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Welcome to the Mornington Peninsula, where the rugged coastline meets the sand and hinterland. From Western Port to Bass Strait and Port Phillip, get ready to return, stay and play. The Mornington Peninsula is a region where nature’s gifts are plenty. From coastal and hinterland bushwalks bursting with flora and fauna and Indigenous Culture to the dramatic dunes rolling towards the Southern Ocean where surfers gravitate, this is a place where pleasure-seekers meet and greet. The lure of a warm-weather escape filled with fresh produce and artisan products beckons down south and offers vacation variety for all ages. Families gather along the shores of Port Phillip to swim, jetski and paddleboard, and to picnic in parks or in front of vibrant beach boxes. Yachties set sail from Martha Cove, Mornington, Mount Eliza and Western Port to hover on the horizon alongside windsurfers. Anglers throw out their lines from history-steeped piers. Port Phillip ferries carry their human cargo from Sorrento to Queenscliff and back again while dolphin and seal-watching exploration awaits. National and state park trekking paths ramble from Point Nepean through Arthurs Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Seat, Red Hill and beyond, and historic lighthouses in Cape Schanck and McCrae lead the way. Golflovers are in their element playing on world-class courses. Non-stop adventure is only part of the reason why the Mornington Peninsula is the place for your next holiday. From day-tripping to weekend getaways and longer stays, the region offers the best in wining and dining. Peninsula wine country captivates with its rolling hills, cellar doors and vineyards producing world-class cool-climate wines. Distilleries and breweries invite. Quirky B&Bs and holiday house stays delight. Strawberry and cherry-picking thrill. From village to village where coffee culture rules, the range of casual to sophisticated ‘eat, drink and be merry’ options is eclectic. The only thing to do is let your tastebuds choose from one day to the next. The Mornington Peninsula is steeped in history. Pioneering homesteads and grand mansions still stand, from The Briars Historic Park in Mount Martha to Mornington’s hotels, Dromana’s Heronswood and Sorrento’s impressive limestone architecture. McCrae Homestead tells stories of pioneers and Indigenous peoples, while historical society

museums offer glimpses of early life throughout the region. Outdoor markets and sculpture parks, a maze and gondola, hot springs and an exciting festival and live music scene deliver in the entertainment stakes over summer. And don’t forget a visit to the drive-in or a ride on the historic Mornington Railway. So get ready to discover endless opportunities for relaxation, fun in the sun and celebration in the following pages. It’s time to treat yourself to a holiday on the Mornington Peninsula and be our guest. LIZ ROGERS Edition one of Holiday is current until Easter 2022. After Easter you will be able to pick up edition two. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Bunurong and Boonwurrung people of the Kulin nation, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in our community today.





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WE HOPE YOU LOVE IT! This bi-annual is the first locally owned visitor’s guide for almost 10 years. Next edition out around Easter 2022, then Melbourne Cup weekend 2022. Subscriptions are available delivered by Australia Post. Contact us to be in featured in the next edition or if you want copies for your customers.P: 9708 8222 or email:

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HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

The Mornington Peninsula was formed by the flooding of Port Phillip after the end of the glacial period about 10,000BC. It may have extended into Port Phillip at various times, most recently between 800BC and AD1000 when Port Phillip may have dried out. Indigenous Australians of the Mayone-bulluk and Bunurong-Balluk clans lived on the Peninsula as part of the Bunurong People’s territory before European settlement. The territory hosted six clans who lived along the Victorian coast from the Werribee River across to Western Port and Wilsons Promontory. The Peninsula may have been home to between 100 and 500 people before European settlement. The first European settlement on the Peninsula was also the first settlement in Victoria, situated in what is now Sorrento. The Sullivan’s Bay settlement was a short-lived penal colony established in 1803, 30 years before the establishment of Melbourne, by Lieutenant-Colonel David Collins (1753–1810). The Peninsula extends from the mainland between Pearcedale and Frankston in a southwesterly direction for about 40km at a width of about Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

15-20km. It then begins to extend roughly 15km in a west/northwesterly direction and tapers down to a width of about 2-3km before terminating at Point Nepean. Much of the topography is flat in the north where it connects to the mainland. However, moving southwest it soon becomes hilly, culminating in the central hilly landscapes of Boneo, Main Ridge, Red Hill, Tuerong and Moorooduc. The highest point, Arthurs Seat, located unusually close to the shoreline, stands at 305m above sea level. The Peninsula hosts about 190km of coastline. Its eastern shorelines meet many mangroves and mudflats in the waters of Western Port before it tapers down to form Crib Point, Stony Point and Sandy Point at the Peninsula’s most southeasterly point. In the southeast between Sandy Point and West Head, the mudflats give way to sandy beaches which in turn become more and more rocky further south. In the south the Peninsula meets Bass Strait, and the coastline becomes very rocky between West Head and Cape Schanck. The coast between Cape Schanck and Point Nepean consists of a long, slow curve of open-sea surf beaches, many too dangerous to swim in. Its western shorelines form various headlands and bays in the sheltered waters

of Port Phillip, hosting many shallow, safe beaches. The western coastline facing Port Phillip starts at the narrow bay entrance, The Heads or The Rip, and proceeds as a series of gently curved bays defined by small rocky outcrops. From an oceanic perspective, the Mornington Peninsula, together with the Bellarine Peninsula, separate the waters of Port Phillip from Bass Strait, except for a small gap known as The Rip, which also separates both peninsulas. The Mornington Peninsula also separates the waters of Port Phillip and Western Port. The Mornington Peninsula is crossed by many seismically active fault lines, monoclines, synclines and anticlines, the largest of which is the 100km Selwyn Fault, which is capable of producing earthquakes of about 7.5 magnitude. The Peninsula experiences many minor earthquakes every year, but most are too small to be felt. While on the Peninsula, you should check out the Port Phillip and Western Port bay beaches and also the rugged ocean beaches where beachcombing and surfing are popular.


FANCY A RUN? From exquisite sun-bleached sand to cool, crisp hinterland; from rugged coastlines to gentle bays; from top-shelf pinot noirs to rich, vibrant coffees — is it any wonder the Mornington Peninsula is the most popular holiday destination in Victoria? Well, it’s about time you swapped the flip-flops for your favourite pair of runners and ambled away. Here are five sure-fire running routes that will let your mind wander and give you the opportunity to explore the vast array of natural beauty between the rugged coast and picturesque hillsides of this beautiful part of the world.

1. SAFETY BEACH-DROMANA (very easy) Watch out for: Arcto the seal Once called Shark Bay for its grey nurse breeding grounds, you couldn’t find a more dramatic change in a town’s name. It’s here at the Safety Beach Sailing Club that a well-maintained gravel path begins making its way along Port Phillip to the township of Rye. If you’re looking for a pleasant, flat, gentle cruise with stunning views of Arthurs Seat, colourful beach boxes and the clear waters of the bay, then look no further. You can make this run as short or as long as you like — follow the trail to the Dromana Pier 4km away, extend it to McCrae 7.5km away or even through the foreshore camping grounds to Rye 17km away.

2. CAPE SCHANCK-BONEO RD (hard) Watch out for: the cleanest air in the world. This is not a run for the faint-hearted. It incorporates some rough terrain, steep hills and challenging stairs. But the views you get and the accomplishment you feel from conquering this challenge far outweigh the effort it takes. Starting from the lighthouse, you follow the coastal clifftop east along a gravel/sandy path and through a tea-tree tunnel. At about 2.5km you’ll hit a steep section of stairs, which is best to be attacked cautiously. Upon descending the final stair and crossing the Burrabong creek, you’ll begin a 2.4km ascent to Boneo Rd. Along this path there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted by many wallabies and kangaroos as you take in the views across the magnificent farmland. The lighthouse can be used as a beacon to guide you back on the 5.1km journey, during which you should try to take in the views across the menacing basalt cliffs.

3. PENINSULA LINK TRAIL (easy) Watch out for: the old Mornington to Baxter train line

( 6 For curious contemporary visitors

From the Mount Eliza Regional Park, this run heads past the Moorooduc station, over Moorooduc Rd and hits the start of the Peninsula Link Trail at the Coolstores. The trail starts with 2km of undulating bitumen, lined with pine trees that offer some pleasant shade on a warm summer’s day. Turning to concrete, the trail veers around BP and McDonald’s before following the Peninsula Link HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Park and heading south, you’ll run parallel to The Esplanade, then turn right downhill and past Fishermans Beach. Facing a short climb, you’ll get wonderful, sweeping views across the bay that will allow your mind to really wander. A heavily treelined gravel path then leads you all the way back out on to The Esplanade at about 5km. No doubt your Instagram feed will look good after this run.

5. HASTINGS-CRIB POINT (very easy) Watch out for: decommissioned submarine HMAS Otama

Freeway to Baxter 4.5km away. A perfect trail for pushing a pram if need be.

4. MORNINGTON-MOUNT MARTHA TRAIL (medium) Watch out for: cracking sunsets Nothing beats gazing from a cliff face across a glassy bay, admiring a gorgeous, flaming sunset. Well, this trail accommodates that need as you trek along the cliffs and shores of the bay. It’s exquisitely lined with coastal vegetation and includes some fabulous sections that allow you to cast your eyes across to the Melbourne skyline. Starting from Mornington

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

On the Western Port side of the Peninsula sits this hidden gem, made up of about 3km of elevated boardwalk mixed with sections of gravel path. Starting from Pelican Park in Hastings, it’s a flat 9km return journey to Jacks Beach in Bittern. The run winds its way over saltmarshes and past the world’s southernmost mangroves, and incorporates stunning, sweeping views across Western Port through to the shores of both Phillip and French islands. Before you turn at Jacks Beach, keep an eye out for the decommissioned submarine HMAS Otama, which was once used in surveillance and spying operations. Don’t forget to check the views up to Arthurs Seat

as you cruise around the bay; nice undulating sections will have you light on your feet as you head from the Coolstores to Baxter; your Instagram feed will surely look good after this run; use the lighthouse as a beacon for your return trip back to Cape Schanck; the elevated boardwalk from Hastings to Jacks Beach is an absolute hidden gem. Matt Davy is the co-founder of RUN2PB, an online run coaching business that sets personalised running programs to help people achieve their best. Find out more at




MOUNT ELIZA MORNINGTON Just past the impressive panoramic lookout at Olivers Hill, the emerald streets of Mount Eliza welcome you to the spectacular Mornington Peninsula. Situated just south of Frankston, you’ll soon encounter the captivating coastline with sheltered beaches hidden between rocky outcrops and cliffs adorned with native flora. When the sun shines, so does the area’s foodie scene with outdoor diners catching salty sea breezes as they savour a deluxe brunch. With so many cuisines to dazzle the senses, these seaside towns reign supreme with a café culture to be admired through the main strips in Mount Eliza, Mornington and Mount Martha. Venture inland towards Moorooduc, Somerville and Tuerong to come across more of the same, yet also quality distilleries, unpretentious farmgates and first-rate wineries that will tantalise the tastebuds. Get behind the wheel at Mornington as you follow the winding road of the Esplanade that takes you on a tour of the enchanting coastline towards Mount Martha. After a mouthwatering lunch by the beach at Mount Martha, take pleasure in a boardwalk stroll at the Mount Martha Foreshore Reserve along the creek through the Balcombe Creek Wetlands, which ends at The Briars. This

( 8 For curious contemporary visitors

1840s homestead offers bushland and wetland trails, with bountiful wildlife to keep an eye out for. Or stretch your legs at Mount Eliza Regional Park, which can be accessed via Two Bays Rd. This attraction incorporates the former Moorooduc quarry and offers views across the surrounding plains, as well as a lake with picnic areas and a playground. While you’re there, visit the adjacent heritage railway that operates from the refurbished Moorooduc station. Here you can ride the heritage diesel or K Class steam locomotive every second Sunday. Hop off at the Mornington stop for a wander around the lively industrial estate to discover eclectic stores, hip businesses and quirky cafes. An abundant selection of safe swimming beaches, lively beach boxes, boat ramps, charming piers, buzzing marinas, and idyllic coves invite you to sail away for the day. Stay on dry land with a visit to the plethora of boutique retail stores and beauty salons. Pop by the Mornington Racecourse on race day, or have a hit of golf at a course with views to be envied. Art enthusiasts can converge on a local gallery or craft market to ignite their inspiration. Everything of excellence collides in this pocket of the Mornington Peninsula to create the ultimate cosmopolitan seaside lifestyle that you’re destined to admire tucked away in a world of its own. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



MOUNT MARTHA MOOROODUC Must see and do Admire the vibrant beach boxes at Mills Beach, Mornington and Mount Martha Beach North, Mount Martha. Hire a boat or cast a line off the Mornington pier. Peruse the Mount Eliza Farmers Market on the fourth Sunday of every month from 9am-1pm. Explore the paths at Devilbend Reserve in Moorooduc, with its 422ha of vegetation, plus a fishing platform and boardwalk. Visit the Main Street Mornington Market set up along Main St every Wednesday from 9am-3pm. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Did you know that the Mornington Courthouse was the first public building and permanent courthouse on the Peninsula? Now an information and tourism centre, the courthouse and lockup are classified by the National Trust.

Mornington Railway has a great train ride for young children and the young at heart. For bookings call 1300 767 274.


Your one-stop shop for fabulous food If any restaurant can be described as a ‘one-stop shop’ then La Sorella in the heart of Mornington is it. Open seven days a week and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as freshly made gelato and cakes, their menus are a sight to behold. Rock up any time of the day or night and you’ll have an enormous range of dishes to choose from, with all dietary requirements catered for and meals just for kids. Breakfasts include indulgent pancakes and waffles, brekky towers for two, fritters, vegetarian brekky, and eggs your way. Lunch and dinner options feature share plates, pastas, risottos, burgers, salads, souvlaki, ribs, steaks, seafood, vegetable stacks and parmas, to name a few. There’s a menu dedicated to dozens of different drinks, with hundreds of varieties – everything from

coffee to freshly squeezed juices, ‘Monsta Shakes’, and a huge selection of cocktails, beers, wines, spirits and ciders. Run by father/daughter duo Sam and Josie, it’s become known as a place with a welcoming atmosphere, where customers can choose from one of their many tables inside or out, and the closeknit, friendly team of staff will take care of the rest. What you can expect at La Sorella is a thoroughly satisfying experience, where the food looks incredible and tastes even better. It’s open MondaySunday from 8am-late. LA SORELLA A: 18a Main St, Mornington T: 8766 0661 W: FB: LaSorellaMornington INSTA: lasorella_bytwistedsista

Cafe, Bar, Restaurant La Sorella is a family owned restaurant located in the heart of Mornington. Our passion is on providing our guests with a positive dining experience. Enjoy our breakfast, lunch & dinner, gelato, desserts and cocktails as well as locally sourced wine, beer and coffee.

We put a twist on life’s simple pleasures!

Trading hours: Throughout summer we are open 7 days 8am til late Prior to summer our trading hours vary - please keep updated via Google or our socials

La Sorella by Twisted Sista lasorella_bytwistedsista

Book online or via phone today! 18a Main Street, Mornington P: 8766 0661

Walk-ins welcome ( 10 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

There’s nothing like a farmgate visit to make you feel like you’ve left the city behind. Put Somerville Egg Farm on your itinerary for beautiful farm-fresh eggs and a chance to see chickens roaming free in green pastures or scratching around in ploughed fields for bugs. You might even meet the farm’s resident maremma sheepdogs Princess Leia and Romy, guardians of the chickens. Goats, alpacas, and a family of emus are part of the menagerie.

There’s a variety of sizes and price ranges to suit all needs and budgets, and duck and quail eggs are also available.

The Napolitano family have been egg farmers here since 1979. They know their stuff. Home cooks, chefs and retailers are all valued customers.

SOMERVILLE EGG FARM A: Cnr Eramosa Road West and Binnak Way, Moorooduc T: 5977 5405 W: FB: SomervilleEggFarm INSTA: somervilleeggfarm

The chickens at Somerville Egg Farm are happy, healthy and well cared-for, so you can feel confident you’re buying premium-quality eggs. All eggs are hand-collected and packed daily for freshness.


Eggs are one of the most versatile forms of protein. From a humble omelette to a grand celebration cake, they’re a vital ingredient. If you want top-notch eggs and an enjoyable farm experience, go meet your egg farmer at Somerville Egg Farm. It’s open Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm, and Saturday 8am-12.30pm; it’s closed Sundays and public holidays.

ERVILLE Tired of stale tasting supermarket eggs? Our farm is family owned and managed. We have been producing quality eggs for over 40 years, supplying many cafes and restaurants and other businesses on the Peninsula. Eggs are hand collected 365 days a year so you can be assured you are buying the freshest eggs with the best yolk and flavour from our barn door.

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

11 )

Fine dining taken to lofty new heights When it comes to providing a venue on the Mornington Peninsula where customers feel special just by being there, Squires Loft Mornington owners Siller and Deborah Bello really are ‘raising the steaks’. From the moment you walk through the doors of this premium steakhouse, you’re whisked away from the bustle of Main St’s casual cafes and into a stylish oasis for a fine dining experience like no other. As Siller explains: "We wanted to create a place where people can come in, relax and just for a moment find themselves in a place like no other. Everything from our aesthetics to our customer service has been meticulously designed based on our experiences in dining in great restaurants across the world.” Known as ‘The Steak Specialists’, their extensive menu includes the finest Australian meats – both pasture and grain-fed – and a Chairman’s Menu for ( 12 For curious contemporary visitors

steak enthusiasts to indulge in. The Chairman’s Menu features a superpremium selection of meats and burgers that will take your tastebuds to the next level. Their delicious entrées include beef, pork, seafood, chicken and vegetarian options, followed by an enormous range of steaks (Black Angus eye fillet, porterhouse, ribeye, rump and T-bone, to name a few), all flavoured with the famous Squires Loft baste, char-grilled and served with chips or a baked potato and paired with one of their premium sauces. Burger-lovers will be kept happy with plenty to choose from, as will children, whose menu includes a soft drink and icecream with their meal. Taking their food seriously, the Squires Loft Mornington kitchen is led by two specialist full-time chefs who are experts in the art of cooking the perfect steak, and a passionate and dedicated front-of-house team including a maître d’ to ensure every

customer leaves as a happy and satisfied guest. Boasting a large selection, the Squires Loft wine list pays homage to Mornington Peninsula grapes as well as globally sourced varieties from the US, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East. All wines are available by the glass or bottle, and the curated cocktail list is crafted by skilled bar staff using premium ingredients to ensure each cocktail is exceptional. After undergoing a total renovation, Squires Loft Mornington is now unapologetically refined and opulent. The fit-out lends the restaurant a welcoming warmth and includes gorgeous tables made from handpicked lengths of Victorian ash, plush leather chairs and booths, and ambient custom lighting. Taking its colour palette and compositional cues from the earth, the interior design seamlessly blends elegant earthy tones with copper,

leather, terracotta, and cement. Even the restrooms exude an air of quality and sophistication, with state-of-theart touchless taps, soap dispensers and hand-dryers. Great for every occasion – from a romantic dinner to a special family get-together or a private event in the designated upstairs function space – Squires Loft Mornington is a distinguished restaurant serving memorable meals, with customercentric service that will keep you coming back time and again. Squires Loft Mornington is open Tuesday-Wednesday from 5.30-10pm; Thursday 5.30-11pm; and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon3.30pm and 5.30-11pm. It’s closed Monday. SQUIRES LOFT MORNINGTON A: 104 Main St, Mornington P: 5976 8482 FB: squiresloftmorningtonpeninsula INSTA: squiresloftmornington

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

OPEN | LUNCH FRI - SUN | DINNER TUE - SUN 5976 8482 104 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

Fun and adventure down on the farm One of the most popular children's attractions on the Mornington Peninsula, The Big Goose combines old-fashioned farm experiences with the fun of an adventure park. Feeling the heat this summer? Well, The Big Goose is well equipped to keep you cool. With plenty of shaded picnic areas, an undercover adventure playground, airconditioned indoor café and splash park, there’s no better place to keep the kids happy, cool and safe. If animals are more your thing, we’ve got a huge range of farm, native and some slightly more exotic animals. You’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with some of our friendly snakes and lizards as part of our reptile show, and check out our sheepdog Dusty as she puts on a display rounding up the sheep. You can cuddle some of the smaller animals in our big red petting barn and even take a relaxing stroll with the kangaroos and deer in our wildlife park. There’s dingoes, wombats and even some cheeky camels to share a selfie with you. You’ll need at least three hours to see and do everything on our 24ha farm – we even have an 18-hole mini golf course. The Big Goose really is the place to be!

233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd Moorooduc (Entry via Stumpy Gully Rd)

( 14 For curious contemporary visitors

THE BIG GOOSE A: 233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Moorooduc T: 0459 911 549 W: FB: funatthebiggoose INSTA: thebiggoose_

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

• Boutique, family owned, Winery, Vineyard, Cellar Door & Restaurant. • Estate made wine with estate grown fruit. • Sustainable. • Vegan friendly wines. Cellar door open Wednesday til Sunday 11 - 4

Mornington’s vintage and antique haven awaits Karine Cugurno’s passion for memorabilia, vintage and antique furniture, and quality collectables started as a hobby that grew and grew, until it was time to open a store and share the love with other hunters and collectors.

It’s Karine’s greatest joy to see her carefully selected pieces of history preserved and going to a new

home. You’ll find everything from books to records, toys, designer clothes, furniture, crockery, and many wonderful curios that will add character and personality to your space. There are items to suit all budgets. Obtainium is open daily from 10am-4pm. And when you’ve finished whiling away the hours, Karine recommends visiting her neighbours across the road at Commonfolk coffee. Just a few good reasons to step off Mornington’s Main St.

Since opening in 2016, Obtainium Antiques & Vintage Wares has become a go-to place for seekers of treasures from years gone by. Karine sources her impressive variety of wares from near and far and has new stock arriving daily so there’ll always be something new to discover. And if there’s a special something you’ve been hunting for, ask Karine to add you to her list and she’ll keep an eye out for it.

OBTAINIUM ANTIQUES & VINTAGE WARES A: 2/15 Progress St, Mornington T: 5975 3169 FB: Obtainiumantiques INSTA: obtainiumantiques

2/15 Progress St, Mornington Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Opening hours: 10am to 4pm - 7 days a week

17 )

12pm until late @400gradi_au

25 Main St, Mornington |



P: 9116 8350

Gradi serves up a triple treat Johnny Di Francesco is the creative visionary and mastermind behind the 400 Gradi empire. He patiently waited for the perfect site on the Mornington Peninsula to open his sixth 400 Gradi establishment. Mornington is the lucky location. On a prominent corner on Main St you’ll find the full Gradi experience: 400 Gradi restaurant, Zero Gradi Gelateria and Dessert Bar, and Gradi’s Italian delicatessen concept Gradi Mercato. The grand opening happened in July 2021. “It’s the first time we have all three Gradi offerings in one location working together,” says Johnny. The restaurant is split over two levels. Upstairs there’s a bar and spacious balcony to take in the bay views. This space doubles as a stunning private events space. Downstairs alongside Zero Gradi and Gradi Mercato you’ll find a wine bar with a slick cocktail menu, and a snack bar serving casalinga ‘home-style’ antipasto such as salumi and cheese. The interior exudes sophistication and style with terrazzo countertops and tables, plush upholstery, and an elegant palette of moody and earthy tones that have become the Gradi signature luxe aesthetic. Award-winning Neapolitan pizza put Gradi on the map. Since his first pizza-making job at age 12, Johnny has perfected the art of Neapolitan pizza, studying in Naples where his family are from. Johnny adheres to the guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an organisation dedicated to promoting authentic Neapolitan pizza, and he was the first Australian inducted into the AVPN. Celebrated chef Pierre Khojda heads up the kitchen and Giuseppe Fortunato is head pizzaiolo. The full menu of 400 Gradi favourites is offered here: fresh pasta made by hand, antipasti, traditional Italian secondo meat or seafood dishes and a selection of classic sides to complete your meal. Ever-changing daily specials make deciding what to order harder. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Friendly and informed staff are always on hand to provide genuine hospitality and ensure your Gradi experience is a pleasure from start to finish. Once Johnny perfected pizza, he turned his attention to authentic hand-churned gelato and Zero Gradi was born. A rainbow of flavours is on display. Will it be one, two or three scoops? Every day is a holiday with gelato in your hand. In addition to gelato are wonderful desserts and cakes – including knockout cannoli – ready for your next celebration or just to sweeten up your day. As you’d expect in an Italian dessert bar, excellent coffee is available. And when you’re feeling inspired to create an Italian dinner to remember at home, Gradi Mercato and delicatessen is your place. You can shop

smarter, not harder, and put together a whole dinner party using 400 Gradi’s ready-made pizzas and pasta meals. Pick up a selection of antipasti and you’re all set. Whether you’re dining in the restaurant, stopping for gelato and groceries, or hosting an event, 400 Gradi is all about bringing people together for life’s simple pleasures: good food, good wine, and generous hospitality Italian-style. What are you waiting for? 400 GRADI A: 25 Main St, Mornington T: 9116 8350 W: FB: 400Gradi INSTA: 400gradi_au

19 )

Gluten-free happiness is found here Not so long ago, a coeliac diagnosis or gluten intolerance meant missing out on many of life’s edible pleasures. Fortunately, the flavour and quality of gluten-free food has come a long way in recent years and one of the places on the Mornington Peninsula leading the way is The Good Food Bakery.

