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Sunrise Wanderers blend fun with fundraising

The Sunrise Wanderers, a men’s walking group, has taken great strides since the original group set out for its first walk in Mount Martha early last year. With the addition of further cohorts at other locations and the launch of an exciting collaboration this month, there’s no slowing the Wanderers down.

Still overseeing the Mount Martha chapter, which has grown in members, founder Merv Stewart is thrilled to now have counterparts in Frankston, Mornington and Geelong, where other men have answered his call to start their own Sunrise Wanderers group in their areas. Beginning this month, Dromana and Hastings will also join the Wanderers community, while Ballarat and other national locations will be confirmed in the

months ahead.

With a significant uptake of members in just over a year, it’s clear that men across the Mornington Peninsula and Geelong have found in the Sunrise Wanderers a social activity they’re keen to take part in. One Sunday every month each group sets out for a walk in its town at a pace that suits its members. Men of all ages come together to connect, listen and share their experiences, heading to a cafe at the end of the session. No membership fees apply and there is no expectation for members to attend every scheduled get-together, the activity being kept deliberately pressure-free. Already the walks have been the source of new friendships. Men who first connected through the Sunrise Wanderers have gone on to enjoy their own self-organised activities – day trips, golfing, business opportunities – outside the main group.

An exciting community fundraising opportunity arising from the Sunrise Wanderers is a collaboration with

Peninsula coffee roaster Commonfolk. This month, Commonfolk releases a signature Sunrise Wanderers coffee blend, packed in bags with artwork designed by a Frankston Wanderers leader. As a business aligning with its value of building community, Commonfolk is the perfect partner for Sunrise Wanderers.

If supporting your community is important to you too, you can feel good knowing that all proceeds from the bags of coffee will be donated to HomeGround Café in Mornington. HomeGround is a wonderful initiative providing on-the-job training and employment pathways for young people in our community. Commonfolk’s Sunrise Wanderers blend will be available this month at Commonfolk cafes and all shops stocking and serving Commonfolk coffee. The blend can also be purchased online at www. or www.sunrisewanderers.

( 4 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
DANIELLE DAVEY The logo was designed by a Frankston Wanderers leader. Sunrise Wanderers coffee has joined Commonfolk’s range. Sunrise Wanderers and Commonfolk make the perfect blend.

Enquire at Big Chair

Your IMG Comfort representative on the Peninsula

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THE HOUSING CRISIS: no more talking; time to act

The housing crisis is cutting deeply into the lives of many Australians as rents rise and cost of living soars. Both renters and homeowners are under pressure as governments and other decision-makers struggle to find solutions. And homelessness is getting worse. In the first of a series, Mornington Peninsula Magazine publisher Lisa Walton and freelance journalist Mike Hast analyse the Peninsula scene and report on some ideas.

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council flew a big kite recently when it asked for public comment on a scheme it says will provide more social or public housing. It wants to place a 3.3 per cent levy on all new houses built on the Peninsula. The money raised would build 600 to 1000 “housing units”.

“The shire has a shortage of 4716 social housing units,” said Mayor Simon Brooks. “It is now significantly more expensive to rent a home on the Peninsula than in Melbourne.” The shire will need 8000 housing units in the next 17 years.

The levy has generated a big reaction from developers, builders, community services, national and state media, residents and others. One claim was that social housing is the responsibility of state and federal governments. But the shire council has been asking governments to help it solve the Peninsula’s housing crisis for more than a decade, and the 3.3 per cent levy idea is designed to grab attention and create controversy. It’s unlikely to go ahead, though.

Some councillors had become frustrated over government inaction and the levy was a way of creating pressure and getting the housing crisis to the top of the public agenda.

The shire says the number of people waiting for social housing is growing – 3000 applicants on the Port Phillip side and 1000 on the Western Port side. Lack of affordable housing leads to homelessness. And there is insufficient crisis accommodation too. The shire has offered valuable land to the State Government for a crisis accommodation centre, but nothing has been built yet.

It’s telling there’s no dedicated emergency accommodation on the Peninsula. A temporary place in Mornington is slated for demolition and the site will be redeveloped. The property owner donated use of the buildings to community support

groups as wrangling over planning permits played out. This was two years ago, so the place will soon be bulldozed.

The ‘homeless in paradise’ story of the Peninsula is well known. Melbourne’s summer playground has clifftop mansions at Portsea contrasted by people sleeping rough on the foreshore at Rosebud 25 minutes away. The shire says about 1000 people are “sleeping rough in tents and cars every night”.

Developers, builders and their supporters say the new levy will increase the cost of new homes. Yes, that’s obvious: $33,000 per $1 million of value. The levy will lead to high house prices, higher rents and less investment. It will increase competition for available housing and make living here even less affordable. It will also make it more costly to subdivide your block, creating a new piece of land.

It’s time for ambitious action, short term and long term, both small and big picture, and here are a few ideas:

• Owners of short-term rental properties putting them on the long-term rental market should pay no tax on rental income. Governments and stakeholders would need to fine-tune eligibility criteria to prevent too many houses coming onto the long-term market too quickly.

• The State Government now allows granny flats, or secondary dwellings, on a property of 300 square metres or larger. A building permit is still required and delays in approving them remain a barrier to timely construction. Simplify the process.

• It’s too costly to subdivide a good-size block and build a house. And it takes too long to get permits. This is not just a Peninsula problem. And we can better preserve the green wedge by allowing this infilling. Yes, we’ll need improved infrastructure.

• Tiny houses on wheels. The shire council has been quite innovative: no permit is required for living in a tiny house for six months out of 12 if it’s on your own property with sanitary facilities and no detrimental impact on neighbours. A few progressive councils allow full-time use. Surf Coast Shire is running a trial of tiny houses on other people’s properties. Community interest in THOWs is very high – the Tiny Homes Expo at Mornington Racecourse in March was packed to the rafters.

Next issue: more ideas, and what the three levels of government are doing

The State Government now allows a secondary dwelling, or granny flat, in the backyard of a property 300 square metres or larger, but a building permit is still required and approval can be complex and lengthy.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 7 )

Peninsula pickleball for all

How many picklers in a pickleball club? In the case of the Southern Peninsula Pickleball Club in Portsea, the number of players – known as picklers – currently sits around the 100 mark. Members range in age from 25 to 86, with many enjoying the social aspect of the club as much as the exercise and skill of the game.

Pickleball is played on a badminton-size court indoors or outdoors and mostly as doubles, and its rules and terms demonstrate the primarily lighthearted tone of the game. At the start of each match the server holds up the ball and calls “Pickle!” Lose the game 11-0 and you've been 'pickled'. Players can play shots called a dink, a scorpion, a bert or an ernie. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually easy for anyone to have fun straight away – five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. If you are able to walk around the block, if you can swat a fly, you can play pickleball.

The Southern Peninsula Pickleball Club plays on

four outdoor courts at Portsea, protected from the wind and taking full advantage of the nearby barbecues and pavilion. Alternatively, the club has the use of three indoor courts at Sorrento.

Every member is able to select any colour for their team T-shirt, the club proudly touting itself as the most colourful club in pickleball. It’s not the only thing unique about the club: it’s the local pub trivia champion and its members boogie together at the RSL on Sunday band afternoons, catch up for coffee once a month, dine together every other month, have two referees in their ranks, have a member on the Pickleball Victoria board, and run the Southern Peninsula Pickleball League. There’s always something fun happening.

This month, the club is offering the public a taste of pickleball as part of the Taste Sorrento Festival. Expect pickled prizes and chefs aplenty. On June 22, it will host a 'come and try’ morning for anyone wanting to have a go at the sport, and a ‘come and see’ evening is scheduled for June 24, with spectators invited to watch the league in action.

To connect with the club or for further information on events, go to www. and

( 8 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
DANIELLE DAVEY Winners are grinners in pickleball. The picklers regularly catch up for coffee. The Southern Peninsula Pickleball Club is inviting others to join the fun.

Risk management is the X-factor for your business social media strategy

Social media offers unparalleled opportunities for business growth, but it also comes with serious legal risks that require careful management. These include:

• Negative comments causing damage to reputation or brand

• Defamation claims

• Employee misconduct such as insensitive comments

• Data breaches due to hacked accounts

• Misleading advertising or undisclosed influencer partnerships

• Copyright infringement.

"Many business owners aren’t aware of potential social media risks until it's too late," said Marco Angele, a principal lawyer of local firm marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers. “But the good news is that proactive social media risk management is an effective way of protecting against these risks.”

When developing social media risk management strategies, Marco recommends that businesses conduct thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities. Then they should seek legal help to create robust social media policies that outline clear guidelines and protocols.

Staff training is also essential because it gives businesses more resources to monitor social media accounts, secure necessary permissions, and quickly respond to negative feedback.

“Vigilance is crucial,” Marco said. “Being proactive allows businesses to harness social media's power. It’s the

DISCLAIMER: We accept no responsibility for any action taken after reading this article. It is intended as a guide only and is not a substitute for the expert legal advice you can receive from marshalls+dent+wilmoth and other relevant experts.

Social media risk management includes:

• Conducting a risk assessment

• Creating a social media policy

• Training employees

• Regular monitoring

• Implementing security measures

• Seeking legal advice.

Taking preventative measures is the key to protecting your business against social media legal risks. marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers offers business and social media legal advice to Mornington Peninsula residents.

marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers

Level 1, Suite 2, 26 McLaren Place, Mornington P. 5973 6919 |

foundation of effective brand-building."

Campbell Harrison’s scaling new heights

At just 26, Campbell Harrison is well on his way to ascending to the pinnacle of the professional sport climbing world – literally and figuratively – with his spot secured for the Paris Olympics later this year. Beyond his athletic prowess, Campbell is a down-to-earth Melburnian with a passion for life both on and off the wall.

Originally from Seaford, Campbell now calls Brunswick home, where he lives with his partner Justin. Of his upbringing in Seaford, he said: “I thought it was a really nice place to spend my childhood. I have really fond memories as a kid of riding my bike with friends through the wetlands, or going for runs along Kananook Creek and the foreshore trails. Being so close to the beach is also something I really took for granted growing up.”

These days, when Campbell’s not preparing for competitions or tackling challenging routes, you might find him at one of his local climbing gyms, where he occasionally picks up shifts.

Campbell Harrison competes in the Boulder and Lead finals during the IFSC Oceania qualifier in Melbourne in 2023.

"I first tried climbing when I was nine years old, and I was hooked on the movement of climbing pretty instantly," he said. "I was an athletic kid in that I was strong and could run fast, but I never really felt drawn to most traditional sports. Climbing was purely a hobby for me until I started competing in my early teens.”

Since those early days of fascination with movement, Campbell's journey in climbing has been impressive. "Qualifying for the national team was the first thing that really cemented the value of a good work ethic to me. From there, I got pretty focused on the grind of trying to be the best climber that I could be."

Campbell's training regimen is nothing short of intense as he dedicates himself to perfecting his craft. “I’m usually training two days in a row, and then resting for one day. Training days are usually composed of two sessions that take anywhere from one to four hours each, for a total of around four to five hours a day. Most of this time is spent on the climbing wall, but I also do a lot of strength and conditioning work on the side.”

As a self-funded athlete, he's also had to navigate the delicate balance between training and earning a living. "Travelling the world to compete in sport is understandably expensive," he said. "Finding the balance between earning and training has always been a tricky one."

Despite the challenges, Campbell's passion for climbing burns brighter than ever. "I'm feeling really grateful and excited about the opportunity I have to compete in Paris. I know that the whole experience is going to absolutely fly by, so I'm really focusing on trying to take it all in."

While the pressure of the Olympics looms, Campbell remains grounded, prioritising mental health and self-care in his preparation. "I'm definitely someone who had to learn the hard way that you have to take care of your mental health in order to perform in sport. I work regularly with my (nonsport) psychologist and ensure that I take time off when I need it. In my spare time, I like to play video games, learn French, and try to play the piano a bit.”

As a member of the LGBTIQA+ community, Campbell is also passionate about representation and inclusivity in sports, and demonstrates that authenticity and athleticism can go hand in hand. "For me, it's important to be outwardly authentic about who I am. When I was younger, I always craved queer role models in climbing, and I hope that I can be that for other queer people coming into the sport. My sexuality is something I'll never keep as a secret, but it's also not the basis of who I am, and I hope to show that to people through my sport.”

To stay updated on Campbell's Olympic quest, follow him on Instagram @ campbell_harrison547 and catch every exhilarating ascent he makes in Paris. SARAH HALFPENNY

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Left: Immerse yourself in great wine at Red Hill Estate, see Wine Country in Winter feature pages 51-57

Centre top: Chocolat of Mornington part of the wonderful outlets in and around Main Street see page 58; bottom: High end custom build specialist Gstruct see page 105.

Right: Get out and about on a truffle hunt with Red Hill Truffles see page 86.


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New learning precinct for aspiring Peninsula designers and artists

A new and innovative art and design learning hub has been opened at Chisholm’s Frankston campus to foster creativity and create pathways for aspiring artists and designers on the Mornington Peninsula.

The hub features two purpose-built visual art studios, flexible gallery spaces, and photography and life-drawing studios. Exhibitions will be planned to showcase students’ work.

There are specialised learning spaces for students to explore ceramics, sculpting and printmaking, with a dedicated purpose-built print space for students interested in this sector. There is also a large, beautifully lit, interactive Mac lab space with more than 60 Mac computers for students to use.

Several short courses are available, including jewellery-making, ceramics, art therapy and drawing. Information about upcoming masterclasses, tailored for experienced artists and designers, will be available on the Chisholm website.

Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects involving industry partners, providing the chance to tackle real-world challenges and gain invaluable experience in designing solutions for client briefs.

You might have seen Chisholm students’ colourful artwork on display on vacant shopfronts as part of the Revitalise Frankston project, a great example of a collaborative industry project with Frankston City Council.

Another Chisholm student artwork installation can be seen on the hoardings around the new Frankston station car park, which has been a collaborative project with Fulton Hogan Construction Contractors.

Visit The Cube at Frankston Arts Centre for the Small Works, Winter Series exhibition, where Chisholm students will showcase their latest creations. This free exhibition, open from Thursday, June 27 to Saturday, August 10, offers the chance to view and purchase student artwork.

Chisholm is committed to nurturing the growth and development of artists and designers throughout the Mornington Peninsula.

If you're interested in learning more about the art and design study area –or perhaps something else – consider registering for a Chisholm Info Day or one of the monthly tours at the Frankston campus. Find out more at


A: Frankston, Dandenong, Berwick, Cranbourne, Rosebud campuses

T: 1300 244 746


FB: Chisholminstitute

INSTA: chisholm_institute

Eat.Drink features restaurants, cafes, breweries, wineries, distilleries, produce professionals and growers, and includes wine ‘sips & brews’ and farmgate maps

innovative and colourful characters of our local hospitality industry.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 ALL THINGS DELICIOUS ON THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA 2024 mornington peninsula
Bookings now open for EAT.DRINK 2025
BE INCLUDED. We have already started capturing the
CALL NOW P: 9708 8222 Out November 2024

With changing trends, open your door to business growth

Mornington Peninsula Magazine believes now is the time for us to take the lead and inspire our clients with strategies for medialed business growth.

The advertising landscape is changing, especially with the backlash against social media. Brian Gallagher, the chairman of Boomtown, a media agency established by media owners, said a recent study pointed to an increasingly strong appetite for regional advertising. It found regional advertising gave access to valuable local audiences, with less competition from other advertisers.

Advertisers see regional advertising as offering access to local audiences and a greater share of local brand awareness, delivering local reach. They believe it’s a valuable resource for their businesses.

These attitudes demonstrate that local media is a major media market in its own right, reaching valuable, high-disposable income audiences in an uncluttered environment at scale. It delivers return on investment because of its:

• Cost-effectiveness and value

• Targeted reach and engagement

• Comparable power to metro markets

Social media platforms aim to reflect a community, but communities are more complex, diverse and multifaceted than these platforms can embrace. The online scatter pattern does not work to give local reach. People are also sick of every move they make online being tracked.

That’s why media such as Mornington Peninsula Magazine is more important than ever: it maintains ethical principles of fairness and objectivity, and it publishes a wide range of views in an interesting lifestyle format. A magazine does not track you, either.

The Mornington Peninsula and Frankston sit on Melbourne’s ‘fringe’, a term that refers to niche or unconventional segments of the market that exist outside the average consumer base. But people on the fringe are often the source of exciting innovations, breakthrough ideas and new trends.

There is a need for journalism that is not agendadriven, that covers a wide range of views and commentary with fairness and integrity. With growing distrust of online media platforms and social media, it is time to really look again at what a media platform that includes a print edition can be to a community:

for local

leaders identified, and environmental and social issues explored – all in a fun and exciting ‘funky square’ format.

Join us as we head into our 151st edition serving our community and reflecting its views.

Print will give your business:

• High Visibility

• Recognition as a Local Brand

• Reach a broader target market than an algorithm can give you

• Build Trust with your local Community

• Tell your story

• Cost effective - your ad lasts for weeks not seconds

• Create a memorable unique ad


your target audience

Research shows that most social media users are under 30. Reach out to the entire population with print!

( 14 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
We feel Mornington Peninsula Magazine has contributed to building a strong and inclusive society on the Peninsula and in Frankston. It has been a vehicle business to be showcased, community
Call Matt or Anna on 9708 8222
translate to sales
Sick of rising prices for social media ads
little or no
Impressions, Clicks and Likes don’t always

The aurora australis, shown here at The Briars, and the aurora borealis are caused by charged subatomic particles from the sun smashing into Earth’s atmosphere. These are emitted all the time, but there are more during times of greater solar activity. With the sun approaching the peak of its 11-year sunspot cycle, periods of intense aurora are likely over the next year or so.

