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King Of Sales

An Interview with Jeffrey Gitomer

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Happy Back-to-School Season, Shotcallers! With roughly 1 billion (that's right, BILLION) monthly active users, Instagram is a social network your company can't afford to ignore. But what's the right way to harness this photo-sharing app for your business? This month, we'll talk about how any company can create an Instagram campaign that starts a positive buzz. We've also got some fresh Instagram tips for 2019 and information about using other social media sites to grow your user and client base. Speaking of business growth, search engine optimization (SEO) is a staple for getting new visitors to your site and new customers to buy your product. This month, we'll show you how to avoid getting on the wrong side of the SEO tracks. We'll also help you put together longtail keywords that give your marketing campaign staying power. I think what I'm most excited about in this issue, though, is for you to read my interview with King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer. I spent an hour speaking with Jeffrey and every word out of his mouth was in-your-face gold. During the interview, he shared tips for entrepreneurs who need to help improve their sales teams. He also talked about ways you and your sales staff can get more creative. It's definitely not an interview you want to miss! Until next month, Dennis M. Postema Publisher & Founding Editor P.S. Have friends who could use Shotcallers to help their business? Send them this referral link to subscribe for FREE! The content in Shotcallers Magazine is made available on the terms and conditions that the publisher, editors, contributors and relatied parties; shall have no responsibility for any action or omission by any other contributor, consultant, editor or related party; disclaim any and all liability and responsibility to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause; are not responsible in any way for the actions or results taken by any person, organization or any party on basis of reading information, or contributions in this publication, website or related product.


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Marketing Calendar Plan your marketing messages around these upcoming holidays and proclamations.

September National Guide Dog Month Hispanic Heritage Month Baby Safety Month Self Improvement Month Shameless Promotion Month Sep 2 - Labor Day (U.S.) Sep 11 - Patriot Day (U.S.) 4th - Wildlife Day 5th - Cheese Pizza Day 6th - Read A Book Day 7th - Beard Day 8th - Hug Your Hound Day 8th - Grandparent’s Day 9th - Teddy Bear Day 12th - Video Games Day 12th - Chocolate Milkshake Day 13th - Scooby-Doo Day 14th - Eat a Hoagie Day 15th - Citizenship Day

16th - Wife Appreciation Day 18th - Cheeseburger Day 19th - Talk Like A Pirate Day 21st - Puppy Mill Awareness Day 21st - Thank a Police Officer Day 21st - Big Whopper Liar Day 21st - World’s Alzheimer’s Day 23rd - Autumnal Equinox 22nd - Ice Cream Cone Day 23rd - Family Day 25th - Comic Book Day 25th - One Hit Wonder Day 26th - Pancake Day 27th - Chocolate Milk Day 27th - Google’s Birthday 28th - Batman Day 28th - Drink Beer Day 28th - Good Neighbor Day 29th - Coffee Day 29th - VFW Day

October Adopt A Dog Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bullying Prevention Month Car Care Month Dental Hygiene Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month Emotional Wellness Month National Pizza Month Oct 14 - Columbus Day (U.S.) Oct 31 - Halloween


1st - Homemade Cookies Day 1st - Willy Wonka Day 2nd - Peanuts Day (Snoopy) 3rd - Techies Day 4th - Taco Day 4th - Vodka Day 4th - World Pet’s Day 5th - Do Something Nice Day

6th - Noodle Day 9th - Beer & Pizza Day 9th - Stop Bullying Day 13th - Train Your Brain Day 13th - Father-Daughter Day 14th - Dessert Day 14th - Spider-Man Day 15th - Grouch Day 16th - Boss’s Day 17th - Pasta Day 17th - Get to Know Your Customers Day 18th - Chocolate Cupcake Day 18th - Newspaper Comic Strip Appreciation Day 25th - Frankenstein Day 26th - Make A Difference Day 27th - Mother-in-Law Day 28th - Chocolate Day 29th - Cat Day 30th - Candy Corn Day 31st - Knock-Knock Jokes Day

Can A Secured Credit Card Help You Establish Credit? by Kathryn Shrader

You are attempting to establish credit but do not qualify for a regular credit card – will obtaining a secured card help? If you have never had credit or need to repair a poor credit history a secured credit card may be the only way to establish credit or re-establish credit. First, exactly what is a secured credit card? A secured card requires a cash deposit which will be used as collateral for any charges you make with the card. In many cases, if you deposit $400 your credit line will be $400. Depending upon the issuing bank’s policies, this line of credit may be increased with additional deposits. You might be asking why get a card if you have the money to use as collateral? – to establish credit!


Additionally, in many instances you need to have a credit card to make a hotel or plane reservation, just dealing in cash simply

will not work. Therefore, if you are unable to qualify for a regular credit card a secured credit card may be your only option. If you decide to obtain a secured credit card, shop around for the best rates and lowest fees. A secured credit card typically will have an annual fee but try to find a bank that does not require an application fee or monthly insurance fees. Check with the bank you currently do business with if you already have a checking or savings account. Also, many credit unions offer secured credit cards to their members with no application fees and lower interest rates. To make the best use of your secured credit card to establish your credit, charge a few small items per month and make sure you pay the bill on time each month. A late payment will defeat your efforts of establishing good

credit. When using your secured card as with any credit card make sure you pay off the balance each month so you do not incur any interest charges. Usually after approximately one year of using a secured credit card responsibly, no late payments and not charging over your established limit, the issuing bank may offer you an unsecured credit card in place of your secured card. If this happens your initial deposit used as collateral will be returned possibly even with interest. While a year might seem like a long time, if a secured credit card is the only way you have to establish credit a year with the issuing bank having your deposit as collateral will be a relatively small price to pay. Remember you are using a secured credit card as a stepping stone to obtaining a regular credit card and establishing a credit history.


