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Doing green business TogeTher A guidebook to green Technologies from Poland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs THIS PUBLICATION IS FREE OF CHARGE © Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw 2018 ISBN 978-83-65427-85-4 Published by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Al. J. Ch. Szucha 23, 00-580 Warszawa On the cover: Łupawa river in the Pomerania region (photo by Stanisław Cios) All opinions expressed here are those of their authors only and do not represent an official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Electronic version of this publication is available at: Printed and bound by: Drukarnia Legra ul. Albatrosów 10C 30-716 Kraków EDIT Sp. z o.o. ul. Kostrzewskiego 1 00-768 Warszawa

Doing green business Together AÂ Guidebook to Green Technologies from Poland


I. Introduction 8 1) Polish Development Cooperation a) Environmental protection in the Polish Development Assistance system b) Instruments of development cooperation c) Projects 2) Greenevo – Green Technology Accelerator

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II. A LMANAC OF THE GREEN INDUSTRY IN POLAND 16 ABRYS AGATA DUST CONTROL SYSTEMS Aquatech ARTechnic ASKET ASPOL FV Banks One Consulting Bercanan Bin-e Bioelektra Group Biogradex-Holding Bioten BIPROMET BTI Gumkowski Corab CRIST CWD Dagas DEFRO Ecoback Ekobenz

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The development of Poland’s economy has been truly impressive over the last three decades. Its size has almost quintupled since 1989. Its diversification and technological advancement have also been remarkable. The environmental protection sector is a particularly conspicuous area. A great number of highly innovative businesses – mostly SME’s – have developed a wide range of technologies and solutions aiming at greater energy efficiency, a better use of resources and a reduction of the impact of human-related activities on the environment. The automotive sector is a telling example here. Zero-emission vehicles designed and manufactured in Poland are capturing


successfully the domestic and worldwide markets. Polish authorities facilitate the development of the green industry by such initiatives as Greenevo, a programme by the Ministry of Environment. We also take active part in climate negotiations. This year will see the third time that Poland hosts the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This clearly shows our commitment in the area of environmental protection. Polish Aid Programme is also increasingly oriented towards addressing the needs of the local communities to protect their environment. Drawing from the experience of a successful

economic transition, our businesses and administration are open to share their knowledge in environmental technologies with other countries, regardless of their current progress on the path to a low-emission economy. The following publication gives an overview of the achievements of Polish companies and research institutes in the area of green technologies and environmental protection. We bear it in mind that the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement require concrete and close cooperation on the technical level among

the parties involved. We believe this booklet will be a useful tool for the businesses and institutions seeking to establish or strengthen such cooperation with Polish entities.

Jacek Czaputowicz Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland


I. Introduction

1) Polish Development Cooperation Polish development cooperation is carried out pursuant to:

• the Act on development cooperation • the Multiannual Programme for Development Cooperation 2016–2020 • Annual Plans for development cooperation

The basic documents on Polish development cooperation are available on the website Poland is a member of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/DAC). Polish development cooperation is implemented in accordance with the development policy of the European Union and global agenda of the United Nations for the years 2015–2030, or objectives of Sustainable Development, which take into account the economic, social and environmental sustainability dimensions, i.e. the eradication of poverty, ensuring environmental sustainability and sustainable consumption and production.

a) Environmental protection in the Polish Development Assistance system Environmental protection is a priority theme in four out of ten priority countries for Polish development assistance set out in the strategic document Multiannual Programme for Development Cooperation 2016–2020, i.e. Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Senegal. Measures implemented in these countries fit within the priority Protection of natural resources and promotion of sustainable development and Mitigating negative effects of climate change, including prevention of natural disasters that contribute to achieving the following results: • improving water management, including better access to water and sanitary infrastructure; promoting hygiene; • improving access to renewable energy sources; • arresting deforestation, desertification, and soil degradation; • enhancing the capacities to prevent and respond to natural and man-made disasters.


1) Polish Development Cooperation

In addition, projects in the field of environmental protection can be implemented in selected countries, indicated in the annual Plans for development cooperation under the Small Grants System.

b) Instruments of development cooperation The “Polish Development Assistance” call for proposals by the Minister of Foreign Affairs The “Polish development assistance” call for proposals announced each year by the Minister of Foreign Affairs is addressed to partners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs implementing commissioned public tasks in the field of development cooperation. The call for proposal is designed for 10 priority countries of Polish development assistance: 4 Eastern Partnership countries (Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), 4 African countries (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal) as well as Palestine and Myanmar. The entities eligible to apply for funding in the call for proposals include: NGOs registered in Poland; local government units for projects in Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine; public and private universities, research institutes, the Polish Academy of Sciences and its organisational units. Development projects carried out by Polish diplomatic missions The development projects are initiated and carried out by Polish diplomatic missions worldwide in cooperation with local partners such as local NGOs, state institutions, local authorities or religious organisations including missionary centres in situ, which, apart from their religious activity, implement projects aiming at the rise of the local population standard of living. Aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals, these projects enhance the lives of socially disadvantaged groups and provide them with better prospects for their future. The assistance is predominantly addressed to women and children, especially in terms of poverty eradication, educational opportunities and health care improvement. Projects include not only small-scale infrastructure investments (i.e. so-called hard projects, such as renovation of facilities, construction of wells, purchase of equipment), but also trainings for members of local communities (i.e. soft projects). These cost-effective initiatives have a substantial impact on beneficiaries as the assistance reaches them directly. Prepared and initiated at a local level, projects take into account the real needs of the most vulnerable groups of people as well as the social and cultural reality of a given community. Project management does not generate additional costs as it is part of the diplomatic mission’s responsibilities.


I. Introduction

c) Projects “Biomass pellets – a practical way to reduce deforestation of the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro” TANZANIA The project has focused on Mt. Kilimanjaro, a mountain of exceptional importance for the ecosystem and people living within a large area of Tanzania and Kenya, for whom the mountain is the primary source of water. Water is getting scarcer and scarcer by the year. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is increasing deforestation of the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, as wood satisfies the need for energy used for cooking. Only a few families can afford to buy a gas cylinder. The local association TEACA and the Poland – East Africa Economic Foundation teach how to make pellets made of carbonised biomass and provide the necessary equipment. By involving schools, self-help groups of women and farmers, and providing environmental education, the TEACA encourages cooperation in the production of pellets for own use and for sale in the nearby town of Moshi. Apart from playing an educational and mentoring role, the TEAC plans to develop the production and sale of pellets manufactured with machines also coming from Poland in the following years. Photo – Małgorzata Zduńczyk

Project implementation – Poland-East Africa Economic Foundation The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – PLN 597,608 in 2016 and PLN 588,166 in 2017. The project has been implemented under the “Polish Development Assistance 2016” call for proposals.


1) Polish Development Cooperation

“Preventing deforestation in the Embu region through the purchase of energy-efficient cooking stoves for the local community and a reforestation campaign” Kenya The local communities in Embu consume more than 50 tonnes of wood fuel per day for cooking, which means the consumption of 1,500 tonnes per month. Furthermore, wood is used as building material. This creates a huge risk to the existing forests in the area. It contributes to the deforestation of land and air pollution (use of open fireplaces). Cooking over open fire causes serious respiratory diseases, especially in children who accompany their mothers at home during the day, also during cooking. The project objectives include the purchase of energy-efficient portable stoves that reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere (due to their special design, they emit much less smoke) and lower wood fuel consumption by 60%. Project implementation – Polish Embassy in Nairobi The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUR 14,482.00 The project was implemented in 2015

“Sun for development. Small solar power plants for schools in northern Tanzania – in search of solutions ensuring the sustainability of rural electrification projects” Tanzania Over 50% of secondary schools in the region of Arusha do not have access to stable and affordable sources of electricity. The project has aimed at increasing access to renewable energy in secondary schools in the region of Arusha and enhancing the renewable energy potential in the region by creating a model of energy co-operatives and a resolution fund. As the project outcome, Photo – Ambrogio Miserocchi 11

I. Introduction

three secondary schools in the region of Arusha (1750 students) have been equipped with small solar power plants, which improved their educational offer. A model of an energy co-operative with a resolution fund has been developed and implemented, with prospects of building more solar power plants in the region. The long-term effects of the project include: better and more competitive educational institutions in the Arusha region, enhanced environmental protection in the region due to the use of renewable and distributed energy resources, more investments in renewable energy sources in the region and lower environmental pressure. Project Implementation – Fundacja Artykuł 25 The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – PLN 255,501. The project has been implemented under the “Polish Development Assistance 2015” call for proposals.

“Support for education in Southern Ethiopia by providing lighting systems to primary schools and equipment to school libraries” Ethiopia A Polish foundation has purchased and installed solar lighting systems in 100 primary schools in two administrative regions of Ethiopia – Oromo and the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region. In addition, books for school libraries have been bought. Workshops on the basics of solar lighting systems operation and a seminar on teaching methodology and library management have been conducted. In regions where the project has been carried out, children help their parents look after grazing cattle during the day and walk to school after sunset. The project has helped improve the conditions and quality of the education of children and youth from marginalised rural areas of southern Ethiopia and increase the number of students completing a full cycle of basic education. Illuminated rooms are used particularly by the youngest children, but are also used by adult residents of villages and towns. The project has also promoted solar energy in Ethiopia. Local communities have learned about alternative solutions compared to the most common method of house illumination by means of wood or charcoal. Project implementation – The Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – PLN 1,252,037. The project has been implemented as part of the “Polish Development Assistance 2016” call for proposals.


1) Polish Development Cooperation

“Energy of rural areas” – provision of solar power energy systems to schools and rural households in Sindh” Pakistan Photo – Embassy of Poland in Islamabad

The project has addressed the energy provision problems in Badin and Thatta districts in Sindh province, Pakistan. The region is exposed to frequent natural disasters, such as floods and mudslides. Besides, local communities suffer from high level poverty, lack of education and unemployment. Only 52% of households were connected to electric power system before the implementation of the project. But even then the electricity was available for only for 4–8 hours per day (or 2 hours during the summer time). As a result, kerosene lamps were widely used which had negative impact on environment, health and safety standards. The provision of solar power energy systems has benefited about 200 households and schools in Sindh province and has resulted in a dramatic fall of the use of kerosene lamps. Now thanks to the new source of power children can study in the evenings, parents can extend their working hours and gain more income. Health and safety standards have been significantly improved.

