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Instagram photography becomes national hit for high profile photos.... PHOTOS INSIDE!

40 years after death Picasso art piece sold as one of the most expensive art pieces ever.

Chasing unicorns in art across the ages

Brad Hughes famous Vancouver, Bc photographer info and web page Inside...

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**Pg.3 Chasing unicorns** **Pg.4 How to draw a bunny** **Pg.5 Famous Instagram photographer** **Pg.6 Take the perfect picture** **Pg.7 Brad Hueghs famous Vancouver photographer** **Pg.8 Yann Arthus Bertrand** **Pg.9-10 authors editorials** **Pg.11 Credits**

Chasing Unicorns In Art A herd of elusive, magical creatures light up a town in Manhattan yet more emerge in studios and displays everywhere. Each tapestry was shown o at the annual festival held in this occasion. To celebrate the cloisters museum and garden 75th birthday, artists in Manhattan devoted those days to create unicorn tapestries.

How to Draw a bunny

1.Draw a horizontal egg flat on the ground. 2. Draw two other eggs as show in the picture. 3. Now add legs, ears and eyes anyway you choose. 4. Now try and draw a vertical bunny!

Sam Horine Name: Sam Horine Age: 35 Location: Brooklyn,New York

Uses a canon rebel T4

This famous Instagram photographer has become one of the most popular photographers because of Instagram.

How take the the perfect picture How tototake perfect picture Lighting: For the perfect photo you have to make sure the light isn't overdone. The light shouldn't be to bright or to dark because you don't want the light to take over the main focus of the photo. Staying up late or getting up early can change the lighting in the sky for you picture. Lighting gives a glow sometimes to the main point of the photo.

Composition: You want to try to have the main focus in the corner or on the side of the photo. If in the middle you should try to put lighting into the side to give it more edge. The focus should be in the corner to catch eyes of everyone. Rule of thirds is having three sections with one section having the main focus in it.

Colours/Edits: Colours can change the photo to become more bright or darker. Black and White photos add more aect to the photos. Cropping the photos are sometimes good or sometimes bad because if you crop a important part of a picture it may look way dierent then leaving it in the photo. Changing the photos makes it a image not a photo.

B r a d H u e g h s

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Bertrand was born in Paris,France 1946 and had a interest in wildlife and nature since he was little. Bertrand has took many photos of nature from a bird top view. His photos of nature are one of a kind photos. On July 1 2005 Bertrand founded the international environmental organization GoodPlanet.He founded the Altitude Agency in 1991, which was the world's first press agency and images bank specializing in aerial photography (500,000 pictures taken in more than 100 countries by more than 100 photographers). March 19, 2008, he was given the Georges Pompidou Award which rewards a cultural personality each year. He has disturbed a lot of money towards helping the environment, to help promote fresh waters in Third World Countries. Since 2008, he has participated in the Board of Directors of the Foundation Chiraca foundation launched in 2008 by former French President Jacques Chirac in order to promote world peace through five conflicted countries, two of which deal with environmental issues such as access to fresh water, desertification and deforestation. Yann Arthus-Bertand has been very involved in helping he environment and developing more help for third world countries. Bertrand is not only a amazing photographer but he helps others around him.

Writers Editorial

Welcome to ‘Light Drawing’ a, as you might have guessed a Vancouver Magazine based on Photography and the many types of art. As many may disagree or agree, to quite a few people photography isn’t really all that complicated. I on the other hand would disagree. One of the most salient qualities I find in photos would be, being able to see the diversity that varies between each picture. For example, landscape photos capture the scene and flatland of an area. Or, portrait photos focus on a person, place or thing. Usually, people share photos on websites like Instagram or Twitter. Photos are used for so much these day’s even in advertisements. Companies also use art to catch someone’s attention as eye candy. Creating art also connects to photography as lots of photographers use pictures to create one picture mosaic. One of the most difficult things though, is representing meaning or a message in art without words. “A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.” – Rogu Kingston Another thing that amazes me the most about photography is how you can make one object look completely different. One feature you can use is a filter. Each filter changes the shades or colors of the light in each frame. But you can also crop the scene by cutting off parts of your photo or use orientation to flip it. Things like contrast and saturation use and improve the amount of color and how bold it is. Anything in photography depends on the objects that vary in each photo wither its part of any theme or not. Overall, photography is not as easy as it seems.

Kari's editorial Welcome to Light Drawings a Vancouver magazine based on all the different types of art. One of the best qualities of pictures is seeing the differences and what kind of picture it is. Landscaping shows the natural beauty of something made by the earth. Photography gives many memories to people when they look back and can remember that day. Music helps people control their feelings and relax in hard times.

Both help people calm down. Does photography and music affect people? Knowing that many people participate in different types of art in general affects people. Photography helps people get outside or climb a mountain just to get one perfect picture, you almost have a goal to do something or they want to see in their life. People enjoy photography because it captures pictures in the moment and brings back memories. Music helps people calm down and relaxes them when you’re angry. Learning and enjoying music is because when you play you just focus on the piece and relax as your playing. Different notes in music help you gain knowledge o learn new instruments. Photography and music are both very different ways of expressing yourself and your feelings.

Photography and music need a variety of different of materials and sceneries. Cameras have different effects and buttons that help make the pictures perfect. Musical instruments can give you more confidence and relaxation. Instruments are big commitments because you have to practice and also learning one instrument can help you learn more. In photography edits have different colours and edits to change your photo. Making it black & white or brighter can help make the picture better and have more glows. Photography helps people get outside and be free to take pictures. Some photographers risk their life to get a picture in a war zone or on top of a mountain.

Capturing photos can be hard because sometimes you have to wait to catch the perfect photo. As Ansel Adams, one of the most famous photographers used to say “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs, when images become inadequate; I shall be content with silence.” Photographs can be taken up high or down on the ground. Changing views or sides you can take a picture from. It’s best to take photos with the main focus in a corner and not in the middle. You should have a main focus/point in the photo that catches everyone’s eyes. Lighting can also affect the photo because if it’s bright it can ruin the photo and if to dark you can’t see too much in the photo. Photography captures memories in the moment and can bring back the happiness in that moment. Capturing Photos and playing instruments can be difficult to learn but eventually help you with your skills. Light Drawings has covered most of the basic skills of all art. Photography and music are two amazing skills I hope you try.

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Picasso art sold for a record 106.5 million at art auction A painting that Picasso created in a single day in March 1932, “Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur (Nude, Green Leaves and Bust),” sold for $106.5 million, a world record auction price for a work of art, at Christie’s Tuesday night. The painting, more than 5 feet by 4 feet, shows Picasso’s mistress MarieThérèse Walter, both reclining and as a bust.

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