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Family finesse with dynamic volleyball duo Peninsula father and daughter Darren and Adele Curtis are both celebrating gold medal wins at last September’s Australian Youth Volleyball Championships in Bendigo. It’s a feelgood family tale of commitment to a shared passion. Darren is a former Australian volleyball player and current head coach of the Victorian under-15 girls team; Adele is a rising star in the Victorian under-14 girls team. At just 13, Adele’s natural talent and love for the sport is evident; she’s just received an invitation from Volleyball Australia to attend a national development program

training camp in Queensland later this year. When asked what she enjoys most about volleyball, her eyes light up: “It’s fun. I love my teammates and the friendships gained from the national tournaments.” Hard work is part of her success. “We usually train every Sunday for three hours with the state team. I also train and play for an academy and our Mornington Volleyball Club.” Adele faced a major setback earlier this year when she broke her finger. “I was given the OK to play two weeks before the tournament in Bendigo, so I had limited time to train. I did, however, learn how to spike and serve with my left hand, which was very useful in the tournament.” Her perseverance paid off. “Throughout the whole tournament we didn’t drop a set, including in the grand final. I also had the best day celebrating my birthday with my team while in Bendigo. Winning the grand final was spectacular.” Adele's ambitions are high. “My long-term goal is to play beach and indoor volleyball for Australia and compete internationally.” Darren played an instrumental role in leading the under-15 girls team to victory. His strategies for success were simple but effective. “Establishing clear goals early in the 10-week program was essential,” he said. “We worked on specific game plans during training, ensuring each athlete had a defined role on and off the court. Recognising our strengths in serving and attacking, we then modified our game plans to address any weaknesses identified during games.” Motivating young athletes can be a challenge, but Darren found a creative solution. “They’re 14 years old, so music – particularly Katy Perry – kept them motivated during bus rides. In one game we identified that we’d win many points by tipping or spiking the ball into the gap in the middle of the court, which we called a ‘doughnut’, and every point we won by doing this I was to shout them a doughnut. They smashed it. The motivation of the doughnuts created a fun environment on the court and they really enjoyed that game.” Darren emphasised the dedication of the coaches and athletes. “We’re all volunteer coaches in the tournament and spend a significant amount of time on weekends, plus two to three nights a week coaching volleyball. Most of the athletes spend 10 hours a week playing or learning the game. Local academies like Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy, where I also coach, teach the athletes specific skill techniques, and many of the state athletes do this extra training.” The tournament brought some unforgettable moments. “We won gold in a thrilling five-setter against South Australia, which will be memorable for ever, but it was the way the individuals became a team of friends and how we created the ‘team environment’ during the program and the tournament that’s my most humbling standout achievement as a coach.” This year, Darren also coached both the Junior Girls (under-18s) and Reserve Div 3 Women (open age) for the Mornington Volleyball Club, based at the new Jubilee Park stadium in Frankston. Both teams reached their grand finals, securing a silver in the Junior Girls and gold in the Reserves. Players from schools across the Peninsula were actively involved in these successes, with Ella McDonell from Rosebud winning MVP in the Reserve grand final, and Adele securing runner-up MVP for the state league season in the Junior division. Both Darren and Adele will focus on the upcoming summer beach volleyball season, preparing for the Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships in Coolangatta next March. Stay tuned for more success stories from this family who are clearly a set above the rest.

Victorian under-14 girls player Adele Curtis with her father and Victorian under-15 girls coach Darren Curtis after their gold medal wins.

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A new destination for a new kind of business … be part of the future of the Mornington Peninsula

Prestige, immaculate office and warehouse solutions offering security and style Brand-new office, warehousing and storage facilities in a stunning and strategic location on Nepean Highway in Mornington, you couldn’t ask for a better location. The multi-level office building features an activated lobby and break-out spaces, terraces, café and meeting areas with an abundance of natural light. Kilparra is architecturally designed and engineered for practicality, sustainability and efficiency. Office leasing Damien Adkins 0408 373 020

Retail leasing Tom Larwill 0411 326 165

1150 Nepean Hwy, Mornington

Warehousing sales Fraser Pearce 0432 677 686


Warehousing sales Luke Lowden 0408 278 630

A Sheppard Family Tradition for over 80 Years Our Hampton style range of homes are designed to reflect modern coastal elegance, light colours, wide verandahs, with an abundance of natural light for the family that wants to experience that “holiday feeling” every day. Why not come and visit our Hampton Display Centre at the corner of Nepean Highway and Bentons Road Mt Martha. Opening hours, 11am to 4pm Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday (Closed Dec 21st & reopening Jan 6th 2024) CDB-U70372 | P. 5973 5973 |

Creating works of art on nature’s canvas When it comes to artists who push the limits of creativity, Brandon Kroon is a master. The 30-year-old is a professional wood carver whose tool of choice is a chainsaw with which he transforms lifeless logs into breathtaking sculptures.

Professional wood carver Brandon Kroon with his sculpture of a soldier at Rosebud RSL.

Brandon's journey into the world of chainsaw sculpture began with a childhood fascination. “My earliest memory of it is seeing it done when I was a kid at a local show,” he said. “It wasn't until years later, around the age of 19 or 20, that I picked up my chainsaw and just started carving into a log. It was as simple as that. And I loved it; I really got into it. My first few pieces weren't great, but bit by bit I kept doing it every weekend and then people I knew would help me out and give me an order here and there. It grew really quickly; certainly within six months I was starting to get a fair bit of work through it.” Hailing from the Yarra Valley, Brandon's country upbringing provided the ideal backdrop for his artistic exploration. He credits Australian carvers who mentored him and shared valuable insights as instrumental in his growth as an artist. “At the start I really didn't know what I was doing, both artistically and from a safety perspective.” One of his most notable creations is a sculpture commissioned by the Rosebud RSL. “I was contacted by the president. They had a tree that was unhealthy and dropping limbs into the car park so it had to be removed, but they left the stump. Sometimes it's just not possible to do what people ask for – the tree might be too far gone, or the reason it was cut down means the wood isn’t stable. I looked at the stump; it was in a great position and had been dried for a few years in that location. I thought we could give it a go. “They had the idea of me carving a soldier, and they wanted it to be a World War I-era sculpture but something that also represents all the past and currently serving people, so away we went with it.” The project took two weeks to complete and is a remarkable piece of public art. In addition to commissioned works, Brandon has earned recognition on the international stage. He won the US Open international carving competition with a

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

remarkable saltwater crocodile sculpture. “The good thing about competitions is if ever I've had something really buzzing in my head that I've wanted to carve, they're a great opportunity for me to put that out there. The people I compete with have over the years become my good friends. “Winning the US Open was an incredible memory; the piece I did there I still look back fondly on. It was a saltwater crocodile jumping out of the water to catch a barramundi, and the form of it is almost a perfect circle that frames the scene. I was really happy with that.” After nearly a decade, Brandon's passion for wood carving remains undiminished. He views every project as an opportunity to push his creative boundaries and embrace new challenges. “I still love it. It's my full-time job. I’m blessed to be able to have a steady stream of commissions here in Australia. I'm very grateful for that. They can range from wildlife to human form to machinery and symmetrical carvings.” Brandon's public works are on display at various locations, including Rosebud, Tooradin and Phillip Island, as well as parks and play spaces across Melbourne and interstate. For those interested in witnessing his artistry first hand, Brandon suggests they follow him on social media @bkcarving and keep an eye on his website for updates on coming events. SARAH HALFPENNY


Charting the lives of two boys who lit up Aussie rock

Say “Aussie Crawl” to any young adult from the 1980s and they will look at you wistfully and talk about the soundtracks of their youth, the sounds of summer. Formed in Mount Eliza, Australian Crawl had a string of hits with their distinctive surf rock sound and clever lyrics: Beautiful People, The Boys Light Up, Downhearted, Things Don’t Seem, Errol, Daughters of the Northern Coast, Oh No Not You Again, Shutdown, and of course Reckless. They’re still played on radio and streamed online, and you’ll hear them again this summer – or you could do yourself a favour and check out the amazing stories in a new book about arguably Australia’s favourite 1980s band.

Long-time drummer Bill McDonough has written Sons of Beaches, which charts his and his brother Guy’s lives. It’s a poignant read in parts – reflected in the subtitle: Family, fame and tragedy, the story of Australian Crawl’s Bill and Guy McDonough – but it’s also an inspiring story. It sets the record straight once and for all about 28-year-old Guy’s death in 1984 as the band were heading for international stardom. Rumours that persist to this day are scotched for ever. Bill said he wrote the book to honour his brother and record their amazing journey.

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“Guy tragically died 40 years ago and I still miss him every day,” Bill said from his farm on the southern Peninsula. “When I reached my 60s a few years ago, I wanted to write about the life that Guy and I shared before, during and after Australian Crawl, to tell the story about Guy’s amazing musical talents and his indomitable spirit.”

Born three years apart, the boys were the only children of Melbourne couple Bill and June McDonough. The family moved from the eastern suburbs to Mount Eliza in the early 1960s and embraced the beach lifestyle. They joined a yacht club and learnt to sail, and went swimming every day. Both boys became junior swimming champions, masters of the Australian crawl. Tragedy struck in 1966 when their father died aged 37. “It changed everything,” Bill said. “It changed our lives and history. We became a team; Guy and me and Mum formed a strong bond.” Sons of Beaches – also the name of the band’s third studio album – starts at the beginning of the McDonough boys’ lives and charts their schooldays in Melbourne and at Peninsula Grammar; their love of rock music; the early bands they formed, including Spiff Rouch, the forerunner of Aussie Crawl; and their overseas travels before the Crawl. There’s high times in Bali, sailing with smugglers to Christmas Island, partying

in Europe and more.

Then come the intense early years of Australian Crawl, from playing the sweaty Pier Hotel in Frankston for 500 people to topping the bill at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in front of 100,000 people just two years later. The band embarked on gruelling tours of Australia and New Zealand to support the first two albums, and were then noticed by the US music machine. We follow the ups and downs, the massive successes and the inevitable personality problems. Aussie Crawl blazed across the sky like a comet and lasted just eight years, the halcyon ones being 1979 to 1983, but their music will live long into the future. Sons of Beaches is published by Ultimo Press; RRP $36.99. MIKE HAST

GIVEAWAY This month, one lucky reader will win a limited-edition red vinyl copy of Australian Crawl’s Crawl File: Their Greatest Hits signed by Bill McDonough (RRP $59.99). To enter, become a member of Mornington Peninsula Magazine at www.morningtonpeninsulamagazine., then check out @MornPenMag on Facebook and Instagram to complete all the entry steps on the competition post. mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Mornington company delivers the prescription for success

Hamish Mackellar is the founder of Morningtonbased company Fluger.

Fluger, an innovative Mornington-based company founded by Hamish Mackellar, has made waves by becoming a finalist in the 2023 Australian Technologies Competition. In its 13th year and under the ownership of technology investment and advisory company Scalare Partners, the competition has unveiled a remarkable line-up of finalists representing businesses with revolutionary ideas that will leave a lasting and positive impact on the world.

With a pool of nearly 100 entries, the judges faced the daunting task of narrowing down the field to 21 finalists. The competition serves as a launchpad for these finalists, connecting them with investors, mentors and industry experts with the goal of propelling these exceptional ventures to new heights. The competition particularly emphasises innovations that drive tangible change in such areas as sustainability, clean energy, and technologies that enhance our lives. The finalists span a wide array of sectors and innovations, from cutting-edge transportation solutions to transformative healthcare technologies. Among these forward-thinkers was Fluger, which was established in 2020 and has quickly become known for creating industry-standard online booking and patient management systems. “My background was in software, but specifically healthcare software,” Hamish said. “I owned another business for a long time in the corporate health space and sold that in 2012; I then went into the accounting industry for a while. I soon realised there still wasn't any dedicated software written for corporate health, so we set up Fluger as a SAAS (software as a service) platform for the corporate health market. There are 12 of us working in the company now and we operate out of a warehouse in a business park in Mornington. “We're basically a patient management platform for corporate health but also for the pharmacy industry. That means we manage online bookings and also the flow of patient data. So you go to get a vaccine at a pharmacist, and the pharmacist uses Fluger to manage your appointments and record any results or any data for your particular appointment. From the start to the end, that process is managed by Fluger. “In the past, pharmacies had multiple different platforms; they’ve had a booking system and another patient management system, and a dispensing system etc, and they have to log in and out of them all. Where we're different is we provide it all in the one spot for the pharmacist; they just log into Fluger and use it to manage all their appointments for the day. We’ve consolidated it all and we save about five minutes per appointment for the pharmacist.”

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Fluger emerged as a runner-up in the fiercely competitive MedTech and Pharma category of the national competition. “The coveted top honour in this category was awarded to a company called ARIA Research,” Hamish said. “They’re in the business of making glasses for people who are blind. The glasses feed data back to the patient through touch on the side of their face and also through audio. It was a really cool piece of technology so we were pretty happy to come second to them because they’re a really impressive business. They’re a little bit more mature than us in terms of their age and also the product development; they already had investors from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. It was a really interesting business to be up against.” While Fluger may not have secured the win, being named runner-up alongside such a prestigious and impactful innovation is a significant achievement, reinforcing the value of its contribution to the healthcare industry. “We are at the stage where we're marketing to pharmacies in Australia. We have a series of stores around Melbourne that use us. We have some pilot stores running in Texas, and we're negotiating at the moment with a couple of big groups to roll out in their stores. Our product for pharmacies has only been live for around three months. We've had a few trial programs out there which have all been really good; they've all converted to being regular clients. So now we're moving out of the development phase into a sales phase to try to get exposure.” Fluger's unyielding drive makes it a prominent force in the world of healthcare technology, and a Peninsula company to watch. SARAH HALFPENNY mornington PENINSULA Magazine




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Left: We interview Grinspoon’s frontman Phil Jamieson page 76. Top: Seaford photographer and writer Fiona Basile has released her new book on open-water swimming, see page 28; Red Hill Peonies is open 5 days a week all through November, see page 73 Bottom: Check out our Western Port feature on pages 42-49 where you will find some amazing local treats including Mitch and Co, image by Naturalight Photography; Brandon Kroon creates art from lifeless logs, this one is at Rosebud RSL, see page 7.




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Chisholm helps carpenter build a new career in teaching Chisholm is offering you a special chance to become a TAFE teacher through the Quality TAFE Teacher program. Those who are accepted will become a Chisholm employee and will receive support to complete their Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40122). The Quality TAFE Teacher program accelerates your studies during your employment to prepare you to teach at Chisholm.

Qualified carpenter Adam Laxton decided it was time for something new. With 15 years’ experience in the trade, including running his own business, Adam decided to explore TAFE teaching. “I loved the trade but was fed up with chasing money and working the long hours,” Adam said. “A friend of mine said I should look into TAFE teaching. I’d trained apprentices on site before but never seriously thought about teaching. I had an opportunity to have a go at teaching a few classes and really liked it.” After completing his TAE, Adam landed a full-time teaching role at Chisholm Institute of TAFE. Adam has progressed from teacher to program co-ordinator and is now Chisholm’s manager for building and construction. “Becoming a TAFE teacher offered me a good work/life balance and the satisfaction of training and mentoring these upcoming trades people.” Adam’s journey is not so different to other tradies turned teacher. Some opt to change careers after suffering ongoing injuries, while others want to free up time to spend with their families. If you’re a qualified tradie, your skills and unique perspective could be invaluable for student learning. You can learn more about the Quality TAFE Teacher program starting in January, salary expectations and job opportunities at and complete an expression of interest. CHISHOLM INSTITUTE A: Frankston, Dandenong, Berwick, Cranbourne, Rosebud and Wonthaggi campuses T: 1300 244 746 W: FB: ChisholmInstitute INSTA: chisholm_institute

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

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Artist restores stunning Don’t wait for the dust Frankston mosaic to settle Frankston Waterfront, with its serene ocean and sprawling sky, has long been a canvas for creative expressions. The Oasis mosaic is one of them. Created by Anna Minardo several years ago, the 40m work stands as a testament to the fusion of art and nature.

Mornington Peninsula homeowners who live on unsealed roads have been invited to apply to be part of the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s dust suppression program. “We all love country roads and that ‘country feel’, but in the high heat of summer, no one likes driving on dry, dusty roads,” the shire said in a statement. “Our response to this issue is applying dust suppression material annually to selected sections of unsealed and gravel roads. This is especially important for community assets or roads used as a thoroughfare.”

Recently, Oasis has begun to display the ravages of time and water damage. Now, with the backing of Frankston City Council, Anna is ready to restore her creation to its former glory.

Mayor Steve Holland said: “The Bureau of Meteorology has declared that El Niño is under way, so we’re in for a hot, dry summer. That means our unsealed roads may be extra dusty, resulting in low visibility for drivers. Please drive to the conditions, and if you live on an unsealed road, submit your application to be part of the dust suppression program.”

Taking inspiration from the region’s marine life and the rhythmic play of the waves, Anna meticulously crafted Oasis over the course of a year. Her vision was to forge a seamless connection between land and sea, beautifully represented through the artful interplay of white lines and shades of blue.

Applications close on November 19 at, and the program begins early next month. The shire described the program as “a cost-neutral service we assist with”.

An artist of profound pedigree, Anna’s passion for art and design was nurtured in her childhood within the cradle of an artistically inclined family. Her relentless pursuit of perfection and her acute observational skills, honed through study in Europe and early experiences in North America, along with her architectural background, laid the groundwork for her expertise in crafting large-scale public artworks.

cultural heritage. With its swirling forms embedded in the footpath, it not only celebrates the Frankston landscape but also invites viewers to contemplate the significance of water in the area's ecosystem.

Oasis, unveiled in 2005, has become an integral part of Frankston Waterfront's

As the council continues to revitalise the foreshore, Anna's restoration of

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

Oasis is a vital step in preserving the rich cultural legacy within the foreshore's artistic tapestry. It stands as a reminder of the enduring power of art to reflect and preserve the natural wonders that inspire us all.

“While the dust suppression program is an important tool in maintaining unsealed and gravel roads, we strongly encourage you to drive to the conditions,” it said. “It’s important to remember that appropriate lower driving speeds will result in less dust, meaning safer driving conditions.”