What is Negative SEO and How You Can Protect Your Website from It Imagine putting tons of effort into optimizing your site for SEO only to do a test search and find out your page didn’t make it anywhere near to the first page of the results page. Sounds terrifying? Welcome to the dark side of SEO; a place where unscrupulous site owners bend the rules by using bad SEO practices to harm the ranking of their competitor’s website. Although Google and other search engines have done a lot to detect and counter these attacks in the last few years, the best strategy against them is to maintain a proactive defense. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of what negative SEO is, show you what a negative SEO attack looks like, and give you the weapons you need to defend your website’s search ranking. What is negative SEO? Negative SEO, also called Black Hat SEO, describes a range of unethical practices which are used to lower a website’s search engine ranking. Negative SEO is an easy way to get to the top of a search results page without having to do the timeconsuming work of link-building. The history of negative SEO goes back many years, but it was in 2012 when it really went mainstream. That year Google released Penguin, an algorithm update which should’ve put a stop to manipulative practices like keyword stuffing and 5

link schemes. Instead, it became a weapon for black hat SEOs which discovered they could use it to sabotage their competitors’ website ranking to the point of deindexing them completely by search engines. Today, negative SEO lives on in many ways despite the frequent algorithm updates made to combat them. Whether it’s duplicating your content and publishing it in hundreds of pages throughout the web, repeatedly linking unrelated content to your website, or trashing your company’s reputation with fake bad reviews, your site’s ability to attract a healthy amount of traffic depends on you knowing how to counter SEO attackers. Type of negative SEO attacks The resourcefulness of black hat SEOs knows no limits. From their humble beginning as link spammers, they have developed a wide range of techniques to harm their competitors’ websites. Since there are too many to deal with in detail, we’ll focus on the most commonly used types of attacks. 6

Link spamming The oldest and most commonly used negative SEO tactic is also one of the least effective today, thanks to Google’s continuous efforts to improve its linking algorithm. Nevertheless, it’s still too soon to let your guard down. Link spamming involves creating unrelated external links to your website. Though mostly ineffective today, this tactic is extremely easy to implement but can be particularly damaging if your competitor decides to link your page to untrusty gambling or adult websites.

to confuse Google’s bots by overwhelming their ability to tell your website from all of its fake copies. If the attack succeeds, your page could be ranked after your attacker’s copy pages, which would invisibilize it for potential visitors and potentially earn you a penalization. The effects of content scraping succeeding are higher if it’s carried using a website which is more authoritative than yours, such as the forum of a highly-regarded website. Website hacking

The most qualified, and dangerous, black hat SEOs will look to hack your page directly and Although these places insert malicious code into are more likely to put you it. Hackers will often go under Google’s radar and for popular, authoritative move them to de-rank websites and try to find your page, link-spamming a weakness that allows is most often done using them to insert and hide poorly-moderated forums, a code with links to the comment sections, and pages they’re trying to low-quality directories. rank. Content scraping

The other popular strategy used by hackers is the Content scraping is a Distributed Denial-oftechnique that involves Serve Attacks (DDoS). The duplicating your content aim of a DDoS attack is to word-for-word into make Google bots crawl other websites and then your site continuously attempting to index these until it slows it down before your own. The or even brings it down attacker, therefore, hopes completely.

Fake reviews

Search rankings are constantly changing, so A less tech-heavy Regular link audits are today’s top result might technique involves a healthy SEO practice be located on the second leaving hundreds of which helps you measure or third page next week. negative reviews of your the success of your Building high-quality company’s products campaigns. Furthermore, website content as quickly and services all over the keeping an eye on your and often as possible is internet. Bad reviews, links can allow you to the best way to keep your the digital equivalent of detect and stop a negative site on the top search gossiping, can corrode SEO attack before it has results. your company’s reputation time to cause further if left uncontested and damage to your website. Remember that no matter negatively impact your how many tricks the bad ranking. Depending on the site guys throw at you, in the of your website, you end the sites which have Reviews are one of the can either audit your more to offer to their users factors that Google’s links manually or use will always come on top. algorithm takes into specialized software account when listing and such as CognitiveSEO. ranking pages. Attackers Whichever you choose, Regardless of how know this and that’s remember that a sudden despicable they are, the why they try to use fake increase or decrease in truth is that negative SEO reviews to destroy your traffic should raise your practices aren’t going credibility, ranking, and try alarm bells. anywhere. For every to get your site penalized. algorithm update Google Disavow backlinks from makes, black hats SEOs Bounce rate manipulation untrusted sources will always find a way to counter them. That’s why Bounce rate manipulation If you suspect any of your it’s so important that you happens when attackers backlinks could be part of learn how to mitigate use multiple bots to an organized spam attack the risks by keeping a repeatedly visit and then against your site, you proactive defense. immediately leave a site. can tell Google to stop Since both high bounce considering it in future Keep an eye on your rate and low dwell assessments of your site. backlinks and quality time signal a poor user This can easily be done by indicators while also experience, a successful using the Google Disavow building engaging attack could lead to your Tool that comes as part of content and see how your site losing rank or being Google’s Webmaster Tool unscrupulous competitors de-indexed for good. package. watch powerlessly as you consistently raise your How to prevent and fight Keep publishing great company’s website to the off a negative SEO attack content as often as top results page. possible 7

Audit your links

5 Tips for Creating Effective Marketing Goals


Coming up with accurate, specific marketing goals can be a challenging task for any marketer. Your aim should be to find the most precise way to measure whether you achieved your objective. But how do you decide what to measure? When do you measure it? What’s an appropriate goal to assign yourself? The following five tips will answer these questions. Follow them, and you’ll be on your way to setting up robust and effective marketing goals for your marketing plan.

Make sure that your marketing goals align with the company’s overall goals. Doing this is as simple as making a list of all the relevant business objectives that you will be trying to achieve through marketing. Prioritize the list into the most important three objectives for the business. These three business goals will define your marketing goals and ensure that your efforts are serving the top-level business objectives of the company.

