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Community Health Centers TYDD STREET GROUNDBREAKING he ceremonial groundbreaking for the new Eureka Community Health Center on Tydd Street in Eureka took place October 22nd (story on page 6) but in reality, the work had begun weeks before. Even before the contract was officially signed, Danco Builders Northwest was measuring and testing the site, readying their team to get started on one of the largest construction jobs to be commissioned in this area in quite some time. With a very tight schedule and the winter


Be Part of the Future

Herrmann Spetzler Chief Executive Officer

’m asking for your support and the support of everyone in our community. Much has been made of the fact that Open Door received a significant federal grant to construct its new community health center on Tydd Street in Eureka. We needed a new and larger health center in Eureka to continue the services we have provided for 40 years and meet the increased demand now filling our existing clinics to capacity. The grant was an opportunity that could not be refused. But we knew from the beginning that we would need your help to create the type of facility this community needs and deserves.


weather looming, Danco literally dug right in. According to Cheyenne Spetzler, Open Door’s Chief Operations Officer, “We are thrilled that we could select a local contractor and use local labor and local materials whenever possible. This project will have both immediate and long-term economic importance to our community.” Dan Johnson, President of Danco Builders Northwest explains, “We don’t have an extra minute on this project. We know the deadline. We’re confident in our ability to give Open Door and our community a high quality building in the time we have available.” You can watch the construction progress on our live webcam at ❖

How can you help? Please visit for more information and a direct link to our “Donate Now” page where you can make a secure oncontinued on page 8 ➤

The foundation starts to take shape.



Front Entry – Glass Vestibule with “Continuous” Curtain Wall

South Elevation

NW Perspective Overall


Designing For The Future “The challenge has been to create a clinic large enough to provide a significant increase in access to health care while making sure the space feels welcoming; we want to maintain a human scale and feel to the building,” explains Kevin Pressey, the lead architect for the project. The design team at Open Door has been great to work with.” Explains Sherri Provolt, Site Administrator and design team member, “We want patients to feel comfortable here. We want to provide increased access without patients feeling like they are in a big box store. We have created specific areas for different care teams. Right now, we envision three primary care areas, one pediatrics area and one specialists’ area. We envision patients having “homes” within our “home” and feeling connected to their specific care teams. We are not just replacing our clinics on Buhne, we’re expanding our ability to provide access to quality health and wellness services. We are seeking a completely different environment.” Under the guidance of Cheyenne Spetzler, Chief Operations Officer, the design team included Open Door employees: Kim Adams, Office Manager; Tara Arnold, Medical Assistant; Sandy Colivas, Office Manager; Darlene Coop, Medical Assistant and Telehealth Coordinator; Willard Hunter, Chief Medical Officer; Dwayne Lemos, Facilities Manager; Mark Mowrey, RN Clinic Coordinator; Hilary Powell, Physician Assistant; and, Sherri Provolt, Site Administrator. In addition to Open Door staff, Sharon Hunter, RN joined the team to offer her objective and experienced design eye. Laura Kadlecik, serving as Owner’s Representative for Open Door throughout the project has been instrumental in all

phases of the project. “Our challenge has been to think 30 or 40 years into the future,” says Cheyenne Spetzler. “We have learned a great deal about clinic design and how to facilitate the team care we envision. Our newest clinic, the Del Norte Community Health Center, was completed in 2007. That was a learning experience. We’ve incorporated what we learned during that process and improved on our ideas.” Chief Medical Officer Bill Hunter states, “In the team care approach, you benefit from the knowledge, perspectives and availability of a group of skilled and talented health care professionals who work together, communicate and seek the best possible ways to address your needs and goals as a person, not just a patient. We are concerned about where and how you live. This approach expands greatly our abilities to provide preventive care, education, wellness activities, self-management and, maybe most importantly, helping you make informed decisions. We want you to be involved in making decisions about your health and health care. This requires information, involvement and communication.” Says Herrmann Spetzler, “Open Door has changed over the years. We’ve learned from our experiences, from the best practices available and from our patients. Our goal is be more comprehensive and holistic in our approach to our patients. The spaces we create must be compatible with our mission. This new facility incorporates these best practices.” The Open Door design team is working closely with architects Kevin Pressey and Michael O’Brien, initially through the firm HMR Architects and now with the firm Pressey and Associates in Sacramento. Notes Cheyenne continued on next page ➤