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Saxon cultivates a life of abundance In a world that often underrepresents the vibrant stories of individuals with disabilities, Saxon Leader is an example of determination, enthusiasm and engagement. At 19, Saxon – who has Down syndrome – is a young Frankston South man brimming with energy and humour and showcasing his zest for life as an integral part of the community. His week is a busy one packed with diverse activities. Saxon’s mother, Narelle, is helping him establish a routine that suits his vibrant personality and adds new and different layers of meaning to his life. It's evident that Saxon's cheeky sense of humour is a trait he shares with his mum; she’s also known for her bubbly personality, which has undoubtedly played a huge part in shaping Saxon's enjoyment of life. Also part of ‘Team Saxon’ is Jake, his dedicated carer three days a week. With Jake by his side, Saxon's got the support he needs to make the most of every day, and the pair even train at the gym together. A recent milestone in Saxon's life is his role at Bunnings in Frankston, which he attends with Jake. Working two days a week, he’s found a job that provides him with a sense of purpose. If you stop in at the garden section of the store on a Thursday or Friday, you’ll no doubt catch sight of Saxon watering the plants, sweeping up to keep everything neat and tidy, and helping move products around to ensure the nursery is well stocked for customers. Ever the showman, at the mention of his muscles Saxon laughs and proudly strikes a pose to show them off. His job at Bunnings, which he began about two months ago, has brought him immense joy, as he gets to be outdoors, donning the Bunnings uniform with pride. He’s also undertaken extensive safety

training and remains diligent to any challenges he may encounter. But Saxon's journey extends far beyond his work at Bunnings. On Tuesdays, he doles out his warm greetings to customers at an op-shop in Chelsea, adding a touch of sunshine to their day. Wednesdays see Saxon at Mentone Girls Secondary College, where he takes part in a paper recycling program and helps maintain the school's grounds. On Saturdays, Saxon attends dance classes at BAM Arts Inc, an all-abilities dance and performing arts studio in Frankston where his 17-year-old sister, Sienna, volunteers as a dance instructor. Saxon also relishes his social interactions and loves spending time with Sienna, his friends, and his beloved cats Gary and Cosmo. Weekends and nights are often packed with activities including bowling, monster truck events, birthday parties and the occasional weekend-long camp. Earlier this year Saxon embarked on a five-day trip to Sydney, accompanied by Jake and other friends and carers. The journey broadened his horizons and allowed him to experience new places and cultures. In every aspect of his life from work to leisure, Saxon is an active participant, driven by his interests, his work, and a strong connection to family and friends. Every day is an opportunity, and there's no doubt Saxon is making each one count. SARAH HALFPENNY


ngton peninsula

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Tilly’s a teen Muaythai knockout in the making Meet Tilly Scott, a remarkable 14-year-old Muaythai enthusiast from Frankston South. She speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about the sport, overcoming gender stereotypes, and her goals for the future. How did you get involved in Muaythai and where do you train? I first got into Muaythai when my mum brought home her gloves from the beginners course she did. My brother and I started playing with the gloves, so she decided to put us in the beginner program. That was over five years ago now,

and I’ve loved every part of it. I train at Somerville Martial Arts Centre and it’s such a welcoming community there who have really encouraged me. Describe your training regimen and how it prepares you for potential future fights. I currently train six days a week at SMAC as a combination of fight team training and regular classes. I also do strength and mobility training weekly, and I am working with Rachel at Fight Camp Fuel to ensure my nutritional needs are met. In Muaythai, match-ups are critical. Can you explain the importance of finding the right opponent in terms of sex, age, weight and experience? Males and females fight very differently. Much like boxing and other combat sports, competitors need to be matched on sex and weight. Age is a limiting factor for me at the moment, as there are not many girls my age who want to fight. Once I turn 18, age won’t matter, as match-ups will just be based on sex and weight. You have a goal of representing Australia in the future. What steps are you taking to work towards this? I’ve built up my fitness skills to join the SMAC fight team and I currently train with them three times a week. The fight team is made up of amateur and professional fighters. Matt Ball has coached many professional fighters including ‘Sugar’ Kane Watts and LukTum Winnermuaythai. Through the fight team I am getting put forward for amateur fights with Muaythai Victoria every month, but have yet to have a match-up. Being the only girl on your fight team, how do you feel about breaking gender stereotypes in Muaythai, and what challenges have you faced? Muaythai is a male-dominated sport. However, there is a rise of female fighters, such as Spring Sia and Joanne La. Both these women have been amazing with their support and encouragement of all female fighters and I have been lucky enough to train with both of them. In the last 18 months there have been more girls joining the Teen Muaythai class at SMAC, which is really great to see; hopefully they’ll rise through the ranks and join me in the ring. Like any female trying to succeed in a male-dominated sport, I’ve faced some obstacles and stereotypes. However, I am really fortunate there are female-only classes at SMAC and that all the coaches and the other members of the fight team can see my passion and dedication and they all encourage and support me. You were awarded an Optus Inspiration Grant of $3000. How will this help in your Muaythai journey? Being able to train and maybe fight in Thailand has been a dream of mine for a few years. This grant will cover the cost of flights, accommodation and a two-week training camp in April next year. I also hope to potentially fight in Queensland some time next year. As a young athlete, how do you balance your academic commitments with your rigorous training schedule? I’m a straight-A student and I’m quite organised at school; I get most of my work done in class. Anything I don’t get done in class I get done after my training or on Sunday when I usually don’t train. Can you share any memorable moments? One of my most memorable moments was the first time I stepped into the ring at an all-women’s sparring day that Joanne La organised. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and it was a really great atmosphere. I ended up sparring an adult but it was a great day.

Tilly in fighting stance.

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Tilly welcomes people to follow her sporting journey on Instagram @muay.thai.tilly mornington PENINSULA Magazine























Raindance shines at Melbourne Royal Show An 18-month-old bull from Dromana’s Moorunga Angus Stud has charged away with two ribbons and a trophy from the stud’s first exhibit at the Melbourne Royal Show. Moorunga Raindance T25 picked up the Junior and Grand Champion Angus Bull ribbons then went on to win the strongly contested Junior Champion Interbreed Bull Trophy, with judge Aimee Bolton praising his sound structure, muscle pattern and softness. Moorunga was established by John and Sue Matthies, who bought the property in 2013 and raise fat lambs for personal use as well as selling excess produce from the orchard. The stud herd has been put together with purchases from the Anvil, Ireland and Stoney Point Angus Stud dispersals combined with purchases of females from Texas, Little Meadows, Fox River and Banquet Angus Studs. “Raindance is a good representative of the type of bull that we offer in our August on-property bull sale each year,” John said. “We use artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs to maximise our top donor cows as well as using some of the best Angus sires available. We’re excited about some of the progeny that will be available in our 2024 sale, as we’ll be offering bulls from some of our top cows by sires such as Brown Double Decker. Genetics from this US sire were purchased in partnership with Summit Livestock from NSW and at this stage have remained exclusive to the two studs.” Moorunga Raindance T25 was 850kg with an EMA of 134cm2, rump fat of 15mm, and rib fat of 14mm.

Make it a joyous Christmas for Peninsula’s battlers Many families on the Peninsula are already doing it tough, but at Christmas their stress is only heightened. Last year, YPA Estate Agents in Rye set up a collection point for donations to The Southern Peninsula Food For All’s Christmas toy and food drive. Such was the response that YPA was able to donate about six cages of food, and this year it wants to triple that amount. “This year we are going to put our Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

money where our mouth is, and for every bag of groceries that is donated to our office we are going to match it with a bag of groceries,” it said. The items most needed are: • Canned fruit, vegetables, fish, soups and meals • Dried fruit and nuts • Sauces and seasonings • UHT milk and juices • Coffee, tea and spreads • Rice, pasta and noodles • Cereal • Shampoo and conditioner • Soap and deodorant • Dental floss, toothpaste and toothbrushes

• Tissues and toilet paper • Feminine hygiene products • New toys for all ages.

Food items should be within their ‘best before’ date, in unopened packaging and displaying ingredient and allergen details. “Did you know one in five people in Australia experience food insecurity each year?” YPA said. “Unfortunately, thousands of people are turned away, as there is not enough food to meet demand. Your donations will help The Southern Peninsula Food For All reach more people doing it tough.” YPA is accepting donations from now until December 9. They can be dropped off at YPA Estate Agents, Shop 1, 2217 Point Nepean Rd, Rye.

21 )

Peripatetic performer brings history alive Janice Haynes seemingly has history in every fibre. She’s called the Lady of History and is best known on the Peninsula as the tour operator at Cape Schanck lighthouse, the heritage-listed 1859 limestone tower at the Peninsula’s southernmost tip. Others know her as a guide at Victoria’s oldest lighthouse, Cape Otway, 200km and four hours away by road and ferry.

Janice also operates a B&B from historical Tara House in Bairnsdale. It’s three-plus hours and 300km from Cape Schanck. She also runs Bairnsdale’s performing arts centre, Forge Theatre. A few times she has driven eight hours from Cape Otway to Cape Schanck and then to Bairnsdale, but has accommodation near the two lighthouses. An experienced arts administrator, Janice took on Cape Schanck’s tour licence from Parks Victoria in 2016. It’s a business and she has staff with Parks receiving a per person fee. But arguably the real reason Janice works at the two lighthouses is because she is a performer. She brings characters from the past to life. “I dress in historic costumes every day I’m at the lighthouses,” she said. About 13 years ago, Janice saw an advertisement seeking actors to play historical characters at Apollo Bay. This led to her doing one-woman shows in costume, including for Gabo Island lighthouse’s 150th anniversary in 2012. Nowadays Janice presents well-researched and entertaining stories about heroic women from history. The cast includes Rose Ann Hyland, a convict who survived a shipwreck off King Island in 1835; Mary Ann Ford, Catherine Evans and Sarah Riches, the wives of lighthouse keepers at Cape Otway; the ‘Unsinkable Mollie Brown’, heroine of the Titanic disaster; and Jessie Stobo Watson Webb, the first woman to teach ancient history at University of Melbourne. Janice also makes costumes and has a vintage clothing business, Vintage Silhouette. Janice’s father was a teacher at Red Hill Consolidated School when she was a wee girl. He later taught at Frankston Teachers’ College – now Monash Peninsula – and Melbourne State College. The family lived at Frankston. After school, Janice trained as a ballet dancer and was a professional for eight years, including in the US, before injury curtailed her career. She did an arts administration course in Perth, the only place in Australia that offered one, and has managed some important theatres and arts centres over the years, including Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre at Mount Gambier (Helpmann, a ballet dancer, actor, producer, director and choreographer, was born in Mount Gambier in 1909); Ballarat’s famous Her Majesty’s Theatre, opened in 1875; and performing arts centres at Sale and now Bairnsdale. Australia has more than 350 lighthouses and navigational aids on its 25,760km of coastline, but few are as spectacular as Cape Schanck. Tours include going up the 59 spiral steps of the 21m limestone tower, a museum visit and a walk to volcanic Pulpit Rock and Devils Desk. Tours are held most weekends as well as public holidays. The 2.6km Bushrangers Bay Nature Walk starts at the lighthouse car park, and the nearby Fingal picnic area has free electric barbecues. Janice is on the national committee of Lighthouses of Australia, a volunteer group that preserves and promotes lighthouses, and she hosted the group’s annual meeting and associated events at Cape Schanck and Rosebud late last month. The week included a tour of the Peninsula’s other historic lighthouse at McCrae, and visits to lights at Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Split Point (Aireys Inlet), Cape Otway, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Whalers Bluff and Cape Nelson.

Cape Schanck lighthouse tour operator Janice Haynes is dressed as Elizabeth Bowie, wife of Robert, the first head lighthouse keeper in 1859.

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You can book tours at or search lighthousecapeschanck on Facebook. MIKE HAST mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Landholders invited to create vital koala habitat Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation is preparing for the 2024 stage of its biolink project and is keen to hear from landholders from Cerberus to Tyabb who would like to take part. The project, now in its fourth year, fundamentally aims to help the Peninsula’s koalas by strengthening existing indigenous vegetation in the region. So far, the group has added more than 70,000 plants, with a further 25,000 planned for 2024.

koalas will be less likely to be injured or killed crossing roads, becoming caught in fences or suffering dog attacks. To continue this work for koalas and native fauna and flora, MPKC will collaborate with the community next year to plant indigenous vegetation on selected properties from Cerberus to Tyabb.

“The No.1 reason for the decline in koala numbers on the Mornington Peninsula is the reduction in indigenous vegetation due to development,” said group president Dirk Jansen.

“We also welcome the community to join us at our familyfriendly planting days from May to October,” Dirk said. “Many hands make light work, and it is very satisfying to be a part of a keen group planting 500 trees in just two or three hours. It is a lovely way to start the weekend.”

The group’s aim is to offset the impact of urbanisation on the biodiversity of the Peninsula’s environment. By creating indigenous vegetation links between habitat pockets,

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

MPKC is encouraging landholders with more than 4ha to get in touch by email on MPKoalatreeplanting@outlook. com regarding the opportunity to create vital koala habitat on their property. The group would also like to talk to anyone who is considering a significant revegetation project in the target area. MPKC will work with individual property owners to create a suitable planting plan, supply native plants sourced from indigenous nurseries on the Peninsula, and schedule the volunteer planters for a suitable date during autumn and winter next year.

Landowners in and around Tyabb, Hastings, Bittern and Crib Point are invited to get in touch with the group.

23 )

The positive impact of female-led businesses There is a beautiful saying that perfectly describes the reasons why so many people choose to actively give of their time: “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” With International Volunteer Day on December 5, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the collective impact Women in Business Mornington Peninsula has made in the community. Only two years since WiB was created, and with a small but purposefully growing membership of 52 female-led Peninsula-based businesses, it might come as a surprise to learn just how much positive impact this association and its members have had over the past year. In the lead-up to its AGM in August, WiB conducted an impact survey of its members to better understand the challenges and influences of the Peninsula’s businesses and business leaders and how WiB might best support them. “What we learnt was even more amazing than we imagined,” said WiB chair Melissa Goffin. “Last year, WiB member businesses contributed over $52 million to our local economy. They collectively employed over 1300 people, with three out of four respondents having a workforce that comprised 75 per cent or more women. And 86 per cent described their social and environmental impact as either consistently part of their decision-making or an explicit measure of success for their organisation. “With community focus and impact being a criteria of membership, we know that WiB members have these at the heart of what they do. What we were surprised to learn was how tremendously significant their economic contributions are. These figures are just incredible. The number of people – the majority women – employed by our member businesses is extensive, and we’re excited to learn about how far their impact can extend.” The survey also highlighted another notable statistic: as a group, WiB MP businesses had donated 6318 hours of volunteer/community/charitable work to their local community with an equivalent dollar value of about $316,000. “Our association’s value statement is to be a ‘force for good’, so it comes as no great surprise to learn our members are already living that ethos every day in both their professional and personal lives,” Melissa said. “As a community, we are so fortunate to have women driving such positive outcomes on the Mornington Peninsula.” On International Volunteer Day and every day, WiB MP would like to acknowledge and thank the many volunteers who give their time so freely and generously to support a diverse range of community needs. If you’d like to learn more about WiB MP, visit

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Located 13,050 light-years from Earth, 47 Tucanae is the second-brightest globular cluster in the night sky and is host to tens of thousands of stars. Photo: MPAS member Steven Mohr

Saturn is the second-largest planet in our solar system and lies about 1.3 million kilometres from Earth. Photo: MPAS member Domenic Lucarelli

Orion makes its return to our summer night sky In November, the constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius are slowly leaving our night skies to be replaced by Orion and its nebulae, and the bright star Sirius. Looking towards the direction of the celestial pole you can find the constellations Reticulum, the Net; Hydrus, the Little Water Snake; Tucana, the Toucan; and Octans, the Octant.

located in the east with the blazing star Sirius making it easy to find. Orion and Taurus are also coming into view in the east. It is easy to identify Orion, as its brightest stars are blue-white Rigel (Beta Orionis) and red Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis).

The constellations Eridanus and Cetus sit right above you. Eridanus, the River, is naturally long and winding and its end is marked by the bright star Achernar, which can be seen high in the sky almost due south. Canis Major can be

As Cetus is high in the sky, a large telescope will show you the interesting spiral galaxy M77, sitting very close to the star Delta Ceti. The beautiful Magellanic Clouds should be your next target. The Large Magellanic Cloud, or LMC, sits across the border between the constellations Dorado, the Goldfish/Swordfish; and Mensa, the Table Mountain. A small telescope is all you need to explore the sparkling star clusters as well as the Tarantula Nebula (NGC 2070), nestled within the LMC. Meanwhile, a short distance away in the constellation Tucana, you can see the Small Magellanic Cloud, or SMC, and the globular cluster 47 Tucanae (NGC 104). These are wonderful binocular or small-telescope targets. Looking towards the northeast, the Hyades and Pleiades open star clusters make excellent binocular targets. The Leonid meteor shower is active each November, and this year the Leonids will peak overnight on November 18-19. The shower is called Leonids because its radiant, or the point in the sky from which the meteors seem to emerge, lies in the constellation Leo. The Leonids occur when the Earth passes through the debris left by Comet Tempel-Tuttle. The comet takes about 33 years to make one orbit of the sun.

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For further information about the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society, such as public stargazing nights, event bookings and membership, please visit the society’s Facebook page, or website at NERIDA LANGCAKE, Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Sixty years of service for James Paterson

Well known in the Port of Melbourne for more than 60 years, the steam tug James Paterson was easily recognised by her twin funnels.

She was built for the company of James Paterson, who migrated to Melbourne from Scotland in 1852. The Melbourne Herald of November 8, 1902, reported the arrival of the James Paterson about midnight the night before. She had been built by Rennoldson and Son of South Shields and had made the passage to Melbourne in about 57 days, with stops to take on coal. The newspaper reporter stated that the James Paterson had proved herself to be “a splendid sea-boat”, having come through heavy weather during the voyage. During the years that followed she proved this many times when in wild conditions she was called to rescue ships in danger of being wrecked. Three months after her arrival, Hartley R. Watson was appointed to the position of first mate. Late in 1906 he was made permanent master of the James Paterson and remained so for the next 41 years,

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

The Melbourne tug James Paterson. Image from a photograph taken in 1935.

retiring at the age of 76. ‘HRW’ and the ‘Patto’, as they were known, became something of a legend in the Port of Melbourne in the day-to-day duties of berthing ships of all kinds. Captain Watson, who was born in Williamstown in October 1871, had gone to sea in sailing vessels and must have become used to enduring whatever the weather threw at him. During his long career with the James Paterson he insisted on having an open bridge, ensuring that he always had an unobstructed view in all directions. Soon after his

Image provided retirement a wheelhouse was built providing later by Antipodes skippers with protection Bookshop, In the early 1900s many sailing vessels wereSorrento still in use, and Capt Watson stated on his retirement that he had towed 136 such vessels through Port Phillip Heads during his career. During World War I the James Paterson was requisitioned by the RAN and operated as a minesweeper. The largest ship towed by the James Paterson was the Empress of Britain, which was in Melbourne in April 1938. When James Paterson & Co was taken over by McIlwraith, McEacharn in 1961, her black twin funnels were painted red but the old tug was retired three years later and broken up in 1966.

MAURIE HUTCHINSON President, Peninsula Ship Society T: 9787 5780 E: The Peninsula Ship Society meets at Hastings Yacht Club at 10am on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except November and December). Visitors are welcome.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty and joy of open-water swimming Seaford photographer and writer Fiona Basile has just released her latest book, Immerse – a stunning 144page hardback photographic book celebrating the beauty and joy of an open-water swimming community in Seaford. Although many of the swimmers are from Seaford, others come from Frankston, Mount Eliza, Carrum, and even Doncaster East. “When Melbourne was locked down for many months during the pandemic, locals found solace in the soothing and welcoming waters of the bay and in the fellowship and friendships that formed during this

time,” Fiona said. “From a handful of people who took up open-water swimming during COVID lockdowns, the group has now grown to more than 70 people. Our open-water swimming group is affectionately and cheekily known as the Pole Dancers, but you’ll need to read one of the swimmer’s stories in the book to find out why.” Fiona’s own open-water swimming journey started in 2021. Needing to “get out and do something different”, she ventured down to Seaford Pier at dawn to find a small group of swimmers making their way to the 5-knot marker pole offshore. Given it was winter and freezing, she thought they were crazy. But as she stood at the end of the pier, a pod of dolphins swam by close to the swimmers, leaving her and the swimmers exhilarated. “Following that amazing experience, I started chatting to the swimmers back on shore and was invited to join them. I went again the next day and, despite being freezing, jumped in. And the rest is

history.” As time went by, Fiona started taking photographs while she swam and learnt more about the swimmers’ stories. Inspired by the photos and stories, she embarked on a “heart project” for 2023: the creation of Immerse, a celebration of a special open-water swimming community. Among the gorgeous seascapes and open-water photographs, the book features 35 inspiring swimmers who share how open-water swimming has improved their health, well-being and zest for life while fostering a deep sense of community, connection, care and gratitude. They are heartfelt and moving. This is a book that has captured the hearts of many and is perfect for anyone who loves swimming, the beauty of nature, and the ocean. Fiona hopes the reader will be inspired to take up her invitation: “Dive in, immerse yourself in the inky, deep waters and join in celebrating this special community and all that it brings.”

ORDER YOUR COPY OF IMMERSE WWW.FIONABASILE.COM ( 28 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

This photo by Jules Casey of two pale octopuses in a courting ritual has won an international photography award.

Jules Casey, the underwater photographer featured in our May issue, has won a silver medal at a prestigious international ocean photography award. Jules’s photo of two pale octopuses embracing near Rye Pier in July impressed judges of Oceanographic magazine’s Ocean Photographer of the Year award in the Conservation (Hope) category. Each year Oceanographic issues prizes in 10 categories, with the best of the best winning Ocean Photographer of the Year. Four Australians including Jules won medals this year; two photos were of surfing and one was a drone shot of a humpback breaching. The UK-based magazine covers ocean conservation, exploration and adventure, and was founded in 2018. ‘Occy’ is the most recent photo by Jules to snag an important photography award, and many were taken off the southern Mornington Peninsula, including near Rye Pier, a haven for sea life. Her winning images Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

from southern Port Phillip have included a female pale octopus and her eggs, a bobtailed squid, six baby shorthead seahorses ‘riding’ a piece of seagrass under Blairgowrie marina, and rare footage of a female seahorse transferring her eggs to a male’s pouch, which he will carry until he gives birth. Jules, who’s been taking underwater photos for only three years, said she was thrilled when told her photo had made the list of 12 finalists. “When they announced the final results, I was over the moon to win second place.” The description on her photo reads: “Two pale octopuses sit on a pipe. ‘The story behind this image is one of an ingenious conservation effort,’ says Casey. ‘Two divers had the idea to build an artificial reef at Rye in Port Phillip to attract octopuses to the area and provide them with a safe place to reproduce. Virtually overnight, the artificial reef exploded with marine life. The pale octopuses loved their new, safe environment and quickly dominated the reef. Several pipes were secured to provide a place for these octopuses to lay their eggs. In my photograph, a male approaches a female during their early courting stages. After mating, the female eventually settled in the pipe and laid her eggs’.”

