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ou know life is returning to normal when Queensland’s premier Garden Expo is about to return. For more than a couple of decades green thumbs and those who appreciate the produce of green thumbs have gathered to view an amazing range of garden items. I have attended more times than I can remember and one of the things that keeps me coming back is the discovery of new knowledge. Whether it is a new type of plant, product or a uniquely creative style of flower arrangement, I inevitably leave the expo with a yearning to try something new I have experienced there. Because of this, I tend to think of the show more of an adventure, than

just an expo. I thoroughly recommend a visit. This month our cover story focuses on age discrimination, checking out recent reports and the statistics they reveal. These reports are coupled with first hand situations experienced by older people and their responses. Altogether, this information suggests that as we are living longer lives, cultural changes are needed to supplant traditional concepts relevant in another time, yet proving outdated in this new era of longevity. I have also included information sent from the Australian Dental Association (ADA) who campaigned for better oral care for residents in Aged Care during the election. The government has made promises to the ADA and indirectly to us. This short article lays out the promises, so let us now keep a keen eye out for the manifestation of these promises. Thanks goes to the people who send in community notes, the information proves how grassroots groups are an essential part of a healthy and happy community. Gail Forrer Acting Editor

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New norms needed as ‘ageing’ takes on new meanings Numerous studies report over 55’s bearing the brunt of age discrimination in both work and social life, MARION KERR highlights the findings and personal experiences of older age-groups.


new Australian movie “How to Please Women” touches on many intergenerational issues. However, it starts with a big one, that is, age discrimination in the workplace,. The movie told with humour, artistry and ultimate success, unfolds as a woman over 50-years-old loses her job, although she is told it is due to a

‘restructure’, it becomes apparent this is not the real reason. The storyline follows the narrative of her job solution and along the way features a man over 50 years feeling good about his computer knowledge, until a twenty something year-old, does it all so much better. The reality is that our generation is

living and working longer than any other. ‘Longevity’ is a word sprinkled generously through many topics and conversations. This is particularly so in Australia, where we have one of the planet’s highest life expectancies. The fact is highlighted when you consider the period between 1891-1900 when men’s expected life span was 51.1 and

women, just a tad longer at 54.8 years. Today, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) notes that a woman aged 65 in 2017-2019 could expect to live another 22 years (expected age at death of 87) and men aged 65 in 2017–2019 could expect to live another 20 years (an expected age at death of 85). Our better standard of living in the areas of health services, food, housing and education have all contributed to the increase. Yet, while we applaud a world that facilitates a better and longer life, prejudices resulting in age discrimination can hamper the joys of mature age. In fact, findings in the Australian Human Rights latest report (2021) ‘What’s age got to do with it? A snapshot of ageism across the Australian lifespan’ found that most Australians (90%) agree ageism exists in Australia, with 83% agreeing ageism is a problem and 65% saying it affects all people of all ages. The “EveryAGE Counts” national campaign, conducted by Australia’s Benevolent Society describes ageism as : “…stereotyping, discrimination and mistreatment based solely upon age. When directed towards older people, it comes from negative attitudes and beliefs about what it means to be older.” Last year’s United Nations first paper on ageism said: “Age is one of the first things we notice about other people. Ageism arises when age is used to categorise or divide people in ways that lead to harm, disadvantage and injustice and erodes solidarity across generations.” At a time when Australians are


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working longer, employment is one area that definitely reveals ageist discrimination. According to ABS figures in the 20 years leading up to April 2021, the workforce participation rate of older Australians more than doubled from 6.1% in 2001 to 15% in 2021. Increases in labour force participation for men and women over this period have been substantial—the participation rate for older men almost doubled (from 10% to 19%)\, while older women’s participation almost quadrupled from 3.0% to 11%. Additionally, the Australian Seniors Series: Ageing in the Workforce 2021 revealed, more than three quarters of Australians aged over 50 want to keep working indefinitely and almost 90% of retirees plan to re-enter the workforce. It should also be noted that one in five workers (20.7%) aged over 50 have encountered age discrimination in the workplace – twice as many compared to 2016 (9.6%). Just over 40% say they have felt patronised in the workplace because of their age. The pain of being the brunt of ageist discrimination is always painful, however it presents in various ways, implicit or explicit. For instance, Jeanette Mcmanus a 68-year-old retired primary and high school teacher labels ageism as “one of those silent things”. When she applied for a job in her early 60s, that she felt amply qualified for, she was surprised when she didn’t get the job. “Who knows, why I didn’t get that job – my feelings were that it was to do with my age ,” she says. “But I will never know.” Mrs Mcmanus is not alone in thinking that ageism is an impactful, yet hidden discrimination. Janice Anderson a 58-year-old woman explains she was feeling rather hopeful after a number of emails and

phone chats from a recruitment agency she was registered with indicated she had everything to gain the targeted position. “Then I had a zoom meeting with the recruitment agent - a young woman, perhaps in her late 20s,” Janice says. “Well, I could tell from the moment she saw my grey hair, the interview was over. I think it lasted about 30 seconds.” “Nothing was ever said – but in this case – the rude and fast exit from the interview was saying something.” Besides the workplace, a patronising

Revealed: “More than three quarters of Australians over 50 wish to work indefinitely.” attitude towards age is apparent in various social areas. Seventy-eight-year-old Terry Batholomew says he often receives a comment as he swipes an EFTPOS machine with his Smartwatch. He says a typical response includes a referral to his age: “Gee, that’s amazing you are using that to pay.” He says he doesn’t get offended but wonders if there is a cut-off date that people are supposed to stop keeping up with technology. “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t,” he commented. Another 80-year-old lady, known for her stylish dressing, says recent comments from a young female sales

assistant ‘embarrassed’ her. “I was paying for a top I had just chosen, and she said: “Gee, you’re trendy for your age.” “Why did she mean – am I too old to have trendy clothes,” she questioned. This same woman attended the recent Brisbane concert by entertainer Guy Sebastian. American author and age discrimination activist Ashton Applewhite says in her TED talk, ‘Let’s End Ageism’ “It’s not the passage of time that makes it so hard to get older. It’s ageism, a prejudice that pits us against our future selves - and each other. Ageing is not a problem to be fixed or a disease to be cured,” she says. “It is a natural, powerful, lifelong process that unites us all.” The statistics are clear, we need to create a new way of thinking. With that in mind, The Benevolent Society’s EveryAGE counts campaign, published a 2021 report entitled: “Practical Tips to Respond to Ageism.” In the workplace, the report agrees it can be hard to establish if you are really being discriminated against based on your age (eg. ignored for promotions, left out of new opportunities, managers assume you can’t learn new technology). If you work at a large workplace , one suggestion include setting up an ‘affinity group’ of older staff, to share experiences, support and advice. Additionally, it says if you work for a large organisation it makes sense to escalate your complaint step-by-step. You might raise your concerns with your manager, and, if unsuccessful with the manager above that. If that’s unsatisfactory you might want to raise the matter with HR and/or your union. Regarding the retirement conversation, it says to beware the ‘subtle’ hints about retiring. If you’re not ready to, or not

thinking about retiring, let people know. There are many who assume that because you have reached a certain age, you will automatically be planning to retire. So, take every opportunity to affirm your role, skills and contribution, and let people know that you have no such plans. And if you do start planning to reduce your hours or work more flexibly try to be the one in control of this conversation with your employee. In general, you are advised to be ‘age proud! Don’t accept being told you’re too old for something. Reject notions that you are ‘too old’ for a piece of clothing, or a venue, or an experience. This could also relate to the things you are telling yourself! Become an anti-ageism advocate. And if you wish to take a step further: Register for EveryAGE Counts training at and become a part of the EveryAGE Counts advocates network. * Due to requests for privacy, this article has not used the real names of people interviewed.

Fear of dying is human Fear of ageing is cultural - Ashton Applewhite

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by Mocco Wollert

‘That interfering bitch!’ Have we not all heard that sentence sometime or somewhere? It is used to describe a despicable female. If it is a man, they might say of him that he is ‘an interfering bastard’. Often neighbours are described like this, even though they might be well-meaning. There is nothing more annoying than the screechy voice of a toddler in a supermarket. Sitting or standing in the trolley, the child will carry on like the proverbial porkchop. I really, don’t know what the proverbial porkchop does but I am sure somebody must know. Probably

Professor Roly Sussex on the ABC. In any case, the little mite fills the hallowed aisle of the supermarket with loud screams and its mother – or more often these days its grandmother – seem not to be able to control her charge. Since I became a grandmother myself many years ago, I felt I might be of help, knowing about mall children and their behaviour. I would stop by the trolley containing the toddler throwing a tantrum and speak sternly ‘You stop that, right now or you will be in big trouble.’ The child would look at me and stop screaming, the tantrum forgotten. The mother would give me a thankful look and say something like ‘you better behave now like that nice lady said or else …’I have not done this for quite a few years. The last time I ‘interfered’ or ‘intervened’ the mother of the child turned on me giving me a piece of her mind about interfering where I was not wanted. The precious little angel kept right on screaming while looking at me and grinning in triumph. I pity the poor teacher who will have to deal with this child when it goes to school. If you see a fisty-cuffs going on or someone making a nuisance of themselves, do you interfere or intervene when you try to stop it? If


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you listen to your neighbours having a domestic, do you interfere when you say something to calm the situation down, or is it intervening? When a tragedy happens, especially in cases of domestic violence, someone will say, including the ever-present media, ‘why didn’t someone intervene’? Would it have been interference or intervention? And there lies the dilemma. Of course, to either intervene or interfere, you have to be willing to be involved. I feel today, people, especially the younger generation, do not want to be involved. They seem to live in a new world of isolation, connected solely through electronic devices: Facebook, Instagram and various other communication sites. Texts are poor cousins to a good face-toface talk when someone is in trouble. There is a time when we need to overcome our reluctancy to be involved and interfere or intervene if the situation is dire i.e., a small child or an animal locked in a hot car. However, in most cases our modern attitude is not to get involved in a situation, for after all, we must not interfere. Might you find the courage to interfere or intervene when needed?

by Cheryl Lockwood

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This inspirational saying from Mahatma Gandhi suggests that we should never stop learning. “Oh, but I’m too old.” I hear you say. I’ve probably said it myself. Well, there’s another saying that goes: “There’s none so dumb as those who don’t want to learn.” That was from my mother and was used when we claimed that we didn’t know how to do something. With this in mind, I created a website. Not a giant leap for mankind, but a significant step for me. It was time to turn my love of words into more than a hobby. If you google me or better yet, go to www. , I hope you will be directed to my brand-new website.

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Learn how to grow your own food and empower your life Garden Guru, Phil Dudman speaks to GAIL FORRER about his role at Queensland’s premier garden expo and his passion for a special gardening technique


fter the pain and devastation of recent weather events together with the pandemic, there’s a big, joyful Queensland event about to change your attitude. For Gardening Guru and ABC gardening magazine Horticultural Editor Phil Dudman, this event, known as Queensland’s Premier Garden Expo held at Nambour showgrounds has special significance: “It’s my happy place, ” he says. After attending the Expo for more than twenty years, Phil is totally qualified to give honest opinions. “It’s like a gardener’s jamboree – gardeners from all the over the place meet-up,” he enthuses. “The timing is great too – it’s the start of the gardening year. “And the show gets you inspired and kicks you into gardening gear – it’s such a joyful space.” As a resident of Lismore, the town in Northern NSW where floodwaters inundated homes not once, but twice this year, Phil Dudman, now more than ever appreciates the meaning of community spirit and the things that contribute to community recovery. Since the flood, he

Phil Dudman

says he’s felt a level of general anxiety bubbling in the community and believes this comes from the a number of factors including a feeling of disempowerment stemming from things such as the sight of empty food shelves in supermarkets “That’s makes us think about food security,” he says

“The timing is great ....the show gets you inspired and kicks you into gardening gear - it’s such a joyful space.” “And gives us a glimpse of how dependant we are on the corporate food system.” Furthermore, he notes, it shows how vulnerable we are to a break-down of the food supply chain. Empowerment, he says, comes from growing food locally, whether that be in your background, in a community garden or a unit balcony.