Photo: MPAS member Ben Claringbold

Rich pickings in June for night-sky observers

June is a wonderful time for night-sky observers in the southern hemisphere. The rich star fields of the Milky Way galaxy stretch right across the sky from the southwest to the north-east. You cannot fail to spot the constellation Scorpius, which has one of the most recognisable patterns in the night sky. It is home to many excellent targets for an amateur telescope. Scorpius’s brightest star is the orange-red Antares, which is a supergiant with a diameter about 800 times that of our own star, the sun. While there may be more impressive sights in the

southern part of the June sky, there is also much to see when looking north, such as the globular clusters M13 and M92 in the constellations Hercules. There are also plenty of interesting clusters to look at in Ophiuchus. Besides the two globular clusters M10 and M12, and the open cluster NGC 6633, be sure to look out for the open cluster IC 4665. It is composed of a group of 30 stars and is a lovely sight through binoculars. Looking south, you will be met with a rich variety of objects visible with just the naked eye, or with binoculars or a small telescope. M22 in the constellation Sagittarius is an impressive globular cluster, while the emission nebula M8, also called the Lagoon Nebula, is a fine target for binoculars. Meanwhile, Omega Centauri, arguably the finest globular cluster in the night sky, sits at the heart of

Centaurus, the Centaur.

Earth is at solstice on June 21, which marks the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, when we receive the least energy from the sun. On the day of the winter solstice, we are tilted as far away from the sun as possible, which means the sun's path across the sky is as low as it can be.

For further information about the Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society, such as public stargazing nights, event bookings and membership, please visit the society’s Facebook page, or website at

NERIDA LANGCAKE, Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society

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Lighting the way to a greener future

Mornington Peninsula Shire has started upgrading 4100 streetlights across the Peninsula, replacing old and inefficient mercury vapour, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent streetlights with LEDs.

In a statement the shire said the LED streetlights would save it an estimated $4-6 million over their expected 20-year operational life and would be paid off in six to seven years; each subsequent year would be a “net positive” for the shire. As well as requiring less maintenance, the lights would reduce energy consumption by more than 55 per cent – the equivalent of lighting 1240 homes a year – and would provide better visibility for motorists and pedestrians.

The work is expected to take until mid-2025 and there might be some minor traffic disruptions during this time. For updates, go to LEDupgrade

Children’s author knows her market

When UK writer Grace Josephine moved to Blairgowrie two years ago, she was delighted to receive a warm welcome from the community. In contrast to her own life, the title character of her latest picture book Lou the Lost Witch struggles to find a place to fit in. With a keen ability to consider scenarios from a child's perspective, Grace explores universal themes in her books at a level accessible to younger readers.

Lou the Lost Witch is a thought-provoking, rhyming picture book that reminds us not to judge a book by its cover. Despite her witchy appearance, Lou has a heart of gold and just wants to belong. As readers follow her journey through the beautifully illustrated pages, they'll feel compelled to urge the characters Lou encounters to see the brave little witch for who she really is. Released this year by UK publisher Pegasus, it's a story that will resonate with readers young and old.


1 0 A M - 3 P M SUN 23rd JUNE

Grace says she often draws inspiration from surprising sources. Her first book was inspired during an experience picking fruit in Bundaberg. With the monotonous task causing her mind to wander, Crusty the Orange sprang to life. Her second book, The Bendy Tree, was inspired by a famous Bruce Lee quote she heard while listening to a meditation playlist. Like the children she writes for, Grace is fuelled by curiosity and imagination.

Engaging in person with readers through author visits and readings at day care centres, schools, bookshops and libraries across the Peninsula, she enjoys experiencing firsthand the positive reception to her work. Grace also regularly promotes her books at Peninsula markets, saying: “You meet the best people at markets.”

Lou the Lost Witch, with illustrations by Nathan Monção, is available online and from Peninsula bookshops.

( 18 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
For more info visit - Parking Fees apply
Briars, 450 Nepean HWY, Mount Martha.
DANIELLE DAVEY Grace Josephine reads to children at Shoreham market. Photo:
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Phat Yaya’s

Dementia rehab program expands into Frankston

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Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be challenging. For Bill and his wife, Betty, who is now also his carer, it was a heartbreaking discovery.

Dementia affects nearly half a million Australians, with almost 1.6 million Aussies involved in caregiving. It's a progressive disease without a cure, affecting cognitive function and daily activities.

After a hospital visit, a social worker recommended the dementia rehabilitation program provided by Encara and funded by South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network. The 12-week in-home program aims to enhance independence and wellbeing through allied health-led activities. Led by allied health professionals, the program offers podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and optional art and music therapy.

Initially hesitant about art therapy, Bill and Betty found it surprisingly beneficial and said it helped Bill come out of his shell. Visits from the program's professionals aided Bill's mobility and Betty's caregiving confidence. "The program helped me a lot, just knowing that I’m doing the right thing," she said.

The program, available to people aged 65 and over, has recently expanded from Mornington Peninsula Shire and the City of Casey to include residents of the City of Frankston, City of Greater Dandenong, and City of Kingston.

Bill and Betty highly recommend the program. "To anyone given the opportunity to join, we would say embrace it with open arms and don’t let it go."

Encara accepts all referrals, including self-referrals. For more information, visit Encara’s website at www.

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Working bee to help our homeless youth

Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Simon Brooks is calling on residents to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty during a three-day working bee for this year’s Mayoral Charity Event to raise money for Fusion Mornington Peninsula.

From June 21-23, the working bee will involve upgrading Fusion’s premises at the former army barracks at Mount Martha, from which it provides support services, programs and accommodation for young people experiencing homelessness. The premises includes eight beds, with live-in staff providing round-the-clock support and care.

Volunteers will be able to tackle various tasks inside and out – from painting, gardening and cleaning to removing old heaters and deconstructing a playground –providing the opportunity for everyone to pitch in and make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable young people on the Peninsula.

“Homelessness among youth is a pressing issue that demands our collective attention,” Cr Brooks said. “By supporting Fusion Mornington Peninsula, we're investing in the future of our community and ensuring those facing adversity have access to the resources they need to thrive.”

Residents can select which sessions they’d prefer to attend – 8.30am-12.30pm or 1-5pm – and the types of tasks they can help with when they register for the working bee at; anyone unable to take part can make a donation at the same website, after which they’ll go into a draw to win prizes.

Mix it with the best! Proudly supporting local and community groups, charities and the arts for over 17 years.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 21 ) Take care of your family while we take care of your rights G7/786 Esplanade, MORNINGTON Shop 7/217 Point Nepean Rd, DROMANA Divorce Financial Matters Parenting Matters Wills & Estates Property Lawyers Family Lawyers FIXED FEE OPTIONS AVAILABLE 5947 4836 Family Law Problem? See a Family Law Expert
Online, In Print & on Social Media

A stilt walker towers over the buzzing crowd at the 2018 Main Street Mornington Festival.

The buzz is spreading about Sunday Honey

The four members of Sunday Honey speak to Sarah Halfpenny about their rapid rise from university friends to one of the Mornington Peninsula's most exciting up-and-coming bands.

Who are the members of Sunday Honey?

Elliott Willis lead singer/rhythm guitar; Fox DeRoche drummer/singer; Max Hilli bass; and Callum Johnson lead guitar.

How did you come up with the band’s name?

Max’s dream was to always be in a band. He kept a diary with hundreds of different band names. When we first joined as a group, a band name wasn’t decided so we scouted Max’s ‘band name diary’ where we all resonated with the name Sunday Honey. Although we didn’t come up with the band name together, I think we all agree that it represents our music well – so much so, we like to describe some of our tracks as ‘honey soul’.

How did you form Sunday Honey?

Three of us actually met at university. We were all studying music production together so we had that connection from the start. Things really started shaping up when CJ reached out to Elliott, asking if he wanted to start a band. Fox was commuting to uni with Elliott in the car as this message was received, and Elliott passed the message to Fox, who was keen. It was a week or so later when the three of us reached out to Max asking if he wanted to play bass. The rest is history.

As a band formed relatively recently in 2021, what has been the most memorable moment of your journey so far?

It’s crazy how many goals we have achieved since starting Sunday Honey. I think the most memorable for us would be playing to a 600-plus crowd at The Espy’s Gershwin Room supporting our much-loved friends, Des Cortez. I think that was our first moment where we had that rock star feeling of playing in front of hundreds of people screaming our name.

Your latest release, Wasted Time (Take One), has been receiving great reviews. Tell us about the making of this track.

Fox actually came to the band with the main riff that runs through the track. It was bare when we all first started working on it, but that’s often the way we write. One of us usually has some chords or a riff, along with some melody or idea of lyrics. It’s in the band room when things start to boil together. Fox and Elliott are the primary lyric writers; those two wrote the lyrics and melody together, with Max and CJ weaving in their twists and adding some heart to the track.

Who are your influences?

This is where our different musical tastes come into play. You could ask any separate band member this question and you will receive different answers each time. If you were to ask Fox he would say Beatles, Max would say Metallica, CJ would come with a Blink-182 reference and Elliott would probably say K-pop vibes, but as a whole I think we aim for that Oasis/Ocean Alley vibe.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The plan is to release five more singles this year, three of which will be followed by headline shows. We recently did our first Sydney tour and are planning to branch out into different states later in the year. Our next release will be followed by a headline show on July 13 at the Workers Club, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials @_sundayhoney on Instagram for all the information on Sunday Honey you’ll need.

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Sunday Honey band members Max, Callum, Elliott and Fox contemplate a world of musical possibilities. Photo: Isaac Brooks

You're invited! Join Travel Project for an InsideJapan Travel Showcase An evening to discover Japan's Hidden Wonders!

Join us on Wednesday 17th July at 6pm for an exclusive 'InsideJapan' Showcase With the best exchange rate in 17 years, now is the perfect time to explo re Japan's wonders. From serene temples and vibrant Tokyo to tranquil rural villages, discover the hidden treasures of Japan with insights from top experts.

Our seasoned travel designers, with on average 14 years of experience, will help you plan your 2024/2025 adventure, offering personalised advice and unique itineraries. Whether you prefer small group journeys, self-guided adventures, or luxury private tours, this event caters to all travel styles.

Date: 17th July 2024

Time: 6 00pm-7 30pm

Location: The Rumbl, 81 Watt Road, Mornington

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot today and embark on an unforgettable journey.

InsideJapan Travel showcase | 17th July 2024 @6PM | The Rumbl | 81 Watt Road Mornington

Frankston teen builds a profile on YouTube

Currently hosting more subscribers on his YouTube channel than high-profile companies including McDonald’s Australia, Seven Network and The Australian, Frankston student Tyler James is soaring to success on the popular video-sharing platform. Last March before his 16th birthday, subscriptions to Tyler’s channel YesLucid passed the 100,000 mark. Fewer than 0.5 per cent of channels worldwide have 100,000 subscribers, and in acknowledgment of the milestone, Tyler received a personal letter and plaque – the Silver Play Button – from the headquarters of YouTube. A benchmark that can take YouTubers a decade or longer to reach has taken the teenager only two years. While his channel has focused on Minecraft, Tyler doesn’t consider himself a gamer. The subject of his videos isn’t the focus for Tyler. “I don't relate my channel to gaming or Minecraft; I relate it towards business and engaging audiences.” With business acumen ahead of his years, Tyler recently scored a generous sponsorship deal of

more than $20,000 for videos currently in production, supplementary to his paid per view income.

“I wake up at 5am typically because I prefer mornings and my work ethic is much higher at that time than after school,” he said. “In the three hours before I leave for school, I go to the gym and spend the remainder of my time working on my YouTube channel. I'm also pretty quick at finishing my school work, so I squeeze in about two hours of my homework at school.” Dux of his Year 6 class, with academic awards every year since, Tyler has also topped NAPLAN results for his year level. Managing to still make time for socialising, his friends and family are his biggest supporters.

In contrast to many of his counterparts who loudly narrate their videos to generate hype, Tyler’s kid-friendly commentary is measured and calm. With videos earning up to two million views, his superior editing skills and world-building have been widely hailed by followers worldwide as some of the best they have encountered. Visit @yeslucid on YouTube and see for yourself.

( 26 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
DANIELLE DAVEY Tyler James works on his YesLucid YouTube channel. Tyler received YouTube’s Silver Play Button plaque acknowledging his 100,000 subscribers.

Fundraiser to support centre’s vital programs

Mornington Community Support Centre is celebrating 40 years of serving the community with a winter appeal fundraiser event at Commonfolk Mornington on Friday, June 21, from 6-10pm.

The event will highlight the centre’s Fresh Food Program partners SecondBite, OZHarvest and Food for Change and Peninsula farm gate producer Torello Farm, with a celebrity chef cook-up from mystery box ingredients delivered on the day. Food writer and broadcaster Richard Cornish, SecondBite founder Simone Carson and Torello Farm’s Sophie O’Neil will be part of the wok fun on the night. A grazing table and canapes and music from Peninsula singer/ songwriter Hazel will greet guests on arrival.

A short film about the centre’s work will be screened along with a Q&A with centre CEO Ben Smith and MC Tracee Hutchison. The evening will also include a silent auction and a DJ.

Mr Smith said the event would pay for vital programs at the centre, including financial support, crisis accommodation, referrals and counselling, and the wonderful Meeting Room Café where everything is free or by donation. “We’re thrilled to have Richard, Simone and Sophie putting the fun into the fundraising on the night. We’re so proud of what we do at MCSC, turning every dollar donated into $3 worth of emergency relief so anyone experiencing hardship has somewhere to turn. We can only do what we do with the financial and inkind support of our local community.”

Tickets for the evening are $75 and all proceeds will go to support the centre’s important work. The event is part of the centre’s annual winter fundraiser appeal, which aims to raise $75,000 to fund core programs at the centre.

Go to for more details.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024

A midwife’s life

Juggling the demands of a household of seven with her role as associate unit manager of The Bays Hospital maternity unit in Mornington means every day is different for Danika Stubbs. As someone who thrives on building meaningful connections with others, she considers her colleagues to be her second family, testament to the cohesiveness of The Bays maternity team.

In her position at The Bays, Danika coordinates staff rostering, organising shifts in the birth suite and postnatal ward, and managing midwives on duty. On any given day, she too will have patients to care for in

either of those areas. Assistant unit managers also help with inducting and on-boarding staff, welcoming new midwives and mentoring them when they join the team.

Danika attributes her confidence at work to two key things: trust in her own competence, and trust in the competence of the midwives and obstetricians. After 10 years as a midwife – including assistant unit manager at the busy birth unit at Monash Medical Centre – Danika has amassed a wealth of experience and happily shares her knowledge with her midwives at The Bays.

A positive difference for patients at The Bays maternity unit is the continuity of care. As a private hospital with obstetricians and midwives in dedicated positions, the certainty of being familiar with staff is likewise an advantage to employees and is a defining characteristic of the ‘work family’ atmosphere.

When she reflects on the birth of her own first child,

Danika wishes she had the same experience as patients at The Bays maternity unit. In her case, there was little communication and education about the birth process, leaving her feeling anxious, without reassurance and knowledge. It was due to this event that she felt compelled to pursue midwifery as a career.

Always mindful that for most women the birth experience is one of the most important events in their lives, Danika talks every mother through the process, letting them know what’s happening, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Living on the Peninsula, Danika occasionally bumps into her former patients. Mothers she cared for during birth will enthusiastically greet her and proudly show her how their babies have grown. It’s just another moment that reinforces Danika’s belief that being a midwife at The Bays is the best job in the world.


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Win a magical Peninsula adventure with shire’s Wizardry Quest

This winter, unlock a world of enchantment on the Mornington Peninsula with Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Wizardry Quest, part of the Magical Mornington Peninsula Taste, Play, Stay tourism campaign. From June 3 until 4pm on Monday, July 15 you have the chance to win a magical family getaway worth more than $1100. Explore the hidden gems and must-visit locations of our beloved region while collecting special code words along the way.

The grand prize includes a family getaway to Boathouse Resort in Blairgowrie, an evening under the stars at Dromana 3 Drive-In, a family pass to Arthurs Seat Eagle and a $100 food voucher for Hickinbotham of Dromana. Other prizes include a family pass to Enchanted Adventure and Moonlit Sanctuary, and a food voucher for JimmyRum.

Joining the quest is simple and free, making it a fantastic adventure for everyone. Pick up your map from participating businesses including your nearest visitor information centre or download it from the shire’s website. As you explore, collect five special code words displayed in business windows, record them on your map or online, and share your adventure on socials using #WizardryQuest and #MagicalMorningtonPeninsula. For a bonus entry, follow Mornington Peninsula Visitor Centre on Facebook. Between quest stops, take time to experience all the wonders of the Mornington Peninsula. Enjoy a long lunch at a brewery or vineyard, warm up with hot chocolate from a local café, and explore boutique shops and wildlife sanctuaries. Visit an escape room, get lost in mazes, cast a line, explore galleries and, as dusk falls, head to one of the Peninsula’s scenic beaches for a stunning sunset, adding a magical end to your day.

You can submit your completed quest at drop-off points at the Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Centre or The Briars Visitor Information Centre during opening hours, or via the online form.

Plan your Wizardry Quest adventure now and discover why there’s magic around every corner on the Mornington Peninsula. For more details on competition rules and special offers, visit wizardryquest.

( 34 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Mornington Peninsula Wizardry Quest

Experience the Magic and the chance to WIN a family getaway valued at over $1100

Visit and collect a unique codeword from 5 different participating businesses. Complete the form on your Quest Map or online and submit by 4pm 15 July 2024.

Questors can receive a bonus entry by following the Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Centre on Facebook.

Unlock your Quest map here:

Level 1, 176 Main Street, Mornington, VIC 3931 | (03) 5975 7588 | We make your business, our business. Conveniently based on Main Street, Mornington, Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers use their decades of experience to resolve legal matters as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Carroll Goldsmith Lawyers. Your local lawyers. Specialising in:
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Property & Conveyancing
Wills, Probate & Estate Planning Caring, enthusiastic and forward-thinking. Call for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our lawyers today.
(Richard Goldsmith and Kassey Field)

Stepping into trekking adventures with Taryn

Taryn Brown speaks to Sarah Halfpenny about Walk Mornington Peninsula's evolution from lockdown remedy to a bustling community of walking aficionados.

What was the inspiration behind starting Walk Mornington Peninsula? By day, I’m the state manager for a medical company in Melbourne. As for Walk Mornington Peninsula, it all began back in February 2021, right in the midst of those lockdown blues.

