Morehouse College FY2021 Annual Giving Report

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JULY 2020 — JUNE 2021

Milestones and key impacts of a successful fundraising year in support of the Morehouse mission.


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Dear Benefactors and Community of Supporters: On behalf of the Morehouse College Community, we would like to thank you for supporting our mission to prepare exceptional men of scholarship and integrity for lives of leadership, service, and consequence. In this season of restoration, we take immense pride in our triumphant return to campus life. In the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2021, our giving community invested nearly $63 million in Morehouse College. The sustainability of private philanthropic support for the College has been boosted by contributions from devoted alumni, our expanding network of corporate partners, and nearly 1,500 new supporters, including philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, who presented a magnanimous $20-million gift to Morehouse. Our Giving Tuesday celebrations garnered nearly $4 million. And our strength as a worldclass liberal arts college for men was bolstered in FY21 by our faculty and staff, as well as the generosity of our loyal benefactors. The confidence that you, our faithful supporters, have placed in us enabled Morehouse College to innovate in the face of adversity. We offered new scholarships, enhanced instruction, reimagined corporate partnerships and career engagement, and also expanded student access to technology and internships. Operationally, we improved our efficiency, customer communications, and financial sustainability. These advancements have set the stage for a new era that will take the Morehouse academic degree program and cultural experience beyond the borders of our historic institution to growing audiences online. We are honored to be part of this extraordinary community and appreciate your partnership as we forge ahead to build on the legacy of excellence that has made Morehouse College one of the nation’s top liberal arts institutions. Steadfast, Honest, and True,

David A. Thomas, Ph.D.

Monique M. Dozier


Vice President for Institutional Advancement


The world needs Morehouse now more than ever. It needs the leaders we produce, steeped in a moral and ethical foundation, and filled with confidence that defies others’ negative perceptions and expectations of them. It is not an accident that Morehouse produced Martin Luther King Jr. and so many of those who shaped the racial and human progress of the last century. That work is not done. Morehouse, her sons, and her entire community are called to be a ‘Candle in the Dark’ in this century, as we were in the last.”

David A. Thomas, Ph.D.


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

FY21: Transformative Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 A Year In Review. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Scholarship Impact. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Benefactor Appreciation: Salutations from our Scholars . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Unrestricted Impact. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

23 INSPIRE Targeting Unmet Needs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23



Leading, Serving, and Sowing Seeds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Giving Tuesday Spikes Alumni Investment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Fiscal Year Comparison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

29 INNOVATE Building the Morehouse of the Future. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

31 INTEGRAL A Community of Loyal Support: Our Giving Society Honor Roll. . . . . . . . . 31 Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Our Team. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT





MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021





Visionary leadership, sound strategic planning, and benefactor contributions helped Morehouse College to navigate through historic industry challenges for liberal arts institutions in 2020-2021. The Morehouse brand remained strong in FY21, even as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the country, causing a national economic crisis. Enrollment, as well as benefactor support for Morehouse, held steady and the College received nearly $63 million in cash and in-kind gifts, which helped Morehouse maintain a balanced budget through unprecedented times.The average annual gift to Morehouse increased by 5.2%. These generous contributions were invested in new and critical needs as the College faced the challenges of the pandemic. The contributions supported scholarships, innovative academic programs, technology expansions, infrastructure repairs, staffing, and other areas which improved the student experience for scholars studying virtually. Emergency federal aid and generous gifts from alumni also provided rising Morehouse Men with additionals tools that they needed to be successful, from computers to internet connections. FY21 followed a banner year of giving in which the College received $107.1 million, including its largest gift to date.

























Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott contributed a $20 million gift to Morehouse College in July 2020 to support institutional operations and strategic programs as the College faced financial challenges during the early months of the pandemic. The gift helped Morehouse College to end the fiscal year with a balanced budget and overcome financial shortfalls prompted by the temporary suspension of inperson instruction and the transition to online learning. Thanks to Scott’s generosity, pay cuts for full-time faculty and staff also ceased and salaries were restored.

“ What fills me with hope is the thought of what will come if each of us reflects on what we can offer.” — MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist said on

In addition, Scott’s contribution funded several key improvements, including the development of a cross-campus wireless infrastructure, the renovation of student residence halls, and the launch of an online undergraduate degree program. “On behalf of Morehouse College and the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank MacKenzie Scott for supporting our mission to develop men who are


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021


academically excellent and focused on leadership and service,” said David A. Thomas, President of Morehouse College. “This gift is an investment in the future of Black excellence. It will help Morehouse to lay the foundation for the campus of the 21st century and continue the important work we do to produce graduates who effect positive change in their communities, the nation, and the world.”

Scott began making billions of dollars in donations after signing a pledge in May 2019, to give most of her wealth away. “I recommend these organizations to anyone similarly excited by the idea of empowering leaders wellpositioned to accelerate progress,” Scott wrote in a July 2020 blog on announcing her gift to Morehouse and other nonprofits. Scott’s gift to Morehouse came during a summer of unrest for the country. At the time, the nation was facing the early months of the pandemic, which exposed racial inequalities in unemployment, access to healthcare, and COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates for Blacks and other minorities. She pledged to use her wealth to make a difference in the world. “Life will never stop finding fresh ways to expose inequities in our systems; or waking us up to the fact that a civilization this imbalanced is not only unjust, but also unstable,” Scott wrote on “What fills me with hope is the thought of what will come if each of us reflects on what we can offer.”


Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott Donates $20-Million Gift to Morehouse





$5MM Bank of America Contributes $5-Million Gift to Launch Center for Black Entrepreneurship at Morehouse College Bank of America contributed a $5-million gift to Morehouse College to help fund the launch of the new Center for Black Entrepreneurship, the first-ever academic center at Morehouse to assemble, educate, and empower a new class of Black entrepreneurial talent. The center, which is being developed in collaboration with Black Economic Alliance Foundation, will be co-located on the Morehouse and Spelman campuses. Spelman also received a $5-million gift from Bank of America to launch the initiative. The gifts were announced in February 2021. The funding will support the development of an academic curriculum, faculty recruitment, co-curricular programming, and the construction of a new physical space. The Center for Black Entrepreneurship will seek to eliminate barriers among Black entrepreneurs, professional investors, and business builders by leveraging education, mentorship, amd access to capital and opportunity. “Morehouse and Spelman are two of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges primarily serving the Black community and have some of the highest social mobility rates in the country,” said Wendy Stewart, Atlanta market president for Bank of America. “Partnering with these historic institutions will be instrumental in supporting our next generation of entrepreneurs who will ultimately create economic opportunity and generate jobs in Atlanta.” The funding for the Center for Black Entrepreneurship came from Bank of America’s $1-billion, four-year commitment to advance racial equality and economic opportunity. The outreach includes support to minority entrepreneurs, as well as a focus on education, jobs, health, and housing. “Morehouse’s priority is empowering leaders to impact society, including entrepreneurs of color who produce new business models, create new industries, and disrupt the status quo as innovators, inventors,

and paradigm shifters,” said Dr. David A. Thomas, President of Morehouse College. “The Center for Black Entrepreneurship adds important capacity to support our work with minority-owned businesses and current or future entrepreneurs who are gaining access to capital, creating jobs, leveraging technology, and developing the products and services that enhance the standard of living for us all. We are proud to partner with Spelman College, the Black Economic Alliance, and Bank of America to educate and strengthen the entrepreneurs who will lead change.”

“ Morehouse’s priority is empowering leaders to impact society, including entrepreneurs of color.” — David A. Thomas, Ph.D., President of Morehouse College

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT



MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021






$4.1MM Morehouse College to Participate in Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars Program Morehouse College received a $4.1 million gift from Morgan Stanley in October 2020 to establish the new Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars Program, an initiative that will provide new academic-and-needs-based scholarships to 20 rising Morehouse Men over the next four years. Five outstanding freshmen have already been selected to receive the prestigious four-year scholarship, which removes the financial barriers to higher education by covering tuition, room, and board for students. Five additional recipients will be named annually through the 2024-25 academic year. In addition to a full scholarship, Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars will receive mentors and sponsors to support them along their journey, as well as instruction and programming aimed at preparing them for post-graduate careers. The HBCU Scholars Program also provides outreach to faculty and the broader student community through virtual and on-site events. Morgan Stanley selected Morehouse to participate in the Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars program because the global financial services firm supports the College’s mission to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. As the national epicenter for thought leadership on civil rights, Morehouse is committed to helping the nation address the inequities caused by institutional racism, which have created disparities in income, employment, health, housing, and educational opportunities for people of African descent. “Morgan Stanley is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities to eliminate barriers that prevent people of all backgrounds and identities from having equal opportunities — and the HBCU Scholars program is an integral part of that effort,” said Susan Reid, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Morgan Stanley and Director of the Institute for Inclusion. “We would like to congratulate the five impressive students who will be embarking on this journey at Morehouse and look forward to witnessing their achievements in the years to come.” The first five rising Morehouse Men chosen as inaugural Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars possess impressive resumes that include academic achievements, community service projects and awards, career study programs, and

As a Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars Program participant, Morehouse will receive funding to award 20 new academic and needs-based scholarships to the men of Morehouse over the next four years.

support for social justice issues. “Thanks to the generosity of Morgan Stanley, the Morgan Stanley Scholars will have the peace of mind necessary to excel in their studies without having to worry about running out of money for tuition before they complete their degrees,” said Monique Dozier, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Morehouse College. “They will be able to pursue their dreams and build wealth faster because they will not be tethered to student loan debt. That independence will be a game-changer for them as they consider graduate studies, job offers, or becoming entrepreneurs after graduation. I would like to thank Morgan Stanley for giving our students the gift of financial freedom.”

“ The Morgan Stanley Scholars will have the peace of mind necessary to excel in their studies without having to worry about running out of money for tuition.” — Monique M. Dozier

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Five outstanding freshmen have been selected as members of the inaugural class. RICHARD A. CHANDLER ’25

Louisville, Kentucky Biology Major

Proudest Achievement as a High School Student: I am most proud of being named the 2021 YMCA Black Achiever of the Year. I am proud because I watched many recipients go on to do great things, and I wanted to be a part of that legacy. Why I chose Morehouse College: I believe that many factors led me to Morehouse College. When I visited the campus during Spring Break 2019, I felt like I was at home, and I was surrounded by likeminded brothers. When I came back to hear Surgeon General (Jerome) Adams in November 2019, I knew that Morehouse was the place that I was going to be. My goals and dreams: My goal and dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon and open my own practice in neighborhoods where people look like me. My message to Morgan Stanley: Thank you!! You truly don’t know how this scholarship will help me. I am forever grateful and thankful for the opportunity that you have given me.


Jonesboro, Georgia Dual Degree Engineering Major

Proudest Achievement as a High School Student: My proudest achievement in high school is the fact that I was able to bring my GPA from a 3.25 during my freshman year to a 3.9 during my senior year. It showed that even though I had a hard time as I started high school, I was able to improve myself and earn the opportunities that I had been given because of my academic achievements. Why I chose Morehouse College: I have been involved with Morehouse College since I was in seventh grade. I was selected to be a participant in Morehouse’s iStem Program, which is a three-year experience that allowed me to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math on Saturdays and in the summer. Since then, I have felt a sense of community and belonging whenever I have attended or encountered Morehouse-related activities. Morehouse is more than just a college to me; it is a home that will allow me to launch my future. My goals and dreams: I dream of reaching a status as an engineer where I can record educational videos and show others the wonders of the science field. I hope to inspire African American children to join the field one day. In addition, I wish to be in a position where I am comfortable enough to give back to my community and help others to obtain the opportunities that I have earned. My message to Morgan Stanley: Thank you for believing in me and investing your time and funds in allowing me to grow into the leader that I am destined to become. I promise that your investment will be paid back tenfold when I pay it forward to those who will come behind me.

“ Thank you for believing in me and investing your time and funds in allowing me to grow into the leader that I am destined to become.” —X avier D. Foster

Freshman; Jonesboro, Georgia


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021


Introducing Morehouse College’s Inaugural Class of Morgan Stanley HBCU Program Scholars






Gretna, Louisiana Political Science/Criminology Major

Proudest Achievement as a High School Student: There are many things that I am proud of doing in high school, such as working at the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum, being a member of a council of activists, and even being named as the president of my school’s Key Club. But I am most proud of the contributions that I made to my school’s Social Action/Justice Club. I devised a night dedicated to building bridges between those who would usually be on two opposing sides in terms of their beliefs. It was held monthly, and I truly believe it made a difference in my school community. It is a legacy that I am proud to leave to my Raider Brothers. Why I chose Morehouse College: I chose to attend Morehouse because of the rich history and culture surrounding the school. Morehouse’s roots can be seen in many different professions. I want to be part of something much larger than myself—a rich brotherhood. My goals and dreams: I want to study law to become a true advocate for those whose voices would usually go unheard. My goal is to practice law professionally and to make a difference in my hometown of New Orleans. My focus on social justice work is a big part of my character, and it will remain a pivotal part of my hopes and dreams for the future. My message to Morgan Stanley: Thank you for believing in me. The fact that I have been given a chance like this to truly succeed means the absolute world to me. No words can truly describe my gratitude for the blessings that I have received. I will make sure such an opportunity for success is not wasted.


Chicago, Illinois Biology Major

Proudest Achievement as a High School Student: I am most proud of completing the Project Lead the Way program, a 4 -year biomedical program that focuses primarily on the human body and illnesses. The program introduced me to deeper levels of science, and through that I was able to find my passion for medicine. I became one of the first to graduate from the Project Lead the Way program and was named “Most Improved Student.”

Why I chose Morehouse College: Morehouse is living proof that the stereotypes about young Black men are false. Morehouse College remains one of the most competitive HBCUs and is continuously exuding Black excellence. The men that attend Morehouse are destined for greatness and are role models for those who come after them. Morehouse Men go on to become leaders of change and I, too, will lead us in change. My goals and dreams: I want to be a general surgeon within the next 8-12 years. I have chosen this path because surgeons get first-hand experience with diseases. They can actually see how these diseases affect the body. This makes general surgeons the best candidates for clinical research and trials to cure diseases. I, one day, hope to cure diabetes or cancer. My message to Morgan Stanley: I am extremely grateful for this opportunity! This has taken a huge financial burden from me. As a high school senior, you dream of receiving this kind of scholarship, and my dream came true because of you. Thank you again for your generosity!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Major Undeclared, but interested in Business

Proudest Achievement as a High School Student:: My proudest achievement is being in the top 1% of my class. It showed the hard work, consistency, patience, and focus that I was able to maintain to achieve this milestone. Why I chose Morehouse College: I see the legacy that it has and the success of its graduates. I see the history that has been made at Morehouse, and I believe that by attending Morehouse and pursuing my dreams, that I, too, will make Morehouse history. My goals and dreams: I want to make a successful transition to college, and go on to become a wealth manager and trade in the foreign exchange markets. My message to Morgan Stanley: Thank you for your generous donation that is allowing me to attend Morehouse College at no cost. I hope that I can meet you soon to formally thank you. This is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I am so glad I can partake in it thanks to you.

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


The Ford Foundation contributed more than $2 million to support signature initiatives at Morehouse College, including the new Center for Black Entpreneurship, a hub for innovation that will expand business instruction at Morehouse, giving students greater opportunities to focus on entrepreneurial studies during their academic course of study.

$2.1MM Generous $1-million donations were contributed by the Ernst & Young Foundation, which awarded a grant to support: technology and infrastructure upgrades; the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, which invested in scholarships and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities; Diageo North America, which created an endowed scholarship; and Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand, which funded scholarships, technology, and programming for students pursuing sports journalism and sports-related studies.


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021



In 2020-2021, the national reckoning on race and growing cultural consciousness brought new acclaim to Morehouse College and its storied history of producing leaders of consequence. The College’s reputation as the national epicenter for thought leadership on issues of civil rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion inspired generous donations and new partnerships.





The College was lauded by a broad audience of philanthropists, corporations, foundations, and friends who wanted to invest in educating Morehouse scholars. As a result, significant progress was made toward our financial and academic goals.

new partnerships

$2MM Porsche Cars North America Inc. (PCNA) partnered with Morehouse to launch a new scholarship for business majors and a guest lecture series that exposes students in classrooms to real-world perspectives from leaders in the global automotive industry. It was PCNA’s first gift to a college.


Verily contributed a $600,000 gift to establish the Verily Scholars Program, an endowed award that supports the education of scholars majoring in STEM and provides all-expenses-paid summer internships at Verily.

The Ray Charles Foundation gave a $2-million gift to fund scholarships for outstanding business majors. The contribution expands the foundation’s legacy of support for Morehouse. Since 1995, the foundation has donated more than $9.6 million to Morehouse College.

Peloton, the world’s leading interactive fitness platform, and GRAMMY® Awardwinning global entertainer and entrepreneur Beyoncé partnered with Morehouse College to promote healthy lifestyles by gifting students with complimentary two-year digital memberships to online fitness classes rooted in the celebration of music.

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


George Wells ’00 CFO, quip; Founder and Chairman,Wells Group of New York

FY21 GIFT Gift of Artwork Morehouse College has a new $1 million art collection thanks to a magnanimous gift by business executive and art aficionado George Wells. The alumnus donated the collection in December 2020 to showcase the exceptional talents of Black and LGBTQ artists and to educate students about careers in the contemporary art world. The collection features eight thought-provoking pieces, including vibrant abstract art and moving works that explore identity politics and racial inequality. The contemporary works of McArthur Binion, Rashid Johnson, Amy Sherald, Mickalene Thomas, Ivy Haldeman, Christina Quarles, Gary Simmons, and Tomashi Jackson are included in the gift. Wells’ in-kind donation will give Morehouse its own permanent collection that art curatorial students and other scholars can explore. Morehouse currently offers curatorial studies as a minor, affording students an opportunity to engage with permanent collections and exhibitions at the Robert W. Woodruff Library, Clark Atlanta University, and Spelman College.

startup, and the founder and Chairman of Wells Group of New York, a 20-person management consulting firm based in New York City. Wells Group works with startups and mid-sized companies in tech, consumer goods and services, and health care, among other industries. Wells began his career in 1999 as a financial analyst in Morgan Stanley’s mergers and acquisitions group and has held various roles in the world of finance. He previously served as interim CFO/COO of Lehmann Maupin, one of the top 10 art galleries in the world, and CFO of Zola, the fastest growing wedding registry and services company in the country. He currently serves on the board of Out in Tech, an organization committed to promoting LGBTQ+ diversity in the tech and startup community, and is a member of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Painting & Sculpture Committee.

