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Everything you need to help your business avoid the summer slump! Many small-business owners experience a temporary slowdown this time of year. Referred to as the dreaded summer slump, it’s not all bad! You can use this time to find ways to rejuvenate your business and yourself. No good business rejuvenation plan starts without marketing, and we’ve got a marketing calendar that will give you easy ideas for your marketing attempts, all tied to current events. Next, we’ve got tips for designing a brochure for your business as well as blog content ideas to engage an audience specifically while we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking of which, for those of you working from home, we’ve got some tips for boosting your energy levels da every day. Trends change, and we want to make sure you’re keeping up so your marketing is as effective as you want it to be. To support this, we’re going to talk about the top email marketing trends and the best types of Facebook ads to use in 2020. We’ll also share some email marketing statistics in a handy infographic. I’ve also got a special treat for you this month! For the Meet & Greet feature, I interviewed master business coach and chief rabblerouser of Masterpiece Coaching, Jeanna Gabellini. She’s spent the past two decades liberating business owners from the myth that hard work pays off, and in this issue, she shares some critical tips for entrepreneurs about decision making and five-star clients. yea THRIVE your Don’t just make it through the summer slump this year, way through it with June’s issue of SHOTCALLERS! Yours, Dennis M. Postema Publisher & Founding Editor P.S. It’s a difficult time for businesses, and SHOTCALLERS is here to help you weather the changes. Make sure you share this volume with other business leaders and direct them to visit motivationandsuccess.com to sign up for their free subscription! The content in Shotcallers Magazine is made available on the terms and conditions that the publisher, editors, contributors and relatied parties; shall have no responsibility for any action or omission by any other contributor, consultant, editor or related party; disclaim any and all liability and responsibility to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause; are not responsible in any way for the actions or results taken by any person, organization or any party on basis of reading information, or contributions in this publication, website or related product.


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Marketing Calendar Plan your marketing messages around these upcoming holidays and proclamations.

June 7th - Chocolate Ice Cream Day 8th - Best Friends Day 9th - Donald Duck Day 11th - Corn on the Cob Day 12th - Superman Day 14th - World Blood Donor Day 14th - Bourbon Day 15th - Nature Photography Day 15th - Worldwide Day of Giving 16th - Fudge Day 18th - Picnic Day 19th - Garfield The Cat Day 21st - Handshake Day 22nd - Smurfs Day 26th - Take Your Dog to Work Day 26th - Chocolate Pudding Day 26th - Food Truck Day 27th - PTSD Awareness Day 27th - Sunglasses Day 30th - Meteor Watch Day

Camping Month Dairy Month PTSD Awareness Month Great Outdoors Month Zoo & Aquarium Month June 14 - Flag Day (US) June 21 - Father’s Day June 20 - First Day of Summer (US) 1st - Oscar the Grouch Day 1st - Heimlich Maneuver Day 1st - Go Barefoot Day 1st - Say Something Nice Day 2nd - Leave The Office Early Day 5th - World Environment Day 5th - Hot Air Baloon Day 6th - Yo-Yo Day 7th - Animal Rights Day 7th - Cancer Survivor’s Day

July National Anti-Boredom Month National Cell Phone Courtesy Month National Hot Dog Month National Ice Cream Month National Picnic Month July 4 - Independence Day (U.S.) 1st - Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day 2nd - UFO Day 6th - Fried Chicken Day 6th - Kissing Day 7th - Father Daughter Take a Walk Day 9th - Sugar Cookie Day 10th - Motorcycle Day 11th - Cheer up the Lonely Day 11th - Pet Photo Day 11th - Slurpee Day 13th - French Fry Day 14th - Nude Day 3

14th - Mac and Cheese Day 15th - Pet Fire Safety Day 15th - Give Something Away Day 15th - Be a Dork Day 15th - Hotdog Day 17th - Emoji Day 19th - Ice Cream Day 20th - Lollipop Day 21st - Junk Food Day 24th - Drive-Thru Day 24th - Cousins Day 25th - Hot Fudge Sundae Day 25th - Day of the Cowboy 26th - Parents Day 28th - Hamburger Day 29th - Chicken Wing Day 30th - International Day of Friendship 30th - Father-In-Law Day 30th - Cheesecake Day 31st - Mutt Day

Working from Home? How to Boost Your Energy Levels Every Day

While working from home has its perks, it also has its downsides. One of the most common challenges is keeping motivation and energy levels high, especially if you thrive in more social environments.


