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MA N OJ 'S S T OR Y A child development center prepared Manoj to lead. Read story on pg. 22



2 R EAC HING INMAT E S Through sport, Nazarene youth reach prison inmates with God's love.

10 NAVI NKUMA R'S STORY Youth in Kanataka, India, distribute aid to people suffering from flooding.



As we look around the world, this generation of

18 EA R T HQUAKE R E S PON S E Nepal youth provide emergency earthquake response.

for marginalised and oppressed people, creation, compassion as a lifestyle. Our young people are change-makers – providing


about social issues and mobilising people in


their communities towards kindness, generosity


and love. They give of themselves for others – sometimes literally – as they donate blood to hospitals and clinics. They are living out the Great Commission and the Beatitudes in ways that can

Delhi District Nazarene inspired by a church member with disabilities.

be seen, heard and felt. This magazine was created by Eurasia NYI and NCM to celebrate the remarkable works of


compassion of young people throughout the South


Asia and India fields and to provoke, encourage

22 MA N OJ 'S S T OR Y


daily tuition for children in need of education, responding to disasters, raising awareness


A child development center prepared Manoj to lead.

young people are wired to serve. They have a heart a passion for justice and a desire to practice



34 KAI'S S T OR Y Former beneficiary of a child development center now a youth leader, investing in children.

and inspire us as a church family. We believe in


young people across the world – in their creativity,


their ability to bring about change and their ability to inspire a denomination.

* We have taken great care to protect people’s identities due to certain sensitive locations and, where appropriate, have used pseudonyms and stock images.

40 EMPOWER ING WOME N Nazarene Youth empower women in Pakistan.

44 DE NGUE PR E V E NTI ON Nazarene youth rally dengue fever awareness and prevention.


S t o r y t e l l e r // Os h a n Ed it or // G i n a Potte n g e r

REAC HING I N M AT E S Through sport, Nazarene youth reach prison inmates with God's love.

Because prison inmates are created in the image of God, just like everyone else, Nazarene youth from the nearby Church of the Nazarene decided to start a ministry to the prison inmates.

“We want to show our God’s love and compassion to those who are in prison,” said Oshan, youth president for the Sri Lanka District. “Prison ministry is not easy, and it’s difficult to enter a prison. We had to get permission and lots of things.”


The Church of the Nazarene in Sri Lanka exists in a multi-religious community where people who follow several major world religions live side by side. The youth knew from experience that playing sports with people is a good way to establish positive relationships.

"Prisoners are people, too," reads a sign on the gate of a prison in Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lankans love the sport of cricket. So we decided to create a cricket team [in the prison],” Oshan said. “We have good cricket players in our local church. We talked with the prison director and guards, discussing our plans with them. Finally we got permission.” So, the youth organized their first cricket match with the inmates on Independence Day, February 4, 2014. It went well, and helped to

establish a good rapport with the guards and director, as well as the inmates. The Nazarene youth have continued to visit the prison every couple of months, to play sports, and even to host worship services. Each time, they meet new inmates. Through spending time with them, the youth have discovered that each of the inmates has special talent, such as singing or music, making handicrafts, or playing a sport.




“They impressed us,” Oshan said. “Our local Nazarene youth love this ministry. We are learning lots of things from others’ life stories. It’s really hard to hear some of the stories; it’s very emotional. After hearing their stories, we pray for changes in their lives.” By leading the prison ministry, the Nazarene youth are learning about discipleship and leadership development. They have found joy in talking with the inmates about God’s grace and love for them, as well as telling them about Jesus, and sharing stories from the Bible. They also bring needed goods and toiletries for the inmates. While the prison provides worship space for the inmates’ different religious faiths, no other religious groups are entering the prison to minister to the inmates, Oshan said. Although the prison guards and staff are fully supportive of the youth group’s visits and ministry, because of the Easter Sunday attacks on Christian churches in Sri Lanka, security has tightened across the country. As a result, the youth have not been able to return to the prison since that day.

“We need your prayers and blessings for our youth group,” Oshan said. “We need to continually do this ministry, not only in our place, but all over Sri Lanka.”



Int er vi ew e r // O s h a n S t o r y t e l l e r // N i r o s h a n Ed it or // G i n a Potte n g e r

KO S L A N D A LANDSLIDE Youth assist and counsel people struck by landslide tragedy in Sri Lanka.

On the rainy morning of 29th October, 2014, I got up as usual around 8 a.m. and got ready to go to work. Then a friend called me with the shocking news:


...half of the village was destroyed in this disaster: 150 houses were buried under the landslide, as well as the roads.