The bakery is owned and operated by couple Tammy and Shane. Tammy comes from a corporate background where customer service was absolutely paramount, and Shane’s background is 30-plus years as a pastry chef. Together they wanted to create something that was special – a lifestyle choice, not just a job. Shane’s wealth of expertise meant they could convert and create their own recipes, making everything gluten-free with absolutely no cross-contamination. Everything gets taste-tested by the team and must be as delicious as it is good for you. Such is their success that they have people travelling from all over the Peninsula and even interstate to purchase their freshly made baked goods. Demand was so great for The Good Food Bakery’s delicious gluten-free sweet and savoury baked goods that in 2021 they outgrew their premises and expanded into the shop next door. “We just keep going from strength to strength,” says Tammy. With accreditation from Coeliac Australia, this specialist bakery has become a trusted destination for

( 20 For curious contemporary visitors

those wanting to enjoy beautifully made cakes, biscuits, pies, tarts, sausage rolls and more that are 100 per cent gluten-free. If you’re after a casual lunch, you can dine inside in the newly renovated dining room or outside on picnic tables, and if there’s an event or celebration that you need gluten-free food for, The Good Food Bakery has you well covered. Whole cakes such as their best-selling vegan chocolate cake, sponge cake, baked cheesecake, raspberry white chocolate mud cake, or even croquembouche are fit for any celebration.

At lunchtime, choose from a huge variety of wraps, rolls, focaccias, bagels, spanakopita, lasagne and frittata. The range of delicious pies, pasties and sausage rolls include dairy-free, low FODMAP and vegan options. All meats are supplied by Brian's Gourmet Meats, which is also Coeliac Australia-accredited. Little Rebel coffee is another drawcard. There’s also an extensive range of grocery items from respected glutenfree brands including Beerenberg, Schar, Well and Good, and Ardor. And you can keep your freezer stocked with frozen items such as chicken kievs, pasta and dairy-free ice-cream.

This really is Mornington’s one-stop gluten-free shop. The bakery is open seven days because “you can’t choose when you’re coeliac”. Stop by Monday to Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 8am4pm, and Sunday 8am-3pm. Tammy promises: “If the lights are on early in the morning, we’ll make you a coffee.” THE GOOD FOOD BAKERY A: Shop 3-4, 209 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington T: 5925 9322 W: FB: The Good Food Bakery INSTA: thegfbakery

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Off The Hook will have you hooked Whether you’re a dedicated angler or have never held a rod before, Off The Hook Fishing Charters is dedicated to providing memorable fishing experiences for all ages. This family-owned and run business has spent 10 years introducing people from all walks of life to the joys of fishing and

caters for all occasions, from mates’ days to bucks’ and hens’ parties, work break-ups to corporate functions. Skipper Joe Branca will ensure your total comfort aboard his 8.8m Hydrofield, which has all the bells and whistles to provide you with a successful day out. Using his vast knowledge of Port Phillip, Western Port, the Port Phillip Heads and Portland, Joe will guide you to the best spots for snapper from October to December; whiting, calamari and kingfish from December to March; and tuna from April to July. Off The Hook caters to groups and individuals with three charters a day from 5-11am, 11am-3pm, and 3-8pm, as well as eight-hour offshore trips for tuna and kingfish. All bait and tackle is supplied, and you can even buy gift vouchers to treat your loved one to a day on the bay they will remember for ever. OFF THE HOOK FISHING CHARTERS M: 0419 554 916 FB: offthehookfishingchartersvictoria/

Gluten Free Bakery & Providore. Pies, Pastries, Coffee, Cakes. YES, everything is Gluten Free!! Shop 3&4/209 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington Mon-Fri 7am-5pm • Sat 8am-4pm • Sun 8am-3pm 5925 9322

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

21 )

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-11pm 150 Main St, Mornington I P: 0415 288 585 I thecocktailstudiomornington |


Pamper yourself - you deserve it!


Going to a winery, restaurant, special occasion or need to go to the airport? Travel in comfort and arrive relaxed with Peninsula Chauffeurs - “On the Peninsula for the Peninsula” Why not be in touch? Our charges and service will be a pleasant surprise.

P: 0447 791 652 E: Peninsula Chauffeurs complies with all requirements of the regulatory body, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.

( 22 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

French delights both sweet and savoury Mornington is blessed to have its own little piece of France where shoppers can enjoy magnificent traditional French pastries, exquisite fruit-based mousse cakes, and excellent coffee right in the heart of Mornington. Chocolat of Mornington is the destination for those who appreciate carefully crafted plain and almond croissants, doughnuts, escargots, florentines, and macarons in every colour of the rainbow. If you prefer your temptations savoury, there are top-notch sausage rolls, pies, quiches, and baguettes filled with ham or chicken. A selection of these along with some sweet fare make the perfect catering solution too. Every piece of deliciousness is made by hand on site by owner and head pâtissier Ross Saunders and his dedicated team who are committed

to perfection. They use only the finest natural ingredients – butter, eggs, flour, and fresh fruit – in their creations, which are made fresh daily. The recipes Ross uses honour tradition and express the creativity and passion that has fuelled his work in this profession for more than two decades. Of his craft, Ross says: “Once you are inspired, you will find your way and be rewarded for your passion.” Whether you’re craving a dose of pastry heaven for morning tea or have the task of finding an out-of-this-world celebration cake, Chocolat of Mornington is the place to go. It’s open daily. CHOCOLAT OF MORNINGTON A: Shop 6, 59 Barkly St, Mornington T: 5976 4902 FB: ChocolatOfMornington INSTA: chocolatofmornington

Fresh Pastries and cakes made daily by a dedicated team P: 5976 4902 Shop 6, 59 Barkly St, Mornington Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

23 )

When most Australians hear the word ‘crêpe’ we think of a sweet dessert, but French chef Cesar Henry is here to educate us and tempt our tastebuds with the opening of Soeur Crêperie.

Smarties, Oreos or Tim Tams. Get fancier with roasted apple and cinnamon, or lemon curd with passionfruit coulis. If flambé is your thing, have one with Grand Marnier.

The savoury range of galette has mouthwatering ingredients such as ham, goat’s cheese, smoked salmon, pancetta, and potato – the choices are extensive. The restaurant is a family affair, with Cesar’s partner, Amy, designing the vibrant and inviting fitout. When his two step-daughters begged for it to be named after them, he settled on the delightful ‘Soeur’, meaning ‘sister’ in French.

Crêpes originated in his hometown of Brittany in the 12th century, beginning as a savoury dish called galette. Created from buckwheat and water, they were traditionally eaten for lunch along with a bottle of cider. Cesar is bringing this authenticity to his Mornington restaurant, even importing buckwheat flour from Brittany. Light, easy to digest and naturally gluten-free, with just a small amount of butter used for cooking, his sweet and savoury crêpes will be a hit with the whole family.

Satisfy your Parisian cravings with the most delicious crêpes on the Peninsula. Soeur Crêperie is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am-5pm. SOEUR CRÊPERIE 176 Main St, Mornington P: 0458 720 339 FB: Soeur-Crêperie-105537368457355 INSTA: soeurmornington

The menu features classic crêpes including lemon sugar, Nutella, maple syrup, and French jams. There are versions with ice-cream,

French Creperie

in the heart of Main Street, Mornington. Open Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 9am to 5pm

Here you can satisfy your Parisian cravings (and more) with the most delicious galettes and crepes on the Peninsula! With recipes from Brittany, come and try our Cantal Cheese, Leg Ham and Egg savoury galette or treat the kids with our Kinder Surprise Crepe!

( 24 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Here’s a store that’s right up your alley

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Artisan’s Alley is a brand new retail experience featuring exclusive products from more than 20 local small businesses. With a range including homewares, artworks, skincare, jewellery, clothing, candles and furniture, there’s a lot to see. The pop-up area changes regularly with four to five new displays each month, so every visit is a discovery.

memorable gift.

There’s a really friendly vibe to this shop and it’s intriguing to explore. It’s long and narrow, and each artisan has their own area so it’s a pleasure to walk through the store, poke into the spaces and rooms and find items that are entirely unique. These are carefully crafted high-quality items so you can treat yourself, enhance your home décor, or find a

Artisan’s Alley is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sundays from 10am-4pm.

The artists and makers also work in the store so you can meet the creators, hear how they are inspired and where their materials and designs are sourced. For most of the members this is their first venture into a bricks and mortar shop, but you may recognise a few products and faces from local markets. This is a fantastic opportunity to both shop local and support local.

ARTISAN’S ALLEY A: 17 Main St, Mornington T: 5976 8742 W: FB: artisansalleymornington INSTA: artisans_alley_mornington

25 )

Trendy retail meets traditional service in our village by the bay Looking for a new retail experience? Stray from the well-worn track down the Mornington Peninsula’s coast and you’ll find yourself in the village of Mount Eliza. Here you’ll discover a genuine boutique environment away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. Be greeted warmly by the slow-paced, friendly atmosphere of a vibrant local community, and take time to shop, eat, drink and chill. North of Mornington just off Nepean Highway, this shady, tree-lined village is home to an interesting mix of independent shops with not a chain store in sight. Female and male fashions, homewares, specialist food and wine merchants, and the best quality fresh produce abound, and there’s also no shortage of beauty and personal pampering services. Remember the days of quality customer service rather than just ‘hard sell’? Well, it still exists here in abundance. The friendly and knowledgeable retail staff tend to be the business owners themselves and therefore they’re the ones with stories to share and a

( 26 For curious contemporary visitors

passion for the services they provide. With cafes full of deliciousness, juice bars, an irresistible ice-creamery, extended outdoor dining areas and the outdoor beer garden of the local hotel, there’s plenty of refreshment choices to sustain you before, during and after your shopping spree. It’s very easy to lose to track of time as you wander in and out of stores on the quiet paths of Mount

Eliza, unhindered by the crowds that seem to plague larger shopping strips. With easy parking both on the street and behind the shops, your convenient shopping experience is complete. If you want to keep winding down, you may prefer to head to one of the local beaches. Crystal-clear bay waters can be easily accessed at Moondah Beach off Kunyung Rd, while at the end of Canadian Bay Rd are the sheltered Half Moon and Canadian Bay beaches. Finish your day like a local by watching the sunset from the beach over a dinner of classic fish and chips. The Village Mount Eliza is busy each weekday for shopping and on Saturdays until 3pm, but here Sundays still remain sleepy with limited shops open as owners enjoy some precious family time. The exception is on the fourth Sunday of each month from January onwards when the popular Farmers Market takes place on the street from 9am-1pm. Follow the Facebook and Instagram pages @ mteliza_village for your retail inspiration and enjoy this special place – the best-kept secret on the Mornington Peninsula.

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Off Nepean Highway between Mornington and Frankston

Photos: In Photography by Michelle Pragt

Boutique shopping at its best


Magical, adventurous and breathtaking are words to describe the experience aboard a Victorian Yacht Charters yacht. Join the crew and their guests cruising the stunning coastline of the Mornington Peninsula, dolphin spotting, indulging in delicious local produce, and taking in everything our beautiful part of the world has to offer. Sailing the bay, David and his team provide a memorable experience for events, special occasions, and engagements. The sunset cruise is always a sell-out with people sipping on a beverage and watching the sun sink into the horizon. Departing from Safety Beach, Victorian Yacht Charters can provide your friends, family, or workplace with an experience that will not be forgotten. Why wait? To find out more or to book your next cruise, visit or phone 1300 304 992.

( 28 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Familiarity in a new light at boutique Mornington gallery Founder and creator Durham J White invites you to explore the familiar in a new light at his gallery boutique Colours of White. From brooding dark, edgier, moody landscapes to comfort pieces to those a little more vibrant and challenging to the mind, Durham will take you on a journey – one you may wish to step into. The works in their entirety are designed to complement and give life to a room, bringing with them a beautiful energy. They become a real conversation starter. The best way to describe his works is imagine taking something you’re familiar with – photos of family, places you’ve been, your pets – and melding these key elements into a subtle unique storytelling art form in the form of a large artwork in your living room.

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Fun conversations arise when visitors come over and are first either drawn to the piece because of its uniqueness or colour tones, or the guidance into the flow of the piece. Then they notice something familiar and begin to want to search for more. That best sums up Durham’s style. Both commissions and large impacting works are available. Colours of White opened in Mornington in December 2019 and Piper St, Kyneton, in June 2013. Durham’s artworks have been purchased by clients throughout Australia and abroad. His placemats, coasters, cushions and free-standing tiles are also extremely popular. You’ll also find some beautiful handmade jewellery and other delights. COLOURS OF WHITE A: 4 Ross St, Mornington T: 0415 903 669 W: FB: coloursofwhite INSTA: coloursofwhite_mornington

29 )

pretty as a picture Mornington Peninsula National Park

R E M I & G R UB

When you visit, leave it as you found it. Bin your litter or take it with you.

Enter a world where learning is child’s play The team at Colourful Learning Toy Store are excited to offer you a new range of quality toys and resources to help develop a love of learning through play. You can feel the love when you walk through the doors of Mornington’s newest family-owned and operated toy store. Everything is set out to allow ease of shopping, and although the store is well stocked, browsing is not unpleasant or overwhelming. Nicole has a strong background in educational resources and the focus here is on fun, quality, educational toys that grow with your children. Everyone feels welcome. There is a blackboard for the kids to draw on and always a fun toy or two on show for the kids to see, touch, play with and enjoy. Colourful Learning stocks a wide range of toys, including games, puzzles, fidgets, sensory and

wooden toys for newborns to adults. Some well-known brands include Tiger Tribe, Djeco, Connetix, Tender Leaf Toys, Tomy, Fat Brain, Jellystone, Le Toy Van, Bonnika, Miniland, Make Me Iconic, Curious Columbus, Modern Monty, Hape, Crocodile Creek, and Ravensburger. This gorgeous toy store is a must visit when on the Peninsula for that special toy, gift or experience, with gift cards and wrapping available too. Colourful Learning is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm, and Sundays from 10am-3pm. COLOURFUL LEARNING TOY STORE A: Shop 2B Empire St, Mornington T: 0423 022 326 W: E: FB: colourfullearning INSTA: colourfullearningtoystore

Colourful Learning stocks a wide range of toys, including games, puzzles, fidgets, sensory & wooden toys that range from newborn to adults.

Mornington’s newest family-owned toy store Colourful Learning is the perfect place to find a special gift.

Some brands include Miniland, Connetix, Le Toy Van, Tiger Tribe, Micro Scooters, Djeco, Janod, Hape, Crocodile Creek, Ravensburger and many more!!

Gorgeous, boutique toy store where you’ll find new toys that are focused on quality, education and fun!

Take a look online or come visit us soon! 0423 022 326 Shop 2B Empire St, Mornington | Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Gift Cards & Wrapping is also available.

Open 7 days a week Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 10am – 3pm

31 )

Relax and enjoy these CLOUD CUCKOO LAND Anthony Doerr Fiction (Historical) $33 An expansive journey across time and space, from 15th century Constantinople to modern day Idaho. Doerr’s characters grapple with their purpose in a world that is crumbling around them.

7½ Christos Tsiolkas Fiction (Australian) $33 A man moves to an isolated coastal house to write a book. As the world outside reaches its own point of rupture, he contemplates the act of writing and considers beauty and joy in the creation and consumption of art.

APPLES NEVER FALL Liane Moriarty Fiction (Family Saga/Mystery/Australian) $33 The Delaney family love one another dearly – it’s just that sometimes they want to murder each other. This is a novel that looks at marriage, siblings, and how the people we love the most can hurt us the deepest.

THE YOUNGER WIFE Sally Hepworth Fiction (Domestic/Mystery) $33 Questions of character and secret pasts are all brought to light in this wickedly entertaining story of family dysfunction.

DEVOTION Hannah Kent Fiction (Historical) $33 This is a moving story of forbidden love between two young women and their immeasurable bond. THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY Amor Towles Fiction (Historical/coming-of-age) $33 In June 1954, 18-year-old Emmett Watson is driven home to Nebraska by the warden of the work farm where he has just served a year for involuntary manslaughter. Towles’s third novel will satisfy fans of his multi-layered literary styling.

BEWILDERMENT Richard Powers Fiction (Shortlisted for Booker Prize 2021) $33 Bewilderment is a tale full of soaring descriptions of the natural world, a tantalising vision of life beyond, and an account of a father and son’s ferocious love. THE PROMISE Damon Galgut Fiction (Winner of Booker Prize 2021) $33 The Promise charts the crash and burn of a white South African family living on a farm outside Pretoria. Winner of the 2021 Man Booker Prize.

OH WILLIAM! Elizabeth Strout Fiction (Contemporary) $30 Returning to the world of Lucy Barton after her second husband has died, this is an exploration of Lucy’s first husband William and his origins.

THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO Taylor Jenkins Reid Fiction $20 Ageing and reclusive Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her glamorous and scandalous life. And she chooses unknown magazine reporter Monique Grant for the job. But why her? Why now?

CROSSROADS Jonathan Franzen Fiction (Historical/Literary) $33 It’s December 1971, and the Hildebrandt family are at a crossroads. This highly anticipated, dazzling novel about family, faith and the complicated pursuit of freedom is a tour de force of interwoven perspectives and sustained suspense.

THREE SISTERS Heather Morris Fiction (Historical) $33 Livia, Madga and Cibi are Slovakian sisters who survived imprisonment in Auschwitz. This is the stunning conclusion to Morris’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz series.

( 32 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

top reads during Summer BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU Sally Rooney Fiction $30 paperback or $35 hardback Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon are still young, but life is catching up with them. They desire each other, they delude each other, they get together, they break apart. Will they find a way to believe in a beautiful world? TREASURE & DIRT Chris Hammer Crime $33 Two cops are sent to investigate the murder of an opal miner found crucified down his own mine in the desolate outback town of Finnigans Gap. THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE Richard Osman Crime $33 Elizabeth has received a letter from an old colleague who needs her help. His story involves stolen diamonds, a violent mobster, and a very real threat to his life. THE WAY IT IS NOW Garry Disher (Mornington Peninsula author) Crime Fiction $33 Set in a beach-shack town an hour from Melbourne, Charlie Is living in his family’s holiday house. Twenty years earlier his mother went missing and was never found. Until now. THE WILD PLACE Christian White (Mornington Peninsula author) Crime Fiction $33 When a local teen goes missing from the idyllic Australian suburb of Camp Hill, schoolteacher Tom becomes convinced he holds the key to the disappearance. WINDSWEPT AND INTERESTING: MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY Billy Connolly Memoir $50 This is Connolly’s story in his own words, stuffed full of hardearned wisdom, warmth, humility, and silliness. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

LAWSON Grantlee Kieza Memoir/Australiana $40 Henry Lawson documented everything he saw and was fascinated by the details of people’s lives. Kieza chronicles the biography of this much-loved Australian author. THE INCREDIBLE LIFE OF HUBERT WILKINS Peter Fitzsimons Memoir/Australiana $50 The compelling, must-read story of the brave and bold Hubert Wilkins, Australia’s most adventurous explorer, naturalist, photographer, war hero, aviator, spy and daredevil. LOVE STORIES Trent Dalton Nonfiction (Memoir) $33 Trent Dalton set up in the heart of Brisbane and asked passing people for their love stories. The outcome is this beautiful book filled with all types of people and all types of love. LET GO Hugh van Cuylenburg Nonfiction (Self-Help) $35 Shame and the toxic environment of life online can get us down. Allow this book to remind you that letting go of the things holding you back can lead to a more connected, safer and happier life. These ‘Top Reads’ were supplied by Farrells Bookshop. 143 Main Street, Mornington, P: 5975 5034


Grab a copy of the 2022 edition of Eat.Drink for the ultimate foodies guide to the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston. Includes Mornington Peninsula Wine map. Available at newsagents and bookstores across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne or purchase online.

mornington peninsula


from earth to sea, abundance for all to share


33 )

ARTS ON THE PENINSULA There’s definitely something in the water of Port Phillip, Western Port and the multitude of creeks and waterways that are found across the Greater Frankston and Mornington Peninsula regions that inspires creatives and invigorates their souls. Just as residents are proud of their pristine paradise, they’re equally proud of the talented artists who have at one stage in their lives called these regions home or holidayed here religiously. Musicians with smash hits include Tones and I, Australian Crawl, Gotye and Mark Seymour from Hunters & Collectors. Inspired to put pen to paper are authors Garry Disher, Paul Jennings, and Greg Sugars. Paul Mercurio and Hugh Jackman also call the region home, as does award-winning magician Cosentino. Other actors next door include longstanding Neighbours favourites Jackie Woodburn, for her portrayal of Susan Kennedy; Steve Bastoni, for playing Steve Parker; and Ryan Moloney, for his performance as Toadie Rebecchi. Creating art in the

kitchen locally is MasterChef alumni Dani Venn as well as author and chef Stephanie Alexander. With television shows and films frequently taking advantage of the eclectic and spectacular scenery across the area, it was back in 1959 that the Hollywood film On the Beach, starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, was partly filmed in Frankston. Frankston station and the surrounding area were the locations of choice, with Nevil Shute, who wrote the novel on which the movie was based, also living in the area. Additionally, in Frankston you’ll find Mulberry Hill. It’s a historic house and estate that was the home of painter and printmaker Sir Daryl Lindsay, who was knighted in 1957 for his services to Australian art, and Lady Joan Lindsay, an artist and writer best known for her novel Picnic at Hanging Rock. Hit the pavement to experience the area that’s inspired so many. KATE SEARS

McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery is a unique 50-year-old open-air public gallery set across 16ha of natural bushland in Langwarrin. It is Australia’s first familyfounded gallery and park and was established by Annie May (Nan) McClelland in honour of her brother Harry McClelland. Harry and Nan both dedicated themselves to creative endeavours, and McClelland offers all visitors the opportunity to discover and experience iconic Australian art and sculpture. Visitors are welcome to view the changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in McClelland’s three indoor galleries, or simply enjoy a walk and a picnic in the park where more than 100 sculptures are on permanent display.

( 34 For curious contemporary visitors


The McClelland Café serves fresh light lunches, cakes, scones, and excellent coffee. The McClelland Shop stocks a wonderful range of objects and gifts created by Australian and international designers and craftspeople, as well as exhibition catalogues, children’s toys, and cards. Sign up to McClelland’s monthly newsletter or follow us on social media to hear about exhibition openings, creative workshops, school holiday programs and other special events held throughout the year. MCCLELLAND SCULPTURE PARK+GALLERY A: 390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin T: 9789 1671 W: FB: McClellandSculpturePark+Gallery INSTA: mcclellandgallery

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Film festival makes a welcome return After a challenging year for Victorian events, the Peninsula Film Festival is back. It will run across the long weekend of March 11-13, with the iconic short film festival on Saturday, March 12, at the Dromana Drive-In. “Victoria has been through a lot and there’s a real need for connection to others,” said festival director Steve Bastoni. The festival launch on Friday, March 11, will feature a movie at Rosebud Cinemas attended by celebrity judges and industry luminaries. Tickets cost $25 and include nibbles and drinks. On Saturday, March 12, the short film festival will screen at the Dromana Drive-In, with tickets $40 per car. And on March 13 a filmmaking workshop will be held at Rosebud Cinema; tickets are $10. Filmmakers are invited to enter their short films up to eight minutes long for a chance to win cash. There’s $5000 for the winning film, $2500 for second place and $1250 for third. You can enter at https:// or head to for details. For a detailed three-day program and to buy tickets, go to Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


35 )

Contemporary paintings and sculptures on the

Mornington Peninsula At Flinders there are large [ and small ] sculptures for gardens, gifts and great decoration……

At Sorrento view over 200 original Australian contemporary artworks and be greeted by friendly staff.

At the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, visit Mount Eliza and solve your art challenges.

A huge range of quality Australian artworks can be seen online at or visit

37 Cook St. FLINDERS 113 Ocean Beach Rd, SORRENTO 54 Mt Eliza Way, MOUNT ELIZA Contact 9787 2953 for all galleries



Mount Eliza



Asia Mobile



Paintings and sculptures for your home Holidays are a great time to contemplate art options. Having spent so much time at home recently, many homemakers have come to realise their living and home-working environments really need an uplift. Surrounded by too many plain white, dull and empty walls can be uninspiring.

Recent client feedback is testament that this approach works and is appreciated:

Now retail is open again and you have more time ‘out and about’, you may wish to introduce some great Australian contemporary paintings and sculpture to your city home, home office or holiday house.

• “I enjoy going into my home office, now that my new painting is installed.”

You may ask, “How and where do I start such a process?” Your solution starts with a visit to one of the four Manyung Gallery sites on the Mornington Peninsula: Sorrento, Flinders, Mount Eliza or Mornington; there are also galleries in Malvern and Strathmore too. Manyung is a family-run art gallery business that has been helping families with their art choices for more than 50 years and can present and discuss with you more than 150 artists and around 2000 original Australian paintings and sculptures.

While you are visiting the Mornington Peninsula, plan to call into a Manyung Gallery. Opening times are on their website,, or call all galleries on 9787 2953.

The owners of the Manyung Gallery Group, David and Sharyn Wemyss-Smith, have a philosophy that is simple. “We don’t actually sell artworks to clients,” David said. “Our approach is to assist them with choices and options so they are comfortable in making a decision themselves. Manyung is not a retail-driven business, but more a friendly art consultancy, always focused on our clients’ needs and providing unparalleled service levels.” Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

• “I never thought my family room could transform into such a welcoming space. Great art made that difference.” • “We wish we had visited Manyung years ago. Their team is phenomenal, and they have made such a difference to our home.”