The problem is that a lack of a steady routine and social isolation can drain your energy, which isn’t good for productivity. To help, here are nine simple tips for increasing your energy levels throughout each day.

Focus on One Thing at a Time In certain situations, multitasking is a great skill, but it can also kill productivity. When we ask our brain to shift attention from one activity to another, it literally drains our mental energy. Instead, list your daily tasks in order of priority and then focus on each one individually.


foods and avoiding processed foods with added sugar will help your body maintain optimal performance. Try to do the following:

Swap Coffee for Alternatives

While the caffeine in coffee may give you a quick energy boost, its effects will quickly wear • Eat one fist-size portion off and it can lead to of vegetables with an energy slump. Try every meal. alternative drinks such as • Avoid sugary drinks and green tea or peppermint snacks. tea, which are high in • Include more healthy antioxidants and include fats in your diet, such compounds that improve as avocados, nuts, and brain function and reduce fatty fish. stress levels. Doing one thing at a time • Include protein in every will not only help you meal. Drink More Water perform each task more • Add nutritional efficiently; it will also supplements to your When you’re not properly preserve your energy for smoothies, such as hydrated, your body can’t the remaining tasks. spirulina powder, acai function at its maximum powder, and chia seeds. efficiency. This will quickly Stay Connected lead to you feeling drained Go for a Walk in the and less mentally alert. Regular human contact Morning Drink water throughout keeps your brain active the day to prevent and actually helps to If possible, start your day dehydration and keep boost your energy levels. with a brisk walk around your mind more active all To help yourself stay the block or park. If the day long. focused, keep in touch sun is shining, even better; with colleagues via instant sunshine is the best source Take Regular Breaks messages, voice calls, and of vitamin D, which can video conferencing tools. improve your mood by Sitting still for too long Establish communication boosting serotonin levels in one place can have protocols with coworkers in your brain. Vitamin D a significantly negative so you don’t disrupt can also improve your impact on your mental other people’s time. Even sleep quality, lower blood and physical health. Try to scheduling one meeting pressure, and improve take a break about once per day will help to keep brain function. As well every hour for at least five you motivated. as improving your selfminutes. It allows you to esteem, walking may stretch your legs, gets your Eat More Nutritious Food also help you think more blood flowing, and helps creatively. you to feel re-energized Eating whole, natural when you return to work.

In five minutes, you could make a drink, stretch, meditate, or even call a friend for a quick chat. Just try to do it away from your regular work spot. Take Naps A short nap of around 15 to 30 minutes has been shown to improve concentration levels and performance. If you feel your energy dip in the mid-afternoon, take 30 minutes to lie down in a dark room and try to get some sleep. Even if you don’t sleep, the relaxation should help you feel more energized when you get

back to work. Aim for Seven or Eight Hours of Sleep At the end of each day, it’s crucial to get enough sleep to recharge your body and mind. Even though people need at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, many people don’t manage to get enough. To help you get a better night’s sleep, avoid caffeine after midday, drink less alcohol, and avoid using electronics an hour before you go to bed. Once you’ve worked out a successful routine, stick to

this bedtime ritual so that your body and mind are prepared for a good sleep. It’s Up to You If you lack energy when you’re working from home, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are various techniques you can use to improve your energy levels. The strategies highlighted here are just some of the best ways to combat fatigue, but you may find even better ways to feel energized as you learn to adapt to remote working.



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The Power of Decisions, With Jeanna Gabellini


This month, I spoke with Jeanna Gabellini, a master business coach and chief rabble rouser of Masterpiece Coaching. After 20 years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” she knows without question that you can make massive amounts of money and influence millions, even if you’ve been struggling for years. It’s about being willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chucking the old-school rules in the toilet and staying true to what lights you up and turns you on.

Dennis Postema: What did the journey to success look like for you, Jeanna?

something is easy, and we find the resources we need. When your mindset is focused and you allow it to be easy, it can be. It’s Jeanna Gabellini: It was up like, people serve things and down and all around. up to you and you don’t It was pure excitement in have to go looking for the beginning. I became stuff. The stuff comes to almost like a born-again you. coach. I told anyone who would listen that they I think if you don’t make had to get coached, if mindset the number one not by me, by somebody. priority in your business, But I had no idea how you can still make a lot of to market. The internet money, but you will not wasn’t a thing. So, I just enjoy yourself along the talked to everybody and way. You’ll make things people probably thought I complicated. You’ll have to was crazy, except for some push harder. You’ll have to people who said yes. get things done through Ignorance is bliss. sheer force.