Project implementation – Polish Embassy in Islamabad The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUR 18 000,00 The project was implemented in 2017

“Livelihoods improvements through integrated and environmental friendly employment development in South Kenya” Kenya The 2-year project was an answer to the needs of the rural communities in South Kenya. 340 local agricultural cooperatives (more than 800 pupils and their teachers in three counties: Machakos, Makueni and Kitui) have gained better access to safe water thanks to the implementation of the project. Altogether, 9 villages and about 5 000 people have, in one way or another, benefited


I. Introduction

from Polish Aid activities in the region. The sand dam technology has been used to achieve the goal. The technology is the most cost-effective method of capturing rain water in drylands. A sand dam is a reinforced rubble cement wall built across a seasonal sandy river. It retains rainwater and recharges groundwater. The project was holistic in approach and consisted of sand dam construction, hygiene training, farmland terracing, seed distribution. Now the access to the water is available for the whole year and that enables farmers to devote more time to the use of more sophisticated agricultural techniques. They facilitate the production of food and at the same time secure and diverse food supply. This is particularly important in the time of drought. The agricultural techniques used include intercropping, zero grazing system, crop diversification and building seed bank. Project implementation – Polish Humanitarian Action The value of co-financing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – PLN 783 152,80 in 2018 and PLN 1 089 480,86 in 2019. The project has been implemented under the “Polish Development Assistance 2018” call for proposals.

2) Greenevo – Green Technology Accelerator The Greenevo—Green Technology Accelerator is an original project by the Ministry of the Environment, financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The aim of the project is to create favourable conditions for commercialising environmental technologies in Poland and abroad, offered by Polish entrepreneurs. As a result, the process of sustainable development is being stimulated. Under the Greenevo project, i.e. since 2009, representatives of the Polish Government, together with more than 60 representatives of Greenevo project winners have taken part in organised missions to more than 50 countries around the world. They participated in specialised trade fairs, seminars, conferences, and meetings. On average, Greenevo project winners had an opportunity to participate in more than two trips organised as part of the project. It has provided a significant support to these companies. Greenevo winners have also organised trips on their own, seeking to establish or strengthen business contacts, or implement specific technologies. Apart from the project, companies have participated in a total of 102 trade fairs in Poland and 53 abroad. In 2014 and 2015, Greenevo recorded a rise in international brand recognition. In 2014, the programme was included in the Best Practice Group 2014 selected by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) in Brussels. In 2015, the the programme received a Green World Award, recognising it as one of the best initiatives supporting environmental protection in the world.


2) Greenevo – Green Technology Accelerator

The project’s main outcomes include a wider availability of solutions that reduce the negative environmental impact of human activities on Polish, European, and global markets. The project facilitates the dissemination, promotion and support of environmentally-friendly solutions for the mining industry, solutions supporting the efficiency of energy and materials, technologies in the field of waste and waste-water management, low-carbon technologies, technologies used to build and complete energy-efficient buildings. Indirectly, the project supports and promotes SME entrepreneurs doing business in the green economy sector in the areas of biodiversity conservation, renewable energy sources, climate protection, passive house solutions, air protection, and low-emission transport. The outcomes of Greenevo activity also increase and promote green decent jobs, as a vast majority of Greenevo project winners developed and expanded their operations after joining the project. In addition, the Greenevo programme has consistently improved ecological awareness of Polish and foreign buyers of technologies/ products/solutions to reduce the ecological footprint. In this way, consumers can more easily find pro-environmental solutions for greater energy efficiency or replace traditional energy sources with renewable ones. The project also raises awareness of entrepreneurs about doing business in a sustainable manner, in accordance with the circular economy principles. According to the conclusions of the Rio+20, the implementation of the Greenevo project is one of the key important instruments supporting the process of transition to a green economy, which really affects the implementation of the idea of sustainable development in Poland and in the world. The project promotes doing business in accordance with the idea of circular economy, particularly with regard to supporting and promoting eco-innovation and environmental technologies in all key areas of the economy. Contact: Ms. Marta Piszcz Department of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation Ministry of the Environment Wawelska 52/54, 00-922 Warszawa Phone (+48 22) 36 92 807, fax: (+48 22) 36 92 263




ABRYS Specialisation: One of the best providers of knowledge about the environment and modern municipal economy: conferences and congresses, magazines, custom publishing, environmental education.

(+48) 61 655 81 00

Size of company: Small ABRYS has existed for 30 years and is one of the best providers of knowledge about the environment. The company delivers information in the area of waste management, water and sewage management, air pollution, communal management. ABRYS publishes four specialist magazines, hosts Internet portals, organizes international conferences, study trips and congresses. The most recognizable projects are: The Communal Review magazine, (a leading website on modern communal economy), The Energy and Recycling. Circular economy magazine, ENVICON Environment - International Environmental Protection Congress and ENVICON Water – International Water-Sewage Congress. ABRYS supports cooperation between Polish and foreign companies in the environmental market, prepares dedicated reports and data bases for foreign customers. ABRYS is a professional partner which offers comprehensive assistance in entering the Polish environmental protection market.



AGATA DUST CONTROL SYSTEMS Specialisation: Effective Dust Control Systems.

(+48) 48 320 22 69

Size of company: Small Dustergent celluguard® – the best protection against dust and ash. Our company specializes in professional protection against the excessive, oppressive dust common in the vicinity of mines, fly-ash and chemical waste stockpiles. With a small modification of the components used in the dust control mixtures, this technology allows also to control odour and unpleasant smells. For these purposes, we use the soil-free technology dustergent celluguard®, which is not only fully eco-friendly and soil-free, but also very effective during the application. The application of dustergent celluguard® based on the soil-free technology is foolproof, cost-effective and very easy. This technologically advanced solution guarantees its effectiveness, as it binds with the soil just after the application and remains unchanged for up to several months.



Aquatech Specialisation: Sewage treatment plants in rural areas, waste water treatment plants, sanitation systems, oil remediation, extinguishing oil fires, remediation of oil spills.

(+48) 510 255 900

Size of company: Small Aquatech is the most experienced specialist in the field of waste water technologies in rural areas in Poland and abroad. Company is listed on the Polish Stock Exchange New Connect and is the biggest in Poland in the sector. The company has an expert team of field managers, designers, environmental specialists with international experience. We are designers and producers of smalland medium-sized waste water treatment plants (WWTP). Our WWTP are working in countries like Iceland, Sweden, USA, Lebanon, Jordan, Russia, England, Germany and of course - Poland. Our latest technology is a fluid used for oil remediation from the contaminated soil (i.e. Exxon Waldez). It can be used for treatment of oil spills. Technology is also used for extinguishing oil fires (i.e. Deepwater Horizon). Technology is neutral for the environment and can be used everywhere in the world to counteract the effects of ecological disasters.



ARTechnic Specialisation: Manufacturing of the Baling Presses for compaction of waste and recyclable materials. Repairing of used channel balers.

(+48) 33 816 01 69

Size of company: Medium The ARTechnic company specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic presses (balers) for compaction of waste and recyclable materials. Recycling of secondary raw materials is carried out in the specialized facilities that are often far from waste sources. Compressed form of waste, achieved by using a baler, reduces transport costs significantly, making recycling more profitable. We have created energy-efficient and easy-to-use machines that optimize the management of recyclable materials and minimize the costs associated with transport and the recycling of waste. Moreover, ARTechnic is a flexible manufacturer that can quickly adapt products to customer’s needs or requirements . Our products are mainly addressed to companies associated with the collection, transport and recovery of recyclable materials. We also professionally repair and sell used-machines from well-known European manufacturers.



ASKET Specialisation: Non-woody biomass, briquetting straw, hay briquettes, briquetting technology, shredding, ETV circular economy, eco fuel.

( +48) 61 877 05 05 (+48) 61 879 44 59

Size of company: Small Since 2005 ASKET® produces stationary and mobile lines named BIOMASSER® for briquetting local agro-biomass such as straw, hay, reed. The briquettes are 100% eco & natural fuel that successfully replaces coal or wood for heating and cooking. Unique feature of BIOMASSER® is that the machines are modular and handle raw material of moisture content of up to 30%, so there is no need to dry the material prior to briquetting. BIOMASSER® allows for decentralized green energy production all over the world in a circular economy. BIOMASSER® is the 1st in Europe innovative environmental technology verified in the framework of European Commission pilot project ETV (Environmental Technology Verification). ASKET® delivered mobile briquetting lines under the European Union tender to Belarus in 2018. BIOMASSER® machines operate in almost 30 countries. They are proven in cold climate in Northern Sweden, European countries of moderate climate like Germany, France, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine as well as in hot climate in Senegal or Tanzania.



ASPOL FV Specialisation: ASPOL FV provides Energeo ground source system for GSHPs including collectors, manifolds and glycol. We also produce innovative heat recovery units together with Spiro and plastic flexible ducts.

(+48) 42 650 09 82

Size of company: Medium Energy-efficient building, innovative technologies and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have set the basic directions for ASPOL FV’s development philosophy for 25 years. Creating and using solutions which protect the natural environment is an alternative way of economic development and an evidence of our care for the future. Cooperation with our partners who think in similar categories creates a platform for exchanging experiences which has made possible introducing the following brands to the market: Energeo –geothermal collectors for heat pumps and WindMaker – heat recovery units for mechanical ventilation. Currently, ASPOL FV is an interdisciplinary company which operates in various segments of the RES market. We supply highly-advanced technologies for HVAC and are a well-recognized manufacturer in Poland, Scandinavia, Belgium, UK, Baltic States, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and more.



Banks One Consulting Specialisation: Applied Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data processing, Air pollution modelling.

