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The One! Alexa Meade

Serena William’s Amazing Longevity!

Her Living Canvases

The New Economy

Countering Violent Extremism

The Birth of the Vertical Farm

BREXIT Ins & Outs

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America America--We’ve been singing soc

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cial truths for a long time… Different Generation Generation--Same Message

Click the Big

Yellow Taxi and listen to Joni Mitchell

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Message From the Editor’s Desk


44 By Maria Lushsinger

Time Management


Countering Extreme Terrorism

52 96 Still The One

Her Living Canvas Alexa Meade

The Nexus Between Life & Life Situations

By Lilly Sanders



Be Awe Inspired


Sacred Soul Sisterhood

By Tensie Taylor

It’s Time to Raise Your Periscope


By Tracy Repchuk


By Cynthia Lardner

BREXIT Ins and Outs

By Anna Corsaro & Daniel Djouder Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Coffee Moxie

By Ardice Farrow


Designing a Multi Multi-Functional Space

By Jena Harris

122 A New Economy

By Female Demetrius Mitchell. By SherryE Burton Wayfor Today’s The Magazine Executive Page 5

It is Good To Be Queen! By Lily Sanders

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations Coming this August Nations— —An E Magazine Special August.. Page 6 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html



132 Direct from Italy


Jodi Tucker

214 Turning Passion into Power

By Stephan Aarstol

By Katarina Andersson


141 10 Best Homemade Ice Cream!


By Coach Allison

What Does Your Tone & Language Say About You?


The Value of Education

By Esmee Jones


The Tragedy in Dallas

A Live Interview with Ex Police Seargeant Cheryl Dorsey

220 Nick Brandt


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218 By Lee Ellis


164 She’s A Vet!

By George Santino

By Shamara Mc Farrland

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Seduce Her with Your Cooking Skills What Experts tell Single Men


International Summit Women

of Global Change

By Jim Dewald


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Columnist &C

Althea Ledford, Editor

Lily Sanders Author, coach

Cheryl Dorsey Author T.V. Personality

Katarina Anderson Wine Expert. Page 10 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Cynthia Lardner

Maria Luchsinger

Jodi Tucker T.V. Host, columnist & Author

Tensie Taylor

Laura Brin HER: Hope, Educate.Rise

Alisha W. Madison Founder: The Bella Network

Coach Allison




Auth Psyc


Health and Lifestyle Coach, T.V.

Fou Glo

Anna Corsaro


Crisis Expert

Entertainment and lifestyle Expert Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Ec Ge


relean Chavis

hor and Health Advocate

Barbara Wiseman

President Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

rry Burton Ways Julie Ann Sullivan

hor and Design chology Coach

Speaker Author Coach

Tracy Repchuk

Social Media Expert

Robbie Motter

NAFE Global Coordinator

Esmee Jamee’

Relationship Expert

Jena Harris

CEO, Author Speaker

Tracey Ehman

On-line Presence Coach

hellie Hunt

under: Women of obal Change.

aniel Djouder

conomic and eopolitical Analyst”

Shamara Mc Farland Author, Speaker,

Bruce Wiseman Business Author

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Marilyn Harris Veteran’s Advocate

Nancy Castro

Author Speaker

Raj Anderson

Business Onwer

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What is a Female Executive? I am the one that makes the bread, weaves the fabric, creates the peace, negotiates the smiles, shuts it down and wakes it all back up. I am the Swiss Army Knife of mankind. I am the one that gives birth and keeps life goingwhether I have to nudge it with my heart, my mind, my blood or my foot! I keep the bass rhythm of life moving. I am that female that executes the needed, the necessary and the fantastic. I am THAT female executive.

-Althea Ledford

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From the Editor and Chief Creative Officer

Welcome to this Issue of E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. This month's theme is Still the One featuring the fantastic Wimbledon win of Serena Williams. Before we get started with this issue, I wanted to share some information with you about humanity. Since I live in America, I will keep this to America. I’m sure many of you in other countries will find common ground with this as well. The everyday American is very sane. We are more alike than not. We are caring, intelligent, we love God and we love each other as people. So many times we are entertained by the edges and the extremes. But underneath it all we want very similar things in life: peace, happiness, love and good neighbors that don’t visit too much. We want to be able to support our families with dignity. We want our kids to have hope, a positive attitude, curiosity and enough security to imagining a bright tomorrow verses staying in desperate “survival mode”. We want our kids focused on lifestyle improvement for all of mankind instead of being angry and fuming for actual and projected events. We want days we can sit on our porches and not be stressed, afraid and on the edge of heartbreak. And finally, we have to start looking deeper than the news SoundBits and address the causes of behavior and systemic issues. We can no longer have untouchable institutions. When it’s time to look inside, make corrections and change, we must have enough integrity to face these issues and make those changes. The average American is very sane and we are more alike than not. I hope you enjoy this issue. -Althea Ledford

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Alexa Meade Canvas will never Be the Same www.alexameade.com Page 18 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Alexa Meade is nothing short of brilliant. Her pieces would be wonderful if they were really only a two dimensional canvas. They have that stare quality. You can’t turn away from themyour drawn in. But when that object blinks or that art/person give s you eye contact ,you will get the chills. She has broken through to a new form of expression and forever changed the world of canvas and brush. she will be immortalized as the first and possibly the only one of her kind. A style the world should be honored to witness. Just imagine if the Mona Lisa blinked or Van Gogh’s sunflowers occasionally swayed in the wind?

Alexa Meade is a Los Angelesbased artist who is known for her portraits painted on the human body, making people into seemingly 2-D works of art. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and received critical acclaim from CNN, Wired, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and more. She has lectured at the California Institute of the Arts, UCBerkeley, Apple, Adobe, and National Geographic London. Her TED Global talk “Your

Body is my Canvas,” has been viewed over 2 million times. Page 21 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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All of these pieces are featured in this video. Watch and be AMAZED.

Page 22 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Growing up in Washington D.C., Alexa originally carved out a neat path in the life of politics. She interned on Capitol Hill and worked for the 2008 Obama campaign in Colorado as a press staffer. After graduating from Vassar College with Honors in Political Science, Alexa decided that what she really wanted to be was an artist. She had a simple idea to put black paint over natural shadows, which evolved into something much larger. By painting the mapping of light directly on top of a 3D space, Alexa was able to create the illusion that the world was a 2D painting. Alexa travels the world creating art installations and commissioned portraits. Alexa plays with a lot of projects on the side. She is collaborating with scientists researching spacetime at the Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics. Alexa is making a series of magical paintings with David Blaine. She is transforming her home into a "Fun House" with Chris Hughes, developing a line of toys, and volunteering in the art program at the Braille Institute. Page 24 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (Most Recent) 2015 Le Pressionnisme 1970 - 1990, les chefs-d’œuvre du graffiti sur toile de Basquiat à Bando, Pinacothèque de Paris, France After Dark: Illusions, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA Alexa Meade: Your Body Is My Canvas (Solo), Galerie Sisso, Paris, France Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris France 12.6.15-12.6.14, Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich, Germany The Bridges Organization: Mathematics and Art, Baltimore, MD 2014 Alexa Meade: Surfaces & Depths (Solo), Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich, Germany Project Warehouse, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Santa Monica, CA Madrid, Spain Toronto, Canada

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www.alexameade.com Page 25 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Blog: www.fromheelstohighchairs.com Page 26 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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From High Heels To High Chairs

Page 27 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Hello, I’m Angela Campagnoni and I am hosting a new column called from High heels to High chairs. Join me as I discuss Fashion, Career, Motherhood and Lifestyle.

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It’s Time to

Probably by now you are wondering if you will ever be able to keep up to date with the latest and greatest social media platforms, and once again there is a new contender vying for your limited bandwidth. Periscope is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the internet. It hit 1,000,000 subscribers in 10 days. As an add-on to Twitter, it is a powerful broadcasting tool allowing people to instantly broadcast a message and connect with an audience. Page 28 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

It’s the fastest, easiest way to share and watch live video broadcasts from your mobile phone. Did you know that eighty percent of Twitter visitors use mobile devices to visit the website on a daily basis? And with over 40 years of video being watched on it every day, it’s sure to become a stable part of your promotional efforts. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

o Raise Your

By Tracy Repchuk

Here is their mission statement - We use the power of creativity to help brands build enduring love and loyalty. Kind of puts the purpose in perspective, yet Periscope has become so much more than that.

Okay so what’s so great about Periscope. 1) Periscope is an actual example of how live video chat is changing the way that

Page 29 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

businesses reach their target markets quickly and easily. 2) It integrates to Twitter giving you access to your followers and an audience immediately that is mobile savvy and video hungry. 3) Great for engaging with customers, prospects and anyone who wants to check out what you have to say. Profile your products, services or just talk about some element of the company and it’s brand. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

4) It’s easy to use - once you get set up, you just hit Start Broadcast and start talking. Your grandma could even handle this one. 5) The videos last only 24 hours online which results result in people engaging and responding quickly before it’s gone. However, you can save to your camera and upload to YouTube later for further use quickly and easily, plus use add-ons such as katch.me to manage and store. This helps with building FAQ videos, and a gallery for prospects and customers to reference. 6) It increases transparency between a company and it’s market. This increases trust, improves customer interaction, makes you appear more genuine and availability to answer live questions face to face can lead to more sales, faster. 7) Show the love and monitor interaction via Hearts. This feature lets you send virtual hearts in real time. Getting more hearts means you’re audience is engaged and in agreement. You may know from this the perfect time to introduce a close into the conversation.

9) Allows you to become a journalist on the ground. Capture the good, the bad and the motivational and bring to light events, people, places and things that need to be known. I did one from my favorite Dry Cleaners and I did one live from China when the Beijing celebration was happening that shut down the city. (and yes, Twitter isn’t allowed in China) 10) Last but not least, it’s free. So what are the cons of Periscope. It’s addictive. if you thought you could lose time on Facebook, watch out after spreading some hearts on the latest broadcast you may realize that a full hour has gone by. It’s live so anything can happen or be said, so if you’re sensitive you may just have to be selective with what you watch. But if you’re ready to dive in here are a few links to help you out; Grab the necessary apps you need at iTunes or Android; www.periscope.com

8) Easy global reach. Anyone with a Twitter account anywhere in the world can watch your latest Periscope broadcast either live or in the streaming area. Page 30 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

You can catch the latest streams on your phone by downloading the app or visiting https://www.periscope.tv/ and www.Twitter.com Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

About: Tracy Repchuk, is a 5-Time International Bestselling Author and Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist and speaker. As an award-winning entrepreneur since the age of 19 with over 30 years of business, internet, SEO, and marketing she has helped thousands of clients develop your brand, and launch your message online fast and effectively. In addition she has appeared as a technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, HGTV San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, Report on Business TV, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, 3 motivational movies, plus hundreds of speaking appearances in over 35 countries. For more information like the above get a copy of her #1 book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles at: www.Just31Days.com Get Tracy’s gift Instant Online Impact for free at: www.FastActionResults.com

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Coming This Summer

Blissfully Empower Transformational coaching is an innovative method that helps you to release old patterns and blocks that have been holding you back!

Page 32 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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red www.BlissfullyEmpowered.com Page 33 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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BREXIT The Ins & Out

By Anna Corsaro and Daniel Djouder

“We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a les ― Frank Ocean Page 34 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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sson.” Page 35 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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What many deemed to be impossible, when not actually unthinkable, has actually happened. The UK is out of the European Union. While this may sound simply like internal affairs of the European area, this event will carry serious significance for the United States as well under many aspects, not least from a business standpoint, which will be the focus of this article. Suffice to say that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is still under negotiation between the U.S. and the EU. The London Stock Exchange is the most important stock market in Europe, despite the fact that the UK still adopts its own currency instead of the Euro. There is then the much-discussed domino effect that may give enough momentum to other countries to follow suit and eventually lead to the dissolution of the EU, or to some serious downsizing. Page 36 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

That And This, Th These and other topics will be discussed in the next paragraphs. Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a better understanding of what is going on in Europe and how that could affect your business decisions.

That And This, These And Those... No One Knows There are many numbers being thrown around currently, but the reality is that no one Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

current Prime Minister David Cameron resigned immediately after the outcome of the vote had been determined and some of the candidates to take his place are pro EU and against Brexit. Even though the EU is not a politically entity akin the United States, it carries strong similarities regarding the degree of intertwining between the participating countries and the Union as a whole. Now, imagine if a state - let alone one holding great economic and financial importance like New York, for example, which hosts the stock exchange were to suddenly decide to leave the United States. Even assuming that that were constitutionally and legally possible, the matter of the fact is that no one would know how to actually enforce a similar decision. There are no established rules, no road map, no exit plan. Everything would have to be done and adjusted as things play out.

hese And Those... No One Knows knows how long it will take before the UK concretely leaves the EU. Actually, despite strong words from current EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, it is even unclear the extent to which the UK will actually “exit” the Union, considering that they are facing strong internal resistance from Scotland and North Ireland. Not to mention that the process itself will not even begin before September, since Page 37 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Even worse, the two subjects – the State and the Federation – have existed alongside each other for so long and produced an enormous amount of interconnected legislation. There would be that and this law which would have to be sorted out and fixed so that the two former lovers could go their separate Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

ways. Of course, that could not possibly happen overnight or over months. We are likely talking years, to be fair. If we really had to put our tin foil hat on, it is even possible that the UK could leave through the front door, just to get back in through the back entrance. While this might sound downright far-fetched in view of the fact that a legal vote was held with a clear winner, there was actually a very close precedent. In 2005 France was about to ratify the European Constitution, but that was ruled by the Constitutional Court to be unconstitutional without amending the French Constitution. Without the ratification, the participation of France to EU's institutions as we know them nowadays would have been either impossible or extremely limited. An amendment to this effect was actually approved by the Parliament, only to be slashed by an ensuing referendum. Re-negotiations between France and the EU took place. A new version of the treaty was eventually ratified. Without a referendum this time. Bottom line, long relationships are hard to die, even in politics. Page 38 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

No Murder On The Trading Floor One of the biggest concerns in the wake of the Brexit was how the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Pound Sterling would hold up. On one hand the FTSE 100, the index of the 100 most important stocks traded at the LSE, had plunged 3,5% the day the result of the vote was announced, but it eventually recovered to pre-Brexit levels in just about a week. The figures including other stocks are lagging behind, but they are getting there. Is this a sure sign the markets are out of the danger zone? Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Considering the dire conditions of economic growth in the EU area as a whole, that would be the last thing any European country would need right now. It does not end there, because the LSE has got relatives too. There is actually an LSE Group, which is the holding that owns 100% of the British stock exchange and of the Italian stock exchange. That is the reason why the most important Italian stock index has got FTSE in its name, as in FTSE MIB, and on that fateful day of Brexit said index was losing over 10% at one point.

treading on dreadfully thin ice though? Again, no. As a matter of fact, the stock market absorbed the biggest blow and weathered the early storm, so any decline it might incur in the aftermath will likely happen in the long run, rather than short term. Not to mention that it might be in the best interest of the EU itself to ensure that on its end all the favorable conditions are in place for the LSE to keep going strong. There are a number of reasons for that. The LSE is a huge stock market, not just in Europe, but at world level. If something big goes down, it just never goes down alone. Page 39 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Last but not least, there is the question about the merger between the LSE and the German Deutsche Boerse, a deal worth almost $16 billion. Despite everything, it was recently revealed that the plan will go ahead. No matter how we slice this, it is a huge commitment regardless of the reprimands coming from the EU's headquarters that call for a fast and complete exit of the UK from the affairs of the Union.

Pound For Pound While the stock market walked through the Brexit hurricane relatively unscathed, the Pound Sterling did indeed suffer some damage in the process, hitting its Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

absolute low in the last 30 years, save regaining some ground in the following days. But, as always in matter of economy, things are not that cut and dry. A “weak” currency is not inherently bad, just as a “strong” one is not necessarily good in itself. The common wording can be actually misleading. What matters in the end is the overall effect on the economic system as a whole. So, for example, if you were a British tourist looking to spend your hard-earned holidays abroad, you might not be too thrilled with the weak Pound. On the same token, if you are a U.S. company selling a lot of your products and services to the UK, you should probably be anything but excited right now. On the other hand, if you are a UK company exporting most of your production abroad, you may already put a bottle of champagne – half-sized for now - in the bucket. Similarly, if you run a U.S. business that, for example, buys equipment outside the States, then you should definitely check the price list in Britain. Chances are on your side and you might find a good deal, if not one that is – literally - pound for pound better than what you have right now.

An Ocean Between Us Despite there being the Atlantic between the United States and Europe, while only a Page 40 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

small strip of water separates Great Britain from the larger part of the Old Continent, leaving the EU might actually shorten the distance of trade between America and the UK more than it could do it for the rest of the European area. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a free trade agreement currently being negotiated between the United States and Europe. Not delving too much into the details of the document, if only because it has been treated with an unusual level of secrecy and many points remain obscure to the public anyway, what is important for our purposes is that now the UK might have an easier path to reach an analogous agreement with the U.S. than the EU would. Indeed, the TTIP is encountering heavy resistance in the European public opinion Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

external affairs. Also, it is not a secret that the U.S. and the UK enjoy what was historically defined as the Special Relationship, so it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Great Britain to seek another venue of collaboration with the United States in that fashion. In turn, that may actually force EU's hand to try to speed the negotiation process up in fear of being left behind. That is not a given to happen, but as a possible scenario it needs to be treated like the proverbial elephant in the room, as the consequences are important not just politically, but also business-wise for those U.S. companies with interests abroad. ever since the few known information about its actual content leaked in 2014. This also resulted in its conclusion having to be delayed from a planned 2014 deadline to an undefined year, which is currently estimated to be around 2020. Aside from the exact objections to the agreement, which have been voiced even by eminent American economists, and that mainly focus on the real benefits and costs that would stem from it, now the UK is technically free to sign a similar treaty without any external constraints. Before leaving the EU it was not possible, because that fell in the jurisdiction of Bruxelles, but now it has merely become a matter of UK's own Page 41 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The Thrill Is Gone We hope to have cleared out some of the confusion and fears that stemmed from the thrill and excitement that ensued from the groundbreaking Brexit vote, mending some of the not-so-accurate news that were spread in the hectic hours and days that followed. Of course, it is a major stepping stone in the history of Europe, even if it might not bring the many of consequences that were originally predicted, especially the disastrous economic ones. Nevertheless, as an executive, it is your duty to be informed on all events that might carry a major impact on the economy and in return on your operations. The information provided in this article should already give you both a sufficient overview of the issue and point you into the right direction to check those details that are more relevant for your business. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Anna Corsaro


She is a Multilingual Senior Crisis and Homeland Security Advisor, with several years at the service of Governments and Corporations. She is the Managing Director for Hemeis Consulting and her company provides Advice and Training in: Management Consulting | Crisis Prevention | Intelligence Analysis | Counter-Espionage | CounterTerrorism | Criminal Organizations | Man-Made Disasters | Corporate Crime | Union Strike and Negotiation | Crisis Communication | Crisis of Malevolence | Post-Conflict Recovery | Seminars | Workshops | Conference | Keynote Speeches

Keep in touch with Anna: E-mail:annacorsaro@hemeisconsulting.com LinkedIn: AnnaCorsaro Twitter: @AnnaCorsaroAdv

Daniel Djouder Daniel Djouder

He is a Multilingual Economic and Geopolitical Analyst who works as a teammember for Hemeis Consulting. He holds an MA in Law and Economics with honors, an MA in International Relations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence. He writes articles for Geopolitical Monitor Intelligence Corp., The Daily Journalist, and Forbes.

