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Creative Brief


The goal of this project is to educate new customers on the process of the paint job and give a general time frame.

Target Audience:

The primary audiences for this project are the middle to upper class general populace seeking quality body work and automotive painting.


Potential clients, after viewing the info graphic, should have a general understanding of the paint process and the time involved.

The Message/Tone:

Informative and concise, this is not a “how to� publication.


Interactive PDF attached to website, possible tri-fold point-of-sale pamphlet.

Creative Considerations:

There are no mandatory pieces other than the color scheme and company name.

The Deadline and/or Other Requirements: Deadline October 24, 2012.

Micheal Russell IM241 Wed. 12:30-4:30 P1 Infographic S. Mansfield


The Paint Process

Time Line Place Pointer Over Time Line Segment For Details

TopShelf Infographic  

Infographic for autopaint process.

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