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Giveguestseverythingtheywant, allinoneplace. BUS02393_AccomNews_FC_Jun22_FPC_210x297mm_FA2.indd 1 20/6/2022 10:28am No.PostPrintPostAust.byRegistered 100024635||1300876055Custommadefurnitureincludingpackages&financesolutions.SPECIALISTSIN ACCOMMODATION FURNITUREFF&EANDJOINERY CALLNOWTOLEARNMORE DennisClarkMDIA HotelInteriors The essential industry guide Registered by Aust. Post Print Post No. 100024635 Issue 83 | Autumn 2023 |AUD$16.50inclGST| | 1300876055 Custommadefurnitureincludingpackages&financesolutions. SPECIALISTS IN ACCOMMODATION FURNITURE FF&E AND JOINERY CALL NOW TO LEARN MORE BWH to launch new extended-stay brand to Australian market The essential industry guide Registered by Aust. Post Print Post No. 100024635 Issue 82 | Summer 2023 | AUD $16.50 incl GST | | 1300876055 Custom made furniture including packages & finance solutions. SPECIALISTS IN ACCOMMODATION FURNITURE FF&E AND JOINERY CALL NOW TO LEARN MORE DennisClark MDIA HotelInteriors Quest charges into 2023 2023/2024 MEDIA KIT PRINT+DIGITAL Proudly published by Multimedia Pty Ltd – for further information, please contact: P | 07 5440 5322 E |

AccomNews has solidified its position as the premier product and service guide for the Australian accommodation industry.

With a distribution of over 14,500 print and digital copies, the quarterly publication provides invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and best practices for a diverse range of properties including hotels, motels, resorts, apartments, and tourist parks. With a readership encompassing key decision makers and purchasers, such as hotel chain CEO’s, senior hoteliers, resort and apartment onsite managers, and regional motel and tourist park operators, this platform offers the perfect opportunity to promote your products and services to a captive audience.

The AccomNews readership collectively manages approximately 300,000 rooms, ranging from motel and studio-style accommodations to large 3-4 bedroom apartments. AccomNews is designed to address the real issues that are pertinent to the successful operation of all types of accommodation properties. The magazine regular sections align with the departmental structure of a typical accommodation property, making AccomNews a leader in accommodation industry B2B journals. As a trusted industry magazine for over 25 years, operators rely on AccomNews for the critical information to run their businesses.

14,500 Print and Digital Copies distributed each issue

10,000+ Subscribers to the twice weekly digital newsletter

The Isla Motel - Batemans Bay

Features + Deadlines

Winter 2023

ͫ Australia & New Zealand Caravan & Holiday Park Industry Spotlight Supplement

ͫ Tourist Park Facilities: Keeping Kids Entertained

ͫ Air Conditioning Upgrades & Installations

ͫ Tourist Park Guest Facilities Refurbishment

ͫ No Vacancy Exhibition Pre-Coverage

ͫ Hotel Management and Guest Apps

ͫ Online Reputation Management

ͫ Underground Carpark Upgrades

ͫ Self Service Check in Solutions

ͫ Guestroom Kettles & Toasters

ͫ Transforming a Hotel Balcony

ͫ Outsourcing Housekeeping

Booking Deadline: 29th Jun 2023

Artwork Approval Deadline: 7th Jul 2023

Magazine release: Late Jul 2023

Spring 2023

ͫ Waterplay Solutions for Accommodation Properties

ͫ Perimeter Security & Access Control Systems

ͫ Impress Guests with Stylish Staff Uniforms

ͫ 2023 Guestroom Amenities Supplement

ͫ Transforming a Tired Property with Paint

ͫ Luxury Towels, Bathrobes and Slippers

ͫ Commercial Hot Water Systems

ͫ Accommodation Alfresco Areas

ͫ Guestroom Mattress Solutions

ͫ Grab & Go Breakfast Solutions

ͫ Hospitality Interior Design

ͫ No Vacancy Post Coverage

Final booking: 14th Sept 2023 Artwork Approval Deadline: 22nd Sept 2023

Summer 2024

ͫ 2024 Guest Room Entertainment Supplement

ͫ Hospitality Education & Pathway Programs

ͫ Proving the Ultimate BBQ Area for Guests

ͫ Balcony & Balustrade Refurbishment

ͫ Swimming Pool Design & Maintenance

ͫ Guestroom Bed Presentation Trends

ͫ First Aid Training & Equipment

ͫ Sustainable Amenities

ͫ Guest Wifi Solutions

ͫ Inhouse Laundries

ͫ Air Quality

ͫ Smart Locks

Autumn 2024

ͫ Door Lock Solutions: Keep pace with industry trends

ͫ 2024 Property Management Software Supplement

ͫ Space-Saving Innovations in Laundry Equipment

ͫ Silencing Hotel Noise – Acoustics

ͫ Quilts, Blanket’s & Bedspreads

ͫ Paper Products & Dispensers

ͫ Complete Furniture Packages

ͫ Floor Scrubber Solutions

ͫ Amenity Dispensers

ͫ Digital Compendiums

ͫ Outdoor Furniture

ͫ Hospitality Beds

Final booking: 28th Mar 2024

Artwork Approval Deadline: 5th Apr 2024

release: Early Oct 2023
Final booking: 1st Dec 2023 Artwork Approval Deadline: 11th Dec 2023
release: Mid Jan 2024
release: Late Apr 2024

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Front Cover Sponsorship

Graham Perry: Looking to the future

“It was undoubtedly the most challenging period of my whole career, but also the most rewarding.