Top spot in the category went to Sylvie Ayer, of Florida, who photographed a manatee in a crystal-clear river. One hundred photos by the 2023 winners and finalists will be on display in Australia for the first time this year at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney from November 16 for five months. The photos are also online at Some of Jules’s work highlights marine pollution in Port Phillip. “With summer holidays around the corner, it’s especially important to keep our beaches and bays free of litter,” she said. “Please take your rubbish home with you.” Last month, Jules headed off on an underwater photography expedition to the Philippines, where many of this year’s winning photos were taken, including an image of a paper nautilus drifting on a piece of ocean debris at night just after a volcanic eruption. It was taken by 25-year-old marine biologist and amateur photographer Jialing Cai, who won Ocean Photographer of the Year with her image. Readers can follow Jules on Instagram at #OneBreathDiver MIKE HAST

29 )


Christmas is a wonderful time to immerse yourself in the

Organic artisan bakery dedicated to handcrafting sourdough bread. German flare with authentic pretzels, rye breads and cake. Seating, coffee and sandwiches are also available.

A short detour off Nepean Highway, between Frankston and Mornington, sees you meander into the charming, tree-lined streets of Mount Eliza. This thriving village with that classic small-town feel we all love hosts an eclectic mix of independent retail stores, much-loved cafes and restaurants, artisan supermarkets, beauty salons and professional services. You’ll want for nothing as you wander the streets and laneways. Welcomed by the friendliest storeowners in the area, you will feel a genuine enthusiasm to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and perhaps even a bit more! While you’re there, enjoy your pick of morning coffee and cake stops, long, lazy brunch spots, and be spoilt for choice at dinner time with a diverse selection of international fare, from Sushi to Shawarma and your classic pub favourites. If you’re looking to treat yourself, you won't know where to start with some of the area's most acclaimed hair stylists and cosmetic artists calling this quaint village home. Grab some local charcuterie favourites and a bottle of wine before heading home to plan your next day out in Mount Eliza Village.

Trading hours: Tue-Fri: 8-4 Sat-Sun: 8-2 Shop 2/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza | P. 7042 1010 FB: @Butterkenbakery IG: butterken_bakery

Enhancing natural beauty with specialist cosmetic services from our boutique clinic on the Mornington Peninsula.

4/20 Ranelagh Dve, Mount Eliza | 0432 846 535 IG: @peninsulaaesthetics

The busy shopping precinct brings village vibes throughout the week and into Saturday afternoon, with Sunday left for resting on the green, walking the dog on the beach, and window shopping some of the Peninsula’s most coveted real estate. As the calendar flips to December, the Village transforms into a Christmas wonderland, the season bringing an array of festivities that promise the enchant visitors of all ages. Kicking off the festive season is the always well-attended November Mount Eliza Farmers’ Market on the 26th, during which the town’s enthusiastic and dedicated group of knitters and crafters will be yarnbombing the gorgeous avenue of trees. These annual decorations, unique to Mount Eliza Village, create a picturesque scene that delights all who walk by. With special offers and entertainment, this farmers’ market is the last of the year and the perfect opportunity to gather fresh produce and handcrafted goodies for holiday entertaining.


beauty, warmth, and magic of Mount Eliza’s captivating village. Set to be a highlight of Mount Eliza’s calendar of events is the Christmas Sidewalk Sale. Retailers will be taking their wares to the street in early December, creating a fun, market-style atmosphere perfect for a peruse in the sunshine. The sidewalk sale is a great time to find those special gifts for family and friends, or to treat yourself to something unique. What Mount Eliza Village is particularly excited to offer visitors this year is the whimsical festive photo booth. Think tinsel, balloons, streamers and confetti crafted into a glittering, shimmering, sparkling backdrop of festive joy for your Christmas photos. Book a time, bring your group, and let the supervisor capture loads of happy snaps on your phone, ready to share with family and friends as soon as you’re done. At the heart of Mount Eliza is the Village Green, where all the Mount Eliza Chamber of Commerce’s holiday efforts will culminate in a celebration like no other on December 16. The inaugural Merry Fun Fest on December 16 will see a sausage sizzle, face painting, craft activities with Faery Emma, Becky Bubble, Magician Jo Clyne and her Pirate Fairy Dinosaur Rainbow Magic Show and so much more! Escorted by a brass band and a parade of fluffy samoyed dogs, Santa Claus himself will join the festivities before settling in for photos nearby. In Mount Eliza Village, sunny days and community spirit will converge at Christmas to offer a unique experience bound to enchant all who visit. The warm and inviting hospitality of the locals ensures that you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime. So whether you are seeking an easy day out for shopping, a great end-of-year meal, or a Christmas outing for the whole family, Mount Eliza Village beckons you to discover its enchanting world. Follow on Facebook @MtElizaVillage and Instagram @mteliza_village for more information on the Christmas program and to know what’s happening in the best-kept secret on the Mornington Peninsula.

PREPARATION | IMPACT | EXPERTISE | RESULTS Proudly supporting the community and servicing the Mornington Peninsula in Sales and Property Management. P. 9787 7308

2/70 Mountain View Rd, Mount Eliza

McCrae Lighthouse lit up for Probus Month Probus Day started in 2020 and was so successful that it became Probus Month. In line with the United Nations Day of the Older Person, clubs across Australia and New Zealand mark the month with special morning teas, picnics, lunches, themed meetings, landmark visits and so much more. The theme for 2023 was Fulfilling the Promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Older Persons Across Generations. Dromana Bay Probus held its celebrations by ‘lighting up’ the McCrae Lighthouse, courtesy of McCrae Lions. The lighthouse was illuminated in Probus blue and

( 32 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

yellow for the first week of October. On October 1, more than 40 club members gathered with Rye and Safety Beach Probus members for a beach picnic to celebrate Probus Month. Probus is all about active retirees getting together and having fun, and that’s guaranteed at Dromana Bay. If you would like to make new friends, go on outings and holidays, attend lunches or dinners, or take part in a variety of club activities, then come along to one of the meetings, where you’ll be made to feel most welcome. Dromana Bay Probus meets on the third Wednesday of the month at the Dromana Community Hall, 2A Verdon St, Dromana from 9.30am. You can read about the club at, or email the membership officer on membership@ for further information about the club.

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SWON credits Partners, staff and clients for 75 successful years Three-quarters of a century in business is no small feat, so it speaks volumes that Frankstonbased accounting practice Shepard Webster & O’Neill Pty Ltd has just passed that milestone. The practice, more widely known as SWON, provides taxation, audit, advisory, bookkeeping and business services. Of its six directors, 14 professional staff and six administrative support staff, 19 are qualified accountants, most of whom are members of one or both of the major accounting professional bodies. SWON’s success over the past 75 years can be attributed to its Partners and its people, and the fact that they take time to listen to their clients’ needs, values and goals. SWON then helps its clients achieve them. The objective of SWON is to provide high-quality services that add value to its clients’ businesses. These services will be of a uniformly high standard, meeting client requirements and conforming to the professional standards and ethics set down by the major accounting bodies. To achieve this objective, it is the policy of SWON to establish and maintain an effective quality-assurance system to ensure it delivers services of a consistently high quality and to provide the basis for the continuous improvement of these services. SWON’s strength and future lies in the dedication, quality, commitment and professionalism of its principals and staff. Accordingly, its high level of investment in staff development will be ongoing and support the achievement of its overall quality objective,

as will the development and application of world-class methodologies. In its dedication to satisfying client requirements, the provision of quality service will take priority over other factors. SWON has resisted the urge to outsource its services to overseas suppliers, something a considerable number of other accounting practices have done in light of the challenging employment market. Instead, celebrating all things local and community, SWON supports Peninsula suppliers, and its staff are based on or near the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

“We are grateful to our clients, Partners and employees who have been instrumental in our success,” SWON said. “We look forward to many more years of providing professional accounting advice to our clients and supporting the local community.” SHEPARD WEBSTER & O’NEILL PTY LTD A: Level 1/31 Beach St, Frankston T: 9781 2633 W:

Where loyalty, meets longevity that’s SWON Accountants Celebrating 75 years 1948 - 2023 Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

33 )

Frankston turns up the heat with sizzling summer events A huge New Year’s Eve party and a countdown of the past decade’s top house tracks are among the events planned over the next three months as part of Frankston City Council’s Destination Event Attraction Program. Sunset Twilight Markets are back at the picturesque Frankston Waterfront for a limited run of Friday evenings from now until January. The Waterfront will come

alive with curated stallholders, street food, entertainment, bars and more. Marketgoers will be able to indulge in a variety of cuisines, sample boutique Peninsula beers, spirits and wines, and buy something special that has been handmade by a Peninsula artisan. Friday Nights at the Waterfront will bring a holiday vibe to Frankston over the spring/summer period, and with free entry they’re a great way for everyone to end the week. Find out more on Facebook @sunsettwilightmarket/ Lucky Day Out will welcome in the New Year with a stacked line-up of your favourite DJs at Kinetic Stadium. With music, food, bars, and stunning views of the foreshore,

Lucky Day Out has everything you need for an unforgettable night. “We’re so excited to be bringing Lucky Day Out back to Frankston this New Year’s Eve,” said event organiser Rylee Pabedinskas. “After the success of last year's event, we’re thrilled to be able to bring this event to life even bigger in 2023 and create an unforgettable New Year's Eve party in Frankston.” Find out more at Reminisce is a celebration of the top 50 house tracks from the past decade as

voted by the public, and they’ll be counted down at Kinetic Stadium on Friday, January 26. Reminisce grew out of a backyard party hosted by Corey Topp and Mark Middo in Frankston more than a decade ago before becoming a full festival. Now it’s embarking on a tour of Australia. “We've always dreamed of bringing the event back to where we grew up and it all started,” Corey said. “We had considered it and made some inquiries, but it wasn't until our dialogue with the council that things started falling into place. Now, as everything is coming together, we're really excited to bring it back to its origins.” Find out more at The DEAP offers funding and in-kind sponsorship to support experienced creatives, collaborators and event organisations to curate and deliver a single event or series of events from concept through to presentation in Frankston. Mayor Nathan Conroy said this year’s successful applicants would bring major events to invigorate the community, attract an estimated 27,000 visitors and add $2 million to the economy. “Frankston City is building on its reputation as a creative and vibrant destination city,” Cr Conroy said. “Fresh off winning bronze in the 2023 Victorian Top Tourism Town Awards for the second consecutive year, these events will offer the local community quality entertainment and attract new audiences, ensuring Frankston is well and truly the place to be.”

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Beleura photo purchase on pointe

Justine Summers in the Australian Ballet’s Divergence, 1994, from Beleura’s recently acquired collection. Photo: James McFarlane

Beleura House in Mornington is among several institutions that have rescued precious photographs from the ill-fated Fairfax photo archive.

and Sydney staged by J.C. Williamson, the famous Australian theatrical management company whose boss Sir George Tallis bought Beleura, built in 1863, in 1916 as a holiday retreat. His son John, a composer, inherited the property in 1950 and left it to the people of Victoria when he died in 1996.

to a photo archive company in the US in 2013. As Fairfax Media struggled to stay afloat, it seemed like a good idea to send the collection off to be digitised and remove the costs of physical storage. The US operator would keep the originals and Fairfax would get a searchable digital archive in return.

Beleura, through its Tallis Foundation, bought 18,000 Fairfax photos last year: 8000 dance photos mainly of the Australian Ballet, and 10,000 of operas, dramas and musicals. Many are of performances in Melbourne

The ballet photos are being catalogued, mounted and inserted into protection sleeves and will be displayed at Beleura at some stage. The ballet and the performing arts collections were part of eight million photos sent

Two years later the digitising was only half done and some images were showing up for sale on eBay before the job had been completed. Then the FBI raided the US operator after sports memorabilia it sold turned out

( 36 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Miranda Coney and David McAllister in the Australian Ballet’s Don Quixote, 1993. Photo: James McFarlane

One of the frocks from Beleura House and Garden’s latest exhibition Just Visiting.

to be copies. The operator went into receivership facing lawsuits of more than $US100 million and the Fairfax photos were locked away by authorities. In 2017 the receiver sold about two million images – by now called the Sydney Morning Herald archive – to a Los Angeles art dealer. He and others have been part of a concerted effort to return the photos to Australia and New Zealand – at a price, of course. Items are now in 70 institutions around Australia, including Beleura, National Library, Museum of Australian Democracy, Art Gallery of NSW and Australian War Memorial. The Age newspaper in Melbourne managed to retrieve most of its archive. Some of the ballet photos will be displayed at an Australian Ballet Society fundraiser next year. Beleura House’s latest big event, the Just Visiting exhibition, opened last week and is in the house’s main rooms and nearby Tallis Pavilion until November 23, when the pavilion will be needed for the annual Christmas pantomime Bon Bon concert on December 8-10. The exhibition will reopen after the Christmas break and run from mid-January to late February. Featuring vintage frocks on mannequins, it imagines how guests at Beleura dressed for social occasions during the Edwardian era and from the 1920s to 1980s, so-called Bayside style, with fashions from Brighton Historical Society’s collection. Beleura curator Ingrid Hoffmann said fashion was now a popular staple of displays at Melbourne’s National Gallery Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

of Victoria and the National Gallery Australia as well as state galleries. “George and Lady Tallis loved hosting guests at Beleura, their friends as well as luminaries from J.C. Williamson productions, and John Tallis kept the tradition going when he entertained his musical coterie,” she said. A highlight of Just Visiting will be a soundscape created by Patrick Cronin playing in the pavilion. “It will evoke Beleura’s social whirl with popular music and jazz of consecutive eras, oral history recordings, newsreel recreations from social pages, J.C. Williamson show tunes, 20th century chamber music favoured by John Tallis from the 1940s to the 1970s, and exotic music to which people would have danced and partied,” Ingrid said. Items on display will include Sir George Tallis’s gramophone and assorted vintage curiosities from Beleura’s existing collection. • Beleura House and Garden has a music recital centre that hosts a wide variety of performances throughout the year. Phone 5975 2027 or visit for information about house and garden tours and more. MIKE HAST A 1970s Jot of Toorak maxi coat, left, and a 1930s black velvet evening dress made and worn by Bertha Dudfield, of Brighton. Both dresses courtesy of Brighton Historical Society collection. Photo: Ingrid Hoffmann

37 )

Chasey the charmer

wins hearts peninsula Fiona Denny is a busy mother of two and the co-owner of Evolve Innate Health in Frankston alongside her business partner, Jodie. She’s also the proud owner of a pet that you won’t find in many households across Australia: a central bearded dragon named Chasey. This reptilian companion is a fascinating addition to Fiona's family and has become an unexpected source of joy and entertainment. Chasey, now eight years old, came into Fiona's life after her daughter, Bella, fell in love with him at first sight and they quickly agreed to adopt him from their friends. As for his name, it wasn't Fiona's creativity at work on this occasion; they simply inherited the moniker, but decided it suited his charming and playful nature and kept it. This is one bearded dragon with quite the savoury palate, his favourite treats being crickets and bok choy, which makes for some interesting grocery shopping trips for Fiona. Chasey enjoys occasional outings as well, venturing into the great outdoors where he basks in the sunshine while perched safely on someone’s shoulder. Like all pets, Chasey has his quirks. One of his bad habits is not immediately chasing and catching the crickets given to him at mealtimes. This laissezfaire attitude leads to his enclosure occasionally being overrun with crickets; the easy-going Chasey contentedly watches the action going on around him while one of the kids finds the crickets he’s missed. Fiona lovingly describes him as "cool as a cucumber”, and despite the occasional cricket

mishap, Chasey's laid-back demeanour makes him a low-maintenance pet. As for the naughtiest thing Chasey's ever done, that would be leaving a stinky surprise on the tiles in front of guests. Sometimes even the most demure pets have their moments. One of Fiona's fondest memories is seeing Chasey hanging out in her daughter's Barbie house, which she said has such perfect proportions for a bearded dragon that it’s as if the plastic paradise was custom-made for him. For those contemplating the idea of owning

a pet like Chasey, Fiona's advice is simple: go for it. She never expected to fall in love with him, but Chasey has definitely found his forever home. She also recommends joining Facebook groups for excellent advice and tips. With his whimsical antics and intriguing nature, Chasey is one reptile that has found a warm place in Fiona's heart and home. SARAH HALFPENNY Pictured: A couch in the Barbie house is the perfect spot for a central bearded dragon. Chasey perches on Bella’s shoulder.

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Fresh raw meat, BARF rolls, cooked food and dehydrated treats, all made in-store. Large range of fresh frozen bones, toys and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. Online order subscription service available - delivered direct to your door! Check out our website for delivery times in your area.

Shop online or instore | | 3a Apsley Pl, Seaford | Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm | P: 9786 4603 ( 38 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Help put the spring back in your dog’s step Joanna is a qualified canine massage and laser therapist who trained in the US. She has been working in this field for more than six years and also has 25 years’ experience as an owner/breeder of show dogs. Alongside massage, Joanna uses a Class IV laser to treat her canine clients, ranging from family pets to show dogs, agility and racing dogs.

Laser therapy is drug-free and non-invasive and is used to help wounds heal, reduce inflammation and relieve muscular pain, as well as treating many other issues. It also helps prevent injuries by keeping muscles in great working order. Have you noticed a change in your dog as they are ageing? Are they no longer running as they used to? No longer jumping in the car or on the sofa as easily? No longer wanting to chase their favourite ball? If so, give Joanna a call. She offers a completely mobile

service on the Mornington Peninsula so your dog gets treated where he/she is most comfortable: in their own home. Mention this editorial to get $10 off your first treatment. K9 MUSCLE THERAPY P: 0410 993 830 W: E: FB: K9MUSCLETHERAPY INSTA: k9muscle_therapy

Interested in pets? Your business can support our Peninsula Pets section and promote directly to pet lovers.

Combining Massage and Laser Therapy to provide the best results for your dog.

Increase your brand recognition to an engaged local audience OR Maybe you own a cute or unusual pet we can feature? Call our friendly team on 9708 8222 Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

0410 993 830

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All aboard the restaurant train The industrious people at Mornington Tourist Railway are pretty excited, as they’ve recently acquired three carriages from V/Line built in the 1980s that have airconditioning and other modern features. And their latest ‘reno’, the ‘state carriage’ known as Melville, entered service just a few months ago. The first three need some work and adaptation to enable them to join the century-old woodenbodied carriages used by the railway, but it’s hoped they will be earning their keep by the

first quarter of 2024, said railway society president Andrew Swaine. “They could form the kernel of a brilliant new tourist attraction on the Peninsula: a restaurant train. It would show off the best produce the Peninsula has to offer and provide another reason to visit our beautiful neck of the woods.” Mornington Railway Preservation Society – aka Mornington Railway – was founded in May 1984 and continues to grow with a new generation of volunteers running the show. Their core ‘business’ is operating the tourist train between Moorooduc and Yuilles Rd, Mornington, on Sundays and public holidays, with the pride of the fleet, steam locomotive K163, puffing along what is left of the rural line after the State Government’s decision to end commercial trains in 1981 after 92 years of operation. The Moorooduc-Mornington tourist train started in 1999, although the society operated its first public trip on April 23, 1988, on the Stony Point line. K163 made its first trip for the society in 1988. Earlier this year it returned to service after a three-year restoration at the Newport rail workshops. The locomotive has always been the symbol of the society, its evocative steam-driven whistle sounding out across Mornington and reminding older residents of the halcyon days when the train came right into town 150m from the beach. The station is now a shopping mall. The society leases the rail corridor and 11ha opposite the intersection of Moorooduc Highway and Eramosa Road West from State Government agency VicTrack. The latest trio of carriages came from V/Line and were built in the 1980s. They are known as an N set. Mr Swaine said the carriages could become part of a restaurant train, a party train or perhaps a wedding train with one section as a chapel and the rest as a reception area

The latest carriage to join the tourist train is a famous 1901 carriage called Melville that once carried royalty, governors and was even a mobile radio station in the 1930s. Volunteers have returned Melville to its original blue and gold colours.

