through border security and dragged it around. My logic is: if you can take an apple on a plane, surely you can take a watermelon too.”


Res life Mari-Louise Vermaak oor ‘n aand midde-in BRek-week: “Ek het maar baie kalm op my bed gelê en panic toe Dané begin uithaak.” Jacana Redcliffe: “I’m a linguist. I like ambiguity more than most people.” Nicole Greeff op die eerste aan wat die eerstejaars dorp toe kon gaan: “Ons gaan vanaand uit. Doen watookal jy wil en waarvoor jy NIE lus is nie!” Laan: “Hyde your kids, Laan is here.” Ndumi Makhanya after showing the impressive House dance introductory video to us: “Sorry for that being so extra.” Nicole Brand en Jana Malan het een aand die Nerina-trop verloor op pad Wilgehnof toe, maar besluit sommer om ‘n kortpad te vat, oor die heining te spring en beide val hulself toe kediks! ‘n Paar dae later, kom hulle tot ‘n besef: Wilgenhof is nie omhein nie – hulle het eintlik by die Universiteitsmuseum langs Wilgehnof ingebreek! All of us during the first few weeks of the year: “Gobisiqolo. TSIENG TSIENG TSIENG!” Gees committee: “GEEE-HEEEES” Tamryn Scott: “Message from tannie Tanita: The maintenance guys are going to take off the taps of the baths today due to the water restrictions.” Jesse de Villiers: “Only the baths?” Madelein Louw: “Wie sing so aanhoudend? Ek dink dis nou…genoeg.” Nadia Deale: “Nadia Deale…or no deal.” Liandi Basson: “Is iemand lus om gou saam met my te gaan draf?” Niki Kloppers: *insert laughing emoji here* Jacana Redcliffe: “Stress…”

Inge de Wet: “Ek het hierdie kleur in blou.” Carli Uys: BLAF Alé du Toit: “Lag, dis snaaks.” Mag ons altyd iets vind om oor te lag. Ingrid Jonker skryf “Jou lag is ‘n oopgebreekte granaat. Lag weer dat ek kan hoor hoe lag die granate.” May our tears always come from laughing and may we experience many more hilarious memories in our Nerina years to come.

Stefani van der Merwe



7 Ultimate movies for 90s kids Enough about what an epic love story Fifty Shades of Grey is. The nineties’ to early two thousands left us with such great master pieces of movies that no one should even find a reason to mutter the name Christian Grey. If you don’t know what I’m talking about stop what you’re doing open a new tab and search for these seven titles on 123movies.re 7) My Girl

6) Romeo and Juliet

Possibly the cutest and saddest movie known to man. Young Veda Sultenfuss has an unusual link to death and the dead with her father owning a funeral service that operates out of her home and her mother having died while giving birth to her but some light is brought into her life by her best friend Thomas J. We watch as Veda struggles through crushes on her teachers, her best and only friend being a boy to first periods but then again that’s what being eleven is about. You know the story. But have you felt the true pain of Leonardo Dicaprio capturing your heart and dieing for the 100th time in a movie scene. (SPOILER) It hurts almost as much as Titanic.

5) John Tucker Must Die After learning they are all dating the same guy Beth (Sophia Bush), Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) And Heather (Ashanti) decide to team up and get revenge on him instead of beating each other up. With the help of new girl Kate (Brittany Snow) they manage to play the player at his own game John Tucker (Jesse Metcaffe) but is there a limit to revenge?