“In the art world, there are so few Black people in positions of power, so if we start at the core, which is education, and educate more people about the contemporary art world, we could make that world more inclusive,” Wells said. The Wells art collection will also be on display for the Morehouse Community and public to enjoy. “Owning multiple works by Johnson and Thomas is like owning a piece of history to me,” Wells said. “Their practices both showcase Black resiliency and triumph, but in different ways and from different gender perspectives. It is my hope that this gift will serve as an impetus for furthering racial equality within the art world during this exceptionally vulnerable time for Americans and race relations.” Wells is the Chief Financial Officer of quip, the oral care


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

“I will always be grateful for my Morehouse education...”


Generous Gifts Enrich the Boundless Potential of Morehouse Scholars






Keith Burks ’91 Partner, Private Equity

FY21 GIFT $305,000 Keith Burks, a partner at Private Equity and an experienced executive and McKinsey Finance Practice leader, has negotiated multi-million-dollar deals but finds his investment in the future of Morehouse College to be one of his most rewarding ventures. Burks contributed more than $300,000 to the College in FY21 to support faculty development and increase the endowed scholarship he established in his father’s name. He gives annually, with a goal of inspiring others to contribute to the unparalled Morehouse mission. “I can’t imagine there is a better investment anywhere,” he said. “I want to make sure that I’m doing everything possible to support the education of the next generation of galvanizing leaders coming out of Morehouse College.” Burks says that his days at Morehouse College gave him an edge in the business world. Thanks to that foundation, he thrived as a visionary executive in fields where few men of color rise to senior ranks. Burks began his Morehouse journey under the tutelage of Dr. Willis B. Sheftall ‘64, who was then chair of the Department of Economics and Business. Dr. Sheftall exposed Burks to econmics and its study of how individuals and countries make decisions and interact with each other. “Morehouse is a once-ina-lifetime experience of interaction with forever friends focused on the good of others,” Burks said. “The level of rigor at Morehouse College overall and the amount of time needed to prepare for class were unprecedented. World-class professors like Dr. Joceyln Jackson, Dr. Anne Watts, Dr. John Williams, and of course, Dr. Sheftall got me ready for the attention to detail and work ethic that I needed to be successful in my first job and when I went to Harvard Business School.” In his 30 years as a leading executive, Burks has led the strategy function at a Fortune 100 company and negotiated billion-dollar mergers. He is currently a partner at Private Equity, a private investment firm with holdings in the banking, technology, and energy industries. Prior to his current role, he was Chief Financial Officer of Citigroup Global Consumer Bank Technology, Operations, and Fraud, a 74,000-person division. In his global CFO role, he had responsibility for finance, accounting, reporting, and forecasting. He also was the former head of commercial cards for Citi’s retail card business.

“ I want to make sure that I’m doing everything possible to support the education of the next generation of galvanizing leaders coming out of Morehouse.” —K eith Burks ’91

In addition, Burks served as Chief Marketing Officer and cards and product P&L Leader of GE Capital Global Banking, GE’s collection of more than 25 banks in Asia, Europe, and South America. He also served on the board of directors of Budapest Bank. Before working in banking at GE, Burks was Senior Vice President, Pacific Division General Manager, and previously served as the head of the strategy function of Fortune 100 Liberty Mutual Group. Burks came to that role after serving as associate partner and leader of McKinsey & Company’s southern Corporate Finance practice, which focuses on mergers, aquisitions, and capital structure. He directed teams advising CEOs and CFOs on over $60 billion of mergers, IPOs, acquisitions, and divestitures. As Burks rose through the ranks in his career, he gave back to Morehouse and established an endowed scholarship in his father’s name with the ultimate goal of sending multiple students to Morehouse tuitionfree—forever. “My parents, James and Catherine Burks, sacrificed a ton for my education. They had a choice between having a nice lifestyle or spending a lot of their time and money on their kids’ education—they chose the latter. That kind of sacrifice and the sense of helping other people were indelibly ingrained into my mindset. It is what makes it imperative for me to do the same for future Morehouse students.”

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT






















MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021







S C H O L A R S H I P I M PA C T SALUTATIONS FROM OUR SCHOL ARS Your gifts fuel the dreams of rising Morehouse Men and help to develop their potential as leaders and trailblazers who can make a global impact on society. OPRAH WINFREY SCHOLAR




Atlanta, Georgia Business Administration, Accounting | GPA: 3.8

Orange Park, FL Dual Degree Engineering | GPA: 3.8

Why I chose Morehouse College:

Why I chose Morehouse College:

“I come from a modest family who believes that education is the key to success. Attending Morehouse was really important to me because I wanted to be a part of a community that would best help me learn and grow. As a student, you are always welcome to be yourself, but you also get exposed to the full spectrum of the Black male community, which helps you further develop your own identity. A big part of our culture is understanding the risks of Black men who have come before you, and the role they play in your own life. Through realizing their achievements, you gain that confidence you need to dream big and aspire for your own destiny. I am learning that I am only limited by my own imagination.”

“I am the first person in my family to go to college and at that, I am attending my dream school. Morehouse has produced great pastors who led churches and have been key figures in social justice movements. After I graduate from Morehouse, I plan to pursue a doctorate. I would like to pastor a church in some capacity, and then through time, develop a Christian school in the Black community that helps students earn a full ride to the Historically Black College or University (HBCU) of their choice. I would also like to open the minds of the people of the church God blesses me with and develop their social conscience.”

Message to Benefactors: “I have become an honor roll student, traveled abroad representing the College, and personally articulated the significance of this scholarship award to Ms. Winfrey herself. None of this would be possible without her support. There are so many young men out there with limitless potential who have worked hard and dreamed big, but just need a hand to help them over the finish line.”

Message to Benefactors: “The Dr. Michael L. Lomax Student Success Scholarship means everything to me. I can’t express my gratitude for this great award. Thank you so much!”

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT



MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021










Morehouse College’s unyielding commitment to producing extraordinary scholars and leaders continues to attract generous gifts that are restricted for scholarship and program use. The College, however, also has growing needs for unrestricted funds, which were boosted in FY21 by a generous gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott as well as the annual gifts of our loyal alumni. Unrestricted gifts to the Fund for Morehouse give the College the cash flow necessary to address immediate needs, respond to emergencies, and operate efficiently. In FY21, the unrestricted fund provided support for the following:

Scholarship Support for More Than 1,000 Students

Upgrades to the College’s Technology Infrastructure

Renovation of Residence Halls

Implementation of Digital Platforms

Source: Morehouse College Office of Business and Finance

“One of the best ways to extend opportunities to students is to ensure that you have a strong faculty. When you provide the faculty with more resources, and attract internal and national talent to endowed chairs, it enhances the vision of the College and puts Morehouse even more on the radar as a research center. That visibility can open doors to new opportunities internationally for our students.” Kendrick Brown, Ph.D., Provost, Morehouse College

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT




95% 5% B L AC K





14:1 S T U D E N T-T E AC H E R R AT I O

“ There is an air of expectancy at Morehouse. It is expected that the student who enters here will do well. It is also expected that once a man bears the insignia of a Morehouse graduate, he will do exceptionally well. We expect nothing less...” Dr. Benjamin E. Mays President, Morehouse College (1940–1967)


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021



The Fund for Morehouse provides essential, unrestricted annual gifts that target the College’s unmet needs. The Fund for Morehouse targets Morehouse’s unmet needs, from funding additional scholarships to financing facility repairs. Benefactors who invest annually provide financial assistance that the College can count on every year for financial aid, faculty development, infrastructure, and technology. Expanding the commitment to annual giving through the Fund for Morehouse will help the College to better navigate increasing operational costs and be more competitive for students. Morehouse is facing increasing competition in its efforts to enroll top students as other liberal arts institutions try to attract our traditional applicant pool by offering them larger scholarships and modern facilities.









RECURRING GIFT PROGRAM FY2021 We want to highlight the 501 investors enrolled in Morehouse’s recurring gift program—a convenient way to make a sustained, compounded impact and allow the institution to predict future cash flows.

Completely automated. Set it and forget it!


> $40,000



AVG. < 2%

> $25,000



“Every gift matters. Annual giving harnesses the power of collective generosity. This year, gifts below $1,000 added up to nearly $1.2 million in support of the College’s mission! As we work to build the Morehouse of the future, imagine the potential for innovation if we had 5,000 alumni give at least $100 a month to the Fund for Morehouse… that would be $6 million a year in unrestricted donations and have a substantial impact on the student experience. Thanks to you, we’ve made great progress to increase participation and educate our community about annual giving. Together, I believe we can take Morehouse to new heights.” Joshua Carter, Chief Annual Giving Officer Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


The Honorable Earl Hilliard ’64, a retired U.S. Congressman and civil rights pioneer, dutifully contributes to Morehouse College every month to show his appreciation for everything that Morehouse did to prepare him for a life of service, scholarship, and leadership. He credits Morehouse College for his success. “I came from a very poor family,” said Hilliard, who ran track in high school. “I went to Morehouse on a scholarship that paid for my room, board, and tuition. I could not have afforded college without that gift. I had never lived anywhere besides Jefferson County in Alabama until I came to Morehouse.” Hilliard said the investment in his future opened his horizons as a scholar. “I was one of the top 10 students overall in my high school class of 200. But when I got to Morehouse, I wasn’t even in the top 99. Everyone I met was either a valedictorian or a salutatorian. Everywhere I looked there were students with high achievement. “It helped me tremendously,” he added. “The intellectual atmosphere, the supportive faculty, the student fellowship, put me on a trajectory where failure was not an option. It was not even in the cards.” Hilliard went straight into law school after earning his degree as a Morehouse Man. He wanted to use his law degree to further the fight for civil rights. He joined his

Morehouse brother Martin Luther King Jr. as a foot soldier and strategized with the late U.S. Congressman John Lewis, and the late activist and politician, Julian Bond, who served as one of the original founders of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and was one of the first Black men elected to the Georgia House of Representatives since Reconstruction. Continuing to make his mark as a civic leader, Hilliard was elected to the Alabama State Legislature in 1974, where he organized the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus and became its chair. He served in both the Alabama State House and Senate for a total of 20 years. In 1992, Hilliard was elected to serve in the U.S. Congress. He was the first Black lawmaker since 1877 to represent Alabama as a U.S. Congressman. Hilliard said Morehouse put him on the path to succeed, so each month he sends a donation of $1,000 or more as a thank you to those who believed in him. He began making these donations after finishing law school. Now, his legacy of philanthropy totals more than $100,000. A scholarship will be created in Hilliard’s honor this academic year. “I want Morehouse to be in a position where it can do for other students what it did for me—to continue to find diamonds in the rough, bring them to campus, polish them and get them ready to shine their light on the world.”



















For more information, visit



MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021




Earl Hilliard ’64: Building a Legacy of Philanthropy






$3,984,991 TOTAL RAISED











3,813 GIFTS


M AY 11





148 GIFTS | $22,898

49 GIFTS | $4,317.19



107 GIFTS | $33,885

32 GIFTS | $13,484



100 GIFTS | $11,006

31 GIFTS | $4,769.21






















Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Thanks to the generosity of the Morehouse Community and its supporters, nearly $4 million was raised in remote Giving Tuesday celebrations in FY21.

When Morehouse College first launched Giving Tuesday in 2018, our community of alumni and friends banded together to make an impressive first showing—$226,000 was raised in 24 hours. Three years later, the excitement of Giving Tuesday at Morehouse College hasn’t waned. It is still inspiring philanthropic giving among loyal and new donors. In fact, nearly $4 million was raised in two Giving Tuesday celebrations last fiscal year, making Giving Tuesday Morehouse’s most successful annual campaign. It has become a well-oiled fundraising machine, with teams of alumni ambassadors scouring their contact lists for potential donors, student volunteers making calls and sending emails through the night, social marketing gurus sharing school spirit videos, and the Salesforce ecosystem efficiently processing hundreds of gifts each hour. “Giving Tuesday is so successful because it aligns around a particular day,” explained Marlon D. Cousin ’87, President of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association (MCNAA). “I like to think of it as a celebration. There is a goal that is established. All the messaging, all the conversations, and all the campaigning is centered on Giving Tuesday. We get to change the culture and show that giving is fun; it’s happy and vibrant. No matter how large or small a gift is, it’s important.” Gifts of $100 and $1,000 are celebrated equally on Giving Tuesday and appreciated publicly, whether in online chats or emails. And that sets the stage for continued alumni participation, which is what corporations and philanthropists are looking for when they are considering monumental gifts. In FY21, the alumni participation rate at Morehouse held steady


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

at 18%, the same as last year. That rate represents the percentage of alumni who donate in a fiscal year, and their commitment to the Morehouse mission. The alumni participation goal for FY22 is 30%. “Philanthropists want to know whether, we as alumni, invest in the College,” Cousin said. “Do we believe that Morehouse is relevant today and provides the same quality of education now as it did in the past? Has it connected alumni with a brotherhood that is everlasting? Are you able to navigate in circles that you couldn’t before? “I would say, yes… absolutely yes.” Giving Tuesday at Morehouse is led by the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) working in partnership with the MCNAA. Joshua Carter, a veteran fundraiser who came to Morehouse College two years ago after serving in advancement at Emory University, implemented strategies that led to a significant spike in Giving Tuesday participation and gifts. As Chief Annual Giving Officer for OIA, he works with Cousin to plan each campaign months in advance. Carter then assembles a team to help staff the 24-hour event and train alumni










Leaders of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association rallied the alumni network to support Giving Tuesday efforts.

T O TA L A L U M N I G I V I N G F Y 20

$5,571,719 | 3,499 donors

the groundbreaking Mr. Robert F. Smith gift, relieving their student loan debt. The class is demonstrating a commitment to paying it forward as Mr. Smith requested.’’

T O TA L A L U M N I G I V I N G F Y 21

Cousin agrees. “They did a phenomenal job by stepping up and leading all the classes around participating and giving, and also by serving as the Giving Tuesday chairman group,” he said. “I love the energy and ingenuity that this class has around paying it forward. They are thinking about philanthropy in a different way.”

$7,859,096 | 3,450 donors class representatives and student leaders to serve as Giving Tuesday ambassadors, arming them with toolkits they can use to solicit donations from their peers. Ambassadors Cousin, Michael Levesque ’89 (MCNAA’s Executive Director), Dr. Charles Alexander ’89, and Jose Garcia ’19 were among the fundraising standouts in the May 11 Giving Tuesday Campaign, which raised $1.7 million with gifts ranging from $5 to $1 million. The Class of 2019 led campaign participation with 49 gifts, more than any other class. “For the last two years, the Class of 2019 has made a strong showing on Giving Tuesday,” Carter said. “That’s notable not only because they are one of the more recent classes to graduate, but also because they were the recipients of

The next Giving Tuesday is Nov. 30. Carter and his team are already developing a strategy. “We have increased our staff of annual giving officers to allow us to better engage with alumni and volunteers. I’m convinced we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. Our staff investment is a testament to the power of annual giving and the transformational change that is possible when Morehouse Men give together.” Tapping into the network of class and affinity group leaders is how Morehouse will succeed at landmark campaigns, Cousin said. Alumni want to see their classmates perform well, so they support the initiatives with their time, talent, and treasure. “Morehouse is a very competitive environment,” Cousin added. “I firmly believe it is a series of tribes, whether it’s dorms, alumni classes, the Glee Club, or football players. As we move into a capital campaign, it’s going to be important to galvanize all these groups—the 200 subcategories of organizations and allow the College to energize them around giving.”

“ Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” — The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Morehouse Community shared video messages to support fundraising efforts during Giving Tuesday celebrations.

Nobel Peace Prize-Winner

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT



FY 2020

$107,163,868 U N R E ST R I C T E D

$3,039, 064 R E ST R I C T E D

$84,621,599 ENDOWMENT

$15,187,953 C A P I TA L


FY 2021

$62,632,746 U N R E ST R I C T E D

“ Morehouse is one of the few spaces dedicated to the development of Black men and, as an institution of higher learning, provides an experience that is unmatched. Morehouse can take you to heights that society would make you believe are unreachable, whether it’s Nobel Prizes, Oscars, Grammys, or becoming the first Black senator from Georgia.” Stefan Hardin ’21 Cinema, Television, & Emerging Media Studies Major Macon, Georgia

$22,790,702 * R E ST R I C T E D

$25,394,069 ENDOWMENT

$10,643,651 C A P I TA L



MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

G OA L S F O R F Y 2022


3 0 % A L U M N I PA R T I C I PAT I O N


Morehouse’s proud tradition of excellence is rooted in its rich history as a school where former slaves were given an opportunity to improve the trajectory of their generations through higher education and leadership. Fast forward nearly 155 years later, and Morehouse has blazed a trail like no other institution of higher learning. Morehouse has earned the distinction of being the top producer of Black male Rhodes Scholars, as well as men who go on to receive doctorates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, the humanities, and the arts. The success of our alumni continues to attract scholars from across the world who dream of becoming Morehouse Men. The College has become a sacred training ground for men who are driven to leave their marks on the world as community servants, social justice advocates, and leaders of influence in every field, from politics and business to computer science and the arts. Our unwavering commitment to excellence remains. Where do we go from here? How do we stay relevant in a dynamic market packed with competitors that have billion-dollar endowments and state-of-the art facilities? Simply put, we build the Morehouse of the future, and a strategic plan worthy of capital investment.