Designing for the Future continued from previous page

Spetzler, “We worked with Kevin and Mike in designing our Del Norte facility. It was to our good fortune that they were selected to work on this project. We’re all bringing fresh perspectives to the project, but we know how to work together; there is trust within the group. We’re all working for the benefit of our patients.” Cheyenne continues, “We certainly wanted the design of this building to be in keeping with our area. We are starting with a wonderful piece of land. It has views of trees, undeveloped spaces, the slough and up into the hills toward Kneeland. We’ll be part of the area’s trail system. The building will include more than just exam rooms. We are incorporating conference rooms, education spaces, a teaching kitchen. We may be able to find the space for a community garden and some outdoor activities. All of these things are part of our efforts to encourage wellness and health maintenance. This facility adds a new level of resources to our services – services designed to help our pa-

tients get and stay as healthy as possible through improved choices, better eating, simple activities and self-care programs. We are very excited to bring all of this to the community through this new facility.” Herrmann adds, “In addition to the health of our patients, we see this facility adding to the health of our community. The construction project is supporting a lot of workers right now, and will for many months. We’re participating in neighborhood improvements that will better the streets and traffic in the area and improve some of the infrastructure, including a new waterline. After that, the new clinic will create almost 40 new positions in healthcare, good paying jobs that will improve our local economy. This facility will help local businesses, is convenient to public transportation and will cut down on the number of our patients who have to travel to Arcata or McKinleyville for their health care. There are just so many levels where our community will feel the benefits of this new center.” ❖

The future site of the new Eureka Community Health Center on Tydd Street.


Design Highlights

• Offices and work spaces designed to facilitate team care; • Ease of movement from area to area; • Multi-purpose examination, treatment and procedure rooms; • Conference rooms, demonstration kitchen and education areas; • Conveniently centralized laboratory and dispensary; • Advanced diagnostic equipment; • Integrated electronic scheduling and health record system; • Equipped for internet, telehealth and video connections;

• Sitting areas and quiet spaces; • ADA compliant; • Convenient bus routes; • Covered bicycle parking; • Designated parking for hybrid vehicles; • Close to Burre Dental Center; • Close to St. Joseph Hospital; • Close to local shopping (including pharmacy); • Non-emitting, sustainable furnishings and finishes; • Easily cleanable surfaces; • Natural daylight for interior spaces; • Natural ventilation; • Views of native habitat; • Building placement for passive solar benefits;

• Rainwater irrigation system; • Storm water run-off control; • Habitat and wetlands protection and restoration; • Disaster prepared; • Collection centers for recycling, reuse and composting; • Construction waste management; • Erosion, sedimentation and dust control; • Noise and light pollution mitigation; • Permeable paving materials; • Local certified wood products and other sustainable and renewable materials; and, • Native landscaping.