“And what was so rewarding was coming through it by managing your culture and being agile and flexible. And I'm incredibly proud of my

As our most prestigious placement, the front cover sponsorship package enables you to showcase your company and highlight your team’s remarkable accomplishments throughout the past year to our extensive and engaged audience. Front Cover Package includes:

• Front Cover Branding Image, Text & Logo

brand to Australian market

BWH Hotel Group is premiering a new lifestyle brand in partnership with ARBT Prefab

people to work from our hotels. Which is a win-win as these travellers will then stay longer because they can

2 page Interview example

now mix business trip with pleasure. “BWH is very aware of this trend and have range of extended stay brands including Executive Residency, @Home and SureStay Studio to cater for this expanding market.

“We are extremely excited about Australia premiering our very first Executive Residency in Woolloongabba Queensland later this year. This new build 51 apartment property will comprise of two, three and four-bedroom residences.

“It will reimagine the home away from home experience by utilising natural light, modern design, expansive living areas and must have facilities such as a 24-hour gym. This accommodation includes stylish comforts and creates hospitality experience that is designed to cater to longer-term stays.

“So as you can see it’s perfect time for our emerging extended stay brands and our lifestyle and boutique brands like Aiden, World Hotels Crafted and Glo.” When reflecting on the past few challenging years within the industry, Mr Perry said he was most proud of how his team at BWH has banded together and come out stronger.

“You know, in my 40 years, I've been through lot of challenging events,” Mr Perry said.

“We went through the Lockerbie crisis when literally the whole world stopped travelling overnight. And then there was Y2K, Bird Flu, SARS, and September 11. Then came the Global Financial Crisis and most recently the pandemic.

“The pandemic was by far the most destabilising crisis.

Front Cover branding example

• 2 Page Interview with key senior staff member, written by AccomNews journalist.

• Full Page Advert & Full Page Advertorial Four dedicated pages, plus the cover $9,000 Excl. GST.