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OUR PEOPLE To that end, Phil’s cultivated his passion for organic gardening and growing his own food in his suburban home backyard. After a lifetime of trying various techniques, he is now a fervent proponent for the ‘no till’ gardening method. This method suggests shovelling into the ground is disruptive rather than conducive to growing plants. On his Instagram account, video and Talk-Back radio shows he explains how to go about it, additionally he hosts hands-on workshops in his backyard where he demonstrates how to boost your gardening skills and increase backyard production through: no-dig techniques, together with how to make compost and raise plants from seeds while managing

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weeds and pests without using poisons. Importantly, he says, the no-dig method, takes a lot less physical exertion, giving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. The ‘no-dig’ method takes in and accommodates the complexity of soil and its natural environment, at the same time the technique is based on simplicity. “The no-digging method simply mimics nature,” he explains and goes onto describe how leaving the soil undug, leaves soil organisms to thrive while promoting a natural balance between soil

pests and their predators. Phil Dudman will be speaking about gardening techniques and edible plants as part of Australia’s biggest gardening speaker program including favourites Costa Georgiadis, Sophie Thomson Jerry Coleby-Williams, Claire Bickle, Kate Wall and many more at the 2022 Queensland Garden Expo, July 8-10 at the Nambour Showgrounds, Coronation Avenue, Nambour. To find out more and buy tickets online, go to:

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The time of the talking clock and a very restless night ROBYN O’HARE recalls her attempts to keep calm under the pressure of a timepiece that was only doing its job!


um had just been released from rehab after a broken hip, so my husband Mike and I agreed to stay the night with her. As is quite usual for me in a strange bed, I did not settle down to sleep for many hours. I was just drifting off when I heard a distant American woman’s voice, “It is 12 o’clock, precisely” repeated over and over. I thought this must end soon, so continued trying to drift off, only to hear the same voice, “It is 12.01 a.m., precisely”, followed by “It is 12.02 a.m., precisely”. After a few more minutes of this, I got up and started feeling around on mum’s dressing table for the offending talking clock. I had an inkling of what Mum’s life must be like as a blind 90-year-old. I didn’t know what size or shape the offending timepiece was, or where she kept it. Mum got up, which I had been trying to


avoid. She can only walk a few steps, and the whole reason for our presence was to prevent a fall, particularly in the middle

of the night, which I knew for sure it precisely was! Mum switched the light on, a very bad move in my attempt

to remain drowsy enough to get back to sleep. She directed me to the drawer of her dressing table, where I found the object of my annoyance. I took it out to the garden, where there was a little light, pressed a button which I was not at all confident would switch off the alarm, and placed it in the garden, hopefully far enough from my bed that I would not hear it. I returned to bed, forcing myself to relax into a state of unconsciousness for what remained of the night. “It is 1 a.m., precisely”, came the now distant American drawl. Up I got again, out to the dew dampened grass to retrieve the object of my by now extreme ire. The birds were twittering and the sky was a pretty pink hue, leading me to believe my American foe was not even accurate at telling the time. What to do? The idea of placing it under the wheel of the car and driving over the

top was shelved, only because Mike would have woken up and raced outside to foil an attempted robbery of his beloved car. Instead I stowed it safely inside the car and went back to bed. I woke after eight to the reassuring tinkle of Mum and Mike enjoying breakfast and a chat together. Pretty soon, my American foe was taken in hand by Mike, who readjusted her settings. She lives on, silently I hope, except when asked for the time by Mum. *Sixty-five-year-old Robyn O’Hare has written her autobiography and selfpublished it. She has conducted memoir writing classes at U3A and facilitates discussion groups based on her memoir. Her big family, including three granddaughters and regular travel keeps her busy. *The above story relates to a night spent with her blind 90-year-old mother at her retirement village.



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Stay mobile with the depth squat


As they play, toddlers squat quite naturally. However, we tend to lose this skill as we age. TRISTAN HALL shows how squatting can help you stay flexible and reduce injury risk.

Winston Churchill is reported to have stated, “Never, never, never give up.” I am sure the quote regardless of who said it has been used in various forms for years to help those who are finding a tough and rocky road. My earliest experience of the same quote, albeit not related in any way to the Blitz over London or wars in general, came from a Sunday school story when I was about nine years old. The gentleman who took us from the main church to a little hall around the corner but still attached to the church) told us a story about three mice. The mice roamed around a little house in the country and one day they found a small tub with some cream in it. Eventually one after the other the mice fell into the tub of cream and had their fill. When it came time to leave, the mice could not reach the rim of the tub of cream to escape. Floundering in the remaining cream they tried and tried to get out of the small tub of cream


s adults we sit in the car, in the office, in the lounge room and in the café. Sitting has been called the new smoking. If you sit for long times, your large leg muscles and your gluteal muscles grow weaker. With weak muscles you are more likely to fall and suffer from sprains and other injuries. The depth squat helps you to stay flexible. Your joints, the ankles, the knees and the hips are exercised fully. Unlike with sitting in a chair, with this squat you get stronger because you use your back muscles and core to keep your spine upright. When you stand up, you work your thighs and gluteal muscles. You have everything to gain so, let’s get started: Squatting Preparation #1 – The Supported Squat - Hold the seat of a chair and lower your body into a squat position as far as you can. Stay down for around 15 seconds so your leg muscles can stretch. Keep your heels off the ground at all times to get the maximum stretch. Do around 5 repetitions. Repeat this a few times each day. As your body get more flexible, you will be able to go lower. Squatting Preparation #2 – The Hip Flexor Stretch – Sit in a dining chair. Lift one knee as high as you can in front of you, keeping it bend. You should feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Hold the position for 20 seconds then

switch to thee other leg. Repeat 5 times twice a day. The Depth th Squat – Stand near a post or other support. Place your feet eet about shoulder width apart facing forward. Your heels els and toes should be on the ground. If you are not able to put put your heels els down, place them on a low w block of wood. Hold this squat for a minute. It will be uncomfortable as your muscles learn this new position. However, if it is painful, stop and go more slowly. Work up to being able to sit comfortably in this position for 5 minutes a day. Then think about how you can make squatting a habit. Perhaps when you are on the phone, you can squat. Enjoy your newfound flexibility. See you next time. Tristan Hall is an exercise physiologist with Full Circle Wellness. Call 0431 192 284 or visit

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Kookaburra Village has an active social club with regular functions every week.

Kookaburra Village Sunshine Coast

WILLS, INHERITANCE AND DECEASED ESTATE LAWYERS FOR 44 YEARS (Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws majoring j g in Wills & Estates)

WHAT WE OFFER • Reception and sales office on n site • 2 Swimming Pools • Man Shed ed • Dedicated Craft Hall with BBQ Q area m • Bowling Green and Pool Room • Modern Community Centre • Walking distance to Translink k Bus for transport to medical centres, res, shopping centres • Pet Friendly

Call: 0419 793 047

Tom Law is author of Tom’s Law Fit Happens. Visit tomslaw.


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and eventually one of the mice gave up exhausted and slipped under the cream and drowned. The two remaining mice tried jump after jump, to escape, both covered in cream but to no avail. After many attempts the second mouse gave up and drowned. The third mouse refused to give up and eventually found something solid underfoot. The cream had turned to butter. The constant agitation of the three mice then two, then one, had turned the cream to butter. The third mouse rested on the butter, then when he was strong enough, he jumped clear out of the tub. Of course, it is a simple story, and the moral of the story is to never give up, and this can be applied to so many things in life. As a personal trainer I always encourage those that have an exercise regime to keep at it and obviously if you do not exercise regularly, to start as soon as you can.

123 Mark Rd East (off Daniel St.) CALOUNDRA WEST

P: (07) 5491 2422 e: Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Avenue, CALOUNDRA June 2022 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 11

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Build your muscles, build your brain The many benefits of the Apple KAILAS ROBERTS explains how regular exercise not only offers benefits Cider Vinegar drink for the body but also the muscles of the mind.


t is common knowledge that exercise is good for your brain. We know that it can help in several ways – enhancing blood supply, combatting inflammation, and improving other factors associated with poor brain health and dementia, including insomnia and mental health disorders. But when most people think of exercise that may help in this way, they imagine doing things that get them out of breath like brisk walking, running, cycling and swimming. What is less appreciated is the value of resistance exercise, or strength training. This involves activities that specifically improve muscular fitness and growth – generally using external weights (or one’s own bodyweight – think push-ups and the like). But how does focussing on muscle growth and maintenance help the brain? Well, it’s not fully understood, but it may have something to do with so called myokines. These are proteins, or fragments of proteins, produced by muscle cells (myo- meaning muscle), and include one named irisin. This hormone is intimately connected to the expression of another molecule you may have heard of – brainderived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF for short. BDNF is critical for brain heath and function and is often referred to as Miracle Gro for the brain. It promotes neurogenesis, or the growth of new nerve cells, as well as synaptogenesis, the promotion of connections (synapses) between nerve cells. Low levels of BDNF have been associated with shrinkage of various parts of the brain, including the hippocampus, which is critical for encoding new memories. It’s your hippocampus that is usually one of the first structures to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Coming back to your muscles, though, it appears that the level of irisin and other myokines is directly related to your muscle mass, so the stronger you are, the more you


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are likely to produce these helpful chemicals. It then follows that being more muscular should protect you against cognitive impairment and dementia, and studies do seem to suggest this. Unfortunately, as you get older there is a natural loss of muscle mass. In fact, this loss can start as early as your thirties, and if you are inactive, may result in as much as 5% reduction in muscle per decade. This has something to do with the body responding less optimally to growth signals, in part because of a natural reduction in hormones like growth hormone, insulin like growth factor and testosterone. In extremis, this results in a condition known as sarcopenia, which increases your risk of falls and impacts upon your ability to perform daily tasks. Sarcopenia has also been clearly linked to dementia. So, what can you do to combat muscle wastage? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, you should use them! If you’ve had a period of forced inactivity – say after an operation or an injury - you need to be extra diligent. Guidelines suggest training in this way at least two to three times per week – in addition to your usual aerobic exercise. Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can be very helpful at devising resistance exercise routines that you can do safely, even if you are in some way injured, and so there is usually no excuse to including these into your hebdomadal schedule.

Kailas Roberts is a psychogeriatrician and author of Mind your brain The Essential Australian Guide to Dementia now available at all good bookstores and online. Visit or

Why is the Apple Cider Vinegar drink so popular? TRUDY KITHER discusses how it can balance in the body.


esides its amazing health benefits, there have also been studies conducted on Apple Cider Vinegar, with promising results. A double-blind study was done on 175 obese Japanese participants over 12 weeks. The conclusion of the study showed there were significant benefits in reducing visceral fat (fat around the gut), in reducing subcutaneous fat (fat just beneath the skin), reducing triglycerides, reducing cholesterol, increasing the BMI, decreasing body fat, and decreasing the waist to hip ratio. Apple Cider Vinegar can inhibit the expression of lipogenic genes (the genes that increase fat production). The acid in Apple Cider Vinegar is acetic acid, which is known to suppress body fat and it helps to regulate your blood sugars (insulin). Consuming this acid does not make your body acid. Different parts of your body have different PH levels. Your stomach is extremely acid whilst your gall bladder and small intestine are more slightly alkaline. Urine should be slightly acid, and your large intestine should be slightly acid, but not as highly acidic as your stomach. So, you need these different PH’s to support your different body systems. Apple Cider Vinegar supports your stomach acids to help you digest better. The stomach level is where the start of your digestion occurs. Your stomach release hydrochloric acid to breakdown protein therefore you don’t want to alkalise your stomach. Therefore, Apple Cider Vinegar is used for a lot of digestive problems. If you change your blood PH even a slight bit, you can create many positive benefits, such as transporting minerals, allowing enzymes to work, to stimulate your thyroid and increasing your metabolism.

In approximately 12 weeks you can potentially lose 1-2 kilograms. The only time not recommended to do the Apple Cider Vinegar drink daily is if you are in a prolonged fast, ketosis or if you have an ulcer. You will know pretty quickly if you have an ulcer because when you drink it, you will have more pain in your stomach. The Apple Cider Vinegar drink can be taken once or twice daily. It consists of two tablespoons (30ml) of Apple Cider Vinegar, one whole lemon and a little bit of highquality Himalayan salt. If you use the whole lemon, then you are also getting a whole lot of Vitamin C in your drink! Put it all in the blender, blend it all up and take it twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. This will give you four tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Take this every single day and do it on a regular basis. If you are concerned about the effect of the Apple Cider Vinegar on your teeth, just drink it with a straw! Trudy Kither, Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist and Owner of Nature’s Temple, Palmwoods. This information is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to selfdiagnose. It is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. Always seek the advice of a registered natural medicine practitioner or other qualified health providers with any specific health questions you may have.

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Early train passengers enjoy the spectacular scenic route A look backwards could give tourism operators ideas for the future. AUDIENNE BLYTH describes the adventures and beauty of early train destinations.

Terminus, Buderim

Passengers travelling along Petrie Creek on a weekend excursion. On week days the tram hauled cane to the Nambour Sugar Mill.


he proposed heavy passenger rail link from Beerwah to Maroochydore and light rail from Caloundra to Noosa, such is in the government planning. It’s a great idea to get people once again going on an excursion by train. One hundred years ago rail excursions on weekends or on public holidays such as Foundation Day or May Day were the magic carpet ride, often at specially reduced fares. The Sunshine Coast, known then as the North Coast was most popular. Here was a chance to see green cane fields, to take in fresh mountain air and to enjoy magnificent panoramas of land and sea. Day trippers from Brisbane, for a return fare of six shillings, could travel 100 kilometres to Yandina. Here the steam engine could take on water and be

Sunshine Coast

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turned on a forked line. The cost was less if you detrained before then on any one of the exciting side excursions. Leaving the train at Palmwoods visitors could buy a return ticket on the Buderim cane tram (completed in 1914) for an additional five shillings. One way took one hour through thick bush over bridges and through cuttings. Buderim was a sight for tired city eyes with prosperous farms, orchards and banana plantations. Disembarking at Nambour visitors could take the sugar mill cane tram to Mapleton (completed in 1915), gloriously on high in the hinterland or they could take the cane tram to Coolum Beach (completed in 1922). Some visitors may have chosen to travel along the Petrie Creek tram line to take the launch service from Deepwater at Bli Bli and go to

Maroochydore. Four to five hours were planned at any of the destinations, bathing, sun catching, rambling and, at Coolum Beach, tobogganing. Both town and city bands sometimes accompanied the holiday makers. They entertained with a program at the station or, as one report

Rounding the curve, Buderim

stated, on the headland at Coolum in 1925. Some travellers may have stayed overnight for the moonlight excursions on the river or they may have liked a night time journey on the cane tram back to Nambour by 11 pm. What an adventure it was for those formally-dressed city people to travel in a cane tram, some found seats in special carriages and others sat on six-inch planks in noisy cane trucks that rattled over a narrow line. Sometimes so many people bought excursion tickets that two trains were scheduled from the city. On one occasion two

hundred people journeyed to Yandina from where they climbed over Mt Ninderry enjoying the rugged slopes and waterfalls. By the 1930s buses met the trains and day trippers were able to cram in even more sightseeing. From Palmwoods a bus would take visitors over Buderim to Mooloolaba and Maroochydore and return in time for the evening train. Buses for Caloundra met the train at Landsborough. Similarly at Cooroy, buses carried passengers to Tewantin and Noosa. Sadly the little tramline extensions all closed as road transport increased. With the opening of the Bruce Highway in 1935, people began driving themselves to resorts which became popular as guest houses and boarding houses offered visitors accommodation. The very mention of an excursion by steam train brings a nostalgic smile to many of us. It was a leisurely way to travel and who knows someone may be there at the end of the journey offering us a cup of tea or at least offering some hot water to go with the billy and tea leaves we always carried.