The state carriage Melville was built in 1901 and originally called Alexandra. It was used for two royal tours until 1919, when it was superseded. Melville was called a state car, but official correspondence referred to the first two built as royal carriages. Melville had two 4m saloons, one at either end, joined by a corridor serving two toilets, a private compartment for eight, and an attendant’s compartment with room for three. The society refurbished the exterior at its Moorooduc headquarters. This included repainting the outside in the authentic blue and gold from the 1950s to the 1970s when it was in both vice-regal and Train of Knowledge service. It was also used as a mobile radio station, 3YB. Interior refurbishment is next. It will be used as a guards’ van for the time being. “The reno team is proud to showcase this important part of Victoria’s railway history and is looking forward to working on the interior,” Mr Swaine said. The three N set carriages are a first class one with conductor’s van and 52 seats, an economy class one with snack bar and 67 seats, and another economy class with 88 seats. They are steel-bodied carriages with many modern, low-maintenance features, and are designed to operate as a coupled set.

Mornington Tourist Railway has acquired three carriages from V/Line that could become part of a restaurant train. They arrived by road and will be refurbished by the group’s volunteers.

( 40 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

There are some wonderful videos of the railway on YouTube under ‘Mornington Tourist Railway’. Details: MIKE HAST mornington PENINSULA Magazine


Why Western Port gets my vote

When I moved to Tyabb almost eight years ago, I really had no idea what an absolute gem this side of the ‘Ninch was. Tyabb itself is a very quiet, sleepy township; blink and you will miss it. However, you cannot miss the amazing antique stores that attract people from all over the Peninsula and Melbourne looking for something unique. In fact, the electorate of Hastings is unique. Baxter township is surrounded by rich farming land where you can still pop your money in the honesty box and take away the freshest rhubarb you will ever see. Somerville is a bigger town with plenty of quality shopping. It also boasts boutique distilleries and breweries, great cafes and one of the best traditional butcher’s shops around. It is also home to Yaringa Boat Harbour and Cptn Jack’s Restaurant, which is a must-go-to destination. Hastings is a growing and vibrant township with great shopping, cafes, restaurants and an eclectic mix of industries. It is also well known as one of the best boating and fishing destinations around.

For help with State Government issues please phone my office on 5977 5600.

Moving further down through Bittern, Balnarring and Crib Point, we have amazing wetlands with an abundance of native flora and fauna, restaurants, walking tracks, bike tracks, wonderful wineries, distilleries and breweries, a plethora of amazing markets, quiet beaches and wonderful historical houses like Coolart Homestead in Somers. We are truly lucky to be living in this part of the world and I am grateful to be your voice in Parliament to represent this part of our wonderful ‘Ninch. PAUL MERCURIO – Hastings state Labor MP


MP Paul MercurHio ASTINGS

STATE MEMBER FOR 03 5977 5600

1/13 Eramosa Rd West, Somerville VIC 3912


PO Box 909, Somerville VIC 3912


( 42 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Summer’s back at Cptn Jack’s “Let’s try somewhere different” is a phrase often heard while co-ordinating end-of-year social events. Cptn Jack’s restaurant at Yaringa Boat Harbour sets the scene for a unique experience that will have family, friends and workmates raving about your brilliant new find. But be sure to book now; pre-Christmas and New Year reservations are filling fast. While Cptn Jack’s Australian-inspired menu leans towards seafood, selections showcase an abundance of Mornington Peninsula produce. No matter the choice, the freshness and flavour of every dish will impress. Pair your meal with a carefully crafted cocktail or a glass of wine. Show you’re in the know and request the secret wine list; the exclusive range is a wine enthusiast’s dream. Celebrate the year with a toast as you enjoy the harbour view from inside or outdoors on the terrace, the perfect vantage point to catch a glimpse of local wildlife with the backdrop of a glowing sunset behind the yachts. A laid-back alternative is the vintage food caravan, returning to Jack's Green on weekends in summer. Select a meal and beverage then relax to the sounds of musicians while watching the boats sail by. It’s all happening at Cptn Jack’s. Come join the fun. CPTN JACK’S A: 1 Lumeah Rd, Somerville T: 5977 4939 W: FB: Cptn Jack’s INSTA: cptnjacks

Book your end of year functions today! Hurry, spaces are limited.

03 5977 4939

Enjoy maritime magic at Cptn Jack’s - where waterfront views meet culinary delight. Local flavours, ocean-inspired ambiance; your next memorable dining experience begins here.

1 Lumeah Rd, Somerville Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

43 )


Stunning images of wonderful Western Port, Somers General Store and Cptn Jacks at Yaringa Harbour. Photos Naturalight Photography

( 44 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Talking about backyard hens on the Mornington Peninsula Talking Hens is a small family business situated in the heart of Merricks. Run by Jason Nethercott and Giuliana Postregna, it specialises in the sale of entertaining, friendly and placid laying hens along with all of the products needed to keep them happy and healthy. The journey began back in 2012 when the family started a free-range egg farm in Keysborough. As their business grew, they began selling eggs at farmers markets as well as to local customers. Over time, they started selling greater numbers of their hens and bags of their chicken feed mix created by Giuliana’s father, an egg farmer of 40-plus years. Eventually, they focused exclusively

most popular breeds sold to customers due to their suitability for suburban backyards. Not only are they child-friendly and placid, they integrate very well with the family pets and lay eggs regularly. From tales of cheeky hens stealing dog food to surprise kitchen visits through cat flaps, customers never tire of sharing their amusing stories with Giuliana and Jason about their feathered friends. Talking Hens is progressively focusing on increasing sustainability in all of its business practices and products. It has also developed a range of chicken coops made from recycled wood and hempcrete, which is a highly sustainable building material. on the needs of families wanting to own backyard chickens. Giuliana and Jason provide talks, videos, workshops and informative handouts for customers to help transfer their experience and knowledge. Their Hy-Line Brown laying hens have been one of the

TALKING HENS A: 3590 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Merricks T: 0406 691 231 W: FB: TalkingHens INSTA: talkinghens

Looking for backyard hens but unsure where to start? Talking Hens is a family business that specialises in backyard hens. We only supply friendly, egg laying hens with quality products to keep them happy and healthy. Our hens make fantastic family pets! They love company and like nothing more than to spend time with their owners. We hear many entertaining stories from our customers such as their hens going on school runs, on swings with the kids and sneaking through cat flaps to surprise them. There’s nothing like the friendship and entertainment that comes from our laying hens a pleasure to be shared!

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

45 )


More stunning images of wonderful Western Port, Flinders Pier, centre: Mitch and Co Tyabb, right: Quattro at Mantons Creek Winery. Photos Naturalight Photography

ENROL NOW FOR 2024! We are a proud school where each and every student has a place. We provide a broad curriculum, including both tertiary and vocation aligned subjects, giving our students the education they need to succeed in a diverse and changing world.

Community, Achievement, Respect & Engagement Please contact the Administration Office for further information through phone on 5979 1577 or email at

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IN CONVERSATION with pre-eminent family lawyer Gillian Coote Coote Family Lawyers is one of Australia’s mostawarded family law firms, so it’s exciting you now have a Balnarring office. What brought you here?

can now rely upon a local tier 1 law firm that provides practical legal solutions, saving unnecessary stress and expense. Building relationships based on trust and transparent communication is what we do, and this is especially important in a close-knit community like Balnarring.

The Peninsula is one of my all-time favourite places in Victoria. I grew up holidaying here, and still do, and think it’s a remarkable area with a wonderful community. There's something profoundly rewarding about now being able to help people living on the Peninsula get through challenging times.

We are recognised by Doyle’s Guide as one of the country’s pre-eminent family law firms and our solicitors are consistently acknowledged for their individual expertise. We tailor our approach to each person’s needs, guiding them through the legal system during what can be a very challenging time. We are caring and approachable, and this coupled with our expertise, is what I believe sets us apart.

What is the firm offering? Our experienced team offer supportive and pragmatic counsel in all areas of family law and wills and estates. I established the firm in Melbourne in 2002 to provide a level of client care rarely found in top-tier, multi-disciplinary law firms. People living on the Peninsula Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

What sets you apart?

COOTE FAMILY LAWYERS A: 1/2-8 Russell St, Balnarring T: 5927 5010 W: E:

47 )

Your local bike shop and service centre eBIKES | SCOOTERS | ROAD | GRAVEL | MTB

89 High St, Hastings | 5979 3791

Enjoy Main Ridge Dairy

PACE Health Management is now open in Somerville. Conveniently located at 15 Eramosa Road East, offering Individual & Group Exercise Physiology services. Our Somerville clinic will be led by Accredited Exercise Physiologist Tara Jenkins, a Somerville local who brings with her years of experience and a genuine desire to help people.

Our Mission is to “Help People Help Themselves”

Our Vision is to get ‘More People Moving More Often’

Our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists work across a wide scope of practice. We exist to foster behaviour change to help develop long term sustainable outcomes and better facilitate self-management of your chronic disease or condition. Whether you are looking to return to work, get back to sport or just enjoy life following an injury. By including an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in your team will help to improve long term outcomes and help you live a longer, better life.

We appreciate that every body is different, and each client presents with individual goals and circumstances. We aim to get a clear picture of where you are now (Point A), and where you want to be (Point B), we then work with you to develop an Action Plan & Model of Care to help you become your happiest & healthiest version of yourself…

P: 9917 4236 | E: | 15 Eramosa Rd East, Somerville More information can be found at ( 48 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

The Westernport Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. represents the interests of over 150 businesses, in the High Street, Hastings’ shopping precinct. Run by a volunteer committee made up of representatives from these local businesses, the Chamber works to promote, support, develop and advocate on behalf of local traders. Whether it’s your first morning coffee after a gym session, the weekly grocery shop, a trip to the dentist, or dinner with family on a Friday night, why travel further afield when everything you need is right here in Hastings? From its humble beginnings as a fishing and farming community in the 1850’s, Hastings has evolved into the heart of Western Port, with all your shopping, service and lifestyle needs.

Crib Point Community Market Has Joined The

Sat.11th Nov. 9am to 1pm

Lots of Stalls Inside and Out Eco-Products, Devonshire Tea, side Out A Up-Cycled Goods, BBQ, ook Now B l St a l Coffee Van, Plants, Gifts, Community Stalls, Fresh Produce Hand Made Jewellry, Pens, Cards, Candles Fun for the Kids with the Cribby Koala Treasure Hunt and much more..

Join Us For A Fun Day

Crib Point Community House • 7 Park Rd Crib Point 3919 P:5983 9888 - - Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

49 )

EDUCATION & TRAINING S P E C I A L F E AT U R E Reading, writing and numeracy are the foundations for participating in society in a meaningful way. Access to quality education can mean the difference between getting ahead in life and not achieving your potential. And since the recent experience of online learning, it’s clear that education can take many different forms and it’s about finding what works best for you and your family. We’re fortunate on the Mornington Peninsula to have a wide range of educational offerings, from public to independently operated. There are mainstream curriculums and alternative options. Every child is different, so it makes sense that different settings suit different children and young people. There are also courses for the not so young looking to upskill or learn something new. On the following pages, Mornington Peninsula Magazine would like to share with our readers some of the excellent education and training institutions on the Peninsula and in Greater Frankston.


Small, safe classes with state of the art wellbeing strategies Outstanding Initialit Literacy program


Ring St. Josephʼs Crib Point 5983 9374



(All welcome and concessions available)

Keep growing and shining at St. Mary’s 69 Marine Parade, Hastings, Vic 3915

For further information please contact: St Maryʼs Primary School on 5979 1959

( 50 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School | 17 Martin St, Crib Point mornington PENINSULA Magazine

More than a natural leader. Providing opportunity to explore varied interests is something we hold dear at Haileybury. Meet our Sustainability Captain, Deanna, who’s passion for protecting natural resources led her to initiate building veggie patches as part of the Middle School. Her natural talents also extend to the soccer field, which she carefully balances with her love of Music and Mathematics. Who knows what interests will sprout next!

It’s time for tradies to get registered Are you an experienced tradesperson in the building industry who never had the chance to get registered and licensed? Well, now is the time to act. Changes likely to be made to the Building Legislation Amendment Act 2023 next year mean you will soon need to be registered.

The most important part of these changes is the introduction of a program that will register and license all tradespeople working in the industry. These are aimed at reducing noncompliant work and increasing the quality and accountability of trades. The changes will apply to carpenters first, followed by all other trades. Once mandated, the changes will mean any building work carried out by unregistered tradespeople will be deemed illegal. Trade Registered offers a professional and comprehensive service that will make sure you are ready to comply with the new requirements. As licensed builders as well as qualified trainers in the industry, we understand how to help you navigate every facet of the VBA process so there’s nothing to confuse, delay or overwhelm you. We can help you with: • Getting registered in your trade • Getting your builder’s/commercial licence • Getting qualified using your prior existing experience (RPL). Give us a call now on 9975 4858.


Are you an experienced Carpenter and have never got around to being registered or licenced? Thought about it? Well now is the time! With mandatory VBA registration on its way, there is no time to waste. Trade Registered offers a comprehensive and reliable service that will make sure you get registered and licenced quickly and easily. Our experienced team of trade registration and licensing professionals will support you every step of the way to achieve the registration and licence you know you need. We provide a proven process and provide you with ongoing support throughout the duration of our service. There is no need to understand industry regulations and requirements, we’ve got your back! Don't waste any more time doing jobs you know you probably shouldn't be doing because you don't have the proper credentials. Register now with Trade Registered and be one step closer to being registered and recognised for the professional you are, before mandatory VBA registration.

Exclusive offer for Mornington Peninsula Magazine readers Call us for a no-obligation chat to assess your suitability 9975 4858 ( 52 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Mention this advertisement and enrol before November 30, 2023, to receive a $1000 discount on our usual fee. mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Childcare including Bush Kindergarten Enrolling Now

Committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure a full balanced development for each child in our expansive, natural learning environment.

6-8 Govan St, Seaford 3198 Ph. 8796 3000

Enquire today



Experience the magic of calisthenics For 45 years, Canadian Bay Calisthenics College has been a beacon of grace, strength and community on the Mornington Peninsula. Recognised by Calisthenics Victoria as a Bronze Leading Club, the college thrives on its familyfriendly atmosphere, camaraderie, and an unmistakable sense of community. Classes are held in Mount Eliza and aren't just about exercise; they're about fostering a vibrant, extended family of like-minded individuals. From adorable three-year-olds to fabulous and fit mature mums, the classes are carefully crafted to embrace every age and fitness level.

WHAT IS CALISTHENICS? "Calisthenics is the sport with performing at its heart. It offers a unique combination of dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skill, developing strong, confident leaders through friendship and teamwork. Calisthenics inspires CLASS TIMES: performers to take centre stage today, and throughout • Tinies (3-7 years): Saturdays 9:15 - 11:15am (Div 2) their lives." • Sub Juniors (8-10 years): Saturdays 10:30 - 1:00pm (Div 1) • Juniors (11-13 years): Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00pm (Premier) - Calisthenics Victoria

FOR ALL INQUIRIES: Naomi: 0418 540 946

• Intermediates (14-17 years): Thursdays 5:00 pm (Div 1) • Seniors (16 years & over): Tuesdays 6:30 (Div 1) • Masters (26 years & over): Mondays 7:00 - 9:00pm (Premier)

CanadianBay Calisthenics

( 54 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Toorak College, Mt Eliza

With 12 level-one coaches and a dedicated group of assistant coaches, Canadian Bay Calisthenics College is all about attention to detail and igniting lifelong friendships. The college offers solo and duo coaching for physical items, helping you master the art of graceful solos and preparing you for those coveted exam medal classes so you can take your skills to the next level. This year the college’s senior and masters teams clinched the Calisthenics Victoria State Championships, while its sub-junior and intermediate teams took home the Reserve Aggregate. Moreover, its sub-junior, senior and masters teams once again reigned supreme at the Royal South Street Society Competition in Ballarat. Whether you're drawn to flexibility, apparatus mastery, dancing, singing, or the sheer joy of performing, you'll find it all at Canadian Bay. Experience the magic for yourself. Your stage awaits! CANADIAN BAY CALISTHENICS COLLEGE A: Toorak College, Mount Eliza T: 0418 540 956 E: W: FB: Canadian Bay Calisthenics College INSTA: canadianbaycalisthenicscollege mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Kinder enrolments Kinder enrolments for 2024 now open! for now isopen! Little 2024 Grasshoppers a family owned and operated business boasting 4 locations across the Peninsula with a state of the art 5th Centre set to open in Mount Eliza early 2024.

Renowned for progressive and innovative educational curation including our Community Engagement programs, priding ourselves on our Bush Kinder, Garden to Kitchen and Inter-Generational experiences. Our motivated and long-serving team commit themselves to familial relationships and espousing the culture reflective of our values including Respect, Safety, Commitment and Peace of Mind. Est. 1991




The Little Grasshoppers Group - Providing peace of mind on the Peninsula since 1991. 5978 0808

Stage is set for fun and friendships If you’ve ever wanted to try acting but haven’t quite known where to turn, help is at hand. Knight's Acting School and Agency has started classes in Mount Eliza and is offering a free trial on Saturdays during school terms.

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION Do you like acting? Dancing? Singing? Knight's acting school is coming to Mount Eliza at the Village Church Mount Eliza Term 4 Bookings NOW OPEN Musical Theatre Ages 5-8 Acting Junior 9-11 Musical Theatre Ages 9 Acting Senior BOOK NOW: 0487 308 231 | ( 56 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Sarah Knight, who won a Laurence Olivier Scholarship with Ewan McGregor and was in the Australian film Emo the Musical, opened an acting school in Sandringham in 2011 and later in Hampton. In 2014 she opened another at Frankston Arts Centre and last month began classes in Mount Eliza. Knight’s offers students the chance to work with industry professionals and learn about stage craft and TV/film acting. While some students have their eye on a successful acting career in theatre, TV and film, others just love the increased confidence they get and the friendships they make through the experience. Whatever your goal, Knight's Acting School and Agency will help you get there and, most importantly, will make sure you have fun. If you enjoy singing, dancing or acting, come along for a free trial or give Sarah a call on 0487 308 231. KNIGHT'S ACTING SCHOOL AND AGENCY A: Mount Eliza Village Church M: 0487 308 231 W: mornington PENINSULA Magazine



National award for Cornish College Cornish College has received a national award for its strategic plan and recognition for its sustainability programs. As well as The Educator’s Excellence Award, the college is now one of 25 schools to be recognised in the magazine’s inaugural 5-Star Sustainable Programs, which highlights schools at the forefront of sustainability and environmental education programs across Australia. Each entry was assessed for detailed information, impact, metrics and true innovation – along with benchmarking against the other entries – to determine the final list, and the college said it was thrilled with the result. “At Cornish College, we are a community of change-makers; a forward-thinking, inclusive, caring and contemporary school,” said principal Nicola Forrest. “We do not accept that what has been done before in education must remain the same in the future. We make evidence-informed changes to make a difference. We are a community of explorers with the commitment and courage to redefine schooling for a sustainable future.”



Step into the Future with Our $11 Million Capital Works Project for 2024 Featuring a: • Purpose-Built Year 7 Hub • State-of-the-Art Senior School Hub • Wellbeing Centre • Active Recreation Area with DreamCourts At Western Port Secondary College, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality facilities, ensuring the ultimate environment for our students and staff to achieve outstanding educational outcomes. Please contact the Administration Office for further information through phone on 5979 1577 or email at

In line with its Cornish College Strategy Story – Toward 2030, the college said it was “becoming what the world needs schools to become so that our community can make a difference and be the difference for a sustainable future”. Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

57 )

SHARE THE CHEER S P E C I A L F E AT U R E It’s that time of year when time speeds up and suddenly it’s Christmas Day. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve made it through 2023 and look forward to spending time with family and friends this Christmas. From Christmas tree decorations to gifts for all tastes and budgets to wonderful food and wine, we’re so fortunate to have many incredible retailers and producers where we live to help us bring plenty of festive cheer to Christmas. By shopping locally you’re supporting small businesses that are often familyowned. To make life easier, Mornington Peninsula Magazine has put together an inspiring Christmas feature to help you prepare for the festive season. Put the kettle on and settle in with a cuppa, start your list and plan for a Christmas to remember.

Christmas has come early

Olieve & Olie’s Limited-Edition Christmas Range has returned to make gifting easy this Christmas with luxe reed diffusers and stylish candles. This festive addition to their luxurious range of handmade natural skincare includes the scents of Plum & Juniper Berry, Orange & Cedar Leaf and Pine Needle & Eucalyptus.

The Plum & Juniper Berry will have you dreaming of Christmas-inspired sweet treats. It emits sweet spices, brown sugar and lemon peel with hints of brandy and rich raisins. You can’t go past the intoxicating allure of cyclamen that will evoke memories of past Christmas celebrations.

