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Peninsula’s Bush Barbie is back for a visit

Despite making the move from McCrae to the ever-warm Sunshine Coast during the blur of COVID-19 lockdowns, comedian Nikki Osborne ventured back to chilly Victoria for her April 13 show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. While she admits that summer on the Peninsula goes unrivalled, she won’t be swapping a Queensland winter any time soon. Kate Sears speaks to Nikki about her recent projects.

You’ve just performed your groundbreaking show Spectrum in which you delve into the diverse experiences of family members on the autism spectrum. It’s been described as a “joyous, warm, insightful and loving and hilarious take on those ‘touched by the ‘tism”. Could you give us an insight into the process behind creating the show?

It naturally formed over the years from the exchanges of stories with family and friends on the spectrum. I ended up with a hilarious catalogue of stories that were too funny not to share. Sure, I totally take the piss and push the envelope but I’m yet to have an autistic person complain. Quite the contrary. I’m very proud of this show because it makes you think as well as laugh.

What role do you think comedy plays in today’s society?

You know when you’re reading your Facebook friend’s irate posts about politics, and you read the news about political agendas and propaganda and you just want to scream? Don’t. Go to a comedy show. Comedians are there to bring all of that noise to a head, and then make you laugh about it. For a while there they tried to muzzle comedians from questioning the status quo. However, I’ve always been a strong campaigner for protecting comedy as the sacred place where you can say it as you see it. In March last year I was trialled as a columnist for News Corp. My family and friends had a bet that I would be cancelled in a month. A year later, I’m realising that people are desperate for an honest voice. Oh, I wasn’t fired.

How has the comedy journey been?

I was heavily involved in sketch comedy with Channel 10 for a good few years and I finally picked up the mic in 2018. It’s been the hardest and most rewarding chapter of my career. Mostly hard.

Would you say your true passion lies in comedy or acting?

My true passion is my character Bush Barbie, which is a combination of the two. I used to wander around the bush out the back of McCrae in my costume with a camera and a ring light creating ridiculous ads for a condom company. Now Bush Barbie is funnier and more liked than myself, which is annoying. I’m actually jealous of my own character.

You’re in the new season of Dancing with the Stars that’s coming to Channel 7. How was the experience?

Okay, I know I said I love playing Bush Barbie, but actually this show was the most joyful experience of anything I’ve worked on in my life. Joyful and painful. We trained eight to 10 hours a day, seven days a week for two months. I’m not even joking. My goal starting the show was to wear every dress and get a nice arse. The dresses were sublime. They design each one specifically for you in the dance you’re doing. I enjoyed the process so much that I seemed to forget my injuries. The cast was also exceptional. As for the dancing, my partner Aric and I ‘modernised’ it. You’ll see.

What’s next for you?

Well, I’m planning to launch a Bush Barbie tour off the back of Dancing with the Stars. I’m also working on getting a series off the ground and I’ve started a YouTube channel. Get on it.

Find Nikki on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok @nikkiosborneofficial

( 4 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
Nikki’s alter ego, Bush Barbie, began in McCrae.
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This month we proudly present our 150th edition of Mornington Peninsula Magazine. So, to our valued readers and advertisers, please join us in celebrating this significant milestone. Through the challenges of independent media, print media and of course those unprecedented years of COVID-19 lockdowns, we’ve stayed strong in supporting the community, sharing uplifting stories, promoting fundraisers, and showcasing exceptional local businesses.

Our glossy publication has come a long way from its humble beginnings as Mornington Life in the autumn of 2008. In those early days, Mornington Life was only distributed to Mount Eliza, Mornington and Mount Martha. Even back then, publisher Lisa Walton envisioned that this fledgling venture would grow to showcase everything that makes our pristine part of the world very unique. With bountiful scenery, countless eateries, boutique shops, galleries, farm gates, wineries, breweries, and distilleries, the bustling seaside towns and lush beaches delight locals and visitors all year round. With a strong sense of community spirit and inspirational stories of residents, the pages of Mornington Peninsula Magazine have

never been short of material to delight readers and entice them to pick up the monthly magazine or read it online.

“I’ve always harboured a passion for local businesses and my beloved Mornington Peninsula where I was born, and this has always been reflected in each edition,” Lisa said. “It’s clear that the community shares my passion through the tremendous support we’ve received from day one. With avid readers, loyal advertisers and continued growth, it became time to extend our distribution to the wider Peninsula, and later we encompassed the Greater City of Frankston.”

Over the first five years of Mornington Life, we celebrated each season with a new edition. That was until September 2013, when we decided to rebrand as Mornington Peninsula Magazine and come out monthly: constantly evolving yet always square and with a standout glossy cover.

“We have been exposing new and innovative local businesses, showcasing the unique culture and celebrating community on the Peninsula since we started,” Lisa said. “Readers expect to find information about what is happening in their local community, and they are not let down. You’ll read about inspiring residents, community leaders, groups and clubs as we support and showcase local businesses, charities and not-for-profit groups. Of course, you’ll be totally spoilt

for entertainment choices, and you can pick up our magazine for free every month to see our What’s On listings to find out what events and markets are on for you to attend. And we’re so proud to boast that we still have so many regular advertisers who were in our first edition.”

Thanks to all our many new supporters and of course those who have been with us every step of the way, our magazine grew and continues to grow. What has remained the same over the natural progression of Mornington Peninsula Magazine has been our commitment to telling stories of the area and supporting its many businesses and residents. Each month our pages are filled to the brim with engaging yarns of our community’s triumphs and successes, supported by advertisements that promote our hugely talented small businesses. Showcase your brand in our magazines and take advantage of our full multimedia publicity with promotions also available on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa and her partner/business co-owner Archie Mitchell lead our small but dedicated team who also produce the annual coffee table book Eat.Drink Mornington Peninsula. Along with their team, Lisa and Archie would like to share their deepest appreciation for your support and would like to thank everyone who has been involved over the past 150 editions.

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Matt’s journey Unveiling vulnerability

Matt LaFontaine speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about overcoming personal challenges and pioneering Safe Space, a vital mental health support group in the Mornington Peninsula community.

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Langwarrin and Frankston and am now living in Mornington. I currently work at Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery, where I’m the grow team leader. I have aspirations of becoming a firefighter one day. Footy was a big part of my identity, but I’ve stepped away this year to focus on myself and other passions, like helping in the mental health space, completing a range of different physical challenges and being part of various local communities. In my spare time I enjoy gym workouts, running and socialising. Can you share some of your personal journey and how it led to the creation of Safe Space?

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, my mental health deteriorated significantly. Isolation and the inability to engage in my usual activities led to feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety. I found myself spending endless hours alone in my room, immersed in video games and often resorting to drinking as a coping mechanism. These toxic habits only worsened my mental state, spiralling me into a dark place.

In June 2021 I hit rock bottom. While out with friends, I received a seemingly harmless message that triggered a breakdown. I quietly left the group, intending to end my life. As I walked away, consumed by tears and despair, my friends noticed my departure and intervened just in time. Their timely intervention saved my life and brought my struggles to the attention of my family.

Realising I needed to make a change, I began opening up about my feelings. I confided in my manager, sought help from psychologists, and leaned on my friends for support. Gradually, things started to improve. By embracing vulnerability and talking about my struggles, I began to reclaim my identity and find my way back to happiness.

I created Safe Space as an opportunity for people to join myself and others and engage in activities that promote personal growth, connection and general mental health wellbeing. It can be super intimidating and expensive seeing a specialist to talk about mental health, and sometimes talking to friends and family can also seem scary, so I created a comfortable, judgement-free space that allows people to feel like they can open up and engage with other amazing people.

What does a typical gathering at Safe Space look like?

Safe Space meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm at Commonfolk in Mornington. During spring and summer, our sessions take place at Fishermans Beach in Mornington. Safe Space offers a unique opportunity with no barrier to entry for people; it’s free, and all people have to do is show up and be themselves. That’s it.

Each session typically begins with an ice-breaking activity, such as journaling, drawing, or a fun game to help participants feel at ease and get to know each other. Following this, participants split into groups to answer a variety of questions, including "How are you really doing?" This provides an opportunity for everyone to open up about their lives. Other questions aim to spark deeper conversations beyond surface-level topics. While conversations can range from casual to deep and emotional, our goal is to provide a safe space for authentic expression.

What advice would you give to someone who may be hesitant to join Safe Space or reach out for support?

I’d advise them to come with friends, if possible, to make the environment more familiar. Our community is warm and welcoming, fostering friendships and providing a comforting energy. Taking the first step may be scary, but it gets easier, and Safe Space offers a perfect option for mental health support.

How can individuals find out more about Safe Space and get involved?

They can visit @safespacemornington on Instagram or join us at Commonfolk Mornington on Monday or Wednesday nights at 7pm.

( 8 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Kookaburra, one of three in a new series that took Nathan more than 180 hours to complete.

Milestone for animal conservation-focused artist

Six years ago, Mornington Peninsula Magazine spoke to artist Nathan Ferlazzo, so a catch-up was well overdue to update our readers on his creative prowess and his family’s business efforts to raise much-needed money for animal conservation by creating works of art. Kate Sears speaks to Nathan about his passion for drawing animals and the growth of his familyoperated business, Marini Ferlazzo.

How did you get started on your artistic journey? I’ve had a passion for drawing since I was four years old, but when I graduated Year 12 in 2002 I didn’t think I could make a living from being an artist, so instead I studied multimedia and graphic design. I then worked as a graphic designer for several years before starting the Marini Ferlazzo wildlife illustrations in 2011. I would attend markets and sell the originals. Now I wish I had kept some of those and just sold prints.

In 2014, together with my mum, Clare, and sister, Simone, we officially launched Marini Ferlazzo at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. We started the retail website and began approaching stores, hoping they would stock our cards and bookmarks. The response was overwhelmingly positive and since then we have been able to expand the range, which customers have loved because it allows them to access the illustrations

without having to purchase an expensive print or original artwork.

Since we last spoke in 2018, you’ve added colour to your nib and black Indian ink creations. What inspired this evolution?

I have slowly introduced colour to the collections. This is all done digitally. I scan my ink illustration and then use a digital pen and tablet to colour the artwork. This gives me a tremendous amount of flexibility in designing the products. I began adding colour because there were multiple requests for it and it was time to try something new.

As an artist, what challenges have you overcome? The biggest challenge is creating new collections that are the same but different each year.

Finding the balance between creating something new but also something familiar can be tricky. We want our customers to instantly recognise my style of illustrations, but also give them something new each year so it doesn’t feel like it’s just more of the same.

Your new kookaburra drawing is spectacular. It took you over 180 hours to complete, the longest you’ve ever spent on one drawing. How was the process?

So the kookaburra was one of three new illustrations I tried a new technique with. Instead of using pen and ink, I thought I would draw the entire illustrations digitally using a digital pen and tablet. This ended up taking about five times longer than a standard ink drawing, which I was not expecting. I love how these illustrations turned out. They have a different look to them. I was relieved to finally complete them, but I

won’t be doing that technique again – back to pencil and ink.

Back in 2018, Marini Ferlazzo had donated $25,000 to various wildlife conservation groups around the world. You’ve now reached an amazing milestone of $200,000. How does this huge achievement make you and your family feel?

Reaching this donation amount makes us very proud to have been able to affect the on-the-ground work of these conservation organisations. Their biggest hurdle is getting funding to complete their important animal welfare and conservation projects, so we’ll continue to try to find new ways to help them raise these funds.

Be in awe of Nathan’s illustrations on socials @ mariniferlazzo, and next time you’re searching for the perfect gift, make sure to give a gift that gives back to our beloved flora and fauna.

( 10 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
Nathan is surrounded by some of his stunningly detailed artwork. A wombat created with nib and black Indian ink and coloured digitally.
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4 Bush Barbie back for a visit

Kate speaks to Nikki Osborne about her recent projects

7 Whoo hoo – it’s our 150th edition

Read about our journey to reach this milestone

with Nathan Ferlazzo

speaks to Nathan about his passions

Art in the community with Father Marker

talented artist has shifted his focus

magic of world-renowned Cosentino

speaks to this Peninsula-based magician

own Living Culture

than just a catchy phrase

Cooper part of Wicked

speaks to Sarah about his role

40 years of helping our community

Roadshow, Our Stories coming

event on Saturday May 18 at PCT

Expo coming up

host the free expo on May 24

year time capsule opened at Hickinbotham

and Terryn celebrate and relive history

Celebrating a great Peninsula partnership

speak to Jeremy and Sabrina at Luduco


Left: Matt LaFontaine speaks with Sarah about pioneering Safe Space see page 8

Centre: Delicious offerings from one of the peninsula’s favourites, Laneway Espresso Dromana, see page 88.

Right: That perfect gift for Mum could be gorgeous luxury bedding from local company Beddie, see page 54 and use the special code for 15% discount.


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Issue 150 MAY 2024 13 )

Podcast breathes new life into the subject of death

A podcast that “bridges the gap between the living and the departed” has been launched to help promote conversations around death and dying. Don't Be Caught Dead is hosted by Frankston resident Catherine Ashton and explores a range of themes told by people who have “interesting and unique experiences with death”.

Catherine came up with the idea after the death of a close friend a year ago led her to develop Critical Info, a cloud-based web application that allows people to document their lives, wishes and legacies to share with their loved ones. “Losing a

friend so unexpectedly brought me face to face with the crucial importance of end-of-life planning and made me determined to establish a secure platform that would empower people with the knowledge and tools they need for informed decisions and comprehensive preparation,” Catherine said.

“While going through this process, I have had the opportunity to speak with a range of people and I learnt everyone has their own experience with death. These stories are often unique and untold, as people tend not to discuss death. I realised there was an opportunity to share these stories, which is why I created the Don’t Be Caught Dead podcast.”

Don’t Be Caught Dead can be listened to on any of the major podcast apps, and the guide My Loved One Has Died. What Do I Do Now? is available to download. Critical Info’s web app will be launched later this year.

( 14 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month Magazine

Proud environmental supporters for 150 editions

Since our inception in 2008, our publications have always had a focus on sustainability, caring for the environment and keeping our pristine Peninsula just that: pristine.

We’ve continuously leapt at the chance to showcase environmental warriors to spread their message and promote their tireless work, from school children determined to remove every single-use plastic straw from their beaches to people such as Josie Jones. Josie is an inspiring land-dwelling mermaid who strives to protect and improve the water quality in

our bays, collecting more than 5.3 tonnes of rubbish from the shorelines. Her many endeavours within the community saw her receive the Dame Phyllis Frost Award in 2016 and the 2017 Litter Prevention Prize from Keep Victoria Beautiful, as well as being named the Mornington Peninsula Australia Day Citizen of the Year in 2019 and the 2020 Victorian Local Hero.

Similarly, we ran an editorial on Gidja Walker, who was awarded a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in January for her service to conservation and the environment. An ecologist, educator and artist, Gidja has worked for decades to preserve and restore the natural environment and share her learnings with others.

Another highlight was featuring the new Two Bays Podcast series, which shines a light on businesses and organisations at the forefront of climate action.

Spearheaded by Regeneration Projects in collaboration with Mornington Peninsula Shire and an array of businesses and organisations, the Two Bays Podcast delves into the heart of the climate crisis.

We’ve also welcomed Narelle Debenham’s contributions that offer a deeper appreciation of the beauty of flora and fauna around us, and how to look after it for future generations just as she promotes in her Natured Kids programs.

Over the years our magazines have encompassed a variety of initiatives and causes, including stories on not feeding the seagulls and leaving water out for native birds on days of extreme heat, entrepreneurs such as the Great Wrap, The Bamboo Toothbrush and SunButter Skincare, and community organisations including Boomerang Bags and Western Port Biosphere.

We invite you to continue reading our articles that celebrate the power of community-driven environmental movements and projects and continue to keep your eyes open for opportunities to get involved and make a difference, because when it comes to tackling climate change, saving the environment and looking after our flora and fauna, we’re all in this together.

( 16 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Future-proofing Frankston and the Peninsula

The Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula has hailed its first Future Forum as a major success. CEO Josh Sinclair said the response to the forum had been “overwhelming”, with “bold and forward-thinking” contributions that would “help us articulate a collective voice that we want to take all the way to Spring St and Canberra”.

“Developing our key advocacy goals and strategies alongside local government, local businesses, big employers and community groups ensures widereaching feedback from the Peninsula community,” Mr Sinclair said.

More than 170 people packed the Frankston Football Club on April 16 for the forum, where business and civic leaders, local government, institutions, not-forprofits, and the region’s biggest employers “came with their thinking caps on and eyes firmly set on the Peninsula’s future”, the CFMP said on its website. “Led by a panel of representatives from all levels of government and industry leaders, attendees discussed the long-term vision and strategy required for the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston City to respond to the challenges which will be thrown at us over the next 20 years.

“The forum was facilitated by the ABC's Bridget Rollason, while Simon Kuestenmacher from The Demographics Group presented to the packed room

the demographic changes impacting our region. ‘Millennial Frankston’ means Frankston is home to more and more young professionals looking for a vibrant Frankston CBD and great quality lifestyle. Meanwhile, a ‘Boomer Peninsula’ requires more targeted support around aspects like health care, aged care, and connectivity issues. Additionally, the Mornington Peninsula’s noticeable distance from Melbourne’s CBD requires innovative ‘metropolitan’ solutions to a seemingly ‘regional’ part of Victoria.”

Joining the government-led panel was Carrum state Labor MP and Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny, Flinders federal Liberal MP Zoe McKenzie, and Mornington Peninsula Shire deputy mayor Antonella Celi. Critical issues canvassed by the panel included diverse housing options around activity centres, key worker accommodation, and infrastructure investment in more remote areas of the Peninsula. Industry leaders to share their visions for the region included Matt McDonald from Searoad Ferries, Felicity Topp from Peninsula Health, David Baker from Woodleigh School, Craig Mitchell from Peninsula Hot Springs, and Karen Lau from South East Water.