15 14 AccomNews Autumn 2023 AccomNews Autumn 2023 INDUSTRY INDUSTRY By Sarah Davison, Industry Reporter BWH Hotel Group (BWH) Australasia Managing Director Graham Perry’s career has spanned all areas of the travel, hospitality and tourism industry. After getting his start in hotels, Mr Perry’s career has seen him work in catering, theme parks, airlines, travel agents, digital media, and tourism (at national, state, and a regional level). Returning to hotels with his appointment at BWH in 2018 is what he calls a “full circle” moment. “Some would say have worked in approaching ten industries, but believe have worked in one large interwoven industry,” he said. “My mother worked in hotels, so naturally really enjoyed being involved from a very early age. “I am very passionate about hotels, so it’s wonderful to be back in this industry.” Mr Perry said there has been an overarching theme throughout his career. “If look back now, the part that links every step of the way has been my interest and passion for everything distribution and technology,” he said, “It’s involved every type of technology you could imagine, pre and post internet. find it fascinating the way the booking systems and connections work and the partnerships that they inspire. So, by combining my broad experience and my interest in distribution this enables me to maintain a very holistic outside-looking-in view of the industry, and where it is and where it can be.” With this passion for technology, Mr Perry said he was excited to see how the hotel and accommodation industry could begin to fully embrace technological advances. For inspiration, Mr Perry likes to reflect on his time in the airline and travel agent industry and how they have evolved and embraced technology. “With airlines, everything is technology-focused and entrepreneurial, all the way through,” he said. “They're very focused on refining their booking systems. Just think about air travel these days, you can manage all on your mobile, While the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly difficult for the hospitality and tourism industry, Mr Perry believes it provided an incentive to revolutionise the way hotels operate. “The pandemic was a wake-up call and it forced the industry to think about technology in new ways to grow revenue, promote new services, improve the guest experience and all whilst cutting costs, which was particularly important in view of labour shortages,” he said. “The crisis gave us that push to embrace technology and enhance customer service. “As an example, more hotels are now embracing touchless technology where guests can use mobile to check in and check out, manage in-house services and search local experiences. “I think it’s a very exciting time to be in the hotel industry.” However, Mr Perry said there is another aspect of the airline industry he would love to see
see no reason why the hotel industry can't do the same thing in the future. The hotel industry came together to create Ultraswitch, the forerunner of Thisco in the 1980s to create common distribution link to all GDS and airlines. see no reason why it can’t do the same in the 2020s to create what would call global HOTAs. Looking to the future for BWH, Mr Perry said that the group was looking at appealing to a wider demographic of travellers, with particular focus on the new traveller and the hybrid workforce. “The reason is straightforward and because of what is happening in the postpandemic era,” he said. “The modern workforce is not content to work from the office five days a week. They want work and life balance and because of that, when they travel for work, they also want hybrid travel experience.
we as an industry have to keep the needs of these new travellers in mind and create an inviting environment for these
team at BWH, they have grown beyond belief. “We now have really good blend of team members some have been with us for 20 years, others for five years, and yet others who are new. And this combination that blends important corporate memory with new energy and ideas provides really, really strong culture and business. Not only this but we have a very diverse group combining males and females and backgrounds from every corner of the globe be it, Australia, US, Italy, China, India, Moldova, Pakistan, or England. “I think the litmus test for solid culture is that with every person who leaves, we don’t have to go through recruiters to find a replacement. “My team will simply tap the shoulder of a friend, past colleague or relative, to join us because my team say and believe that BWH is a great place to work.” INTERVIEW The Aiden Hotel Restaurant and Bar Advertorial page + full page example
The essential industry guide Registered by Aust. Post Print Post No. 100024635 Issue 83 | Autumn 2023 | AUD $16.50 incl GST | 1300 876 055 Custom made furniture including packages & finance solutions. SPECIALISTS IN ACCOMMODATION FURNITURE FF&E AND JOINERY CALL NOW TO LEARN MORE Dennis Clark MDIA Hotel Interiors
new extended-stay
16 AccomNews Autumn 2023 INDUSTRY For global hotel companies to thrive, it is imperative that they remain agile and adapt to emerging local market needs. This is why BWH Hotel Group will be launching a new long-stay lifestyle brand in Australia namely Executive Residency by Best Western. Now more than ever guests are after flexibility in their lives. Working from home has become the new norm, digital nomad has become popular job title, and seeking an improved work-life balance is an emerging trend. This is having butterfly effect on the hotel industry – with many guests seeking more than just a hotel room when travelling on business or when planning a weekend getaway with their family. They want accommodation to blend seamlessly into their lifestyle, blurring the edges between working and travelling. They want to soak up all the experiences destination has to offer and to stay in the heart of the community, get to know the locals and find out for themselves how they both tick. At BWH Hotel Group, we are determined that the new traveller will want to stay with us. This is why we have added a large number of new and exciting lifestyle and extended stay brands to our global and domestic brand portfolio including core brands (Aiden and GLō), boutique soft brands (WorldHotels Crafted), and extended-stay solutions ranging from economy through midscale (SureStay Studio, Executive Residency by Best Western, and our newest offering @Home by Best Western). To this note, we are extremely excited about our upcoming brand premiering in Australia. The very rst Executive Residency by Best Western will open its doors in Woolloongabba Queensland later this year. This new modular 51 apartment property, comprised of two, three and four-bedroom residences, will re-imagine the home away from home experience by utilising natural light, modern design,expansive living areas and must have facilities such as a 24-hour gym. The rst of its kind for BWH Hotel Group, this accommodation includes stylish comforts and creates a hospitality experience that is designed to cater to longer-term stays. BWH Hotel Group has partnered with ARBT Prefab to bring this hotel to fruition. Graham Perry, BWH Hotel Group’s Managing Director Australasia said, “Our partnership with ARBT Prefab allows BWH Hotel Group to drive growth and fast track new brands into and throughout Australasia. We are very excited to be partnering with company of the calibre of ARBT with whom we have strong synergy and big plans. Together we can champion the diversity of the BWH brand portfolio and make big impact on the accommodation landscape throughout the region”. Following the opening of Executive Residency Woolloongabba, we are set to announce details regarding additional projects, locations and BWH brands already in the pipeline including the opening of the second Aiden by Best Western later this year. Founder and CEO of ARBT Prefab, Solomon Noel said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with BWH Hotel Group to bring our creative solutions, our shared vision and our innovative modular construction technology to life. In launching Executive Residency Woolloongabba, we can showcase our ability to optimise the construction process to produce premium quality hotels with faster construction times and reduced costs.” Executive Residency Woolloongabba, built in an impressive 21 days by ARBT Prefab, will be an exciting addition to BWH Hotel Group and will sit at the heart of the destination experience, no matter how long or short the visit. At BWH we work to ensure that every one of our hotels (whether WorldHotels, Best Western Hotels & Resorts or SureStay Hotel Group), provides unique experience with crafted services ideally suited to the target market and in such way that it inspires the new traveller to want to stay with us and above all return.
BWH to launch
The Aiden, Darling Harbour The Aiden, Darling Harbour The Langham, Gold Coast The Langham, Gold Coast

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