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Advanced technology gives extended EV’s driving range Potential electric car buyers face questions of resonable a price ranges and charging accessability. BRUCE McMAHON explains the positive changes.


pretty special, very slippery Mercedes-Benz has now driven better than 1000 kilometres across Europe on a single battery charge. As the business of all-electric machines gathers momentum there remain two drawbacks, hold-backs if you like before Australians take to EVs in droves. (This is setting aside the vexed issue of coal-fired power stations for a minute.) The first question is cost, the currently high to premium showroom prices. The second is range and accessibility of chargers. Prices will steady a bit, especially with Chinese manufacturers moving in. Range though may long be an issue in far-flung corners of this country, particularly when there’s a paucity of fast charging stations; EV pioneers are often frustrated too by waiting for others to finish ‘fuelling-up’ and often finding chargers not working. Now while Mercedes’ Vision EQXX concept, driven from Germany over the Swiss Alps to the French coast, shows advancing EV technologies will cut range anxieties, innovations at remote Australian roadhouses using waste cooking oil to fuel generators may help

fill gaps. An off-grid system at the Caiguna Roadhouse on the Eyre Highway, around 370 kilometres east of Norseman in Western Australia and 370 kilometres west of the South Australian border, is one of the world’s most remote charge stations. And an all-green solution. The BiOfil system developed by retired engineer Jon Edwards uses left-over cooking oil for ‘clean’ electricity. “Oil that is used in deep fryers comes from seed crops such as canola and sunflower, the plants absorb the CO2 and sunlight to

make the oil which is put into commercial use as fryer oil then it becomes a waste product,” Mr Edwards said. “BiOfil extracts the energy from the waste product to charge EVs using a generator. The CO2 produced is the same as the CO2 absorbed, so the process is net zero,” Mr Edwards said. The first electric car to use the Caiguna station on the 1650-kilometre haul across the Nullarbor was a Polestar, a Swedish EV. “The West Australian government is planning the world’s

longest electric highway, which is great, but it doesn’t connect WA to SA, there’s some 720km of desolate highway with no fast charging for EVs. As we say, the big lap has a big gap,but not anymore,” Mr Edwards said. While the eastern coastline is reasonably well-covered for chargers there remain spaces for EV fast charging in regional and remote areas. In early 2022 there were 3000 public charge stations at 1650 sites across the country; 470 of those, at 250 sites, have fast chargers (which may still need an hour to re-power an electric car). Network gaps could take time to fill. Sandfire Roadhouse, 1900km north of Perth and 320km south of Broome, has one three-phase power-point for EVs. “But it draws a massive amount of power on our generators,” says Ken Norton. “If people just want to come in for a couple of hours to supercharge we can’t provide that service. Some people book a room and they’ll put it on a trickle-charge overnight. Yeah, we’re not geared for the fast charge.” Ken finds EVs “a little bit out there” and thinks hydrogen-fuelled EVs would work better than pure EVs in remote areas.


Loses a Gem

Lester Smiley, 78, of Mooloolah QLD, Australia, peacefully passed away on May 21, 2022, after strokes from vascular disease. Born in Rockhampton to Henry & Emma (Shirley). Lester was fiercely passionate about equality and fairness from the start and dedicated his life to both his pursuit of political discussion and his family. After landing his first job as an apprentice jeweller, he began an incredible career in jewellery - co-founding Sunstate Jewellers on the Sunshine Coast, which celebrates 50 years of continuous trading.

CARAVANS WANTED Wanted to buy, all caravans and motorhomes. • We come to you • Fast settlement • Finance Paid out If you want a quick no hassle sale please contact Joe for a price 0418 876 395 16 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

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Lester put family first, always, and was a dedicated father who instilled a sense of adventure and independence in his children and grandchildren.

Lester Smiley

Trusted by the Locals

Both of his daughters pursued careers in jeweller manufacture, design and retail. Lester was a strong, kind, loving, supportive husband, father and grandfather. Always an optimist, his knowledge and gentle guidance provided a loving and solid foundation for his entire family. Lester was passionate about discovering all the World could offer through good food, wine and many friendships. He spent most of his retirement travelling to all parts of the World with his beloved sidekick, wife of 57 years, Gudrun. Lester leaves behind his older brother Geoff, wife Gudrun, children Tania and Rita and grandchildren Casey (25), Astrid (18), Zaida (16), Jye (13) and Marley (10). A private cremation with no service will be held at this time, and the family requests no flowers are sent but consider a donation to your charity of choice.

2 Allen Street, MOFFAT BEACH | 5491 1733 Open 8.30am - 6.00pm Weekdays (closed Wednesday) Sunshine Coast

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Wellness Centre now open, scan QR code to see more.

WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU RATHER B? Explore our exclusive 5-star facilities. Buderim’s only luxury lifestyle community for over 50s, B by Halcyon, has been thoughtfully designed with an array of meaningful spaces so you can take it on or take it easy. Featuring a Wellness Centre, Recreation Club and Creative Arts Pavilion, B by Halcyon provides you with everything you need and then leaves it all up to you.

Visit our display centre - Call 1800 050 050 to book an appointment | B by Halcyon 2 Retreat Drive, Buderim, Qld, 4556

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Stage two facilities opening 2022

Stage two includes a messy arts precinct.

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Members Di, Karen, Traci & Juliet

THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY QUOTA Caloundra extend a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who has supported our club and the organisations operating in our Community. Thank you for the ongoing support. Quota Club Caloundra members elected a new committee for the upcoming year, which is focused and committed to continuing fundraising for our diverse community and the wonderful support organisations within our region. Throughout the past 10 years inclusive of the past two turbulent years, Quota Caloundra has distributed funds to various organisations which assists in the enduring support of disadvantaged children, women, hearing & speech impaired, disability and Hospice care. Quota is an inclusive friendly club which provides social interaction with Community fund raising activities such as BBQ’s, Cocktail evenings, morning teas. Motivating Thought-provoking speakers attend our meetings to generate interest in the community. We welcome new members to come along, our social coffee mornings, held on the first Friday of every month at 10.15am and our Business meetings held the second Thursday at 7pm at the Caloundra Power Boat Club. To become a new member, volunteer or sponsor, or for further information on Quota please contact Dianne: 0407 229 879 or Juliet: 0438 179 951

SEVENTY-three members and guests enjoyed our monthly lunch at Maroochydore Surf Club on 29th April with an ANZAC theme to honour all service personnel—a slide show for Viewpoint, ANZAC home baked cookies and a delicious lunch, overlooking the beautiful stretch of beach. The guest speaker was Kylee Byrne, coach of Sunshine Coast Lightning netball team. Kylee spoke about her role as coach and also of the challenges facing young people in sport today. Head Coach Kylee Byrne has over 15 years’ experience coaching elite netball programs. Kylee was promoted to Head Coach of Sunshine Coast Lightning at the conclusion of the 2019 season after playing a pivotal role in Lightning’s 2017 and 2018 Premierships and 2019 Grand Final as Assistant Coach. Maroochydore View Club is a socially active club with interesting outings during the month such as a recent High


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Kylee Byrne with Ann Dunn and Fran Boulton Tea, a fashion parade, lunch at the TAFE training restaurant and the national Walk With A View in July. All visitors and prospective members receive a warm welcome. To enjoy the friendship of the View club and book your place please phone Maggie Taubman on 0418 793 906.


GLASSHOUSE COUNTRY VIEW CLUB IN June we will have a scone morning on the 1st at a member’s home where we will have a fun day sampling each other’s scones and sharing recipes. On the 15th we will be celebrating our 19th birthday with a party at 11am at Glasshouse Country RSL at 1 Reed Street Glass House Mountains where we will have games, raffles and a lovely buffet lunch. If you would like to come to an event or join our club, pls contact Joy on 0457 413 651 or Janet on 0448 845 303. or visit or facebook

FORCE OF FRIENDSHIP RECENTLY a group of intrepid travellers of the Friendship Force of the Sunshine Coast Club travelled into the outskirts of Central Queensland on a three week tag along journey exploring many cultures of our regional neighbours. Their stories are embroidered with much laughter and camaraderie as they faced the heat and flies in Winton and tried unsuccessfully to develop a mathematical formula to explain the demise of the dinosaurs. The School of Distance Education in Longreach was also a highlight as were the many creative sculptures and imaginative murals reflecting the diversity of cultures in the small towns along the way. In visiting National Parks and historic sites they learned about

IN THE GARDEN — with Penny

archeology, Qantas, cattle duffers, honest stockmen, gold and sapphire mining, and the friendliness and resilience women and men of the west who built, and continue to build, regional Queensland. On the Sunshine Coast the Club is engaged in planning their first Interclub activities since the COVID pandemic. They will be hosting an inbound journey from the South Sydney and Tamworth clubs in June and travelling on two outbound journeys to Perth and Mount Gambier in September and October. To learn more about the club visit it’s Facebook page or visit friendshipforce, new members are always welcome.

BUDERIM View Club is calling on members of the community to consider volunteering for the children’s education charity, The Smith Family. VIEW (Voice, Interests and Education of Women) is dedicated to supporting children in need with their education through The Smith Family. Members do this through community fundraising, spreading awareness, and volunteering. One of the key themes for National Volunteer Week this year is about bringing people together through volunteering, which Buderim Club President Janette Horton said is more important than ever before.”. “We are always looking for women to join us in supporting The Smith Family.” For more info on Buderim VIEW Club contact Gail Jullian on gai3@ or visit www.view.

WE have certainly had more than our share of rain recently. Succulents and Geraniums aren’t looking their best, put some new pieces in before they rot completely, leave cuttings to dry out for a few days then pot up into a well-drained mix. Succulents will also grow from a leaf rested on top of mix; new plants start off where leaf was removed. If you have any low spots in your garden it’s a good time to either build up or plant to suit situation. There are still a few grubs around, have seen them recently on Citrus, Hippeastrums and Alocasias, they can do so much damage in a very short time. Also keep an eye on cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli as the cabbage moth is still around. Derris dust is the best to use. Hopefully the excess rain hasn’t damaged our Sweet Peas, not too late to replant. With the price hike in all vegetables, it will pay to pop a few seedlings in. Even in a large pot you can grow a tomato, lettuce and spring onions. Lots of flower seedlings to put in for a Spring show, Stocks, snapdragons, ssters, pansies and alyssum to name a few. With the cooler weather coming on it’s a good time to tidy up all patio plants by removing any dead or diseased foliage. Happy gardening everyone and never give up. Happy gardening. Penny Hegarty



THE Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is celebrating its 30th year of service in 2022 and,in a busy world the genuine care of volunteers, who donate their time, can make such a difference to an older person’s life. A morning tea to thank volunteers and create awareness of the program will be held at the Vitality Village in Birtinya, there will be treats, lucky door prizes and a musical performance by the Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Community Visitor, please email the QLD CVS State Representative, Kieran Mawdsley at or contact your local provider of the CVS.

ASSOCIATE Professor Jon Prangnell will be speaking at the Caloundra Family History Research general meeting on June 6 at 1.30 via zoom or join us in the Family History rooms. Last year Professor Prangnell brought an amazing collection of bottles he had found in his research. He has been surprising us for years, so we are excited to hear about more adventures. His areas of interest include archaeology, heritage and museums. We are looking forward to listening to a stimulating talk. Please visit our website for more information on www.caloundrafamily or ring June on 0409 932 229. Sunshine Coast

1/06/2022 3:07:19 PM

The world’s most exclusive rugs handmade in one location at Milton

All of Persian Carpet Gallery carpets are supplied with certificate of originality. You can also exchange the rugs at any of our stores across Australia. We have the most amazing rugs from traditional Persian to modern.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Over 50 years in the trade Expert cleaning & restoration Trade-in/exchange

Phone 1800 200 028 36 Park Rd, Milton. Open 7 days until sold out 10am - 5pm S YDN EY I PE RTH I AD E LAIDE I BRISBANE I DARWI N

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Promised positive oral health initiatives Nation’s aged care residents reap potential benefits of new policies.


here is every reason to be optimistic that the new Labor government will work with the nation’s peak dental body to fix the broken dental system for people in aged care. Labor promised in a letter written before polling day, that it would work with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) to improve training for aged care workers, so it includes an oral health component. “The ADA congratulates the new Labor government and looks forward to its new Cabinet delivering on the undertaking to work with us,” said ADA President Dr Mark Hutton. “Labor has said it understands the importance of oral health to elderly Australians and acknowledges the relevant recommendation of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s Final Report. “Further, they wrote to us saying that an Albanese Labor Government would engage with relevant stakeholders, including the ADA, to address issues with aged care vocational and university education programs, the Aged Care Quality Standards and other regulations relating to oral health needs in residential aged care. “This is great news and will go a long way to fixing some of the biggest issues facing the 190,000 residents of aged care facilities around Australia, many whose oral health issues are not being met as often as they should be, or not at all.” Dr Stephen Liew, ADA Vice President said in the run-up to the election the nation’s dentists asked the major parties to address the lack of oral care in residential homes by: • Funding direct access to public and private dental services that maintain the basic dental and oral healthcare standards in aged care facilities, what the ADA calls a Seniors Dental Benefits Schedule,

• Including clinical indicators for oral health in the Aged Care Quality Standards, • Including core units of study on oral health in the Cert III in Aged Care to ensure staff in aged care services are skilled to be able to care for resident’s daily oral health needs and to identify when dental services are required, and • Including an oral health assessment in the over 75 health check performed by GPs.