Morehouse President David A. Thomas and his leadership team developed the Morehouse College Strategic Plan 2026 as a blueprint for a next-level Morehouse. The plan’s four institutional priorities encompass President Thomas’ vision for making Morehouse the premier liberal arts college in the world. The plan is designed to inspire campus-wide innovation and a mindset of continual improvement that will strengthen Morehouse’s position as a beacon of excellence for generations to come. The following is a summary of the Morehouse College Strategic Plan 2026 and its pillars: 1. R ealizing Excellence Morehouse College will create an “Academic Village,” in which mentorship, advising, and intellectual and community engagement, in addition to professional development, will come together to create foundational and experiential learning, guaranteeing excellence among our student population. Morehouse will achieve this by: H elping students maintain a pace to graduate on time by the tactical and strategic use of data analytics, life skills training, and mental health focus initiatives;

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Prioritizing strong tutoring and academic engagement, as well as co-curricular activities that reinforce in-class learning objectives; and

Fostering a significant increase in our international student base through strategic recruitment initiatives; and

E xpanding job fairs and career connections (in-person or virtual) to ensure that all engaged graduates have placements and that Morehouse’s reach is broad.

Expanding opportunities for study abroad for all students and supporting faculty engaged in international research, global student engagement, and instruction.

2. D eveloping Partnerships of Purpose By developing strategic, multidimensional partnerships with corporations, foundations, colleges and universities, and governmental entities, Morehouse College can create and enhance opportunities for our students. Morehouse will achieve this by: Increasing private, corporate, and foundation partnerships and enhancing current partnerships; Expanding experimental and service-learning partnerships and centralizing offerings for the campus community at large to improve access to internships and research opportunities; Building an innovation “Dream Center” as a new academic space for entrepreneurship outreach, makerspace STEM innovation, and other signature partnership programs; and Developing a commercial data center to fuel research and community connections. 3. Taking Morehouse Beyond Borders Morehouse will leverage its intellectual capital and brand to increase its impact on society and secure new resources to support the Morehouse mission. The College will achieve this by:

4. E levating the Mission The Morehouse College value proposition lies in its ability to offer extraordinary educational preparation for careers of influence for Black men who provide outstanding leadership across the nation and world. Morehouse will elevate that mission and attract new students to the College by: Investing in technology, communications, and marketing to tell the Morehouse story to targeted audiences online, nationally, and internationally; elevating Morehouse’s voice as the global expert on educating Black men; Using marketing tools to drive demand for enrollment and recruiting and educating Black men and men of other races who share the values of Morehouse College; and Launching a historic capital campaign to raise $500 million for scholarships, research, innovative academic programs, endowed professorships, and building the campus of the future.

Establishing a School of Continuing Studies to serve non-traditional Morehouse students and increase our impact;

“Morehouse College is a world-class institution with a rich legacy of producing men of consequence who flourish as leaders in every field. As we build the Morehouse of the future, it is imperative that we accumulate the resources necessary for Morehouse to continue to compete for top students, to expand our academic programs, to upgrade our facilities and technological infrastructure, and to enhance the signature experiences in career and leadership development that we offer that make Morehouse Men among the most sought-after graduates in the world.” Willie Woods ’85, Chairman, Board of Trustees


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021





INTEGRAL A C O M M U N I T Y O F LOYA L S U P P O R T Giving Society Honor Roll We would like to thank our Giving Society members for their lifetime contributions. Your continued investment in the promise of the Men of Morehouse and future of Morehouse College means the world to us. Your generosity is integral to our success. BENJAMIN E. MAYS SOCIETY $1,000,000+ Mr. Henry Aaron* & Trustee Emerita Billye Suber Aaron

Mr. Richard Danner & Mrs. Susan Danner

Mr. Charles Barkley

Chairman Emeritus Robert Davidson Jr. ’67 & Mrs. Alice Davidson

Mr. Justin Bayless ’07 & Mrs. Jamil Bayless

Mr. Seth Klarman Mr. Shelton Lee ’79 & Mrs. Tonya Lee Mr. Strive Masiyiwa & Mrs. Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Trustee Emeritus Benjamin Blackburn II ’61 & Mrs. Sara Blackburn

Mr. J. Alexander Douglas & Mrs. Dabney Douglas

Dr. Walter Massey ’58 & Mrs. Shirley Massey

Trustee Valerie Ervin

Mrs. Virginia Mitchell

Mr. Gray Reilly & Mrs. Molly Canfield

Mrs. Patty Quillin & Mr. Reed Hastings

Trustee C. David Moody Jr. ’78 & Mrs. Karla Moody

Mr. Dan Cathy & Mrs. Rhonda Cathy

Trustee Dale Jones ’82 & Mrs. Yolanda Jones

Trustee Emeritus Jim Moss ’70 & Mrs. Marlene Moss

Mr. Kenneth Chenault & Mrs. Kathryn Chenault

Mr. Mitchell Kapor & Dr. Freada Kapor Klein

Trustee Verdun Perry ’94

Mr. Judson Pickard & Mrs. Donna Pickard Dr. William Pickard Mr. Michael Polk Mr. Gray Reilly & Mrs. Molly Canfield

Mr. Robert Smith Mr. E. Roe Stamps IV & Penelope Stamps* Trustee F. Euclid Walker ’94 & Mrs. Francine Walker Mr. George Wells ’00

Mr. James Reilly

The Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. ’72

Mr. Wendell Reilly & Mrs. Mary Reilly

Ms. Oprah Winfrey

Ms. Molly Reilly

Trustee Chairman Willie Woods ’85 & Mrs. Lana Woods

Mr. Rufus Rivers ’86 Mr. E. Robbie Robinson Jr. ’98 Ms. MacKenzie Scott

HOWARD W. THURMAN SOCIETY $500,000 – $999,999 Mr. Keith Burks ’91

Mrs. Ann Fudge

Dr. Michael Lindsay ’75

Mr. Bruce Rauner

Ms. Tori Thomas

Dr. Herbert Charles ’64 & Dr. Darlene Charles

Mr. Julius Hollis ’72

Trustee Harold Martin Jr. ’02 & Mrs. Kirstyn Martin

Mr. Donald Rubell & Mrs. Mera Rubell

Trustee John Thornton & Mrs. Margaret Thornton

Mr. David Coulter

Mr. Joel Hyatt & Ms. Susan Hyatt

The Rev. Lamell McMorris ’95

Mr. Maceo Sloan, Esq. ’71 & Mrs. Victoria Sloan

Trustee John Wallace

Mr. Ralph de la Vega Mr. Javarro Edwards ’92 & Mrs. Tiffany Edwards

Trustee Frederick Humphries Jr. ’83

Mr. Michael Jordan Mr. Donald Knauss & Mrs. Ellie Knauss

Trustee Emeritus Avery Munnings ’86 & Mrs. Valerie Munnings

Mr. Dwight Smith ’82 & Mrs. Cherylen Smith

Dr. George Wallerstein & Dr. Julie Lutz Trustee Stanley Washington ’85 & Mrs. Karen Washington

Mr. Joseph Press III ’84 & Mrs. Tammy Press

Dr. Robert Steele ’65 & Mrs. Jean Steele

Mr. Derrek Evans ’84

Mrs. Rosa Hudgins Trustee Emeritus James Hudson ’61 & Anne Ashmore-Hudson

The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr. ’56 & Mrs. Edwina Hudson Moss

Mr. Earl Stafford Sr. & Ms. Amanda Stafford

Mr. Alfred Ball ’67

Mr. Charles Harvey & Mrs. Cheryl Harvey

Mr. T. Payne ’63

Trustee A. Scott Bolden, Esq. ’84 & Mrs. Erika Bolden

Mr. Maurice Haywood ’87 & Mrs. Lisa Haywood

Mr. Peter Kight & Mrs. Teresa Kight

Mr. Gary Poliner

Mr. Gary Tooker & Mrs. Diane Tooker

Mr. Michael Rognlien

Mrs. Sally Warner

Ms. Olivia Bonner

Mr. Malik Lee ’03

Mr. Michael Ross ’81

Mr. John Bryan & Neville Bryan

Congressman Earl Hilliard ’64 & Mrs. Mary Hilliard Dr. Donald Hopkins & Dr. Ernestine Mathis Hopkins

Dr. Charlie Rouse ’84 & Ms. Deidre Rouse

Mr. John White ’07 & Mrs. Kethlyn White

Mr. Curley Dossman Jr., Esq. ’73 & Jennifer Dossman

Trustee Emeritus Robert Levin & Mrs. Abby Levin Mr. Dwight Minton & Marian Minton

Dr. David Satcher ’63

Mrs. Sylvia Cook

Mr. John Everett ’60 & Mrs. Bernice Everett

Dr. Alvin Harris ’73 & Alfreda Harris

Dr. Melvin Gerald Sr. ’64 & Mrs. Elinda Gerald

Mr. Raynal Harris Jr. ’91 & Riba Harris

Trustee Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Mrs. Amy Falls & Mr. Hartley Rogers

JOHN HOPE SOCIETY $250,000 to $499,999 The Rev. Dr. Charles Adams & Mrs. Agnes Adams

The Honorable Andrew Young & Mrs. Carolyn Young

HENRY LYMAN MOREHOUSE SOCIETY $100,000 – $249,999 The Honorable Alfonso Adderly ’60

Mr. Randell Cain Jr. ’91 & Mrs. Cynthia Cain

Mr. Tedd Alexander III ’84 & Mrs. Terri Alexander

Mr. W. Calhoun ’90 & Dr. Alison Graves-Calhoun

Mr. Herbert Allen Jr.

Dr. Allen Carter ’66

Mr. William Bowen & Ms. Mary Ellen Bowen

Trustee James Casselberry & Mrs. Allison Casselberry

Mr. Cecil Brown ’66

Trustee Christopher Cowan ’87 & Mrs. Lynne Cowan Mr. Greg Denton & Ms. Janice Dilworth Mr. Morris Dillard Sr. ’60

Mr. Berry Gordy

Mr. J. Douglas Holladay & Ann Holladay

Mr. Charles Clark ’52

Mr. Michael Duke & Mrs. Susan Duke

Mr. Martin Granoff & Mrs. Perry Granoff

Mr. Linwood Holt, Esq. ’71 & Mrs. Mary Holt

The Rev. Dr. Delois Brown Daniels & Dr. David Daniels III

Mr. William Clement Jr. ’64

Dr. Patricia Chestang Duncan

Howard Buffett

Keith Colburn

Dr. Roderick Edmond ’83 & Mrs. Brooke Edmond

Mr. Gordon Greenwood, Esq. ’84 & Tamika Greenwood

Dr. June Gary Hopps

Mr. Theodore Colbert III ’96

Ms. Susan Buffett

Professor Henry Coleman ’71

Mr. William Edson ’97

Lt. Gen. James Hall ’57 & Mrs. Helen Hall

Dr. Frank Cook ’69 & Mrs. Beverly Cook

Mr. Clinton Elmore ’63

Ms. Aieline Hall

The Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts III ’71


Mr. Oscar Horton Jr. ’66 & Mrs. Delories Horton Mr. Sean Hudson ’90 Mr. Samuel Jackson ’72 & Mrs. LaTanya Richardson

 Joined Society Level in FY21

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Calvin Jackson Jr. ’52

Mr. Marvin Mangham Jr. ’69

Mr. Charles James III ’81* & Jeralyn James

Mr. Kwame Manley, Esq. ’96 & Mrs. Margaret McCloud-Manley

Trustee Samuel Johnson ’89

Mr. Demond Martin & Dr. Kia Martin

Dr. Theodore Jones ’78 & Mrs. Pamela Jones

Mr. Robert Percell ’91 & Mrs. Michelle Percell

Dr. Willis Sheftall Jr. ’64 & Willenor Sheftall

Mr. Roy Terry ’66 & Willo D. Terry

Dr. Roderic Pettigrew ’72 & Mrs. Robin Pettigrew

Dr. Ruth Simmons

Trustee Richard Thaler Jr. & Mary Thaler

Mr. William Pillow ’64

Mr. Rasheed McWilliams ’99

Dr. Isaac Ravizee Jr. ’68

Dr. Butler Jones ’37

Mr. James Milton Jr., Esq. ’77

The Honorable Gordon Joyner, Esq. ’72

Mr. Lee Stephens III ’81 & Lisa Stephens

Mrs. Dawn Tiemann

Mr. Harrison Rayford II ’98

Mr. Clinton Stevenson & Mrs. DeGoria Stevenson

Mr. Cyril Turner ’83 & Sherrie-Ann Straughn

Mr. Earl Nero Jr. ’72 & Mrs. Brenda Nero

Mr. David Reeves ’66

Dr. Herbert Stone Jr. ’65

Mr. Charles Reynolds Jr. ’58

Mr. Jerome Walker ’81 & Mrs. Cherena James-Walker

Dr. Reatha Clark King

Dr. Chudy Okoye ’67

Mrs. Virginia Richardson

Dr. Louis Sullivan ’54 & Mrs. E. Ginger Sullivan

Mr. Pierre Lagrange

The Honorable Hazel O’Leary

Mr. Isom Lowman Jr. ’98

Mr. Stephen Pamon ’91 & Mrs. Helene Pamon

Mr. Ray Richardson ’74 & Mrs. Carmen Richardson

Mr. Robert Mallett ’79 & Mrs. Terri Mallett

Mr. Malcolm Robinson Dr. James Schell II ’49 & Doris Schell

Mr. Christopher Weathers ’88

Mr. Andrew Suzman & Mrs. Ruth Suzman

Dr. Howard Willis ’76

Mr. Timothy Tassopoulos & Mrs. Maria Tassopoulos

Trustee Emerita Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancey

Mr. Samuel Matchett, Esq. ’81

Dr. Henry Smith III ’74 & Mrs. Cheryl Smith

Mr. Will Wood & Barbra Wood

TRUSTEES’ SOCIETY $50,000 – $99,999 Mr. James Alexander Jr. ’83

Mr. L. Duane Davis ’81

Mr. Clarence Avant & Jackie Avant

Mrs. Denise Day

Dr. Richard Hope ’61 & Mrs. Alice Hope

Mr. Lorenzo Bailey ’70

Mr. Theodore Debro Jr. ’63 & LaJoyce Debro

Mr. Harley Hughey ’62 & Mrs. Naomi Hughey

Dr. E. Ballard II ’77

Mr. Luther Dennis ’50

Mr. M. Douglas Ivester

Mrs. Chacona Baugh

Mrs. Macie Dennis

Mr. Roswell Jackson Jr. ’67

Mr. Kevin McGee ’93 & Mrs. Andrea McGee

Mr. Werten Bellamy Jr. & Kellye Walker

The Rev. William Diggs Sr. ’49 & D. Diggs

Mr. William Jackson ’56

Mrs. Rubye Mills

Dr. Mac Stewart ’63

Dr. Carlton Molette ’59

Mr. Aty Biswese ’03

Trustee James Dinkins

Mr. Bernard Jarvis ’74 & Mrs. Martha Jarvis

Mrs. Marvy Moore

Mr. Roger Stone & Mrs. Susan Stone

Mr. Robert Bolton Jr. ’86 & Tammy Bolton

Mr. Robbie Dix III ’67

Mr. Alan Jenks Ms. Sarah Johnson

Mr. Kyle Mosley ’08 & Mrs. Davlyn Mosley

Mr. James Suber Sr. ’64 & Mrs. Grace Suber

Dr. Herman Bostick ’49

Mr. Eugene Duffy ’76 & Mrs. Norrene Duffy Dr. Byron Edmond ’86 & Mrs. Regenia Carpenter-Edmond

Ms. Marian Johnson

Mr. Keven Patterson ’89 & Mrs. Leslie Patterson

Trustee Dr. Beverly Daniels Tatum

Dr. F. DuBois Bowman ’92 & Mrs. Cynthia Bowman

Dr. Edward Jonas Jr. ’68

Mr. George Petagrew ’87

Mr. Rico Brooks ’95

Mr. Ralph Everett, Esq. ’73 & Dr. Gwendolyn Everett

Mr. Jimmy Jones ’73

Mr. Nathaniel Pitts

Mrs. Isabelle Brown

Mr. Donald Pollock ’59

Mr. Willie Burks ’70

The Honorable J. Jerome Farris ’51

Mr. Wilbur Jones ’44

Mrs. Jean Porter

Mr. David Ferguson ’81 & Mrs. Darlene Ferguson

Mr. Jefrey Jones ’92

Ms. Barbara Burns Hall

Mr. William G. Jurist ’07

Mr. C. Clayton Powell Jr. ’76

Mr. William King Jr. ’52

Mr. Haynes Pressley Jr. ’51 & Mrs. Tonya Pressley

Mr. Gregory Burrell ’90 Dr. Robert Carroll Sr. ’51 Ms. Angela Carter Mr. Bobby Coates ’58 & Mrs. C. Coates Trustee The Rev. Delman Coates ’95 & Yolanda Coates

Ms. Molly Ferrante & Ms. Diana Ferreira

Mrs. Cleopatra Johnson

Ambassador Michael Lawson

Domenic Ferrante

Mrs. S. Leaphart

Mr. Gary Franklin ’80

Dr. Harvey Leslie Sr. ’76

Mr. Dan Frazier

Mr. William Lewis Jr.

Mr. Quinton Glenn Jr. ’75

Mr. Perry Little ’66 & Ms. Sonjia Little

Dr. Cleo Coles Jr. ’58 & Mrs. Marian Coles

Mrs. Yvonne Gloster

Mr. Julius Coles ’64 & Mrs. Jean Coles

Mr. Kelvin Gray ’86

Mr. Jackie Collins ’71

Mr. Albert R. Griffith

Mr. Timothy Collins

Dr. Marshall Grigsby ’68

Mr. Merritt Long ’68 & Mrs. Marsha Long

Mr. James Compton ’61

Mrs. Agnes Harper

Mr. C. Linden Longino Jr.