MANYUNG GALLERY GROUP A: 113 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento A: U6, 35 Progress St, Mornington A: 37 Cook St, Flinders A: 6-10 Claremont Ave, Malvern A: 54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza A: 335 Napier St, Strathmore T: 9787 2953 all sites W:

37 )

Festival of art a summer drawcard Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s Festival of Drawing from November 12-March 13 explores the expansive nature of wall drawings and paintings. It includes the exhibition Wall Drawings, curated by Danny Lacy and Ellinor Pelz and featuring works by artists Penny Evans, Emily Floyd, Tony Garifalakis, Julia Gorman, Yuria Okamura, Jason Phu, Kerrie Poliness, Cameron Robbins, Gemma Smith, Lisa Waup and Jahnne Pasco-White. Cameron has created a sunlightpowered instrument that draws in graphite on to the gallery’s foyer wall. Inspired by a lunar eclipse, each line is made as sunlight filters through cloud, atmosphere and trees, and drawings accumulate each day from thousands of consecutive lines. Collection+, by Jess Johnson and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, is also part of the festival. Jess won the MPRG’s National Works on Paper Prize in 2014, and her energetic and diverse drawing practice has established her as one of the most captivating artists working today. Pairing her work with Sir Eduardo draws attention to the dizzying structural elements underlying their work – form, pattern, repetition and colour – and creates a dialogue between artists of different generations whose work share a unique visual logic. “The Collection+ series is an opportunity to use the MPRG collection as a starting point for developing unique and experimental pairings between local and international artists,” said MPRG director Danny Lacy. “Playing with visual, historical and conceptual connections, these shows bring the wider world into conversation with our collection. Johnson and Paolozzi are artists from different generations and geographies whose work reverberates with a distinct graphic visual language.” Rounding out the festival is Thin Grey Line – Contemporary Drawing, featuring Becc Orszag, Indigo O’Rourke, Laith McGregor and Natalie Ryan. Presenting stunning new drawings from each artist, this focus exhibition highlights the remarkable dexterity and enduring fascination of the medium of pencil drawings.

Jess Johnson’s Algorithm 2020 – pen, fibre-tipped markers, acrylic, gouache on paper. Courtesy of the artist and Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland, and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Pop into the gallery and pick up a free My MPRG kids’ activity booklet designed by Melbourne artist, designer and illustrator Beci Orpin. Children are invited to browse through artworks in the current exhibition and use the activity booklet to enhance their gallery experience. The activity book encourages creativity, drawing from the curriculum to harness a range of skills including mindfulness, visualisation, comprehension and comparison. Included in the booklet is a fold-out poster that invites children to seek inspiration from artworks in the MPRG collection and curate their own gallery exhibition. Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is at Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington, and is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm. For more information, phone 5950 1580 or visit

39 )

Ar t for Ever yon e 2 1 1 M a i n St, M o r n i n g to n 0 3 5 9 7 6 8 8 7 7 w w w. n i s s a ra n a g a l l e r i e s. co m . a u

5 H a s t i n g s St, N o o s a H e a d s 0 7 5 4 5 5 4 4 2 8


Nestled in an exclusive nook of Mornington’s bustling Main St lies Nissarana Galleries. Stepping through the doors of this stunning art gallery opens you to a world of boundless creativity. Hosting the finest creations of more than 120 artists who’ve dedicated their lives to their craft, a visit to Nissarana Galleries is a treat to the mind and imagination. Find crystal archival fine art photographs that capture light as though it’s life through a window; scenes and landscapes delicately painted in oil on Belgian linen, large abstracts brushed with acrylics and even fired glass art panels. There are intricate ceramics from some of Australia’s gentlest hands and thoughtful minds, making pieces that are inspired by nature, fantasies of imaginary worlds or the softness of the female form. Indigenous work from Australia’s most prized artists are also represented, where the integrity and respect for each artist and their culture is held in the highest importance. This ethical, authentic sourcing and representation allows top-tier artists and their families to display their Dreaming stories with confidence and pride.

The eclectic gallery itself is a treasure trove, with spaces dedicated and curated to display each artwork not only in its best light but in a way that allows attendees to have a private space to contemplate and have profound moments with the art. Prominent contemporary artists such as Colin Passmore, Philippe de Kraan, Zoe Ellenberg and Laurel Foenander are just a few of the acclaimed artists who are represented and continuously exhibited by the gallery. It is here that the relationship between artist and artwork, artwork and consultant and consultant and client is seen as a whole. To consider and purchase art is an investment of not just money but of time and energy. The team at Nissarana Galleries know this and make it their duty to create an experience that is charming and engaging, practising a holistic approach to assist you in

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

finding that unique piece of art. With works that cross a multitude of styles and artists who commission works to the personal tastes and needs of their client, there is something for every person and every space. A visit to Nissarana Galleries either in Mornington or Noosa offers the opportunity to witness the ideas and imaginings of creators who are supported in pushing the boundaries of their potential, and in turn an opportunity to push the boundaries of your own creative awareness, appreciation and inspiration. NISSARANA GALLERIES Open seven days from 10am-5pm, or after hours by appointment A: Ground Floor, 211 Main St, Mornington T: 5976 8877 M: 0474 496 222 E:

41 )


SAFETY BEACH DROMANA McCRAE MARTHA COVE With the ease of parking and salty sea air, you’re free to wander at your leisure as you encounter unique stores and electric café culture where the shops meet the sea. Dappled sunlight reveals the clear teal water that changes mood as the sunlight fades at Dromana Pier. Adjacent to the town centre of Dromana, this pier is idyllic for a wander after a feast of fish and chips on the beach that hugs the shoreline, or after a browse of the nearby retail stores that are concentrated along the coastal boulevard of Point Nepean Rd. Children watch rays passing under the pier or enjoy the calm beaches, ideal for swimming. Nestled between Safety Beach and McCrae, the surrounding bushland offers a scenic backdrop and hides a path to nearby winery restaurants, cellar doors and breweries that are found inland past the rising slopes of Arthurs Seat. A taste of rural life is just a short drive away. A golden arc of sandy beaches can be glimpsed from the headland of Anthony’s Nose all the way to Rosebud, yet the sand underfoot transforms into white sand with idyllic shallow waters at McCrae. Campers often flock to set up their temporary abodes on the foreshore reserve in the warmer months.

( 42 For curious contemporary visitors

Attracting all, this foreshore also forms part of the 28km Bay Trail for avid walkers and cyclists as it runs along the Port Phillip coastline from Safety Beach to Portsea. Marvel at the McCrae Lighthouse that presents its metal prowess proudly. This prominent landmark was built in 1883 to mark the turning point for shipping in the main navigational channels between Port Phillip Heads and Melbourne. Rinse off the sunscreen for dinner and drinks in the growing pick of wine bars and cafes, from Martha Cove right through to Dromana. Resort-style living is presented at Martha Cove, where elegance collides with a relaxed seaside lifestyle. A new centrally located grocery, cellar and restaurant caters for those seeking excellence. Wander through the marina, or venture to nearby Mount Martha. Make your way towards Safety Beach to admire the vibrant beach boxes dotting the shoreline, soak up the sun’s rays along the Safety Beach Bay Trail, admire the whale bridge and take in the captivating panoramic views from the Safety Beach Jetty. Watch the yachts from Safety Beach Sailing Club cruise across the cobalt water. For those who identify with the sea and rolling tree-lined streets, these windswept towns are inviting – and the coffee crafting is to be admired. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston


MCCRAE LIGHTHOUSE Landscape photos: Steve Brown


Must see and do Plant yourself in the historic Heronswood gardens and property that date back to 1871, and sample the garden-grown produce at their cafe. Venture out to the industrial estate in Dromana. It’s a mecca for those seeking breweries, distilleries, butcheries, collectables, homewares and more. Catch a flick at the Dromana Drive-In. Take your pooch to Tassells Cove at Safety Beach. It’s leash-free all year. Adventurous foodies can taste the goods at global eateries or have a round of golf. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


43 )

If you’re an ultimate candle-lover who thinks they’ve tried every possible fragrance combination available but still want more, then put Red Hill Candle Co on your ‘must visit’ list. Ebony Flett started Red Hill Candle Co as a side hustle in 2016, selling handpoured candles at markets and retailers on the Mornington Peninsula. With her background working in tourism and as a Peninsula resident, Ebony always knew that she wanted to expand her business and offer more than simply a retail store. In December 2020, she opened the doors of the Red Hill Candle Co Factory Store and Experience in the thriving Dromana Industrial Estate. “I set out to create an experience-based business centred around fragrance.” That’s exactly what she’s done, and less than 12 months on she’s excelling at it too. In September 2021 Ebony was named AusMumpreneur Rising Star for Victoria/Tasmania and won gold in the Handmade Business and Creative Entrepreneur categories. The beautifully styled Factory Store features the core range of Red Hill Candle Co soy wax candles, room sprays, melts and diffusers alongside a carefully selected range of lifestyle products including skincare and jewellery from local and regional makers. The core candle range is also complemented by specialty fragrances and limited-edition releases throughout the year The focus of Red Hill Candle Co is to bring people together, inspire creativity and spark joy. As people are looking to genuinely reconnect and enjoy shared experiences, Red Hill Candle Co takes visitors beyond exploring the sights and tastes of the region, providing enriching sensory activities that are a little educational, a touch experimental and a whole lot of fun. Interactive workshops are held regularly in the Scent Lab. These hands-on, fun candle-making workshops have been so popular a new mezzanine space was built to accommodate more participants. Look out for school holiday workshops for kids. The Scent Library provides a custom candle fragrance design experience, a first of its kind in Victoria. There are more than 40 individual fragrances for visitors to explore, ultimately creating a custom candle with up to three blended fragrances. Long after you’ve left the Peninsula you can still enjoy Red Hill Candle Co wares by ordering online. They have gift packs for all life’s occasions and milestones

( 44 For curious contemporary visitors

with some of the packs allowing you to customise your fragrance choices to make the gift even more personalised. The thought and attention to detail that’s gone into Red Hill Candle Co will make a visit here a shopping highlight of your Peninsula holiday. It’s open Thursday-Sunday from 11am, and workshops are held each weekend or by appointment. RED HILL CANDLE CO A: 1/4 -6 Thomson Tce, Dromana T: 0491 044 641 W: FB: redhillcandleco INSTA: redhillcandleco

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Dromana Hub Shopping Centre is centrally located directly across the road from the beach at 251 Point Nepean Road, Dromana and it has a diverse selection of retailers to ensure all of your shopping needs are catered for. Dromana Hub Shopping Centre’s main tenant is Ritchies Fine Food and Wine Merchants catering for all your holiday requirements including local wines and beers. If you haven’t found it already why not go and visit Foundation Bulk Foods where you take your own container and get all your needs or they can deliver your order direct to your door – better for your health, better for the planet and better for your budget. The Dromana Bakery, which has recently had a change of management, together with Bakers Delight will be able to provide you with all your bread, snacks, pies, pasties and pastries. Blackthorn Café is a remarkable venue to grab a take-away coffee or why not take some time out for a sit-down coffee or a meal from their fantastic menu and daily specials. South Coast Medical Centre and Amcal+ Pharmacy can cater for any medications you may need, and you can grab your newspapers, magazines and get your Tatts tickets from the Dromana newsagency. Australia Post lets you pay your bills and you can keep in contact with others around the country and overseas by snail mail. The Salvation Army opportunity shop and The Reject Shop has those other items that you may need whilst you are holidaying away from home. Should you need a haircut, make sure you go and visit Caroline’s Hair Design and grab a juice from Oh My Juice. Pop into Loft Homewares and buy a gift for somebody or buy some homewares, something artistic or just simply spoil yourself with some fashion item. If you can’t find what you are looking for, why not pop into Collie Anne for something unique and original. We all love our fish & chips so why not grab some from Lucky Catch Fish & Chip shop and enjoy sitting on the beach in the sunshine. If you need a security door or some blinds make sure you visit Bayside Blinds and Security Doors.


Dromana Hub Shopping Centre hopes that you have an enjoyable holiday whilst on the Mornington Peninsula and please shop local and support all the traders at Dromana Hub Shopping Centre. It’s been a hard and rough 18 months for all retailers with Covid-19 and so please support them when you visit Dromana and that goes a long way to making sure they will still be there next year.

Find your perfect pearl right here on the Peninsula Pearls have an exquisite natural beauty and elegance that can’t be compared. They’re timeless jewels found in remote seas, but thanks to Serena Sanders you don’t need to dive to behold their beauty and make one yours. Serena is a marine biologist and pearl farmer with more than 30 years’ pearling experience. She brings her wealth of expertise to her jewellery business, Sirene Sea Pearls, right here in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. Serena’s industry experience and longstanding relationships with pearl farmers means she has tremendous knowledge about the origin and quality of the pearls she uses to create her jewellery. Sirene Sea Pearls specialises in all things pearl, including South Sea pearls, akoya pearls, New Zealand paua pearls, mother of

pearl products, and freshwater pearls. Serena curates a diverse collection to appeal to a range of tastes and price points. There are earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, and strands of pearls that will have you marvelling at their beauty and wondering how you’ll ever choose. You can also select your own setting to add a saltwater or freshwater pearl to. Each South Sea pearl comes with its own ‘birth certificate’, showing its origin and unique characteristics. For reliable, honest advice about all things pearl, visit Sirene Sea Pearls. Call Serena to shop by appointment seven days a week. SIRENE SEA PEARLS T: 0417 987 529 W: au FB: sireneseapearls INSTA: sireneseapearls

The Mornington Peninsula’s #1 Indoor Market!

Genuine pearls direct from the farms

2/110 Nepean Hwy Dromana

Boutique showroom By appointment only

Complimentary Express postage on all orders! Phone Serena

0417 987 529

Ask about our beautiful Gift Vouchers

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Vintage, Antiques, Collectibles, Clothing, Furniture & The Unexpected!

(4 doors down from Aldi)

Open 7 Days Ph. 5981 0023

47 )

Fun for all the family at The New Atrium The New Atrium is a well-loved eatery overlooking the Safety Beach Golf Course. The venue is surrounded by palm trees so it’s easy to spot on the road in and there’s plenty of parking. GREAT FOOD & ATMOSPHERE FAMILY FRIENDLY DINING

One of the highlights here is a kids’ zone that’s sure to keep kids endlessly entertained while the grown-ups enjoy delicious homemade food and catch up with family and friends. With two Daytona cars, an air hockey table, and a playground that’s big enough to wear out the most active little people, The New Atrium delivers on fun for all the family. It also provides a range of dining options that won’t break the bank while delivering on taste.


( 48 For curious contemporary visitors

Popular nights are Wednesday for

Steak Night and the kids’ menu is half-price for diners under 12. Every Thursday and Sunday is Parma Night. On Sundays the beer garden is the place to be listening to free live music from 3-6pm. Now that’s good value! Escape the heat and crowds on the beach this summer and head to The New Atrium instead. Come inside to eat fabulous food in a place where parents can sit back and relax while watching kids play. What’s not to love? The New Atrium is open Wednesday to Sunday 11am-9pm. THE NEW ATRIUM A: 10 Country Club Drive, Safety Beach T: 5981 8123 W: FB: thenewatrium

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

in a dramatic decrease in shark sightings – the name kept swimmers away for obvious reasons. The decision was made by the Mornington Peninsula Shire to change the name to Safety Beach in a bid to attract swimmers back to the 2.7km of foreshore. It worked. The calm, shallow waters of Safety Beach are ideal for families with small children, and there’s also a playground on the foreshore adding to the appeal. The beach is lined with iconic, brightly painted beach boxes, and while sitting on the sand you can take in the sweeping views to Mount Martha. Safe and scenic, this is a beach where you can sit back, relax and catch the summer breeze.

McCrae This charming coastal village and popular swimming spot between Rosebud and Dromana takes its name from early settler Georgiana McCrae. Georgiana was born in London and later moved to Scotland, where she met her future husband, Andrew McCrae. Georgiana and her children arrived in Victoria from Scotland in 1840 to be reunited with Andrew, a lawyer, who had come out to Australia ahead of the family.

Safety Beach It’s hard to believe that Safety Beach, so popular with families, stand-up paddleboarders and canoeists, was once known as Shark Bay. The earlier name was apparently a reference to the sharks that were attracted to the refuse dumped by an abattoir into a waterway that flowed into the bay. Even after the abattoir had closed and the waters were clear – resulting

Before her marriage and move to Australia, Georgiana had already shown her pioneering spirit through her work as a professional portraitist, which was unconventional for a woman of her time. When Georgiana was just 17, she was awarded a silver medal for her portrait of her grandfather, the fourth Duke of Gordon, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Once she settled in Victoria, however, Georgiana’s painting became something she did for enjoyment only. In 1844, the McCraes built a homestead called McCrae Cottage on pastoral land. Georgiana made friends with the traditional owners of the area, the Bunurong. One of Georgiana’s noted portraits during her time at McCrae Cottage is of her friend Eliza, a Bunurong woman.

Dromana The story behind the name of the seaside town of Dromana goes along the lines that in the late 1830s, Irish gold prospectors flooded into the township in search of their fortune, and the name Dromana is a reference to the Irish seaside town of the same name. Not known for its gold-prospecting opportunities these days – unless you count coastal real estate as gold – Dromana has become a thriving shopping, beachgoing and boating area. With Arthurs Seat as its backdrop, it is a picturesque township nestled between Safety Beach and McCrae. The Dromana Pier offers a perfect vantage point to take in the views of the bay and then to look back at Arthurs Seat, the highest point on the Peninsula. The gold rush days may be over, but Dromana continues to be a favourite for those who love the bay and the beauty of the bushland nearby.

( 50 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Find joy at The Factory Antique Market in Dromana In our contemporary world that’s dominated by a ‘throw-away’ culture, there’s something reassuring about George Amanatidis’s carefully curated displays of antiques and collectables at The Factory Antique Market. It’s the sort of place that slows you down without you even realising, because you won’t want to miss a thing.

Perhaps a gilded mirror or chandelier is the finishing touch you’ve been hunting for.

George knows his stuff when it comes to rare finds. He’s been in the antiques trade for more than 30 years and as a result has a discerning eye and an abundance of knowledge. One rare find you’ll see is a small collection of bronze sculptures by the legendary Leopoldine Mimovich. Leopoldine passed away on Christmas Day 2019 at 99, and her work is hard to find.

Part of the attraction here is that new stock arrives daily. Customers include interior designers, stylists, window dressers and other dealers who are all in the know that this is the place to discover what they’re looking for that will bring magic and individual style to their project. And if you have antique, vintage or collectable items to sell, bring them in for appraisal.

Every stall features some sort of special treasure. With such a varied range of vendors, there’s literally something for every taste and budget. Vintage clothing, classic Australiana, retro advertising, movie buff stuff, gorgeous jewellery, stunning sculpture, antique tools, pottery and glassware, vinyl records and anything else reminiscent of yesteryear is here to be found by the sharp eye.

Whether you’ve been searching for a one-of-a-kind floor lamp, a unique gift for a loved one, or one more silver teaspoon to add to your collection, visit here with plenty of time up your sleeve and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for and a whole lot more that you didn’t even know you desired. It’s that sort of place.

You’ll find English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Australian furniture – everything from bar stools to dining chairs, sideboards and dressing tables.

( 52 For curious contemporary visitors

The stalls are set across two buildings, with goods upstairs and downstairs; the buildings are joined by a covered driveway that leads to an outdoor area where you’ll find character-filled pieces for your garden, from outdoor furniture settings to fire pits.

THE FACTORY ANTIQUE MARKET A: 2 Collins Rd, Dromana T: 5981 4141 M: 0413 589 005 FB: The Factory Antique Market

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

We buy gold, silver, jewellery, watches, stamps, anything of value, and we pay cash. Best prices on the Peninsula.

Exclusive outlet for amazing sculptures and unique furniture made by Jays Manoeuvres from scrap metal and timber

ROSEBUD CAPEL SOUND TOOTGAROOK RYE Beneath the backdrop of Arthurs Seat you’ll come across Rosebud, Capel Sound, Tootgarook, Rye, and Boneo. These seaside villages offer locally grown produce, crafted cider, breweries with enviable food, roasted coffee with a cult following, world-class dining, and the view – priceless. You’ll be set to swim, picnic, and play the day away. This inviting stretch is a haven for campers who splash in the shallows and picnic on the golden beaches that are lined by tea-trees, cypresses and old banksias. Rosebud’s bustling strip by the beach is a popular choice – and rightly so, with a selection of breakfast venues, coffee haunts and prime camping spots. Venture across to the other side to investigate the bustling industrial estate, golf courses, retailers, and more eateries. Hit the white sandy beach where the children can cool off before a lavish lunch dining on fresh seafood. Perhaps you might organise a fishing charter, or go snorkelling or kayaking. Peruse the main retail and hospitality strip in Capel Sound, and because you’re mere steps away from the calm, clear water, a takeaway lunch on the warm sand is a given. With the vibrant beach boxes setting the stage for your day in the sun, you’ll quickly learn why the foreshore camping is always in high demand with its amenities providing a comfortable holiday for all. With a backdrop as impressive as Arthurs Seat, it mirrors an artist’s easel. Saunter along the foreshore at Tootgarook admiring the tranquil clear waters.

( 54 For curious contemporary visitors

Pick up a bite to eat before you set out to explore more than 300ha of the Tootgarook Wetlands. The Tootgarook Swamp is an ecologically important wetland because it’s the largest example left of a shallow freshwater marsh in the region and supports multiple endangered and rare species of flora and fauna. It’s a hidden gem. Rediscover sun-kissed days with visits to top-end operators during the day after a swim, before sunset uncovers sophisticated bars, winery restaurants and golf courses with dining to be applauded. Dive under the Rye Pier with your snorkel to explore the Octopus’s Garden. This is a 200m underwater trail complete with signs that introduce you to the wildlife that lives in this concealed wonderland. Also by the pier, you’ll find Rye’s popular carnival. Tucked away in Boneo are pastures and market gardens that unravel down towards the coastline area. Here, the plains grow some of the largest amounts of produce in the state. For that quintessential remote feel, visit the Boneo Community Market. Every third Saturday of the month at 572 Boneo Rd from 8am-noon, the stallholders uphold their unique homemade and home-grown ethos. Get the gang active with a visit to a lush golf course, or ramp up the fun with mini golf, mazes and adventure gardens. Discover the delightful bounty that is celebrated in this region. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



Must see & do Head to the boat ramp opposite Burdett St in Tootgarook and get under way for a relaxing day on the bay. Rosebud comes alive with the annual Kite Festival and Peninsula Film Festival. Check for further details of these popular events. Rye Foreshore Reserve includes a seainspired playground that’s a firm favourite among young visitors. You’re spoilt for choice with a range of first-class golf courses, so bring your golfing buddies and your A-game. The recently opened Yawa Aquatic Centre in Rosebud offers hours of cool fun for the whole family. Have fish and chips or an ice-cream on the pristine, family-firendly beaches from Whitecliffs to Rosebud. Please, don’t feed the seagulls. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


55 )

Authentic New York-style bagels The Bagelry Co is an unassuming brunch and lunch spot opposite the bay that attracts those who know the real deal when it comes to seriously good bagels. There are bread rolls shaped to look like bagels and then there’s authentic New York-style boiled bagels. It’s the latter that you’ll find here. Boiling the bagels before they’re baked gives real bagels their authentic chewy crust. Owner Gavin Diener, a Peninsula resident for 30 years, is a self-confessed “coffee nut” who tried his first bagel in Israel more than two decades ago. Opening his bagelry café is a long-held dream. Alongside fabulous bagels there’s artisan doughnuts, Noisette pastries, excellent Allpress coffee, Prana Chai and Mork specialty hot chocolate.

Locals and tourists alike stop in for unfilled bagels in take-home packs or individually; or filled bagels bursting with flavour and goodness. The Traditional with salmon, cream cheese, dill, capers, and red onion on a bagel of your choice will keep you going. There’s 13 different flavours to choose from, including onion bagels, seeded, herb or plain (plain GF available). Good luck deciding! Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 7.30am-3pm; Saturday and Sunday 7am-4pm; closed Monday. Check Google for Summer hours The Bagelry Co 1245 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud P: 0408 500 048 FB: INSTA:

Fresh baked authentic NY style boiled bagels

Open: Tues-Sun 7.30am-2.30pm | Closed Monday Trading hours may change over summer, check Google for details

1245 Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

57 )

Strawberry fields and avocados forever Moonah Ridge Farms is proud to be a Mornington Peninsula producer known for their excellent strawberries, avocados and other seasonal fruit and vegetables. It’s owned and operated by the Gallace family, who have more than 50 years’ experience growing strawberries on the Mornington Peninsula. Mick Gallace was the founder of the Peninsula’s iconic Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. Mick and the next generation have embarked on a mission to grow the best quality strawberries and avocados possible. A combination of excellent soils, cool maritime climate, and without doubt some of the cleanest air in the world creates the perfect environment to produce some of the sweetest and tastiest strawberries you’ll ever eat. In October 2018, after Mick’s son Matt had prepared

the land on their Boneo Farm, the first avocado trees were planted. The Gallaces have learnt cool-climate avocados develop superb flavour when left on the tree a little longer that in tropical growing areas. Their first harvest is scheduled for January 2023. Visit their farmgate, The Produce Hut, or if the farm’s closed when you’re passing you can try out the Peninsula’s first produce vending machine, open 24/7. The vending machine is located at the entrance to the property. The Produce Hut is open daily from 10am-5pm. The Gallace family look forward to welcoming you soon. THE PRODUCE HUT A: 754 Boneo Rd, Boneo T: 0416 171 383 FB: moonahridgeavos INSTA: moonah_ridge_avocados

Strawberry season has just started so come down to buy juicy, sweet strawberries 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

S EA STO R E beach cafe

Australia’s first fresh fruit vending machine 0416 171 383 754 Boneo Rd Boneo moonahridgeavos

( 58 For curious contemporary visitors

2353 Point Nepean Rd Rye | | 5985 5526 seastorerye |


HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Skincare made by hand with love Luxurious natural handmade olive oil skincare products and soy candles can be discovered in Rosebud. Based in the bustling industrial estate, Olieve & Olie’s boutique factory shopfront offers their extensive range of natural lavish products that will complete your skincare ensemble. With their factory nestled just behind, you’ll catch wafts of invigorating scents that you’ll soon discover as you let your senses explore the variety of body butters, handmade bar soaps, candles, scrubs, and hand and body creams. With a product for everyone, ideas won’t be in short supply for practical souvenirs to take home with you, including shave gel, foot bars, sanitiser, body oil bars, lip balms, and hand and body wash. It’s a true kitchen-to-factory success story that began in 2000 on a 6ha property on the banks of the Gunbower Creek, 50km west of Echuca. Here owners Andy and Jude Steele planted 2000 olive trees. After their first harvest, Jude, with her background in chemistry and medical technology, began making a batch of olive oil soap in the farmhouse kitchen. Ten years later, after selling their grove, Andy and Jude moved to the Mornington Peninsula and quickly outgrew their studio in St Andrews Beach. Continuing to source their olive oil from their original grove, which is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, was key. Alongside a team of chemists, Jude has developed

7/16 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud P: 5982 0992 |


more than 30 natural skincare products and all of the work is still done by hand. She continues to head up production with daughter Sarah and her partner Steve, and Sarah’s brother Hal and his partner Cass all forming part of her trusted team.