FAST facts Malnutrition, social isolation and declining general health are some of the serious impacts of not maintaining a healthy mouth. The Australian Oral Health Survey has found: • 32% of those aged 55-74 years and 25% of those aged 75+ years have untreated tooth decay, • 51% of those aged 55-74 years and 69% of those aged 75+ years have gum disease, • where the gum disease wasn’t treated, it resulted in complete tooth loss for 20% of those aged 75+ years, • 22% of those aged 55-74 years and 46% of those aged 75+ years have an inadequate dentition (less than 21 teeth).

PALLIATIVE CARE INFO Do you need information about palliative care or end-of-life care? Coordinating and accessing care services and supports can be very complex and overwhelming. The public is invited to a talk on this topic on Saturday, June 11 at the Heritage Centre in Cooroy. The speaker will be Sue Mason-Baker of Mingary Care. Formerly known as Sunshine Hospice Ltd., Mingary Care is a generalist palliative care provider on the Sunshine Coast offering compassionate palliative support in relation to serious illness, dying, death and grief. The charity has embarked on a new and innovative model of care aimed at addressing gaps in services and supports in our local community. Managing Director Sue 20 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

20.indd 2

Mason-Baker can explain how the new model of care works and how you can access their services. On Saturday, June 11, at 1pm Sue will be guest speaker at the Cooroy Noosa Genealogy Group’s June general meeting at the Heritage Centre, 17 Emerald St Cooroy. For further information, ring 3129 0356, or go online at Sunshine Coast

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TURK FAMILY SPIRIT AND MATESHIP LIVES ON AT GEMLIFE THE family spirit and sense of mateship that contributed to the success of the John R Turk electrical wholesaling company before it was sold 20 years ago, has seen three of the siblings settle at GemLife Pacific Paradise over 50s lifestyle resort. Stephen and Janis Turk were the first of the family to move into GemLife Pacific Paradise in September 2020, closely followed by his sister Gail May and, just nine months ago, brother David Turk, who moved up from New South Wales, took up residence. “We wanted to downsize from our home at Coolum and found everything we desired here at GemLife Pacific Paradise. Gail and David felt the same when they visited us and the rest is history,” said Stephen who is delighted to have his brother and sister living so close by. “We see each other all the time and enjoy lots of activities together. We would not be anywhere else – we just love it!” All are used to sticking together having spent their earlier lives working with their father, John R Turk in a business he built from scratch. The late John R Turk created a multimillion-dollar business with 32 branches and a staff of 160. His family, which included GemLife Pacific Paradise homeowner Stephen Turk together with his four brothers and sister Gail, were with him every step of the way. “Dad used to say to us `if it weren’t for

Turk family members Gail, David and Stephen you kids, I wouldn’t be where I am today’. Sadly, he never lived to see the true extent of what he built up, passing away at the age of 62,” said Stephen who remembers his father selling his first products out of their Sydney home’s garage. When his father eventually started operating out of a warehouse, all the children helped after school. “It was always a family affair and Dad was an incredible man who always believed in working long and hard and giving the best service possible to his customers. It was something he instilled in us all and was how he built a mini empire.” Other GemLife over-50s resorts on the Sunshine Coast include a new hinterland resort at GemLife Palmwoods which offers premium recreational facilities and beautifully designed, low maintenance homes, created exclusively for the over-50s. Call 1800 317 393 or visit

After five great years at nearby Halcyon Lakeside (QLD), Chris and Shirley were keen to downsize to a smaller abode however after looking elsewhere, they found themselves at B by Halcyon. “We had a huge two-storey house at Halcyon Lakeside that we decided had become too big for us – we spend more time cleaning it than we did enjoying it,” Chris said. “The size was the original reason we built the house, but then we wanted a change.” The duo looked at several different over-50s luxury lifestyle communities but ultimately settled on B by Halcyon. “We even flirted with the idea of getting an apartment next to the beach,” Chris said. “We viewed so many places and B by Halcyon was just better than anything we’d seen – simple as that.” Previously living in a house in Coolum before moving to Halcyon Lakeside, Chris says B by Halcyon was full of the attributes they wanted with six hectares of open, landscaped space; secure, master-planned facilities and a dedicated lifestyle and recreational precinct. Chris and Shirley opted for an architect-designed Kuranda home, a two-bedroom, single-storey house with a separate office and double garage plus a small, low-maintenance garden that fulfils Chris’ wish to relax. “I’ve gardened all my life and now I don’t have to do so much of that – I have

Halcyon Chris and Shirley Birch more time to relax,” he said. “I suppose as we get older, security is also a big factor along with the friendliness of having like-minded neighbours of a similar age. “Funnily enough, when we left Halcyon Lakeside one of the chaps at golf asked me if I enjoyed living at Lakeside and I’m not sure how much I told him of how great it is but he bought the next day!” While Chris has sold several other people on the benefits of moving to Halcyon Communities, who have subsequently bought into B by Halcyon, he admits that his five grandchildren do not need much encouragement to visit. “As it turns out, the grandchildren spend more time in the pool than they do with us,” he laughed. For more information go to the website:

THE GOVERNMENT EXPLAINS RETIREMENT ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS Residential aged care facilities Retirement villages differ from residential aged care facilities. These are facilities that provide various levels of supportive care, and are administered and operated under the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997. An aged care assessment is required for entry to these facilities. Residential services (boarding houses and hostels for seniors and aged rental accommodation) – Retirement villages differ from supported residential service

facilities, such as private boarding houses and hostels for seniors and aged rental accommodation. These other facilities provide rental accommodation and, in some cases, personal care to older people and people with disabilities. They may also provide special services, such as meals, linen, cleaning, assistance with medication, showering and finances, for a contracted weekly payment. Residential service facilities are

regulated by the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002. They are privately operated and do not receive government funding. Residential, lifestyle or manufactured home parks – Residential or lifestyle parks are also known as a manufactured home parks and are often marketed as ‘Over 50s lifestyle resorts’. Previously, manufactured home parks were called mobile home parks. Residents own their ‘manufactured

home’, that is the building itself, but not the land on which it sits. Therefore, residents must pay a regular site rent to the park owner. Getting help in retirement villages Contact: Regulatory Services, Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy Contact us with any queries about the registration and operation of retirement villages schemes: Phone: (07) 3008 3450. Source: housing/buying-owning-home/housing

STRUGGLE TO FIND THE RIGHT BRA? TRACEY G PROSTHETICS AND LINGERIE CAN HELP YOU To save you time, Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie is a true one stop shop having the largest range of prosthesis, beautiful lingerie and mastectomy apparel available. Tracey G now also stocks a great range of large cups sizes, maternity, and sports bras. So we now truly have something for every woman. • We help you understand your Medicare paperwork and claims process • All cup sizes AA-K to sizes 8-34 in all leading brands • Mobile service we can come to you

UNIT 6, 1 NORVAL COURT, MAROOCHYDORE Phone: 0466 828 144 ALSO AT - 967 STANLEY ST, EAST BRISBANE • 0466 828 143 Sunshine Coast

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Making you feel right at home


ight at Home is your local quality in-home aged care and disability support provider, providing care and support that allows our clients to remain safe and independent in their own homes. Right at Home has 39 offices nationally and seven based in Brisbane surrounds including the Sunshine Coast which service the areas of Greater Logan, Brisbane West, Brisbane South, Brisbane Bayside, Brisbane North, Moreton Bay Region, and Sunshine Coast. Each Right at Home office is locally owned and run by owners who are experienced health and business managers who have employed local health care professionals and together are aiming to provide their community with the best in-home care services, when and where you need them. Right at Home’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve’TM. At Right at Home, our clients, their families, and our caregivers are at the centre of everything we do. At any of our Right at Home offices you can expect exceptional, 24/7 customer service, 365-days a year. We offer free in-home consultations and care planning as well as free support navigating the government-funded

and insured prior to entering a client’s home. Because every client is different, we adapt our services to suit the client’s specific needs with a custom care plan*. We also offer free supervisory visits to ensure carers and support workers are following the Right at Home customised care plan and meeting your expectations.

“Right at Home understand that care decisions for you and your loved ones are important” Home Care Packages and we assist in guiding you to information on the National Disability Insurance scheme. Right at Home is an Approved Home Care Packages Provider for levels 1 to 4 and can offer plan and self-managed support to NDIS participants, as well as care and support for private pay clients. Additionally, our Right at Home Brisbane North and Brisbane South offices are also registered NDIS Providers and can provide support to NDIA managed clients. Right at Home don’t charge

administration fees for government funded clients and do not charge subscription or exit fees. Right at Home understand that care decisions for you and your loved ones are important. We believe in the Right ApproachTM, so we carefully match our carers and support workers to our clients and participants. A personal introduction to your carer or support worker helps to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable prior to the start of your service. Our caregivers are highly trained, screened

Planning and organising the right home care and support services for your loved ones can be a daunting task, so why not let the Right at Home team of highly trained and experienced staff guide you during this time of inevitable change. Why not contact Right at Home directly to discuss how they can help support you and your family? *Third party managed clients have a different care planning process. For your local Right at Home office call – 1300 363 802 or visit the website at

Your say, your rights in aged care Advocacy support for older Queenslanders is important now more than ever, and your local Sunshine Coast advocates are here to help. ADA Australia has been giving older YƵĞĞŶƐůĂŶĚĞƌƐ Ă ǀŽŝĐĞ ĂŶĚ ƉƌŽƚĞĐƟŶŐ ƚŚĞŝƌ rights for over 30 years. We support older people to access aged care services and resolve care related issues, ƚŚƌŽƵŐŚ ĨƌĞĞ͕ ŝŶĚĞƉĞŶĚĞŶƚ ĂŶĚ ĐŽŶĮĚĞŶƟĂů advocacy services. Advocacy services are here for everyone. Call us on 1800 700 600

a hand around the house.

IRT has been around for over 50 years. Our highly trained home care team are more than just an extra pair of hands, they’re a shoulder to lean on. Personal care


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Cleaning and household tasks

Getting out and about Sunshine Coast

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Aged care rights services are available to help those at home


ged care rights services, or advocacy services, are not just available to older people living in residential aged care, they are also available to older people who are receiving or are eligible to receive their aged care supports at home. Advocacy is not something we talk about often and not everyone understands what advocacy really means. On a practical level, an advocate is someone who works alongside you to give you a voice and help you navigate and resolve a range of issues impacting your rights in aged care. This can range from concerns or problems with the organisation who is providing your care to issues with other services or decision-makers. Advocacy can also help you to make the most of your aged care services and maintain your independence. Take the example of John.

Sunshine Coast

23.indd 3

John has a home care package which allowed a support worker to visit his home once a week to help with some domestic tasks but following some health issues needed to increase these visits. In what is an all-too-common story, John had been approved for a higher-level home care package but was on the waitlist for the funding to be assigned. In the meantime, advocates were able to find John an alternative funding program for the

additional services and apply for a partial waiver of fees. There are many examples where an advocate can just give you that extra support or inside knowledge to help you raise an issue or find a solution. Aged care advocacy services are free, independent, confidential and directed by you. Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia is the Queensland aged care rights service. Call 1800 700 600.

HOME CARE PACKAGES PROGRAM THE Australian Government subsidises organisations to provide home care services to eligible older people. Approved providers of Home Care Packages, understand how funding works, the fees you can charge, and what responsibilities there are. The Home Care Packages program is designed to support older people with complex care needs to live independently in their own homes. It uses a consumer-directed care approach to make sure the support suits a person’s needs and goals. The support is provided through a Home Care Package – a coordinated mix of services that can include: help with household tasks, equipment (such as walking frames), minor home modifications, personal care, clinical care such as nursing, allied health and physiotherapy services. The program subsidises: in-home aged care services: services to help people stay connected with their community. The program provides

services that sit between: our entry-level Commonwealth Home Support Programme and residential aged care for older people who can no longer live at home. There are 4 levels of Home Care Packages – from level 1 for basic care needs to level 4 for high care needs. If you’re an older person and want to find out more, go to about Home Care Packages on the My Aged Care website. To find out if you’re eligible for government-funded aged care services, you can apply for an assessment online.


