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Photorealistic Project

TopShelf Detailing

Presented By: MichealS. Russell

Project Statement

Photorealistic image to be designed as part of a project to reinvent the image of Top Shelf Detailing, an automotive detail and customization company based in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The image will be used as a graphic for clothing offered by the company. The clothing will be sold at automotive engagements such as car shows and as such should keep the automotive enthusiasts in mind as the target audience. The artist should keep in mind that the image to be reproduced is of company owner’s personal vehicle, but if completed successfully the image could substantially add to the visibility of the company. While the image is intended for the use of screen print first and foremost, it may also be transferred to posters and flyers.

Original Image

Final Image

Outline View

In Use

Thanks To... Dennis Mitchell owner of Top Shelf Detailing for supplying the great image for this project.

Realistic Image  
Realistic Image  

Realistic image created of truck.