Orange & Cedar Leaf gives a nod to Australia’s summery Christmas season, with a sweet and refreshing scent thanks to the fruity top notes of orange peel and strawberry. Base notes of vanilla and sweet musk follow with a charismatic blend that also embraces peach, cinnamon and cedar leaf. Finally, their Pine Needle & Eucalyptus scent has notes of woody musk and sweet jasmine which will warm your soul, while notes of fresh pine needles will take you back to opening presents under the Christmas tree. The hints of eucalyptus will remind you of a truly Australian Christmas, which complements the aromas of newly sawn forest woods, clove leaf and patchouli. Their diffusers offer a flameless scent solution for an uninterrupted ambience, and the candles provide up to 60 hours of burn time, making them the ideal gift for all. They’ll add atmosphere to your Christmas preparations, festive season events and light up your lead-up to Christmas. olieveandolie

Photo by Willow Creative

( 58 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

P. 5982 0992 | 7/16 Henry Wilson Dve, Rosebud mornington PENINSULA Magazine

We are an organic artisan bakery dedicated to handcrafting sourdough bread. German flair with authentic pretzels, rye breads and cake.

Trading hours: Tue-Fri: 8-4 Sat-Sun: 8-2 Shop 2/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza | P. 7042 1010 | FB: @Butterkenbakery IG: butterken_bakery

Grow smart and have fun at Verdant Dwellings Whether you want to learn about indoor plants or just have some fun with friends, Verdant Dwellings’ Green Thumb Sessions are for you. There’s an information workshop on how to grow and keep your indoor plants happy and healthy. With advice on soil, feed, positioning, watering and so much more, you will leave the onehour session with expert knowledge as well as a goodie bag with a booklet of all you have learnt, a plant, fertiliser and more, and receive 10 per cent off in store on the day. For something less formal, bring your

friends to the music-filled greenhouse for the Paint, Sip, Plant workshop. You’ll spend a fun-filled hour painting your own terracotta pot while sipping a complimentary glass of Peninsula wine or juice. Once your masterpiece is complete, you can select a plant for your pot, grab a Verdant Dwellings sticker and get 10 per cent off in store on the day. Both workshops are also available for private bookings and are a great Christmas party idea. Details and booking links are on the website. VERDANT DWELLINGS A: Factory 3 & 4, 5 June Ave, Dromana T: 0404 046 462 W: FB: VerdantDwellings INSTA: verdantdwellings

Gifts with Individuality BOOK NOW!

Paint, Sip, Plant & Green Thumb Workshops 79 Main St, Mornington

5977 0708 Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

Private Bookings available For more information or to book your ticket visit our website VerdantDwellings verdantdwellings

3/5 June Ave, Dromana P. 0404 046 462

61 )

local makers live here Artisan's Alley is a collaboration of a shared desire for bringing the best unique products from local makers to Main Street. With a range of carefully crafted high-quality items including homewares, artworks, skincare, jewellery, clothing & candles there’s a lot to explore. 17 Main Street, Mornington Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

Brass Razu is Mornington's flagship cocktail & wine bar, (now in its 14th year!), a popular place for people of all ages who have an appreciation of good wine by the glass or bottle, a craft beer, or a fabulous cocktail. 13 Main St, Mornington | 5975 0108 Bookings through website

Your ultimate shopping,

Var ious positions available www.uptur | car eer s@uptur 1A Main St Mor nington | ( 03) 5959 1970


Accountants for statups, small-medium businesses & SMSF’s


Gifts with ty Individuali

“The Steak Specialists”

OPEN Lunch Fri/Sat/Sun 12-3.30pm | Dinner Tue - Sun 5976 8482 104 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

5977 0708

79 Main St, Mornington |

dining and wellness destination... Ladies boutique specialising in Bamboo Clothing, Italian linens, funky prints, jewellery, shoes & lots more.

20% off Waxing, Spray Tan, Microdermabrasion, Facials & Lash And Brow treatments when you mention MP Mag

Down loa d th e Bite Loca l Ap p a n d ord er food kn owin g you a re su p p ortin g you r loca l resta u ra n ts with low fees a n d b etter service. Au ssie own ed . Loca l d rivers. You r com m u n ity www.b iteloca .a u

5/68 Barkly St, Mornington

Book Online Frankston 97812555 Mornington 59755888

Fifty-six summers at Michelle-Ann We are excited to celebrate our 56th summer in Main St at Michelle-Ann. It is our favourite time of the year. We are thrilled we are now stockists of the highly acclaimed Miraclesuit. This bather really does live up to its name and performs miracles. You will not be disappointed. DD, E and F cup fittings are available so there is no excuse to not own a swimsuit. The fabric and prints are amazing and the styling is next level. Miraclesuit is a very high-end luxe brand and we are thrilled to be one of the few stockists. We have thousands of swimsuits to choose from. Brands include Togs, Jantzen, Zoggs, Sunseeker, and Empreinte and Prima Donna – two luxury imported brands from Europe. For ladies going to hydrotherapy and water aerobics, we have a huge range of chlorineresistant one-piece and tankinis in sizes 8-26. Our famous Berlei and Triumph bra sale continues, and we encourage all women to come and experience a fitting and feel a whole new level of comfort and confidence, as our bodies are constantly changing. Our French brand Empreinte is the highest level of luxe you will ever experience. Once you have worn an

( 64 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Empreinte bra you will never wear anything else. Sizes 10C-24H are available. Spoil yourself and experience a fitting as soon as possible – you deserve to feel amazing. A huge range of silky, sexy Italian nighties are available. We also have dressing gowns, PJs and nighties. Brands include Givoni, Yuu, Schrank and French Country in sizes 8-26. Our pink room is dedicated to helping ladies who have experienced breast cancer feel comfortable and confident after surgery. We have a vast range of breast prostheses, pocketed bras and swimwear. Michelle-Ann has been fitting prostheses for 25 years and feels very privileged to be able to help our pink room ladies and hear their stories and have them all feeling confident, comfortable and happy once more. We are open seven days a week and our knowledgeable friendly team are available to advise you to help find your perfect bra and swimsuit. MICHELLE-ANN BRAS & SWIMWEAR A: 147 Main St, Mornington T: 5975 3649 W: FB: michelleann.mornington INSTA: michelleann.mornington

mornington PENINSULA Magazine



147 Main St, Mornington | ph: 03 5975 3649 w w w. m i c h e l l e a n n . co m . a u

Exciting times ahead at Yo-Ko There is currently a real buzz, a sense of excitement and joy at YoKo Original Boutique. First, we are currently receiving glorious and colourful new spring and summer ranges in store from our tried and true labels, including Boho Australia, Orientique, Escape by Orientique, Vassalli, Rasaleela, and Cafe Latte. We are also stocking a new label at Yo-Ko: Brakeburn, which hails from the UK and uses all upcycled and recycled fabrics. It is already proving to be popular with our customers. Our second piece of exciting news is the arrival of local artisan and friend Sophia Steger with lifestyle brand Room Trader & Co and its stunning collection of unique global decor and local homewares, natural beauty products, art, jewellery and more. We are thrilled to welcome Sophia into this space. With a following online for some years, RT&Co is already creating quite a storm. Watch out for news of a special week we are planning for early December; in the meantime, our opening hours are 10am-3pm Tuesday to Saturday at 33 Armstrongs Road, Seaford.

33 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford | @yokooriginal | Open: Tues-Sat, 10am-3pm ( 66 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

YO-KO ORIGINAL BOUTIQUE A: 33 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford M: 0418 525 872 W: FB: yokooriginal INSTA: yokooriginal mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Cellar door open Saturdays and by appointment

Call Michael on 0428 178 849 to arrange a time to taste or purchase Sedgley & Sons. Visit our website and Instagram.

“Creadon Farm” 181 Coolart Road, Hastings

Home to an array of fabulous events, Frankston Brewhouse has something for everyone! Frankston Brewhouse is micro-brewery and restaurant serving socially approachable craft beer, seasonal share plates, regionally specific wine and locally sourced spirits. Keep an eye on our socials to find out what's on each week

TAP ROOM BAR & RESTAURANT BREWERY TOURS FUNCTIONS & EVENTS Thursday 4pm-10pm Friday 3pm-11pm Saturday 12-11pm Sunday 12-9pm 10 New St, Frankston | P. 9001 0010 | Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

67 )

arts events leisure Twenty-five years ago, Michael Savage had a vision of creating a park with gardens and mazes to delight visitors of all ages. From its humble beginnings, that vision has grown into a stunning world of adventure that provides hours of fun and lifelong memories for the thousands of people who flock there every year. Enchanted Adventure is a 10ha wonderland of activities that includes the original mazes and themed gardens, brainteaser puzzles and sculpture boardwalks as well as Tube Slides, a Canopy Walk, and the Sky Scramble playground. Its latest addition, the MisAdventure Voyage, opened earlier this year, and the Tree Surfing courses are perennial crowd-pleasers with climbers as young as four able to experience an adrenaline rush among the treetops. If all that wasn’t enough, there are even more thrills coming before the end of the year. Michael has long had an enthusiasm for ecoadventure and is passionate about constantly evolving the park so it continues to engage children and adults alike. The park is a major drawcard for residents as well as visitors to

( 68 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

the Mornington Peninsula who are eager to experience something exciting and unique. It’s also an important employer of Peninsula teenagers, many of whom secured their first job there or worked while continuing their school or university studies. To celebrate the park’s milestone, the Enchanted Adventure team organised a fantastic carnival-themed celebration with such activities and attractions as butterfly enclosures, face painting, fairy floss and popcorn carts, roaming performers and more. With past and current staff invited along to enjoy the celebration as well, Michael spoke about the incredible journey he’d been on over the past 25 years, turning a bare paddock into the wonderful park it is today. He thanked everyone present for being part of the adventure, including visitors, staff, artists and local businesses, saying it really had been a team effort. If it’s been a while since you visited Enchanted Adventure, there’s never been a better time to renew your acquaintance and discover what’s new. If you’ve never been, what are you waiting for? ENCHANTED ADVENTURE A: 55 Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat T: 5981 8449 W: FB: enchantedadventure INSTA: enchantedadventure

mornington PENINSULA Magazine


Mount Martha Sea Wolves inspire Flinders Fringe headliner A new theatre piece called Sea Wolves Howl will headline next year’s Flinders Fringe Festival. Written and performed by Mornington Peninsula artist Carole Patullo and creative collaborators Jane Bayly and Melanie Beddie, it will weave together text, song, movement and projection, and will be brought to the stage by seasoned actors including Bayly and Kelly Nash, with direction and dramaturgy by Beddie and music by Flinders composer John Thorn. The performance is inspired by the Mount Martha Sea Wolves, an intergenerational group of up to 60 Peninsula-based women and non-binary people who meet on Mount Martha Beach every morning at dawn, join hands, howl like wolves and plunge into the often freezing water. Carole said it was developed from verbatim stories gathered from Sea Wolves members and would “embrace the life-affirming spirit of the Sea Wolves and celebrate the transformative power of the sea”. “To have the privilege of inhabiting the characters that emerge and bring Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023




them to life is incredibly satisfying,” she said. “There is something very powerful about the act of storytelling; when stories from lived experiences are transformed into theatre, the response from community is profound.” Sea Wolves Howl has been commissioned by the Flinders Fringe Festival and generously supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire through the Performing Arts Development Grants program. It will be performed at the Flinders Community Hall from February 22-24, and tickets are available from The second annual Flinders Fringe Festival will be held from February 23-25. The Mount Martha Sea Wolves set off for an early-morning dip, top; Carole Patullo with Flinders Fringe artistic director Melissa Jackson, above. Photos: Noa Smith Fletcher


Thursday 22 February 7:30pm Friday 23 February 7:30pm (Gala) Saturday 24 February 4:00pm (Matinee) Saturday 24 February 7:30pm

Flinders Civic Hall

56 Cook Street Flinders


$35, $25 concession, Gala $85 (includes refreshments)

Generously funded through the Mornington Peninsula Shire Performing Arts Development Grants Program Design by The Nun of the Ninch @nunoftheninch

69 )



Manyung’s proud history of transforming spaces with art

Throughout more than half a century, Mornington Peninsula residents have enjoyed sourcing their paintings and sculptures from Manyung Gallery. For many years, visits to the original Manyung in an ‘old art castle’ on Nepean Highway, Mount Eliza, were a tradition. However, Manyung now operates six art spaces including the new, industrial chic-style gallery at 54 Mount Eliza Way in Mount Eliza Village and other unique galleries on the Mornington Peninsula at Sorrento, Flinders and Mornington. ( 70 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Here they can help you choose just what is right for you.

It is not a hard process, but one that’s very rewarding and particularly satisfying. In the above images one can see how spaces can be enlivened with the introduction of the right artwork. If you are keen to improve the look of your living areas, all the help you need is available. This professional input is free and will ensure the tonal connections, sizing, subject matter and lighting all work towards getting you and your family a great result – one you will be proud of. The ‘go-to‘ people on the Mornington Peninsula are generally the folks at Manyung Gallery Group who have been operating on the Peninsula for almost 55 years. The art galleries are supported by warehouses in Mornington, all loaded with huge ranges of artwork from which you can choose.

A step at a time.

Most people would like to see what a wall may look like if choices of artwork options can be assessed, quietly in their own time, and without any pressure. That’s easy. Manyung’s clients usually take and send images of their target wall/s to Ellie at Manyung – simply email Ellie@ – and she will line up artwork ideas to suit the spaces. This is a free service. MANYUNG GALLERY GROUP A: 113 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento A: 37 Cook St, Flinders A: 54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza A: U6, 35 Progress St, Mornington A: 6-10 Claremont Ave, Malvern A: 335 Napier St, Strathmore T: 9787 2953 all sites W: mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Great in Great art available available in Flinders, Sorrento and Mount Eliza Eliza Sorrento, Flinders, Mornington and Mount Established half a in century ago in 1968,Manyung the acclaimed Manyung Gallery Group Established over half a over century ago 1968, the acclaimed Gallery Group operates welcoming commercial galleries in each of the must-go-to hotspots on the Mornington Peninsula. At each site, there is a large range operates welcoming commercial galleries in each of the must-go-to hotspots on the of contemporary Australian paintings sculptures and friendly staff range to help visitors with their selections. Mornington Peninsula. Atand each site, there is a large of contemporary Australian paintings and sculptures and friendly staff to help visitors with their selections.

Throughout Spring Manyung will provide visitors with ‘feasts for their eyes’ at every gallery. Manyung Gallery Flinders features 25 large outdoor and garden sculptures, many largethe paintings, Art&Design Throughout summer Manyung Gallery Sorrento Sorrentohas has ‘meet artist’ Mount nightsEliza withand music and in Mornington each show a broad range of contemporary paintings and smaller sculptures. themed exhibitions. Manyung Gallery Flinders features 25 large outdoor and garden Great art, something for all spaces.

sculptures and many smaller works for indoors, while Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza will present a broad range of artworks to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

(03) 9787 2953 all galleries

Festival founder heads to US for life-extending therapy Last May, MY Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival founder Geoff Nyssen relapsed from his sixth course of chemotherapy for the terminal blood cancer multiple myeloma. With Geoff’s prognosis less than a year, his doctors scrambled to find another treatment option. With the support of his haematologist, Geoff applied to the Federal Government through its Medical Treatment Overseas Program to receive CAR T-Cell therapy in Seattle. After two failed application attempts, Geoff’s third was successful and he will head to the US this month, staying there for nearly four months to receive this lifeextending treatment. “I really couldn’t talk for a few minutes when I received the call to let me know that my application had been approved,” he said. “I feel so grateful

( 72 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

knowing that I will receive this treatment and that my life will now be longer. It’s an amazing gift.” Through the adversity he’s experiencing, Geoff said he was motivated by a passion to find a cure for multiple myeloma and was more determined than ever to host the MY Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival once again. For 2024, the festival has become a little more challenging for those competitive runners with the addition of a 16km run that will see them navigate the Mount Eliza quarry twice. “That is enough to make any athlete sweat,” Geoff said. The festival will again include 8km and 4km runs as well as the popular 4km All Paws Walk. The eighth instalment of this amazing community event will be held on Sunday, March 17, with all proceeds from the festival going to the Snowdome Foundation to support blood cancer research. For more details, go to www. If you want to support the 2024 MY Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival, email Geoff at geoffnyssen@mymounteliza. for a sponsorship prospectus or phone 0423 838 374. mornington PENINSULA Magazine

See gorgeous peonies in our new display garden Spring is in the air, and the Red Hill Peony Estate invites you to come and smell the peonies. This 138-year-old family farm continues to produce magnificent flowers in its ancient and rich volcanic soil. This year sees a change in how you view the peonies. To overcome the continual introduction of weeds into the growing paddocks, we have constructed a display garden showcasing the types and varieties of our peonies along with the other commercial flowers we grow. The new garden has been planted especially for you to see the different stages of the peony during its short flowering season. We are also pleased to announce that we will be delivering glorious bunches of peonies to homes on the Peninsula and some postcodes south of the Yarra. Check our website for more details. We will be open Wednesday to Sunday until the end of November, depending on a cool spring, while the peonies are flowering. Our Christmas lilies and dahlias appear around Christmas through to March, with the heavily scented Oriental lilies coming through in late JanuaryFebruary, while our exciting new paniculata hydrangeas will join us in the New Year.

RED HILL PEONY ESTATE A: 237 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill E: W: FB: redhillpeonyestate INSTA: redhillpeonyestate Member of MPP



We are open 5 days a week Wednesday through to Sunday All through November 10am-3pm Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023


We have a brand new DISPLAY GARDEN showcasing all the flowers we sell 237 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill


Get your Peonies delivered from our Peony Paddock to your porch ...Every Wednesday... Order via WEBSITE

73 )

See the stars under the stars The winner of the FBC Excellence Award for Travel, Tourism, Events, & Local Attractions, the Stellar Short Film Festival is the must-attend event of the year. Returning for its fifth year on March 2 at McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery, Stellar transforms McClelland's natural amphitheatre into an open-air cinematic wonderland.

evening with friends, reclining on picnic rugs, playing lawn games, exploring sculptures and enjoying live music before the screenings; or walking the red carpet, mingling with Australia's top filmmakers and indulging in an all-inclusive VIP experience. Either way, you don't want to miss out.

Experience an unforgettable evening under the stars with 12 exceptional award-winning Australian short films paired with delicious food, beverages, live music, interviews and giveaways, creating the perfect blend of culture and entertainment.

STELLAR SHORT FILM FESTIVAL A: McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery, 390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin W: FB: stellarshortfilmfestival INSTA: stellarshortfilmfestival

Choose your festival experience: a relaxed

Tickets go on sale on December 1 at www. Stellar is supported by Frankston City Council.

Photo: James Pyne Photography

Christmas Tree Festival brings community together The Red Hill District Lions’ Christmas Tree Festival is back at the Red Hill Recreation Reserve Craft Pavilion from 2-5.30pm on Saturday, December 9. It features a homemade Christmas tree decoration competition and a host of activities for all ages, including a barbecue, refreshments and a community picnic before an evening of music and carols from 6-8pm.

There will also be a children’s Christmas dress-up parade, craft activities, pinatas, face painting, lucky dips, and of course a visit from Santa. Admission is by donation, with all money raised going to help Peninsula residents and address homelessness. Anyone can enter the decoration competition for just $5, with under-15s free, and entry forms will be available on the club’s website at www.redhilldistrictlions. from November 10. To inspire you, a wreathmaking workshop will be held on November 18; email or phone 0427 551 890 to book. Check the website for other workshops. Meanwhile, the public is invited to help the Lions put up the community Christmas tree at Red Hill South on December 3. Unwrapped gifts can be left at its base for distribution to needy families. You can also call 0427 551 890 to make a donation and find out about other collection points.

( 74 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Open door to our photographic studio/gallery With summer almost here, many people’s thoughts will be turning towards spending days at the beach. To get you in the mood, Mount Martha artist Miffy Pittaway has two new artworks that are guaranteed to create a seaside vibe in your home. The first is an evocative driftwood leaf wall piece that will elevate any living space. The second is a driftwood shark that’s encrusted and adorned with seashells that Miffy began collecting when she was seven years old. Like all of the shells she has collected over 40 years, they come from dead marine animals that are not critically endangered, threatened or exotic. Included in the artworks are pieces of porcelain picked up on Flinders Beach, seven magnificent 30-year-old abalone shells generously donated by a South Gippsland fisherman, and visually stunning and dramatically coloured beach glass collected from Fossil Beach on the Mornington Peninsula as well as other beaches. The two works of art are among 15 limited-edition and genuine one-off pieces that are exclusively available to view and buy at Mark and Cherie Poulter’s gorgeous Veraison Restaurant at 1889 Point Nepean Rd, Tootgarook. Pop in and check them out, and bring the seaside inside with a marine-inspired artwork from She Shell Art By Miffy. SHE SHELL ART M: 0400 178 635 E: W: FB: Miffyshells INSTA: sheshellartbymiffy

Nathan (Natti) Miller Photography Anyone with a passion for photography is invited to come to our photographic studio/gallery, have some coffee and biscuits (on us), look at the diverse work and talk about all things about photography and Art. There are photographic books to look at and just meet other like-minded people. So come and join us between 11am to 3pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month (19th Nov, 17th Dec and so on). Our studio is located at 65 Kalimna Crescent in Rye.