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A million interactions interpret our world The process of how we perceive and understand the world and ourselves is achieved through a complex set of interactions. JUDY RAFFERTY suggests. retirement could give us the time to reflect upon our interpretations.


e have no way of knowing the world directly. Your brain is lodged within an enclosed dark space inside your head. It cannot peek out to see or smell or hear or touch the world outside of your body. To know anything about the world we must rely on our senses: eyes, ears, nose etc. But, working alone, our eyes do not see, our fingers do not feel, our nose cannot smell, nor can our ears hear. It is

Virtuous Aged Care Planning

the extraordinarily complex interaction between our brain and our senses that allows us to know the world. We must learn how to see and smell and hear. Our brain must learn to interpret the trillions of pieces of information it receives so that we can perceive and know the world outside of our bodies. Sometimes as a psychologist I think that, just like in our physical world, we have no direct way of knowing

ourselves. Perhaps we are only a result of our physical being or perhaps we are much more. Either way it is the extraordinarily complex interaction between our genes, upbringing, physical state, beliefs and life experiences that seem to determine us. Yet we have capacity to reflect on who we are and to make choice and to change. How marvellous and what a responsibility. Perhaps it is in retirement that we have a golden opportunity along with experience and self-knowledge to really make the most of this reflect, choose and change. This can be difficult. It may help to have the assistance of another, objective but caring, person such as a psychologist. The act of brave self-reflection and courageous change can make for a more meaningful life in retirement. Judy Rafferty is the author of Retirement Your Way, A Practical Guide to Knowing What You Want and How to Get It, at all good bookshops and online.

SUNSHINE Coast comes together to celebrate our herbal maker and shakers The annual Sunny Coast HerbFest is coming up on June 5, so get ready to learn from and celebrate our local herbal practitioners and businesses. Featuring speakers, a demonstration tent, market stalls, live music and a herbal-inspired kids corner, this year’s festival is shaping up to be better than ever. HerbFest’s speaker line-up includes local naturopath and author Heidi Merika, naturopath and co-founder of Noosa Holistic Health Amina Eastham-Hillier, as well as herbalist Connie Page, and naturopath Lissa Gavins. And, no festival is complete without coffee (from Indigenous social enterprise Deadly Espresso), drinks and food, with a gorgeous array of plant-based, vegan and gluten-free options available as well. Sunday June 5, 10am -1pm. Coolum Primary School, Barns Lane.

SERVICES: Cost Free Initial Information Session An obligation-free appointment with our aged care advisor to help navigate you through this process.

Aged Care Financial Strategy Paper A Strategy Paper involves a review of your current financial position and provides you with up to 5 scenarios and compares cashflow effects of each option.

‘Modern services with a touch of traditional dignity’


We enjoy meeting with clients to fully understand your goals and objectives, and working together to find the best outcome for now through to estate planning, ensuring peace of mind and comfort with your financial future.

Placement Service – Aged Care Facility We liaise with facilities to organise your move from home or hospital and complete all the necessary paperwork.

Centrelink Service We will handle all your Centrelink needs.

LET’S TALK 1/8 Innovation Parkway BIRTINYA, QLD, 4575 07 5494 5667

We look forward to helping you navigate through the next stage of your life. 24 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

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Probate – What is it? What does it mean? Do I need it? DON MACPHERSON explains the meaning of legal words that are part and parcel of understanding the workings of wills and estates. claimants against the estate. Once a 14-day period has expired then the original Will, plus a series of other Court documents must be prepared and filed in the Supreme Court. The Court will then review the Will and affidavit material in support and make an assessment as to whether the Will seems to be validly executed and should be endorsed as the true and correct last Will of the deceased person.

If satisfied, the court will issue the Probate, which can then be presented to the bank, Retirement Village or Aged Care home to release the funds to which the estate is entitled. Sunshine Coast Elder Law are experts in relation to Probate, Estate Management, and Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts. Contact them on 1800 961 622 or visit www.

Brisbane Elder Law are experts in relation to Probate, Estate Management, and Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts. Contact them on 1800 961 622 or visit www.


robate is a term that regularly comes up when dealing with Estates, but what it means, and what is involved, is often not understood. Probate is the formal approval of a Will by the Court. Importantly, it is not needed in all cases. With small estates, depending on the assets, and the financial institution to be dealt with, the release of funds from a bank or super fund to the beneficiaries of the deceased person can be arranged simply by way of provision of a Death Certificate, and a copy of the Will. However, with more substantial assets the financial institution will commonly request the Executor of the estate obtain Probate so that the financial institution has the comfort of knowing that they are paying out on a Will that has been officially endorsed

by the Court. Banks have different rules depending on their individual requirements, but generally if there is an account of more than $50,000 then the Bank will require Probate to be produced prior to releasing funds. We come across the need for Probate most commonly in relation to Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts. Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts are for a substantial sum of money and the usual practice is that the Retirement Village or Aged Care operator will require Probate to be obtained prior to releasing to the estate (or the beneficiaries) the proceeds of the sale of the Retirement Village unit or the Aged Care RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit). The process of Probate involves firstly advertising to see whether there are any alternate Wills or potential

Wills & Estates Litigation 4/61 Burnett Street, Buderim 4556 E:

Tel: 07 5445 1213

Practical Common Sense Legal Advice for you and your loved ones Premier Legal Advisors for: • Estate Management • Wills • Estate Disputes

• Retirement Village Contracts • Aged Care Contracts • Elder Law


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1800 961 622 | | Maroochydore June 2022 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 25

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Personality traits and how they shape lifestyle stages Aging brings big changes. KENDALL MORETON looks at how an individual’s personality can help or hinder the aging process.


ccording to Swiss researchers, how successfully you adapt to ageing depends on your personality (Pocnet and colleagues, Psychology Today 2021). This study examined the 5 personality traits: conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience and agreeableness. The team examined 76 studies to see how these traits would influence someone’s thinking, feelings and actions. And in turn, how these traits contributed to a person’s well-being. To describe each trait more fully, information was taken from the Understand Myself personality assessment developed by Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and his colleagues. People who rated highly on conscientiousness took good care of themselves. They showed self-discipline in their diet and abstained from drugs and alcohol. They made plans and were better able to adapt to change. Other people found them reliable and sought them out as friends. However there is a downside. A person with a high score in conscientiousness tends to be a


26.indd 2

perfectionist. This can lead to physical stress when life’s circumstances do not measure up. They are generally orderly and industrious. They can be frustrated if their physical capacity diminishes and they must rely on others to complete everyday tasks. The authors found that someone with a high score in neuroticism is likely to have difficulties adapting to the changes brought on by ageing. They may make poor choices in their diet and health care and this makes them vulnerable to disease. Neuroticism is linked with cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. In the care situation, people with a high neuroticism score may worry about changes to their home routine. They may

need extra time to accept new staff. Stable routines, sticking to plans and having good information are helpful. They are risk-adverse. People who score high on extraversion are generally more optimistic. They make and keep friends easily. This stands them in good stead when circumstances get rough. Their wide network means it is easier for them to find the help then need. The authors suggest extraversion can protect someone from loneliness and social withdrawal. An extraverted person is more likely to agree to join a group such as a morning tea club or a chair yoga class. On the other hand, someone who is low in extraversion craves time to recharge. A social gathering can exhaust them. Being open to experiences was a positive predictor of successful aging. This openness included an appreciation of the arts and the ability to explore new ideas. They like to stay mentally engaged with the world. They are sensitive to their surroundings and want to be surrounded by beautiful things. If they use medical equipment frequently, see if it can be stored discreetly so it does not

dominate the home. Bright colours can enhance their mood. The authors considered openness offers some protection against cognitive decline. This trait makes it easier to accept new carers, new tradespeople and new friendships. It also helps the individual accept changes of circumstances. The fifth personality measure is agreeableness. An agreeable person is easy going. This can place them at risk. They may be vulnerable to scams. They may accept a plan or decision that is not in their own best interest. Be sure there is a cooling off period so they can think through major decisions. You may expect someone who is high in agreeableness would find it easier to manage the aging process, however there is no evidence of this. More research is needed. To explore this topic further, please look at the Understand Myself personality test. It is available online at Kendall Morton is Director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. Call 5491 6888 or email kmorton@

Sunshine Coast

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A bright solution to your dry eyes Intense Pulsed Light improves your eyes’ meibomian gland function to help your tears be the best they can be.

Dry eye can be tough and frustrating – you deserve a solution Meibomian gland dysfunction is a common cause of dry eye disease

IPL treatment is quick, non-invasive and is performed on the skin around the eyes No-downtime Reduced dependency on dry eye drops

Your friendly optometrist or GP can provide a referral to attend our doctor-led Dry Eye Clinic. Or to make a direct appointment call our clinic on 07 5345 5011. Insight Eye Surgery is conveniently located at 1/31 Thomas Street, Noosaville QLD 4566. | Telephone: 07 5345 5011 Our OptiLight IPL is clinically tested and the only US FDA approved IPL treatment for dry eye. Research shows that most patients report an improvement in dry eye symptoms after their second or third IPL treatment. IPL is not suitable for all skin types or for those with particular pre-existing health issues. Please call our clinic or visit our website to find out more.

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Could exercise counteract cardiotoxic chemotherapy? New studies suggest healthy alternatives for women with breast cancer.


hen you’re a breast cancer survivor, the last thing you need is another health scare. So, it’s concerning to know that up to 48 per cent of breast cancer patients will go on to fight heart disease as a direct result of chemotherapy. Now, new research from the University of South Australia is exploring how to mitigate the irreversible damage associated with cardiotoxic chemotherapies and protect the heart from damage. Conducted by UniSA PhD candidate James Murray with UniSA’s Dr Rebecca Perry, Professor Eva Bezak and Dr Hunter Bennett, the multi-disciplinary study is assessing the impact of exercise on preventing cardiac damage and dysfunction while reducing other well-known side-effects of chemotherapy. In Australia, more than 17,000 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Globally, these cases reach more than 2.3 million women, and 685 000 deaths. It is estimated that a woman has a one in 52 (1.9 per cent) risk of dying from breast cancer by age 85. Murray says the study could change

the fundamental care model for breast cancer patients. “Chemotherapy for breast cancer is associated with many side-effects including fatigue, nausea, pain, depression and anxiety. But it’s also known to increase the risk of heart disease, leading to heart failure, heart muscle damage and arrythmias, all of which significantly impact functional capacity and quality of life,” Murray says. “Understandably, chemotherapy patients often have little energy or desire to exercise. In fact, our research already

shows that many women undergoing chemotherapy are fearful of doing exercise because they worry that it will further stress their bodies while already weakened by chemo. “Yet as exercise is known to improve many side-effects of chemotherapy ¬- as well as improve health more generally - it stands to reason that it may also be a protective factor for the heart. And we are keen to see how healthy interventions can prevent negative effects of chemotherapy. “In this study, we’re investigating how structured exercise can improve heart function in women who are undergoing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. “So, rather than using lifelong medical interventions to manage chemotherapyassociated complications, we’re hoping that exercise could be a preventative intervention for cardiotoxic chemotherapy, with the added bonus of improving traditional side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue.” The current exercise study is still seeking participants. If you would like to know more, please visit: https://www.

CHECK SMARTWATCH DEVICE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS LIVING WITH Y A DISABILITY SENIOR citizens suffering from a disability may be entitled to a free Spacetalk device under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Spacetalk is an all-in-one 4G smartphone, watch and GPS tracker that keeps users safe and connected at the push of a button. The device is called Spacetalk LIFE. Fall detection technology considerably broadens Spacetalk LIFE’s appeal as an assistive device. The fall detection technology uses intelligent sensors and triangulates the wearer’s location. In the event of a fall, the technology sends a text message to contacts. But it will allow the wearer 30 seconds to cancel the alert in the event of a false alarm. Senior citizens suffering from a disability may be entitled to a free Spacetalk device under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Contact Spacetalk customer support on 1300 087 423, or the NDIS to check eligibility.

Check your heart health A simple test is all it takes. The coronary artery calcium (CAC) score is the international gold standard for predicting heart attacks in patients over the age of 40. This quick, painless procedure can be carried out at the EON Radiology cardiac clinic at Sippy Downs.

EON Radiology is passionate about patient care and offering this testing so close to home will benefit the health of many Sunshine Coast residents. It's never too early to be thinking about your heart health. Speak to your GP about getting a referral today.

EON Radiology is a sister company of Heart HQ and all coronary CT scans are co-reported by a Heart HQ cardiologist and a radiographer.

To find out more call EON Radiology on 07 5414 1100 EON Radiology is a sister company of Heart HQ. Visit for more details.


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07 5414 1100

Sunshine Coast

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Is a promise made to be broken?

Radiofrequency Ablation for knee osteoarthritis

Don’t hibernate from skin checks this winter

Implants for easy tooth loss solution

Chronic knee pain doesn’t have to be met with surgery or medication. Radiofrequency ablation is a non-surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a needle-like probe into the skin. This probe delivers radiofrequency waves to target nerves that are causing pain. Radiofrequency ablation is a safe and effective procedure with minimal recovery time. The results are demonstrating 12 months pain relief and functional improvement specifically for knee pain and osteoarthritis. RFA is especially beneficial to those seeking an alternative to surgery and are not getting the desired results from non-operative measures such as injection therapy and lifestyle modifications. The procedure is completed in approximately 20 minutes, with sedation. Unlike surgery RFA involves no incision. The patient may experience some discomfort at the site for a short period, but this discomfort can be treated with common over-thecounter medication. Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group has a team of health professionals with knowledge and expertise in radiofrequency ablation. Contact to find out more

We live in the skin cancer capital of the world, which is why it’s important not to become complacent with sun protection and skin checks during the cooler months. Queensland’s UV index remains well above three even in winter, meaning the sun’s rays can be just as harmful to your skin as in summer. Even minimal sun exposure can damage your skin cells! A lot of our patients find winter to be an optimal time for their regular skin check because skin cancer can be easier to detect without a tan and topical treatments are often easier to tolerate during the cooler months. Many of our patients with melanoma don’t experience any symptoms, which is why we perform comprehensive skin examinations plus Total Body Photography to find lesions earlier when they are smaller and easier to treat. An Australian is diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes, so if you haven’t had a skin check in the last 12 months, we urge you to book an appointment as it could save your life.

