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Art is  an  art,  like  a  way  of  stylistic  choice,  one  could  express   their  feelings  in  their  art.  Art  is  a  wide  range  term,  it  could   mean  anything  from  music  to  acting  to  writing.  This  article  is   going  to  focus  mainly  on  drawing  and  that  style  choice  of  art.   Much  effort  is  put  into  art,  it  takes  more  time  to  make  art  than   it  does  staring  at  it.  Today,  according  to  local  media  and  other   sources  choosing  art  as  a  profession  is  frowned  on,  or  called   useless,  this  however  is  wrong.  Art  is  always  amazingly  useful,   without  art  what  would  we  do  in  our  spare  time?       For  example,  imagine  coming  home,  after  a  long  day  just   wanting  to  relax.  All  of  a  sudden,  once  you  come  home,  turn  on   the  tv  and  nothing  on.  no  actors  to  act,  no  shows  for  your   entertainment  or  cartoons  or  anything.  This  my  friend,  is  a   world  without  art.  In  this  world  we  shouldn't  even  have  a  tv  or   a  car,  even  computers.  With  using  this  wide  term,  art.  Without   it  creativity  would  be  at  loss.  of  course,  i  doubt  if  humanity   would  come  as  far  as  to  have  technology  with  out  art.  As  ive   said,  almost  all  professions  revolve  around  a  form  of  art,  maybe   multiple.  Without  art  you  couldn't  eat  your  favorite  dish  and   we'd  be  limited  eating  meat.  If  all  jobs  do  revolve  around  art,  if   someone  who  thinks  its  useless,  we  would  have  no  one  to   invent  things  and  have  interest.  With  such  said,  no  matter  your   art  ability  in  drawing  your  sure  to  be  good  in  other  types  of  art.   Everyone  has  potential  to  do  art.      


Edgar Degas

Degas began art at age 21, he went to Italy and studied the art of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. Born in 1834 and died 1917 he lived a long life. Once Degas started the art of impressionism, Degas changed his subject matter, painting racetrack scenes sketched from life and finished in his studio, theatrical and ballet scenes, and many pictures of women. In 1834, he returned to Italy where he served as director of the French Academy in Rome until his final return to Paris in 1841. He was triumphantly received in Paris and enjoyed both homage and honor until his death in 1856.

Chasse de Dance –Edgar Degas




1) drawing the head base, you start from the top, or the forehead and make your way down on an angle for cheek bones, once done that you can draw a reference as to how you see the top of the head suitable. for the eyes 2) features erase the sketchy lines, leaving only light ones visible, after this you would work on the eyes themselves. Eyes can be in any style you wish, i just draw them like this. Before drawing the lines, you should take notice of the sketch base earlier, try to a line your eyes on that. 3) hair how someone would draw hair is to stick them into little locks, after which you could do what ever you wish. Hair is at an angle and there are different types. 4) locks of hair continuing off 3), there are 4 main types of hair one would use, wavy straight curly and flowy. in order to draw each type of hair you have to draw the base flowing down. small creases in the hair look nice as an add on. 5) bangs bangs can go from being sharp to smooth, sometimes pushed aside or something of the sort, bangs should always be around eye level unless they really are short. strands of it would need to cover up parts of eye. Ex) Alternatives to drawing the example




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