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O NLY $5.99 TIPS AND THE LATEST EQUIMENT Editorial Hockey is my life; it is a sport with many rules and statistics. These numbers vary from player to player, whether it’s how many goals someone has or a certain amount of penalty minutes a player has. Hockey is a very competitive sport every team wants to win. Yet not every team is successful the only way that you win is your determination and knowhow of the game. I will be talking about different ways to take the puck away from an opposing player, and I will also be talking about different kinds of hits. When you are playing the game of hockey there are many different ways to check a player and remove them from the puck. The first way you can remove a player from the puck is by hitting them. When you’re going to hit a player there is a specific way to hit them. First, you need to get low so bend your knees so that you don’t fall over when you are going to hit a player. After you do that you start to lean into the player so you are creating pressure on the person which would make them fall over. Another way that you can check a player is by lifting the players stick. So the way you lift the stick of the opposing player is by again getting low and then simply putting your hockey stick under there’s and then you lift your stick which will lift there’s and then you take the puck away.

Throughout hockey you will come across hitting for me, hitting is when you use psychical contact to remove players from the puck. In hockey there’s two different kinds of hits a clean hit and a dirty hit. What is a clean hit? A clean hit when you make shoulder to shoulder contact. A dirty hit or cheap shot is when you hit someone around the knees or head. This could get you suspended are penalized severely. The reason hockey is my passion is because it is the only sport that I really like; I started playing when I was a little kid and have kept playing up until now. Thank you for reading.

Alexandre Burrows Alexandre Burrows is an amazing player he even has a specific shootout move that he uses almost every single time he’s in a shootout. I have even taken to using that move for hand back hand upstairs. Alex was born on April 11 th 1981 in Pointe-Claire, PQ. His full name is Alexandre Ménard-Burrows. He started to play in the QMJHL or Ligue Junior Majeur du Québec, that’s when his legendary career started. He also has played in the AHL, ECHL, and NHL. Throughout this entire expérience he found Nancy Roy his wife they were married in 2010. Alex has played for many teams such as the Shawinigan Cataractes, Greenville Growl, Columbia Inferno, Manitoba Moose, Baton Rouge Kingfish, and the Vancouver Canucks. Alex Burrows as played with the Canucks for eight years and has made a huge impact to the Canucks. Alex plays l'aile gauche and is #14. Burrows’ salary is 2 million dollars per year I would say he is a great player considering he is being paid that much. Alex is my role model and I look up to him. That concludes my biography on Alexandre Burrows.

Hockey How To 1.

First you will need skates, shin pads, pants, helmet and cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, neck guard, and a hockey stick.


You will need to learn how to skate so use both of your legs and push outward.


Third you need to know how to shoot so you take your stick and the puck and move the puck out and make it so that your blade is near flat and then pull it in quickly.


In hockey we also have plays now the ones I will share are the really easy ones so first there is a “d to d� this means that the defence man will bank it off the boards and the other defence will

receive it. Last there is a “wheel� a wheel is when the defence men takes the puck rushes it up the ice to look for a play or an open man.

The New Skates

These sticks are the Reebok 20k, CCM RBZ, and the Bauer Total one NXG.

The New Helmets

Bauer RE-AKT

Reebok 11k

Newest Warrior Helmet

The Newest Skates

CCM Crazy Light

Bauer APX 2

Bauer Total one NXG

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