He said that a landslide in Koslanda had

Even so, half of the village was destroyed in

occurred around 7:30 a.m., killing hundreds

this disaster: 150 houses were buried under

of people.

the landslide, as well as the roads. People lost their homes and all their possessions.

I was so upset. I called the local Nazarene

The affected people immediately needed

Youth International (NYI) leader to confirm

a shelter since it was raining. And they

the news, then hurried to my local church.

needed clothes, water and food, as well as

The youth were already gathered there to visit

emergency medical attention.

and help the people who were affected by the landslide. Triggered by monsoon rain, the landslide occurred in a hilly region, in the village of Koslanda in the Badulla District, Sri Lanka. The people affected by the landslide are just ordinary people, a majority of whom are tea estate workers and day laborers. Thankfully, since it was a weekday morning, many of the children had left for school, and parents had

Not only did we respond to help, but other local people, nongovernment organizations and volunteers came to help as well.

gone to work, so the harm and loss of life was less than it might have been.




For about three days, our Nazarene youth team supported the people, caring and showing them the love of the God.

The government sent hundreds of rescue workers. While it was still raining, the rescue workers continued finding missing people. Although the final death toll was 16, and 192 people were missing, I took comfort that it was not “hundreds of people” as earlier had been estimated. God had saved many. For those who lost relatives, especially children who had lost parents, they needed counseling and someone to comfort them. Having assessed these needs, we got back to our church and the local NYI leader gathered the team and raised support from the team. So the NYI team started to collect food items, clothing, bed linens and pillows to distribute to the affected. Pastors and elders also supported the work by sharing the love of God with the people suffering from the landslide. For about three days, our Nazarene youth team supported the people, caring and showing them the love of the God. Something that especially hurt my heart was when I saw an 8-year-old child crying and alone. So the NYI team tried to find his parents. Finally we understood that the boy had lost his whole family. That was very sad. However, we found a relative and surrendered the boy to them. Being part of the youth ministry in this crisis affected me so much. It helped me to share God’s love and compassion with others. It taught me to comfort people and listen to their problems. People everywhere have problems; who will solve them but God? So we prayed for the affected families and children. I also learnt to love the other youth and my church. I was blessed to work with our team. Thank you.



S t o r y t e l l e r // R ev . R a j i v Ya n ga d Ed it or // S a n d r a F o r e ste r

N AV I N K U M A R ' S STORY Youth in Karnataka, India, distribute aid to people suffering from flooding

Distributing relief supplies to areas in India devastated by heavy rainfalls and floods changed the life and perspective of Navinkumar R., a member of the Karnataka District and president of the Nazarene youth on the district.

"When we see and hear about it on television,

Navinkumar, 28, who owns a financial

it is different, but when we actually hit the

consultant business with about 20 employees,

reality and are able to help, it is a great

and who works as a direct selling agent for

experience of satisfaction," Navinkumar said.

several banks, responded to a phone call from his district superintendent, Rev. Matthias


In August 2019, Karnataka State on the coast

Christadas, asking him to assist in flood relief

of Southern India was severely hit by floods

in the affected area. Christadas had arranged

due to heavy rainfalls. Over 60 people died,

relief packets in partnership with Nazarene

more than 50,000 houses were damaged, and

Compassionate Ministries of India. Each

about 600,000 people were evacuated from

packet included rice, dal, sugar, wheat flour,

their homes.

detergent powder, toothpaste, toilet soaps,

Navinkumar (right) during Third Wave India 2019

cooking oil and sanitary wares – enough to

But they remained calm and received help

sustain a family from 20 days a month.

from some of the community to systematically distribute 400 relief packets. Distribution took the

Navinkumar took leave from his office, and

whole day and the packets ran out while many

along with Adil Pasha, a Nazarene Youth

people were still in need. As Navinkumar and

International Council member, and his friend

his team started to leave, those in need followed

Jaykumar, drove all night to Hubli, about 400

their vehicle for almost two kilometers, hoping to

kilometers northwest of Bengaluru. Next

get something. The team stopped and shared all

they traveled to Yadur in Belgaum District,

they had left – the love of Christ.

about 200 kilometers north of Hubli. There, along with a young Nazarene pastor, Pastor Prashant, and three youth from the church, they distributed 250 relief packets. After Yadur, they started for areas more severely affected where no transportation could reach and people were desperately in need of relief supplies.

When they arrived, they were surrounded by community members and overwhelmed by the need.

N AV I N K U M A R ' S S T O R Y


There, along with a young Nazarene pastor, Pastor Prashant, and three youth from the church, they distributed 250 relief packets.


