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Progress Issue: Guild Member Benefits Stay Sharp


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Guild Member Benefits

2017 NCSG Convention Opening Keynote Larry Winget

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December 2016

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Fred Joy Installation and Venting of Pellet Stoves (317) 203-0088 x: 7 Jay Walker Dryer Vents (317) 203-0088 x: 8 Rett Rasmussen Vented and Vent Free Gas Logs and Controls (317) 203-0088 x: 9 Rich Martinez Dryer Vents or Masonry (317) 203-0088 x: * Rich Rua General Sweeping or Relining (317) 203-0088 x: 0



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December 2016

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To contact any member of the Technical Advisory Council, please call (317) 203-0088 and select the extension for the person who is best qualified to answer your question: Be advised that advice given by NCSG’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) reflects best practices of the chimney sweeping industry. However, we are unable to account for any particular type of situation since regional variations in construction practices and additional environmental, physical and geographical factors necessarily vary the level of service appropriate for a particular fireplace and/or chimney. Additionally, local laws and ordinances may govern and/ or supersede the information and any recommendations provided. Final determinations are the responsibility of a local professional with firsthand knowledge of the situation, and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Neither NCSG nor any member of TAC will be held liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on information provided by anyone associated with TAC. By your use of this member benefit you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.

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t’s Sunday morning and I am sitting here in bed with my wife Brandi watching CBS Sunday Morning. We typically do this together after walking the dogs early in the morning, before the world wakes up, and it is still dark outside. Brandi calls these walks and time together our “date walks.” One of the stories on CBS Sunday morning is about a grave digger. This man who lives in Maine has been digging graves for 49 years! He talks in the interview that for all 49 years, he has been perfecting what he considers his craft: digging graves entirely by hand. He does the specialty work with a pick and shovel and claims that the families prefer it done this way because it’s a neater job than what can be done with a backhoe. Before he dug graves, he worked for a mason that made headstones. One day he got a call from the town undertaker asking if he could help dig some graves because the other grave digger was sick. He remembers that first grave he dug and has since dug more than 2500 graves. He says he is proud of every single one. He is proud of his trade and the service he performs for people. He has buried old people, young people, loved ones, strangers, alcoholics, drugs addicts, etc. One person was 102 years old. Whether it’s for a loved one or a stranger, his approach is the same. Every grave has to be perfect. He measures out each one — eight feet by four feet. Then he removes the sod in pieces, like a puzzle, so that he can put it back together exactly the same way.

As this story was unfolding, I thought about our industry. I know grave digging is a bit morbid, but someone has to do it. How often are you looked at strangely when you tell them you are a chimney sweep? What kind of looks do you think a grave digger gets? The similarity is this: this man does a necessary job that not a lot of people consider a career and many people don’t admit it’s a career path that they dream about as a child. His trade and ours are a special service that requires special skills and special people to carry out. We are all constantly looking to perfect our trade and work hard to do so. Chimney sweeping career stories usually start with the sweep talking about working at some job or career and stumbling upon sweeping chimneys because someone had a need and the future sweep decided to fill that need or starting a sweeping business because another person took them under their wing and taught them the trade. Just like the grave digger when he was working for a mason and was asked to help dig graves part time. It eventually turned into a full time job when he found that he had a unique talent for his new found trade. I have found most chimney sweeps started via a similar path and went from a part time gig to a full time business venture. I strongly believe everyone is put on this earth for a reason and purpose. Most everyone I have met in this industry was put on this Earth to be a chimney sweep. I believe Chimney Sweeping as a trade


Letter Jeremy Biswell


We Were Born To Do This

3 S W E E P I N G December 2016

is a God-given talent. Not many people in this world could be a chimney sweep. It is a unique and challenging trade that requires constant education and a true level of skill and intelligence. Chimney sweeps are special people. Chimney sweeps are proud people too. To be excellent at something is a unique power and as a person once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this special edition of our trade’s publication. The idea for a yearly progress edition of Sweeping magazine was thought up by a member still serving on the Board of Directors, Dennis Dobbs. Every time I receive this edition, I thank God that Dennis is part of this organization and his ideas are

4 S W E E P I N G December 2016

put to good use. I also think of all the volunteers and staff that help the organization run smoothly year after year and give thanks for them too. I am thankful every year that our trade has the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Without it, we wouldn’t have standards for the trade, representation, education, networking and comradery — just to name a few items. I know I would not have the opportunity to have met so many interesting people, made so many close friends I can count on, and traveled to so many places in the United States to attend our yearly NCSG convention. The ideas I take away from convention are priceless. If you are reading this magazine for the first time and not

currently a member, I encourage you to join your national trade association. Even if you don’t use the vast number of member benefits, resources, and discounts membership in the NCSG offers, your dues are put to good use behind the scenes to ensure our industry stays strong and protected long term. If you have never attended the NCSG convention, come check it out. This year our trade organization celebrates our 40th anniversary! What an accomplishment for Chimney Sweeps in the United States! Thank you all for being part of our industry. We are blessed to have the talent to be Chimney Sweeps! Jeremy Biswell, President NCSG


elcome to the Progress Edition of Sweeping Magazine!

Once a year we send Sweeping Magazine to not only to our membership but to over 5,000 additional chimney businesses throughout the country in order to share a little bit about our thriving association. Throughout this issue you will find advice from a wide variety of professionals who work in and with the chimney industry. The National Chimney Sweep Guild is proud to have members with many varied fields of expertise. There is hardly an issue of Sweeping magazine that doesn’t offer business, marketing, technical, safety, and even legal advice.

to offer our members a wide variety of benefits to help their companies grow and thrive. If you’re not currently a member, or you would like to get more out of your membership by getting involved, we would love to talk to you. Check out, give us a call at 317-837-1500, or send an email to Debbie Cornelius, NCSG Membership Coordinator, at


Letter Darcy Marlett Editor


Whether you are a current member or thinking about joining you will not want miss the feature on member benefits. The NCSG is proud

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5 S W E E P I N G

Are You A Member Of Camp Abundance Or Camp Scarcity? Camp e anc Abund

Camp Scarci ty

Taylor Hill

Spark Marketer

6 S W E E P I N G


’m not one for generalizations, but I believe there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who live out of a feeling of abundance, and those who live out of a feeling of scarcity. Which camp would you say you fall in? As a marketing company, it is all too obvious at times who belongs to which camp of thought. Many think it’s about risk, but it’s more than that. It’s about the overall mindset of the owner, which bleeds down into the entire company. If you think there is only so much business to be had, that you have to “beat” everyone else as if it’s a race, or if you think you can’t compete because everything and everyone is against you and you will never be or have enough, then you are in the scarcity camp.