Reflection 4) She’s the Man

Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) is a star soccer player but when her school cuts her soccer team and her mother is trying to force her into a puffy pink dress for the Debutant Ball she decides to take matters into her own hands. She impersonates her twin brother, Sebastian while he’s in England and let’s just say if you ever wanted to know what it’s like to live in a boy’s res give this movie a watch. Things get complicated, as they always do when she starts to fall for her handsome roommate Duke (Channing Tatum) who is in love with Olivia who has fallen for Sebastian. Things worsen when the real Sebastian returns. 3) 10 Things I Hate Based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the shrew with a fun About You twist. Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) is outspoken smart and intimidating three things men do not look for in a woman but her sister Bianca seems to attract them like bees to honey. The rule of the house is that Bianca can’t date anyone till Kat does. This leads to some money being exchanged to set Kat up with the handsome Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger). Can Patrick tame the shrew before homecoming or will the beans be spilled before then? 2) A Walk to Remem- The original Fault in our stars. Jamie Sullivan (Mandy ber Moore), The pastor’s daughter leads a full albeit quiet teenage life but all is turned upside down when Landon Carter (Shane West) is thrown into her path as a consequence of his reckless actions. The two form an unlikely relationship but there are some painful secrets still between them. Will Landon be able to save Jamie life she saved him? 1) 500 Days of Sum- Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an architect is stuck in a deadmer end greeting card writing job but when Summer gets a job at his firm he starts to realize maybe work isn’t so bad. When things go south he looks over their time together wondering where things went wrong but instead rediscovers his true passion in life.

by Kishalya Haridass


Reflection Most powerful people in the world Rank 1

What Forbes has to say about them Vladimir Putin President, Russia


Donald Trump President, United States of America


Angela Merkel Chancellor, Germany


Xi Jinping General Secretary, Communist Party, China


Pope Francis Bishop of Rome, Roman Catholic Church


The world's most powerful person for four years running, Russia's president has exerted his country's influence in nearly every corner of the globe; from the motherland to Syria to the U.S. presidential elections, Putin continues to get what he wants. Unconstrained by conventional global norms, his reach has magnified in recent years. In 2016 Russian hackers were accused of tapping into email accounts owned by members of the U.S. Democratic Party in a bid to aid the campaign of Donald Trump, who has regularly praised Putin's leadership style. Donald Trump became the first billionaire president in U.S. history in January 2017, but the business that made him rich remains intact. Today his sons Eric and Donald Jr. run the day-to-day operations. They have promised to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump presidency, but it's unclear whether that is actually happening. The president created a trust to park his properties -- which include office towers, private golf clubs and luxury hotels -- and Eric Trump told Forbes he will update his father on their financials "probably quarterly." As populist, right-wing political movements spring up around the world, many have labeled Germany's Chancellor as the last bastion of Western liberal power. Merkel, who faces a challenging reelection bid in 2017, has been tasked with maintaining a united European front in the wake of Brexit, balancing growing Russian influence on the continent and managing more than 1 million migrants who have entered Germany in recent years. This is hardly the first difficult political climate Merkel has been dealt. Xi Jinping is more powerful than ever after being elevated to a Communist Party "core" leader in 2016, an honour previously bestowed upon Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. After ascending to the presidency in 2012, Xi was quick to see the benefits of privatization-friendly reforms, and further signs of fresh thinking are everywhere. He has a surprisingly assertive public profile, even allowing the state media to publish a day-in -the-life account of his workday. Xi has fought harder than his predecessors against corruption and in favour of greater economic and security alliances. Still, he has showed a willingness to engage in strategic moments of confrontation. Pope Francis is the spiritual leader to nearly one-sixth of the world's population, 1.3 billion people. He has made it his personal mission to transform the longstanding conservative image of the Catholic Church. In November 2016 he gave priests the power to forgive women who undergo abortions, and has continued to push for climate change reform, better management of the global refugee crisis and greater attention to persecution of religious minorities in the Middle East. Still, Francis has kept some traditional aspects of the Church in place as well.

Reflection 6

Janet Yellen Chair, Federal Reserve, United States

From his perch atop the world's largest private charitable foundation, Bill Gates keeps pushing to save lives in the developing world Cofounder, Bill & Melinda Gates through efforts to eliminate polio, attack malaria and expand childFoundation hood vaccinations. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also working to improve K-12 education in the U.S., an area in which it's had fewer tangible results. The richest person in the world for 18 out of the past 23 years, Gates stepped down as Microsoft chairman in 2014 but remains a technology advisor and board member of the company he cofounded in 1975. Gates sells his Microsoft shares on a regular basis and now owns 2.3% of the company, which in turn accounts for 13% of his fortune.


Bill Gates


Larry Page CEO, Alphabet


Narendra Modi Prime Minister, India


Janet Yellen, chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve System, has been reluctant to raise domestic interest rates. Since beginning her tenure in 2014, she has hiked rates just twice, including a tweak in December 2016. Performing neither as wizard nor innovator, Yellen instead asserts her power by way of plain sentences and easy logic, making it easy to forget that the Yale- and Brown-educated economist is perhaps the world's top market-mover. As the first female Fed chair, she holds unmatched influence over American monetary policy.