What does a little old lady, her Sydney Harbour mansions, her neighbours and a promise have in common? The Supreme Court of New South Wales recently had to consider that very point! The Court had to decide whether a verbal promise by the elderly Mrs Murphy to leave her neighbours two multi-million- dollar harbourside properties in the affluent Sydney suburb of Birchgrove would override the terms of her Will. The neighbours asserted that Mrs Murphy had promised to leave them her entire estate, including the harbourside properties, in exchange for the neighbours: (i) looking after Mrs Murphy as she aged; (ii) not moving away; and (iii) not carrying out building works on their own property, which would have blocked Mrs Murphy’s much-loved harbour view. Mrs Murphy did not update her Will to reflect her promise. When Mrs Murphy died, her Will only gifted the neighbours $25,000, with the rest of her estate passing to Mrs Murphy’s elderly siblings. The unhappy neighbours sued! Did Mrs Murphy’s promise ‘trump’ her Will? Are promises made to be broken? Read the outcome on our website -or-is-it-made-to-be-broken.


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Dental implants are designed to provide a solid and durable foundation for a tooth root, besides that dental implants look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. Best of all dental implants can be a permanent solution for tooth loss. So, what are dental implants? Dental implants are small titanium screws inserted directly into your jaw at the site of tooth loss. For three to six months the screw is left to fuse with the bone to create a strong support. Once this is complete, your Prosthodontist or Restorative Dentist will construct implant-supported removable dentures, dental bridges or dental crowns to complete the treatment. We also offer the All-On-4™ concept procedure, the technique enables replacement of all of your teeth (usually one jaw at a time) with fixed bridges in a matter of days. There are a number of combinations of this technique which can be adjusted to suit your needs. Call Coast OMS (1800 623 338) to make a consultation with Dr Ian Wilson to discuss your dental implant requirements. Many procedures associated with dental implants may be claimable through Medicare.


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THE ART OF BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY Learn how to capture those special moments and create beautiful images of birds with nature photographer Danny McCreadie. Over a weekend in June, you will learn the techniques to improve the use your camera for better bird photography. The classes cover everything from camera equipment, managing

difficult light conditions, lenses, focusing techniques, composition, bird behaviour, common mistakes, trip planning and digital editing. This course includes hands on practical exercises and a field trip to apply techniques learnt in the classes. The classes are for beginner to intermediate) Class dates and times: Saturday, June 25 9.30am to 4.30pm (Studio). Sunday 2 June 16, 8.30am to 12.00pm (Field trip), 1.00pm to 3.00pm (Studio).Venue (Studio and Field trip): Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny. For more info



SUNSHINE COAST TURF CLUB 170 Pierce Ave, Corbould Park, Caloundra Thursday, 13th October 2022, 9am-2pm We will cover a wide range of exhibits, run workshops, provide entertainment, a talent show, serve great food and drinks to create an atmosphere of fun and pizzaz! Our festival creates the perfect platform for a wide range of businesses to connect with the over 60 community. We have limited exhibition spaces available & capped at 75 spaces. You can book and pay online OR CONTACT TANYA ON 3041 1355 OR 0407 748 773. EMAIL EXPO@IAGEWELL.COM.AU

OVER 60 FESTIVAL “Celebrating life and Building Community” is the theme for these years major over 60 Festival/Expo that will be held during Qld Seniors Month on October 13, 2022 at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club, Caloundra. This year’s event will bring the community together to showcase the best the community has to offer its over 60 community. Gerontologist and founder Tanya Dave of IAgeWell said this year the festival will host a talent show providing a platform for our talented seniors to perform with the winner taking away a 2000-dollar cash prize. We have so much talent on the Sunshine Coast, it is time we showcased it. The community will be invited to vote for their favourite performance on the day. Those interested in participating are encouraged to email au.

We need to open the door to choice, provide opportunities to learn, and support people to pursue what makes them happy. Our latter years provide a new stage of opportunity and growth that must be seized and lived to its fullest. On display will be a wide range of market stalls, exhibits including travel, health, and wellness, holistic living, insurance, retirement planning, options, education and employment pathways, financial and retirement planning, aged care options, caravan and camping and gardening. Senior community groups will be offered free sites to showcase their work. A variety of food, drinks and live entertainment will be on offer to create a festive atmosphere filled with fun and pizzazz. There will be more info closer to the time – for now, mark October 13 in the diary.

HIGH TEA FOR THE HOUNDS Head along and enjoy a lavish morning tea with refreshments, entertainment, special guests and fabulous raffle prizes up for grabs while at the same time raising funds for PTSD. PTSD Dogs Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues dogs from pounds and shelters and trains them to become loyal and supportive assistant dogs for veterans and first responders with PTSD. There will be a lucky door prize courtesy of Fiona’s Fancies, and a $500 gift certificate for a pet with family portrait donated by Zoo Studio Brisbane will be auctioned. Friday, June 17, 10am to noon. Noosa Golf Club, Cooroy Noosa Road, Tewantin. Tickets: $55 via

A Magical Musical Experience

Fantasy and Folklore SUN 24 JUL 11.30AM CONCERT HALL QPAC


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Sunshine Coast

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QUEENSLAND’S PREMIER GARDENING EVENT THE Queensland Garden Expo is one of Australia’s most-loved gardening events, attracting the country’s gardening royalty to the speaker program, more than 40,000 visitors through the gates and injecting more than $10 million into the Sunshine Coast economy each year. This year the awardwinning, three-day event will open its gates on 8 July when more than 360 exhibitors will have everything gardeningrelated on offer, including one of the largest ranges of plants visitors are likely to see in one place in Queensland. “The Queensland Garden Expo provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about all aspects of gardening and for those without a back yard, keeping indoor plants is catered for too. The benefits of having live plants in your home have long been known and in the past couple of years, indoor plants have boomed in popularity. “And if you’re having any trouble, one of our most popular stands is the Plant Clinic where

visitors can ask any question — from bringing in leaves or photos for identification, to getting free advice related to your garden or indoor plants. The event will once again celebrate organic gardening and permaculture in the Giant Kitchen Garden which is a collaboration of many gardening and permaculture groups from across the region, coming together to help create a piece of gardening paradise. “The event appeals to everyone from the most experienced green thumbs to absolute beginners. There is something for all ages, with entry free for kids aged 15 and under and a giant kid’s playground to keep them entertained.” The 2022 Queensland Garden Expo will be held from July 8-10 at the Nambour Showgrounds, Coronation Avenue, Nambour. To find out more and purchase tickets online, please visit www.

The Sunshine Coast Model Railway Club will be holding a Sale and Display Day at the Uniting Church Hall in June. Model trains will be running for all to enjoy, and numerous vendors will be offering model railway products for sale — both new and second-hand. The ever-popular “restaurant car” will provide morning teas and lunches, and there will be a raffle and an information display about the club and its activities. Kids can enjoy hands-on experience of model railroading at the “Thomas the Tank Engine” layout. There are continuous three parallel tracks, each controlled separately, allowing up to three children at a time to enjoy running a model train on a track. The Uniting Church is at 56 Queen Street, Caloundra on Saturday, June 25. The day will run from 8.30 a.m. to 1p.m. For more information, contact Peter on 0409 824 853.


Because of the unseasonal weather The Maleny Hospital Auxiliary Charity Golf Day originally planned for May 13 is postponed to June 17. Auxiliary Past President Jan Cornfoot said sponsors were secured, and they had reached the target for players. “It’s been an outstanding response from the community, however with the change of date, it’s possible that some players will be unavailable, so we are keen to seek others who

will join in the fun on June 17. A BBQ breakfast will now be offered at 8am ahead of a 9.30 am start. Golfers of all standards are welcome to participate.,” Mrs Cornford said. Cost $90 per person for a Shotgun Start 18- holes 4 Ball Ambrose. Includes team buggy, BBQ breakfast, snacks and cash bar afterwards. Book a team of four or the club will allocate individual players to a team. Please book online at www. The Maleny Hospital Auxiliary will benefit from the event. The Auxiliary supports many projects for the hospital, including a major refurbishment of the Palliative Care Rooms which will be completed at significant cost. If you are unable to play, your donation to the Auxiliary will always be welcomed. For more information please contact: Jan Cornfoot, Past President—Maleny Hospital Auxiliary M: 0437 757 891

Note that Sunday is a morning performance.The pieces to be sung by the choir were intended for the Easter weekend Queensland Eisteddfod which was also cancelled. After all the hard work by the choir, accompanists, and our tireless conductor Mr Kim Kirkman, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to present this lovely music to you.

CALOUNDRA CHORALE EASTER CONCERT RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE Our April Easter concert was cancelled due to illness, and we are now delighted to announce that the Caloundra Chorale will

perform the repertoire at three performances, Saturday Friday June 10, 7 7.30 pm, June 11 at 2pm and Sunday 12 at 11AM.

CCTC Theatre, 3 Piringa St, Wurtulla. Tickets; Adults $25, Concess. $22, Groups/ Members/FOC $20, Child $10 Includes supper/afternoon/ morning tea. Bookings: 0490 329 912

10% off for seniors craft beer taphouse in birtinya rotisserie kitchen × craft beer × wine 10% OFF FOOD & DRINK. MUST SHOW SENIORS CARD. NOT VALID WITH OTHER PROMOS OR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

8 the avenue, birtinya (stockland birtinya) Sunshine Coast

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WELSH SOCIETY AND FRIENDS OF THE SUNSHINE COAST – TIME CAPSULE The Welsh Society and Friends of the Sunshine Coast will be celebrating 29 years of gatherings on the Sunshine Coast this year with a family picnic to recover a Time Capsule and reveal the contents on Sunday July 3, 2022. The society began on Sunday, October 8, 1993, when members and friends gathered for a family picnic and buried a Time Capsule, containing secret contents, on the ‘Cwm Glas’ property at Belli, Eumundi. The site is guarded by a stone circle and two Custodians of the

Capsule were appointed. Five children who were at the first gathering of the Society were appointed Junior Custodians of the Capsule. The society began on March 1, 1993 when founders of the Welsh Society and Friends of the Sunshine Coast, James and Gwenllian O’Neil joined 22 adults and five children gathered at The Lions’ Park, Coolum Beach. They introduced themselves, sang the Welsh National Anthem and later enjoyed a picnic. These gatherings have continued with an annual luncheon on St. David’s Day on March 1; an annual Cymanfa Ganu celebration of Welsh music, singing, and culture; a shared Christmas luncheon in December together with various social gatherings such as a lunch or barbecues to provide further opportunities to meet with like-minded friends. The Society welcomes those born in Wales, those who have lived in Wales, have Welsh roots or have an interest in Wales. The Society provides opportunities to meet together to celebrate Welsh culture and history in a warm, friendly atmosphere. For those interested in this event, more detailed information on location and time, or interest in the Welsh Society activities, please contact Evan Jenkins (President, Welsh Society Sunshine Coast) on 0428 224 503 Visit:

RUNAWAYS BOOK LAUNCH This is an opportunity to hear two highly skilled intelligent writers introduce an exciting book. Shelly Davidow and Shaimaa Khalil met twenty years ago at the University of Qatar, where Shelley was a teacher and Shaimaa a student. Shelley is an Ashkenazi Jew from South Africa and Shaimaa is a Muslim from Egypt. Despite their geographical, religious and cultural differences, these two women found common ground,

CCTC SPECIAL SHOW THE Lounge Suite is starring Dale Pengelley, a leading light in Australian Musical Theatre and dance. He played the role of Peter Allen in Boy from Oz when it

which eventuated in a deep and enduring friendship. Now that Shaimaa is in Australia as the BBC’s Australian correspondent, the two of them have shared their fascinating correspondence, their experiences and their friendship in the form of a twohanded memoir, Runaways. Shelly Davidow and Shaimaa Khalil are in conversation with ABC radio’s Sheridan Stewart for the book launch and author talk. It will be held on Friday, June 10 at 6pm at Peregian Beach Community House (the brand-new community house next to the tennis courts in Rufous St) Wine and finger food will be served on the evening. Bookings essential 5448 2053,

premiered on the coast. High energy and full of song and dance, this stage show will have you swooning and swaying to the timeless tunes of Nat King Cole and The Rat Pack, and musical theatre classics like Singin’ in the Rain, The Boy from Oz, Chicago and Hot Show Shuffle. The Lounge Suite features just the right amount of romance, cabaret and swing to make it a sensation you won’t forget. Hurry! CCTC Theatre, Saturday, July 2, 2pm and 7pm. Adults $40 Concession $38, Group price $35 a ticket.

winterjazz featuring the taphouse hot 3 sunday afternoons 1pm-4pm mulled wine | wine flights | rotisserie enjoy a long lunch and live jazz every sunday in june 8 the avenue, birtinya (stockland birtinya) 32 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

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free y entr @MALTSHOVELTAPHOUSESC Sunshine Coast

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BILL MCCARTHY I did read the first 200 pages of this book. If I had not been distracted by the presence of my two visiting grandchildren then I might have read every second page of the remainder instead of the one in five I did read. Even then it was a toss-up between wordle, sudoku and political party policies. I think Brisbane was not an interesting place in the early 60’s and the characters in the book follow suit. Romantic they are definitely not. The boys drink rum and punch out of rubbish bins. A girl spends a lot of time up a tree looking through her boyfriend’s window, with whom she will not sleep. He gets another girl pregnant who subsequently has an accidental abortion, then kills herself. Other girlfriends are deported or have to leave the country because of the white Australia policy. Another girl gets raped. These events are somehow submerged in 400 pages of idle chit chat. For me, this book was not a pleasant read.