December 2016

On the other hand, if you think that you have more influence than anyone else in terms of whether or not your business will succeed, you accept responsibility for failures and make adjustments to reach your goals, and you have the attitude that you are enough and there is enough business out there for everyone, then you are in the camp of abundance. Be honest with yourself. Think about your interactions with your customers, your employees, your family. Are your actions rooted in a sense of plenitude or deficiency? I want to challenge you to really give this some thought, as it can greatly impact your happiness and success, both personally and professionally.

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When you act out of a feeling of scarcity, you’re selfish, fearful, and maybe even unloving at times. You may think there simply isn’t enough to go around, which causes you to tighten your grip on everything you have. This is the reason many bosses are unpleasant to work under, and is oftentimes the cause of burnout in business owners, and capped company growth. Think about it: if you’re constantly tightening your grip and afraid of losing what you’ve got (since it’s never enough), you’re certainly not going to delegate tasks, give up any power, or let others around you support you in the way needed to grow. When you run your business this way, the business will only ever be as big as you are.

8 S W E E P I N G

Having a scarcity outlook may also cause you to take your eyes off of yourself and your business, and have you frantically watching your competitors and feeding the fear, selfishness, envy, and other feelings that negatively impact our relationships, our health, and our performance. The results are short-sightedness, unhappiness, and sometimes even failed businesses or failed health. And when it all falls apart and you don’t get what you want, you’re likely to blame everyone else, from your nagging wife and lazy employees to Mars being in retrograde. If this sounds all too familiar, I’ve got good news for you: you can turn it around.

December 2016

Givers Gain I’m a member of a networking group known as BNI (Business Network International), and one thing that I love about the group is their philosophy of “Givers Gain.” This philosophy is based on the law of reciprocity: the idea that when you give, you receive. “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – Jim Rohn The old adage “What goes around, comes around” doesn’t have to have a negative connotation. It goes both ways – If you give, you’ll get. It’s as simple as that. Don’t buy it? Let’s look at real life examples. Think about the people you’ve met over the years. Think about those who always seem to be willing to help out, give of their time and resources, and make life just a little better for others. Don’t they seem happier? And don’t they always seem to have enough? It’s because those people are living out givers gain, extending their hands, and getting back in tenfold. Now, think about those in your life who you’d describe as stingy or selfish. They never seem to have enough and they’re always out to get more. Giving freely of their time and resources? That’s the last thing you’d expect them to do. That’s because they’re of the mindset, “If I don’t have enough now, in giving, I’ll have even less.” How happy do those individuals seem?

Here at Spark Marketer, we’ve had the privilege of working with some pretty amazing business owners: those who live out of abundance. These are the people who believe they will always have enough and find ways to give back and help others, even when they may not have much themselves at the time. And you know what we’ve seen in working with these types of people? Those who are giving of their time, efforts, and resources are usually the ones growing personally and professionally. They also tend to be happier individuals, and their passion for giving is contagious; their willingness to give makes those in their lives eager to return the favor. I think of Warrior Horse (www. and Sweep Away Breat Cancer (www. Both of these organizations come from the hearts and minds of fellow chimney sweeps!

If You’re Not Getting, Consider Giving The reality is: when you give, you get. If it feels like you’re not getting in your personal or professional life, try giving. When you focus on what you can give instead of what you can get, you’ll be amazed how your attitude and your life will transform. Simply by changing your focus, you’ll find that you’re a happier, more pleasant person. And when your eyes are on others, you’ll start to have a greater sense of gratitude. Instead of making a list of things you don’t have and can’t seem to get, your eyes will be opened to


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what you do have, and how you can use what you have to help those who are hurting or in need. And giving isn’t limited to just monetary means. You can give of your time, your friendship, your compassion, your empathy, your ear, your talent...There are endless ways to give back every day if you just take the time to look for opportunities. It will not only change your personal world, but your business world as well. It’s up to you whether you will stay in the camp of scarcity or come on over to the camp of abundance. There is always room for one more.

10 S W E E P I N G December 2016

Taylor Hill is Co-Founder and Crew Chief for Spark Marketer, a local online marketing company specializing in marketing for service businesses across the US. He loves the chimney industry and is passionate about helping service business owners navigate the Internet oceans filled with sharks and unsavory pirates. @ sparkmarketer,, @taylorkhill


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Jon Cross D.J. Cross, Inc.




I Corner Coach’s Greg Polakow

Health and Safety Issues We Commonly Overlook… and how to fix them 12

n the course of my role at CVC Coaching, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is the opportunity to do ride-a-long training with the various companies we work with. This ride-a-long training has also afforded me the singular opportunity to observe the industry in a way I was never able to in my previous capacity working for a supplier. It has provided me some unique insight into this industry and has opened my eyes to what I see as a significant need.

Virtually every chimney company I visit has a brief morning meeting. One of the items on the agenda is usually safety issues from the prior day. The interesting thing is, in a profession filled with safety concerns, I hardly ever hear any of the team members bring up any safety concerns. I think in most of these meetings the question of safety concerns has come to mean did anyone hurt themselves. When it really should also mean, did we have any close calls that might have resulted in an injury, and if so, what could we do to prevent that; and, did we follow all of our safety protocols and if not, why not. The reality is, after spending many hours in the field teaching, observing and coaching technicians from a large number of chimney companies, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that safety on a day to day basis is not at the top of any tech’s list of priorities. I’m sure part of the reason is, over the months and years of working in this field, handling power tools like

S W E E P I N G December 2016

grinders and hammer drills, using ladders, working on roofs, sweeping soot and brushing creosote from chimneys, and cutting and installing stainless steel liners, they have become a little too comfortable with the dangers these activities can pose. They have become a little too confident in themselves and a bit cocky. However, like many marginally bad habits that can wreak havoc in our lives, the same holds true of safety concerns. We simply don’t give them adequate attention until something bad occurs. I suppose this kind of attitude is to be expected, but it should be a cause for alarm. A safety issue often rears its head and bites us badly when we are even momentarily careless. In fact, given enough time, even marginal carelessness is pretty certain to lead to very serious consequences eventually. Let me just mention a few things I have seen too frequently when I’m in the field…things that should concern any business owner: • I often observe technicians sweep a chimney without even the most rudimentary respiratory protection of a basic dust mask • It is pretty common to see technicians fail to use ear protection when using a loud power tool • It is also fairly common to see technicians fail to use eye protection when sweeping a chimney, or using a power tool, even when using a grinder to cut a top plate • I have routinely observed technicians fail to extend

ladders the proper height above the whatever roof they are climbing to • I regularly observe technicians using improper techniques for handling and erecting lengthy extension ladders • I often observe techs working from ladders on roofs they have leaned against chimneys to more easily access the flue for inspection or sweeping • I almost never see technicians use gloves when cutting or installing razor sharp stainless steel liners • I have yet to encounter a sweep’s truck with a backup camera, even though those vehicles operate almost exclusively in residential neighborhoods These oversights taken individually may seem pretty