Keep in touch with Daniel: Email: danieldjouder@hemeisconsulting.com LinkedIn: Daniel Djouder Twitter: @DanielDjouder

Page 42 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 43 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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MORE Time For You A Lesson in Time Management The First in the New Series “The Boost”

by Maria Luchsinger, Founder The Women's Career Transfo Page 44 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

ormation Network LLC www.marialuchsinger.com Page 45 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

When we don’t manage our time, our time will manage us. Many people use the word multi-tasking and are proud to say that they can do it. However, research shows that as much as we would like to think that we can do it, our brains are only able to focus on one task at a time. You can read about it here in the Harvard Business Review . What is really happening when we are working on two tasks at once is that our brain is rapidly switching between the two and this will slow us down. There are a couple of productivity strategies that I think are valuable. Time blocking can help you make more sense of your days and weeks. I like to look at the week on Sunday and plan out the rest of the week intentionally. This involves concentrating on only one main task for certain periods of the day. Reserve your most productive time for your most important tasks. I am a morning person, so I reserve the morning hours for writing and planning tasks that require me to be the most focused. Also, for that one thing that has been nagging me that I have been putting off, I tell myself to “just Page 46 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

do it’ so I don’t have to think about it anymore. Then I look at the days and see where the appointments are and also where I can fit in other tasks like business accounting, filing, marketing projects, and meetings. Think about your meetings to see if they are truly necessary since they can be time wasters. Some people like to designate certain days for the same activities so they don’t have to Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

constrictions they have. I encourage you to try it for two weeks and see what happens.

worry that they won’t get done. Also, block some time for yourself for exercise, going out to do something fun, or just relaxing with your family. It is more likely you will do it, if you feel you have time. Another productivity concept I want to discuss is something I read about called “The 90 Day Year” by Todd Herman. Entrepreneurs and business people can especially relate because of all the projects and time Page 47 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

We each have certain blocks of time to work each day. You have started on Task A, but then you get a phone call and you switch to Task B on the second day. Then someone called you for a different reason, you have a meeting, and you feel you need to work on Task C on the third day. Task A is still waiting to be finished, and the distractions keep coming. In this version of organizing your time, you would start with Task A and make it your primary focus of every block of time, with the others secondary, until you get it finished. Then the confidence that you have received from completing that task will propel you on to the next. At the end of a month you will look back and see the projects that you have completed instead of a varied amount of tasks that are in different parts of completion. Other great time saving strategies include putting all of the important dates on your calendar for the next six months or a year. Put down what is im-

portant to you. Sit down with your family and plan what you would like to do for vacation. Is there a place in your day where you can make more time for yourself? If you need to gather yourself in order not to feel Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

rushed in the morning, set your alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier. Take a look at your schedule in the morning and set your intentions for the day so that you truly get done what you need to accomplish for the day. Use your favorite planning tool, whether it is paper like my book, The Queen’s Journal or an online planning system. Do not use a long To Do list which tends to keep you in a state of being overwhelmed. Prioritize all of the tasks on that long To Do list and do the most important one to three things for the day. See if you can eliminate the rest of the items on the list by delegation to others or put them on your calendar for a different day. If you absolutely have too many tasks for your day, see if you can enlist the help of an assistant or someone in a department that can get the task done faster and more efficient than you can. Do you get out during your lunch hour? Fresh air and change of surroundings can give you a break from your current train of thought so you can get a new perspective. This can directly relate to how productive you are on a certain project. That diversion away from your desk can help give you an attitude reset and keep you Page 48 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

focused for the rest of your day. I used to make it a point to leave my desk during lunch every day. I would visit the local deli or take a bus down to the market to get a bite to eat. All the sights and sounds of the city would make my lunch hour like a small adventure. Maybe I would see something interesting in a shop window or meet my husband for great Chinese orange chicken at our favorite lunch spot. When you feel that late afternoon slump and you have a project due, set a timer for the task and race the clock to see if you can get Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I will leave you with these thoughts about time. It is so precious because we can never get it back.

Take a few minutes each day to calm yourself and be grateful for everything you have.

Keep a running list of what you are grateful for and when frustrations come, think about that list.

Think about the people you love, even if they seem to be causing you stress, and how your life would not be the same without them. We recently had the horrible shooting tragedy in Florida which put many people into a state of mourning. The Tony Awards were on that night and the actors were wearing silver ribbons in support of the victims and their families. Actor, Frank Langella, received his award for Best Lead Actor in a Play and instead of a long list of thanking people he said:

done ahead of schedule. If you have a long commute home, plan to use that time to your advantage so when you get home, you are truly home and present with your loved ones. Keep your boundaries between work and home as defined as much as possible. Determine that after a certain time in the evening, you will tell yourself that you will not do anything work-related and practice it often. This is one way to give yourself some space to do what it is important to you and make it easier for you to rest and be refreshed. Page 49 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

"When something bad happens, we have three choices: we let it define us, we let it destroy us, or we let it strengthen us.” We can choose to move from negative emotions which will kill our ambition to positive ones that will propel us forward to greater achievement. We accomplish this by being thankful and putting our frustrations into perspective which is excellent use of time and energy. Managing your time and emotions brings more freedom to do what is most important to you. Live each day with zest, make time for yourself, and go do great things! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html


The NEW Broad Museum 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 232-6200 Call for Tickets


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Page 52 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Still The One! Serena Serena WINS WINS Wimbleton. Wimbleton. AA Brcief Brcief look look at at her her fantastic fantastic 30 30 year year career! career!

Page 53 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Venus and Serena Serena--The Early Years Serena Jameka Williams (born September 26, 1981) is an American professional tennis player who is ranked No. 1 in women's singles tennis. The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) has ranked her world No. 1 in singles on six separate occasions. She became the world No. 1 for the first time on July 8, 2002, and achieved this ranking for the sixth time on February 18, 2013. As of July 11, 2016, she has been ranked world No. 1 for 178 consecutive weeks, 8 weeks shy of Steffi Graf's record, and 301 weeks overall. Williams is regarded by some commentators and sports writers as the greatest female tennis player of all time. Williams holds the most major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined Page 54 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

amongst active players, male or female. Her record of 38 major titles puts her fourth on the all-time list and second in the open era: 22 in sin gles, 14 in women's doubles, and two in mixed doubles. She is the most recent female player to have held all four major singles titles simultaneously (2002–03 and 2014–15) and the third player, male or female, to achieve this record twice afterRod Laver and Steffi Graf. She is also the most recent player, together with her sister Venus Williams, to have held all four Grand Slam women's doubles titles simultaneously (2009–10). Her total of 22 Grand Slam singles titles is tied with Steffi Graf for the most in the Open Era,and tied for second on the all-time list Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Winning Moment!

behind Margaret Court (24), She is the only tennis player – female or male – to have won singles titles at least six times in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments. She is also the only tennis player to have won 10 Grand Slam singles titles in two separate decades. She has won an alltime record 12 Grand Slam singles titles onhardcourt. Williams holds the Open Era record for most titles at the Australian Open (6) and shares the Open Era record for most titles at the US Open with Chris Evert . She has won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles with her sister Venus, and the pair are unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals. As a team, she and Venus have the Page 55 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

second most women's doubles grand slam titles, only behind the 20 titles won by Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver. Williams is also a five-time winner of the WTA Tour Championships. Serena has also won four Olympic gold medals, one in women's singles and three in women's doubles—an all -time record shared with her sister, Venus. The arrival of the Williams sisters has been credited with launching a new era of power tennis in the women's game. Williams was the highest paid female athlete in 2016, earning $28.9 million in prize money and endorsements. In December 2015, she was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine. Sources: Wikipedia and Various News Sources Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Update on Richard Williams Stroke Source: Essence Magazine

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams proved once again just how strong they are after reports surfaced days before Serena's solo and the sisters' doubles win at Wimbledon that their father, Richard, suffered a stroke. By now, most people familiar with the sisters know how close the two are with their father. Richard Williams was the driving force behind the girls when they began playing tennis and still influences them despite stepping away as their coach a few years ago. In an exclusive interview with Radar, Lakeisha Williams confirms that the Williams patriarch did have a stroke and was released from the hospital last week. "His condition is Page 56 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


fair – he’s up and walking around but he’s not at 100 percent. He needs speech therapy, psychological therapy and physical therapy but for now he refused,” she said, "I’m trying to get him under control and relaxed so that when we come back from out of town we could try to get that going. But he doesn’t wish to be bothered with anybody." Williams acknowledged that the road to recovery will be tough, adding, "His mind is telling him that since he was once in charge of his life, after what’s happened he’s not accepting it. To him he’s a normal person – nothing happened to him...We have to let nature take its course. I’ve been with him a long time so I know what he’s trying to say." Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Support the American Heart Association www.heart.org Page 57 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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National B

We are a supply contracting c participants in a variety of ma gic relationships within local a business participating through the best opportunities to prov dor-partners.

11901 Santa Monica Blvd Ste. 318 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Phone (302) 883.7608

Professional or N

Click Here & Ge Page 58 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Business Consortium

company operating as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serving arket segments. We have a dedicated 13-year history of developing strateand national business communities. Our customers vary from the small h an affiliate organization to large stand-alone organizations. We source vide a “win-win” scenario to benefit both local business and strategic ven-

Non Profit Organization *Merchants* Consumer

et Free Information at No obligation NOW! Page 59 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Be AWE Inspired!

Part of a New Series byTensie Taylor, Author, T.V. Perso Page 60 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Fellowship.Fundraising.Food. Fun. These are several words to describe the spectacular event, ‘Be AWE (Art, Wine, and Entertainment) Inspired,’ that took place on Sunday, July 10th at a beautiful home in Baldwin Hills! This home had breathtaking views that overlooked the city of angels! On a gorgeous, sunny late afternoon, many people—dressed in L.A. chic attire—attended this event with the goal of raising funds for the K.I.S. Foundation’s “Catch-Up” Plan Tutorial Program. The “Catch-Up” Plan Tutorial Program is a two week program after an in-hospital stay for sickle cell disease students of any age or academic level. There are one-on-one tutorial services with accredited tutors to boost those subjects in greatest need per patient. The ideation of the “Catch-Up” Plan Tutorial Program was spearheaded by actress Salli Richardson Whitfield who serves on the Board of Directors for the K.I.S. Foundation. With her fellow Board Members, they agreed that this program would be a tremendous asset to students who are battling sickle cell disease and will aid in keeping them from falling behind in their schoolwork and curriculum. The K.I.S. Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness about sickle cell disease. It is committed to improving the health and quality of life for children, adults, and families who are living with sickle cell disease. The visionary and founder of the K.I.S. Foundation is actress and former co-host of the hit television show, It’s Showtime at the Apollo, Kiki Shepard. Ms. Shepard’s

onality and Speaker Page 61 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

introduction to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) began in 1993, and ten years later in 2003, she turned her birthday bowling celebration into a sickle cell disease awareness raising party. Her awareness raising party was aimed at the black entertainment community with hopes that their celebrity presence would help benefit the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. The first year that Kiki Shepard had her Sickle Cell Disease awareness bowling party, it was so successful that she decided to have it again. The following year, the bowling party was even bigger, and the year after that, it grew even more. Because Kiki Shepard’s “Celebrity Bowling Challenge” was so tremendously successful, with the help of many influential individuals, celebrities, volunteers, and sponsors, she created the K.I.S. Foundation, Inc. in 2007.. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the K.I.S. Foundation, and with Board Members including Chairman of the Board, Vanessa Bell Calloway; Founder and Executive Director, Kiki Shepard, LaTonia Robinson, Andre Dawson, Lenny McNeil, Dr. Anthony Calloway, Dondre Whitfield, and Salli Richardson Page 62 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Whitfield, and the help of other celebrities and their connections to corporate, religious, medical, and social industries, the K.I.S. Foundation has been able to do powerful work in the community, particularly with those individuals who are battling sickle cell disease. The K.I.S. Foundation has hosted multiple holiday toy drives, visited patients at Children’s Hospital, held birthday parties for those who have sickle cell isease, and participated in seminars and conferences with Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

other blood disease organizations. Not only does the K.I.S. Foundation dedicate their time and treasure to assist others, but members of the K.I.S. Foundation family are the most kind, caring, humble, and down-to-earth people one could ever meet. Their passion for this organization is evident, and they have an unequivocal desire to continue to raise as much awareness and funds for sickle cell disease research as they possibly can. Page 63 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

‘Be AWE Inspired,’ was an event specifically created to raise funds for the newly implemented “Catch-Up” Plan Tutorial Program, and this was a star studded affair! Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson of the television show The Game and actress Shanola Hampton of Shameless co-hosted the event. While co-hosting and encouraging attendees to donate and to participate in the raffle drawing, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Shanola Hampton brought class, humor, savoir-faire, and beauty to this affair. Their passion to spread awareness about the “Catch-Up” Plan Tutorial Program and the importance of raising funds for sickle cell research was evident. It was obvious that they greatly cared about this health issue. Additional prominent people from Black Hollywood were in attendance, as well. Beyoncé’s mother, Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson attended with her husband Richard Lawson. Actress Kim Whitley, actor Glynn Turman, actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, actor Obba Babatunde, actor Dondre Whitfield, actress Salli Richardson Whitfield, actress Jackee Harry, celebrity hairstylist Elgin Charles were just a few of the high profile people in attendance. The food was delectable, the entertainment was wonderful, the wine’s bouquet was dazzling, and the view was gorgeous, but what made this event even more special, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

was that everyone was there to support such a pertinent cause. Award winning songstress Chante Moore performed two of her hit songs and even gave those in attendance the opportunity to join in on her performance. Chante Moore’s mellifluous voice and graceful stage presence was amazing, and her beautiful dress matched it all. After her performance, actress Salli Richardson Whitfield took the stage and sang a song, and her voice was incredibly sweet. As the evening progressed on, a live band performance by Kevin Flournoy provided more entertainment as people continued to eat, fellow, and donate to this cause. To keep the momentum going, actor Dondre Whitfield with the assistance of his wife, Salli Richardson Whitfield, auctioned off gorgeous paintings, and several of the artists who painted these masterpieces, were in attendance. The artists included Phil Fung, Emmy Lu Galleries of Beverly Hills, Cassandra Shepard of Shibori Textile Designer, Kenneth Gatewood, Synthia Saint-James from the private collection of Glynn & Jo-Ann Turman, and a donation from the private collection of Tina Knowles Lawson. Kiki Shepard, founder of the K.I.S. Foundation, provided remarks about the history of Page 64 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

this nonprofit organization and gave a special tribute to Cierra Jackson, a young woman who is a sickle survivor and whose life has dramatically changed for the better after she received a bone marrow transplant. Cierra Jackson took to the stage and shared her story about being diagnosed with sickle cell and how she currently feels after having received a bone marrow transplant. Her story was most poignant, and she was most appreciative and thankful to . Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Kiki Shepard and the K.I.S. Foundation. I talked with Cierra Jackson, and her ebullient spirit and warm personality made me even happier that I got to meet such a lovely person who has conquered much in her lifeHer faith and persistence are truly inspirational. In addition to the “Catch-Up Plan” Tutorial Program, the K.I.S. Foundation offers additional services and programs including Crisis Care Package, whose goal is to assist sickle cell disease patients and families in offsetting the extensive initial hospital expenses which occur when a sickle cell disease patient is admitted due to a sickle cell disease crisis. Another program that the K.I.S. Foundation has is the Financial Planning/Literacy Seminar, which is designed for parents of sickle cell disease patients to aid them in creating a lifetime financial planning program to support family members who are diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Specific areas of interest include building and managing finances, the cost of medications, homecare, child-care, tutoring, social activities, legal issues, housing, and more. Sickle Cell Disease is a common inherited blood disorder that affects an estimated 90,000 to 100,000 Americans, and can lead to lifelong disabilities and reduced average life expectancy. The disease disproportionately affects people of color, and occurs among roughly one out of every 500 African American births and one out of every 36,000 Hispanic American births. The Department of Health and Human Services is actively engaged in efforts to better identify individuals with sickle cell Page 65 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

disease, to improve access to care, to gather data about best practices in order to improve treatment therapies, to raise awareness of sickle cell disease, to promote health education about sickle cell disease, to search for a cure through ongoing research efforts, and more. In 2008, June 19th was declared World Sickle Cell Day by the 63rd session of the United Nations. Sickle cell affects people at both national and international levels. Thousands of patients with sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases are in need of a bone marrow transplant. Furthermore, the sickle cell community is in need of blood donors. A main treatment for sickle cell disease is for patients to receive blood transfusions. There are several reasons why people should donate blood. Patients who are diagnosed with sickle cell disease get their blood checked every time they see a doctor and oftentimes receive blood when hospitalized. There are many children and adults who have to be transfused every two to four weeks for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, a blood transfusion is an effective and proven treatment for some severe complications of sickle cell disease, but unfortunately, the disease itself does not go away. To learn more about the K.I.S. Foundation, upcoming programs and events, or to donate, please visit www.thekisfoundation.org. Follow them on Twitter at @KISFoundation and Instagram at @kisfoundation. ‘Like’ their Facebook page at The K.I.S. Foundation, Inc. You can help make a difference in the life of someone who has sickle cell disease. **** YouTube Video about the K.I.S. Foundation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOccuDAcR0s Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Visit The Getty...

Page 66 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 67

Shopping For Change Got Coffee?

You can smell it before you taste it, taste it before you even take your first sip.

If you are a coffee lover you know what I mean. If you are a coffee lover you don’t just grab a can of Folgers or Maxwell House off the shelf. In fact you would never be seen with an off-the-shelf brand in your shopping cart. Nothing but the best for us coffee lovers. We drive across town to get our favorite fresh roasted beans, we walk extra blocks to find that cute little bistro instead of grabbing a fast food coffee. For us “coffee…” as Gertrude Stein said “… is a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening… Page 68 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

like an event, a place to be. It gives you time, a chance to be…yourself.” So how great is it that there are now ecofriendly conscious coffee companies. Companies that support small farmers and coops, set up structures for organic and sustainable farming and bring the freshest richest coffees to our breakfast tables? And here is one of my favorites! Coffee of Grace. Whether you love to grind your own beans or store your fresh ground in the freezer, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

whether you are using a French press, paper cone or some new fangled expresso maker there is a range of flavors for any occasion. And the world of Grace is always changing. The signature flavors are only available in limited quantities and change throughout the year. So there is always something new to try.

Not only is the coffee excellent but their logo style and company colors are fabulous. Check out their website, their mission and (for sure) their coffee. My favorite morning brew is the Medium Dark Roast. I save the Expresso for late night deserts and cognac.

Coffee of Grace is motivated and inspired by the courageous spirit to succeed exemplified by the Rwandan People. It is the com-

Ardice Farrow is the Founder of Net Effects

pany’s purpose to enhance the lives of the Rwandan people by empowering them with the opportunity to market their fabulous coffees to the World.

Try it I think you will like it! www.coffeeofgrace.com

Traders. She is an advocate for Trade Instead of Aid and Shopping for Change encouraging US consumers to buy from companies who have a positive impact on social and global issues. Shopping for Change is a regular column introducing different conscious companies each issue.


It’s inspiring to see the impact this company is already having as small Ruwandan farmers can now employ neighbors and entire communities are empowered with new levels of confidence and the joy of providing their delicious coffee beans to the world. As a conscious consumer I am in love with Coffee of Grace’s commitment to support fair trade, ethical practices and environmental stewardship. I will stand in line to buy yummy coffee from a company dedicated to empowering local farmers, to creating sustainable businesses and ending generational poverty. But I don’t have to stand in line because I can easily order my Coffee of Grace on -line and it comes right to my door. Page 69 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Designing MultiFunctional Spaces::

Feel Good Spaces A new series by Sherry Burto Author and Design Psychology Coach Page 70 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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on Ways, Page 71 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I have often come across people who are confused about decorating a large room in their home. They end up buying very large furniture that does nothing to make the room feel cozier or functional. When you have a great room, it is a good idea to make it multi-functional and take advantage of the large space. Without adding walls, you can make the space serve different purposes for the entire family.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Using these techniques will help you create mini havens for each member of your family including yourself. Havens are mini-feel good spaces that are created to provide individuals their own identity and space within a larger space.