Dennis: What kind of advice do you have to help entrepreneurs go from thinking about something to deciding to do it? Jeanna: Make the decision. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free and there’s something empowering about saying, “This is what will be so. How do I need to show up in order for that to happen? Who can help me? How can I make it easy?” The decision feels like forward motion.

When you’re thinking about it, you’re just thinking about it. You I know how to make I’ve been looking for a kind of piddle around. things easy now because cabin on a lake. I’ve been You might look at some I was that girl who saying I want it for a long ideas. You might do overcomplicated it all. I time. About two years some implementation. felt like it was always the ago, I started following the But as soon as you make hustle—and not the fun area I’d chosen on Zillow a decision, that is when kind of hustle—the kind and looking at listings. But you get those mental of hustle where you’re like, about a month ago, I got downloads. It could be in “Just keep running.” serious and decided to the shower. It could be in buy one before the kids the middle of the night. Dennis: Yeah, that’s the went back to school. Three And you’re like, “This is my “Don’t stand still and days later, my godmother new idea for the business. you’ll be okay” mindset. called to tell me about two We’re going to do this, this How would you say lakeside cabins about to and this. I should call somindset determines be listed. We went to see and-so. They can help me.” success? them, and one of them was perfect, so I’m buying I think the reason Jeanna: I think that it. This is what happens people don’t make these mindset is everything. when you finally decide to decisions is that they think Mindset fuels every change your mindset from it’s going to be harder decision we make. It thinking about something than it has to be to get determines whether to DOING something. the thing they want. And


they think there’s some goal police watching them, waiting to point out failure if they don’t achieve their goal by a certain date. But it’s okay if you don’t get it in an exact time frame. Make the decision. Be fierce about this being exactly what’s going to happen while still being unattached. Make it a game, which I think is always the best way to decide to do something bigger, better, faster than you think can happen. That way your mind will get out of the forced thinking and into, “Wow. We need to get

really creative because I don’t even see how that’s possible.”

doesn’t show up.

It’s a decision. And if you decide you’re only getting Dennis: A lot of your five-star clients, whenever programs are about you’re speaking on stage attracting five-star clients. or you’re blogging or Can you explain what a you’re writing a marketing five-star client is? message, you’re only talking to your five-star Jeanna: A five-star client is client, making it so much the client who is perfect easier to find the words. I for you and your business imagine that everybody in every way. It’s not I’m talking to is my future necessarily a high-end five-star client, so I can client. When you decide let it all hang out. I can to only attract five-star talk how I want to; I can clients, you start getting use my Valley girl slang very specific in your and they’ll still think it’s messaging. You get very cool. And even if they clear so the wrong client don’t think it’s cool, they’ll

tolerate it because they like me.


decision. Are you willing to allow it to be easy? Can it be fast? And how Dennis: So, it’s okay to be much are you willing to vulnerable. let it come in? And are you willing to let more Jeanna: I look at it like a than enough in? I think love affair. And in all love most people are always affairs, you ideally let it all setting their goals for hang out. And the more getting more than they you let it all hang out, the have now. We always more y’all love on each need to be shooting for other and the more you’re more than enough so getting those repeat that there is excess so buyers because there’s no we can ideally choose facade. And they like that what we want for our brand of crazy, whatever it business and for our lives is. based on preference, not money. If we’re constantly Dennis: How does your determining what we can relationship with money say yes or no to based determine how many on money, we’re never clients or customers buy going to stretch into new from you? territory. We’re constantly limiting ourselves Jeanna: It determines because as soon as you everything. say yes to something, of course you’re going The way we feel about to be resourceful and money determines everything’s going to whether we allow come together and ourselves to let in big converge to support you sums of money. Do we so you can say yes to the believe that we have to thing, but if you go, “Oh, twist ourselves in a pretzel I don’t have the money. I to get clients? Do we feel can’t say yes,” you’re going guilt from charging for to be saying no to a lot of something that comes things. And you’re going naturally to us? Do we to be depressed and mad. limit the type of clients we get because we don’t Dennis: How much believe how easy it can be marketing do you have to to let the money in? do to create wealth from your business now? It comes back to the