insignificant as potential health and safety issues. I’m certain they do, especially to the younger techs I work with. When I have brought such issues up in the field, the response invariably is, ‘… yeah, I know about that…’, etc. And, these issues will remain insignificant until an accident happens that could and should have been avoided. Then their significance will increase geometrically. Because if you ask any sweep company owner who has had to deal with the reality of a severely injured (or worse) employee you will quickly discover how deeply they regret whatever they may have overlooked in training or establishing proper work protocols that could have averted the injury. And that doesn’t even include the

repercussions from OSHA. Keep in mind, in many cases the employer has often supplied safety equipment and provided the needed training. But it is ignored by the members of his team as they rush to get the job done and move on. And this may be one of the challenges. Obviously getting team members to adhere to the most basic safety issues Is a frustration for management…especially when you consider the chemicals and confined spaces to which our team members are exposed on a daily basis So, what can we do to assure that proper safety procedures are followed by the members of our team? First, they need to fully understand what those procedures are. And, this should be amplified by having clearly written, easily


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“Thanks again for both you and Dan following up with me about the training I received at your facility. Dan and Steve were great teachers and they were both very knowledgeable about the products that you sell. We looked at many different resurfacing products that are out in the market, and I did not find anything that I was excited about until I heard about your product FireGuard. It hands down blows the competition away. The ease of use, corporate technical support and the unbelievable quality of the product itself truly sets it apart form the rest! It is a game changer for our business. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you and your staff for a long time.” Tommy Nelms Sweeps & Ladders


December 2016

understood standard operational guidelines (SOPs) for every possible safety concern. Those SOPs should be repeated and emphasized so regularly that no one can fail to understand their importance. Also, owners or supervisors should routinely do unscheduled checkups of their technicians at the work site to make certain the SOPs are being followed. And, finally, the question about safety in those morning meetings should delve deeper than simply to ask if there were any safety issues from the prior day. We need to make sure everyone responds that all the safety protocols were followed to the letter. And there needs to be accountability when they are not‌and, at the very least, more training. But there is another side of this issue. Unfortunately, as of now,

we do not have an industry safety program and guidelines that can be easily adopted and followed by the industry member companies. Because of this, most companies are forced to put together their own programs even while being continually occupied with the unending process of building their companies and making profits. It is good to know that CSIA is developing a rope safety course, but perhaps now it’s time to do more. Accidents will happen. But failing to establish, teach and enforce firm health and safety guidelines in the form of safety programs and SOPs is not an accident. It is an oversight. And it can have dramatic consequences for the health

and safety of your employees and the ongoing financial well-being of your business. In my opinion, when it comes to this very important service we provide, there are no inconsequential safety issues, just as there are no inconsequential flaws in the chimneys and fireplaces we diagnose daily. I am concerned that if we do not do this as an industry it is likely higher forces will step in. And I’m sure we all agree that an industry driven health and safety program is highly preferable to one mandated by government bureaucracy. So, I am hopeful that with the proper attention and input from all of us we can create a viable and easily utilized health and safety program to address all of our common concerns in this area. The payoff of such a program will be huge. It seems likely such a program will require our trade association, NCSG, or certainly our educational foundation, CSIA, to head up this effort and provide a standardized system that can be followed by the industry members. We have to get this right, because doing it wrong is not an option. Greg is an industry educator and coach. He served for many years as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Copperfield Chimney Supply. Greg is a member of the CVC Coaching Team. For more information about Greg and how the CVC team can assist you individually and your business in your quest for success and your ascent to the next level, take a look at www. Greg can be contacted at Follow Greg on Twitter at Greg-cvccoach@Ttrader108

December 2016

15 S W E E P I N G

Stay Sharp Insurance Rate Changes Audits Exclusions Lines of Coverage


16 S W E E P I N G

have been involved with chimney and hearth professionals for around two and a half years now. It has always been encouraging how seriously business owners and technicians take their By Cam Arnold continuing education, as well as furthering their knowledge of the industry and operating a business as a whole. There are many advocates who have really taken the time to help expand the industry beyond technical knowledge. Now businesses and technicians are getting trained on systems and processes, sales, customer retention, and marketing. All of these aspects are sometimes overlooked, but are integral pieces for building a valued business that can evolve with today’s consumers and ultimately survive for years to come or be bought for a nice sum of money. While it is important to do the aforementioned, I am going to speak on an issue at the top of every

December 2016

business owners list that every year is somehow pushed to the bottom of the pile until it does not get taken care of. Insurance! Every month I have roughly 10-15 chimney and hearth professionals contact me. Whether their insurance is renewing within that month or 3 months down the road, they are all very interested in evaluating their policies. The problem is unless you take the maximum of 20 minutes immediately after the conversation to fill out the necessary information, this task will get pushed behind the next in line, and then the next, and so on. Before you know it your policy is renewing in 2 weeks and in your mind it is too short notice to do anything, so you wait until the next year. Would you allow this to happen with your continuing education? What about training a new employee? What about client follow-ups? The answer to all should be, no. Why should insurance be any different? Here are a few reasons why you should have a conversation with your agent every year.

Rate Changes: Carriers release renewal rates a few weeks before the actual renewal date. This gives the agent plenty of time to notify you what your renewal premium will be, and if they are needing to shop your account with other carriers.

Audits: Without doing a checklist for the next policy year, your agent could renew your policy expecting the next year to be the same as the year before. If you are planning for growth, and your agent is not on the same page that could spell disaster when it comes to your year-end audit.

Quality & Strength The Superior Features You Expect From Gelco: Embossed or cross-braced lid for more strength & stability.

Exclusions: If you do not disclose all pertinent information to your agent, your technicians could be performing an everyday task that is excluded within your policy. If a claim arises out of that particular task…you guessed it, you’re paying the claim out of pocket.

Lines of Coverage: Some insurers assume an Inland Marine policy will cover their Business Personal Property and vice versa. Once your tools, equipment, and inventory come under the roof of your shop or warehouse, it turns into Business Personal Property. If a fire were to burn the building down, you would not have coverage for the contents inside that allow you to make a living. Insurance does not have to be a hassle. All you need is 10 minutes to do a renewal checklist over the phone. Doing this will ensure that your business will be properly covered for the next policy period, and you can carry on knowing you have sufficient coverage for whatever lies ahead.