Find over 400 listings of local events and gigs online

Upload your own online listing for FREE or pay just $55 to to appear in Mornington Peninsula Magazine AND online with image. Call for further info 9708 8222

Exquisite Handmade art By Miffy Pittaway of She Shell Art

$485 Driftwood Shark Wall Art Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

$485 Exclusively at Veraison Restaurant, 1889 Point Nepean Rd, Tootgarook | P. 5985 8888 She Shell Art By Miffy | | P. 0400 178 635

Driftwood Leaf Tree Wall Art

75 )

ARIA Award-winning singer, songwriter and raconteur Phil Jamieson is set to enchant audiences on the Mornington Peninsula with his Nobody Else tour in early 2024.

Photo: Lindsay Moller

( 76 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Phil’s stripped-back acoustic show will feature tracks from his solo album Somebody Else as well as his trademark banter. With only his pristine vocals and captivating tunes, he will be taking the stage at HABA in Rye on February 4 and Pelly Bar in Frankston on February 8.

Born in Lismore, Phil achieved rapid success as the vocalist and guitarist with Grinspoon, who formed in 1995 and became a fixture on the Australian music scene. He’s no stranger to touring, with numerous solo appearances and his participation this year in the sold-out Beatles White Album concert tour alongside Chris Cheney, Tim Rogers and Josh Pyke. He’s also capping off 2023 with a national Grinspoon tour before turning his attention to a more intimate setting for his solo tour. The setlist will feature rearranged songs and even some deep cuts, offering a glimpse into his musical evolution. “Coming off the back of a huge Grinspoon tour straight to my solo tour is going from the ridiculous to the sublime in many ways,” Phil said. “It’ll go from me jumping off speaker boxes with strobe lights and confetti and pyrotechnics, and then the solo stuff is where everything changes. It shifts into a little bit more of a challenging space, to be honest, because there are no flashing lights or strobes and smoke machines and all the tricks. It's just me and a guitar, which lends itself to maybe instead of beer it’ll be shiraz and a cheeseboard. “There's a sort of ‘album cycle’ in some ways; you put it out, then you tour it, and then this is like the final chapter in that cycle. I’m going out and reimagining or recreating these songs to do them stripped back, and presenting some new material from my sophomore solo album. So I’m kind of putting a pin in that record and moving on to newer creative ventures, and also it's a great excuse to get around the country in summer (to) some places I’ve never played before, like HABA in Rye; that venue looks great. I’ve played at St Andrews Brewery a couple of times and Pelly Bar solo once before. With Grinspoon we obviously played the bigger venues in Frankston.” Somebody Else marked a significant departure for Phil, blending his work with Grinspoon into a collection resonating with sharp rock and pop sensibilities. The album was a labour of love as Phil collaborated with such talented musicians as Rye’s Oscar Dawson, from Holy Holy, Davey Lane, Jordan Power and Ben Rosen to bring his solo vision to life. The Nobody Else tour will include songs from Somebody Else as well as previously unheard solo material and moments from the past, all presented in reimagined arrangements tailored to the intimate venues chosen for the tour. It's a rare opportunity for fans to experience Phil's artistry up close and personal. “There's going to be a smattering of new material I'm working on and trying to gauge audience reaction to. Each show I try to do some Grinners songs that are ‘off the beaten track’. I don't get out there and play Champion or Chemical Heart because they’re so intertwined with people's experience of the band, and I don’t want to do a karaoke show. It's more like me doing songs I've written for different projects. I’m still working it all out. I'll probably be reasonably well dressed, but depending on the temperature at the time I might be in shorts. I haven’t really figured my costume yet. I’m really good with ideas, so I’ll throw my ‘yacht/garage/folk/Americana’ ideas at the wall in a sort of collaborative creative process and see what sticks.” The shows promise to be an absolute ride, so mark your calendar for summer 2024. Tickets for the tour are available at SARAH HALFPENNY

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

77 )

White Ribbon Day We are in this together. As a community we must speak up and raise awareness to prevent violence against women.

What’s On across the Peninsula and Frankston Saturday November 25th 11am-3pm at

Mt Martha Uniting Church



Speakers include

Charity of Choice:

Mornington Racecourse Thursday 9 November

Tickets available at MRC.RACING.COM

Evergreen Clothing Oaks Day Lunch: Mornington Racecourse, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington; a day of fashion, food, drinks, entertainment, prizes and racing; tickets at SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18

Emu Plains Market: 9am-2pm, Emu Plains Reserve, Balnarring Racecourse, Balnarring; more than just a market, bringing together the community for a monthly festival-like feast

Melbourne Street Food Awards GRAND FINAL: 5-8pm, 1000a Nepean Hwy, Mornington; you eat, you vote at the food yard in the Grand Final of this foodie event. After five heats we have the best street food trucks in Melbourne doing battle for the title. Taste flavours from different cultures and enjoy the lively atmosphere and social dining experience; SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25 The 5ifth Market: 9am1pm, Chelsea Bicentennial Park, Scotch Pde, Chelsea. Stroll, graze, buy and play at more than 120 makers’ and street food stalls, along with live acoustic music. Staged on the last Saturday of the month during market season at the family-friendly Bicentennial Park in Chelsea. STROLL.GRAZE.BUY.PLAY

Upload your own online listing for FREE or $55 to appear in print and online with image.

Over 400 listings online

( 78 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Lunch provided

Register at Cr Despi O'connor - Mornington Peninsula Shire Det S/Sgt Tracy Meyer - Victoria Police Tessa Jetson

* Rose Garden dedication - honouring Victims of Violence *Visual Presentation 'Walk for a Cause' *Peace Trail Walk *Information Displays

Boasting a day of fashion, food, drinks, entertainment, prizes and racing

109 Bay Rd Mt Martha



Contact: Ruth Stuettgen 0432441146 Hosted by

White Ribbon Day: 11am-3pm, Mt Martha Uniting Church, 109 Bay Rd, Mount Martha; lunch provided; speakers include Mornington Peninsula Shire councillor Despi O’Connor, detective Senior Sergeant Tracy Meyer from Victoria Police, and Tessa Jetson. Rose garden dedication honouring victims of violence, visual presentation Walk for a Cause, peace trail walk and information displays. Charity of choice is Tessa Jetson Foundation. Contact Ruth Stuettgen 0432 441 146 or register at SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26

U3A Frankston Choir End of Year Concert: 10.30-11.30am, The Uniting Church, 16 High St, Frankston; conductor Jill Linley and pianist Heather Wickes invite you to join them for a joyful endof-year concert with a variety of music, including some singalong carols and songs; everybody welcome (no booking needed); gold coin donation FRIDAY DECEMBER 8

The Revillaging Project & Living Culture Spring Gathering: 9am-3pm, 182 Browns Rd, Boneo; community to gather for day-long family-friendly event for those who share dreams of a sustainable future. Children of all ages are welcome and there will be various cultural and nature-based activities for all. Fortify connection with Community, Culture, Self, Family, Nature. Tickets limited; bookings necessary;

Soul Night Market: 5-9pm, Dromana Estate, 555 Old Moorooduc Rd, Dromana, 60 boutique street food & drink trucks, handmade makers and live soul music; SHOP.EAT.DRINK.SOCIALISE

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Photo: Alan Mathews

Share the joy of Christmas with the Bel Canto Choir

Photo: Alan Mathews

presents ‘Christmas Joy’ Conductor Margaret Brown rd Sunday 3 December 2023, 2:30pm The Village Uniting Church, 93 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza All proceeds from this concert donated to Bounce Back Admission: $25 Adult/$20 Concession (Seniors, Students) Primary School Students no charge Tickets:

The Bel Canto Choir, with artistic director/ conductor Margaret Brown, will present a celebration of beautiful Christmas choral music interwoven with seasonal poems and prose for their third and final concert of 2023. Share in the singing of traditional Christmas carols enhanced with harmonies and descants sung by the choir. All proceeds from this concert will be donated to Bounce Back, which provides transitional

accommodation for people at risk of homelessness or experiencing domestic violence. Christmas Joy is on Sunday, December 3, at 2.30pm at The Village Uniting Church, 93 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza. Tickets: $25 adults, $20 concession (seniors and students) from; primary school students no charge. Some tickets will also be available at the door on the day. THE BEL CANTO CHOIR A: Mount Eliza T: 0408 355 589 W:

Music theatre star brings Christmas sparkle to the stage Christmas is coming early with Australia’s favourite leading lady, Lucy Durack, bringing her glitterfilled Christmas show to the Frankston Arts Centre for two very special performances. Audiences will enjoy hearing much-loved Christmas classics at the Daytime Music + Theatre concerts on Friday, December 8. Lucy will perform all your favourites, from All I Want For Christmas, The Christmas

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

Song, and White Christmas to Let it Snow, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Silent Night. "I love all carols, even the oldest, daggiest ones," she said. As one of Australia’s leading ladies of stage and screen, Lucy has starred in many hit productions. Recently seen as one of the judges on Australia’s Got Talent, she also had lead roles in the television series Sisters (Netflix Original) and The Letdown (Netflix/ ABC). On stage, she has played Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Glinda the Good Witch in the original Australian cast of Wicked, and

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical, for which she won both the Sydney Theatre and Helpmann awards. Christmas with Lucy Durack will be at Frankston Arts Centre on Friday, December 8, at 10.30am and 1.30pm. Tickets are available at or by calling 9784 1060. FRANKSTON ARTS CENTRE A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston T: 9784 1060 W: FB: FrankstonArtsCentre INSTA: the_fac

79 )

the business A new destination for a new kind of business Kilparra is the realisation of a dream by two life-long best friends to construct something new and unique to the Mornington Peninsula. A project that will generate employment for the people of Mornington and the surrounding areas. Kilparra will be a multifaceted centre that supports a multitude of different business at the gateway to the Peninsula. Three functional, quality offerings complement and connect to form Kilparra, a Mornington destination for business, industry and innovation.

With environmentally and sustainably designed commercial offices, warehouses and storage areas, and retail, food and beverage spaces nestled in landscaped native gardens, Kilparra offers premium amenities in a stunning location only 60 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Kilparra was founded in 2017 by Shane Tatham and Neale Weddall. Shane, a builder, has a portfolio of experience covering all aspects of building and construction. Having been actively involved in the Mornington Life Saving Club for decades, Shane is passionate about working on projects that can provide future opportunities for the youth living on the Peninsula. Neale spent 40 years in the oil and gas industry where he managed the Arctic Division of Russia, involved in the construction of oilfield communities. Living on the Peninsula his entire life, the focus on creating projects that support locals is a key objective of the Kilparra project to Neale. The location of the Kilparra site has often been referred to as the Gateway to Mornington. This has played a large role in influencing the design of Kilparra and has been a key aspect of how Kilparra is set within the

( 80 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

landscape of Mornington. When design team Rothelowman were engaged to assist in the development of the design of Kilparra, they were challenged with the task of bringing something new to the Mornington Peninsula, something that had not been done before, something that showcases the beauty of Mornington. Many elements of the surrounding landscapes of Mornington were referenced and integrated into the design. Kilparra is a new destination for a new kind of business. Be part of the future of the Mornington Peninsula. KILPARRA MORNINGTON A: 1150 Nepean Highway, Mornington W: Office leasing: Damien Adkins, 0408 373 020 Damien. Retail leasing: Tom Larwill, 0411 326 165 tom.larwill@ Warehousing sales: Fraser Pearce, 0432 677 686 Luke Lowden 0408 278 630

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Business structures and family law Running a small business can create stress and conflict. Owners understand that to succeed they need to adapt, and this can require a significant change in attitude. The unfortunate reality is that for some couples this can create tension and lead to the breakdown of their relationship. When considering the assets of the parties, the Family Law Act will include your business interests. The Family Law Act has strict financial disclosure provisions that require the parties to provide access to business records to assist with determining the value of the business. Whether it is a partnership arrangement, corporate entity or trust, the business will need to be valued

Have you outgrown your accountant?

and disclosure given, but the ultimate value will depend on the financial statements of the business. Aside from the toll the separation takes on the business owner, their immediate concern will be the continued success of the business. It follows that if the separation is acrimonious, parties ought to be vigilant to ensure the goodwill and financial security of the business is not diluted by the actions of the other party. We recommend all entities operating a business prepare appropriate agreements that include a formula to determine the value of the business and the actions to occur in certain circumstances. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist with the drafting of the appropriate documents to safeguard your business against potential disruption. In addition, we are well placed to advise you on your rights and obligations under the Family Law Act. CARROLL GOLDSMITH LAWYERS A: Level 1, 176 Main St, Mornington T: 5975 7588 W:

Book a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Meeting. Transitioning to a larger, specialised accounting firm can provide the expertise and resources needed to support your business’s growth and development. While the decision to make this transition can be challenging, it’s ultimately a positive step forward in securing the financial success of your business. We look forward to talking business with you.

BOOK A FREE 30-MIN DISCOVERY MEETING Level 1, 328 Main Street, Mornington VIC (03) 5911 7000

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

GROUP Accounting & Taxation | Financial Planning | Mortgage Broking CFO Services | Business Advisory | SMSF Specialists

81 )

Trailblazing accounting firm in the running for Xero Award Carrum Downs accounting practice TJS Accounting has been named as a finalist at the upcoming prestigious Xero Awards for Community Partner of the Year. People and community are at the heart of operations at the 100 per cent female-operated accounting firm, whose focus is on meeting clients with empathy and compassion and whose policy is ‘there are no silly questions’.

Recently partnering with Indigenous Business Australia, TJS Accounting is delivering a series of presentations on financial literacy and well-being to First Nations students in universities, TAFEs and schools. The sessions are conducted by TJS Accounting founder Tory O’Brien, who is a First Nations accountant with kin from Tebrakunna Country and who lives and works on the traditional land of the Bunurong and Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Tory and her business partner Melanie Perry are trailblazers in the accounting industry, advocating for positive change through their ongoing work with the Institute of Public Accountants. Tory is also the president of the Divisional Action Committee Victoria and a member of the Reconciliation Action Plan working group for the IPA. Covering topics ranging from budgeting, cash flow and taxation to superannuation and managing student loans, the Indigenous Business Australia sessions have been informative and provided a safe space for students to access sound advice from a qualified tax accountant. “Whether you are a tradie running a construction company or a university student trying to understand the HECS/HELP system, understanding your cashflow and learning the skills to gain financial well-being can have a huge impact on your overall mental health and well-being,” Tory said. “We work closely with our small business clients to help them achieve financial well-being by running through budgeting and cashflow forecasting strategies, so creating a program using these skills yet specifically tailored to First Nations students has been hugely rewarding.” The Xero Awards will be held at a black-tie event this month, celebrating the best of Australian accountants, bookkeepers, partners and small businesses. TJS ACCOUNTING A: 1b Frankston Gardens Drive, Carrum Downs T: 9770 2255 W: FB: tjsaccounting LINKEDIN:

Financial wellbeing for all. ( 82 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Shortlisted businesses make the Peninsula proud

Congratulations to the following businesses that have made it through to the final judging stage for the 2023 Business Excellence Awards:

A Good Little Thing Artisan’s Alley Au Croissanterie Base Podiatry Buchanan Mobile Crane Hire Café 100 Mile Foodie Cobbler Keys Commonfolk Elements Eatery @ YAWA Illumin8 Indigo Pools Little Woodworkers Locked in Escape Rooms Moonraker Dolphin Swims Mornington Peninsula Funerals Operation Soul Surf

Oraco Agency Pearson Foods Peninsula Beer Garden PIER Marketing Polperro Dolphin Swims and Charter Service Prestige Inhome Care Sarah’s Domestic Bliss Cleaning Smart Business Solutions Sorrento News Agency Super Hosts Luxury Short Stays The Cambium The Corner Pantry Mt Eliza The Green Bowl The Kitchen Tootgarook The Little Brick Studio


Unica Cucina e Caffe Warlimont & Nutt Wild Adventures Melbourne Yolky Dokey Your Move Health The number and quality of submissions received showcased the passion, knowledge and excellence that we have present in the Mornington Peninsula’s business community. All businesses that entered should be proud of the effort and hard work they put into their

submissions. Finalists and winners from nine categories, plus the highly coveted Business of the Year, will be announced at a gala ceremony on Wednesday, November 15, at the stunning RACV Cape Schanck Resort. For more information, visit: businessawards. The 2023 Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards are a Mornington Peninsula Shire initiative supported by Solo

Resource Recovery, MP News Group, Mornington Peninsula Magazine, 3MP, Chisholm Hospitality Department, Chisholm Institute and Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism Board. MORNINGTON PENINSULA SHIRE A: 2 Queen St, Mornington A: 90 Besgrove St, Rosebud A: 21 Marine Pde, Hastings A: 1085 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Somerville T: 1300 850 600 W:


Congratulations to the 36 shortlisted businesses Finalists, winners, and Business of the Year will be announced at the gala ceremony on Wednesday 15 November at RACV Cape Schanck Resort.

Find out more via our website

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

83 )

Celebrating women doing wild things in business Lauren Wild created the brilliantly named Wild Women in Business after becoming a successful business owner and discovering the importance of having a supportive community of businesswomen around her. “I was navigating so many things for the first time,” Lauren said. “Running a business often means venturing into uncharted territory, and it just makes so much sense to find other people on that same journey and to share knowledge with them.” After looking around and realising there was no local organisation of women business owners, she created one. Thus, Wild Women in Business was born. Wild Women in Business originally operated alongside Lauren’s real estate business, now sold and rebranded as Belle Property, Mornington/Mount Eliza. Lauren sold for a substantial seven-figure sum in just seven years but remains a minor shareholder. This strategic move will grant her the opportunity to dedicate her time to serving her real estate clients and, more importantly, to realise her dream of establishing the WWIB community, which brings together local businesswomen and gives them a space to collaborate and inspire one another. “Business ownership shouldn’t be an isolating experience,” she said. “It’s not only lovely and affirming to have a community behind you, it also helps you go further. I’m a big believer in the power of collective thinking and that real progress comes from collaboration.” Wild Women in Business will celebrate International Women’s Day next year by recognising the achievements of Frankston and Mornington Peninsula businesswomen at its awards night at Mornington Racecourse on March 1. The event will bestow 13 awards across a diverse range of categories. The Wild

Women in Business Mornington Peninsula and Frankston Awards will celebrate everything from excellence, innovation, transformation and trailblazing to community engagement, sustainable products and services, and young entrepreneurs. Award submissions are now open, and anyone can nominate themselves or an inspiring woman in business. As well as recognising accomplishments, the awards will continue to establish and empower a community of women sharing in the juggling act of running a business. “It’s about having the support to unlock our true potential,” Lauren said. WILD WOMEN IN BUSINESS A: Mornington T: 0413 487 179 W: FB: wildwomeninbusiness INSTA: wildwomeninbusiness


a nington peninsul

202 4

Discover new venues and revisit old favourites


2024 edition available from November 23 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS








( 84 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Available at eateries, wineries and breweries Plus bookstores, newsagents and produce stores across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Melbourne. For stockists or to order yours online go to

A must have

for every foo



mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Frankston awards celebrate excellence throughout our business community The Frankston Business Collective held its 2023 Business Excellence Awards at a relaxed cocktail function and networking evening at Functions by the Bay last month. The event shone a well-deserved spotlight on the dedication and innovation of businesses that consistently go the extra mile to deliver exceptional products and services in the Frankston community. The winners and finalists were celebrated for their outstanding achievements, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

The driving force behind the evening's success was the Frankston Business Collective, a thriving group made up of more than 150 member businesses. Its approach to networking emphasises genuine connections and fosters collaborations in a setting that is devoid of the old-school stuffy boardrooms and rigid handshakes. Its monthly events, held at venues around Frankston City, are designed to create an atmosphere where meaningful bonds are forged and enjoyment is top of the agenda. The awards were also a window into the potential and talent within the Frankston business scene that highlight the region's entrepreneurial spirit across 12 diverse sectors. The 2023 Business Excellence Awards, presented by Frankston City Mayor

Nathan Conroy, were: EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE Demonstrating successful outcomes in education through programs, employment opportunities and reputation. Winner: Showbiz Dance Finalist: You Group EMERGING INDUSTRY Businesses that have started up in new industry segments as a result of identified market opportunities. Winner: WorkLife Finalist: Titel HEALTH & CARE Including not-for-profit businesses and organisations delivering excellence in health, allied health or community services and demonstrating service to and outcomes for the community. Winner: The Sports Injury Clinic Finalist: Grace Professional Services HOSPITALITY EXCELLENCE Consistently delivering high-quality food and/or beverage experiences and excellent customer service to the public, including accommodation, cafés and restaurants. Winner: Geonbae Korean BBQ Finalist: Cafe 18-EightyEight



That Spirited Lot Distillers is a family owned craft spirits distillery founded in 2019 by two sets of siblings from the Mornington Peninsula. A core focus of their operations is maintaining environmentally sustainable production and waste management processes. Their latest product Citrus Twist vodka is available from First Choice stores nationwide, online and from their distillery door in Seaford. Visit their website to view the latest opening hours and book a visit. 4/42 Hartnett Dve, Seaford | 0405 022 369

( 86 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

MANUFACTURING Demonstrating a commitment to innovation, employment and sustainability in manufacturing sectors. Winner: Wagalot Finalist: Brumby Machines PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Providing customer and business advice via services that offer solutions and assistance, including legal services, real estate, accounting, financial advisory, architecture, information technology and coaching. Winner: Peninsula Speech Plus Finalist: Clover Lane Consulting

RETAIL Offering an exceptional retail experience and maintaining a high level of store presentation, exceptional customer service and a multichannel offer. Winner: Shoes&Sox Finalist: Ritesafe Safety SMALL & SUCCEEDING New small businesses operating since 2022 offering a unique or innovative product and/or service developed from an identified gap in a market. Winner: Natures Blend Finalist: Steppin' Out Events SOCIAL CHANGE MAKER Businesses including NFPs and volunteer organisations that positively affect our community where there is need. Winner: Frankston Brekky Club Finalist: The Business of Smiles SUSTAINABLE & ENVIRONMENTAL Showing innovation by demonstrably using sustainable and environmental methods to achieve growth. Winner: That Spirited Lot Distillers Finalist: Container Save TRADE & CONSTRUCTION Delivering exceptional service and products through skills and products and encouraging apprentices and other industry employment opportunities. Winner: On A Mission Services Finalist: Ritesafe Safety TRAVEL TOURISM, EVENTS & ATTRACTIONS Providing a high level of excellence in arranging and facilitating events, holding events that attract locals and visitors, and promoting Frankston as an events destination. Winner: Stellar Short Film Festival Finalist: Funtopia SARAH HALFPENNY Images of winners and finalists from the event by James Pyne Photography mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Professional and reliable cleaning service focused on keeping Victoria’s Emergency Services on the road with clean & safe vehicles. 2023 Winner of FBC Business Excellence Award

Our team is proud to provide rapid response to our first responders with biohazard cleaning and regular cleaning services for vehicles. We are on the hunt for superstars to join our team. Full training provided JOIN OUR TEAM NOW!

