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How to get a million dollars overnight – real-life scenarios

Licensing and referrals – how do you make it work?

Frank Hageali, Head of Funds Management, Secure Lending Tom Cranfield, Senior Credit Analyst, Secured Lending

Kath Bowler, CEO, Licensing for Accountants Ranika Dawson, Principal, RDC Accountants Craig Stanmore, CEO, Enspira Financial Michael Roohan, Managing Director, MJR Super Advice & MJR Accountants

Why is Secured Lending popular? Because a business owner can borrow up to $10 million and get approval within 24 hours. Discover the types of scenarios –part completed developments, land banks, ATO debt issues, winding up notices and short term cashflow relief – where next-day access to cash is critical. yy Find out how to get approved for secured lending yy Learn about the most common use cases for secured lending yy H  ear how businesses have used fast loans to improve their situations

11:00am - 11:30am 


Taking the mystery out of digital marketing for accountants MC Carter, Founder & CEO, Paradox Are you a “cut-through” or “crusty” firm? Discover five components your firm’s ‘marketing machine’ needs. And find out, finally, the answer to the two most common questions, “Where do I start?” and “What should I do next?” yy Learn three pillars to successfully market your firm yy Find out how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing yy F  ind out what fast-growth, award-winning accounting firms do differently with their marketing

11:00am - 11:30am 


Tips for driving innovation in 30+ staff companies Amantha Imber, CEO, Inventium Your ability to generate breakthrough ideas to business challenges is the key to outlasting your competitors. Hear the latest scientific findings on what really drives highly inventive and disruptive thinking – and how you can apply these findings in your job. Learn how to innovate what you do and disrupt the competition. yy Get a set of practical tools to drive breakthrough thinking yy D  iscover the skills that will help you literally outthink and outlast competitors yy L  earn how to spread the innovation virus quickly and effectively within your company

11:00am - 11:30am 


Cloud vs Industry Benchmarks – hard data on what works best (and what doesn’t) Matthew Prouse, AU Partner Solutions Manager, Xero Australia How does technology improve a practice? A survey of 1,000 Australian accountants and bookkeepers reveals the metrics that change when your firm moves to the cloud. From small sole practitioners to national firms, find out how practices have mastered the learning curve of new technologies to improve profitability and staff retention.

How do you make licensing and referrals work, regardless of your choice? Unless you’ve become fully licensed, referrals should be a part of your model. Hear expert Kath Bowler recap the latest rules and a panel of accountants discuss their different licensing choices and how they make referral relationships work. yy Understand where the licensing lines are yy F  ind out how referral arrangements fit in different licensing models yy D  iscover the importance of client engagement for all approaches

11:30am - 12:00pm 


5 Steps to automating an SME distribution business Hanno Winterbach, ERP Expert, Advanced Business Manager Ever wondered how that classic, out-of-the-garage success story made it into a big business? At some point a fast-growing manufacturer has to jump from manual methods to automating at scale. If you’re struggling to break through (or have clients in this position), discover the top five workflows to automating distribution for an SME. yy L  earn how to ensure that everything in your business is identifiable and measurable yy D  iscover how to run more efficient stocktakes and reduce missing stock yy F  ind out how to automate the ordering system to match your supplies and purchase orders

11:30am - 12:00pm 


How to nail tax planning by month nine (and forecast the rest) Canio Muscillo, Director, Muscillo Romano CPA Every accountant worth their salt is doing tax planning. Usually it all happens from April through June – but what if you could get it all done by March? Discover a different approach where you do a mini-tax return before end of year and forecast the next three months using three scenarios. yy F  ind out how you can save a bundle of time with one tax planning template for all clients yy L  earn the difference between tough-sell forecasts and demonstrated value in tax planning yy D  iscover how to get clients excited about the data at their fingertips

yy W  hat are the three key attributes of the most successful Australian practices? yy L  earn how you measure up on revenue growth, staff retention and employee compensation yy Discover how to achieve your practice goals in 2018



Accounting Business Expo - Official Magazine, 2018  

Accounting Business Expo is Australia's biggest and most important event for accounting and finance professionals

Accounting Business Expo - Official Magazine, 2018  

Accounting Business Expo is Australia's biggest and most important event for accounting and finance professionals