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December 2016



Watch Mark Hawkins, owner of Sand Hill Wholesale & Mfg., Inc. recently granted the public display of 16 paintings from Sand Hill’s private art collection that spans nearly 30 years. The paintings will be on display September 24th through October 21, 2016 at City Hall in Grove City, Ohio. Sand Hill commissioned all of the paintings for use on their catalog covers, which are well known within our industry. An unveiling reception was held on September 24, 2016 at the City Hall of Grove City, Ohio. During the reception, Mark generously donated over 330 stuffed animals to the Jackson Township Fire Department and Franklin County Children Services to be given to children in a time of need.

18 S W E E P I N G December 2016





SAFETY • Protect against downdrafts • Eliminates spillage and CO release due to building depressurization • Auto shut off for fireplace when unsafe


EFFICIENCY • Chimney is closed when the fireplace is not used • The draft is never excessive which saves fuel • Perfect operating conditions eliminate unnecessary emissions

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December 2016

19 S W E E P I N G

Guild Membership Benfits Your NCSG member benefits are good for you and for all of the employees in your company. Just log in to the NCSG members Only section at www. for info and to learn more about each of these benefits or just use the codes below to get started. Discounted Business Services

20 S W E E P I N G

Save on Human Resource Support Service HR support service providing expert advice with employment law and HR challenges including federal and state employment regulations, review of HR systems, wage, data, etc. Whether it’s an employee termination, healthcare reform question, policy development, unemployment claim, etc, the SESCO staff is on-call to help! $25 - $40 month based on size of company and an annual contract. Discounts on Background Checks Hire the right employee the first time! It’s been proven that hiring the wrong employee costs up to two years in lost training and opportunities. NCSG members save almost 50% on employee background checks from LABORCHEX. Tailored Insurance Programs NCSG members receive access to insurance coverage tailored to the needs of the sweeping industry. Coverage provides general liability, soot/creosote coverage and professional liability insurance.

December 2016

Save on Payment Processing Services Full services payment solutions provider for credit cards, debit cards as well as ACH and checks guaranteeing low rates and fees, free equipment available, personalized customer support, virtual terminal/gateway options and online account reporting. Call for a NO pressure cost breakdown comparison.

Website Design and Hosting Discounts Keep earning while you’re away from the job. NCSG has teamed with Market Hardware to keep customers coming to you. Free consultation and packages with discounts up to $400. Discounts on On-Hold Messaging We’ve negotiated $200 off of your virtual sales force’s salary. Put Commercials on Hold to work for you to keep

your services at the top of your customers’ minds while you have them on the line. Discounts on Car Rentals Whether you’re traveling for business or for fun, you can save on car rentals with both Avis and Hertz! Discounts on Hotel Rooms Hotel discounts with savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies.

65 Years

100% Airtight

Save on Supplies for the Field and the Office NCSG Sweeps Advantage Coupon Program Join the Guild Today and Save Thousands of Dollars Through This Coupon Program With valuable offers like “buy one, get one free”, discounts and rebates on industry-leading products and items that you already use!

100% Unbreakable

65 Years

The “Only” Kit where everything “Fits.” SEE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO @ WWW.TCE.CA

QUALITY = 100% SERVICE = 100% INNOVATION = 100% TCE is celebrating its 65th year in 2017. We have a big surprise coming! If you have switched to any of our competitors and haven’t ordered from us in the last 6-12 months, we know you and your dealers are tired of inconsistent quality and inconsistent service. YOU KNOW WE ARE BETTER! Call us today and we will match your current price and add an additional discount!

Employee Benefits Health Insurance – Affordable Availability Comprehensive health insurance plan, low cost, guaranteed health plan with limited accident and sickness benefits, optional dental, vision and life plans. Also includes a free prescription discount card that will save you 10% to 60% on your prescription medications!


Technical Resources at Your Fingertips Access to the NCSG Technical Advisory Council Put a team of expert technical consultants in the palm of your hand with NCSG’s Technical Advisory Council. As a member of the NCSG you have access to our entire member advisory council.

Tested and approved to UL 2112 & ANSI Z21.88

Trans Continental Equipment Ltd

1025 Butler street, Montreal, Qc, Canada H3K 3E9 240 Cordova Road, Oshawa, On, Canada L1J 1N9

Tel.: 514 937-9145 Tel.: 905 579-0878

Since 1952

NCSG Members Only Discussion List Often referred to as one of NCSG’s most valuable benefits, the member email discussion list is a forum for peer networking, technical resolution, sweep-to-sweep referrals and occasional nuggets of industry trivia. The NCSG Discussion List is free to you as an NCSG Member (but worth a ton more)! Monthly Magazine and Newsletter Subscriptions Sweeping: The Journal of Chimney & Venting Technology and eNewslink give you the technical and business information to keep your business thriving with articles from technical experts and business consultants as well as current industry news.

Education for You and Your Technicians

22 S W E E P I N G

NCSG Convention and Trade Show Discounts Attend valuable business building seminars at NCSG’s annual convention. Talk with industry suppliers and see new products and services at the tradeshow to help solve your customer’s problems and grow your business. Almost any sweep that has attended will tell you that they leave the convention with at least one idea or bit of knowledge that will either make or save you $10,000 a year. Plus members save $100 on each convention registration. Including employees and spouses! Save on Safety Programs Save with this tailgate safety program from Safety Services Co. These programs are tailored for yourcompany and may even reduce your Worker’s Compensation rates. Live Webinars Monthly webinars each month from not one but two different organizations. Another source of education to assist in running a profitable business.

Business-building information audio series Monthly “business topic by a different national speaker plus access to all past 240+ programs in 18 different categories will help you learn the “business side” of your business. Savings is worth $1,000’s to educate Golden Flue you and your technicians. The Cure Save on CSIA Certifications For The Flue and Education The CSIA Certified Chimney • Golden Flue Cast Sweep credential is just one way NCSG members save Masonry Liners on education and certifi• Stainless Steel cation from the Chimney Insulating Mix Safety Institute of America. Each employee of NCSG GF Cast Masonry Mix member companies receives • Reline Fireplace & Smokechamber discounts toward CSIA pro• Reline Oil Or Gas Flues Reduce Creosote / Increase Draft grams. Savings run between $50 and $200 per employee, GF SS/Insul Mix per sesion. • Offer Exceptional Protection Over Wrapped Insulation

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December 2016

Save 15% on Our Insulated Premier Damper Cap Offer Runs through Dec. 31, 2016

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★ Fits Most Flues - sizes range from 9 x 9

★ 15% Larger than Conventional Damper Caps -

★ Powder Coated Finishes Available

during the summer

provides extra protection from rain and snow

★ Removable Cap - makes cleaning, inspection, and maintenance easier

through 18 x 18 inches

★ Easy to Install ★ No-Worry, Lifetime Warranty

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National Chimney Made in USA

3 Green Tree Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403

Meet Our 2017 NCSG National Convention Opening Keynote Larry Winget


arry Winget is a bestselling author, television personality, social commentator and internationally acclaimed speaker.

known as the Pitbull of Personal Development, the Rockstar of Personal Finance and has been called the King of Common Sense and this speech reflects all of those monikers.