Set reasonable goals. When starting a new project or campaign, don’t go for a pie-in-the-sky goal; instead, choose a modest one. For example, setting out to gather 250 new Facebook likes with one Facebook ad is highly ambitious. If your company has 1,000 likes total, consider adding 25 likes as your goal. If you exceed well beyond your goal--great! You’ll have a better sense of what the goal should be next time.

always find a way to gauge what you’re looking for if you put your mind to it. For example, you could survey the community about the association’s reputation before your marketing campaign and then survey them again when it’s finished.

Check in regularly. Meeting consistently with your supervisor to discuss priorities, timelines, and projects will help ensure that in the long run, you continue to be Define a window of time in sync with the strategic for measuring success. If direction of the company. you don’t set a length of Sometimes a company’s time to hit your goal, you’ll priorities change, and as be measuring indefinitely. the marketing director, Remember, when setting you must be aware of a marketing goal, ask those changes so that you yourself, “by when?” For can alter your priorities example, are you looking and goals. to see those 25 new Facebook likes appear in Thoughtful, strategic goals one week? In one month? are the building blocks of any good marketing Be sure your goals are plan. Creating reasonable, measurable. How will you measurable, time-sensitive know that you succeeded goals that align with the if you can’t measure your company’s overarching success? Some marketing goals, in addition to goals are harder to checking in regularly measure than others. For with your supervisor, example, if your goal is will put you on the road to increase your sports to successful marketing association’s reputation, efforts. how would you go about measuring that? You can 9

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Keyword Research: 8 Ways to Come Up with Amazing Long-Tail Keywords for Your Website

It’s an open secret among SEOs that optimizing content for long-tail keywords can radically improve the ranking of a website. Long-tail keywords have many advantages over their shorter cousins, such as being optimized for voice search and semantic search, having significantly less competition, attracting visitors who are ready to buy, and offering a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for a much lower cost. Furthermore, short tails are already a part of long-tail keywords, so by using them you’re already killing two birds with one stone!


The only issue with long-tail keywords is that they’re low-search volume, so you have to carefully pick the ones you use. Here are eight ways to find great long-tail keywords for your site.

1. Make a list


process with their related searches. Once you have a good amount of longtail keywords, you can use your favorite keyword research tool to pick the ones that best target your users.

head keyword and write it into the search box. Before you open your Immediately you’ll be favorite keyword research able to see about a dozen tool, you need to popular variations of your understand what your search terms you can use website has to offer. as long-tail keywords. Grab a pen, a piece of The only downside to paper, and set aside some this method is that it’s dedicated time on your 3. Questions in forums and very time-consuming calendar to think about boards (especially if you’re typing how you can translate a keyword + every letter your business’s offering Modern-day customers of the alphabet), so you into long-tail keywords. spend a lot of time in can save yourself a lot of Make sure you list every online communities, time by using tools such product, and variation of where they can share their as Ubersuggest to scrape it, that you can think of. opinions and experiences Google’s autocomplete Once you have everything with other consumers. data for you. listed, pick your best These forums and boards sellers and re-write your are an excellent place to 5. “People also ask...” boxes keywords to match the mine for keyword ideas way your customers speak because they’re full of People also ask, or PAA, is and write their queries. hundreds of people asking another powerful Google or answering questions SERP feature you can use 2. Google “Searches about your website’s topic. to come up with longRelated to...” To use forums for keyword tail keywords. A type of research, you need to find featured snippet, PAA The “Searches Related to...” a place where your target has been growing in box is a useful resource audience hangs out. If use and power since it that lies at the bottom you can’t think of a name, first appeared in 2015. of every Google Search try to Google strings like By entering a single Engine Result Page (SERP). “keyword” + “forum” or question or search term You can use related “keyword” + “powered by you can get potentially searches to come up with vbulletin” to find them. infinite variations of it for many variations for your the same, or a slightly long-tail keywords in a 4. Google Autocomplete different, topic. For matter of minutes. Just suggestions example, querying for “Is type a long-tail keyword white rice a bad carb?” and you know would drive Google Autocomplete then hitting PAA could traffic to your website provides an easy way to give you “What are the and scroll down to see come up with long-tail side effects of eating white the related searches. Take keyword ideas that come rice?” or “Why white rice the related keywords straight from Google. is bad for you.” As you can and Google them as All you need to do is to see, the possibilities are well, then repeat this take a broad topic or limitless.

6. Google Trends Keywords are never static, so their popularity rises and plummets through time. Google Trends free tool that allows you to see which long-tail keywords are trending at the moment. All you need to do is to go into Trending searches, look for topics relating to your content, and see which keywords are trending. Furthermore, you can also use Google Trends to look at historical data and find which topics and keywords are trending for the season. 7. Quora Quora is a popular Q&A website full of useful questions and answers

you can use to come up with keyword topics. Many of these questions are lowsearch volume keywords you can copy and paste or use to brainstorm new keyword ideas. Even questions in short-tail format can be used to create long-tail keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner.

targeting, the position on which his website shows up when a user searches those keywords, and even the pages that rank for certain keywords. All of this should give you plenty of ideas to add to your long-tail keyword list.

Long-tail keywords aren’t as straightforward to use 8. Competing websites as their shorter cousins but, when well applied, Since it’s impossible they can have a much to come up with all larger impact on your the possible long-tail search traffic. So as long keywords for a topic on as you pay attention to your own, a good way to details, as well as to what get new ideas is to check your competition is doing, your competitors’ websites. you’ll get tons of traffic Using a keyword research to show up for your hard tool you can analyze your work. competitor’s URL to see which search terms he’s

Recognizing Obvious Brilliance With King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer

This month I had the unique honor of speaking with the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer. Author of fifteen bestselling books, Jeffrey is also a world-renowned speaker giving keynote speeches that are funny and playful, in-your-face, off-the-wall and on-the-money. He was recently given exclusive access to the archives of Napoleon Hill Foundation and the first book in that partnership, Truthful Living, is available now. You can also catch Jeffrey every week on his Sell or Die podcast https://www. sellordiepodcast.com/.