The CFMP said contributions from its members would help form the basis of the committee’s strategic plan and future advocacy projects. Some of the items raised included:

• The significant need for affordable housing and rentals, key worker accommodation, and short-stay options for visitors

• Key activity centres at Frankston, Mornington, Hastings and Rosebud

• Improved public transport with better rail connectivity through to Hastings and Mornington, and better east-

west bus connections

• Government investment being based on need, not whether the region is classified as regional, periregional or metropolitan

• What the rezoning of Port of Hastings land from special use to industrial and for housing would mean for new industry opportunities such as renewable energy and hydrogen

• Sourcing and accommodating aged care and health care workers for an ageing population

• Satisfying the demand for a regional convention and exhibition centre

• Equitable access to private and public education from Frankston to Portsea and a “significant uplift and improvement” at Chisholm Rosebud

• Redevelopment of Rosebud Hospital

• Taking advantage of sustainable tourism opportunities, activating Western Port as a destination, and revitalising Frankston as an “activated city” that would attract more people

• Cutting red tape and payroll tax to encourage economic growth, and better policy alignment across all levels of government

• Advocating to governments with a collective voice through the committee and collaboration with its partners.

“I want to thank all our panellists, Members of Parliament, Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire councils, and our CFMP members for their valuable contributions at this forum,” Mr Sinclair said. “We look forward to facilitating thought-provoking conversations like this one again very soon. We’re going to need a bigger venue next year.”

To contact CFMP, go to

( 18 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Rosebud Hotel was first built in 1939, one of Rosebud's original businesses. Located directly opposite the beach and Village Green. Our landmark Hotel is perfect for locals and those enjoying a holiday by the bay.

With many locals and tourists alike having strong links to the Hotel as both patrons and employees, we are passionate about our local community and look forward to growing with it over the next 85 years.

We have fantastic facilities on offer, including a beautiful Bistro with an open fireplace and an expansive menu featuring traditional pub-fare, a wide variety of seafood and dishes with a contemporary edge.

The Bistro also has a wonderful view of our Beer Garden which is the place to be for a cold drink or snack all year round, whether it be soaking up the summer rays or nestling in by the wood heater under the protection of our all-weather pergola, it really is a space for all seasons.

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Issue 150 MAY 2024 19 )
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The Victorian Government is proposing stamp duty changes to commercial and industrial property acquired after July 1, 2024. The plan would see those properties being subject to an annual commercial and industrial property tax (CIPT).

A property acquisition that occurs after July 1 would still incur stamp duty, which could be paid up front or over a 10-year period by fixed instalments with interest. After the 10-year transition period is complete, the property would enter the new system and be subject to the annual CIPT. The CIPT will be payable at 1 per cent per annum of the property’s unimproved land value.

If you purchase a commercial or industrial property before June 30, you will incur stamp duty as usual.

However, the property would never be subject to the CIPT while ownership remains unchanged. The new CIPT regimen will only apply to those commercial and industrial properties acquired after July 1.

The government hopes that abolishing the upfront cost of stamp duty and replacing it with the CIPT will make it easier for businesses to set up, invest in new land and buildings and move to new locations. If you are contemplating the purchase of a commercial or industrial property, you should consider the benefits to you of timing the acquisition either before or after July 1.

For assistance with your property law matters, get in touch with Richard Goldsmith on 5975 7588, or visit our website at


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T: 5975 7588


Issue 150 MAY 2024 21 )

Having supported the Main Street Mornington Festival since its inception, Mornington Peninsula Magazine couldn’t celebrate its 150th issue without a chat with festival director Christina Nolan. Mornington Peninsula Magazine publisher Lisa Walton was an avid committee member back 18 years ago, and over the event’s 25-year history we’ve watched as it has gone from strength to strength.

From its inception as a project between Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism and the Mornington Chamber of Commerce, and now with NMPT solely as the organiser, it’s an event that has always been a highlight on the calendar for locals and visitors alike. From a mere 25 stalls at the first festival to an event requiring half of Main St to be closed to vehicle access,

it’s a testament to the team’s tireless work. Now you’ll find food, beverage, craft and community stalls lining the streets, multiple stages around every corner, roving entertainers and activities for all. It’s a drawcard on the Peninsula that was sorely missed during the COVID-19 lockdown period and a community event that proudly represents the variety of exceptional businesses and talent across the Mornington Peninsula.

Its huge growth is thanks to the hard work of the organisers, community support, visitors and locals attending year after year, and of course the businesses and artists that get involved at every event. Alcohol stalls used to feature mainly wineries; now you’ll discover a wide range of distilleries and boutique breweries. There’s something for every taste that reflects the dynamic and award-winning beverage industry of the Peninsula.

With more stages gradually added over the years to an impressive six now, the diversity of musicians and performers has developed. With an increased ability to appeal to more music tastes, popularity has increased, and you’ll find that each stage has an engaged audience, with many dancing to the live music in the

street. Community participation and support have always been excellent, with the Sea Scouts, local schools, Peninsula Folk Club and more always being actively involved in the event.

“A highlight over the years would have to be having the likes of Gotye and Tones And I perform,” Christina said. “We were always excited to have local artists and well-known bands added to our line-up over the years. We often had groups or individuals perform, and we’d then watch them increase in popularity, but they’d always be happy to come back and perform at our festival.”

The hordes of people who attend this sensational event year after year are superb, and you can only fully comprehend the sheer numbers in attendance through aerial shots by local photographer Steve Brown. Brightly coloured costumes make the stilt walkers pop as they tower above the crowd and enthral young and old. It’s a day full of fun for all. Keep an eye on the festival’s Facebook page @MainStreetMorningtonFestival and the website for updates.

( 22 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
A stilt walker towers over the buzzing crowd at the 2018 Main Street Mornington Festival. Photo: Steve Brown 23 )

The power of art in the community with Father Marker

Tyson Savanah, also known by his design alter ego Father Marker, has slowly been gravitating away from markers since we last spoke. The talented artist has shifted his focus to chalk, acrylic paint, digital art, spray paint, and of course his marvellous lantern sculptures.

“I’ve been developing my style and visual language, not consciously, but it comes about by experimenting,” Tyson said. “I want my style to be completely recognisable in whatever medium it is in.”

Tyson strives to craft community-driven murals that reflect the unique cultural aspects of each locality. His work can be found in numerous public spaces, including Blairgowrie Playground, Somerville Skatepark, Mornington Park Primary School, Mornington Community Support Centre, and Bentons Square Community Centre.

His recent community mural project and mentorship with The Salvation Army Youth Services Peninsula saw a mural created at the Kareela Rd shopping strip in Frankston. Here Tyson mentored a group of 11, with ages varying from 15 to 25. Together they brainstormed ideas for a Frankston-style beach scene to link the art to the location.

Tyson was drawn to Frankston’s most controversial figure: Frankie the chrome gnome. His take on this shows Frankie’s revenge against his sculptural successor as he rages wildly through the shallows of Frankston foreshore – King Kong-style – with the sculpture uprooted and in his hands. Upon seeing this quirky approach, his mentee’s creativity flowed, which was so satisfying for Tyson to see as a mentor and reinforced his passion for educating with art and mentorship.

Over the past few years, Tyson has dedicated much of his artistic endeavours to the community, particularly through

mural projects that celebrate local life. Among his notable works is the monumental mural he completed for the 1st Mornington Scouts Troop. After years of vandalism plaguing the building, Scout leaders sought to revitalise the space, securing a Mornington Peninsula Shire grant to enlist Tyson's expertise. What emerged was more than just a mural; it was a collaborative effort between Tyson and Eligh, a 15-year-old former Scout. This mentorship opportunity unfolded over seven days, offering Eligh a crash course in large-scale public murals. The result not only transformed the physical landscape but also instilled a renewed sense of pride within the community.

“Art is so powerful,” Tyson said. “Mentoring kids and young adults is very fulfilling. When you watch young people come together to finish the project, they become self-driven. So I try to sit back and relinquish control. I teach the kids, and they teach me a lot too. Having started art as a career later in life, I didn’t have the support or mentorship back then that I now provide to young artists, so this is my chance to give back to the community.”

Tyson was thrilled to be a contender for the 2024 Frankston Big Picture Fest People’s Choice Award, noting that it was great to be shortlisted, so he’ll be applying again next year, as it’s a bucket list item alongside the goal of painting a silo and working on an illustrated children’s book. Recently his attention has also been on his lantern sculptures, where small projects can take up to two weeks, larger projects demand his attention for two months, and repairs are completed regularly. You may have seen his striking creations around, as they’re regularly hired out and are well-travelled from local events at Boneo Discovery Park, The Briars and Arthurs Seat Eagle to White Night Melbourne, up to rural Victoria, on to Sydney Zoo and beyond.

Tyson’s got some exciting projects ready to emerge from that talented marker of his, so watch this space. Take in Tyson’s captivating work on Instagram @father. marker and Facebook @fathermarker

( 24 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
A sensational lantern sculpture created by Tyson. Tyson Savanah, aka Father Marker, in his element painting a street mural.

The Magical Mornington Peninsula

A spellbinding journey of discovery awaits.

Indulge in adventure, relaxation and gourmet delights all in the one extraordinary destination. Explore further and stay longer. Plan your visit to the Mornington Peninsula now for the ultimate Taste, Play and Stay experiences.

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Cheers to supporting Mornington Peninsula Wine

With more than 200 vineyards, 60 wineries and at least 50 cellar doors on the Mornington Peninsula, we’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing our preferred drop.

Since Mornington Peninsula Magazine’s inception, we’ve always thrived on showcasing what the unique hinterland has to offer locals and tourists alike. We’ve supported the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association, now known as Mornington Peninsula Wine, for all those years. Here we’ve focused on actively promoting local wines, wineries and events put on by the association. These include key events on the calendar for wine

connoisseurs and lovers alike, such as Winter Wine Weekend, Mornington Peninsula Winery Walk, Peninsula Piers & Pinots, and the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Wine Show. As lovers of local, we’ve often had a variety of guest writers informing our readers of the countless wines, styles and events.

What makes the Mornington Peninsula a special place where vines thrive is that the vineyards are often situated in sheltered undulating valleys that are nurtured by a maritime cool climate, which assists in creating elegant and personalitypacked award-winning wines –mainly pinot noir and chardonnay with pinot grigio and shiraz holding a smaller presence. It’s thanks to the vineyards planted back in the 1970s that began the current era and created the foundation for stories that are told by the members of Mornington Peninsula Wine.

The Mornington Peninsula region’s wine production dates back to 1886, before a renaissance of the region’s wine industry occurred in 1972 when several aspiring vignerons independently recognised the potential of the unique maritime climate of the Mornington Peninsula for producing high-quality cool-climate varieties similar to those that are created in the great wine-producing regions in France.

Wine created in our pristine Peninsula has a signature taste. It’s subtle and alluring, coaxing elegant and delicate varietal characters from the locally grown pinot noir. There is great finesse to be discovered in the region’s wine, and while appearing delicate, they’re packed full of intensity, structure and texture.

So why not pick up a copy of our monthly magazine for wine news and events, or purchase the annual Eat. Drink Mornington Peninsula coffee table book where you’ll find the Mornington Peninsula Wine Touring Map 2024 to help plan your next winery visit where you’ll be delighted by world-class wines, high-end eateries and picturesque scenic views.

This year’s Winter Wine Weekend is on June 7-10 and includes a program of unforgettable wine and food experiences. For details, go to www. Cheers!

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Peninsula-based world-renowned entertainer and International Magician of the Year Cosentino astonishes audiences everywhere. Now he’s celebrating 10 years as Australia’s most successful magician, illusionist and escape artist with a new 90-minute live show called Decennium, which is his greatest hits tour. It’s travelled around regionally, nationally and overseas to Singapore and New Zealand, where it never fails to thrill the audience’s senses with mindboggling stage illusions and cutting-edge street magic. It was also turned into a nail-biting 90-minute television special for Channel 7 that aired in May last year; you can stream the magic on 7plus. Due to popular demand, he’s created Decennium 2.0 for a limited run at The Palms, Crown Melbourne with four shows over July 13 and 14. As Cosentino prepares for Decennium 2.0, he provided us with an insight into what audiences can expect.

“Decennium 2.0 is complex, detailed, challenging and death-defying,” he said. “I’ve added more locks, and I will be holding my breath for even longer. I just keep adding to it. There is a lot of precision involved; every movement has to be 100 per cent accurate. I interact with the audience and involve them in the experience. I drew from eight television specials, an international series and multiple national tours to come to an equilibrium of material that is funny, dramatic and romantic.”

Cosentino became a household name thanks to accolades including runner-up on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, winning Dancing With The Stars in 2013, a threetimes Australian award-winning magician, a nominee for

the prestigious Helpmann Awards, a multi-award-winner of the Merlin from the International Magicians’ Society, and winner of the 2015 Levante Award.

Last we spoke to Cosentino, he’d postponed shows due to COVID-19 restrictions. So we had to ask how was returning to the stage with a live audience. He said shows over Zoom simply did not compare, as the audience was muted. The interaction at the live shows was a little overwhelming at first after two years off, but after a beat it was glorious to hear the audience react again so he could receive immediate feedback on the performance.

“I also forgot how challenging my job was, which sounds crazy. It’s like going to the gym: you work out every day, you build stamina, fitness and muscle, but if you stop for two years and then when you do go back, you’ll think ‘Wow, how did I ever lift such a heavy weight?’ You have to constantly keep at it and be on top of your game.”

Since our last interview in mid-2021, Cosentino got married to Priscilla, launched a sixth cartoon book with a seventh in the works, caught up on performances that were pushed back due to lockdowns, and had a spot on the Seven Network’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday 50th anniversary show Hey Hey It’s 50 Years, a throwback to his appearance on the show’s Red Faces segment back when he was 14 years old. Looking forward, the grand illusionist has television projects in the pipeline as well as a new show to plan and test in the studio for his tour next year.

Would you believe there are more tricks up his sleeve? Cosentino also has his own deck of cards thanks to a collaboration with Australian playing card manufacturer Queen’s Slipper, with video tutorials to match. Adding to his impressive list of achievements is his inspiring autobiography Anything is Possible. After a sell-out success of not one but two magic kits, he’s focusing on making the third better than ever with new tricks that will have budding magicians creating jaw-dropping moments at home.

Be mesmerised by Cosentino’s trademark blend of dance, illusion and magic by following his Instagram @ thecosentino

Issue 150 MAY 2024 29 )

Footy coach committed to improving player safety

Frankston South teacher and junior Australian Rules football coach Brad Winters is pushing for better safety measures in contact sports after breaking his neck while playing footy.

Brad, who teaches at Overport Primary School and coaches at Frankston YCW, was 19 and playing senior football when his legs were taken out and he landed on his neck. A subsequent misdiagnosis meant the extent of the damage wasn’t discovered until many years later.

“I spent four months in a neck brace and the next 10 years doing everything in my power to get my body right to come back and play the sport I loved,” he said. “I saw the best doctors and surgeons around the world and had eight operations but could never get my body right. I've lived with chronic pain my whole adult life, which I've now learnt to deal with.

“Today, I'm a father and a coach of my son's football team. I began to question whether or not

I wanted to risk someone I love or the kids I coach to experience what I went through. This is why I started Australian Sporting Essentials. Even after playing several years of football as a senior and a junior, I was never coached the correct technique on how to approach a ruck contest. We need to do everything in our power to protect and safeguard our kids.”

Australian Sporting Essentials, which Brad launched late last year, provides a range of headgear specifically designed for Australian Rules football, with ear channels removed for improved peripheral hearing. “I believe helmets in contact sport, as well as practising correct technique, are pivotal to player safety,” he said. “Correctly fitting headgear will provide head protection and can possibly reduce the risk of severe injuries. They safeguard our community and contribute to a safer playing environment. Prioritising these essential safety components is fundamental for the wellbeing of all athletes at all levels.”

For more details, go to www.

As your advocates in Parliament, we are keen to deliver solutions for you, our community and local small businesses. Scan the QR code to get in touch! So that we can better represent you, we are keen to hear your concerns and suggestions for the Peninsula.

Your Peninsula Liberal MPs in the Victorian Parliament ADVERTISEMENT • Authorised by Chris Crewther MP, Renee Heath MP and Sam Groth MP. CREWTHER Chris MEMBER FOR MORNINGTON (03) 5975 4799 MP HEATH Renee MEMBER FOR EASTERN VICTORIA (03) 5941 1112 MP CrewtherChris chriscrewthermp ReneeHeathMP reneeheathmp GROTH Sam MEMBER FOR (03) 5986 6661 MP SamGrothNepean SamGroth
Congratulations to Mornington Peninsula Magazine on 150 editions! NEPEAN
After breaking his neck playing footy, coach Brad Winters has launched a range of protective headgear.
4 Ninth Ave, Rosebud | 0408 554 202 | Local & European Design Womenswear | Men’s & Women’s Knitwear | Archie’s | UGG boots Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Jamie Edgerton, a founding member of the Devilbend Foundation Inc committee, speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about the organisation’s journey from its inception to its ongoing efforts to preserve the Devilbend Natural Features Reserve in Moorooduc.

How did the Devilbend Foundation Inc come about, and how long have you been involved in its activities?

The Devilbend Foundation Inc was founded in 2006 as a formalisation of the advocacy efforts of an alliance of over 40 environmentally concerned community groups to retain the decommissioned Devilbend Reservoir site in public ownership. A public consultation process in 2003 found strong support for a ‘community vision’ that proposed retention of the site for restoration as a wildlife reserve. In 2006 the site was designated as a natural features reserve, with Parks Victoria as its land manager. Most DFI committee members, including myself, have been involved in DFI and its informal predecessor, Devilbend Steering Group, since early 2004.

Why is Devilbend Reserve considered of significance?