He has written six New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling books, translated into over 20 languages.

Larry points out the contradictions of saying we want success and practicing actions that bring about failure. His emphasis is personal responsibility, integrity, an impeccable work ethic, flexibility in a time of change, keeping a sense of humor and more. He teaches that business improves when the people in the business improve and that everything in life gets better when we get better and nothing gets better until we get better. Winget’s approach remains that WORK is the key to success: not talking about work, not having meetings about work, not writing reports about work, but WORK. Larry says, “You don’t think your way to success, believe your way to success or happy your way to success, you only WORK your way to success!” This speech has been given to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 and is the foundation of Larry’s approach to life, business and success. It never fails to make you think AND laugh!

Larry has starred in his own television series on A&E, produced PBS specials and two CNBC specials. He has appeared on Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Larry King and three national television commercials. He is a regular contributor on many national television news shows on the topics of success, business, personal finance, and parenting. At the 2017 NCSG National Convention Larry will be delivering his keynote address “The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth About Success.” This is Larry’s most popular keynote address and pulls material from 3 of his bestsellers, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life, It’s Called Work For A Reason and People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It. In it, Larry attacks traditional business wisdom and offers simple truths in his caustic, thought-provoking, and hilarious style. He offers a realistic approach that will work for anyone, at any time and in any business. The principles he discusses are the foundation for true success and can be applied to life, money, parenting, customer service, sales, leadership and more. He is

24 S W E E P I N G December 2016

According to Bookpage, “his no-holds barred approach to business is refreshing, and his clear sense of personal integrity is a much-needed refresher in today’s business climate.”

NCSG Convention 2017 • March 15-18 • Louisville, KY NCSG Member Rates Primary

Through 1/14/17


$499 (399)

$549 (449)

After 2/15/17 $599 (499)

Spouse $199 $249 $299 1st Additional $349 ($249) $399 ($299) $449($349) 2nd Additional $299 ($199) $349 ($249) $399($299) 3+ Additional $249 ($149) $299 ($199) $349($249) Single Day $199 $199 $199 Banquet Only $79 $79 $79 Child Banquet 5-12 $39 $39 $39 Tradeshow Only $69 $69 $69 NOTE: First Time Attendee prices for members are in parenthesis ( ). Company_________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________ □ Check here to opt-out to emails from exhibitors

Standard Rates

Through 1/14/17


After 2/15/17


$599 $649 $699 (499) (549) (599) Spouse $299 $349 $399 1st Additional $449 $499 $549 nd 2 Additional $399 $449 $499 3+ Additional $349 $399 $449 Single Day $299 $299 $299 Banquet Only $99 $99 $99 Child Banquet 5-12 $39 $39 $39 Tradeshow Only $99 $99 $99 - Opening Night ReceptionAdditional Registration Required $25/ per person. Join us for heavy appetizers, a cash bar, games, fun and catching up with old friends on 4th Street Live! Wednesday night.

Please write your name as you’d like it to appear on your badge. Check if wanting an additional information packet mailed (primary packet emailed with registration confirmation).

Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________________________________ $ ___________________ Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________________________________ $ ___________________ Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________________________________ $ ___________________ Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________________________________ $ ___________________ Registration Total $ ___________________ Opening Night Tickets ($25/each) Qty: ________ Patch Total $ ___________ 2017 Convention Patch ($3/each - Pickup on-site.) Qty: ________ Patch Total $ ___________ GRAND TOTAL $ ___________ MAIL TO: National Chimney Sweep Guild 2155 Commercial Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168 PAYMENT INFORMATION FAX TO: (317) 837-5365 CALL: (317) 837-1500 Payment Method: □ Check # ___________ REGISTER ONLINE at □ Visa □ MC □ AmEx Account # ________________________________________ Card Security Code ______________ Exp. __________ Office Use Only O2CR C2F AUTH__________ Name on Card ____________________________________ Org ID___________ Profile ID____________ Signature ________________________________________ Rec’d By__________ Date ____________ Refund policy: Prior to 1/15/17, 90%; 1/15/17-2/15/17, 75%. No refunds are available after 2/15/17.


A dvantage

The 2015 – 2016 offers with instructions on how to redeem are available in the “Members Only” section of the NCSG website at These coupons will be good until June 30, 2016 unless otherwise noted.

Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. | Copperfield Chimney Supply | ENERVEX, Inc. | Fireside Distributors | Firesafe Industries, Inc. | InO-Vate Dryer Products | National Chimney | Wakefield Brush .These are just a few of

the many offers available to you as a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Visit www.NCSG. org “Members Only” to learn the complete details of each coupon and how to redeem! Add your company name to the list of participating supplier members! Contact Debbie Cornelius, Membership Development Coordinator at dcornelius@ncsg. org.


5% Off any order of $5FF ANY $75 Rebate with your next purchase of 30 or more. Popular solutions to stock include DryerFlex transition duct, LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarms, Dryer Wall Vents, Defender Guards, DryerJack roof terminations, and so much more! Visit to learn more.


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The premier chimney cap for keeping smoke out of living spaces.

Although there have been

• Vacu-Stack® works with single wall, double wall, triple wall, or masonry.

the last 40+ years, there is only one

• Solves draft problems related to hills and mountains, tall trees, and tall buildings near the chimney.

26 S W E E P I N G

Featured Coupons of the Month

• Sizes available from 3” to 30”+; custom and oversize available. Air cooled and non-air cooled. Model VSA-TDW for air cooled chimney

the authentic Available from leading distributors nationwide.

December 2016

• Standard construction is 100% austenitic stainless steel; also available in other alloys including copper and Type 316 for marine/coal appliances. Improved Consumer Products, Inc. PO Box B Attleboro Falls, MA 02763 (508) 695-7000 Fax: (508) 695-4209

many attempts to copy it over


Always ask for it by name and look for

the seal of authenticity on top of the cap.

100% made in USA




Tim Wadlow | Lynn Manufacturing, Inc. | Lynn

Ryan Poust | R. Poust Heating & Cooling | Sparta







1122 33 PENNSYLVANIA Patty Lawrence | Turbo Execs | Lancaster Mike Robinson | Mikes Chimney Sweep LLC | Harrisburg






44 5566 ComfortGeni fans are now built in the USA. 317-650-5348


Compact Appliances, Ltd., Sackville, NB DS Manufacturing, Inc. Fireside Distributors, Inc. The Woodway-Alaska

27 Total Hearth and Grill, Inc.

Named Best Hearth Accessory by Hearth & Home magazine’s 2012 Vesta Awards

The ComfortGeni operates at a safe, low voltage with an energy efficient automatic temperature sensor, which turns the fan on and off, as heat is available.