Olive oil is the hero in every product because it includes vitamin E and antioxidants, and helps to restore skin smoothness as well as offering anti-ageing benefits. Their much-adored products are presented in a range of stylish boxes, while the sleek monochrome containers offer the perfect finishing touch to your home styling. Personally selecting a handful of luxe skincare products and soy candles is certainly the sweetest way to remember your holiday with all of your senses, or entice others to visit the pristine Peninsula and of course stop by Olieve & Olie. It’s open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm; closed Sundays and public holidays.

Bring a little boho luxe to your summer style with a visit to Indi Tribe Collective. Tucked away in the Rosebud Industrial Estate, it’s a treasure trove of beautiful wares to give ease and colour to your home life and beach days.

that are made in their Rosebud workshop using sustainable hardwood. “We love having beach picnics but didn’t want sand in our food or our wine to spill, so Rob made me a table and then everyone wanted one,” says Nat. The tables come in a range of sizes with holders cut in for wine glasses and bottles.

Owner Nat has curated a covetable collection of items she personally uses and loves, including women’s clothing by Arnhem, and Mahli, homewares such as scented soy candles and diffusers, handmade clay serving plates, skincare and perfume, a growing range of adorable baby clothes, and Ooni pizza ovens that cook incredible wood-fired pizzas in just 60 seconds!

Other stylish picnic essentials include umbrellas for sunshade, picnic baskets, and cooler bags. Come join the tribe. The store is open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, Saturdays 10am-3pm, and Sundays 10am-1pm. See the website for public holiday times.

Two of the standout items in Nat’s collection are handmade folding wine tables she dreamt up on a beach picnic, and the most must-have boho picnic rugs. Nat and her husband Rob designed the tables

• Home of the iconic Folding Wine Tables-handcrafted on site • Gift Hampers and wine • Beach and picnic essentials • Boho clothing and jewellery • Ooni Pizza Ovens • Local candles and body products • Gourmet local foods • Garden supplies

( 60 For curious contemporary visitors

INDI TRIBE COLLECTIVE A: 1/3 Merino St, Rosebud T: 5988 9070 W: FB: inditribecollective INSTA: inditribecollective

The shop you need to visit this summer! 1/3 Merino St, Rosebud (Just behind Bunnings)

P: 03 5988 9070


HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

CAFÉ NOW OPEN Spacious Modern Industrial Café Tasty Takeaway Classics Indigenous gift shop located upstairs

Come in to enjoy our Indigenous inspired Menu Mon-Fri 7am-3pm I 5986 4414 I 1/7 Thamer St, Capel Sound I

( 62 For curious contemporary visitors

Tucked in the Rosebud Industrial Estate is where you’ll find the Mornington Peninsula’s only Indigenous café, Cooee Café. Owner Sharon Brindley has a natural sense of hospitality. “I’m a people person, and I’ve always worked around food,” Sharon says. However, there’s more to Sharon’s café/takeaway shop than meets the eye. Born and bred on the Mornington Peninsula – Bunurong country – Sharon is a Yamatji/Noongar woman whose family hails from Western Australia. At her café, Sharon is exploring her heritage through cooking with Indigenous ingredients. Those in the know come for homestyle cooking, which includes generous serves of burgers or lasagne with bush tomatoes, or stir-fried chicken and rice with Native Oz Bushfoods quandong and bush lime-

flavoured chilli sauce. Sweet-tooths love white chocolate flavoured with Davidson plum from Sharon’s own Jala Jala Treats range. Upstairs is a space dedicated to Indigenous art and food products such as teas, condiments, and spices. Sharon also works in collaboration with Indigenous-owned food businesses to create food hampers and gift packs. We’re so lucky to live in a country with the world’s oldest continuous living culture. If you’re keen to connect, Cooee is your place. It’s open Monday to Friday from 6am-3pm and Saturday from 7am-2pm; it’s closed Sunday. COOEE CAFÉ A: 1/7 Thamer St, Capel Sound T: 5986 4414 W: www.cooeecafeandcatering. FB: CooeeCafe INSTA: cooeecafe

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Holiday home rentals made easy There’s no shortage of magnificent holiday homes on the Mornington Peninsula to rent, but how do you find the one that’s perfect for your needs? Easy – you speak to Nancy McGuire and Kym Colliver, the directors of Mornington Peninsula Rentals. Nancy and Kym have a combined 50plus years’ experience in real estate, specialising in property management. They have an unwavering passion for what they do, and the key to their success is going above and beyond expectations of both tenants and landlords. Nancy and Kym are licensed estate agents and have lived on the Peninsula for more than three decades, so they have excellent local knowledge and understanding of the holiday rental market and all of your real estate needs. They know what can go right – and wrong – and they have the skills to handle all situations, Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

so holiday guests and owners can relax and have peace of mind. Mornington Peninsula Rentals also manage residential properties, and when you list your property with their office you can expect prompt replies to inquiries, any repairs and maintenance to be carried out quickly, and trustworthy tenants to be found. They even offer a money-back guarantee.

Licensed Estate Agents

From Portsea to Mt Eliza to Balnarring and everywhere in between

With an office in Balnarring and a new office in Rye, Mornington Peninsula Rentals have the Peninsula well and truly covered – not only for all your holiday needs, but for your residential and commercial property management needs too. MORNINGTON PENINSULA RENTALS A: 2197 Point Nepean Rd, Rye A: Shop 14, 3050 Frankston Flinders Rd, Balnarring T: 5983 5509 W: FB: mornpenrentals INSTA: morningtonpeninsularentals

Residential, Commercial and Holiday Rentals needed. Phone 5983 5509 2197 Pt Nepean Road, Rye Shop 14, 3050 Frankston Flinders Road, Balnarring

63 )

Play and stay at The Dunes this summer For golf lovers, nothing beats a day on the green – except perhaps staying at the course and waking up to another day on the green. It’s now possible to play and stay at The Dunes, Australia’s premier public access golf course. The Dunes is located in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula at Rye between the ocean and bay and has been a main attraction for Australian golfers since 1995. The winning combination of great golf at an affordable price means playing here is high on the list of golfers visiting the Peninsula. The course features 27 links-style golf holes in rolling coastal countryside. There are two courses to choose from: the championship 18-hole Dunes course and the 9-hole Cups ‘holiday’ course. The Dunes captures the essence of true links golf. The championship 18hole Dunes course reflects the highest standards of course maintenance and customer service, matched only by the very best private clubs. The Cups course is fun for all; nine holes is perfect for kids on holiday wanting to learn and for older players who don’t feel like walking 18 holes. The Cups course was designed with beginners in mind, allowing them to hone their skills without any intimidating bunkers or water to slow them down. Ranked among the top 20 courses in Australia for the past 15 years, The Dunes also consistently ranks as Victoria’s No.1 public access course and top five public access course

( 64 For curious contemporary visitors


or king-size rooms with ensuite.

And the good news is now you can stay in luxury accommodation at The Dunes. The Links Lodge accommodation project has been a 25-year dream that finally came to life in November 2021. You can choose from generous two-bedroom suites,

There are six beautifully appointed two-bedroom suites. Each bedroom has its own ensuite, and there’s a kitchenette, private balcony, large living area, and floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the sweeping views over the 18th hole across to Cape Schanck. You won’t want to leave. There are 11 Peninsula Rooms – king-size bedrooms each with ensuites. The rooms are thoughtfully styled and decorated in an earthy, calming colour scheme. You instantly feel at ease. The room can be arranged with a king-size bed or twin single configuration to

suit your needs. Settle in and take a seat on your private balcony to enjoy the northwest-facing views across the Peninsula to Arthurs Seat. All suites and king rooms have modern essentials, 5G Wi-Fi and Smart TVs. When it’s time for a meal or refreshments, The Dunes Clubhouse serves breakfast from 7am and lunch is available from noon. With so many wonderful wineries and restaurants also nearby, you’ll have a hard time choosing. THE DUNES GOLF LINKS A: 335 Browns Rd, Rye T: 5985 1334 W: FB: thedunesgolflinks INSTA: thedunesgolflinks

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

The Links Lodge Luxury Accommodation Featuring 17 contemporary accommodation units | 5985 1334 | 335 Browns Road, Rye


BLAIRGOWRIE SORRENTO PORTSEA Pines reach high into the sky as they border the Sorrento shoreline, full of stories about the history-laden streets and limestone buildings. Those visitors travelling via Searoad Ferries will be welcomed to the resort-style region by the dolphins playing at the bow of the boat – if they’re lucky enough. Drivers will be in awe as they catch glimpses of the crystal-clear water lapping at the golden sand. The southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula is renowned for exceptional real estate and holiday shacks that emit a sophisticated coastal atmosphere. Undulating streets lead salt-loving adventurers from bay to ocean and back again in an instant. Close enough that you’ll be able to explore both in one afternoon, you’ll move from swimming at the tranquil bay beaches and gazing upon yachts as they gently sway, to admiring the multitude of rugged coastal cliffs ( 66 For curious contemporary visitors

that are hugged by rock pools and thrashing waves as you look towards Bass Strait at the ocean beaches. With salt on your sun-kissed skin after a day of excitement with surfboards, paddleboards, boogie boards or simply a dip in the azure blue water, prepare to be wined and dined. Here is the epitome of pasture to plate, and alongside fresh seafood this area sets itself apart from the rest. Watch the sun sink into the forever-changing waterscape as the children revel in freshly churned ice-cream, while the adults allow the aromas of a local wine to seal the end to an idyllic day. Of historical significance is the Point Nepean National Park. Venture through the fascinating labyrinth of 19th century tunnels and fortifications that were built to guard the Port Phillip Heads and defend Victoria’s coast. Don’t leave without paying a visit to the historic Quarantine Station, established in the early

1800s as grazing land and repurposed as a haven for refugees. For an in-depth look at the area’s notable history, stop by the Nepean Historical Museum and Pioneer Cottage, and Collins Settlement Historic Site. Discover what lies beneath the expanse of water with a seal and dolphin swimming adventure, or drop a line on a fishing charter and bay cruise. Scuba diving expeditions will leave you in awe. For those less-experienced explorers, the popular 280m Blairgowrie pier will call your name. Your expedition here with a snorkel in relatively shallow water will showcase an extensive variety of marine life that calls this area home beside the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Go on, make your own history, and be welcomed back regularly to write your next chapter. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



Must see and do Admire the Aboriginal midden sites around Diamond Bay. Delve into the hive of galleries in the area and take a walk along the Sorrento-Portsea Artists Trail. Experience the Millionaire’s Walk to Sorrento along the rocky clifftops. Make sure to set off on the 100km Mornington Peninsula Walk, or experience the shorter walk into Point Nepean. Shop ‘til you drop browsing antiques and designer labels in quaint heritage boutiques. Peruse the limestone shopfronts for fashion, jewellery, furniture, homewares, artworks and keepsakes. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


67 )

We want you and your children to enjoy good quality toys. Toys that bring back happy childhood memories. Toys like; Spinning Tops, Jack in The Boxes, Dolls Houses, Train Sets, Teddy Bears, Puppets, Kaliedoscopes, or just a Bag of Wooden Blocks.

of quality, nostalg e selection ic toy A hug s! 1 George Street, Sorrento 5984 4227 66 High Street, Berwick 9796 1281 TheToyWorkshop

( 68 For curious contemporary visitors

Remember when life was simple, and toys were made to last for a lifetime of good old-fashioned fun? Well, at The Toy Workshop you’ll discover a world of toys to transport you back to that time. For 15 years, The Toy Workshop has been the go-to place in Sorrento for nostalgic toys like spinning tops, jackin-the-boxes, kaleidoscopes, puzzles, card games, and wooden blocks to name a few. Parents and grandparents will be surprised and delighted to see toys they remember having as children. In the modern world where entertainment is dominated by screens, The Toy Workshop and all its wonderful toys and games is a reminder of the importance of free play and imagination.

Little artists will love the art and craft kits; there’s dress-ups and musical instruments, science kits, and an endless collection of plush teddys, soft toys, and hand puppets. For children on the go, a scooter to ride or red wagon to tow will bring hours of fun. Get the family together around a board game and – win, lose or draw – you’ll make special memories on your summer holiday. This magical store was given a refresh during lockdown so go in and let yourself play! The Toy Workshop is open Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm. THE TOY WORKSHOP A: 1 George St, Sorrento T: 5984 4227 W:

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Enjoy our dolphins but keep your distance

Summer is a busy time of year for the Mornington Peninsula, with thousands of holidaymakers taking in its many attractions, especially our remarkable bay. Port Phillip is home to numerous unique natural wonders, including the resident bottlenose and common dolphins. These amazing animals share the bay with some five million humans, which brings with it some challenges. While common dolphins lead a relatively quiet life between Dromana and Mornington, summer is the time of year that we see the movement of bottlenose dolphins into the southern reaches of the bay, an area very popular for boating. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

These dolphins spend much of the summer moving between feeding locations, socialising and caring for their calves – all crucial in the dayto-day life of a dolphin. Unfortunately, whether intentionally or by chance, dolphins and watercraft regularly cross paths, which can lead to negative impacts on the animals, such as interfering with important behaviours and, in the past, much worse. This is why the Dolphin Research Institute has taken the initiative to engage vessel operators of all types and invite them to commit to dolphin distancing. The idea of dolphin distancing is about engaging communities and encouraging vessel operators

to maintain a safe and respectable distance from dolphins while at the same time enjoying the spectacle of seeing these animals in the wild. Vessel owners will be sent a dolphin distancing sticker to display on their vessel once they make a commitment. You can commit to dolphin distancing by visiting the Dolphin Research Institute website at NOTE: Victorian Government regulations prohibit vessels from approaching dolphins closer than 100m, or closer than 300m for jetskis. DAVID DONNELLY – manager, Killer Whales Australia

69 )

Summer home styling has never looked so chic and affordable. At Linen House’s Sorrento outlet, discover a treasure trove of fabulous bed linen and homewares, created by our team of in-house designers. Just in time for that stunning coastal vibe, Rapallo in white brings Portugal to your bedroom, with its crisp yet textured cotton-looped chenille, alluring tile motifs, and tasselled trims. Get your alfresco dining aesthetic ready with our pure linen napery range, which is available in a range of stunning hues that look marvellous mixed or matched. Our sought-after Nimes collection enjoys that perfectly rustic and effortless drape that’s divine in any setting, and it looks superb styled with our midcentury-inspired vases, each adding charm to your table. Whatever your flavour this season, Sorrento's super-friendly and informed team of linen lovers and homeware enthusiasts are always thrilled to help you to find just the right piece. With the store fitted out beautifully to inspire your dream home – whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living area – it’s inevitable you'll leave with

Luxury resort by the beach Boutique accommodation in the heart of Blairgowrie, directly opposite the beach and marina, a short walk to cafes and shops and 5-minute drive to Sorrento and Searoad Ferries. Offering 20 climate-controlled suites and studios, featuring luxurious king size beds, kitchenettes and modern bathrooms. Resort amenities include a solar-heated swimming pool, BBQ facilities, free wireless internet and on-site restaurant and bar - Panda Blairgowrie. Perfect for a romantic getaway, family holiday or business trip. Our Best Price Guarantee assures you receive the best rates when you book directly with us! 2871 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie

P: 5988 8088

( 70 For curious contemporary visitors

something that will transform your home. Visit us at 60 Kerferd Ave, Sorrento. We're open daily to inspire you to make your house a home. LINEN HOUSE A: 60 Kerferd Ave, Sorrento T: 5984 1692 W: FB: linenhouseoutlets INSTA: linenhouse_outlets

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Sorrento | Shop Local

Up to

70% Off RRP

Bed • Bath • Living • Lounge • Kids @linenhouse_outlets |

60 Kerferd Avenue Sorrento PH: 5984 1692 * Available early November

Relax. Pamper. Beautify. Treat yourself or someone you love at C&E Sorrento Skin & Beauty, with a host of services designed to enhance your natural beauty and create a wonderful state of bliss. Entrust your skin to the specialists. Let Cara and Ella work their magic as you take a well-deserved time out from the chaos of daily life. They are dedicated to helping people feel amazing, relaxed, and gorgeous with their holistic approach to beauty. Choose from an array of services – enjoy next-level brows and lashes, a glowing tan, silky smooth hair removal, or your choice of massage. Give your hands and feet some love with C&E Sorrento Skin & Beauty’s divine manicures and pedicures, or pamper your skin with a facial, LED therapy, or skin needling, or try our facial of the future: Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial. You’ll also find a range of high-quality skincare and make-up products available for purchase online or in store, including brands such as Youngblood, Aspect, and Three Warriors. Breathe new life into your skin and body. Make an appointment with the beauty experts at C&E Sorrento Skin & Beauty today and start summer with a headturning glow. Visit the website for opening hours and to book online. C&E SORRENTO SKIN & BEAUTY A: 2/56 Kerferd Ave, Sorrento T: 5984 0124 W: FB: sorrentoskinandbeauty INSTA: sorrento_skin_beauty

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Massage Hot Stone Massage Facials Oxygeno 3-in-1 Super Facial Skin Needling LED Light Therapy Aspect Peels Aspect Skin Care Lash lift & Lash Extensions

Henna Brows Brow Lamination Female & Male Waxing Sugaring Youngblood Makeup Moroccan Spray Tans Three Warriors Organic Spray Tan Shellac Manicure & Pedicure

2/56 Kerferd Ave, Sorrento | P: 5984 0124

Explore the beauty and history of Point Nepean National Park The beautiful landscape of Point Nepean National Park is steeped in 35,000 years of stories – as a place of immense significance to Bunurong traditional owners, a quarantine station, military base, and now a popular spot for visitors. At the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula with panoramic views of Bass Strait, the Rip and Port Phillip, Point Nepean makes for a fantastic day trip. It’s a great place to enjoy a walk or cycle, with a network of roads and trails to explore ocean

beaches, rugged bush and historic buildings. From the historic Quarantine Station you can visit the Point Nepean Information Centre, rent a bike or jump on the hop-on, hop-off shuttle service through the park. The Quarantine Station has a colourful history. It has protected Victoria from diseases, served as an army base and, finally, housed refugees from Kosovo in 1999. At the far end of the park, Fort Nepean guards the entrance to Port Phillip. From here, the first

Australian shots of the first and second world wars were fired. And there’s more history at Cheviot Beach, where Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared while swimming in 1967. The park carries evidence of more than 30,000 years of Aboriginal occupation. For the people of the Kulin Nation, the Peninsula was a place where babies were born. Women from across Country came here to give birth. Their families would accompany them, walking in the footsteps of their ancestors for harvest and feasts. Extensive shell middens are dotted across the landscape, marking their presence. The park’s coastal forests and bushland are home to wide variety of native wildlife, including hardy echidnas, dunnarts, bandicoots, wallabies and the rare hooded plover, a little shore bird that has benefited from a major conservation effort in recent years. When you’re getting ready for a visit to Point Nepean, remember to stay safe. Always match the activity to your fitness and abilities. Plan ahead, be aware of forecasted weather and fire danger ratings, and look for emergency warnings sent through the VicEmergency app. Before visiting Point Nepean, check the Parks Victoria website for the latest information on the park. And if you’re at one of the park’s beaches, make sure you play it safe by the water. Swimming isn’t recommended at Point Nepean. It’s a dangerous stretch of coast with unpredictable currents. Unfortunately, drownings happen each year in Victoria. Never jump from the piers or jetties because the surrounding water may be shallower than it looks.

( 74 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

75 )

Things to see and do The Point Nepean Quarantine Station and its heritage-listed buildings are open daily between 9am-4.30pm for visitors to explore, including the brick boiler house, hospital and disinfecting complex. The nearby beach is also a great place for a picnic. You may even see some dolphins in the bay. Fort Nepean guards the entrance to Port Phillip. Above and below ground you will find gun emplacements, barracks, tunnels, ammunition magazines, an engine house and even a bomb-proof room. The site has stunning views of the Rip, where the calm waters of the port meet the Southern Ocean. Gunners Cottage is a great starting point to explore the park on foot or enjoy a picnic. Surrounded by moonah woodlands, walks in this area offer a perfect setting to enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna of this coastal environment. A gentle 600m walk to Observatory Point is rewarded with gorgeous views of the bay. Walks are a major drawcard for visitors to Point Nepean. Many of the tracks merge, so choose your distance and route and start walking. There are a variety of tracks on offer through different landscapes. Take the Range Area Walk through coastal vegetation to Cheviot Hill, where you will experience stunning ocean coastal views. A walk along the Narrows offers ocean views on one side of the road and bay views on the other.

( 76 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Take Millionaires Walk Taking a walk anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula is a joyous experience, but the Millionaires Walk along the clifftops from Sorrento to Portsea is simply thrilling. Besides being gobsmacked by the awesome views across Port Philip and beyond, one gets to step into the backyards of the Peninsula’s rich and famous. As well as marvelling at their beautifully landscaped gardens, you’ll get an insight into how Melbourne’s elite spend time at their summer mansions with their private jetties. The 2km walk is relatively easy and usually takes about two hours. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Start your walk at the Sorrento Beach rotunda and stroll along the Esplanade towards Portsea. You’ll pass the historic stream train terminals before mounting the clifftop and ambling through the millionaires’ gardens.

across a white trig station and a stone monument. This is the place where, on March 9, 1802, Acting Lieutenant John Murray, commander of HMS Lady Nelson, took possession of Port King, which was later renamed Port Philip, for the British Crown.

On a clear day you can see Queenscliff on the other side of the bay and you’ll also observe the QueenscliffSorrento ferry coming and going.

He marked the spot by hoisting the Union Jack.

You’ll even see the millionaires out in their leisure craft.

Millionaires Walk isn’t the only great walk in the Sorrento area; there are plenty of others.

Sorrento was the location of the first white settlement in Victoria. Just before you finish the walk in Portsea, you will come

If you’re thirsty after the walk, you can always drop into the Portsea Hotel for a refreshment or two!

For more information, contact the Beachside Visitor Centre on 5984 1478.

Sorrento then and now For tens of thousands of years before Sorrento became the seaside holiday destination it is today, it was home to the Bunurong/Boon Wurrung People who are the traditional owners of the land and waterways. European settlers arrived in the early 1800s but abandoned their settlement and headed to Tasmania. By the mid-1800s, wealthy Melburnians took an interest in the coastal area as a holiday escape. Parliamentarian Sir Charles Gavan Duffy bought land at Point King in 1963 and built a holiday house. It was Duffy who gave Sorrento its name after the coastal town of the same name in Italy. In 1870, Sorrento Park was established and is a popular place today for picnics overlooking the bay and for children to play on the extensive wooden playground on top of the park’s grassy hill. The iconic Continental Hotel was built in 1875 by George Selth Coppin, who was a dynamic, entrepreneurial character. In early 2022 the Continental Hotel will reopen, maintaining the historic limestone façade and ready for a new generation of holidaymakers to enjoy.

77 )

Must see and do Bathe at the Peninsula Hot Springs and reinvigorate your senses. Visit Cape Schanck Lighthouse to explore the natural grandeur. Surf at Gunnamatta Beach, or watch the experts catch a wave. Set off on the 100km Mornington Peninsula Walk, or select the shorter Two Bays Walking Track or Coastal Walk. Just west of the Flinders Blowhole, take a 1km walk to Cairns Bay and explore the rock pools on this secluded bluestone beach. CAPE SCHANCK LIGHTHOUSE

Spend a day at family friendly, Boneo Discovery Park.