Mrs. Marjorie Conage

Dr. Emerson Harrison ’82 & Mrs. Cynthia Harrison

Dr. Ray Lundy ’63

Mr. Drake Craig ’89 Dr. George Crawford Sr. ’62

Mr. Benny Hawkins Sr. ’52

Mr. Robert Crews Jr. & Mrs. Deborah Crews

Mr. William Hawthorne III, Esq. ’81 & Mrs. D’Anna Hawthorne

Mr. Daren Mallard ’93 & Mrs. Kimberly Mallard

Mr. John Daniels Jr.

Mr. James Henry ’61

Mr. Seith Mann ’95 & Mrs. Elyce Mann

Mr. Reggie Davis III ’84

Mr. Donald Hense ’69

Dr. Benjamin Martin ’63

Andrew Goldfarb Dr. Demetris Green Sr. ’88

Mrs. Carolyn Davis

Benjamin F. Logan Sr. ’60 & Mrs. Pearl Logan Dr. Michael Lomax ’68 & Cheryl Lomax

Mrs. Shirley Lusby

Dr. Howard McCalla ’95 & Mrs. Alicia McCalla

Mrs. Gwendolyn Smith

Mr. Raymond McClendon ’72

Dr. Robert Steele ’65 & Mrs. Jean Steele Mr. Horace Stephens ’64

Dr. David Thomas & Ms. Willetta Lewis Mr. Henry Thompson Sr. ’66 & Priscilla Thompson Dr. Darryl Tookes ’82 & Venus Tookes Dr. Paul Toomer ’68 & Mrs. Joy Toomer Mr. Mossi Tull ’95 & Mrs. Carmen Tull

Mr. Corbett Price Dr. Milton Quigless Jr. ’70

Mr. Michael Tyler, Esq. ’77 & Mrs. Cathy Tyler

Mr. Shaka Rasheed ’93 & Dr. Lela Weems-Rasheed

Mrs. Denise Tyson

Dr. Joe Ratliff ’72

Mr. Edward Ward ’80

Dr. Walter Reid III ’81 & Dr. Angela Shannon- Reid

Mr. Leland Wayne Mr. Adam Weers ’99

Mr. Ralph Renard

Ms. Dayna Wilkinson

Mr. Guy Richardson ’79 & Mrs. Sharon Richardson

Lt. Col. Ret. Andrew Williams ’64 & Mrs. Ethel Williams

Dr. Mack Roach III ’75 & Mrs. Deborah Roach

Dr. Charles Willie ’48 & Mrs. Mary Sue Willie

Mr. Daniel Rothenberg

Dr. Reginald Willingham ’75

Mr. Benjamin Samuels & Mrs. Marci Rosenberg

Dr. John Wilson Jr. ’79 & Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson

Dr. Thomas Scott Jr. ’67

Mr. Brent Wilson, Esq. ’73 & Trojanell Wilson

Mr. Thomas Scott ’84 & Dr. Rhonda Scott

Mr. Damien Wilson ’99

Mr. James Shelton ’89 & Mrs. Sonya Shelton

Dr. Keith Wright ’87 Mr. Samuel Young Jr. ’70

*Deceased 32

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

 Joined Society Level in FY21




Giving Society Honor Roll



Giving Society Honor Roll

PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY $25,000 – $49,999 Mr. David Adkins Dr. Rodney Alan ’96

Dr. Darlene Charles & Dr. Herbert Charles ’64

Mr. John Aldridge ’51 & Mrs. June Aldridge

Dr. Peter Chatard Jr. ’56 & Dr. Patricia Chatard

Mr. George Alexander ’67 & Mrs. Cordelia Alexander Mr. Joseph Alexander Jr. & Mrs. Yolandra Alexander Mr. Ben Almond ’71 & Mrs. Sandra Almond Mr. Marvin Anderson, Esq. ’62 & Mrs. Gloria Anderson

Mrs. Thomasena Grigsby Mr. Arnold Grisham & Mrs. Jane Grisham

Mr. Carlton Maner

Mr. Marlon Sanchez ’94

Dr. Bryant Marks ’94

Mr. Randal Van Childs ’87

Dr. George Sanders ’65 & Mrs. Frances Sanders

Mr. William Coble ’80 & Dr. Barbara Coble

Mr. Michael Harris ’80 & Mrs. Leila Harris

Mr. Jason Mathews

Mr. Brent Fitzgerald Coleman ’88

Mrs. Daisy Harris

Dr. James Conyers ’54

Mr. Fred Hartfield Jr. ’70

Mr. Fletcher Coombs ’50 & Ms. Helen Coombs

Dr. Perry Henderson ’54 & Mrs. Virginia Henderson, Ph.D.

The Rev. Michael Cox ’79

Mr. Grant Hill

Mr. Ulysses Currie ’88 & Mrs. Janet Currie

Dr. Robert Hymes ’89

Mr. Donald Bailey Sr.

Dr. William Jackson ’54

Mr. L. Davis ’81

Dr. Marcellus Barksdale ’65

Mr. Reggie Jackson

Mr. Lloyd Dean

Lt. Col. Patrick Barnwell ’88 & Mrs. Yolanda Barnwell

Dr. Pamela Jackson

Mr. James A. Douglas Jr. ’67

Mr. William James ’67 & Ms. Avis James

Mr. David Duncan ’81 Mr. Robert Edelstein & Mrs. Gail Edelstein

Mr. Darius Jefferson ’96

Dr. Robbye Bell ’88

Mr. Don Edwards, Esq. ’69 & Mrs. Jo Edwards

Mr. Robert Holmes ’58

Mr. Lowell Bennett

Mr. Qian Elmore ’95

Mr. Charles Bibbs

Mr. George Estudillo & Ms. Anastasia Mathis-Belay

Mr. David Johnson ’69 & Delores Johnson

Mr. Ronald Falls Jr. ’00

Mr. Michael Johnson & Mrs. Susan Johnson

Mr. Leonard Bell Jr. ’01 & Ms. Danielle Robinson

Mr. Julian Blackshear Jr. ’63 & Mrs. Lillian Blackshear

Mr. Christopher Hollins, Esq. ’07 Ambassador Howard Jeter ’70 & Mrs. Donice Jeter

Mr. Robert McCann III ’98 Mrs. Angela McClung Mr. W. McCoy ’65 & Mrs. Helen McCoy Dr. Eugene Mccray ’76 Mr. Morris McDaniel ’89 Dr. Dorsey Miller Jr. ’65 Dr. Herman Mixon ’65 Mrs. Harriet Moody Dr. Lois Moreland Ms. Deva Nelson Dr. Rogers Newman ’48 & Mrs. Dorothy Newman

Mr. James Sanders ’51 & Mrs. Rosa Sanders Mr. Shamba Sandy ’06 Mr. Herman Scott III ’60 Dr. Dennis Scurry Jr. ’65 & Dr. Peggy Bannister-Scurry Mr. Khari Simmons ’98 Mr. Chad Simmons ’88 Mr. David Sinbad Mr. Ben Alexander Skyles Jr. ’87 Mr. William Smith ’93 Mrs. Magnoria Smothers Mr. James Snider Jr. Mr. Ratanjit Sondhe Dr. Kenneth Sparks ’74

Mr. Steve Newsum

Mr. Derrick Stafford ’79

Trustee John O’Neill III

Drs. Matthew Stevenson & Kamilah Stevenson

Dr. Dwight Owens ’89 Dr. Orhan Oz ’81 & Mrs. Mondrell Oz

Dr. Eric Tait ’98 Mrs. Sybrnee Thompson

Mr. Marvin Patterson & Mrs. Anne Borders-Patterson

Dr. Charles Trotman ’62 & Jennifer Trotman

Mr. Emanuel Payton ’85 & Mrs. Pamela Payton

Mr. Alphonso Varner

Mr. Walton Johnson Jr. Mr. David Jones ’83 & Sheila Purnell-Jones

Mr. Jonathan Phillips ’84 & Dr. Lynette Wilson-Phillips

Mr. James Webb ’53

Dr. Thomas Jones II ’00

Mr. Wesley Boyd ’61

Mr. Duane Ferrell & Mrs. Tina Ferrell

Dr. Farris Johnson Jr. ’73

Dr. William Finlayson ’48

Mr. Ralph Johnson ’75

Trustee Alan Fleischmann Dr. Dewitt Fortenberry ’86

Dr. Thomas Brewington Jr. ’65

Mr. Gerald Mayfield ’82

Mr. George Trammell ’64 & Mrs. Carolyn Trammell

Mrs. Linda A. Felder

Mr. John Brewer Jr. ’84 & Mrs. Rosalind Brewer

Mrs. Pearl Martin

Dr. Edgar Parker ’60 & Mrs. Mona Parker

Mr. Rufus Bowling Jr. ’59 Dr. Amos Bradford Jr. ’71 & Patricia Bradford

Mr. Thomas Sampson, Esq. ’68 & Mrs. Sholah Sampson

Mr. Douglas Grissom & Mrs. Ann Grissom

Mr. Bob Atchinson & Mrs. Michelle Atchinson

Mrs. Dorothy Bearden

Dr. Audley Mackel III ’77 & Mrs. Sharon Mackel

The Honorable Jeh Johnson ’79

The Rev. George Walker Jr. ’91

Mr. Monroe Brock ’71

Dr. Henry Foster Jr. ’54 & Mrs. St. Clair A. Foster

Mr. Moses Brown Jr. ’75

Mr. Tony Francis

Mr. Michael Bryant ’87

Mr. Carl Kawaja

Dr. Albenny Price Jr. ’78 & Mrs. Helen Price

Dr. Cheryl Franklin & Dr. Robert Franklin ’75

C. Andre Kearns

Mr. Teddy Price ’67

Dr. Guy Williams ’79 & Dr. Bonnie Williams

Mr. Robert Galvin & Mrs. Mary Galvin

Brian Kelly & Robin Kelly Mr. Charles Key Jr. ’84

Mr. Bryan R& ’01 & Dr. Tiffany Rand

Dr. John Williams ’69 & Mrs. Isa Williams

Mr. Cameron Byrd Jr. ’87 Mr. Kahlil Byrd ’91

Mr. Frank Gibson ’55

Mr. DeWayne Reed ’84 & Dr. Anita Reed

Lt. Col. Ret. Andrew Williams ’64 & Mrs. Ethel Williams

Mr. Brian Byrd ’86

Mr. Jon Gibson ’57

Dr. William Campbell ’81 & Mrs. Faye Campbell

Ms. Catherine Giddiens

Dr. Michael Byas-Smith ’83 Ms. Louise Bye

Mr. Reuben Cannon ’02 & Mrs. Alice Cannon

Dr. Maurice Gilbert ’82 & Yolanda Malone- Gilbert Mr. William Goings II ’79

Mr. Garry Capers ’98 & Mrs. Myla Capers

Mrs. Bertha Goodman

Dr. Emmett Carson ’81 & Dr. Jacqueline Copeland-Carson

Mr. Daniel Graham ’02

Mr. Alfred Carson ’57 Mr. Carl Carter ’83 & Sabrina Carter


Mr. Ellis Gordon II Ms. Billie J. Gray

Dr. Delutha King Mr. James Lamar ’60 & Mrs. O Lamar

Dr. Charles West ’66 & Mrs. Janice West

Mr. Jasper Register, Ph.D. ’59

Mr. Anthony Williams ’94

Mr. Edward Lawson ’61

Mrs. Catherine Reynolds

Mr. Rashaun Williams ’01

Mr. Kenneth Lay

Mr. Wayne Reynolds

Mr. Terry Woodard ’81

Mr. Terry Lee

Mr. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas ’09

Dr. Kevin Woods ’99

Mr. Ronald Lemezis & Ms. Rhonda Lemezis

Dr. Reginald Robinson ’90 & Deborah Robinson

Dr. Robert Yancy ’64

Ms. Patricia Lewis-Ferraz

Ms. Charlene Rogers

Cmdr. Donald Long ’64

Mr. Kenneth Saffold ’98 & Mrs. Akilah Saffold

William Youstra & Jennifer Youstra

Mr. Albert Griffith

 Joined Society Level in FY21

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Ian Abbott ’14

Mr. Arshad Ali

Mr. Damion Barrett ’19

Mr. Khalif Ali ’18

Mr. Max Anderson ’83 & Mrs. Angelique Anderson

Mr. Kenneth Bailey ’71

Dr. Shadeed Abdul-Salaam ’00

Ms. Maecher Bailey

Mr. Gary Barrett ’93

Makola Abdullah

Victoria Ali

Mr. Michael Anderson Jr. ’95

Mr. Gregory Barrett ’07

Mr. Tobi Abereoje ’08

Mr. Benjamin Allen ’74

Mr. Paul Anderson

Mr. Rahn Bailey ’86 & Mrs. Theresa Bailey

Mr. Ade Abney

Mr. Brandon Allen ’08

Mr. Ronny Anderson ’99

Ms. Tori Bailey

Katy Barrett

Mr. Oluwadamilola Abney ’12

Mr. Charles Allen ’08

Mr. Steven Anderson II ’19

Mr. Torris Bailey ’71

Doug Barrow

Mr. Terrence Abney ’98

Mr. Christopher Allen ’01

Dr. William Anderson II ’71

Dr. Trenton Bailey ’08

Ms. Jennifer Barrymore

Mr. Shafir Abouzeide ’95

Mr. Frederick Allen

Mr. De’ Andre Cherry ’11

Mr. Bobby Baines ’64

Mr. David Barthelemy ’08

Mr. Olufemi Aboyade ’05

Mrs. Gloria Allen

Dr. Dwight Andrews

Tyrone Baines II

Mayor Sidney Barthelemy

Mr. Edward Abrams ’63 & Mrs. Mary Abrams

Mr. Harvey Allen ’18

Mrs. Linda Andrews

Mr. Anthony Baker II ’14

Mr. Andre Barton ’19

Dr. Herman Allen ’61

Mr. Alexander Andu ’18

Mr. Darius Baker ’07

Mr. Kenneth Bascomb ’90

Mr. Martin Abrams ’91

Mr. John Allen Jr. ’73

Ms. Ms. Angel

Mr. Dorien Baker

Christine Basile

Mr. Samuel Abrams

Mr. Karl Allen ’84


Mr. Eric Baker ’96

Mr. Aaron Bass ’03

Mr. Alan Abramson & Mrs. Cynthia Abramson

Dr. Keith Allen ’86 & Mrs. Darcella Allen

Mr. Da’Quarius Anthony ’15

Mr. Jerrel Baker ’15

Mr. Billy Bass Jr. ’06

Ms. Mary Baker

Jean Accius

Mr. Jelani Bass ’04

Mr. Mark Allen ’90

Mr. Tamlin Antoine ’87 & Mrs. Jamie Antoine

Ms. Sonya Baker

Mr. Joppa Acree ’82

Mr. Eric Antonio ’91

Mr. Kevin Bass ’87

Mr. Marvin Allen ’84

Mr. Wilton Baker ’91

Dr. Luther Adair II ’99 & Mrs. Rachael Adair

Kofi Anim-Appiah

Jonathan & Anya Bassett

Mr. Michael Allen ’19

Dr. Glenn Baldwin ’05

Eric Archer

Ekpedeme Bassey

Natalie Allen

Mr. Ivan Baldwin ’57

Dr. Nelson Allen ’98

Mr. Aston Archibald & Ms. Sherry Archibald

Mr. Drexel Ball ’72 & Brenda Ball

Mr. Nicholas Bassey ’97 & Ms. Lasheka Bassey

Mrs. Hannah Archibald

Mr. Lorenzo Ball Jr. ’97

Mr. Gary Battle ’91

Mr. Bryce Adams Mr. Corey Adams ’93 Mr. Deshawn Adams ’16

Dr. Quentin Allen ’91 & Mrs. Lisa Allen

Ms. Gina Adams

Capt. Travis Allen ’91

Mr. Zyahn Archibald

Mr. Mohamed Balla ’00

Mr. Gino Brogdon, Esq. ’08 & Dr. Jann Adams

Mr. Kofi Arkaah ’90

Mr. Marvin Battle Jr. ’89

Mr. Tristan Allen ’09

The Rev. Amir Ballard ’96

Erica Armaos

Mr. Terrence Battle ’04

Mr. Walter Allen

Mr. Darius Ballard ’19

Mrs. Joyce Baughn

Mr. Geoffrey Alls ’05

Mr. Darren Armstrong ’05 Mr. Dave Armstrong

Mr. Rahmad Bauldrick ’99

Dr. James Allsop ’72

Dr. Robert Ballard ’58 & Ms. En-Qi Ballard

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, M.D.

Mr. Chaz Arnett ’03

Ms. Ruby Ballard

Derek M. Alphran

Mr. Tommie Arnold Jr.

Mr. Ian Balom, JD ’07

Mr. Derek Alphran, Esq. ’75 & Mrs. Laura Alphran

Mr. Alan Arrington ’07

Mr. Aaron Baloney ’94

Emerald Adeyemi

Ms. Candace Arrington

Nitash Balsara

Mr. Anthony Agnew ’84

Mr. Robert Alston ’87 Mr. Michael Alterman

Mrs. Marilyn Arrington & Mr. Marvin Arrington

Mr. Allen Baltimore

Mr. Christopher Aiken ’99

Mr. Brandon Banks ’06

Ms. Melissa Akinlawon

Dr. Johnathan Alvarado II ’90 & Mrs. Antoinette Alvarado

Mr. Yaw Asare ’07 Elissa Ashwood

Mr. Jamel Banks ’08

Mr. Adetayo Akisanya ’07

Desiree Alvarez

Mr. Anthony Askew ’08

Mr. Kornelius Bankston ’03

Mr. Aaron-Albert Hargrove ’14

Dr. Idoroenyi Amanam ’04

Ilham Askia

Ronnyne Bannister ’98

Mr. Adrian Albritton ’00

Mr. Anthony Amos Jr. & Mrs. Kimberly Head-Amos

Mr. Darrius Atkins ’16

Mislie Jean-Baptiste

Mr. Thierry Attis ’16

Mr. Thomas Barber ’94

Dr. Charles Alexander ’89 & Ms. Tracy Olawumi-Alexander

Mr. Patrick Amos ’88 Mr. Chucks Anachebe ’19

Mr. Stanley Atwater ’74 & Mrs. Paulette Atwater

Mr. Zedrick Barber ’81

Mr. Christopher Alexander ’08

Dr. Kyle Anders ’00

Shelbi Augustus

Mr. Edward Alexander

Mr. Walter Anders Jr. ’82

Sonja Austell

Mr. Edwin Alexander ’09

Mr. Alan Anderson ’75 & Mrs. Kristine Anderson-Jones

Ms. Albertha Austin

Wayman C. Anderson Jr.