Dennis: How did you end up getting into sales?


ployees how to sell?

most salespeople piss their time away. They go home Jeffrey: Yeah. Let’s say at night, and they have a you’re a business owner choice: social media repuand you hire salespeople, tation or Netflix. Those but you don’t like sales are the two choices. The and you can’t do sales. salesperson who’s not Your salespeople are never making it has to realize going to listen to you. If that it’s time to change the you’re a sales manager and way they invest their time you can’t go out and make and exchange for that the a sale, no one will ever way they spend their time. listen to you. So, whoever You spend your time, you the owner of the commake nothing. You inpany is, they have to learn vest your time, you make how to sell. You can look something. So, if you’re at it all the way down the watching Netflix three road from Steve Jobs to hours a night, only watch Bill Gates, all these people it for an hour and a half over time have learned and then devote an hour how to position themand a half to you. selves to have people buy, and that’s the process. I Dennis: I’ve seen a lot don’t consider selling an of salespeople over the art. I consider it a science. years rise to a certain inIt’s repeatable, you can come level and get comlearn it. To me, if there’s an fortable, and it’s not that art of selling, it’s never let they’ve lost the love, but any other person feel like the effort is gone. They’re they’re being sold. so satisfied with what they’ve achieved that Dennis: You’re constantly they don’t want to work adapting your sales pro- to go even higher. What cess to technology and do you do with saleshave been ever since the people like that? 60s. What kind of advice do you have to salesJeffrey: The best thing to people about adapting? do is shoot them.

Jeffrey: I had an entrepreneurial family before the word entrepreneur was anything. My grandfather, father, uncles ... everyone had a business. And I realized that the business didn’t mean anything unless you sold something. When I started my own business in the 60s manufacturing leisure furniture, I said, “Oh, I better be the sales guy,” so, I was. I went around to furniture stores and made sales, and it was pretty easy. Then I buckled down for a few years and studied the science of selling. You can be okay if you have the gift of gab, which I do, but you’re never really going to get to the top level unless you understand what sales is all about intellectually. You have to recognize that sales are made emotionally and then justified logically. Until you get to that point, you’re going to flounder. Most salespeople flounder because they take what their company has taught them and think it’s right, which is mostly bullshit. Jeffrey: I wake up in the morning, and I do at least Dennis: Do you think one if not all five, of these any entrepreneur should things: I write, I read, I learn the art of sales beprepare, and that causes fore they teach their em- me to think and create. But

Dennis: Making it simple. Jeffrey: Well, if you shoot them in the foot, they’re going to go, “Holy shit, somebody just shot me

in the foot. I’ve got to do something.” It’s amazing to me that people reach that level of complacency where they are fat and happy or just bad and take the easiest path to mediocrity that they possibly can. Maybe we need a bunch of those people, but the bottom line is, there are going to be achievers, and those achievers are going to get younger and younger and finally, they’re going to pass you by. Then you’re going to become irrelevant in the world, and your business will slowly erode. If you’re not replacing customers at a two-to-one basis, you’re in trouble. If you lose a customer, go get two.


ting ready Dennis: Speaking of writing, tell me about your newest book, The Sales Manifesto.

Jeffrey: It just came out a couple of months ago, and it’s a classic because I don’t write about how to have your best year ever. I write about how to have your best decade ever. Like, who the hell wants to have the best year ever? Then what’s the next year? Shit? This is a book about what’s going to happen for the next ten years. And I can’t go more than ten because nobody could’ve predicted LinkedIn or Twitter a decade before they came out. They came along, and they morphed, and I’ll guarantee you in Dennis: Where do perthe next ten years somesonal development and thing else is going to hapself-help fit into the equa- pen. tion? Dennis: So you either Jeffrey: Well, here’s the adapt or you fall by the deal. Religious people wayside. wake up in the morning, and they pray. Salespeople Jeffrey: Correct. I built a wake up in the morning, solid platform in social and they drink coffee. Why media because it’s the aren’t they studying sales? “now” thing. I’ve got 29,000 Why aren’t they doing connections on LinkedIn, something to get ready for and another 40,000 people their day? I’m in my chair are following me. Influenin the morning, and I’m cing leaders don’t lead by doing something for me. example anymore. They I’m studying, writing, get- set the standard. What are

you doing so far superior to everyone else that you set the standard? Steve Jobs set the standard ... iPhone, iPad, laptop—he set the music industry on its ear like he controlled it—yet he never wrote a song. He never sang a note. He just had win after win after win based on his ability to innovate and his ability to communicate. Look at Blackberry. They had 90-something percent of the market and they lost 90-something percent of the market by not innovating. Look at all the things that have fallen by the wayside because they didn’t keep up with technology. Most of the time, they had plenty of money to be the leader, to set the standard, and they chose not to. I can promise you that Barnes & Noble thought Amazon.com selling books was a joke. I can promise you that the taxi company thought Uber was laughable. And now taxis are irrelevant. There are businesses that you can create with an app that innovate something that’s totally obvious. We go to Paris once or twice a year. It used to be, when you arrive, you’d

have all your bags, and then you’d have to get into the city, take an Uber, take a taxi, take a train, whatever. It was a pain in the ass. Now there’s a service that will meet you right outside of baggage claim, take your bags and deliver them wherever you want. So if you arrive in the morning, but you can’t get your Airbnb ‘til two o’clock in the afternoon, you tell the service to hold your bags and not deliver them until two. Then you take the $10 train into the city. Now, that’s not a brilliant idea. Nobody’s curing cancer. It’s picking up somebody else’s bags and taking them to the city. Done. So, I’m going to challenge anybody who’s reading that they probably have an idea that would make a ton of money, it’s something obvious because it’s obvious.


all the books I’ve sold, the fact that I’m in the National Speakers Association hall of fame, all that. All the things that are necessary to have my card be a conversation starter, not a conversation ender. People who struggle with creativity are not reading books on creativity. That’s probably the biggest part of their stupidity. What books are in your creative library? None? Go to Gitomer.com and look at my recommended reading. You’ll see a bunch of books on creativity. But I think more important is to just go to the bookstore every once in a while, or go on Amazon and search creativity books, and buy a couple.