(+48)Â 728Â 497 969 Size of company: Micro Banks One Consulting is an IT company focused on practical implementation of Big Data analysis and the newest Artificial Intelligence methods. Particulate Emission Control System (or BOC Zephyros) is an IT system targeted for local communities towards identification of PM pollution sources as well as inflow of the pollution from other regions. Advanced pollution flow model (based on FLEXPART-WRF model and Neural Networks) enables local communities both to identify and monitor local particulate matter PM (PM10, PM2.5) sources as well as inflow of the pollution from other areas using network of existing PM detectors and wind detectors. System provides information on the share of PM concentration from local sources in relation to the outside inflow, provides real-time, hourly estimates of PM flow inside the community area and along the community frontiers, analyses PM inflow onto the receptor region on monthly basis, analyses PM flow between neighbouring regions on monthly basis.



Bercanan Specialisation: Use of fly ash, use of sewage sludge, sewage sludge management, use of waste containing heavy metals, immobilization of heavy metals in sediments, reclamation of degraded areas, odor management.

(+48) 32 266 43 60

Size of company: Micro Our greatest achievement is the original, innovative construction for processing aggregates, based on the “PROMOTEN” patent – an activator enabling the transformation of industrial waste into safe raw materials. This solution is ideally suited for use as a building material for road construction, hill strengthening, cultivation and reclamation of biologically degraded areas. HOW IT’S WORKING: this technology allows, with the help of an activator, neutralization of sewage sludge and fly ash (by-products of combustion). The combination of sewage sludge, ash and activator allows obtaining a final product, which can take various forms depending on the proportion and use of appropriate activator concentration (from agricultural fertilizers to a supporting medium). The company tested the fertilizer with positive results for plant growth and fruit safety. “Promoten” also causes a complete and permanent disappearance of unpleasant smell of sewage sludge within 15 minutes after adding the substance.



Bin-e Specialisation: smart waste bin, automatic sorting and compression, fill level control, IoT, waste management, Artificial Intelligence.

(+48) 661 111 105

Size of company: Small Bin-e is a smart waste bin, designed for office spaces and smart buildings, enabling them to achieve efficiency in waste management and reach green strategy goals. It combines most advanced technology to simplify recycling and facilitate the transition to a circular economy. Bin-e sorts and compresses the waste automatically, controls the fill level and processes data for convenient waste management. It recognizes the type of waste thanks to an AI-based system and sorts it to the relevant chamber. You can follow the recognition process and check the fill levels on the touchscreen. The collection service gets notified automatically when one of the bins inside is full. Each device can be easily managed via an app that shows the fill level of each bin, realtime data and summary statistics. An integrated IoT-Platform provides valuable insights into waste management operations that can be used to optimize collection routes as well as save costs and labour of waste disposal.



Bioelektra Group Specialisation: Waste treatment technology, waste treatment plant, recycling, biomass production.

(+48) 22 523 28 90

Size of company: Small Bioelektra Group is a Polish company investing in waste management solutions. Its patented RotoSTERIL technology of processing municipal waste enables the highest level of recovery (over 90%) and recycling in emission-free manner. It can recover from waste a clean, biodegradable fraction, which is a high-quality fuel or fertilizer. In January 2017, Bioelektra was recognized as the most inspiring company contributing to Circular Economy worldwide and presented with The Dell Circular Economy Award during World Economic Forum in Davos. In June 2017, the company was awarded in the prestigious competition ’’Energy Globe” and received the certificate for the best environmental project in Poland. RotoSTERIL meets all standards set up by the European Commission in municipal waste management. It can effectively process both unsegregated and segregated-at-source waste – the process ensures the highest purity of separated fractions, regardless of the waste collection system. Bioelektra’s technology allows for all valuable resources to be recovered and recycled into products and thus offers unmatched profitable business model.



Biogradex-Holding Specialisation: Biogradex® – Vacuum Mixed Liquor Degassing (MLVD) Technology is used to treat wastewater by activated sludge method with biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in flow wastewater treatment plant. Results in effluent easily meet government standards.

(+48) 55 239 43 00

Size of company: Small Biogradex-Holding is a company who has its own patented technology to treat wastewater. The company is a designer and a main contractor. We have objects in Poland, Estonia, Ireland and Canada. They are either new or modernized communal WWTP; we have WWTP for oil companies as well. Our company holds patents in Poland and the EU, Canada, USA, Japan, China and other countries. Our technology reduces the cost of building new plants and modernization of existing ones. It also allows to reduce the required volume of bioreactors ( higher concentration of biomass 7500- 8500 mg/l- MLSS) and to completely eliminate the sludge bulking problem. It offers simple operation and higher aeration efficiency. Biogradex Holding is a laureate of the Greenevo programme, awarded in 2010 the title of a “leader of Polish green technology”. At present, the technology is under ETV proceeding.



Bioten Specialisation: Biomass, raw glycerine phase, biofuel plant, transestrification, advanced biofuels, renewable energy sources, national reduction target, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, climate protection.

(+48) 61 847 61 58

Size of company: Micro Bioten has developed the technology for processing crude glycerine phase obtained during the production of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) into the second generation biofuel. The company has built its first pilot system, called POSTERUS 2020, for the production of the second-generation biofuel. This technology is part of a long-term policy of promoting renewable energy sources in Poland. It contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate protection. Bioten’s biofuel can help to achieve the target of renewable energy sources in final energy consumption. Entities implementing the National Indicative Target will be obliged to look for biocomponents produced with such technologies. Bioten has been granted the status of a research and development centre by the Ministry of Development, and has the status of a scientific unit officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The company is a member of the Mazovian ICT Cluster.



BIPROMET Specialisation: Sectors that we support include metallurgy (copper, zinc, lead, silver), power industry, environmental protection, cement plants, coke plants, mining and other.

(+48) 32 77 45 801

Size of company: Big BIPROMET has been present on the domestic and international design and construction market for more than 65 years. BIPROMET belongs to the KGHM Capital Group which is ranked sixth among the world’s largest copper producers. We prepare comprehensive design documentation at the stages of concept, basic, construction, and detail engineering. In its organizational structure, apart from the Design Department, BIPROMET also has a General Investment Implementation Department in the “turnkey” mode, the so-called EPCM model. One of the most important Bipromet’s activities are design works in the field of gas purification & transportation which is closely linked to the area of recovery and heat management. These installations, equipped with electrostatic precipitators and bag filters, are being increasingly developed and upgraded due to ever-sharper criteria for greenhouse gas emissions. If you would like to obtain more details please visit our website or contact us.



BTI Gumkowski Specialisation: Heating technology.

+48 606 714 445

Size of company: Small The BTI Gumkowski company offers its customers an advanced, fully automated heating unit – a pellet burner with a rotary combustion chamber. KIPI brand burners are distinguished by the highest production quality and the application of an innovative cleaning mechanism – a rotary combustion chamber along with an aeration chamber. In contrast to traditional burners, our solution requires only one inspection per heating season. In addition, KIPI burners operate without breakdowns despite the fact that they burn pellets of lower quality and agri-pellets, without the need for troublesome fly ash removal. In addition, due to their modular design, the burners are easier and quicker to install. KIPI burners optimise heating processes, bringing economic, organisational, and operational benefits.



Corab Specialisation: Corab is a Polish company with nearly 30 years of experience in the production of steel and aluminium components. Thanks to our commitment to standards and quality, the company has become a leader in the production of photovoltaic pitched roof, flat roofs and ground mounted systems.

( +48) 89 535 17 90 (+48) 539 962 415

Size of company: Medium Corab systems meet applicable European standards, which is confirmed by numerous certificates. Our solutions are recognized not only on the domestic market, but are increasingly chosen by foreign investors and contractors. Only in 2018 Corab sold structures of a total capacity of around a dozen MWs in such countries as: Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia and Hungary. An excellent example of foreign investments built on Corab mounting systems are: • an investment in Kaunas (Lithuania) with a capacity of 0.7 MW on a flat roof based on PB-062 system, • a 1.15 MW installation in Tallinn (Estonia) built on limestone, where WS-019 system was used, • a 2.8 MW investment made in Ukraine on WS-019 system, • a 144 kW installation in Finland using fixed to foundation system WS-007, • a 1MW solar farm on WS-017 system built in Hungary.



CRIST Specialisation: Shipbuilding, maritime constructions, offshore constructions, steel constructions, platforms.

(+48) 58 769 33 00

Size of company: Big CRIST is a leader amongst European shipyards and one of the major players on the market of maritime constructions, specializing in building turn-key vessels, platforms and offshore constructions. Economic changes and growth of renewable technologies – such as wind and hydroelectric energy – created possibilities of activity on new markets. For that reason we are presently participating in the implementation of projects of specialized coastal structures, sea transport and units for exploration of marine resources. For many years we have been supporting eco-conscious initiatives what has initiated the execution of demanding and exciting projects: offshore constructions, barges and ships destined for installation of wind turbines. Producing for the offshore business we successfully take advantage of our market niche. The construction of sophisticated units for installation and servicing of sea wind farms ranks us among the European leaders in this branch.



CWD Specialisation: biomass plants, thermal treatment plants, boiler fired with RDF, sludge thermal utilization boilers.

(+48) 22 831 72 00 (+48) 22 8319521

Size of company: Small Movable grate technology in burners produced by CWD has been awarded in GreenEvo competition. Burners that use this technology can burn almost each type of solid fuel like biomass or waste. Our technology is based on movable cast iron grates, built in sections. To each section we supply primary and secondary air to improve combustion. Thanks to sections, we can build a burner for each type of fuel, because we can plan air distribution individually. Our burner can be used in biomass furnaces and boilers and also waste thermal plants. The advanced thermal treatment technologies pre-treat municipal waste management prior to the thermal stage and there are a variety of possible energy recovery system configurations available, some of which offer the potential for higher yearly efficiencies than a conventional incineration plant. Our thermal plants are individually designed according to customer’s or investor’s need. Our incineration involves the combustion of unprepared raw or residual municipal solid waste. Incineration plant combustion temperatures are in excess of 850 C and the waste is converted into carbon dioxide and water. Any non-combustible materials (e.g. metals, glass) remain as a solid, known as Bottom Ash, which contains a small amount of residual carbon. For further information contact us, we can offer complete systems or just part of the system like: gasifiers, heat exchangers, heating boilers, combustion chambers and burners with movable grates.