Jeanna: As much as you want to. That’s not the correct answer. But it’s true. I just did a livestream on this, and I talked again about how it comes back to the decision. What do you want to build? I want an empire. Not everybody wants an empire. I want to leave transformational programs and books, things that people will use for years to come, things I’m proud of. But I have to think about how many people I want to affect, how much money I want to make and what kind of lifestyle I want to have while I’m doing all that. Because I have small children. I don’t want to be stuck in the office. So, I have to ask myself, “What way feels most aligned for me to get from point A to point B, and how do I do that consistently?” Because if we’re not in front of people, they forget we even exist. Also, marketing is a part of that love affair with our future five-star clients. If I’m not marketing, I’m bored. I’m not talking to my people. If I’m not messaging them, they’re going to think I dumped

them and they’re going to go find somebody else. Marketing is also a way to get more creative and tap into innovation. It’s a way to continue to clarify how you’re helping people and what you help them do. It’s a way for you to fully lean into how authentic and loud and proud you are, taking a stand for what you help people achieve and do. So, to me, marketing creates personal growth experience. Dennis: You talk a lot about bringing fun into your business. How can entrepreneurs bring more fun into the mix and still get things done? Jeanna: If you already assume that whoever you’re talking to is a fivestar client, it’s a lot easier to have fun because we don’t have to perform. We don’t have to impress. We don’t have to convince people. We are free to just show up how we are.


Also, I have to turn everything into a game. It could be with putting money in savings—how can we make it a game where every time money comes in, we move a percentage of that into


you have on rejection?

Or when I was first building my coaching practice, I totally did not know how to market. I did it all wrong. Back in those days, people did not find you with the internet. It was about networking. It was about going out into the world, getting leads, calling people, following up. I was so scared to pick up the phone. I had all these leads, and I just looked at the phone, procrastinating and feeling like a loser. And I thought, “All right, we’ve got to make this a game because clearly this is not going to work.” So, it became the NO game. How many NOs can I get today? Because I knew if I wasn’t afraid of getting a no, it was going to be so much easier. So, I would do the NO game and I wouldn’t let myself relax, go have fun, or do anything until I got five NOs for the day. And of course, I would get all these yesses because I was not attached. I wasn’t putting pressure on myself to get the yes. I wasn’t horrified if I got the no. It made me more relaxed, and the game worked. That’s literally how I built my business.

Jeanna: I don’t look at it as rejection. I’m always evaluating it. Are you my next five-star client or not? I assume, of course, you need me and what I’m selling. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be attracted here. I assume that the only reason people would say no is I actually can’t deliver what they need, so it wouldn’t be a good client for me.

Dennis: What advice do

Sometimes, a prospective client isn’t financially ready to commit. They don’t see themselves actually getting the outcome. So if they say no, it’s not about me. And it doesn’t matter. There’s a line of five-star clients that are perfect for all of us. I always like to imagine they’re everywhere because I really do believe this. There are more than enough five-star clients for all of us. It’s just a matter of whether you are energetically allowing them to find you. Because when we’re scared of rejection, it’s like putting a closed sign on your door. People can’t find you. It doesn’t matter how much you’re messaging, how frequently you’re marketing—it’s hard

for people to find you when you’re always questioning your ability to attract clients. You’re second-guessing your offer. You think that your messaging is all messed up. You could be lousy at enrolling people because you don’t know how to talk about your offer, but if your energy is in the right place, people are going to say yes. They’re going to understand that they can trust you, and they can trust that your solution is perfect for them. So, it’s like, we’ve just got to hang loose.

Dennis: Let your passion take over, right? Jeanna: Let your passion take over. Own your awesomeness. You might have to get pumped up by friends and mates frequently. Write a list of 20 things about why your solutions rock, post it on your wall if you need to, but assume you’re a badass. If you don’t assume you’re a badass, your clients can’t trust you because you don’t trust yourself.

I mean, you can say anything anywhere and there’s going to be eyes on you. It is a beautiful thing and yet people are still scared of it. “I don’t know what to say. I don’t have any information. I’m not an expert yet.” We all have opinions. We all know what those opinions are. We all have intuition. Whatever you feel inclined to talk about, there’s going to be somebody who wants to listen to you. So just talk.

It is so easy right now. We have the internet.