Page 72 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

1Make a Plan


Create Conversation areas

In your plan, chalk out areas where the family can sit together and spend time. These can be areas to watch the television, to play video games or board games. Use easy and comfortable furniture like couches, ottomans and recliners to create distinct conversational areas. Use a day bed to visually divide the large area into two distinct functions. Page 73 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

It is important to understand the function of the space around which you will be designing before you get started. On a piece of paper, draw a rough floor plan. Decide the areas you would like to create in your great room. Correct placement of the furniture can help you divide the space without actually putting up walls.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Continued on Next Page

3 Create A cozy corner Once you have created conversational areas, also plan for a cozy corner for some quiet time. In a corner, place a small rug and an armchair or two. Stack books in a book shelf behind the armchairs and install a floor lamp. Drape a throw over the arm chair to make it appear warm and inviting. Finally tie the cozy corner together with a small coffee table.


Separating the functional areas Demarcating specific areas for specific functions is not difficult. Make use of interesting area rugs to visually divide the room. When you place furniture around an area rug, it behaves like an anchor and ties everything around it quite distinctly. You can also make use of wooden screens to divide the room without compromising on the design aspect of the room.

Page 74 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Send Us Your Stories NEWSDESK@ETMmedia.net

Page 75 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

5 Space to move around Always remember to leave adequate space to move around the furniture easily. People navigating in the room should be able to walk with ease without bumping or having to move the furniture around. The walkways should never be blocked with small dĂŠcor like floor lamps or side tables. As a rule of thumb, keep a three feet distance between the furniture to create easy flow.


Create A cozy corner Finally, make use of circles. Circles depict flow and are much easier to navigate around. Instead of a square center table, consider using a circular one. Choose patterns on the upholstery that have a circular pattern or curves that makes the multi-functional room easy on the eyes as well.Multifunctional spaces are terrific to decorate and design. I invite you to make it special by including your family and/or loved ones who will be using the space to be involved. It makes it more fun and everyone can take ownership in the results.

Page 76 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 77 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Sometimes the most amazing people do amazing things and we never know who they are.

This month E Magazine is honoring Officer Kevin Briggs. Who has talked more than 200 people out of jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Page 78 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Look Who’s Talking Officer Kevin Briggs



Ideas worth spreading*

1700+ talks to stir your curiosity www.TED.com Page 79 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Countering Violent Extremism By: Cynthia M. Lardner

Page 80 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Page 81 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The fight against violent extremism is being fought by a shift in global consciousness resulting in a collective effort by governments, NGOs and stakeholders, including individuals at the local level. Radicalized extremism, which has nothing to do with religion, is an ideology founded on inducing fear of imagined or future danger. It is a feeling, not an action. Simply stated, extremism is psychological warfare. The effectiveness of any extremist act is not the act itself, but the extent of the fear evoked in the general public. The public’s apperception of fear is a miscalculation as the attack has already occurred and the likelihood of being personally involved in a future attack is less Page 82 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

than negligible. In turn, we subconsciously transfer our fear to the Muslim population giving rise to widespread bigotry and hatred. We have permitted the real battleground to be a mental schema that we have been conditioned to experience for more than fifteen years.

What are we so afraid of? The U.S. Department of State defines extremism as "…premeditated politicallymotivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” Violent attacks are staged by radicalized extremists to maximize publicity. For instance, attacks are often scheduled for Friday Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

mornings triggering a seemingly nonstop barrage of sensationalized weekend media reports. Targets are chosen to not only symbolize what extremists oppose but, also those which will generate the most media coverage and public sympathy. Sympathy was the motive behind November 13, 2015 Paris attack on a nightclub frequented by young people and at an international sporting event, and the June 12, 2015 attack on a gay bar was in Orlando, America’s favorite family destination. Recent examples of acts based on opposition were the March 22, 2016 Brussels attacks, which came days after the Belgium arrest of the last known suspect in the Paris attack, and the January 7, 2015 Paris Charlie Hebdo attack in Page 83 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

objection to its re-publication of the Jyllands -Posten cartoons of Muhammad. Other more random attacks are undertaken by individuals with no identifiable nexus to extremist leaders even though the attackers claim allegiance to the ideology, as was the case in the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino shooting. Regardless of the motive, the result is an "An anxiety-inspiring method of repeated violent action, employed by (semi-) clandestine individual, group or state actors, for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons, whereby - in contrast to assassination - the direct targets of violence are not the main targets”; the United Nations’ 1992 definition. The target is you, the general public. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

By the Numbers

Abandoning the Schema

The chance of a Westerner being killed by a violent extremist act is exceedingly low: about a one in three million each year. Between 9.11 and 2013, foreign-inspired violent acts of extremism only claimed two dozen lives in the United States. Globally, the U.S. Department of State reported that, in 2011, only 17 U.S. civilians were killed worldwide by extremists, including deaths in all theaters of war. The 2011 Report on Terrorism from the National Counter Terrorism Center stated that Americans are as likely to be “crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year” as they are to be killed by an extremist. As one Washington Post headline read, “You’re more likely to be fatally crushed by furniture than killed by a terrorist”.

In a recent statement, President Barack Obama stated: “Groups like ISIL and al-Qaida want to make this war a war between Islam and America, or between Islam and the West. If we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims as a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with the entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them. But we are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mind-set and this kind of thinking can be. We are starting to see where this kind of rhetoric and loose talk and sloppiness about who exactly we are fighting, where this can lead us. This is a country founded on basic freedoms, including freedom of religion. We don’t have religious tests here. Our founders, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights are clear about that.

Page 84 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

And if we ever abandon those values, we wouldn’t only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world, but we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect, the pluralism and the openness, our rule of law, our civil liberties, the very things that make this country great, the very things that make us exceptional. And then the terrorists would have won. And we cannot let that happen.” How,

Why and Where Radicalization Transpires According to John Horgan, PhD, Director the Pennsylvania State University's International Center for the Study of Terrorism, people who are predisposed to extremist recruitment and radicalization tend to: Page 85 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

 Feel angry, alienated or disenfranchised;  Believe that their current political involvement does not give them the power to effect real change;

 Identify with perceived victims of the social injustice they are fighting;

 Feel the need to take action rather than just talking about the problem;

 Believe that engaging in violence against the state is not immoral;

 Have friends or family sympathetic to the cause; and

 Believe that joining a movement offers social and psychological rewards such as adventure, camaraderie and a heightened sense of identity. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Mosques Are Not Enclaves for Terrorist Loners by nature, “More than 80 per cent who join the Islamic State do so through peer-to-peer relationships, mostly with friends and sometimes family. Very few join in mosques or through recruitment by anonymous strangers… radicalization rarely occurs in mosques,” stated Scott Atran, cofounder of the Center for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict at Oxford University. Charles Kurzman, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, co-author of a 2010 report "Anti -Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans", also found that, “Very few of these [extremist] individuals are regular participants at American mosques. In fact, in a number of cases they have expressed hostility toward their Page 86 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

local religious leaders. Unfortunately, it seems to be a pattern that these individuals engaged in violent extremism move away from the mosque as they become radicalized and are interacting less with the religious leaders who preach peace.”

The Islamic Community The American-Muslim community has publicly and privately denounced terrorism and violence, is willing to report radical individuals to law enforcement, and encourages community building and political engagement. A 2010 study conducted by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill determined that these programs are an effective deterrent to radicalization. That study also found that “48 of the 120 Muslims suspected of plotting domestic Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

terrorist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001, were turned in by fellow Muslims, including parents, mosque members and even a Facebook friend.” Mosques around the world have created programs to engage vulnerable youth to prevent radicalization by the rampant extremist propaganda, easily accessed on social media. Countering radicalization has been a topic in sermons and at national conferences.

Muslim community is so stigmatized that after the Paris attack the hashtag #NotInMyName emerged on social media. The Media’s Role First and foremost, the media’s disproportionate focus on Western acts of terror reinforces such mistaken perceptions. “Extremely vivid image[s] of death and damage” resulting from terrorist attacks are “reinforced by media attention and frequent conversation,”

When ISIS emerged, the world's most prominent Muslim leaders and scholars published an open leader to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi renouncing the militant group's religious claims, including that of the Caliphate. Yet, despite its best efforts, the

Page 87 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

leaving us with highly accessible memories of such events, stated Daniel Kahneman, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. For instance, CNN International, six days after the Orlando shooting, was still displaying headline “Terror in Orlando”, fostering the apperception that there exists cause for fear of another and imminent attack. “When people who have been exposed to such coverage later assess how likely more terrorism is, such events come readily to mind — and so they are likely to assign probabilities biased upward,” stated former Pentagon official Andrew Shaver. Second, by engaging in nonstop and repetitive reporting the media is acting as a de facto public relations department for extremist organizations. Page 88 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Media must shift its focus from repeatedly showing videos of attacks to the courage and solidarity exhibited by first responders, the community, surviving family and friends, and committed law enforcement officials. Consider that just one additional New York Times article about an attack in any country increased the probability of ensuing attacks in that country by between 11% and 15%. On average, that additional NYT article results in between one and two casualties from another attack within the next week. Fourth, the question is always posed of a government official or expert, “What could the government have done to prevent this attack?” After a brief pause, the interviewee utters something vague. Take for example the attack on the Brussels airport. Over and over again, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Fifth, the word choices made by the news and entertainment industries are often inflammatory. For instance, the term “suicide bomber” is almost always used as opposed to the more accurate term “homicidal extremist”. Continuous headlines such as “Terror in Orlando”, rather than “Solidarity in the Midst of Tragedy” or “Law Enforcement Responded With Flying Colors”, not only sends the wrong message to the public but furthers extremist objectives. Sixth, oftentimes, the reporting is inaccurate. For instance, after the November 2015 Paris attack, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reported that the “Caliphate” was responsible. ISIS’ claim that its leader is the Caliphate, or a prophet sent by God to provide just governance for all of Islam, could not be farther from the truth. reporters asked officials what they could have been done to prevent the attack. One “expert’ opined that security should have been moved outside of the building. The reality is that all this would have accomplished is moving the queue to another location. The correct answer is there was probably nothing that could have been done to prevent that attack. With an increasing number of “homegrown” extremists, there is even less intelligence available to thwart attacks. Yet, for days after an attack line of questioning continues when the focus in the aftermath ought to be on the inherent strength and resiliency of Western communities and the good work done by law enforcement officials. Page 89 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

But, given Mr. Blitzer’s credibility, the public readily believe what he says. To successful combat violent extremism responsible journalism is essential.

Donald Trump is Even More Culpable As the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ought to be upholding the principles so carefully articulated by the United States’ founding fathers in the Constitution. Rather, he actively promotes hatred and bigotry giving rise to violent and large protests at his public appearances. Oddly, political commentators seem to have no knowledge of the Fighting Words Doctrine, which the United States Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Supreme Court in 1942 held to be a limitation that freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment. In a unanimous decision, Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, the High Court held that "insulting or 'fighting words,' are those that by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace". Can there be any doubt that Mr. Trump’s remarks rise to the level of fighting words? On Monday, June 13, 2016, Mr. Trump added to the plethora of anti-Muslims statements when he promised that, if elected, he would "suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats." Perhaps Mr. Trump should learn about the International Page 90 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions and the Convention and Protocol Related to the Status of Refugees, which grants individuals the right, under international law, to seek political asylum. Mr. Trump further stated that, if president, he would insure that mosques were monitored. Apparently, he has not read the research. In the wake of 9/11, after more than six years of spying on Muslim neighborhoods, eavesdropping on conversations and cataloguing mosques, the New York Police Department's secret Demographics Unit never generated a lead or triggered a terrorism investigation. As President Obama stated, “We now have proposals from the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

to bar all Muslims from immigrating into America. We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complacent in violence.”

Countering Violent Extremism “Violent extremists are not a new threat; they have raged against civilization as long as we have tried to build it. What is new is how the United States and our partners around the world are pushing them back – with a more comprehensive, preventive, and civilian-centered approach we call Countering Violent Extremism, or CVE,” stated Sewall, Sarah, Unite States Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Page 91 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Democracy, and Human RightsAs explained by The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague, “CVE programmes include an astonishing range of activities, from messaging to community outreach, to religious argumentation, to economic development. Programmes proposed under the rubric of CVE can range from individual interventions to efforts to rewrite the script for entire societies, from the economy to social mores.” .Richard Stengel, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, stated that efforts against extremism should focus “not only countering their message, but creating a positive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

alternative for people who may be attracted to their message”. Thus, CVE has two overlapping goals: • Disengagement to dissuade individuals from violent participation in and material support for violent extremist organisations and movements. • De-radicalization/counterradicalization to dissuade individuals from adopting extremist ideologies. The global movement behind these goals includes the RESOLVE network brought about in February 2014 at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, which launched a comprehensive CVE effort that now encompasses over 100 countries, 20 multilateral bodies, and 400 civil society organizations. As a result, foreign governments are developing CVE strategies providing meaningful roles for those outside government. According to Ms. Sewall, “Many of those actors – like young people, mayors, and women – have launched their own global networks to learn from each other’s experience countering violent extremism in their communities.”

What Can You Do? Get involved at the local level with CVE initiatives. A list of resources can be accessed at https://www.dhs.gov/publication/counteringviolent-extremism-resources. Write to the media to express Page 92 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

your concerns, refuse to watch inflammatory programming, have the self-control to know when “enough is enough” and the wisdom to understand that what is real and what is fiction. For those of us in the European Union and the United States, we must exercise our right to vote for politicians who respect national and international law, and who promote harmonious and peaceful relationships among diverse populations and governments.Write or petition school and government officials to offer compulsory education. “Without anti-racism education, war will continue to prevail and peace will continue to be what it is; a falsehood that distracts the world populace from the reality on the ground... Otherwise, we will continue to have the rise of terrorist states,” stated Ahmad Moussa, a Palestinian-Canadian professor and author. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

About The Author Cynthia Lardner. J.D., M.A. Cynthia M. Lardner is a journalist, holding degrees in journalism, law, and counseling psychology. Her blogs are read in over 37 countries. As a thought leader in the area of foreign policy, her philosophy is to collectively influence conscious global thinking. Living in Den Hague or The Hague, she is currently looking for a challenging position in foreign policy, journalism, or social justice.


Participate in global interfaith activities to learn more about not just the Islamic faith but, other faiths that differ from your own. Most people are unaware that the three major world religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam all share a common belief in Jesus. We can open our minds and hearts to the moderate Muslim populations in our communities. For instance, many mosques and Islamic community centers host programs that are open to the general public. Attending events will reduce conditioned fear. We should also be diligent in reporting activity that we feel is suspicious. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The bottom line is that we can all participate in the war on extremism. "The only way to change the world is to change the story," stated Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi teacher and scholar.

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The Nexus between Life and Life Situations

A Series by Lily Sanders Author, Life Coach an www.ueslifecoach.com www.reiki.ueslifecoach.com Page 96 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

nd Women’s Advocate. Page 97 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t walked through the coals and gotten burned. Perhaps even a few times. We all experience trials and tribulations in life at one point or another. Sometimes you experience a few good months, then suddenly something drops out of the sky that has no nexus to case. It leaves you feeling scared, perplexed, and even angry. Where did that come from and why is this happening? Why is this happening to me, her, him, us, or them? We have all been in this place. It is not a seemingly comforting place to be, and it leaves you believing that your life…well…stinks. Your problems are not your life, but are your life situation. What we do with these situations is how we evolve…or not. Sometimes we find that we are facing a current situation in life that was similar to a previous one. This leaves us feeling frustrated and angry. How is it that this is happening again? How can this be? This is was my personal experience some years ago, before I saw the bigger picture.

One of the


life lessons I learned was to resist getting stuck in time and space.

Page 98 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

What I found was that life is meant to be challenging so that we have opportunity to grow. If we had no challenges, individually and collectively, evolution would never take place. Yes, we will have growing pains, but only if we remain in the past feeling guilt and regret…or in the future with fear and worry. One of the biggest life lessons I learned was to resist getting stuck in time and space. Society revolves around time, which I always found ironic because it is time that stops us from evolving, truly. Time puts you in a mental prison that bleeds with continuous suffering. There is no greater deterrent to peace Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

mine! The next time I see that duck I will let her have it! She is probably conspiring against me right now!” When a dog bites a child, you may observe the dog look scared, put his ears down and even cower as he looks away from you in shame. He knows in that moment what he did was wrong. But if it had a human mind, perhaps the dog would go on for years saying to himself, “I can’t believe I bit that child. I will never forgive myself. I don’t deserve to be loved. If I hadn’t done that things may have been different today. It’s all my fault.”

than time. Have you ever seen a squirrel spin into a mental and emotional frenzy saying, “Oh my goodness! What if this tree is uprooted this winter and all my acorns go missing? This is a disaster! My family will starve! I will be ruined!” What happens when you observe two ducks in a pond that just had a spat with each other, while fetching the same piece of food you’ve thrown to them? They quack, squawk, flap their wings and float on peacefully. Now imagine for a moment if they had a human mind. The duck may swim on disturbed saying, “I can’t believe she did that to me! I was two feet from that bread…it was as good as Page 99 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Time and the human mind are inseparable. If we can remove time from the mind, we can be open to the present moment. Because truly, time is not precious! The only real thing that is precious is this moment. Life is not yesterday, is not tomorrow, and is not one day. Life is now. We can use time in a practical way, yes. But if we want peace of mind, we must fight against the spirit of time. Where it becomes the psychological forefront of the mind, over planning and too much predicting for the future. Goal setting is fine, as long as you remain focused on the present moment you are standing in. Goal setting should never include worry and fear. The essential factor should always be the present moment. Conversely, if you are psychologically dwelling in the past, you are caught up in a false sense of self. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Lessons learned from the past can be relevant, however, only to be applied to the present moment. They are never to make you feel guilt or regret. That is where time is used beyond the practical, and spins into a negative psychological frenzy. If you are a regular reader of my column you may already be grasping the fact that the only thing real is this moment. This moment is all there ever is. The past no longer exists except in the mind, and the future and all thoughts of the future is all an illusion. The realization of this will give you a sense of peace, even in your darkest moment. Because nothing real can be threatened. Everything is to be honored, but no ‘thing’ really matters. Only the space you are in at this moment is what matters. What I found was that the present moment is predominantly overlooked because of the time factor. Society teaches us this from a very young age. One day I remember picking up my young son from school and another

mom had been going back into the building with her three children to get some school books and a pair of gloves that were left in the classroom. She said to me, “I am going to pray against the spirit of time!” I looked at her and thought…how profound! She was right. The children have thirty seconds after the bell rings to put their desk in order, collect the books needed for homework, get to their cubbies, gather their backpacks, coats and hats and get on line in the parking lot and wait to board the school bus for home. It’s a race against the hands of time.

Page 100 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

This moment is all there ever is... The past no longer exists except in the mind, and the future and all thoughts of the future is all an illusion. The realization of this will give you a sense of peace, even in your darkest moment. And we wonder why they come home without a homework sheet, a book, a glove, and experience stress at a very young age. It then dominoes into parents going down the list calling other parents before dinner time to see if their child has the worksheets needed, and then begin to fax this and e-mail that. Ironically, can you see how racing the hands of time only wastes more time? If the emphasis was put on the moment, more things Page 101 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

would be accomplished fully. Moreover, our children wouldn’t be nervous wrecks, and would grow to appreciate the present moment and honor it. It is no wonder why adults race around as they do and live life in an illusory state if nothingness.