Dagas Specialisation: Green Fuel Technologies, Green Coal Technologies, Combustion Enhancement for Petroleum, Diesel, HFO, Coal, Biomass and alternative fuels.

(+48) 505 309 100

Size of company: Small ReduxCO accelerates carbon to carbon dioxide reaction and improves the natural combustion process. ReduxCO is the first and the only combustion enhancer in the world based on reduction– oxidation reaction (redox). The technology benefits: Economy: • Total application costs vs benefit 1:7 • Combustion improvement and fuel consumption reduction –5 % on average Ecology: Reduction of • Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions 90% at low speed (1000 rev/min) – 20% on average • Particulate Matter (PM) emissions – 60% on average • Unburned Gaseous Hydrocarbon (THC) emissions – 30% on average • SOx & NOx – at least 5 % on average ReduxCO is not a fuel additive, it can be applied to any combustion process, regardless of the fuel type (petroleum, diesel, biomass, coal).



DEFRO Specialisation: Biomass boilers, solid fuels boilers, heating technologies.;

(+48) 41 303 80 85

Size of company: Big DEFRO is the biggest manufacturer of solid fuel-fired heating equipment in Poland. The company specializes in the production of automatic pellet-fired boilers. Recently, the company’s offer has been extended by other equipment for biomass combustion – furnaces and fireplaces from the DEFRO HOME series. Only high-quality materials and components are used for the production of the equipment. Environmental protection, quality and workmanship precision are our priority. Implementation of the newest solutions from the domain of heating techniques allowed meeting the rigorous standards concerning the emission of flue gases and dust in particular. Clean combustion is guaranteed by an accurate selection of fuel charge, automation of control and checking of the amount of air necessary for combustion which is introduced to the furnace chamber and ceramic lining of the combustion chamber. Main benefits of the DEFRO products include optimization of the combustion process, high comfort of use and low operation costs. Wide offer of equipment available, with its power ranging from 10 to 800 kW allows to use them in the construction industry and in public utility buildings such as hospitals, schools etc.



Ecoback Specialisation: Ecoback recycle printed circuit boards removed from televisions, monitors and household appliances. Ecoback recovers: copper with precious metals, aluminum, steel and alloy solders.

(+48) 22 336 12 09

Size of company: Micro Ecoback was launched in 2010. Our business is recycling printed circuit boards removed from televisions, monitors and household appliances. The technology used by Ecoback consists of combination of two methods of separating fractions from printed circuit boards: mechanical and chemical. Thanks to this solution, the harmful to the environment and energy-intensive thermal technology used in Europe has been avoided. Ecoback chemical technology of recycling solders from printed circuit boards is an innovative solution on a global scale. In order to optimally control the process, Ecoback has its own laboratory where raw materials and finished products are tested.



Ekobenz Specialisation: Ekobenz is a producer of the highest quality second generation biofuel that is used as: biocomponent of motor gasoline and racing fuels, renewable raw material for the production of plastics.

(+48) 81 745 19 28

Size of company: Medium We are a producer of synthetic gasoline with annual production capacity of 22,000 tons. We produce our renewable gasoline from ethanol from biomass listed in the annex IX of the EU Directive 2015/1513. World-class innovation is that the composition of renewable hydrocarbons corresponds to the composition of motor gasoline produced from crude oil with no sulphur content. The product is a sought bio-component of motor gasolines used in transport and racing fuels. The product solves the technical problem of increasing the content of renewable energy in final fuel while maintaining its quality and calorific value (43MJ/kg just like regular gasoline). A great advantage of the product is a very high potential of reducing CO2 emissions in the final fuel (>50%). The product parameters enable the introduction of gasoline competitive to E10 (10% bioethanol) to the market in terms of consumption per 100 km (–3%) and reduction of CO2 emissions. We are looking for an investor and strategic partner.



Ekotop Specialisation: Sludge management, renewable energy sources, sludge dryers, solar drying.

(+48) 67 215 36 89

Size of company: Micro We are laureates of the GreenEvo, The Green Technology Accelerator – a project executed by the Ministry of Environment. Our main branch of activity is designing Solar and Hybrid Sludge Dryers that are exploiting renewable sources of energy (energy of the Sun, sewage, earth, biogas etc.). Our technology is one of the cheapest solutions for water evaporation. Depending on climate conditions, it allows to dry sludge up to 95% of dry mass. The evaporation of 1 tonne of water uses only 20-30 kWh of electrical energy. The final product – dried sludge takes the form of a granulate and can be used both agriculturally or energetically. The calorific value is similar to brown coal, which is 12 MJ/kg.



EkoWodrol Specialisation: Pumping stations, valves.

(+48) 94 346 22 18

Size of company: Medium For water companies which face the problem of municipal wastewater putrification in pressure sewer systems, EkoWodrol offers a pneumatic wastewater pumping station EPP. In contrast to traditional systems equipped with pumps, the pneumatic pumping station refreshes pumped wastewater, preventing its putrification, and ensures its safe and hygienic operation. The EPP pneumatic pumping station can be applied at sites where it would be difficult or impossible at all to build a traditional pumping station. This technology enables wastewater pumping over very large distances and very high elevations using compressed air, without having to use pumps. This diminishes the total investment cost, since it is possible to build one system instead of a cascade of several pump systems. An example of the application of the technology is the pumping station which has been in operation since 2011 in Leszno, Poland with the flow rate Qp = 15.6 l/s and the head Hp = 2.35 bar.



Electromobility Forum Specialisation: Publishing electronic media, organizing events and exhibitions for electromobility branch, boosting electromobility business.

(+48) 535 803 657

Size of company: Micro The Electromobility Forum (FEM) is an information portal that provides the latest and most interesting information about electric vehicles and EV infrastructure. We create a platform for the exchange of information, contacts and merger of entities on the market of electromobility. Polish and foreign companies creating the Polish electromobility market are looking for effective forms of support for their business. We do it effectively through B2B contacts, media and trade fair events. We have created a place that describes trends, promotes technologies, informs on ongoing events for EV branch. We share the experience of experts, provide knowledge about the Polish electromobility market and create a promotion channel for all initiatives aimed at developing transport solutions based on electric motors. We have scientific background in the field of the impact of electric vehicles on the natural environment. We are the publisher of the “Forum Elektromobilności” magazine on the website:



Enerko Energy Specialisation: Renewable energy sources, hydropower, general construction, device supplier, hydro turbines, Archimedes screw, hydrodynamic screw, biological flow, fish migration, fish pass, fish friendly, screw pumps. Size of company: Small

( +48) 41 301 00 27 (+48) 512 008 805

Enerko Energy is an engineering company that works with renewable energy sources. We execute turnkey investments as a general contractor and device supplier. We have special expertise in Archimedes screw technology, which has a wide scope of applications. Archimedes screw is most often used in newly constructed or modernized small hydropower plants as a part of a hydrounit. This kind of turbine is as well successfully implemented in wastewater treatment plants as a sewage pump. Archimedes screws are also installed in a similar way in drainage pumping stations, irrigation systems and are used to drain wetlands. On the other hand, the utilization of Archimedes screws as a fish pass allows for an effortless, safe and effective two-way migration of water fauna, as well as optimizes the conditions of hydro-technical investment. The technology of an individually projected Archimedes screw of Enerko Energy construction was recognized in the fifth edition of the GreenEvo Competition.



ENSOL Specialisation: Renewable energy; solar and installation industry; implementation of new solutions.

(+48) 32 415 00 80

Size of company: Medium ENSOL is a manufacturing company experienced in renewable energy sources on Polish and international markets. The company was established in 2007 and is currently one of the leading producers of solar technology and pump groups in Poland. The company has an extensive experience in solar collectors, hybrid collector, large surface collectors, mounting and connecting systems manufacturing. The product range is constantly expanding in production of pump groups for solar installations and entire systems for central heating. The products are available in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sale. The company promotes implementation of its own innovative solutions and high quality materials, focuses on improvement, reliability, technology, modern manufacturing facility, qualified personnel, aesthetic qualities and operational efficiency. All products undergo testing and certification carried out by globally recognized research and certifying agencies.



Feris Specialisation: Heat pumps, renewable energy, automated and control technology, heating technology, cooling technology, buffer tanks, multi-purpose vessels, domestic hot water heaters.

+48 513 873 002 – Marcin Dziedzic +48 607 994 811 – Krzysztof Górny

Size of company: Micro Feris is a manufacturer and distributor of elements of space heating and cooling systems based on modern and innovative solutions. We produce heat pumps of the highest quality, designed for extreme weather conditions and adjusted to work without coil heaters. We guarantee top performance and COP/ SCOP coefficients, long-term, failure-free service and energy efficiency class A++. The iFERIS mobile management system enables device remote control and controlling of such elements of the building as ventilation systems with heat recovery, fireplace with water jacket, or even roller shutters or entrance gates. The FERIS system also includes capillary mats which allow for heating and optimal cooling of buildings.



Galmet Specialisation: Production of heating devices related to renewable energy sources: heat pumps, solar collectors, c.h. boilers 5th class, water heaters.

(+48) 77 403 45 00

Size of company: Big Galmet is one of the largest manufacturers of heating systems in Poland and exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide. The company is dynamically developing and consistently building its position since 1982 – from a small one-person workshop founded by the current CEO Stanislaw Galara to a large company – one of the largest in the industry, employing over 650 people. Galmet is always at the forefront of the most modern and innovative companies, creating Polish, technologically advanced, and eco-friendly heating systems for private households, public buildings, and industrial facilities. Available in multiple configurations, the heating sets are composed exclusively of parts produced by the company, which guarantees their maximum reliability, functionality, and efficiency. Buyers of the Galmet heating systems appreciate the comfort of this solution, attractive prices, and extended warranties of the sets.



GRADIS Specialisation: Outdoor lighting, lighting design, dynamic lighting control, lighting, smart city, artificial intelligence, energy savings.