Nothing. I do it because I got my positive attitude from Napoleon Hill and I’m just saying, “Thank you.” So when they came across these writings of Napoleon Hill, they called me and asked if I wanted to edit and annotate them.

We struck a business deal, and they gave me three volumes of the first writings of Napoleon Hill. The first half of these original 1917 writings were about selling skills, and the other half were about personal development because Hill knew that no one is going to sell anything unless they believe in themselves; unless they’re thinking the right way, doing the right thing, eating the right food. I eliminated all the sales stuff and only foDennis: Let’s switch cused on the 23 personal gears and talk about The development lessons. And Napoleon Hill Foundawith those lessons, I creattion. What’s it like to have ed this book called TruthDennis: One thing that exclusive access to the ful Living. This is a book I admire about you is foundation’s archives? that will help anybody do your creativity, especially anything; it’s unbelievable. with your business cards. Jeffrey: It is an honor. Like it can’t be any more Can you give our readers The Napoleon Hill Founreal. some ideas on how to be dation puts out a newscreative? letter every week called Dennis: What’s the one Napoleon Hill Yesterday piece of business advice Jeffrey: I used a coin as and Today. It has around you would give to an a business card for years. 75,000 subscribers. For entrepreneur? Right now, my business more than a decade I’ve card is a baseball card, and published that for them Jeffrey: Love what you do on the back are my stats. every week for no charge. I or get the fuck out. It talks about my records, don’t charge them a dime.

Dennis: Okay, excellent. And then what about to a salesperson? Jeffrey: Exactly the same thing, but be dedicated to it.

in the music store or buy a music store but have five people work for you to give violin lessons and take 20 percent.

Look at it from the perspective of how to be I’m not in favor of side hus- number one. The way to tles because they distract be number one is to do you. You either have the uncommon things conballs to quit and do what sistently. I train at Hendrick you love or you don’t. Lexus Charlotte. They have Everyone who has some about 50 salespeople. One side hustle hates what guy, who’s not working they do, or hates their boss there anymore, was numor hates their ... whatever ber one every month for it is. They want more, and ten years. What did he do they think that the way to differently than everybody do it is to double down, else? When he woke up and it’s not. Double down before work, he drove on what you love. If you to a customer’s house, like violins, take the job dropped off his car, picked

up their car, took it in for service and brought it back at the end of the day. He did this every day. Now, half the people who came in to the Hendrick Lexus ask for him. Who the hell wouldn’t want to buy a car from a guy who picks up your car and brings it in for service? And this guy doubled everybody else because he was consistent and did the thing that was so obvious. I mean, it’s not, “Oh man, that guy’s a genius for doing that.” No, it’s the most obvious thing you can do. A service. Just think about it.

The Consistently Quotable Jeffrey Gitomer When you interview someone like Jeffrey Gitomer, you get a lot of unusual, quotable tidbits of advice that are cut in the interest of printing space. Take a look at some of the great lines we had to cut from this interview.

“I want to talk to your readers about what the hell are they doing? We’re in a boom economy right now. Couldn’t be any better and sales guys are still pissing and moaning about what’s wrong. Like, dude, now’s your time to make fucking bacon. If you’re not making bacon today, just think about what it was like five years ago.” “One of my friends is a guy named Richard Brodie. Richard was the 77th employee of Microsoft, and he wrote Microsoft Word 1.0. That’s not his claim to fame. His claim to fame is, he invented the little red line that goes under the misspelled word. Microsoft wouldn’t adopt it for four years. That’s how stupid they are.”

“Companies are spending money again, investing money again. Now’s your chance to really take money in and if you don’t, it’s your damn fault.”

“A requirement of working in any warehouse is that you have to be smarter than the boxes. If you’re not, you got a problem. I had a warehouse for years, and when I hired somebody for the warehouse, I said, “This is the only key to the job: you have to be smarter than the boxes.” And every once in awhile, I would hire somebody, and they were not.”


Marketing 101: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business It’s no secret that managing a corporation isn’t easy, which is why it’s vital that you discover and implement the most effective methods for digital marketing. Any strong company needs to connect with customers. Working in a service-based industry means you’re frequently interacting with customers in person and during service calls, but are you reaching new clients digitally? More importantly, are you effectively utilizing social media as a way to connect with potential clients who are in need of your services? As a service provider, you know all about delivering great customer service 20

and reliable products, but do you know what it takes to conquer the world of digital marketing? Even if you don’t have a thorough background in marketing or sales, it’s possible to utilize social media effectively in a way that will help you reach more clients and build a brand that potential clients will trust and count on. Here’s what you need to know.

drastically impact your viewership’s opinion of you. Make a solid plan that showcases how you’re going to market and that determines what your marketing goals are. You can move forward from there.

