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Table of Contents

Greater Seaford, Delaware Chamber of Commerce Visitors' Guide & Membership Directory

Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Festivals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Outdoors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Seaford School District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Woodbridge School District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Higher Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Historical Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Chamber information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Health care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Seaford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Blades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Bridgeville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Greenwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Categorical listing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 About the magazine This book is a publication of the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Morning Star Publications, Inc . Copyright 2012 Contact information Contact Paula Gunson, Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce executive director, at 800-416-GSCC or visit the chamber web site: www .seafordchamber .com .

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Welcome to Western Sussex County

n behalf of the officers and directors of the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce, welcome to western Sussex County . We invite you to explore the historical gems, the rivers and ponds, and the beautiful municipal parks in the area . Whether you are a visitor, resident or business owner, you will feel the “hometown feeling” and sense of community we offer . It’s evident in our commitment to our youth and our seniors, in fund-raising activities for charitable causes, in the well-attended community and school activities, and in the serenity and beauty in our municipal parks . That sense of community will be there every time you experience personal service offered by a shopkeeper who knows you by name . You’ll encounter the feeling in the area’s strong commitment to downtown districts and to the Route 13 business corridor . You’ll feel it in our schools, churches and government meetings . With stable, respected local governments, a wide W variety of retail establishments and service-related

O | 6

Photo by Daniel Richardson

businesses, communities in western Sussex County enjoy the stability that comes from a diversified economic base while not sacrificing our hometown feeling . The Chamber’s service area includes Greenwood, Bridgeville, Blades, Woodland and Seaford . As in other areas of the country, we have felt the economic pressures of the past few years . Yet we are strong in our belief that by working together we can grow and prosper now and in the future . The Chamber has excellent leaders and wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to offer members opportunities to make connections – with elected officials, school and civic leaders, and other business people . The nearly three hundred members are the backbone of the communities, in business and in dedication to bettering the quality of life for everyone who lives, works or plays here .

PPaula Gunson Executive Director

You’ve always demanded the best. You’ve challenged every convention to create a life with style. Heritage Shores reflects that passion as Delaware’s premiere active adult golf community. Heritage Shores has been honored as the Best Active Adult Community in the Country by the National Council on Senior Housing and voted one of the top 50 master planned communities in the country by Where to Retire Magazine, Heritage Shores can only be appreciated by someone as revolutionary as you.

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History W

hen Captain John Smith first charted the head of the Nanticoke River in the early 1600’s, the people he encountered were the descendants of the Lenni Lenape Indians who had migrated from southeast Pennsylvania and settled on the east bank of the Chesapeake Bay . They were called “People of the Tide Water,” and would later be known as the Nanticoke Indians .

Native Americans and the European Settlers The Nanticoke Indians and their ancestors lived along the Nanticoke River for more than 6,000 years . Although the Indians traveled extensively among themselves, nothing prepared them for the events that would take place in the 17th and 19th centuries . Their culture rudely clashed with that of a very different culture from the European continent . The first contact Native Americans | 10

had with Europeans is not certain . The Spanish, long established in the Caribbean, were notorious for their raids along the East Coast of America in search of slaves to support their activities on the islands . There is circumstantial evidence that the Spanish may have been here in the late 1500s, but no records have surfaced to support this . The first record of a European to explore the head of the Nanticoke is in the year 1608 . At that time, the now famous Captain John Smith, after settling in Jamestown, Virginia, set out with a small group and explored the Chesapeake Bay and its major tributaries . They explored the Pocomoke and the Nanticoke rivers extensively . The map resulting from this exploration served as a standard for many years . It shows the locations and names of Indian villages along the river and illustrates the larger tributaries of the Nanticoke . Meanwhile, the ar-

eas known as Seaford, Bridgeville, St . Johnstown, Greenwood, Old Furnace, Rehoboth, Adamsville and Middleford were all part of Dorchester County in the province of Maryland .

Early English Settlements By the end of the 17th century the Nanticokes were no longer the only residents of the area . The first record of any settlement in the area around Seaford is a very large tract of land granted to Jeremiah Jadwin of Virginia on January 22, 1672 . Identified as “Martin’s Hundred”, the 1,750 acre tract was bordered in part by the Nanticoke River and Herring Creek and its rent was three pounds ten shillings per year . European Thomas Hooper appeared in 1729 on the first legal documents for the land he and his family had been inhabiting for more than 20 years . Known for many years as Hooper’s Landing, Thomas filed a survey in 1799 of plotted land where

the Nanticoke River intersected Herring Creek. The early English settlements were much like those of the Indians, living along the river on dry ground next to a supply of fresh drinking water. The rivers, creeks, branches and Indian trails were the primary travel routes. The only roads noted in early records are those in support of ferry routes linking the upper and lower eastern shore. “Woodland’s Ferry” at Cannon’s Crossing is one of two ferry crossings on the Nanticoke which appear in early deeds. Maryland records support that the ferry was established prior to 1671. It was licensed by the State of Delaware in 1793. The settlement of this area focused on the plantation style of living. Agriculture, especially the cultivation of tobacco, was the primary enterprise of people for many years. In addition, there is much evidence to suggest land east of where Seaford now lies was a very busy iron bog ore area in the mid-18th century. More than 7,000 acres are noted in various land transactions for association with the iron industry in the mid-1700s. Forges are noted in Old Meadow, Middleford, Concord and along the Gum Branch. Remains of a few of these could still be found as recently as 50 years ago. Seaford’s population growth was due in part by coastal Lewes residents fleeing inland to escape the British bombardment during the War of 1812. By 1826, Seaford had a post office, numerous stores, hotels, medical practices and industries. There were animal tanning operations, shoemakers, carriage builders and numerous farming operations.

tion was known as “Ross Station”. The railroad helped fuel the commercial growth in the 1800’s. By 1987, timetables showed trains leaving Seaford all day long, with 17 stops between the town and New Castle. Coupled with river transport, the railroad gave the town considerable commercial leverage. Ross was in politics throughout his adult life, holding office from January 1851 to January 1885. His principal place of residence was an Italian Renaissance style mansion he built around 1850. The Governor Ross Plantation is now owned by the Seaford Historical Society and is open for tours. The Civil War brought division to the community of Seaford, but immediately after the war ended, the town received its charter and was incorporated on April 6, 1865, with a Councilman-Alderman form of government that exists to this day.

The 20th Century – Growth of New Industries By the 20th century, Seaford was a town of 2,000 people and had become one of the peninsula’s most important economic sites. Its shopping and banking services made it an important center for an ever-widening circle of agricultural interests. Around the turn of the century, produce canneries dominated the agriculture community, with Greenabaum

& Sons Canning Factory, one of the largest canneries on the Eastern Shore. The Seaford Phosphate Works was established in 1874 as E. M. Ross & Co. and produced more than 6,000 pounds of acid phosphate per year. With commercial prominence and rail access, Seaford had a bustling hospitality trade with numerous inns and public houses. One of the last downtown hotels was the Sussex Hotel built in 1896. It burned in 1952, ending downtown Seaford’s hospitality industry. In 1925, the poultry industry became important as new methods of housing and feeding were introduced. The nature of farming changed from truck crops to grains and corn for chicken feed as Sussex County became the largest chicken-producing area in the world. In 1939, the DuPont Company chose Seaford as the site of the first nylon plant in the country, and Seaford was known as the “Nylon Capital of the World”. The Seaford plant, now owned by Koch Industries and called Invista, has had a positive economic impact on the area for more than 70 years. These and many other businesses helped make Seaford a hub of commerce well into the 20th century.

The famous Sussex Hotel in the early 1900s was one of Seaford's finest buildings.

Governor Ross and the Civil War Era Innovation in agriculture developed through the efforts of William Henry Harrison Ross. Ross became Governor of Delaware in 1850 and had extensive holdings north of Seaford. The Ross family settled in Northwest Fork Hundred in 1730. William was the fourth generation of an industrious family that introduced many modern agricultural techniques. Governor Ross was instrumental in bringing the railroad south from Dover, and then on to the rest of the Peninsula. The train station at his planta- | 11

Festivals & Events From tossing pumpkins to tubing on the Nanticoke River, from exploring historical buildings to sampling ethnic food, there is something for everyone in Western Sussex County. Heritage Weekend Seaford’s Civil War era history is celebrated over Memorial Day weekend each year at the Governor Ross Plantation. The Governor was a Southern sympathizer during the Civil War and was also a slave holder. The

plantation north of Seaford transforms itself into an encampment featuring re-enactors from both sides of the conflict. The 150th commemoration of the Civil War is now featured and Heritage Weekend focuses on how families in Sussex County were impacted by the war. The festival also offers vintage automobiles, period demonstrators, entertainment, mansion tours, carriage rides, and fabulous food. For information call the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce at 302-629-9690 or 800-416-GSCC. Also check out www.seafordchamber. com.

Nanticoke Riverfest Tubing with a few friends on the Nanticoke River has turned into a

three-day festival in July in downtown Seaford. The Nanticoke River is the central attraction, but all of historic downtown Seaford is turned into a festival during the three day event. Downtown merchants offer special sales, demonstrations and entertainment during the Riverfest each year. There is non-stop entertainment, the Nanticoke River Float-In, the Mayor’s challenge, youth fishing tournament, car show, canoe and kayak races, health fair, motorcycle show, Little Miss Pageants, vendors lining High Street, the Nanticoke Rotary dunking booth, a carnival and more. For more information, contact the City of Seaford at 302-629-9173 or check out www.nanticokeriverfest. com



Soroptimist Mission: Soroptimist’s mission is to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. SERVING THE SEAFORD COMMUNITY SINCE MAY 14, 1950 Projects: Scholarships, Women’s Opportunity Awards, Violet Richardson Awards, Domestic Violence Projects and many more.


AFRAM Festival The African-American heritage of the area is celebrated at the Seaford Sports Complex in August. The festival features a parade, Little Miss and Little Mister pageants, entertainment, Community Recognition honor, lots of ethnic foods, vendors, cultural displays, and children’s activities. For more information, contact Pat Jones at 302-628-1908 or check out

Apple-Scrapple Festival The Town of Bridgeville shuts down the second weekend in October for one of the largest festivals in western Sussex County. The AppleScrapple Festival got its name from apples from the T.S. Smith orchards and the scrapple being processed at Rapa Scrapple. The Apple-Scrapple Golf Tournament is held the weekend prior to the festival. The event itself will be loaded with entertainment, arts and crafts, car and tractor shows, a tractor pull, street dancing, and vendors. There will also be a scrapple carving contest and the Mayor’s Challenge scrapple toss. Of course, people will be standing in line to sample the famous scrapple sandwiches and apple dumplings being served up by local community groups. For more information, call the Town of Bridgeville at 302-3377145, or check out

World Championship Punkin Chunkin Western Sussex County is host to the famous Original World Championship Punkin Chunkin the weekend following Halloween. The world-famous event started as many events in the county did – with a group of friends looking for something new and different to try. From the original small group of friends tossing pumpkins, the event has grown to attract approximately 40,000 visitors annually. The event raises thousands of dollars for selected charities. Punkin Chunkin is held the weekend after Halloween. For more information, check out

Photo by Lynn R. Parks

Western Sussex County also offers many small, local events ranging from Christmas in Bridgeville, the Seaford Halloween parade, a Toy and Train Show at the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department, Victorian Christmas at the Governor Ross Mansion in Seaford and so much more. Please check the community calendar and the events and festivals page on the Chamber of Commerce website for dates and additional information on local events. Photo by Lynn R. Parks

Photo by Lynn R. Parks

Photo by Cassie Kraemer | 13

Outdoors in Western Sussex County

Photo by Cassie Kraemer

Nanticoke River Designated as a Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network, the Nanticoke River Water Trail provides a regional component to the Caption John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail . The trail begins above the city of Seaford and follows the main stem of the Nanticoke River to the Maryland State Line . The water trail also offers paddlers the chance to explore Broad Creek and Deep Creek, both tributaries of the Nanticoke River . Its watershed is the winter home and resting place for a wide variety of waterfowl, including black ducks, | 14

canvasbacks, teals and tundra swans . These same wetlands provide an excellent environment for rare plants such as the seaside alder and the spreading pogonia orchid, Parker's pipewort, wild lupine, box huckleberry, reindeer moss and pitcher plant . Despite some recent trends in agriculture and development, the river retains many of the physical and biological characteristics that were once common to many of the Bay's tributaries, and documented by Capt . John Smith in 1608 . The Nanticoke River also connects the many stories of the region, including early Native American settlements and establishment of Woodland, Sea-

ford, and other river towns, with the river providing sustenance, habitat, economic opportunities, transportation and recreation . Today, the river provides numerous programs and initiatives relating to environmental stewardship and resource restoration . Recreational boat traffic on the river originates in the Seaford area and heads south . Along the trail, there are seven boat launches, fishing access sites, picnic facilities, shared-use trails for hikers and equestrians and a developing scenic byway . Year-round direct access to the river is offered at two boar launch sites – Seaford and Phillips Landing . Each has multiple ramps, parking and portable toilets . Fishing access is located at the Seaford River Walk and Phillips Landing . Picnic facilities are located at River Park, Phillips Landing and Blades Marina . Shared-use trails for hikers and equestrians are located in the Nanticoke Wildlife Area, managed by the DE Dept of Fish & Wildlife . The Area is located at the intersections of Chapel Branch and the Nanticoke River . Two loop trails and several side trails offer options for walking . The Barnes Nature Preserve on Woodland W oodland Road south of Seaford of of-fers self-guided nature trails along a tidal stream through hardwood forests .

