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Editorial noel: Gaming is a unique culture of individuals, that is very interesting because it has many characteristics. Deep within the culture of gaming lies the types of games, first is MMORPG. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. What it is, is an online game where players can interact with one another within mostly a Fantasy or Science Fiction World. Another type of game is FPS or First Person Shooter. In a First Person Shooter you have to basically shoot the enemy or a target and survive. When you play a First Person Game that means that you are virtually looking through that characters eyes. The next type of game is strategy. Strategy games are basically games where you are like a bird flying over, controlling all of your of your empire and continually expanding. When playing some strategy games you can command your troops to attack other empires, but in other games you just build an empire and you can't attack. Finally the last type of game I'm going to talk about is called sandbox. Sand box is a type of game where you can place blocks or models, and you basically choose how you want your world to look like. In game the players communicate with some very unique forms of language. First is swearing, imagine you’ve got a 25 kill streak and then you die "****!" This is an example of swearing in game, usually when you swear in game it's because you just died, one of your teammates is a N00B, or you won and your screaming abuse at the other team because you're so happy. The next aspect of language is internet slang, internet slang is short forms of words or phrases like: MLG(Major League Gamer), N00B(New Beginner or you suck), K(Ok), :( (Sad), :) (Happy), BRB (Be Right Back) ETC. Third is trolling, trolling is doing or saying something to make others really annoyed. For

Page 2 example you push someone off a cliff and say trollollolloll. Another example is following someone around and singing the troll song. Yes, there really is a song called the troll song. The last part of gaming language is hacker code. Hacker code is when letters equal numbers: 3=E, 5=S, 0=O, 8=B, etc. All in all this is the language and slang of gaming. When you game you need some necessities to keep your energy level high and help you have the best gaming experience. The first necessity is fuel, fuel is food and drink. I find that if I don't eat I get hungry and you don't want to walk all the way down to your kitchen and lose your kill spree, so what I do is I get a plate of food and a glass of water. Good foods aren't sticky or messy ones(finger food.) My favorite are Jaffa cakes and tea. The next necessity is a mouse, it's usually good to have a gaming mouse with you and not some bad Mac mouse. I use a Razor Hex Naga with twelve buttons but just shop around, Future Shop is a good place to buy mice. The last necessity is a computer/monitor, basically you're going to need something to play your game on. I use an Acer aspire laptop computer with windows seven, Intel core i5-2450M 3.1 GHZ, Intel HD graphics 3000, 6 GB of memory, 750 GB HDD. In conclusion gaming is a unique culture of individuals that is very complex and awesome. To conclude language is very essential to the gaming culture in many ways. All in all the types of games are very important: Strategy games, FPS, Sand Box, MMORPG. Finally the necessities of gaming are mandatory to maintain your MPG status.

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Strategy games are extremely complex and have several different parts and characteristics within. The modes are an important part in strategy games. Also, tactics play a role in achieving victory. Lastly, without language, players would not be able to communicate quickly. Strategy games are difficult but with the right tools, one can master all tactical games. Strategy games have different modes, or types as most people call them. The first mode is role-playing strategy. A Role-Playing strategy game is when you control a single character and other people control their owns too. Then they work together to defeat, defend or attack the enemy head on. They might put up a wall defense or have some sort of catapult to aid them on their attack. The second type of strategy game is called a real-time strategy. A real time strategy game is mostly based on a certain time in history, today or a fake (maybe real) future. A real time strategy game can be expanded more that other strategy games because of the “future” part. The future could be anything you like or want, as long as it is within the future believed technology. Another Strategy game is the team strategy game. This is more of a mode than a type of game. This mode is when you work together with other people to beat the level or, other players. Team Strategy requires an open mind because if you become a person who is slowing your team down, you’re probably going to lose. Modes and types are important in strategy game because they help describe what you need to do. A strategy game requires many different types of war tactics. One of my favorite tactics is starving. Starving means to trap or contain the enemy there starting point and to cut them off from any supplies to live. You need to have a big force that can take tons of hits before dying. But to start this tactic you first need to take out the opposites army’s/forces. Then you wait outside their base with a never-ending force and just kill anything that comes/try’s to escape. Then they slowly run out of resources and then they GG (Good Game). Another tactic is rushing. Rushing is when you over power them at an early start. Basically you overwhelm them with tons of weak and inexpensive troops at 5 minutes in too the game. This works mostly when the opponent is going

Page 4 for a strong economy/ strong and expensive troops that take longer to train and make. Then you go into their base, which barely has any defenses and then you destroy everything. Then you win! My third favorite tactic is scare! Scare is when you scare your enemy with a massive force of troops and heavy weapons. Then when they look at your army they compare it with their army. If your army is much stronger and bigger than theirs they will probably just give up and GG. Trust me, this has happen to me many times. Some tactics are meant for when you’re in the middle of a game. One of them is distraction. Distraction is a difficult tactic to use because it takes a while and a lot of practice to master in battle. It requires a lot of supplies and men. What you do is attack in one spot with ¼ of your army and then sends about 50 seconds after sent the rest of your army to the other side of the enemy base. This draws the enemy away from the main target to attack the distraction so then you can destroy all the important stuff. One tactic that is meant for early game is harassment. What you do is kill/weaken all of the vital parts of the enemy base at an early start. But if the enemy starts to get stronger units and you’re still making weaklings to just get into their base and kill some weak units, then you’re screwed. Thirdly, in strategy games and really every game there’s a weird language/culture when you play. One of the things in the culture is called "trolling". "Trolling" is when you stalk someone and try to piss him or her off when you’re playing. After a while of trying to anger him or her they will most likely "rage quit" (rage quit is when someone exits a game because their mad). Or they will report you and you might be banned from the game for a week or so. Another one is during a strategy game and if you lose, then you say GG (Good Game). When you say GG it's like saying I lost and I accept that, you did a good job. Internet slang is one of the languages that is used online and on other digital interactive games, like strategy. GG falls under Internet slang along with BRB (be right back) and GTG (got to go). There are thousands of different short forms that I don’t even know and that are really weird. If you want to see some cool/interesting Internet Slang words just Google Internet slang and hit enter! All in all strategy games are very complex and take tons of practice to memorize the Internet slang and all of the different tactics that you can perform in battle.