How to get started Determine what your specific marketing goals are. These will vary based on the type of services Planning you’re offering or what One of the most important specific products or elements of dominating packages you’re currently the world of social media promoting. Do you want is to plan accordingly. to offer a coupon to your Never jump into social current client base? Are media marketing before you trying to increase you know what you’re your base number of getting into. A few customers? Are you simply misplaced Facebook posts interested in building your or awkward tweets can brand’s reputation? The

Creating an effective marketing plan It’s vital that you develop a thorough marketing plan that details how You’ll also need to decide much you plan to spend how you’re going to reach on marketing, how much your target audience. Are time you want to invest you going to use several in this aspect of your social media platforms or brand, and what your are you going to stick with goals are. What do you one? Many brands choose hope to achieve from to become comfortable this marketing endeavor? utilizing a single platform Are you interested in before moving on to other building your reputation sites. This is an effective or your client base? Are way to make sure you’re you trying to promote a reaching people in the specific type of service way that you want and or a particular service in a manner that makes package? Understand sense to them. The rules what your goals are so for posting on Twitter, you can begin working for example, are quite toward them. Developing different from Facebook’s a marketing plan is policies. It’s not a bad incredibly important as it idea to carefully consider gives you a tangible way focusing on one platform to measure how successful before you move on to your marketing efforts another. truly are. way that you market and promote your organization will determine how you begin marketing.

As a service provider, make sure you thoroughly understand your own services and benefits that you’re offering to customers. If you’re not sure what you have to offer your clients, your marketing may be rendered ineffective, so focus on developing a solid knowledge base of your services, pricing tiers, and benefits. 21

different social media platforms, understand that many adults are segregated based on their age, physical location, and educational background. Understanding your particular client base and target audience will help enable you to effectively reach the clients you want to. Tactics After you determine which platform will work best for your potential client base, it’s time to start effectively focusing on tactics designed to connect you with clients. There are several popular methods for reaching customers through social media targeted marketing. Here’s what you need to know.

Paid ads If you’ve ever been browsing Facebook or Identifying your audience Twitter and noticed a It’s no secret that small “Sponsored” tag identifying your audience at the bottom of a post, is key, so make sure you you’ve seen a paid ad. understand exactly who Paid ads are an effective is buying your services. way to reach specific This will help you to audiences who use your determine which social social media platform of media platforms are best choice. When you choose for you to begin using. to pay for an ad, you’ll be For example, the people able to specify what age who use Facebook aren’t range, gender, economic the same people who use background, educational Instagram. While there is background, and personal often overlap between lifestyle preferences users

are required to have in order to view your ad. This enables you to accurately target your ad specifically to certain parties. For example, if you want to target your ad toward female homeowners who are politically liberal with college degrees and who enjoy reading, you can do so. If you want to target your ad toward male students who enjoy skiing, you can specify this as well. Paid ads enable you to track how many times your ad has been viewed and how often users engage with it. This could include “liking” your post, sharing it, or even clicking on an enclosed link. If you include a promo code that is specific to your marketing campaign, you’ll be able to further track how effective your ad is. Analytics are key when it comes to reaching new audiences, so make sure you regularly assess how effective your paid ad is performing. Sometimes you may need to adjust your keywords or target phrases in order to better reach your chosen demographic, so don’t be afraid to try several sponsored ads to find a style that works for you. 22

Giveaways Another popular way to expand your brand using social media is to utilize giveaways to reach your target audience. Note that this does not need to be something that breaks your budget. You don’t need to give away a free Internet package or a year’s supply of your services. In fact, your giveaway doesn’t even need to be something provided by your company. Hosting a giveaway is simply a way to get users to engage with your page, to like your social media profiles, and to share your posts and information with their friends. You can give away a gift certificate to a local restaurant, computer accessories, art supplies or something entirely different. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you choose an item that particularly appeals to your target demographic. Then write an engaging and interesting post advertising your services, as well as the giveaway. You can choose to utilize a giveaway manager, such as Rafflecopter, but if you prefer to manage your own giveaway, you may do that as well. Ask

users to like, share, and comment on your post for entries. You may also request that they “tag” a friend in your post. This will help your giveaway to spread throughout the social media site you’re using and can be an effective way to reach new viewers. Content Never underestimate the value of incredible content. It’s important that you write engaging and thoughtful posts to share on your social media page. These may be related to your services in particular, but it’s also effective to write about a variety of topics present in your industry. For example, if you’re a commercial printer, you can share information on effectively copying or producing documents. You can offer information on different types of ink or products. You can even discuss the best ways to effectively use printing services in local businesses. Make sure your content is interesting and applicable to your target audience. It’s also a good idea to close each post with a question to encourage discussion among your target audience.

Post variety Make sure you post a variety of content. Don’t just share pictures, memes, or jokes with your audience. Similarly, you shouldn’t just post about your services. Readers who use social media frequently may become bored with repetitious posts, so it’s important that you use different types of content to keep your readers continually interested. Consider creating a posting schedule or even hiring a social media manager to create a schedule for you. You may also choose to pre-schedule posts with a service such as HootSuite or SocialMedia Jukebox. These sites enable you to upload your posts and share them at designated times. If you want to minimize the amount of time you spend on social media while simultaneously engaging your audience on a regular basis, creating an effective schedule can help you stay on track with the least amount of stress.


Best Practices As you learn to navigate the world of social media marketing, make sure you focus on creating a fantastic experience

for your audience. It’s important that you keep your target demographic in mind as you create your marketing plan and utilize targeted posts, as this will help you to focus on what works for your audience, as well as what will encourage them to engage with you on social media. With that in mind, there are a few practices you should implement immediately in order to get the most out of your social media experience. Pictures and images If you’re planning to just share links or content, you need to stop now. Viewers who browse your social media page and just see blocks of text or constant links will become bored and uninterested. You need to create a variety of posts that will encourage engagement. One of the best ways to do this is to share pictures or images along with your content. This also encourages users to share your posts with their friends, colleagues, and family members, which can further extend your client base and your social media reach. Reliability Users will have the chance to message you specifically. Note that

when users message you, you should try to respond as quickly as possible. Your response rate, as well as your response time, will be displayed on your social media page for audiences to see. Keeping a fast, high response rate will help ensure that your viewers trust your brand. Never respond to readers and ask them to call your office for more information. They messaged you on the Internet for a reason. Instead, cater to their specific needs and preferences by offering them the assistance they need directly through social media. Remember to be prompt, polite, and professional with each interaction. Frequency It’s also vital that you post on a regular basis. Ideally, you should post at least once a day; however, you may choose to post more frequently if you have a variety of content, pictures, images, and specials you can share with your audience. It doesn’t matter how often you post, but you do need to be consistent. If someone stops by your page and you haven’t updated it in over a week, they’ll believe that your company isn’t active on