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Showers, Anniversaries, Weddings, Rehearsals, Outdoor BBQ’s & Much More! All “On-Site” Catering is done in conjunction with the Nanticoke Senior Center | 15


eaford is the principal business and industrial district serving southwestern Delaware and nearby Maryland counties . Many Maryland residents shop in Seaford to take advantage of tax-free shopping . The highly diversified retail trade consists of many branches of national or regional firms, but many are independent, locally owned outlets with a variety of products . Retailers depend on the area’s excellent transportation facilities to obtain their goods . Several trucking companies are headquartered in Seaford, which is served by at least 10 other intrastate trucking firms . The wholesale trade is also a component of the area’s economy, serving mostly agriculture, industrial and construction customers . Industrial sites of all sizes are available, including a few along the Nanticoke River, which has a dredged channel 12 feet deep and 100 feet wide that is maintained by the U .S . Army Corps of Engineers . The area’s banks, credit unions and finance companies provide a full range of financial services . Western Sussex County’s service industry is also expanding in all areas and includes a variety of firms engaged in activities such as real estate, public relations, accounting, insurance, automobile repair, of office maintenance, advertising, and all types of contracting . There is a wide diversity of businesses in the area and community leaders and the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce con- | 16


tinue to strive to preserve a good quality of life for everyone and to continue to attract and introduce new businesses compatible to the environment and lifestyle of the residents .


The city’s largest employers include Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, the Seaford School District, Allen Harim Foods, LLC, Biomedic Data Systems, Inc ., the Manor House, Seaford Center-Genesis Eldercare Network and Trinity Logistics, Inc . These companies each employ anywhere from around one hundred to over 1,000 workers . Most other principal industries employ less than 100 persons . They include: BASF and Orient Chemical Corporation, both producers of chemicals for the printing industry; Emulsion Products, a leading producer of asphalt; Seaford Machine Works, specializing in machine works, welding and fabricating; Southern States, the largest farm cooperative on the peninsula; Seaford Ice and Cold Storage; CCX Freight; Flow Smart; Craig Technologies; Linus Tooling, Central American Distributors, Polytechnic Resources, Penco Corporation and FedEx . This list, while in no way all-inclusive, does indicate the variety of industries in the immediate area .

Labor Force

Seaford gets its labor force from a large geographical area consisting of

Photo by Daniel Richardson

western Sussex county and the Eastern Shore of Maryland . Residents are engaged in manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale or retail trades, services, and farming and related businesses . Except in certain construction trades, national labor unions represent a very small number of workers in Sussex County . Teachers are represented by education associations . Labor and management relations in the area have been characterized by harmony . There is a quality work force employed and more available for new businesses, with a community college 15 miles away in Georgetown and a university in nearby Salisbury, Md . Higher education opportunities are also available in Georgetown through the University of Delaware, Wilmington University and Delaware State University .

Industrial Parks

Seaford’s Industrial Park Phase I is a 121-acre tract of flat land on the north side of the city, accessible by rail and truck transportation . It is fully serviced with water, sewer, gas and electricity . Seaford Ross Business Park provides approximately 225 acres for economic development . This business park currently houses 11 tenants . Approximately 112 acres are available for sale and are zoned M1 Light Industrial Commercial lots .


Delaware is widely known for its banking, corporate tax benefits, and chemicals and textiles, but the state’s leading industry is agriculture . And the bulk of that industry is concentrated in Sussex County, where more than half the land is devoted to farming . The major field crops are soybeans, corn, barley, wheat and rye . Vegetable production, a victim of rising labor costs, has greatly declined over the past two decades, yet still supports several local canneries . Watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, and tomatoes are an important share of the agricultural market . Apple and peach orchards were once so abundant that the peach blossom was adopted as the of official state flower . Many orchards remain, but most have been cleared for the more profitable production of grain . Animal husbandry is also important to the region . Hogs, turkeys, beef cattle and dairy cows raised in the area supply a large portion of the food market . The production of chickens dominates the agriculture of the entire Delmarva Peninsula . Delmarva is the birthplace of the broiler industry and the most concentrated chicken-producing region in the nation . Millions of birds are grown here annually to supply supermarkets all over the East Coast . It is an industry and big business in every sense of the word and has a profound impact on the economy . Flocks of laying hens supply eggs to local hatcheries . The chicks are grown in thousands of houses scattered throughout the county . AfAf ter approximately six weeks, the mature birds are sent to processing plants . The packaged chickens are trucked to stores and supermarkets, and the by-products help maintain the area’s fertilizer and feed industries . Locally, Allen Family Farms is one of the largest integrated poultry businesses in the industry . In the Seaford area alone, there are grain dealers, a fertilizer distributor, chemical suppliers, and a farm equipment dealer . Many non-farmers in the area derive added income from growing chickens under contract with the large producers . Although Seaford serves a retail area about half the size of the county and has been known as the nylon capital of the world, its economy is rooted in agriculture .

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LocaL: (302) 629-3075 ToLL Free: (800) 843-3056

6367A STEIN HWY • SEAFORD, DE 199731 | 17

Seaford School District


he Seaford School District encourages our community to “Experience the Seaford Advantage” by learning more about the educational opportunities provided for students in grades Pre K through twelve. The district is led by Superintendent, Dr. Shawn Joseph and is governed by a five-member Board of Education. The goal of the Seaford School District is to prepare our students to graduate college and career ready from Seaford Senior High School. To accomplish this goal our district will focus on Literacy, Mathematics, and School Climate at all levels to ensure that all of our students receive the advantage of excellence in education.

Our emphasis with students will be on the 4 C’s: Critical Thinking Creativity Communication Collaboration This emphasis will assist us in increasing the rigor and the demand for excellence in all of our six schools. Seaford Senior High School works to provide the very best in student services and programs. The instructional schedule allows for more hands-on activities, student-centered instruction and more profound relationships with students and staff.  Seaford Senior High School is proud of its smaller learning communities including the Delaware New Tech Academy which offers students a new kind of high school education. As a "school within a school" at Seaford Senior High School, it gives students a comprehensive academic program featuring Project Based Learning and daily use of computers and technology in the classroom. Designed to mimic a modern business, the Acade- | 18

Photo by Lynn Schofer

my requires students to learn and complete projects in a way that prepares them for college and the workplace. The New Tech High School model has been proven successful at more than 60 public schools across the nation. It is not a technical or vocational program, but an academic program that teaches 21st Century skills and prepares students for both college and careers. Seaford Senior High School is also in the final stages of a plan to bring The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Programme to Seaford. This international organization is known world-wide for its rigor, chal-

lenging assessments, and focus of encouraging students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. This rigorous program, in addition to the Advanced Placement (AP) Courses currently offered at the school, will provide opportunities for students to earn college credits while still in high school. Other opportunities at Seaford High School such as the award winning Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (NJROTC), music, art, business, and a full slate of extra-curricular offerings and athletics, provide students with a multitude of choices with which to enhance their Seaford

Experience The Seaford Advantage at one of our six schools: Seaford Senior High School

Delaware New Tech Academy

Seaford Middle School

Seaford Instrumental Music Academy

Blades Elementary School Central Elementary Frederick Douglass School Elementary School Balanced Calendar

West Seaford Elementary School Parent & Family Resource Center

at West Seaford Elementary School • Mon-Thurs. 4-7 p.m. For more info, contact Dena King, Resource Center Coordinator, at or 628-4414 x 354


Senior High School experience. At Seaford Middle School a bridge between our elementary and high schools is built as our efforts are focused on helping all of our students in the middle be successful.  The staff works hard to ensure that the school is a friendly, safe and challenging environment where the needs of a diverse student population are met.  A menu of student activities and programs allows for the development of well-rounded students prepared to move on to the next level at the end of their middle school experience.  Reinforcing expected behaviors is a necessary component to any behavioral plan, and positive behavior rewards are provided for students who make the right choices through the Spotlight on Success or SOS Program.  Our academically gifted students have the opportunity to participate in our Accelerated and Honors Courses in grades 6-8.  This includes the study of foreign language through the addition of Spanish to the middle school course offerings. These challenging courses help prepare our students for the rigors of our high school International Baccalaureate® (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs.  Our middle school has been recognized both in our state and nationally as a school that is increasing student achievement while creating a positive and caring culture. Our four elementary schools endeavor to provide a safe educational environment that promotes rigor in instruction and emphasizes family and community involvement in all aspects of student learning. While efforts are made to ensure the consistency of programs across the elementary schools, each school is also | 20

proud of the qualities and characteristics that make them unique. Blades Elementary School, Frederick Douglass Elementary School, and West Seaford Elementary School all provide positive and enriching environments for the students in their attendance zones. Each school strives to meet the needs of their specific school population while still promoting academic excellence for all students. Central Elementary School proudly boasts of being Delaware’s first balanced calendar school. Based on a year round concept, Central’s students attend school from early August through mid June, with breaks scheduled throughout the year. Intersessions are offered during breaks which provide students with a variety of opportunities for academic support and enrichment. The Seaford School District is also home to several programs which were created to meet the unique special needs of the students in our district and throughout the county. The Sussex County Orthopedic Program, Autistic Program, Pre-School Services, Life Skills, and Intensive Learning

Center are inclusionary programs in which students are placed in a least restrictive environment of an age appropriate manner. Whenever possible, students are mainstreamed into the regular classroom setting and enjoy the school environment with children their own age. Many special events and extra programming for the students are provided including individual education planning, in-school clinic, individual/ small group instruction, assistive technology, communications training, field trips, and much more. Psychologists, speech, occupational and physical therapists are on staff in order to meet the unique needs of our students. The district has successfully implemented creative initiatives in order to present stimulating and rigorous instructional programs. Our technology initiatives have been at the forefront in our state as examples of using the advances in technology as an integral part of instruction and our students are enveloped in a technology rich environment. The Seaford School District offers a full range of co-curricular and extracurricular programs in the arts and athletics. The district’s tradition of pride in excellence encourages both its staff and students to go beyond the classroom as evidenced by the numerous individual and group awards achieved in the areas of academics, the arts, music and athletics. These student activities are regarded as a vital part of the Seaford Educational Program and whether our Blue Jays are found in the classroom, laboratory, media center, computer lab, gymnasium, auditorium or the athletic fields, Seaford students and staff demonstrate why we encourage everyone to “Experience the Seaford Advantage”.

Woodbridge School District

The Woodbridge School District enrolls approximately 2,270 students from the towns of Bridgeville and Greenwood in Sussex County and Farmington in Kent County.   The district continues to make renovations to its curriculum and buildings.  Additionally, we are proud of the fact that we were the first K-12 district in the State of Delaware that requires school uniforms.  Over the past several years, the district has completed construction of a new middle school, as well as new athletic fields for our student athletes.  We are proud of the many student and community centered programs that are in our schools including:  Raider Academic Coaching, L.E.A.P., Leo Club, Conservation Club, Positive Behavior Support, Raider Excellence, Foster Grandparents, a Wellness Center at the high school, as well as a strong volunteer program.  We continue to strive to meet the academic, social, and physical needs of all of our students.

Woodbridge Elementary School

The staff and students at WES are excited about our school and the various programs offered.  We are a Reading First School and a Positive Behavior Support School.  Student success is our number one priority.  Our teachers align content with the state standards, integrate curriculum, implement arts-infused activities, organize class trips, and reward positive behavior. In addition to targeted instruction, our efforts are placed on positive reinforcement for the students of WES through such activities as Honor roll assemblies, school wide positive recognition announcements, and hallway behavior awards.  WES initiated a full day kindergarten program beginning in 2004 – 2005 school year.  We pride ourselves on academic achievement and outstanding behavior.  

Phillis Wheatley Middle School

Phillis Wheatley Middle School offers a complete academic curriculum with four core subject areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in addition to explorations in art, music, Spanish, computers, careers, study skills, performing arts, college education, health, and physical education. There are also extra-curricular opportunities for students in athletics, music, clubs, and activities. The new Phillis Wheatley Middle School has been designed to house a grade 5 to 8 configuration and opened in July 2004. With great honor, we have begun an educational journey in the first new school built in our communities in over seventy years. All members of our educational family salute the members of our community who have made this monumental event occur.