If you are currently in a life situation that has you up in arms, put your arms down. Stop. Look. Listen. Stop worrying and predicting the worst. Look at the situation and take the appropriate action needed to keep you present. Listen to what your heart is trying to tell you and follow your instinct. That inner voice is the light. Trust it. The essence of who you are is that infinite light. Honor it and know that no situation in life…no ‘thing’ can ever threaten it. As always, I honor my readers, and am delighted to offer my services around the globe. Please contact me for personal coaching and mentoring. http:// www.ueslifecoach.com/contact/ Love and Light, Lily Sanders Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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Imagine Yourself Surrounde

Women entrepreneurs, corporate and business professionals... many have already been where you are now...some are still climbing the ladder to success...some are wanting to transition to a new ladder...some are ready to jump off the ladder but wanting to find others to sponsor, mentor or coach. Page 104 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Wouldn't it be great to spend some time focused on building professional relationship currency... finding opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures... building strategic alliances and sparking a movement of women supporting, inspiring, encouraging, enlightening and uplifting each other?

As a "Bella", networking isn't just professional chatter for a few hours. We build relationships that enrich our professional lives. We know that performance isn't enough. We need people that trust us, believe in our judgment and know our professional value proposition.

Join Us as we build professional relationship currency that comes when you:

Page 106 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Join Us This October

 Spend time getting to know

people  Share ideas with people  Work with people on task or projects  Socialize with people beyond "professional chatter" That's what we're going to do! Invest in spending quality time in activities that build and earn us professional relationship currency. Page 107 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

We are creating a TRIBE of Successful Women who have each other's back. Don’t worry, you'll have plenty of time to take advantage of their floating cabanas or kayaking or sightseeing or to choose from other fun-filled activities that we have planned.

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Can't wait to meet you at the beautiful Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA. See you there!!! Learn more at: www.TheBellaNetwork.com or register now by clicking here. Page 108 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 109 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Page 111

Sacred Soul Sisterhood

The First in a New Series call Sisterhood Connection Founder/CEO Sisterhood Connections INC & Blissfully

www.sisterhoodconnections.com www.blissfullyempowered Page 112 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

ns By Jena Harris

y Empowered

d.com Page 113

E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Our family began in Boise, Idaho, with a dream, a vision, and 12 of us at Olive Garden….. For many years, I have felt a calling to bring women together as sisters. I have wanted to create a conscious sacred sisterhood community where women of all walks of faith, culture, ethnicity, and age come together to empower, uplift, pray, and inspire one another. My vision has been to nurture a safe place where our sisterly bond is so powerful that everyone feels safe no matter where she is on her journey and to feel accepted no matter what her beliefs. Page 114 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

I have created that tribe; that sacred soul sisterhood is called Sisterhood Connections. This isn’t just another “sisterhood group”; it’s truly a movement. Sisterhood Connections is a movement bringing women together as SiStars from all over the world to unite, to ignite, and to empower one another. This is a true global movement for conscious change and transforming the way women engage with one another. By eliminating jealousy, envy, and backstabbing, we are redefining and blazing a trail for new paradigms and patterns for the future for women and girls around the globe. Every woman is special and each offers something very unique to the world. We Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

believe that WE (SISTERS) are never in competition, even if we do similar work. The universe is abundant, and there is enough for everyone to thrive! This is the energy and vibration I personally hold and infuse into our Sisterhood Community beginning from day one. Sharing and supporting each other’s work is our culture. We are peeling away the old layers of lack conditioning that we have all been exposed to. It’s time for something new! We offer unconditional love and support wherever you are at on your journey. We will lift you up, laugh with you, pray with and for you, and always walk with you by your side. That's our Sisterhood! Can you just see us all in our Sisterhood Circle of Light laughing and raising one another up? I sure can, as I see it and feel it everyday in our community! Page 115 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Over the next year, our team has a bold goal to bring 100 expert leaders to empower, to motivate, to uplift, and to share their conscious work with our community. We are planning a 2017 Sisterhood Tour where our top experts will be transforming and empowering women across the globe with the heart-centered consciousness of our organization. In every city we enter, we will awaken and ignite souls with passion and empowerment and leave with a blanket of compassion, peace, and love to restore the Feminine Divine. Our world is in dire need of the sacred soul sisterhood. We have spent thousands of years roaming the earth with the masculine dominance and control, and it has led us to this place of brokenness. It is our time now; we desperately need the feminine divine energy to nurture the world to restore Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Sisterhood….

Jena Harris balance. I believe this truth is something profound that every woman knows in the instinctual depth of the cells in her body. Many women are feeling called to join together and do their part to create this wave of conscious change. As individuals, we can do great things, but when we come together as sisters with the same mission, we are capable of massive transformational change for future generations. It takes that one spark from a trailblazer to ignite the fire that will radiate throughout the globe. Let’s do this. Let’s be inspired to create conscious change one life at a time! Join our family and mission as we spread our connections throughout the world. Page 116 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

“Individually we are a drop; together we are an ocean.” Change begins with me. Change begins with you. Change begins with we. United. Together. For conscious change. No one to blame. No one to shame. What can we do today? What can we do tomorrow? The answer is LOVE, unconditional love. We were created from love and have lost our way. This is returning to love. Our task is to find peace within the storm, rising together for a larger purpose, deliberately with intention, to make the world a better place for our future generations. This kind of conscious change doesn't involve fighting, blaming, arguing, or focusing on the distractions and the brokenness... It's time to focus on the things that we can all do as a whole. What role do you play? What choice do you make every day when put in a situation to hate or love. We don't create the wave of conscious restoration by infusing what we don't appreciate with all of our energy. We do it by the way we live every day and what we teach the children and others in our lives.
It begins and ends with me.
It begins and ends with you.
It begins and ends with we.
 ~ Jena Harris Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Nancy Castro

Confidence Catalyst

Sisterhood Connections Jr. President

Hello!! My name is Nancy Castro, the Confidence Catalyst and author of Keys to Confidence. I grew up in a small town in Idaho and now living the city girl life in no other than The City of Angels! I am…well, I don’t think I can box myself into a particular title. What I CAN say is that I am an agent for change; transformational, adventurous, soul-changing type of change. (Watch out James Bond!) You know, that kind of change that goes past the surface, where most are uncomfortable, and many have not wandered into. I would love to give you some insight into my many “I am” categories. I am the cohost on “The Sisters” from Sisterhood Connections Network. We discuss a Page 117 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

variety of topics that help men and women in different areas of their lives. I am also the Sisterhood Connections Jr. President (www.scjunior.org), where I am a Confidence Coach for both women and young ladies in the Sisterhood Connections family. I created the program Keys to Confidence, which is a program created to support women and young ladies to BREAK AWAY and LET GO of the things, thought, and theories that no longer hold truth. This program is designed to RE-IGNITE the desire for CHANGE to recreate their stories! I am also the owner of Shoe Fashionique, a shoe accessory online store with uniqueness written all over it! (www.shoefashionique.com)

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The realization of who “I am” did not come to me very easily, which is why I decided to go on a soul journey trip to Paris! I realized I had a much bigger purpose in life and went searching for answers. Hearing people try to box me in to a particular category was very confusing to me. I knew many didn’t understand me…. Heck! I didn’t understand me! I was living my life with a question mark over my head thinking, “what is wrong with me?” I felt different. The struggles and challenges I faced internally were no joke! I closed off certain parts of me to try to fit in, but that didn’t work until I learned how to regain my confidence and embrace every part of me. Thankfully, I was able to showcase my new self in Sisterhood Connections. It is a place I feel safe, motivated, inspired, and recharged! A place that brings more conscious women together to lift each other up and celebrate every triumph, support through the challenges, and hold hands in prayer when the world needs more love! This is an empowering space where we help others embrace their journey and feel like they are not alone. If it wasn’t for this magical group, I’m not sure I would be where I am today. The leader of our group, Jena Harris, has blessed me with so many opportunities and guidance that has transformed from a trickling effect to a full-blown movement! Come join us and get reignited ladies!

Nancy Castro

Page 118 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Raj Anderson (MBA) Savvy Strategist Sisterhood Connections Director of Leadership

It was a usual grey-skied summer day in the UK and I was playing in the garden blowing bubbles in my little Indian outfit. I must have been about 6 years old, and I decided that I wanted to be a police officer. I remember sharing it with excitement with my parents; that was it! I knew I wanted to be someone strong, and also have a job that would help people. My mother’s horror reaction at such a suggestion shut me down immediately! I was not going to go be a police officer and I didn’t need to think of those things. Women didn’t need to plan such ‘big things’! I’m pretty sure I knew in that moment that I disagreed; yet it shut me down. As time went on, I had an incredibly challenging relationship with my mother. The lack of love she had for herself kept her from giving love freely to others. As a result of this Page 119 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

behaviour, I became withdrawn, mistrusting and fearful of women. I wasn’t sure how to bond with them. Through school and college I often wound up hurt and lost. Friendships and bonds letting me down and all the while I wasn’t holding up the mirror to the type of woman I was being. My own learnt behaviors’ of how I treated other women and my deep-rooted insecurities surfacing as bitter envy. It wasn’t until I started my first job in my early 20s as an Advocacy manager, working with women who were victims of domestic violence. It was then that I began to understand the importance and impact of women being there for each other. Also realizing how much of a difference it made to these vulnerable women that I was working with. How Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

How important it was for them to have a kind listening ear, a friend, and a sister willing to go that extra mile to understand them. I witnessed the difference it made to have women that lift them up to believe in their self, and to be an aspirational role model. I often look back to think about how that taught me to be a better, stronger and more supportive woman. Learning and understanding other women’s experiences, I had the blessing to work with women from so many diverse backgrounds, women who were refugees, had disabilities, older women, all of them with a story and a desire to fulfil their dreams of a better, fairer and more equal life. During that time I got taken under the wing by an older woman that worked at the same place, she became my mentor. She showed me friendship, fun, camaraderie and how to trust women again. This taught me humility and it also taught me that women need other women! She showed me the power of connections, of opening doors for each other, the value of a tribe and surrounding yourself with women who believed in what you do, who shared your values and who would always be your biggest cheerleaders.

women’s success. We believe that when one is achieving and in abundance it shows us that it is more than possible for all of us. It is a group of women all with a story, who are not afraid of having conscious conversations, of checking ourselves, holding up the mirror, holding ourselves and each other accountable and all the while being each other’s biggest cheerleaders. For more information on programs and coaching please contact Raj:Raj@savvystrategyblueprint.com BUSINESS CONTACT: - 786 -408 – 4255 WEB:- www.rajanderson.com

I knew as soon as I met Jena Harris that she had all of those amazing qualities I describe above, I knew that I had been called to be part of this incredible group that she has brought together for a very special reason. Sisterhood Connections is not just a community it is a family. A network of women who know and understand that one woman’s success is all Page 120 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 121 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The New Economy Birthof ofthe theVertical VerticalFarm. Farm. Birth

The First in a New Series by Demetrius Mitche Page 122 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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ll II Page 123 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Our future is dependent on balance and the ability to thrive within that balance. US agriculture, as in most countries, remains confined to rural areas far from the commercial marketplace. This means farm products have to be transported to rather robust and dense urban areas. Advances in social dynamics and the reconditioning of urban areas across the country continue to drive urban, "inner-city", populations skyward. Hipster/artists types are credited with kicking off the surge, along with an eclectic mix of white-collar suits, blue-collar skilled laborers, and students splitting the tab. As a result, urban areas that were once considered undesirable to live or invest in are now the fastest growing sector in major cities, such as Los Angeles and New York. The continuous Page 124 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

flow of new residents and businesses, such as boutique coffeehouses and restaurants has dramatically increased the demand for high quality food products at a reasonable price. Diversity plays a major role in all of this; as the population in these Urban Utopias increases so does the diversity of the people and, of course, the food. The upward expansion of already dense metropolitan areas is creating an interesting mathematical circumstance. If we take into account the basic idea of supply and demand and relate it to the rising cost of food, where is the ceiling? People are returning from far-flung sub-cities to live in more densely populated areas largely due to the economy and newly built urban amenities. When most of these cities began rampant expansion, building apartments and office buildings to serve the Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

growing population,agricultural production increased to match the demand. Although new technological advances, preservatives, and transportation helped usher in a new day of efficiency and profit, those areas were never designed to support a "super-sized" metropolis. As the growth of these populations began to taper off and later reseed, agriculture companies were able to keep pace. Starting in the 1960's and continuing throughout the ‘80's, these companies began to market prepackaged, pre-cooked, and preserved food products along with the advancement in manmade fibers, such as polyester. The tactics employed by the agricultural industry, which was being systematically bought out by Wall Street, acted as an insurance plan to Page 125 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

cover the increasing risk. After the dust bowls of the ‘20s and ‘30s agriculture looked to set the deck by overproducing and preserving, which lead to the explosion of food-related health problems in the US. Agricultural technologies developed for this growing industry severely lowered the quality of food available to most of the American public. The difference in nutritional value between an affordable loaf of bread priced at around $1.50, and a high-quality alternative priced closer to $6 is remarkable. Although it may seem as if all the blame should go to powerful food corporations, it is the general population's fault for not advocating local agricultural solutions. Before the global net boom, sending and receiving information was rather slow, considerably crude by today's standards.

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Advancements in file sharing, data processing, and our social media presence should push us as a community to be just as efficient in critical civic functions as we are, say, using Snapchat from a trendy restaurant. This unveils a new issue, how can we use all of these new gadgets and processing power to make our lives better as a global community. Efficiency in management, labor, production, civic and personal health is mandatory. In today's market collecting, preparing, and transporting agricultural goods cost more to the producer and buyer than the actual cost of the product; increasing the price while lowering the quality. At the current growth rate the cost of food will eventually outpace every other living expense. Our quality of life is largely dependent on access to a quality diet and Page 126 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

shelter. The rising cost of food can be linked to the low standardized test scores associated with poverty-stricken areas. For the better part of the last half century this pertained largely to densely populated urban areas with little to no political influence. Perceptions have changed, demographics have changed, the investors are back and the population is as diverse as the sneakers they wear. They need food but not just any food. They demand fresh, safe, organic, self-sustaining, gluten-free, kid-friendly, preservative-free, authentic, and local agricultural products. Restaurants struggling to compete within this growing market are attempting to maintain a $10-15 dollar plate with a few dishes around $20 bucks. This optimal price range keeps the jetsetters out throughout the week buying coffee and possibly catching dinner with Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

People are trying new types of foods and recipes that require access to fresh food at an affordable price. The days of frozen meat and vegetables thawing on the kitchen counter are over. People want to cook what they ate last week at the new fusion restaurant, or what they saw on the food network, or a fresh take on a traditional classic. Color, spice, and flavor drives the new urban palette through creative design spaces and open office layouts. Although quality food is readily available in most big cities in America, the price point exceeds the limitations of a middle class budget. Poverty projections start by analyzing a demographic's access to a quality diet throughout the year. Critical nutrition markers Page 127 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

are used to track child development and those results are directly related to academic success. People in demographics classically affected by this circumstance are often attached to a negative stigma. A stigma which raises the value of any foreseen risk, investors and/or government agencies must bet against to provide adequate funding. The question is funding for what? Social reform, commercial reform, or government backed projects. A revolution must take place in the hands of people affected by the current situation. Lowering the critical cost of a living expense, such as fresh food, will help repair the tarnished relationship between the average citizen and investors. Increasing the availability of basic opportunities across the board, especially the middle Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

class, raises the standard of living for everyone in the country. Improving the efficiency of middle class economics makes the wealthy richer. The increase in consumer spending, along with a surge in tax revenue, will push key economically challenged demographics above the poverty line. Sounds like a great solution to some of the biggest issues that plague a “rich” country, in which half of the prepared food is discarded, while people nearby struggle with the effects of hunger. These facts highlight the logistical failures of our agricultural supply and demand system. In sports, for example, if an athlete’s success rate per minute is high he is a greater asset to the team. If the same athlete gets the same result but uses twice as many chances he is a greater risk to the team's success. Agriculture overproduces most products brought to market, while the demand for fresh product has exploded over the last decade creating the "foodie" all organic bubble. Demand and production are high but supply has become a complete failure. Mark-ups on every product has tightened the belts of the American family Page 128 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

causing products to sit on shelves longer, requiring the extensive use of harmful preservatives. As the industry changed, farms were subsequently owned by corporations/ banks and became Wall Street investment packages. The American market was flooded with overly processed food to increase profit margins. Researchers have recently connected the use of low fat artificial butter with the rise in heart disease per capita in America. Obesity rates among Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

those who cannot afford high quality food is much higher.

The Answer Imagine, if instead of an army of trucks delivering food to the sprawl of stores throughout a city from every conceivable direction, freight elevators delivered food from a few floors above. If the entire agricultural process was self-contained within the city limits without the need to reclassify or clear the land. This can be done without disturbing the Page 129 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

look and feel of a modern urban landscape by converting preexisting buildings into “hot house” farms. These farms use indoor ecosystems to recreate the effects of a natural system so as to grow a diverse crop of food products. New buildings and conversions can support the method, which uses basic water and electrical systems. The entire building acts as a filter to grow and process food products. Light enters through semi-translucent solar paneling, reaching crops that are arranged in layers depending on the amount of desirable light. These levels will be populated with bees and other supporting insects. Below the grow trays will be a water system populated with fish and other aquatic produce. The layer below the water system will act as a filter releasing the water onto a layer housing small live produce, such as poultry. The “free range” layer will also house bees and systemsupporting agriculture. These basic layers will repeat, one supporting the next. This is a simple example of a possible configuration which can be customized for the consumer base. Imagine this type of self-contained hydroelectric self-filtering Vertical Farm existed in the center of a major city. Developers can choose the type of configuration required to maximize production. The logistics of the supply chain would reduce the price of food Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

dramatically. Smaller trucks could be used to transport goods locally, and shipments would be smaller because of the access to a “local” farm. Similar systems could be put into use in regions where the natural resources are scarce. A successful configuration recycles the water and electricity throughout the farm, reducing the need for outside resources. Additional electricity can be created using a gym floor with workout machines rigged to electric generators. The idea is to configure the farm to fill the local demands. Vertical Farms not only help lower the cost of food but allows for new urban development, which creates jobs. The New Economy will be built on multiple platforms with one thing in common: efficiency. Creating a platform rooted in reliance to provide food would redefine political relationships in impoverished areas. Artificial poverty accounts for most of the world’s poverty. Powerful people corrupting the land, displaced peoples due to war/enterprise, and harsh growing environments. Vertical Farm systems will revolutionize the agricultural industry around the world. Governments would be able to provide for the people using an efficient, eco-friendly farm system that, with the proper configuration, produces a surplus of electricity. Vertical Farms will dominate agriculture in the near future of our all organic world

Demetrius Mitchell II


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Author Page 130 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Magic!- “RUDE” Parody-corporate Version http://youtu.be/j4WvsJQhJxQ

Page 131 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Presented by Katarina Host of Grape Page 132 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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io Vineyards

evine Adventures Page 133 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Montemaggio is a small but very dynamic winery, Montemaggio is a winery in Radda in Chianti in the heart of the Chianti Classico district. It is close to Panzano, Greve, also in Chianti, and Lamole, to just name a few of the well-known places in Tuscany. The winery produces wine within the Chianti Classico denomination and belongs to the Consortium of Chianti Classico. The owners of Montemaggio are Valeria Zavadnikova and her family, while Ilaria Anichini is the manager of the winery. Valeria is originally from Vladivostok, Russia, however she has lived in many different places such as Moscow, London, and Monaco. She has a law degree from the UK, but then decided soon after to dedicate herself to the family winery full-time. Ilaria, on the other hand, was born and bred in Page 134 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Florence where she studied agronomy at the university. Thereafter, she traveled around a bit to Australia and France, in order to get practical experience in winemaking. The winery has a particular logo picturing an Etruscan woman with a basket full of grapes. Russian artist Andrey Remnev created the original painting, and his wife, who is a designer, then created a logo and wine label with the painting as a model. Montemaggio is a small but very dynamic winery, which looks to the future and tries to be innovative. This might also be due to the fact that the owner and manager are young and full of fresh ideas. Therefore, in this article I will also tell you about my personal relationship to the winery, as I have gotten to Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

which looks to the future.

all the Anteprime (sneak peeks) of the new wine vintages, I was with Nadia at the Anteprima del Chianti Classico. We were tasting our way through the different wines being presented by the Chianti Classico producers and also passed by the Montemaggio winery’s booth. Nadia presented me to Ilaria and while tasting their Rosé, Chianti Classico Annata, and Chianti Classico Riserva, I asked her if she would like to participate in my wine blab. So Ilaria was a guest at my #WinesOfItaly blab in mid-March and since then I have visited the winery several times, learning more about them and about winemaking in general.