Seeing how isolation was affecting my own circle of family and friends, I had this idea: why not bring people together through the power of walking and connection? So I took a leap of faith and posted a simple $20 advertisement on Facebook. That little ad brought

in four new walkers right off the bat. I even roped in a couple of friends to join us. And just like that, Walk Mornington Peninsula was born – a simple idea sparked by a desire to combat isolation and get moving.

How has the group evolved since its inception?

It’s been quite a journey since we kicked off back in 2021. We began by offering free walks for a whole year until we got a nudge from Parks Victoria about insurance. Fast forward, and now I'm a licensed tour operator leading multiple walks every week.

What types of walks do you offer?

We've got a variety of walks to suit everyone's pace and preferences, from relaxed ‘newbie’ walks perfect for taking it easy to our more adventurous ‘fitness’ hikes covering 8-20km through bushland and coastal trails in national parks. Each walk is carefully planned to showcase the best scenery, from tranquil rock pools to breathtaking

clifftops overlooking Bass Strait. We know our members are busy people, so we keep our walks focused and fun. Most of our adventures are wrapped up within two to four hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy nature without taking up your whole day.

What locations do you usually explore?

We love venturing into the hidden gems of national parks, where the scenery is breathtaking and the trails can be a little more difficult to find. It's all about giving our walkers a unique experience they might not discover on their own. Some of our top picks include Blairgowrie, Rye, Fingal, and St Andrews.

Who can participate in Walk Mornington Peninsula?

Walk Mornington Peninsula welcomes anyone 18 and above to join in the fun. We're here all year round, whether it's a regular day, a public holiday, school holidays, or even during the festive season. We’re hoping to add child-

friendly walks in the future too. What does it cost to join your walks? Prices range from $22 to $35, designed to be super affordable for everyone. Plus, when you grab a ticket, you're not just investing in an awesome experience, you're also giving back, with $2.40 heading straight to Parks Victoria and $2.20 supporting our charity-focused ticketing platform. It's a win-win for everyone. You can find more information on our website

What are some of the walks you have planned for the second half of 2024? Our community has been buzzing with enthusiasm, dreaming of hiking adventures both interstate and overseas. We're putting in the work to make those dreams come true. Alongside our regular walks, we'll be offering private tours, hosting charity events, and seeking out sponsors who want to be part of our growing family.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 37 )
Walk Mornington Peninsula enthusiasts enjoy a break at Point Nepean, framed by the bright blue water. Taryn Brown, founder of Walk Mornington Peninsula, smiles brightly at Number 16 Beach.

Sick of rising prices for social media ads with little or no return on investment?

Impressions, Clicks and Likes don’t always translate into sales.

Get back into print and give your business:

• High Visibility

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Volvo’s smallest SUV is its biggest deal yet

Research shows that most social media users are under 30. Reach out to the entire population with print!

SUVs might not be new for Volvo, but its latest addition to the stable – the first all-electric Volvo EX30 – is potentially its most significant yet. The EX30 is one of many new all-electric products that Volvo will introduce as it transitions to electric-powered vehicles, and it’s available now at Volvo Cars Brighton. Volvo has designed the EX30 to have the smallest carbon footprint of a Volvo. It features renewable and recycled materials in many ways, such as recycled aluminium, steel and plastic on the outside, along with renewed nature-inspired fabrics and materials inside.

This particular electric vehicle brings big technological energy. The EX30 features a unique soundbar for highperformance audio, Park Pilot Assist, Google built-in on

a 12.3” display, and the advanced safety you’d expect from a Volvo.

But potentially its best attribute would be its performance. The EX30 offers up to 540km range on a single charge, which covers all the Peninsula. It can reach 100km/h in as little as 5.3 seconds, yet can recharge from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.

The EX30 is worth experiencing for yourself, so book a test drive with the team at Volvo Cars Brighton to see why the EX30 has been making waves.

Call in today or visit us Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm or Saturday 9am-5pm.


A: 913 Nepean Highway, Bentleigh T: 9998 3796


FB: brightonvolvo

INSTA: volvo_cars_brighton

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Call Matt
Anna on 9708 8222 We’ve got the peninsula covered
your target audience

Do you remember when... knew your neighbours and nearly everyone in the street.

Kids played French cricket out front and there was a milk bar on the corner.

Meet Wendy Grant. Wendy represented Australia in gymnastics at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Wendy has now lived at Village Glen for 11 years. “Village Glen is a real Community. You really do know all your neighbours - just like it was in the 50’s and 60’s.”

Village Glen Retirement Living – a safe community with facilities second to none and a team of friendly, dedicated staff. For more information on your next move, give us a call on 03 5986 4455 or visit our website.

335 – 351 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound, Victoria 3940

Wendy Grant 1956 WendyGrant2024

Program a first for first responders

In an Australian-first, a residential wellbeing program is being piloted on the Mornington Peninsula to address mental health in emergency service volunteers and paid staff. Between April and October, six groups of eight people in these high-stress roles will benefit from the four-day residential program at Cape Schanck’s Cape House Hotel. The program was developed by the Emergency Services Foundation after identifying a gap in early intervention initiatives for Victorian emergency service workers. The ESF undertook comprehensive research

to understand how ‘retreat’ programs work, and with the help of Senior Sergeant Greg Dean from Victoria Police, considered various program approaches and options internationally when developing the residential wellbeing pilot program.

Clinical counsellor Dr Shannon Hood leads the Peninsula program with support from Dr Richard Chambers and Sharon Craig, all of whom are familiar with the emergency services environment.  Aiding the management of stress, St Andrews Beach yoga instructor Sam Pawson adds further value to the program’s team, teaching participants relaxation techniques they can use in future, including yoga, qi gong, breathing and meditation.

Already the pilot is receiving positive feedback from its first cohorts, with one attendee saying: "It has

been so pivotal for me as an individual, a husband, a dad and a manager to attend this pilot. I see this as a huge game changer for first responders and their families moving forward."

Victoria’s first responders, including ambulance, fire and police services, lifesaver organisations and the SES, prioritise the care and safety of others in their jobs, sometimes at a cost to their own mental health. In a concerning statistic that needs to change, Victoria emergency service workers account for almost 25 per cent of all mental injury claims lodged with the state’s WorkCover insurer.

June 12 is Thank a First Responder Day, a national day of appreciation for first responders and their families. To learn more about Victoria’s own emergency services and to show your support, visit

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A quiet shipwreck

The word ‘shipwreck’ brings to mind images of a ship in the dark being driven onto rocks by a violent storm. Many shipwrecks have occurred, however, in sheltered waters, in daylight and mild weather. Ships have drifted to their destruction during calms, and the story of the loss of the Colina is an example of a relatively mild squall causing a vessel to capsize and sink.

On June 28, 1853, the wooden topsail schooner Colina was loaded with cargo from the Prussian barque Vesta at Point Henry to carry it to Geelong. She set off late in the afternoon in very calm conditions and all sail had been set. A light breeze carried her towards the channel marker at around sunset when it began to rain. The cabin boy, John McKenzie, decided to go below to change his clothes, which had become wet.

By that time darkness had come on and the breeze increased, but not greatly. John was still below when a sudden squall struck the vessel, and the crew had not enough time to

free the sheets or lower the sails before the Colina capsized. The five men aboard made it into the boat that was towing astern, and in the darkness they searched for the boy. Not finding any trace, they then rowed to Geelong.

At the inquest into the death of John McKenzie, those giving evidence agreed that the vessel was deeply laden but disagreed about the amount of cargo that was loaded on her deck. The only passenger aboard the vessel at the time thought that there was too much deck cargo but the captain, the mate and one of the two crew members called to give evidence believed it was not excessive.

The Colina was built at Port Albert in 1847 and operated out of Sealer’s Cove, Wilsons Promontory, as a timber carrier for several years. After the capsize in June 1853, the vessel was raised and returned to service but was completely wrecked at the mouth of the Wagonga River near Narooma, NSW, in June 1865.


President, Peninsula Ship Society T: 9787 5780


The Peninsula Ship Society meets at Hastings Yacht Club at 10am on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except November and December). Visitors are welcome.

Open wide and see

Mornington Peninsula Shire is opening up and is looking for your input. Its public transparency policy sets out its commitment to openness and transparency in decision-making and describes how information will be made available to the public.

The shire said it had already adopted other policies and procedures serving to increase transparency and accountability, including its 2022 public transparency policy and its community engagement policy, accessing the council information page on its website, the CEO’s annual performance and remuneration review, the councillor gift policy including an online register, opening budget briefings to the public, live streaming all council and planning services meetings online, and making conflict of interest declarations available online.

You can help shape the council’s public transparency policy by providing your thoughts online at before June 17. Hard copy forms are also available on request at the shire’s customer service centres.

( 42 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
The wooden topsail schooner Huia was built in New Zealand almost 50 years after the Colina, but the rigs of the two schooners would have been almost identical. The Huia was twice the length of the 16.5m Colina. Photo: State Library of Victoria

New premises, same awesome travel experience

We are excited to announce that we have moved our long-established travel agency to Mount Martha. Previously located at 4 Ninth Ave, Rosebud, where we transitioned from Harvey World Travel to Helloworld Travel, we have been facilitating our clients’ travel dreams for more than 35 years.

We bring our highly experienced team to Mount Martha, where we look forward to meeting all the travel needs of the tight-knit community along with our valued existing clients. Owned and operated by Mount Martha residents Kim Taylor and Kate Bowman, Helloworld Travel has always

assured its clients that we care about them and their holiday.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first adventure, we are here to help make your journey unforgettable. Let us turn your travel dreams into a reality. Explore, experience, and embrace the world with us. Our team has a combined 90 years of experience working in travel and are passionate travellers ourselves.

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Come and visit us in our beautiful new office at 7A Bay Rd, Mount Martha and start your journey towards your next unforgettable travel experience.

P: 5981 1888 7A Bay Rd, Mount Martha
Fiona Kim Kate

Therapeutic garden blooms for at-risk youth

The Lighthouse Foundation has created a therapeutic and sustainable garden at its home for vulnerable young people in Frankston.

With the help of a South East Water community grant, the vegetable and herb garden has blossomed into an outdoor sanctuary where young residents can learn new skills, connect and engage through nature-based activities, and gain a sense of accomplishment. The grant was also used to buy a 2500-litre rainwater tank to keep the garden green all year, with free installation by Priority Plumbing.

The Lighthouse Foundation grant manager Geraldine Taylor said the project provided valuable support for the physical and mental wellbeing of residents at the home. “We’ve been able to convert what was an empty space into a welcome environment for leisure, therapeutic care, education and connection-building between the community and the vulnerable youth living in the home,” Ms Taylor said. “We are very grateful to South East Water and Priority Plumbing.”

South East Water strategy and stakeholder general manager Karen Lau said the project would make a positive difference to the community and the environment. “Using rainwater tanks in gardens is a sustainable initiative that protects our precious drinking water supplies,” Ms Lau said. “We also extend our thanks to The Lighthouse Foundation for involving us in such a rewarding project.”

( 44 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL? Enter to win cash prizes, book vouchers, and more! Entries open: 1 May - 21 June Proudly supported by:
Nathan Chandler from Priority Plumbing, South East Water stakeholder engagement adviser Anita McKenzie, Ken Grigg from Priority Plumbing, and Catherine Gayed and Charmaine White from The Lighthouse Foundation inspect the new garden.

Make the change and transform your smile in just 1 day

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What is All On 4 Dentistry?

All On 4 is a dental implant technique where the upper and lower set of teeth are replaced with just four implants!

Dr Mo has been awarded the centre of excellence, which recognises him for his extensive experience and consistent delivery of high-quality care to over 1000 patients

Trust in Excellence “Casey Smiles”
Unit 2 / 14 Stawell Street Cranbourne | P. 5996 6273 | E.

Conversational Italian for fun and friendship

Maria-Antonia Campagna is a secondary school teacher and author. In 2021, after publishing a series of Italian conversational books, she began conducting Italian classes at D.O.C Mornington, affectionately known as Caffè e Conversazione.

Caffè e Conversazione is a beginner’s guide to conversational Italian. The programs have an emphasis on conversational dialogues and role-playing where participants have the chance to practise language concepts learnt in a fun and relaxed manner. It allows for language immersion, social interaction, friendly banter and hopefully a good coffee in a welcoming environment. Caffè e Conversazione – Have fun with IT. are the texts used in Maria-Antonia’s conversational classes.

Over the past three years, her lessons have gathered momentum, creating quite a buzz around town with many locals taking part in classes. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences:

“I love being transported to a small classroom in Italy where the learning is fun, fellow students are supportive and our teacher is filled with enthusiasm. I love meeting new neighbours, expanding my horizons and expanding my brain!” – Joan “For me, the Italian class brings laughter, companionship and an introduction to a beautiful culture and language. I have learnt so much and am developing in confidence lesson by lesson. MariaAntonia is a truly inspiring teacher!” – Carol

“I love having a weekly opportunity to learn and practise Italian with such a lovely teacher and group of adult learners. I find the structure of the classes, the inclusion of relevant dialogues and the repetition of content helpful” – Karyn

“Italian classes with Maria-Antonia are a lot of fun conducted in a fabulous atmosphere, surrounded by

all things Italian! Just love it!” – Anne-Marie

For more information on Maria-Antonia’s classes at D.O.C Mornington or to purchase a copy of her books, email


Commencing mid July 2024

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The power of belonging

Belonging is a fundamental human need that holds immense power in shaping our wellbeing and sense of identity. When we feel a sense of belonging – whether it's within a community, a group of friends, a family or even a therapy group – we experience a deep connection that validates our existence and affirms our worth.

This sense of belonging provides a supportive foundation from which we can explore our potential and pursue our goals with confidence in a safe and secure space. It helps foster resilience in the face of challenges, knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

• Connect and thrive: In our group therapy sessions, you're not alone. Together we can forge genuine connections with others who understand our journey. The camaraderie within the group fosters a sense of belonging, reducing isolation and providing a strong support system.

• Diverse perspectives and shared wisdom: Benefit from the wealth of insights within our diverse groups. Different backgrounds and perspectives

create a tapestry of knowledge, offering unique solutions and perspectives to common challenges. Expand your horizons and gain fresh insights that propel personal growth.

• Affordable and accessible: Quality mental health support doesn't have to break the bank. Group therapy offers an affordable alternative to individual sessions, making therapeutic benefits accessible to a wider audience.

• Practise and grow social skills: Belonging to a group provides a safe space to practise interpersonal skills, express yourself authentically and receive constructive feedback.

Gain confidence in navigating social interactions and witness your communication skills flourish.

Celebrate progress together. Experience the joy of celebrating not just your victories but those of your fellow group members. The collective positivity within the group becomes a catalyst for self-esteem and personal development.

Angelo Campagna is a pastoral counsellor, psychotherapist and spiritual director who will be commencing a support group for people dealing with anxiety. If you are interested in individual counselling or would like to find out more about the support group, call 5909 9805 or go to www.angelocampagna.


Issue 151 JUNE 2024 47 ) Angelo
Offering the following services: Walk ‘n’ Talk In-person Therapy Online Telehealth Draw ’n’ Talk Group Therapy Spiritual Direction For more information and to book please visit
Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Director.

education and parenting

Partnership ensures young soccer players will never walk alone

Padua College is now home to Liverpool Football Club International Academy Australia under a partnership that will see the exclusive soccer school program offered to its students and the wider community.

“Fuelled by a shared passion for excellence and inclusivity, the collaboration marks a pivotal milestone for the sport on the Peninsula,” the college said in a statement. This would empower students to embrace their potential and train ‘The Liverpool Way’ at school, with holiday clinics and after-school programs offered to aspiring players in the community, it said.

“Liverpool Football Club is globally recognised as an elite club that prides itself on creating the best environment possible for the development of young players. This aligns with the core values of Padua College, where students are encouraged to utilise their God-given talents, strive to be the best that they can be and to build positive relationships.

“Delivering the same coaching curriculum and techniques used at the Club Academy in Liverpool, LFC IA seeks to develop players on and off the pitch through a proven coaching program that focuses on the technical, tactical and physical skills as well as the social and psychological aspects of soccer, including determination, team spirit and commitment.”

Principal Kelly McGurn said the partnership “signifies our commitment to building strong community connections and opportunities for the development of our young students both at school and beyond.

In addition to offering students career pathways, the program builds social and emotional wellbeing and boosts life skills of perseverance, communication, leadership and teamwork, further enhancing the strong foundations in place”.

Elise Kellond-Knight, one of the Matildas’ most decorated players, and college alumni and professional jockey Jake Noonan joined Ms McGurn at the partnership launch for a Q&A session, reflecting on their careers. After a ceremonial handover of the LFC IA flag, LFC IA technical director Kevin Grima hosted a technical skills drill with college students on the soccer pitch.

Padua said its staff members were “undertaking exclusive Liverpool coach accreditation training developed in conjunction with the Australian College of Physical Education, one of Australia’s leading independent higher education providers, a professional development opportunity that will be extended to other coaches in the community”.

Head coach Andrew McMellon said: “Students will have the opportunity to succeed, no matter what their soccer skills are, as they will be taught a range of transferable skills for use both in and outside of school through the most participated sport in Victoria by under-18s.”

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CONVERSATION CLASSES PRIVATE TUITION GROUP CLASSES Building bridges between cultures 14/1140 Nepean Hwy, Mornington | P. 0401 332 230
366-368 Nepean Highway P. 9781 4600 Enrol Now Committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure a full balanced development for each child in our expansive, natural learning environment. Enquire today OPENING SOON!

peninsula pets


Lana’s ruff road to a refined life

Get ready to be dazzled by the one, the only, Lana Lees – the mini tornado of Mount Eliza. This tiny toy cavoodle may weigh in at a measly 2.7kg, but she's got personality for days.

Promote to pet-owners

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Maybe you own a cute or unusual pet we can feature? Call our friendly team on 9708 8222

Now known by a plethora of nicknames – Lani, Lana Cabana, and even Phyllis Diller – this eight-and-a-halfyear-old found her forever home with new owner Lisa Lees and her family. When they're not doting on Lana, they're busy running Camerons Blinds & Awnings, a family business that's been serving the community since 1985.