Woodbridge High School

We are one of the smallest public high schools in the state with our enrollment this year peaking at approximately 590 students, our largest enrollment in many years, in grades 9-12. Our size belies the fact that we offer a varied curriculum of classes ranging from Advanced Placement

level courses that are offered in all core subject areas to state of the art courses in Career and Technical Education. Many of our CTE courses are recognized as innovative and leaders in the state in providing the best research related practices in those areas. Like any comprehensive high school, we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities and we have varsity athletic teams competing throughout the state during every sports season. A great many of our students participate in these programs as well as our programs in Music, Art, and Drama. Our agriculture and structures programs are growing rapidly. The structures program is housed in the new Barry Cooper Industrial Trades Center here on the school campus. The agriculture and horticulture programs are housed in a new facility off of Route 404 on the WHS farm property. In addition, we have an early-childhood education program which serves as a teaching laboratory for our school community. Contact Information: Heath Chasanov Superintendent 16359 Sussex Highway Bridgeville, DE 19933 302-337-7990 Ext. 201 | 21

Higher Education Delaware Technical & Community College The Jack F. Owens Campus of Delaware Technical Community College, the southernmost campus of a statewide system, is located in Georgetown; the 147-acre site serves as Sussex County’s center for higher education. The College offers associate degrees, diplomas or certificates in more than100 programs that are technically current and designed to meet the specific needs of employers throughout Sussex County and the State of Delaware. Delaware Tech continually researches and develops career options for its students to ensure that its graduates are highly skilled, sought-after employees who can fulfill unmet labor needs. Connecting Delawareans with Delaware jobs is the thrust of several new programs of study which will prepare people for high-demand positions. The new degree in Information Security addresses the need to protect our personal and networked computing devices. The Certified Health Records Specialist training program meets the need of Delaware’s hospitals and doctors’ offices for individuals who can manage health information data on paper and electronically. Science Education in Chemistry/Physics and Middle and Secondary Mathematics Education degree programs are designed to address the state’s shortage teaching professionals in these vital areas. Graduates of these education programs will be accepted as juniors at a sister institution to earn a bachelor’s degree. Special scholarships are available through the state’s higher education office. The College’s Renewable Energy– Solar and Energy Management | 22

degrees focus on the need for energy management professionals and technicians who optimize the use of our energy resources to build a sustainable future. Two other new programs, the associate degree in Environmental Engineering Technology and a certificate program for Sustainable Landscaping, address the need for professionals in the environmental field. Leading this vision is Energy House, an actual home located on campus, which serves as a center for alternative and renewable technologies, a demonstration facility, and an educational lab. Delaware Tech continues to maintain long-standing integral partnerships with communities, public school districts, and four-year institutions. Thriving on-campus programs with Delaware State University, the University of Delaware, and Wilmington University enable Delaware Tech graduates to earn an associate degree and then complete a bachelor’s degree and sometimes a master’s degree and a doctorate without leaving the Georgetown site. The College also has established agreements with regional four-year institutions that connect Delaware Tech’s associate degree programs with bachelor’s degree programs to create clear and economical transfer opportunities in specified areas of study. Also highly successful and continuing to grow is the Academic Challenge Program, an accelerated instruction program in English and math for the county’s middle and high school students. The essence of Delaware Tech is access, opportunity, hope, and excellence. Those core values are implemented through quality education at an affordable price, flexible schedules and learning methods, excellent child care for parents and more — all of

Photo by Portraits in the Sand

which have earned the College numerous accolades on both national and state levels. It is this standard of excellence that Delaware Technical Community College shares with Sussex County. For more information, call (302) 856-5400 or visit www.

Delaware State University Committed to serving the educational needs of the community, the Sussex Site of Delaware State University offers undergraduate, graduate, certification and accelerated programs designed to suit the needs of adult learners. Our career-oriented degrees are well respected and our curricula are designed to make our graduates highly marketable. Recognizing the needs of our community, Delaware State University provides a “Learn Where You Earn” opportunity for the residents of southern Delaware. Our Sussex Site is conveniently located at the Carter Partnership Center in Georgetown. Classes are schedule during evening and weekend hours to accommodate the needs of the busy working adult. Delaware State University, in collaboration with Delaware Technical & Community College, offers DTCC students who have earned an Associate Degree, the opportunity to complete a Bachelors Degree in a convenient accelerated format. Connected degrees that can be completed on the Georgetown campus include Social

Work. Note: Additional courses may be needed to complete the accelerated degree if transferring credits from an institution other than DTCC. Delaware State University is proud of the accomplished faculty who provide our students with quality education and prepare them excel in their professional fields. Delaware State University offers fully accredited degrees programs, excellent instructional personnel and has the lowest tuition rate of any college/university in Delaware. Delaware State University is committed to providing quality degree completion and continuing education programs to the citizens of southern Delaware at locations and times convenient to residents. Contact Ms. Lisa Perelli, Associate Director, Phone: 302.856.5397, Email:

Wilmington University Wilmington University offers educational programs including undergraduate and graduate degrees and a doctoral program in Georgetown. Our Georgetown site is located at the William A. Carter Partnership Center on the Delaware Technical and Community College - Owens Campus. Courses for your degree are available on location in Georgetown and are scheduled one night a week in an accelerated seven-week format. Additionally, there are various weekend and day classes. Please find listed below several Georgetown location highlights: • Classes held in Georgetown at the Delaware Tech – Owens campus one night a week in an accelerated sevenweek format • Various day, weekend, and hybrid courses • No entrance testing requirements • Liberal policy for transfer of credits • Class instruction includes theory and practicality • Personal service

University of Delaware The University of Delaware offers a wide variety of opportunities for people to take courses, complete degrees and continue their education in southern Delaware. Most academic credit courses take place at the William Carter Partnership Center in Georgetown or at the Delaware Tech Terry Campus in

Dover. In addition to courses offered onsite, the University provides courses on the UD Online distance learning format. Undergraduate degrees available in southern Delaware include an Associate in Arts, B.A. in Criminal Justice, and a B.S. in Agricultural and Natural Resources. Graduate degrees include a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Master of Education in School Leadership, and a Master of Instruction. Undergraduate degrees offered through distance learning are an associate in arts and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for the RN [RN to BSN program] Do you have an associate degree from Delaware Tech? You may be halfway to your baccalaureate degree at the University of Delaware! Students who have completed associate degrees in agriculture or criminal justice at Delaware Tech can transfer their credits earned (with grades of C or better) toward baccalaureate degrees in these fields at Uni-

versity of Delaware Academic Center in Georgetown, needing only two years of full-time coursework to earn bachelor's degrees. Delaware Tech transfer students in Criminal Justice and Agriculture majors can complete their entire bachelor's degree in Georgetown. Please call the University of Delaware Academic Center in Georgetown 302-855-1630 for information about admission and other program requirements; or write to: continuing-ed@ Are you 60 years of age or older? You can complete any UD degree tuition free. Delaware citizens who are 60 years of age or older and are formal UD degree candidates may take credit courses without paying tuition. Contact Professor Alan Fox or 302-831-8077 for more information. For more information about these programs in Southern Delaware, contact Dr. Jackie Wilson at 302-8551621 or email | 23

Seaford Historical Society The Seaford Museum and the Governor Ross Mansion and Plantation are owned and operated by Seaford Historical Society. The Seaford Historical Society's mission is to "preserve, protect, and promote Seaford area history." The Seaford Museum has a fun, intimate flavor that follows an historic timeline with a local perspective. Its fiber optic lighting, unique displays and stories make it a real jewel to visitors. The Seaford Museum is located at 203 High Street, Seaford and is open 1-4 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, except holidays. The Governor Ross Plantation & Mansion is the only site in Delaware that describes plantation life around the Civil War period. Learn about the life of a governor, slavery in Sussex Coun-

ty, and enjoy expansive grounds with auxiliary buildings that were necessary for the operation of a large plantation. Ross Mansion: 1 - 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, except holidays. Visits by appointment are possible. $5 per person at each site, or $8 for both museums. Seaford Historical Society members free. Children 12 years of age and under are free when accompanied by an adult. The Cannon Maston House is one of the oldest and most unique surviving houses in Sussex County. In 1696, James Cannon received a patent for 112 acres at this location from the Proprietary Government of Maryland. The house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, and it is part of the Western Sussex Byway.

24058 Sussex Hwy. (Rt. 13), Seaford, Del.

302-629-2000 When You Need A Place To Stay … for Business or Pleasure: • Free Express StartSM Breakfast Bar • Free High-Speed Internet Access • SimplySmart® Guest Bathroom • SimplySmart® Bedding Collection • Earn Priority Club® Points • Meeting Rooms • Lake Views • Suites • Game Room • Coffee • Pool • Fitness Center

See us for • Meetings • Group Events • Team Events • Weddings & More! | 24

The house sits on a two-acre parcel that is part of the 58-acre tract purchased jointly by Sussex County and the Sussex County Land Trust that includes farmland, a working mill, a wooded area, and known Native American sites. The Seaford Historical Society will partner with the land trust to develop tours and interpret the site. The Historical Society has a variety of interesting annual events, including Victorian Teas at the Ross Mansion, bus trips in Spring and Fall, Victorian Christmas at the Ross Mansion, and participation in the Seaford Heritage Weekend and the Nanticoke Riverfest. For more information or to make an appointment: Phone 302-628-9828 or go to www.seafordhistoricalsociety. com

Seaford Library & Cultural Center The Seaford District Library serves as a community reference, cultural and recreational center . The library has expanded since it was founded by the Acorn Club in 1902 . The independent library is administered by a five-member board of commissioners, appointed by a State Superior Court Judge . Friends of the Library coordinate volunteer efforts that supplement the paid staff . A diversity of materials including print books, electronic books, audio books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs are available for borrowing by Delaware residents . The Seaford Library is a member of the statewide Delaware Library Catalog system which provides access to over one million library items . The library also provides public computer access, copy services, fax services, and notary public services . Adult, teen, and children’s programs are offered at the library, including weekly pre-school story time, lap sit for babies and toddlers, special events on school in-service days, youth summer reading programs, adult winter reading program, guest speakers, performances and exhibits . The library reaches out to the community through book clubs, school visits, and participation in local events and festivals . A multi-purpose meeting room is available for use by the community . The library is open Monday through Saturday and is accessible to the handicapped . An outreach delivery program is available to individuals unable to visit the library .

Seaford Library & Cultural Center 600 North Market Street Extended Seaford, DE 19973 Telephone – 302-629-2524

Seaford Library and Cultural Center 600 N. Market St. Ext. Seaford, DE 19973 302-629-2524 Fax 302-629-9181 Library Hours Mon.-Thurs. 9am - 8pm Fri. - Sat. 9am - 5pm Book Drop Open 24/7

A community center where your neighbors visit to borrow books, read newspapers and magazines, bring their children and grandchildren for story time, send their teens to enjoy programs. Plus, it’s a perfect place for adults to learn how to download electronic books or to improve computer skills. It’s time to join your neighbors at the library.

Nanticoke River Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation, practice, and enjoyment of all visual and performance art in western Sussex county, and to advance creative endeavors, educate and engage the community in cultural experiences.

324 High St., Seaford, Del. 302.628.2787 (ARTS) Watercolors Pen and Ink Pastels Oils Photography

Wood Turning Glass Art Wood Carving Printmaking Pottery

Jewelry Scale Model Lighthouses Hand Painted Eggs

Open Thurs. 1-6, Fri. 1-8, Sat. 10-4 By Appointment or by Chance

Classes held at various times throughout the week | 25

Greater Seaford

Chamber of Commerce The mission of the GSCC shall be to support legitimate business in free enterprise and promote the economic health of the area and thereby contribute to the civic, economic and social welfare of the people of our communities. Primary Roles of the Chamber:

Provide connections and support for member businesses. Provide marketing and training opportunities for members. Raise non-dues income in order to deep membership fees reasonable. Support increased business and recreational visitors to the area. Provide relocation and visitor information. Develop and support quality of life programs designed to make the area a better place to live and work. Benefits of Membership in the Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce

Visitor’s Guide and Membership Directory

Your business receives a free listing by category. The Guide and Directory is distributed to visitors’ centers and is used for employee recruitment and to fulfill requests for visitor and relocation information.


The Chamber office receives numerous inquires each month from consumers and businesses that are referred | 26

exclusively to our members. The Chamber website offers businesses and the general public access to your company listing and website with the click of a button.

Making Connections

The most valuable tool we can offer our members are the opportunities to “make connections” with other Chamber members and the general public. To that end, we line up at least one, and usually two After Business Hours Mixers each month with an average attendance of 65 people. The Chamber also arranges for guest speakers at Rise ‘n’ Shine breakfast meetings and guest presenters for seminars and workshops. These events are all publicized in the online Chamber newsletter, website and eBlasts, as well as in local newspapers and on local radio stations.