Page serves as CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. He cofounded Google in 1998 with fellow Stanford Ph.D. student Sergey Brin. Page is a clean energy advocate, and his Palo Alto houses use fuel cells and geothermal energy. Page is reportedly personally funding two secretive flying car startups: Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk.

India's populist prime minister remains hugely popular in his country of 1.3 billion people. In November 2016 he unexpectedly announced plans to eliminate India's two largest bank notes in a bid to reduce money laundering and corruption, creating a nationwide frenzy to quickly swap out the bills. Modi has raised his profile as a global leader in recent years during official visits with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. He has also emerged as a key figure in the international effort to tackle climate change, as planetary warming will deeply affect millions of his country's rural and most vulnerable citizens.

The Facebook CEO has seen his net worth soar as the social network's stock price has skyrocketed. A Harvard dropout, he founded Cofounder, Chairman and CEO, Facebook in 2004 at the age of 19. Zuckerberg and his wife, Facebook Priscilla Chan, have pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lifetimes. Mark Zuckerberg

Monique Jakob



Iconic Young South Africans "I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a b*tch. You've got to go out and kick ass." —Maya Angelou. So often we look to international women for inspiration and motivation, but right here in the heart of South Africa, we have so many strong independent women who has made a difference in OUR country. Many times, we see matured and well experienced women making top lists of ‘most influential women’, however, there are young women who too made an impact not only on their community but the world of work. Mail & Guardian writes an annual edition of Young South Africans, under the age of 35 who have made a success of their lives in their respective industries. There are 11 industries namely, Arts & Culture, Business & Law, Civil Society, Education, Environment, Health, Media & Film, Politics & Government, Rising Stars, Science & Technology and Sport. Much of their information can be found on their Social Media platforms but I will look at only a few industries and highlight an iconic woman from each.

Arts & Culture: Her name is, Ameera Patel and she is a theatre practitioner, actor, poet and a recent novelist. Patel did a BA in Theatre & Performance at UCT in 2005 and did her Master’s in Creative Writing at Wits in 2013. She had her first novel published by Modjaji Books and has performed in Grahamstown at the National Arts Festival. She is also a founding member of the Poetry Collective Rite2Speak.

Business & Law: Her name is Gugulethu Sigasa and she had a passion for accounting since grade eight. Sigasa is the president of the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa and in fact, the youngest to hold this seat. She has also launched other initiatives to empower black women and I quote, “With a vision of seeing my business become a pan-African conglomerate fully owned by women”.

Civil Society:


Her name is Nisha Vargese and she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 6months old. When she was 13years old, she was put on bed rest and came across an interview by Oprah Winfrey of Kendall Ciesemier on his organisation Kids Caring 4 Kids. This inspired her to raise funds for people In need around the world via the internet. She is now a well-established blogger and fundraiser with multiple fundraising projects which support underprivileged communities. Her most recent campaign is called 25Smiles, where she is raising funds for cleft palate surgery for 25 children through the Smile Train and has raised almost $6000!

Reflection Education: Loyiso Makapela is the youngest lecturer at the University of the Free State. At the age of 27, Advocate Makapela became the lecturer of the Faculty of Law and has two master’s degrees- one in International Economic Law and one in Development and Governance. She will commence her PhD at both Stellenbosch University and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She enjoys watching YouTube Makeup tutorials and having fun with fashion. She also initiated Young Women of Power, to encourage corporate fashion.

Environment: Her name is Nasreen Peer and she loves all things marine. She studied ecology despite many people telling her that she would not earn any money and that she was wasting her talents. She started focusing her research on true crabs at St Lucia in KZN, by following them and studying them in extensive detail. She loves spending her time presenting her findings on public platforms and this aids her creativity for new research ideas. To escape negativity, she watches series, surfs and swims but recently archery and Dungeons & Dragons became her favourite pursuits.

Science & Technology: This young lady is Rebecca Franks and she is a Google Developer Expert. She was born in JHB and works as an Android developer full-time creating apps. She is the first Google developer expert in Johannesburg and the first female in Africa to receive this title.