0460 567 744 Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

87 )

Frankston Brekky Club

Frankston Brekky Club supports the Homeless, lonely and vulnerable in our community five days per week.

We run a breakfast program at the Chisholm Tafe Bunerong Restaurant Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 8.30am. Our program provides a free hot and nutritious, healthy breakfast for those facing food instability, loneliness and homelessness. We have over 70 Volunteers who donate their time once a month. If you would like to join our roster email Roz at Donations for food for our program are also very much appreciated and are Tax Deductible. Bank Details: Frankston Brekky Club BSB: 063607 Acc: 10632036 ( 88 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Support to help guide you through the NDIS Grace Professional Services provides Support Coordination to NDIS participants. It is a registered NDIS provider and supplies all levels of support coordination services nationally.

The team is led by CEO and support coordinator Sandi Grace, who has many years of experience in disability, home care and senior executive roles at a variety of organisations across numerous industries. Sandi also has personal experience of caring for a family with disability and has built and trained an incredible team who aim to provide you with the best service and experience possible with branches on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Grace team of Support Coordinators are knowledgeable and reliable and will work with you to find the right supports to meet your goals, needs and aspirations. They will help you implement your NDIS plan by coordinating the support you need and connecting you with disability service providers that meet your unique needs. They aim to take the stress out of the NDIS and to help you navigate your way easily.

Grace Professional Services is a registered ISOaccredited provider offering support coordination, specialist support coordination and Auslan support coordination, which specialises in supporting those who are deaf or hearing-impaired.

Grace Professional Services treats every client and their family with respect, honesty and compassion and will take the time to get to know you and understand how it can support and empower you to find the best possible outcomes from your NDIS funding.

To find out more or seek support, please contact Grace Professional Services today on 0429 430 806, email or visit GRACE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES T: 0429 430 806 W: FB: GraceProfessionalServices INSTA: graceprofessionalservices

Photo: James Pyne Photography

Grace Professional Services provide Support Coordination to NDIS participants. Our dedicated, professional and experienced team are ready to help and support you to obtain the services you need to get the most from your NDIS plan Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

P. 0429 430 806

“Please remember that you are not alone... we are always here for you”. Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

89 )

health, beauty, fashion Join our growing Just Better Care team A career at Just Better Care Mornington Group is a wonderful way to make a difference in your local community. Our employees assist customers to live in their own home, keeping them safe and connected to their local community. When you join Just Better Care, you become part of a successful, growing business that gives you training and support to develop your career. If you would like to be part of a friendly, local team with flexible hours that suit you, find out more and apply at JUST BETTER CARE T: 5972 1860 W: FB: jbc.mornington INSTA: jbc_mornington

Looking to get more local exposure? choose the market leader for fabulous results Phone 9708 8222 to chat about how we can promote your business to an interested and engaged audience.

( 90 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

On course for happiness: In a delightful ceremony at Mornington

Golf Club, high school sweethearts Hannah Scott and Joshua Van Den Broek were married on Saturday, September 23. Celebrant Abbie Frew delivered an Acknowledgement to Country before the couple exchanged vows in front of 50 family members and friends. The bridal party’s hair and make-up were by Love Is In The Hair By Ashleigh and Makeup By Skye Mazalin, and Peninsula Wildflower provided the stunning bouquets. Hannah is a former publisher’s assistant at Mornington Peninsula Magazine, and we wish her and Josh all the very best for their life together. Photos: Alexandra Bradley Photography


• TGA approved and trademarked Electromagnetic technology body sculpting • Strengthen and tone muscles, including pelvic floor strengthening • Speeds up metabolism and fat breakdown of treated areas • CLINICALLY PROVEN

Located within Zenith Wellness building Book your free consultation today... 1a Albert St, Mornington Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

0434 202 466


91 )

Vale Yvonne West

We were all shocked and saddened to learn of the death last month of Yvonne West, aged 77. This amazing woman has been providing personalised service and dramatically different fashions to Mount Eliza residents and interstate style-devotees for more than 54 years. Yvonne was outfitting women for decades and was especially passionate about catering for all female forms, from the most petite through to plus sizes. A Peninsula girl, her fashion journey began when she opened her first shop in Mornington, followed by outlets in Mount Eliza and Frankston. Interstate and overseas clientele kept on coming back for her expert tailoring and masterful styling eye. Euro Collections had the most extensive range of designers from Europe, New Zealand and Australia on the Mornington Peninsula, catering for casual, professional and special occasion wear. Yvonne is survived by her four sons: Dean, Scott, James and Myles. James will continue running the store in Mount Eliza until stock has been exhausted. He thanked everyone who has offered their sympathies and shared their memories of his much-beloved mum. All of us at Mornington Peninsula Magazine extend our sincere condolences to Yvonne’s family. We will all miss this much-respected fashionista.

Yvonne West absolutely adored her three grandchildren, Nya, Finn and Oscar.

Annual foodies guide mornington peni


202 4

Learn Tai Chi

Enjoy the calmness and stillness of tai chi while gently exercising the body and the brain. Classes held in Mt Martha and Somerville New Saturday Beginner Classes

MainStreet EyeCare

Temporary Address due to storm damage at Main St store

Shop 7, 68 Barkly St, Mornington | P. 5975 3235

( 92 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

All levels of experience and ability welcome For more information call 0418 566 216 or visit

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.








All things delicious on the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston

at newsagents & bookstores from late November mornington PENINSULA Magazine

November STARS

Stephanie is an experienced Astrologer and regular contributor to

by Stephanie Johnson

Aries: It’s decision time regarding your savings and

investments. If you have investments, you may need to make changes. If you have debt, November sees you tackle ways to reduce it. Draw a line in the sand and put the past where it belongs.

Taurus: The marriage sector of your Solar Chart is lit

up like a beacon at the start of November, meaning your marital status is front and centre. Married or single, the focus is on partnership. Listening is as important as talking. It’s time to date, mate and relate.

Gemini: Habits, the small decisions that you make

and the actions you perform every day are the focus. It’s time to raise your vibe through building good habits and breaking bad ones. It’s also about how you react to daily stress. Break it down, get rid of it, forget about it or do it.

Cancer: Are you ready to birth something new? A romance, artistic project or perhaps even a someone? A baby? It’s time to boost your endorphins, to initiate something that sparks your love of life. This is your month to find your tribe and explore anything that sparks joy.

Leo: Do you ever look around your home and feel like a change? November sees you do just that. Visitors, family or friends coming and going could help enliven your personal life without you having to make major adjustments. The advent of guests is always an invitation to declutter, rearrange and redecorate. Virgo: Count to 10 before you speak this month as the planets line up in Scorpio in the communication sector of your Solar Chart. Your mind is sharp and so is your tongue. You do best when you focus on a mentally challenging project to make the most of the extra cerebral energy. Libra: November is all about what you are worth. This is not just financially, although that is part of the puzzle. It’s about your self-worth, whether you feel worthy of love, success, security, freedom, and what you personally value. You need to take the focus off others and recognise your own merit. Scorpio: It’s a busy start to the month with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in your Zodiac Sign. And you need to make the most of this energetic combination. This is the ideal time to focus on action-packed activities at home or work. So your motto could be ‘Just do it!’

Mornington Peninsula Magazine. P: 0411 2555 77

Sagittarius: After a hectic October, you can now

retreat a little. This month presents opportunities for you to work behind the scenes, to withdraw into your safe haven. You may be planning a new project, working out the details and maybe keeping a secret. A minor operative procedure may be in the offing. Capricorn: This is a lovely social month in which you can enjoy the company of friends, siblings, neighbours and overseas associates. You can Zoom around the world. Even if you are an introverted Goat, you can still seek one-on-one connections with supportive friends and colleagues. Creative ideas flow more easily. Aquarius: Your reputation is front and centre. This is not about your private life, but rather how you are perceived by people in public places such as work, special interest organisations, parenting groups and the like. It’s time to put your best foot forward before Pluto enters your Zodiac Sign New Year. Pisces: As a Pisces you often dream of escaping everyday life. November sees your aspirations amplify. Your imagination is strong, so visions of an overseas trip, a restorative retreat or an island hideaway may all appeal. If you can afford to indulge your dreams then now is the time to escape.

What is prostate cancer and how at risk are you? The prostate is a small, walnut-size gland that sits underneath the bladder and helps produce the fluid in semen. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Australian men aged 50, and occurs when the cells grow in an unusual way to form an abnormal growth or tumour. About nine in 10 men will survive five years from diagnosis.

breast or ovarian cancer with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. High testosterone levels and obesity are present in some men with prostate cancer too.

However, the prostate can enlarge for other noncancerous reasons, including prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) or benign prostatic hypertrophy, both of which are common in older men. Symptoms occur when the abnormal tissue grows large enough to cause problems. These symptoms can include: • Difficulty starting urinating or a poor flow • Frequent or sudden urination • Discomfort when urinating • Blood in the semen or urine • Pain in the lower back, hips or thighs.

It’s also important to note, however, that unlike mammograms being recommended for all women over 50, the PSA blood test is not recommended for all men because there are many non-cancerous causes of high PSA levels, which can lead to unnecessary investigations and increased anxiety.

The risk of developing prostate cancer increases after you turn 50, especially if you have a family history of

( 94 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Prostate cancer can be detected through a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA), which is a protein produced by normal and cancerous prostate cells. Your doctor may repeat your PSA level to see changes over time. Some cancers occur with normal PSA levels and some benign prostate conditions occur with high PSA levels, so it’s important for your doctor to assess all of your symptoms and results together.

A digital rectal examination can help in detecting abnormal prostate tissue in males with high PSA levels, while a biopsy to remove small pieces of tissue with a needle under ultrasound guidance allows the tissue to be examined under the microscope for a definitive diagnosis. You doctor can also monitor low-risk prostate cancers

that are very small and unlikely to spread. This involves PSA tests, rectal examination, MRI and biopsies every few months as determined by your doctor. Watchful waiting is suitable for older men with slow-growing cancers that are unlikely to cause a problem over their lifetime. Prostate cancer treatment can include keyhole or open surgery, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. You should talk to your doctor if you experience unusual changes in your urinary habits. If you don’t have symptoms but are concerned about your risk, your doctor can explain the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening. DR ANITA MOSS – founder, Sexual Health Options mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Discover new venues and revisit old favourites

a l u s n i n e p n o t g n morni



a celebration of all things delicious SUPPORT LOCAL HOSPITALITY


This stunning book features over 120 restaurants, cafes, breweries, wineries, distilleries, produce professionals and growers INCLUDES MORNINGTON PENINSULA PRODUCE MAP & MORNINGTON PENINSULA WINE MAP

Just $20 per book Special pricing for corporate orders Phone 9708 8222 Available at eateries, wineries and breweries Plus bookstores, newsagents and produce stores across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Melbourne.

e st hav u m A die ry foo e v e for



Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023







For stockists or to order yours online go to or all 9708 8222

95 )

MARKETS We try to confirm all markets with organisers before publication, however, we are not responsible for late changes.

NOV 26 JAN 28 FEB 25 9am - 1pm

4th Sunday of each month

Cnr Mt Eliza Way & Canadian Bay Rd

EVERY DAY Dromana Indoor Market: 80+ indoor stalls & hairdresser; 110 Nepean Highway (down from Aldi); 10am-5pm EVERY WEDNESDAY Main St, Mornington: between Cromwell & Albert streets; 9am-3pm SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4 Red Hill Community Market: Red Hill Recreation Reserve; 8am-2pm SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5 Boneo Lions Club Sunday Market: Rosebud foreshore opposite Fourth Ave; first Sunday of month, 7am-1pm SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11 Crib Point Community Market: indoor & outdoor stalls, Cribby Koala treasure hunt for kids; Crib Point Community House, 7 Park Rd; second Saturday of month, 9am-1pm

Rosebud Community School: 120+ stalls, handmade and new items, produce and plants, second Saturday of month, Nepean Hwy, the old carnival site on Rosebud Foreshore (opp 7-Eleven), 8am-1pm Somerville Saturday Market: 2A Eramosa Rd; second Saturday of month; variety of stalls, op-shop open as well; 8.30am-12.30pm SUNDAY NOVEMBER 12 Mornington Racecourse Craft Market: 300+ stalls, animal farm & face painting for kids; Racecourse Rd, 9am-2pm SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18 Boneo Community Market: third Saturday of the month, cnr Boneo and Limestone roads, 8am- noon Emu Plains Market: more than just a market, bringing together the community for a monthly festival-like feast, Emu Plains Reserve, Balnarring Racecourse, Balnarring 9am-2pm FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24 Melbourne Street Food Awards Grand Final: see who will be crowned Melbourne’s best; Food Yard Mornington, 1000A Nepean Highway; 5-8pm SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25 Dromana Community Market: family-friendly experience, fresh seasonal produce & locally crafted products; Dromana Community Park, Point Nepean Rd; 8am-1.30pm Little Beauty Twilight Market: each month 100 handpicked creators come together to showcase Victorian small businesses at their best, Beauty Park, High St, Frankston, 5-10pm, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26 Mt Eliza Farmers’: Mount Eliza Village Green; fourth Sunday of month, 9am-1pm To view more markets, scan QR code or go to our website IF YOU RUN A MARKET you can be listed online for free, go to website

( 96 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine


Barn doo Monday r sales to 8am - 4 Friday :30 & Saturd pm 8am - 12 ays :30pm




District Kitchen will

5977 5405

220 Eramosa Rd West, Moorooduc Corner of Binnak Way E.

get you cooking

The concept of District Kitchen was something founder Lauren Murphy had been seriously mulling over for years. Frustrated by bureaucracy and unable to get a kitchen in a rental property registered for her baking and gourmet hamper business, Lauren knew there had to be a better way to help the Peninsula’s food entrepreneurs succeed. Many chefs, cooks and producers told her they’d wanted to commercialise or expand their efforts but met resistance time and again, whether it be expense, red tape or poor decision-making. So in 2019 Lauren opened District Kitchen, a council-approved commercial kitchen available for hire. Easily accessible with modern appliances and storage options, it’s ideal for chefs, cooks and entrepreneurs requiring a purpose-built space for their businesses. If you need a modern, well-equipped space for your catering enterprise, events, market products, recipe development or even meal-delivery business, you’ll find District Kitchen caters perfectly to your needs. DISTRICT KITCHEN A: 11/9 Newington Ave, Rosebud T: 0405 694 151 W: INSTA: thedistrict_kitchen Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

Brendon’s Cakes


100 Wilsons Rd Mo

rnington Ph: 5975



FAMILY CUSTARD TART present this ad to receive one for only $5! *Limit to one per customer

Valid until 30-11-2023

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Red Gum BBQ comes home to Seaford Red Gum BBQ’s authentic Americanstyle restaurant in Red Hill has opened its second outlet, Red Gum BBQ At Home, in Seaford. Customers can expect a Southern-style takeaway menu with mouthwatering rolls packed with meats including grass-fed brisket, freerange pulled pork, smoked chicken and more. The expansion sees Red Gum BBQ move its manufacturing to Seaford. Red Gum BBQ At Home will be a takeaway hot spot for barbecue-lovers to get everything they need, from a quick takeaway to a home-cooked Southern feast. Red Gum BBQ also celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month. The past decade has been a labour of love for owners Melissa and Martin Goffin, whose journey began with travels across Georgia, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, and Virginia. Martin’s love for barbecue and Southern food was born while visiting Melissa at home in Florida. He left his local government job to establish Red Gum BBQ in 2013, which made its home in Red Hill in 2016. Melissa then left her teaching job and the couple went all in to the business. In early 2018, Red Gum BBQ became Australia’s first B Corp restaurant. The ethical accreditation is one Red Gum BBQ is very proud of and drives decision-making across the business. Today Red Gum BBQ has become

known and loved for continuing to create the best, most authentic Southern-style barbecue. As co-owner and managing director, Melissa is passionate about ethical businesses and women's advocacy. She is a founding member of Women in Business Mornington Peninsula and believes deeply in the power of women to change the world and the need to create more inclusive social and political conditions for them to do so. Melissa is also a founder and organiser of the Women's March on Melbourne. Martin is the resident pitmaster of Red Gum BBQ. He found his inspiration through travelling around the US and uncovering family recipes. When he returned from his travels he experimented with various styles of barbecue, filling the backyard of their St Kilda home with smoke each weekend. During his paternity leave, Martin searched for an industrial space and found what was formerly Elgar Pittock’s garage next to the Red Hill Scout hall. It is now home to three large Texas-style offset smoker barbecues made from recycled LPG gas tanks. Ten years later, Red Gum BBQ has become a must-visit destination on the Peninsula for lovers of low and slow-cooked authentic Southern barbecue. The Red Gum BBQ team is excited to welcome customers to their new Seaford location so they can take home tasty treats for a Southern-style feast, including the handcrafted small-batch sauces and meat rubs. RED GUM BBQ AT HOME A: 21 Rutherford Rd, Seaford W:

Ceylon Girl’s Cafe & Bar 16 Skye Rd, Frankston

Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine Burgher Style | Ceylonese food and more

8753 2900 | 0412 383 252

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New column will feature the Peninsula’s top drops

tour guide for one of the Peninsula's top wine tour companies, Elevate Wine Tours. It was a great blend of talking wine and showcasing some of the Peninsula's great producers.

Mornington Peninsula Magazine is committed

to showcasing the best Peninsula produce, and next month we’ll be introducing a regular wine column by new contributor Nigel Street. Let’s meet him.