The State Government’s 2004 Devilbend working group found overwhelming evidence of the ongoing

local extinction of native species and threats to biodiversity on the Mornington Peninsula. The community process highlighted the urgency of restoration of patches of wildlife habitat of meaningful size, and the Devilbend site was recognised as an ideal site for this critical purpose. The site has about 150 native plant species, of which 83 are regionally significant; 11 ecological vegetation classes, all regionally rare, vulnerable or endangered; more than 84 fauna species of regional or higher significance; and numerous Aboriginal archaeological sites and stone artefacts.

What initiatives are the Devilbend Foundation Inc currently working on?

In collaboration with Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water, we are working on:

• Bird monitoring – continuing monthly bird counts in Devilbend Reserve and the adjoining Woods Reserve. These have been conducted since 2004 in collaboration with BirdLife Australia, and over 150 bird species have been recorded

• Water quality monitoring – a Waterwatch and Macro Invertebrates team take monthly observations

• Habitat restoration – monthly weeding of mostly woody weeds in the reserve, and periodic participation in planting of local native species. Tell us about the Friends of Daangean group and its role in caring for the park through habitat restoration.

Friends of Daangean is the arm of Devilbend Foundation Inc which works with Parks Victoria on habitat restoration. ‘Daangean’ is the local Bunurong name for the site. They have been conducting monthly working bees on the site, primarily engaged in the removal of woody weeds such as sweet pittosporum. Friends of Daangean is also an active participant in planting and weeding activities organised for the public by Parks Victoria.

Considering the Bunurong people's connection to the land, how are they involved in advising and participating in the Devilbend Reserve's management and conservation efforts?

In recognition of the significant cultural and archaeological values of the reserve, Parks Victoria involved the Bunurong Aboriginal Land Council in the consultation and design process for the preparation of the Devilbend Natural Features Management Plan. Staff of the land council have also been involved in related management activities, including the identification of key archaeological sites, the routing of public pathways in the reserve, and the installation of soil conservation measures to protect sites of special significance.

In what ways can volunteers contribute to the preservation and improvement of the reserve?

Volunteers from all age groups are needed to join in each of our ongoing activities. Specifics can be found on our website at, and by subscribing to our quarterly newsletter, called DFI News.

( 32 Everything we love about the
fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Winter care for your boat

This winter, don’t just settle for any port in a storm. Trust the team at Yaringa Boat Harbour to store and keep your boat shipshape throughout the colder months.

Your boat, like your home, is an important asset, and to maintain its value and usefulness it needs to be protected from the elements. Draining the water, stabilising the fuel, winterising the engine, inspecting and cleaning, storing and shielding the boat against the harsh climate – there’s much to be done. You’ve loved spending fun times with your boat in summer, but let’s face it, during winter it can become harder work.

Relax. Yaringa Boat Harbour offers all the services required to keep your boat winterised throughout this chilly season. Store your vessel at Somerville and you can be confident the qualified yard team will look after it securely. You’re in professional hands, with on-site trades at Yaringa’s BoatWorks performing the routine checks needed to keep your boat operational.

Still hoping to take your boat out during winter? The launch and retrieval service at 33 )

Experience Unrivaled Luxury: A Grand Voyage Through Australia

Are you ready to redefine your notion of ultraluxurious travel? Step into the world of Silver Nova, where opulence meets innovation, and embark on an extraordinary 47-day Grand Voyage around Australia This isn't just a cruise; it's a transformative journey that will immerse you in the wonders of Australia like never before.

Silver Nova isn't just the latest ship; she's a testament to Silversea's commitment to reimagining the cruise experience. With her innovative, asymmetrical design, Silver Nova offers unparalleled views of the breathtaking landscapes and uninterrupted vistas that Australia has to offer. From the unspoiled shores of the Kimberley Coast to the vibrant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, every

moment aboard Silver Nova is a feast for the senses

But it's not just about the destinations; it's about the journey itself. Inside Silver Nova, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and elegant glass elevators create an ambiance that blurs the line between ship and shore, offering a deeper connection with your surroundings

And with Silversea's hallmark butler service, blissful Otium wellness experiences, and gourmet dining options, every aspect of your journey is meticulously curated to elevate your experience to new heights.

Prepare to be enchanted as you sail around Australia, taking your time to explore every corner of this extraordinary island continent

All Inclusive DOOR-TO-DOOR

47 Days

14th OCT 2025 - 10 NOV 2025

Embarkation: Melbourne

Disembarkation: Melbourne

From $49,950 per Guest

24-hour gourmet dining, butler service, superb entertainment and premium alcoholic beverages

From iconic cities like Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne to hidden gems like Busselton, Broome, and Kangaroo Island, each port of call promises new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Indulge your senses with exquisite cuisine from

across the continent, sample fine wines from outstanding wineries, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local Aboriginal culture. Whether you're diving into the azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the rugged beauty of the Outback, Silver Nova offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of Australia in unparalleled luxury.

Don't miss your chance to join this unforgettable journey Reserve your spot aboard Silver Nova today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Discover Australia in style, comfort and luxury aboard Silver Nova –where every moment is a precious memory in the making


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Private executive transfers between home and departure port up to 80 KM

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MORNINGTON 03 59 72 0434 1 Blake Street, Mornington

Living Culture strives to empower,

We have a story to share with you. It's the backstory of how Living Culture began formalising its much sought-after engagements of diverse cultural experiences for our community. Living Culture is more than a catchy business name for us; it was and is the basis of everything we do.

During Reconciliation Week from May 27-June 3, Living Culture will celebrate 10 years since its inception, providing programs and services to our community and beyond. Lionel Lauch, the cultural lead and co-founder, has spent his life immersed in learning, honouring and teaching culture, first for himself and, as he grew older, with his family and friends, and now to our multicultural community.

“Our mission is to educate people about the importance of keeping Aboriginal culture alive. Indigenous knowledge is a live link to the past, present, and future,” Lionel said.

Becoming a cultural educator was not something he set out to do; however, elders encouraged him to share his insight and understanding as the wider community began wanting to listen to and learn from Indigenous voices. These teachings offer an opportunity for our multicultural society to work together, connecting to what always was and always will be. We have an obligation to our shared Mother Earth to keep the interdependence of Country, People and Culture central in our cultural society today.

As the demand to connect with Indigenous teachings grew, the community reached out to walk and talk with Lionel and now with our young team who generously share how to see the land through a cultural lens.

The team at Living Culture has immense respect and gratitude for the elders, knowledge holders, and those who seek, protect and share these teachings with whom we have worked alongside and partnered. One of the best things about our job is building friendships and kin relationships, where we help one another make a real difference to the people and places we love.

Something we don't often get to do is publicly acknowledge that our team is Deadly. A decade ago, we had no idea how hard it would be to bring this dream to life. Together we have forged lifelong friendships, pumped keyboards, travelled countless miles, learnt so much, called each other hundreds of times a day, and found ways to agree on how best to navigate all the curve balls that came to us with lots of humour and tenacity. Living Culture had a straightforward business plan – Empower, Educate and Engage – and this underpins everything we do.

We welcome you all to reach out to our friendly team via our website to find out how you can walk, talk and connect with us.

( 36 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
HEIDI DUELL, Living Culture co-founder
The Living Culture team. Lionel Lauch, the cultural lead and co-founder of Living Culture. Photo: Amanda Stewart

empower, educate and engage

Issue 150 MAY 2024 37 )
Skyla and Hudson of Living Culture. Photo: Josh Melnick @revillagingproject

MSFIN receives much-needed support

Seaford’s 38 South Bar Café put on a fabulous evening on Friday, April 19, to raise money for Mums Supporting Families in Need, a volunteer-run charity that helps families in crisis throughout the Mornington Peninsula. More than 60 people attended for a delicious three-course meal and enjoyed live entertainment from international singer Sarah Johnson.

Café owners Alena and Jim Derzekos said: “The evening was a huge success. We raised $6200 on the night, much more than expected, and this money will go a long way towards muchneeded funds for MSFIN.”

Head of legal in Victoria, Bill Kordos, for Australia’s largest family law firm, AFL Kordos, surprised the organisation by adding family law legal services to the range of help MSFIN provides, including free legal advice and pro bono representation. These generous free services will now free up money to be used in other areas that need urgent assistance.

The night would not have been as successful without the support of countless local businesses donating goods or services for the silent auction and raffle, including Flow Hair Design of Seaford, Elysium Day Spa, Carolina of Mornington, Crittenden Wines, Barry Plant Frankston and Sunny Moves Pilates Studio.

Jim and the staff of 38 South encourage you to help them reach their $10,000 target by the end of June by using the QR code below to donate.


A: 131 Nepean Highway, Seaford

T: 9024 0138


FB: 38southbarcafe

INSTA: 38southbarcafe

( 38 Everything we love about the
every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Miffie Maklary - Executive Host Glasshouse Villa 57 Tubbarubba Road, Merricks North Vic 3926
peninsula, fresh

Seaford charity brings hope to families doing it tough

Mums Supporting Families in Need is a Seaford-based charity that works with more than 80 welfare agencies to provide material aid support for families in crisis. Over the years, Mornington Peninsula Magazine has shared the charity’s amazing work with our readers and wanted to highlight its achievements again for our 150th issue. MSFIN values community, which is the core of its existence. Whether it be through the generosity of donations or time by the community or the community in need of its support, the whole community propels this outstanding organisation. Its vision is to provide good quality recycled and

new goods to families in need to ensure every child has access to their basic daily needs.

President Donna Cartwright said her most memorable achievement within the charity was the Hamper of Hope. “Imagine you’ve left a violent situation and you’ve finally secured a new safe premises,” Donna said. “You’ll have fled with just the basics in a bag. Our hampers provide essential items for the transitional time when the victim will be setting up their life again. We provide basic cooking equipment, appliances, crockery and pantry staples, as well as essential laundry supplies. The idea behind this is that we strive to help with the early weeks and months so that they can establish themselves again in a new location. I grew up in family violence, so I truly have my heart in this stock line and it’s my biggest achievement. There’s nothing out there like it, and we’ve received great feedback.”

There is not only greater demand for

assistance as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, but MSFIN has also seen a drop in donations. Before Christmas the MSFIN pantry was well stocked with a surplus. Now it’s low, which reflects the increased need for the service. If you’re able to, MSFIN welcomes donations. Non-perishable pantry essentials and toiletries can be dropped off every day except Wednesdays from 10am-2.30pm at 2/7 Sir Laurence Drive, Seaford. Likewise, if you’re sorting out your wardrobe ready for the cooler months, please consider MSFIN for any quality second-hand items such as sleepwear, coats and jumpers for all ages, while underwear, socks and jocks for all ages must be new and are always welcome.

“Volunteers don’t have to commit,” Donna said. “They can even just donate an hour or two that they have spare at the warehouse. If you can volunteer regularly, that’s amazing too. We also welcome flexible volunteering opportunities, as there are so many jobs that MSFIN needs help with, whether it’s hands-on in the warehouse or those with marketing expertise, for example, who could assist from home. We’ll always find something to match a volunteer’s skill set.

“If people find that our cause speaks to them or if they’d like to get involved, there are so many ways you can support without time or money. Simply

2/15 Bay Rd, Mt Martha P. 5974 3477

share our posts or bring up our charity in conversation, or nominate the charity for your school or work’s next fundraiser. You never know who can help. Awareness is so important, so please join us in spreading the message. Just get involved; even if it’s not with us, there are so many community groups doing amazing work at a grassroots level.”

You can keep up to date with MSFIN via Facebook @ mumssupportingfamiliesinneed and on Instagram @MUMSSFIN

• Chiropractic care for all ages

• pregnancy care, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, wrist and foot injuries, and everything in between

• safe, gentle and effective

• we love improving your movement and your quality of life

• Dr Rachel Duncan is passionate about women’s health, and is experienced with neck and low back pain, and headaches.

• Dr Roxanne Daniels is a holistic practitioner with a broad practice.

Issue 150 MAY 2024 39 )
KATE SEARS Mums Supporting Families in Need president Donna Cartwright.

Seaford resident Eli Cooper speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about his actionpacked journey from local theatre to the grand stage of Melbourne's Regent Theatre in the iconic musical Wicked. Tell us about your role as a ‘swing’ and what it entails.

A swing in a musical is a human insurance policy for the show. We come in on day one of rehearsals with everybody, but while they’re learning the role they’ll be performing each night, we are learning what every single person on the stage will be doing. We’re then called upon day by day to step in and perform any of their roles if they’re sick or injured or just taking a day off. I am an onstage swing in Wicked, so I have my own role I perform each night, plus I understudy the principal role of Dr Dillamond and ‘swing’ – know and step in as – the nine male presenting ensemble members. So I have 11 people’s jobs in my head to be ready to ‘swing’ in for at a moment’s notice, which is a lot.

How does it feel to be part of such an iconic musical?

It has sincerely been one of my biggest career goals my whole life to be in Wicked. I’ve auditioned for it over the years more times than I could count; sometimes I’ve made it all the way through the process, sometimes

I’ve been cut super early. To finally be a part of a show that has been so important to me since I first heard the soundtrack has been so rewarding.

What has your journey been like from the local community to performing on a renowned stage like the Regent Theatre?

I adore the stage and the backstage energy at the Frankston Art Centre. It holds so many incredible memories for me of all the time I spent there performing with local theatre companies like PLOS and Panorama Theatre Company. I got to perform there as a professional for the first and only time a few years back for the Festival of Lights live stream, which was very special to me. The Regent feels very different; it’s got the quirks you expect of an old building. Most of the backstage time we spend is actually under the stage, and if you take a wrong turn down a corridor you’ll need Google Maps to find your way back. But this being my fourth time performing here, it has begun to feel a little like my ‘home ground’ in a sense.

What inspired you to pursue a career in musical theatre?

I trained at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, thinking when I began I would pursue a career as a ballet dancer because I loved dance so much. During my training my focus shifted away from ballet towards more modern styles of dance. I fell head over heels in love with musical theatre as an art form. I began performing for the local theatre companies and I was hooked. I knew it was all I wanted to do and I was

going to work with all of my being to be up on stages like the Regent.

Could you share any memorable moments or experiences you've had while performing in Wicked?

I have already made so many fantastic memories being on this show. But nothing is funnier than an onstage mishap in my opinion. So far on this tour of Wicked I have managed to ride a bike into a set piece onstage, been wiped out by a flying monkey exiting the stage, caught my own wings on a curtain and clothes-lined myself, and missed a scene because I was already one song ahead in my mind. I’m very excited to keep making people giggle at my misfortune.

How does it feel to work alongside such esteemed theatre figures as Simon Burke, Robyn Nevin and Courtney Monsma?

It’s actually so easy to forget just how incredible our company is. Our principal cast are outstanding leaders, and our ensemble is comprised of some of the most talented, respected musical theatre artists, either established or up and coming. But they’re just colleagues and mates now. I’ll find myself, for example, having general chit chat with Robyn Nevin about her love of finding the best cakes in town, which she always brings in and gifts to the ensemble, and I think ‘Gosh, she’s thoughtful’. Then it hits you that you’re being given a treat by an Order of Australia recipient who is one of our country’s most awarded and impressive actors. It’s pretty wild.

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Eli Cooper takes centre stage as a versatile swing in the Melbourne production of Wicked. The cast of Wicked gathers on opening night in Melbourne, ready to cast their spell on audiences.

Addressing domestic violence and homelessness

Communities across Australia face the urgent need to respond to and prevent domestic and family violence and women and children's homelessness. These issues are not isolated incidents but represent a nationwide crisis. How can we as a community come together to tackle these social problems, particularly in Victoria? One answer lies in establishing a new communityled crisis shelter on the Mornington Peninsula.

In Victoria, the statistics are stark. Each year more than 50,000 women and children find themselves homeless, often as a result of DFV. The existing shelter and refuge system is overwhelmed, forcing many women and children into unsatisfactory and unsafe accommodation such as motels, hotels, couch surfing, cars and tents. The situation has only worsened over the years, with a 135 per cent increase in the number of women seeking long-term housing since 2015, according to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing’s 2022 annual report. The average wait

time for those facing violence or homelessness has ballooned to 17.1 months, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

On the Peninsula, the lack of government-funded crisis shelters tailored to women's and children's needs exacerbates the problem. Limited NGO support for preventative care leaves many at high risk of homelessness. Additionally, rising housing costs and a surge in short-stay tourism accommodation further contributes to the homelessness crisis, with rough sleeping rates nearly three times the national average.

Enter Women's Community Shelters, an organisation that has revolutionised responses to women's homelessness and DFV in NSW. With a focus on community ownership and action, WCS has established crisis shelters and safe housing pathways, supported by landmark partnerships with governments and advocacy for capital investment and law reform. Now, WCS aims to replicate this success in Victoria, starting with the Peninsula.

Local advocates, with the support of the council, have reached out to WCS for assistance. Together, they envision establishing the first WCS crisis shelter for women and children in Victoria within the next 18 months. WCS's track record speaks volumes: 11 crisis shelters and 63 transitional homes have provided crucial support to hundreds of women and children

in NSW. Programs like Walk the Talk engage high school students in preventing DFV, while advocacy efforts push for legislative change at the systems level.

Women's Community Shelters CEO Annabelle Daniel OAM emphasises the importance of innovation in creating change. With calculated risks and proper governance, WCS is paving the way for a brighter future for vulnerable individuals across Australia. As part of its efforts, WCS has appointed a project manager on the Peninsula and formed a steering committee of passionate locals to guide the project.

The journey ahead is challenging, but with community mobilisation and support, tangible progress is within reach. A community forum scheduled for May 8 at Rosebud Secondary College at 7pm will kickstart fundraising efforts, forge local partnerships, and identify suitable properties for the crisis shelter.

Together with the Mornington Peninsula community, WCS is committed to turning the tide against DFV and homelessness one shelter at a time.

Join us on this journey to empower communities, provide refuge, and create lasting change. As one WCS resident put it: "Women's Community Shelters saved my life being a homeless person. Thank you all for helping me." Together, we can make a difference.