Lana's early life certainly had its challenges. Used as a breeding dog and spending her days confined only to a backyard, Lana was longing for a change of scenery. Lisa – still grieving the loss of their beloved 15-year-old groodle, Coco – was hoping to fill the void in their home and the heart of their 11-year-old Blissy, another cavoodle they rescued. Seeking a new furry friend, Lisa posted Blissy's photo on a Facebook pet rescue page, catching the attention of a breeder eager to find a home for Lana.

Upon adoption, Lana lacked basic commands but has since mastered sitting and staying. Eager to please, she quickly learnt toilet training and good manners at dinnertime. Lana's quirky talents include walking

and dancing on her hind legs – she can walk across an entire room – and in a delightful example of irony she often joins Blissy in howling along to the song Memories from the musical Cats.

Lana quickly adapted to her new life of luxury with the Lees family. From walks on the sandy shores of Waratah Bay to lounging on the couch with her cosy blankets, she embraces each new experience with enthusiasm and pure sweetness.

Lana's secret to living her best life is simple: embrace every moment with gusto, chase your dreams – or your tail – and never underestimate the power of a good belly rub.

And Lisa’s advice for prospective pet owners? She’s an advocate for the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ approach, emphasising the countless dogs in shelters awaiting homes. With Lana by their side, Lisa and her family have found joy in giving this sweet dog the love and care she deserves and a new ‘leash’ on life.


( 50 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
It’s family portrait time with Lana the toy cavoodle, centre, Blissy the cavoodle, and the Lees family: Hannah, Jacko, Lisa, Norm and Benny. Lana enjoys a blissful day at Waratah Bay, soaking up the sun and frolicking in the sea.



Winter on the Mornington Peninsula is synonymous with enjoying our exceptional wine and food in warm, cosy places with friends and family.

The Winter Wine Weekend has been a key event on wine-lovers’ calendars since the 1980s, and whether you’re serious about wine or simply like to drink it, the wide-ranging program will excite all palates. You’ll find lots more information in this special feature.

Over the long weekend and throughout June you can enjoy world-class wines and fabulous food with the postcard-perfect Peninsula as your backdrop.

Whatever you do this June, enjoy such wonderful Peninsula produce as mushrooms and truffles while sipping Peninsula drops and celebrating our pristine region.

Flick through the following pages for great venues to check out and warm cellar doors where you can taste new-release wines and revisit old favourites while you experience the region’s seasonal offerings.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024



Join our four-day celebration of incredible wine and food

Gather your tribe for four days of sensational wines and beautiful food at the Mornington Peninsula’s Winter Wine Weekend. From June 7-10, taste new-release wines at warm cellar doors, visit old favourites and experience the seasonal offerings of the region with new events and food partners.

Get the weekend started on Friday, June 7, with The Winemaker's Truffle Dinner. This exciting opening night brings 13 of your favourite wineries together at The Village Hall at the Red Hill Showgrounds, each winery hosting a table with wines especially curated to match the canapes and stunning three-course menu, with new-season truffles at the centre. Settle in with celebrated Melbourne jazz ensemble The Georga Byrne Trio and enjoy a night to celebrate the season. Wineries include Paringa Estate, Montalto, Stonier, Quealy Wines, Main Ridge Estate, Handpicked Wines, Crittenden Wines, Ocean Eight, Lindenderry, Rahona Valley, Red Hill Estate, Tar & Roses, and Yabby Lake.

Saturday’s Winter Wine Festival is the weekend's showcase, featuring 40 wineries pouring their new vintages and special releases. This year sees the launch of a new way to experience the region's best, with the $80 tickets including all wine tastings and a Riedel glass to take home.

Evolving the food experience, the Village Green will be humming with the theatre of new food partners, including the Long Paddock Raclette Bar, Red Gum BBQ and Pinchy’s Lobster Bar. In addition, 200 lucky festival ticket-holders will take their seats at the launch of A Cassoulet Lunch for a long-table farmhouse feast of duck cassoulet and crusty bread with a Millers fruit tart to finish at $59 a person. Guests will have access to The Vintage Bar where they can buy a glass of something special from one of 12 selected wineries.

Continue your winter wine journey on Sunday and Monday by visiting cellar doors and winery restaurants across the Peninsula. Most are open all weekend and they’re pulling out all stops with master classes, brilliant music, warming winter lunches, private cellar selections and more.

Experience the 2024 Winter Wine Weekend for a four-day celebration of wine & food!

A fresh new look, an exquisite welcome dinner, top-notch food partners & a fantastic Saturday long lunch with flexible ticket prices.

from $80

7-10 June

Mornington Peninsula Wine CEO Olivia Barrie said she was excited to welcome wine-lovers to another incredible Winter Wine Weekend. “This year’s program has a number of new opportunities to experience an incredible array of wines and food from our talented makers,” Olivia said. “Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of wine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.”

For more information and tickets, visit


T: 5989 2377


FB: mpwine

INSTA: mpwine

( 52 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month Magazine
winterwineweekend com au or scan the QR code


Immerse in the Mornington Peninsula with Red Hill Estate's Exclusive Wine Club.

Discover the nest wines Red Hill Estate has to o er, whilst enjoying special access to quarterly and semiannual Winemaker’s Selection tasting packs, featuring unique wines available exclusively at our Cellar Door.

Each selection is handpicked by our expert winemaking team, embodying the regional elegance and air that de ne Red Hill Estate’s agship range.

Don't miss this opportunity to savour exceptional, limited-edition releases — each a testament to our passion for creating and sharing wines worthy of the Red Hill Estate label, with families everywhere.


• Wines delivered to your door quarterly or half-yearly with free shipping in Australia

• Wines selected by our winemaking team to showcase our best releases

• Discounts on all wine and wine accessories purchased in our Cellar Door and online

• Invitations to exclusive KTMP events and winemaker masterclasses

• Complimentary wine tastings and exclusive access to museum bottles

• Up to $350 saving annually on seasonal deliveries



Tasting old and new wave at Quealy Winemakers

For a short time only, Quealy Winemakers is tasting three wines exclusively from its oldest vineyard blocks. These wines – 40th Anniversary Chardonnay, Riesling, and Seventeen Rows Pinot Noir – are available only in tiny

Open for tastings at the cellar door

Friday to Monday - 11am to 5pm

We are offering 10% discount* on all orders made at the 2024 Winter Wine Weekend or online using Promo Code: WWW24

*Discount only available between June 7-10

8 Bittern-Dromana Rd, Bittern

quantities and will be available for tasting at the winery daily, including over the King’s Birthday long weekend.

Quealy’s winery cellar door always offers a warm welcome. Located in the winery, its authentic landscape helps visitors understand winemaking on the Peninsula and feel the genuine and contagious passion that underpins all that’s created here.

The basis of Quealy wine is single-vineyard excellence. Musk Creek, Tussie Mussie, Campbell and Christine, Halarah and the home property are the vineyards Quealy exclusively tends in creating its multiple single-vineyard chardonnay, pinot gris and pinot noir. It’s a lot of small-batch winemaking that fits snugly into barrels to mature for as long as it takes.

Quealy’s own property has among the oldest vines on the Peninsula, as well as new plantings of very rare ribolla gialla, friulano, malvasia and more. These varietals are selected to make the new styles of extended maceration white/amber wine. These are new wave wines that will delight wine-lovers. Head winemaker Tom McCarthy is active in both the winery and the vineyards, and he knows their intimate connection. His new wave wines are a discovery. Ask for the ribolla gialla, a variety from northeast Italy. The flavour is a meld of 180 days’ maceration in amphora and then slowly maturing over 30 months in barrel. Slow winemaking is a skill.

The whole team are proud their own vineyard is certified organic, and while the vineyard management of their leased properties is not as pure, it is close to organic and is sensibly sustainable.

Take the opportunity to linger over a glass of wine in the shade of the veranda or under the winery roof – even in the barrel hall if it isn’t too full of barrels. Choose to taste from Quealy’s wide range of single-vineyard classics and contrast with its postmodern new wave wine. Cheese plates of Peninsula and Gippsland cheese can be purchased with a glass of wine. Bookings are always appreciated.

The cellar door is open daily from 9am-5pm.


A: 62 Bittern-Dromana Rd, Balnarring

T: 5983 2483


FB: Quealy.Winemakers

INSTA: quealywines

( 54 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
62 Bittern-Dromana Rd, Balnarring I 5983 2483 I Open Daily 9am-5pm for tastings & cheese plates Indulge in delicious moments...

It’s wintertime in the vineyard, so what happens now?

As the colder months start to set in, we all like to hibernate to escape the cold or, for the lucky ones, head north to warmer climates. Obviously the vines cannot just pack up and leave the vineyard, so they too will hibernate. We call this the dormancy phase, where the vines are having a good snooze waiting for spring to come.

But while it may be snooze time for the vines, in the world of wine producers/vineyard owners post-vintage, they can’t really do the same, as the winter period is still a key stage in the timetable of the vineyard calendar. It is time for the vines to get a haircut; in other words, it’s pruning time.

Pruning is just one job that forms part of the vineyard’s cycle on the calendar and normally starts around June. The purpose of pruning is to discard any unwanted leaves and canes. These canes are the arms of the vines, so to speak, and where the new shoots grow from. Also, you do not want the vines to become too woody, canes dangling all over the place and looking messy.

To sum up pruning, its main outcome is to set the vines up for the new vintage season and determine how many new

buds that become the shoots there will be and where on the cane they will grow. The vines do look pretty schmick too, once all pruned up, nicely shaped and ready to go.

Pruning can also take place in summer. It is done for a handful of reasons, one of which is to make sure the grape bunches can have maximum exposure to the sun by stripping a few leaves so the grapes can get a good tan from access to sunlight.

You have probably seen people wearing high-vis gear in the vineyards up and down the Peninsula. These are the hardworking pruning crews that snip away during these colder months and brave all the elements. It is certainly not an easy or glamorous job, as it can be quite physical work and needs a bit of practise to do what is required for the specifics of each vineyard’s pruning methods.

Next time you are out exploring our wonderful wine area, take a look at the vines and hopefully you will get an appreciation of the work that goes into this task and why it’s done. Chat to the cellar door staff about it too while tasting their wines from those vineyards. They can tell you more about it and might have even done a bit of pruning themselves.

‘Til next time, enjoy your wine journey.



( 56 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month Magazine The Mornington Peninsula’s most iconic Terracotta Winery (03) 5981 8688 85 Harrisons Road, Dromana Victoria 3936

Enjoy the Peninsula’s delights in total luxury

The breathtaking Glasshouse Villa in Merricks North provides accommodation nestled in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula’s vineyard restaurant region. The property is the ideal space to lay down your head after a wonderful day spent sampling the Peninsula’s world-class wines and exquisite food.

The amazing vineyard views are a delight to enjoy while you’re snuggling up with that long-anticipated book waiting to be quietly enjoyed. The 25.5ha property is great for winter walks around the olive grove, orchard, vineyard, dams and lavender grove, and if the children are with you, they will enjoy the alpacas, lowline cattle and the private onsite playground, games and art pack. Pick a few herbs from the kitchen garden to accompany your own culinary delights or order in

sumptuous Nepalese food from Mustang Cottage. Alternatively, hire a chef to create a feast for you and your friends in the massive gourmet kitchen.

The villa is perfect for hosting a creative event for a hen party or special birthday. Miffie can provide oil painting classes with a relaxed ‘paint n’ sip’ vibe, or you can be super-prepared for Christmas by learning how

to make gingerbread houses.

The Glasshouse Villa is perfectly situated for brides to enjoy preparing for their special day with their bridal party. It’s also hugely popular with photographers, who love capturing the beauty of the grounds.

It is often complicated to get the family all together after end-of-year speech nights and sporting finals, so why not take the pressure off and host your family and closest friends for a Christmas in July event at the villa. It’s also wonderful for corporate events, with audiovisual equipment able to be supplied if needed.

The Glasshouse Villa looks forward to welcoming you with fresh flowers, a bottle of the vineyard’s own Windward Shiraz, Peninsula cheeses and other tasty goodies.


A: 57 Tubbarubba Rd, Merricks North T: 0413 226 313 W:

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 57 )
IN WINTER SPECIAL FEATURE Miffie Maklary - Executive Host Glasshouse Villa 57 Tubbarubba Road, Merricks North Vic 3926

Groove on down to Main Street

Street corners, bars and restaurants will groove to the sounds of live music over the King’s Birthday long weekend at the 10th Mornington Winter Music Festival.

This year’s festival features an exciting program with a host of talented performers and a diverse mix of traditional and modern jazz, blues, soul and other genres, meaning there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Mornington Chamber of Commerce has thanked the Mornington Peninsula Shire for its help as well as praising the support of all the venues, large and small, for getting behind this annual winter

festival and backing live music all weekend.

Tickets are selling quickly, but it’s not too late to get yours at au, where you’ll also find the full venue and street programs.

Of course, Mornington is also a retail paradise for those who love to shop, and it is the place to come for a welcome winter makeover – try

Amicus Hair & Beauty or Simply Brazilian. Grab a coffee and sumptuous French delights from Chocolat of Mornington or something warm and cosy to wear from Kiwi House.

Mornington really has it all, so get down to Main St over the King’s Birthday long weekend and experience winter magic on the Peninsula.

Fresh Pastries and cakes made daily by a dedicated team

( 58 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine MORNINGTON IN JUNE SPECIAL FEATURE
P: 5976 4902 Shop 6, 59 Barkly St, Mornington
Refresh your skin with our new skin treatments Book online Frankston - 9781 2555 Mornington - 5975 5888 hurry offer ends 30/06/2024

Winter Offers

Package 1:

1/2 head foils, toner, treatment, cut & style $280

Package 2: full head foils, toner, treatment, cut & style $320 (Terms and conditions apply)

Our winter opening hours are:

Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm closed Sunday & Monday

209 Main St, Mornington P. 5976 2740

Musical feast to move your feet and warm your heart

The Mornington Chamber of Commerce has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a sensational lineup of talented musicians across a range of genres as part of the Mornington Winter Music Festival.

The festival starts on Friday, June 7, and runs until Monday, June 10.

Celebrating its 10th year, the festival features both in-venue and roaming street performances across the long weekend, so for a musical and funfilled weekend, head to Main St in Mornington.

Here we’ve listed some key events, but for the full program go to www.


Friday, June 7, 5.30-7.30pm

The Pavilion, Beleura House and Garden Bookings essential at

Conquering his craft to great acclaim across the world, Lachlan Bryan’s new project The Pleasures with Catherine Britt is nothing short of stunning, and will undoubtedly be a moving experience. They’ve been touring this record across the US to great acclaim, so experiencing this at The Pavilion will be special. Powerful songwriting at its best. You

Beautiful possum/ merino garments and accessories are perfect for the cooler months. Lots to choose from and sooo warm.

An essential on the sporting sideline!

Open Mon to Fri 9.30 to 5, Sat 9.30 to 4 & Sun 11 to 3 Shop 7/90 Main St, Mornington | P. 5973 4233 (Shop located in the walk-through mall)

don’t need to love country music to feel this one; you just need a heart. - Richard Vaudrey Independent Music


Saturday, June 8, noon-1.15pm

Near Hechno En Mexico on Main St Free

Coco Michelle is a 25-year-old from the Mornington Peninsula who makes indie/ pop/rock music. Music has been her life. After starting out with musical theatre and dancing, she ended up on a journey through folk and alternative music and slowly found her way to pop music of the indie kind. Check her out.


Sunday, June 9, 2-6pm

The Rocks Mornington, 1 Schnapper Point Drive Bookings: 5973 5599

Melbourne’s Bluetone Assembly are a five-piece jazz group who play the best old-school rhythm and blues, soul, blues and swingin’ jazz from past to present, adding their own soulful twist to their groovy mix of tunes including Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone through to Amy Winehouse.


Sunday, June 9, 10.15-11.45am

Near Biscottini Café on Main St


Chris Annable is a master of acoustic groove. Using a combination of rhythmic percussive techniques, finger-style methods and creative arrangements, Chris makes everything he performs his own. Check him out on Main St.


Sunday, June 9, 2.45-4pm

Merchant Lane, 58 Main St Free

Lady Soul’s gorgeous voice cruises through pop classics, soul divas, ‘50s rock’n’roll, swinging ‘60s, chart-toppers, smooth ‘70s, and ‘90s anthems. Enjoy. EZRA LEE’S BOOGIE WOOGIE BAND  Sunday, June 9, 6-9pm

The Bay Hotel, 62 Main St - Upstairs Bandroom  Free

Ezra Lee smashes out ‘50s-era roots rock’n’roll with the raw integrity that comes from decades of performing in pubs and clubs around Australia, although he's just as comfortable on huge stages in the UK, Europe and the US. Ezra’s repertoire is everything from thumping boogie woogie to the most soulful, tears-in-your-beer honky tonk, all propelled by his red-hot rhythm section.

( 60 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine morningtonwintermusicfestival Scan the QR Code to download the latest festival programs. OVER 50 FREE AND TICKETED EVENTS ACROSS THE WEEKEND LIVE music in venues and FREE entertainment on Main Street MAIN STREET WILL BE CLOSED Sunday June 9th - 10am to 5pm (BARKLY ST TO THE ESPLANADE) 7th - 10th June, 2024


Somerville has long been a popular central hub on the Peninsula, with easy access to both Western Port and Port Phillip as well as wineries, beaches, bush walks and kids’ entertainment. The community is spoilt for choice with a variety of specialty stores, beauty salons, shopping centres and home styling shops. It is also fast becoming uber-cool with amazing cafes, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and fashion and lifestyle stores. Whether you’re up for a lazy day of leisure in the township or you’re out and about tackling errands, there is transport available and plenty of shops in the central town area.

Somerville provides plenty of things to see and do in a township that delivers service with a smile. It has become known as an ideal location for families as well as for the ageing population. It’s the place where families gather and visitors connect among the leafy green surroundings, and it’s a hive of activity. Everything great collides in Somerville, from desirable real estate and tasty global cuisine to excellent education and home improvement options.