The second day, they moved to a different location

going to do some regular ministry. But when we

and distributed another 350 relief packets. In

reached there and got involved along with the

total, they supplied 1,000 relief packets.

Rev. Christadas, I am very satisfied."

"I didn't have any prior preparation for this work,�

Navinkumar received a call from one of the

Navinkumar said. “I didn't know we were going

beneficiaries named Stalin, who tearfully said,

to be distributing such a large amount of relief

"We have lost our house and all the belongings.

material. I went there thinking that we were

Your help arrived to us at the right time."

"We have lost our house and all the belongings. Your help arrived to us at the right time."

Another recipient commended the Nazarenes for the realistic quantity and good quality of items in the packets, according to Christadas.


Nazarene Youth International’s three core values are evangelism (BE), discipleship (DO), and leadership development (GO). We have resources to help youth and youth leaders navigate life and ministry in the context of these principles. Visit the websites above to download all of our free resources, including spoken word videos and scripts, discussion guides, graphics, and our three-book series, BE DO GO. English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French versions are available!



S t o r y t e l l e r // R ev . R a j i v Ya n ga d Ed it or // S a n d r a F o r e s t e r

KO K I L A ' S STORY A young woman leads Nazarene youth in numerous social outreach projects.

Kokila Sable's youth group

When Kokila Sable received Christ in 2003, she immediately committed her life to God’s call to ministry.


Kokila Sable

Through a classmate who worked with

“We are sowing seeds and seeing lives

orphaned children, Sable and the youth

changed. I am sure when these children get

group from her church, the Aurangabad

out of these houses and get on with their

City Nazarene Church in West Central India,

lives, they will definitely follow Jesus Christ

celebrated Christmas with 35 girls at an

wherever they go."

orphanage. An elder from the church helped by arranging for blankets as gifts.

The older children of this house still conduct

"When we shared a Christmas story with them, the Lord sort of nudged a thought in my mind that we should visit here every week,” Sable said. With permission, Sable, along with the pastor’s wife, Jyotsana Gaikwad, and some of the church youth, began visiting every week.

prayers with the younger children every day. Sable, who lives in Aurangabad with her widowed mother and sister’s family, has a master’s degree in psychology. She was elected the local president for her local Nazarene youth group in 2010. Every time Sable receives a ministry idea or concern, she prays for God’s guidance.

"There is a tremendous need to reach the children and the afflicted with the hope of Jesus Christ,” Gaikwad said.

One day, the children’s home leader and his wife asked for prayer when their pregnancy faced a critical condition. The baby was born safely. Through this, the team helped the couple understand the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and they became believers.

KO K I L A ' S S T O R Y


“Kokila's spiritual life is very strong and she

As a result, several teenagers, especially of

reaches out to these people so passionately,

the age of 13 and 14, came to understand and

as if they are her own family,� Gaikwad said.

receive the grace of God..

After this successful effort, Sable felt called to minister in other orphanages. She searched her city for an opportunity to work among them. Then, she formed teams of youth from her church and others in the city to present the story of Jesus in the form of a book and a comic. The effort also included outreach to a

"I am witnessing tremendous change in the behavior of these teenage girls,� the warden said.

special home for children charged of crimes.

Sable has started a number of life-changing ministries: She visited the government facilities for afflicted women in 2014 and 2015 and acquired permission to counsel them through her social organization. She led a team to minister in homes for children who were born infected with HIV. Her team shared the JESUS film in a home for young, single mothers and followed up for two years with the message of hope, joy and restoration. She wrote street plays to share the love of Jesus and performed them in the city with the youth team. In 2018, Sable and her team prepared their own lessons and conducted a three-day vacation Bible school for 100 children in a children's home.


"I was and am a shy person, but I remember that every time I needed to do something for the Lord, He provided me words, knowledge and courage."

"I was and am a shy person, but I remember that every time I needed to do something for the Lord, He provided me words, knowledge and courage,” Sable said. “When I look back, it is very surprising for me to believe that I was able to do what I have done. All glory to God who provides strength through His Holy Spirit." Next, she is considering restarting free tuition classes for the children of the brickmaker community near her home and visiting women in jail. Sable says she appreciates the support and encouragement of the church, church board, the pastor and all others God has brought to walk with her. "Belonging to the City Nazarene Church is a great blessing to me,” she said. “Our pastor Rev. Vinay Gaikwad brings rich sermons from the Word of God every single week, and we are spiritually well-fed. That helps me grow constantly."