A Simple Success Tactic I’m going to give you something simple, but here’s the thing. Y’all are going to think it’s so simple that you might not use it. And that would be a huge mistake. I’m going to give you a free template if you go to moreclientsnowtemplate.com. To me, it’s the most profitable thing you can do for your business every day. It takes five minutes or less, and it will really help you shift your mindset so that your focus is on your target. You’ll feel more confident, and you can start attracting momentum because you’ll start collecting evidence showing you’re on the right path and all the things that are working. And it’s imperative that we get into the mindset, “It’s all happening. More than enough is happening, if I just open my eyes and look for it.” So go to moreclientsnowtemplate.com. Use it.

4 Tips for Designing a Brochure for Your Business


A brochure is the centerpiece of your business’ print marketing materials. A quality brochure will explain what your company has to offer in a succinct and organized way. A poorly executed brochure will only serve to confuse and frustrate its reader. The following guidelines will help you create an effective, informative brochure for your potential customers.

White Space is Your Friend When designing a brochure, there’s a desire to squeeze everything about your business onto it. The problem is, a brochure is supposed to provide someone with a brief overview of your business, not a detailed accounting of everything you do and are. People are more likely to want to look over something short and sweet, rather than dense and lengthy.


sense of your business’ ethos. It can be tempting to avoid using photos because they take up precious text space in a brochure, but remember the old saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” A single picture can say more about your company than a paragraph or two.

For instance, if you were looking at a company’s brochure and there was a picture of smiling staff members wrapping Christmas presents together, what would you If the point of your think? Perhaps that this brochure is to get business dedicates time someone to read it, filling to volunteer work, or staff its pages with too much members are important information is exactly the to this business, of that way to ensure no one this business’s staff are will. Leaving more white generally happy. Picking space will make your the right photos is of high brochure more pleasing importance. If you use to the eye. White space stock photos, be careful helps readers better take that they don’t look too in information. It makes staged; this can give off a for improved legibility and phony feeling about your understanding. Consider, business. for instance, the space between the paragraphs Employ Lists and Bullet in this article. Visually, they Points When Possible help you understand how this article is organized. Lists and bullet points are great for summarizing Use Photos information, which your brochure is supposed Photos are more likely to be doing. Readers to attract someone to a appreciate lists because brochure than text. The they are a quick read. right photo can give a Running your eyes down a

list of services, rather than reading a dense paragraph naming all of them, makes for a more enjoyable reading experience. The information you decide to put in a bullet list is emphasized because it stands out from the rest of the content, so consider what you want to place that much emphasis on. Are your business’ values really important to who you are? Or maybe your services are what you want to highlight? A reader who only skims your brochure is more likely to take in information from the bullet list than from the prose. Stick to Your Business’ Colors Your brochure is a key document for your business’ brand. For that reason, you want to be sure to highlight your business’ colors in the brochure. Is your logo blue and yellow? Try using those two colors at different opacity levels as the main colors for your brochure. If you must add a third color, do so. But try not to use more than three main colors in your brochure; more than that, and it will start to look unprofessional.


0 2 0 2 N I S D TREN

Email marketing is still relevant to digital marketing and will be, well into 2020. However, keep in mind that like other online marketing strategies, email marketing is always adapting, changing, and advancing with the technology around it.

According to Marketo, 94 percent of internet users will go online simply to check their email. One of the reasons for its popularity is its appeal to users across many generations, cultures, and social classes. People have used email for many years and will continue to as the digital landscape evolves.

people will likely delete it, making it necessary to optimize for multiple devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

include any kind of text, video, images, or audio that the user creates. You can use this content to help encourage more engagement with your brand among influencers and potential customers. You can always drive the creation of user-generated content by enticing users with incentives. In turn, you’ll benefit from content that adds a touch of authenticity to your emails and can subsequently increase conversion rates.