More about Montemaggio

know them more and more during the last few months.

Meeting Montemaggio Winery The first time I got up close with the Montemaggio winery was when my friend, Nadia Padrin, told me a year or two ago about what a wonderful place it is and how much she had enjoyed getting to know Ilaria, the manager. Nadia informed me that we just had to go there sometime to visit them. Of course, I said yes, but did not think much about it after that. In February, the month of Page 135 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

The estate today is located where there used to be a tower above the old Roman road connecting Florence to Siena back in the 14th century. Montemaggio was also already marked out on the map of Capitani di parte Guelfa as early as in 1560. The name Monte Maggio means ’big mountain’ and has probably to do with the high altitude, 600 m.a.s.l., on which it is situated. The estate comprises 190 acres of vineyards, olive groves, and woods, while the vineyards only extend over 22 acres of the property. The winery is, furthermore, organically certified and it applies the green manure method both in the vineyards and in the olive groves. This year they have planted French honeysuckle in the olive grove while, for example, barley is growing in the vineyards. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

This way you have natural fertilizers easy at hand. The honeysuckle brings nitrogen to the soil at the same time as its flowering period attracts insects, which makes it good for biodiversity. Barley, on the other hand, does not provide as much nitrogen as rather the bulk of the organic matter to the soil. It can have a lot of beneficial functions for the soil, such as increasing important micro-organisms, giving a habitat for insects, stabilizing the soil against erosion, and much more. Apart from Sangiovese, grape varieties such as Merlot, Pugnitello, and Chardonnay are also cultivated at the estate, even though in much smaller quantities. As you can notice, we are here in the center of the Sangiovese territory. When it comes to winemaking in Radda, Roberto Bianchi, the owner of Val delle Corti winery, told me that up until the 1980s it was not an easy task to bottle a quality wine in Radda due to the rough and hard soil and long periods of maturation. This was especially true for mostly the northern parts of the vineyards facing east. As a result of the Page 136 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

climate change, this eastern exposure has turned out to be a positive factor for winemaking during recent years.

The Wines Being summer, let’s start with the RosÊ di Montemaggio, which is a 100% Sangiovese wine. The grapes are harvested prematurely in order to get a fresh wine with higher acidity. The grape juice then remains in contact with the skins for about 12 hours, after which the juice is separated from the skins and fermented in steel vats. It is a fresh, mineral, sapid, and fruity wine, perfect for a barbecue in the summer or cheese and cold cuts, for example. The Chardonnay di Montemaggio IGT Toscana is a 100% Chardonnay wine, which is fermented and aged in tonneaux. It is a fresh wine with notes of tropical fruits Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

and flowers, and has a smooth and buttery taste.

The Chianti Classico Annata is a wine made with mostly Sangiovese grapes and a small percentage of Merlot. However, you do not really perceive much of the Merlot because it has amalgamated with and adopted the typical traits of the terroir in Radda. Still, it helps to make this Sangiovese wine a bit smoother. The Chianti Classico Riserva is a wine made with Sangiovese grapes selected from the oldest vineyards on the estate. It is a full-bodied and structured wine with both floral and fruity aromas, and elegant tannins. Torre di Montemaggio IGT Toscana is a 100% Merlot. The fermentation takes place in steel or cement vats and thereafter it is aged 15-18 months in barrels of French oak. It is a very interesting Merlot wine with clear notes of berries where, just as in the Chianti Classico Annata, the Tuscan soil has had a strong influence. Just as in the case of the Tempranillo discovered and cultivated by Pietro Beconcini winery in San Miniato, where it is now a Tempranillo with clear Tuscan connotations, the Merlot of Montemaggio winery also has clear Tuscan undertones. Page 137 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Quinta Essentia di Montemaggio IGT Toscana is a wine that was originally developed as a gift to the husband of Valeria for their wedding. Now it is part of the selection of wines offered by Montemaggio winery. It is a blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Sangiovese where the Merlot is aged in oak barrels and the Sangiovese is aged Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

in tonneaux. Thereafter, they are mixed together and aged further in bottle for one year. It is a wine with notes of red fruit, mineral, and earthy influences. It has a smooth and persistent taste as well as refined tannins. Another wine that they recently have launched is the Ilaia IGT Toscana, which is a 100% Pugnitello. The pugnitello grape is an indigenous grape variety in Tuscany, which is a sort of mix between Pinot Noir and Sangiovese. The grape bunch is quite small and the yield is fairly low, while the grape itself has a very thick skin and produces a wine with an intense violet color. The name Pugnitello probably derives from the fact that the grape bunch looks like a fist (pugno Page 138 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

in Italian means fist). This wine from Montemaggio is a very fruity wine with a buttery and smooth taste. Visit the Winery The winery is situated close to both Radda in Chianti and Panzano; so if you are passing through Tuscany and would like to visit a winery you can write or call them. On a sunny day, you will have a stunning view of the hills around Radda from the main building of the winery, while you sip on a glass of Chianti Classico red. They organize visits of their winery as well as wine tastings and lunches upon request. Even if you are not able to visit, you can find their wines on the website and order them directly. Language revision by Susie Holman. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

changing my career path by using my second degree in languages and becoming a freelance translator. My interest in wine has been running as a connective thought all through these years, leading me to become a sommelier.

My Wine Story

told me that he, apart from Europe, now exports to New York, Oregon and Los Angeles in the US, as well as to Japan. Language revision by Susie Holman.

From Sweden to Chianti From a small town in southern Sweden to the heart of Chianti and Florence in Italy, my journey started in Ystad, which used to be known as a smugglers nest during the Hanseatic Era, while today it is the place where the police inspector Wallander solves crimes. It is an idyllic small town by the seaside. My journey thus started in Sweden, bringing me to Florence a bit more than 15 years ago to do a Ph.D in history at the research institute of the European Union. After receiving my Ph.D. and teaching Modern History at the university for a couple of years, I decided to stay in Florence, Page 139 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

My interest in wine has always been there throughout my years in Italy, however it was only roughly 5 years ago that I decided to try out a sommelier course. I had seen an advertisement on Facebook about the local Fisar course in the center of Florence, and I thought it sounded very exciting. (Fisar is one of the Italian sommelier associations and they organize courses where you get accredited as a sommelier.) Therefore, I convinced a friend to come with me, even though she actually didn’t drink much and still does not. This turned out to be one of the best ideas I have had in recent years, as it brought us to discover a new and fascinating world of oenology, wine history, wine tastings, and much more. It all lead us to continue the course, attending all three levels in one sweep. For about three years now, I have been a sommelier and it is a genuinely fulfilling passion where you learn something new and meet interesting people in the Italian wine world almost every day.Fresh as a sommelier, I started elaborating my idea about combining wine and translation. Together with some fellow sommeliers from Fisar and a British translator colleague, we developed the concept Words & Wine. This one-day seminar on wine terminology in Italian and English was held in Florence nearly 3 years ago. I continued to develop this wine and terminology concept to better fit a translator-

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dominated audience together with a couple of translator colleagues, changing the course name to Words at the Winery. The first of these seminars was held at the wine estate Il Borro (near Arezzo) in June 2014. In the autumn of 2014, we organized another Words at the Winery seminar at the winery Feudi di San Gregorio, near Avellino. During last year, I held smaller informal minicourses about wine in Tuscany and a wine tasting every now and then together with my fellow sommelier, Nadia Padrin, and for Fisar Firenze. At the moment, I am working on putting together a new seminar on wine terminology in English for translators and people in the wine and tourism sector. Page 140 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Connect with Katarina Blog: Grapevine Adventures http://www.grapevineadventures.com/ Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/ricasoli99 Handle: ricasoli99 Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/ thekatarinaandersson/ Name handle: thekatarinaandersson Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ KatarinaAnderssonTranslations/ LinkedIn https://it.linkedin.com/in/katarinaandersson-54345233 Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/ +KatarinaAndersson Pinterest https://it.pinterest.com/andersson1377/ Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

10 Best Homemade Ice Creams

And, for you glutton free fans

a Watermelon Cake! Watermelon Cake Recipe on Page 148 Page 141 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Once you have tempered the egg yolks, add the egg mixture back to the saucepan with the milk. Turn to medium-low and stir continuously until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon (about 8 to 10 minutes).

Stir in the vanilla extract and strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Discard anything left in the sieve.

Pour the ice cream base into a bowl and refrigerate until cool, preferably overnight.

Set up the ice cream maker according to its instructions and begin churning the ice cream.

Once the ice cream base starts to resemble soft-serve, add the peach pieces or puree and allow to mix for another 2-3 minutes.

Place the mixture into an airtight container and place in the freezer until it hardens.

Peach Ice Cream Ingredients 2⅓ cups heavy cream 1¼ cups whole milk 5 egg yolks ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar 1½ teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup chopped or pureed fresh peaches

Instructions  Pour the cream and the milk into a saucepan over medium heat.

 Add the sugar and stir until the sugar has melted.

 In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks until they begin to turn a pale yellow.

 Slowly pour in a ladle or two of the milk mixture into the egg yolks while continuously whisking (this prevents the eggs from scrambling). Page 142 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Coldstone-Cake Batter Ice Cream

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Coldstone Cake Batter Recipe Cont’’’ Author: CopyKat Recipes CopyKat Reicpes, Dessert Recipes Prep time: 15 minutes, Cook time: 45 minutes, Serves: 8 You can make your own cake batter ice cream in your own kitchen. This is so good.

Ingredients Yield: 1 quart 3 cups heavy cream, 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup sugar , 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup dry Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Cake Mix


 In a heavy stockpot mix together 1 cup of heavy cream, salt, and 3/4 cup of sugar.

 Heat over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. When the sugar is dissolved

turn off burner, add 1/2 cup Duncan Hines Butter Recipe cake mix, and whisk in well.

 Add 2 cups of heavy cream and 1 cup of milk into the pot and mix well. Refrigerate

 mixture for at least 4 hours or overnight. Before freezing ice cream according to your

ice cream freezer whisk together well, the mixture will be a little lumpy.

 I like to freeze the ice cream for a few hours before serving the ice cream.

Fresh Mango Ice Cream

Ingredients Alphonso mangoes: 2, about 1 kg.(around 2 lb) Every Day Milk powder: 200 gm. (7 0z) Low fat cream: 200 ml. (6.8 fl oz) Skimmed milk: 1 cup. Sugar: 1/2 cup.

Instructions  Peel the mangoes and cube it. Put in

a blender and puree it.  Add in the milk powder, skimmed milk, sugar, and low fat cream.  Blend for 2 minutes and ta da your fresh mango ice cream in liquid state is ready. Page 143 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Skinny Fresh Mango Ice Cream  Pour into two, l liter containers.  Put this in the freezer, take out after 1 hour and lightly beat it with a fork and then put back in to set again, repeat for about 3 to 4 times.

 Leave it undisturbed in the freezer, preferably overnight or until set.

 Scoop the mango ice cream and serve.  NOTES  To avoid crystalization, it is best to whisk with a fork or in a blender 3 or 4 times after the ice cream starts to set.

 To make a more rich mango ice cream, you can use whole milk and double cream.

 For

that exotic tropical flavor, use fresh mangoes. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

 Continue adding 5 more cans of Orange Crush.  Crank up the ice cream maker.  Add the mix to ice cream freezer.  Mix until the ice cream is firm.  Cover and freeze for later.

Orange Cruch Ice Cream Ingredients 6 cans of ORANGE Crush Soda {Sunkist, Nehi can also be used} 2 cans Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 heaping cup sugar

Instructions Mix into an icream maker  Begin with a good whisk.

 Add 2 cans of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk to a big bowl. Stir in suger

  Slowly pour in one can of Orange Crush. Combine the first can of soda with condensed milk and sugar.

Page 144 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream Author: Ashlee Marie Recipe type: Dessert Total time 2 hours 40 mins

Ingredients 2 1/4 C Heavy Cream 10 oz Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips 3/4 C Sugar 3 lrg egg yolks Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

1/3 C cocoa 1 1/2 C milk 1 1/2 tsp vanilla


 

        

Bring the cream to a simmer in a small sauce pan. Place the baking chocolate in a metal bowl. Pour the cream over the chocolate and let it sit for 5 mins, then stir it smooth. Set it aside. In another bowl beat the sugar, eggs and cocoa. it will start crumbly and get smoother as you go. Bring the milk to a simmer in a medium saucepan. Slowly pour the milk into the chocolate mixture while beating the mixture. Pour the whole thing back into the saucepan and cook over low heat. It will start out very foamy, but as you stir the foam will go away and it will thicken slightly. Pour through a strainer into the ganache and stir together Cool in the refrigerator overnight Run through your ice cream maker according to the directions (it took min 25 mins). Pour into a container and freeze 2 hours before serving

Sea Salt and Honey Starts here… Ingredients 2 cups (1 pint) heavy whipping cream 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup honey (I like clover honey for this recipe) + 1 tablespoon for topping + a little more for serving if desired 1/2 teaspoon Fleur de sel sea salt + more for serving if desired Page 145 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Sea Salt and Honey No Churn Ice Cream  Pour the whipping cream into the bowl of a stand mixer affixed with the whisk attachment. Start out mixing on low speed, then slowly increase speed to high and mix until the whipping cream forms stiff peaks, about 2 minutes. You can also use a bowl and a hand mixer, or a bowl and a whisk and mix by hand (but it'll probably take awhile unless you have superpowers!)

 Using a spatula, gently fold the sweetened condensed milk, 1/4 cup honey, and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt into the whipped cream. Continue stirring gently until completely Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

 combined. Pour into a freezer-safe container with airtight lid. Drizzle the top with 1 tablespoon honey. Seal.

 Freeze until solid, at least 6 hours.  Scoop into cups, bowls, or onto cones; drizzle individual servings with a little more honey and a bonus pinch of sea salt if desired. Serve.

 Ice cream base recipe from Kevin & Amanda.

Banana Pudding Ice Cream Ingredients 1½ cups half and half ½ cup packed brown sugar ½ cup white sugar Page 146 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

⅛ teaspoon salt 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup heavy whipping cream 1½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 very ripe bananas, mashed 1 cup crushed Nilla wafers

Instructions  In a saucepan over medium-low heat, combine the half and half, brown  sugar, white sugar, and salt. Stir until sugar dissolves, about 5 minutes.  Take saucepan off heat. Place eggs in a medium bowl. While whisking,  gradually (to not curdle the eggs) add about half the sugar mixture to the eggs.  Pour egg mixture into saucepan with the half and half that remained in the saucepan.  Stir in cream.  Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until mixture thickens and coats  the back of a spoon. About 5 to 10 minutes.  Take saucepan off heat and stir in vanilla extract. Pour mixture through a  fine-meshed sieve into a bowl and let cool to room temperature.  Once cooled, stir in mashed banana and pour into an ice cream maker.  Use manufacturer's directions to freeze. Add Nilla wafers about 5 minutes  before end of freezing time.  If ice cream is too soft for your liking at this point, place in freezer for about 1 hour.

Creamy (no churn!) vanilla ice cream stuffed full of 2 different kinds of cookies! A cookie lover's dream come true! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

BlueBerry Ice Cream

Cookie Monster Ice Cream Ingredients


2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream 1 14 oz Can Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract ½-1 Teaspoon Blue Food Coloring 20 Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (like Oreos), Roughly Chopped 15 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Store bought is preferred here because of their harder texture), Roughly Chopped


Instructions Combine 1/4 cup sugar, blueberries and

1. Whip heavy cream, vanilla, and food coloring together until stiff peaks form. If you're like me and don't have a mixer all you need is a VERY cold bowl/whisk and some upper arm strength! 2. Stir in sweetened condensed milk until well blended. Add additional food coloring to reach your desired shade of blue. 3. Fold in chopped cookies sprinkling extra on top if desired. 4. Freeze for ~6 hours. 5. Place in freezer for at least 5 hours. Page 147 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

      

2C blueberries, fresh or frozen 1C granulated sugar, divided 1Tb lemon juice 2C heavy cream 1C whole milk 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 3 egg yolks

lemon juice in a small saucepan  set over medium heat. Bring to a boil and mash berries. Puree blueberry mixture, then strain through a fine mesh strainer. Set aside. Add 1 cup heavy cream and vanilla to a medium bowl with a mesh strainer set on top. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

 Combine milk, remaining heavy cream, sugar and salt to a medium saucepan set over medium heat. Stir to dissolve sugar.

 Whisk egg yolks in a small bowl.  When milk mixture begins to steam, slowly drizzle 1 cup warm liquid into the yolks, while continuously whisking. Pour egg mixture into sacuepan, followed by blueberry puree. Stir to combine. Continue cooking until mixture coats the back of a wooden spoon or rubber spatula.

 Pour through mesh strainer into reserved heavy cream. Stir and cool over an ice bath to room temperature. Cover and chill thoroughly, 4-6 hours or overnight.

 Churn according to manufacturer's directions.

 Transfer churned ice cream to a freezer safe container. Cover and freeze until solid. BAKED BY RACHEL ORIGINAL

Watermelon Cake Ingredients 1 small sized seedless watermelon chilled 1 bunch of mint 1 basket blueberries 1 basket of strawberries 1jar honey & 1 lime 1 can of coconut cream


For Summer and Gina Torres

Instructions 1) cut the watermelon rhine off in the shape of a cylinder. 2) Whip the coconut cream, lime juice and sweeten with Honey until thickened. 3) Drip Icing over top of watermelon 4) Place strawberries and blueberries decoratively on top of cake with mint. Page 148 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Coming This August

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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 149 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Part of series Life-Work Balance by Coach Allison, author of Coach Alliso Life-Work Balance and Burnout Prevention www.HealthCoachAllison.com Our words and the tone of our voices have a profound effect on our health and relationships. It projects our energy positively or negatively, and this vibe easily determines the outcome of the communication. It is a portrayal of our state of mind. It also instructs others how to treat us. Page 150 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

In a team that must work together, language that encourages productivity is paramount. Positive words empower and lift. Even if it is about something that you already know, it is always great to hear compliments or cheering words. Positive language can only bring out positive behavior in people. So what distracts us from the positivity that we Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

What Does Your Tone and Language Say About You?

on’s Guide to m all know and love?

 “He’s been under a lot of pressure lately,” one may defend a manager who has been yelling at his team members.

 “I’m taking care of my aging parents and I’m totally stressed out,” you may explain the reason for your short fuse.