Mr. Willie Austin

Mr. Bobby Anderson Sr. ’69 & Mrs. Joan Anderson

Mr. Garrett Auzenne ’11

Mr. Julius Adams ’81 Mr. Kendall Adams ’17 Dr. Michael Adams II ’05 Ms. Monique Adams Dr. Adewole Adamson ’05

Ms. D. Aileen Dodd

Anthony Aldrich II

Gary Alexander Mr. George Alexander ’67 & Mrs. Cordelia Alexander Mr. Herbert Alexander ’90 & Mrs. Kara Alexander Mr. Julian Alexander ’19

Mr. Brandon Anderson ’15

Mr. Kenneth Alexander ’92

Mr. Carlius Anderson ’00 & Mrs. Tina Anderson

Ms. Kimberly Alexander Jackson

Mr. Corval Anderson ’08

Mr. Michael Alexander ’78

Mr. Corvell Anderson Jr. ’08

Mr. Michael Alexander ’93

Mr. Edward Anderson ’12

Mr. Nathanael Alexander ’09

Drs. Jeffrey Anderson ’97 & Kami Anderson

Mr. Marcus Austin ’08

Ms. Latisha Avery Jahi Awakoaiye Gary Awkard Jr. Mr. Gary Awkard Jr. ’18 Mr. Nathaniel Azali ’04 Terrance Bacchus Mr. Jonathan Bacon ’06 Mr. Samuel Bacote III ’84

Mr. Antrell Banes ’09

Mr. Brendon Barclay ’92 Mr. Dakarai Barclay ’17 Mr. Ivan Barclay ’02 Mr. Kayin Barclay ’12 Mr. Lester Barclay Mr. Caleb Barco Mr. Caleb Barco ’19 Mr. William Bard ’91 Joseph Barden Mr. Joseph Barden ’05 Dawna Barge Elizabeth Barker

Mr. Leighton Batiste ’18

Rahmad Bauldrick ’99 The Rev. Wallis Baxter III ’06 Omari Baye Ambassador Eric Baylor ’08 Mr. Brian Baytop ’00 Chanza Baytop Ms. Erica Bazzell Mr. Damon Beaird ’95 Osakwe Beale Mr. Arthur Bean ’94 Ms. Jacqueline Beard Mr. Darryl Beasley ’83 Mr. Kevin Beasley ’81 Mr. Marcus Beasley ’91 Mr. Thomas Beasley Mr. Malcolm Beason ’20 Mr. Otto Beatty III ’91 Lauren Beaudry Mr. Jason Beazer ’00 Mr. Herman Beck III ’92 Kim Becker Mr. Colin Beckford ’13 Levi Beckwith Braxton Becoats Mr. Lamont Belk ’93

Theodore Barker

Dr. Andre Bell ’91 & Mrs. Yolanda Keller-Bell

Mr. Adrian Barkley ’04

Mr. Antoy Bell ’00 Mr. Cedrick Bell ’91

Mr. Johnny Anderson II ’02

Mr. Paul Badger Jr. ’90

Mr. Eric Barkley ’92 & Mrs. Karole Barkley

Mr. Jon Anderson

Mr. Jonathan Bagley

Mr. Darel Barksdale ’01

Mr. Justin Anderson ’05

Mr. Stanley Bagley II ’82

Fabeain Barkwell ’14

Mr. Kendrick Anderson ’86 & Mrs. Jacqueline Anderson

Mr. Alimou Bah ’10

Mr. Darnel Barnes ’96

Mr. Keith Baham ’01

Mr. Kevin Anderson ’97

David Barnes ’09

Mr. Adrian Bailey Sr. ’10

Mr. Brian Alford ’95

Mr. Leland Anderson ’95

Mr. William Barnes III ’84

Deacon George Bailey ’76

Mr. Leonard Bell Jr. ’01 & Ms. Danielle Robinson

Mr. Leroy Anderson Jr. ’82

Ms. Schonay Barnett-Jones

The Honorable Alford Dempsey Jr. ’72

Mr. Henry Bailey ’07

Dr. Marcus Bell ’05

Mr. Mark Anderson

Mr. Brian Baron Jr. ’97

Mr. James Bailey & Mrs. Charlain Bailey

Mr. Stephen Barr ’91

Mr. Paul Bell & Mrs. Maryann Bell

Mr. Charles Barrett III ’94

Mr. Quinterrence Bell ’12

Mr. Robert Alexander JD ’10 Dr. Ruben Alexander ’07 Mr. Tedd Alexander III ’84 & Mrs. Terri Alexander Mr. Theodore Alexander IV ’17 Mr. Tony Alexander ’94 & Mrs. Gwendolyn Alexander

Mr. Stephen Alford ’93


Mr. Jasom Barrett ’99

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Mr. Charles Bell ’80 Mr. Demarco Bell ’96 Dr. Donnie Bell Jr. ’03 Mr. Karl Bell ’81


We would like to thank our alumni, benefactors, employees, students, parents, and friends for contributing to Morehouse College in FY21.


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Mr. Ryan Bell ’19

Mr. Jason Blake ’00

Mrs. Linda Bowie

Mr. Paul Brister III ’19

Mr. Shabar Bell

Phyllisa Blake

Mr. Brenton Bowles ’93

Mr. Stefon Bristol ’11

The Rev. Stephen Brown ’91 & Mrs. Nicole Brown

Mr. Anthony Bellamy ’86

Yolonda Blake

Mr. Charles Bowman ’96

Andrunette Britt

Mr. Ted Brown ’92

Mr. Danny Bellinger ’92

Mr. Jermaine Blakley ’15

Mr. David Bowman, Esq. ’89

Mr. Antoine Britt ’16

Dr. Travis Brown ’02

Mr. Thomas Bender

Ms. Ardis Blanchard

Mr. Jeffrey Bowman ’00

Dr. Uzee Brown Jr. ’72

Mr. Ryan Benjamin, Esq. ’98

Dr. Malcolm Blanchard ’06

Shamiso Bowora

Mr. George Britt ’88 & Mrs. Merlyn Britt

Mr. Merrell Bennekin, Esq. ’98

Mr. Sean Bland ’05

Merlyn Williams-Britt

Mr. Michael Bruce ’81

Mr. Andrew Bennett ’97

Maia Blankenship ’98

Mr. Paul Bowser ’96 & Mrs. Natasha Bowser

Sean Britt

Ms. Denice Brue, Esq.

Ms. Angela Bennett

Dr. John Blasingame III ’81

Mr. Abdu’L Karim Ewing Boyd

Mr. Derrick Britton ’95

Mrs. Jeanette Brummell

Mr. Anthony Bennett ’88 & Mrs. Donna Bennett

Ms. Laquita Blockson

Courtney Boyd

Philip Brunelle

Mr. Sheldon Blunt ’83

Mr. Christopher Bennett Jr. ’97

Mr. Justin Blyden ’08

Mr. David Boyd Sr. ’81 & Mrs. Leticia Boyd

Mr. James Britton ’03 & Mrs. Carly Britton David Broadie

Mr. Christian Bryant ’10

Mr. Deshaun Bennett ’15

Mr. Qualon Bobbitt ’19

Mr. Brian Broadwater ’02

Mr. Dwight Bryant Jr. ’07

Mr. Eric Bennett ’12

Mr. Dennis Bobo ’92

Mr. Harold Boyd III ’89 & Mrs. April Boyd

Mr. Ernest Broadwater ’69

Suzanne Bock

Mr. James Boyd ’86

Mr. Jacari Bryant ’20

Mr. Geoff Bennett ’02

Mr. Hakeem Brock ’98

Mr. Justin Bryant ’11

Mr. Germany Bennett ’25

Mr. Donald Boddie ’69

Mr. Julian Boyd ’12

Jodi Brockington

Ms. Gina Bennett

Dr. Timothy Boddie ’81 & Mrs. Geulia Boddie

Mr. Keith Boyd ’94

Mr. Michael Brooken Jr. ’94

Mr. Karl Bryant ’95 & Ms. Rochelle Bryant

Mr. Randy Boyd ’17

Mr. Charles Brooks II ’15

Mr. Kevin Bryant ’99

Mr. Wyman Boyd ’00

The Rev. Ernest Brooks III ’05

Lee Bryant

Mr. James Boykin II ’81

Mr. Max Brooks ’01

Ms. Mabel Bryant

Ms. Pearl Boynes

Dr. Michael Brooks ’96

Mr. Martin Bryant Jr. ’70

Mr. Deandre Brabram ’81

Dr. Oliver Brooks ’78

Mr. Michael Bryant ’92

Dr. Amos Bradford Jr. ’71 & Patricia Bradford

Ms. Patricia Brooks

Mrs. Pamela Bryant

The Rev. Stephane Brooks

Mr. Wendell Bryant ’86

Mr. William Brooks ’86

Mr. Jared Bryson

Dustin Brotherson

Mr. Mandingo Buchongo ’08

Mr. Darius Broughton ’04

Mr. Christopher Buck ’08

Mr. Aaron Brown ’11

Dr. Gregory Buck ’81

Mr. Amari Brown ’18

Mr. Kahsavyah Buckley ’19

Mr. Chandler Brown ’18

Devin Budhram

Dr. Christa Brown

Robert Buffalo Jr.

Mr. Christopher Brown ’96

Mr. Justin Buford ’07

Curtis Brown Jr.

Mr. Bernard Bugg ’76

Mr. David Brown ’09

Mr. Caleb Bugg ’17

Derrick Brown Mrs. Donna Brown

Dr. George Bugg & Mrs. Kinmarie Bugg

Dr. Eric Brown ’94

Kenneth Bulle Jr.

Mr. Gerald Brown ’81

Duane Bumpass

Mr. Gregory Brown ’07

Mr. Brandon Burbage ’10 Mr. Demarcus Burke ’17

Kevin Breay

Mr. Howard Brown Jr., Esq. ’66 & Ms. Elizabeth Brown

Mr. Gino Brogdon, Esq. ’08 & Dr. Jann Adams

Dr. Italo Brown ’06

Mr. Logan Burke II ’19 Mr. Thomas Burke

Mr. S Courtney Booker III ’86

Dr. Thomas Cole Jr. & The Honorable Brenda Cole

Mr. Jabari Brown ’11 Mr. Jamelle Brown ’11

Kellye Burkhart

Mr. Harold Booker Jr. ’13

Mr. Brian Brewer ’00

Dr. James Brown ’66

Mrs. Catherine Burks

Mr. James Brown

Ulysses Burley III

Mr. Jason Brown ’01

Mr. Sean Burnett ’10

Mr. Jason Brown ’94

Mr. Duane Burrell ’89

Mr. Kenneth Brown

Mr. James Burroughs ’89

Mr. Kenneth Brown ’90 & Ms. Karla Harness

Mr. Shawn Burroughs ’99

Dr. Kevin Brown ’04 & Mrs. Carmen Brown

Mr. Luther Burse III ’15

Mr. Michael Bennett II ’91 Drs. Mikal Bennett ’00 & Lisa Bennett

Mr. Winston Bodrick ’14

Mr. Quinton Bennett ’19

Mr. Jerome Boger ’77

Tanya Bennett

Mr. Thomas Boger III ’79

Mr. William Benson Jr. ’92 Mr. Lester Bentley ’76

Mr. Ronald Bolden ’87 & Mrs. Gail Bolden

Mr. Jared Benton ’10

Mr. Steven Bolden ’87

Mr. Leonte Benton ’10

Mr. Travis Bolden ’04

The Rev. Troy Benton ’92 Mr. Sam Beresford ’04

Mr. David Bolton ’67 & Mrs. Queen Bolton

Mr. Malcolm Berkley ’96

Mr. Jarrett Bolton ’00

Mr. Lawrence Bradley ’67

Mr. G. Bernard Brown ’67 & Dr. Jasmine Bowers-Brown

Mr. Jeremy Bolton ’98 & Mrs. Traci Bolton

Rawle Brathwaite ’04

Mr. Henry Bernard ’95

Mr. Melvin Bolton ’75 & Mrs. Verna Bolton

Mr. Xavier Brandon ’10

Mr. Robert Bolton Jr. ’86 & Tammy Bolton

Mr. Tony Braswell II ’06

Mr. Shann Bernard ’06 Mr. Leo Bernstein & Mrs. Michelle Doty Mr. Charles Berry Jr. ’97 Mr. Simpson Berry III ’19 Vincent Berry II Mrs. Chera Best Mr. Vincent Bethel Jr. ’72 & Mrs. Dorothy Bethel Sushant Bhasin Biswarup Bhattacharya Mr. Alexander Bibb ’09 Mr. Sekou Biddle ’93 Mr. William Biddle ’89

Mr. Anthony Body ’19

Mr. Dexter Bond ’08 Mr. Justin Bond ’08 Dr. Leslie Bonner ’92 Dr. Marian Bonner Pamela Bonner Mr. Daniel Bookard Mr. Ronald Bookbinder & Mrs. Sylvia Bookbinder Mr. Cliff Booker ’90

Bryan Bradford Mr. Daiquan Bradford ’16 Mr. Mateo Bradford ’99 Mr. John Bradley ’12

Mr. Alex Branch ’92 Mr. Tanner Brantley ’14 Christine Braunlich Ms. Karrye Braxton Mr. Agis Bray III ’00 Mr. Aidid Brayboy ’16 Mr. Stanley Brayboy Jr. ’04 Mr. Dean Brazier ’07

Mr. Harvey Booker Jr. ’01

The Rev. Eric Brewer ’94

Lt. Col. R. Kenyatte Booker ’96

Fred Brewer

Ms. Kiara Booker

Mr. Edward Brice ’03

Mr. Gary Binford Jr. ’96

Mr. Leon Booker ’73

Ms. Cheryl Bingham

Mr. Ronald Booker

Dr. A. J. Brickler & Mrs. Mildred Brickler III

Mr. Sanford Bishop Sr. ’32

Mrs. Alvia Boone

Dr. Alex Brickler IV ’07

Mr. Tywan Bishop ’14

Mr. Jasaun Boone ’01

Mr. Billy Bridgeforth ’08

Ms. Sylvia Black

Ms. Marjorie Boone

Carlton Bridgeforth

Dr. Benjamin Blackburn III ’93

Mr. Christopher Booth ’79

Mr. Ian Bridges ’12

Mr. Victor Blackett ’12

Mr. Steven Booth ’07

Kenneth Blackledge II

Mrs. Anne Borders-Patterson & Mr. Marvin Patterson

Dr. Lloyd Bridges ’89 & Mrs. Tamara Bridges

Mr. David Billinger ’09 Mr. Anthony Billue ’83 & Mrs. Angela Billue

Mr. Roland Blackman ’06 Mr. James Blackmon ’71 Mr. Jeffrey Blackshear, Esq. ’91 Mr. Jordan Blackwell ’19 Dr. Cameron Blair ’06 Mr. Rami Blair ’16 Mr. Akeem Blake ’11 Charlette Graham-Blake

Mr. Billy Briggs ’96

Thamon Borders

Dr. Storm Briggs ’03

Mr. Zelmer Bothic III ’80

Mr. Chris Bright ’04

Zelmer Bothic III

Mr. Daniel Brightwell ’71

Mayor Keisha Bottoms

Mr. Garrick Brim ’06

Mr. Branden Bouvia

Mr. Ethan Brisby ’10

Ms. Debbie Bowden

Mr. Kevin Brisco ’83

Mr. Michael Bowen ’95

Dr. Curtis Briscoe Sr. ’75

Mr. Jon Browne III ’69

Dr. Jordan Brunson ’02

Mr. Levar Burke ’99

Mr. Aiden Burrows Jr. ’97

Mr. Kobie Brown

Drs. Rodney Burt & Janice Riley-Bur

Larry Brown

Col. Dave Burton ’88

Dr. Lawrence Brown ’01

Nikki Burton

Mr. Lyle Brown ’93

Mr. Trevor Burton ’11

Mr. Mark Brown ’96

Mr. Walter Burwell

Mr. Pervis Brown ’95

Sarah Burwick

Mr. Reginald Brown ’14

Ms. Nicole Bush

Mr. Robert Brown Jr. ’11

Mr. Chris Butler

Mr. Robert Brown ’96 & Mrs. Sherrie Proctor

Mr. Damien Butler ’97

Mr. Samuel Brown ’95

Mr. Daryl Butler ’87

Shawn Brown

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Charles Carithers ’05 & Dr. Latarsha Carithers

Dr. Allen Champion ’01

Mr. Michael Clark ’13

Mr. Frank Coleman Jr. ’74

Mr. T. Champion ’90

Mr. Reginald Clark ’02

Mrs. Jacqueline Coleman

Mr. Jabari Butler ’97

Mr. Wilson Carley Jr. ’72 Mr. Joe Carlos III ’04

Mr. Robert Clark & Mrs. Nancy Clark

Mr. Jason Coleman ’17

Mr. Wayne Butler ’83

Mr. Allen Chan & Mrs. Kathryn Chan

Mr. Shahid Butt

Joe Carlos ’04

Mr. Warren Chancellor ’10

Mr. Robert Clark Jr. ’07

Mr. Nathaniel Coleman ’91

Calvin Otis Butts III

Sarah Caro

Mr. Eric Chandler ’03

Mr. Russell Clark ’07

Mr. Rasheen Coleman ’01

Mr. Cassius Butts ’94

Dr. Gene Chandler ’58

Dr. Steven Clark ’00

Ms. Shalanda Coleman

Mr. Kyle Butts ’93

Mr. Sule Carpenter ’98 & Mrs. Natalie Carpenter

Dr. Kenneth Chandler ’87

Mr. Tony Clark ’98

Mr. Kwame Carr ’92

Mr. Trey Coleman

Elizabeth Byer

Mr. Kevin Chandler ’04

Mr. Willie Clark Jr., Esq. ’63

Ms. Terrelle Bynum, Esq.