A combination of responsiveness and interactivity will give your campaigns what they need to thrive. While interactivity used to be designed for entertaining recipients, interactivity Even with the rise of will entail functionality, social media and certain encouraging users to audio/visual channels engage with your brand such as YouTube, email isn’t going anywhere and and preventing them from simply closing your emails. 3dcart, a leading will be invaluable to any eCommerce company, marketing campaign. People want to be able to found that 82 percent The Biggest Email of consumers find userMarketing Trends in 2020 effectively engage with your brand through email. generated company There are several key Some interactive features reviews to be extremely trends to follow if you want to get the most from in your emails can include: valuable and that 70 Product carousels percent will typically look your 2020 email marketing • and interactive images for ratings or reviews campaigns. Whether that users can control prior to making a buying you’re a B2B or B2C Animated calls-tobusiness, it’s important to • decision. 3dcart also action and buttons determined that email stay on top of your email • Rollover effects that users are three times more marketing strategies to display product offerings likely to share content via avoid inefficiencies and • Accordion email social media than those wasted efforts. design features that keep who come from another longer emails compact channel, which means that An Emphasis on • User-generated social media shares a kind Interactivity content along with polls, of symbiotic relationship and surveys with email marketing that As more people enjoy makes the latter important interactive media, email User-Generated Content to utilize as a business. marketing will be no exception in 2020. If your Today, you can easily get email isn’t optimized, most This type of content can 16

using shorter sentences, is the number of people living with impaired vision. limiting the number of difficult words, and localizing content for In addition to the worldwide audiences. challenge of reaching Accessibility of Design people with vision You should also make your impairments and other email designs accessible disabilities, marketers need to accommodate for for your audiences, which You can direct users to entails relying less on allpeople who have limited broad surveys by asking connectivity and an overall image templates while a simple question, but utilizing real text HTML. lack of access to today’s knowing precisely when You should also develop technology. to request feedback a strong visual hierarchy is key. Make sure the in your emails, avoid Thankfully, assistive user has ample time to long stretches of centerexperience your products technology has made justified text, implement it easier for people or services before you the right font sizes, and to connect via email ask them to comment make use of contrasting marketing and other on the experience. Email colors for improved channels. marketing software out readability. there can help with this, sending feedback requests Making Content Using Accessible HTML Accessible at the appropriate times. Code One of the first steps to The Importance of Code is one of the best take is to make sure that Accessibility your content is accessible. tools for improving This means keeping emails accessibility for all users. You can also expect to This is key to taking see accessibility to remain brief and succinct. Today, people don’t typically have advantage of assistive as important as ever in 2020, particularly as voice the attention span to read technologies, which depend primarily on through a long, tiresome assistants such as Alexa HTML. You’ll be able email when they can get read emails aloud to the same information in a to ensure your email users. Millions of smart marketing campaigns are bite-sized format. Ideally, speakers will be installed all over the world by 2020, emails should be no more accessible with proper code implementation. than around 50 words which means that email long if you want to hold marketers will want to First, make sure that all target these devices with your readers’ attention. images have alt text readable emails. One of descriptions. Next, make You can make email the reasons for the rise in sure screen readers can popularity of email readers content accessible by a start on collecting usergenerated content by understanding when, why, and how to gather any feedback. Certain tools out there can automate the process.


automate your processes. access any HTML tables. You’ll also want to use Apart from cloud tech, you semantic HTML and be sure to specify a language. can also leverage machine learning and deep Taking all of these steps to learning to superpower make your email strategy your email marketing platforms. Automated accessible to users will segmentation is another allow you to reach those millions of users you may advantage that will help improve performance, not be able to market to accessibility, and otherwise. customizability. How Automation is Reports are also Changing the Game automated, so you never need to remember to Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen many changes manually create a report. to email automation, and the next decade will only Ultimately, email marketing in 2020 will see more. It’s important allow you to spend these days to integrate email into the rest of your more time growing your marketing campaigns, and business and less time managing your campaigns cloud technology makes with full automation. it easier than ever to


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What You Can Expect with Email Marketing in 2020 While it’s impossible to predict exactly how 2020 will go in terms of marketing, as things always change and evolve in directions we might not anticipate, it definitely looks like email marketing will continue to become both easier and more useful as the year progresses. You’ll be able to effectively improve your marketing campaigns and see increased ROI with an email strategy that’s interactive, automated, and accessible, with engaging user-generated content.

50 Blog Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience During Covid-19 All businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak in some way, and many are struggling to adapt. However, there is something every business can still offer their customers: blog content.

unprecedented times.

your industry.

Trending Topics

2. Your reaction to recent industry reports and statistics.

Find out what stories are trending right now in your industry. Use social media, Google Trends, trade publications, and content If you have a business blog aggregator sites such and you’re not sure what as Feedly and Reddit to to write about, here are discover what people are 50 content ideas to keep talking about. your audience engaged and strengthen your Content ideas: reputation during these 1. Breaking news in 19

3. How your industry is responding to Covid-19. 4. Seasonal events that you can relate to your product or service. 5. Current industry trends and future opportunities.