Over the next few pages, find what else is on offer in Somerville. There’s something for everyone, so why not visit soon — we’ll see you there.

door sales Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm & 8amSaturdays - 12:30pm

( 62 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine We love SOMERVILLE SPECIAL FEATURE P. 0419 916 682 FREE measure and quote! CURTAINS BLINDS SHUTTERS Love coming home
to Friday
market I 200 small businesses under one
9am-4pm/Saturday 9:30am-2pm

The people are what make Somerville so great

I have lived just down the road from Somerville for eight years now and never get tired of what this town has to offer. As my office is in Somerville, it means I spend a lot of time here, so I do feel like I am a Somervillian.

We have great coffee shops here. It doesn’t matter which one, you will get a fine brew and on top of that they all make and serve great food. Each coffee shop has its own character, so if you feel like a banh mi, a wrap, a homemade pie, focaccia, schnitzel, vegan salad or a toasted reuben sandwich, Somerville has you sorted. Takeaway is covered by three fish and chip shops – they are all great – two Thai restaurants, two Indian restaurants and a Korean Indian eatery – all fantastic. There is a great little bar with great food, and of course the Somie pub. The jewel in the food crown can be found at Yaringa Boat Harbour, where you can have a terrific dining experience

inside or a more relaxed fish and chips experience outside on the lawn overlooking the harbour.

There is much more, of course. The butcher’s shop has been here for 35 years, so if you want the news in town, drop in and see Phil. There are many small and large businesses that cater to locals and international customers alike. People would be surprised to fully know the calibre of businesses in Somerville.

But what really makes Somerville great are the people that live and work here: the smiling faces, the friendly service, the easy hellos and chats, the community support, the volunteers, the sporting clubs and the sense of pride that Somervillians have for their town.

It’s a great place to live and work.


A: 1/13 Eramosa Rd West, Somerville T: 5977 5600


FB: PaulMercurioLabor

INSTA: paulmercuriomp

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 63 )

Specials and giveaways galore at BattMow’s grand opening

The sun is about to rise on a new era in garden care with this month’s grand opening of BattMow's flagship store at Somerville. Since its inception in 2021, BattMow has been at the forefront of innovation, specialising in robotic mowers and battery-operated garden equipment and reshaping the landscape of lawn and garden maintenance.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the turf and landscape industry, owner Darren Morris made the decision to move into the fast-paced and ever-changing robotic and battery world. We don't just sell products off the shelf, we dive deep into your needs and even complete onsite inspections and free demonstrations of a large range of our robotic mowers and battery handheld garden equipment.

Working closely with reputable manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Kress and Segway ensures we have the right products, whether it’s for a townhouse-size yard, acreage property or large public space. Specialising in only battery and robotic equipment ensures we all look to the future and are committed to sustainable practices

significantly reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Join us for the festivities on Friday, June 14, from 2-8pm and Saturday, June 15, from 8am-1pm as we celebrate our grand opening with exclusive specials. Grab a drink and some pizza on the Friday or a coffee and a snag on Saturday and partake in exciting giveaways. Experience firsthand the cutting-edge service that sets BattMow apart from the rest.

With our commitment to quality, reliability and ecofriendliness, BattMow is more than just a store; it's a testament to our dedication to transforming the way we all care for our outdoor spaces.

Join us in welcoming a new era of lawn and garden care at BattMow's grand opening. Together, let's pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future, one lawn at a time.


A: Factory 8, 10 Speedwell St, Somerville

T: 1300 4 BATTMOW



FB: BattMow

INSTA: battmow

( 64 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Grand Opening June 14 & 15 Opening specials I Meet our suppliers Food & Drink I Giveaways 2pm-8pm Friday June 14 I 8am-1pm Saturday June 15 1300 4BATTMOW I 8/10 Speedwell St, Somerville

John’s 03 5977 6955 45 Park Lane, Somerville, 3912 Callistemon Warratah $410,000 $575,000 Available Now
te eme
gency care. ‘The perfect place to live
Retirement Village Located on 15 acres of landscaped gardens on the Mornington Peninsula, within the township of
rville, close to shopp
transport &
unity facilities. St.
t living units and serviced
partments with
/7 onsi

the business

Environmental mapping tool makes a splash at water awards

South East Water has been recognised for its innovative environmental sensitivity map, making the finals in the Organisational Excellence category at the Australian Water Association Awards in Melbourne last month. The water utility created the map to identify and protect sensitive environments within Melbourne’s south-east, providing insights into 26 sensitivity categories across waterways, terrestrial and marine environments.

South East Water environment compliance manager Cody Narlock said the map provided an important baseline of understanding for areas of environmental significance within the south-east. “Our environmental sensitivity map is helping us to protect the biodiverse range of natural habitats and ecosystems right across our service area, which includes Ramsar-listed

wetlands, inland and coastal waterways and flora and fauna that rely on these habitats to survive,” Mr Narlock said.

“The map has proved to be an important tool for us to better understand how our network of assets interact with the surrounding environment. A sensitivity ranking system pinpoints locations of endangered and threatened species, helping us plan an operational response that preserves and protects these sensitive environments.”

South East Water’s acting general manager of service delivery, Andrew Forster-Knight, said the map was also pushing boundaries beyond incident response for proactive care of the natural environment. “We have a duty of care to protect the natural environment in which we operate to minimise the risk of harm,”

Mr Forster-Knight said. “I’m excited to see the map being used strategically in our environmental planning and assessments, helping guide the design of water and sewer assets to support proactive biodiversity improvements in our capital works projects.”

( 66 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
South East Water managing director Lara Olsen, centre, with team members at the Australian Water Association Awards.

Influencing a better Peninsula starts with a plan

After extensive collaboration with our members, the Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula will soon present our Strategic Plan 2025-2030, which is unashamedly bold, ambitious and forward-thinking for our region.

We’ve received terrific feedback from April’s Future Forum, and the 170 attendees in the room took part in workshops where they provided their feedback on what the Peninsula should be turning its attention to over the next 20 years.

Our region has significant and unique challenges:

• 40 per cent of renters are in rental stress

• 82 per cent of the Peninsula has no public transport, and just 3 per cent of residents use it

• On infrastructure commitments, we’re getting just $2317 a person from the government while Geelong residents get $22,823 a person.

To overcome some of these obstacles, we need a plan. Our strategic plan will focus on five key pillars: homes and livelihoods; better infrastructure and better connectivity; sustainable development; smarter people and healthy communities; and a thriving local economy.

Crucial to these pillars are key advocacy objectives the committee will work towards with our partners in the region, including:

• Diverse housing across the Peninsula, including higher density in Frankston and looking at surplus portzoned land in Hastings

• Better public transport beyond Frankston. This includes options for improved rail to Hastings or Mornington, a 30-minute express peak train from Frankston to Melbourne, and better bus connections

• The Port of Hastings Renewable Energy Terminal. With the right balance, this project will provide a significant economic and environmental benefit for Victoria

• Upgrades at Rosebud Hospital and TAFE and training


• Equitable access for our region to government grants and fairer tax arrangements that reflect the unique characteristics of our region

• A flagship convention and exhibition centre.

These are just some of the advocacy objectives we’ll be working towards with our partners and members. It’s an evolving document that needs to reflect the changing landscape and demographics of our region.

We can deliver better outcomes for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. And it all starts with a plan.




T: 0477 309 313


FB: CommitteeFMP

Josh Sinclair is CEO of the Committee for Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 67 )


Have you outgrown your accountant?

Transitioning to a larger, specialised accounting firm can provide the expertise and resources needed to support your business’s growth and development.

While the decision to make this transition can be challenging, it’s ultimately a positive step forward in securing the financial success of your business. We look forward to talking business with you.

Make tax time easy

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, the end of the financial year is almost here and it’s time to talk tax. It might not be the world’s most appealing topic, but personal and professional financial matters can be made easier with the help of experts.

You wouldn’t try to build your own house if you weren’t a qualified builder, so unless you’re a finance or taxation expert, why try to work out all your tax on your own?

And while talking tax doesn’t sound like much fun, the start of the new financial year is a great time to review what worked financially for you and what didn’t over the past 12 months. Mindset experts will tell you attitude is everything, even when it comes to balancing the books.

Take a look through Mornington Peninsula Magazine’s special feature and seek out expert assistance close to home.

( 68 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Level 1, 328 Main Street Mornington Vic, 3931 T 03 5911 7000
BOOK A FREE 30-MIN DISCOVERY MEETING GROUP Accounting & Taxation Financial Planning | Mortgage Broking CFO Services | Business Advisory SMSF Specialists

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 69 )
Retirement planning advice
Superannuation and retirement incomes
Investment strategy advice
Aged pension entitlements Autumn Financial is a boutique financial advice firm based in Mornington
has over 20 years’ experience in financial services and superannuation and is a professional, qualified Financial Adviser, Authorised since 2008. Specialising in Autumn Financial provides advice and services tailored to your individual circumstances and flexible to change as life does. Arrange a consultation today - 8899 6200 Unit 3, 27 Virginia St, Mornington | Office hours: 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday 867 Pt Nepean Rd Rosebud (ample free parking available) | P. 5986 2189 | E. Free Introductory meeting for newclients!business Personalised service Prompt & clear communication Xero Gold Partner certified advisers Proficient with all major cloud based & desktop accounting software programmes Call 5986 2189 to arrange a meeting to discuss your accounting and taxation needs     

Kellie Lisson Home Lending Specialist 0418 456 815

Aimee Clements Home Lending Specialist 0459 885 966

Lending Specialist 0499 874 702

( 70 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Audit & Financial Reporting Specialists Registered Company Auditors Contact our director, Scott Cosgriff, before 30 June to schedule a discovery call E. | P. 5923 0401 • Trust account audits (Solicitor & Real Estate) • Charity (ACNC), club, not-for-profit audits • Company audits • Grant acquittal audits • Review engagements • Other assurance services • Financial statement preparation A Mornington based audit practice, dedicated to exclusively providing audit and assurance services. Working closely with clients and accounting firms, building relationships based on integrity, trust and transparency. (Limited liability by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation) TAXATION & FINANCE SPECIAL FEATURE Mornington Peninsula Magazine’s special feature will help you to seek out expert assistance close to home. Book an appointment today. Your home. Our expertise. Whether you’re looking to buy, invest or refinance, your local CommBank Home Lending Specialists are here to help you through every step. CommBank Mount Eliza 92 Mt
Way, Mount Eliza,
Things you should know: Applications are subject to credit approval. Eligibility criteria and other conditions may apply to some loans. Full terms and conditions will be included with our loan offer. Fees and charges may be payable. Property information is obtained from parties and is not intended to be advice or a professional property appraisal and should not be relied upon. Extended trading hours available at selected branches only. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. AFSL and Australian credit licence 234945. ADV15404 170524
Carla Maughan Senior Mobile

There’s a remedy at hand for suffocating debt

State Administration Services’ Debt Remedy is a national firm servicing Australians and businesses for more than 35 years. Established in 1989 by Will Hawney in Queensland, our representation is expanding throughout Australia.

A multi-award-winning firm that has successfully represented thousands of individuals and businesses, we assist with navigating your way out of financial duress and suffocating debts. All industries have been represented over the long tenure of service offering. But more importantly, we are one of only a handful of firms that actually work and advocate for you, the debtor, rather than those who are owed money and are at times the aggressive

creditor, which includes the ATO.

Our mission is for clients to retain their dignity and reduce the emotional burden through the process. Having debt should not make you a second-rate citizen. We assist clients in difficult financial situations while maximising the protection of assets. We’re surrounded by complete professionals, non-aggressive liquidators and registered trustees, solicitors, and accountants who offer professional support and empathy throughout the process.

Our business has grown successfully due to the referrals of past clients, which is a testament of their trust in us. Reach out for a confidential chat to discuss your options.


A: Rosebud and Capel Sound T: 0493 820 838 or 1300 296 717



Issue 151 JUNE 2024 71 ) Call Debt Remedy for a confidential discussion. We specialise in pre insolvency debt solutions for individuals and businesses. Experiencing financial stress? Debt Remedy Rosebud Office 0493 820 838 1300 296 717

As winter takes hold across the Peninsula, many of you are probably dreaming of long summer days at the beach. While they might seem some way off right now, you can create a maritime vibe in your home with a beach-inspired artwork from Miffy Pittaway’s She Shell Art.

Over the past 10 years since moving from Melbourne to Mount Martha, Miffy has been combing our coastline for beach glass, beach porcelain and beach pebbles to incorporate in her stunning pieces, as well as pebbles from dry river beds and shells she has been collecting since she was seven years old from dead marine animals that are neither critically endangered, threatened nor exotic.

These exquisitely handcrafted pieces are available to purchase from her website and online store. However, if you’d like a closer look before you buy, you can phone or email Miffy to arrange an inspection.

So keep the winter blues at bay with She Shell Art.


M: 0400 178 635


W: sheshellartbymiffy.

FB: Miffyshells

INSTA: sheshellartbymiffy

( 72 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
leisure ExquisiteHandmadeart ByMiffyPittawayof SheShellArt She Shell Art By Miffy | | P. 0400 178 635 Exclusively at Veraison Restaurant, 1889 Point Nepean Rd, Tootgarook | P. 5985 8888 $3000 $1110 The Shed Theatre @ The Pig & Whistle 365 Purves Road, Main Ridge
arts events
Bring summer inside with She Shell Art

Succumb to the magic of the Piano Wizard

It’s little wonder that Andrew Farrell is known as the Piano Wizard. Over the past 40 years he has left audiences here and overseas spellbound at such events as the Byron Bay Blues Festival, Broadbeach Blues Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Blues, and Canada’s Halifax Music Fest.

During his career this phenomenally gifted artist has developed a stunningly unique piano style, often combining classical elements with jazz, boogie woogie and blues that he crafts into personal and engaging musical compositions. Andrew cleverly quotes from other songs and makes them a natural part of improvisations that are always dramatic, joyous and pyrotechnic, his fingers gliding with ease across the keys and his brilliant vocals complementing each performance. Be transported to another world through the magic of the Piano Wizard. Andrew plays The Shed Theatre @ The Pig & Whistle, 365 Purves Rd, Main Ridge on Sunday, June 23, from 2.30-4.30pm. Book at


FRIDAY 26 JULY 6:30-8pm

Tickets: $30 & Conc. $20

Flinders Civic Hall

54-56 Cook St Flinders

Enter the competition via

Dimity Shepherd with special guests The Persephone Project in OPERA CLOSETS


Tickets: $65

Flinders Civic Hall

54-56 Cook St Flinders Bookings

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 73 )
Photo by: Noa Smith Fletcher This project is proudly supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire's Performing Arts Development Grant
It’s A Peninsula Talent Quest Community Partner is The Music Industry – School of Music


A wonderful night that is not-to-be-missed!

Featuring dazzling showcases from our talented artistic figure skaters, both national and international.

And special guest performances from the absolutely fabulous Brenda Bressed.

Help figure skaters achieve their dreams

Experience an evening of elegance and grace at the Artistic Showcase Gala Fundraiser on June 29 from 6-10pm at Sk8house in Carrum Downs. Join us for a night to remember as we celebrate the incredible talent of our national and international artistic figure skaters.

This special event is not only a showcase of exceptional performances but also a fundraiser to support our Sk8house figure skating team on their journey to nationals. With more than 20 skaters representing us at this year's event, it's our largest team ever, and your support will make a real difference in helping them achieve their dreams.

After the showcase you’ll be given the

chance to lace up your own skates or hire a pair of ours and take to the rink for a fun-filled night of roller disco goodness.

Adding to the glamour of the evening, we are thrilled to welcome special guest performer Brenda Bressed, whose captivating presence promises to elevate the event to new heights. Entry is $25 a person or $20 for club members, which includes the show, skating entry and Sk8hire. Don't miss this opportunity to witness world-class skating, support our dedicated skaters, and be part of an unforgettable evening of artistry and excellence. Grab your tickets now and join us for a night of magic and inspiration.


A: 3/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs T: 9773 6799



( 74 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine See website for full event details 3/2 Amayla Cres Carrum Downs VIC ph. 9773 6799 A portion of proceeds from door sales go to Sk8hous e Figure Skating Team

Award-winning kids’ show takes silliness seriously

For more than a decade the award-winning Listies, as seen on ABC Kids’ The Listies Work for Peanuts and Art Blast, have toured the world doing shows for thousands of families. Now they head to Frankston Arts Centre in the winter school holidays to delight and entertain kids of all ages.

Make Some Noise is a comedy concert featuring a bunch of songs with the comedy turned up to 11 thanks to an insane mix tape of silly songs, stupid sketches and crazy clowning.

The Listies are Richard Higgins and Matthew Kelly, a comedy double act who are serious about being silly. To date they have written nine award-winning and critically acclaimed live shows, collaborated with most major theatre companies and festivals in Australia, toured three continents, recorded four albums, and published two books with Penguin – and they have four books on the way. In 2023 they won Best Kids Show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and they have previously received a Sydney Theatre Award, The HarperCollins Best Designed Children’s Fiction Book, and the Best Independent show (Golden Gibbo Award) at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

See The Listies: Make Some Noise at Frankston Arts Centre on Friday, July 5, at 10am and 2pm. Tickets are available at or phone 9784 1060.