Tracking your ROI Review data reports on a regular basis. Ideally, you should review these reports each day to ensure ROI Choosing effective your ads are hitting your Your ROI is important. You and budget-friendly chosen demographic likely have a reasonable marketing tactics effectively. If your clicksbudget, so it’s vital that There are a variety of per-view is low, for you choose to market in budget-friendly marketing example, you either need ways that effectively make tactics you can utilize to to adjust your ad or adjust the most of this spending. make the most of your your demographics to be Aim to keep your costs ads. Remember that more effective. low by focusing on ways you don’t have to go to engage your customers all out and throw a lot Also make sure you track and by utilizing ads, of money at your ads. all of your spending, coupons, and targeted In fact, you shouldn’t. including receipts for posts to reach your Start small with a few giveaway items and appropriate demographic specific ads that have various ads, to ensure more easily. targeted demographics. you’re utilizing the best If one of your ads begins advertising methods for Managing your ROI with to perform well, you your budget. It’s easy to marketing can adjust your budget overspend when you don’t When you choose to pay accordingly to run that appropriately track each for ads, you’ll be able to ad more frequently or expense, so pay careful view analytics and reports to reach more people. attention to your data. that show you how much Similarly, if you’re you’re paying per-click or marketing on a tight The world of digital per-engagement. Note budget, you don’t need marketing may seem that engagements include to spend a lot of money tricky to enter, but the when someone “likes” or paying for social media truth is that you have comments on your post. giveaways when you many options you can If you run an ad that has a can run your own. Most utilize when it comes to low ROI with a high permarketing services offered reaching new audiences, click fee, you may need through social media sites connecting with your to modify your ad to be are designed to minimize current clients, and more effective to your the amount of time and expanding your customer chosen audience. It’s vital effort you need to exert. base. Using social media that you pay attention to You can reduce your effectively is important your analytics and data spending by taking on in today’s digital era, so reports in order to ensure more of the work yourself, make sure you take the you aren’t overpaying for including writing your time to utilize integrated your marketing. You may own copy and running marketing in promoting also choose to set daily your own giveaways. your brand. spending limits on your social media and they may, in turn, choose to utilize the services of a different organization.


social media platform of choice. This can help further reduce your spending.

The New Rules of Work (Summary)

By: Hannah Burroughs The last couple decades have seen a change in the way we move through our careers. New technology has paved a way for people to be in charge of their future. With these changes come challenges. You need to understand the changes in order to have the job you want and get the benefits you worked for.


motivations,” according to the authors. Rule #1- Recognize Yourself

In the past, what you did in college was what led to your career. Today your career is based off many different things. For example, it can be based on communication skills, your character, and your creativeness. Also, ask yourself This is what motivated Alexandra Cavoulacos and questions. What influenKathryn Minshew to write ces you? Do you want to this book. In the book you help people? Do you like being the leader? All these will learn the 13 “rules” to questions can help you help you on the right cabetter understand yourself reer path. and point you to the right career path. “What’s different about today’s rules is that they Rule #2- Do Your Research are all premised on your having a much keener, more concrete, and more Dig deeper into things nuanced understanding of you feel passionate about. your values, interests, and Look at things from a dif-

ferent view. Unlike the olden days, you have the internet at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to use it! Rule #3- Clarify Your Options Back then once you entered a certain career path, you were stuck in it no matter what. Now you can dabble into many different career fields and don’t have to stay in a particular one. Once you do your research, you might find yourself driven towards a certain one. To see if you can see yourself doing that career, job shadow someone in that field, do an internship or volunteer there. Rule #4- Make Your Personal Brand A brand used to only be part of a company or

product. But today it’s used to describe someone. Here are five steps to building your brand. 1. Ask friends and family to describe you in three words. Pick out the words that were used the most. 2. Make a brand statement. Use the words that your friends and family describe you with and make sentences about yourself. 3. Use your online profiles to market your brand. Make your profile professional and provide a method of communication. 4. Make your own website. Let employers know what skills you have and how those skills would benefit them. 5. Market your message by joining groups online through social media.

Also, check for openings in other jobs that interest you. Rule #7- Build Your Resume Resumes are a very important aspect in searching for a new job. You want it to stick out from everyone else. You should include contact information, your skills, education and past work experience.

other messages. Rule #11- Polish Your Interpersonal Skills You need to build your relationships with key people in the company. Doing so will help the path of your career. Rule #12- Ace Productivity

You need to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. To Rule #8- Perfect The Inter- help with that you should view have a to-do list. You should do your least favorThe interview could be ite task first and then work anything from a phone call your way down. Be sure to to a face to face conversa- set aside some time to do tion. You need to be ready small tasks as well. to answer questions like, “Why are you interested in Rule #13- Advance Your this job?” “Why should we Career hire you?” You also need to do research on your salary Many people aren’t lookRule #5- Make Networking in case they ask you anying to stay in the same Work For You thing in terms of that. career for more than a couple years, so you Having a network can help Rule #9- Excel The Offer need to prepare yourself you meet people who can for other positions. Take help you and people who Take your time before charge of your developyou can help. It’s a flow in accepting the offer. Make ment and improve your both directions. You also sure you do your research skills. need to promote yourself on the salary, flexibility, and join groups where and benefits of the job. Conclusion you’ll meet new people. Rule #10- Communication In this book you Rule #6- Search for Job learn key aspects to help Opportunities Communication is the develop your career. You key in everything you do learn more about yourself Keep a close eye on com- at work. You will need to and how to help people panies you are interested know who you are talking get to know you. You can in. Find people that work to, how to treat others, be achieve anything, you just there and tell them your a good listener, and always have to have the right interest in their company. respond to emails and mindset.