“I have always had an interest in wine, but it wasn't until 2017 that I really took it seriously and made a career out of it. I have a background in hospitality in my New Zealand homeland and in Australia, but I eventually moved into the world of banking both here and overseas. “After several years in the energy industry and still loving wine, I decided I had to really make a go of this wine caper, so I took the plunge and secured my first proper wine job at Yabby Lake, managing the cellar door and restaurant. Yabby was a great place to work and I learnt as much about wine as I could during my time there, completing the WSET (Wine Spirits Education Trust) level 2 award in wine. “After two successful years there I decided to expand my wine experience further and began working as a wine

a nington peninsul



Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023




“Now I am working for Dan Murphy’s as a wine merchant, where I get to talk more about wine every day to anyone who will listen, really. The role is quite varied, as it involves planning and running tasting masterclasses, training colleagues on all things wine and helping my customers discover their next go-to wine. It's definitely a job that requires me to keep learning, as I am exposed now to a plethora of wines from all over the world. “So what is my favourite wine? My one true love is pinot noir, and there is a world of it to choose from here on the Peninsula. There are different styles and expressions of pinot here, depending on where it's grown. It's a beautiful grape, and I love a good pinot or two on a nice Peninsula summer evening. “Come and say hi to me next time you're at Dan Murphy's Mornington and let me help you find your new favourite wine. You can find me @danmurphys_nigel or Dan Murphy’s signature service nigelstreet”

Gin High Tea

Every Sunday - $95pp Bookings essential New Cocktail Paddles

Hours Friday 11am-5pm | Saturday 11am-6pm | Sunday 11am-5pm


202 4



“COVID forced a brief change of career in the construction industry, but after this I found myself back in the wine industry at another of the Peninsula's highly respected wineries, Moorooduc Estate. Under the guidance of Master of Wine Kate McIntyre I was really able to fine-tune my wine knowledge, and I completed the WSET level 3 award in wine. Working for a boutique winery proved a great chance to not only run the cellar door but learn more about viticulture


For stockists or to order yours online go to

40 Collins Rd, Dromana | 5989 3154 |

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Georgia plants the flag for vegan baked treats From the vegan recipe whiz behind the hugely popular TikTok and Instagram account @thekindnessechoes comes a new cookbook, The Vegan Home Baker, putting a vegan spin on classic baked goods and modern favourites. With more than 300,000 followers on social media, Bittern’s Georgia Irwin has made her mark on the vegan foodie scene and now brings her accessible recipes to keen bakers around Australia. With the rise of ‘flexitarian’ diets seeing increased demand for plantbased alternatives from vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, The Vegan Home Baker will appeal to the growing number of Australians who want to reduce their consumption of animal-based products. Georgia was inspired to become a vegan after watching a documentary about the impact of animal product consumption on our health and the environment. She soon became obsessed with finding vegan alternatives for recipes she had loved as a child: vanilla slices, sausage rolls, lamingtons and more. Georgia also found baking to be the perfect creative and therapeutic outlet. The

WWW.IRONRIVER.COM.AU OPEN 7 DAYS HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM 8765 2498 435 NEPEAN HWY FRANKSTON ( 100 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

joy she found in her creations soon encouraged her to connect with others, and within a few weeks of uploading her first photos to her new Instagram account, she had amassed several thousand followers and had multiple cafés reaching out to stock her products. Now a successful business owner, Georgia is passionate about sharing her love for vegan alternatives with her ever-growing audience.

out on special moments and flavours. This book is all about rebirthing the recipes that we once loved and shared with our closest family and friends, with a vegan twist.”

“I’ve created something for everyone with my book, whether it’s a simple alternative or an entirely new recipe to attempt,” she said. “I never want anyone interested in eating plant-based foods to miss

Whether it’s a fresh, tangy raw lemon tart from her famous Magic Range for a picnic, or a decadent, creamy baked cheesecake for a dinner party, The Vegan Home Baker is filled with recipes that make it an indispensable book you’ll never put away. To order go to instagram @thekindnessechoes or ask at your favourite bookshop.

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

101 )

The Winey Cow named best for breakfast Mornington’s The Winey Cow is one of three Peninsula restaurants to have taken top honours at the 2023 Restaurant &

Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence for Victoria and Tasmania. It won the Breakfast Restaurant category, with Samphire at RACV Cape Schanck Resort picking up Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal, and Cape Restaurant at RACV Cape Schanck Resort taking out the Premium Dining category. The Winey Cow owner Campbell Henderson said: “This win is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication over some of the worst years the hospitality industry has seen. We truly couldn’t be prouder.” General manager Rui Lourenco said: “It is the product of true dedication and the talent of so many individuals; we couldn’t have done it without our amazing staff or our loyal customers. Brunch is a huge part of Victorian culture, where people can dine in and connect with their loved ones over a delicious meal. To be praised as the best breakfast restaurant where we can facilitate that for people is the reason why we do what we do.” A host of Peninsula businesses made the finals in their respective categories, including The Winey Cow (Café Dining), YOMG Mornington (Burger Bar), Max’s at Red Hill Estate (Contemporary Australian Restaurant – Informal) Alatonero, McCrae (Greek Restaurant), Mantellina, RACV Cape Schanck Resort (Pizza Restaurant), Ten Minutes by Tractor (Premium Dining), Barn & Co, Balnarring (Restaurant In A Winery), Red Gum BBQ, Red Hill (Specialty Restaurant), Le Feu, Mornington (Vietnamese Restaurant), and Unica Cucina E Caffe, Capel Sound (Onemusic Excellence Award). The full list of finalists and category winners is at

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Character-filled café dedicated to freshness and flavour If you’re looking for a café with style and substance, One Pear Tree has all that and more. Located in a beautifully renovated weatherboard house, this light-filled space will have you immediately feeling at home. The black and white décor gives it a smart edge, and there’s original art, homewares, jewellery and giftware for sale, enhancing the character and charm. Whether you’re here to grab takeaway or settle in for brekky or lunch, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly and attentive team. The queue at the courtyard coffee

window moves smoothly and dogs are made welcome at the outdoor tables. The menu changes seasonally, and the focus is on freshness and flavour. Breakfast is served all day and there are daily lunch specials. From eggs to pancakes to burgers or hearty salads, it’s delicious, honest fare. If morning or afternoon tea is what you’re after, the well-stocked display of homemade cakes will delight. The bestselling classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is a firm favourite. One Pear Tree is fully licensed, so meeting friends for drinks is an option too. There’s a lot to love. It’s open Monday to Friday 7am3.30pm, and weekends 8am-3.30pm ONE PEAR TREE A: 372 Nepean Highway, Frankston T: 9781 0077 W: FB: onepeartree INSTA: onepeartree

One Pear Tree is Frankston’s destination café to meet friends, enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon glass of wine. Sit & relax under an old oak tree in our delightful garden, your dogs are welcome too. Seasonal menu with daily specials that won’t disappoint. Giftware and homewares available in-store to purchase. All day breakfast menu available. 372 Nepean Hwy, Frankston

9781 0077

Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023


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property home garden Is property styling necessary? Sometimes no, but in today’s market, when preparing your home for sale, often a partial or complete styling is not only necessary but vital in securing you the very best price. Most vendors and some agents struggle to see the value of styling, yet done well, the uplift in resulting price and increased competition for the property far exceeds the initial cost and inconvenience. In today’s market, buyers are hesitant and more considered. Your home needs to evoke a positive emotional response to help buyers see themselves living there. A poorly presented home will cost more than the expense of styling. A beautifully presented home will pique a buyer’s interest as they scroll through property photos online and make them want to inspect the property. A welcoming and thoughtfully styled home will resonate with buyers, whereas a poorly presented home will thwart them. If you as the owner and your agent don’t care about the house’s

PENINSULA STYLE Enjoy the gorgeous tones of Tasmanian Oak timber with Nora. Find stunning furnishings at Oz Design Furniture in Mornington

( 104 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

Some real estate agents will push for styling while others simply do not have the skills to see how to maximise the property’s price. Some are too scared to ask the vendor to spend money, or are more concerned about getting the listing than getting the best price for their vendor, or are simply too lazy to go the extra mile to help their vendor get the highest price. It is so important to interview several agents when you are thinking of selling, to be sure that you select the most competent, hardworking and trustworthy agent, an agent with the skill and commitment to get you the very best price. Do your research properly and sign the contract knowing you and your agent did everything to get the best result. COASTAL AGENTS A: 50 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza M: Liz, 0417 559 992 M: Meg, 0400 190 242 W:

GIVEAWAYS In November two lucky readers will each win a copy of Lee Atkinson’s Ultimate Coastal Road Trips Australia - RRP$45 This comprehensive guide covers 40 seaside road trips around the country including the Great Ocean Road, Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the Grand Pacific Drive, and K’gari, Flinders and Bruny islands.

OZ DESIGN FURNITURE MORNINGTON HomeCo Peninsula, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 8560 1137 www.ozdesignfurniture. FB: OZDesignFurniture INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

presentation, buyers will vote with their feet and either not inspect or offer less.

To enter, become a member of

LDS is having a Limited time: 35% off select items – Time to elevate your summer style LIFESTILES DESIGN STUDIO 19 Progress St, Mornington P: 5976 3507

Mornington Peninsula Magazine at www., then check out @MornPenMag on Facebook and Instagram to complete all the entry steps on the competition post. mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Sustainable interior design As the weather warms up, interiors are being transformed into relaxing retreats with tranquil makeovers. Homes are becoming rich in colour and texture, with a focus on sustainable décor. Stepping away from fast furniture, people are looking to furnish their homes with quality pieces that will have longevity.

edgy look. Traditional reclaimed timber pieces offer a raw rustic look; however, the Mecca range boasts a contemporary silhouette to fit any style of home.

Reclaimed timber furniture is the perfect choice. These pieces not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also contribute to sustainable living. By repurposing wood from old buildings and supporting local artisans, reclaimed timber furniture offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional furniture choices. Our latest Mecca oval dining table boasts quality and sophistication from its reclaimed teak finished in a washed chocolate stain. This dark stain showcases beautiful depth and intrigue through its grain, paired with a spider leg base for an

Make your house feel like a home and discover furniture and homewares collections that will live with you through every moment. OZ Design. For Life.

Natural materials are also more popular than ever. From rattan to bamboo and wicker, people are creating beautiful interiors that are environmentally friendly and can stand the test of time. By incorporating these raw materials, furniture pieces become one-of-a-kind with a rustic charm, blending modern design with an organic look for any space.

OZ DESIGN MORNINGTON A: Showroom D4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 8560 1137 W: FB: OZDesignFurniture INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

Open Mon - Thurs 9am -5pm, Fri 9am - 3pm 19 Progress Street, Mornington p. 5976 3507 m. 0439 224 888 e. Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

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November is a magical time on the Mornington Peninsula. The sun climbs higher above us and the soil begins to really warm up, enticing backyard gardeners to get their main fruiting crops in the ground. While the spring rains linger and the promise of summer looms, this is an opportune month to dive into the world of vegetable gardening if you haven’t already. The Peninsula's climate, with its mild temperatures and ample sunshine, sets the stage for a diverse array of vegetables that can be planted now. One of the stars of the season is the tomato. November marks the time when tomato plants can be lovingly placed in the soil, anticipating a harvest that embodies the essence of summer. Choose a sunny spot, enrich the soil with organic compost and watch as your tomato plants stretch towards the sky with the potential of succulent, sun-ripened fruits in a couple of months. As you navigate your way through the vegetable patch, don't forget to invite zucchinis to the party. These versatile vegetables thrive in the Peninsula's climate and are a joy to cultivate. Their sprawling leaves and large, bright flowers add a touch of whimsy to the garden, while the bounty of zucchinis that follows is a gift to the kitchen. From stir-fries to fritters, zucchinis offer endless possibilities for culinary creativity. Don’t overdo

it though; one or two plants with be ample for a family of four. For those seeking leafy greens to grace their salads, stir-fries and juices, this is the perfect time to transplant your seedlings of spinach, kale and silverbeet. These nutrient-packed greens revel in the cool yet gentle warmth of late spring, producing tender leaves that embody the essence of freshness. If you have enriched your soil adequately with organic matter, you will have provided the ideal bed for these greens to flourish, ensuring a bountiful harvest for your family. And as you delve further into the planting season, consider introducing the vibrant hues of capsicums to your garden palette. With their glossy skin and crisp texture, capsicums are a delight to grow and a feast for the eyes. Plant them in well-drained soil, bask them in sunlight and soon you'll be harvesting a rainbow of capsicums to elevate your culinary creations.

These earthy delights thrive at this time of year and are all very patient, so they’ll wait in the soil until you are ready to use them. As you progress on your vegetable-growing journey, let regular observations guide you. Growing your own food is wonderful, but you will need to nurture your babies along the way if they are going to mature into the nutrition-providing beauties we hope they will become. HAPPY GARDENING! Drew Cooper, Edible Gardens

Novice gardeners and seasoned enthusiasts alike can rejoice in the simplicity of growing herbs on the Peninsula. November is an excellent time to establish a herb garden, welcoming fragrant additions such as basil, parsley and chives. These culinary companions not only add depth and flavour to your dishes but also contribute to the overall health of your garden by attracting beneficial insects. Oregano, marjoram and thyme will also enjoy the warming days and send their wonderful fragrances into the air every time you brush past them. In the spirit of sustainable gardening, consider dedicating a corner of your plot to root and tuber vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and potatoes.


a nington peninsul

202 4

Discover new venues and revisit old favourites










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Available at eateries, wineries and breweries Plus bookstores, newsagents and produce stores across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Melbourne. For stockists or to order yours online go to



mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Cut bills and keep cool with Ecostar Double Glazing


Recent spikes in energy prices coupled with unpredictable Australian summers have left Mornington Peninsula residents searching for efficient ways to combat both the climatic and financial challenges. Experts point to thermal insulation as one of the most effective solutions.

Installation Offer en Novemberd3s th 0 T&Cs apply

Enter Ecostar Double Glazing. With a stellar U-value rating of up to 1.0, its windows are among the best for thermal insulation and noise reduction alike. The company designs, manufactures and installs its windows, making sure that from the day of installation Ecostar begins its relationship with the customer based on the pillars of trust and performance, backed by its 10-year guarantee. The Peninsula, with its pristine beaches and sea air, demands materials that can withstand the rigours of the coastal environment. Ecostar's UPVC frames are resistant to salty sea air, ensuring they neither rot nor rust. This attention to detail is what differentiates Ecostar from others in the market. In an era where every dollar counts and energy efficiency becomes paramount, Ecostar's double glazed windows and doors might just be the solution homeowners are seeking.

1300 963 231 85 Bazalgette Cres, Dandenong South

Order your shutters now and receive 10 per cent off dollar curtains + blinds’ plantation shutters are an ideal choice for thermal insulation, which is a must coming into the warm summer months. Open the louvres to stream light into rooms and close to insulate, offering you a more energy-efficient home.

Their PVC shutters are also UV, water and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for all highuse and wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Having no cords makes them child and pet-safe too. Adding shutters across your front windows can also have a huge impact on your home’s façade and kerb appeal. They help insulate against road and traffic noise as well. dollar curtains + blinds has specialised in manufacturing custom window coverings for more than 55 years. Ensure you opt for true custom-made shutters like those from dc+b, which are designed and handcrafted specifically to fit your window dimensions for a high-quality, durable shutter that will last for many years. Contact their Mornington or Moorabbin Airport teams today for your free design and measure and quote. Both shops are open Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm and Saturdays 9am5pm. If you’re building a new home, dc+b can also provide expert advice and a free quote off your house plans. Order your shutters in November and receive 10 per cent off. DC+B A: Shop C4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 5975 3655 E: A: Shop 15, Kingston Central Plaza, 288 Centre Dandenong Rd, Moorabbin Airport T: 9566 8200 E: FB: dollarcurtainsandblinds INSTA: dollarcurtainsandblinds

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Show your shower a little love Summer is a rough time for your shower, with multiple uses every day barely giving it a chance to dry out. This, along with harsh cleaning chemicals, causes the grout and silicone to become weak, and eventually the recess can leak into its surrounds.



So let Bayside Grout Solutions give your shower recess a full ‘rejuvenation’. Owner/operator Jorg will replace the grout and all the seals and polish all the surfaces so the shower gleams like new again, giving you many more years of use. All this can be done in a day in most cases, and your shower will be back in action 36 hours later. For a free no-obligation quote, call Jorg on 0424 843 358. BAYSIDE GROUT SOLUTIONS A: Somerville M: 0424 843 358

Remove bushfire hazards

Private property owners are being told to remove any fire hazards ahead of the summer bushfire season. In a statement, Mornington Peninsula Shire said managing fire risk was a shared responsibility between it and the owners of about 2000 properties across the Peninsula.

Leaking shower specialist Pre-sale makeovers Mouldy showers re-grouted

The shire said its fire management contractors would inspect properties in the lead-up to summer and during the declared fire danger period. “Where a hazard is identified, landowners will be sent a fire prevention notice to remove the fire hazard by a specified date. A fire prevention notice is issued under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 or Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958. Required work can include slashing grass and weed or vegetation removal.”

Silicone seals replaced

The notices will include a list of contractors able to carry out the work. The list is also available online at

Damaged tiles replaced

“We need to start preparing ourselves and our properties for the increased risks the warmer months bring,” said Mayor Steve Holland. “We look forward to working with the local community, local contractors and property owners to ensure we are all safe and well-prepared for the upcoming fire season. I encourage private landholders to maintain and protect their property as well as their surrounding neighbours and community.”

Jorg Melzer | Owner Operator 0424 843 358 | ( 110 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

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trades to you

your guide to local tradespeople

Supply – Install – Advice – Design Residential – Developments – Commercial

Skylights Tube Lights Roof Windows Solar Alternatives

Installation – Servicing

Trades To You highlights the many talented tradies across the Peninsula and Greater Frankston area. This is now a regular part of Mornington Peninsula Magazine that has been received so well with the community coming together to support our local tradies. If your weekends consist of starting a DIY project, fixing a failed DIY project or perhaps styling your fresh,

professionally installed garden, patio or bathroom, why not take time to plan your renovations and request quotes from the businesses showcased here month after month. Whatever the job may be, we’ll have the trade for it. Just keep your eye on our Trades To You section and together we’ll support small businesses while getting our own little corner of the world looking more like a home than a house. If you are a tradesperson looking to publicise your business to the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Frankston area, give us a call on 9708 8222. You will find we have super rates starting from $150 a month and editorial options for you to showcase what you offer.

Proudly servicing the Mornington Peninsula for 40 years


58 Brunel Rd, Seaford | P. 9786 9366 E: ( 112 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

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Custom solar solutions that stand the test of time When it comes to solar installation, Peninsula Precision Electrics has chosen a path that sets it apart. “Instead of opting for cheaper Chinese equipment, we’ve committed to quality gear because we believe in providing our customers with systems that stand the test of time,” said owners Stephen Hopkins and Elise Hopgood. “We’re electricians with years of experience, bringing a higher level of expertise to every installation. With our focus on quality and a tailormade approach, we’re here to ensure your solar solution not only works flawlessly but also lasts. It’s our way of standing out in a world where mass-

produced solutions are the norm. “Your energy needs, your space and your goals are unique. That’s why we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead we take time to understand your requirements and create a custom solar solution that perfectly fits your needs. “We’re here to provide a tailored energy service with quality electricians whose expertise and experience constantly evolves with new technology, and we are at the forefront of the electrical industry, not just solar.” For inquiries and quotes, email info@ppelectrics. PENINSULA PRECISION ELECTRICS T: 0406 638 089 W: E: FB: PeninsulaPrecisionElectrics INSTA: peninsulaprecisionelectrics

Qualified experienced and accredited electricians Each job individually tailored and strategised Only proven high quality products You could be eligible for Govt Solar Rebates Issue 144 NOVEMBER 2023

0406 638 089

113 )

Need an electrician? Call Huddo Whether you need an emergency electrical repair dealt with quickly, or something less urgent like a new power point or light fitting, you can count on Peter Hudson’s expertise and customer service. Peter has more than 40 years’ experience as an A-grade electrician. Peter and his apprentice Ethan are Huddo’s Electrical Services. From the initial phone call to the finishing touches on the job, you’ll receive personalised service from Peter and Ethan. They can handle all types of electrical work from simple to more complicated, from wiring new homes and rewiring old homes to upgrading switchboards to the latest type of safety switches; and sweep fans. Huddo’s are experts in upgrading lighting to LEDs. And if you have a new TV, they supply and install TV brackets and TV and data power points. If you’re a landlord, Huddo’s can carry out electrical safety and smoke alarm checks and provide you with a written report for your property. HUDDO’S ELECTRICAL SERVICES T: 0411 316 180 FB:

( 114 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month

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