Member to Member Discounts

The Chamber maintains the GSCC Member Plus Program where more than fifty-five Chamber members offer discounts exclusively to other Chamber members.

Marketing Opportunities

The Chamber offers eBlasts, FaxBlasts, newsletter advertising, and website promotions at reasonable fees to Chamber members. The “Take Five…” online newsletter and the “blasts” have a base reach of more than 450 individual email addresses. The printable newsletter is also posted on the Chamber website.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

We help you celebrate the opening, expansion or relocation of your business with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Valuable Partnerships and Contacts

The Chamber puts you in direct contact with the Associated Chambers of Commerce of Delaware, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, and the US Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber maintains contact with the Seaford Historical Society, the Downtown Seaford Association, Seaford Enhancement Team, municipal council and commissioners meetings, and numerous civic organizations. The Chamber assists with contacts at the Small Business & Development Center, SCORE, Delaware Economic Development Office, Sussex County Economic Development Office, and more.

Committee Involvement

The Chamber has a number of standing committees staffed by volunteers like you. Your involvement affords you the opportunity to directly impact the welfare of the Chamber and the community through the use of your areas of expertise and interest.

Tax-Deductible Business Expense

Your membership dues and related expenses are a tax deductible business expense. The Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce recognizes excellence with annual award programs.

Business Person of the Year

The Business and Economic Development committee has selected one or more business person for this honor each year since 1995. The 2011 recipients were Michelle Procino-Wells, Attorney-at-Law, and Craig Dimes of Hungry Howies Pizza and Seaford Subway.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Chamber recognizes the value of the hundreds of hours volunteers contribute to the Chamber and to the community . Each year, one Chamber member is acknowledged as the outstanding volunteer of the year .

Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce Officers and Board of Directors FY2012 Officers

President Steve Tull Efficient Home Solutions LLC 1st Vice President John Rittenhouse Sr . Edward Jones Investments Edwar 2nd Vice President Ralph Scott III Scott’s Furniture, Inc Secretary-Treasurer John E . Watson Seaford Federal Credit Union Past-President Ed Heath Individual

LANK, JOHNSON & TULL Certified Public Accountants


Providing a full range of professional services for business and individuals, including accounting, auditing, tax preparation and planning, financial planning, computerized periodic financial statements, computer consulting, and estate tax preparation and planning. 521 North Market St. Extended • P.O. Box 418 • Seaford, Delaware 19973 (302) 629-9543 • Fax (302) 629-3501 • E-Mail: Esposito Building P.O. Box 253 • Milford - Harrington Hwy. • Milford, Delaware 19963 (302) 422-3308 • Fax (302) 422-4782 • E-Mail: 1475 South Governor’s Avenue • Dover, Delaware 19904 1-800-380-2535 • Fax (302) 736-5522

The CPA. Never Underestimate The Value.®


Lynn Brocato Comcast Spotlight Tom Brown Nanticoke Health Services Pat Correll Bridgeville Commissioner Tom Darby Lab Products, Inc Lawrence L . Dernulc Bank of Delmarva G . Jane Drace Drace Insurance & Investments Barbara Elliott Nanticoke Senior Center Dr . Shawn Joseph Seaford School District Danny Messick Messick, Ruff & Company, LLP Bryant L . Richardson Morning Star Publications Dolores Slatcher City of Seaford John Tarburton John E. Tarburton Esquire, PA Bob Wheatley Whayland Company | 27 | 28 | 29

Health Care

Nanticoke Health Services Nanticoke Health Services is a growing health care network focused on providing healthcare services to the communities it serves . Nanticoke Health Services features Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, a full-service community hospital accredited by The Joint Commission, and the Nanticoke Physician Network . Nanticoke Health Services is one of the largest employers in western Sussex County and has received the Becker’s Hospital Review 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare for two years in a row and the “Where Best to Work: Best Hospital IT Department” by Healthcare IT News .

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is the community hospital able to provide for many of the community’s health care needs . Nanticoke features comprehensive cancer service, interventional cardiology services, orthopedic services including hip and knee replacement surgery, women’s health services, inpatient and outpatient surgical services, and many outpatient diagnostic testing, treatments and therapies . Nanticoke holds a Level III trauma certification from the Committee on

Trauma of the American College of Surgeons and has been ranked in the top 5% in the nation for Emergency Medicine Service, in the top 5% in the nation and number one in Delaware for Critical Care Services, and in the top 10% in the nation for Pulmonary Care Services by HealthGrades™ . Nanticoke holds an advanced certification from The Joint Commission as a primary stroke center and is the first in Delaware to be a Gold Plus Performance Award recipient of the American Heart & Stroke Association’s “Get with the Guidelines” . The Nanticoke Cancer Care Center received Accreditation with Commendation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and received a Gold Seal by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for Mammography . Nanticoke Memorial was the first Delaware health care facility to have an Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation program certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation . Nanticoke also provides a fully-accredited Sleep Lab and a comprehensive Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center .

Nanticoke Cancer Care Services Steps from the hospital and overlooking the scenic Nanticoke River,

cancer services include knowledgeable, dedicated physicians, a compassionate health care team, the latest technology, patient and family support services, and clinical trials right in Seaford . A resource library is available to family and patients and support groups meet regularly to provide needed networking, emotional support and help . The Nanticoke Cancer Care Center has been recognized, receiving Accreditation with Commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer . Nanticoke Cancer Care Services, now affiliated with the Tunnell Cancer Center, is devoted to providing the best and most complete cancer care possible within the community . Cancer care specialists include medical oncology physicians under the direction of Dr . Srihari Peri and radiation oncology physicians from Delmarva Radiation Services PA under the direction of Dr . Brian Costleigh .

Nanticoke Cardiology Services From the latest technology to performing procedures to clear blockages to cardiac rehabilitation, the expertise of Nanticoke’s cardiology team is evident . Led by a team of well-known and widely respected cardiologists from Nanticoke Cardiology Services

Above: Dr. Gabriel Sardi and Dr. Ivan Pena, both with Nanticoke Cardiology, PA, in the new state of the art catheterization lab at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. Photo by Steve Theis | 30

PA, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is able to provide 24/7 care for patients suffering from symptoms of heart disease . Nanticoke Memorial Hospital recently opened a new cardiac catheterization lab featuring the very latest software technology . The new catheterization lab provides patients with a calming, tranquil environment and is staffed by a cardiology team with more than 40 years combined experience . After receiving care, cardiac patients can find support from Nanticoke’s Outpatient Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation program . Nanticoke’s cardiac rehabilitation services are certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation .

Nanticoke Orthopedic Services From sports injury to advanced degenerative diseases and everything in between, you can receive a full range of orthopedic surgical and rehabilitative services close to home . Nanticoke Memorial Hospital offers access to orthopedic surgeons able to perform hip

and knee replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, fracture care, and soft tissue repair . The orthopedic unit at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital features 14 large private rooms and features the Joint Camp at Nanticoke for those undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery . The Joint Camp in a rehabilitation program that begins as soon as you schedule your surgery . It starts with pre-surgery education to help patients prepare and allow them to meet many of the people who will be involved in their care while in the hospital . Joint Camp also includes group therapy on the same floor . This provides friendship, support and motivation, and data shows this helps patients get back on their feet quicker . It also allows for a patient’s family or support provider to be involved in therapy while still a patient at the hospital . This better prepares the patient’s “coach” to care for patient once he returns home . Patients driving from as far away as Dover continue to testify to the quality, care and support of the team of professionals .

Surgical Services at Nanticoke Nanticoke Memorial Hospital provides high quality and cost-effective, efficient, surgical services in a warm, caring environment . Nanticoke provides a wide range of surgical services for adults and children . A highly skilled team of registered nurses, technicians, and other health care professionals supports your physician . Our patient care team is committed to making your visit as pleasant and as comfortable as possible . Patients enjoy easy access to surgical specialists in a variety of fields, including general, orthopedic, otolaryngology (ENT), gynecology, urology, podiatry, reconstructive and oral surgeons .

Nanticoke Physician Network With physician offices conveniently placed in locations around Sussex County and in Federalsburg, Maryland, the Nanticoke Physician Network includes employed physician practices in many different specialties . The Nanticoke Physician Network includes fami-

Board Certified by The American Board of Surgery

General Surgery, Oncologic, Thoracic Surgery

543 North Shipley Street, Suite A Seaford, DE 19973 302 629-8662 Stephen D. Carey, M.D.

Expert Surgical Skill and A Tradition Of Caring

Laparoscopic Surgery Including Gallbladders, Hernias, Colon and Reflux Disease GI Evaluations with Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy

Excellence Through Innovation

Samuel K. Miller, M.D.

Comprehensive Breast Care including Stereotactic and Ultrasound Guided Needle Core Biopsies Skin Cancer Evaluation and Surgery | 31

ly practice, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatric physicians. The network has also expanded to include specialty physicians including critical care and pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, nephrology, neurology, and urology specialists. These physicians are linked by an electronic medical records system allowing them to easily access patient information across the continuum of care. National research shows that an electronic medical record increases patient safety and improves the quality of care due to increased access to information by your physician. In addition to the employed physicians in the Nanticoke Physician Network, there is an active medical staff providing patient care in many other areas including cardiology, interventional cardiology, and orthopedic surgery. The active medical staff at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital includes over 120 physicians providing care in nearly 40 different specialties. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital has also implemented a hospital-wide electronic medical record including computerized physician order entry and barcoding of medications.

To find out more, call Nanticoke’s Physician Referral Services at 1-877-NHS-4DOCS or visit

Diagnostic services & the mears health campus Diagnostic imaging services at Nanticoke include x-ray, ultrasound, CT, nuclear medicine, MRI and breast stereotactic services. Nanticoke also provides a broad range of laboratory services including chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, microbiology testing, and transfusion services. Patients can access outpatient diagnostic services at either Nanticoke Memorial Hospital or the Mears Health Campus in Seaford. The Mears Health Campus is the home of a number of outpatient diagnostic and lab services frequently used by the community and in an easily accessible and convenient location. Diagnostic Imaging at Mears’ Campus has outpatient radiology services such as EKGs, x-ray, ultrasound, CT, PET/CT, dexascans and digital mammography imaging services.

Nanticoke’s Outpatient Physical Therapy department also provides services for patients at the Mears Health Campus. Services include physical, speech and occupational therapy services. At the Mears Health Campus, parking is easy, and the staff is always warm and inviting.

Community outreach Nanticoke Health Services is made possible by the community it serves and is committed to caring for its community including the provision of nearly $1.5 million in resources to community outreach, screenings, and education programs and providing $18 million a year in charity care to residents in need. Community outreach is an integral part of Nanticoke’s culture and many programs can be found throughout the community each month. Current programs include general health and wellness, cancer, diabetes, nutrition, obesity, stroke, and heart health outreach and education. Nanticoke partners with many community health providers and area organizations to reach those in need. Nanticoke is also

Dr. Bradley P. Mackler, M.D. Board Certified Gastroenterologist Private Practice since 1994 Treatment of all Digestive Disorders including Acid Reflux, Colitis, and Irritable Bowel Disease. Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer Screening and Polyp Detection.

Procedures performed in a convenient and comfortable AAAHC accredited outpatient center. To make an appointment, please call

302-629-2229 | 32

proud to be a founding partner with Healthier Sussex County, an initiative of the three Sussex County hospitals to work on initiatives that impact the overall health of the communities we serve . For more information about services or programs provided by Nanticoke Health Services visit www .nanticoke .org or call 302-629-6611 .

La Red Health Center La Red Health Center, (LRHC) operated as a 24 hour/7 days per week telephone hotline to facilitate access to medical care for individuals with no or limited English proficiency . Referrals were made to a network of primary and subspecialty care physicians who were bilingual and who treated patients at discounted rates . In February, 2001 LRHC was started by a network of physicians in Sussex County to meet the needs of a growing number of locally uninsured individuals . The physicians partnered with a local community hospital, a local community center, a local faith-based organization, and local government to help individuals in Sussex County who faced significant

John C. Lynch, D.D.S.

• Chronic Disease Management • Acute Illness Treatment • Lead Poisoning Screenings • School and Sports Physicals • Vision Screenings • Childhood Nutrition Counseling Adult & Senior Services • Acute Illness Treatment • Chronic Disease Management • Flu and Pneumonia Shots • Tetanus and Other Immunizations • Employment Screenings and Physicals Women's Health Services • Routine gynecological and obstetrical care • Educational programs to enhance a woman's well-being Screening Services • Blood Pressure Checks • Heart Disease • Cholesterol • Diabetes • Cervical, Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancer • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV • Alzheimer's Disease • Osteoporosis

General and Preventive Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Makeovers Teeth Whitening Teeth Straightening with Invisalign® and Clear Correct® se habla españ ol

New PatieNts always welcome!

Janette Rodriguez, D. M.D.

John C. Lynch, D.D.S. Janette Rodriguez, D.M.D.