6. A list of links to Working from Home Content ideas: government web pages, Tips 22. A guide on how regarding Covid-19. to find the best With many more entertainment online. 7. A list of the most up- employees working to-date online tools for from home, people are 23. Uplifting news your niche. looking for tips on working stories related to remotely. Covid-19. Company Messages Content ideas: 24. Fun activities to Update customers on your 16. Productivity tips for enjoy as a family. business and operations. employees working from home. 25. Creative hobbies to Content ideas: learn in lockdown. 8. Showcase your 17. How to divide employees and their work and home life 26. Ideas for fun group work, including photos. successfully. video calls when you’re stuck at home. 9. Explain how you’re 18. Ways to transform helping employees a home space into a 27. Find the best jokes during Covid-19. working environment. in your niche and share them in a post. 10. Describe your 19. Best communication company history. tools for remote workers. Educational Content 11. Write up your mission statement and share it in a blog post.


20. How to stay mentally Can you teach your focused when working audience something? Use from home. your industry knowledge to inform, educate, and 12. Reveal how your 21. Top collaboration build your credibility. company is helping tools for employees the local community or working remotely. Content ideas: charities. 28. An excerpt from a Entertainment white paper, including a 13. Let customers know link to the full content. how you are helping Aside from work them during Covid-19. responsibilities, many 29. A series of blog posts people are looking to highlighting individual 14. Explain new fill the void created by products or services. company policies due social isolation with to the current situation. entertainment. Even if 30. Answer your most it isn’t directly related to frequently asked 15. Share your company your business, people will questions. goals and vision for the appreciate the distraction. future.

31. Tips for using a product or service more effectively.

40. Ideas to keep your mind active during Covid-19.

49. Ask employees what inspires them and share the results.

32. Reviews of industry products.

41. A roundup of your most uplifting blog posts of the year.

50. Survey your audience. Ask various questions and publish the results.

33. Recommend the best books in your niche. Inspirational Content 34. Interview an influencer. People are also seeking out positive articles that 35. Create a cheat sheet, make them feel better featuring tricks of the about themselves and trade. the world. Deliver content that offers hope and Mental Health Advice inspiration.

Over to You

The last idea is crucial. From time to time, it’s important to ask your audience for feedback about your content. What do they want you to write about? Use the feedback Anxiety levels in the Content ideas: as a guide to what you population are higher than 42. Positive stories about should be posting going ever before, so people how employees are forward. are looking for words of dealing with Covid-19. comfort and advice. Don’t Publishing blog content be afraid to offer help and 43. Provide a list of may be one of the last guidance at this time. inspirational podcasts. things on your mind as your business adapts Content ideas: 44. Share positive to Covid-19. However, 36. Tips on how to customer stories. keeping in touch with your relieve stress and stay audience and offering positive at home. 45. Give your readers helpful content is key to a list of inspirational building your reputation 37. How to talk to quotes. and making sure your children about the business is not forgotten coronavirus. 46. Share your in these unusual times. company’s passion for a 38. The best video certain issue. Hopefully, these 50 blog conferencing tools to content ideas will help you help people connect 47. Tell readers what you deliver more meaningful, with others. love about your work. engaging content for the foreseeable future. 39. Physical activities to 48. Share the top things Check out this month’s improve your mental you’ve learned in the infographic for an easily health. past year. printable list of these topics. 21

The Types of Facebook Ads to Utilize in 2020 Facebook remains one of the best ways to reach your target audience, offering you the chance to connect with millions of users on what continues to be the world’s largest social network.


Although Facebook uses an algorithm that’s constantly changing to make it more difficult than it used to be to connect with users, the platform’s micro-targeting features enable businesses to find the specific people they want to attract. Through Facebook, you can place your business front and center for users who are most likely to be interested in your services or products.

and accompanying text content. Image ads are a potentially eye-catching way to bring more people to your page and, ultimately, your website. Video Ads You can also further engage audiences by using video ads, which you can run in either your News Feed or your Stories. You can also have them appear as in-video ads for longer videos with ad breaks. You can use these ads to showcase your products or provide audiences a glimpse of your team at work.