ST ANDREWS BEACH TO FLINDERS From St Andrews Beach to Cape Schanck and on to Flinders, the wind is untamed as it brings waves crashing in from Bass Strait upon the rugged cliffs and rocky outcrops. You won’t be disappointed when you discover the natural splendour on this side of the Peninsula. Pack your sense of adventure, appetite and keen eye for nature as you head to superb eateries, pristine golf courses, untouched beaches and stylish accommodation. St Andrews Beach is an elite holiday and residential community that is nestled among the rising and falling sand dunes between Gunnamatta Beach and Rye. Reliable wild waves create a popular year-round destination for surfers. Stay a while here to soak in the dramatic beach. Swimming is at one’s peril, so instead investigate rock pools, picturesque sand dunes and bush-covered rolling hills. It’s a quaint seaside town that holds a handful of top-end operators, with other facilities a short drive away. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in the geothermally heated pools dotted through landscaped bush at Peninsula Hot Springs in Fingal. For those seeking a water activity with adrenaline, catch a wave at Gunnamatta Ocean Beach, or kick back as you admire curious weathered geological formations. Horse riding along this stretch of beach is a memorable experience as you keep an eye out

( 78 For curious contemporary visitors

for seals and seabirds. Let your spirit run free as you traverse Cape Schanck Lighthouse in the Mornington Peninsula National Park where you will stumble upon swamp wallabies, kangaroos, possums and bats. Follow the boardwalk towards the beach and rock platform to listen to the waves crashing. Serenity is found at Bushrangers Bay, with its brooding headlands and thrashing waves, and there’s two ways to access this beauty: follow the 2.6km track that leaves from the Cape Schanck carpark and presents some of the best coastal scenery near Melbourne; or take the 2.5km walk from the Boneo Rd carpark, where this section of the Two Bays Walking Track grants views of farmland and a flourishing banksia forest. Hide away in tranquil Flinders to absorb the charming seaside village feel, with gourmet dining options, art galleries, shops and elegant architecture. This historic fishing village boasts the best mussels in the state, so arrive hungry. A wander along the Flinders Pier can’t be missed with its origins dating back to 1864. See the weedy seadragons, cool off in the shallows, cast a line or launch your boat. No doubt the Flinders Blowhole Walk will call out to you, with the nearby bluestone-covered Cairns Bay a must-see too. Go on, this area is ripe for exploration. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Flinders General Store has it all Since 1866, Flinders General Store has been the heartbeat of this coastal village.

baguettes, muffins baked daily, Ivan’s gourmet pies, and a dedicated cabinet with gluten-free treats.

From the outside, the unassuming weatherboard building looks like a typical general store selling bread, milk, and ice-creams. But step inside and be amazed at the offering that resembles a first-class food hall with fresh produce, quality meat, a delicatessen, and every ingredient imaginable, from everyday staples to luxury indulgences, including a bottleshop that celebrates Peninsula wines and regions beyond.

Wander through the store to the post office at the back where you’ll find a range of quality giftware, greeting cards, and wrapping paper ready to wrap and send.

Locals, day-trippers, and holidaymakers shop side by side. They take time to stop at the coffee bar that not only serves fabulous coffee but is also the place to pick up a snack on the way to the surf or golf course. There are freshly made Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Flinders General Store is open seven days a week from 7am-7pm and offers modern convenience with old-fashioned service. It’s easy to see why it’s stood the test of time and continues to be a hub for community, good food, and wine. Click and collect is available.

7am – 7pm, 7 days a week

FLINDERS GENERAL STORE A: 48-50 Cook St, Flinders T: 5989 0207 W: FB: flindersgeneralstore INSTA: flindersgeneralstore

79 )

Fundraiser to get your motor running A stunning display of unique, vintage and modern motorcars and, for the first time, vintage motorbikes will be on show at the 2022 Flinders Motoring Heritage. This is the sixth year the event has been held and it’s expected to attract an estimated 200 car and bike exhibitors and more than 2000 visitors to the iconic seaside village of Flinders for a fun day out on Easter Sunday, April 17. The 2022 Flinders Motoring Heritage is a major fundraiser organised by the Flinders District Lions Club for Peninsula Health, which has struggled to raise money for many months during the COVID lockdowns. In 2021, the Flinders Motoring Heritage raised $28,000 for Peninsula Health to help buy a cardio-respiratory fetal monitor, which allows infants to be fully monitored when they are sick. Money raised in 2022 will go towards the upgrade of the Mornington Centre Garden, which is used by Peninsula Health patients.

A UNIQUE DISPLAY OF VETERAN, VINTAGE AND MODERN CLASSIC MOTOR CARS. The funds raised in 2022 will go to the Peninsula Health facility at the Mornington Centre to upgrade the garden for patients and will include new garden furniture, lighting and planting. CNR COOK AND NORMAN ST FLINDERS VIC 3929 EASTER SUNDAY 17th APRIL 2022 | 10.00AM - 2.00PM Car exhibitors book online at Visitors - $5 and children under 12 are free

( 80 For curious contemporary visitors

A cardio-respiratory monitor allows medical staff to keep an eye on baby Evie’s progress in the special care nursery. Photo courtesy of Evie’s parents and Peninsula Health.

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Seadragons softly sway as eagle Looking out over the inlet of Flinders, one could never imagine the beauty and colour of the unique marine life that reveals itself here.

Australia’s southern coastline carry on in flowing abandon to the rise and fall of Western Port. As the salt water laps at the shoreline, mere footsteps away a richness of life roams undetected in the reef habitat.

Barely metres under the ripples and waves, the lives of mystical creatures that exist only in the cooler waters of

Swaying among the weed, the seadragon’s eyes peer down along

the long snout surveying the few square metres of this small range of reef he calls home. The time for feeding is later. Right now, the clutch of nearly 250 little pink eggs attached to the end of his tail is all that matters, laid there some 35cm away from his wandering eyes that remain on watch as the sun’s rays strike through

the surface, creating a kaleidoscope of constantly changing light shapes across the green and yellow hue of the leaves. There’s no striving or swimming hard from the little waves of energy pulsing along the long, slender body. Each push and pull of the sea is met with ease, the leafy appendages strategically placed along his extended seahorse-like body stabilising and settling his form, precisely like the extensions of weed poking out in organised chaotic branches from the calcium-hard surface of the sea bed. A subtle change in the scenery develops as a ghost-like shadow elegantly moves in slow, graceful rhythm, wing tips motioning as the end of a whip might curl and snap. Approaching more closely now, the broad squarish snout bears the beginnings of a wide 50kg body to the powerful 1.2m wing tips that taper to a fine whiplike tail. Draped in bluey greygreen smooth skin, the eagle ray soars across the reef as if to command all that may stare upon him, in awe of this effortless glide through the water. Sensing the seadragon but not able to sight him camouflaged in the to and fro of the weed and sunbeams, the ray flanks to the right with the fluidity of a soaring bird, almost pivoting on its wing tip as the other curves and rises to bear him away from the slender patch of weed, disappearing into the shadows as swiftly as he arrived.

( 82 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

rays soar An aquarium it isn't; a system of movement, survival, growth and decay, changing in constant ways it is. Nothing is ever the same – nor would you want it to be, such is the thrill of enviable unrepeatable adventures. Sometimes it's a desert, barren and vacant as if all the fish have gone shopping at the sales; other times it’s vibrant and busy, flushed with energy and excitement as the congregation of folk flood out into the streets to mingle and banter. There is nothing predictable about adventures into the sea. The haphazard nature of random encounters is what makes it so intriguing. MARLON QUINN – Fluid Movement Outdoors, Blairgowrie W: FB: marlonquinnblog INSTA: marlon_quinn W: FB: watermaarq INSTA: watermaarq

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

83 )

GUNNAMATTA Photos: Steve Brown



ADVENTURES With countless activities for the little and big kids among us, we’ve got a plethora of options on the Mornington Peninsula to entertain every type of adventure seeker. For the explorer there are hiking tracks and bush walks through the lush hinterland and along the undulating coastline just waiting to be roamed. The more adventurous among you might want to grab a snorkel or some scuba gear and dive into the octopus’s garden under the sea. For some added magic, join a guided tour to swim with the dolphins or seals that frequent our bays. Hire a boat or kayak to see the sights on your own, and try your hand at catching dinner on a fishing charter or just by dropping a line off the pier. Kick back and cool down at one of our family-friendly bay beaches, or check out the marine wonderland on a paddleboard or stand-up paddleboard. Head across to a surf beach to admire the proficiency of the surfers, or join in if you’ve got the skill set. Ignite the curiosity of your little ones by exploring rock pools at low tide, or challenge their minds at nearby mazes. To blow off some steam, book a horse ride, or visit an adventure park with speedy slides, zip lines and tree surfing experiences. Whatever your idea of adventure, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in the pages of Holiday Mornington Peninsula..

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HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Killers’ legacy lives on at Bushrangers Bay It was the spring of 1853, and mayhem was about to break loose in the Port Phillip district. Two cold-blooded killers, escaped convicts from Tasmania, were on board a hijacked ship heading towards the treacherous shores of the southern Mornington Peninsula. Henry Bradley had been a London orphan who had fallen into a life of crime. Patrick O’Connor was a free settler who had committed crimes in South Australia. They met on Norfolk Island, from where they were transported to Tasmania. Here they embarked on a crime spree. As they worked their way north to the coast near Stanley, they stole guns and food. At one property they tied two hostages together. When the master of the house escaped through a window, barely evading their gunfire, O’Connor chillingly shot one of his hostages through the neck at point-blank range. They boarded the schooner Sophia and ordered the crew at gunpoint to sail north. After a few days, they sighted the dark basalt stacks near Cape Schanck and headed towards the notoriously dangerous coastline. The pair found a small sheltered cove and came ashore. Here the cool, clear waters of Main Creek flow into the bay. It’s a place where the Bunurong people came to collect abalone, cockles and fish in the rock pools. A forest of towering banksias cloaked the valley, while finer she-oaks covered the ridge. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

The pair now had a £100 reward on their heads. They followed Main Creek inland and then found Barragunda homestead at Cape Schanck. They raided this isolated outpost then continued their crime spree north up the Peninsula, through what was then the rural area of Brighton, then on to Melbourne and north towards the goldfields. The pair were arrested near Macedon and brought to Melbourne for trial. O’Connor’s arrogance prevailed in the dock, eating food even as he was being sentenced. Both men were hanged on October 23, 1853. The cove where the convict duo landed has ever since carried the name Bushrangers Bay. Today it retains that same rugged and remote feeling that greeted Bradley and O’Connor. Main Creek still flows into the bay and there are still basalt outcrops and weathered fingers of bluestone protruding into the emerald green water. Here is also a small crescent-shaped sandy beach that offers cool respite in summer for walkers. Bushrangers Bay can be reached by a pleasant 30-minute walk from Boneo Rd through the banksia forest along the banks of Main Creek. This walking track extends farther upstream along Main Creek, through Green’s Bush and over Arthurs Seat to Dromana as part of the 26km Two Bays Walking Track. Bushrangers Bay offers shelter from all but the southerly wind, with some shade from the cliffs and rock stacks except in the height of summer. It is a short drive from the restaurants and cafes of Flinders and RACV Cape Schanck Resort. RICHARD CORNISH

85 )

Guided tours with the personal touch Victoria Explore & Discover offers privately guided sightseeing tours around the stunning Mornington Peninsula. The tour is designed for groups of two to six friends to relax and experience the Peninsula’s most beautiful sights. Your personal guide is a super-friendly Peninsula resident, professionally trained in tourism and guiding. We offer exceptional customer service, local knowledge, comfortable transport, and pick-up and drop-off to your hotel or private address. The Peninsula is home to worldclass beaches, rugged coastlines, wineries, and golf courses. There are historical fishing villages, cosmopolitan townships, coastal walking trails, spectacular national parks, and a million photo opportunities. We cater to small private groups Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

which enables us to be flexible to your personal preferences. Stop for lunch, coffee, or afternoon drinks in an iconic township, or bring a picnic lunch and relax on the foreshore or in a national park. Let us know if you would like to include additional sights or stay a bit longer at a particular location. It is your private and personalised tour. Visit our website at www. to see the itinerary. For bookings or any queries, please call 0409 597 508 or email admin@victoriaexplorediscover. VICTORIA EXPLORE & DISCOVER A: Docklands T: 0409 597 508 W: www.victoriaexplorediscover. FB: seevictorianow INSTA: victoriaexplorediscover

Skip the large bus group and relax during a privately guided tour to the peninsula’s most beautiful sights. Full day tours which can be customised for your group. Operating most days unless booked out. Contact us directly at 0409 597 508 Visit our website for itinerary details

87 )

PETS ON HOLIDAY As well as a great variety of boarding kennels and catteries, many holiday accommodation places on the Mornington Peninsula will allow you to bring your pets – but it pays to be aware of the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Frankston City Council regulations that cover their movements while you’re here. The Shire requires cats to be confined to the property at all times. Dogs must also be confined unless they’re accompanying you off the property, where they must be on a lead in public places except in designated leash-free or free-roam areas. During the daylight saving period, dogs are prohibited on most Shire beaches from 9am-7pm. Outside these times they can be walked on the beach if they’re on a leash. Keep an eye out for signs indicating whether it’s a leashfree or prohibited area when exercising your dogs, and visit au/dogsonbeaches to check what restrictions apply. There are also many government-controlled beaches that aren’t managed by the Shire and are not leash-free. Dogs are also banned from the Mornington Peninsula National Park to protect the park’s vulnerable fauna. For designated leash-free areas across the Peninsula, visit

( 88 For curious contemporary visitors


Frankston City Council bans dogs from beaches between 9.30am-7.30pm from December through to the end of March, although they can be on the beach outside these times if they’re on a leash. There are no free-roam areas on Frankston or Seaford beaches. To see where you can walk your dog offleash, visit If you should lose your pet while you’re on holiday here, you can call Mornington Peninsula Shire on 5950 1050 during business hours or 1300 850 600 after hours, and Frankston City Council on 9702 8055 weekdays between 1-6pm and weekends from 9am-12.30pm. Our top five 7pm-9am leash-free beaches are: Daveys Bay, Mount Eliza: Access from the end of Daveys Bay Rd; Birdrock Beach, Mount Martha: Access via Dava Beach and a steep stairway; Tassells Cove, Safety Beach: Between the Martha Cove entrance and Bruce Rd; limited parking; Somers Beach, Somers: West from the bottom of the Hundred Steps; Sorrento Beach, Sorrento: East of Sorrento Sailing Club to the Western Sister. We hope you and your pets have a pawsome time!

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



SOMERS BALNARRING TYABB BITTERN HASTINGS Venture to the other side of the Mornington Peninsula to experience the Western Port lifestyle. Here the towns are beautifully rustic and bursting with character that boasts both a relaxing seaside town vibe and a tranquil bush atmosphere. Streets are adorned with she-oaks, banksias, and towering pine and cypress trees, with strips of shops located in each village offering boutique stores and bustling eateries. Cycle, walk, fish or boat along the colourful Hastings foreshore with the mangrove forests and swirling sunset sky as your backdrop at Hastings Jetty. Here the mangroves border the water’s edge and walking track, with nearby picnic and barbecue facilities next to a children’s playground. Or venture further to the adjacent Hastings marina and yacht club. Watch with glee as the fishers feed the scraps from the day’s takings to the waddling pelicans. Take to the relaxed streets of Tyabb with countless antique stores that are overflowing with vintage curios, retro items, antiques and collectables. Continue on to the sizable Tyabb Packing House complete with its own café for your welldeserved lunch break to refuel. Wander up the road to watch in awe at aircraft taking off and landing at Tyabb airport.

( 90 For curious contemporary visitors

Bittern is home to a weekly Sunday market at Bittern station. You can peruse more than 70 market stalls that emit that quintessential country market feel. It’s also a popular destination for bike-riders who stop for coffee while making their way down the Western Port Bay Trail. Head out to the coast to come across Somers, a sleepy little hamlet that is the epitome of summer holidays with a friendly general store. With proximity to French Island and Phillip Island, maybe book tickets for the Westernport Ferries that can transport you to either island and back again from the Stony Point ferry terminal. Balnarring Beach is a secluded stretch of sandy beach that overlooks Phillip Island and lies at the mouth of Merricks Creek. It forms a narrow area of land that is traversed with footbridges and walking paths with a yacht club and a foreshore reserve nearby too. Campers thrive on getting back to nature here, while you will find racehorses are trained on the beach early in the morning. Revel after a morning of adventuring or enjoying one of the many wineries located in the rural areas nearby or pop by a quaint shopping village to experience gourmet food stores and international cuisine. You’ve earned it. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Must see and do Be transfixed as planes take off and land at Tyabb airport. Check what’s on at Balnarring Racecourse for a day of excitement. Peruse the plethora of antique stores in Tyabb and at the Tyabb Packing House. Visit the museum of HMAS Cerberus by appointment in Bittern to soak in maritime displays and history. Explore the Balbirooroo Community Wetlands, with their abundant birdlife, a lagoon and walking trails. On the third Saturday of the month from October to April, the Emu Plains Market is at Emu Plains Reserve in Balnarring. Visit historic Coolart Homestead and chill out in the stunning gardens. Walk or swim at pristine Balnarring Beach. COOLART HOMESTEAD



91 )



Balnarring Fish & Chips The Enchanted Child That Little Shop Cellabrations Liquor Newsagency

Nourish Organics Vet Clinic

Australia Post Red Hill Bakery Bendigo Bank Balnarring Bakehouse

Village People Café Balnarring Village Meats

Peninsula Mapping Hoolies Chinese Restaurant

Ritchies Supa IGA & Liquor

Homes & Acreage Real Estate

Wise & Co Dispensary

The Coast Real Estate

( 92 Global For curious contemporary visitors Hair Design

Balnarring Laundrette

Phase 2 Café

Mornington Peninsula Rentals

Optimum Chiropractic

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston Balnarring Pop-In Hub

Café with real community atmosphere grab if you’re on the go, but if you have time, settle in and enjoy something more. Mitch and Co is fully licensed so you can appreciate a wine or beer with your meal. Tempting daily specials make decisions harder. The focus here is on freshness and flavour.

Mitch & Co’s owner left the hustle and bustle of the Mornington café scene to bring her wealth of hospitality experience to the semirural township of Tyabb. Mitch & Co Café, with its smart-looking black and white fit-out and well-made modern café fare, has been very well received. An abstract mural painted by a Tyabb artist is the backdrop for the community atmosphere among the throng of locals who come here for reliably good coffee from 5am and stellar breakfasts and lunches. All dishes are cooked to order and the kitchen team pride themselves on cooking everything from scratch. Brekky might be housemade granola, a flavourpacked egg dish, or something next level like lemon meringue french toast. Every order is a work

Don’t take too long deciding if you want dessert – the housemade cakes and slices sell out quickly and superb gelati is a recent addition. Tyabb was once best known as the place to go to shop for vintage and antique wares; Mitch & Co is another good reason to wander off the beaten track. It’s open Monday-Sunday from 5am.

of art. The care and attention to detail stands out. At lunch there’s always fresh salads and wraps to

MITCH & CO CAFÉ A: 1552 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Tyabb T: 5977 3201 FB: mitchandcotyabb INSTA: mitchandco_tyabb

1552 Frankston Flinders Rd, Tyabb Trading Hours: Monday-Saturday - 5am-2pm mitchandcotyabb


E: Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

93 )

Packed with more than just antiques For almost 30 years, the Tyabb Packing House has enjoyed a reputation for quality, diversity and excellence. Step through the doors and be transported to another place and time. But don’t be deceived – what you’ll find is more than just antiques. The centre is housed in the old apples and pears packing sheds next to the Tyabb station and is home to more than 30 independent dealers. It is a proven favourite hunting ground for collectors worldwide, with something interesting always waiting to be found, including antiques, Art Nouveau or Deco, midcentury modern, industrial or contemporary décor. Furniture, ceramics, glass or silverware, jewellery, books, vintage clothing, linen and lace – it is all here. Friendly dealers are always on hand and are happy to share their knowledge and offer advice.

exploring the infinite variety offered. And make sure you come back in a week or so to see what new stock has arrived. Lunch at the Bower Bird Café or the Rattling Red Train is a must.

There is something for everyone at this exciting Peninsula destination, so bring the family and spend a day or more

The Tyabb Packing House is open 10am-5pm Thursday to Sunday and on public holidays.

TYABB PACKING HOUSE A: 14 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb T: 5977 4414 W: au FB: Tyabb-Packing-House-Antiques INSTA: tyabbpackinghousetyabb

Tyabb Packing House –

Come for an hour, stay for the day. • Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian Antiques.

• Art Nouveau.

• Art Deco.

• Mid Century Modern.

• Retro.

• Industrial.

• Decorator Designer.

• Furniture.

• Collectables.

• Lighting.

• Art.

• Glass.

• Fashion.

• Linen & Lace.

• Jewellery.

• Books.

• Giftware.

• Café.

• Movie & Sports Memorabilia.

Over 30 dealers with new stock arriving daily. Free Entry and plenty of Free Parking. Open Thursday to Sunday 10am-5pm plus most Public Holidays.

14 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Tyabb Ph: 5977 4414 |

( 94 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Discover a world of Art Deco delights Deco Heaven is full of fabulous Art Deco. From figurines and furniture, lighting and ceramics to jewellery and glassware, there is something for everyone in this eclectic shop. Reflecting the unrestrained enthusiasm of the Deco period, Deco Heaven specialises in cocktail and drinking paraphernalia, smoking accoutrements – for collectors of social history – and desk and writing accessories. Smart tea sets, bold cups and saucers and elegant Deco dinner services are just right for afternoon tea or an amazing dinner party. There are also figurines, clocks with garniture on marble stands, and bold artwork from this extravagant time to put the finishing touches to a Deco room. For the aspiring Flapper, or perhaps Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

just the elegant Deco lady, there is a wonderful selection of powder compacts, perfume bottles, trinket and powder bowls and dressing table sets, as well as a range of jewellery from Victorian times through to contemporary artist designs. Our sister shop, Retro Heaven, showcases the styles and designers of the second half of the 20th century. Innovative glass, ceramics and furniture will take your breath away. Come and dip your toes into the near past and marvel at its wonders. DECO HEAVEN A: Shop 18, Tyabb Packing House, 14 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb T: 0418 513 971 W: INSTA: deco_heaven

The Home of Art Deco on the Mornington Peninsula Shop 18 at the Tyabb Packing House | Thursday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

95 )

Escape to Hastings and stay in a sanctuary Sanctuary Inn on Westernport has it all: central location, modern rooms, and great facilities. From the moment you arrive you’ll know you’re in good hands and can look forward to a relaxing stay. Owner Phil and his team are committed to providing modern motel accommodation that’s spotlessly clean and super comfortable, where guests can relax on holiday or have peace on a business trip. Every detail has been considered in the recent refurbishment, from luxury bedlinen to tasteful décor, appropriate lighting, and – most important of all – superior quality beds to ensure a refreshing night’s sleep. Choose from a premier king room, two-bedroom

apartment, or family suite with separate bedroom. If you have an event or conference in mind, there’s a function space that accommodates up to 180 guests. Set on 1.8ha of beautifully maintained grounds, there’s plenty of space for children to play, and at the back of the property is a boardwalk through the wetlands to enjoy. Toscano’s Italian restaurant and wine bar is part of the complex, offering traditional handmade Italian fare and a good selection of local, Australian and Italian wine. You can dine in the dining room or alfresco overlooking the pool. It’s all here. SANCTUARY INN ON WESTERNPORT A: 126 Marine Pde, Hastings T: 5979 3333 W:

126 Marine Parade, Hastings | |

( 96 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Exceptional mid century furniture at Dogs Republic Mid Century is known for the exceptional furniture designs of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, and nowhere can you find a better selection than at Dogs Republic at the Tyabb Packing House. Specialising in original and restored Tessa leather furniture, including the iconic T21 and the rare T2, they also have a select range of bespoke mid20th century Australian pieces from such makers as Rosando Furniture, Dario Zoureff and Rudowski. Visit in person or log on to www. where you can browse an extensive selection of authentic Scandinavian, English and Australian furniture from this era. Here too you can find that icon of Australian Modernism, Fler Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

furniture, created by Fred Lowen and Ernest Rodeck, which encompassed simplicity, form and function to produce a uniquely Australian style. Original and unusual art and sculpture is always available and unique and decorative accessories are a specialty, including – exclusively in Australia – the beautiful handcrafted Zizamele Ceramics from South Africa. From original Mid Century furniture and artwork to fascinating giftware, Dogs Republic has it all. DOGS REPUBLIC A: Tyabb Packing House, 14 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb T: 0409 641040 W: Open: Thursday to Sunday 10am5pm

Mid-Century Design at Dogs Republic Specialising in authentic Scandinavian, English & Australian mid-Century furniture, décor and selected contemporary giftware.