KO K I L A ' S S T O R Y


S to r y t e lle r // Rev . Ra j i v Yang ad Ed i to r // G i na Pot t e nge r

EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE Nepal youth provide emergency earthquake response.

At 11:56 p.m. on April 25, 2015, an event plunged Nepal in darkness. It was an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude, which killed nearly 9,000 people, injured 22,000, and made 3.5 million people homeless.

Although we, the Nazarene youth, were also in fear, pain and shock, we were moved to try helping the many people who had not only lost their homes and possessions, but their beloved son, or daughter, father or mother, and other relatives.


So, some of us went to three different villages to spend time with the people who were suddenly homeless, without food, and grieving the loss of loved ones.

We also provided tents, rice, clothes and other basic needs as God had given to us.

Though we could not solve their pain and sorrows, we tried to feel their pain together with them. We also provided tents, rice, clothes and other basic needs as God had given to us. We helped to reconstruct some houses and repair damaged roads in their communities, as well as deliver the injured to hospitals.

In this time of darkness, we were spreading the light of Jesus Christ through basic support and encouragement from the word of God. Though it was difficult and there was suffering, we were still feeling glad in our hearts that we got the chance to help those people.

Because of our work, many people started to have positive attitudes toward Christians and the church. Though we were not able to meet all their needs, we supported them as much as we were able. It was such a difficult time, and changing weather presented additional challenges, but we continuously helped them with our full energy and strength.



S t o r y t e l l e r // Di l i p Ed it or // G i n a Potte n ge r

E D U C AT I O N A L SUPPORT Bangladesh youth provide free educational support to local children.

The 12-member youth group at a local Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh helped dozens of children pass annual exams.


“We are very happy to share the joy of having this opportunity to serve our community through our tiny support,” said Dilip.

Since starting the initiative in 2018, the youth,

regularly for Sunday school, lead part of the

who are university students themselves, have

prayer service, and attend a group Bible study.

taught 31 children four days a week. All the

They occasionally visit the sick to pray for

children passed their annual exams with

them, and provide assistance to vulnerable

high scores.

and widowed women who struggle to continue their education or buy clothing. They also save

“The students’ parents are so grateful to

their spending money to support children who

us, as they are having the education for

have been orphaned.

free,” said Dilip, youth leader at the church. “We took this initiative because many of

“We are very happy to share the joy of having

our church people were unable to provide

this opportunity to serve our community

additional support to their children.”

through our tiny support,” said Dilip.

The youth group is also engaged in a variety of other ministries and activities. They gather



S t o r y t e l l e r // R ev . R a j i v Ya n ga d Ed it or // S a n d r a F o r e s te r

MANOJ'S STORY A child development center prepared Manoj to lead.

Manoj pictured with CDC Manager Sudhakar, and Manoj's father and mother.

Manoj, 19, is the eldest of three brothers in a Christian family from Northeastern India.



The Nazarene Child Development Center (CDC)

of history, but the teachers helped me

played an important role in shaping the life of

improve. I used to struggle to concentrate on

Manoj and helping him to pass the 12th grade.

my studies, but here my life changed."

His father runs a tailoring shop from his home but earns just enough daily to feed his family.

Child Development Centers run by local churches serve children throughout

"Due to a very poor financial condition of my

the world. Through local churches and

family, I wasn't able to go to tuition classes

individuals, CDCs care for the whole person,

anywhere, but when CDC offered tuition

often providing food, education, life skills and

classes, it was a lifesaver for me,� Manoj said.

spiritual guidance for children, and working with families and communities to help children achieve their God-given potential

“Because of the CDC tuition classes, I was able to improve in my studies.

and become positive, healthy adults. "In the CDC, we teach all the school subjects, but besides that we teach several moral and biblical stories, conduct awareness programs, sports activities, general knowledge, and competitions on various

"I used to really enjoy studying there because,

levels, group activities and moral teachings

though there were several children in the CDC,

once a week. Health awareness and health

the teachers would still pay personal attention

checkups are conducted, as well," said

to my development. I was weak in the subject

Sudhakar, a CDC manager.



Sudhakar said Manoj’s parents could not afford to send their children to school, but the CDC enabled Manoj and his siblings to be educated.

Sudhakar said Manoj’s parents could not

this work, Manoj and his family stayed fully

afford to send their children to school, but

connected with the church and the CDC.

the CDC enabled Manoj and his siblings to be educated.

"There are several children who have benefited by the CDC, but Manoj is a one-


After graduating from 12th grade, Manoj was

of-a-kind young man who comes back and

admitted to the Indian Institute of Technology,

voluntarily helps in the CDC,” Sudhakar

in the welding trade. However, he struggled

said. “Manoj is also fully involved in the local

with being long distance from his family for

Nazarene church. He assists in Sunday

the first time, as well as poor health and

school, youth programs, church worship, and

a financial crisis, and had to return home

volunteers in almost every program that the

without completing the training.

church conducts."