Please call



barriers to healthcare . The opening of LRHC represented the culmination of multiple years of needs assessment and collaborative public and private planning . In April 2003, LRHC transformed to an independent, federally and privately supported ambulatory care center . In April 2004, LRHC became a Federally Qualified Health Center, (FQHC) Look Alike . In 2005, LRHC was awarded FQHC status and federal funding started in 2006 . LRHC's mission is to provide bilingual, culturally appropriate, high-quality, cost-effective, primary and preventive medical care to residents of Sussex County, Delaware with emphasis towards serving those who are underinsured, uninsured or who face other barriers to medical care . LRHC's medical services are available to all individuals regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, or ability to pay . Organization Activities LRHC provides the following programs and services: Pediatric & Adolescent Services • Infant Care • Childhood Immunizations

“State of the Art Dentistry with Hometown Comfort and Caring” 543 Shipley St., Suite E, Seaford, DE 19973 | 33

Small Business Services • Pre-employment screening • Routine or customized annual physical Educational Classes • Diabetes Management • Nutritional Counseling • Smoking Cessation • Parenting Classes • Breastfeeding Classes Oral Health Services • Exams / Screenings • Cleanings / Restorations • Extractions / Fillings • Education / Prevention Mental Health Services • Postpartum depression • Depression • Parent Child Interactive Therapy • Southern Delaware Healthy Seniors Program • Domestic violence • Child Consults via Telepsychiatry La Red Health Center locations The Georgetown Health Center 21444 Carmean Way Georgetown, DE 19947 302-855-1233

nursing care, and 24 hour medical care to residents with acute and long term needs . Specializing in the care of the elderly population, the center provides clinical programs focusing on the individual, not just the illness . Its recreational therapy department assists with keeping the residents socially active, encouraging all to reach their goal of full life . For a tour, or more information, call 302-629-3575 .

Manor House Located on a graceful curve of the Nanticoke River, Manor House is surrounded by rich farmland and framed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay . Here recreational opportunities are plentiful and rural traditions run deep, setting the stage for a vibrant community of older adults . At Manor House you have access to the best of both worlds: the natural beauty and abundant recreational opportunities of our central Delmarva location and access to a full slate of cultural events in Seaford and nearby larg-

er venues . Manor House proudly of offers residents a Type A Life Care Contract, the most secure contract a CCRC can offer, assuring residents physical and financial security throughout their retirement years . Other contract options are also available . Furthermore, Manor House is accredited by the CARF-Continuing Care Accreditation Commission . CARF-CCAC accreditation is the highest recognition a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) can attain . With a vision founded in faith and W guided by a commitment to integrity and loving-kindness, ACTS has established an unsurpassed reputation for strength and stability in the senior living industry . ACTS is incorporated in Pennsylvania and is designated a 501(c)3 charitable organization . An af affiliation with Peninsula United Methodist Homes (PUMH) in 2010 allowed ACTS to expand its community presence into Delaware . Methodist Manor House is located on a gentle bend of the Nanticoke River in Seaford .

The Seaford Health Center 1340 Middleford Road Seaford, DE 19973 302-629-7752 The Wellness Center at Sussex Technical and Vocational High School 17099 County Seat Highway Georgetown, DE 19947

Seaford Center Genesis Health Care Seaford Center Genesis Health Care has been a member of the Seaford health care community for over twenty-five years . Genesis remains committed to the belief that people can have a full life in their later years if they get coordinated support of working toward goals to encourage the greatest independence possible . As a member of the Genesis Health Care network, Seaford Center has the ability to provide an integrated, holistic approach to resident care through its network services . These services include rehabilitation, pharmacy, home care and individual case management . Seaford Center Genesis Health Care is a 124-bed facility, offering assisted living arrangements, skilled | 34

We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality pediatric care to patients from birth through adolescence. Our team brings decades of experience as healthcare professionals and parents to the table, understanding and treating the unique needs of children through every stage of their growth and development.

Harry A Lehman, III, MD, FAAP Rawlins Medical Building 411 N. Shipley St., Seaford, DE 19973 Call for an appointment 302.629-5050

Serving The Community With Distinction for 25 Years

Manor House amenities include the Wesley Wellness Center, rehabilitation, indoor heated salt-water pool, massage therapy, chapel and auditorium, poolside café, walking trails, fishing on the Nanticoke River, art studio, guest apartments, towne center, library, bank, country store, gift shop, beauty/barber shop, and game/meeting rooms. The Wesley Wellness Center provides fitness and wellness programs to Manor House and Delmarva residents. An indoor aquatic center offers warmwater exercise classes and sports such as shallow water polo and volleyball, deep water volleyball, water aerobics, and lap walk/swim times. In addition to aquatics, the Wellness Center features a land fitness program that includes fitness equipment, balance classes, strength classes, massage therapy, yoga classes and outpatient rehabilitation. There is also a one mile outdoor walking trail around the Manor House’s 40 acre campus. The Wesley Wellness Center is a member of the International Council on Active Aging. Located at 1001 Middleford Road in Seaford. Main phone number 302-6294593, sales 302-628-5604 or 800-7754593.

Home Health Care programs offer four distinct choices: nursing oversight, personal care, housekeeping, and companionship. These services allow seniors to live independently in their own home while maintaining the quality of life they have come to expect. Respite care services are also available to assist the caregivers who are juggling jobs, personal lives and caring for a loved one. Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, whether you need help once a week or twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, CHEER can help. For decades, Delaware’s Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities (DSAAPD) has awarded contracts for personal and respite care to CHEER. The State of Delaware trusts CHEER and you can too! CHEER’s mission is “to promote and maintain the highest quality of life and independence by developing and providing services that meet the continuing needs of senior citizens 50 and over.”

CHEER has been serving the people of Sussex County since 1971. We’re a local agency that understands the needs of our community. We’re your neighbors. We live here. And we can help. CHEER is a licensed, bonded, and insured Home Health Care agency.

Anna C. Shipley State Service Center The Anna C. Shipley State Service Center was established in 1987 on Virginia Avenue in Seaford. The facility offers client services administered by Delaware Health and Social Services Divisions. The Division of Public Health’s Seaford Health Unit provides dental health care, child health care, family planning, pregnancy testing, WIC (women, infants and children) program, nutrition counseling, high blood pressure screening, immunizations, home visiting for families, and HIV counseling and testing. For more information, call 302-6282000.

CHEER CHEER offers a full range of services for mature adults that ensures you or your loved one has safe, dependable choices so they can remain in their home while maintaining the quality of life they have come to expect. From Home Health Care services to transportation and senior housing, to Meals on Wheels and a mobile grocery mini-mart, to nutrition programs and support groups, to companionship and housekeeping, to our state-of-the-art activity centers located throughout Sussex County, CHEER offers comprehensive care and healthy lifestyle choices for mature adults so they may live a full and independent life as they age. Our vast array of programs and services tailored towards boomers and seniors is what makes CHEER so unique. Our Home Health Care services are directed by registered nurses and administered by certified nursing assistants, ensuring you or your loved one will get the best possible care. We take great pride in delivering personalized, compassionate, professional care in the comfort of your home. The CHEER

Treatment of Eye Disease Eye Exams ~ Eye Glasses Contact Lenses Vision Care Products

Dr. Sonja P. Biddle

8500 Herring Run Rd. Seaford, DE 19973

302-629-6691 | 35



ayor William Bennett couldn’t be more pleased or excited over the success and growth within the City of Seaford. When asked about a few of Seaford’s recent success stories, he had many. In 2012, Flow Smart, a subsidiary of Craig Technologies, was able to acquire a 60,000 square foot facility, and move from their previously shared location in the Industrial Park with Linus Tooling. This move allowed for expansion and growth opportunities. In addition, the parent company, Craig Technologies has a planned expansion as well. In October 18, 2011, a report released by HealthGrades, an independent source of hospital quality outcomes, named Nanticoke Memorial Hospital one of America’s Best 100 Hospitals for Critical Care in 2012. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital has received the Critical Care Excellence Award for 2012. HealthGrades has ranked Nanticoke among the Top 5% in the nation and #1 in Delaware for critical care. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital has also received the Pulmonary Care Excellence Award for 2012 and is ranked among the top 10% in the nation with a 5-star rating. Nanticoke Memorial Hospital also holds a Level III trauma status and accepts emergency patients presenting with injuries such as major automobile accidents, occupational machinery injuries, and falls. In 2010, the City acquired the former Seaford Golf and Country Club property. Through this acquisition, the Hooper’s Landing Golf Course was opened. This course, which is open to the public, operates seven days a week. Be sure to play this 18-hole public course, which is spread over 203 acres of land.  The Arthur H. Tull designed course was constructed in 1949, and continues to serve the community today.   In addition to the 18 holes, this 72-Par course has a driving range and putting green for your enjoyment. The Nanticoke Senior Center in Seaford recently established a new home at the former club house of the Seaford Golf and Country Club on Locust Street. This non-profit organization is open Monday thru Friday and strives to promote overall health and physical well-being by providing health-related | 36

services, nutritional programs, and numerous activities which help members to remain physically strong. They have proudly served Seaford area seniors for nearly 40 years and membership to the center is open to anyone 50 years or older. The City is also well on track for growth in the residential sector. Many developments are currently underway, such as the Villages of Stoneybrook, Governors Grant, Hampton Circle and Belle Ayre; offering single family homes, as well as apartments and luxury town homes. Approximately seven developments are planned for the near future.

Population At the latest count by the U.S. Census Bureau, 6,927 people live within the corporate limits of Seaford. The retail trade zone, which includes several adjacent residential developments and outlying villages, reports a population of 24,223.  The median age of residents of the Seaford census division is 37.5 years.

Location Seaford is situated along US 13 (Sussex Highway), the main north-south artery running from Wilmington to Norfolk. Located in the southwest portion of the state, its central position on the Delmarva Peninsula makes it an important trade center, convenient to both large cities and seashore resorts. Using a network of first-class highways, Seaford is only 83 miles from Baltimore, 96 miles from Washington, D.C., 111 miles from Philadelphia, and 200 miles from New York City. Seaford is also less than an hour’s drive away from six beautiful beaches. The nearest local cities of larger population are Dover, the state capital, 37 miles to the north and Salisbury, Md., 20 miles south.

Climate The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, which surround the Delmarva Peninsula, create an insulating effect which protects lower Delaware from ex-

treme weather variations. Average annual precipitation is 45.9 inches, including a 13.2-inch average annual snowfall.

Seaford Government The elected government of Seaford consists of five council members each serving three-year terms and a mayor who serves two years. They are assisted by a city manager who carries out their policies and supervises municipal employees. The revenues derived from the resale of electricity to homes and businesses are used in the city’s budget. The city also provides water and sewerage service, maintains a police department, enforces zoning ordinances and building, housing and plumbing codes, and offers parks and recreation to the residents. The city is one of the few in Delaware who has its own Economic Development Manager who is committed to assisting business development and economic growth. The major commercial routes through Seaford are Delaware Route 20 (Stein Highway) and US 13, which are maintained by the state.

Transportation The growth of Seaford, which spreads inland from what was once known as Hooper’s Landing, was influenced greatly by water traffic on the Nanticoke River. Great Schooners once sailed its headwaters, carrying passengers between Seaford and the Chesapeake Bay. Although the advent of railroads and highways lessened its importance, the river is still an integral and economical part of the area’s transportation system. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains a dredged channel, 12 feet deep and 100 feet wide, linking Seaford with all the major East coast ports. Commercial traffic consists mainly of oil, grain and stone barges. Seaford is also home port for a large

fleet of pleasure boats, whose owners enjoy cruising along the wooded banks of the Nanticoke. With a marina across the river in Blades, regional boat launch facilities, a riverwalk and canoe launch, everyone can enjoy the river. Seaford sits astride the main railroad running from Wilmington to the southern tip of the peninsula. There is no passenger service in Seaford, but freight is delivered daily. US 13 (Sussex Highway) is a four-lane divided highway stretching the length of Delaware and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to Virginia. It provides Seaford easy access to any point north or south. Lateral transportation, including travel to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. is fast and uncomplicated over the excellent secondary road systems of Maryland and Delaware. Unit-

ed Parcel Service and Federal Express also provide their complete services to the area. The nearest passenger air terminal is the Salisbury-Wicomico County Airport, 25 miles south of Seaford.