Mr. Michael Carr ’93

Mr. Will Chandler II

Dr. Benjamin Clawson ’61

Dr. Cleo Coles Jr. ’58 & Mrs. Marian Coles

Mr. Alfred Byrd ’66 & Mrs. Carolyn Byrd

Ms. Patricia Carr

Mr. Wilbur Chaney, Esq. ’67

Mr. Darryl Clay ’95

Mr. Joseph Coles III ’88

Mr. Darin Carrington ’90

Caroline Chang

Mr. Gary Clayton ’88

Mr. Avery Byrd Sr. ’86 & Trina Byrd

The Honorable Terrance Carroll ’92

Dr. Maurice Chaplin ’01

Joan Cleary

Mr. Julius Coles ’64 & Mrs. Jean Coles

Ms. Ayannah Carson

Mr. Kevin Chapman Jr. ’06

Mr. Austin Clement

Mr. Anthony Coley ’00

Mr. Bradley Byrd & Mrs. Stephanie Poole-Byrd

Mr. Tyler Chapman ’14

Mr. Kristopher Colley II ’15

Mr. Chris Byrd ’03

Drs. Emmett Carson ’81 & Jacqueline Copeland-Carson

Mr. Eain Chappell ’11

Mr. Austin Clements ’05 & Mrs. Crystal Clements

Mr. Rod Chappell ’91

Mr. Cabral Clements ’16

The Rev. Jamison Collier ’06

Dr. Joseph Charles ’98

Mr. Kevin Clements ’78 & Mrs. Sheila Clements

Mr. Khari Collier ’18

Mr. Isaac Byrd & Carol Byrd Mr. Michael Byrd ’92 Mr. Richard Byrd ’62 & Dr. Advis Byrd

David Carson

Dr. Marcus Carson ’91 & Mr. Ken Carson Allen Connard Carter

Mr. Kevin Chase ’07

Austin Byrdsell

Mr. Brandt Carter ’02

Mary Chatfield

Hon. Rupert Byrdsong

Mr. Carl Carter ’83 & Sabrina Carter

Mr. Michael Chatman ’78

Dr. Cynthia Carter

Mr. Chase Cheatham ’07

Jack Byrnes

Ms. Esther Carter

Mr. Mark Cheltenham ’95

Carolyn Bystrak

Dr. Hernando Carter ’01

Abraham Chen

Mr. Whitney Cain ’89

Mr. James Carter Jr. ’86 & Mrs. Brigit Carter RN, Ph.D.

Mr. Charles Cherry II, Esq. ’78

Mr. Jeff Byrne & Mrs. Susan Byrne

Major Alzay Calhoun ’01 Mr. W. Byron Calhoun ’90 & Dr. Alison Graves-Calhoun

Mr. Joshua Carter

Mr. Deandre Calhoun ’94

Ms. Kimberly Carter

Eve Calhoun

Dr. Larry Carter Sr. ’64

Kelly Carter

Mr. John Calhoun ’90

Dr. Lawrence Carter II ’94

Dr. William Calhoun ’96 Mr. Michael Calicott Jr. ’16

Mr. Lyndon Carter, Esq. ’07 & Micaella Glenn

Mr. Derrick Callis ’06

Mr. Tor Carter ’88

Mr. David Calloway, Esq. ’04

Mr. Vincent Carter ’14

Mr. Matthew Calloway

Mr. Christopher Carthern ’06

Mr. Trae Camble ’04

Susan Casagrande

Mr. Derrick Cameron ’00

Mr. Blaine Casanave ’11

Mr. Aaron Campbell ’10

Mr. Charles Case ’01

Dr. Alfonso Campbell Jr. ’68

Mr. Earnest Cash ’59

Mr. Christian Campbell ’19

Mr. Olaniyan Cash ’16

Curtis Campbell

Sarah Cashore

Mr. Gregory Campbell ’90

Mr. Josephus Cassell Jr. ’19

Mr. James Campbell ’72 & Edwina Campbell

Mr. Kevin Cassells ’03

Ms. Kimberly Campbell

Mr. Eric Castle ’10

Mr. Quinton Campbell ’07

Ms. Corinne Cater

Ms. Syreeta Campbell Mr. Todd Campbell ’95

Mr. Corey Cates ’92 & Ms. Penny Cates

Mr. Verlin Campbell ’02

Mr. Thurman Chatman ’87

Charles W. Cherry II Dr. Glenn Cherry ’80 Mr. Sean Cherry Mr. Sean Cherry ’02 Mr. Nashawn Chery ’19 Mr. Tadd Chessen Mr. Stephen Chester ’01 Ms. Sidney Childress Mr. Brandon Childs ’06 Christopher Childs Dr. Kenneth Childs Sr. ’53 Mr. Blake Chiles ’17

Mr. Kyle Colley

Mr. Packey Clements ’88

Mr. Lewis Collier ’71 & Marian Collier

Mr. Warren Clements

Dr. Millard Collier Jr. ’79

Mr. Andrew Clemons ’87

Nathaniel Collier

Jacquel Clemons

Dr. Ronald Collier ’95

Mr. Perry Clemons ’08 Mr. George Cleveland ’92

Mr. Ernest Collins & Mrs. Flo Collins

Dr. Kavan Clifford ’03

Mr. Jarrod Collins ’90

Mr. Steven Clincy ’99

Mr. Jyrekis Collins ’19

Mr. Douglas Cloud ’68

Mr. Keith Collins

Gabriel Cloud

Lillian Williams-Collins

Mr. Robert Clues ’05

Dr. Limone Collins Jr. ’74 & Mrs. Sharon Collins

Aaron Coad Mr. Ernest Coakley ’95 Mr. Daron Coates ’88 Dr. Jason Cobb ’02 Mr. Kevin Cobb ’88 & Mrs. Paula Cobb Mr. Kyle Cobb ’19 Mr. Lateef Cobb ’06 Dr. Rodney Cobb ’81 Ms. Taylor Cobb

Mr. Matt Collins ’99 Michael Collins Sr Mr. Robert Collins ’97 Sir Stanley Collins ’14 & Mrs. Catherine Collins Ms. Tammie Collins Mr. Todd Collins ’95 & Mr. Janelle Collins Dr. Willis Collins Jr. ’92

Ms. Terri Coble

Mr. Warren Colter ’81 & Mrs. Cynthia Colter

Winston Chiong

Mr. William Coble ’80 & Dr. Barbara Coble

Mr. Darrell Comer ’11

Mr. Trenton Chipley ’95

Connie Cochran

Mr. Gyasi Chisley ’98

Deanna Cochran

Tawanda Chitapa

Laveta Cochran

Harriet Chiu

Kim Cockerham

Mr. Quincy Choice ’92

Mr. Samuel Cockfield ’13

Ms. Paula Cholmondeley

Dr. Jini Cockroft

Mr. Hassan Christian ’01

Mr. Edwin Coffie ’09

Mr. Kareem Christian ’97

Caity Cogdell

Cmdr. Bralyn Cathey ’02

Mr. Ollie Christian

Professor Turner Coggins Jr. ’81

Dr. William Campbell VIII ’81 & Mrs. Faye Campbell

Mr. Jeremy Cato ’08

The Honorable Christopher Ward ’93

Mr. Leon Cohen ’95

Mr. Darryl Canady ’87

Mr. Jared Caulton

Mr. Jackson Cannon ’15

Mr. Jamaal Cauthen ’07

Mr. Robert Cannon Jr. ’81 & Mrs. Shiela Cannon

Mr. Joseph Cauthen III ’92

Dr. David Canton ’91

Keith Davenport CFP

Dr. Timothy Careathers ’81

Mr. Garland Chadwell ’76

Mr. James Carey

The Honorable Chalk Mitchell ’71

Mr. Kenneth Carey Mr. Kent Carey ’88 Mr. Richard Carey ’86 & Lynette Carey

Ms. Laurie Casselman

Dr. Russell Caulfield ’98

Mr. Aaron Chilton ’99 Mr. Marvin Chinnery ’90

Dr. Scott Cohen

Mattie Peterson Compton, Esq. Mr. Nana Condua ’15 Mr. Henry Conerway ’06 Henry Conerway III Mr. Raymond Connell ’99 Mr. John Conner ’07 Fairon Connor Dr. Justin Connor ’01 Corrie Conrad Penelope Edwards Conrad, M.D. Mr. Craig Conyers ’83

Mr. Kevin Coker

Dr. Frank Cook ’69 & Mrs. Beverly Cook

Mr. Louis Colbert ’74

Dr. Samuel Cook ’48

Melvin Colbert

Mr. Travis Cook, Esq. ’01

Mr. Ethan Cole ’93

Mr. Kevin Cooke ’86

Mr. Gejuan Cole ’02

Susan Cookson

Mr. Garian Clark, Esq. ’99

Leroy Cole ’14 & L’Tanya Cole

Mr. Dash Cooper, Esq. ’01

Mr. Gary Clark II ’15

Michael Cole

Dr. Gerald Clark ’93

Commissioner Robert Cole ’87

Mr. Louis Chambers II ’12

Mr. Johnnie Clark

Mr. Allen Coleman ’65

Mr. Marc Chambers ’97

Mr. Joseph Clark ’94

Mr. Darryl Coleman ’89

Mr. Ronald Celestine

Dr. Crandall Chambers ’83 & Mrs. Charlette Chambers

Mr. Rodney Carey ’89


Dr. Norris Charles ’67

Mr. Jennings Coleman III ’61

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Mr. Thomas Chunn Jr. ’04 Marie Civil Ben Clark III Mr. Clarence Clark ’91 Mr. David Clark Fred Clark III

Mr. Marcus Clark ’17

Mr. Douglas Cooper Mr. Earl Cooper ’07 Mr. Earl Cooper ’11 Mr. Jerry Cooper ’69 Mr. Jonathan Cooper ’09


Drs. Derrick Butler ’90 & Gayle Stephens


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Ms. Karen Cooper

Mr. Quaison Crosby ’96 Mr. Zachary Cross ’96

Mr. Kenneth Davis & Mrs. Chapelle Davis

Mr. Erick Deloach ’93

Mr. Maurice Cooper II ’01

Rita Deloatch

Dr. Robin Dretler & Mrs. Alice Michaelson

Mr. Robert Cooper

Mary Crosssidky

Mr. Darius Davis ’08

Mr. Arthur Demps ’19

Professor Quardricos Driskell ’05

Mr. Turner Cooper ’11

Mr. Jermaine Crowder ’00

Mr. Daryl Davis, Esq.

Col. Darryl Dennis Retired ’83

Mr. Robert Drummer, Esq. ’87

Mr. Darius Copeland ’10 & Mrs. Lisa Copeland

Nicole Crowder

Mr. Daryl Davis ’92

Mr. Howard Dennis Jr. ’71

Mr. Joshua Drumming ’16

Mr. Roland Crowder Jr. ’71

Dr. Delbert Davis ’87

Jalia Dennis

Mr. Junior Drummond ’11

Mr. Garris Copeland ’80

Mr. Derrick Davis Jr. ’12

Mr. Richard Dennis

Mr. Quadus Drummond ’93

Mr. Solomon Copeland ’82

Mr. Cleveland Crumbley Jr. ’86 & Mrs. Kim Crumbley

Mr. Deshaun Davis ’19

Gregory Denson

Ms. Phyllis Dryden

Mr. Michael Coppock Jr. ’98

Mr. Cecil Crump ’91

Mrs. Dorothy Davis

Professor David Dent Sr. ’81

Mr. Robert Corey

Mr. Donald Crump ’06

Mr. Ian Desai

Mr. Ronald Dubberly & Mrs. Bonnie Dubberly

Mr. Richard Corley II ’12

Mr. Raymond Cryer II ’09

Mr. Davis ’79 & Mrs. Gloria Davis

Mr. Andrew Cornelious Jr. ’98

Mr. Scotty Culbert ’93

Deacon Elmer Davis ’87

Mr. Marques Cosby Sr. ’07

Dr. Samori Cummings ’96

Mr. Greg Davis ’08

Melvin Costen Jr.

Ms. Verbena Cummings

Mr. John Coughenour & Mrs. Gwen Coughenour

Mr. Cameron Cunningham ’19

Dr. Illya Davis ’89 & Ms. Ann Thomas-Davis

Mr. Logan Council ’08

Mr. Ulysses Currie ’88 & Mrs. Janet Currie

Mr. Kenneth Couser ’97

Nina Cunningham

Professor James Davis Ph.D. ’83 Mr. Jodie Davis ’88 Mr. John Davis Mr. Jonathon Davis ’12

Lawrence Cousin III

Mr. Charles Curry & Mrs. Elaine Curry

Mr. Marlon Cousin ’87

Mr. Levy Curry ’71

Ms. Karen Davis

Mr. Joseph Cousins, Esq. ’07

The Honorable Curtis Calloway

Ms. Kristen Davis

Mr. Christopher Cowan ’87 & Mrs. Lynne Cowan

Mr. Arthur Cutler II ’96 & Mrs. Tracy Cutler

Mr. Lamar Davis Jr. ’82

Mr. Rodney Cowan ’89

Mr. Landon Dais, Esq. ’03

Dr. Mustafa Davis ’97

Mr. Marcus Cowans ’07

Brandon Dalambert

Mr. Nathaniel Davis ’70

Mr. Kyle Coward ’00

Mr. Michael Dale

Rick Cowley

Roberta Dalois

Dr. Randy Davis ’81

E. Lucien Cox Jr.

Ms. Valerie Dalton

Mr. Ronald Davis ’71

Mr. Lucien Cox ’81

Suzanne Damico

Mr. Ryan Davis ’03

Mr. Michael Cox ’19

Mr. A. Damon Harvey ’97

Mrs. Sarah Davis

Michael Cox ’12

Mr. Michael Daniel ’99

Mr. Sean Davis ’89

George Craft Jr.

Mr. Oscar Daniel ’75

Ms. Shana Davis

Robert Crago

The Rev. Alvin Daniels ’78

Ms. Suzanne Davis

Mr. Amziah Craig ’64

Dr. David Daniels III & The Rev. Dr. Delois Brown Daniels

Mr. Maurice Couser ’92

Mr. Pierre Craig ’90 Mr. Darrel Crawford ’12 Mr. Darrin Crawford ’06 Mr. Devon Crawford ’15 Mr. Dwight Crawford ’09 Dr. George Crawford Jr. ’96

Dr. James Daniels ’01 Mr. Robert Daniels ’86 Mr. Tyree Daniels, Esq. ’02 Dr. Vincent Daniels ’87 & Mrs. Melanie Daniels

Mr. Julian Davis ’10

Ms. Linda Davis

Phillip N. Davis Sr.

Ms. Taylor Davis Mr. Theodore Davis ’14 Mr. Tigwa Davis ’99 Toby Davis Mr. Wayne Davis ’00 Mr. Wiley Davis ’15 Mr. Jamal Dawkins, Esq. ’93

Mr. George Crawford II, Esq. ’72

Mr. Everett Darby, Esq. ’84 & Mrs. Yvette Marie Darby

Mr. Jerome Crawford ’04

Bill Dargan

Dr. Clarita Dawson

Mr. Johnny Crawford III ’85

Mr. Charon Darris ’98

Ms. Cheryl Day

Joseph Crawford Sr.

Mr. J. Darryl Burks ’83

Mr. Cameron Dayne ’06

Mr. Raymon Crawford ’96

Mr. James Daughrity ’01

Mr. Maurice Dean

Mr. Robert Crawford ’91

Mr. Nicholas Dean ’11

Mr. Theodore Crawford ’97

Mr. Sean Daughtry ’93 & Mrs. Chenita Daughtry

Dr. Vicki Crawford

Mr. Carl Davenport II ’06

Stephen Dean Jr.

Mr. Clifton Crawley ’99

The Rev. George Davenport Jr. ’92

Gerald Deas, M.D.

