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Morningside College Incoming Master, Professor Nicholas Rawlins 晨興書院新任院長汪寧笙教授



You may be reading this because you are considering applying for a place at CUHK (good choice!) or because you have already won a place – in which case congratulations on a great personal achievement. Either way, you will want to make the most of it, and Morningside is a college that can help you do that. It offers much more than just its excellent facilities. Morningside is a residential community of students, Fellows and Tutors that’s intimate enough for you to get to know everyone there and has the resources and tradition to help you do that. It’s particularly international and it’s interdisciplinary, so that you can be inspired by other cultures and take in fresh ideas while excelling at your own discipline. And the more you learn and develop the more you, in your turn, will inform and inspire others while building friendships, and networks, that will enrich your university experience while you’re here, and stay with you all your life. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

你之所以閱讀這本小冊子,可能是因為你在考慮申請入讀香 港中文大學(很好的選擇!) 或已經被取錄 —— 這已是你人生中一大成就。若你想擁有一個充實的大 學生活,晨興書院將會幫助你達成這個目標。我們所提供的不單是完善的 設備。在書院生活的學生、院務委員及導師關係密切,讓你能認識這個獨 特社群的每一位成員。書院擁有國際化及跨學科的特色,多元文化能啟發 你的新思維及新意念,並能協助你在學科上表現得更出色。而且,其他人 也從你身上學習並有所長進,彼此建立獨一無二的珍貴友誼。這種種不單 深化你大學時期的體驗,更會伴隨你一生。我們期待著你加入晨興這個大 家庭。

Nicholas Rawlins 汪寧笙教授 Incoming Master 新任院長 2



Morningside College was established in 2006 with a generous and imaginative founding donation from the Morningside Foundation. Our key role is to provide you a home in which to live, eat, and learn while studying at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and to equip you with the essential skills of scholarship, virtue, and service to take with you when you graduate. Morningside can be your place for conversation, argument, and discovery. Visit us to see what a small, congenial college can do for you.

在晨興基金會的慷慨捐助下,晨興書院於2006年成立。 本院致力為就讀於香港中文大學的學生提供一個融合食、住、學 為一體的家,我們的使命是在你離校前將你培養為博學、進德、濟民 的有用之士。晨興是一個讓你可溝通、論辯、探索的平台。書院雖小, 卻別具風格,歡迎來本院參觀,感受書院為你準備的廣闊天地。

Award-winning writer and journalist Robert Fisk 著名作家及記者羅伯特‧費斯克


The College dinner gong is rung three nights a week to herald the beginning of Communal Dinner 每週三晚書院的銅鑼聲響標誌着共膳時間的開始



Morningside Dean of Students, Professor Colin Graham

Morningside Incoming Master, Professor Nicholas Rawlins





The Master, in collaboration with the Assembly of Fellows, leads the College. Professor Sir James Mirrlees, 1996 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences was the Founding Master of Morningside. The Incoming Master, Professor Nick Rawlins, joins us in December 2018. He is a behavioural neuroscientist and was a Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Oxford. Our Fellows teach in departments across the University, including Architecture, Communication & Journalism, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Medicine, Music, Public Health, and Sociology. They are engaged scholars and innovative teachers. You will meet them often at College events and join them at MentorMentee dinners held throughout the year.

院長與院務委員共同領導晨興書院。創院院長為1996年諾 貝爾經濟學獎得主莫理斯教授。 新任院長汪寧笙教授於2018年12月到任。他是一位行為神經科學家及 牛津大學前副校長。本院院務委員任教於大學各大院系,包括建築、 新聞與傳播、經濟、工程、金融、法律、語言學、文學、醫學、音樂、 公共衛生、社會學系等。他們都是勤勉熱心的學者、富創新精神的老 師。你會經常在書院活動中見到他們,也可以在年內舉辦的師生晚膳 上與他們交流互動 。




Morningside can accommodate 300 students. Once admitted to the College, you are guaranteed housing throughout your normative study period at the University. Students live in double rooms and share communal meals three nights a week. Facilities at Morningside are set up to help you achieve. We encourage collaborative learning whether in the College Café, Dining Hall, or seminar rooms. Outside of study, we have other superb facilities including a fully-equipped fitness room, laundry room, computer room, music rooms, and TV room with library. Morningside is conveniently located near the University Sports Centre and just minutes from University Station, where you can grab a train north to the Shenzhen border, or south to Kowloon or Hong Kong Island.