• Easy to install • Increas es airflow roomto-room or level-to-level • Enjoy the w armth from y our fireplace, pellet, wood or gas stove in ANY room

• Conv enient remote control operation • Whisper quiet • Blends into any décor • Fits flus h to w all or floor surface

December 2016




Micheal Segerstrom

NCSG Technical Advisory Chair

Answer: This question is often asked, and no matter who I've talked to over the years, or how they answer this question, the answer always has one common theme:

People. We can talk about all of the different benefits of being a member. But each benefit happens because of people in this industry.

Question: What is the best part of being a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild?

People make the member discounts happen. The NCSG works with manufacturers and vendors, negotiates discounts and they get passed on to us as members. Being a member of the NCSG also gets us a discount on becoming CSIA certified. It is through cooperation of both organizations, and the people in them, that make the strong partnership. The staff of the NCSG work tirelessly to keep the organization moving forward. From the executive director to the office manager, and everyone in between, each NCSG staff member plays a vital role. That is dedicated people, hard at work for us.


The NCSG board of directors is a group of volunteers. These include the regional directors, that are often sweeps in the field just like us. More great people, volunteering their time to serve the industry.

S W E E P I N G December 2016

The NCSG has a Technical Advisory Council, made up of more volunteers. Putting their expertise at the disposal of our members, people willing to share their experience and know-how to help others.

Being a member of the NCSG also helps us to network with other NCSG member companies in our service area. People making the industry stronger, on a local level. There is also the people that represent the products that we sell, install, and service. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors. Each company represented by one or more individuals. Making themselves available as a resource to the NCSG. Listening to us for new ideas and improvements. Supporting our events. Being available to NCSG members. More people doing good things for the industry. And there's the annual NCSG Convention. Organized by people, facilitated by people, made possible by many great hard-working people in this industry. All for the purpose of bringing this industry together once a year, to showcase education, products, technology, and the many vendors that supply industry. And of course, to bring us together, to see each other. I often tell folks that the best thing about the industry is the people in it. That's never been more true. And the NCSG is such a big part of that!

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Debbie Cornelius

Membership Development Coordinator


he country’s oldest HR consulting firm, SESCO Management Consultants was founded in 1945 with expertise in both federal and state employment regulations. Whether it’s an employee termination, healthcare reform question, policy development, etc., SESCO will help you stay in compliance.

As a client of SESCO you will receive:

Human Resource Support Available!

30 S W E E P I N G December 2016

1) Hotline — Effective assistance in HR compliance issues, review of HR systems, wage data, etc. As experts in federal and state employment regulations, SESCO will offer assistance in handling issues such as terminations, discipline, performance, recruitment and retention, etc. 2) The SESCO Report, SESCOS’s monthly newsletter will be provided

3) Employee handbook/ policy review 4) And much, much more! The new law that employers must comply with regarding overtime regulations took effect December 1, 2016 impacting over 40 million employees. Make sure you are in compliance with the new Wage-Hour regulations. The cost to provide the above services ranges from $25$40 per month based on the size of your organization and an annual contract.

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Available from: New England Chimney Supply • 888-900-8106 Regional Chimney Supply • 301-740-3488 * Competitor pricing as listed in 2016/17 Olympia Chimney Supply catalog. Actual cost may vary.

Call: 800-711-9672 Receive free shipping on your first order

Dates and

Events December 2016

32 S W E E P I N G

December 5-11, 2016 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit December 12-18, 2016 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Revie - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit December 19-25, 2016 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit December 26 – January 1, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit

December 2016

January 2017 January 2-8, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit January 9-10, 2017 Ropes Safety Class Houston, TX For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® Review & Exams CSIA Technology Center For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit January 9-15, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit January 16-22, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit January 18-20, 2017 Olympia All Star Event - 3-days Hilton - Scranton, PA For more information, please call (570) 504-7128 or visit January 20, 2017 CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® Review & Exams CSIA Technology Center For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit

January 23-29, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit January 30 – February 5, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit

February 2017 February 6-12, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit February 3, 2017 CSIA One Day Chimney Physics CSIA Technology Center For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit

February 13-18, 2017 CSIA National Chimney Sweep Training School CSIA Technology Center For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit February 13-19, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit February 20-26, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit February 27- March 5, 2017 CSIA (online) - Chimney Physics - CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Review - CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review - CSIA eLearning - Health & Safety Multi-User Courses - Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel For more information, please call (317) 837-5362 or visit

33 S W E E P I N G December 2016

CSIA UPDATE December 2016 Report Pressure from CSIA and Chimney Industry Leads to Removal of Angie’s List DIY Chimney Sweeping Article

CSIA’s Rope Safety Course New for 2017 Over the past few decades the main focus of CSIA’s educational offerings has been ensuring the safety of homeowners by informing them of the inherent dangers associated with combustible appliance home heating, as well as teaching chimney professionals how to work more effectively and efficiently. Although we strive to promote safety in each of the classes that we offer, until now, we’ve never before offered a hands-on course dedicated solely to the on-the-job safety of chimney professionals. CSIA’s brand-new Roof System Specific Rope Access Training is an intensive hands-on program designed

to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to utilize fall protection systems to safely scale and navigate challenging rooftops without having to rely on roof ladders or truck lifts. For this course we are proud to be partnering with, Reality Rope Access LLC. of Montgomery, Texas, a leading provider of rope safety education whose state-of-the-art facility includes a variety of multi-pitch training roofs. The first opportunity to participate in this course will be January 9-10. Classes are limited to 16 students each. Potential students can enroll now at

Students completing the new Roof System Specific Rope Access Training will this brandnew icon for their CSIA website profile. ADVERTISEMENT

As some of you may have heard, Angie’s List recently posted an article on its website and social media pages “instructing” homeowners on how to inspect and clean their own chimneys. CSIA strongly felt that the content of this article, originally written by a representative of ServPro (a home cleaning and fire restoration company), was negligent and potentially dangerous to consumers. CSIA crafted an official response to Angie’s List that was cosigned by several industry organizations, including the National Chimney Sweep Guild, The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild, The New York State Chimney Sweep Guild, The Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association, and the Pennsylvania Chimney Sweep Guild. At this time, the link to the original DIY article now leads to a new page which explicitly encourages homeowners to hire professionals, specifically CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, for chimney/fireplace inspections and cleanings. This just goes to show that a passionate and respectful response from an industry as niche as chimney sweeping, can affect real change!