7 Tips to Create BuzzWorthy Instagram Ad Campaigns

As an innovative home base for brands worldwide, Instagram is the perfect platform to increase brand awareness and boost sales. You’ll find it difficult to come by a business which doesn’t have an Instagram business account. Considering that around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account on the platform, brands should consistently leverage its capabilities. The foundation of your business’s success on Instagram is an effective content strategy. But, sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to reach certain goals and capitalize on Instagram’s marketing campaign opportunities. 27

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, create all your content with a single measurable and specific target in mind. Whether you intend to connect to new prospects, launch a service or a product, or boost your brand awareness, Instagram campaigns will help you reach your goal. Most of the famous digital marketers and business owners rely on Instagram’s effective performance to develop a strong brand reputation. So, if you have an Instagram business account, here’s a list of 7 tips to create buzz-worthy Instagram ad campaigns. Establish S.M.A.R.T Goals When you’re determining a goal for your Instagram campaign, you should implement the S.M.A.R.T rule. This means defining a specific target audience and a single objective. Also, you must set a baseline to measure your growth. Consider an attainable goal and be realistic about your budget, your growth rate, and the duration of your campaign. Don’t aim to jump from 500 followers to 100,000 followers within just 2 and a half weeks. Also, depending on your campaign’s goal, set a timeline to achieve it. 28

Scheduling and Planning Your Content After you’ve set your target, you should schedule each piece of content for your campaign. Build a road map of what posts and stories you’ll publish every day. If you’re collaborating with influencers, make sure you communicate the days when you want them to publish or share your content. Keep everything in sync with your content calendar. You should aim to develop an overall message for your campaign. Create posts that can stand alone and strengthen the campaign’s message. To build momentum, you can use a variety of posts and to engage your audience, post previews of your campaign. For example, you can announce a contest, a discount, or any other promotion before you offer it.

51% of millennial consumers prefer to see your unique brand personality. The most important part of your marketing campaign is understanding the best way to convey the brand’s message to your followers. So, use a casual voice instead of a formal style. Although many brands choose a friendly approach, the opposite can also work. Stories, Feed and A/B Testing According to Hootsuite, about 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily, but only around 50% of businesses are creating Stories. Stories can effectively complement any of your campaign posts and add diversity to keep your followers engaged.

To refine your campaign strategy, you should use A/B testing. Test a variety Creating Your Content of ad formats. This will optimize your spending Once you’ve planned and because you’ll only be scheduled your content, paying for the formats it’s time to create a meswith high-performance sage which will specifically rates. Consider testing any appeal to your target audi- element of an ad such as ence. Most brands make images, text, audience, the mistake of skipping landing page, and placethis step, but it’s the back- ment. This way, you’ll bone of your campaign’s understand what works success. That’s because, better, and you’ll maximize according to Sprout Social, your ad campaign results.

Be Consistent in Aesthetics Although your marketing campaign should reflect the overall aesthetic of your brand, you can still implement distinctive elements. Consider customizing a recognizable and memorable campaign comprising several content pieces, which add up to your brand’s message. You’ll trigger high engagement rates by familiarizing prospects with your gradually built message. Every campaign ad will strengthen your main callto-action, which will result in higher conversions and a significant boost in sales. Also, depending on what reactions you want people to have, you can give your campaign its own voice and character. Make it funny, relaxing, or thrilling. It’s up to you to decide how you want users to feel when they see your ads.

Also, to make sure you’re accurately interpreting your campaign’s impact, establish a baseline and adjust your campaign according to high-performance patterns, trends, and growth periods. Instagram’s analytics will allow you to compare growth over specific periods and you can identify what you were doing at those peak times. This, in turn, will help you to adjust your overall campaign strategy, and, by using clear and real metrics, you can make all the correct changes, with no risk of failure. Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers can add incredible value to your Instagram ad campaign. Thanks to their large following and increased trust given by their loyal audience, they can efficiently boost your brand Track Relevant Metrics awareness. They’ll also add authenticity to your busiBefore you even launch ness. But any posts, which your campaign, you must an influencer creates, must determine what metrics comply with the FTC rules are relevant to you. It and should be labeled as comes down to your cam- ads. paign’s goal. So, for example, if you want to build A partnership with an brand awareness, you influencer will only have a should track reach, impres- positive effect if it makes sions, and engagement. sense. You should clearly 29

identify the influencers who have the same values and aesthetic concepts as your brand. Look through their other ads to see how they normally create content. But you shouldn’t work with an influencer only due to his/ her large audience. You must also account for the engagement levels of the influencer’s following. Wrap Up Instagram is one of the most efficient social platforms that you can use to maximize your business’ ad campaigns for huge returns. Depending on your goal, which could be to increase brand awareness or to grow your following, you should create specific ad campaigns using the platform’s optimized capabilities. Clearly define your audience, plan your ad campaign, create content, and launch. Also, with your prospects in mind, track your ads’ performance with Instagram’s Insights tool or 3rd party integrators. You’ll understand how to adjust your marketing campaigns to trigger increased engagement, which, in turn, will result in a huge ROI for your brand.

June is often considered a “summer month”, whereas September is not. This is despite the fact that September has twice as many summer days as June. September Milestones: • Sept. 2nd, 1752 (Julian year) - Great Britain adapted the Gregorian calander, making the next day September 14, 1752. There was no September 3-13 in the British Empire, including the American colonies. People rioted, believing that the government had stolen 11 days of their lives • Sept 3rd, 1995 - eBay was founded. • Sept 7th, 1998 - Google was founded by Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin • Sept 9th, 1956 - Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time • Sept 19th, 1928 - Mickey Mouse’s first screen appearance - Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theater NYC • Sept 30th, 1960- The Flintstones debuted on ABC during primetime


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Shotcallers #3 - September 2019  

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