 “The server crashed again and she hasn’t …. Page 151 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

saved her work all afternoon.” Oh, boy… Stuff happens. As human emotions boil over, the expression surfaces one way or another. It must come out. But an explosion of negative language does not heal or resolve. Cutting remarks are not conducive to harmony. Say kind and encouraging words to yourself Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

first. Set your intentions for understanding and growth through the experience in progress. I personally do not tolerate profanity or obscenity in my environment. Why would I? It is offensive. It does not do anything positive. All my relationships are made and sustained in respectful language. Anyone who knows me knows that I only use clean language, so that is what they use when they communicate with me. Positive and uplifting language is a big part of my wellbeing. The things I say to myself, even in the most destitute moments, are respectful and kind. Yes, I’m respectful and kind to myself! This is how I maintain my positive mentality at all times. You should try the same! Page 152 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Use the language that reflects the person you want to become. A competent professional? Check. A loving and wise parent? Yes, absolutely. A fun and caring friend? Of course. You want to be all those things. What is the language that these people would speak to communicate with their circle of influence? When you speak as they do, your language presents you as the person you want to become. If someone in your project team is late in delivery, rather than cornering him/her with “why are you late?” simply ask, “What happened?” With these two words, you become a composed professional who can get others to tell you the truth respectfully. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Recommendation for Empowering Language Positive language empowers you and improves your wellbeing. Eliminate the language/tone that does not lift you. This is easier said than done. Transforming your language in the midst of your demanding moments can be a challenge. My health and lifestyle coaching can help. Join my Life-Work Balance M6 program and start taking action for your health and wellbeing. Life-Work Balance M6 is an online program to help you take better care of yourself even in the demanding schedule that you juggle each day. Manage stress. Prevent burnouts. Get more done in less time. Take care of yourself so you can be in your best self in all you do! Page 153 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Learn to:  Practice self-care and truly give yourself the best  Heal your whole person, not just symptoms  Endure (without suppression!) so you can continue your efforts to live your life to the fullest  Restore your body’s self-regulatory functions  Manage expectations and boundaries  Understand and reduce food cravings  Connect the dots between all aspects of your life (because they ALL affect your health!)  Discover how good it really feels to be well – with healthy weight, restorative sleep, gratitude, and so much more! Join today! Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Meet Coach Allison, CHC Coach Allison is a health and lifestyle

coach certified in integrative nutrition and corporate wellness. She’s also a T.V. host, bestselling author, public speaker, and cancer survivor. www.HealthCoachAllison.com What are those healthy habits? I will show you! Join my Life-Work Balance M6 program and start taking action for your health and wellbeing. Always doing the right things for your complete healthcare is the hardest thing you will ever do… on your own. This is why you need a coach. I will help you claim your powerful ownership of complete healthcare. Life-Work Balance M6 is an online program to help you take better care of yourself even in the demanding schedule that you juggle each day. Manage stress. Prevent burnouts. Get more done in less time. Take care of yourself so you can be your best self in all you do! Page 154 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Learn to:   

  

Practice self-care and truly give yourself the best Heal your whole person, not just symptoms Endure (without suppression!) so you can continue your efforts to live your life to the fullest Restore your body’s self-regulatory functions Manage expectations and boundaries Understand and reduce food cravings

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html


Connect the dots between all aspects of your life (because they ALL affect your health!) Discover how good it really feels to be well – with healthy weight, restorative sleep, gratitude, and so much more!

A Health/lifestyle Coach is a mentor and guide who has been trained in holistic health to help attain sustainable lifestyle changes. Coach Allison is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional, and that any advice given in this article is not meant to take the place of advice by these professionals. Coach Allison accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the information and recommendation she shares. Each reader of this article understands that the information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice. Implementation must be personalized as the reader sees fit.

Page 155 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Available Now on

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Briya inspires compassion through fashion by making fun, fashionable purses and bags that allow adventurous spirits, concerned global citizens and dedicated change-makers to travel in style while also helping women and children reach their full potential in underprivileged regions around the world.

Page 156 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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With the purchase of each Briya bag, you will be providing school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, vocational training, employment and other essential resources needed to empower women or children living in poverty-stricken communities across the

Page 157 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The first in a new series “Top Secrets Tips for Sing The Dating Muse for Smart, Serious Men Page 158 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

And Now sharing

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Seduce Her with Your Cooking Skills

gle Men” By Esmée St James , Owner of

g those secrets with Smart Women! Page 159 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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To A Woman, There is nothing Sexie having a man seduce her by cookin

TO A WOMAN, THERE’S NOTHING SEXIER THAN having a man seduce her by cooking her a romantic meal at his home. of course dressing in clothes that both fit and flatter you and are right for the occasion is of the utmost importance when you invite that special lady over to dinner. But there’s much, more to making a favorable first impression on the object of your desire than just looking hot.

between the ages of 25 and 65 about turn-ons and turn-offs when invited to a man’s home for a dinner date. I’m going to share with you, in a series of articles what, from a woman’s perspective will stir romantic feelings in her upon entering your home. Overlooking certain key details could make the evening a bust. First and foremost, remember that 93% of all communication is nonverbal.

Recently I surveyed a number of single women Page 160 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

er than ng

It’s not what you say but what you do that will help make a good impression on her and hence potentially seduce her. Being prepared when your date arrives plays a huge part in helping her relax and feel welcome. That relaxed ‘I’m in good hands’ feeling will set the stage for the evening. What do I mean by being prepared? Forget last minute invites… invite her about a week in advance and confirm the day Page 161 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

before. A woman will love both the anticipation and the thought that she is on your mind all week. It may not actually be the case, you could be away at a five day ice fishing conference in Tuktoyaktuk for all she knows, but… You want to convey that you are busy planning and thinking about her all week because it shows that she is important to you. So heed your scout’s honor vow, do not be hastily stuffing a chicken in the oven when she arrives for your date. Coq au Vin, anyone? Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

AND NOW….Sharing

with Smart Women

Her Secrets

thedatingmuse.com t 866.546.9955 Website - thedatingmuse.com FB https://www.facebook.com/ esmeestjames Twitter handle @EsmeeStJames https://twitter.com/ EsmeeStJames Periscope handle @EsmeeStJames https:// www.periscope.tv/esmeestjames

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Blab https://blab.im/EsmeeStJames Page 162 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Preorder now: Amazon pre-order link |B&N pre-order link |Powell’s pre-order link Page 163 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 164 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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She’s A Vet A New Series Featuring Female Vets, Opportunities and Resources. Hosted By Marylyn Harris. Page 165 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Featuring Female Vets, Opportunities and Resources.

Business Resources for Women Veterans The Women Veterans Business Center www.WomenVeteransBusinessCenter.org Twitter - @WomenVetsBiz Facebook and Linkedin Groups – Women Veterans Business Center https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3262839 https://www.facebook.com/WVBC.org/? fref=ts The Women Veterans Business Center was created in 2010 to meet the unmet needs of Women Veterans Business Owners. The Center hosts outreach events (online and at locations throughout the US) to educate and empower Women Veterans and Military Families to start and grow Veteran-Owned Businesses.

TUCK School of Business Minority Business Programs at DARTMOUTH COLLEGE http://exec.tuck.dartmouth.edu/programs/ minority-programs The TUCK School of Business is the oldest US Business School, driving minority business education for over 35 years. Tuck’s minority business education programs are committed to help you adjust your business strategy and refine your operations if you are to survive, prosper, and grow to scale.

National Veteran Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) Woman VETREPRENEUR of the Year Program http://www.navoba.com/ NaVOBA unites the nation’s 3 million businesses owned by military veterans by providing a single voice to advocate for important issues. Buy Veteran is a national campaign Page 166 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

spearheaded by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) to bring the success and momentum of the National Veteran Business Movement to all of America’s 3 million veteran-owned businesses. In 1999, the federal government passed Public Law 106-50 that set a mandate to award 3 percent of all federal contract and subcontract dollars to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

U.S. Small Business Administration - Office of Veterans Business Development https://www.sba.gov/offices/headquarters/ovbd The Office of Veterans Business Development's mission is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for Veterans, Service -Disabled Veterans, Reserve Component Members, and their Dependents or Survivors.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University: Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) Program Entreprenurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities Program Boots to Business (with U.S. Small Business Administration) http://vets.syr.edu/ The IVMF is the first interdisciplinary national institute in higher education focused on the social, economic, education and policy issues impacting veterans and their families post-service. Through our focus on veteran-facing programming, research and policy, employment and employer support, and community engagement, the institute provides in-depth analysis of the challenges facing the veteran community, captures best practices and serves as a forum to facilitate new Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

She’s A Vet partnerships and strong relationships between the individuals and organizations committed to making a difference for veterans and military families. Read more at http://vets.syr.edu/ #dPbg47Ih1h10B6Uc.99

INC Military Entrepreneurs Program

Patriot Bootcamps

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce National Center for Veterans Institute for Procurement

www.patriotbootcamp.org Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to equip active duty military members, Veterans, and their spouses with the education, resources, and community needed to be successful technology entrepreneurs. The objective of PBC is to provide military members, Veterans, and spouses with access to mentors and training to help them innovate and build the next generation of high-growth, scaleable and impactful companies. Patriot Boot Camp leverages a nationwide network of business and startup community thought leaders to more effectively guide entrepreneurs in bridging the gap between military service and entrepreneurial life.

American Corporate Partners (ACP) Mentorship Program for Veterans http://www.acp-usa.org/mission-history American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in their transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce. With the help of business professionals nationwide, ACP offers veterans tools for long-term career development through mentoring, career counseling, and networking opportunities.

Page 167 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.inc.com/military-entreprenuers A resource for veterans, service members, and military spouses to start, run, and grow their own businesses.

http://www.montgomerycountychamber.com/ foundation/veteran-institute-procurement VIP is a 3-day, 27-hour comprehensive certification program for veteran businesses to increase their ability to win government contracts by establishing best business practices. An initiative of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation (MCCCF), VIP is designed by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Oklahoma State University Veterans Entrepreneurship Program http://riata.okstate.edu/veterans The VEP is designed around two central elements: a) focused, practical training in the tools and skills of new venture creation and growth, reflecting issues unique to disability and public benefits programs; and b) the establishment of a support structure for graduates of the program.

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Turning Passion into Power Part 3

The Impact of Character and Transformation

Page 168 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 169 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

columnist & Author T.V. V. Host, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I have a great idea!!! I have the answer!!!! I see the way to go!!! But…how do I get people to do what I say? To buy-in to my idea or to take up the cause with as much passion as I do? Many leaders or aspiring leaders that I see, coach, and talk to have had moments of intense frustration with their “reach.” What we have been talking about across my articles is the ability to share passion and turn that into power. To use power to shift not just what is happening for us but for those we work for and with. It would seem that for some who make this happen- it just appears to come and for others- it’s a huge struggle to gain favor or even an audience. In my previous article, I referred to Dr. Page 170 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Martin Luther King. From my perspective as a student of leadership, he was one of the most influential leaders in recent history. Dr. King and others like him have the ability to influence people in not just their actionsbut their hearts. Leaders who can see the far reaching goals they aspire to unfold in their minds-eye and work diligently toward that goal understand that their success is built on their ability to influence and impact the lives of the people they lead- and the lives of the people they oppose. In our discussion about Passion and Power, we’ve seen how our personal stories have value for our growth and change. I’ve shared some of those stories myself… but the skill Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

to pass it on is an area that requires deliberate growth. Do the people around you do what they are told? Or do they believe what you believe?

Passion and Persuasion Persuasion often has many negative meanings. It’s manipulative, it’s self-serving, it’s dishonest. But the ability to persuade is the capacity to pass on passion. It is the act of giving power- and sharing vision. In his address to his nation and the world, Dr. King shared his vision in such a way that united different experiences across the continent. His speech was not about saying what people “should” do about the Page 171 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

problems of violence, inequality, and disenfranchisement. What he did do was far more powerful and ultimately far more efficient. People often think of those who serve as weak or less “task oriented.” It’s simply not the case. By imparting to the nation his vision of what was possible, Dr. King was able to persuade an entire country to see the same thing, to shift their thinking, and even after his death- to mobilize large-scale change. Persuasion- that ability to influence was far more useful than a list of demands or reprimands. Had he done that it would have shifted everything to be less about working together and more about doSubscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

I had a frustrating experience recently where I was working with the CEO of a large international organization. He had asked me to rewrite the values statement for the entire team. I couldn’t help but feel like what he wanted was a grocery list of excepted terms that, quite frankly, I could have found on Google. The conversation over the next several weeks were no help at all. He continued to wonder why I wasn’t producing the expected outcomes, and I continued to try and articulate that I felt we were short of the mark in how we defined the desired results. No apparentlyI was given a task and should complete the job as instructed. My frustration evolved into me asking myself questions like “Why am I stalling on this project?”, “What is it that bothers me here?”, and “Am I I the right organization because this isn’t fulfilling at ALL!”. I decided that rather than argue (the opposite of persuasion… don’t worry I will explain…) this was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my Page 172 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

leadership within my role through persuasion.I put together a proposal outlining why I felt the current parameters were inadequate- not just from my perspective, but their impact on those within our organization and ultimately those we intended to work with across the globe. I was hoping to persuade him to see things a little differently and to evaluate my task perhaps with the information I provided in mind. This is still a work in progress… Persuasion is not a fast or guaranteed process. It takes patience, diligence and often unlimited reserves of creativity to make a Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

position or point stand out for others. Persuasion is not argumentative because it is not seeking to dominate…or win. It is at its center an act of giving or revealing values that are core to how we engage our work and our lives. When Dr. King shared his dream with the world, he was persuading us to consider a different reality and realize an outcome that could only be built together.

Passion and Conceptualization The difference here is if people are simply doing what is expect or what is instructed rather than what drives them, makes them passionate and creates a multitude of power. Had Dr. King simply listed what was Page 173 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

wrong and his list of “fixes” it would have shut down any further conversation about what is possible. Instead, he linked his desire to create a unified and equal America with those who were oppressed AND those who were oppressing. There were no spectators to that address because that concept of unity and mutual acceptance of the “other” reached every person who heard him that day and every day since. Dr. King took the day to day realities of American in the 1960’s and asked them to see beyond, to think BIG and to think like one. The ability to see the big picture is required of us if we are to give power to others. WE must be able to have a purpose that extends ourselves and our actions to meaning more than just what we see today or in front of us. Decades have passed since Dr. King stood on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial. Today his words are just as relevant and resonant as they were then. They still call for vision and self-adherence to the greater good- to a bigger outcome. It still asks us to reflect on what is possible and to use that to propel us to bigger and more significant results. Leaders who understand conceptualization can build belief in change and others. They see further than policy or bureaucracy. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

To be quite honest conceptualization is the delineating factor in high-powered leadership. Those who can hone their skills at executing the vision they have for their organizations end up being the decisionmakers in the room. This is because having an idea and sharing an opinion are two different things. Leaders who can make their ideas, dreams and thoughts “come alive” are those who understand and use their skill of conceptualization to further the growth of others and the organizations they work in. They are the great inventors, Page 174 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

the creative geniuses, and strategic problem solvers of our time. Power Is... The Ability To See It Coming (Foresight) As small children, we all had lessons in foresight. As toddlers, we would learn from our behaviors “If I do A then B happens.” Over time we could hypothesize about what might happen even before we took an action. Learning the effect of our behaviors was a significant developmental milestone. The same goes for business and organizations. It isn’t enough to have a great idea and convince others to take up the cause- we must also be able to see clearly what will unfold as we move forward. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Having foresight requires leaders to ask “Should I?” as well as “Can I?”. In some cases these questions lead to the answerno. Even if you CAN doesn’t mean it’s a right course of action. It also can lead to strategically planning for inevitable obstacles, potential breakdowns and even better- unprecedented successes. Foresight means you “see it coming” before you ever step out the door. One of my favorite examples of foresight comes from the movies. In Sherlock Holmes, the actor, Robert Downey Jr. has flashes of what moves and counter-moves his opponents Page 175 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

will take in an altercation. He can “see” what to do in what order and how it will be received and responded to. Given that these are fight scenes- this analogy is a bit limited I will admit. It does, however, demonstrate the skill of foresight quite well. Planning for impending scenarios allows leaders to examine the efficacy of their choices and consult with others, gather resources or change their plan entirely. The intuitive ability to use foresight requires not just calm, forward-focused head knowledge. It also means that the leader has resilience, a healthy sense of failure and no shortage of optimistic courage. To value and use consequences Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

appropriately, a leader must have experience on their side. Which means they frequently went in directions that failed or needed adjusting. Without that- foresight is nothing than arrogant predictions about one person’s limited understanding of their decisions. No one likes a not-it-all and for that reason, if you happen to be gifted with a naturally intuitive business mind- wield your foresight with confidence and kindness. This is why persuasion and conceptualization are so powerful for building out strategies that make significant impacts- leaders who combine these three can move people, organizations and in fact- an entire nation divided toward profound change. I take you back to Dr. King as an example of intuitive Page 176 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

leadership. He could see very clearly how to manage his foresight and see clearly the risks of taking or not taking very decisive actions with very implicit outcomes.In my lifetime I have been fortunate to sit with leaders who have the uncanny ability to “see it coming” and I have always sought them out to ask them for input about bit decisions that I have faced. In business, I learned that making mistakes is as valuable as avoiding them because without that in my life I would not have the foresight required of me when others have called upon me to fulfill this role in their decision-making process. The truth isnothing is actually predictable; only likely or less likely. The eventualities that we plan for and build around create our Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

realities and are reflections of who we are and what we value. Foresight, like its partners conceptualization and persuasion, allows leaders to demonstrate authenticity and truly transform the lives of those around them.

Reflection Questions: 1. What are your pre-conceived notions of persuasion? Do you have any negative connotations that you need to address? How do you see persuasion as a tool that will allow you to better people’s lives? 2. When is the last time your dreams played into what you do every day? Do you get to engage your core values in you work? If yes- what does that look like? If no- why not? 3. How do you define failure? Do you avoid it because it’s the opposite of success? Who do you call on to ask about the direction you are heading?

Start your journey and put your best self into your work and life. Contact me to begin your customized program of one on one coaching. Whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur I can support your growth. Having excellent personal and organizational strategies around leadership, transformation and power will take you and your career BEYOND your dreams. Let’s create your customized packages together. It’s all about you! Visit my website to receive your FREE copy of my Authenticity Workbook and sign up to receive weekly information that will turn your Passion into Power and Careers into Callings. Let’s keep talking. You can find me here: Web: www.joditucker.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/TuckerTalks Twitter: @TheJodiTucker LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/ thejoditucker

T.V. Host, columnist & Author Let’s keep talking. You can find me here: Web: www.joditucker.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/TuckerTalks Twitter: @TheJodiTucker LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/ thejoditucker Page 177 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Are Keywords Stopping You From Being Found Online? Is your biggest desire is to increase your online presence and have your website and social media increase your brand awareness? Maybe it's your keywords, or lack of them, that is holding you back. Check out my FREE Report sharing Keyword Marketing Secrets that can help you be found online.