Police Protection The Seaford Police Department provides around-the-clock service to the people of this community. Each Seaford officer is a graduate of the Delaware State Police Academy. The department also employs civilian employees, dispatchers, one secretary and one records clerk, who maintain the Nationally Accredited Seaford 911 Communications Center on a 24-hour basis. For more information, call the Seaford Museum/Seaford Historical Society main office at 302-628-9828.



he Town of Blades is in Sussex County, Delaware, United States. As of the 2010 census, the town population was 1,241, a 29.8% increase over the previous decade. Blades is connected to Seaford by the Nanticoke River Bridge, and early development of the town appears to have been focused along Market Street, which connected the two communities. Today the riverfront area of Blades near the bridge is dominated by Peninsula Oil Company, and includes storage tanks, offices, and an Uncle Willey’s convenience store and gas station. The remainder of Market Street developed as a mixture of commercial, industrial, and residential uses. The other main transportation route in Blades is High Street/Concord Road, which connects Market Street to U.S. Route 13. Historically, this street was dominated by residential uses, but that is changing. A number of small commercial establishments and a large doctor’s office have located along High Street. The Norfolk Southern railroad traverses the western edge of Blades. Numerous manufacturing uses have located along this rail line over the years. To the east of the rail line (which is within Blades’ town boundaries), there are a number of

industrial uses involving plating, storage, welding, and auto repair. Blades primary residential neighborhood is located southeast of the Market/High Street intersection. This neighborhood comprises a large portion of the land area in the town and is made up of mostly single-family detached residences. This neighborhood is interspersed with a few institutional uses, notably the Blades Fire Company, as well as a large park. The Blades Elementary School is located in this area. The school is part of the Seaford School District and is the only school located in the town. Additional residential uses can be found along both Market and High Streets and include single-family homes as well as the Hunters Court apartment complex. Institutional uses are interspersed throughout the neighborhoods. There is a cluster of institutional uses along West Fourth Street, which is the location of the town hall, a meeting hall that was previously a church property, and some vacant property owned by the town. The Nanticoke River represents the most significant natural feature in the area and is an outstanding aesthetic, environmental, and recreational resource for the town. Previously, the riv-

Fire protection Seaford, Blades, Bridgeville and Greenwood have volunteer fire departments. The tradition of volunteer fire service started in western Sussex County more than 100 years ago. Today, the men and women who serve as volunteers give countless hours in training and in service to their communities. The Seaford Fire Museum is located in the 400 block of High Street and displays fire memorabilia related to the history of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Seaford's first fire engine, the 1921 Seagraves Engine #1, is housed in the Fire Museum on High Street. The museum is a joint project of the city and the volunteer fire department.

er was fairly inaccessible to the town, as the shoreline was dominated by industrial uses, woodlands, and wetland areas. This situation changed with the opening of the Blades Marine Park that includes an 87 slip marina, boat ramp, and other amenities for the general public. This marina and park have prompted some redevelopment in the surrounding area. The Town hopes to encourage and continue this trend. One idea is the development of a greenway trail east of Market Street and north of East High Street, roughly following the contours of the river. The area is environmentally constrained and within the floodplain. Accordingly, the town would not allow the construction of freestanding structures. However, it is hoped that increasing the foot traffic in the area would benefit the nearby businesses. There are two other parks in Blades—the large Blades Park and the smaller Triangle Park. There are also some recreational facilities located on South Arch Street at the Blades Elementary School. In 2015 Blades will celebrate its’ 100th year Anniversary. A celebration is being planned! | 37

Bridgeville B

ridgeville is one of the oldest and fastest growing communities in Sussex County; a friendly place with small town charm and a bright and prosperous future. The Town was founded in 1680 and known in the 1730’s as “Ye Old Bridge over the Branch near John Nutter’s Place,” later shortened to “Bridge Branch”. The present name of Bridgeville was adopted in 1810. Bridgeville is known as a very picturesque town. Despite a new bypass, Bridgeville still receives numerous visitors on their way to the Sussex County beaches, who enjoy driving down our tree-lined streets with many historical homes and landmarks. The Sudler House, only a short distance from Town Center, dates to 1750 and is on the National Historic Register. Bridgeville is home to the “Apple Scrapple Festival,” held during the second weekend of October for more than 20 years. The Festival’s name is derived from the local apples harvested nearby at T.S. Smith and Sons, Inc. and from Rapa Scrapple, a large company in Bridgeville that has been producing scrapple since 1926. This neighborhood event has grown from simple beginnings until today it rivals any festival on the Eastern Shore. Bridgeville grows from 2,000 residents to over 25,000 as visitors come to enjoy a large dose of good-natured fun and genuine Bridgeville Hospitality. In 2008 the Apple Scrapple Festival, Inc. received the Southern Delaware Tourism Recognition Award and in 2012 the Festival was listed in the American Bus Association’s “Top 100 Events in North America.” In November 2007, Bridgeville became the home to the World Championship Punkin Chunkin event, which was also featured in the American Bus Association’s “2012 Top 100 Events in North America”. Punkin Chunkin is a worldrenowned annual festival on the first weekend of November with partici- | 38

pants from around the globe and draws an estimated 40,000 to 45,000 people to the outskirts of Bridgeville to see who can hurl a pumpkin the farthest. December in Bridgeville features the Historical Society’s premiere arts and crafts show, “Christmas in Bridgeville,” as vendors travel from all over the Delmarva Peninsula to showcase their creative wares at this popular event. According to the 2010 census, Bridgeville’s population increased 42.6% from the previous decade. Recent annexations are bringing new residential and commercial development to the area. Heritage Shores, Bridgeville’s over-55 community, boasts an 18-hole championship public golf course and clubhouse which caters many social events and teams up with the golf course to host tournaments. Bridgeville is located 30 miles from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and about 45 miles from Ocean City, Maryland. We are within an hour of three state parks: Killens Pond, Trap Pond and Cape Henlopen. Tax-free shopping with a great selection of stores is available at the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth Beach and the Dover Mall; both are within 30 miles of Bridgeville. Antique shops in Bridgeville and throughout the area will satisfy the desires of collectors and browsers. For more information on the Town of Bridgeville, please call the Town office at 302-337-7135 or visit our website at www.bridgeville.delaware. gov

Bridgeville Public Library The previous Bridgeville Public Library building was constructed in 1866 as the First Presbyterian Church of Bridgeville. In September 1866 the ladies of the church formed the Ladies Society of the Presbyterian Church, a group later

to be called the Ladies' Mite Society. The Tuesday Night Club of Bridgeville was organized as a literary society in October of 1896. In 1917 this group purchased the vacant Presbyterian Church for $500. In 1919, Mrs. Margaret Ricards Cannon organized a circulating library in the Sunday school room of the building. The Bridgeville Public Library became an official library in 1964. The Bridgeville Public Library provides free access to a variety of materials, programs and services in a friendly and welcoming environment. Special emphasis is placed on providing current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats. The library also promotes local history and genealogy through its programs and services. In carrying out its mission, the library enhances the quality of life in our community. Our goal is to provide the community we serve with the highest quality collection, with programs and services in a facility that is accessible, safe and comfortable for all of our customers. To fulfill that goal the Bridgeville Public Library worked closely with the Town of Bridgeville to build a new spacious library for our community. Dedication for the new library was held on August 17, 2009.

Greenwood G

reenwood is the northernmost town along the U. S. 13 corridor in western Sussex County and is situated at the inter section of Highways 13 and 16. The Town of Greenwood has an established vision which focuses on maintaining and improving the pedestrian friendly small town aesthetics with welcoming commercial development along the Route 13 corridor. Greenwood has in the past year seen slow residential growth with the construction of seven homes. We have also seen the development of the new Dollar General store on the north bound lanes of Route 13. With the distressed economy and the depressed building industry the Town of Greenwood is pleased with the construction we have seen. Hopefully the economy will turn around and Greenwood will see more controlled

growth to benefit our area. In the past year the Town of Greenwood has completed a water meter installation project for all the residences in town. This meter project will allow our residences to monitor their monthly water flow and be able to catch problems with their lines or any of their fixtures. This project will also allow the Town to monitor the flow of water from their wells. The Greenwood Public Library will be demolished beginning sometime in the fall. This will enable a new, better and larger library to be constructed on the current site. The library building size will increase from 300 square feet to 10000 square feet. This project will take approximately two years.

The temporary library will be housed and located at 12600 Sussex Highway. The Town of Greenwood’s downtown is home to the Greenwood Town Hall, Police Department, Post Office, churches, businesses, retail stores, a restaurant and soon to be a bakery. Greenwood prides itself on being a nice place to live. Mayor – Donald Donovan Council Members Vice Mayor – Brenda Tallent Secretary – Willard Russell Councilman – Dan Nelson Councilman – Dustin Yoder Town Manager – John F. McDonnell Administrative Assistant – Terry Hignutt

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Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Accountants Jefferson, Urian, Doane & Sterner P.A. P.O. Box 830 Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-3900 Fred Mast Krieg, William E Jr. CPA, MBA 4354 Woodpecker Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4072 William Krieg Jr. Lank, Johnson & Tull 521 N. Market St. Ext. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9543 Richard Tull, CPA Messick, Ruff & Company, LLP P.O. Box 1300 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3971 Danny Messick Terrell, Eleanor, CPA P.O. Box 891 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1515 Eleanor Terrell Advertising Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. 808 N. Salisbury Blvd. Salisbury, MD 21801 (410) 543-2100 Nancy Chernoff Comcast Spotlight 1201 Pemberton Drive Salisbury, MD 21801 (443) 523-7414 Lynn Brocato Money Mailer/Smart Marketing P.O. Box 1472 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8686 Susan McMullen Advertising/coupons Frugals, Local Coupon Source 4215 Payne Rd. Pocomoke MD 21851 (410) 957-3414 Lisa Taylor | 40

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Preston Automotive Group 4313 Preston Rd. Hurlock, MD 21643 (410) 673-1750 Kelly Glessner Auto Services/Tires Service Tire Truck Ctrs 24873 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5533 Dennis Jester Auto Upholstery & Trim Miller's Auto Upholstery of Seaford, Inc. 1321 Middleford Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9416 Craig Dukes Banking/Financial Services Bank of Delmarva 910 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2700 Ingunn Straume Citizens Bank 22870 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-6150 Debra Strollo Community Bank Delaware P.O. Box 742 Lewes, DE 19958 (302) 348-8600 Jack Riddle

County Bank 632 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4400 Linda Gunson Discover Bank 502 East Market St. Greenwood, DE 19950 (302) 349-4511 Vicki Monahan Fulton Bank P.O. Box 520 Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 249-1260 Judy Johnson Jim Johnson 22205 duPont Blvd. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 855-2808 M & T Bank 509 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 856-4470 Mary Ann Leager PNC Bank 1200 Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5000 Brian Forsythe WSFS 22820 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 360-0440 Darlene Sanphy Baseball Delmarva Shorebirds P. O. Box 1557 Salisbury, MD 21802 (410) 219-3112 David Bledsoe Bathroom remodeling/repair Herl's Bath & Tile Solutions 31440 Winterplace Parkway Salisbury, MD 21804 (410) 219-9033 Sally Herling Beauty Salon Styles By Us Inc. 324 East Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3244 Rose Fluharty

Benefit Consultants Integra Administrative Group, Inc. 110 S. Shipley St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3518 Linda Wainwright Biomedical Research Services Lab Products, Inc. P. O. Box 639 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4300 Tom Darby Boating Safety US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 12-08 4141 Woodpecker Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-8259 Art Wollschlager Bowling Seaford Bowling Lanes 1003 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9778 Gerald Sammons Business Equipment & Solutions Hilyard's Business Solutions 900 East Main St. Salisbury, MD 21804 (410) 543-9061 Casey Bradham Business Services KTD Business Support, LLC 22120 Eskridge Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 930-3805 Karen Taylor Cable Television Comcast of Delmarva, Inc. 5729 W. Denny's Rd. Dover, DE 19903 (302) 672-5923 Tom Worley Candy Sweet Serenity Chocolates, Inc. 1001 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-8883 Rachel Benjamin Caregiving Peninsula Home Care 501 Health Services Dr. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4914 Patty Stroud

Chamber of Commerce Delaware State C of C P O Box 671 Wilmington, DE 19899 (302) 655-7221 James Wolfe Chiropractic Physician Peninsula Chiropractic Centre, Inc. 26685 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4344 Dr. Michael Triglia Church Clarence Street Church of God P O Box 817 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9443 Pastor Carlton Cannon St. Luke's Episcopal Church 202 North St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7979 Lisa Lee Cleaning Condokeepers, LLC 7350 Clark Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9228 Cecilia Stafford College Wilmington University P. O. Box 660 Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-5780 Cristine Layton Community College Delaware Technical Community College P.O. Box 610 Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 858-5476 Tom Burn Commercial Janitorial Contractor Mid-Atlantic Services A-Team Corp. P.O. Box 708 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-3403 Rosemary Everton Community Programs Connections Community Programs 123 Pennsylvania Ave. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 250-5877 Phil Arendall | 41

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Drapes & Blinds Butler's Sewing Center, Inc. 1023 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9155 Edward Butler Electric Motors Warren Electric Company, Inc. P.O. Box 557 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9134 David McNatt Electrical Contractor O'Reilly Electric P.O. Box 225 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 381-6058 Rick O'Reilly

electroplAting Procino Plating, Inc. 901 S. Market St. Blades, DE 19973 (302) 629-0331 Rita Procino employment services Atwork Personnel Services 1004 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-0767 Selena Bay BesT BesTemps Seaford 110 Cannon St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4357 David Leone