December 2016 Report

Newly Certified Chimney Sweeps Colorado Neil Coon | Chimney Sweeps of America | Wheat Ridge

CSIA Certified Sweeps Renewing with CEUs California Mike O’Mara | Weststar Chimney Sweeps | Chula Vista Iowa Janie Rickord | Alpine Chimney Sweep Inc. | Des Moines Illinois

Bob Anderson | Chimney Sweeps of America | Wheat Ridge

Charles Bedi | Kingsborough Chimney Sweeps, Inc. | Cary


Bo Tasso | Tasso Chimney Sweep & Masonry Repair, Inc. | Stillman Valley

Jacob Halkola | Full Service Chimney | Olathe


New York Keith Kulsha | Hudson Valley Chimney Service | Poughkeepsie Darren Sparks | Sparks Monroe Heating and Chimney | Ontario Bryan Delamater | COllar City Soot Slayer | Waterford North Carolina James Ends | Environmental Chimney Service | Arden

Shawn Schofield | Kingsborough Chimney Sweeps, Inc. | Cary

Scott Munroe | Ash Wipers Chimney Service, Inc. | Avon Joseph Sharp | Judd & Son Chimney Service, Inc. | Schererville Massachusetts Edward Berg | Judd Berg & Son Chimney Sweeps | North Eastham Missouri Donald Driggs | American Chimney Cleaning | Freeman New Jersey Gary Severson | Ashes Up Up & Away Chimney Services | West Windsor



Jacob Whitt | Ferguson’s Fireside Chimney | Canton

Jason Hocking | Sootslayer Chimney Sweeps | Pleasant Gap



Seth Diller | Paramount Chimney Sweep | Maxatawny

Robert Hammonds | Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc. | Smyrna

Newly Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians California Josh Cooper | Chimney Doctor | San Luis Obispo

Lou Marrazzi | J & L Chimney | Stewartstown

Shon Wilson | Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc. | Smyrna Christopher Young | Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc. | Smyrna

Short on CEUs for your certification renewal? In addition to in-person classes held throughought the year, CSIA offers more than 70 online courses. Find the class you need at education. ADVERTISEMENT Meet Your CSIA Board Members: John Pilger Hometown: Smithtown, NY How he got his start in the industry: In 1983 I started working rotating shifts at Suffolk County Fire/Rescue and a co-worker asked me if I wanted to make some extra money after work, I would work before my afternoon shift or after a midnight shift. Not only did we sweep chimneys but we serviced oil-fired appliance which I went to school for. In 1986 I bought a chimney company and renamed it Chief Chimney. Why CSIA certification is important to him: CSIA Certification is important starting point for anyone who wants to become a professional chimney sweep. It gives that person a basic knowledge of sweeping and codes. It is also a tool for the homeowner to choose a qualified person to keep their home as safe as possible and inspect the system for signs of defects. About John’s business: Chief Chimney Services, Inc. is a small family owned and operated chimney company run by myself and my wife Diane Pilger, (PastPresident of the National Chimney Sweep Guild) serving western Suffolk County, Long Island We provide comprehensive chimney services to Western and Central Suffolk County. We have been in the chimney care business for over thirty years and provide Chimney and Fireplace Services (i.e. Sweeping, Troubleshooting, and Inspections), Chimney Repairs, along with Dryer Vent Services (de-linting and repairs.)

Where he sees himself in 15 years: Happily retired and helping out new sweeps with any technical or business advice. Best piece of advice John’s ever been given (and from whom): NCSG/CSIA Past-President Bob Hart, who convinced me to become part of the Board of Directors of the NCSG, and for me it was life changing to be part of a great group of professionals. I’m now approaching my twentieth year servicing both the Boards of the NCSG and CSIA. It gives me both business and personal pleasure to give back to the industry by volunteering to serve my fellow sweeps.

At the 2016 NCSG Convention, John Pilger (right), was awarded the very first CSIA Master Chimney Sweep credential.

Some of my industry highlights are the move to our current home in Indianapolis and the emergence of the CSIA as the premiere industry leader in education and homeowner awareness. My personal highlight is becoming the first President of CSIA after the planned split with NCSG (Jim Brewer was the first NCSG/CSIA combined President). My wish list includes that our industry will be recognized as any other trade would be IE: plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc. I

think this will happen in the near future as CSIA and NCSG aggressively educate the code officials, related industries and the homeowners about the need for chimney safety. I’d like to thank our professional staff who have assisted me in these past 20 years and my fellow board members, past and present for making this industry better.

CSIA Education Roadshow Excellence in Education. Delivered.

Contact Us: Mailing Address 2155 Commercial Drive Plainfield, IN 46168 Telephone (317) 837-5362 Email: Twitter: @Chimney_Safety Facebook: /ChimneySafety

To-your-door expertise.


CSIA Education Roadshow allows you to experience the industry standard in chimney sweep education and earn valuable CEUs through in-person courses provided by one of CSIA’s expert instructors at YOUR event.

Including CSIA Roadshow as part of your event will provide you with several opportunities for promoting your company or product, both on-site during the session, as well as through CSIA’s social networks and e-newsletter.

Leverage the CSIA’s network and grow your

Get started.


Literally anyone who wants to include a CSIA Roadshow session and has access to a suitable location can submit a request. Forr more information on how to bring CSIA education to your event, please contact CSIA Program Coordinator, Claire Rutledge, at (317) 837-5362.

December 2016 Report



Education Calendar CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® Review & Exam Jan 30 | CSIA Technology Center

Chimney Physics February 3 & August 11 | CSIA Technology Center Diagnosis and resolution of chimney performance issues, solving air pressure problems, identifying the symptoms of indoor air pollutants, determining combustion air requirements for vented appliances. CSIA CEUs: 3-T, 3-CS, 3-HS, 3-CL NFI CEUs: 4-E

March 14 | Louisville, KY (NCSG Convention) May 19 | Scranton, PA August 18 | Richmond, VA Septermber 15 | Atlantic City, NJ

Installing and Troubleshooting Gas Hearth Appliances

October 6 | CSIA Technology Center October 20 | Albany, NY

August 1–5 | CSIA Technology Center

In-person intensive review sessions help candidates prepare for the exams. The review sessions are not a substitute for advanced study. CSIA CEUs: 1.50-T, 1.50-CS, 1.50-HS, 1.50-CL NFI CEUS: 6-T

Service and installation, including appliance standards, combustion requirements, pipe sizing and installation, troubleshooting, carbon monoxide testing and fuel conversion.