所有晨興的學生在學期間均獲派宿位。 書院共有300個宿位。每個房間容納兩人,每週有三次舍堂共膳。 書院學習、文娛、康樂設施一應俱全。我們鼓勵學生充分利用書院 咖啡閣、宴會廳和研討室進行相互學習。同學於課餘時可隨時使用 設備齊全的健身室、洗衣房、電腦室、音樂室以及附有文庫的電視室。 晨興坐落的位置便利,毗鄰大學體育中心,距港鐵大學站亦只有數 分鐘之遙,方便同學乘搭東鐵北上深圳或南下九龍、港島區。



The Morningside Band



College Rowing Team 書院划艇隊

Jamil Anderlini of the Financial Times 《金融時報》吉密歐‧安德里尼

Formal Hall Dinner 高桌晚宴



“Morningsiders”, as our students call themselves, value ideas, diversity, creativity, individuality, and civic responsibility. The Morningside student body is one of the most diverse student bodies at the University, with residents from over 15 countries and regions. As a Morningsider, you will be invited to join the Master at the Master’s Lodge for social events and discussion. You will have opportunities to chat with distinguished visitors to the College – historians, astrophysicists, novelists, and more. We also encourage our students to leave the College and enjoy the many cultural activities on offer throughout Hong Kong. Our Exploring Hong Kong’s Cultural Resources Programme provides each Morningside student with funding to attend concerts, plays, film festivals, and art exhibits. When you are ready to leave Hong Kong, Morningside will offer you exchange opportunities and ensure that financial support is available to make study abroad possible. If you are an athlete, you might consider joining the College Rowing Team, the Football Club, or participate in one or more of the sports activities – horseback riding, archery, bowling – organized by our Physical Education instructor.

書院學生自稱「晨興人」,他們思想豐富、創造力強、是有個性 與具公民責任感的學生。 晨興人來自超過十五個國家和地區,在中大可謂最多元化。作為晨興的 一份子,你會受邀到院長宿舍與院長共聚與討論,並有機會與到訪的歷史 學家、天文學家、小說家等傑出學人聊天。我們亦鼓勵學生離開舍堂,踴躍 參加本地的文化活動。書院舉辦的「香港文化資源探索計劃」,乃資助 晨興學生出席音樂會、戲劇、電影節及藝術展等活動而設的。晨興提供 許多學術交流機會,讓你可暫別香港,放眼世界,亦為此向你提供一定 的經濟援助。若你是個運動健將,你可考慮加入書院的划艇隊、足球 俱樂部,或者參加書院體育導師組織的騎馬、射箭、保齡等體育活動。




You aspire to be a concert pianist, but a degree in Business will pay the bills. Do you major in Music? Or follow your father into business? A critically ill patient suffering from a highly communicable disease has just been brought in to the emergency room; you are the frontline emergency medic on duty. Do you delay treatment to scrub up and don protective gear, knowing that you could be putting the patient’s life in jeopardy? Or do you attend to the patient immediately and risk contracting the illness yourself? These are just two examples of the many dilemmas that Morningside students consider in the Freshman Seminar Current Dilemmas and their Histories. College Fellows introduce dilemmas and philosophical frameworks; Morningsiders discuss and debate in small group tutorials led by Junior Fellows. Later, you will undertake a Service Learning Project – learn how a local animal rescue organization works, serve the elderly in China, tutor children in Nepal, or monitor food waste right here on campus.

「你有志成為一名鋼琴演奏家,但一張商科學士文憑能 保障生活。你選擇以音樂作為你的主修科目,還是步父親 後塵從商呢?」 「一名傳染病患者被帶入急診室。你是急診部當值醫生。你會 先洗擦消毒,並穿戴好防護裝備,令病人因此而延遲接受治療; 還是冒著受感染的風險馬上醫治病人呢?」這些只是晨興人在 新生研討課 「當今困境及其歷史 」上討論的多種困境中的 兩個例子。教授在課上介紹各種困境及哲學思考基礎概念;課後 他們在導師帶領的導修小組上進行研討和辯論。及後,你會參與 社區服務學習計劃, 學習「救助動物協會」組織的運作、服務 中國大陸長者、到尼泊爾給兒童上課、或監察校內浪費食物的 情況。無論你的未來發展如何,請將我們書院的理念 —— 博學、 進德、濟民 —— 融入你的社群服務工作中。


Fujian Service Trip





JOIN US 晨興有約

If you have already been admitted to study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we welcome you to apply to join us at Morningside College. We offer a wide range of bursaries and other forms of financial assistance to supplement the support already provided by the University and government for students who need it. The College Life Committee awards grants several times throughout the academic year to support student activities. We also have an extensive range of prizes and scholarships, which include top-up hostel and meal benefits, awarded on the basis of academic excellence at admission. For details, visit

如果你已被香港中文大學錄取,我們歡迎你申請加入晨興。 除大學和政府提供的助學支援以外,我們會向有需要的學生提供 形形色色的助學金和其它經濟援助。書院生活委員會亦每年撥款 資助學生的自發活動。書院還設有各類獎項及獎學金,包括宿費及 餐費補助等,並根據同學的入學成績頒發有關獎項。 申請詳情見一下網址


Scholarship 博學 • Virtue 進德 • Service 濟民

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