Once back home, he decided to help his father

Manoj loves playing soccer and is looking

in the tailoring business, stitching, hemming

forward to attending college for his bachelor

and hand-sewing buttonholes. While doing

studies in either arts or commerce.

"I do not have enough percentage to get into the science stream, but whatever percentage I have is due to the CDC,” he said. “With that, I can definitely get into arts or commerce." Sudhakar said that if Manoj can finish his degree, he will be able to secure a good job and enhance his family’s financial situation. The District Superintendent Rev. Jacob said the CDC is the only center in the district, which is a needy area and could use more. “Its social, spiritual and educational impact on the lives of the children is outstanding,” Jacob said. “The impact is not limited to the children, it penetrates families as well. The CDC here is strengthening the community as well as the district. We are grateful for this CDC, but having more of them on the district in the days to come will be a great investment in the lives of children."

"We are grateful for this CDC, but having more of them on the district in the days to come will be a great investment in the lives of children."



S t o r y t e l l e r // G a n ga Ed it or // G i n a Potte n ge r

W AT E R PROJECT Nepal youth collaborate with village leaders to bring clean water.

When Nepal’s Nazarene youth learned about the scarcity of clean drinking water in several villages, we took action to bring clean water to the struggling families.


Upon visiting the first village in the

the water taps in that village. We made two

Nawalparasi District, in the western part of

water taps, which helped create access to pure

Nepal, we saw that the people did not have a

drinking water near people’s homes. Now there

single water tap in their village; they had to

is sufficient water for the people and for the

travel very far to obtain drinking water from a

animals. The village residents are using the

river. And it was not pure drinking water.

water happily, and they are thankful for this support.

One of the village residents told us, “We have to go a far distance of 30 to 45 minutes from

In the same way, we made two water taps in the

home. We have been struggling for many years

Ilaam District of eastern Nepal. They were also

and none of us was able to solve this problem.

facing water scarcity in their village for both

It was too difficult for us to bring water for

people and animals. The people who were able

drinking and for the animals, also.”

to make the difficult journey used to go far away to a river for water, not only to drink, but to take

They were in need of help for the drinking

baths. It was too difficult for the elderly people

water. So our youth team wanted to help.

and children to do these things. When we saw this problem in that village, which

We prayed for God to provide a water facility that would make clean water easily accessible.

is home to 40 families, we felt a stirring in our spirits. We met with the leaders and told them we wanted to help however we could. They were happy to hear from us and we worked together. We made two water taps, which would provide enough drinking water for all the people and animals, as well as water for all the cleaning

After prayer, we discussed our desire to help

and washing. Now, there is sufficient clean

the people of that place, and they were also

water for the 40 families and for the animals,

happy and thankful about our concern.

which also became a great support for those who weren’t able to make the walk before.

We had a short meeting with the leaders of that village, asking permission to make


Ed it or // G i n a Potte n g e r

COUNTERING CHILD ABUSE Youth work in the slum to protect adolescents.

Nazarene youth leader Bitan* said that, because of many superstitions that are deeply rooted in the society, “children are abused physically, mentally and even sexually."


According to UNICEF, abuse and neglect of children is growing across Bangladesh.

“First, they took a survey and found out the main causes of this burning issue,” Bitan said.

The Nazarene youth of a local church are giving of themselves to try ending child abuse in their community.

Then they gathered people from rural communities and taught them about child abuse, superstition, and how they shape their society in negative ways.

In September, a three-member task force of young people from the local church got to work on combating the problem.

“During the seminar they answered the questions, ‘What is child abuse? What are the main causes? How does it happen? Who

The youth have also offered counseling to victims of abuse, emphasizing the message that each one is a blessing to their community.

abuses? What are the negative impacts of child abuse? What rights does a child have? How can we stop child abuse? Where can we go for justice?’ In the slideshow, they described child abuse, types of child abuse, its causes, the results, children’s rights, superstitions, and how these badly impact our children, especially girls.”

Then the team spoke with survivors of abuse, offering comfort and providing information for seeking justice.

“NYI did all this for the betterment of the society,” Bitan said. “They try to tell to the victims that they are not a curse on society, but they are a blessing in the society. They are trying to ensure an abuse-free, better living place for all people.” The youth have offered counseling to victims of abuse, emphasizing the message that each one is a blessing to the community. They also made efforts to connect them to support organizations. “NYI members from Bangladesh are still doing a great job for the society, for the country, by trying to ensure an abuse-free, better living place for all people.” said Bitan. *Name changed for security

The Nazarene youth have continued to host their seminar in different locations.