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1. Interview with the heavy PICTURE

Gam30n: He's the ex Ussr heavy weapons guy, please welcome the heavy! Heavy: Thank you, thank you Gam30n: So Mr. heavy tell us a bit about your self Heavy: Hello, I Heavy Weapons Guy. And this... is my weapon. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. It cost $400,000 to fire this weapon...for 12 seconds. Gam30n: Can you tell us about your life in the Ussr Heavy: Ok, I was born and raised in soviet union and was fighter pilot in cold war. When I was up in the air one time these Americans, me thinks there name was maverick and goose went inverted over my MIG (Sasha II)and you all know what happened after that. (muttering angrily) Gam30n: Let's give another big hand for Heavy: I'll be back

the heavy!

Page 6 2. Interview with the Zergling Gam30n: Give a hand for the mutant dog thing folks! Gam30n: Hi Mr thingy. How was your day today? Zergling: grunt… Gam30n: ill take that as a good. Gam3on: So, how is it being a slave for a crazy lady? Zergling: Grunt… Gam30n: Ok.. Let's give a big hand for this mutant dog thing!! Gam30n: Wait! Not on THE (Zergling is peeing on table) Zergling: Grunt…



Page 7 How to guide to StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm - Terran basics By: Jacob Haldane (To learn about different tactics to use during battle please read the editorial) The first you need to have is at least 20 or more SCV's(SCV's are your resource collectors, they will collect minerals from mineral sources) to collect more resources and to increase the amount of income you receive. Next you need to get the basic supply depot. A supply depot increase the amount of units you can train. After you get the supply depot, it should have unlocked to barracks. The barracks is where you train ground units. But not tanks or vehicles. Next you need to make more units, supply depots and at least 3-6 barracks. As time goes on you must have some sort of army to defend yourself with and to attack. To make your army more threatening you need to and some siege weaponry. Too do this you need a factory with a tech lab attached to it. The tech lab will allow you to make siege tanks. Siege tanks are anti-ground, antibuilding and very scary when you have them in an army. Too make the two basic vehicles faster it would be smart to add an attached reactor so you can train 2 units at a time. As your army progresses l like to add one more type of units to make it even scarier than before by building a Starport. A Starport allows you to make Battlecruisers and other flying ships. If the enemy is using a ground based army the best way to go would be banshees. Banshees are the best unit too use in a anti-ground assault. What I like to add to the lineup is several BattleCursiers to scare them out of their pants! What you need is a fusion core, tech lab and a Starport. In a fusion core you can upgrade your Battlecrusiers and at the tech lab is the same. Get at least 10 Battlecrusiers and then ATTACK THE ENEMY HEAD ON! I 99% guarantee you that you will win this matchup! Good Luck! :)

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How to guide to trade plaza team fortress 2. At the end of every class is a link to a video that I recorded. (this is if you actually know how to play TF2, so the controls are not mentioned a lot)

1. In the game team fortress 2(TF2), many different levels exist. The one I'm doing is Trade Plaza, Trade Plaza is a world where each team(Blue, Red) have a spawn/base with one door. Then if you walk out the door you can see the enemy spawn/base basically a mirror image of yours except the other colour. In Trade Plaza there isn't really a real objective to the game except killing or spawn camping the other team. 2. First what you want to do is establish what class you want to play, when I play I am usually sniper or demo man. Once you have chosen your class(let's assume you are playing scout), you run out the door as fast as you can to avoid being headshotted by the other team (unless the other team is spawn camping). Then once you're out your going to want to hide behind the big soccer net, now you're safe for now. 3. Now let's assume you are sniper, what you want to do is equip your sniper rifle and hide behind one of the walls with your sniper rifle pocking out. Now you have cover what you're going to want to do now is right click to zoom and then wait for the bars inside your scope to fill up to the maximum(now your rifle can kill all classes with and direct headshot). Then once you see someone aim for the head, left click and if it says critical hit above their head and they fall down: Mission Accomplished!

4. Demo man is really simple, place sticky bombs around their door and when they come right click. BOOM!

Page 9 5. Engineer is pretty strait forward if you know the basics of engineering. First put a dispenser behind where you want your sentry to be, then when you have enough metal place the sentry in front of you. Once your done that upgrade both your sentry and dispenser. 6. Next is medic, medic is pretty easy again because all your doing here is either healing the snipers or Uber charging the heavy's. Or if someone starts attacking you then you use your bone saw or syringe launcher. 7. Next is spy, spy is considered the hardest class because what you have to do is sneak up behind someone and backstab them without dying. Also taking out buildings and snipers. 8. For Pyro what you do is wait outside the spawn the burn them. Or sit in front of the spawn and hit them with the flare gun. 9. When you play heavy you need to wait for a medic and an uber charge, then charge out the door and left click to obliterate them. 10. Soldier is pretty easy to because you just point you bazooka and hope for the explosive damage to kill someone.

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