The Golden Moment

he Ceremonial Groundbreaking was held on October 22, 2011 before an audience of more than 150 interested community members and clinic employees. CEO Herrmann Spetzler offered thanks to the many people who have worked so hard to make this project possible. “I don’t have the time to name everyone individually, but suffice it to say that while our financial ability to build this new facility started in Washington it has been a local effort. There are very few staff and elected officials in Eureka who did not contribute somehow to where we are today.” Eureka Mayor Frank Jager thanked his staff and recognized the efforts of the various City departments involved in such a project. He also thanked the City Council for their support. “We recognize the importance of this project for our community in terms of improving the health of our residents while contributing to our economy.” State Assemblyman Wes Chesbro noted his longstanding support of Open Door. “I’ve known and worked with these folks for a long time. I’ve been through their struggles and I’ve been through their growth. This facility really does represent the future of health care – more access, team care, wellness activities and community involvement. It is a model for others to copy.” Open Door Board Present Sydney Fisher Larson also thanked the many people involved in making this new facility a reality, including the Open Door design team. “As a board member, a patient and a member of this community, I am excited that this project is happening. It is a giant leap forward in our ability to meet the healthcare needs of our community.” Congressman Mike Thompson offered the concluding comments. “This is a great project, one we can all be proud to have in our community. It is one of many projects throughout the country made possible by the Affordable Care Act, what we usually call ‘health reform’ legislation. These types of projects will bring permanent value to our communities. We are improving the infrastructure for healthcare at the same time we are helping people get the insurance and the care they need. These shovels aren’t real gold, but this is a golden moment for everyone in Humboldt County. I look forward to being here for the ribbon cutting when the doors open.” ❖


Congressman Mike Thompson addresses the crowd at the new clinic ground breaking while (from left) Open Door Board President Sydney Fisher Larson, Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, Eureka Mayor Frank Jager and Open Door CEO Herrmann Spetzler look on.

Eureka City Council members M Melinda Ciarabellini and Linda A munity Health Center on Tydd

The Community in the Community Health Center hen we look over reports, they aren’t just numbers to us. We know we are looking at real people with real needs. We’re talking about neighbors, friends and others we know in the community: clerks at Wildberries or Figuerido’s or Kohl's, professors and students from HSU and CR, work-at-home moms and dads, homeless individuals, artists, waitstaff, lawyers, carpenters, hairdressers and people looking for work and… one out of every four people living in our area.



• Each year Open Door serves more than 40,000 individuals in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties; 25% of the population. And more than 50,000 people think of Open Door as their “family doc”. • We provide over 170,000 primary care visits (a patient seeing one of our providers) every year. This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of contacts between our patients and other members of our staff for everything from scheduling to prescription refills to explanations and reassurance.

Mike Newman, Marian Brady, Mayor Frank Jager, Atkins help break ground for the new Eureka ComStreet.

Open Door CEO Herrmann Spetzler and Dan Johnson, President of Danco Builders, shake hands after signing the contract awarding the construction of the Eureka Community Health Center to Danco Builders Northwest.

• We help deliver a baby almost every day. • Our youngest patients have just been born and our oldest patients are celebrating triple digits. • When Open Door first started in 1971, we didn’t provide 3,000 visits in a year. Now we provide more than 3,000 visits in a week. • Open Door employs over 80 licensed and board certified family practice physicians and specialists, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, midwives, dental hygienists, psychologists and social workers, 30 registered nurses, and more than 250 other employees to keep the clinics running and make your experience as positive and effective as possible. Annually, we contribute

more than $20 million to the local economy. • Nearly 20% of our patients have private insurance. These folks choose to come to Open Door health centers because of the quality of care and attention they receive. • More than 30% of our patients are uninsured, representing hard-working individuals who aren’t offered insurance through their jobs or can’t afford the high cost of insurance. Many people working for low wages don’t qualify for government insurances like Medi-Cal and CMSP. Other people have been unemployed or can’t work, yet still don’t qualify for such benefits. ODCHC will not deny care to anyone simply because they don’t have insurance or can’t afford the services. We of-

fer significant sliding scale discounts and payment plans. • About half of our patients use some form of public insurance, including Medicare, Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Family PACT and CMSP. Open Door relies on reimbursement from insurance and patient payments for nearly 80% of its annual budget. For our ongoing operations, federal grants make up only about 10% of our budget. • Each year Open Door provides more than $6 million in care that is not paid for. That’s like a gas station not charging for 20% of the gasoline you pump, or a grocery store giving away 20% of the food you bring to the checkout line. ❖