S t o r y t e l l e r // R ev . R a j i v Ya n ga d Ed it or // S a n d r a F o r e s te r

ABHISHEK'S STORY Delhi District Nazarene inspired by a church member with disabilities.

Abhishek Gyani Singh, a president of the Nazarene youth at the Shalom Church in India’s Delhi District, says the spark for his ministry to people with disabilities came from church member Samuel Mani.


Abhishek Gyani Singh

Mani started an organization for the welfare

intending to help and a number of companies

of physically disabled people. He is physically

producing equipment for people with

disabled himself.

disabilities. He wanted to see all avenues come together to assist those with disabilities

“I used to see the life of Mr. Mani and was always inspired by him,” Singh said.

in an affordable way. Singh said that, in answer to his desire, God brought to India Rev. G. Robert Prater, a rehabilitation consultant from the United States. In October 2018, Prater conducted an intensive workshop on rehabilitation

“I used to think that, though Mr. Mani is

of polio and differently-abled persons through

disabled himself, he still does so much

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries India in

for the other disabled. Why shouldn't I, being

Mumbai. Singh jumped at this opportunity to

totally [able-bodied], do something for the

attend the workshop. He learned that Prater


is interested in the Nazarene Church’s work in India and supporting its growth.

Singh noticed that many people with disabilities are without help, and that there

For Singh, this was a dream come true. He

was a great disconnect between organizations

immediately started identifying the people with



disabilities and providing wheelchairs, polio

Singh's father is the pastor of Shalom

leg braces, and even assistance for necessary

Nazarene Church and the Delhi District


superintendent for the past 12 years. Singh has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce

Though there are several local places that

and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and

produce equipment, Singh said, "We take the

completed a diploma in Pastoral Ministry from

patient to Hyderabad, and there the patient

South Asia Nazarene Bible College. With a

is properly inspected, measurements are

lively personality, Singh teaches at the school

taken and then the necessary custom-made

his parents founded and is a district licensed

equipment is provided."

minister as well.

Singh has a list of 35 people with disabilities

"I have seen my parents do their ministry very

ready for wheelchairs and is making

successfully together,� Singh said.

arrangements for them.


Singh involved five of his church youth in his ministry to those with disabilities. Singh and his church youth also have been engaged in various kinds of compassionate ministries. Last year during the cold wave, they distributed 50 blankets to homeless people who sleep on the streets of Delhi. They also provide clothes and toys and celebrate Christmas with orphaned children each year. "Compassion for [those who are] disabled is a gift of God to me," he said.

Last year during the cold wave, they distributed 50 blankets to homeless people who sleep on the streets of Delhi.



S t o r y t e l l e r // R ev . R a j i v Ya n ga d Ed it or // S a n d r a F o r e ste r

KAI'S STORY Former beneficiary of a child development center now a youth leader, investing in children.

Kai's family - Kai is 3rd from right.

Kai was in 8th grade when he suffered a sudden onset of severe back pain, which kept him out of school for almost a year.


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ Child Development program establishes centers around the world that are run by local churches and individuals.

Kai is the fourth child from a farming family

as several other developmental activities. He

in Northeastern India. His parents, three

benefited immensely from the CDC for almost

brothers and three sisters – all unmarried –

six years. Kai graduated from the CDC after

and the family dog live and survive on a small

finishing 10th grade. He is now 22 years old

income from what they produce on their acre

and studying in the 12th grade.

of land: vegetables like brinjal, okra, mustard, chili, spinach, and a dozen country hens.

"Kai is a very good, godly young man,” said the CDC manager. “We are so glad to be able to

When Kai’s back pain began, he received

serve several young students like him through

treatments that took away the pain, except for

our CDC. The CDC not only focuses on the

sometimes when he lifts something heavy.

development of the children, but also on the

However, two years later, he developed a huge

development of their parents."

boil on his left leg and had to be hospitalized for treatment and surgery to remove the boil.

Besides studying and farming, Kai attends the

During treatment and recovery, he again had

local Nazarene church made up of more than

to stop attending school.

100 members, including around 40 children. Kai teaches Sunday school for children ages

That’s when the local Church of the


Nazarene’s Child Development Center (CDC) began to support Kai. Nazarene

"I enjoy teaching these young kids,” he said.