RSVP for the forum at sophie@

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This star trail image shows the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to Earth’s rotation. It was taken during the most recent public stargazing night at the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society and also shows telescopes and red lights used in the field. Photo: MPAS member Jamie Pole

Winter’s approach produces some cool views

The Milky Way rises high in the south this month, with Sagittarius and Scorpius sitting in the east – a clue that winter is on its way in the southern hemisphere.

The beautiful section of the Milky Way around Crux, the Southern Cross, including the dark nebula known as the Coalsack, takes centre stage looking south in May. There are several fine open clusters on view in Carina, many nestled among the rich star fields of the Milky Way. NGC 3532, the Pincushion Cluster, can be seen with the naked eye, but binoculars reveal its many twinkling stars well. The magnitude 4.2 cluster NGC 3114 is an interesting target for a small telescope, while NGC 2516, the Southern Beehive, contains approximately 100 stars and can be viewed with just a pair of binoculars.

The large constellation Centaurus, the Centaur, sits within the stunning star fields of the Milky Way. It is home to arguably the finest globular cluster in the whole night sky: the magnificent Omega Centauri, or NGC 5139. At 10 times the size of the next largest cluster, you can see it easily as a hazy star with the naked eye, whereas a telescope reveals many of its millions of stars in a tight ball. The constellation’s two brightest stars are Alpha and Beta Centauri, known more familiarly to astronomers as Rigil Kentaurus and Hader. Together, Alpha and Beta Centauri form the Southern Pointers, or The Pointers, as they point towards the constellation of Crux.

This year the annual Eta Aquariid meteor shower peaks on the night of May 5-6. It is caused by the dust left over from Halley’s Comet entering our atmosphere and vaporising. You can expect to see roughly 30 meteors an hour if you are very lucky. The meteors appear to be coming from a point near the star Eta Aquarii in Aquarius, and tend to be quite fast-moving. The further south you are, the better view of the shower you will get.

For further information about the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society, such as public stargazing nights, event bookings and membership, please visit the society’s Facebook page, or website at

NERIDA LANGCAKE, Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society

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Hobson’s Bay plays vital role for Australian economy

For about 12 years from 1916, the Commonwealth Government operated a shipping company known as the Commonwealth Line. During 1916, prime minister W.M. (Billy) Hughes bought 16 British cargo vessels because he was aware that Australian products might be overlooked by shipping companies while World War I was raging. The export of wool and wheat were vital for the Australian economy.

Most of the Commonwealth Line’s ships were cargo vessels, of which more than 20 were built at Australian shipyards between 1920 and 1924, but during 1921 and 1922, five passenger liners were built for the line at shipyards in the UK. These ships, with names taken from bays in

The s.s Hobson’s Bay was built in 1922 at Barrow-in-Furness. In 1936 her name was changed to Esperance Bay. Photo: The late Allan Green Collection, Victoria

Australia, were the Esperance Bay, the Hobson’s Bay, the Jervis Bay, the Largs Bay and the Moreton Bay. Initially they were designed to carry 720 third-class and 12 first-class passengers but later they were altered to carry about 750 in third class. Four of them were regular callers to Melbourne over more than 30 years.

The Hobson’s Bay berthed at Port Melbourne on her maiden voyage early in the morning of April 7, 1922 with new settlers from the UK. When she departed Melbourne on May 10 for the

return leg of her maiden voyage, she demonstrated the other vital function of the five sisters. As well as providing economical passages to Australia, the liners carried Australian products to the markets of the UK and Europe. The new Hobson’s Bay loaded 5000 tons of cargo, including canned fruit, dried fruit, apples and pears, and carcases of mutton. Her compartments, for the carriage of soft fruit, were filled with grapes and oranges.

The Commonwealth Line failed due to the poor profits earned and

constant industrial disputes. All five passenger ships were sold in 1928 and were operated as the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line. Competition from the faster mail steamers of P&O and Orient Line resulted in the Esperance Bay being transferred to another line in 1936. The name of the Hobson’s Bay was then changed to Esperance Bay.

At the start of World War II, all but the Largs Bay were converted into armed merchant cruisers, with the Jervis Bay beings lost in an epic battle in 1940. The remaining sisters became troop transports and survived the war. These were scrapped from 1955 to 1957.


President, Peninsula Ship Society

T: 9787 5780


The Peninsula Ship Society meets at Hastings Yacht Club at 10am on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except November and December). Visitors are welcome.

Issue 150 MAY 2024 45 ) 111 5-star reviews Text or email your address and Chris will post you a magnet - keep our details handy for your next inspection!

Mornington Community Support Centre senior case worker Yvonne Anderson with founding committee member Margaret McArthur, who recently celebrated 40 years of voluntary service and her 90th birthday. Photo: Tracee Hutchison

Making hard times a little easier

Ben Smith, the CEO of Mornington Community Support Centre, speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about the charity’s mission and the vital services it offers. Tell us about Mornington Community Support Centre.

Opening 40 years ago, we’ve been providing community support to those who need it for generations. Adapting to the various needs over the years, our motto is ‘Community Supporting Community’ and that’s the spirit in which we work.

We serve Mount Eliza, Mornington, Mount Martha and Moorooduc, though we never turn anyone away who needs help. We exist so that anyone experiencing hardship has somewhere to turn, and we live that mission daily.

What kinds of tangible and support services are offered by the centre?

We offer emergency relief, food support, assistance with utilities and connection to other support agencies. Our team offers no-interest loans, which is a life-changer for many. Our on-site café is free for the community to enjoy, serving over 500 meals a week.

We also run the Beach End Op Shop as part of our

fundraising work. For three years we’ve also operated The Ranch motel as a crisis accommodation facility, assisting over 160 people experiencing homelessness.

What role do volunteers play in the functioning of the centre?

Volunteers are our heart, soul and hands. We have a team of over 180 volunteers who collectively offered over 19,000 hours of service last year.

Can you share some success stories or impactful moments?

So much of what we do relates to the small things we don’t often think about. Making sure there is milk in the fridge. Fresh bread in the pantry. Toothpaste for the kids. A bill paid on time to keep the lights on. A community who is there to help your elderly parent navigate sending a text message or reading a letter from a department. Recently we had a woman enrol in our program, which enables people to volunteer to work off a fine. Spending 15 hours in our centre volunteering meant that months of stress, worry and concern about not being able to pay this fine ended and she was able to live freely. It changed her life. This happens on a daily basis when people realise there are others who care about their wellbeing, and it’s all about a compassionate ear and a deep network of support. That and a cup of tea.

How can people get involved or access your services?

Our website – – is often a great place to start, with all our services and current volunteer opportunities listed there. We’d love it if people who are in a position to donate could head there and sign up to a regular monthly donation of whatever they can afford, knowing that every dollar impacts your local community directly.

Café volunteer Anne shares a warm hug and a cuppa with Meeting Room Café regular Celestina. The café is open Monday-Thursday and serves more than 500 free meals a week. Photo: Tracee Hutchison

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MCSC fresh food program volunteers wait for the delivery trucks from SecondBite and OzHarvest. Photo: Tracee Hutchison

Making a splash with Zac’s tank tales peninsula

Dive into the vibrant underwater world of the Mornington Peninsula’s very own teenage coral reef maestro, Zac Curtis. With a fervent curiosity for reef ecology and a knack for underwater chemistry, Zac's journey into the life aquatic has been quite the adventure.

Starting with a modest freshwater tank, Zac soon realised that the colourful world of coral reefs was where the real magic happened. He’s now the proud owner of two tanks: a large 200-litre and a small 52-litre set-up. These underwater wonderlands are home to a bustling community of tropical fish and coral, creating a mesmerising scene straight out of a Pixar movie.

For Zac, the joy of tending to his tanks extends far beyond a hobby; it's a

therapeutic escape into a world of tranquillity and wonder. As he watches the graceful dance of soft coral and the playful antics of his finned friends, he finds solace in the rhythmic ebb and flow of underwater life.

His favourite fish is the coral beauty angelfish, which follows him around the tank and eats out of his hand, and his favourite coral is the colourful and varied zoanthids.

But with the beauty comes responsibility and dedication. Zac must meticulously maintain stable water conditions, monitoring levels of nitrates, phosphates and ammonia. Weekly water tests and regular 20 per cent changes ensure his aquatic inhabitants thrive in a healthy, balanced environment.

Despite Zac's diligent care, he’s had his share of fishy escapades, like the time one adventurous clownfish decided to pull a Finding Nemo and make a break for it through the overflow. Other

Yet amid the trials, Zac's tanks are thriving. He's learnt the ins and outs of coral growth – that some prefer water flow and light more than others – and moves it around to different spots in the tank to help it flourish. He’s also invested in a generator to safeguard them during unforeseen power outages, as tanks can only remain idle for a short time before permanent damage is done.

Feeding time is a spectacle in itself, with fish eagerly gobbling up algae and mysis shrimp like it's a Michelin Star meal, while the coral are treated to a buffet of phytoplankton (microscopic plantlike organisms) and copepods (small crustaceans).

Zac’s top tips for aspiring tank enthusiasts? Take it slow and steady;

research at your local aquarium rather than online; start with a second-hand tank but invest in new equipment; don't rush into adding new fish or coral too quickly; and be aware that it can be an expensive hobby.

As Zac continues to navigate the watery world of his coral reef tanks, each day brings new discoveries, challenges, and many moments of joy.

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RSPCA’s ‘pawpular’ Million Paws Walk returns to Hastings

Fred Smith Reserve in Hastings will be going to the dogs on Sunday, May 26, with the return of the RSPCA's muchloved Million Paws Walk. And this year it’s turning 30.

Families are invited to join their four-legged best mates along with the hundreds of other animal-lovers in supporting the fight against animal cruelty.

Across the state, RSPCA Victoria cares for more than 14,000 animals a year and investigates more than 10,000 reports of animal cruelty. Every dollar raised through Million Paws Walk helps these animals receive much-needed food, shelter, medical attention and love, giving them a second chance at life.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker described the walk as a "truly unique experience" that celebrates the joy of pet ownership. "We're excited to bring communities together to enjoy a great day out with their furry friends," Dr Walker said.

Fred Smith Reserve is one of seven event sites in Victoria, with more than 8000 people and pets expected to take part across the state to support animals in need. Tickets can be bought in advance online at MillionPawsWalk.

Registration at the event opens at 9am, and the 2km or 4km walk will kick off at 11am.

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Show Mum just how much she means to you

We all know mothers should be appreciated every day of the year for all they do, but Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, is the opportunity to make mums feel extra special.

On the following pages you’ll find a range of ideas for showing the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, guardians, pet-mums, and mother figures in your life just how much they mean to you. Not only will you be spoiling Mum, you’ll be supporting our small businesses too.

Whether treating Mum to a special lunch or traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates, it really is the thought that counts.

We also want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a hard time for those without their mums or children. If that’s the case for you, treat yourself in your loved one’s honour.

However you choose to spend it, the team at Mornington Peninsula Magazine wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Classic Mornington Peninsula

Walk or run this Mother’s Day

Sunday 12 May

Pepper’s Moonah Links Resort



14km – 8:00am

7km – 8:15am WALK 7km – 9:00am 14km – 9:30am

Stop breast and ovarian cancers in their tracks.

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scan to register
Entertainment & Food Stalls Gold Partners National Media Partner Major Partner Proceeds to Registrations NOW OPEN

Treat mum this Mother’s Day

Come celebrate this Mother’s Day at 38 SOUTH for breakfast or lunch on Sunday, May 12. We will have a little home-made treat for every mum as a gift from us.

l ‘ C h e yrr ’mossolB
Day cocktai

Mother’s Day tips from a family lawyer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this is a great time to flex your co-parenting muscles, get a tune-up, or seek further advice or assistance if necessary.

If you are the parent celebrating Mother’s Day with the children, you should ideally have a consent order or parenting plan that specifies the arrangements, including the hours you’re having with them. This would also be a wonderful opportunity for you to start value-based traditions with your children in your home, which could include a meal with them, and to start making family memories with photographs of the day that you can frame and hang for the children to see.

If you are the parent not spending the day with the children, you should share their enthusiasm for Mother’s Day and encourage them to make or buy a card or gift for their mum. Talk positively about the other parent in the lead-up to the special

occasion, and never say anything negative or disparaging to the child about the other parent. It is always best for the children to be able to experience what children in non-separated families experience, with value-based family traditions that are positive and loving and they can remember for ever.

We at TML Family Law recommend discussing and confirming any agreements well before the day, and we can help guide you in how to raise these matters and provide options for negotiation and entering into a binding agreement.

DISCLAIMER: the information contained above does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. You should seek legal advice in relation to any particular matter you may have before relying or acting on this information.


A: Mornington, South Yarra, CBD

T: 0400 578 179


INSTA: tmlfamilylaw

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We’re celebrating women, warmth and winter at Yo-Ko Original Boutique.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we invite you to ‘spoil’ the special woman in your life with a beautiful gift of clothing from Yo-Ko Original Boutique, or a gift for her home from Room Trader & Co.

Exciting new stock continues to arrive weekly for our winter season: dresses, pants, tops, knitwear and jackets. What we are seeing are amazing colours ranging from soft neutral earthy tones to rich purples, greens, pinks, mustard, and various shades of blue.

We are also excited by the extensive range of prints both in pants and tops. Our winter pants from Vassalli, with their delicate and bold check prints, are a beautiful fit and so warm for winter. Garments

from Escape by OQ, Orientique, Brakeburn and Rasaleela are exquisite and soft to wear – and fabrics are organic and sustainable. The ever-popular midi dresses from Boho Australia and knitwear from HQ are fun and fabulously priced.

We also have a gorgeous range of accessories this winter, from delicate jewellery from Sezle Co and The Artisan Collection to beanies and locally handknitted scarves. Digital vouchers are available for easy gift-giving. And don’t forget to follow us on our socials.


A: 33 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford

M: 0418 525 872


FB: yokooriginal

INSTA: yokooriginal

Issue 150 MAY 2024 53 ) Beautiful possum/merino garments and accessories are perfect for Mother’s Day. Lots to choose from and sooo warm. An essential on the sporting sideline! Open Mon to Fri 9.30 to 5, Sat 9.30 to 4 & Sun 11 to 3 Shop 7/90 Main St, Mornington | P. 59734233 (Shop located in the walk through mall)
( 54 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine “Stunning! Gorgeous! I am in love with my new Beddie bedding. Super comfortable and beautifully crafted” Use forMAMACode 15% OFF Location: Mornington Racecourse, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington For more info M O R N I N G T O N R A C E C O U R S E M A R K E T A Mother’s Day Special event! SUN 12TH MAY 128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento t: 5984 1765 | m: 0438 537 757 Specialising in antique and newly made jewellery by Melbourne’s top jewellers


When it comes to treating Mum to a sensational meal, you can’t go past Vero Pasta + Wine. This favourite of the Frankston dining scene is committed to providing warm, relaxing and intimate vibes along with the best Italian food in Victoria.

As the seasons change, Vero Pasta + Wine’s talented chefs adjust the menu to include dishes made with freshly harvested seasonal fruits and vegetables to create meals that will not only leave you satisfied but will have running to tell your friends and colleagues. From entrees through to homemade pizzas, pastas,

As Autumn settles in; so has our Autumn menu. Filled with new exciting meals, as well as classics, to warm the body and satisfy the mind.

With MOTHER’S DAY approaching. Nowhere better to celebrate than here with us. It is time to come down to your favourite quaint restaurant and raise a glass to Mothers everywhere!

main meals and mouthwatering housemade desserts, there is something to tempt and delight even the most discerning palate.

Couple the superb range of exceptional fare with the restaurant’s signature teal-coloured brick walls, authentic Italian art, soft music and delightful scenery and you would be hard-pressed to find a better dining experience.

So get Mum out of the kitchen and into Vero Pasta + Wine for a Mother’s Day to remember.


A: 4/18-22 Beach St, Frankston

T: 8752 4209

FB: veropastawine

INSTA: veropastawine

Issue 150 MAY 2024 55 )
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 5pm-Late | Closed Monday 4/18-22 Beach St, Frankston | P: 8752 4209 | Social Media: @veropastawine

Make Mum’s day with Olieve & Olie’s new release

Olieve & Olie are taking the stress out of Mother’s Day gifting this year. Gift natural, stunningly pre-packaged natural skincare to let her know how truly special she is. Their new limited edition Mother’s Day range of luxurious gift packs and gift soaps were created specifically for all the wonderful mums and mother figures out there to encourage them to take some time to pamper themselves.

Their elegant Mother’s Day Gift Soaps are the perfect finishing touch to a gift or a great thoughtful touch with a homemade card. Inside the pillow gift box, you’ll find one of their signature olive oil handmade bar soaps that suit any skin type. Lovingly made in Rosebud, these soaps won’t dry your skin or strip it of its natural oils. Their nourishing soap bars can also be used as a face cleanser and a shampoo bar.

With muted yellow, orange and gold tones in a subtly abstract floral design, the packaging is eye-catching and complements the citrus scent that you’ll love inside thanks to their Lemon Myrtle, Lemon-scented Gum & Poppy Seed being a refreshing blend. Adorning the Lavender, Rose Geranium and Australian Pink Clay Gift Soap is packaging with a similar design, yet this time in warm pink, watermelon and peach hues to complement the captivating scent.

With the same unique packaging design, the Mother’s Day Gift Box is complete with their signature Hand & Body Wash, Hand Cream and Lip Balm. This luxe selection is available in Lavender Rose Geranium or Wild Lemon Myrtle scents.

Let’s dive into the popular products included in these indulgent gift packs. First, their Lip Balm is a must-have for everyone. In both packs, Olieve & Olie have included the Vanilla Lip Balm. These gems are a great base for lipstick and as under-eye cream. Rich in vitamin E, this Lip Balm assists in healing dry and damaged lips.

Second, as the ideal size for Mum’s handbag, their nourishing Hand Cream will soon become her daily staple. This all-natural specially formulated Hand Cream will soothe, protect and restore even the roughest hands. It’s suitable for all skin types and assists in repairing and strengthening nails and cuticles too. Created with Australian cold-pressed olive oil, it has an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin E.