“Being the first female in Africa to obtain this status is important, as it will encourage other females to take up a career in Stem and it also shows that this line of work is not just for men; women can do it too. I believe that I am also setting a good example for younger women by encouraging them to learn and grow their careers.”

Looking at all these beautiful women, you should by now have realised that limitations are only there when you set them. All of us can achieve something greater than we can imagine. I live by the motto, “If doing something big scares you, then you know that you are capable of achieving it”. Alessia Cara beautifully describes this in her song Scars to Your Beautiful, “There's a hope

that's waiting for you in the dark.”

If you want to see 200 successful young South Africans follow the link: http://200ysa.mg.co.za/ -

Anri Magerman


Reflection Om 'n student te wees katagoriseer jou as 'n eie spesie. Ek lees onlangs die volgende aanhaling : "Plant a packet of two-minute-noodles , water it with Vodka - and

a student will grow." Accurate for some , irrelevant for others. Die punt bly staan - dat 'n student op minder EN meer van alles leef. Soms minder struktuur en rigiede riglyne - met baie meer "explore" en "trial and error". Ja - die lewe van die student is 'n eienaardige en eiesoortige een. Waar jou selfstandigheid gevorm en getoets word en waar balans 'n belangrike eienskap word om aan te leer. Van week 1 af waar ooropgewonde "Newcomers" die strate met MolassesĂŞr besing - tot die laaste week voor die reses waar almal al huiskos kan ruik - bly die lewe op Universiteit 'n wipwaentjie. A few tips: -Do enough of what you love- nothing of what you hate. -Find and be yourself. -Don't sweat the small stuff.

Diegene wat studente as 'n vreemde spesie bestempel is 100% reg. Ons balanseer sosiale interaksie met akademie - met grootword - met genoeg gee en ontvang - met vermaak - met lewenslesse - met Varsity Cup Rugby en alles tussenin. Ons is 'n superspesie wat 'n besonderse lewe lei. Students live on more and less. We're more or less just STUDENTS. Charlize Herman



Huis? Is dit nou Claassen of De waal straat? Die GPS sê elke keer iets anders; Maar iewers tussen dié twee staan ‘n huis. Vir sommige meer pondok as paleis. Die geraas is oneindig, tussen Libertas en Fedics en Metanoia en Klein Saterdag. Maar as toetsweek jou breek of daai prakties was nag, is iemand in die gang af altyd gereed om jou te laat lag. Dit is moeilik om vêr van die huis af te swot, Jy mis permanent jou ma en in jou vuurhoutjieboksiekamer is alles in die pad. Maar jou Amiga maak alles okay en jou kamermaat se koffie laat jou deur jou lesings wakker bly. ‘n Huis weg van die huis af wat na ‘n rukkie net pleinweg "huis" word. Janke van Schalkwyk 31

Out & About How To: Choose a Wine Farm The Noob’s Guide to a Lovely Wine Tasting Experience