(+48) 693 589 101

Size of company: Small 19% of world’s electric energy consumption is due to outdoor lighting. GRADIS provides means to decrease it with a state-of-the-art PhoCa software. It is a unique, first of its kind in the world software platform for automatic design and real dynamic control of road lighting in conformity with local standards. The primary field of service is design and optimisation, using multiple factors such as lamp type, lamp location, maintenance costs, etc. to provide an optimal design variant. It can be used for creating new installations or to optimise existing ones. PhoCa uses AI algorithms to provide the best design variant. The platform can be used for creating dynamic scenarios to control the entire installation. Gradis can provide cost-effective design which allows for low energy costs. Typical projects implemented for commercial partners provide about 40% of cost reductions compared to existing installations with investment cost saving at 9%. The potential of dynamic control guarantees further improvement.



Grinfinity Specialisation: Software, energy saving, Grinfy M&A (Monitoring & Analysing) , Grinfy for Data Centres, Grinfy for IT, Grinfy for photovoltaics, predictive maintenance, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, neural networks, R framework.


(+48) 603 313 042

Size of company: Micro Grinfinity was founded by a group of renown researchers in the field of green IT technology with professional background from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre. Being headed by experienced managers, we aim at becoming technological and market leaders in providing tools for better management of energy efficiency. Our main technological achievement which we started to offer commercially in May 2016 is Grinfy, a platform for monitoring and control of IT infrastructure, machines, photovoltaics as well as other devices utilizing our proprietary know-how and the most modern technologies: Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, R framework and other. Grinfy is designed to help its customers analyse their infrastructure, detect anomalies, carry out predictive maintenance and find configurations that optimise overall efficiency to decrease costs for the company. The broad scope of existing and potential customers includes large/medium industrial corporations and energy/gas sector.



HYDROERGIA Specialisation: Individual design, production and installation of Francis water turbines for small hydro power plants and sewage treatment plants – as an energy recovery system.

(+48) 71 707 08 09

Size of company: Micro HYDROERGIA the leading Hydroenergy company in Poland is a producer of Kaplan, Pelton and Francis water turbines. Our Francis water turbine is the product used in hydropower plants and in a sewage treatment plant as an energy recovery system. The company’s innovative solutions have been appreciated in the GreenEvo. Small hydropower plants are known as a technology that uses energy potential of watercourse, expressed by the head and flowrate and regulated water reservoirs. However, there are several other possibilities i. a. using the difference between upper and lower water levels. Water turbine implementation as an energy recovery system is possible also in sewage treatment plants, cooling water discharge from conventional thermal power plants, technological water discharge, on water reducing stations, drinking water taking and city irrigation system. Hydroergia has completed an investment of a new Energy Recovery System in a sewage treatment plant in Torun. This is an innovative idea which enhances energy, ecological and financial indicators of the company.



The Institute of New Technologies in Environmental Engineering Specialisation: Environmental engineering.

(+48) 68 444 38 81

Size of company: Micro For local authorities and the inhabitants of single- and multi-family buildings who seek a quick and easy-to-build wastewater treatment system, we offer a hydrophyte bioreactor with a biopreparation. Compared with competing solutions, our technology is completely environmentally sound, cheaper to use and its operation does not require specialist knowledge, since automatic devices have been eliminated. The synergy of the bioreactor and the biological preparations results in a high efficiency of wastewater treatment, higher than with objects based on the technology of biological filters or activated sludge. The technology shows a high degree of efficiency: the elimination of more than 90% of organic pollutants. The biological preparation is a natural product – environmentally friendly – that is naurally biodegradable. Our technology is a laureate of the Ministry of the Environment program Greenevo – Green Technology Accelerator.



Institute of Non-ferrous Metals – Division Legnica Specialisation: Research & development, recovery of lead, zinc, copper, precious metals, tungsten, vanadium, etc.

(+48) 76 850 55 00

Size of company: Big Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN) is a research centre of the Polish non-ferrous industry. Many of the developed solutions became implemented in small and medium enterprises, not only in non-ferrous industry, but also in other branches. IMN Legnica Division (located in Legnica, south-west Poland in industrial area of copper industry works) manages 4 production plants and is engaged in production of lead bullion and lead alloys (Pb min 98,5%), tungsten trioxide, copper sulphate, zinc chloride, zinc phosphate, vanadium pentoxide and the PolGrit – material for dry grit-blasting and water-jet technology. We are looking for partners for the above-mentioned activity, especially suppliers, there is also a possibility of toll processing. Reference projects in green business (green projects): recovery of lead from industrial waste from copper production Relevant certificates, attestations, patents, etc. Technical Certificate of Institute for Roads and Bridges Research for road chippings. Several patents for developed technologies of recovery of non-ferrous metals, especially lead, zinc, rhenium, copper, tungsten.



Investeko Specialisation: Environmental expertise and documentation, environmental protection outsourcing, design, research and technology development. (+48) 32 258 55 80 Size of company: Small technology offers a solution to the problem of the management and treatment of the oversieve fraction of municipal waste and sewage sludge. In many European countries and particularly in Poland, many MBT plants have been erected in the last decade. Unfortunately, even after recycling, sorting, and mechanical and biological treatment of waste streams, a significant amount of waste ends up in landfills: the so-called oversieve fraction of MSW. The new European regulations transposed into the legal frameworks of each EU member state do not permit the landfilling of waste fractions containing more than 6 MJ/kg of dry mass; therefore, the implementation of innovative, economic, and environmentally friendly technology designed especially for the thermal treatment of these waste streams is essential.



Izodom 2000 Specialisation: Production of building materials for passive and energy efficient houses.

(+48) 43 823 41 88

Size of company: Medium Izodom 2000 Poland is a Polish factory that offers a unique, complete technology that enables construction of houses and buildings seven times faster in comparison with traditional methods. Due to their unusual thermal insulation, Izodom buildings require 20 to 40 times less energy for heating and air conditioning. Energy requirements are 90 to 95% lower, thus CO2 emission is lower than for traditional houses. We offer a complete system for building low-energy and passive houses – from foundations through walls and all the way to the roof. Our extensive product range makes it possible to implement even the boldest architectural concepts. For foreign developers, builders, contractors and investors, we offer complete technology transfer, including the installation of a local factory and all necessary trainings and financial mechanisms. More details can be found at in English, Spanish, French and Russian.



K&K Recykling System Specialisation: Manufacturer of lines for plastic recycling: innovative washing technology.

(+48) 14 68 47 510

Size of company: Small K&K Recycling System is a leading manufacturer of innovative, patented technological lines for cleaning soft and hard plastics including bagpipes, agrotextile, artificial turf, bagged big bags, PP bags, fishing nets, turf wrapping, packaging films [LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, PA], crushed toner containers, stretch films and more. The company guarantees high efficiency of materials cleaning. K&K has significantly reduced electricity consumption, up to 70% compared to existing solutions on the market. The company’s offer includes the S-30 Evolution and M-55 Evolution, dynamic washers, separating tanks with automatic slurry extraction, sieve-sandblasting, slot rotary sieves.



Kospel Specialisation: Electric instantaneous water heaters, electric storage water heaters, electric boilers, domestic hot water cylinders, buffer tanks, heat pumps, solar collectors, steam generators, infrared heaters. d

(+48) 94 317 05 30 (+48) 94 317 05 72

Size of company: Medium Kospel company was established in 1990. In the spirit of technological advancement, our company has invested in renewable energy sources and in recent years introduced to the market solar collectors and heat pumps for DHW heating. Solar collectors have become a popular alternative for traditional heating sources. Solar energy apart from being renewable energy source, is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. During summer months our solar collectors could provide up to 100% of energy requirement for domestic hot water heating. Energy efficient devices using renewable sources are becoming a standard in heating technology. Our heat pump model HPI-4 can be connected to a domestic hot water cylinder in all types of installations. Due to its high heat output it could be used not only in regular households, but also in restaurants, hotels or wherever there is high demand for hot water.



Lediko Specialisation: Lediko is a Polish manufacturer of LED lighting systems producing high-quality lamps of extraordinary efficiency. Our offer includes industrial, street, workshop and gardening luminaires. w

(+48) 71 79 85 785

Size of company: Small Lediko is a Polish manufacturer of LED lighting. We specialize in the production of LED lamps for industrial spaces and high-quality LED modules for special applications. Lighting of halls, production plants, warehouses, public buildings, streets or residential areas are examples of our work. In our assortment there are also luminaires for working in difficult industrial conditions (food industry, cold stores, freezers or spaces with a high level of dust). We make workshop lighting and workplace lighting. The industrial lamps of our production in LED High Bay technology are extremely efficient and energy-saving. As a result, modernization of lighting in a factory allows for significant reduction of energy costs. Our specialization is to project, implement and start up light modules for plants that either illuminate crops without sunlight or complement lighting of greenhouse cultivation. Our products are characterized by extraordinary efficiency, functionality and energy efficiency.



Lesss Specialisation: Energy-Efficient Street Lighting System controlled by CCTV Cameras with Data Transfer & Communication via Power Line.

(+48) 537 513 513

Size of company: Micro Lesss is an intelligent control system of exterior lighting, depending on HD cameras, detecting presence of people near a lighthouse or other outdoor lighting. If a person (a pedestrian, a cyclist) is present in the vicinity of the lighthouse, lighting system is working at full capacity (100% light output). However, when in the vicinity of the lighting system, there are no people or vehicles, the system reduces the light output and energy consumption to 10% of the nominal value. The system consists of the HD cameras with advanced image analysis, which enables classification of objects (animal, human, cyclist, passenger car, truck, etc.). Cameras in the system serve two roles. On the one hand, they are responsible for object detecting and transmission of the signal which controls luminaries. On the other hand, they are responsible for recording video in HD quality to enhance the level of security. The whole solution is based on existing cable infrastructure. With this solution, the system practically does not require any upgrading of cable infrastructure of the existing lighting systems, and in the case of new cabling, costs are comparable with the costs of installing traditional lighting systems.



Lobe Specialisation: Own patents. Production of FeSi briquettes and sands for fracturing (proppants). Recycling of metallurgical wastes. Alloy additives for metallurgy.