Last but not least is their self-indulgent Hand & Body Wash. This luxe blend will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. It provides a deep cleansing effect while protecting and nourishing your skin. This all-rounder also makes for a lush shampoo and facial cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean, as it puts the moisture back into your skin and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

All that’s left for you to do is choose between the invigorating Wild Lemon Myrtle or the calming Lavender & Rose Geranium Essential Gift Pack and write Mum a heartwarming card – no gift wrapping required. Shop their entire luxe range of skincare and scent solutions at their factory shopfront. Alternatively, visit their website to shop online and find your nearest stockist.

olieveandolie | P. 5982 0992 Factory 7/16-18 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud Images by Willow Creative.

Geonbae’s special

Whether your mum’s a huge fan of Korean cuisine or is yet to sample its delights, Geonbae Frankston has a real treat for her this Mother’s Day. Specialising in Korean barbecue, Geonbae has created a special menu featuring a selection of dishes to satisfy the most discerning devotee and impress those trying it for the first time. There’s a tempting choice of appetisers, including Oriental salad with yuzu dressing, a jumbo black tiger prawn skewer, ssam mixed lettuce, steamed

rice, and banchan, which are small dishes served with rice. The mains include M9+ Wagyu rib finger, M9+ Wagyu scotch fillet, and beef bulgogi, while dessert is ggulhotduck: a mouthwatering Korean pancake with a honey centre, served with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh cream and Korean biscuit, and garnished with strawberries, If it’s your mum’s first time at Geonbae, the friendly staff will help her and her companion diners cook the barbecue at their table, making it a hassle-free dining experience.

Geonbae means ‘cheers’ in Korean, and you can be sure this Mother’s Day menu will leave everyone cheerfully satisfied and already planning their return visit.


A: 4 Kananook Creek Blvd, Frankston

T: 7023 4144


FB: GeonbaeFrankston

INSTA: geonbaefrankston

Issue 150 MAY 2024 57 ) 5/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza P. 5909 0995 Free pair of earrings when you spend $129 on Najo jewellery 4 Kananook Creek Boulevard, Frankston. Ph: 7023 4144 Celebrate Mother’s Day at Geonbae with a unique dining experience
menu for special mums


Education Week is an annual celebration of education in Victoria. This year, Education Week runs from May 13-17 and the theme is STEM, a chance for schools to celebrate and share how they bring science, technology, engineering, and maths to life.

Education Week is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, higher education providers, and early childhood education and care services to celebrate education in Victoria.

In this special feature, Mornington Peninsula Magazine showcases education for all ages, highlighting our wonderful schools, early learning centres, training facilitators and other aspects of learning and study to make it easier for you to choose the right options for your children or yourself.

We invite you to explore the following six pages to find out more about the incredible range of services we have on the Mornington Peninsula and in Greater Frankston.


Let your children have the time of their lives

Frankston Beach Sanctuary of Early Learning is the newest in a set of established early learning services on the Peninsula. Situated along Kananook Creek, this coastal-style centre portrays the same philosophy and values of its sister centres Mount Eliza, Frankston and Seaford House. This state-ofthe-art centre is opening this year and has spaces available.

Are you an experienced Carpenter and have never got around to being registered or licenced?
Mandatory VBA registration is coming. Well now is the time!

Frankston Beach is committed to providing a vibrant and flexible environment that supports learning and responds to the interests and abilities of each child. The program includes sustainability principles and a health and wellbeing focus, with a strong belief that children are connected to the wider community and environment. A balance of indoor and outdoor experiences is provided within the service’s natural landscape and through the Beach and Bush Kinder program.

The play-based program provides opportunities for children to grow, discover, create and imagine. Children are acknowledged as capable, competent and co-contributors who actively participate in their own learning.

The inclusive program recognises the individual learning styles of all children, and it values families for their unique contributions to the centre community. The intention is to support children to be kind, respectful and confident contributors to their community and the world.

The experienced and knowledgeable educators are committed to providing a warm, nurturing environment that recognises childhood as a very special and important time.


A: 366-368 Nepean Highway, Frankston

T: 9781 4600


With mandatory VBA registration on its way, there is no time to waste. Trade Registered offers a comprehensive and reliable service that will make sure you get registered and licenced quickly and easily.

Our experienced team of trade registration and licensing professionals will support you every step of the way to achieve the registration and licence you know you need.

We provide a proven process and provide you with ongoing support throughout the

duration of our service.

There is no need to understand industry regulations and requirements, we’ve got your back!

Don't waste any more time doing jobs you know you probably shouldn't be doing because you don't have the proper credentials.

Register now with Trade Registered and be one step closer to being registered and recognised for the professional you are, before mandatory VBA registration.

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for a no-obligation chat to assess your suitability 9975 4858
366-368 Nepean Highway P. 9781 4600 Enrol Now Committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure a full balanced development for each child in our expansive, natural learning environment. Enquire today OPENING SOON!

As the highest performing secondary school on the Mornington Peninsula, we will continue to work tirelessly to develop and consolidate the many exemplary educational programs on offer.

With outstanding facilities, a committed professional staff and a caring school community, students are challenged to explore their interests and talents to achieve their personal best. Tours available Tuesday mornings at 9:30am. Please phone 5987 2805 for bookings.

Leap Testing

Saturday 17 August 2024 at 9:00am

Online applications May 2024 via our website -

Go to or scan the QR Code to book your tour of our College. Tours of the college are held Tuesday mornings, limited spaces available.

“lessons come from the journey, not the
110 Harrisons Road Dromana VIC 3936 (Access via Old Whitehill Rd) • (03) 5987 2805

Students given flexibility to perform at their best

Haileybury Pangea is Victoria’s first private fully online school for Years 5 to 12, with the average school week comprising live instruction, prepared video content and selfpaced tasks, assessments and one-on-one or small group-based time with subject teachers.

For elite sports or performing arts students, Haileybury Pangea provides much-needed flexibility. Several students are elite athletes aiming for national and international titles, and some have already represented their country. Other talented young sports stars are on a professional trajectory, aiming for Olympic gold.

From basketball to snowboarding to soccer, dedicated athletes are enrolling at Haileybury Pangea so they can balance their sporting commitments with academic study.

“Many students want choice in how they learn because of their life outside school,” said the head of Haileybury

Pangea, Joanna Baker. “They find it difficult to juggle those commitments within the traditional school timetable.”

While classes must be attended and assignments must be completed, students complete work when they are most focused, and fit their work around training, performances and competitions.

With learning resources available online 24/7, students can access information whenever they need it.

“Haileybury Pangea removes barriers and creates flexibility while providing the quality education that Haileybury is renowned for,” Joanna said.


A: 138 High St, Berwick

A: 120 South Rd, Brighton East

A: 383 King St, West Melbourne

A: 855 Springvale Rd, Keysborough

T: 9904 6000


FB: haileyburyschool

INSTA: haileyburyschool

Victoria’s first private online school.

Where can you access a world-class education, along with a whole world of possibilities? Anywhere in Victoria, now that Haileybury Pangea has arrived. It’s a uniquely rewarding online learning experience – where brilliant teachers guide you through Years 5-12. Where bright young minds can learn just how they like – so they can take their futures anywhere they want.

Issue 150 MAY 2024 61 )

Friday, 17th & Tuesday, 21st May 9:00am – 1:00pm

Twilight Open

Wednesday 29th May 5:00pm – 6:30pm

( 62 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine CONVERSATION CLASSES PRIVATE TUITION GROUP CLASSES Building bridges between cultures 14/1140 Nepean Hwy, Mornington | P. 0401 332 230 EDUCATION & TRAINING SPECIAL FEATURE Inspiring minds at St. Mary’s PH 5979 1959 for more information Open Days 2024 15th May: 9-1pm 20th May: 9-1pm 5th June: 4.30 - 6pm
OPEN DAYS Contact Us 03 5983 9374 NATIONAL STEM AWARD WINNER 2022 & 2023


Little Grasshoppers is a family owned and operated business boasting 4 locations across the Peninsula with a state of the art 5th Centre opening in Mt Eliza this year.


- Music & Movement - Sport & Wellbeing - OUR WORLD

- Community Engage

child in our Bright Minds Program: - STEM
The Little Grasshoppers Group - Providing peace of mind on the Peninsula since 1991. Mornington, Main St & Parwan Cres, Moorooduc, Somerville, Mt Eliza Coming Soon 5978 0808

arts events leisure

( 64 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
Jackie Green wears her hand-painted Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, Ferragamo Joy. Charlie Nanos created his minimalist Mulberry Beach design on a Mulberry Lily mini handbag.

Peninsula artists’ success is in the bag

What happens to a handbag when it reaches the end of its practical life?

If it’s lucky, it’s reborn as a striking piece of art.

ArtBag x Bagsamoré is a Byron Bay-based handbag restoration service where Australian artists get to show off their work through eco-friendly fashion. Each is given a restored handbag to use as a canvas, and the finished works are sold by Bagsamoré. The artists can also create custom art on customers' handbags.

Mornington Peninsula artists Charlie Nanos and Jackie Green are the latest artists to have taken advantage of the initiative, each turning a handbag into something really special.

“I first came across Charlie’s work on Instagram, and serendipitously he also found ArtBag at the same time and messaged me about the concept,” said founder Freya Bass. “His work is very funky, painting scenes around Melbourne in an illustrative style with strong black lines and bold colours. I sent Charlie the Mulberry Lily mini, which he

chose from our bag catalogue along with a variety of leather paints. He then adorned the bag with his artwork. This minimalist design works so well on the bag, turning it into a unique piece of art called Mulberry Beach, which you can find on the Bagsamoré website.

“I then had the honour of working with Jackie, whose work I have been admiring for a while,” Freya said. “Her abstract style really caught my eye and was something I wanted so much to see on a bag. She hand-painted our Salvatore Ferragamo, layering it in specialist leather paints, creating texture and hidden messages within the painting. It really is magical to look at, and every time I see that bag, I find something new that I did not notice before. This bag, called Ferragamo Joy, can also be found on the website."

Freya said ArtBag x Bagsamoré was constantly expanding its network of artists. “(Our goal is) to have someone there for everyone and help to brighten up the world of second-hand bags, turning them into unique works of art and giving people the ability to express their individual style and personality through art.”

Issue 150 MAY 2024 65 )
Charlie Nanos

Emerging artist is living the dream

There was a time when Stacey Mrmacovski thought she would never realise her dream of becoming an artist. A decade later, she’s fast emerging as a real talent to watch.

“I think if your heart truly wants something, it will find a way,” Stacey said. “While on maternity leave, I thought to myself, ‘This is it’. I had to go for it. From my first group show where I entered a painting of my son, people started reaching out to me asking if I could paint for them, and about a year later I had the confidence to quit my job and pursue art full-time.

“I didn’t have any connections to the art world when I started, and developing a following was a grind. However, my love for painting kept me going and social media really helped me get my work out there. During this early stage of my career, Manyung Gallery saw my work and offered me my first group show, and our relationship has gone from strength to strength to this day.”

Stacey said she was fascinated with art from a young age. “I drove my parents wild with new designs on my walls and furniture. I even drank Dad’s painting turps as a toddler – so you can say painting is in my blood. My Nan, who was a wonderful painter, was very patient with me and started training me in oil paints and watercolour from the age of six, and by the time I was a teenager I was a confident painter.

“Now I look back and can say I have been fortunate enough to have been in many exhibitions and have works hanging in homes across Australia and around the world. I still feel like I am in the beginning of my journey and know each year brings new opportunities to share my passion.’’

Stacey’s preferred medium is oiI – “I think it provides a rawness and honesty like no other medium” – and her style is a mix between expressionism and impressionism. Her intention is to create a sense of place that is suggestive and inviting, allowing for interaction and imagination from the viewer.

And her philosophy? “To be true to yourself and to see the beauty in life. It is a simple philosophy, and I have truly learnt these two things that are the key to happiness in art and life.”


( 66 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
A: 113
Rd, Sorrento A: 37 Cook St, Flinders A: 54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza A: U6, 35 Progress St, Mornington A: 6-10 Claremont Ave, Malvern T: 9787 2953 all sites W:
Ocean Beach

Superb paintings by Stacey Mrmacovski

‘Between Now And Then’

This exhibition features twelve new works presented at Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza.

Please visit and meet Stacey on the Opening Day from 11am Saturday, May 11. Exhibition runs to Saturday, May 25.

“Between Now And Then is an exploration between presence and memory, and the powerful unison of these themes coming together. What I find so incredibly magic about painting is the act itself creates this cathartic duality, where memory and the present moment can coexist and when stepping back from the work I realise before me, paint has created a landscape before my own eyes.”

54 Mt Eliza Way

Please open QR code to view the catalogue or contact Kim and Ellie on Ph/text 0473 003 479

This is hard to beat

If you’re wondering how to make your child’s next birthday party a huge hit, look no further than Power of Percussion.

Power of Percussion is a Mornington Peninsulabased business that offers drumming parties for children, allowing them to explore and play a diverse range of percussion instruments that are delivered to the party’s location. The children will be guided through a small workshop on how to play the instruments, after which they’ll be able to relish the enjoyment of performing for you with their friends.

But why should the young ones have all the fun? Power of Percussion also has a fantastic adults program to promote fitness, mobility and coordination. A selection of African, Cuban and Japanese drums will be brought to community centres, retirement villages and

aged care centres across the Peninsula for an awesome drum circle cardio workout.

Have you ever felt the healing power and sheer joy that comes with playing hand pan drums?

Perhaps you’re a devotee of hand pan drum circles/henges. Playing the hand pan drum allows individuals to experience profound relaxation, mindfulness, emotional release and connections with others. Power of Percussion will bring hand pan drums to you, thus creating a drum henge of wellbeing vibes for all to enjoy in your own stress-free environment.

So whether you’re looking for some novel party fun, a way to keep fit or a wonderful means of relaxation, Power of Percussion is your answer. Check out the website for details or email




INSTA: powerofpercussion

a party of maximum 30 children. Add something unique +$150 to include 7 hand pan drums, allow 30 minutes additional playing time.

( 68 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Want something different? Power of Percussion is your answer. Book your Child’s birthday party with us! Djembe,
6 key Marimba, various shakers/bells, and
Book your Hand Pan Drum circles/henges with us! Book your Drum Circle Cardio Workout with us! All prices are for 1.5 hour playing time, for locations on the Mornington Peninsula only. $30 per person – minimum 7 people. Contact: | | @powerofpercussion We are not therapists, we are drumming facilitators | Certification held in African Drumming Facilitation, level 1 and 2
Congas, Kinkini, Sangban, Dun,
6 Hesse St, Queenscliff Open daily 10.30 – 4.30 pm Closed Tuesday and Wednesday E: • • M: 0428 998 863 P: 5258 3645 SEAVIEW GALLERY
Christine Robinson Lucila Zentner Kate Smith Sara Paxton Paul Margocsy Thom Kadera Paul Evans Irene Majer

Heirlooms and antiques valued for free

Do you have a family heirloom that you’re curious to learn more about? Looking for advice on how to care for a cherished antique?

Inspired by the popular British TV show Antiques Roadshow, Our Stories is a free event that aims to bring experts, collectors and curious onlookers together under one roof. It’s on Saturday, May 18, from 10am-4pm at the Peninsula Community Theatre in Mornington and is billed as a must-see for anyone interested in antiques or the history of the Mornington Peninsula.

You can book a free five-minute appointment with a valuer or conservator at OurStories before bringing an item to be valued or for some conservation advice from an expert. The day will

open with a Welcome to Country and speech from the Bunurong Land Council, followed by talks from guest speakers Monica Cronin, Sherryn Vardy and Anne Rowland.

Our Stories

Do you love Antiques Roadshow?

Inspired by the popular television show, ‘Our Stories: sharing the past, connecting community’, is a free event that showcases the history of the Mornington Peninsula.

Come along to:

• Browse stalls and collections by local historical societies and the National Trust

• Listen to guest speakers

• Get valuation or restoration advice from one of our experts (bookings required)

• View the ever-popular touring exhibition, 'Postcards from the Mornington Peninsula', presented by the Local History Network.

There will be stalls and collections curated by the historical societies and museums that make up the Mornington Peninsula Local History Network and by the National Trust. Relics from a bygone era will be on display, you’ll discover what the Peninsula looked like the past and be able to chat with members who will share their knowledge. Postcards from the Mornington Peninsula, a touring exhibition presented by the network, will also be on show, and a coffee cart will be available for refreshments.

So if you have a suspected treasure stashed away in the attic or some old family photographs that have seen better days, Our Stories can help shed some light on your item or give you advice on how to restore it to its former glory.

Our Stories is part of the National Trust's Australian Heritage Festival.

Saturday 18 May 2024, 10am - 4pm Peninsula

Community Theatre

This event is part of the National Trust’s Australian Heritage Festival

( 72 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
91 Wilsons Road, Mornington
Safety Beach Boat Hire owner Mrs Milner, circa 1940s. Photo: Dromana and District Historical Society

Embark on a journey to the skies with the Arthurs Seat Eagle – a breathtaking experience that promises to elevate your senses and leave you spellbound. Soaring to the highest point on the Mornington Peninsula, the Eagle offers a unique way to appreciate the stunning beauty of the region, providing an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all ages.

As you ascend in the fully accessible, state-of-the-art gondolas, prepare to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. At the Eagle, every moment is special, whether you're seeking a romantic escapade, a family adventure, or simply a tranquil retreat. Relax in the comfortable, all-weather gondolas, equipped with large windows for optimal viewing, and let the serene ambience envelop you. Every journey aboard the Eagle is an opportunity to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Step into the extraordinary as you explore the diverse flora and fauna of Arthurs Seat State Park. Take a leisurely stroll along one of the many walking trails,

then indulge in something delicious from the Eagle café, soaking in the atmosphere on the expansive outdoor deck. Whether it's a gourmet snack or a refreshing beverage, the café offers a delightful culinary experience amid the natural splendour of the surroundings.