continued continuedfrom frompage page11 ➤ ➤

line contribution. You may also send contributions to our ‘Building the Future Fund’ at 670 Ninth Street, Suite 203, Arcata, CA 95521, or contact me at or 707826-8633 x 5124. Why are we asking you for financial help? As we designed this health center, we wanted to make sure that we could meet your health care needs 10, 20 or 30 years from now. We know that health and wellness has to do, in large part, with lifestyle choices. We know that effective health care is provided with a team approach. We know that we need to make it easy for you to participate in the care of your loved ones. These principles guided our design. With your support, we can assure you will have access to state-of-the art diagnostic equipment, on-site laboratory, and on-site dispensary to treat you when you are ill. With your support, we will build a teaching kitchen, multi-purpose conference rooms, an education center and direct access to the Humboldt Bay trail system to help inspire you to improve and maintain your health. We want our providers to be able to prescribe a walk or a cooking class just as easily as they can prescribe medications. We want you to make informed decisions and be an active participant in your health care. These are things the federal money doesn’t assure; however, it is all within our reach. Your help creates this future. I’m not asking you to support a shiny new building. I’m asking you to support health and wellness for your neighbors, friends, family members and yourself. Please visit www. for the latest news, and a link to a live webcam of our building site. We’ll continue to provide updates in the North Coast Journal about your generosity and the progress you make possible toward creating a health center that will be of value far into the future. Thank you for your support. ❖


Administrative Offices: 670 Ninth Street, Suite 203 • Arcata, CA 95521 • 707-826-8633 • Arcata HUMBOLDT OPEN DOOR CLINIC 770 Tenth Street, Arcata, CA 95521 707-826-8610 NORTHCOUNTRY CLINIC 785 18th Street, Arcata, CA 95521 707-822-2481 NORTHCOUNTRY PRENATAL SERVICES 3800 Janes Road, Suite 101, Arcata, CA 95521 (in the Shaw Pavilion of Mad River Community Hospital) 707-822-1385 • Crescent City DEL NORTE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 550 East Washington Blvd, Crescent City, CA 95531 707-465-6925 - Medical 707-465-4636 - Dental • Eureka BURRE DENTAL CENTER 959 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-7078 EUREKA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 2412 Buhne Street, Eureka, CA 95501 707-441-1624 TELEHEALTH & VISITING SPECIALIST CENTER 2426 Buhne Street, Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-4038

• McKinleyville McKINLEYVILLE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 1644 Central Avenue, McKinleyville, CA 95519 707-839-3068 - Medical 707-839-2677 - Pediatrics • Willow Creek WILLOW CREEK COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 38883 Route 299, Willow Creek, CA 95573 530-629-3111 - Medical 530-629-1941 - Dental All clinics will do their best to accommodate your immediate needs; however, there may be a waiting list at some clinics to establish care for new patients at this time. Open Door clinics offer either family practice/primary care medical services or dental services for children and adults. Several clinics offer both medical and dental services. While not available at all sites, other services provided to patients of Open Door Community Health Centers include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Behavioral Health and Counseling Services Evening and Saturday Hours HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Care Nutritional Counseling Opiate Dependency Treatment Pediatric Services Psychiatry Specialty Medical Care Teen Health Clinics Transgender Health Clinic Urgent Care (Walk-In Services) Wellness and Health Maintenance

Articles by Julianne Barnum, Advancement Associate and Christopher Peters, Chief Advancement Officer, Open Door Community Health Centers Photography by Paul Swenson Photography, and Herrmann Spetzler; Renderings and floor plans by Michael O’Brien and Kevin Pressey, Pressey and Associates, Inc., and HMR Architects, Inc. Layout and graphic design by Siobhan Ayres, North Coast Journal Please visit to read expanded versions of these stories and discover more about Open Door. Comments may be addressed to: This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254(b), and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n)


Open Door Community Health Centers  

Special Insert to the North Coast Journal. Jan. 26, 2012

Open Door Community Health Centers  

Special Insert to the North Coast Journal. Jan. 26, 2012