Making Events Memorable Weddings • Anniversaries • Showers All Types of Parties • Reunions Corporate Meetings Rooms to accomodate 30-275 guests Caterer offers pre-planned or personalized menus

302.629.4939 1001 West Locust St., Seaford DE 19973

Express Employment Professionals 2013 Northwood Dr. #2 Salisbury, MD 21801 (410) 860-8888 Mary Ellen Carter outpAtient endoscopy center Seaford Endoscopy Center 13 Fallon Dr. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7177 Joyce Mackler energy mAnAgement systems ASI Controls 28025 Woodland Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7730 Bill Messick engineering Dolby & Associates, Inc. 22183 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-0314 Jay Dolby engineering, consulting George, Miles & Buhr, LLC 400 High Street Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1421 Cathie Dickerson environmentAl consulting BP Environmental, Inc. 300 High St., Ste. D Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6505 Lou Ann Parson

Aggressive Medical Trend Management… …world class service! 110 South Shipley Street, Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3518 v Toll Free: (800) 959-3518



302-629-4000 • 302-629-4514 • FAX 302-536-6278 | 45

Regional Builders, Inc. Construction Management ~ Pre-Engineered Buildings

300 High Street Suite One Seaford

(302) 628-8660


BETTER HOMES OF SEAFORD, Inc. Established 1969

A Non-Profit Corporation Providing Better Housing in the City of Seaford

101 Independence Drive Seaford, DE 19973 • TDD: 711

Hampton Circle





302-629-6522 rI

302-628-0212 | 46


environmentAl engineering Ten Bears Environmental, LLC T 606 Federal St. Milton, DE 19968 (302) 684-5080 Kyle Lampron equipment leAsing Professional Leasing P.O. Box 149 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4350 Bo Hopkins event plAnning Create 1 Dream Foundations 11543 Baker Mill Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 396-0831 Mark Cathell FArm And Feed Tractor Supply Co. 20952 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3627 Rick Geddes FArm equipment Hoober, Inc. 6367A Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3075 Alan Quillen FArm mArket Mernie's Market 4610 Woodland Church Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9877 Blanche Gundry T Smith & Sons, Inc. T.S. P.O. Box 275 Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-8271 Charlie Smith Western Sussex Farmers Market P.O. Box 1060 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5659 Linda Allen Fiber optic light mAnuFActuring NoUVIR Lighting Corporation 20915 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-9933 Jack Miller

Financial Services Merrill Lynch 55 Kings Hwy. Dover, DE 19901 (302) 736-7728 Scott Connell Services Service General 302 W Market St. Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 875-1800 Paco Hernandez Florist Posey Palace Florist 512 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4136 Teresa Lindell Florist Seaford Florist, Inc. 20 N. Market St. Blades, DE 19973 (302) 629-6661 Linda Corcoran Funeral Home Cranston Funeral Home P.O. Box 967 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9237 John Cranston Watson-Yates Funeral Home P.O. Box 356 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8561 Gary Yates Furniture Store Scott's Furniture, Inc. P.O. Box 157 Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-8274 Ralph Scott III Golf Course Retirement Community Heritage Shores Club One Heritage Circle Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-9926 Stefanie Barfield

Government Town of Blades 20 W. Fourth St. Blades, DE 19973 (302) 629-7366 Mayor Michael Smith Town of Bridgeville 101 N. Main Street Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-7135 Jesse Savage Dept. of Labor, Div. of Voc. Rehab 20793 Professional Park Blvd. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-5730 Stacey Bragg City of Seaford P.O. Box 1100 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9173 Dolores Slatcher Small Business Administration 1008 N. Orange St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 573-6294 Anthony Leta Delivery - Online/In Home MPB Today 19796 Sea Air Ave. Rehoboth, DE 19971 (302) 227-3871 Jeanne Sisk Grocery Hardware Rommels ACE Home Center 800 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-7890 Bryan Burkholder Hardware/Appliances Burton Brothers, Inc. 407 High St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8595 Ronald Marvel Health Insurance United Healthcare Community Plan 726 Yorklyn Rd. Ste. 200 Hockessin, DE 19707 (302) 729-4180 Desiree Dowling

Health Services Southern DE Sports Care & Rehab 1310 Middleford Rd., Ste. 101 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5700 Tom Yovienne Healthcare Provider Ambient Medical Care, LLC 24459 Sussex Hwy., Ste. 2 Seaford, DE 19973 (302)-629-3099 Robert Henry Heating & Air Conditioning National HVAC Service P.O. Box 1500 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9400 Joseph Aurillo Historical Society Seaford Historical Society, Inc. 203 High S. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-9828 Scott Davidson Home Improvement Lowes of Seaford 22880 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 536-4000 Merl Cordray Homebuilders Accessible Home Builders, Inc. 616 Oak Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-9571 Scott Lanham Horseback Riding Lessons Singletree Stables Riding School 22237 Esterson Lane Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4971 Mollie Esterson Hospital Nanticoke Health Services 801 Middleford Rd. Seaford, DE 9973 (302) 629-6611 Tom Brown Peninsula Regional Medical Center 100 E. Carroll St. Salisbury, MD 21801 (410) 546-6400 Alissa Carr | 47

hospitAlity bed And breAkFAst Bethel Bed and Breakfast 7728 Main St. Bethel, DE 19931 (302) 569-0960 Charlie & Lisa Coleman

16487 Sussex Hwy., Bridgeville, DE 19933 •

Craig L. Metzner, DVM • Mary T. Eagle, DVM

302-337-PETS (7387)

The Veterinary Care You Want For Your Family

SEAFORD BOWLING LANES Home of Galactic Bowling

Nylon Capital Shopping Center Seaford ~ 302-629-9778

Quality Inn Seaford 24057 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8385 Hetal Patel

Open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. - midnight; Sunday 1 p.m. - 11 p.m.

individuAl Edward J. Heath 48 Whistling Duck Dr. Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 956-0155 Edward Heath

“Committed to Customer Service” Since 1960

• • • • •    •   •

Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Geothermal Propane Gas Heating Oils Tankless Hwh’s Boilers/Hydronics Fireplaces Air-Purification Stand-by Generator Zone Heating

302-645-5267 33759 Clay Road, Lewes DE • | 48

Hampton Inn 22871 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4500 Shalin Patel Holiday Inn Express 24058 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2000 Susan Rowe Chan Patel

• Open & League Bowling for Adults, Youth, and Seniors • Bump ‘N Bowl • Complete Pro Shop ball drilling, bags, shoes, accessories • Lunch Counter • Air Conditioned Operated by Our Family For Your Family

hotel Comfort Suites Seaford 23420 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-5400 Ruth Wood

industriAl chemicAls BASF Corporation 100 Industrial Blvd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6200 Helen Cane Orient Corporation of America 111 Park Ave. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1300 Kimberly Ensminger inFormAtion technology B. Donald Kimball, Inc. 3802 Wright's Wharf Rd. Hurlock, MD 21643 (410) 463-4046 Adam Shellhamer

insurAnce Drace Insurance & Investment Services P. O. Box 583 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4000 G. Jane Drace Farnell & Gast, LLC 500 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4514 Joe Gast Short Insurance Associates 106 N Pine St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-0999 Debbie Short State Farm Insurance & Financial Services 22366 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3984 Eric Cline internet services Delmarva Digital 220 Laureltowne Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 875-7700 Timothy Smith

investment services Edward Jones Investments 559 N Hall St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6094 John Rittenhouse html&CIRN=521872 Edward Jones Investments P.O. Box 330 Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 875-0355 Melinda Tingle html&CIRN=923115 irrigAtion R & L Irrigation Services, Inc. 8443 Cannon Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-3755 Richard Williams Jeweler Heritage Jewelers PO Box 144 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5698 Carol Painter

Meg-Gem 6515 Earle Lane Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7424 Meg Mulrine kitchen And bAth Artist Home & Office Cabinetry of DE, Inc. 8018 Scott's Store Rd. Greenwood, DE 19950 (302) 349-9750 Michael Biggs kitchen design Creative Kitchens & Floors Inc. 8 N. Arch St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3166 Joan Hardesty lAb supplies Shamrock Glass Company, Inc. P.O. Box 686 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5500 Bunnie Williams


Social Quarters: 302-629-8408 Office: 302-628-0920 Email: | 49

lAnd use consulting Conaway Associates, Inc. 105 Delaware Ave. Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-7747 Joe Conaway lAwn & gArden Jeff's Greenhouses 7781 Main St. Bethel, DE 19931 (302) 875-3420 Jeff Hastings

All Home Cooking Eat In Or Take Out









23415 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 302


fax: 629-4928

HARRINGTON 10697 S. Dupont Hwy., Harrington, DE

302-398-4390 | 50

lAwn/lAndscAping Barton's Landscaping Lawn Co. Inc 20689 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9645 Philip Barton Manlove Lawn & Landscape 6190 Grist Lane Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6461 Laurence Manlove Mow-n-Trim 6065 Rivers Edge Lane Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-0687 CM Kohlenberg legAl insurAnce Legal Shield 9 Sassafras Lane Berlin, MD 21811 (443) 880-2222 Sophia Christian legAl services Procino Wells, LLC 225 High Street Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4140 Maryellen Hesseman John E. T Tarburton P.A. 420 Pennsylvania Ave. Ste. 2 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-5499 John T Tarburton librAry Bridgeville Public Library 600 S. Cannon St. Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-7401 Karen Johnson

Seaford Library & Cultural Center 600 N Market St. Ext. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2524 John Painter liquor store Liquid Assets P. O. Box 931 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4160 Lin Boggs loAns/smAll business First State Community Loan Fund 100 W. 10th St., Ste. 1005 Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 652-6774 Delores Lee logistics Firm Trinity Logistics P.O. Box 1620 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 253-3935 Brandy McMullen mAchining Seaford Machine Works, Inc. P.O. Box 621 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7928 Philip LaPrad mAintenAnce contrActor Don-Lee Margin Corporation 9435 Tiger Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7567 Denise Dickerson mAnuFActured homes Village of Cool Branch 100 Hitch Pond Circle Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 875-9571 Carol Beard mAnuFActuring Century Seals, Inc. PO Box 720 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-0324 Lisa Fizer Craig T Technologies, Inc. 103 Davis Drive Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-9900 Donald Hollenbeck

Manufacturing Invista 25876 DuPont Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-1865 Brian Nixon

Mortgage Lending REMN 20 Montchanin Rd., Ste. 160 Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 629-7530 Marcia Waller

Manufacturing, Warehouse Pet Poultry Products, Inc. P.O. Box 128 Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-8247 Robert Hunsberger

Mortgages Real Estate Mortgage Network VanDyk Mortgage Corporation 420 Penna Ave., Ste. 1 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-2828 Frank Raskauskas

Marine Sales & Service Sturgis Marine Sales, Inc. 20676 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3581 Steve Onuschak Martial Arts After School Program Sun Dragon Martial Arts Academy 10252 Stone Creek Dr. Ste. 2 Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 258-8557 Mollie Blaz

Motorcycles Harley-Davidson of Seaford P.O. Box 616 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6161 Bryan Bennett Newspaper Morning Star Publications, Inc. 951 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9788 Bryant Richardson

Sussex County Post 37A North Walnut St. Milford, DE 19963 (302) 629-5505 Jenny Keim Non-Profit Boys & Girls Club of Western Sussex 310 Virginia Ave. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-3789 Charles Matthews Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. 12649 DuPont Blvd. Ellendale, DE 19941 (302) 422-1530 Laura Marvel Kent Sussex Industries, Inc. 301 N. Rehoboth Blvd. Milford, DE 19963 (302) 422-4014 Mark Reeve

Masonry Nanticoke Concrete Works 10035 Concord Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-8590 Jonathan Whitt Medical Equipment Rental Peninsula Home Health Care, Inc. 514 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5672 Chris O'Bier Meetings & Events White Manor Farm 11339 Sussex Hwy. Greenwood, DE 19950 (302) 542-7411 Leslie Umstetter Mental Health Provider A Center for Mental Wellness 321 E Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 674-1397 LaurennTinsley Mentoring Freedom Academy Mentoring 12136 Sussex Hwy. Greenwood, DE 19950 (302) 495-7080 Alonzo Black

Instruction in English & Western for Children & Adults

Seaford, Delaware

Camp & Indoor Arena OPEN YEAR ROUND certified by A.R.I.C.P.