(+48) 534 345 555

Size of company: Micro Lobe team are experienced specialists associated with metallurgy and mining industries for several decades. This is our profession and passion at the same time. Our goal is to introduce innovative solutions in the above-mentioned industries to the extent possible, which would facilitate work of many teams and would have a significant impact on improving the environment. We have been granted several significant patents and we are constantly working on the next, in cooperation with the best universities, such as AGH and the Silesian University of Technology. We also produce and sell materials such as FeSi briquettes and fracturing sands (proppants). Our Proecological Patent will allow for the use of exorbitant amount of “resources” of waste iron-bearing sludge from steel mills to produce a full-blown blast furnace charge. The industrial tests carried out have confirmed the effectiveness of the method and the know-how applied in the patent.



LUG Light Factory Specialisation: Design, development and manufacturing of professional energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

(+48) 68 45 33 200

Size of company: Big LUG is a leading European manufacturer of professional LED lighting solutions. The company specializes in design, development and manufacturing of comprehensive lighting solutions for infrastructural and industrial projects as well as decorative luminaires for interior lighting and external illumination of public utility buildings and architectural objects. Thanks to combining state of the art technology with expert knowledge, the solutions we offer allow for gaining a number of advantages such as reducing energy consumption or improving safety and comfort of users of illuminated areas. Our commitment to the highest quality and reliability of offered products and services earned us trust of business Partners in more than 65 countries all over the world. This results in our portfolio including projects such as smart city lighting for the Gederot Region in Israel or customized lighting solutions for subways in Sao Paulo, Algiers and Warsaw or airports in Copenhagen and Frankfurt am Main.



Luxon Specialisation: LED lights manufacturer, industrial lights, warehouse fixtures, industry luminaries, energy-saving LED fixtures, Polish luminaire manufacturer, LED street lighting, street lighting, energy-saving street fixtures.

(+48) 71 733 60 50

Size of company: Medium Luxon is a Polish manufacturer of energy saving fixtures in LED technology. Our activity is based on the design and manufacturing of fixtures with branded components. Besides luminaires in the above-mentioned technology, we offer our Customers aware energy savings through the use of intelligent light management systems in DALI technology. Thanks to an experienced team of designers, engineers, and dealers we offer our support and expertise at each stage of investment. In 2018 we were recognized and received an award Technology Fast 50 2018 CE. Our presence is not only limited to the Polish market, we are also active in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We expanded our services in the lighting industry with the introduction of IoT technology. We firmly believe that IoT will have a significant impact on the future of our Market. We offer our Customers intelligent solutions in facility management through the application of IoT, thus lowering energy consumption.



Makroterm Specialisation: Makroterm implements solutions that increase energy efficiency and RES potential, provides ready-made systems, production technologies, using over 20 years of experience in the heating industry.

(+48) 12 386 76 00

Size of company: Medium RecoEnergy – improving the energy efficiency of enterprises by managing waste heat obtained from industrial processes and cooling systems, and utilizing it for electricity, heat, cooling and improvements in production technology. Multithreaded implementation – mechanical flue gas cleaning system, recuperation exchangers, buffering and integration exchangers, heat flux separation systems. RES integrator – integration of renewable energy sources (2nd Generation GreenEvo laureate). Innovative solution for multivalent heating systems for single-family housing which can be connected to all heating devices, solar energy, biomass energy, gas, oil etc. International transfer of renewable energy technologies – all necessary elements needed to start the production of solar collectors: production line infrastructure, components, practical employee training, guarantees and certification of the production process.



MetalERG Specialisation: Biomass boilers.

(+48) 71 721 52 00

Size of company: Medium MetalERG has been a leading European manufacturer of straw-fired boilers and air heaters for the last 25 years. In early 1990s, MetalERG introduced its first boiler created in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. From this moment boilers have been constantly improved and now MetalERG is a technology trailblazer that competitors are trying to keep up with. MetalERG’s products are a synthesis of experience and innovation. The main advantages of MetalERG’s products are: the lowest heat production costs among fossil and biomass fuels, fuel independency, low dust emissions and easy to use automation system. MetalERG’s customers include individual farmers and agricultural companies, growers, poultry breeders, pig farmers, corn dryers and rural communities including local authorities and budgetary institutions like schools and hospitals.



ML System Specialisation: BIPV, building integrated photovoltaics, PV, green energy, building materials, glass facades, skylights, sunshades, transparent glass, glass-glass solutions, ink jet printing, glass engraving. ttp:// h

(+48) 17 778 82 66 (+48) 574 704 804

Size of company: Medium ML System is one of the first European companies being able to design and manufacture BIPV products (building integrated photovoltaics). Our main objective is to offer an alternative to standard building materials, which apart from the construction purposes, produce green energy from sunlight. Glass-glass modules offered by ML System are not only aesthetic alternative for every modern and newly designed building, but could also be a perfect solution while renovating already existing buildings. Thanks to our in-house Research & Development Centre, we constantly seek to improve quality, efficiency and innovative touch of our products. Production of our modules with the use of ultrathin glass or transparent glass with quantum dots are the examples of our key milestones in the latest development strategy. Apart from large scale products (such as facades, skylights or sunshades) we offer SMART CITY solutions which include design and production of photovoltaic bus shelters, lamps or benches.



Motor Transport Institute Specialisation: Research and development, transport sefety, transport economics, environmental protection, technical safety.

(+ 48) 22 43 85 400

Size of company: Medium The Motor Transport Institute conducts, coordinates and promotes research and deployment of research activities in the field of road transport. The research problems solved by the Institute are an answer to the demand of the national economy as well as the road transport, and stem from the technical and organizational progress, both in the economy and transport. Currently, the most important objectives of the Institute are: transport safety, transport economics, environmental protection and technical safety. The Institute also carries out projects related to the environmental protection and safety of the road users, important for achieving the state’s socio-economic policy objectives. The Institute is a trendsetter of the latest technologies. MTI conducts research and laboratory tests in the field of electromobility and autonomous vehicles.



NIBE-BIAWAR Specialisation: Heat pumps, pellet boilers, water heaters and solar systems.

(+48) 85 662 84 90

Size of company: Big NIBE-BIAWAR is the largest Polish manufacturer of technologically advanced heating solutions for single- and multi-family buildings, as well as industrial and service facilities. Modern heating systems based on NIBE-BIAWAR’s PELLUX pellet boilers are fully automatic, virtually maintenancefree and very economical to use. Fuel delivery, combustion process control and heating system control require no action from the user. PELLUX boilers combine a modern, yet proven heat exchanger design based on the system of flues fitted with turbulators to ensure high efficiency of the boiler (90–92%) and a reduction in fuel consumption. Specially designed gravity fed burners with automatic fuel ignition and a grate cleaning mechanism provide reliable and fully automatic operation. Thanks to modulating abilities of the burner power in combination with a suitable control algorithm, an optimal adjustment of combustion conditions to the current heat demand is obtained.



Nicrometal Specialisation: Production waste management, circular economy, superalloys, titanium alloys, aluminium, nickel, molibdenum, stainless steel, carbon steel, hazardous waste, plastics, environmental protection.

(+48) 56 610 89 18

Size of company: Medium Nicrometal offers comprehensive services within the scope of management of production waste according to the circular economy. We buy production waste from different industries, especially: aerospace – e.g. chromium-nickel, titanium alloys, superalloys, aluminium; automotive – e.g. plastics and textiles, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron; plastics: technical plastics and polyolefins; other production companies: e.g. paper, used oils, catalytic converters, solvents, chemical reagents, slurries, batteries, waste electric equipment. We supply cleaned metal scrap to steelworks in the most optimal form for further processing and re-use in industry. These processes are also accompanied by processes of recovery and disposal of other production waste. Selective waste collection at the source (from producers of waste) minimizes waste stored in landfills and has a positive effect on the quality of air, water and soil. Re-use of waste in processing procedures contributes to substitution of natural resources with secondary raw materials.



NMG Specialisation: IT solutions, software, Energy efficiency, Business processes management, DSR, DSM, loT, Smart Factory, BMS.

(+48) 52Â 370 34 00

Size of company: Small NMG is an expert in providing professional IT solutions. In particular, products related to mass data acquisition, production management, industrial automation and building management (BMS), energy management and optimizing the consumption of all energy media. The NMG solutions are tailored to individual needs and conditions of Clients. NMG, working with their Clients, specializes in creating so-called turnkey projects-from concept, through implementation all the way to the product launch. The implementation projects delivered by NMG are based on two copyrighted Platforms – ERCO.Net and origAMI. The origAMI is an excellent tool for mass metering and measurement infrastructure management, which is crucial in AMR, AMI and Smart Grid systems. ERCO.Net supports production management, energy media management in enterprises and institutions while controlling the objects. NMG during the period of its activity obtained numerous references and awards. Throughout its lifetime NMG has delivered over seven hundred projects in companies of very different business profiles.



NTI Specialisation: Recycling, construction products, waste management.

(+48) 76 754 59 90

Size of company: Medium The NTI company was established in 1994. The company’s activity from the very beginning was focused on retail and wholesale of installation products from plumbing, heating and industrial armature. The company is gradually expanding the offer by diversifying into new markets, and its general areas of activity include: trade in installation products, industrial production from plastics, manufacture of electrical power products. NTI (Nowoczesne Techniki Instalacyjne) is a company supporting the development of domestic technological thought, is a co-author of patents and conducts extensive cooperation in the field of developing innovative solutions with scientific institutions.



Petroster-Serwis Specialisation: Petroster-Serwis – leak detection systems, measurement systems, automation of production process, petrol station construction and maintenance, industrial installations, electro mobility.

( +48) 509 101 317 (+48) 12 425 30 90

Size of company: Small Petroster-Serwis is a leading producer of fuel management and leak detection systems in Poland. Explosive, flammable liquids can cause threat of explosion but also contamination of soil and water. Our main target is to anticipate risks and prevent the contamination before any harm is done. Our leak detection system TankRanger not only controls the level of a substance in all under/above ground storage tanks, but sounds the alarm right away whenever tank leak occurs. It works with wide range of measurement probes and sensors indicating the presence of various liquids and vapours, methane, propane, butane, alcohols, organic solvents, petroleum product vapours. We cooperate with refineries, military fuel bases and chemical producers. All products have obtained certification for devices operating in explosion hazard zones. Our leak detection system is awarded with a certificate of the programme “Greenevo green technology accelerator” issued by the Polish Ministry of Environment.