Mr. William Crawley III ’89

Mr. Keith Davenport CFP ’84 & Colette Davenport

Mr. Kevin Crayton ’89 Marissa Crean Mr. Waverly Crenshaw Jr. Demarcus Crews ’14 Iris Crews Mr. Timothy Crim ’81 Mr. Demond Criss ’05 Mr. Charles Crittenton ’85 Mr. Kevin Cronin Michelle Crooks Mr. Dawud Crooms ’04 Mr. Brandon Crosby ’11 Mr. Melvin Crosby ’80

Mr. Mark Davenport ’87 Mr. Kasi David ’01 Lt. Dovetta Davidson Mr. John Davidson ’03 Mr. Lance Davidson ’15 Mr. Mxali Davidson Roberts ’11 Mr. Robert Davidson Jr. ’67 & Mrs. Alice Davidson Marvin Davies III Mr. Alfonso Davis ’96 Mr. Anthony Davis ’01 Mr. Anthony Davis ’91 Mr. Braxton Davis

Mr. Albert Dawson Jr. ’93

Mr. Stephen Dean Jr. ’99

Mr. Marion Deas II ’11 Yolanda Deaver Mr. Stephen Debose ’94 J Claude Deering Mr. Malcolm Defrantz Mr. Louis Defreitas Mr. Stephon Degannes ’08 Mr. Ahuacan Degruy ’00 Stephanie Dejesus Wiliam Delaney Mr. Daniel Delk Jr. ’02 Dr. Desmond Delk ’09 Rakitia Delk Mr. D’Aubrien Deloach ’18

Mr. Stan Devan ’93 Mr. Isaac Devash Ms. Eleanor Devlin Adesina Deyounge Mr. Bernard Dickens III ’15 Mr. Jarvis Dickerson Sr. ’83 Mr. Jerry Dickerson ’16 Ms. Sherri Dickerson Mr. Jonathan Dickson ’95 Mr. Matthew Dieudonné ’16 Mr. Daryl Diggs ’00 Ms. Annmarie Dillard Mr. Julien Dillard ’15 Mr. Randolph Dillard ’75 Mr. Joseph Dillon ’14 Maria Dineva Mr. Maceo Dingle ’18 The Rev. Robbie Dix Jr. ’49 Mr. Alfeo Dixon ’90 Col. Clarence Dixon ’53 Mr. Daryl Dixon ’81 Mr. Lance Dixon ’12 Mr. Llewellyn Dixon ’13 Col. Robert Dixon Jr. ’73 Mr. Robert Dixon ’81 Mr. Alexander Dobbins Mr. Trenton Dockery ’10 Mr. Marquis Doctor-Smith Mr. Michael Doctor ’87 Mr. Darryl Dodson ’86

Mr. Carrick Dubose ’91 Mr. Freddie Dubose ’88 Dr. Evander Duck Jr. ’82 Mrs. Allegra Dudley Mr. Jonathan Dudley ’01 Mrs. Myra Dudley-Byrd Dr. Rosemary Duffy Mr. Paul Dugas Jr. ’09 Mr. James Duke ’90 Mr. Adrian Dukes Mr. Nicholas Dukes ’11 Mr. Marcus Dumas ’05 Tonia Dunbar Mrs. Cheryl Duncan Dr. Patricia Duncan Suppasana Dunlap Mr. Alfred Dunn ’01 Mr. Ashton Dunn ’08 Cmdr. Grady Dunn ’90 Mr. Brett Dunson ’84 Mr. William Durant ’70 Jauan Durbin Mr. Torarie Durden ’98 Lovely Durham Mr. William Durham Jr. ’92 Mr. Michael Durry ’89 The Honorable Dwayne Christopher ’94 Dr. Andre Eaddy Mr. Giles Eady ’07

Dr. Walter Dogan ’75

Drs. Isreal Eady & Charlotte K. Eady

Mr. Reginald Dokes ’91

Marcus Eagan

Mr. R Christopher Doomes ’93

Mr. William Earl Jr., Esq. ’69

Mr. Michael Dones ’93

Mr. Mitch Earle

Mr. William Donnell ’74

Mr. Khary Earley ’01

Dr. Edward Doomes ’93

Delmont Early III

Mr. Elliot Doomes ’00 Mr. Elijah Dormeus

Mr. Delmont Early III ’00 & Mrs. Emily Early

Margaret Dorsey

Pamela Easley

Dr. Andrew Douglas

Mr. William Easley III ’91

Mr. Daryl Douglas ’86

Derek East Jr.

Ray Douglas

Mr. Dexter East ’15

Mr. Robert Douglas ’03

Mr. Austin Easterling

Adrian Douglass

Dr. Torian Easterling ’03

Curtis Dowd

Mr. Arnold Eatmon ’81

Mr. Marcus Downs ’99

Mr. Robert Eaton ’76

Mr. John Doyle ’97

Mr. Roy Eaton ’88 & Mrs. Donna Eaton

Mrs. Kathy Doyle & John Doyle Andrew Doyley Ms. Monique Dozier Mr. Ryan Drake-Lee ’04 Mr. Stacy Drakeford ’15 Steve Drescher

Dr. John Eaves Jr. ’84 Ruth Ebiasah Mr. Boniface Echols Jr. Esq. ’11 Mr. C. Echols ’90 Mr. Kenneth Echols ’55 Nodisha Echols

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Ms. Sharice Epps

Mr. Stephen Fisher

Dr. Eric Cole ’83

Mr. Brian Fitch ’05

Mr. Dennis Francis Jr. ’88 & Mrs. Sabrina Francis

Mr. Eric Gantt ’98

Alma Edgerly Mr. Kaiser Edmond ’74

The Honorable Eric Dunaway ’93

Mr. Jason Fitts ’97

Mr. James Francis ’09

Mr. Edwin Garcia ’19

Dr. Roderick Edmond ’83 & Mrs. Brooke Edmond

Mr. Cam’Eron Hill

Mr. Bobbie Fitzgerald ’99

Mr. Kareem Francis ’03

Mr. Jose Garcia ’19

Mr. Zaryland Ervin ’13

Mr. Merle Flakes ’87

Ms. Renee Francis-Turner

Mr. Everett Garden ’87

Mr. John Edmonds

Isaac Fleming

Mr. Stephen Francis Jr. ’12

Mrs. Erika Gardner

Mr. John Edmonds ’91

Dr. Todd Ester ’90 & Mrs. Charlotte Ester

Ms. Jennifer Fleming

Ms. Memory Gardner

Dr. Kevin Edmonds ’97

Mr. Andre Etienne ’91

Mr. Nathan Fleming

Mr. Stephen Francis Sr. ’80 & Mrs. Carolyn Francis

Mr. Edward Edmondson ’94

Mr. Marcus Etienne ’02

Mr. Andrew Garrett

Mr. Wayne Edmondson ’78 & Mrs. Marcella Edmondson

Greg Euston

Mr. Perry Flemming Jr. ’04 & Dr. Shauna St. Clair-Flemming

Billy Evans ’63

Mr. Carl E. Fletcher

Ms. Rebecca Frankel

David Garrett III & Mrs. Alberta Garrett

Mr. Al Edwards IV ’11

Mr. Chris Evans ’98

Mr. Nicholas Fletcher ’00

Mr. Brian Franklin ’97

Ms. Gina Garrett

Ms. Catrina Edwards

Mr. Clinton Evans Jr. ’74

Mr. Austin Fleury

Mr. James Garrett ’18

Ms. Cecilia Edwards

Mr. Eric Evans ’86

Mr. Victor Flint ’90

Mr. Byron Franklin ’01 & Mrs. Tamika Franklin

Mrs. Celeste Edwards

Mr. Ralph Evans ’69

Mr. Dennis Florence ’90

Mr. Christian Edwards

Mr. William Everett ’89

Mr. Alexander Flowers ’11

Tiffany Cochran Edwards

Benjamin Ewbank

Mr. Charles Flowers ’15

Mr. Don Edwards, Esq. ’69 & Mrs. Jo Edwards

Ms. Bridget Ewings, Esq.

Dr. Christopher Flowers ’07

Ekua Ewool

Micki Flowers

Mr. Anthony Ezzard ’90

Mrs. Cathy Floyd

Christopher Fabor ’95

Mr. Dean Floyd ’03

Jasmin Fabre

Mr. Ernest Floyd II ’01

Olamide Fagbamiye

Mr. Jameson Floyd

Ms. Adrienne Fairbanks

Mr. Lamont Floyd ’93

Mr. Kyle Faircloth

Mr. Rodney Floyd, Esq. ’91

Mr. Maxwell Fairweather ’68

Mr. Robert Fluellen

Rashid Faisal

Dr. Walter Fluker

Mr. Chjioke Egwuekwe ’96 & Mrs. Kim Egwuekwe

Mr. John Falco & Mrs. Rebecca Flaco

Kathy Officer-Fogie

Mr. Nnaemeka Egwuekwe ’94

Michael Fanning

Constance Folsom

Jessie Eisendrath

Mr. Tyson Fant ’06

Mr. Eric Fondren ’07

Mr. Zawdie Ekundayo ’87

Dr. A. David Farmer Jr. ’93 & Mrs. Latoria Farmer

Mr. Carlo Fontenot ’92 & Mrs. Joycelyn Fontenot

Ms. Joyce Farmer

Mr. Ricardo Fontg

Mr. Peter Farranto

Ms. Tameka Fooks

Mr. Bradely Farrar ’91

Mrs. Ethel Forbes

Mr. Jason Edwards ’99 Mr. Jonathan Edwards ’04 Mr. Lindsay Edwards ’00 & Mrs. Martina Edwards Dr. Lloyd Edwards ’80 Mr. Marcus Edwards, Esq. ’07 Mr. Naim Edwards ’09 Mr. Stephen Edwards & Mrs. Liz Edwards

Ms. Aaliyah El-Amin Mr. Maurice El-Amin ’92 Mr. Jon Eldridge Sr. ’96 & Mrs. Alicia Eldridge

Ms. Carla Folds

Jon Eldridge Sr.

Mr. Darryle Farrar ’03

Mr. Glenn Forbes ’81

The Rev. Charles Elliott Sr. ’91 & Mrs. Tammy Elliott

Donnell Farrow

Mr. Jvonn Forbes

Sola O.Fasusi M.D.

Mr. Dane Elliott-Lewis ’96

Mr. Alfred Ford ’77

Mr. Cameron Faturoti ’12

Ronald Elliott ’13

Mr. Barron Ford ’95

Mr. William Faulkner ’91

Mr. Andre Ellis ’10

Mr. Braylan Ford ’17

Ms. Tara Favors

Mr. Andrew Ellis ’13

Mr. Christopher Ford ’12

Mr. Rudy Fears

Ms. Brinille Ellis

Mr. Rufus Fears ’69 & Mrs. Maxine Fears

Mr. James Ford & Mrs. Deborah Ford

Mr. Harold Ellis ’92 Mr. Jaison Ellis ’08 Mr. John Ellis Mr. Marc Ellis ’92 Mr. Marlon Ellis ’98 Mr. Troy Ellis ’85 Dr. Aaron Ellison ’98 Mr. Alexander Ellison Mr. Scott Ellison ’89 & Mrs. Tasheaya Ellison Mr. Ian Elmore-Moore Rhonda Elmore Dr. Marcus Emebo ’07 Dr. Momodu Enadeghe ’81 Mr. Kashta Eneas ’98 Mr. Cornell England Edwin Engleton The Rev. Ronald English ’66 Lang Enterprises Mr. Mario Ephriam ’93 Mr. Jonathan Epps ’19 Kirra Epps


Mr. Tony Francis

Ana Garcia

Mr. Jerry Felder ’10 & Mrs. Jessica Felder Ms. Kristina Fell Mr. Hensey Fenton Jr. ’92 Mr. David Ferguson ’81 & Mrs. Darlene Ferguson Mr. Javan Ferguson ’95 Mr. Vincent Ferguson ’04 Mr. William Ferguson ’91 Mr. Keith Fernandez Jr. ’14 Mr. Garry Fielding ’01 Mr. Harvey Fields Jr. ’83 Mr. Timothy Fields ’98 Mr. Alfred Finch Jr. Mr. Alvin Finch ’69 Mrs. Inez Finch Mr. Jesse Finch Mr. Cameron Finley ’03 The Rev. Charles Fischer III ’97 Dr. Emile Fisher Eric James Fisher Mr. Ronald Fisher ’98

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Tony Francis

Mr. Dakari Franklin ’17 Mr. James Franklin ’86 Kai Franklin Kali Franklin Ms. Michelle Franklin Dr. Renty Franklin ’66 & Mrs. Theresa Franklin Mayor Shirley C. Franklin Mr. Wesley Franklin ’01 Mr. Denarius Frazier ’13 Mr. Randall Frazier ’02 William Frazier II Watkins Fred Mr. Dmyrian Frederick ’08 Dr. Marla Frederick Lynne Freeland Mr. Michael Freeland Jr. ’11 Mr. Jerry Freeman ’93 Mr. Keisha Freeman Jr. ’95 Mr. Melvin Freeman Mr. Quantez Freeman ’08 Mr. Rich Freeman Mr. Omar Freilla ’95 Mrs. Holly J Friar Brian Friedman Shirley Frisb ’06

Mr. Brian Garrett ’10

Mr. Jason Garrett ’01 Mr. Kennard Garrett ’02 Mr. Lloyd Garrett ’79 Stacey Garrett Mr. Wayne Garris Jr. ’07 Dr. June Gary Hopps Mr. William Gary Sr. ’67 Mr. Logan Gaskill ’02 Mr. Trevor Gaskins ’05 Mr. James Gaston III ’94 Karla Gaston Mr. Michael Gatewood II ’15 Mr. Darlan Gathings ’81 Gerda Gatling Drs. Dr. Billy Gay ’62 & Mattie Gay Mr. Hugh Gayle Angele Robinson-Gaylord Trent Gaylord Leslie Gaynor Franklyn Geary Mr. James Gee Rachel Gentile Mr. Christopher Gentry ’09 Mr. Ian George ’15 Mr. Ryan George ’17

Jay Frost

Dr. Melvin Gerald Sr. ’64 & Mrs. Elinda Gerald

Emily Fuentes

Mr. Marc Germain ’98

Mr. Nicholas Fuller ’94

Dr. Michelle Ghrist

Mr. Patrick Fuller ’97

The Rev. Denise Giacomozzi

Mr. Keota Ford ’95

Mr. Paul Fuller Sr. ’91

Dr. Stacey Gibbons ’84

Lorrita Ford

Mr. Bradford Fulton Jr. ’07

Antoinette Gibbs

Ms. Kimberly Forde

Mr. Chris Funderburg ’98

Mr. Robin Gibbs ’97

Mr. Derek Fordjour ’01

Cameron Gadson

Mr. Ryan Gibbs

Dr. Richard Fordjour ’00

Mrs. Wesaline Gadson

Mr. Spencer Gibbs, Esq. ’69

Mr. Javin Foreman ’98

Dr. Vandy Gaffney II ’06

Mr. Christopher Gibson ’99

Dr. Kenyon Fort ’85

Mr. Ian Gaillard ’97

David Gibson

Mr. Chris Fortson

Mr. Jerald Gaines Jr. ’01 & Mrs. Adria Gaines

Mr. Gregory Gibson ’85 & Mrs. Margeret Gibson

Mr. Julian Gaines ’19

Mr. Robert Gibson ’07

Mr. Lionell Gaines II ’13

Dr. Sandy Gibson

Mr. Martaze Gaines ’18

Ms. Valda Gibson

Mr. Mykwain Gainey ’05

Dr. Walter Gibson ’30

Mr. Edmund Gaither ’66 & Mrs. Sandra Furey-Gaither

Mr. Walter Gibson ’71 & Mrs. Pamela Gibson

Mr. Adrian Gale ’09

Mr. Wayne Gibson ’71

Mary Gallant

Mr. Kevyn Giggers ’92

Mr. Eric Gallardo

Mr. Billy Gilbert II ’01

Kevin Gallardo

Maurice B. Gilbert, M.D.

Ofelia Gallardo

Dr. Nina Gilbert

Roosevelt Galloway III

Brianna Gilford

Mr. Jermaine Gambrell ’98

Mr. Eric Gilkesson ’92

Dr. Darryl Fortson ’84 Mr. Douglas Fortson ’67 Mr. Reginald Fortson ’86 Shelia Speed-Fortson Cynthia Foster Mr. Oswald Foster ’81 Dr. Randy Foster Mr. Lelan Fowlkes Mr. Pierrel Foxworth ’95 Mr. Cephas Foy ’17 Ms. Nicole Fradette Dr. Laura S. Fralich Mr. Anthony Francis ’03

Jamail Ganter


Mr. Joseph Edelin ’02


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Mark Gilkey

Mr. Jendayo Grady

Mr. Christian Greer ’93

Alicia Hampshire

Mr. Steven Hartsock

Mr. Selwyn Gill ’01

Dr. Antonio Graham ’98

Ms. Francine Greer

Mr. Albert Hand

Capt. David Hartwell III ’95

Drs. Maxwell Gillam ’81 & Connie Gilliam

Dr. Glennon Graham ’72

Mr. Trevoir Gregg ’95

Mr. Jeffrey Handy ’92

Mr. Rodrigus Graham ’11

Mr. Sidney Hankerson Jr. ’71

Mr. Damon Harvey ’95 & Mrs. Roberta Harvey

Mr. Corey Gillespie ’09

Barry Grant

Master Sergeant Gregory Williams ’81

Mr. Kevin Hannahs ’98

Mr. George Harvey II ’93

Mr. Charles Gilliam ’66 & Mrs. Hazel Gilliam

Mr. Jason Grant ’19

Mark Grevious, MBA, M.D.