A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston T: 9784 1060

your Child’s birthday party with

Djembe, Congas, Kinkini, Sangban, Dun, 6 key Marimba, various shakers/bells, and many more. $500 for a party of maximum 30 children. Add something unique +$150 to include 7 hand pan drums, allow 30 minutes additional playing time.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 75 ) Want something different? Power of Percussion is your answer. Book
Book your Hand Pan Drum circles/henges with us! Book your Drum Circle Cardio Workout with us! All
playing time, for locations on the Mornington Peninsula only. $30 per person – minimum 7 people.
drumming facilitators
Certification held in African Drumming Facilitation, level 1
prices are for 1.5 hour
Contact: | | @powerofpercussion We are not therapists, we are
W: FB: FrankstonArtsCentre INSTA:
Photo: Daniel Boud

What’s On across the Peninsula and Frankston


Experience the 2024 Winter Wine Weekend for a four-day celebration of wine & food! A fresh new look, an exquisite welcome dinner, top-notch food partners & a fantastic Saturday long lunch with flexible ticket prices. Tickets from $80;


WILDLIFE! Opening event: 2-4pm, EVERYWHEN ART, Whistlewood, 642 Tucks Road, Shoreham; From kangaroos and water life of Arnhem Land, to echidnas and birds of the NT and a wide variety of mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians from around the country, this exhibition celebrates the indigenous wildlife of Australia. Exhibition dates June 8-30;


Repair Café: 10am-3.30pm, Mornington Men’s Shed, 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington; Third Sunday of every month. Are you tired of throwing away items that could be fixed with a little bit of repair? Do you like reducing waste and embracing sustainability? Knife sharpening, experts in repairing anything you can carry. No 240v equipment please. Contact Dave 0427 188 896;



The Enchanted Briars Market: 10am3pm; 450 Nepean Highway, Mount Martha; Bring the whole family for an unforgettable day out at the Enchanted Market. Discover unique, handcrafted items, and support the incredible talent of our local community. Parking fees apply, visit


Tru & Nifty Community Preloved Clothing Market: 9.30am-1pm, New Peninsula Baptist Church, 370 Craigie Rd, Mt Martha: 40+ stalls offering excellent used clothing. $2 entry. For stall enquiries and applications please email RECYCLE-REPURPOSE-REUSE-REPEAT


Western Port Oysters & Sparkling

- The Untold Story: 6.30-10.30pm, Merricks Store, 3460 Frankston-Flinders Rd Merricks; A three-course meal and paired wine with renowned food & wine writers Richard Cornish and Max Allen, and the story of Western Port’s Angasi oyster. $140 (all inclusive). Contact: au; Book Now:

( 76 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
Upload your event or activity FOR FREE online only OR $66 with image in print AND online P: 9708 8222 or use QR code

First novel is a long labour of love

After 17 years of “writing, editing, putting down then picking up”, Mount Eliza author Diane Deeming has at last completed her debut novel. All Her Own is a work of fiction inspired by her mother and is based on stories and memories from her younger years. Diane describes it as “a fresh take on the tradition of the family saga, spanning three decades and traversing three countries”.

One of the settings is Glasgow, where Diane grew up in poverty in a bleak and densely populated part of the city before moving to Melbourne in 1966. She spent 28 years working for Ansett Airlines in sales and marketing and later as promotions manager before a 16-year stint at The Alfred hospital working in the fundraising department. Her role at Ansett included 10 years of fortnightly morning television segments talking travel in Melbourne and regional areas. It was also while she was with Ansett that she met Fiona McIntosh, and they became friends. Both mothers with young children, they discovered they shared a passion for writing and were both working on books. Fiona has since gone on to earn worldwide recognition as a best-selling author with more than 40 titles to her name.

AAs well as writing, Diane has a love of theatre, with many years of acting in plays and ‘leading lady’ roles in amateur musical theatre. She met her husband, Ron, in 2006 at a music venue where he was playing guitar and she was singing with another band. They played together for many years as a duo. In 2017, Diane and Ron eloped to Queenscliff and were married on a beautiful day high on a clifftop to Van Morrison’s classic Bright Side of the Road.

All Her Own tells the story of Mary Bray, a young English woman deeply in love with her husband, Charlie. Having survived the horrors of World War II, their lives are enriched by the birth of a daughter. But when Charlie is on consignment, Mary is lonely and succumbs to the wiles of the egotistical and abusive Archie. Charlie discovers the deceit and, broken-hearted and unforgiving, leaves behind all that he cherishes. Guilty and remorseful, Mary is inconsolable.

It is now 1950: Mary is pregnant with Archie’s child and has no other option than to move to Glasgow with him. There she lives in a one-room, rat-infested, condemned tenement slum with a violent and abusive man who has no potential or ambition. Although desolate and vulnerable, Mary’s struggles have strengthened her resolve over the years. She is no longer that downtrodden woman; she is stoic, refusing to be broken, and must forge a future for her children. She has secretly been harbouring a plan to leave Glasgow, a plan that will change their lives for ever, and it’s now time to reveal all to her family. Against all odds, Mary Bray succeeds with an outcome she could never have imagined.

All Her Own is available from Amazon as both an ebook and paperback, and can be ordered from all major bookshops.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 77 )
midst the devasting miseries of London’s 1944 bombings, young and naïve English girl Mary Bray falls hopelessly in love with Charlie. Together they build a new life in England, a life enriched with the birth of a daughter. When Charlie is called away for work, Mary is lonely, and succumbs to the wiles of Archie, an egotistical Scot. Charlie discovers the deceit. Distraught and unforgiving he leaves her. Overcome with regret and guilt Mary is inconsolable. PregnantwithArchie’schild,Maryhasnooptionbuttomovewithhimto GlasgowScotland.Hereshelivesinarat-infestedoneroomtenementslum,with aviolent,abusivemanwhohasnopotentialorambition.Despiteherappalling circumstances, Mary is stoic. She has a plan. Mary’s struggles have only strengthened her determination to forge ahead for her children, to give them a better life. She is no longer downtrodden, and her plans are taking shape at last. Unexpectedlythereisadevastatingsetback.It’soutofherhands,isalllost? her plans and dreams threaten to collapse. Mary Bray needs a miracle. Mary
A H Ow C 6 9 p k dd AllHerOwnCover_6X9_paperback.indd 1 0 1 35 5 PM 16/08/2023 1:35:55
will not be broken…

health, beauty, fashion

New store ensures Fella’s spirit lives on

The grand opening of the new Fella Hamilton store in the heart of Main St, Mornington, was met with immense excitement last month. This store marks the 35th location across Australia and the second store on the Mornington Peninsula alongside the Mount Eliza store, which has been a fixture for 30 years.

After dedicated efforts from staff, the doors finally opened to customers on May 3. Stepping inside, visitors were greeted by a beautiful space showcasing iconic collections, including modern favourites and classic essentials, with a significant number of garments proudly made in Australia. Store manager Judy, alongside staff member Kerri, national manager Belinda, and owners David and

Sharon Hamilton, warmly welcomed customers on opening day. "The Mornington store offers our customers a fresh seaside vibe that's reflective of Mornington's coastal chic," Sharon said.

The Hamilton family's connection with Mornington runs deep, with founder Fella and all of her family considering it a second home for many years. Though David’s mother Fella died last November, her spirit lives on, and she would have been immensely proud of this milestone.


A: 71 Main St, Mornington T: 9351 5351


A: 112 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza T: 9351 5307


FB: fellahamilton/ INSTA: fella_hamilton

mornington PENINSULA Magazine

Holistic beauty inside and out

I have been a nurse for the past 23 years and a cosmetic nurse for the past 15. My life changed when I went to work for a plastic surgeon and the world of cosmetic surgery/treatments opened up to me. The best part about starting my career in a small, busy day surgery was getting a complete view of the industry from the inside.

I have been at the very start of the cosmetic industry taking off and have learnt what type of injector I want to be and the type I don’t. I have left places I have worked because they wanted me to never let a client walk out without a treatment. I have had to stand by my code of practice and the results I am happy to achieve. Holistic beauty inside and out is what I am all about.

SDA Edithvale has just opened with a couple of new team members, and I am also excited to be able to bring the new Emsella pelvic floor chair to a new medical practice in Mount Eliza on a Wednesday and Thursday. The Emsella chair is the latest pelvic floor repair technology that actually works to strengthen and repair the pelvic floor muscles. Incontinence is a problem for all ages so we are looking forward to helping you get back to living life the way you want.

CAROLYN JOHNSON, cosmetic nurse specialist/RNDV1


A: Suite 4, 1396 Nepean Highway, Mount Eliza

T: 9787 2966


FB: skindeepaestheticsCBC

INSTA: skindeep_aestheticscbc

Learn Tai Chi

Enjoy the calmness and stillness of tai chi while gently exercising the body and the brain.

Classes held in Mt Martha and Somerville 6 days a week

Beginners through to advanced levels

All welcome

For more information call 0418 566 216 or visit

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 79 ) Nurse SKINDEEP AESTHETICS CBC EMCORE PELVIC SOLUTIONS Carolyn E M S E L L A PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE REPAIR BOOK C O S M E T I C S K I N T R E A T M E N T S 1396 Nepean Hwy Mt Eliza Ph: 9787 2966 book online via getTimely app Cosmetic Skin Treatments Emcore Pelvic Solutions Emsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Repair
Carolyn Johnson

Fundraiser helps battlers look Smart

Fashion For A Cause, hosted by Smart Business Solutions, proved to be a fun and heartwarming event that transcended the typical charity fundraiser.

This not-for-profit pop-up pre-loved market, held in Mount Eliza on May 3, brought together fashion enthusiasts, community members and businesses for a common purpose: to help Peninsula organisation Clothes 4U.Inc continue providing essential clothing and toiletries to those in need.

Thanks to the generous support of Smart Business Solutions and Count Charitable Foundation, all money raised was double-dollar matched, netting a total of $14,984 through stall sales, ticket sales, clothing purchases and a silent auction. This will pay six months' rent for Clothes 4U.Inc's store in Rosebud, ensuring it can continue its vital work of supporting the community.

Clothes 4U.Inc's journey from humble beginnings to a thriving organisation is a testament to the power of community support. With expanded services and a growing impact, Clothes 4U.Inc embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines the Mornington Peninsula community. Fashion For A Cause not only raised money but also awareness of the importance of supporting organisations that make a real difference in people's lives.

( 80 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
4 Ninth Ave, Rosebud | 0438 204 231 | Local & European Design Womenswear | Men’s & Women’s Knitwear | Archie’s | UGG boots Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

june STARS

Aries: The focus is on your mind. It’s time to make a decision or at least to seek clear information to help you make up your mind. You are aware that choices need to be made. These can range from small everyday choices to more complex ones.

Taurus: Your personal finances flourish, boosting your self-esteem and appreciation of the positives in your personal life. It’s likely that a key woman is influencing your coffers and improving your sense of security. Doors open that boost your ability to earn more money. An attitude of gratitude is what is required.

Gemini: It’s all systems go for Geminis. The positive planet Jupiter has moved into your Zodiac Sign, supercharging your personal growth and way forward. Abundance is your theme. Doors open and you need only choose which ones to go through. Be wary of overcommitting. List your priorities.

Cancer: Your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened this month. As a result, you may feel more vulnerable than usual. Like your symbol the crab, you may need some time to lay low and assess your options. You are likely drawn to the ocean, perhaps sitting on the beach and facing seaward.

Leo: Friendships are highlighted in June. You seek the company of friends who can share lively conversations and adventure. Positivity is your aim. It’s also possible that a significant event prompts a need for you to offer the hand of friendship to someone needing comfort and support.

Virgo: As a Virgo, you value your reputation. June sees you making inroads to boosting your esteem in a professional community. You may prefer to be demure, taking a back seat, but it’s time to be recognised for your achievements. People in positions of authority can reward your efforts.

Libra: You like to please others, making sure that life runs on an even keel. June sees you indulge in your own dreams, to escape your duties, if only in your imagination. It’s time to consider your aspirations. You may escape to a remote location, or retreat to your study.

Scorpio: Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. And this is your focus in June. Something or someone is triggering your need to dive deeper than everyday matters. The cycles of life and synchronicity continue to capture your thoughts. You may see links where others don’t.

Sagittarius: Your connections with a personal or business partner are changing, enabling you to grow and expand your horizons. Rewards are likely to come your way as you make choices regarding primary partnerships. You are able to speak your mind, and perhaps also speak up on behalf of others.

Capricorn: A stubborn refusal to listen to others is likely to backfire, so try to concentrate on a project that requires mind power. Everyday duties are also highlighted, so your working life and household responsibilities are likely to be full-on. A round of golf or a hiking expedition could appeal.

Aquarius: Your personal transformation continues and you are ready for more fun and creativity. Monetary considerations may limit your choices. Nevertheless, you can use your ingenuity to take steps towards a future that excites your passion. It’s time to focus on your zone of genius. Create a vision that inspires you.

Pisces: Home and family are the theme. It’s time to transform your home into a whimsical wonderland. Water features, crystals and soft colours could all be featured as you focus on your haven. Whether you live alone or share your household, you need a home that reflects your sensitive nature.

( 82 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine Stephanie is an experienced Astrologer and regular contributor to Mornington Peninsula Magazine. P: 0411 2555 77
MainStreet EyeCare Shop 7, 68 Barkly St, Mornington | P. 5975 3235

Set your smile straight

If you’re wondering when the best time is to start orthodontic treatment for your child, Dr Peter Scott recommends between ages seven and nine because some children benefit greatly from early intervention. Wearing certain appliances may reduce a child’s time in braces later and may also make treatment more effective. And if you’re concerned about whether your child will still be able to enjoy the activities they love, rest assured Dr Scott and the team take the time to get to

know you and your family to determine the most appropriate treatment option. Some appliances are removable, and some stay fixed in place. The team here consider the individual and what’s right for them.

Many adults are now choosing to improve their smiles later in life. There is a range of aesthetic options available here to suit your lifestyle, including clear braces and aligners (Invisalign and Spark).

To better service the Frankston and Peninsula region, the practice has grown and welcomes Dr Peter Tran. Dr Tran is a University of Melbourne graduate and has a special interest in early treatment and clear aligner therapy. He is exceptionally great with children and can sometimes be found making balloon animals rather than bending wire!


A: 13 Beach St, Frankston T: 9783 4511

FB: drpeterscottorthodontist

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 83 ) Creating beautiful smiles on the Peninsula for over 30 years Specialist orthodontic care for children, teens and adults. Highly experienced staff providing first class care, guidance and support to families and individuals on their orthodontic journey. Expertise in: braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, digital orthodontics, removable & fixed functional appliances No Referral Required - Interest free payment plans available! Enquire about your new smile today. 13 Beach St, Frankston 9783 4511

Taking the anxiety out of dental care

Here at Mornington Peninsula Dental Clinic we offer nitrous oxide, also known as conscious sedation.  It is commonly referred to as happy gas or laughing gas and is a mild sedative that safely and effectively manages pain and anxiety during dental treatment.  The colourless and odourless gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled though a small mask that fits over your nose.

Nitrous oxide can be used for those:

• Patients who are fearful, anxious or uncooperative

• Patients with special health care needs

• Patients with gag reflexes that interfere with dental care

• Patients who do not respond adequately to local anaesthesia

• Younger patients who must undergo lengthy dental procedures.

The laughing gas works quickly to relax patients, and the effects wear off quickly by breathing pure oxygen through a mask. Plus, the nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep, so you can hear and respond to any of the

dentist's questions or instructions.

Also, through our association with Monash House Private Hospital we offer dental treatment under general anaesthetic, commonly referred to as sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry helps patients sleep through the entire course of the treatment. This way, the patient hardly feels any pain or experiences any anxiety as the dentist carries out your treatment.

Ask one of our friendly dentists about these options to meet your dental health needs.


A: 117 Tanti Ave, Mornington T: 5975 5944


FB: Morningtonpeninsuladental/ INSTA: morningtondentalclinic

mornington PENINSULA Magazine


We try to confirm all markets with organisers before publication. However, we are not responsible for late changes.


Dromana Indoor Market: 80+ indoor stalls & hairdresser; 110 Nepean Highway (down from Aldi); 10am-5pm


Main St, Mornington: between Cromwell & Albert streets; 9am-3pm


Bittern Sunday Market: Bittern Railway Station, Frankston-Flinders Road, Bittern; 8am-1pm


Boneo Lions Club Sunday Market: First Sunday of month, Rosebud foreshore opp Fourth Ave; 7am-1pm


Crib Point Community Market: indoor & outdoor stalls, Cribby Koala treasure hunt for kids; Crib Point Community House, 7 Park Rd; second Saturday of month, 9am-1pm Point Nepean Portsea Market: Portsea Quarantine Station, Point Nepean National Park; 9am-2pm Rosebud Community School: 120+ stalls, handmade and new items, produce and plants, second Saturday of month, Nepean Highway (old carnival site on Rosebud foreshore opp 7-Eleven); 8am-1pm


Mornington Racecourse Craft Market: 300+ stalls, festive atmosphere, delicious eats; Racecourse Rd, 9am-2pm


Boneo Community Market: third Saturday of the month, cnr Boneo and Limestone roads, 8am- noon


Mt Eliza Farmers’: Mount Eliza Village Green; fourth Sunday of month, 9am-1pm


Dromana Community Market: family-friendly experience, fresh seasonal produce & locally crafted products; Dromana Community Park, Point Nepean Rd; 8am-1.30pm

Our fabulous Mornington Peninsula is only one hour out of Melbourne but a world away from city life. This year, Red Hill Truffles is excited to add a range of truffle hunting and dining options in conjunction with leading restaurants and accommodation venues to make the most of getaways to our winter wonderland. From truffle-hunting events for families just in time for school holidays to casual brunches and fine dining packages, we hope to cater for all truffle-lovers or those simply curious about the underground treasure. Each hunting adventure offers an introduction to

truffles, their history and cultivation in Australia.

Red Hill Truffles owner and truffle aficionado Jenny McAuley adds her personal experience by explaining how her family farm was transformed into a truffiere, and the need for infinite patience over many years due to the uncertainty of success when it comes to growing and harvesting the treasured fungi.

The amazing truffle-hunting dogs have their own entertaining stories. Red Hill Truffles Facebook followers may be familiar with Thomas, who has deemed himself an Emeritus Chief Truffle Hunter after his retirement from regular hunts.

To view more markets, scan QR code or go to our website IF YOU RUN A MARKET you can be listed online for free, go to website or email

Guests can create their own truffle stories amid the oak and hazelnut trees; from kneeling, noses to the ground, to breathing in the aroma and uncovering a truffle, to holding the gnarly find and searching for words to describe the powerful scent. Some of the restaurants include freshly harvested truffle as part of the package menu.