Open: Thursday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Tyabb Packing House 14 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb P: 0409 641040 |

97 )

Kidz Shed has so much fun for all ages Kidz Shed is an independent and locally owned indoor play centre with the added bonus of an outdoor play area, where comfortable seating, umbrellas and a jumping castle make it the perfect place in which to play when the weather’s fine. We even supply complimentary sunscreen! We have been open for three and a half years and in this time we have become known for our clean facilities, friendly staff and a great range of homemade food, including an extensive range of gluten-free options. Best thing is we also serve great Lavazza coffee for the parents while they sit and relax or work on their computer and the kids have fun in a

( 98 For curious contemporary visitors

safe environment. Set in the heart of Hastings with good off-street parking, we specialise in affordable birthday parties, and our private hire of Kidz Shed has become increasingly popular with parents to hold their children’s parties with their family and close friends. The adults will love the gourmet pizza and platter options while the kids enjoy our great party food. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website for any updates and specials. KIDZ SHED A: 222 Marine Pde, Hastings T: 5906 5900 W: FB: KidzShed INSTA: kidzshed

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Shining example of life on the farm The Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard offers all animal-lovers the chance to get back to nature and experience a ‘farmtastic’ day out. While it’s specifically designed with our younger children in mind, the farmyard experience can equally be enjoyed by people of all ages. With a large variety of friendly farm animals, the farm provides the opportunity for many hands-on experiences. You’ll be able to feed an animal, cuddle a goat, pet a rabbit, bottle feed a calf, see how big a pig really gets, hear how loud a donkey can be, and enjoy a ride on a farm pony or a hayride behind the tractor. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Rain Hayne & Shine’s rustic farm setting in Balnarring is the perfect environment for visitors to enjoy and learn about animals. Educational groups can book for one of the farm’s educational tours, and special additional activities are offered during school holidays. Rain Hayne & Shine also runs the Little Piggies Playgroup during school terms to introduce children from the ages of one to five to animals in a fun and educational way. RAIN HAYNE & SHINE FARMYARD A: 490 Stumpy Gully Rd, Balnarring T: 5983 1691 W: FB: rainhayneshine

99 )

The home of comfort food Gluten free goodness Coffee, milkshakes, beer, local wine, cider, local spirits & cocktails. Come taste 4flour fried chicken, the best gluten free fried chicken in the universe Kitchen open Wednesday to Sunday - 12noon-8pm except public holidays Takeaway, delivery within 10km, dining, good times

P: 5979 4126

2 Olivia Way, Hastings

Hastings’ favourite brunch spot Having a leisurely brunch or lunch is an essential part of being on holiday – and if you’re near Hastings, Steamin’ Mugs is the place to go. Owners Ritesh and Ritika Gupta pride themselves on running a familyoriented café where everyone is welcome, and the food, coffee and hospitality are worth coming back for again and again.

Take a seat inside. The black and white fit-out looks smart and inviting, and there’s plenty of space to gather with friends or family. Breakfast and lunch are served all day so don’t worry if you sleep in. Chef Ritesh puts a whole lot of love into his cooking, from eggs benedict, smashed avocado or ricotta hotcakes for breakfast, to crispy calamari, pork belly roll or a southern-fried chicken burger for lunch. There’s a kids’ menu,

and vegan and gluten-free options.

To drink, there’s delicious fruit-based smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and excellent coffee from Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters. In the canine-friendly courtyard, dogs are made welcome too, and there’s separate access through the rear of the site. Grab a table in the shade of the tree or under the coveredin patio. You’ll wish Steamin’ Mugs was your neighbourhood café. They’re open Tuesday-Sunday from 7.30am3.30pm. STEAMIN’ MUGS A: 24 High St, Hastings T: 5932 5642 W: FB: steaminmugshastings INSTA: steaminmugshastings

7:30am- 3:30pm Tuesday-Sunday

Ask us about catering & functions! 24 High Street, Hastings Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

P. 5932 5642

101 )



Situated between Port Phillip and Western Port, Main Ridge, Red Hill, Arthurs Seat, Merricks, Shoreham, and Point Leo are must-visit towns when exploring the Peninsula. Prepare for challenging mazes, spectacular nature and incredible fine dining. Arthurs Seat’s lush forest slowly drops to become Main Ridge. Farms are intermingled throughout the alluring region. This area boasts rich soil and in turn produces quality strawberries, apples, pears, avocados, stone fruit and even truffles. Grape growing is also very popular in this rural hinterland and surrounding region, with award-winning cool-climate wines. With countless vineyards, winery restaurants, and luxurious accommodation to experience, you’ll be in awe. As you travel the undulating hills of the hinterland, tree canopies overhead allow the sun to trickle in and dance on the meandering road. As a small rural community, Red Hill offers vineyards, olive groves, orchards, breweries, distilleries and even cheese makers. Throughout the rolling vistas, you’ll come across local markets, galleries, farmgates and pick-your-own produce farms. Laneways lead to cafes, restaurants, and gourmet produce stores – this is the regional dining of your dreams. Catch the panoramic view at the summit of Arthurs Seat as you admire the stretch from Safety Beach to Hastings, and out to the Dandenong and Strzelecki Ranges in Gippsland and beyond to the twinkling towers along the Melbourne skyline. Ride the Arthurs Seat Eagle gondola to be rewarded with a bird’seye view. Wander through the serene Seawinds Gardens to watch resident

( 102 For curious contemporary visitors


kangaroos and appreciate William Ricketts’ sculptures. Winding gravel roads throughout this enchanting region will lead you to the local general store and wineries that offer artisan produce. On foot, take in the serenity at the Merricks Beach Bushland Reserve that borders the white sand of Merricks Beach. Bathe at the protected beach with Merricks Yacht Club halfway along the stretch of sand, with picnic facilities nearby begging for luxe provedore. Here at Shoreham the coastal sea breeze draws you in. After a day of fine dining at nearby wineries, ease into the evening as you spy dolphins frolicking in the shallows at Shoreham Beach. This wide stretch of seaweed-adorned sand has views across to Phillip Island and is divided into two parts by a bluestone outcrop with rock pools begging to be explored, while surfers hang further out. After a swim, keep an eye out for migrating whales. Work up an appetite in the water playground that can be found at Point Leo. Here, the campground backs on to Waterholes Creek, the surf lifesaving club and yacht club where visitors return to spend summer immersed in the sand and surf lifestyle. Walk, hike and discover surf beaches on foot, or take part in a horse-riding trail. Waves at Point Leo Beach roll in for both beginners and experienced froth-heads, with camping nearby. You’ll spy art on your plate, but also throughout manicured gardens with striking sculptures. This is serious food and wine country, so there’s no need to refrain from indulging. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston




Must see and do Shop at the monthly Red Hill Market from September to May. Make sure to visit again on Saturday, March 12, for the Red Hill Show. Swim between the flags at Point Leo Beach near the surf lifesaving club. Experience the Arthurs Seat Eagle gondola and take in the view. Explore the Main Ridge Flora Reserve. Try at least three of our award-winning wineries, breweries or distilleries and take some home. Try the famous Flying Calamari Brothers calamari cones at Ashcombe Maze or one of the local markets. Treat yourself to the best American style BBQ this side of the equator at Red Gum BBQ. MERRICKS GENERAL STORE Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

103 )

Situated on a private vineyard in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula’s wine region, Jackalope Hotel’s debut property delivers luxury reimagined. A personal project of 33-year-old Melbournebased entrepreneur Louis Li, the hotel guides guests on a sensory journey of art, design and dining experiences, delivering a decadent interplay between the ideal and the surreal. Conceived in partnership with some of Australia’s pre-eminent creatives – including architectural firm Carr Design Group and multi-disciplinary studio Fabio Ongarato Design – Louis has produced an icon of contemporary design. With a monolithic, jet-black exterior, the hotel stands in sharp contrast to the verdant rolling vines. This juxtaposition is a nod to the hotel’s namesake, a mythical creature – part-jackrabbit, part-antelope – that exists only in folklore. “Whether a luxury traveller prefers a scenic Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

destination, food, art, evocative design, or to connect with their surrounds, Jackalope sits at the forefront of emerging and established hotel trends,” says Jackalope’s group general manager Tracy Atherton, formerly of Aman Resorts and Hotel.

tantalising tasting menu served under the lustrous canopy of a 10,000-globe chandelier. Winery restaurant Rare Hare celebrates the surrounding Willow Creek Vineyard, serving up casual, woodfired fare with a devil-may-care air.

Jackalope’s 44 rooms comprise 38 square metre Terrace or Vineyard View categories through to 85 square metre Lairs. A restrained statement of whites and greys, rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces connecting guests to the rural surrounds. King beds are standard throughout, while bathrooms boast rain showers, double vanities, and bath products made exclusively for the hotel by Hunter Lab. Deep-soak, black Japanese bathtubs are also a bookable option.

In the hotel’s haute cocktail bar Flaggerdoot, classic herringbone floors and open fires warm the room, while edgy installations from the likes of iconic fashion designer Rick Owens create a sense of curated cool.

A black 30m infinity pool laps up to the surrounding vineyard, complete with a pool bar (open during summer months) and a jacuzzi for winter dips. Two Chef Hat restaurants surprise with contrasting takes on farm-to-fork food. With executive chef Simon Tarlington at the helm, Doot Doot Doot presents a

Rates start from $675 a night and include daily breakfast in Doot Doot Doot; mini bar; Wi-Fi; and ondemand movies, popcorn and choc tops. JACKALOPE MORNINGTON PENINSULA A: 166 Balnarring Rd, Merricks North T: 5931 2510 W: FB: JackalopeHotelPeninsula INSTA: jackalopehotels

105 )

Taking family fun to new heights The Arthurs Seat Eagle is open and ready to send families soaring through the holidays. They have introduced a new family ticket option providing great value for families, new products and food offerings, and world’s best practice in COVID safety. The Eagle is open to the public every day except Christmas Day. When forced into COVID lockdown, the Eagle team used the time to their advantage. “As we’re popular with tourists and locals alike, we’re busy all year round,” explains Eagle CEO Matthew Mulkearns, “so it made sense to use the enforced downtime to consider how we can best support our guests.” The introduction of a new Eagle Family Ticket is a great example of this. It makes

the Eagle more affordable and costefficient for families. An online ticket discount has also been introduced to provide better value and an incentive to those who book online. Supporting the local community has consistently underpinned business decisions at the Eagle, so it comes as no surprise that, post-lockdown, the

Eagle gift shop has emerged with a range of new, locally sourced items. Featuring products from Peninsula family and artisan businesses as well as other brands that support the community, the Eagle is clearly positioning itself to showcase the best of the Mornington Peninsula. Similarly, the Eagle Café’s expansive outdoor deck has long been a favourite location. The café menu continues to grow, promising seasonally fresh ingredients and local specialties. The Arthurs Seat Eagle team are very proud of their record with COVID safety. They have a relentless drive to deliver safety excellence and use state-of-the-art equipment and products. The implementation of an advanced TGA-certified instant contact surface disinfectant has given the Eagle a superior level of COVID protection and a leading technological edge in their industry – something they are keen to spread

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

the word about. “We were actually the first business in our industry to use this product,” Matthew says, “and during the testing process we found it to be even more effective than we expected. It really is a case of good science and good practice coming together.” Families should feel confident celebrating the end of lockdown with a visit to the Arthurs Seat Eagle. With a jam-packed school holiday program on the horizon, guests can expect to experience more fun, more adventure and more good times in a safe and welcoming setting. For more information, please visit ARTHURS SEAT EAGLE A: 1085 Arthurs Seat Rd, Dromana T: 5987 0600 W: FB: ArthursSeatEagle INSTA: arthursseateagle

107 )



Red Hill Show is not to be missed

More than 100 years ago, a handful of Red Hill locals got together to find a place to showcase their produce. Horticultural shows were part of Victorian society, an annual harvest festival where farmers and food makers could display their goods and compete against each other for a coveted blue ribbon that would adorn the best apples or most highly regarded cheese.

In the early 1900s, Red Hill was an up-and-coming horticultural area. The train line from Hastings was on its way and people were converging on the deep rich red soil to grow fruit and berries. In 1915, a site on the ridge near the corner of White Hill Rd was chosen and the land purchased from the Arkwell family. It was heavily treed and needed to be cleared before any judging could take place. In 1922 the first show was held in what was the Co-operative Cool Stores – now Blue Moon. The showgrounds were ready for the show in 1923 with a pavilion built and land cleared, although competitors had to make

( 108 For curious contemporary visitors

their way around the tree stumps. The years rolled on, more pavilions and facilities were built, and the show has been part of the community ever since.

The Red Hill Show, held on the Saturday of Labour Day Weekend, continues to celebrate locally grown produce. Over the past few years the Mornington Peninsula Producers Paddock has become a popular feature. A garden-like setting under the old trees is encircled by tents, marquees and vans selling local cheese, produce, beer, cider, and wine while live judging of specialty items is held onstage. “The Peninsula continues to produce amazingly high-quality fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy,” says the show’s executive officer, Bec Davis. “We still produce exceptional apples, pears and cherries on the Peninsula. Cherry season has finished by March but apple harvest is in full swing, which is why we have an apple pie competition with a $500 prize donated by local families.” To celebrate the Peninsula’s strong grain and bakery culture, a new bread-making competition has been

added. This is joined by a new sausage-making comp, with $500 up for grabs thanks to Melbourne master butcher Peter Boucher. The live judging session in the Producers Paddock kicks off midmorning with judging by the CWA of the fruitcake section, a fiercely competitive comp with the glory of a blue ribbon at stake. The show also hosts Australia’s second largest cider competition. New to the show in 2022 is the Horticultural Hangout, sponsored by 3MP. This is a beautiful, yellow-themed outdoor café setting with talks about all things growing, gardening, and farming. This will also be the 50th year of the tradition of the woodchop, where burly blokes in white singlets hack through hardwood tree trunks with razor-sharp axes. Add to this the sheep, alpacas, cattle and horticultural exhibits, plus the cooking competition, art and photography, and you get a sense of what a thriving, industrious and productive community exists on the Mornington Peninsula. RICHARD CORNISH

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

See the Flying Calamari Brothers and experience their delicious Calamari at Markets across the Peninsula this Summer Red Hill Market December 4th, January 1st, February 5th 8-1pm

Plus The Flying Calamari Brothers return to the Ashcombe Maze and Gardens for casual dining and take away from November 2021.

Emu Plains Market December 18th, January 15th, February 19th

Licenced seafood cafe and take away Thursday 10am-4pm Friday 10am-7.30pm | Saturday 10am-7.30pm Sunday 10am-4pm | Monday 10am-4pm

Mornington Racecourse Market December 12th & February 13th

Ashcombe Maze & Gardens

Little Beauty Market, Frankston December 11th, January 22nd, February 26th

15 Shoreham Road, Shoreham

P: 5989 8387

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"If there’s one place that, for me, reflects the soul and sophistication of the peninsula it’s Ten Minutes by Tractor." The Australian Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

109 )

Try these local favourites wine • beer • cider

The Mornington Peninsula is a notable wine region, producing small quantities of high-quality wine from about 60 wineries. While most varieties are grown here, the cool maritime climate of the Peninsula is particularly suited to pinot noir. This area has now been dubbed The Pinot Coast and continues to win local, national and international awards for its amazing wines. Many wineries are open for public tastings, and several have quality restaurants.

of orchards has been dramatically reduced, but there are many other producers on the Peninsula specialising in berries, cherries, and other fruits, as well as market gardens. There is increased interest in organic production, and there are even organic beef producers.

Apples were the staple product of the Peninsula for several generations, with whole trainloads being dispatched to the city and ports. The number

For details of where to find these producers, see our directory or grab a copy of Eat.Drink Mornington Peninsula, available from local newsagents and bookstores.

( 110 For curious contemporary visitors

The Peninsula is also home to many small-scale manufacturers of niche products as diverse as cheese, chocolate, chutney, jam, and olive oil. Local produce is also to be found at markets held around the Peninsula, such as the monthly market at Red Hill.

Bass & Flinders Distillery 40 Collins Rd Dromana P: 5987 3893 Cheeky Rascal Cider 1438 MorningtonFlinders Rd Main Ridge P: 0431 477 764 Chief’s Son Distillery 25/50 Guelph St Somerville P: 9013 0859 Crittenden Estate 25 Harrisons Rd Dromana P: 5987 3800 Dainton Brewery & Taphouse 560 FrankstonDandenong Rd Carrum Downs P: 9775 0334 Dromana Estate 555 Old Moorooduc Rd Tuerong P: 5974 4400 Eddies Organic Cider find at local markets or buy online, Hickinbotham of Dromana 194 Nepean Highway Dromana P: 5981 0355 Jackalope 166 Balnarring Rd Merricks North P: 5931 2500 Jetty Road Brewery 12-14 Brasser Ave Dromana P: 5987 2754 JimmyRum Distillery 6 Brasser Ave Dromana P: 5987 3338 Montalto 33 Shoreham Rd Red Hill South P. 5989 8412 Peninsula Beverage Co. 42 Main St Mornington P: 5977 0515 Pt. Leo Estate 3649 Frankston-Flinders Rd Merricks P: 5989 9011 Quealy Winemakers 62 Bittern-Dromana Rd Balnarring P: 5983 2483 Rahona Valley 3/48 Collins Rd Dromana Ten Sixty One 1194 Stumpy Gully Rd Moorooduc Ten Minutes by Tractor 1 333 MorningtonFlinders Rd, Main Ridge P: 5989 6455 TREAND at Baxter Valley Estate 165 BaxterTooradin Rd Baxter P: 5977 9969 TWØBAYS Brewing Co 93 Unit 1, 2 Trewhitt Court Dromana P: 5910 0880

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Red Hill residents, Red Gum BBQ is the best Aussie-smoked, American-style BBQ this side of the equator.

You know you’re in for a treat when the smoky scent of BBQ meets you in the car park. Step inside this former truck mechanic warehouse and be instantly transported to Red Gum BBQ country, where families and foodies sit at long wooden benches listening to classic country tunes and watching the ‘Pitmasters’ smoke meat at one end of the expansive dining room. Red Gum BBQ is proud to be Australia’s first (and currently, only) B Corp certified restaurant and is driven by a desire to be good. Our meat is always free range and grass fed, with a focus on slow cooked, authentic Southern BBQ cuisine. Meats are traditionally smoked for 12-16 hours using native Australian hardwoods in giant Texas offset

steel ‘pits’. There’s succulent Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Smoked Chicken, Beef Ribs and house-made sausage - all melt in your mouth and finger licking delicious. BBQ is best served with traditional sides; Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Grandma Cobb Corn, Brisket Chilli Cheese Fries or seasonal favourites like fried brussel sprouts or southern grits to name a few. Be sure to try the Cornbread with melted honeybutter and make sure you save room for a slice of sweet Southern-style pie. BBQ tastes better when shared with friends and family. This Summer, gather the gang, and feed the crowd with the delicious taste of Southern-style BBQ at our home or yours. Available for dine-in, take-away, catering, functions and events. See website for bookings or to find out how we can bring BBQ to you!

Open hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11am to 9pm (see website for seasonal changes to hours) 87 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill | P: 5989 3156 | |


At this time of year, native wildflowers are in full bloom. Take a stroll through many of our nature reserves and you will be presented with a wondrous array of orchids and wildflowers. Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve has long been considered a wonderful place for orchidspotting. Macro photography allows you to get in close and capture the intricate details of our natural world. Most cameras, whether compact or lens interchangeable, have a macro setting that assists in focusing closely on small details with a shallow depth of field (often pictured as a flower symbol). Depth of field is how much of your image is in focus and allows you to highlight details while blurring distracting backgrounds. It can be frustrating at times but the end results are wondrous images that give us an insight into the smallest — and sometimes most beautiful — aspects of our world. If you have a DSLR, a macro lens can be an expensive but rewarding investment. I love my 90mm macro f2.8 lens, which allows me to achieve astonishing details without needing to get too close and potentially scare away small insects or other animals I am photographing.

focus can be an excellent tool when you are really struggling, as often the camera will want to focus on the background or foreground and ignore the main subject. Your aperture assists in controlling your depth of field or how much is in focus; f2.8 gives you a small area of focus, whereas f11 will have more of the orchid in focus. Alternatively, if all else fails, take a step back and then crop the image in postproduction. Do your research and study orchids and their leaves so you know what to look for. Some orchids are so small their main flower wouldn’t be any bigger than a fingernail. I recently managed to photograph several critically endangered flora species locally and abroad; it is a humbling experience. Always remember that native flora and fauna is protected under law, so take only memories and a photograph with you. Most importantly, enjoy! Once you start down the path of exploring native orchids, you’ll become enchanted very quickly. PHOTOS: Lauren Nicole Photography

A tripod allows for small adjustments without camera shake, to make sure what you are trying to capture is in focus and stays in focus. With orchids, a “throat shot” of the labellum is usually what I like to focus on, giving as much detail to the intricate parts of the flower as possible.

1. The bearded orchid is another whose name speaks for itself.

Windy weather, or even a gentle breeze, can make it hard to focus. In these situations I tend to increase the shutter speed and change my focus to AI-SERVO, AP-C, or Continuous so the camera will try to remain focused as the orchid sways. Manual

4. The critically endangered Frankston spider orchid is nearly extinct in the wild.

( 112 For curious contemporary visitors


2. It’s not hard to see how the flying duck orchid came by its name. 3. The red beak orchid only flowers after fire.

5. The salmon sun orchid only opens when it’s warm.

5. HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston


4. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


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FRANKSTON Boasting a waterfront to be envied, the city of Greater Frankston is a remarkable gateway to the Mornington Peninsula. Major shopping centres, entertainment precincts, world-class restaurants, bars and cafés to adore plus an eclectic mix of sculptures and street art will have you coming back for more. Make your way over the landmark bridge at the Frankston Waterfront after a wander along the Kananook Creek walking trail to find the picturesque Frankston Pier. Set up a picnic on the many sandy beaches, or in a nearby park to delight the whole family. Treat yourself to waterfront dining that can be found along the shoreline, or experience the nightlife and edgy eateries. With 10km of pristine coastline, you’ll have ample chances for a dip in Port Phillip. If you’d prefer to not get your feet wet, why not immerse yourself in the hidden areas of native bush and natural wetlands. Pop by the Seaford Wetlands, Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve or the Nature Conservation Reserve in Frankston to truly get back to nature. Playful, whimsical and eye-catching sculptures are dotted throughout the open spaces, bushland reserves, and foreshore areas in Frankston, and will help you

( 114 For curious contemporary visitors

hunt them all down. Continue your art exploration at McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery where you’ll encounter more than 100 sculptures over the 16ha of native bushland. Visit the iconic Cruden Farm in Langwarrin that was left by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch for everyone to enjoy the wondrous manicured gardens and tranquil walking areas beside its lake, lagoon and bushland. Inquisitive visitors should venture out to admire the 1855 French-style Ballam Park Homestead and 1920s American Colonial mansion Mulberry Hill. Keep nourishing your sense of exploration by dropping a line off the piers at Seaford or Frankston. Admire the colourful beach boxes by the glistening bay in Frankston or visit the variety of eateries, breweries and distilleries tucked down side streets in the industrial areas. Tee off for a day of fun on a golf course, or hit the water for some adventure – perhaps a kayak along Kananook Creek is calling you. Markets and family fun events are often found from Frankston through to Langwarrin, Seaford and Karingal. It’s always a hive of activity. Greater Frankston flawlessly blends city living with bush and bay. It’s a city with a heart of diversity with its arts, culture and history destined to enchant and amuse all ages. Now it’s your turn to find out what this vibrant waterfront destination can offer you. KATE SEARS

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



Must see and do


Wander Gallery Lane or join a street art walking tour to discover the stories behind the artworks and their talented creators. Frankston Arts Centre stages theatre performances, live music, exhibitions and more – make sure to book early. Cast a line off a pier or hire a boat to catch some fish for dinner. Bask in the 180-degree view over Port Phillip at the Olivers Hill lookout. Download the Discover Frankston mobile app to access digital walking tours. Enjoy the extensive outdoor dining areas or try a brew from one of the local breweries or distilleries. Issue 1, SUMMER 2021


115 )

Frankston’s transformation will surprise and delight Frankston is brimming with new energy. You can feel it in the businesses popping up in the city’s streets, the renowned artists etching out stories on the walls, and the families that are calling Frankston home. The city has truly become an iconic street art destination. For the past four years, The Big Picture Fest has transformed Frankston’s buildings and laneways into an epic display of colour, creativity and movement. The city is now home to almost 30 artworks from local and international artists. Regular street art walking tours reveal the evolving arts and cultural edge as guides share the artists’ reflections on moments in history, childhood characters and messages for future generations. For those preferring to explore independently, download the Discover Frankston mobile app from the AppStore and Google Play to access the newly released Digital

Walking Tours. The tours will guide you through the city and along the coastline to learn about the city’s street art, sculptures and historical highlights. The art experience doesn’t end in the city. Powerful, whimsical and playful sculptures in reserves and along the foreshore stand tall, and some you might need to look a little closer to find. Visit dogfriendly McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery and explore more than 100 sculptures within 16ha of native bushland. Pack a picnic, discover and enjoy. When the sun shines, so does Frankston’s foodie scene. The sidewalks, streets and neighbourhood shopping strips hum as outdoor dining is revived; fairy lights go up, music plays and people arrive with a new energy to enjoy these moments together. Among the city’s growing restaurant and café scene, creators and crafters can be found.

A trail of boutique and awardwinning beer, cider and spirits is emerging and each stop promises a discovery worth writing home about. No matter your style preference, you can be sure the beer is fresh, original and delicious. Think fruit, spices and unexpected blends. If gin is more your tipple, take a tour with That Spirited Lot Distillers to discover the inspiration behind their flavours.

At the centre of this space you will find the deep blue waters of the reservoir, and the perfect spot for spectacular views of the Melbourne skyline.

Beyond the urban landscapes and experiences, Frankston is one of those enviable places that perfectly blend city, bush and bay. Ten kilometres of pristine coastline give ample opportunity for a dip in Port Phillip. If you don’t want to get your feet wet, immerse yourself in the pockets of native bush and natural wetlands.

Head to to download the Beer and Spirits Trail map, book a Street Art Walking Tour and discover more of the City’s transformation.

It’s time to celebrate Frankston’s transformation. The picture it paints no longer matches the stereotypes. The experience waiting for you today is unexpected. It is urban, a little edgy, a lot of fun and, as you will see, it sure is beautiful.

Let Frankston surprise and delight you. Frankston Visitor Information Centre 7N Pier Promenade, Frankston

1300 322 842

Locked away for 95 years, the Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve is now open for all to enjoy. Wander under eucalyptus canopies among wattles and wildflowers.