MARY BARBER I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were lively, and their dilemmas were easy to relate to. There was enough complexity in their individual stories to make them interesting. This is a coming-of-age book. Tara and her group of friends are at the end of their university days and about to launch into their careers in agriculture. What paths will they take? Which love will last? Readers who know Brisbane well will enjoy the timber homes on the riverfront, the vibrant treescape and the coffee shops of the 1960s. The dialogue and descriptions were all smooth and easy to follow. In short, this is a good book to immerse yourself in.

BOOK review SUZI HIRST What to say? I struggled! I did not finish this book. I tried but had to force myself to pick up the book and keep ploughing through. Half way through I gave up. I was Interested to see what the reviews were like on the internet, and I was surprised that in the main it was all positive. I will be keen to read what me fellow reviewers have to say about the book! Guess it was just not a book that grabbed me. I will leave it to you to decide whether to give it a go or not! Happy reading.

Way back in the day when people wrote letters, a box of Old Gold chocolates had significance and the City Hall at 91 metres was the tallest building in town; everyone’s under twenty-five and single, and everyone’s hoping to get that special someone into bed. But in Brisbane, 1961, that’s not so easy. Perils abound: The Pill can’t be dispensed to unmarried women, pregnancy terminations are illegal, and being gay is a criminal act THOSE BRISBANE - relationships take on unique shapes. ROMANTICS If you remember By Danielle De pounds, shillings and pence, you’ll enjoy Valera revisiting this era.

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT The author provides us with a coming-of-age tale that is as much about life and times in the 1960’s as it is about the uncertain hearts and minds of her vividly described university student characters. Eight agricultural students living and partying in an old Queensland house in Spring Hill experience roller coaster romantic relationships pressured by early marriage and career choices, inter-racial issues influenced by the White Australia Policy and a multitude of other confronting matters including their education choice and artistic aspirations. The writing varies between sparse and beautifully crafted, sometimes an off-putting mix. Not a must read for me but relatable.

JO BOURKE This detailed account of student life in the early 60s struck many chords in my memory. I was admitted to Kelvin Grove Teachers College at the tender age of 16 due to a shortage of teachers and quickly embraced student life. The author’s description of the fine old house, the jacarandas, the City Hall, the revues and the parties after are spot on for me! Despite the many characters in this novel, the author skilfully weaves each individual vignette, so the narrative is enhanced and reflects so well the culture of the times with its lack of birth control and the White Australia Policy. I’d love to see this story read by senior school students, but I suspect they would shake their heads in amazement. This is a story for those who lived through the 60s student days and who somehow made it through those days of self discovery and can look back with affection. I had not previously heard of this author and the internet listed at least a dozen of her books which I look forward to reading.

Rubbish and Clutter Cleared


pace !! Clear-S

Our specialist rubbish removal service, takes away, redundant, dis-used, obsolete and worn-out furniture and white goods... beds, mattress’s, lounges, fridges etc. Can be one item or several from both low-set and high-rise residence to CLEAR-SPACE !!. For a FREE QUOTE and friendly service, contact Barry NOW !!. The Clear-Choice !!.

Ph: 0477 772 138 Sunshine Coast

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TONY HARRINGTON It was interesting to revisit places and an era that I grew up in. This book is about the social, romantic and work life of a group of recent post graduate agricultural scientists in the early 1960’s. I wasn’t too keen on the two principal characters and their on-off relationship. Too many other characters and couples distracted from the main theme. Too many parties, too much booze, too much extraneous stuff! The only thing I found a little bit romantic was the main female character’s love of flowering plants and nature. I didn’t find those Brisbane romantics very romantic at all. The main theme of the book was the power of sexual attraction and the question of sex before marriage. In those days marriage meant motherhood and domesticity versus a career for the single woman. This novel was well written but it didn’t excite me. 4/10

Security, Independence & Peace of Mind Providing privacy & independence with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• One Bedroom Cabins and Studios • Two Bedroom Cottages • Undisputed industry leader



• Over 5600 satisfied Glendale owners • 6½ year structural warranty • Over 38 years experience

BSA License No. 42372

Obligation free site inspections freecall 1800 801 710 June 2022 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 33

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The WORLD in Your Hands

Travel in Your Time

Scoot you way to sensational Singapore SCOTTY MCRAE takes us with him to a place he says that everyone should visit – at least once in their life.

Singapore is a great blend of new and old


hen it comes to holiday destinations under 10 hours flight time from my home base of Sydney, Singapore has always been a personal favourite. So, when they became one of our neighbouring countries and relaxed their Covid entry requirements a little more last week, I was more than eager to return. Singapore has so many travel prerequisites covered. It’s a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Cuisine that is influenced by its diverse population from all around Asia. Think Eurasians, Peranakans, Indonesians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Middle Eastern settlers, and a few English, and you get my drift, right? A foodie’s dream destination, where you can visit a hawkers centre in Chinatown or Arab Street and eat yourself silly for $20 AUD. Yes, you will be able to roll out!

While developing some of the most stunning skyscrapers with a significant tilt towards sustainability and constructed to wow, architecture that has firmly held on to its Art Deco, Colonial historic charms are profusely. If you’re travelling with the family and you want to earn major brownie points, Sentosa Island with its almost endless enthralling alternatives are undoubtedly a must-see when visiting “Instant Asia.” You can reach Sentosa by cable car with its amazing views or the monorail, but the pedestrian boardwalk is another alternative and a terrific example of Singapore’s modern way of life and you can pretend to burn a few of those holiday calories while enjoying the ‘walk’. Once there, the possibilities are quite incredible! As I exited the cable car and its spectacular view, I proceeded to the Islands’ newest attraction, “The Skyhelix,” an open-air gondola-style ride that slowly rises 79 metres above sea level, providing 360-degree views as far as the eye can see. If you have a fear of heights, maybe walk past this one. As I travelled across the island on yet another cable car, I was struck by the beauty of the island’s beaches, where you could easily spend a relaxing afternoon soaking up the Singapore sun. Unfortunately, I was on a

Take a walk through Chinatown’s artwork

Door-to-Door shuttle bus transfers! NOOSA TO CALOUNDRA • Brisbane Airport • Brisbane Cruise Terminals • Sunshine Coast Airport p Use promo-code: YOURTIME to receive 10% discount off your next shuttle!

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email: web:

TEL: 1300 266 946 OR 07 5556 9888 34 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

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mission and the clock was ticking. Resorts World Sentosa was next and it was as mind blowing as I was led to believe. I found it almost impossible to comprehend how many entertainment, accommodation and restaurant options could be squeezed into 50 acres and not make you feel claustrophobic? Still plenty of open space and green settings to enjoy and then you have to decide how many of the attractions to visit! Adventure Cove Waterpark, S.E.A Aquarium, The Maritime Experiential Museum and Dolphin Island are but a few so take your time ok. For me though, and not normally one for the Theme parks, Universal Studios was an absolute cracker. Do not miss out on riding “The Mummy” and “Power Rangers’’ rides, just don’t’! MUST DO: I had the pleasure of walking through Chinatown with renowned artist and street muralist Yip Yew Chong, who offered me an insight into some of his unique and captivating works. This is one you can do yourself, and it will only cost you your time and your imagination. Not only do you get an insight into the Yew Chongs Chinatown, but you will also be taken back in time if you allow yourself. It’s as if you could walk inside the artwork and become a part of his personal history. GETTING THERE: If you are looking for a super cost-effective choice when flying to Singapore, I suggest you give Singapore Airlines low cost carrier ‘Scoot’ a go. My journey was seamless and surprisingly very comfortable. The “Scooties” as the staff are affectionately dubbed are up there with the most helpful and attentive flight crews I have experienced ever. Also flying in the big bodied sleek and stylish Dreamliner certainly removed any restrained feelings

Singapore is a foodies dream destination you may experience elsewhere. Scoot’s versions of Economy, Premium and Business are also ‘out of the box’ with the choice of Economy, Scoot in Silence (no kids in sight) and Scootplus (Scoots Business Class). Check out for the scoop on Scoot. STAY: Swissotel Stamford not only provides a master class in delivering slick service and luxurious accommodations, it is located in one of the most accessible and scenic positions possible. Finally reopened after two long years serving as a quarantine hotel, staff here are in raptures at the return of much missed travelling guests. Affordable lavishness is the go here and every room is brimming with chic design and technology-enhanced trimmings. With some delightful dining options in house and the direct connection to the alluring shopping precinct of Raffles City you will be more than happy with your surroundings. My Travellingguy tip at Swissotel is to treat yourself to a meal or at the very least a couple of sundowners at Skai on the 70th floor. Beautiful views and delectable cuisine. For more info:

Ph: 5494 5083

SINCLAIR TOUR & TRAVEL Day Tours - with Pick ups 13 Jul 17 Jul 20 Jul 9 Aug 24 Aug 28 Aug 3 Sep 18 Sep 8 Oct 17 Dec 18 Feb

Bremer River Cruise Bjorn Again: Mama Mia Back Again! – QPAC The Sunshine Club QPAC Brisbane EKKA Bus and Entry Cinderella The Musical QPAC Outback Spectacular Lunch Brisbane Riverfire Cruise/Dinner Girl from the North Country – QPAC Qld Ballet’s Mannon – QPAC Michael Bublé In Concert – Bris Ent Centre Ed Sheeran Suncorp Stadium


Extended Tours - Small Groups! 12 July 15 July 10 Aug 17 Aug 30 Aug 6 Sep 18 Sep 27 Sep 18 Oct 26 Oct 18 Nov

Whales, Markets & Mary Poppins Torres Strait Islands – Just a few left! Tangalooma – Just a few left! Singapore Gardens, History-Few left! Brunswick Cruise/Waterfall Way Norfolk Island 8 Days Canberra & Floriade Toowoomba Carnival Flowers Launceston to Hobart O’Reilly’s Rainforest - 4 Days Tassie’s East Coast Drive


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100-YEAR OLD PIECE OF HISTORY HITS THE ROAD More than 40 people, a 26-metre long and 8.7 metre wide trailer, 700-horsepower prime mover, police escort and nerves of steel were needed to lift a 100-year old paddlewheeler out of the Murray River in Victoria and transport it on a mega trailer more than 1700km to its new home in Longreach by road. Undertaking the first ever mega marine move in Australia of this scale, with a boat this age is Queensland grazier, lover of outback history, tourism entrepreneur, Richard Kinnon of the Longreach-based Outback Pioneers. “This is believed to be the largest haulage of a marine vessel this old ever undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere,” Mr Kinnon said. “When I found out the Pride of the Murray was looking for a new home, I knew I’d found a genuine outback pioneering artefact we just had to preserve. “The only problem - this perfect piece of Australian history is giant and 1,750 kilometres from Longreach.” “It’s an extremely delicate operation. It’s a 100-year-old boat we are lifting out of the water and putting it on top of a trailer before we drive it from Victoria to Queensland. Before the boat was winched from the water the wheelhouse was removed because of height restrictions and placed

Join Penny Hegarty on one of these fabulous tours! WARWICK & STANTHORPE 28th Nov-1st Dec 2022 $1375 per person twin share $1575 Single Room Includes • Home pickups (conditions may apply) • 4 Star accommodation • 5 Star Coach • All meals

on a separate truck to be transported to Longreach. “We’re passionate about educating people about Australia’s proud pioneering history and once the paddlewheeler is recommissioned, 100 people a day will get to relive an authentic river experience.” “The incentive for me and the Kinnon family is millions of tourists will get to enjoy riding the Pride of the Murray on the Thomson River for another 100 years,” Mr Kinnon said. All of the Outback Pioneers’ immersive, award-winning and authentic experiences and accommodation including a future sunset cruise on the Pride of the Murray, For more information and bookings visit the website:

TOOWOOMBA CARNIVAL OF FLOWERS 15th – 17th September 2022 $895 per person twin share $1150 Single Room Includes • Home pickups, conditions may apply. • Coach, accommodation, all meals. DON’T MISS OUT!


4th – 7th October 2022 - $1275 per person twin share, $1545 Single Room

Includes• Home pickups, conditions may apply • Coach transfers • Accommodation & meals

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST MELBOURNE FLOWER SHOW MARCH 2023, REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW! Includes: Accommodation * Coach Travel * Tours * Entry Fees * Pickups - conditions may apply. Informative guided tours where your touring expectations are my priority.

Pe n ny H e g a r t y 0 416 0 2 8 7 87 p e n ny. h e g a r t y @ g m a i l . c o m w w w. b r u c e d r y s d a l e g r o u p t o u r s . c o m . a u

Experience THE BEST THIS COUNTRY has to Offer CT TRAVEL Coolum Tours & Travel

Explore with us From Brisbane to Birdsville, Karumba to Hobart, there is so much waiting to be experienced along the highways and byways of this vast land. See for yourself the rich and unique landscapes of these regions and learn some of the most interesting history our country has to offer.