Roof System Specific Rope Access Training

CSIA CEUs: 4-T, 4-CS, 4-HS, 4-CL NFI CEUs: 16-T

Jan 9–10 & May 8–9 | Montgomery, TX

Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals


Learn how to safely set up fall protection systems before you leave the ground and primary lifelines before you step on the ladder. Learn how to safely access roofs of any pitch without roof ladders or lift trucks. CSIA CEUs: 3 T, 3 C&S, 3 H&S, 3 C&L

Inspection and Report Writing May 1 –2 | CSIA Technology Center

August 15–18 | Richmond, IN (SaverSystems) A follow-up to our extremely popular Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals Course. Hands-on advanced instruction. CSIA CEUs: 12-T

National Chimney Sweep Training School

CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician®

Feb 13–18, April 24–29, June 26–July 1, July 31–August 5 & Septermber 19–24 | CSIA Technology Center

March 14 | Louisville, KY (NCSG Convention)

Our flagship event! Fundamentals of sweeping and inspection of chimney systems, equipment operation, health and safety considerations and step-by-step instruction in codes, clearances, standards and practices. Earn your certification! CCS CEUs: 4-T, 4-CS, 4-CL, 4-HS NFI CEUs: 16-T

June 12–16 | CSIA Technology Center, Plainfield, Indiana A fun week of volunteer maintenance projects and collaborative learning! All invited regardless of affiliation!

An intensive class combining a short period of classroom theory followed by hands-on projects. Students will learn how to mix mortar and how to lay brick as well as learning joint finishing, tools of the trade, and all aspects of chimney repair. CSIA CEUs: 12-T

Advanced Masonry Repair

Chimney inspections and evaluations, report writing including regional and environmental influences, effective photo documentation, digital organization and administrative procedures. CSIA CEUs: 4-T, 4-CS, 4-CL NFI CEUs: 12-T

Sweeps Week 2017

April 5–6 | Richmond, IN (SaverSystems)

August 24–25* | CSIA Tech Center Earn your C-DET credential. *The two-day class includes hands-on instruction. CSIA CEUs: 9-T, .5-CS, .5-HS, 1-CL

NFI Review/Exams at the CSIA Tech Center July 10–11 | NFI Gas Review/Exam July 12-13 | NFI Wood Review/Exam July 14-15 | NFI Pellet Review/Exam

All dates and times subject to change. Please contact us prior to making travel arrangements:

Did you know that CSIA offers more than 70 online courses? You can find them at

Register today at or call us at (317) 837-5362. ADVERTISEMENT

Around the


Tech Center. Frances Kelly

Executive Director

elcome to the Progress Edition of Sweeping Magazine! If you are reading this, you may or may not be a member of the Guild. This particular edition goes out to almost 6,000 individuals with an interest in or connection to the chimney and venting profession. It is our hope that you enjoy the articles, learn more about the Guild and join us or renew and become even more involved.

into high gear for the NCSG National Convention and Trade Show. The 2017 convention and trade show will mark the 40th anniversary of the Guild. We’ve been busy planning out a great set of speakers and lots of opportunities for networking and fun venues as well. Don’t miss the chance to learn and have some fun with us in Louisville, KY. Detailed information can be found at

As your busy season fires up, the visitors to the Tech Center slow down. During the year, we gladly host several schools and events at the Tech Center. Additionally, June brings us Sweeps Week. If you haven’t ever had the opportunity to participate in this bonding events, make your plans now. When the visits slow, it’s time for the staff to kick

The Guild staff consists of nine dedicated individuals that are committed to serving the sweep industry. A full listing of staff can be found at If there is ever anything you need, do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send an email to one of us.

National Chimney Sweep Training School


NCSG Trade Show


NCSG Staff

NCSG National Convention

December 2016

CSP328_National Chimney Sweep 2/3 Ad_Final_R1_CSP328_National Chimney Sweep 2/3 Page_Final

Classifieds GasVent Software for Sizing Chimneys only $195 Call 1-800-648-9523 for more info and visit to download a free trial version. CLASSIFIED ADS FREE FOR NCSG MEMBERS Members can run one 35-word classified free each year! Regular classified ads are $2/word or $1/ word for NCSG members. Classified ads are non-commissionable and must be pre-paid. To place a classified ad, please contact Sara Sichting at or 317-837-1500.

Rise above the competition.

Comprehensive masonry restoration training helps you get – and keep – more customers. This winter, take your skills to the next level with a masonry restoration training program that will help you meet more of your customers’ chimney and fireplace care needs. Taught by experts, our hands-on workshops show you how to use our scientificallyengineered mortar, grout, cleaning, stripping, coating and repellent systems to restore fireboxes, surrounds, chimneys and more. See our website for details and our current class schedule. Special NCSG offer • Call or email us with your membership number and receive a 20% discount.

The leader in scientific masonry restoration • 800-684 - 0901

Sweeps Week

December 2016

39 S W E E P I N G



“This is a house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The home owner called us out because he is still having water issues, ‘After he sealed up his flashing around the chimney.’ From the looks of it, function was obviously more important than appearance.” - Steven Cody The Chimney Pro's, Woodbury, MN Have you snapped a photo of a peculiar chimney in your area that made you shake your head in disbelief? Send it to editor Darcy Marlett at dmarlett@ for publication in Sweeping. Or, mail it to NCSG, 2155 Commercial Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168. Include a few words about the scene and location.

Ad Index Ahrens Chimney Technique

800-843-4417 15

A Step In Time


Cathedral Stone Products, Inc

800-684-0901 39

Chim Cap Corp

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Comfort Genie

317-650-5348 27

Copperfield 800-247-3305

Back Cover

5 and 9

CVC Coaching

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Duct Cleaners Supply

507-465-3829 18

ENERVEX 770-587-3238 19 Firesafe Industries, Inc.

40 S W E E P I N G

800-545-6607 14

Gelco™, Lyemance™, and Lock-Top® 17

Golden Flue, Inc 22

800-468-1052 33 ICP 508-695-7000 26 Lindemann Chimney Company

866-629-8006 13

National Chimney

800-897-8481 23

New England Chimney Supply

888-900-8106 29

Olympia Chimney Supply

800-569-1425 11

Sand Hill Wholesale & Mfg., Inc

800-258-5496 4

SaverSystems, Inc

800-860-6327 30

TransContinental Equipment

514-937-9145 21

WeatherTite Inc.

800-711-9672 31

Ventech Industries

207-439-0069 7

December 2016











THREE FULFILLING DAYS. ONE IMMERSIVE EVENT. COORDINATE YOUR ENTIRE YEAR. HPBExpo 2017. HPBExpo attracts thousands of professionals that live and breathe the indooroutdoor lifestyle. For three days, immerse yourself in the vibrancy of new patio designs, glow of fireplaces, and sizzle of barbecue cuisine. From new business strategies to evolving regulations and certification, gain insight into the future of the industry and transform your passion into profits. Learn more at




Sweeping Magazine- December 2016  

The Annual Progress Issue

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