After satisfying your appetite, immerse yourself in the unique shopping experience in the Eagle's curated retail spaces. Discover a diverse range of locally produced artisan crafts and souvenirs. From handmade toys to beautifully crafted gifts, there's something for everyone to treasure as a memento of their visit.

Whether you're a local looking for a weekend getaway or a tourist seeking new horizons, the Eagle promises a world-class experience unlike any other. Book your tickets now and discover why Arthurs Seat Eagle is truly "every bit special".


A: 795 Arthurs Seat Rd, Dromana

T: 5987 0600


FB: ArthursSeatEagle

INSTA: arthursseateagle

What’s On across the Peninsula and Frankston


Wine & Cheese Experience: 11am-3pm daily, Crittenden, 25 Harrisons Road, Dromana; Share in an exquisite Wine and Cheese Experience where you will discover how a bite of cheese paired with the right wine can transform your sense of flavour and enjoyment. To book, visit or email: winecentre@crittendenwines. or phone 5987 3800

Upload your event or activity FOR FREE online only OR $66 with image in print AND online P: 9708 8222 or use QR code

Two Deep Breaths: 5.30-7.30pm, Beleura House & Garden, Mornington; Richard Vaudrey (Cello) and Ashley Hribar (Piano) form a formidable creative partnership. With international performance careers and a shared versatility in music making they have created a fresh new classical ambient style, versatile in its appeal. Pre-Show drinks and Canapes are part of the show package. Concession $58/Full Price $63; twodeepbreaths/


Sunset with the kangaroos: 5-6pm, Seawinds Garden, Purves Road, Arthurs Seat; Join us at Seawinds to meet some of our local treasures, the resident mob of kangaroos. Learn about the habits of this iconic Australian marsupial, and the threats it faces. Take a stroll with us and watch the antics of the Seawinds mob. Please RSVP to;


Mother’s Day Classic: starting 8am, Peppers Moonah Links Resort, 55 Peter Thompson Drive, Fingal; every year, thousands of Australians come together on Mother’s Day to get active for breast cancer research; join us at Moonah Links Resort for fun run, food stalls, DJ and kids face painting;


Mornington Racecourse Market: 9am-2pm, Mornington Racecourse, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington; A makers market, where everything sold is hand made, home made, home grown or Australian designed. Dining options are aplenty with street food vendors serving up delicious take away food. Relax on the lawn and enjoy live music while you tuck in. Parking $5. Please no dogs. mornington


RSPCA Million Paws Walk: 9am-2pm, Fred Smith Reserve, Hastings; families are invited to join their four-legged best mates along with hundreds of other animal-lovers in supporting the fight against animal cruelty.


( 74 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
more listings online
click on What’s On tab
Proudly supported by:

homage to the golden era of entertainment

Tenori’s trio of powerhouse singers are bringing classics from the worlds of opera, music theatre and jazz to the Frankston Arts Centre in September.

Frankston Arts Centre has unveiled a sparkling line-up for series two of the Daytime Music Theatre series for 2024, with a focus on the golden era of entertainment. The uplifting program was recently unveiled to audiences at a launch hosted by Chris McKenna from Promac Productions.

Highlights from the upcoming series include a celebration of the legendary partnership between musical maestros Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein on August 9.

Tenori stars a trio of powerhouse singers who met while touring with The Ten Tenors, promising a mix of the classics from the worlds of opera, music theatre and jazz on September 6.

A Musical Life features Bonnie Lee Galea and her jazz quartet in a lively tribute to the music of Nina Simone on October 4.

One of Australia's best-loved divas, Antoinette Halloran, invites audiences to bathe in the melodic splendours of opera's greatest moments with Runaway Diva on November 8.

Winding up another fantastic year of Daytime Music Theatre shows will be A Christmas Special on December 13 – a sensational Christmas celebration starring Roy Best, Michelle Fitzmaurice and Chris


Daytripper Tours, a Mornington company, proudly steps in as the latest sponsor for Daytime Music at Frankston Arts Centre. With a mutual passion for providing the over-60s audience with entertaining and hassle-free outings, this partnership promises to enhance the experience for all attendees.

Tickets to all performances are now available at thefac. or on 9784 1060.


A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston

T: 9784 1060


FB: FrankstonArtsCentre INSTA: the_fac

Issue 150 MAY 2024 75 )

health, beauty, fashion

Joy and sadness inspire poetry collection

Mornington Peninsula writer M.K. Standby dug deep into her past for her new book Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains. Described in a press release as “a debut poetry collection exploring the impact of connection on self-perception and identity”, Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is a collection of “non-traditional prose, using a free verse structure and a unique voice to redefine the boundaries of modern poetry”.

“Blended with an appreciation of nature, particularly that of unkempt or abandoned spaces, the collection draws parallels between the natural and emotional facets of life,” the release said.

Creating beautiful smiles on the Peninsula for over 30 years

Standby said the writing in Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains was inspired by the happiest and saddest moments of her life, which she experienced in her early 20s. Writing the book helped her interpret and understand a new stage of life that consisted of navigating new and complex relationships with romantic partners, friends and family.

“Writing felt very natural to me, and often I would scribble on any loose pieces of paper that happened to be close to hand – ripped-out journal pages, displaced paperwork and old receipts – to document certain moments and feelings,” she said. “When the time came to bring together the poetry and organise it into what now comprises the collection, it felt like flipping through a scrapbook of my memories.

“Heartache tends to be a very isolating experience, and one of the reasons that I find poetry to be so magical is that it reminds you that there are lots of people experiencing it alongside you.”

Specialist orthodontic care for children, teens and adults.

Highly experienced staff providing first class care, guidance and support to families and individuals on their orthodontic journey.

Expertise in: braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, digital orthodontics, removable & fixed functional appliances

( 76 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
free payment
new smile today. 13 Beach St, Frankston 9783 4511
No Referral Required - Interest

Prepare for winter training

It's important to be mindful of your physical wellbeing and training potential ahead of the cooler months. Winter training definitely has its benefits, with many studies proving it can boost your immunity and provide a greater cardiovascular workout as well as having the potential to burn more calories.

However, when exercising or training in the cold, your muscles, tendons and ligaments don’t have the usual quickness or elasticity. What that means is we are all at higher risk of strains, pulls, tears and other types of injury. Cold weather can also exacerbate existing injuries by causing an already bothersome muscle or tendon to tense up, tighten or even tear.

Starting with a thorough warm-up routine before exercising in the cold is one of the most dependable ways to protect your muscles and joints from injury. Be sure to always try to keep your muscles safe by doing some light cardio and dynamic stretches to get your blood flowing before diving into more intense physical activity. It is equally, if not more, important to see a physician or physiotherapist to treat any existing ailments to ensure you maintain optimum health and fitness.

Don't let any muscle or body aches hold you back this winter. Based in Frankston, The Sports Injury Clinic focuses on improving clients’ health performance and overall wellbeing with physiotherapy, myotherapy, Pilates, remedial massage and podiatry services. Prepare for the best version of you with The Sports Injury Clinic.


A: 365-367 Nepean Highway, Frankston

T: 9783 9990


FB: TSICPeninsula INSTA: 77 )

Understanding tai chi through firsthand experience

Despite being hundreds of years old, tai chi remains something of an enigma because of its complex nature.

The mystery of tai chi lies in its blend of martial arts, meditation and holistic health practices as well as its rich cultural and philosophical traditions. It embodies the principles of balance, harmony and flow. It requires slow, deliberate movements that are designed to cultivate internal energy and promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Furthermore, tai chi's origins are shrouded in legend and myth. According to tradition, tai chi was created by the Taoist sage Zhang Sanfeng, who was inspired by a battle between a snake and a crane. Legend has it that he developed tai chi as a

means of promoting health, longevity and spiritual cultivation.

Another element contributing to the mystery of tai chi is its reputed health benefits. Tai chi has been associated with a wide range of improvements in physical and mental health, including better balance, flexibility and strength, and reduced stress. Research has shown that regular tai chi practice can lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance overall quality of life. Because of its complex nature, the best way to understand this ancient form of exercise and mindful practice is to experience it firsthand.


T: 0418 566 216


FB: risingmoontaichi

INSTA: risingmoontaichi


( 78 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine MainStreet EyeCare Shop 7, 68 Barkly St, Mornington | P. 5975 3235
Enjoy the calmness and stillness of tai chi while gently exercising the body and the brain. For more information call 0418 566 216 or visit Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Classes held in Mt Martha and Somerville 6 days a week Beginners through to advanced levels All welcome 1/3 Merino St, Rosebud (behind Bunnings) P: 03 5988 9070 inditribecollective CLOSING DOWN END OF LEASE FINALDAYS
Learn Tai Chi

Education vital in keeping sexually active adolescents safe

Body Quality Myotherapy

In Australia, it’s reported that almost 75 per cent of people aged 14-18 report having had an intimate relationship, while almost 50 per cent of people aged 16-18 report having engaged in sexual intercourse. It’s also known that adolescents are the age group least likely to use the most reliable forms of contraceptive.

Adolescents are at increased risk of unintended pregnancy compared with people in older age groups, making it vital that they have access to education and advice on effective contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections as a part of comprehensive medical care.

Knowledge is power. Empowering young people to have access to correct information is key to equipping them to make good choices around

their sexual and reproductive health. Discussing contraception does not increase the likelihood of them seeking early sexual experiences, and it fosters a safe space for them to ask questions about all things related to sexual health and how to navigate this safely.

Ensuring young people have autonomy over their reproduction is paramount to lowering the teenage pregnancy rate in Australia.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives such as the Implanon, a small plastic rod the size of a matchstick that is inserted into the skin of the upper arm, are the most safe and effective methods of contraception, with high satisfaction rates and continuation rates.

Talking to a GP ensures a safe and confidential space where adolescents can access information about keeping themselves safe and they can establish a trusting relationship with a healthcare provider.

High Class Healing

( 80 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
Jaki Fraser Advanced Diploma Myotherapy Bachelor Degree Nutrition Diploma of Fitness and Rehabilitation Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy Body Quality will help you with your body maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration Mobile Myotherapy • 0422 210 933
Remedial, Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Cupping, TENS, Stretching, Rock Taping/Strapping, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy (Pre/Postnatal) and Relaxation.
For further information see the HIGH_CLASS_HEALING Instagram page or SMS/call Jesse James on 0481 598 501
relaxation styled massage tailored for Women and Couples. Specialising in spirituality and sensuality of embracing femininity. Mobile at your home or at our Peninsula based Salon. Indulge in this blissful massage experience that is offered by no one else in Melbourne! Melt away into the table for a choice of 45/60/90mins of treatment sessions. Every appointment is tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Aries: The planets are lined up in the personal income section of your Solar Chart, calling for an annual audit of your finances. It’s time to make practical decisions based on your values. It may be time to use your rainy-day funds, or to find ways to boost your personal wealth.

Taurus: May starts in Taurus season, sparking celebrations of a personal nature. This could be your birthday, but it can also be the celebration of a very personal achievement. This is your ‘me, myself and I’ month. Your social life may also take a serious turn, with an older friend upsetting the balance.

Gemini: Inactivity is not a word usually linked to Gemini, but May is your annual ‘recharge the batteries’ month. So if ever you were to slow down, then now is the time. Working behind the scenes is another possibility, withdrawing to focus on a cherished project.

Cancer: This month you get by with a little help from your friends. You are celebrating your community through friendships new and old, and groups and clubs. An important connection is likely to be formed in May, one that helps you see your destiny more clearly.

Leo: You shine in your profession. Recognition comes for your achievements in your career. This is because

• Clinical

• Emotional Freedom

• Mindfulness Skills

• Stress,

• Chronic

people in high places note your reputation and reward your efforts. You are also likely to get a chance to speak publicly, write or travel as a result of your experience in the workplace.

Virgo: Foreign countries are highlighted in May. This could be because you are travelling, or perhaps you have friends or relatives visiting. It’s also possible that you immerse yourself in a study course, film festival or cultural or religious events with overseas connections. Teaching and study are also highlighted.

Libra: “Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for them.” This saying is likely to be front and centre in your mind this month. This is because the planets are linked up in the 8th House of your Solar Chart, which deals with birth, death, taxes and other people’s money.

Scorpio: Relationships are the focus. This could be your connection with a significant partner or possibly a business associate. Money matters are likely to be a key factor as you make a big decision or your financial situation shifts. Taurus season opens a door with new opportunities to enhance your closest unions.

Sagittarius: Changes are afoot at work. This is not your

Gayle, therapist, author and trainer has 18 years experience with helping people from all walks of life. Would you like to feel like you are thriving rather than just surviving?

profession, but rather your workday life. It’s possible that your workplace is shifting, with office rearrangements and workers coming and going. Or it’s you who makes a move. Co-workers may surprise you, offering support or stepping away from a toxic situation.

Capricorn: Organisation consultant Marie Kondo suggests ways to minimise mess by arranging material items according to whether they “spark joy” or not. This is your month to be creative and to assess all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters on the basis of whether they spark joy or not.

Aquarius: Household expenses come under scrutiny. Something or someone may have blown the budget. For instance, an unexpected maintenance job may have triggered your concerns. Or perhaps you just have a feeling that it’s time to focus on the general living expenses of your household on a per-person basis.

Pisces: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the long-running Aussie TV series Neighbours was true to life, with everyone getting along well, more or less, and helping and supporting each other? This may be the case for you this month. However, it’s also possible that disputes with neighbours need to be resolved.

Issue 150 MAY 2024 81 ) Stephanie is an experienced Astrologer and regular contributor to Mornington Peninsula Magazine. P: 0411 2555 77 may STARS
Is it your TIME TO THRIVE? Our local TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH walks her talk!
Health & Lifestyle Coaching
Techniques (EFT)
anxiety & emotional regulation
Food & Weight Issues
Contact Gayle on 0414 714 644 |

Expo to help connect seniors with services

On May 24 I will host my first Flinders Seniors Expo at the Peninsula Community Theatre in Mornington.

The seat of Flinders is one of the oldest electorates in the country, the oldest in Victoria and fifth oldest overall. More than 40 per cent of our residents are over 55, which produces particular needs for aged care, health care, and a broader set of support services than other areas require.

It is within this context that I am hosting my inaugural Seniors Expo to help connect the good folk of the Mornington Peninsula to services they may need and to our many community groups and supports, but also to invite a range of speakers to address residents on important issues like scamming, elder abuse, retirement residences’ responsibilities, and the full spectrum of aged care services.

Our line-up of services that will be present to meet residents and talk through their offerings include banks, health care including physiotherapy, mobility, hearing and vision, technology, financial advisers and

wealth management, in-home care providers, and our local community groups like Rotary and Probus, as well as my favourite: Boomer Life Coaching.

This will provide an opportunity to talk with services across the spectrum over a cup of tea and scone thanks to the Country Women’s Association.

The event will be held on Friday, May 24, from 10am4pm at the Peninsula Community Theatre, 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington. And entry is completely free without the need to register.

I look forward to seeing you there.

ZOE McKENZIE, Flinders federal Liberal MP

A: Unit 1/49 Eramosa Road West, Somerville T: 5977 9082


FB: ZoeMcKenzieFlinders

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How to know when your business needs a new accountant

As your business evolves, so do your financial needs. What once worked with your small business accountant may now be holding you back. Here are five signs it might be time to consider upgrading to a larger, more specialised accounting firm such as Smart Business Solutions:

1. If your business is expanding steadily or quickly, or you’re ready to make that happen, you need an accounting team that can keep up. We have the resources, experienced professionals, and a range of services to support your growth plans effectively.

2. Small business accountants are great for basic transactions. But if your business deals with mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, investments, or expansion, staffing or operational issues, you need specialised expertise.

3. Tax compliance can get complicated as your business grows. We can help you take a strategic approach to tax planning and stay compliant with changing laws.

4. Small business accountants may not provide the in-depth insights you need for strategic decision-making. We offer advanced reporting and analytics to help you plan for long-term success.

5. You’re in business to create a lifestyle that suits you and to create wealth. You need a team with a long-term view on your business to help you capitalise on wealth-building, advising with smarter business structures, financial advisory and client education to ensure you know what you’re aiming for and how to get there.

Recognising these signs is crucial for the evolution of your company. If you’re ready to step up your business in the new financial year, contact Smart Business Solutions for a complimentary 30-minute discovery meeting to see how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


A: 328 Main St, Mornington

T: 5911 7000



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Issue 150 MAY 2024 83 ) GROUP Accounting & Taxation Financial Planning Mortgage Broking CFO Services | Business Advisory | SMSF Specialists Have you outgrown your accountant? Level 1, 328 Main Street, Mornington VIC T (03) 5911 7000 SCAN TO BOOK A FREE 30-MIN DISCOVERY MEETING

Family law firm built on a culture of care and honesty

Vic Rajah Family Lawyers takes immense pride in providing quality family law solutions to its Peninsula-based clients. Established in 1980, the firm is one of the oldest specialist family law practices to operate on the Mornington Peninsula.

The firm’s values – professionalism, quality, service and respect –underpin a legal practice built on a culture of care and honesty. Each client is treated with dignity and compassion and given clear direction about the cost and presentation of their case. The firm exclusively handles all aspects of family law, including parenting arrangements, property settlements, pre-nuptial agreements, family violence and child support.

The Mount Eliza based team is spearheaded by Special Counsel, Helen Roach, an experienced family lawyer who has worked on the Peninsula for many years. Senior Associate, Kate Barker and Family Lawyer, Sarah Kettunen are also available to assist clients.

Firm Principal, Vic Rajah, a well-known and highly respected accredited family law specialist who started his family law practice on the Peninsula in 2003, takes immense pride in his team. “Helen, Kate and Sarah bring a wealth of experience to our firm and live and breathe our ethos,” Vic said. “Clients are our No.1 priority, and I can assure them they are in safe hands with any of our lawyers.”