For some of us “foreigners” born and bred in the beer-reigning wilds of the northern bushveld, wines are essentially considered a fancy grape juice of which there might possibly be a dusty bottle somewhere in the back of the cupboard saved for that special occasion once every few years. But, seeing as how we have now found ourselves as first years thrown into the mystical land of Stellenbosch with its beautifully enchanting culture of fine wines and any number of award-winning wine farms within close range, it can be slightly overwhelming to trudge this newfound area of trying to correctly pronounce sauvignon blanc (apparently “so-vee-nyon blah”, thanks Google) and knowing where to find the best wine tasting venue. Not to fear, my dears, this guide is constructed especially for you (of course any Nerina lady with any amount of expertise can still enjoy) to help narrow down the search for your perfect wine farm expedition. Now, I have found in my grand total of two wine tastings that it is not always so much about the wine itself, rather than the whole experience surrounding your wine outing that makes it so special. Therefore, you can rest assured as this list includes close-by farms that offer more than simply fabulous wine. They have been handpicked (once again, thanks Google) to ensure you get the absolute most out of your Uber travelling expenses. Alright then, off we go Nerinas! #1: Vergelegen Wine Estate Where: Only 24 km from Nerina in the suburbs of Somerset West. Operating hours: Daily from 09h00-16h30 Entrance fee: R10 Wine tasting cost: From R30 What else to do: This is why Vergelegen is so highly recommended! There is so much to do, including exploring the historical Cape Dutch Homestead, the breathtaking gardens (especially the Rose Garden in summertime), and the camphor and yellow wood forests, or enjoying a meal at one of their two lovely restaurants. Other specialities they offer are their cellar tours and summer forest picnics, which are fabulously civilized and serviced, with a readily prepared basket! Booking: Essential for the cellar tour and picnics. # 2: Vergenoegd Wine Estate Where: A not-so-far 20 km from Nerina. Operating hours: Monday-Saturday: 09h00 – 17h00; Sunday: 10h00 – 16h00 Tastings: Red wines @ R35 (5 wines); vintage wines by appointment (for “oldie-but-goldie”-lovers). What else to do: They offer a wide range of activities such as your very own blending experience, daily gourmet picnics on the lawn (they have a CHEF!), magnificent historical walkabouts on the estate, as well as a duck parade at 15h30 daily (they use the ducks to eat vineyard insects – go green!) and for R20 you can even take a peek at the ducks’ breeding rooms and pens. Bookings: Not necessary for normal wine tasting, but check their website for details on other activities 32 (vergenoegd.co.za).

Out & About # 3: Spice Route Where: A bit further from Nerina (30km) but definitely well worth it. Operating hours: Monday – Sunday 09h00 – 17h00 Wine tasting: Some options for you to choose from: Swartland Wine Journey (R50 pp) – a daily selection of 5 wines Malabar Tasting (R40 pp) – a tasting of red blends Please note that wine tasting closes at 16h30. What else to do: This rustic and relaxed venue offers much more than fine handcrafted wines. You can spend an afternoon moving around from the chocolate factory, café (yummy coffee and ice cream), deli, brewery, art gallery and a restaurant with delicious pizzas. All of this is set against the backdrop of the most beautiful panoramic view of the Simonsberg Mountain range. Bookings: Not necessary. # 4: Middelvlei Wine Estate Where: So close! Only 5.5 km from Nerina, can you believe it! Wine tasting: R25 for a selection of 5 wines (the pinotage is recommended) What else to do: This venue is great for anyone longing for a lekker braai, as they offer just that! The Boerebraai lunch is available 7 days a week and includes a menu of chops, boerewors, chicken sosaties, potbrood and braaibroodjies. As if that’s not enough they also serve pampoenkoekies and milk tart! (*wink* get on it En Route *wink*). Booking: Essential for the Boerebraai @ R180 pp. #5: Spier Wine Farm Where: A quick 10 km from Nerina. Operating hours: Monday – Saturday: 09h00 – 18h00 (until 17h00 during winter months); Sundays: 11h00 – 18h00. Wine tasting: They offer four different options, of which the “Spier Tasting” comes in cheapest at R40 pp for 5 wines. Important to note their chocolate included option @ R70. What else to do: They have mouth-watering farm-style picnics, beautiful nature hikes ranging from 30 minutes to 1h30 minutes, Segway tours, restaurants, a craft market and gift shop, horse riding and a tranquil spa available for your enjoyment. Booking: Make a reservation for wine tasting if your group is bigger than seven, two days ahead. Booking is also necessary for most of their other fun-filled activities. And there you have it! You definitely don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy the cultures of Stellenbosch, and these farms are a great way to dip your toes into the wine-pond. Simply go on out for a day and experience the tastes and adventures in any way you like. There are loads of options for you to choose from. For more information on the above mentioned farms (plus tonnnnes more!) go and check out the website https://capefusiontours.com/pams-favourite-wine-farms/. Happy tasting, Nerina, because wine not? Lané Katzke