Art, Culture & Markets 20

McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery



Little Beauty Market


Street Art Tour

Sculpture trail

Dining, Beer & Spirits Trail

Coastline & Nature 1



Sweetwater creek


Frankston Brewhouse


The Hop Shop


Norman Avenue Dining 11

General Public 12


Ballam Park



11 15

18 14 13 16

Seaford Beach Cafe 13


Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve 4

19 6 1


10 12 8 22


21 23 4


Biersal Brewery


Langwarrin Flora and Fauna

Parcha Outdoor Dining 14


Mr Banks Brewery 16


Seaford Foreshore 6

38 South 17

Frankston Waterfront


Dainton Brewery

TSL Distillery


Spanish Bar

Cheeky Squire

Walk or run through Seaford’s trails Suburban Seaford has some wonderful walking trails that are perfect for taking in the stunning views and spectacular flora and fauna of Greater Frankston’s beaches, creeks and wetlands. So slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and let’s go.

Seaford Foreshore Walking Trail On leaving the Keast Park carpark or casual entry points scattered along the Nepean Highway, the meandering 4.6km Seaford Foreshore Walking Trail is nestled behind the dunes and will allow you to explore 50ha of coastal vegetation. Heading south, many tracks branch off and lead you to secluded sections of the bay beach; alternatively, when you reach the Seaford Life Saving Club you can walk along the pier and admire the turquoise bay, or grab a coffee, ice-cream or meal from the nearby shops. Barbecue facilities are perfect for a packed picnic, and don’t forget to walk beneath The Hermitage, a Jacki Staude installation near the club that pays homage to an enigmatic hermit who died in 1917. If you’re feeling energetic, continue south to Frankston Pier and the Mile Bridge for more great views.

Kananook Creek Trail The 7.5km Kananook Creek Trail is an alternative starting point when venturing to the foreshore. From Eel Race Rd, it adds only a kilometre to your walk as you take in the meandering Kananook Creek and, if fortunate, the sounds of vibrant rainbow lorikeets. A detour on to the Seaford Foreshore Walking Trail is possible from the Nepean Highway; otherwise the trail and stairs will take you all the way to Gould St, where you can dip your toes in the water at the Frankston foreshore.

Peninsula Link Trail Swans, spoonbills, sandpipers and other soaring seabirds can be seen from the Seaford Wetlands’ Austin Rd lookout, which is the perfect starting point and one part of the Peninsula Link Trail that avid runners are taking in their stride. Heading 2.5km north you’ll find saddle-maker Harry Downs’ heritage homestead off Old Wells Rd, where a community farm with toilets is also springing to life. A quick dovetail to the west will take you along Eel Race Creek for 800m to Patterson River Secondary College, where the trail loops back to where you started at these internationally recognised RAMSAR-listed wetlands. CAMERON HOWE,

( 118 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Good times and great beer the perfect mix There’s award-winning beer and plenty of good times to be had at Dainton. The team here are rightly proud of their achievements, taking out the 2020 Champion Large Brewery, 2019 and 2017 Australian Champion Craft Beer titles at the Independent Beer Awards. Not bad for a business that began with a home-brew kit. The experimental and innovative side of craft brewing is what keeps their passion high for consistently producing interesting and well-made ales, from easy-drinking to curious and crazy. Choose from up to 18 beers on tap. Can’t decide? Order a tasting paddle. If beer’s not your thing, order local wine or cider, and there’s a great selection of small-batch spirits too. On the bar menu, expect perfect beer-friendly food: wood-fired pizzas, housesmoked short ribs, hearty salads Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

and mouthwatering burgers and sliders. Live music Friday through to Sunday is another drawcard, and the weekly trivia night keeps the brain cells firing. There’s a play area for the kids, and dogs are welcome in the beer garden. Dainton fans stay up to date with upcoming events – including limitededition beer launches – by following Dainton’s socials or checking their What’s On website page. You can also enjoy Dainton beer long after your visit’s over with deliveries to your door Australia-wide. Opening hours are Wednesday 4-9.30pm; Thursday noon10pm; Friday-Saturday noon11pm; and Sunday noon-8.30pm (closed Monday-Tuesday). DAINTON BREWERY & TAPHOUSE 560 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs P: 9775 0334 FB: INSTA:

119 )

Every trip to PARC is full of fun Located in the heart of Frankston, PARC provides a welcoming, innovative and memorable environment where safety is the priority and fun is the goal for members and visitors of all ages and abilities. For families, it’s a great day out for everyone. Kids will be entertained for hours with the AquaPlay Aquatic playground, a multi-level water attraction that includes jets, valves, spray nozzles, a spinning water wheel and a giant tipping bucket. The excitement continues with PARC’s amazing waterslides. Slither around the twists and turns on a raft down the Python, an Australian-first interactive light and sound waterslide. Or take a turn down the Constrictor raft slide, a 114m slide

( 120 For curious contemporary visitors

which can swallow a single or two-person raft into its depths, down a series of spine-tingling spirals with tight, high banking turns. Away from the pools, casual visitors are welcome to take advantage of PARC’s health club, and enjoy the centre’s fully equipped gym as well as group exercise timetable. With on-site parking, a café with lots of delicious options to choose from, a retail store and free WiFi, every trip to PARC is a fun and convenient one. PARC A: 16N Cranbourne Rd, Frankston T: 9781 8448 W: FB: parcfrankston INSTA: parcfrankston

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Make it a date night, not a late night What do Ross Noble, Vanessa Amorosi, John Williamson, Bluey, and Casey Donovan have in common? They will all be performing on Frankston Arts Centre’s stage in the year ahead! Frankston Arts Centre has something for everyone, with drama, comedy, children’s shows, dance and music underlining a stunning year of entertainment. Presenting the best touring productions by leading national performance companies and artists, the FAC has been inspiring creative experiences right on the doorstep of the Mornington Peninsula for 26 years. With more than 300 performances a year, the 800-seat theatre and gallery venue is one of the busiest venues in Victoria. The Cube 37 and Foyer gallery spaces feature an inspiring program of works by emerging and

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

established artists, including immersive installations, digital projections, photography and more. If you have never visited Frankston Arts Centre, make it your next destination for a date night or girls’ night out! See your favourite big-name artists at a venue close by, and save money on fuel and tickets. Live performance is back, and the calendar is bursting with opportunities to experience performances and art suitable for all ages and tastes. Check out upcoming shows and exhibitions at Hear first about big-name artists visiting Frankston by subscribing to e-news. FRANKSTON ARTS CENTRE A: 27-37 Davey St, Frankston T: 9784 1060 W: FB: FrankstonArtsCentre INSTA: the_fac

121 )

Dame Elisabeth’s legacy for all to enjoy

Cruden Farm is an internationally famous property consisting of manicured lawns, stunning gardens and majestic trees, all surrounded by a rural vista. Created by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, the place offers calmness and restoration as you wander among the gardens she planted and tended for more than 80 years. Dame Elisabeth left her precious garden to the people as a place of recreation, and now more than ever it provides solace and serenity as well as visual splendour. Summer is a time of vivid colour and lushness, with hundreds of roses and a variety of other

( 122 For curious contemporary visitors

scented and radiant flowers to enjoy. The original driveway is flanked by more than 120 lemonscented gum trees that smell wonderful and create an iconic image of arrival. And when you kick off your sandals, the rich, grassy turf feels truly fabulous underfoot. Feel free to bring a picnic and your camera and spend a relaxing time among nature, enjoying Cruden Farm’s diverse birdlife, lakes and dams, well-established trees, luxurious flowers and interesting sculptures. CRUDEN FARM A: 60 Cranbourne Rd, Langwarrin T: 9789 1676 W: FB: CrudenFarm INSTA: crudenfarm

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

At the gateway to the Peninsula, Cruden Farm and McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery At the gateway to the Peninsula, Crudenare Farm within 45 minutes from the CBD. and McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery are within 45 minutes from the CBD.


PARK+GALLERY • outdoor walks •• •• ••

wild bushland outdoor walks outdoor sculptures wild bushland café outdoor sculptures

• café




CRUDEN FARM CRUDEN FARM • outdoor walks •• •• •• ••

manicured gardens outdoor walks wild bushland manicured gardens outdoor sculptures wild bushland excellent coffee outdoor sculptures

• excellent coffee

Authentic taste of Thailand There’s nothing like the bold and bright flavours of Thai cuisine to awaken your appetite. Mandy Lingard and her team at Dava Thai take great pride in creating a beautiful menu of Thai classics plus a few twists that you can enjoy dining in or in the comfort of your accommodation.

“Right from the start I wanted to offer excellent quality takeaway and home delivery,” says Mandy. The foundation of standout Thai food is the delicate balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour. “All our chefs are Thai so the cooking is authentic and they’re involved in all the menu decisions. We shop every day so that the produce is as fresh as possible.” Dava Thai caters for all tastes, from spice-lovers to not spicy, vegan and gluten-free. Start with prawn spring rolls or Thai curry puffs. Main course

winners include pad kee mao duck, a delicious barbecue duck stir-fry, classic massaman beef curry, or pork belly stir-fry with vegetables. Whether curry, noodles or rice dishes are your preference, there’s plenty of fresh and fabulous options to choose from. Dava Thai is open seven days from 4pm and Dava Thai Towerhill is open seven days from 11.30am. Order by phone or online via the Bite Local app. DAVA THAI TOWERHILL A: 12/147 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Frankston South T: 9770 0646 DAVA THAI A: 35 Dava Drive, Mornington T: 5975 2900 W: FB: Dava Thai INSTA: davathaifood

Delicious Authentic Thai Cuisine Dine in Takeaway or Delivery ( 124 For curious contemporary visitors


Towerhill SC - Frankston Sth

35 Dava Drive 03 5975 2900 4pm - 8pm

147 Frankston-Flinders Rd 03 9770 0646 3pm - 8pm HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Seaford studio run by artists for artists Amid a collection of euphoric and impelling artworks, Aquire Design Gallery & Art Studio was inspired by three local and rapidly emerging artists: Maureen Whitaker, Janet Chapman and Gabrielle Young. Their accumulation of prizes, awards and features in a range of galleries and exhibitions underlines the three artists’ vast talents and experiences. Focusing more on intuitive, expressive and gestural art rather than works of planned precision, the gallery portrays abstract artworks as well as those that are more realistic. While some artists use such mediums as ink, others acquire different types of paint or mixed media. This results in Aquire Design Gallery & Art Studio being able to exhibit a wide range of styles, with each artist bringing their own unique touch to every artwork.

Located in the beachside suburb of Seaford, Aquire Design Gallery & Art Studio reignites the notion of innovation by establishing an artist-run initiative for all the region’s artists, allowing others to develop and evolve their craft and to provide a place for artists to support other members of their creative

community. AQUIRE DESIGN GALLERY & ART STUDIO A: 10 Station St, Seaford M: 0402 066 436 W: FB: AquireDesignCentre

Come visit our local co-op showcasing the area’s artists and artisans! Artists on site, pick up a new piece in store, plus venue for hire to run workshops. Visit us online or in store. 10 Station Street, Seaford |

0402 066 436

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

125 )

Healthy food for a healthy planet Husband-and-wife team Amrita Arn and Bobby Ram fulfilled a lifelong dream when they opened their vegetarian and vegan café in Frankston in 2018. With no previous industry experience – just a passion for healthy, flavourpacked food and genuine hospitality – it’s a gamble that paid off. The bright and welcoming café attracts a throng of regulars and newcomers who drop in for vibrant superfood smoothie bowls, tasty cooked vegie breakfasts, buddha bowls, and plant-based ‘meat’ dishes such as burgers or tacos, all served with fresh salad. “We want to show people they can eat this way and not feel like they’re ‘missing out’,” Amrita says Youngsters will be happy with the kids’ menu, and the rustic fries or sweet potato chips. Great coffee and delicious vegan cakes made by

Compassionate Kitchen and Fee in the Raw are other good reasons to visit. “We’re big on presentation and flavour. People eat with their eyes first; if food looks amazing, is healthy, tastes great and you’re full, then you’re winning.” Grab a seat inside or in the courtyard, which is a riot of colour with the tropical mural, or order your nourishing meal to go. Fully licensed and available for functions, Nature Café Bar celebrates all the important things: good food, healthy people, healthy planet. It’s open daily from 8am-3.30pm. NATURE CAFÉ BAR A: 1-3 Thompson St, Frankston T: 9781 5183 W: FB: naturevegetariancafebar INSTA: naturecafebar

For a healthy feast that really fills your tummy and your soul! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fully licensed and a great family friendly vibe. Healthy, creative, vegan and gluten free options.

Delivery available on Menulog, Deliveroo and DoorDash

1-3 Thompson St, Frankston 9781 5183 ( 126 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Family fun never goes out of style Whether this is your first time visiting our stunning region or you’re lucky enough to have been here before, you are sure to be overwhelmed by all the fantastic options available to you for a great family fun day out. With all of this choice, however, the challenge can be finding something that everyone will enjoy. Luckily, the answer can be found at the Sk8house rollerskating rink in Carrum Downs. Sk8house is a 2000 square metre COVID-safe venue that offers great value and good old-fashioned fun. Step through the doors, hire some skates, roll out on to the rink and leave all your worries behind. General sessions are filled with hit music and fun games to keep even the fussiest Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

kids – and adults – entertained. Then, when you have worked up an appetite, there’s a fully stocked cafe with delicious freshly made hot and cold food, drinks and even barista coffee. Loan skates, blades and protective equipment are available, and the Skate Shop on site caters for all your skating and blading needs. Whether you are young or just young at heart, roller-skating is great fun for everyone at Sk8house. Visit for session times and to book now. SK8HOUSE A: 3/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs T: 9773 6799 W: E:

127 )

Frankston’s hidden gem awaits Located in a stylishly renovated weatherboard house, One Pear Tree is full of charm and stands out in the café scene for more than just its excellent coffee. A lot of thought has gone into creating an inviting space. Fresh white walls contrast with black polished wood floors, and large windows let natural light stream in, showcasing the original art, homewares, jewellery and giftware throughout the café.

Whether you’re catching up with friends or family, you can count on a fabulous brekky. Start with a cold-pressed juice and be sure to add the housemade hash browns to your order. At lunch, expect a menu that changes seasonally with a focus on plenty of flavour. Being licensed, wine, beer, cider and spirits are on offer too. For morning or afternoon tea, there’s tempting housemade cakes including their best-selling classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. When the weather’s fine, the lush green garden is the place to be. The

tables have umbrellas so there’s plenty of shade, and dogs are welcome too. If you’re short on time, order at the coffee window and take away. There’s good reason this place is Frankston’s hidden gem. It’s open Monday to Friday from 7.30am-3.30pm, and weekends 8am-4pm. ONE PEAR TREE A: 372 Nepean Highway, Frankston T: 9781 0077 W: FB: onepeartree INSTA: onepeartree

One Pear Tree is Frankston’s destination café to meet friends, enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon glass of wine. Sit & relax under an old oak tree in our delightful garden, your dogs are welcome too. Seasonal menu with daily specials that won’t disappoint. Giftware and homewares available in-store to purchase.

All day breakfast menu available. 372 Nepean Hwy, Frankston 9781 0077

( 128 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Memories are made at TREAND Three generations give their energy and passion to creating a welcoming and memorable food and wine experience for visitors to TREAND At Baxter Valley Estate. From the winemaking to the cellar door and restaurant to the beautifully kept grounds, the whole family are involved in making sure you’re well looked after at this boutique winery and restaurant. With only 1.4ha under vine, the aim of this smaller producer is to offer a personalised experience and an impressive range of estatemade wine. From pinot noir to cabernet merlot, chardonnay to prosecco, rosé and beyond, there are varietals to appeal to all palates. After a wine tasting or lunch at TREAND, the winery restaurant, you can enjoy a stroll

around the dam and take in the beauty of the magnificent willow trees and enchanting gardens. The menu here makes the most of beautiful seasonal produce from neighbouring farms and special touches from TREAND’s kitchen garden and the estate’s fruit trees. Friday lunch is a la carte; on the weekend, diners can enjoy a two or three-course menu. When the sun is shining, a table in the courtyard under the fig tree is the place to be. You’ll be so happy you put TREAND on your ‘must visit’ list. It’s open Friday-Sunday 11.30am-4.30pm. TREAND AT BAXTER VALLEY ESTATE A: 165 Baxter-Tooradin Rd, Baxter T: 5977 9969 W: FB: TREAND.BaxterValleyEstate INSTA: treandwines

CELLAR DOOR & KITCHEN NOW OPEN! Fri - Sun • Lunch & Tastings 165 Baxter-Tooradin Rd, Baxter P: 5977 9969 Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

129 )

Starting afresh in 2022

At Yo-Ko Original Boutique we are (tentatively) farewelling the difficulties of this past year. Our doors have reopened and we look forward to welcoming a new and exciting 2022 in all aspects of life – including a fresh summer wardrobe! Yo-Ko is renowned for showcasing a great selection of colour and print, so we are in our element with delicious summer palettes, from flowing muted florals to neutral-toned separates in natural fibres, organic and sustainable fabrics, bold solid colour blocked styles and vibrantly contrasting prints – there’s myriad choice. We’re now stocking womenswear labels including the popular and stunning Orientique, Indian printed

( 130 For curious contemporary visitors

pieces by Rasaleela, beautiful-to-wear jeans, skirts and pants from New Zealand label Vassali, the ever-popular Boho Australia, and sleepwear from Victoria’s Dream by Orientique. And we have just introduced a small range of summer footwear from Carla Verde. We are proud to also support a number of local artisans with accessories, giftware and jewellery, sourced from within our community. Digital vouchers are available for easy gift-giving. For styling inspiration and the newest deliveries, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. YO-KO ORIGINAL BOUTIQUE A: 33 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford M: 0418 525 872 W: FB: yokooriginal INSTA: yokooriginal

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Hungry for American-style barbecue? Make sure you bring a big appetite to Iron River Bar & Grill. You’ll need it! Inspired by American steakhouses, this family-owned and operated business in the heart of Frankston has become a magnet for steak lovers, burger connoisseurs, and fans of American-style barbecue. If you’ve never tried traditional New York buffalo wings, this is the place to do it: deep-fried chicken wings coated in a spicy sauce. Or perhaps go for Cubano rolls, the kind you’d find in Florida, home of the Cuban sandwich,toasted and filled with all-American flavours such as philly cheese steak.

Other menu highlights include slowcooked pork ribs smothered in sauce, just how they should be. Top-quality beef from Great Southern Pinnacle, grass-fed for life, will keep steak-lovers happy. Choices range from wagyu to porterhouse to a whopping 500g ribeye. Then there’s the burgers – 100 per cent grass-fed Great Southern Pinnacle brisket grilled to perfection and served on potato buns with all manner of condiments and fillings from classic to fancy. Chicken parmas break the American tradition, but who doesn’t love a good parma?

There’s an extensive cocktail list for the grown-ups, and milkshakes, thickshakes, and soda floats for the little ones. See social media for details of weekly themed dinners. Iron River Bar & Grill is open Monday to Friday from 4pm-late, and Saturday and Sunday noon-late IRON RIVER BAR & GRILL A: 435/437 Nepean Highway Frankston T: 8765 2498 W: FB: ironriverbarandgrill INSTA: ironriverbarandgrill

Iron River Bar & Grill

Giving you American flare, without leaving Australia! Our hours are: Mon – Fri 4pm - late 8765 2498

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

Sat – Sun 12noon - late

435/437 Nepean Highway, Frankston Insta : @ironriverbarandgrill

131 )

Your pedal-powered summer starts in Frankston With more than 30 cycle paths and bike tracks throughout the Mornington Peninsula, hopping on a bike this summer and exploring the stunning coastline and hinterland makes perfect sense. The bike experts at Peninsula Star Cycles are just the ones to get you pedalling on exactly the right bike for you. As Frankston’s oldest bike shop – celebrating 75 years this year – there isn’t much the team here don’t know about bikes and their accessories. They stock a wide range of top-selling brands and styles, from mountain bikes to hybrids to BMX. Pay them a visit for friendly advice about bikes to suit all needs for children and adults.

If you’re looking for cycling accessories, Peninsula Star Cycles have an impressive selection of bike

bags, locks, bells, pumps, child seats, apparel and so much more. Whatever you can think of that’s bikerelated, you’ll find it here. Not only is bike-riding enjoyable whether you do it solo, with friends or family, it’s also a great form of exercise that gets you out in the fresh air and builds both muscle and cardio strength. Who doesn’t want that? They’re open Monday to Friday 10am5.30pm, and Saturday 10am-4pm; closed Sunday. PENINSULA STAR CYCLES A: 48 Playne St, Frankston T: 9783 2266 W: FB: PeninsulaStarCycles INSTA: PeninsulaStarCycles

For all your bicycle needs including Sales, Servicing and Repairs

48 Playne St, Frankston | P: 9783 2266 ( 132 For curious contemporary visitors

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Doing It Outdoors all over Frankston City Are you looking forward to a summer spent in the sunshine and fresh air? Can’t stand the thought of being inside for another minute? Frankston City has you covered, with outdoor dining, shopping, entertainment and experiences popping up all over town. From clever parklets and extended kerbside dining – including new installations at 13 venues along Nepean Highway – to yoga and Zumba in the park and live music while you chomp, Frankston and the suburbs are rocking a packed calendar of outdoor adventures and vibrant urban experiences as part of the Do It Outdoors 2.0 campaign. Frankston City recently received a major

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

boost to its outdoor activation program thanks to $575,000 from the State Government to support

both hospitality and non-hospitality businesses, including retail. North East Ward councillor Suzette Tayler welcomed the funding provided by the Government as part of the COVIDSafe Outdoor Activation Fund, which builds on previous rounds of the Local Councils Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package. “We know residents are itching to get outdoors and enjoy all that Frankston City has to offer – in a COVID-safe environment – as lockdown restrictions begin to ease,” Cr Tayler said. “Hospitality is vital to our local economy, with 655 businesses employing 2862 people and contributing an annual turnover of more than $345 million.” Buy local to support locals, and find out where you can Do It Outdoors by visiting

133 )

ACCOMMODATION Embrace the coastal living atmosphere and the spirit of a small seaside town, or head into the emerald hinterland to stay among the trees as you look out on to winery vistas. From boutique 5-star accommodation options to quaint cottages with charm, every taste is catered for with the trimmings to match in this wondrous region. Modern bed and breakfasts or farm stays suit the couple searching for an intimate weekend away. On the other hand there are bountiful holiday homes that are ideal to sleep an extended family or two. Resorts, hotels, and motels offer an extra touch of convenience, with a wide range of options to suit all budgets. Why not get back to basics at a campsite with a priceless view or add a touch of luxury with a glamping experience to be envied. Set up the caravan by the tranquil bay, where you’ll make friends for life and return year after year. If your heart desires both rolling hills with a hidden retreat and a sleek clifftop hideaway with views over the ocean, there’s always the option to book more than one place to stay, or add it to your itinerary for your next visit. We just know you’ll be back for more. KATE SEARS

Holiday property management made easy Getaway Property Management is on a mission to redefine holiday property management with low booking fees, unrivalled flexibility, and unbeatable results. We believe letting your home shouldn’t be a second job, and that saves you more time for the things that matter. We list your property on the top booking platforms, manage all of the calendars for you and promote your home to our extensive database of guests. Our fresh, modern approach keeps our fees at an industry low. There are no scary lock-in contracts with Getaway Property Management. We work

( 134 For curious contemporary visitors

with you to tailor a holiday management plan, and you can manage the guests yourself or leave it to us. It’s that easy. Need management for hotels, motels, or multiple properties? No problem! We can handle all tasks associated with operating any accommodation business on your behalf. Inquire to find out how we can provide a custom solution that suits your needs. GETAWAY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT A: 33/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington T: 1300 131 129 W: www. FB: getawaypropertymanagment INSTA: getawaypropertymanagment

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Rye rocks as far as we are concerned. This seaside holiday haven comes alive over the summertime with fun things to do, places to go and of course people to meet on the beach. Point Nepean Rd is Rye's main thoroughfare, running parallel to the town's pristine bay beach, popular with campers, swimmers, fishers and paddleboarders over summer. If you love to swim, fish, paddleboard or kitesurf, Rye’s bay beach is the place for you. If you’re a surfer, the back beach has awesome breaks. And if you’re looking for great service with a smile, head into the town centre where you’ll find health care professionals with the right advice. Take some time out at a day spa to tap into your inner beauty or get your hair done, get your eyes checked by an experienced optometrist, or head down for a family fun day full of athleticism, children’s rides and market stalls in January. You can always find the perfect coffee in Rye and there are food options galore. Rye is the place to be throughout summer. Take your shoes off and saunter down to the sand with family and friends or hit the street. Either way, it’s where the cool people meet. You can choose to stay in holiday units, hosted house accommodation, camping on the foreshore – there are any number of options. Rye is a wonderful spot for a holiday.

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

135 )

Photo by: @katherineandcamera

Escape here

The way forward for short-term rental management A family-run business, ihostme has been operating out of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Mornington Peninsula for the past three years. Properties are listed on Airbnb, Stayz, and our website in order to maximise exposure and therefore occupancy. We are very proud to have first-page ranking of our website for direct bookings.

software for real-time visibility of their bookings, booking value, expenses, as well as profit and loss statements.

We use an automated nightly rate tool which ensures our properties are priced competitively in the market. Prices are updated continuously, according to market demand/supply.

If your property is available for more than 140 days a year, please contact us and we’ll be very pleased to help.