Compassionate Ministries’ Child Development

“They are such fun to be with."

program supports centers around the world that are run by local churches. These centers

But music and worship has become his

care for the whole person, often providing

passion. He plays acoustic guitar and sings.

food, education, life skills and spiritual guidance for children, and working with

"Chris Tomlin (an American Christian worship

families and communities to help children

artist) is my favorite singer,” he said. “I would

achieve their God-given potential as they grow

like to become a singer and a musician and

into positive, healthy adults.

be able to minister to God's people through my music."

After registering at his CDC, Kai received tuition-free education and nutrition, as well



S t o r yte l l e r // G a n ga Ed it or // G i n a Potte n g e r

TREE PLANTING Nepal youth plant trees and teach about creation care.

In this time of urbanization in Nepal, people are cutting down trees in and around their villages to make room for new roads, buildings and even airplane landing strips.

Although they recognize how clearing trees from the land can benefit them, they are not aware of how removing too many trees can also bring unintended negative changes to their immediate landscape.


That is why the Nazarene youth have planted 500 trees in three districts, encouraging the village residents to preserve their forests with all their inherent resources, including animal resources and wildlife, and to plant even more trees.

That is why the Nazarene youth have planted 500 trees in three districts...

The youth have conducted some awareness programs to teach why we should plant trees and keep our surroundings clean from litter, waste and pollution. Now the community members have understood the meaning of planting trees and how it contributes to the health of people and earth.

Together we make a difference. Thank you for choosing compassion. NCM.ORG


S t o r y t e l l e r // G a n ga Ed it or // G i n a Potte n ge r

GIVE BLOOD GIVE LIFE Nepali youth battle blood shortage with blood donation day.

About 80 hospitals are serving the 5 million people of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city and the adjoining cities in the valley.


The Nazarene youth in Kathmandu set a date for a blood donation day, and began to promote the event to the youth.

Even more travel from other areas of Nepal for

The Nazarene youth in Kathmandu set a date

the health care available at the city hospitals.

and began to promote the event to the youth.

Often, patients and their relatives gather at

On the day, 46 people gathered to donate

the hospitals, hoping that there will be enough

blood. Leaders of the Red Cross Society spoke

donated blood for needed transfusions.

to the participants about the importance of blood to save lives.

According to the Nepal Red Cross, the blood transfusion services experienced a 15 to 20

Then the district superintendent spoke about

percentage shortage of blood, said Ganga, a

the salvation found in the shed blood of Christ.

Nazarene youth leader in Nepal. Nazarene youth member Ruben S. said that, When Nazarene youth in Kathmandu realized

when he learned about the blood shortage

there was a shortage of blood, they organized

from his NYI leader, “I became excited, so

a blood donation day in coordination with the

I decided to give blood. I was nervous, too,

Red Cross Society.

because this was my first time to donate blood. But I’m so happy to donate. I know a blood donation is a life donation.”

“Nazarene youth understand that donating blood is a way of sharing God’s love with people,” said Ganga.

For most of the Nazarene youth who participated, it was their first time to donate. “We are also planning to conduct the program soon in the coming days,” said Ganga.



S t or y t e l l e r // M a s h e e r Edit or // G i n a Potte n g e r

EMPOWERING WOMEN Nazarene Youth empower women in Pakistan.

When Nazarene youth in Pakistan discovered that some of their female church members were working low-paying jobs because their male relatives were unemployed due to their Christian faith, the youth stepped forward to help.


They organized workshops and seminars to

been given education and training. Masheer

equip the women in overcoming obstacles and

explains, “The Bible message is of peace,

discerning God’s call on their lives. They also

hope, love and equality… we hope that these

connected them with job and skills training,

trained women can bring a good change

and recruited young women and girls into

in society.”

community service. Yet, women also experience higher discrimination than men, making them vulnerable to abuse and sexual assault, economic insecurity, lack of educational opportunities, and risk of human trafficking. When their male relatives do not have jobs to

The workshops, which take place in the local churches, feature lectures, skits and puppet shows.

provide for their families, women can be put in positions where they are at greater risk Then, the young women are connected with

of abuse.

activities at different community centers The fear of repercussions is such that many

and churches.

women stay silent, concerned that speaking out about the abuse they have endured will

One of the women who participated in the

lead to even greater discrimination.

training is now better equipped to deal with discrimination that she faces in the workplace.

“The Bible is against discrimination,”

The training she participated in has been

Masheer* said.

a contributing factor as she responds with firmness, a positive attitude, and love and care

Through the different activities, programs,

for those who discriminate against her.

seminars and workshops, many women have



The workshops, which take place in the local churches, feature lectures, skits and puppet shows.