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#twubchat: Ask Us Anything about Hashtags, Twitter Chats, Amplifying Events Page 179 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

PEAK PREVIEW on BLAB Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

The Value of Education The First in a new series called The MARA Advocacy Corner By Shamara Mc Farland, Founder and CEO of Mara Enterprise Page 180 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Page 181 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

This is my introductory article for FemaleExecutiveMagazine.com. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my heart and passion for many things that are of great concern or should be of a great concern to us in our local, national, and international communities. What I know is that we as women have a great mantle, a privilege, and honor as women who are managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. What is most important, we have great influence as decision-makers, problem-solvers, change agents, policy makers, and transformational leaders. This is why, in light of the great concerns Page 182 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

we face each day, I am extremely optimistic about the future in many aspects. I sense a great awakening in spite of the prevalence and promotion of ignorance, stereotypes, hate, and violence perpetuated today domestically and globally. All of which has erupted in the current diabolical climate of racisms, classism, sexism, and religious prosecution. On the other hand, our access through the media is a blessing because we can see into the lives of the common woman and man. With this access, we can affect and effect greater change in a more expedient and massive scale. We should be a dominating force in every area of our influence. So, I seek to add my light to the hill that Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

cannot be hidden. Hence, my purpose to highlight topics to ignite and stir-up a greater awareness for us all to take action. To take action and be effective, I found that there is no substitute for knowledge and skills. This is why I seek to lend my voice on a discussion about education. We all know that a quality education is so vital. However, education, in and of itself, is not a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. Yes, education is not a fundamental right, in spite of the landmark case of Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 1 which overturned Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 2 in that the United States Supreme Court held that legal Page 183 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

segregation in schools or legal segregation in general was a violation of the Fourteen Amendment under the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. However, this landmark ruling failed to make receiving an education a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. On the contrary, we continue to vehemently fight to keep some of the fundamental rights such as the right to bear arms (under the rights to individuals to bear arms), right to marry (most recently including gay marriage), right to procreate, right to an abortion, right to travel, and right to vote (which is being chipped Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

away); just to name some of the rights. Conversely, as an answer to the issue of education not being a fundamental right. We look to our states. Some states may have constitutional educational provisions and requirements in their state constitutions. Even so, it may be subject the whether the administration either Republican or Democratic lead determines if they want to spend money on public education for the betterment of all the individuals living in their state or divert those funds elsewhere. In particular, whether the "needs" of a state are said to dictate the budgeting of funds away from education. Most recently, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are potentially facing a 15 to 20 percent budget cut in the District's 2016-2017 budget (Cynic, 2016) . This translates to layoffs, increased class sizes, and further decrease in resources (Cynic, 2016) . Here, we Page 184 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

see the rights of American people being subject to the whims of indecisive, divisive, and disorganized elected officials and administrators that run our state and local governments with limited police power by the Federal government to regulate the state governments for the betterment of all citizens in any given state. Moreover, this CPS issue is an example of why it is necessary for us to increase our awareness to such matters. In order to change the trajectory of these occurrence and many others in conjunction with this current political climate including the Presidential election in the United States in November 2016. I have become most concerned because we, in America. Are beyond a crisis, but we think other countries are in crisis and we are not. In my analysis, the crises Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

seemingly stems from the divisive tactics used to keep the majority of the American population at odds with each other. The crises lead directly to the increased amount of poverty due to the diminishing educational systems for many in the United States. Education is the antidote to poverty. Education is historically said to be the great equalizer. As quoted by Horace Mann (considered the father of "common school" or public education): "Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery." Page 185 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Consistent with Mann's assessment of the value of an education. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) by the US Census, reports that African-American women are the most educated group of people in the United States surpassing White males. The NCES reported that: “From 1999 to 2009-10, the percentage of degrees earned by females remained between approximately 60 and 62 percent from associate’s degrees Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

b d b e 2 g g p e 6 c o s s b n a p e o b in th 1 p c o A In p tw P In ra p w w o c w Page 186 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

between 57 and 58 percent for bachelor’s degrees. In contrast, the percentage of both master’s and doctor’s degrees earned by females increased from 19992000 to 2009-10. With each racial/ethnic group, women earned the majority of degrees at all levels in 2009-10. For example, among U.S. residents, Black females earned 68 percent of associate’s degrees, 66 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 71 percent of master’s degrees, and 65 percent of all doctor’s degrees awarded to Black students.” 6 The NCES findings on its face seem to prove that there is a correlation between education and the decreasing numbers for African-American women who are incarcerated in jails or prisons. As supported by the statistical report from Prisoners in 2014 (2015) gathered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). BJS found that between 1980 and 2014, the number of ncarcerated women increased by more han 700%, rising from a total of 26,378 in 1980 to 215,332 in 2014. 7 BJS further reports that the imprisonment rate for African American women was twice the rate of white women (109 per 100,000 African American women versus 53 per 100,000). n spite of this overall increased rate of imprisonment for women in general, beween 2000 and 2014, The Sentencing Project (2015) reported in the Fact Sheet: ncarcerated Women and Girls that the ate of imprisonment in state and federal prisons declined by 47% for black women, while the rate of imprisonment for white women rose by 56% 8 . The rate of imprisonment also decreased for African American men by 21% and increased by 4% for white men 9 . These factors draw a

conclusion that there is a correlation between the increased number of African American women earning degrees and the decrease in the rate of imprisonment among African-American women. Although, it does not put an end to the ongoing issues pertaining to criminal justice system including arrests, charging, sentencing, the juvenile justice system, and the foster care system. These findings are a step in the right direction. Additionally, despite these great strides, evidence of resilience, and courage that it takes everyday for many African American women to overcome obstacles in our pursuit of a higher education. It further conjures up many questions. Including, how does this translate to economic empowerment and the opportunity to fulfill the American Dream as established in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution for all American citizens to have the right of the pursuit of life, liberty, and the right to own property. All the more, do our degrees protect us from police brutality? We know it did not for Sandra Bland. Sandra Bland graduated in 2009 from Prairie View A&M University. She was a Christian and activist against the injustices faced by AfricanAmericans. Her voice was silenced all too soon at the age of 28 years old. Furthermore, how does this change our perception of ourselves in contrast to the images that are depicted of use in mainstream media? Since, the mainstream media continues to ignore these glowing reports and positive statistics about African-Americans women. In relation to even more weighty matters. How does this reduce the rate of abortions

Page 187 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

among AfricanAmerican women? How does tthis impact the trends of criminalization of African-American girls and women even in the most benign behaviors, including the natural texture and styles we choose to wear our hair? Likewise, the increased criminalization of AfricanAmerican girls in their elementary and primary educations seemingly seek to funnel them directly into juvenile halls, camps, and foster homes where they are likely to be victimized, inappropriately medicated with psychotropic drugs, abused, and neglected. These trends have the potential to sabotage or derail the strides that African-American women are making in the United States today. Equally, how does this translate into a global impact we should seek to make in connecting African girls and women on the Continent of African and other minority women worldwide with us here in the United States? In addressing their education, female genital mutilation, child brides, sex trafficking, slavery, religious persecution of Christians in the forms of kidnapping, murder, and terrorism for many girls and Page 188 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

women on the Continent of Africa and other countries. I personally hold two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and currently a candidate seeking a juris doctorate. But, what does it all mean in the grand scheme of how will our educational successes lead to a healthier spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial states for ourselves and the masses both personally and professionally. In my humble opinion, it should make a difference in whether we seek to find our Godgiven mission or we seek to pursue jobs and careers paths for perceived security and material gain, but no passion. With the perceived stability and material successes, but not making real impacts in our domestic and global communities. Or will we have the faith, courage, integrity, resilience, Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

commitment, and convictions to launch out in what we cannot see to serve our local, national, and international communities in ways that not only change the climate of these places, but change the trajectory from "business as usual" to unusual, extraordinary, remarkably, uncommon enterprises. On the other hand, I know there aremany who are doing great things within our communities and organizations, but we can always do better. We can definitely work on building stronger partnerships to strengthen and mobilize our efforts for more efficient and expedite results. All the more, do we have the confidence and self-esteem to help other people, especially other women, to stir up their gifts for action? Not competing Page 189 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

with each other, but collaborating and partnering with each other. Not that I think everyone is destined to be missionaries, form non-profit, or philanthropic organizations. The call to action is that we all seek to positively impact our chosen fields or industries where we live and/ or work. A call to action in some capacity beyond ourselves in charitable giving in the form of a portion of our time, money, and service to others. Since, we now have more external choices. If that is what one needs in part to take action. Whereas, historically servitudewas adversely thrust upon us in the most inhumane ways through slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow. Currently, even in the era of the New Jim Crow, we are still positioned to no longer remain silent, but to make massive strides in our humanity towards one another. To make massive strides, we must know that we are free. This speaks to a quote attributed to Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Winbush Riley in her book, My Soul Looks Back 'Less I Forget’, “I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves" p. 148 (1993) . I challenge us to grasp a hold of our freedom. Freedom is neither relative nor dictated by external factors such as systems of racism, prejudice, and stereotypes. It is an internal awareness, confidence, and drive to be the fittest to thrive and not just survive. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Shamara McFarland

Founder and CEO of Mara Enterprise Shamara McFarland, Founder and CEO of Mara Enterprise and a public servant for the past eighteen years. Her mission is to advocate, educate, and equip people through a twofold effort of stirring and challenging individuals and groups of people to become their best selves: spiritually, mentally/ emotionally, physically, and financially; and seeking justice in the efforts to make institutions, businesses, communities, and society-at- large a better place for all. She holds two Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Black Studies, California State University at Long Beach; a Masters of Art degree in Forensic Psychology, Argosy University; and she is currently a juris doctorate candidate at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law. Shamara is a lifetime member of theNational Council of Negro Women, a member of International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (IACFP), and a member of the Golden Key International Honour’s Society. She resides in Los Angeles, California. www.maraenterprise.net; http:// www.voiceamerica.com/episode/92676/how-i- created-mu-own- success-story; http:// apple.co/1UjW88U; mara.enterprise@gmail.com Page 190 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We’re Hiring Great Interns!  Work

From any place in the world.  Earn Great Experience  Great Opportunities

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The Next United States Supreme C

This Seat Matters Page 192 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Court Justice.

Page 193 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Ex-LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Dors

The Tragedy in Dallas Interviewer Brent Bambury DAY 6 IN CBC RADIO

Click to Listen Page 194 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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sey Discuss

Page 195 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Women Thrive Worldwide advocates for change at the U.S. and global levels so that women and men can share equally in the enjoyment of opportunities, economic prosperity, voice, and freedom from fear and violence.

Page 196 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We ground our work in the realities of women living in poverty, partner with locally based organizations, and create powerful coalitions to advance the interests of the women and girls we serve.


Page 197 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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IN Why would it be important to find out the real condition of the U.S. banking system right now and know what alternatives existed? It costs a mere $3.99 to find out what's coming and how to protect yourself. Not the next "conspiracy theory". Real facts. Check it out.

https:// johntrumanwolfe.com/ product/the-27best-banks-in-america/ Page 198 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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N AMERICA And Why You Should Care Few have heard of the semi-secret bank headquartered in the 16-story glass and steel tower that soars into the ice blue sky above Basel, Switzerland. But the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a former financial facilitator for Hitler’s Third Reich, stands today as the most powerful bank in the world. The bank for International Settlements is the central banker’s central bank and as such sets the agenda and dictates to the 60 major central banks of the world - this includes the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, the People’s Bank of China, the European Central Bank, the National Bank of Russia and the 56 other central banks on the planet. Exposing the BIS and its current “Bail in” agenda, which enables failing banks to confiscate their depositor’s money and convert it to bank stock, has served as the basis for recent books by former banker and Hollywood money manager to the stars, John Truman Wolfe. Page 199 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Documenting the fact that the U.S. banking Goliaths, B of A, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, are contaminated with hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivatives - what Wolfe refers to as “fiscal anthrax” - he felt it important to provide readers with choices and information about alternative banks in which they could place their money – banks that are safer, more secure and better managed. Bail in policy was implemented for all European banks on January 1, 2016. Canadian banks became subject to bail ins on March 22, 2016. In December of 2012, the FDIC and the Bank of England quietly issued a joint memo on how Bail ins would work in their respective countries. Wolfe sees a banking crisis on the horizon, a crisis that will bring Bail ins with it. The material in Wolfe’s new book gives readers ways to protect themselves by placing their funds in one of the 27 Best Banks in America. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

We Hold These Truths Truths... ... Stay Informed, Stay Diligent -Vote. https://www.usa.gov/register https://www.usa.gov/register--to to--vote

Page 200 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization


Nana and Nick Brandt

With 10 years of experience under her belt as top executive of a small but powerful organization, Nana had made more right choices than wrong. And her group had survived because of it. They had bested some of their rivals for resources and survived the elements and even full-on attacks by their natural and unnatural enemies. Nana carved out a place for themselves in an adversarial and competitive environment, one as unforgiving and harsh as an oppressive government regime. While on the surface all looked in harmony, she was fully aware that Frankie, a younger female exec, was next in line to take over and alert to any weakness Page 202 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nana might have. She knew full well if she faltered, Frankie would happily step in to take her place and, in a moment, she would lose all control and command of the team she had worked so hard to build and protect. Her team had come to trust her implicitly. She held full sway over all important decisions made and almost minute to minute kept herself on high alert in order to continuously move her team into the best strategic positions for forward progress. When a windfall opportunity presented itself to consolidate and secure a position for the group in the relative safety of a wildlife preserve run by Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

world-renowned conservationist, Lawrence Anthony, she seized it. Footnote: (The full story can be found in an engaging book entitled: The Elephant Whisper. ) The elephant herd over which Nana was matriarch was finally in relative safety and could thrive Conversely, Qumquat and her family did not fare as well. While internationally renowned fine art photographer Nick Brandt memorialized her in a stunning photographic portrait, this magnificent elephant and two of her children were killed by a fierce enemy -– a poacher. We all need to be competent executives managing our day-to-day lives, whether you are leading a herd of elephants, or running a family, a job, a department or a company. And survival is what it is fundamentally about. Not the crude definition of survival – barely eking out an existence – but rather, how to obtain real survival, which includes thriving with abundance in all areas of your life and for all that are connected with you – from your mate, to your children, your extended family, friends, business associates, other life forms and every aspect of the world around you. This is a Life Assisting Life approach to living – a method for better survival taught by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO). “Whether we are working with industry leaders or children, indigenous tribes or government regulators, LAEO helps people understand that no life survives alone. This better connects everyone with the natural world, resulting in more constructive decision-making and workable solutions. We take an educational approach that brings about life assisting life instead of life clashing with life. Page 203 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

We named this field of environmental science, Cooperative Ecology , and it guides every choice, decision, and strategic plan we make,” said LAEO’s Senior VP & Science and Tech Committee Coordinator Diane Wagenbrenner. Some of LAEO’s “Co Eco” lessons prompt selfexamination: How does each of us survive better? The answer? Start by simply looking! Look around yourself and decide to be more aware of the condition of people and things around you. Then find something you can do to make it a little better; to bring things into a little better harmony with the rest of the world; to help life co-operate a bit better with the rest of life. “Co Ecoing” some area of a person’s existence, whether that part of their life is relatively insignificant to them or is vitally important to their survival, is a fulfilling endeavor. A truly stellar example of this on a grand scale is Nick Brandt's extraordinary undertaking to stop the poaching of elephants in the Amboseli eco system in Kenya and Tanzania, and to bring the local villagers into better harmony with the natural world around them. Since 2001, Brandt has been documenting the vanishing natural world and animals of East Africa through his haunting, majestic photographic portraits of elephants, giraffes, lions, gorillas, rhinos, and other large mammals. Returning to Africa to continue his work, he repeatedly found that magnificent wildlife he had photographed in earlier trips had since been poached or needlessly killed. He became painfully aware of the urgent crisis facing wildlife conservation in East Africa.

View INHERIT THE DUST Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Deciding to do something about it, he joined forces with world-renowned conservationist Richard Bonham. Together, they formed Big Life Foundation, raising the necessary funds to hire and train rangers and provide the needed outfitting for stable outposts including buildings, uniforms, tents, food, Jeeps, and weapons. Big Life has empowered over 350 Masaai rangers from nearby villages. As a result, poaching has been dramatically reduced to almost zero in an area covering over 2 million acres.

But the story does not end there. Three years after the conclusion of his African photographic book trilogy, On This Earth (2005), A Shadow Falls (2009), and Across the Ravaged Land (2013), Brandt returned to East Africa to photograph the escalating devastation to the continent’s natural world. In a series of epic panoramas, he recorded the impact of mankind in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do. In each location, Brandt erected a life size panel of one of his animal portrait photographs, setting the panels within a world of explosive urban development and toxic wasteland. The arduous months of production to create each work resulted in stunning panoramas published in an oversized volume entitled Inherit The Dust in March 2016 that includes two incisive essays by the artist. Accompanying exhibitions featuring large-scale prints are being held at prestigious galleries in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin, among other cities. Page 204 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

On April 20th of this year, the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) held a celebratory Earth Day event at the Fahey/Klein Gallery showing of the Inherit the Dust Exhibit in Los Angeles. Brandt was presented LAEO’s Elephant Whisperer Award for his extraordinary accomplishments as an artist, humanitarian and conservationist. Local LAEO members were able to meet Brandt, view his exhibition, and participate in a Q & A about his work to discuss solutions for bringing better cooperation between all life. Brandt’s Big Life Foundation story is worth connecting to at BigLife.org. Co-founded in 2010, this nonprofit has proven to be one of the most successful conservation programs in the world, dealing with conflict issues between man and elephant. While Earth Day seems to bring mostly bad news pushing negative messages about the many things wrong with our planet, we encourage people to focus on what is working, what is going right, and what can be done to make it better. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Female Executives like Nana serve to set an elephant example for Cooperative Ecology Living. It is time more people Co Eco-ed their lives! Author’s note: In 2012, Qumquat fell to a poacher’s bullet. Nana still lives in peace with her herd at Thula Thula private wildlife reserve and can be seen there on the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s extraordinary Eco Safaris to South Africa. In 2009, she got a cataract, and Frankie promoted herself to Matriarch of the herd. Barbara Wiseman is the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s International President. She can be contacted at info@TheEarthOrganization.org

For more information Links to: http://www.theearthorganization.org Big Life Foundation http://www.inheritthedust.com

Order Now

A message from the International President: Barbara Wiseman Hello! Welcome to our on-going environmental news column in E-Mag! We are going to utilize this wonderful opportunity to present interesting educational information so that you can play an even bigger part in preserving and protecting Earth’s waters and all life through the daily choices you make. We want to bring practical information to you. We are not about spreading bad or scary news, but about spreading constructive news and information. Yes, we talk about the problems, but, also, about technologically sound and easy-to-implement remedies and answers. We want to actively engage with you, and other like-minded groups and organizations, to multiply those who are beneficially influencing the direction of our society’s culture, and to promote practical and realistic environmental solutions. When I co-founded The Earth Organization with Dr. Lawrence Anthony, we wanted to bring a new brand of environmentalism to the world described under a term we coined: Cooperative Ecology ™ .

Page 205 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

www.womenandtransition.com Page 206 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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The WGC International Adventure Summit was created to bring individuals together for the

betterment of ourselves, our communities, and the world. We have the opportunity to have a global relationship not just with others globally but also to network amongst ourselves to create projects far beyond anything any of us

could do as individuals. There are members attending from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and more. We will be doing our own business expansion with other global experts, sharing our knowledge

and brainstorming with each other. We will serve as global citizens as the lives of the children you will meet during the WGC Humanitarian Aid project, whose lives will be changed forever as will ours.

The WGC Gateway Training Program provides service to women of all race, creed, religion and circumstance to support them in becoming part-time or full time business owners and entrepreneurs. We assist women in becoming active participants and leaders for themselves, their communities, and the world. The Program helps them uncover their talents and discover ways that they can contribute to society and the workforce. It engages all aspects from self-esteem, image, communication, business strategy, product development, to marketing and exposure. This unique 90 day program also provides them with opportunity, tangible skills and techniques from opening their own LLC to creating their business plans and all the way to customer sales. Page 207 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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SHELLIE HUNT Founder/CEO of The Women of Global Change Female Executives joining together to lead the new economy. The Year of the Woman is 2016 and female executives are on the rise in America and beyond. Many organizations and publications are ushering in the new wave. It is not too long ago that women received the right to vote, coming so far, and still there is a long way to go for equal rights. Such organizations and top companies that are known for having higher percentages of women employed includes Bright Horizons, Nordstrom, Mayo Clinic, and Starbucks. Many other organizations offering women in training in business have appeared on the horizon as well, such as The Women of Global Change Summit and WGC Gateway Program, STEM, LeTIP, NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) and also publications of additional support can be found in E Magazine (Female-Executive), Ms. Magazine, Avant Garde, and Entrepreneur Magazine. With the majority of the workforce currently being women, and with women being 80% of the consumers in the US, this gives incredible power for standing up and stepping in for the year of the women: 2016. Ladies, it is time for us to lead united... YOU are the change the world is waiting for.