Our house menu includes wood-fired pizza with truffle, winter white soup served with a generous shaving of truffle, truffled cheeses, crusty breads, and truffle custard cream stirred through pillowy marshmallow meringue.

Visit to book hunting and dining packages, along with hunt discounts at participating hotels. Come for the truffles and stay awhile in our world.


A: 235 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill

T: 0417 190 193


FB: redhilltruffles

INSTA: redhilltruffles

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Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine served from the heart

Tucked away in Frankston’s Skye Rd commercial area you’ll find the charming eatery Ceylon Girl's Cafe & Bar.

Owner and culinary genius Angela Lord is the Ceylon girl after whom the business is named. A passionate foodie from a young age, her mouth-watering savoury dishes and exceptional coffee, cocktails and extensive wine list have earned the café its must-visit reputation. Sri Lankan expats travel from across Melbourne and interstate for its authentic food.

Angela has recently been joined in the café by her sister, Mary Anne, and brother-in-law, Susantha, a talented pastry chef specialising in street food and who helps prepare classic dishes such as crispy hoppers, string hoppers, fish and beef buns, and village meals.

Other popular items are curry puffs, pan rolls, kottu, biryani, and lamprais. Every dish is made from scratch using top-notch ingredients, including Angela's homemade blends of the freshest and finest Sri Lankan spices. A stand-out is the weekly Wednesday night all-you-can-eat buffet, including dessert. Angela’s love for the cuisine infuses every dish, ensuring diners relish the flavours and leave with a smile that mirrors her own.

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 9.30am-8.30pm, the café has seating for 50 inside and 16 outside and offers a welcoming atmosphere, complete with monthly live music.


A: 16 Skye Rd, Frankston T: 0412 383 252

W: INSTA: ceylongirls_cafebar

Sri Lankan Cuisine

The heart of every memorable event is the food. A

Sri Lankan Cuisine but not limited to.

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 87 ) food wine produce Ceylon Girl’s Cafe & Bar Buffets / Live Music / Functions / Dine in / Take Away / Delivery Entertain your guests with live cooking / Private and Corporate Catering
feast that would delight
16 Skye Rd, Frankston 8753 2900 | 0412 383 252 100 Wilsons Rd Mornington P: 5975 8094 *Limit to one per customer Valid until 31-06-2024 FAMILY CUSTARD TART present this ad to receive one for only $6! Brendon’s Cakes @brendons_cakes $6 FAMILY CUSTARD TART! YUM!
every palate.

One of the Mornington Peninsula’s best kept secrets, The French Bakehouse won’t remain secret for long thanks to its exceptional food and friendly service. It is worth the trip to discover this delightful bakery tucked away in a small group of shops on Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza.

The French Bakehouse serves a range of fresh pastries baked daily, including the most exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth croissants made with genuine French butter and a variety of beautiful fruit flans that look almost too good to eat. If you need something a little heartier in these cooler months, try a delicious pie, pasty or homemade pizza, made and

sourced with Peninsula ingredients. There’s also a wide selection of fresh bread and rolls to complement any occasion. The seeded light rye loaf is a favourite, or pick up an authentic French stick or two.

The French Bakehouse proudly supports and uses all Peninsula ingredients to guarantee the best quality

and taste. This support extends to the community through club sponsorships and donations. The family who run the business took the reins in early 2023 and have reinvigorated the bakery with a new look to create a bright and fresh interior, adding to the focus of great food and service. The well-trained baristas serve excellent Julius Meinl coffee and Prana Chai, perfect complements to the pastries.  Open seven days a week, The French Bakehouse is the ideal spot for a sweet treat or a warm winter feed.


A: 188 Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza T: 9775 3633

FB: frenchbakehousemteliza

INSTA: frenchbakehousemteliza

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HUGO’S DELI Sandwiches, coffee, other stuff I @hugos_deli

188 Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza

P. 9775 3633

Hospitality stalwart Barry shows his appreciation for community’s support

For more than two decades, Barry Iddles has been a stand-out presence in the vibrant hospitality scene of the Mornington Peninsula. Recognised for his culinary prowess and respected as a leader in the hospitality industry, Barry now extends his gratitude to the community that has supported him for so many years.

Barry’s journey began in Rye back in 2004 with the establishment of Bamboo Restaurant, which earned acclaim for its exquisite cuisine and impeccable service. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Barry simultaneously managed Bamboo and the food and beverage operations at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club for 13 years.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning more than 45 years, Barry has catered to a constellation of stars,

from Michael Jackson and Harry Connick Jr to Carlos Santana and Ben Harper. His culinary adventures have taken him across continents, from touring Australia with the legendary Peter Allen to creating Kylie Minogue’s 30th birthday cake.

Seven-and-a-half years ago, Barry embarked on a journey across the bay, breathing new life into a dormant establishment in Queenscliff now known as 360Q. Perched overlooking Queenscliff’s marina and beyond, 360Q has become synonymous with exceptional dining experiences on the Bellarine.

“With my incredible team, we’ve transformed 360Q into one of the finest dining experiences on the Bellarine,” Barry said. “I can’t wait for the people of the Peninsula to come across and experience it for themselves.”

Despite the daily commute from Rye to Queenscliff, Barry’s commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Now, as a token of appreciation for the unwavering support from Mornington Peninsula residents, he’s introducing a special winter promotion. From June 1-30,

locals can savour the delights of 360Q, accompanied by a complimentary glass of incredible Baie wine from a small-batch family-run winery on the Bellarine.

“I love giving back to the communities that have given me so much over the years, and this is just a small token of appreciation,” Barry said. “All Mornington Peninsula residents have to do is clip the Baie Wines token from our advertisement in this edition and present it to staff when they next dine at 360Q. In return, they’ll receive a complimentary glass of delicious Baie wine, which really is a taste of perfection, and it pairs exquisitely with our incredible menu.”

With its panoramic waterfront vistas and tantalising menu selections, 360Q promises an unforgettable dining experience, making it the perfect place to spend a day across the bay.


A: 2 Wharf St East, Queenscliff

T: 5257 4200


FB: 360queenscliff

INSTA: 360queenscliff

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It’s time to change your perception of bread. Discover great bread at Bütterken Bakery.

Artisan bread at Bütterken Bakery is real, made with Peninsula and organic ingredients. There are no fillers or additives in these products. Owners Anita and Hendrik know that close attention to the fermentation process improves the digestibility of bread. Their customers are convinced, remarking how much better they feel after eating the bakery’s bread.

Expand your appreciation of this underrated staple at Bütterken Bakery, where bread enters the spotlight.

Anita and Hendrik have been introducing residents to an extensive range of German breads since opening Bütterken Bakery in Mount Eliza about 18 months ago. Their customer base has grown rapidly. Those who came first for the pretzels have since begun exploring other artisan-quality products: schwarzbrot, a German black bread; German-style cakes, including the bee sting; and German-style rolls such as Weltmeister Brötchen – delicious seeded rolls. But it doesn’t end there – try traditional mouth-watering cinnamon scrolls, sourdough croissants, sourdough breads

such as wheat, wholegrain spelt and rye sourdough, seasonal fruit crumbles, and rolls filled with fresh ingredients such as pear and goat’s cheese, salami and cheddar, and the ever-popular ham, mustard and pickle. New favourites include custard pretzels, almond sugar pretzels and olive twists.

All products are made fresh on the premises using natural ingredients and, wherever possible, organic Peninsula produce. These can be enjoyed at streetfront tables or in the light-filled undercover dining

space at the back of the bakery, which is the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and a meal or cake. Seated at their tables, customers can watch the baking process through viewing windows. While not only entertaining, the glass bakery serves as an example of one of Bütterken Bakery’s key values: transparency.

The authenticity of the bakery owners themselves is translated into the service and products they provide. Anita and Hendrik genuinely care about quality and health, creating artisan-quality, superior-flavoured bread that’s good for you, with options for all tastes and dietary preferences. They are also conscientious about sustainability, using seasonal Peninsula produce and sustainable business practices.

Bütterken Bakery has become the go-to bakery at the top of the Peninsula, a business you can be proud to support. It’s open Tuesday-Friday from 7.30am-4pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8am-2pm.


A: Shop 2/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza T: 7042 1010


FB: Butterkenbakery

INSTA: butterken_bakery

Peninsula craft beer good as gold

TWØBAYS head brewer Kristian Martin and founder/ CEO Richard Jeffares celebrate their win in Las Vegas.

Dromana craft brewery TWØBAYS

Brewing Co has won gold at the World Beer Cup, only the fifth time an Australian brewery has achieved the feat at the self-proclaimed “most prestigious beer awards on the planet”.

Held in Las Vegas, the awards attracted 9300 entries from 2060 breweries representing 50 countries, with a team of 280 judges awarding one gold, silver and bronze in each category – including gold for TWØBAYS Session Ale. Brewery founder and CEO Richard Jeffares said the win “puts Australian craft brewing on the map globally”. When Richard was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2015, he thought he would never drink great beer again. Now his gluten-free brewery has been named the best in the world for its session ale. “When we opened our doors in December 2018, US gluten-free breweries set the standard,” he said. “Today we joined them on the global platform with a World Beer Cup gold medal.

“We’ve always strived for quality beer. Last year this same beer won the Champion Specialty Beer Trophy at the Australian Independent Beer Awards in a category up against specialty barley beers. Today was further recognition of the quality and consistency our brewers are putting out.

“This is massive recognition for our brewers Kristian, Grant, Stephen and our packing team for their brewing and packing skill. Our brewers have all stepped away from the barley beer world to brew with our difficult malts – millet, buckwheat and rice – and I think the whole gluten-free community thanks them for making us all some great beers.”

Richard said gluten-free beer could not be brewed using barley, rye, wheat or oats, “and brewing good beer without those traditional ingredients is not easy”.

TWØBAYS Session Ale is a mid-strength (3.5% abv) American-style pale ale brewed with naturally gluten-free millet, buckwheat and rice malts.

TWØBAYS wasn’t the only Aussie brewery to pick up an award this year, with fellow Victorian Hop Nation winning bronze for its American red ale, The Buzz.

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Organic artisan bakery dedicated to handcrafting sourdough bread. German flair with authentic pretzels, rye breads and cake.

Sat-Sun: 8-2 Shop 2/54
1010 FB: @Butterkenbakery IG: butterken_bakery
Tue-Fri: 7:30-4
Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza
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Come and experience the magic of Sorrento

The transformation of Sorrento beyond its summer appeal is brilliantly embodied in the annual Taste Sorrento Festival, with everyone invited to indulge in the town’s cultural, community and culinary delights.

The festival began with a dazzling gala dinner at The Continental Sorrento, setting a festive tone for the days ahead. The Sorrento street market followed, bringing together the Peninsula’s best food and wine traders and creating a vibrant atmosphere for visitors.

Looking ahead, the festival offers a rich tapestry of events and promotions throughout the town. From cheap eats to extravagant dinners and discounted goods to shopping with a glass of bubbly, there's something for everyone.

Food enthusiasts can expect special

culinary experiences, including a tasting menu hosted by former MasterChef contestant Cath Collins. She will share behind-the-scenes stories from her time on the show while preparing delicious dishes over four courses.

For those seeking adventure and excitement, the winter solstice ice plunge at the Sorrento Sailing and Couta Boat Club is a must to invigorate the senses. The spectacular winter solstice fire night on the Sorrento foreshore features a stunning light and fire display, culminating in the dramatic burning of a 6m figure, illuminating the sky.

Families will find plenty to enjoy throughout the festival. A movie night provides a relaxed evening of entertainment, while two family fun days offer a variety of activities to engage all ages.

The festival concludes with the Taste Sorrento closing dinner at the Hotel Sorrento, where guests can savour a

delectable menu by ShiHuiShi, rounding off the festival with a culinary flourish.

The Taste Sorrento Festival is more than an event; it’s an invitation to experience the vibrant community and rich cultural tapestry of Sorrento. For more details, visit and join

Major Sponsors

us in celebrating the heart and soul of Sorrento, a village for all seasons.



FB: officialtastesorrento

INSTA: tastesorrento


property home garden

Don’t let flawed plans ruin your sale plans

Have you ever considered how the floor plan of your home affects its price? A great floor plan adds enormous value to a property’s appeal. Conversely, a tricky floor plan can limit buyer interest.

Frequent mistakes include toilets directly off living areas, complex pathways to common rooms, no foyer, no undercover access from the garage, laundries without outdoor access, bedrooms accessed via another bedroom, and inadequate storage.

If you’re thinking of building or renovating, getting the floor plan right will be crucial to your day-to-day comfort as well as your future selling price.

Consider who your home will appeal to in any decisions about your floor plan. If your house is a family home, younger parents will want the master bedroom close to the children's bedrooms, while older parents with teenagers look for a master bedroom that

is situated well away from the children’s bedrooms. Younger buyers are happy to have two-storey or multi-level homes, whereas older buyers usually prefer smaller single-level homes. A lift is increasingly desirable for multi-level homes.

Keeping the pool visible from the kitchen is always good design but especially for buyers with young

children. A common wish list for families is three to four bedrooms plus a study, two to three living areas, a family bathroom with the toilet separate, an ensuite and walk-in robe for the parents, and a separate powder room for guests. Children’s bedrooms ideally have room for bedsides and a desk, plus built-in robes.

It is worth the expense of talking to design professionals at the planning stage to achieve the best design for your budget. Real estate agents will also be helpful with advice about what buyers are looking for in your suburb and neighbourhood. This will help you minimise the risk of overcapitalising.

Remember the adage: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan carefully.


A: 50 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza

M: Liz, 0417 559 992

M: Meg, 0400 190 242




OZ DESIGN FURNITURE MORNINGTON   HomeCo Peninsula, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington P: 8560 1137

FB: OZDesignFurniture INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

Introducing the Nautilus recliner chair from himolla Germany. Available with 1, 2 or 3 motors, zero gravity, lift and rise, massage and heated seat and back. Select from an enormous range of leather and fabric options, many of them easy care, with prices starting from $3999. Exclusive to Luduco Living Mornington.


HomeCo Peninsula, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington P: 5973 4899

In June two lucky readers will each win a $150 voucher to The Milbri, 1183 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud.

To enter, become a member of Mornington Peninsula Magazine at then check out @MornPenMag on Facebook and Instagram to complete all the entry steps on the competition post.

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Boasting a modern silhouette with a timber frame smooth leather padding, spruce up your kitchen with the Milan Bar Chair.

Total property care

What makes A Cleaner Peninsula different from other companies?

It’s not just the care taken to deliver top results; it’s the relationship that A Cleaner Peninsula builds with its clients, some of whom have been customers for 30 years and whose daughters and sons are now happy and satisfied clients too.

Word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business has seen A Cleaner Peninsula grow to the point where the size of its team has hit double digits. So how do you join the increasing number of residents and

business-owners who are taking advantage of A Cleaner Peninsula’s superior service?

The team at A Cleaner Peninsula provide a total property care service for domestic and commercial properties and are happy to organise any work that needs to be done around your home, holiday house or business premises. All staff are fully trained, police checked and insured, and all tradies are vetted, licensed and insured. That’s right, A Cleaner Peninsula will even organise tradies and pest controllers for you.

A Cleaner Peninsula will provide you with a free on-site consultation and quote for all the cleaning work you need done: windows, carpets, upholstery, garages, sheds, the whole house and more.

The team will clean up after new builds and renovations as well as tackle your mowing, garden maintenance, tree removals, gutter and pressure cleaning, and waste removal, and there’s a handyman to complete all those odd jobs and repairs you’ve been putting off.

A Cleaner Peninsula’s mission is to do all the jobs you can’t or don’t want to do, and the team love to do the work and take care of all the hassle.

• House Cleaning • Commerical Cleaning • Gardening • Mowing • Laundry Service • Window Cleaning • Handyman Service • Carpet Steam Cleaning • Plumbing Service • Electrical Service • Pest Control • Gutter & Pressure Cleaning

What colours work with beige sofas?

When styling a living room, it is important to start with a good base piece to build the rest of the room around. One popular choice is a beige sofa. Beige is a versatile and neutral tone that can be easily styled to suit any aesthetic.


It allows for endless possibilities when it comes to adding accent colours and accessories. When choosing colours to complement a beige sofa, it is important to consider the overall mood and style you want to achieve, as this will determine the other furniture pieces you require.

A popular option is to stick with a monochromatic colour scheme by using shades of beige, cream and white throughout the room. This creates a contemporary yet serene atmosphere. You can also add interest and texture by incorporating different materials such as wood, metal or glass.

For a classic and timeless look, consider pairing your beige sofa with soft and muted tones such as light greys and warm browns like we have done here. By pairing the OZ Design Scott sofa with the Colton leather armchair, these mixed materials elevate the overall feel of the home. To

achieve a gorgeous cohesive look, also consider using the same timber collection for your coffee table, side table and dining space.

Ultimately, the best colours to pair with a beige sofa will depend on your personal style and the overall look you want to achieve. Experiment with different colour combinations to find the perfect match for your desired space.

Make your house feel like a home and discover furniture and homewares collections that will live with you through every moment. OZ Design. For Life.



A: Showroom D4, Peninsula Home, 11281132 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 8560 1137


FB: OZDesignFurniture

INSTA: ozdesignfurniture

Whether you already use it for holiday rentals, managing it yourself or through an agent, or are considering holiday rentals for the first time, we’d love to talk with you.

We pride ourselves on helping holiday home owners make the best possible returns with the least hassle, whilst keeping their properties in perfect condition to get glowing reviews.

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Call James today on 0435 768 514 for a friendly no-obligation chat and appraisal of your property. We’re
holiday house or apartment!
looking for
and your

Keep warm and save with locally crafted blockout curtains

Experience the ultimate solution to keeping warm and cutting down on your energy bills this winter with locally crafted blockout curtains by dollar curtains + blinds.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, our blockout curtains redefine home comfort with their exceptional thermal insultation properties, preserving up to 20 per cent of your home’s heat. No matter the season, our blockout curtains ensure optimal room temperatures, eliminating the need for excessive heating or cooling. Crafted with high-quality, affordable designer fabrics, our blockout curtains not

only enhance your home’s aesthetic, they also support energy efficiency, leading to long-term savings and sustainability.

