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The Magazine For Today’s Female Executive

Circulation & Ad Rate Card

as of May 2014

Mission Statement E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive, has already received rave reviews from its readers. Our goal is to bring relevant information to the lives of today’s woman. E Magazine covers a broad range of diverse issues in a conversation, tone and format professional women really relate to. E magazine addresses issues from a women’s perspective which is often more complex and diverse. Because of this unique, relavant and current perspective, E magazine will become one of the key voices of the female population. The time for E magazine is now.

Circulation Immediate Circulation base will start within the NAFE organization. Nafe currently has over Members.


E Magazine has a conservative goal To add new subscribers in year 1.


E Magazine’s current target Market is directed to a broader range of women.

E Magazine is building a strong social media presence  Facebook likes have increased

8% to

12% daily  Twttter followers have increased on an

6% to 10%

average of daily.  E magazine Linkedin articles have received


over views on E magazine articles views per week.

All Working Women

Working Mothers

Dynamic Content

In The Past Women’s publications were restricted to the categories of health, food, family and beauty.

E Magazine reflects the

Present E covers topics relevant to today’s professional woman. Ranging from business to investments, technology, lifestyle, health, nutrition, global issues, fashion, food and wine.


Family Beauty


E Magazine Circulation Short Report May 2014  

The Circulation of E Magazine, first year projections and justifications.

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