More about Dame Shellie Hunt can be found at www.SuccessisbyDesign.com & www.TheWomenofGlobalChange.com Page 208 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Michal Mael Michal’s worldly experience and exotic background makes her the perfect ambassador for Nature’s gems. From international businessmen and women, to Beverly Hills celebrities, and everyone in between, Michal uses her expertise to place the exact crystals needed giving them what they desire in both home and work environments. She designs pieces specifically based on what’s missing, giving them access to it, and energizing their lives, and has developed her own technique and system of Energy Positioning Placement ™. Michal travels from continent to continent several times a year to hand pick the best gems from mines in China, Viet Nam, Brazil , Peru, Morocco, to Timbuktu for our clients.

michalandcompany.com Elle febbo From Foster Homes to Harvard Law, Elle Febbo, now a best selling, award winning author, is also the CEO of Febbo Media, Associate Producer of the Emmy acknowledged, “Project: Forgive”, keynote speaker, globally published journalist and child advocate. Last year, Elle was acknowledged by Jane Seymour and the Open Hearts Foundation for her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, receiving high honors with an award for service and a check for $10,000. in support of her efforts, which she donated to Big Brother’s Big Sisters of Ventura County. Elle serves as a Contract Adviser for the National Writers Union and was recently elected as the Southern California Chapter Chair in recognition for her efforts to reach the masses and open doors for the voices of writers from around the globe in association with the International Authors Coalition. Her company, Febbo Media is designed to make books, products and business matter, through collaborative cause marketing, and her workshops, seminars and lectures are designed to take business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs to the next level through service and collaborative affiliation, with the message that anything is possible when the like-minded and likehearted come together to make it happen.

www.ellefebbo.com Munni Irone Founder of Peace 4 Arts Awards

Munni Irone has received numerous civic and global awards such as The Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills, Adame Commander Award by the royal family of Europe, and teacher of the year award along with several philanthropist awards. Even though, she much prefers to be know as “Munni the Philantropist”. She is CEO of MJD Film Productions and is associated with multiple charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide. Munni conducts workshops to help leaders find their purpose, defining self-images, getting deep into their core with honesty in their lives. She believes that this is the only way that they can attain balance within themselves.

www.munniirone.com OAKWOOD Occasions Full Service Planning & Management for Professional & Personal Events! Expos, Festivals, Parades, Workshops, Weddings and Corporate Events coordination, budgets, vendor management, rentals, music and entertainment, floral, design, photography, photo booths, candy favor stations, tents, tables, chairs, linens, servers, bartenders, transportation and so much more!

visit: www.OakWoodOccasions.com www.OakWoodOccasions.organogold.com Page 209 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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We Are C www.womenofglobalchange.com


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Changing Lives Shellie Hunt Founder & President


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NHTRC 1 888 373 7888

Page 212 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive


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For information go to www.traffickingresourcecenter.org Page 213 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Live differently. Unlo

Available on

Page 214 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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ock Productivity and Find Happiness

Author of Stephan Aarstol

A century ago, Henry Ford saw a sea change in worker productivity. It was the industrial revolution. Where others saw only more profits, Ford had a much grander vision. He invented the eight-hour workday, cut his employees' workdays nearly in half and doubled their pay. Productivity and profitability soared. By giving more to his workers, he changed the quality of life of an entire nation. Today, we're in the midst of a massive productivity shift for knowledge workers. And yet, the eight-hour workday hasn't changed. Until now, that is. This book is about one company that simply asked why. A company that had the courage to try an experiment, toward re-inventing a more sensible, productive, and Page 215 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

healthy workday for today's knowledge workers. That company is Tower Paddle Boards, one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, and one of Mark Cuban's best Shark Tank investments. In this book, you’ll learn how the fivehour workday: • Improves business operations, efficiency, and profitability • Attracts the brightest minds, the hardest workers, and the best performers • Stimulates employee performance and increases retention rates • Can be implemented and tested at your company, temporarily and without risk • Can change your life into something better than you ever imagined possible

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Ho or P


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Page 216 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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ow to Protect Your Kids from Becoming Victims Perpetrators of Violence and Aggression.

thors Brian D Johnson Phd and Laurie O. Berdahl MD

What can parents and other concerned adults do to prevent the next Sandy Hook? Are there red flags that warn us if our children might become victims or perpetrators of bullying, or of sexual assault? How do we know when a child or young adult is at risk for suicide, or just moody? These are certainly questions most parents have wondered about, especially at a time when childhood dangers seem increasingly hard to predict or control. Warning Signs is the first comprehensive book of its kind, explaining the underlying factors and signs of youth violence and aggression—and how to identify and guard against them. Topics include: violent media influences, bullying, hazardous

Page 217 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

friendships, sexual aggression and abuse, risky thinking and entitled attitudes, school safety, gun violence, mental health, and more. Doctors Brian Johnson and Laurie Berdahl provide specific, practical ideas, strategies, and tips based on current research and years of clinical experience. They even suggest language parents can use during tough conversations with their kids—or with another child’s parents. This timely guide will appeal to any adult who is worried about the levels of violence and aggression committed against and by today’s youth, and who wants to raise emotionally healthy, kind, safe children amidst today’s dangers.

Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Available on

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Honor and accountability are linked together as a formula for great leadership, and a healthy mindset of accountability can inspire every team and organization to achieve a higher level of performance. The key is engaging with courage, commitment, and caring concern as opposed to motivation by fear, intimidation, and self-preservation. From his early experiences as an Air Force jet fighter pilot and POW in the prison camps of Vietnam to an award-winning author, presenter, and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis shares his concerns about the lack of accountability in our

culture and how you can apply a positive, proven accountability model to get better results as a leader. Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability will unify your team so that you can focus on celebration rather than confrontation by sharing

 Why a lack of accountability leads to confusion and chaos.

 Gripping personal leadership experiences from the Vietnam POW camps.

 A proven model for creating a positive accountability culture.

 Tips and practical tools to apply what you've learned. Page 219 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Starting a business is hard, but keeping an established company going can be equally challenging. In the long run, every business will need to adapt to changing market conditions, technologies, and competitive environments. Achieving Longevity explains how to manage those changes through entrepreneurial thinking. As Jim Dewald shows, the most successful companies thrive by establishing decision-making processes that constantly engage new opportunities, enabling the firm to quickly adapt to disruptive technologies and business models. They allow

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for tinkering and experimentation and strive to both exploit their competitive advantage today and explore new ideas that will give them an edge tomorrow. Achieving Longevity provides a framework for introducing the tools and culture necessary to foster entrepreneurial thinking, as well as advice on how to overcome common obstacles to corporate entrepreneurship. Drawing on Dr. Dewald’s own experience as an entrepreneur, a successful corporate executive, and a professor of strategy, the book offers numerous examples of how to combine the strengths of an established firm with the innovative, outside the box thinking of a start-up venture

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We’ve Got it All Here at


National Association of Female Executive

About NAFE

Nafe is the largest global network for women with thousands of members. They recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary, headquartered in New York they have many affiliate networks across the country.

benefits, Information on the Southern CA networks can be found at www.wrnafe.com The network meeting fees are $10.00 for Nafe Members and $15.00 for guests then you pay the restaurant direct for your meal.

Would a group of women sharing their dreams… supporting, encouraging and mentoring you, be beneficial at this time of your life. Nafe offers great benefits to members, and the annual membership is only $39.00 go to www.nafe.com and check out all the wonderful

like eating right now? Using this simple technique, my choices changed to a healthier fare. Instead of a cheese tuna melt, coke, and french fries, I’d glance

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WWW.NAFE.COM Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Prom Girl, Linda Harris Director of Operations for Operation Prom Girl, Bonnie McCall Marketing for Fuller University, and Riverside Nafe newest members Joyce Walker, Myra Durham. We also thank all those that have renewed their dues, as you don’t want to miss out on all the great things Nafe is doing.


If you are not yet part of a network please come and visit one of our networks across the country and if there is not one in your area, how about starting one, its easy, give me a call and I can share the steps to build a network with you 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Two websites you need to check out www.wrnafe.com and www.nafe.com lots of great information. Both have the list of all the Nafe networks across the country on the sites. Also check out Nafe on Facebook as well Nafe Global has a facebook page, here is the link https:// www.facebook.com/ groups/197601170355640/?ref=bookmarks

From the Desk of Robbie Motter.,NAFE

Global Coordinator

Welcome and congratulations to Indiana’s NAFE/WIN's newest member Beth Ridgeway IT Specialist, DFAS Indianapolis, Menifee’s newest member Kristie Jacobo VP Provident bank, Murrieta Nafe newest members, Dawn Schultz, Director of Operation Page 223 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Nafe Corp also has a facebook page here is that link https://www.facebook.com/ wmmnafe/?fref=ts Still time to get the Nafe Women of Excellent Nominations in, nominations come in from across the country so don’t miss out, check it out. The event is held December 9th in New York.. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Meet one of our

NAFE Women

Donna Petri

Nafe Member of the Month from the Indianapolis, Indiana Women in Networking Network

Donna has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to NAFE/Women ever since she joined NAFE/Women in Networking the Indiana Nafe Network. She had been a guest speaker for a couple of our Lunch and Learns before she became a member. She is very knowledgeable about her company (MVP Financials) and loves sharing it with others. Page 224 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

She does community volunteering with NAFE/WIN, especially serving meals to the homeless people, and volunteered to be Treasurer for the Nafe network. Through her point of contact, she ensured that our organization became 501(c)(3). She has connections with the local Chamber of Commerce, and now NAFE/WIN Indiana is a Member of the Chamber of Commerce. She has also recruited members as well to the NAFE/WIN network. She is an outstanding member and person and is constantly looking for ways of improvement and how to help move the organization and people forward. Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

What Does NAFE Mean to Me By Joan E Wakeland, Riverside Nafe Director This is an organization of Female Executives, Women Business Owners that dedicated for the advancement of women. We believe that this can be done through Education, Mentoring, Training Skills, personal development and public advocacy. I enjoy being a NAFE Member! Although not a Social Club the organization can be described as a Sisterhood or Sorority! You are able to help & support others by providing needed resources. I am able to associate with women who are caring individuals, women who are committed to serving rather than being served!

These coaches are dynamic individuals who make an impact on the lives of others! I have had the pleasure of seeing metamorphosis occurring in people who exhibited fear, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge make a big change! I have also been taught many lessons ! I was taught how to be a social Butterfly because of NAFE,I created the hashtag "free to fly" after encouraged to tell my story. I have become more bold yet not ever wanting to hurt or abuse anyone. I have met some individuals that are influential that I don't think our paths have crossed if it were not for NAFE! I earned awards for Volunteering, NAFE gave me exposure! Humans like to belong, NAFE is the Community that provides that environment of a Tribe doing teamwork so that everyone wins!

NAFE Think Outside the Box!

Click and Watch the Video

We need business women and professionals to get involved with helping each other to grow, I have seen this happening in NAFE! It is great to see the transformation that occurs in individuals because of exchanging ideas, the sharing of best practices and mentoring. Individuals are empowered by the lessons they learn from Life Coaches. Page 225 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

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Join NAFE at any of these WestCoast Networks

Come and join us at one of these monthly Nafe affiliate meetings: Please contact the Director of the network below. Any Nafe questions you may contact me Robbie Motter Nafe Global Coordinator at 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com. As a member you will join one of the networks but you may attend any of the network meetings each month as they all offer great networking opportunities. ARIZONA Phoenix Impact for Enterprising Women – A Nafe affiliate network contact director Joan Howard 602725-3246 email joanhoward@cox.net website www.impactforenterprisingwomen.com CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Nafe meets the 2nd Thursday starting in January 2016 at Mimi’s Café 4025 California Avenue, Bakersfield, Director Cheryl Hughley Phone 661-421-5861 Email Cheryl_hughley@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Bel Air (coming soon) Director LaDonna Roberts 323-806-3433 email ladonnaroberts@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon

Coastal Nafe Network Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:00 am at, Ramano's Macaroni Grill 12380 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740 Director Lynne Martin, 714-357-4159 email lynneCmartin@gmail.com http://www.meetup.com/wwwnafecoastal-com/ U Tube Video coming soon Los Angeles Nafe Network Meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 pm at Marie Callendar’s 5773 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232 . website is www.nafelosangeles.com Director Althea Ledford, 310-990-9496, email allyledo@aol.comPlease check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/RkSuoZaGrJc Menifee Nafe Network meets the 2nd Wed 11:30 am, Merna’s Café & Grill (formerly Boston Billie’s Restaurant ) 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, Ca. Contact Director Robbie Motter, NAFE Global Coordinator 951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/ cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ HspfWnbAI4w

Central Orange County Nafe meets the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm, at Coco’s Restaurant 14971 Holt Avenue, Tustin, CA, Director, Sheila A Caruso, 949 -330-0927 email sheilaacaruso@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/fj2iy3x5i9E

Murrieta Nafe Network meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon at R J’s Sizzling Steak House 41401 Kalima Street, Murrieta, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter,951-255-9200 or email rmotter@aol.com Menifee/.Murrieta Meetup page http://tinyurl.com/cjbvurl Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=WmClfV9VcMA

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North San Diego County Nafe Network (Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos) Coming in January 2016 contact Director Luz Paez 951-966-8277 email marketingwithluzpaez@gmail.com U Tube Video coming soon Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm Mimi's Cafe 10909 Foothill Boulevard Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. Contact Director Vivian Haire, Rancho Cucamonga Nafe Connector Phone 951-229-8343 or email vvnhaire@yahoo.com U Tube Video coming soon Riverside Nafe Connector meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm Canyon Crest Winery 5225 Canyon Crest Drive #7a Riverside, CA 92507 contact Joan Wakeland Director 909-7217648 or email joanewakeland@gmail.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/vQT80UAUm-k San Fernando Valley, starting in January , contact Director Carol Pilkington 661-3134578 or email carol@carolpilkington.com for more information U Tube Video coming soon San Francisco/Bay Area Network 4th Thursday 6:15 PM Call Director for meeting location. Director Stone Love Cell 510 565 4425Home office 510 972 0528 or emailStonelove@stoneologys.com Meet up Page http://www.meetup.com/SAN-FRANCISCO-BAYAREA-NAFE/events/225941823/ U Tube Video coming soon South Bay Nafe Network, meets 4th Tuesday 6:30 pm @ Double Tree 1985 E Grand Ave El Segunda, CA 90245 contact CO-Directors Alina Estrada 562-313-1190 or emailinfo@nafesouthbay.com or Eleanor Oliver Co-Director email Eleanor.oliver12@gmail.comjoin us on Meetup.com/southbay-nafenetwork www.nafesouthbay.com Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/UY9kHIy1o34

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South Orange County Nafe Network Morning Coffee meeting, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Microsoft Store, 578 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA (Upstairs in mall) For information and/or to RSVP Contact Director Mikki St Germain, 949-429-3438 or St.Germain.Mikki@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nafe.soc U Tube Video Coming soon Ventura County Nafe Network, meets 3rd Wednesday 11:45 AM at Mimi’s Café, 400 N Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca 91360 Contact Director Sheryl Tash 805-794-4005 or email sheryldtash@gmail.com Meet up page: http:// www.meetup.com/members/159937202/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/OZqKdhKUf5o Wildomar Nafe Network meets 4th Thursday 6:00 PM D’Canters Restaurant 32100 Clinton Keith Road, Wildomar, CA Contact Director Robbie Motter Nafe Regional Coordinator 951-255-920 or email rmotter@aol.com http://www.meetup.com/MenifeeMurrieta-Wildomar-Nafe-networks/ events/224726252/ Please check out this networks u tube video to meet the director of this network and to learn more about the network https://youtu.be/ okj-UzaTbM4 COLORADO Denver Coming soon contact Director Nancy.i.gaines@gmail.com 314) 378-1611

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Join NAFE at any of these East Coast Networks

DC Washington DC Greater Washington DC Women’s Network, Mary Greene, Executive Director 202=5808884, email gwwenet@gwwn.org Website www.gwwwn.org meets Sept thru June GEORGIA Atlanta Nafe Atlanta Network, Executive Director, Lisadouglas 404-913nafe email contactus@nafeatlanta.com ILLINOIS Chicago Coming soon Zsyke Tusa Director, 331-212 -0585 email ztusa@ecologicsolutions.com INDIANA Indianapolis Nafe Women in Networking (WIN) Mary Aurtrey, Director 317-894-9421 or 317-4137197 email m.aurtrey@sbcglobal.net Co Director Lotti McCallistor 317-905-3666 e,ail bes10@iquest.net meets 1st Wednesday each month at 11:30- 12:30 at Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) Center 8899 E 56th Street Indianapolis. IN 46249 Check out their Utube Video Page 228 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

LOUISIANA Gretna Women on the Go, Director Rose Mary Ceasar, 504-366-6889 email rosemarycadam@bellsouth,net, regular meetings 1st Monday of the month 7:00 pm MARYLAND Baltimore Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com, meetings at 1300 Mercantile Lane Ste 100 Largo Maryland 20774 Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net Facebook page www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Howard County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Pikesville Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate network , Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com Denise Laws, Co-Director 443-527-7403 contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com Prince George’s County Celebrate Greatness Nafe Affiliate Network Stephanie Popular Director 443-857-1549 email stephaniepopular@gmail.com contact director for meeting location Wendy Dorcy Marketing Director 405-6936059 Kenya Battle Community liaison krbattle@verizon.net, Robin Worrell-Thorne, Women Empowerment Facilitator/ Coordinator rworrellthorne@comcast.net www.facebook.com/ celebrategreatnessnow, www.celebrategreatnessradio.com

Page 229 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

MICHIGAN Detroit Women Empowering Leadership & Legacy (WELL) Director Donna Stallings 313-999-2211 email donna@syncfoundation.com. Contact Director for meeting location and time. MISSOURI St Louis The Professional Women’s Alliance STL, Director Ninoska Clarkin 314-991-6144 NEW JERSEY Northern New Jersey Professional Women New Jersey, Dee Marshall, Director 862-218-0076 email nafenewjersey@gmail.com NEW YORK New York City, Roxanne Natale, Director 917 -952-0681 cell, 646-647-2148 work, email rnatale@ewsnyc.com North Carolina Nafe North Carolina, Director Michele Rogers, 919-621-3310 Email nafenorthcarolina@gmail.com website is www.nafenc.com Utube video https://youtu.be/snLmjMtGS7A PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh Women Interactive Network WINN< Director Dawn Pomaybo 412-963-6311 email info@Winpitt.org SOUTH CAROLINA Coming Soon, contact Director Jayne Jordan 843-532-1123, email ladyjj2u@gmail.com

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ttremont@silotechgroup.com VP of Events: Jacqueline Jackson, Jacqueline.jackson@utsa.org 210-458-2483 VP of Communications: Chris Slowey, sloweyrcpoa@yahoo.com, 210-569-0953 VP of Finance: Natasha Robles, nrobles@silotechgroup.com, 210-5690959 Our website address is www.nafesa.org.

TEXAS Dallas P-31 Women Inc, Contact Connie Mitchell 214-404-6462 Midland Successful Women’s Alliance, Diector Mary Elena Duron 432-978-2009 San Antonio NAFE San Antonio Network (Formerly We Lead) Meets at Norris Conference Center @ North Park 618 NW Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78216 2nd Wednesday of every month 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM President: Tiffany Tremont, ttremont@silotechgroup.com, 210-569-0953 Page 230 E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive

Waco Women’s Information Network, Max Nolen Director 254-717-5188 max_nolan@us.aflac.com E The Magazine for Today's Female Executives edited by Althea Ledo who runs the LA Nafe Nework has 4 pages dedicated to Nafe so be sure and send her your news. allyledo@aol.com and mark in subject News or even stories for Nafe section. Here is the website for the Magazine www..FemaleExecutivweMagazine.com Also send news to Paula Damiano for the Nafe E Newsletter her email is pauladamiano@hotmail.com We are always looking for more individuals to step to the plate to start additional Nafe networks contact Robbie Motter, Nafe Global Coordinator, rmotter@aol.com or 951-255-9200 Subscription link www.female-exec.com/s.html

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