POLBLUME Specialisation: Waste collecting, recycling, and trading.

(+48) 22 73 500 46

Size of company: Small POLBLUME exists since 1990. The company provides comprehensive services, including collection, transport, and management of waste, together with recovery and disposal of waste. The company supports both companies and individuals. The company meets all legal and technical requirements. The company collects and recycles the following waste: kinescopes, phosphors, wires, electronic boards, glass, and airbags. The company carries out its activities without harming the environment, and its research enables it to develop its own processes and technologies for the recovery of precious metals and other waste in electrical and electronic equipment.



PRE Edward Biel Specialisation: Electric car charging stations.

(+48) 696 673 646

Size of company: Medium PRE Edward Biel has placed a series of new and innovative EVB electrical car charging stations on the market. The company offers a full range of solutions for owners of electrical cars and bicycles. The offer of the manufacturer includes charging stations for AC up to 2 x 22 kW, DC up to 120 kW and combined AC+DC of the following types: EVBmini (3.7 kW AC), EVBmini wallbox M (3.7-2 x 22 kW AC), EVB (11-2 x 22 kW AC), EVBmax (45-120 kW DC) and the underground version EVB EG and EVB CT for buses. Type 1 and 2 sockets and type 2, CHAdeMO, and CSS2 plugs are used to connect stations with electric cars. The stations are made solely from ecological materials; aluminium and safe hardened glass. The enclosure is made in the Class II appliance protection standard in the REM2 technology. The structure allows for freedom of designing and colour finishing. The stations are fitted with the operator system for management and a mobile application or an access card for registered users. The station system supports OCPP data interchange protocols. The modular design of the stations offers many new functions, such as GPS localiser, safety camera, LCD multimedia screen, WiFi access point, communication with 112 emergency line.



PROMAR Specialisation: Building management system, energy saving, energy efficiency, HVAC, DHC, Smart City, IoT.

(+48) 52 366 80 60

Size of company: Small PROMAR is a leader on the Polish market in remotely HVAC infrastructure management which allows to reduce energy consumption. In 2004 our company has started to develop a software which is now offered on the market under the brand IMPERIUS®. The IMPERIUS® system is designed for projects in the area of Smart City and the IoT. Besides the reduction of energy consumption, the system provides security and improves operation of installations in a building. The main advantage of the technology is the ability to communicate with all the metering and automation devices of different producers which are responsible for analysing and steering the work of installations in a building. Main facts about IMPERIUS®: • We handle over 1 800 buildings in Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia and France • We manage local heat sources with ordered heating power exceeding 52 MW • We have helped our clients to achieve over 35 million PLN of savings • Our solutions have reduced the energy consumption by over 20%.



Innovative Group PROMIS Specialisation: Desulfurization, treatment, cleaning of biogas, deodorization of air, desulfurization of natural gas and oil.

( +48) 22 839 84 14 (+48) 60 360 71 11

Size of company: Small The BIOSULFEX® devices prepared and manufactured by PROMIS allow to clean and remove hydrogen sulphite (desulfurization H2S) from biogas, air with efficiency higher than 99%. The odour-removing process is combined with smart production of intelligent fertilizers. Our target customers are waste water treatment plants, agriculture, biogas plants, sewage systems operators, odour-emitting industry. BIOSULFEX® devices guarantee unique effectiveness for treating odours with high content of H2S and NH3. PROMIS offers both industrial scale as well as small scale devices for local sewage, waste or agriculture. BIOSULFEX® is a waste-free technology for desulfurization of biogas, gas, air etc. It offers high-efficiency conversion of desulfurization or odour control waste to modern intelligent fertilizers.



PROTE Technologies for our Environment Specialisation: Soil and water environment reclamation, remediation, lake restoration (treatment), water quality improvement, environmental protection, biomonitoring system, water safety, pipe corrosion control.

(+48) 61 654 55 70

Size of company: Small PROTE has been operating in the field of environmental protection since 1995. We offer services regarding the enhancement of water quality and water safety as well as soil and water environment reclamation. We are the only company in the ecological sector in Poland which has received 4 TERAZ POLSKA Awards for its services and products, namely: comprehensive lakes reclamation service (PROTE-fos), Intensive Bioremediation Technology, preventing secondary contamination of water in distribution networks (SeaQuest), and protecting water intakes against sudden contamination (SYMBIO). For water reservoirs with the problem of eutrophication, we offer the PROTE-fos patented technology, eliminating algae blooming and improving water transparency. This technology is a laureate of the GreenEvo program under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment. In 2012, the reclamation project of two lakes in Gniezno carried out with the use of the PROTE-fos method received an award of the European Commission as one of five best innovative environmental undertakings financed from the funds of the LIFE+ program.



RABE-StartUp Specialisation: Oxidising technology of water reservoirs and sewage.

(+48) 52 518 30 91

Size of company: Small Hyper-oxidant technology involves aeration for water resulting from forced contact with ambient air and gravity discharge to the bottom of the tanks. This technology is the inverse of commonly used microfollicular aeration, providing much higher energy efficiency and a dramatic reduction in cost and time required to achieve the effect. Rabe’s product is a device for aeration of open water reservoirs (lakes, ponds, canals) via a technology called an „artificial kidney for the environment”. The purpose of the hyper-oxidant technology and product is to protect the environment in the broadest meaning of waste-water management, including in particular the restitution and maintenance of highly eutrophic (human impact) open water reservoirs (lakes, ponds, canals, etc.) and their maintenance. The purpose of the technology and using the product is to overcome the main challenges to implementing EU environmental policy, in particular those arising from the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC), Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.



Remontowa Shipbuilding Specialisation: Remontowa Shipbuilding is one of the most experienced shipyards in the area of “Green Technology”. We design and build innovative vessels representing technological breakthrough in shipbuilding.

(+48) 58 309 72 00

Size of company: Big Remontowa Shipbuilding, a member of Remontowa Holding is one of the most experienced shipyards in the area of “Green Technology”. We design and build innovative vessels representing a technological breakthrough in shipbuilding. One of our specialties is the installation of innovative propulsion systems. Over the last decade, we have built over dozen or so ships of different types complying with stringent environmental standards. In the last year we delivered to a Canadian Owner three LNG-powered ferries with engines emitting lower volumes of greenhouse gases. One of the projects being currently carried out is the construction of hybrid, electrically powered ferries. This novel technology allows for fuel savings of more than 15% compared with a conventional modern propulsion system as well as for CO2 and NOx emissions reduction. The vessels built by Remontowa Shipbuilding have received many prestigious awards and gained international recognition among ship owners who appreciate the quality of our products.



RTB Developer Specialisation: Development of renewable energy projects.

(+48) 502 338 439

Size of company: Small RTB Developer is a company experienced in the field of renewable energy projects and advisory services in Poland. The company has expert team of field managers, designers, environmental specialists and lawyers with international experience. As a professional project development company RTB Developer provides ready to build projects, ensuring high quality and flexibility. The company actively works in the following fields: a) development of renewable energy projects (mainly PV farm and wind farm projects) until RTB stage; b) supervision of PV and wind farm projects during their construction and operation phases; c) technical analysis of PV and wind farm projects (due diligence); d) support in seeking and acquiring PV and wind farm projects, e) complex environmental compliance services.



SELMA Specialisation: Designing, delivery, assembling and after-sales service of Bio-Com composting system. Designing, production and delivery as well as after-sales service of HAF-bio bio-filters.

(+48) 501 869 755

Size of company: Micro SELMA was founded in 2001. The company is offering innovative environmental and logistics solutions maximizing resources efficiency and minimizing waste aiming at circular economy implementation. The Bio-Com System (BCS) uses forced aeration to biologically stabilize organic matter in a closed, low-cost vessel. The technology allows a high degree of process control and effectively protects the environment. The process air is passing through innovative, compact and durable bio-filter based on mineral bed inoculated with microorganisms. BCS has been verified under the pilotage scheme of EU Environmental Technologies Verification Programme. Compact bio-filter under trade mark HAF-bio is fireproof, flexible, very effective and has a wide range of applications. The Bio-Com System was the 5th technology that obtained the ETV Verification Statement in the history of the EU ETV pilot programme.



Solar Networks Specialisation: Solar Networks’ actions aim to protect the environment, focus on renewable energy sources and to produce pure and green energy. MSC functionality is based on collecting solar energy and converting it into electric energy with the possibility of storing it as well. o

( +48) 603 758 080 – Office (+48) 606 629 625 – Jakub Rogalka Size of company: Micro Solar Networks was set up in order to design and launch an innovative solution for efficient, mobile, autonomous and fully green energy supply source which could be utilized as a maintenancefree power plant and is a real alternative for traditional, fossil fuel, diesel-based generators. Our innovative technology – MSC (Mobile Solar Container) is a transportable device that utilizes solar energy and converts it into electric energy. It is designed to operate in various locations, including those hard to reach and with no or significantly limited access to electric energy. MSC can perform a preventive or basic function, e.g. in the absence or destruction of electrical power infrastructure or during the event of a total lack of fuel supplies. Due to its capacious storage system, it can ensure continuity of energy flow whenever it is required, both during day- and night-time. Besides the Polish market, our first deals are about to happen with our Partners in Algeria, Kenya, USA, Australia and in other countries in which we are currently involved.



Solaris Bus & Coach Specialisation: Production of public transportation vehicles, city buses, trolleybuses, trams, CNG, hybrid, hydrogen buses, electric buses, intercity buses, BRT.

( +48) 61 66 72 333 (+48) 61 66 72 721

Size of company: Big Founded in 1996, Solaris Bus & Coach is a company which, by selling over 17, 000 vehicles in total to 32 countries, has grown into a European leader in the production of public transportation vehicles: buses, trolleybuses and trams. Solaris is also a European pioneer in the development and construction of alternatively driven buses: CNG, hybrids, trolleybuses, hydrogen and electric buses. The battery buses have already jointly covered the distance of over 9 million kilometres in 38 cities, in varying weather conditions, ranging from freezing Scandinavia to hot Spain. Customers may choose from several length options of electric buses and their charging modes (plug-in, pantograph and fuel cells as range extenders), as well as two types of power transmission (electric axle with integrated motors or a central traction motor). The firm also offers turnkey solutions when supplying and installing the charging system, as it currently is the case in Brussels and Rzeszów.