Sunshine Coast

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2022/2023 Tour Program JULY 2022 O’Reillys Winter Escape (4 Days) SEPTEMBER 2022 Nth Qld Savannah Way (12 Days) OCTOBER 2022 South Australia - Flinders Rangers (10days) Carnarvon Gorge & Wallaroo (7 Days) NOVEMBER 2022 Tasmania (14 Days) Hunter Valley Christmas Lights (5 Days) FEBRUARY 2023 King Island (4 Days) Murray Princess & Kangaroo Island (11 Days)

Senior Coach Coa Tours including: MARCH 2023 O’Reillys Escape (4 Days) Fraser Island Explorer (4 Days) APRIL 2023 Autumn - Canberra (11 Days) High Country to the Murray Delta (11 Days) MAY 2023 Norfolk Island (9 Days)

9 5 Star Coach Travel 9 All Accommodation 9 Tours and Entry Fees 9 All Dinners & Breakfasts 9 Most Lunches 9 Home Pickup & Return*

JUNE 2023 Red Centre & Top End (17 Days) Adelaide to Darwin

Bookings PHONE (07) 5391 1648

JULY 2023 Carnarvon George & Wallaroo (7 Days)

M 0409 278 971 E

AUGUST 2023 O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat (4 Days) Carnarvon Gorge & Wallaroo (7 Days) Fraser Island Whale Watch (4 Days)

For more detailed information on any of these tours, please call of visit our website: June 2022 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 35

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IN just 12 days of comfortable travel through Outback Queensland you will have the great opportunity to experience a tour that is dedicated to you creating everlasting memories . The travel highlights include viewing spectacular gorges and picturesque waterways, uncovering unique pioneering history, fossil rich lands and provides the opportunity to meet the locals who call outback Queensland their home. In between the exploration, you will be enjoying billy tea and dampers, picnic lunches and delicious meals at pre-booked locations. On day one those travelling from the Sunshine Coast will be transferred to Brisbane airport for the flight to Townsville, where you will meet the Coach Captain. He is ready to transport you to Charters Towers where the safari tour begins. You will be introduced to the longhorns before a camp oven damper and billy tea, served from the genuine cowboy chuck wagon. Your guide reveals many significant sites and facts about the town’s history of gold. The next day we leap back millions of years in time and go on a guided pre-historic journey around the Kronosaurus Korner Complex. Travelling across this great land, we drive through Julia Creek towards the birthplace of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Cloncurry and visit John Flynn

FOR many, the Mediterranean quiet season is an ideal time to explore the region. With fewer travellers, visitors can explore historic landmarks and hidden local treasures at an easy-going pace and have more opportunities for meaningful interactions with locals. Join Viking and discover a region awash in culture and history. Civilisation is said to have begun and evolved on these shores, whether as the birthplace of democracy or science or with the refinement of wine or art. From the sun-soaked shores of Spain and Sicily to the ancient past of Greece, Viking reveals millennia of history to you during their many journeys along these fabled waters. Viking’s Explore the Mediterranean for Less campaign includes limited-time offers on six 2022 Mediterranean voyages including the 15-day Ancient Mediterranean Antiquities from Istanbul to Rome and the ever-popular 8-day Iconic Western Mediterranean from Barcelona to Rome. You can simply unpack once, and Viking will take care of the rest. With just 930 guests, and all veranda staterooms, Viking’s award-winning state-of-the-art ocean vessels are intimate yet sophisticated, with no kids, no casinos and everything you need included. With some of the best value found at sea, a Viking ocean voyage includes all

Place Museum. From here it’s over to the lively outback town of Mount Isa and a tour of the Hard Times Miner. After a great day, it’s back to Cloncurry for great food and conversation with fellow travellers. The next stop is Karumba , a visit to the Barramundi Discovery Centre and a trip on the Crab & Croc Cruise. The journey continues to Normanton and a stop to board the Gulflander to Critters Camp. Next, it’s time to experience the beauty of the Cobbold Gorge. In a electric powered boat you will discover the marvellous narrow gorge . There’s plenty more to see along the way including a stop at the Undara National Park. On the last day, we head off at a casual pace to Cairns, after settling into our accommodation, we’ll board the Spirit of Cairns for a magical cruise along the Trinity Inlet. There’s so much to this tour. For more info go to


MONACO Monte Carlo

Montpellier (Sète)

EXPLORE THE MED FOR LESS IN 2022 For a limited time only from





Florence/Pisa (Livorno)


Rome (Civitavecchia)


Monte Carlo Marseille Florence/Pisa Montpellier (Livorno) (Sète) Rome Barcelona (Civitavecchia) Naples SPAIN ITALY Mediterranean Sea N

Mediterranean Sea


meals, with no fee for alternate dining venues, complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch & dinner, 24-hour room service and endless specialty tea, coffee & bottled water. Plus, there is an excursion in every port, unlimited Wi-Fi, all onboard gratuities, port charges and taxes and access to the state-of-the-art LivNordic spa facilities. Book before 30 June 2022 with Tewantin Travel and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of Viking’s Risk-Free Guarantee with the flexibility to change your cruise dates up until 14 days before departure.



Overnight in Port

Overnight in Port

Messina Sicily

Ionian Sea

Mediterranean Sea

GREECE Aegean Sea Athens (Piraeus)

TURKEY Ephesus (Kuşadasi)

Souda Bay Crete



BARCELONA – ROME or vice versa

BARCELONA – ATHENS or vice versa



SET SAIL Select 2022 departures

SET SAIL Select 2022 departures

From $2,995pp in Veranda stateroom

From $5,445pp in Veranda stateroom




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• Private veranda stateroom with king-size bed

• Choice of 8 dining options

• Guided excursion in each port of call

• Wine & beer served with lunch & dinner

• Access to LivNordic Spa facilities

• 24-Hour room service

• Wi-fi & onboard gratuities, port charges and taxes

• Industry-leading health & safety program

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Sunshine Coast

1/06/2022 3:22:42 PM



3 5 2 7 9 1 8 6 4

4 8 1 2 5 6 7 9 3

9 6 7 3 4 8 5 1 2

5 7 4 6 1 9 3 2 8








2 9 3 8 7 5 6 4 1

8 1 6 4 3 2 9 5 7

1 2 9 5 8 3 4 7 6

7 3 5 1 6 4 2 8 9

6 4 8 9 2 7 1 3 5



1 4 5 7 6 8 2 9 3















9 6 7 1 3 2 5 4 8

3 8 2 4 9 5 1 6 7

4 9 1 8 2 3 6 7 5

6 7 8 5 4 1 3 2 9

2 5 3 6 7 9 4 8 1

5 1 9 2 8 4 7 3 6

7 3 4 9 1 6 8 5 2

8 2 6 3 5 7 9 1 4



1. Where were the last Commonwealth games held? 2. True or false: Cruella De Vil was an English aristocrat from the 17th Century. 3. Which major bodily organ is encased by the pericardium? 4. How many minutes are in a quarter of a day? 5. How many blank tiles are used in the game Scrabble? 6. What was the first given name of former Premier Jo BjelkePetersen’s wife? 7. New Zealanders call them “jandals”. What do Australians call them? 8. Where on a horse is the fetlock? 9. Complete the saying: “Money doesn’t grow on …” 10. Which car company has a model called the Micra? 11. In what sport has Minjee Lee excelled? 12. What country is used in the Phonetic Alphabet to represent a letter? 13. What acid is a key component of vinegar? 14. What petrol brand was re-branded as Ampol in Australia in 2020? 15. How many syllables are in the word “stratocumulus”? 16. What was the name of the main rabbit in Disney’s film Bambi? 17. On what kind of transport was a cowcatcher used? 18. In which Australian state or territory is Mandurah? 19. How many sides does an octagon have? 20. Which Shakespearean play is often called the Scottish Play?



With Quizmaster Allan Blackburn

Secret message: Slip, Slop, Slap













WORD STEP TRICK, TRACK, CRACK, CLACK, CLANK, CLANS There may be other correct answers

aching, acing, align, baling, bang, BLANCHING, cabling, caning, clang, cling, gain, glib, haling, hang, lacing, lancing, lang, nigh

1. Gold Coast; 2. False; 3. Heart; 4. 360; 5. Two; 6. Florence; 7. Thongs or flip flops; 8. Leg; 9. Trees; 10. Nissan; 11. Golf; 12. India; 13. Acetic; 14. Caltex; 15. Five; 16. Thumper; 17. Locomotive; 18. Western Australia; 19. Eight; 20. Macbeth.

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37.indd 3

Kendall Morton Director June 2022 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 37

1/06/2022 3:23:12 PM









No. 3011





11 12 13



16 17



20 21



23 25




ACROSS 1 Demonstrators single out damaged trees (9) 6 Names everyone involved in case in an odd way (5) 9 Creative old Italian doctored non-radical video (8,2,5) 10 Novel is not written about one kind of spirit (8) 11 Criticise time taken in a strategic move (6) 13 The writer cross with one company in Spanishspeaking country (6) 14 Relative, one in need of a wash (7)

17 Feeding trough opened up by a supervisor (7) 19 First component of basic relay switched just (6) 22 To small pictures, subject matters (6) 24 Honour code adapted by class (8) 26 People in contest rush a complicated battle of wits (5,10) 27 One turning tail with pen is not very nice (5) 28 Close to Easter, reckless speeders may be kept in check (9)

No. 059

DOWN 1 Cushion’s edge folded over and down (6) 2 Treat containing cold centre is special (4-3) 3 Chopper rising over excavation is doing an inspection (9) 4 Attempts to resolve AVO accepted by confused user (10) 5 Party expressed disappointment audibly (4) 6 Catlike animal caught by one person trained to look after animals (5) 7 Nothing tripped up four members of eager family (7) 8 Rank isn’t manipulated by one of high rank (8) 12 Little one screwed up and hit packaging material (6,4) 15 Get bubbly demonstrator, say, agitated on beat (9) 16 Typical facial expression, as far as I can see, upset one kid (8) 18 Young lifesavers rewound reel supporting small person (7) 20 Lazy people employed people in a bakery (7) 21 One kilobyte downloaded from corrupted diskette should be analysed (6) 23 Soft copper lacking selfconfidence (5) 25 Pelt, in a sorry condition, given an airing (4)

The Great Western Play & Stay Musical Tour 2023… Monday 18/09/2023 to Thursday 28/09/2023 Bus, Bed, Breakfast, Nightly Meals & Entertainment

$3,300 per person 11 Day Musical Tour with 12 Country/Western, Rock n Roll Artists. See the Outback like you’ve never seen it before!




























The leftover letters will spell out a secret message.


P R No. 059


Bus Tour Adventures for all! Over 25 years of experience G & D Ross Bus Charters has established itself as a leading bus tour and charter business in Queensland, known for prioritising the safety and comfort of passengers. Our passion for Australia inspires us to plan exciting overnight bus tour packages for groups of up to 60 people which include meals and a fantastic itinerary which covers all the best sights and sounds that Queensland has to offer. Half of our fleet have wheelchair accessible and include TV, DVD, PA, while all have air conditioning and seat belts. We go the extra mile by working directly with the manufacturers of our buses to ensure that comfort and security are up to our high standards.

For more information or enquiries please contact GREG & DONNA ROSS. PH: (07) 4129 7132 OR 0427 297 132 e: 38 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / June 2022

38.indd 2

Sunshine Coast

1/06/2022 3:23:39 PM



No. 3687


No. 059

Today’s Aim:


9 words: Good



18 words: Excellent




4 9 10 11 12 13 15 17 19 22 25

Beverage powder (5) Moth or butterfly pupa (9) Island off the coast of Victoria (7) Musically poetical (7) In a state of disorder (7) Student (7) Thus (9) Black (4) Sulk (4) Male athlete (9) Having sharp corners (7) Grandmother (colloq.) (7)

26 27 28 29

Nutty (7) Libyan capital (7) Arranged (9) Japanese comics (5)

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Maximum limit on containment (9) Prevailing weather (7) Designated amount (9) Roomy (9) Noblemen (5) Comedian, — Silverman (5) Relating to the surrounding area (7) Pay (6)

Extended (9) Social exclusion (9) Actress, — Jolie (8) Continuing (7) Rainy season storm (7) 21 Gambling house (6) 23 A language (5) 24 Frameworks holding goods (5)

9 4 6 1 5 3 1 2

1 2 3 6 9 8 3 5 2 4 6 9 8 6

Level: Medium No. 059

Complete the list by changing one letter at a time to create a new word at each step. One possible answer shown below.

14 15 16 18 20

No. 897

7 2 9

No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.


Level: Easy

5 8


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once.


Every row, column and 3x3 outlined square must contain the numbers 1 to 9 once each.

13 words: Very good





_____ _____ _____ _____


2 7 3 No. 898



1 3 9


2 7 4 6 3 3 9 2 7 8 1 8 3 4 7 1 7 4 6 2 3 1

CLANS Puzzles and pagination © Pagemasters Pty LTD.

June 2022

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Custom made lift, recliner with wall saver & choice of fabrics



Also available in single, king single double, split queen & split king


Open Hours Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 4.30pm 3/73-79 Wises Road Maroochydore Ph: 5479 5918 40.indd 2

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