Ideal for spaces requiring complete privacy, our blockout curtains offer unparalleled light control, allowing you to create your own personal sanctuary while minimising outside noise disturbances. With custom-made options to perfectly fit your windows, our blockout curtains create a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Say goodbye to fluctuating energy bills and hello to a more sustainable lifestyle. Invest in comfort, energy efficiency and local craftsmanship with dollar curtains + blinds’ blockout curtains. They’re available in various styles, fabrics and colours, so visit your nearest store to

borrow full-length fabric samples to try in your home, or contact our stores for a free measure and quote. Both stores are open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm.


A: Shop C4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington

T: 5975 3655


A: Shop 15, Kingston Central Plaza, 288 Centre Dandenong Rd, Moorabbin Airport

T: 9566 8200


FB: dollarcurtainsandblinds

INSTA: dollarcurtainsandblinds


Issue 151 JUNE 2024 99 ) DISCOUNT CABLE TIES .COM.AU I 0497 333 777 Unit 1/15 Suffolk St, Rosebud I Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm 1800 4 CABLES (1800 422 253)
Black, White/Natural and Coloured Cable Ties

Experience Scandinavia’s passion for comfort

Winter is a lingering season. It is a time to gather golden moments, embark on a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle hour by the fire in the comfort of an IMG recliner.

With Big Chair Living’s exclusive IMG Comfort Studio range, you’ll be doing so in style. IMG seamlessly integrates elegance, comfort and function to create the perfect recliner and sofa, and all are produced with carefully selected materials that ensure optimum performance, support and durability.

Every element of the IMG design has been researched and engineered with a focus on both functionality and comfort, backed by a 10-year warranty so you can rest assured that you have invested in state-of-the-art Scandinavian-inspired furniture that lasts.

Recliner construction incorporates fully steel-

sprung frames and cold-cured moulded foam to deliver unsurpassed comfort and support. This is coupled with an extensive choice of quality top grain leathers and fabrics.

These truly unique chairs also come in a range of sizes and base types to enable you to personalise your comfort zone, as well as motorisation for the ultimate relaxation experience.

With an international market, IMG has been producing these stunning pieces globally for many years, thus cementing its solid reputation for flawless recliners worldwide. Find out for yourself by visiting Big Chair Living in Mornington or Sorrento and discover body-correct support and true Norwegian comfort created by IMG.


A: 140 Main St, Mornington T: 5976 1960

A: 119 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento T: 5984 3388


FB: IMGcomfort INSTA: imgcomfort

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A family owned and operated business servicing the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. Specialising in Bespoke Pieces, Diamonded Buttoning, Re-upholstery of Lounges, Custom-made Bed Heads, Dining Chair Re-upholstery and Outdoor Cushions and much, much more.


3/15 Suffolk St, Rosebud | 0401 011 780 | Olive-Stone-Upholstery-Furniture olivestone_upholstery

Transform your outdoor space into a cosy haven

Say goodbye to Melbourne's cold and rain and hello to year-round enjoyment with custom-made blinds that provide protection from the elements. As a leading manufacturer of award-winning Ziptrak® blinds, Camerons Blinds & Awnings can create a new indoor-outdoor room to enjoy in any weather.

Not only are Ziptrak® blinds ideal for residential use, they are also perfect for cafes, restaurants and pubs. These made-to-measure blinds are available in highquality Easislip clear PVC or Vistaweave sunscreen mesh, offering protection from the sun, rain, wind and UV rays. You can choose between blinds that block 95 per cent, 99 per cent or 100 per cent of rain and sun.

Camerons Blinds & Awnings owner Norm Lees says customers choose Ziptrak® blinds for their versatility, sleek design and ease of operation. You can opt for

manually operated or motorised blinds, depending on your needs and budget. Smart automation options are now more affordable with Linx Automation rechargeable batteries, allowing for easy operation with a remote control, phone app or home device.

Camerons Blinds & Awnings custom-make your blinds at their Carrum Downs factory, ensuring a quality product that meets your preferences. They also offer a huge range of made-to-measure awnings, sun blinds, canopies, retractable pergola systems, shades and shutters. Visit the Carrum Downs showroom to explore their extensive product range or schedule a no-obligation, shop-at-home consultation with free measure and quote at your home or business. Invest in Ziptrak® blinds this winter and don’t let the weather dictate how you enjoy your outdoor spaces.


A: 3/700 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs T: free call 1800 GOOD AWNING (1800 466 329) or 8787 7900


FB: cameronsblinds

INSTA: cameronsblindsawnings

Get your home ready for winter

The weather is getting cooler, and each day many of us are waking up to cold houses. But did you know there’s plenty you can do to prepare your home for winter.

Book in some time with one of Mornington Peninsula Shire’s trained volunteer energy consultants and learn what you can do to have a more comfortable home and reduce your bills. The consultation can cover a range of energy-saving initiatives within your home, such as insulation and draught-proofing, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and hot water systems, solar systems and batteries. The consultation will not cover specific technical advice or business recommendations.

You can apply for your free energy consultation at

Shire libraries have home energy kits for you to borrow, with a range of equipment to help monitor your energy and water use at home. Learn more at www.mornpen.

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Are you ready to upgrade your indoor/outdoor living this winter?

The Mornington Peninsula is a haven for nature-lovers and culinary enthusiasts alike. With its fertile soil and temperate climate, this region features an abundance of edible gardens flourishing with a wealth of fruits, vegetables and herbs. While the focus may primarily be on the edibles themselves, integrating insectattracting plants into these gardens can significantly enhance their vitality and productivity. Let's delve into the myriad benefits of incorporating these often overlooked botanical gems into your edible oasis.

First and foremost, attracting beneficial insects is essential for maintaining a balanced ecosystem within your garden. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hover flies play a crucial role in fertilising flowers, ensuring the successful reproduction of many fruit and vegetable crops. By planting insect-friendly flora such as lavender, borage and calendula, you invite these industrious pollinators to visit your garden regularly, thus increasing the yield and quality of your harvest.

Cultivating a diverse array of plants also encourages natural pest control, reducing the need for harmful chemical pesticides. Ladybugs, lacewings and predatory wasps are just a few examples of beneficial insects that prey on common garden pests such as aphids, caterpillars and mites. By creating an environment rich in nectar and shelter, you

provide a welcoming habitat for these insect allies, effectively minimising pest infestations without resorting to synthetic chemicals.

In addition to their ecological benefits, insectattracting plants contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your garden, adding texture, colour and fragrance to the landscape. Imagine a kaleidoscope of vibrant blooms dancing in the gentle breeze, attracting not only beneficial insects but also human admirers eager to bask in the beauty of nature's intricacies. From the delicate petals of yarrow to the towering spikes of echinacea, these plants infuse your garden with vitality and charm, transforming it into a veritable paradise for both fauna and flora alike.

Many insect-attracting plants have culinary and medicinal properties, further enriching the multi-functionality of your garden. Herbs such as basil, mint and thyme not only entice pollinators with their fragrant foliage, they also serve as flavourful additions to your culinary creations. Meanwhile, plants such as chamomile and lemon balm offer soothing remedies for ailments ranging from indigestion to anxiety, imbuing your garden with therapeutic value beyond its edible bounty.

Integrating insect-attracting plants into your edible garden aligns perfectly with the ethos of harmonious coexistence with nature. By fostering biodiversity and a thriving ecosystem within your own backyard, you contribute to the conservation of native wildlife while reaping the rewards of a bountiful harvest.


Make life easier with serviced apartments

Serviced apartments within a retirement village are ideally suited to older people who would like to live independently with some help to make life easier. They are typically located within the village community centre where there is always someone to talk to and a relaxed community atmosphere to enjoy.

There are many benefits of serviced apartment living at Long Island Retirement Village in Seaford and they include:

Extra support – benefit from visiting health professionals and allied health services. There are activities to suit every lifestyle and ability.

Chef-prepared daily meals – every meal is freshly prepared and full of flavour. Enjoy the social side of eating in the dining room or, if you prefer, you can have your meal delivered to your room.

Social activities – join in as much or as little as you like. There are morning teas, music and other entertainment, art, craft and hobby groups, board games, movies, seasonal events, swimming, shopping, and day trips in the village bus.

Safety and security – emergency call buttons are in every unit. Nursing staff at the village provide additional peace of mind.

Be freed up from cleaning and laundry – your assisted living apartment will be cleaned for you every week. Laundering of bed linen and towels will be done for you too.

Affordable living – Centennial Living’s Long Island Village has serviced apartments with an entry price less than you might expect, ranging from $155,000 to $220,000. When you move in, you pay a monthly service fee. Contact us to find out more about the costs.

For more information, go to and fill out the Contact Us form.


T: 1300 098 000


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Stunning Peninsula house becomes a TV star

A spectacular Flinders property has been featured on the Channel 9 lifestyle show Australia’s Best House. Cottonwood Residence, by high-end custom residential builder Gstruct Group, appeared on the first episode of the show’s third season on May 25.

It’s made up of three individual buildings connected to form one remarkable family home, with a striking timber façade complemented by Western Australia limestone. The interior features Tasmanian oak throughout as well as titanium gold benchtops and a sunken lounge with jaw-dropping views to Bass Strait.

"Driven by a deep admiration for timber and natural materials, our high-end luxury build in Flinders stands as a proud testament to craftsmanship and passion,” said Gstruct Group director Glenn Longstaff. “Every detail embodies our dedication to creating timeless beauty, seamlessly merging luxury with the inherent elegance of nature."


Gstruct Group specialises in high-end custom residential builds and large-scale bespoke transformations throughout the Mornington Peninsula and inner Melbourne. Glenn rose through the ranks from apprentice carpenter to become construction manager on multiple notable projects in Australia and the UK.

Australia’s Best House, presented by Megan Gale, screens on Saturdays at 5.30pm. The winning house will be announced during the final episode on August 17.


T: 0412 504 225



FB: gstructgroup

INSTA: gstruct_group

Issue 151 JUNE 2024 105 ) Mornington Peninsula’s high-end custom build specialist Director: Glenn Longstaff | E. | P. 0412 504 225 As seen on AUSTRALIA’S BEST HOUSE
of building?

Trades To You highlights the many talented tradies across the Peninsula and Greater Frankston area. This is now a regular part of Mornington Peninsula Magazine that has been received so well with the community coming together to support our local tradies. If your weekends consist of starting a DIY project, fixing a failed DIY project or perhaps styling your fresh, professionally installed garden, patio or bathroom, why not take time to plan your renovations and request quotes from the businesses showcased here month after month. Whatever the job may be, we’ll have the trade for it. Just keep your eye on our Trades To You section and together we’ll support small businesses while getting our own little corner of the

world looking more like a home than a house.

If you are a tradesperson looking to publicise your business to the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Frankston area, give us a call on 9708 8222. You will find we have super rates starting from $140 a month and editorial options for you to showcase what you offer to an engaged audience.

( 106 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine
trades to you your guide to local tradespeople
Got wood rot? We’ve never met a window that we can’t fix. Saved us thousands $$$ on replacement of concertina doors. Special shout out to Zac who was a delight to have working in the house. Highly recommend. Phone 9580 8933 Servicing the Peninsula & surrounding suburbs www. Great service, workmanship and professionalism from Ben and his team! It’s not rocket science highest readership = best results for you P: 9708 8222 Choose the peninsula’s longest running, largest circulation glossy BOOK YOUR CAMPAIGN NOW
For all your Landscaping & Fencing needs FREE QUOTES | All Outdoor Landscaping Concrete Driveways Brush Fencing Gates & Screens Decking, Garden Edging & Grass Pathways, Plants & Garden Beds, Firepits Synthetic Grass Concrete Steppers, Pebbles @moderngardensandmaintenance @mod.gardens 0411 017 082

Need an electrician? Call Huddo

Whether you need an emergency electrical repair dealt with quickly, or something less urgent like a new power point or light fitting, you can count on Peter Hudson’s expertise and customer service.

Peter has more than 40 years’ experience as an A-grade electrician. Peter and his apprentice Ethan are Huddo’s Electrical Services. From the initial phone call to the finishing touches on the job, you’ll receive personalised service from Peter and Ethan.

They can handle all types of electrical work from simple to more complicated, from wiring new homes and rewiring old homes to upgrading switchboards to the latest type of safety switches; and sweep fans. Huddo’s are experts in upgrading lighting to LEDs. And if you have a new TV, they supply and install TV brackets and TV and data power points.

If you’re a landlord, Huddo’s can carry out electrical safety and smoke alarm checks and provide you with a written report for your property.


T: 0411 316 180


( 108 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine AJ Synthetic Grass Repairs Synthetic
0424 162 993
grass repairs, laying + garden maintenance

Awards reinforce Solahart’s ‘most trusted’ status

Solahart, Australia’s original solar brand, has been named No.1 for overall customer satisfaction in the 2024 Canstar Blue Solar Installers category for the second consecutive year after winning the 2023 Canstar Blue Hot Water Systems category in December.

Solahart now leads the industry for customer satisfaction across these two categories, with a total of six Canstar Blue badges awarded over the past five years.

Since 1953, Solahart has installed more than one million solar power panels and more than one million solar water heaters nationwide. According to Solahart Industries general manager Stephen Cranch, these awards reinforce why Solahart is the trusted name in solar.

“Holding the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction awards within both the Solar Installers and Hot Water Systems categories is a true testament to Solahart’s commitment to going above and beyond for customers,” Stephen said. “We are honoured to be recognised for our team and dealer network’s efforts in helping Australians towards a brighter, renewable-led future.

“From understanding individual requirements and energy consumption patterns, both now and into the future, to choosing the right solar solution and after-sales service, we pride ourselves on being there for our customers.”

The Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Awards are decided by consumers who rank their satisfaction level with their business of choice on a sliding scale from 1 to 10. In the Solar Installers category, Solahart outperformed its competitors again, having previously held the title in 2023 and in 2020. After surveying more than 12,000 Australians, Solahart received five stars for “overall satisfaction”, “performance of solar system”, “installation process”, “customer service and advice provided”, and “durability”.

In the Hot Water Systems category, more than 6000 Australians were surveyed and rated Solahart five stars for “overall satisfaction”, “features and functionality”, “performance”, and “design”. This is the third win for Solahart within this category, having also won the Customer Satisfaction award in 2020 and 2019.

Solahart’s comprehensive range of smart solar products includes Solahart PowerStore®, Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater, as well as state-of-theart solar photovoltaic systems, home batteries, EV chargers, Solahart’s Home Energy Management System, and Solahart’s hot water heat pump range.

“With the rising cost of living, coupled with the urgent need to transition to renewable energy, it has never been more important to provide Australians with smart, accessible solutions for harnessing and transforming green energy,” Stephen said. “Solahart’s innovative smart solar products will continue to support customers to capture and store more energy from the sun, save on their energy bills, and future-proof their homes.”


A: 1/20 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud

T: 1300 362 821


FB: Solahartmelbourne

( 110 Everything we love about the peninsula, fresh every month mornington PENINSULA Magazine *$400 saving applied as a point-of-sale discount at time of purchase of a Solahart water heaters of ≥ 180L. Excludes commercial installations. Participating Solahart Dealers only. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated. Discounts are not transferable or redeemable for cash. See full T&Cs. Interest, fees and charges are subject to change. See your contract for further details. This offer is available from 01/05/2024 until 30/06/2024 11.59pm AEST and is subject to stock availability. †Under current regulations, government incentives apply in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) that can be used to reduce the upfront cost of going solar. STC values are subject to change. See for full details. Solahart Industries Pty Ltd (Solahart) operates a national network of dealers through which independent companies operate dealerships in designated geographic areas. To find your local Solahart dealer, please visit © Solahart (2024). Solahart and the Solahart logo are registered trademarks of Solahart. Call 1300 721 946 or visit when you replace your old water heater with a Solahart Atmos® Heat Pump. $ 400 TRADE-IN* GET A GENEROUS GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES STILL AVAILABLE†

Mt Eliza Gardens Aged Care is a brand new luxurious, 141 suite state-of-the-art aged care facility, located on the Mornington Peninsula and is now open for admissions.

The prestigious facility is part of the family-owned Australian Aged Care Group Pty Ltd (AACG), which prides itself on innovation in caring for the aged with a mission to excel in providing quality care services and accommodation.

Mt Eliza Gardens is architecturally designed with premium hotel-style accommodation that embraces older Australians in a place where they feel most comfortable, while still living in their local community.

Features include:

n Respite stay now available

n Single, spacious rooms/suites with ensuite bathrooms and comfortable living areas

n Ageing in place programs

n Larger suites with fully equipped kitchenettes and lounge area for premium style of living

n Spacious lounge, sitting and dining areas

n Individually controlled heating and air conditioning in every room/suite

n Telephone, Foxtel and Netflix connection points in every room/suite

n Expansive undercover car parking

n Courtyard and outdoor garden sitting areas

n Hairdressing & Beauty Salon

(After hours and weekend appointments also available)

The facility has been purposefully designed with careful attention to detail in the quality of the living environment and services provided. It will be staffed to meet the increasingly discerning standards demanded by our ageing population.

The multi level facility will provide care to residents with ageing in place programs offering all levels of care, as well as consulting suites for medical practitioners and allied health professionals. We also offer a dedicated Memory Support Unit.

The spacious and elegant facility consists of several separate wings, adjoining central lounges, café, bar, reception centre and provides an extensive range of services to assist residents in remaining active and engaged.

n Chapel (non-denominational)

n Gold Class Cinema

n Café and Bar

n Medical Suite incorporating G.P. Clinic, separate Physiotherapy treatment room and large fully equipped gym

n LED TV screens in every room/suite

n Dedicated bus for resident outings

n Wi-Fi

n Private Dining Room for special occasions

n End of Life Care

To discuss your individual requirements and experience the Mt Eliza Gardens Aged Care lifestyle firsthand, please phone (03) 8001 8000 or visit our website

Care 235 Canadian Bay Road Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930 PO Box 411, Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930 (03)
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