Spirvent Specialisation: Polish manufacturer of photovoltaic systems. Electric power, solar power, renewable energy sources, energy management and optimization.

(+48) 536 405 408

Size of company: Small Spirvent is an experienced and trusted Polish research and production company offering technologies for processing and managing energy from renewable energy sources (RES). Spirvent implements state-of-the-art and breakthrough solutions for industry, agriculture, public institutions as well as households. We are a leading Polish manufacturer of power electronics. Spirvent offers 1,5 to 25 kW variable frequency drives, IoT modules, cloud-based telemetric data processing (Cloud for RES and IoT). We manufacture Smart Home and Smart Energy elements (measurement systems). In cooperation with our partners we research and develop new electronic products. Spirvent has teamed up with five Polish universities, foreign laboratories and the biggest power industry groups in Poland, supplying them with know-how, projects, components and electronic modules, manufacturing OEM products and installing electronic devices and PCBs.



Symbiona Specialisation: Waste/water treatment technologies for industry and municipalities; wastewater treatment, water reuse; water recovery; zero liquid discharge; biogas; AnMBR – anaerobic membrane bioreactors; MBR – membrane bioreactors; anaerobic technologies; thermal hydrolysis; sludge processing.

(+48) 22 535 30 75

Size of company: Small Symbiona is an established technology provider with a network of offices and agents in Europe and in the world. We specialise in aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment and reuse, sludge processing and biodegradable waste reduction. Scope of supply: design, consulting, technology+project management, turnkey project delivery (150+ projects). Solutions include: AnoxyMem® AnMBR systems for high strength effluents and organic waste fermentation; AeroMem™ MBR and FloatBed™ MBBR systems for municipal and industrial applications; DigeTherm™ Thermal Hydrolysis – municipal sludge processing; ROVAPO® Zero Liquid Discharge technology for total recycling/reuse of industrial effluents; DIGEFLO™ biogas flotation system. DigeTherm™ and DIGEFLO™ have been awarded by the British Association of Anaerobic Digestion & Bio-resources Association. The AnoxyMem® Anaerobic Membrane Reactor is a novel solution for efficient treatment of sewage and sludge, and production of biogas with up to 30% more biogas than standard solutions and up to 99.7% COD reductions in a single process step. AnoxyMem® is a finalist of the prestigious British AD & Biogas Industry Award 2017 in the Best International Industrial Installation category.



Ursus Specialisation: Automotive sector; producer of tractors, agricultural machines, trailers; exporter of agricultural machinery; electromobility developer and innovator.

(+48) 22 506 55 05

Size of company: Big Ursus is an innovative company from automotive sector. It is the largest Polish producer of tractors and agricultural machinery, and also a leader in the electromobility segment. The company offers a wide range of vehicles, machines and devices manufactured for agriculture, both in the country and in the world. In recent years Ursus is engaged in developing green technologies of which the most important are: Ursus Elvi – a 100% electric delivery vehicle. Thanks to its electric drive Elvi guarantees no pollution and low operating costs. Elvi is the best choice for transport and delivery companies, especially for those operating in large and medium cities. Its most important advantages are large load capacity (1500kg) and range (up to 150 km). LTBS straw briquetting line and LTPS straw pelleting line. Technologies using biomass (particularly straw) for producing power plant fuel (briquette/pellets). Technology was implemented in Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania and Hungary.



Ursus Bus Specialisation: Automotive industry, electromobility, manufacturer of zero-emission city buses, alternative sources of propulsion, hydrogen, pioneer, Polish technological thought.

(+48) 22 266 02 66

Size of company: Medium Ursus Bus located in Lublin, is part of the POL-MOT Holding SA capital group. The company with 100% Polish capital was created in 2015 in response to the growing market demand for low and zero-emission means of public transport. Since the beginning of its activity, Ursus Bus has been manufacturing electric buses, trolleybuses and innovative vehicles with zero-emission drive (powered by hydrogen). The offer includes City Smile series of electric buses (from 8.5 up to 18m long) and various versions of trolleybuses. Company’s eco-friendly vehicles already serve in Poland (Warsaw, Lublin, Środa Śląska) and Sweden (Umea). Ursus Bus actively takes part and wins tenders for zero-emission transport, including one of the biggest such tenders in Europe – 47 electric buses worth 100 mln PLN for Zielona Góra city. Ursus Bus, through the global perception of the public transport sphere, sets new and unique trends in the field of urban logistics, electromobility and environmental protection.



Vinderen Specialisation: Waste tyre collecting, recycling, production, trading.

(+48) 22 223 38 08

Size of company: Medium In 2010-2013 Vinderen built a rubber tyres recycling plant in central Poland. The company produces Rubtiler SBR rubber eco-granulate as well as tyre-derived-fuel (TDF) in a recycling process of scrap/used tyres. For better quality, the granules are 99.9% pure, free from steel and textiles contamination. Apart from high quality SBR granulate, Vinderen also produces all kinds of safe sport/playground surfaces and other products on demand. The design and operation of Vinderen production plant are both eco-friendly. The building is equipped with modern, energy-saving high-efficiency machinery. The Research and Development Department has a modern laboratory at its disposal to run tests on innovations and new ideas concerning Rubtiler offer.



Virtual Power Plant Specialisation: Virtual power plant, energy efficiency, e-mobility, building energy optimization, demand side response, electric vehicle charging.

(+48) 601 556 066

Size of company: Small Virtual Power Plant works in the field of energy management and development of IT systems for the optimization of energy consumed in buildings. VPPlant has developed its own energy management platform Enabler DSR for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which adjusts HVAC controls to thermal characteristics of the building, weather conditions, occupancy and other parameters. Driv2e is an extension of the family of innovative optimization platforms developed by VPPlant under the EnablerDSR brand. It enables fast and inexpensive EV charging at an office building, a mall or a sports venue. Up to 30% of electricity and heat consumed by such buildings is spent needlessly. Saved power may be shifted to EV charging. Every building has a unique thermal flexibility waiting to be unlocked; active control of HVAC systems has to be adjusted to current weather and occupancy, and then coordinated with management of charging infrastructure, optimally within the closest power grid node.


Discover Textile Recycling with VIVE Group


Global resale

ECO Transport

Raw material collecting

RDF Wiping materials

Textile composite

VIVE Group Specialisation: Textile recycling, circural economy, industrial fibre cloths, textile composite, zero waste, 3RE, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, sustainable development.

(+48) 41 347 63 50

Size of company: Big A group of affiliated companies, the main of them being VIVE Textile Recycling, founded in 1992, which has been a leader in textile recycling in Poland and Europe for 26 years now. The company operates Poland’s most modern, fully computerized lines for clothing sorting that allow for processing of over 500 tons of raw material per day, maintaining the highest ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards. End products reach over 70 countries worldwide and supply VIVE Profit retail stores network around the country. It is also engaged in exploration of innovative technologies and solutions enabling a 100% recycling of textiles. As part of its activities, it conduct research aimed at manufacturing new products from textile fibres recycled in various types of processes. Currently, the company is working on technologies for producing material and composites that can be used in different fields of industry.



Waste Management and Recycling Cluster Specialisation: Recovery and recycling of various industrial and municipal waste.

(+48) 533 649 605 Size of company: N/A Waste Management and Recycling Cluster has been created by Polish companies which provide recovery and recycling of various industrial and municipal wastes. Value chain is important for new economy model – circular economy. We recover ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass, paper and wood. The offer includes selling e.g.: • pure metals, scrap metals (iron, steel, zinc, tin, silver, gold, copper, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, • manganese, aluminium) and metal alloys (brass, bronze, aluminium alloys) • plastics in the form of milling products, granules and re-granulates (PS, ABS, PP, PMMA, PC, • PE, PET, HDPE, EPS) • chemical compounds based on zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, silver, • and catalysts • finished products based on copper • RDF The cluster embraces i. a. manufacturers of machines, equipment and technological lines for processing or recycling e.g. crushers, mills, separators, and feeders. The offer also includes industrial equipment for thermolysis, dynamic washers, steel and metal accessories.



WOFIL Robert Muszański Specialisation: Ozone technology, ozone gas recycle, water and wastewater treatment, SPID mobile system for flushing and disinfection with ozone, multistage contact columns, hybrid ozone generators, UV lamps, ozone systems.

(+48) 18 414 00 60

Size of company: Small WOFIL Robert Muszański is a market leader for small and medium-sized ozone systems in Poland. We offer complete solutions from consulting, pilot research, projects, production of equipment and software to installation of systems, monitoring and post-warranty service. We also conduct the research and work on development of technologies that help reduce production costs and energy consumption of equipment. Our installations are made from the highest quality materials – our solutions are reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. They are fully computerised and can be controlled on-line. This feature allows to install them anywhere on earth, as well as ensures a complete and rapid service response. The universality of the technological solutions allows our technology to be used in many branches of industry. We installed about 200 turn-key water treatment plants in ozone technology in Poland, as well as several systems in Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.



WTW Poland Specialisation: Designing, production and installation of water turbines for small hydro power plants.

(+48) 69 563 96 1357

Size of company: Small WTW Poland is a leading Polish manufacturer of water turbines as well as mechanical and electrical equipment for hydro plants. Since entering the Polish market in 1989, we have manufactured over 185 Kaplan turbines not only for the local market, but also for customers from Italy, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus. The domain of our company is flexible design, which enables us to select hydro turbines that reduce construction costs to minimum. We design and manufacture Kaplan turbines in many different versions, including vertical shaft turbines, S- and Z-type turbines, horizontal turbines and numerous configurations of siphon turbines. Our portfolio is complete with a full range of additional equipment dedicated to hydro plants, including electrical power equipment and hydraulic power unit automation, as well as remote supervision via the Internet and warranty and post-warranty service.


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