Our clients are given portal access to their listings in our property management

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

We charge our management fee monthly and invoice third-party expenses at cost, with no mark-ups applied. We are all about taking the stress out of property hosting, enabling owners to maximise their return without the hassle factor. ihostme is property hosting made simple.

IHOSTME M: 0412 689 536 W: FB: @ihostme

137 )

See Super Hosts for a super holiday Super Hosts are short-stay specialists and exclusive housekeepers who are your perfect partners in managing all the finer details of your holiday home.

after your home as if it were their own and manage all the operations for you. They love all the finer details, and their seven-year 5-star reviews on Airbnb speak for themselves. Discreet and exclusive, Super Hosts provide the refined traveller with the greatest choice in unique properties on the Peninsula.

Recently setting up their base HQ in Main St, Sorrento, Super Hosts’ internationally trained team of professionals offer exclusive housekeeping and short-stay services for luxurious properties here on the Mornington Peninsula.

SUPER HOSTS A: 141 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento T: 0430 313 649 W: FB: radmypad INSTA: radmypad

Their portfolio is selective and their service is boutique, and they are not real estate agents. They look

Why work with us? | 0430 313 649 ( 138 For curious contemporary visitors

Discreet & exclusive service Contemporary hotel approach 900 + 5-star reviews We treat your home as our own Meet & Greet welcomes for guests Team are trained in house & tailored to your needs Sorrento based - 141 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento Providing world class standards HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Holiday homes with the ‘wow’ factor You’ll feel right at home in a holiday home beautifully styled by Property Mums. They think of everything to ensure each property has its own ‘wow’ factor and your stay is one to remember. This leading property management agency is run by creative, hardworking mums who have made it their business to style, rent and manage short-term holiday rental properties in Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula and in Hepburn Springs. Owner Kim Steel has more than 15 years’ experience in styling and managing holiday rental properties and knows that an immaculately presented home and attentive hosting are the keys to consistent bookings and happy guests. For homeowners considering renting their

property as a holiday rental, Kim and her team offer the full suite of services, from styling and interior design to professional photography and listing on Airbnb, to complete property management. The process starts with a comprehensive appraisal and then you’ll be guided by the experts. For holidaymakers looking to rent a holiday home, you can book with confidence through Property Mums knowing that the home will be spotlessly clean and well-appointed, and that your host will be readily available. All you have to do is decide your next destination. PROPERTY MUMS T: 0414 015 821 W: FB: PropertyMums INSTA: propertymumsau On the grounds of Rosebud Country Club, with 39 stylish and spacious spa, king, twin and family suites.

The perfect place for your Peninsula escape!

P: 5950 2111 Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

• King Beds • Private Courtyards • Onsite Restaurant and Bar • 36 hole golf course

139 )

BALNARRING Emu Plains Market: Emu Plains Reserve, Balnarring Racecourse, Balnarring, 9am-2pm, www. check website for dates BITTERN Bittern: Every Sunday, 8am-1pm, 70+ stalls, Bittern station, FrankstonFlinders Rd https://www.facebook. com/profile.php?id=100027974785628 CRIB POINT Crib Point Community Market: second Saturday of month, 9am-1pm, Crib Point Community House, 7 Park Rd, Crib Point DROMANA Dromana Community Market: fourth Saturday of month, Dromana Community Park, Point Nepean Rd, Dromana; 8.30am-1.30pm; familyfriendly experience with fresh and seasonal produce and locally crafted products HASTINGS High St, Hastings: 9am-1pm, 40+ stalls, everything homemade, home-grown & crafted

( 140 For curious contemporary visitors


MOOROODUC Moorooduc Station Market: 460 Moorooduc Highway, Moorooduc; 10am-2pm; 60-stall boutique handmade maker and street food market at historic Moorooduc station; great family day; www. MORNINGTON Main St, Mornington: Every Wednesday 9am-3pm between Cromwell and Albert streets Soul Night Market: 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington; 60 boutique street food & drink trucks, handmade makers

and live soul music; 5-9pm; www. check website for dates Mornington Racecourse Craft Market: Racecourse Rd, 9am-2pm; 300+ stalls with animal farm and face-painting for the kids https://www.craftmarkets. check website for dates. Occasionally held as twilight market. MOUNT ELIZA Mt Eliza Farmers’: fourth Sunday of month except December, Mount Eliza Village Green, 9am-1pm https://www. MOUNT MARTHA Mount Martha Briars Market: 450 Nepean Highway, Mount Martha, 9am2pm au/mount-martha check website for dates Mt Martha South Beach Market: Mt Martha House lawns, check website for details au/south-beach-market PEARCEDALE Pearcedale Market: third Saturday of month, 8am-noon, 710 BaxterTooradin Rd, Pearcedale https://

PORTSEA Point Nepean Portsea Market: Portsea Quarantine Station, Point Nepean National Park, 9am-2pm https://www. check website for dates RED HILL Red Hill Community Market: first Sunday of month, 8am-1pm, Red Hill Recreation Reserve https://www. check website for dates ROSEBUD Rosebud Community School: second Saturday of month, Nepean Highway, the old carnival site on Rosebud Foreshore (opposite 7-Eleven), 120+ stalls, handmade and new items, produce and plants SOMERVILLE Somerville Saturday Market: second Saturday of month except January, 9am-1pm; crafts, bric-a-brac, cakes, plants and vegies; 2a Eramosa Rd West, Somerville TOOTGAROOK Tootgarook Market: fourth Saturday of month, Tootgarook Primary School, 7 Carmichael St, 7.30am-noon; handmade crafts, local and fresh produce, gourmet foods, plants, bric-a-brac TUERONG Soul Night Market: 555 Old Moorooduc Rd, Tuerong; 60 boutique street food & drink trucks, handmade makers and live soul music; 5-9pm; SHOP.EAT.DRINK. SOCIALISE www.unrivalledevents. check website for dates

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

Mornington Peninsula’s go-to crafty shopping destinations Looking for the very best crafty shopping experiences on the Mornington Peninsula? You’ll find them both indoors and outdoors from the creators of Untold Events Co. Here is their go-to list: Discover the Emu Plains Market. Unlike any other market you have ever seen, the EPM offers a festival-like atmosphere featuring an amazing array of food, live entertainment, fun for the kids, and of course more than 250 of the very best makers and creators Melbourne has to offer. Catch these iconic markets every month from November to April. Visit the prettiest market around. Little Beauty Market has quickly become the creative hub of Frankston, showcasing more than 100 talented makers hand-picked for their uniqueness. To experience all the sights and sounds this beautiful market has to offer, visit us on the fourth Saturday of the month at Beauty Park.

Support local, support handmade, support innovation, support love, support small your local market!

The coolest new kid on the block, Albert & Daphne’s Interest Store of Curious Goods in the heart of Main St, Mornington, is a curated collection of unique finds. A haven for men’s and women’s beautiful clothing, accessories, one-ofa-kind homewares, shoes, artwork, and of course special gifts, it’s a must-visit destination this summer.



Love supporting small & local? Why not check out our interest store of curious goods!



Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

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PAGE NO 18-19 141 135 125 106-107 25 109 92 70 80 72-73 23 31 29 62 122-123 119 124 124 95 97 16 46 47 100 141 139 80 79 140 121 133 116-117 2, 134 136 137 60 131 104-105 51 98 49 10 70-71 141 15 36-37 36-37 36-37 34, 123 93 148 38-39 63

NAME STREET 400 Gradi 25 Main St Albert & Daphne 103 Main St Allocate Peninsula Holiday Rentals Aquire Design & Art Studio 10 Station St Arthurs Seat Eagle 1085 Arthurs Seat Rd Artisan’s Alley 17 Main St Ashcombe Maze 15 Shoreham Rd Balnarring Village Shopping Centre 3050 Frankston - Flinders Rd Boathouse Resort Motel 2871 Point Nepean Rd Boneo Discovery Park 698 Limestone Rd C&E Skin and Beauty 2/56 Kerferd Ave Chocolat of Mornington Shop 6, 59 Barkly St Colourful Learning Shop 2B Empire St Colours Of White Collection 4 Ross St Cooee Cafe 1/7 Thamer St Cruden Farm 60 Cranbourne Rd Dainton Brewery & Taphouse 560 Frankston-Dandenong Rd Dava Thai 12/147 Frankston-Flinders Road Dava Thai 35 Dava Drive Deco Heaven C/- Tyabb Packing House, 14 Morn-Tyabb Rd Dogs Republic C/- Tyabb Packing House, 14 Morn-Tyabb Rd Dromana Estate Winery 555 Old Moorooduc Rd Dromana Hub 251 Point Nepean Rd Dromana Indoor Market 2/110 Nepean Hwy Eds Hastings 2 Olivia Way Emu Plains Market Balnarring Racecourse Fairways Resort 207 Boneo Rd Flinders and District Lions Club Inc. Cnr Cook St and Norman St Flinders General Store 48 Cook St Food and Wine with Love Frankston Arts Centre Corner Davey & Young St Frankston City Council 30 Davey St Frankston Visitor Information Centre 7N Pier Promenade Getaway Property Management 33/1140 Nepean Hwy Hostabout iHostMe Indi Tribe Collective 1/3 Merino St Iron River Bar & Grill 435/437 Nepean Hwy Jackalope 166 Balnarring Rd Jetty Road Brewery 12-14 Brasser Ave Kidz Shed 222 Marine Pde La Onda Latin Mex 171 Point Nepean Rd La Sorella By Twisted Sista 18a Main St Linen House 60 Kerferd Ave Little Beauty Market Cnr High & Young Sts Locked In Escape Rooms 2/2a Carbine Way Manyung Gallery 37 Cook St Manyung Gallery 113 Ocean Beach Rd Manyung Gallery 54 Mt Eliza Way McClelland Gallery 390 McClelland Rd Mitch & Co Café 1552 Frankston Flinders Rd Mornington Chamber of Commerce 103A Main St Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 2/350 Dunns Rd Mornington Peninsula Rentals Shop 14, 3050 Frankston-Flinders Rd

( 142 For curious contemporary visitors

SUBURB Mornington Mornington Mornington Peninsula Seaford Arthurs Seat Mornington Shoreham Balnarring Blairgowrie Fingal Sorrento Mornington Mornington Mornington Capel Sound Langwarrin Carrum Downs Frankston Sth Mornington Tyabb Tyabb Tuerong Dromana Dromana Hastings Balnarring Rosebud Flinders Flinders Mornington Peninsula Frankston Frankston Frankston Mornington Mount Martha Mornington Peninsula Rosebud Frankston Merricks North Dromana Hastings Dromana Mornington Sorrento Frankston Mornington Flinders Sorrento Mount Eliza Langwarrin Tyabb Mornington Mornington Balnarring

PHONE P. 9116 8350 P. 0412 409 088 P. 0402 066 436 P. 5987 0600 P. 5976 8742 P. 5989 8387 P. 5988 8088 P. 5988 6385 P. 5984 0124 P. 5976 4902 P. 0423 022 326 P. 0415 903 669 P. 5986 4414 P. 9789 1676 P. 9775 0334 P. 9770 0646 P. 5975 2900 P. 0418 513 971 P. 0409 641040 P. 5974 4400 P. 9650 2516 P. 5981 0023 P. 5979 4126 P. 5950 2111 P. 0418 358 587 P. 5989 0207 P. 9784 1060 P. 1300 322 322 P. 1300 322 842 P. 1300 131 129 P. 0499 467 800 P. 0412 689 536 P. 5988 9070 P. 8765 2498 P. 5931 2510 P. 5987 2754 P. 5906 5900 P. 5904 7632 P. 8766 0661 P. 5984 1692 P. 0413 010 431 P. 9787 2953 P. 9787 2953 P. 9787 2953 P. 9789 1671 P. 5977 3201 P. 5975 4522 P. 5950 1580 P. 5983 5509

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

PAGE NO 63 30 26-27 126 40-41 17 21 59 128 120 22 35, 132 89 89 89 89 89 139 99 111 44-45 108-109 56 96 58 47 127 24 11 12-13 101 138 109 57 14 22 64-65 52-53 109 20-21 48 58 68 129 94 28 28 28 28 87 28 61 130

NAME STREET Mornington Peninsula Rentals 2197 Point Nepean Rd Mornington Peninsula Shire Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce 70 Mt Eliza Way Nature Cafe Bar 1-3 Thompson St Nissarana Galleries 211 Main St Obtainium Antiques 2/15 Progress St Off The Hook Fishing Charters Olieve and Olie 7/16 Henry Wilson Dr One Pear Tree 372 Nepean Hwy Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre Cnr Cranbourne Rd & Olice Gr Peninsula Chauffeurs Peninsula Film Festival Dromana Drive In Peninsula Star Cycles 48 Playne St Peninsula Vet Care 199 Mt Eliza Way Peninsula Vet Care 161 Mornington-Tyabb Rd Peninsula Vet Care 41 Boneo Rd Peninsula Vet Care 27 McCulloch St Peninsula Vet Care 27 Dundas St Property Mums Rain Hayne & Shine 490 Stumpy Gully Rd Red Gum BBQ 87 Arthurs Seat Rd Red Hill Candle Co 1/4-6 Thomson Tce Red Hill Show Red Hill Recreation Reserve Rosebud Country Club 207 Boneo Rd Sanctuary Inn on Western Port 126 Marine Pde Sea Store Beach Cafe 2353 Point Nepean Rd Sirene Pearls SK8House Unit 3/2 Amayla Cres Soeur Creperie 180 Main St Somerville Egg Farm 220 Eramosa Rd West Squires Loft 104 Main St Steamin Mugs 24 High St Super Hosts 141 Ocean Beach Rd Ten Minutes By Tractor 1333 Mornington-Flinders Rd The Bagelry Co 1245 Pt Nepean Rd The Big Goose 233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd The Cocktail Studio 150 Main St The Dunes Golf Club 335 Browns Rd The Factory Antiques 2 Collins Rd The Flying Calamari Brothers 15 Shoreham Rd The Good Food Bakery Shops 3 & 4, 209 Mornington-Tyabb Rd The New Atrium Function Centre 10 Country Club Dr The Produce Hut 754 Boneo Rd The Toy Workshop 1 George St Treand At Baxter Winery 165 Baxter-Tooradin Rd Tyabb Packing House 14 Mornington-Tyabb Rd Unrivalled Events Moorooduc Railway Station Unrivalled Events Dromana Estate Unrivalled Events Mt Martha House Unrivalled Events 1008a Nepean Hwy Victoria Explore and Discover Victorian Yacht Charters Yawa Aquatic Centre 100 Besgrove St Yo Ko Original Boutique 33 Armstrongs Rd

Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

SUBURB Rye Mornington Peninsula Mount Eliza Frankston Mornington Mornington Mornington Peninsula Rosebud Frankston Frankston Mornington Peninsula Dromana Frankston Mount Eliza Mornington Rosebud Dromana Rye Mornington Peninsula Balnarring Red Hill Dromana Red Hill Rosebud Hastings Rye Dromana Carrum Downs Mornington Moorooduc Mornington Hastings Sorrento Main Ridge Rosebud Moorooduc Mornington Rye Dromana Shoreham Mornington Safety Beach Boneo Sorrento Baxter Tyabb Moorooduc Tuerong Mount Martha Mornington Mornington Peninsula Mornington Peninsula Rosebud Seaford

PHONE P. 5983 5509 P. 5950 1000 P. 9787 4832 P. 9781 5183 P. 5976 8877 P. 5975 3169 P. 0419 554 916 P. 5982 0992 P. 9781 0077 P. 9781 8444 P. 0447 791 652 P. 0423 619 832 P. 9783 2266 P. 9787 3466 P. 5975 7766 P. 5986 2254 P. 5987 2477 P. 5985 7011 P. 0414 015 821 P. 5983 1691 P. 5989 3156 P. 0491 044 641 P. 0432 434 255 P. 5950 0800 P. 5979 3333 P. 5985 5526 P. 0417 987 529 P. 9773 6799 P. 0459 658 561 P. 5977 5405 P. 5976 8482 P. 5932 5642 P. 0430 313 649 P. 5989 6080 P. 0408 500 048 P. 0459 911 549 P. 0415 288 585 P. 5985 1334 P. 5981 4141 P. 5989 8387 P. 5925 9322 P. 5981 8123 P. 0416 171 383 P. 5984 4227 P. 5977 9969 P. 5977 4414 P. 0411 239 496 P. 0411 239 496 P. 0411 239 496 P. 0411 239 496 P. 0409 597 508 P. 1300 304 992 P. 5982 6000 P. 0418 525 872

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PAGE NO 135 70 139 2, 134 136 137 63 63 139 96 138 64-65 106-107 109 80 31 122-123 80 121 133 116-117 98 15 21 120 35, 99 108-109 56 127 14 64-65 86 87 28 61 141 125 25 92 29 95 97 46 47 141 116-117 60 70-71 141 36-37 36-37 36-37

NAME STREET Allocate Peninsula Holiday Rentals Boathouse Resort Motel 2871 Point Nepean Rd Fairways Resort 207 Boneo Rd Getaway Property Management 33/1140 Nepean Hwy Hostabout iHostMe Mornington Peninsula Rentals Shop 14, 3050 Frankston-Flinders Rd Mornington Peninsula Rentals 2197 Point Nepean Rd Property Mums Sanctuary Inn on Western Port 126 Marine Pde Super Hosts 141 Ocean Beach Rd The Dunes Golf Club 335 Browns Rd Arthurs Seat Eagle 1085 Arthurs Seat Rd Ashcombe Maze 15 Shoreham Rd Boneo Discovery Park 698 Limestone Rd Colourful Learning Shop 2B Empire St Cruden Farm 60 Cranbourne Rd Flinders and District Lions Club Inc. Cnr Cook St and Norman St Frankston Arts Centre Corner Davey & Young St Frankston City Council 30 Davey St Frankston Visitor Information Centre 7N Pier Promenade Kidz Shed 222 Marine Pde Locked In Escape Rooms 2/2a Carbine Way Off The Hook Fishing Charters Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre Cnr Cranbourne Rd & Olice Gr Peninsula Film Festival Dromana Drive In Rain Hayne & Shine 490 Stumpy Gully Rd Red Hill Show Red Hill Recreation Reserve Rosebud Country Club 207 Boneo Rd SK8House Unit 3/2 Amayla Cres The Big Goose 233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd The Dunes Golf Club 335 Browns Rd The Great Aussie Hike Victoria Explore and Discover Victorian Yacht Charters Yawa Aquatic Centre 100 Besgrove St Albert & Daphne 103 Main St Aquire Design & Art Studio 10 Station St Artisan’s Alley 17 Main St Balnarring Village Shopping Centre 3050 Frankston - Flinders Rd Colours Of White Collection 4 Ross St Deco Heaven C/- Tyabb Packing House, 14 Morn-Tyabb Rd Dogs Republic C/- Tyabb Packing House, 14 Morn-Tyabb Rd Dromana Hub 251 Point Nepean Rd Dromana Indoor Market 2/110 Nepean Hwy Emu Plains Market Balnarring Racecourse Frankston Visitor Information Centre 7N Pier Promenade Indi Tribe Collective 1/3 Merino St Linen House 60 Kerferd Ave Little Beauty Market Cnr High & Young Sts Manyung Gallery 37 Cook St Manyung Gallery 113 Ocean Beach Rd Manyung Gallery 54 Mt Eliza Way

( 144 For curious contemporary visitors

SUBURB Mornington Peninsula Blairgowrie Rosebud Mornington Mount Martha Mornington Peninsula Balnarring Rye Mornington Peninsula Hastings Sorrento Rye Arthurs Seat Shoreham Fingal Mornington Langwarrin Flinders Frankston Frankston Frankston Hastings Mornington Mornington Peninsula Frankston Dromana Balnarring Red Hill Rosebud Carrum Downs Moorooduc Rye Mornington Peninsula Mornington Peninsula Mornington Peninsula Rosebud Mornington Seaford Mornington Balnarring Mornington Tyabb Tyabb Dromana Dromana Balnarring Frankston Rosebud Sorrento Frankston Flinders Sorrento Mount Eliza

PHONE P. 0412 409 088 P. 5988 8088 P. 5950 2111 P. 1300 131 129 P. 0499 467 800 P. 0412 689 536 P. 5983 5509 P. 5983 5509 P. 0414 015 821 P. 5979 3333 P. 0430 313 649 P. 5985 1334 P. 5987 0600 P. 5989 8387 P. 5988 6385 P. 0423 022 326 P. 9789 1676 P. 0418 358 587 P. 9784 1060 P. 1300 322 322 P. 1300 322 842 P. 5906 5900 P. 0413 010 431 P. 0419 554 916 P. 9781 8444 P. 0423 619 832 P. 5983 1691 P. 0432 434 255 P. 5950 0800 P. 9773 6799 P. 0459 911 549 P. 5985 1334 P. 0409 597 508 P. 1300 304 992 P. 5982 6000 P. 0402 066 436 P. 5976 8742 P. 0415 903 669 P. 0418 513 971 P. 0409 641040 P. 9650 2516 P. 5981 0023 P. 1300 322 842 P. 5988 9070 P. 5984 1692 P. 9787 2953 P. 9787 2953 P. 9787 2953

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston

PHONE P. 9789 1671 P. 5975 4522 P. 5950 1580 P. 9787 4832 P. 5976 8877 P. 5975 3169 P. 5982 0992 P. 9783 2266 P. 0491 044 641 P. 0417 987 529 P. 5977 5405 P. 5981 4141 P. 0416 171 383 P. 5984 4227 P. 5977 4414 P. 0411 239 496 P. 0418 525 872 P. 9116 8350 P. 5987 0600 P. 5976 4902 P. 5986 4414 P. 9775 0334 P. 9770 0646 P. 5975 2900 P. 5974 4400 P. 5979 4126 P. 5989 0207 P. 8765 2498 P. 5931 2510 P. 5987 2754 P. 5904 7632 P. 8766 0661 P. 5977 3201 P. 9781 5183 P. 9781 0077 P. 5989 3156 P. 5979 3333 P. 5985 5526 P. 0459 658 561 P. 5976 8482 P. 5932 5642 P. 5989 6080 P. 0408 500 048 P. 0415 288 585 P. 5989 8387 P. 5925 9322 P. 5981 8123 P. 5977 9969 P. 5984 0124 P. 5950 1000 P. 0447 791 652 P. 5985 7011


Issue 1, SUMMER 2021

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Stay water-safe

Are you fire-ready?

Keep those paws cool

Life Saving Victoria is urging all parents and carers to watch children around water over summer. The organisation issued its warning during a recent spate of high temperatures in Melbourne, with many families heading to beaches and waterways or taking advantage of their backyard pools to cool off.

This summer the CFA is calling on everyone to prepare for bushfires no matter what. The CFA suggests you put together a bag of essentials ready to take with you if fire threatens your area. It should include a change of clothes, toiletries and sanitary products, a portable batteryoperated radio, drinking water, a torch and spare batteries, a first-aid kit, candles and matches, woollen blankets, and a waterproof bag containing such valuables as passports, photos, insurance papers and wills.

Now the weather’s decided to crank up, we’re sure everyone’s spending half their time finding ways to keep cool — the beach, icy poles, airconditioning to the max. But what about our pets?

“Twenty seconds is all it takes for a child to drown,” said LSV’s acting operations manager, Kane Treloar. “Further, for every toddler who drowns, another 10 are hospitalised, some left with permanent disabilities. It’s paramount to always supervise children closely around water, with children under five years of age within arm’s reach, and children under 10 years of age within supervisor’s line of sight. If you have a home swimming pool, make sure you restrict access to water, ensure your pool/spa fence is compliant, and never leave pool gates propped open. “If you are taking your children for a day at the beach, make sure you are properly prepared and aware,” Mr Treloar said. “Rips are the No.1 beach hazard for swimmers. Learning how to identify and avoid a rip current is essential for beachgoers. You can learn about rips at “When you get to the beach, stop to check for rips, look for other dangers, and plan how to stay safe. Consider whether you could rescue your child if they got into trouble. If not, head to a patrolled location or pool with lifeguards instead.”

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It’s also recommended you take cash, credit cards, your mobile phone and a charger, and any medication you need. To help protect your home from bushfires, make sure to clean gutters regularly, rake away leaves, twigs and any other flammable material, fit seals around windows and doors to prevent gaps, keep lawns and gardens well maintained, and cut back overhanging trees and shrubs. Stay safe this summer.

Like us, pets are susceptible to heat stroke, so next time you head to the beach, make sure to top up your pet’s water bowl and ensure they have a cool, shaded place in which to chill out. Give them access to the house, and even provide them with ice packs and frozen water bottles to lean against. When walking your dog, stick to the shade to stop their little paws from burning. Make certain you never leave your pet in a hot car. Finally, look out for our wildlife by leaving out water in your garden. Keep everyone cool this summer.

HOLIDAY Mornington Peninsula & Frankston



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Frankston 72


Western Port



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Mount Eliza Baxter




Mills Beach




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Devilbend Natural Features Reserve


Western Port Bay




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Point Nepean


Coolart Rd




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Mount Martha


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Portsea Portsea Surf Beach

Safety 83 Beach

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Sorrento M11

McCrae Rosebud

Back Beach



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Merricks Beach

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Main Ridge


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Point Leo Pt Leo Surf Beach

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Stony Point




St Andrews Beach

French Island

Balnarring Beach




Crib Point

Hmas Cerberus

79 Browns Rd



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Capel Sound 60



23 Peninsula Hot Springs

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Red Hill R


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Purves Rd



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Arthurs Seat


Bittern-Droman Rd

Red Hill




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Dromana 68 32 Beach


36 39 Sorrento

Boneo Rd




Gunnamatta Surf Beach





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