Helen Roach has her own perspective. “Living on the Mornington Peninsula has allowed me to invest heavily in my local community and to make strong personal and professional connections. I have worked closely with Vic and the team for eight years and am really impressed by the care we show to our clients and the fact that we get to know them and their unique circumstances. This allows us to map out a tailored game plan.”

All of the firm’s practitioners are involved in the Mornington Peninsula Lawyers’ Association and the firm is a proud sponsor of Seaford Football Club and Tyabb Football Club in the MPNFL. Later in the year, Vic Rajah Family Lawyers will host a charity football match to support local charity, Mums Supporting Families in Need.

Kate Barker started at the firm as a law clerk in her final year of law school and last year was appointed a Senior Associate, recognising her solutions-focused and empathetic approach. “Working with the team for the past six years has been fantastic,” she said. “I have learnt so much from Vic and Helen and I take great pride in helping my clients navigate challenging circumstances and seeing them through to a better place.”

Sarah Kettunen, the newest recruit to the Peninsula team, has been with the firm for two years and works closely with Vic. “I know I am being trained by the best and this has helped me to have the confidence to give clear and practical advice to my clients,” she said. “I love the Mount Eliza and wider Peninsula community.”

Anyone requiring family law assistance can contact practice manager Libby Vandenberg on 9781 4222 to discuss their needs and to link up with Helen, Kate or Sarah.

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A: 1-3 Davies Ave, Mount Eliza T: 9781 4222 W:


We try to confirm all markets with organisers before publication. However, we are not responsible for late changes.


Dromana Indoor Market: 80+ indoor stalls & hairdresser; 110 Nepean Highway (down from Aldi); 10am-5pm


Main St, Mornington: between Cromwell & Albert streets; 9am-3pm


Bittern Sunday Market: Bittern Railway Station, Frankston-Flinders Road, Bittern; 8am-1pm


Red Hill Community Market: Red Hill Recreation Reserve; 8am-2pm


Boneo Lions Club Sunday Market: First Sunday of month, Rosebud foreshore opp Fourth Ave; 7am-1pm


Crib Point Community Market: indoor & outdoor stalls, Cribby Koala treasure hunt for kids; Crib Point Community House, 7 Park Rd; second Saturday of month, 9am-1pm

Rosebud Community School: 120+ stalls, handmade and new items, produce and plants, second Saturday of month, Nepean Highway (old carnival site on Rosebud foreshore opp 7-Eleven); 8am-1pm


Mornington Racecourse Craft Market: 300+ stalls, festive atmosphere, delicious eats; Racecourse Rd, 9am-2pm


Boneo Community Market: third Saturday of the month, cnr Boneo and Limestone roads, 8am- noon


Shoreham Community Market: community-based gathering connecting people through hand grown, made and gathered; 67-85 Byrnes Road, Shoreham; 10am-2pm


Dromana Community Market: family-friendly experience, fresh seasonal produce & locally crafted products; Dromana Community Park, Point Nepean Rd; 8am-1.30pm


Mt Eliza Farmers’: Mount Eliza Village Green; fourth Sunday of month, 9am-1pm

To view more markets, scan QR code or go to our website

IF YOU RUN A MARKET you can be listed online for free, go to website or email

Issue 150 MAY 2024 85 ) 9am - 1pm 4th Sunday of each month Cnr Mt Eliza Way & Canadian Bay Rd JUN 23
28 TRUFFLE HUNTS VILLE LOCAL FOOD FOR LOCAL TABLES EGG FARM 5977 5405 220 Eramosa Rd West, Moorooduc Corner of Binnak Way E. FARM FRESH FREEEGGSRANGE AT WHOLESALE PRICES! BAGGED MANURE $5 Barn door sales Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm & 8amSaturdays - 12:30pm
MAY 26

food wine produce

25-year time capsule opened at Easter Family Fun Day

The annual Easter Family Fun Day at Hickinbotham of Dromana was a flourish of fun family activity from its inception in 1999. This year was very different, with the excitement of the historic unveiling of their 25-year-old time capsule that was buried in the vineyard. It was a chance to celebrate and relive history for owners Andrew and Terryn, alongside families and community groups as they witnessed the piece of the event’s history come to life.

Autumn is upon us, beautiful sunsets, the weather is getting cooler and days for an open fire are nigh.

Perfect days for a glass of red and we have a few newbies! Tempranillo, Lagrein and our field blend Leftovred are all new wines to enjoy. These wines can be matched to our new seasonal menu which highlights the fresh garden and local produce at its best.

( 86 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
194 Nepean Hwy, Dromana | P. 5981 0355
Book now: 5981 0355 Live music Sat and Sunday Lunch
Terryn and Andrew posing by the time capsule.

25-year time capsule opened at Easter Family Fun Day

Easter Sunday saw beautiful weather and an impressive turnout. The Easter tradition never failed to bring together families for a day of festivities, all the while supporting local charities. Over the years, the Easter Family Fun Day has supported many organisations, including Biala Peninsula, EPIC, Alannah & Madeline Foundation, Westernport Warriors, Peninsula Hospice Services, Australian Volunteer Coastguard, Dromana Sea Scouts, Red Cross, Peninsula Special Development School, Dromana CFA and many more. This year, the cherished event raised money for Dromana Community House and SecondBite, which focus on reducing food waste and poverty in the community, with more than $600 raised on the day.

This latest event offered a range of activities including the Grape Stomp competition, the Easter Bilby hunt, and prizes for the best Easter bonnet. Live music by Bernardo Solero & Ellie Carter was enjoyed by guests, with the restaurant fully booked for diners and a superb sausage sizzle held by Dromana Community House. Activities and prizes were

Chocolates, Pilgrim Dining, Meat To Please, Dalias, and Hillview Quarries, which sponsored the stone for the time capsule back in the day – making the event come full circle. Former councillor and mayor Graham Pittock was the MC on the day, with Mornington Peninsula Shire councillor David Gill making a short speech as well. Mrs Scott, a Biala Peninsula family member in 1999 and contributor to the time capsule, flew down from Queensland to attend the event and witness the time capsule opening.

Terryn said she’d completely forgotten what was in there. Among the 67 items they discovered were packs from students of Biala Peninsula, several bottles of wine, kids’ drawings, a ferry timetable, glasses engraved with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council logo, Between the Bays book by Joan Bogruda and Leslie M. Moorehead, Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula by Malcolm Gordon, certificates from charities they’d supported, Peninsula newspapers, magazines and brochures, a VHS family video, a CD by Jim Murphy, a lock of Andrew’s hair, a Northern Mornington Peninsula Winery Walk brochure, family photos, and a newsletter from Hickinbotham of Dromana.

“The event was always a highlight of our year and those in our community, until the red tape got too restrictive,” Terryn said. “Some of my favourite additions over the years have been a petting zoo, jumping castle, six-gun salute with cannon, and local celebrities attending. We remain extremely proud of raising $16,000 at our first event, and $26,000 the following year. We’d love to see those numbers again, but for now we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and help the community when and wherever we can by donating vouchers for community fundraising and help when we can. One of the best things about this whole event over the years was meeting the people who volunteered their time and effort to their chosen notfor-profit organisation – so many wonderful, often unsung, heroes.”

Issue 150 MAY 2024 87 ) 100 Wilsons Rd Mornington P: 5975 8094 *Limit to one per customer Valid until 31-05-2024 FAMILY CUSTARD TART present this ad to receive one for only $6! Brendon’s Cakes @brendons–cakes $6 FAMILY CUSTARD TART! YUM!
Images above from the 2024 Easter Family Fun Day. From the archives - Bottom left: Terryn and guests at the burying of the time capsule in 1999.

A cup of character at Laneway

Laneway remains a proud and eclectic part of our community, making amazing brews and cooking up seriously good food, all the while chatting away with their amazing family of staff and patrons.

Step into Laneway Espresso Dromana and you'll find a cafe with a heart of fun and warmth of character – a reflection of the owner's own personality.

When Jim opened the business in 2015, he brought the desire to create a place where everyone would feel welcome to enjoy great coffee and fresh food made on the premises. Jim also brought several collections of fascinating retro items, joking “We were running out of space at home”. The eclectic mix, including vintage radios and unique guitars, works as a fabulous backdrop and talking point.

In an extension of Jim's values now as the father of two young children, Laneway includes a well thought out Kids’ Corner, where children can draw, read, and play with a generous mix of toys. This feature, together with an extensive selection of children's meals all taste-tested and approved by Jim’s children, is an absolute drawcard for parents.

Patrons will be wowed by the clever use of space in the upstairs floor. Sections are delineated by exposed timber frames where walls once stood, offering a sense of seclusion for diners. There are no dark corners here, though. Natural light floods the area, a window extending across the front revealing beautiful sea views. A brilliant design, the open frames allow visibility across the entire floor, meaning guests can easily mingle during group events. Continuing the quirky theme from downstairs, the upper level contains a faithful representation of 'Nan's front room', complete with retro TV and furniture.

There really is a fun surprise at every turn at Laneway.

167 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana | P. 5981 4624

Laneway Espresso Dromana



About two years back Hugo’s Deli launched in Richmond to rave reviews with queues stretching down Swan Street for their Melbourne and Japanese inspired loaded sandwiches and amazing coffee. Think reubens, shokupan fried chicken sandwiches, tuna melts and much more.

Now we have your attention Hugo’s has just opened a pop-up in Main Street Mornington.

Hugo’s is the brainchild of Jim Mavrogiannis and Jonathan Leondakis. Jim is well known with his successful Laneway Dromana and Jonathan was raised on the peninsula so is also a well known local, together with head chef Tayne Akyalcin they are Hugo’s. Tayne is the one who has created all the incredible flavours and without this Hugo’s wouldn’t be what it is.

I kid you not these are the most amazing sandwiches you will ever come across.

Open for brunch and lunch and of course take-away, try Four Cheese Melt, Tuna Melt, the popular Reuben, Mortadella Bella or Fried Chicken with Shokupan, lettuce Hugo’s sauce and pickles – yum!

Using bread from local favourite Miller’s Bread Kitchen look out for one-off specials and some new sweet treats from local bakers.

It’s a good idea to order ahead and pick-up in store or pull up a seat on the verandah, under an umbrella on the footpath.

Oh and coffee is a must, they sure know how to make a fab coffee at Hugo’s using the same delicious coffee as Laneway in Dromana.

Hugo's Deli Mornington Pop-Up Sandwiches, coffee, other stuff 37 Main Street Mornington

Open Wednesday to Sunday 7am-2pm @hugos_deli

Trading hours: Tue-Fri: 7:30-4 Sat-Sun: 8-2 Shop 2/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza | P. 7042 1010 | FB: @Butterkenbakery IG: butterken_bakery We are an organic artisan bakery dedicated to handcrafting sourdough bread. German flair with authentic pretzels, rye breads and cake.


Fancy wine terms and what they mean

Organic. Sustainable. Preservative-free. What do these fancy terms mean when it comes to wine?

I often get requests from my customers wanting organic wine from the Peninsula that doesn’t give them headaches or an allergic reaction, but sometimes the two can get mixed up, as one is an accreditation term and the other is used as part of making the wine. So I thought I would use this month’s article to break it down for you and get a little bit technical.

Sulphites are used or added during the winemaking process or to freshly picked grapes to help protect them from any nasties before they are processed. In other words, it is SO2 or sulphur dioxide and acts as both an antioxidant and an antiseptic. It helps preserve the wine and is labelled on the bottle as preservative 220. Levels are strictly controlled by law, as it can be toxic. However, the concentrations found in wine are well below the levels found in dried fruit – and I like dried fruits!

Sustainable is more of a preventable process where artificial chemicals are permitted but their use is still restricted. This basically means producers are encouraged to gain a very thorough understanding of their vineyard pests and become weather experts, so they know when to spray to prevent a pest disease settling in and potentially ruining a crop. You will find that producers on the Peninsula have well and truly adopted sustainable practices anyway, and there are producers that may even practise both. Either way, it comes down to a deep understanding of their vineyards and pest controls, gained from many years of experience, expertise and their own initiatives. Some, such as Moorooduc Estate, Crittenden Estate and Paringa, have introduced some really great initiatives in this area. Pop into their cellar doors and find out more when you are having a taste of their delicious wines.

Organic is a regulated process where producers have to earn their stripes to achieve this, so they have to undergo a period of conversion working towards organic standards. It is also an expensive transition,

so not all producers may want to go down this path. Once achieved, the producers can then display the organic credentials of their grapes on their labels. The key point here is that organic encompasses many of the same concepts as sustainable farming practices; however, only a very small number of the more traditional treatments are permitted to treat against diseases, and in very small amounts. You will find there are more certified organic producers on the Peninsula than you might realise. Quealy and Prancing Horse are two examples.

Next time you drive past a vineyard, have a closer look at the vines and you might see crop covers in every second row. These crops contribute a range of benefits to the vineyard and growers. By planting crop covers between rows of vines, growers can improve soil health and increase the biodiversity – natural balance – of their vineyards. You might even see sheep grazing too. They help compost the soil as well as eat the weeds. ‘Til next time, enjoy your wine journey.


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Honesty and feedback in exchange for a look

Next time you wander into an open for inspection, please consider that you are walking through someone’s home.

Have you ever been a vendor? Do you understand the emotion and work that goes into preparing a house for an OFI? Do you understand what an invasion of privacy the experience is for them? Do you appreciate the anxious wait vendors experience during each OFI and during the sales campaign?

Please know that real estate agents love it when people come to OFIs, even if it is just for a quick stickybeak. We love meeting people, especially prospective buyers and vendors. As a condition of entry and an entitlement under law, we will ask for your identification and contact details. Be assured, however, that we do not share your contact details with the vendor, and real estate agents are required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 in the collection, security and storage of your contact details.

What real estate agents ask from buyers on behalf of their vendors, in exchange for viewing a property, is honesty and feedback. Any agent worth their salt will follow up with every buyer for feedback after an OFI. We understand that everyone is time-poor, but please don’t ignore our attempts to contact you. Your feedback about a property is invaluable, even if the house you inspected isn’t right for you. Plus, if you have time for a more meaningful conversation, agents can better understand what you are looking for and possibly assist you with other properties.

So next time an agent calls you after an OFI, please don’t ignore them. Think of the person who opened their home to you, and whether you are interested in their property or not, your honest and constructive feedback is important to them in their sales journey.


A: 50 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza

M: Liz, 0417 559 992 M: Meg, 0400 190 242 W:


Unique in structure, the Pila buffet in black brings a touch of bold elegance into your home with its beautiful slat design.


HomeCo Peninsula, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington P: 8560 1137

FB: OZDesignFurniture INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

The Himolla Aria 2.5 seater recliner sofa with intermediate table, LED lighting and USB charging station. The sofa is Wall Free and has Zero Gravity recliner mechanisms in each seat. Covered in luxury Salino easy-care wool fabric, the sofa is reduced by 50% from $13,294 to $6,649 as part of Luduco Living’s Himolla Selected Floorstock Clearance Event.


HomeCo Peninsula, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington P: 5973 4899

In May two lucky readers will each have the chance to win a copy of Beatrix Bakes Another Slice by Natalie Paull RRP $50 and a $100 voucher for Squires Loft in Mornington. That’s two prizes each.

To enter, become a member of Mornington Peninsula Magazine at then check out @MornPenMag on Facebook and Instagram to complete all the entry steps on the competition post.

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Characterised by its grooved or ribbed design, fluted furniture has become a highly soughtafter trend in interior design. This design adds unique texture to any space, whether it be a modern living room or a classic dining room. The fluted look creates visual interest and dimension, making it a great statement piece for those looking to enhance their decor. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more eclectic aesthetic, fluted furniture can easily be incorporated into your space.

OZ Design’s Monaco collection is truly a stand-out. It seamlessly combines the timeless beauty of reclaimed teak with a modern trend of a fluted body, creating pieces that are both classic and contemporary. The reclaimed teak used in the collection provides a rich and rustic look, with its natural imperfections and weathered appearance adding

character and charm to each piece.

What sets Monaco apart is its seamless blend of fluting and rustic charm, which provides a sophisticated look to any home. The fluted detailing not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of movement and texture, making each piece in the collection a work of art.

To further enhance its modern aesthetic, these pieces feature a black painted underframe that contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of the reclaimed teak. This bold choice adds a contemporary edge, giving Monaco a sleek and stylish look that is sure to stand out in any space.

Make your house feel like a home and discover furniture and homewares collections that will live with you through every moment. OZ Design. For Life.


A: Showroom D4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington

T: 8560 1137


FB: OZDesignFurniture

INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

Issue 150 MAY 2024 93 ) property home garden Mornington Peninsula’s high-end custom build specialist Director: Glenn Longstaff | E. | P. 0412 504 225 Thinking of building?
Fluted furniture

Don’t lose sleep over a hot, expensive mattress

When it comes to choosing a mattress that will give you restful sleep every night for years to come, don’t be fooled by fake sales and phoney discounts.

There are retailers that mark up to mark down, offering mattresses with “thousands of dollars off” or “reduced

by 50 per cent”. These mattresses never cost that much in the first place; the ‘sale’ price is the actual price of the mattress. So don’t be fooled by the phoney discount strategy into thinking the mattress is worth more than you are paying, because it’s not. Similarly, beware the soft mattress. Fifteen minutes of soft in-store seduction becomes an eight-hour hot, sweaty nightmare at home. These mattresses have

layers of foam in the top to create the soft feel, and they will become hot to sleep on. Hot sleep can cause nightmares and will cause increased perspiration, which will permeate the layers of foam and cause it to degrade and flatten.

When you buy your new mattress from Makin Mattresses, you’ll find no gimmicks – just top-quality mattresses with authentic manufacturers’ prices every day. Makin Mattresses’ mattresses are designed to ‘breathe’ for maximum air circulation, giving you maximum rest.

Trust the experts to deliver you a wonderful night’s sleep. Trust Makin Mattresses.