629-4971 | 51

Kiwanis Club of Seaford P. O. Box 1017 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6468 Doug Figgs La Red Health Center, Inc. 1340 Middleford Rd., Ste. 401 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-7752 Kevin Loftus Moose Lodge 1728 22759 Bridgeville Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-0920 Bill Trice III Nanticoke River Yacht Club P.O. Box 162 Blades, DE 19973 (302) 628-3187 Patt Linnane Nanticoke Rotary Club P.O. Box 1257 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 270-7012 Judy Johnson

Nemours Health & Preventions Services 543 N. Shipley St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 444-9063 Ron Breeding Soroptimist International of Seaford P.O. Box 826 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 236-1663 Joyce Schech Sussex County Habitat for Humanity P.O. Box 759 Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 855-1153 Nancy Greene Non-Profit, Mentoring for children Big Brothers Big Sisters of DE Inc. 111-A North Bedford St. Georgetown, DE19947 (302) 856-2918 Ray Quillen

Non-Profit/Business services Better Business Bureau of DE 60 Reads Way New Castle, DE 19720 (302) 221-5259 x14 Carol Tomlinson Non-Profit/counseling SCORE Delaware-Sussex Branch 122 Pond View Lane Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 536-1382 William Hinz Non-Profit/Little League DE District III Little League 5 Clover Dr. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 855-9637 Debbie Hartstein Non-Profit/Private Telamon Corporation 31901 Tri County Way Ste 112 Salisbury, MD 21804 (410) 546-4604 Jennifer Shahan Non-Profit/Shelter Delmarva Teen Challenge P.O. Box 1271 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2559 Bob Carey

Sussex Tech

Excellence in Technical, Career, and Academic Education

Adult Division

High School Division


● Customized company training (start-up, expansion, skill development, pre-employment assessment & training) ● Computer training ● Supervisor/management training ● Technical/Mechanical skills training ● Apprenticeship training ● Certificate classes (medical, office, computer, construction) ● Adult high school diploma/GED classes ● Nursing Assistant & Medical Assistant classes FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL

302-856-9035 | 52


● A National School of Excellence and 2-Time National Blue Ribbon High School ● 2-Time National High Schools That Work Pacesetter School ● 15 technical programs ● 2012 Platinum High Achievement Award from Southern Regional Education Board ● 2011 Outstanding High Schools That Work School by Southern Regional Education Board ● Delaware’s Model Instructional Technology High School FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL


Oil Distributor Adams Oil Company P.O. Box 532 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4531 Wayne Adams Tri-Gas & Oil Co., Inc. 20501 DuPont Blvd. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-6300 Brenda Lord Optometry Betts & Biddle Eye Care PA 8500 Herring Run Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6691 Sonja Biddle Halpern Eye Care 1301 Bridgeville Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9198 Graham Heacock Peninsula Eye Center, P.A. 1320 Middleford Rd Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3044 Heather Wood

Package Store Party Corner 501 Bridgeville Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6110

Walgreens 22898 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-6100 Phil Williamson

Paint & Supplies Store Carlton Whaley Sherwin-Williams Co. 22840 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7550 Joshua Shumaker

Seaford Health Mart Pharmacy 613 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3737 Waheed Aziz

Painting Phil Burtelle Painting 402 Nylon Blvd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3769 Phil Burtelle Pediatric Physician Harry A Lehman III MD P.A. 411 N Shipley St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5050 Maria Lehman Pharmacy Nanticoke Pharmacy LP 1609A Middleford Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 536-7666 Bimal Das

Photography Hilltop Studio P.O. Box 917 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4396 James Hill Physicians & Surgeons Del Mar Medical Center, P.A. 1350 Middleford Rd., Ste. 501 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4370 Darius Sypek MD Benz Urology 9096 Riverside Drive Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-4222 Renee Benz

An Alternative To Traditional Banking



s your community credit union, we’re here to help you build a future. We provide the loans and investments you need. From financing your car to helping you save for retirement, you can count on the credit union advantage to help you get where you want to go a little faster. We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Every saver is a member, and every member is an owner. Call or visit our website at to join today. Membership is available to those who live, work, or worship in Sussex County.


Seaford Professional Center - Rt. 13 South, Seaford, DE 19973 Rt. 113, South of Millsboro (beside Carey Ins.)

302-629-7852 or 302-934-1774

Equal Housing Lender • Se Habla Español • Member NCUA | 53

Cedar Avenue Medical Assoc. One Cedar Ave. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2366 Carolyn Knight ENT & Allergy Center, P.A. 8468 Herring Run Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3400 BobbyAnn Fox Thomas R. Mullen, D.M.D, P.A. 8466 Herring Run Rd., Ste. D Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8544 Ann Sammons Nanticoke Gastroenterology, P.A. 924 Middleford Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2229 Lin McFarland Nanticoke Surgical Assoc. PA 543 N Shipley St., Ste. A Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8662 Erica Carey Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle 543 N Shipley St., Ste. C Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3000 Brad Lemon, D.P.M. Gynecology Nanticoke GYN Associates, P.A. 105 B Front St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-2434 Theresa Rupp Pizza Delivery, Carry Out Hungry Howies Pizza 1252 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9050 Craig Dimes Little Caesars 22802 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 536-1542 Kathy Yoho Plumbing, Heating George Sherman Corp. 33759 Clay Rd. Lewes, DE 19958 (302) 645-5267 Andy Cannon Penco Corporation P.O. Box 690 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7911 Scott Sapna | 54

Pools & Spas, Service Dover Pool & Patio Center Inc 23463 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3523 Gail Miller portable restrooms American Sanitation Service P O Box 513 Millsboro, DE 19966 (302) 858-2653 Robert Moore Postal Services U. S. Postal Service 2001 Bridgeville Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-3441 Rob Kern Printing Sussex Printing Corp. P.O. Box 1210 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5060 Amy Higgins Promotional Products ESS - Geiger 73 Greentree Dr., #421 Dover, DE 19904 (302) 698-1220 Monica Kulesa Property Management East Coast Property Mgmt. Svcs. P.O. Box 1510 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8751 Linda Marvel Stephens Management Corporation P.O. Box 594 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4393 Darlene Warner Radio 107.1 The Duck P.O. Box 237 Cambridge, MD 21613 (410) 228-4800 Troy Hill Great Scott Broadcasting 20200 duPont Blvd. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-2567 Jim McHugh

Real Estate Beverly Blades, Realtor 6249 Woodland Ferry Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 236-3116 Bev Blades Suzanna R. Bramhall, Realtor 224 Otter Run Ct. Rivers End Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3204 Sue Bramhall Callaway, Farnell and Moore, Inc. 500 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4514 Kathy Farnell Coldwell Banker Resort Realty 22350 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-5575 Bruce Plummer Cooper Realty Associates, Inc. 615 Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6693 Thomas Cooper Home Team Realty 959 Norman Eskridge Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7711 Frank Parks RE/MAX Above and Beyond 1310 Bridgeville Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-2500 Brenda Rambo Robinson Real Estate P.O. Box 571 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4574 Gerry Thomas Sussex Ventures, Inc. 25051 Ward Farm Lane Millsboro, DE 19966 (302) 934-9636 Drew Ward Commercial Real Estate Alliance Real Estate Professionals 30613 Sussex Hwy. Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 462-0510 Rob Harman

Sperry Van Ness Miller - Seaford 604 Porter St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 249-9097 Tom Knopp

Grotto Pizza, Inc. 200376 Coastal Hwy. Rehoboth, DE 19971 (302) 227-3567 Christie Davis

RENTAL STORE Grand Rental Station 20675 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-6838 Clay Amidon

Hard to Handle Sub Shop 304 B High St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7970 Matt Hutchins

RESTAURANT Bon Appetit 312 High St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3700 Karen Pedemonte

IHOP Restaurant 22812 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1224 Mashoo Awad

Davelli's Bagel Café, LLC 201 W. Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6252 David Leach DQ Grill & Chill 24512 Lighthouse Point Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-8071 Dave Bachman

Stargate Diner 23415 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4894 Duray Salman Subway, Seaford & Wal Mart 301 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1400 Craig Dimes Texas Roadhouse 22850 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 536-7376 Keith Schaffer

Kentucky Fried Chicken 23458 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3463 Dennis Dempsey

RETAIL Wal Mart #2460 22899 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1668 James Buttridge

Pizza King 300 West Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-6003 Shirley Baynum

RETAIL/CONSIGNMENTS The Browsery 133 N. Cannon St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4400 Debbie Short

Whether your purpose is business or pleasure, Seaford is sure to have what you are looking for. Our ever growing community incorporates the amenities of a big city, with the added touch of hometown charm. The City’s economic community continues to grow as well. Our Industrial Park and Ross Business Park are home to such businesses as Orient Chemical, BASF, Craig Technologies, Linus Tooling, CAD Distributors and Federal Express. Development in these Parks is ongoing, with options for lease or sale. The City provides great opportunities for recreational activities. Our four City parks and Sports Complex allow families to spend time with one another, while pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Our walking trails in the Sports Complex and Soroptimist Park offer a safe place for our residents to walk or run. Our public golf course, Hooper’s Landing, is sure to provide hours of fun for golfers of all skill levels.

City of Seaford

P.O. Box 1100 414 High Street Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9173 Fax (302) 629-9307

Seaford is situated on the banks of the Nanticoke River. For water enthusiasts, you can spend your day enjoying the river’s splendor from our Canoe Launch, Boat Ramp and Fishing Pier, or take a leisurely stroll along our scenic Riverwalk.

Make Your Next Move……A Smart Move!!! Call or Visit Us Today! | 55

Retirement Community Methodist Manor House 1001 Middleford Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4593 Eileen Hanhauser

Signs, Painting Towers Signs, LLC 22876 Sussex Hwy. Unit #6 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-7450 Charlie Towers

Schools Seaford School District 390 N. Market St. Ext. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4587 Stephanie Smith

Surveyor Thomas A. Temple, Jr. 727 Nylon Blvd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9709 Al Temple

Schools, High & Adult Ed Sussex Technical School District 17137 County Seat Hwy. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-0961 x321 Joe Booth Screenprinting ASAP Screenprinting 22536 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 262-3394 Darrell Meade Seafood, Retail & Wholesale Harbor House Seafood, Inc. P.O. Box 757 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-0444 Mark Bryan Senior Center Nanticoke Senior Center P.O. Box 406 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4939 Barbara Elliott Senior Center & Services CHEER, Inc. 546 S. Bedford St. Georgetown, DE 19947 (302) 856-5187 Randy Nelson Sheet Metal Fabrication & Machining Miller Metal Fabrication Inc. P.O. Box 249 Bridgeville, DE 19933 (302) 337-2291 Bruce Kelley Shipping/Packing/Printing The UPS Store 23000 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-8771 Laura Rogers | 56

Tax Services Jackson Hewitt Tax Service 1004 W Stein Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-4584 Selena Bay Television WMDT-47 P.O. Box 4009 Salisbury, MD 21803 (410) 742-9747 Carole Kauffman Training Dale Carnegie Training 30905 Sandy Ridge Rd. Lewes, DE 19958 (302) 448-0424 Doug Harbaugh Travel Agent Coqui Travel Plus 20261 Wesley Church Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-1021 Miriam Perez Misty Travel 26227 Line Rd. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 628-0100 Barbara Stetzer Travel Debi 413 High St. Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-9604 Deborah Mitchell Tree Service Sussex Tree 24016 Snug Harbor Circle Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 337-3346 Jeff Meredith Truck Repairs, Heavy Duty Chambers Motors, Inc. P.O. Box 494 Seaford, DE 19973 (302) 629-3553 Elizabeth Chambers

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Since 1895

Sympathy, Reverence and Guidance in a Time of Need.

Funeral Home, Inc. Front and King streets Seaford, DE 19973 302-629-8561

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The Absolute Best Value in Quality Home FURNITURE Furnishings & Service for Over 80 Years! FURNITURE

Route 13 (Just north of 404) in Bridgeville • halfway between Salisbury & Dover Closed Sundays

302-337-8274 • | 57 | 58

There is no greater brand in Real Estate! We have trusted agents who utilize innovative tools to help consumers make smart decisions.



Visit us at South Bound Rt. 13 North of Walmart.




22350 Sussex Highway

20184 Coastal Highway

800 Kings Highway

(302) 629-5575 | (800) 221-5575

(302) 227-5000 | (800) 800-4132

(302) 645-2881 | (800) 800-4129

Sussex County’s Locally Owned & Operated Full Service Real Estate Company. | 59


CHOOSE NANTICOKE. Nanticoke Health Services offers the care of a full-service community hospital—Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. Our experienced physicians—part of a growing network of skilled and caring experts—are ready to care for you and your family.

OUR PHYSICIANS’ SPECIALTIES INCLUDE: • Cardiology • Cardiovascular Disease • Critical Care Medicine • Endocrinology • Gastroenterology • General Surgery

• Hematology • Interventional Cardiology • Medical Oncology • Nephrology • Neurology • Obstetrics & Gynecology

• Orthopaedics • Pulmonology • Radiation Oncology • Sleep Medicine • Urology • Wound Care & Hyperbarics

To find a physician near you, call 1-877-NHS-4DOCS.


Always Caring. Always Here.

801 Middleford Road, Seaford, DE 19973 • 302-629-6611


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