Out & About Top ten places to visit in the Western Cape So we all have this feeling about “going places”. Getting out there, you know. And, as if we have all the time in the world, we say that we will do it one day. But what if we leave behind our passiveness, and start embracing what is around us? What if we leave those “somewhere in the world” ideas... and find the adventure lurking right behind every corner of the place we live in? “If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, you have to go places quite out of the way. You have to go places no others can get to. You have to get cold and you have to get wet, too.” – Dr. Seuss Go. DO it. Put on those tekke and walk out of res. Just see where we are. Stellenbosch is quite pretty, don’t you think? Oh man, look at those mountains winking at us like they are waiting. Grab the people who matter to you and go have that silly adventure. Because maybe it isn’t so silly at all. I was asking Jesus one day, what is the meaning of all of this? Are we meant to go ahead and build memories that will last only for this lifetime? I sat on the corner of two gardens the next day. The one was unkempt and overgrown and left to see what time could do to it. The other was full of life and the plants were looked after, the grass short and green and flowers and birds made you want to embrace life. Both gardens were in the same area and had the same resources available. And it was as if He showed me this – that your life is like a garden given to you. We all get one. Yet, it is our choice to fill and plant, to grow and trim and look after... that it might become beautiful. Or, we can leave it to go wild and never embrace a single thing about it. The choice remains our own. Here is a list of places in the Western Cape, ideas to get us all going. There cannot be a set top ten, can there? Let’s rather view them as ten opportunities for building life-celebrating memories. Kogelbay at sunset. Oh, this is a classic! Take the drive with friends and add some lekker snacks.



Our very own Jonkershoek! Just around the corner, and the drive there already snatches your breath. You can drive the scenic route and then hike further, to the waterfalls.


Out & About Leeukop. Call it mainstream, it stays a beauty. Have you tried it with sunrise?


For the more daring: Suicide Gorge. Kloofing in the next level – natural pools and unnatural jumps. Remember the wetsuit!



Waenhuiskrans (Arniston). Have a Sunday lunch at the hotel and walk to the caves. Very unique shades of blue all around!


West Coast National Park. A must visit, especially in flower time. Looking for a peaceful, recharge-mybatteries weekend?


Camping trip for a long weekend? Try Jongensfontein! You wouldn’t want to miss the ice cream shop and beautiful pathways, all nestled in haven. Tsitsikamma – take a picnic basket, or fetch your brother and go try the zipline.

Greyton. A girls’ outing, definitely one for those who like to explore small -town shops and experience that classic platteland feeling.

8 “Jy gee my daai klein-klein dorpie gevoel jy wat als opreg bedoel jy wat jou hart by my uitspoel...” (Bok van Blerk)

9 Saving the best for last? Oh yes. Oops, this one appears to be empty! I am guessing that it is yours to fill in.

10 ** “What are we doing, Piglet?” “I am going to launch you on the rocket I built to Mars, Pooh.” “Oh, okay.” **

by Dané Eloff


Out & About

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ♥ Michelle Obama once said: “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” The concept of ‘community service’ and ‘charity work’ carries a lot of stigma these days that is putting many people off of doing it. It does not have to be something that involves money and it certainly doesn’t have to be something that involves underprivileged people. Let me explain: According to Oxford dictionary, community work is defined as: “Voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area.” To me, this means one thing: giving your love and time to someone else, regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they believe in. It means showing compassion to someone else for no reason at all. With this in mind, I believe that community service is an attitude rather than an action. We may not be able to choose the lives that we are giving, but we certainly can choose to make a difference in the lives of those around us. And I know it’s something that we are tired of hearing, but once you start, and you can see the impact that you are making, I can promise you that it isn’t something that you will get tired of doing. I could spend all day explaining the importance and value of doing community service, but the chances of me saying something that you haven’t heard before is next to nothing. So instead, I will leave you with this: Don’t underestimate the power of giving of your time. In this day and age, one of the most valuable things we can give is our time. Spending time with someone and showing them love will have longer lasting impacts than anything money can buy. With love comes inspiration, strength and imagination. And with a little imagination, suddenly anything becomes possible. And when someone believes in miracles, they can achieve whatever their heart desires, regardless of what their mind tells them is realistic.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing, knowing that you can help someone believe in the impossible? All you need is a bit of love ♥ Megan Payne 36

The Nerina Name Game How it works: Take a picture that that illustrates

the word "Nerina" in a creative way—as easy as that! Think outside the box and show us how much you love Nerina. See the photo below as an example. Prize: R200 Cotton On voucher

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All articles are written by ladies currently in Nerina and all images are taken from Google. Views represented in Brutus does not necessarily represent those of Nerina Residence.

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