A: 189 Bay Rd, Sandringham T: 9533 1113


FB: MakinmattressesAu

( 94 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine www tinybuiltco com au Tiny Built Co ENQUIRE TODAY:

Celebrating a great Peninsula partnership

Congratulations to Mornington Peninsula Magazine on its 150th edition. And Luduco Living has partnered with the magazine throughout that time, advertising in almost every edition with great results.

We have been a leading retail furnisher on the Mornington Peninsula for the past 18 years, focusing on locally made custom-built sofas and dining furniture along with a renowned recliner gallery that encompasses three international brands, including the world-leading Himolla brand from Germany.

The vast majority of our products can be customised. Sofas can be deepened, heightened and lengthened beyond the standard size options to comply with room size and individual comfort requirements. This, linked with the many different cushion fills and an enormous range of upholstery fabrics and leathers, all helps make your choice of sofa bespoke.

This incredible flexibility also applies to our recliner chairs and sofas, with some designs having more than 600 permutations in size and functionality before fabric and leather options are considered.

Artisan workshops make exclusive dining and cabinet furniture for Luduco Living, and once again our flexibility in design, timber option, functionality and finish provide the customer with enormous choice – including the design and installation of fully bespoke pieces.

As a local family-owned business on the Peninsula, we feel blessed to be able to serve our local community, and we know that the owners of Mornington Peninsula Magazine share our same ethos and enthusiasm, which makes this partnership all the more meaningful.

So once again our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to Mornington Peninsula Magazine as part of this milestone edition.


A: Peninsula Homemaker Centre, Mornington T: 5973 4899


FB: Luduco-Living INSTA: luducolivinginteriors

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Jeremy and Sabrina Brook, from Luduco Living.

V i s i t o u r d i s p l ay i n C a r r u m

D o w n s to v i e w c u r re n t s to c k ava i l a b l e f o r i m m e d i a t e d e l i ve r y o r s t a r t a n e w b u i l d t a i l o re d to yo u r o w n s p e c i f i c a t i o n s .

0 4 3 9 5 5 1 2 2 6 w
m . a u l
s k t i n y h o m e s i n f o @ l u s k . c o m . a u
w w.
u s k
c o

Multiple award winners for Design and Construction

de Wacht Cabinets & Design Where Beautiful Design Meets Affordability Do you have a new residential project or kitchen in need of cabinetry and design? de Wacht Cabinets & Design offers beautiful custom cabinetry to suit all budgets. Whether you have plans ready to go or need some guidance, our team is on hand to bring your vision into reality. Our award-winning designers create bespoke cabinetry to suit all styles and budgets. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful design and personalised service. Enjoy peace of mind throughout your entire project.
Factory 3, 9 Jennings Crt, Rosebud Contact our team to discuss your project! Registered Building Practioner CDB-L-65881 5982 3011 or 0437 049 608

Where quality and sporting luxury converge

In the realm of sports and lifestyle where quality meets wellness, there exists a brand that stands out among the rest: Courts N Hoops. With its unique blend of style, craftsmanship, and a commitment to holistic wellbeing, Courts N Hoops has carved a niche for itself in the competitive world of sports courts and hoop systems.

At the core of Courts N Hoops' philosophy is the belief that sports and lifestyle are not mutually exclusive, but rather intertwined aspects of a fulfilling and balanced existence. By seamlessly blending functionality with custom design, the brand offers a range of products that cater to both the practical and the style-conscious individual or family.

Quality is the hallmark of Courts N Hoops. From premium FIBA-endorsed rubber court tiles that provide

comfort and durability to meticulous attention to detail in the design of its hoop systems, each product is of the highest quality. Whether you're hitting the courts for a game of basketball or simply seeking player welfare in your everyday activities, Courts N Hoops ensures you are looked after.

Between now and midnight June 30 any orders received for a court, hoop or both will receive 10% off the install price and 20% off delivery.

Our hoop prices are matched directly with Megaslam Australia, along with access to professional installation services by a team that has over 30 years’ experience in the building & sporting industries, we offer lifetime warranties on all of our hoop systems, and we use the only FIBA Endorsed Rubber Basketball tiles on the market, the exact tile used at the Olympic Games.

Take advantage of our Autumn promotion and treat yourself, your family, or your staff!

Orders must have a deposit paid by June 30, this offer is not valid with any other promotion. Installations are offered to Victorian residents and commercial builds only for this promotion. Please mention this ad upon enquiry.

However, Courts N Hoops goes beyond just aesthetics and performance; it also prioritises wellness. Recognising the importance of mental and physical wellbeing in achieving overall health, the brand advocates for families and individuals to put their self-care first. Through extensive research and years of experience in the building and sporting industry, Courts N Hoops has tried and tested dozens of court surfaces and hoop systems to bring you the highest quality courts and hoops on the market.

Do you have an unused space that can be transformed to enhance your lifestyle? Let the team at Courts N Hoops be your right-hand partner and guide you through a stress-free, fun and rewarding court or hoop project.


A: 13 Landra St, Rye

T: 0499 003 443


FB: courtsnhoops

INSTA: courtsnhoops

• • 0499 003 443

As autumn enters its last month, we eagerly prepare to sink our hands into the earth and nurture the next generation of vegetables. Among the myriad choices of what to plant, there's a special allure to cultivating root vegetables during this time. With the soil still moist from autumn rains and the promise of warmer days ahead, May provides the perfect conditions for these hearty crops to thrive.

Following the hungry and productive crops of a faded but not forgotten summer, root vegetables find an ideal home in the slightly depleted soils left behind. From the sandy loam of the coastal areas to the nutrient-rich clay soils of the inland regions, there's a patch of earth suited to each variety. Carrots, beetroots, radishes and turnips eagerly await their chance to stretch their roots and soak up the nutrients hidden beneath the surface.

One of the joys of growing root vegetables in May is the anticipation of the harvest to come. Unlike their leafy counterparts, which offer instant gratification with their quick growth, root vegetables require patience and perseverance. And the rewards are worth the wait.

Take carrots, for example. Planted in the cool soil of May, these humble roots slowly begin their journey underground, their delicate green tops peeking through the earth as if to say: "I'm here, I'm growing”. With each passing day, their slender roots lengthen and thicken, absorbing nutrients and water from the soil until they reach their full potential.

Similarly, beetroots revel in these lower temperatures, their vibrant greens providing a striking contrast to the rich reds and purples hidden beneath the surface. As they grow, their sweet, earthy flavour intensifies, making them a welcome addition to salads, soups and side dishes.


We’re looking for you and your holiday house or apartment!

Whether you already use it for holiday rentals, managing it yourself or through an agent, or are considering holiday rentals for the first time, we’d love to talk with you.

We pride ourselves on helping holiday home owners make the best possible returns with the least hassle, whilst keeping their properties in perfect condition to get glowing reviews.

Call James today on 0435 768 514 for a friendly no-obligation chat and appraisal of your property.

Radishes, with their crisp texture and peppery bite, also thrive in the cool, moist conditions late autumn brings. Whether enjoyed raw as a crunchy snack or sliced thinly and added to sandwiches and salads, these versatile roots add a burst of flavour to any dish.

And let's not forget about turnips, those unsung heroes of the vegetable world. Planted now, these hearty roots grow steadily throughout the season, their mild, slightly sweet flavour making them a favourite for the creative home cooks.

Whether roasted, mashed or added to stews and soups, turnips are a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal.

Perhaps the true beauty of growing root vegetables at this time of year lies not just in the harvest, but in the act of gardening itself. There's something inherently satisfying about tending to the earth, about feeling the cool soil beneath your fingertips and watching as tiny seeds transform into hearty plants. In a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, the simple act of growing vegetables grounds us, connecting us to the rhythms of nature and reminding us of our place in the world.

So as autumn invites us to enjoy these cooler days, let us embrace the opportunity to cultivate our own corner of paradise. Whether it's a small patch in the backyard or a community garden plot, there's magic to be found in the act of growing root vegetables. And as we watch our carrots, beetroots, radishes and turnips thrive and flourish, we are reminded that, like these humble roots, we too have the power to grow and thrive in even the most challenging of conditions.


Drew Cooper, Edible Gardens

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• 30% OFF SUCCULENTS (100’s in stock).

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Ash, Elm, Acer, Pyrus & MORE



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Sarah has a passion for great cleaning

Since 2013, Sarah’s Domestic Bliss has built a team of hardworking, friendly locals who are passionate about cleaning your home or office. They provide high-quality professional cleaners to hundreds of customers across the Mornington Peninsula. Where possible, Sarah’s Domestic Bliss uses local businesses for all supplies and supporting roles. They enjoy a close relationship with their clients, particularly the elderly, and all are treated as individuals. “We don’t just clean, we care about them and tailor the cleans to their needs,” said owner Sarah Parr.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, too busy or unwell to tackle your domestic or workplace cleaning chores, Sarah’s Domestic Bliss can jump in and take the load

off. Whether it is for your home or office, during office hours or after hours, Sarah’s Domestic Bliss can accommodate your needs.

The team at Sarah’s Domestic Bliss also support Challenge, a non-profit organisation assisting kids with cancer.

So if you are looking for a professional team of dedicated and friendly cleaners who use high-quality cleaning supplies and offer fast turnaround times, then look no further than Sarah’s Domestic Bliss and call today.


A: Mornington

T: 0417 321 860


FB: Sarah.Domestic.Bliss.Cleaning

INSTA: sarahsdomesticbliss

Sarah’s Domestic Bliss Cleaning is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves on doing things properly. Our business offers a reliable and professional service with flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. Sarah has been growing her business since July 2013 and is proud of the great team of staff working with her. All staff have current police checks and are fully trained. Sarah’s Domestic Bliss Cleaning is fully insured.

We are a proud sponsor of local footy! Supporting the South Mornington Junior Football Club for season 2024.

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Services we offer: Professional home cleaning Reliable Hospitality trained M: 0417 321 860 E:
U P H O L S T E R Y A family owned and operated business servicing the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. Specialising in Bespoke Pieces, Diamonded Buttoning, Re-upholstery of Lounges, Custom-made Bed Heads, Dining Chair Re-upholstery and Outdoor Cushions and much, much more. 3/15 Suffolk St, Rosebud | 0401 011 780 | Olive-Stone-Upholstery-Furniture olivestone_upholstery

An automated and sustainable sanctuary

Automation is the ultimate choice for modern-day living and is now more convenient than ever. Designed and crafted in Australia, dollar curtains + blinds’ Automate® range embodies convenience and quality like never before. With stringent quality control and testing, each product guarantees reliability and longevity.

Revolutionise your home with our cordless, automated window solutions that redefine convenience. No more cords or chains, just a sleek and safe operation that prioritises safety for children and pets. With the ability to manage all window coverings inside and out with a single device, our Automate® range streamlines your home’s aesthetic.

It’s not just about convenience, it’s also about energy efficiency. Our innovative Automate® range efficiently captures heat in winter and releases it in summer, ensuring year-round comfort. Say goodbye to costly energy bills and say hello to a more sustainable lifestyle. Traditional methods of controlling light and temperature in your home fall short compared with

the advanced technology of our motorised window coverings. Regardless of how sophisticated your window glazing or tint may be, our automated systems offer unparalleled control and efficiency.

Break free from conventional and costly habits, and instead enhance your home’s ambience while reducing your environmental footprint.

Contact our automation experts today at our below stores for your free measure and quote, or visit in store to view Australia’s largest range of automated window coverings. Both stores are open Monday to Friday from 9am-5.30pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm.


A: Shop C4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 5975 3655


A: Shop 15, Kingston Central Plaza, 288 Centre Dandenong Rd, Moorabbin Airport T: 9566 8200


FB: dollarcurtainsandblinds

INSTA: dollarcurtainsandblinds

Issue 150 MAY 2024 105 ) For all your Landscaping & Fencing needs FREE QUOTES 0411 017 082 | | All outdoor landscaping Concrete Driveways Brush Fencing Gates & Screens Decking, Garden edging & Grass Pathways, Plants & Garden Beds, Firepits Synthetic Grass Concrete Steppers, Pebbles @moderngardensandmaintenance @mod.gardens

trades to you

your guide to local tradespeople

Trades To You highlights the many talented tradies across the Peninsula and Greater Frankston area. This is now a regular part of Mornington Peninsula Magazine that has been received so well with the community coming together to support our local tradies.

If your weekends consist of starting a DIY project, fixing a failed DIY project or perhaps styling your fresh, professionally installed garden, patio or

bathroom, why not take time to plan your renovations and request quotes from the businesses showcased here month after month. Whatever the job may be, we’ll have the trade for it. Just keep your eye on our Trades To You section and together we’ll support small businesses while getting our own little corner of the world looking more like a home than a house.

If you are a tradesperson looking to publicise your business to the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Frankston area, give us a call on 9708 8222. You will find we have super rates starting from $140 a month and editorial options for you to showcase what you offer to an engaged audience.

Need an electrician?

Call Huddo

Whether you need an emergency electrical repair dealt with quickly, or something less urgent like a new power point or light fitting, you can count on Peter Hudson’s expertise and customer service.

Peter has more than 40 years’ experience as an A-grade electrician. Peter and his apprentice Ethan are Huddo’s Electrical Services. From the initial phone call to the finishing touches on the job, you’ll receive personalised service from Peter and Ethan.

They can handle all types of electrical work from simple to more complicated, from wiring new homes and rewiring old homes to upgrading switchboards to the latest type of safety switches; and sweep fans. Huddo’s are experts in upgrading lighting to LEDs. And if you have a new TV, they supply and install TV brackets and TV and data power points.

If you’re a landlord, Huddo’s can carry out electrical safety and smoke alarm checks and provide you with a written report for your property.


T: 0411 316 180


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Total property care

What makes A Cleaner Peninsula different from other companies?

It’s not just the care taken to deliver top results; it’s the relationship that A Cleaner Peninsula builds with its clients, some of whom have been customers for 30 years and whose daughters and sons are now happy and satisfied clients too.

Word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business has seen A Cleaner Peninsula grow to the point where the size of its team has hit double digits. So how do you join the increasing number of residents and

business-owners who are taking advantage of A Cleaner Peninsula’s superior service?

The team at A Cleaner Peninsula provide a total property care service for domestic and commercial properties and are happy to organise any work that needs to be done around your home, holiday house or business premises. All staff are fully trained, police checked and insured, and all tradies are vetted, licensed and insured. That’s right, A Cleaner Peninsula will even organise tradies and pest controllers for you.

A Cleaner Peninsula will provide you with a free on-site consultation and quote for all the cleaning work you need done: windows, carpets, upholstery, garages, sheds, the whole house and more.

The team will clean up after new builds and renovations as well as tackle your mowing, garden maintenance, tree removals, gutter and pressure cleaning, and waste removal, and there’s a handyman to complete all those odd jobs and repairs you’ve been putting off.

A Cleaner Peninsula’s mission is to do all the jobs you can’t or don’t want to do, and the team love to do the work and take care of all the hassle.

• House Cleaning • Commerical Cleaning • Gardening • Mowing • Laundry Service • Window Cleaning • Handyman Service • Carpet Steam Cleaning • Plumbing Service • Electrical Service • Pest Control • Gutter & Pressure Cleaning
Issue 150 MAY 2024 109 ) Got wood rot? We’ve never met a window that we can’t fix. Saved us thousands $$$ on replacement of concertina doors. Special shout out to Zac who was a delight to have working in the house. Highly recommend. Phone 9580 8933 Servicing the Peninsula & surrounding suburbs www. Great service, workmanship and professionalism from Ben and his team! AJ Synthetic Grass Repairs Synthetic grass repairs, laying + garden maintenance 0424 162 993

Mt Eliza Gardens Aged Care is a brand new luxurious, 141 suite state-of-the-art aged care facility, located on the Mornington Peninsula and is now open for admissions.

The prestigious facility is part of the family-owned Australian Aged Care Group Pty Ltd (AACG), which prides itself on innovation in caring for the aged with a mission to excel in providing quality care services and accommodation.

Mt Eliza Gardens is architecturally designed with premium hotel-style accommodation that embraces older Australians in a place where they feel most comfortable, while still living in their local community.

Features include:

n Respite stay now available

n Single, spacious rooms/suites with ensuite bathrooms and comfortable living areas

n Ageing in place programs

n Larger suites with fully equipped kitchenettes and lounge area for premium style of living

n Spacious lounge, sitting and dining areas

n Individually controlled heating and air conditioning in every room/suite

n Telephone, Foxtel and Netflix connection points in every room/suite

n Expansive undercover car parking

n Courtyard and outdoor garden sitting areas

n Hairdressing & Beauty Salon

(After hours and weekend appointments also available)

The facility has been purposefully designed with careful attention to detail in the quality of the living environment and services provided. It will be staffed to meet the increasingly discerning standards demanded by our ageing population. The multi level facility will provide care to residents with ageing in place programs offering all levels of care, as well as consulting suites for medical practitioners and allied health professionals. We also offer a dedicated Memory Support Unit. The spacious and elegant facility consists of several separate wings, adjoining central lounges, café, bar, reception centre and provides an extensive range of services to assist residents in remaining active and engaged.

n Chapel (non-denominational)

n Gold Class Cinema

n Café and Bar

n Medical Suite incorporating G.P. Clinic, separate Physiotherapy treatment room and large fully equipped gym

n LED TV screens in every room/suite

n Dedicated bus for resident outings

n Wi-Fi

n Private Dining Room for special occasions

n End of Life Care

To discuss your individual requirements and experience the Mt Eliza Gardens Aged Care lifestyle firsthand, please phone (03) 8001 8000 or visit our website

Mt Eliza Gardens Aged Care 235 Canadian Bay Road Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930 PO Box 411, Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930 (03) 8001 8000

A Retirement Village With AH The Support

You Need




Serviced Apartments from $155,000 - $220,000

Suited for those who prefer the extra service of daily cooked meals and having the weekly cleaning and heavy laundering all done for you.

These apartments are modern and well-appointed for comfortable living.

Affordable, safe and secure serviced apartments
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