If you want to take advantage of this potentially invaluable marketing resource, there are several ads you can use for your campaigns. The types of ads you use Keep in mind that you will depend on how you want to connect with your don’t necessarily need to film anything to create audience. a video ad. Appealing animations can also Image Ads attract audiences or entice prospective customers Facebook image ads are with offers. You can also among the best starting target specific locations points for Facebook advertising. You can create with geo-specific offers while showing users which them in very little time of their Facebook friends by boosting one of your page’s existing posts with already like your page. an image. Video Polls While image ads are In addition to video ads, often simple, you can keep them interesting by you can also use polls for further engagement. using engaging photos 23

Video poll ads are mobileonly ads that feature an interactive poll. According to Facebook, these ads are actually better at increasing brand awareness than traditional video ads. Carousel Ads Using as many as 10 videos or images, carousel ads are great for showcasing your services or products. You can even use these ads to highlight specific benefits of one or more products, or use several photos to create a panorama for your business that users can scroll through within a single carousel. Slideshow Ads Slideshow ads give marketers a simple easyto-use method for creating brief video ads made from multiple photos, video clips, or even text. Don’t have your own videos to use? Not a problem-simply select stock photos that are ideal for your ad using the Ads Manager. Slideshows can feature the same kind of motion as video ads while using

far less bandwidth to allow for faster loading times, which is particularly useful for engaging users with a slower internet connection. These ads are among the easiest tools to utilize for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

neglected to finalize their purchase. You can use dynamic ads in these cases to target those specific products the user was interested in, getting them to appear in the user’s Facebook feed.

With the help of these ads, you’ll be able to remind users of the item they were interested in, Instant Experience Ads potentially bringing them Formerly known as Canvas, back to make one or more Instant Experience ads are purchases. You can use these in conjunction with full-screen ads that load collection, image, carousel, around 15 times faster and Stories ads. than mobile websites outside of Facebook. Lead Ads You can use these ads These mobile-only ads to link to other Instant are designed to make it Experiences to allow more access to additional easier for users to provide contact information instant content. without the need to type a lot. You can use these ads Dynamic Ads to collect subscriptions to your newsletters, product Dynamic ads give trial signups, or requests marketers the ability for more information to promote targeted about your product or products to customers service offerings. who are more likely to purchase them based on You can also use their interests. Messenger bots to qualify prospective customers or Say someone has visited clients while lowering the a product page on your website or added an item cost of lead generation. to their shopping cart via Stories Ads your online store, but then 24

A recent Scientific American study found that 72 percent of millennials don’t rotate their smartphones to view widescreen videos, but with Stories ads you can take advantage of the phone’s vertical format to take up the entire screen. Augmented Reality Ads Augmented reality (AR) ads use features such as animation and filters that encourage interaction with your brand. It’s still relatively new, but many people are trying this feature and finding it to be useful to enhance their Stories ads. Collection Ads Collection ads are paid ads that are only for mobile devices. They allow businesses to highlight five products that customers can purchase in a single collection. These ads work with Instant Experience ads to allow people to make a purchase without leaving Facebook. This is particularly useful for those shoppers who don’t have the time or sufficient

connectivity to visit your website but still want to buy your products. Messenger Ads Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month, making this a great way to connect with your audience. You can create Messenger ads by simply selecting Messenger and the Facebook feed as the placement for your ads during the ad creation process.

Users also have the ability to push “click-toMessenger� ads through the Facebook feed. These feature call-toaction buttons that open Messenger conversations with the business’s Facebook page to allow people to engage in a conversation with your customer service reps or salespeople.

form of brand interactivity. Developers can create a mini-game that functions as an ad while providing entertainment value.

Regardless of the types of ads you use, you can give your Facebook marketing strategies what they need to thrive and dominate the market. Used in conjunction with your other marketing tools, Facebook will continue Playable Ads to be one of the most important assets to utilize Playable ads are also becoming more and more in 2020. popular among users as a

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June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. June in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to December in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological summer is June 1st. In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological winter is June 1st. • June is believed to be named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter, and the queen of the Gods (known as Hera in Greek mythology). • One June 1st, 1831 - James Clark Ross discovered the Magnetic North Pole • On June 1st, 1967, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles was released. • On June 9th, 1934, Donald Duck debuted in The Wise Little Hen • On June 10th, 1977 - The Apple II, one of the first personal computers, went on sale • On June 16th, 1963 - Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space on Vostok 6 • On June 29th, 2007 - Apple released its first mobile phone, the iPhone. • On June 30th, 1953 - The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan


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