“Every day she shares her knowledge,

“My family is very poor. My father could not

skills, love, care, passion, good manners

earn much so we could manage our daily

and experiences… This young woman is

expenses,” said Adeela*. “We hardly used

the greatest example of being empowered

to manage our daily food. I desired to do

with boldness in the face of discrimination,”

something for my father and family.”

he said. A Nazarene pastor told Adeela about the NCMA job and skills training initiative supported by

supported tailoring school, and she enrolled

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries equips

for free.

young women to contribute to their families’


economic well-being, helping many to rise out

“I did not have education due to my family

of poverty.

crisis,” Adeela said. “In this tailoring school,

we not only learned stitching and tailoring. We girls and ladies shared our social issues, and I was so much encouraged every day.” That was two years ago. Now, Adeela is a seamstress, earning 15,000 PKR (96 USD) a month, which is a tremendous help to her family. She is also saving money for her own expenses. “I thank God for this free skill NCM has given and empowered me to fight my poverty” she said. “My family is happy with me for what I am doing.” Masheer said this is exactly the goal the youth want to achieve. “We are trying to improve our community,” Masheer said. “Our youth are trying to work on such issues, and our pastors are preaching and counseling on such issues. A woman who is empowered and trained can play a vital role in her own life, family, society and village or city.” *Names changed for security and privacy

“I thank God for this free skill NCM has given and empowered me to fight my poverty. My family is happy with me for what I am doing.”



S t or yte l l e r // D a ny B. Edit or // G i n a Potte n g e r

DENGUE PREVENTION Nazarene youth rally for dengue fever awareness and prevention.

As Bangladesh suffers under its worst outbreak of dengue fever in history, Nazarene youth in our country are partnering with Bangladesh Nazarene Mission to spread awareness about how to prevent spreading or being infected with the disease.

In April 2019, a nationwide outbreak of dengue fever struck Bangladesh, infecting more than 13,600 people before August, most of whom are children, according to CNN. Hundreds have died from this viral infection spread through mosquito bites. Fighting the ongoing spread of the disease has become the government’s


highest priority concern. Organizations from different sectors are working to stop or minimize the risk. Mitigation is one of the top priorities. It is being spread primarily through pollution across the capital city of Dhaka, which has the

Twelve members of our group held rallies during which we spread awareness of dengue fever, its risks, how it spreads, symptoms and treatment.

highest rate of infections in the country. Dhaka is home to an estimated 20 million people. The city’s infrastructure was built for half that. Hospitals are struggling with lack of space to treat patients. Bangladesh Nazarene Mission (BNM) and the youth of a local Church of the Nazarene are responding to this crisis with the best of our ability. As a member of our church youth group, I was privileged to be part of this event. In fact, BNM and our church entrusted us to do this. Twelve members of our group held rallies during which we spread awareness of dengue fever, its risks, how it spreads, symptoms and treatment. A big van carried us to a place

where we set up a sound system, and a group of bands played awareness messages. We’ve done service projects to clean the drains and canals, a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying the disease. Another group distributed informational leaflets, including advice on how our community can address this challenge. It was a great opportunity for us to go among the people and tell them about the danger presented by mosquitoes carrying the virus. We cleaned their yards, gardens and anything that can collect water where the mosquitoes might breed. Our family and friends also joined us in conducting this event.



The workshops, which take place in the local churches, feature lectures, skits and puppet shows.

It was during a church meeting that we decided the Nazarene youth would work alongside Bangladesh Nazarene Mission, because the threat presented by dengue fever is so great. We happily took part in this program. I was strongly motivated to participate because I have learnt to serve others from my Sunday school education, and I need to respond to the needs of my country and community when necessary. Jesus did this! And as a Christian youth, it is my duty as well to do the same thing we learned.


The whole nation is moved; many have died, many are hospitalized, and we felt we cannot sit idle! This also gave us the opportunity to interact with people from the community whom we had not previously met or spoken to. I found great joy as a youth in contributing to the health of our community. I am encouraged and enthusiastic to take on more challenges.

Explore. Engage. Transform. MA in Theology (Humanitarian Development and Social Justice) 1 year (Full Time) Up to 5 years (Part Time) “The master’s programme at NTC balanced practical application with theological depth in a way that I could immediately incorporate my studies into my ministry practice. It was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with ministry practitioners from many diverse backgrounds as we learned, discussed, and grew together over the course of our studies.” Kathryn Goehring Kathryn Graduated with an MA in Theology: (Humanitarian Development and Social Justice) and is currently working as an anti-human-trafficking advocate.

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