Mr. David Hannsberry ’81

John Harvey

Mr. Jordan Grant ’93

Aaron Grey

Ms. Elizabeth Hansel

Mr. Kevin Harvey

Dr. Sophia Grant

Mr. Jonathan Grey, Esq. ’04

Mr. Roderick Hardamon ’98

Dr. Maryam Hasan

Catie Grasse

Mr. Amir Grice ’19

Mr. Corey Hardiman ’14

Mr. Terence Hassan ’79

Mr. Akina Griffin ’13

Ms. Jane Harding Gurney

Dr. James Hatcher Jr. ’64

Mr. Jason Gillis ’00

Mr. John Gravenslund Jr. & Mrs. Kim Gravenslund

Ms. Janet Griffin-Graves

Mr. Kevin Hatcher ’96

Dr. Christopher Gilmore ’97

Mr. Stacey Hardnett

Mr. Adolphus Graves Jr. ’00

Mr. Jonathan Griffin ’10

Mr. Lycurgus Hatcher ’88

Mr. John Gilmore IV ’06

Dr. Bradley Hardy ’02

Mr. Chaance Graves

Mr. Michael Griffin ’04

Mr. Mark Hatcher ’88

Mr. Nadege Gitego

Mr. Lewis Hargett ’12

Mr. Stanley Griffin Jr. ’04

Mr. Richard Harleaux Jr. ’81

Mr. Michael Hatcher ’94

Sherrill Giusti

The Honorable Calvin Graves ’73 & Nellie Graves

Mr. Tori Griffin ’03

Mr. Michael Hatcher ’98

Mr. John Gladman ’69

Mr. Christopher Graves ’02

Mr. Alvin Harmon ’91

Mr. Wesley Griffin ’94

Gary Hathaway

Mr. Marc Glass ’06

Mr. Jeffrey Graves

Mr. Keefer Harness ’95

Elizabeth Grigg

Mr. Marcus Hathaway ’02

Mr. Stephen Glass ’94

Mr. Nagee Graves ’20

Mr. Dennis Harold ’81

Mr. Kenneth Grimes ’90

Mr. Alphonso Hawkins ’96

Carole Glasser

Mr. Charles Gray II ’95

Kilgour Harold

Capt. Clarence Grisham Jr. ’93

Mr. Antoine Hawkins ’05

Marshall Glaze

Mr. Corey Gray ’06

Mr. Jarod Harper ’19

Mr. Darius Gray ’97

Juanika Mainor Harper

Mr. Brennan Hawkins ’12

Andrea Haskett-Glenn

Mr. Douglas Grissom & Mrs. Ann Grissom

Mr. Cameron Hawkins, Esq. ’05

Mr. Terrell Glenn

Darrell Gray II

Mr. Joe Grissom ’68

Tamara Harper

Mr. James Hawkins II ’71

Mr. William Glenn ’82

Mr. Edward Gray

Mr. Nathaniel Grissom ’71

Mr. Chuck Harrell ’19

Mr. Justin Hawkins ’08

Ms. C’Ardiss Gleser

Fred Gray Jr.

Mr. Travonne Gross ’11

Ensign Michael Harrell ’10

Mr. Marquis Hawkins ’08

Mr. Frank Glien Jr. ’69

Mr. Garrett Gray ’06

Mr. Jason Groves ’00

Mr. Jourdan Harrington ’13 & Sharon Harrington

Mr. Kristofor Glinton ’10

Dr. James Gray

Shania Grubbs

Ms. Adrienne Harris

Mr. Melvin Hawkins ’59

Dr. Charles Glover II ’03

Mr. Michael Gray ’71

Mr. Lloyd Guest

Mr. Anthony Harris ’15

Mr. Omar Hawkins ’98

David Glover ’01

Mr. Nathalio Gray ’01

Mr. Erick Guillory ’88

Mr. Antwan Harris ’14

Mr. Steve Hawkins

Mr. Marcus Glover ’97

Mr. Phineas Gray III ’63

Dr. Ivan Guillory ’93

Mr. Cedric Harris ’98

Bill Hawthorne

Ms. Portia Glover

Mr. Preston Gray ’95

Rickey Gulley

Mr. Chad Harris ’05

Mr. Kareem Hawthorne ’07

Mr. Cleve Godfrey III ’75

Dr. Ralph Gray ’67

Mr. Omozusi Guobadia

Richard Hay Jr.

Mr. Gregory Godfrey ’79

Dr. Galen Grayson ’82

Mr. Omozusi Guobadia ’19

Mr. Curtis Harris Jr. ’71 & Mrs. Verdia Harris

Mr. Timothy Godfrey ’81

Mr. Keith Grayson ’90

Mr. Chris Gurley ’06

Mr. Daniel Harris ’05

Mr. Jason Hayes ’96

Ms. Roshellia Goines

Mr. Andrew Green ’19

Mr. Bobby Guthrie ’15

Ms. Elizabeth Harris

Richard Norvel Hayes

Mr. Clarence Golden Jr. ’92

Mr. Benjamin Green ’97

Mr. Terrick Gutierrez ’17

Mr. Jason Harris ’03

Mr. Seth Hayes ’97

Mr. Alan Goldenberg

Mr. Cory Green ’02

Mr. Edsel Guydon ’81

Mr. John Harris Sr. ’85

Mr. Todd Hayes ’05

Dr. Franklin Goldwire ’01

Mr. Cory Green ’99

Mr. Julius Habjanetz

Mr. Kenneth Harris ’61

Dr. William Hayes ’07

Mr. Larry Gomez ’08

Mr. Richard Hackett ’16

Ms. Kimberly Harris

Mr. Derrick P. Haynes ’10

Mr. Gregg Gonsalves

Mr. Darrell Green ’87 & Ms. Kelly Green

Mr. Richard Hackney Jr. ’68

Professor Lee Harris ’00

Ms. Geneva Green

Mr. Gemayel Haynes ’03

Mr. Odiaka Gonzalez ’00

Kimberly D’Haene

Mr. Lorenzo Harris Jr. ’86

Mr. Jared Green ’09

Mr. Gregory Haynes Jr. ’19

Mr. Kevin Gooch

Aimee Haeussler

Ms. Marsha Harris

Mr. Jason Green ’96

Mr. Arthur Haywood ’79

Mr. Robert Gooch ’81 & Mrs. Cynthia Gooch

Michelle Hague

Mr. Jemel Green-Harris ’18

Mr. Fleeks Hazel ’87

Mr. Elbert Hagwood ’97

Mr. Michael Harris ’80 & Mrs. Leila Harris

Mr. John Goode Jr. ’15

Mr. Jonathan Green ’08

Mr. Anthony Haile Jr. ’01

Mr. Henry Goodgame Jr. ’84 & Patricia Goodgame

Mr. Justin Green ’07

Mr. Gregory Head ’79

Mr. Rashaud Haines ’03

Dr. Monte Harris ’88 & Mrs. Lisa Harris

Dr. Mykel Green ’12

Mr. Jerry Goolsby ’78

Dr. Mario Hairston

Mr. Olujimi Green ’04

Charla Hale

Mr. Derrick Gilliam ’85 Mr. Trent Gilliam Mr. V.L. Gilliam Jr.

Dr. Charles Goosby ’46

Mr. Myles Harris Mr. Nathan Harris ’18 Mr. Robert Harris ’07

Ms. Julie Goosman

Mr. Perry Green & Mrs. Deloris Green

Dr. Ali Gordon ’97

Mr. Robert-Charles Green ’11

Mr. Carlton Gordon ’08

The Rev. Stephen Green ’14

Mr. Fernando Gordon ’86

Mr. Warren Green

Dr. Keith Gordon ’97

Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Greenaway Sr. ’92

Mr. Nicholas Gordon ’08 Mr. Taurean Gordon ’06

Mr. Jack Greenberg & Mrs. Donna Greenberg

Mrs. Cecelia Gore

Dr. Alton Greene ’90

Dr. Robert Gore III ’98

Ms. Deidra Greene

Dr. Kinnis Gosha

Dr. Dwayne Greene

Jonathan Goss

Mr. Johnny Greene Jr. ’80

Mr. Stanford Goss ’07

Mr. Rhonney Greene ’01

Mr. Nathaniel Goulbourne ’13

Mr. Russell Greene Jr. ’81

Mr. Herman Gourdine ’75 & Mrs. Jennifer E. Gourdine

Ms. Vivian Greene

The Rev. Jerome Hamilton ’91 & Mrs. Crystal Hamilton

Mr. George Greenidge Jr. ’92

Mr. Justin Hamler ’08

Mr. Nicholas Gowens ’08

Professor George Greenlee ’73

Mr. Andre Hart ’87

Mr. Christopher Graddick ’04

Mr. Gordon Greenwood, Esq. ’84 & Tamika Greenwood

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Hamlin ’81 & Mrs. Sara Hamlin

Mr. Herbert Hart Jr. ’81

Mr. Jarell Grady ’09

Mr. Kenneth Greenwood ’18

Dr. Maurice Hale ’86 Mr. David Haley ’80 Dr. Sean Haley ’88 Nathan Halk Elna Hall

Mr. Robert Harris, Esq. Mr. Scott Harris ’07 Dr. Sidney Harris ’71 & Mrs. Mary Harris

Mr. Martin Hawkins ’87

Mr. Aundre Hayes ’88

Mr. Joseph Hazel ’16 Mr. Ronald Head ’07 Mr. Bradley Heard, Esq. ’92 Mr. Troy Hearn ’16 Mr. Joe Heastie Mr. Phillip Heath ’87 Dr. Corey Hebert ’92 Renee Hebert

Mr. Terrence Harris ’86

Mr. Gerald Hector

Father Vincent Harris ’74

Dr. Lumas Helaire ’00

Dr. Christopher Harrison ’97

Mr. David Helem ’04

Dr. Emerson Harrison ’82 & Mrs. Cynthia Harrison

Mr. Darren Helms ’90

Mr. Shaquille Hall ’17

Mr. L. Harrison ’62 & Mrs. Mable Harrison

Mr. Justin Hempstead ’08

Mr. Tony Hall ’11

Mr. Jeff Harrold II ’04

Emilia Halstead

Mr. Jeffery Harrold & Mrs. Monica Harrold

Laurie Abrams-Hall Mr. Michael Hall Mr. Nicholas Hall ’15 Dr. Robert Hall Sr. ’63 & Mrs. Carolyn Hall

Drs. Jason Hammond ’97 & Camille Hammond

Mr. Travis Harry ’04

Mr. Eric Harton ’91 & Mrs. Lisa Harton

Mr. Aaron Hemphill II ’15 Mr. Austin Henderson ’15 Mr. James Henderson ’90 Mr. Kevin Henderson ’97 Dr. Marc Henderson ’96 Mr. Ronald Henderson ’94 Mr. William Henderson ’67 Ms. Janie Hendrix Mr. Maurice Hendrix ’00

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT



MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Scott Hitch

Janice Houston

Mr. Kenneth Henley ’81

Mr. Kamau Hixon ’05

Mr. Robert Houston ’87

Mr. Kenneth Hymes ’86 & Mrs. Ashley Hymes

Mr. Wade Jackson & Mrs. Sonja Jackson

Mr. Brian Henry ’06

Christine Ho

Dr. Anthony Howard ’81

Dr. Sarah Iams

Mr. Willard Jackson ’06

Mr. Durrani Henry ’11

John Ho

Mr. Bernard Howard ’95

Robert Icart

Ms. Barbara Jacobs

Mr. Harold Henry Jr. ’09

Henry Hoang

Mr. Christian Howard ’17

Mr. Jason Ingram ’06

Mr. Darrion Jacobs ’91

The Rev. Nelson Henry ’01

Mr. Joseph Hoard Jr. ’79

Mr. David Howard ’11

Mr. Marvin Ingram ’82

Mr. Justin Jacobs ’05

Ms. Tamara Henry

Mr. Charles Hobbs II ’94

Mrs. Elizabeth Howard

Mr. Michael Ingram ’87

Ms. Kenya Jacobs

Dr. Stanley Henson ’72 & Mrs. Jennifer Henson

Mr. Jeremy Hobbs ’06

Mr. Evan Howard

Mr. Roy Ingram II ’93

Mr. Rob Jacobs ’89

Anna Hobgood

Mr. Jonathan Howard

Mr. Adrian Ironside ’98

Mr. Frantz Jacques ’99

DeQuincy Manvel Hentz

Mr. Demetrius Hobson ’02

Mr. Jonathan Howard ’12

Mr. Lance Irvin ’02

Mr. Anthony James ’07

Ms. Ayana Herbert

Dr. Michael Hodge

Dr. Keith Howard

Nayoka Irving

Mr. Charlie James Jr. ’87

Mr. Luis Hernandez ’06

Mr. William Hodge ’68

Mr. Lee Howard III ’86

Mr. Charles Isaac Blanton ’07

Mr. Donny James ’95

Anyika Mcmillan-Herod

Dr. Harlan Hodges ’92 & Mrs. Traci Hodges

Mr. Lemuel Howard V ’16

Benjamin Isaacs

The Rev. Dr. M Howard Jr. ’68

Lt. Gen. James Hall ’57 & Mrs. Helen Hall

Dr. John Hodges ’67 Mr. Keith Hodges ’89

Dr. Tyrone Howard & Mrs. Maisah Howard

Cmdr. Dwight Isaacs ’96 & Mrs. Jennifer Isaacs

Melvin Sancho Hodges II Mr. Ronald Hodnett ’93

Mr. John Herr III & Mrs. M Koken Mr. Otis Herring ’71 & Mrs. Dorothy K. Herring Dr. Ruth Herts Dustin Heslep Mrs. Ida Hester Dr. Cynthia Hewitt Mr. Darren Hicks ’04 & Mrs. Lesley Hicks Mr. Darryl Hicks ’90 Mr. Henry Hicks III ’89 & Ms. Crystal Hicks

Col. Leroy James ’55 & Mrs. Mary James

Mr. Primous Howard III ’13

Roberta Isaeff

2nd Lt. James Wilford ’13

The Rev. Rodney Howard Sr. ’76

Ms. Laura Isom

Ms. Lucia James

Geoffrey Hoefer

Rodney Howard Sr.

Michael Iverson

Mr. Michael James ’95

Mr. John Hoffman

Dr. Selwynn Howard ’87 & Mrs. Paytie Howard

Mr. Todd Ivery ’91

Mr. Neal James

Laura Ives

Mr. Peter James, Esq. ’72

Mr. Judson Howard & Mrs. Vanessa Howard

Brandon Ivey

Richard Talmadge James Jr.

Mr. Angello Izere ’14

Mr. Robert James ’19

Mr. William Howard ’78

Mr. Christopher Jack ’01

Dr. Samuel James

William Howard

Mrs. Aeolian Jackson

Dr. Samuel James ’03

Mr. Sanford Howie II ’98

Alex Jackson

Mr. Andre Hubbard Sr. ’92

Mr. Allen Jackson ’68

Mr. William James ’67 & Ms. Avis James

Neil Hofman Mr. Jonathan Hogan ’92 Mr. Darnell Holcomb ’94 Mr. Jerren Holder ’09 Mr. Phillip Holley II ’07

The Rev. Ivan Hicks ’91 & Christia Hicks

Dr. Darius Hollings ’98 & Jennifer Hollings

Mr. John Hicks ’71

Dr. David Hollingsworth ’12

Dr. Bryan Hubbard ’88

Mr. Arthur Jackson

Mr. Sammy Hicks III

Mr. Desmond Hollingsworth ’05

Mr. Alaron Hubbert ’15

Dr. William Hicks ’70

Mr. Jarvis Hollingsworth & Ms. Andrea Hollingsworth

Sharon Hubbert

Mr. Brandon Jackson ’97 & Mrs. Felisa Jackson

Mr. Zachery Hubert Jr.

Mr. Bryon Jackson ’02

Anula Jayasuriya

Dr. Keith Hollingsworth

Mr. Charles T. Huddleston

Mr. Carrington Jackson, Esq. ’13

Mr. Kenneth Jeffers ’11

Barby Holloman

Dr. Darrell Hudson ’02

Mr. Christopher Jackson ’10

Mary Jeffers

Gary Holman

Mr. Devante Hudson ’15

Mr. Cole Jackson

Mr. Antwan Jefferson ’99

Mr. Albert Holmes II ’00

Mr. Jesse Hudson ’85

Daniel Jackson ’94

Mr. Brian Jefferson ’94

Dr. Andre’ Holmes ’02

Mr. Oliver Hudson ’72

Mr. Dustin Jackson ’07

Dr. Ernest Holmes & Mrs. Cordelia Holmes

Mr. Terrence Hudson ’91

Mr. Eddie Jackson

Mr. Donald Jefferson Jr. ’78 & Mrs. Theresa Jefferson

Mr. Brandon Hudspeth ’02

Mr. Eric Jackson

Mr. Ernest Holmes ’19

Mr. Cabral Huff ’00

Dr. Harold Jackson ’90

Mr. Ronald Holmes ’07

Mr. Troy Huffman ’91

Mr. Jabari Jackson ’94

Mr. George Holt ’64

Mr. David Hughes ’11

Dr. Jaih Jackson ’91

Mr. William Holt ’68

Mr. George Hughes Sr.

Jaih Jackson

Mr. John Honor III, Esq. ’97

Mr. James Jackson ’17

Jann Honore

Mr. Jawanza Hughes ’94 & Mrs. Preeya Hughes

Evan Hoobchaak

Mr. Marcus Hughes ’03

Mr. Jason Jackson ’00

Mr. Eston Hood Jr., Esq. ’04

Mr. Richard Hughes ’63

Mr. Jelani Jackson ’05

Mr. Leon Hood ’80

Mr. Keith Jackson, Esq. ’06

Professor David Hooker ’81

Mr. Young Hughley Jr. ’69 & Mrs. Stephanie Hughley

The Honorable Aubrey Hooper ’05

The Rev. Renee Huie

Drs. Donald Hopkins ’62 & Ernestine Mathis Hopkins

Mr. Laurence Hull, Esq. ’12

Mr. Granger Hopson ’90

Michael Hundgen

Mark Hord

Mr. Ean Hundley ’98

Heather Horn

Alice Hunt

Mr. Mark Horn ’89 & Mrs. Ivor Horn

Mr. Clifford Hunt II ’12

George D. Hilliard II

Mr. Nashon Hornsby ’93 & Mrs. Mellissa Hornsby

Mr. Jared Hunt ’08

Ms. Jennifer Hilliard

Mr. Carl Horton ’69

Mr. John Himes & Mrs. Valerie Himes

Mr. Justin Horton ’97

Robert Hidalgo Dr. Brandon Hider ’01 Mark Highland Mr. Bruce Hill Sr. ’81 Cheryl Baker-Hill Mr. Christopher Hill ’90 Mr. David Hill ’03 Mr. David Hill ’11 Mr. Dijon Hill ’10 Mr. Edward Hill Jr. ’95 Mr. Eric Hill ’95 Mr. Gary Hill Mr. Ira Hill ’04 Mr. James Hill ’57 Mr. Johnathan Hill ’17 Mr. Joshua Hill ’15 Mr. Kevin Hill ’09 Mrs. Laurel Hill Lisa Harvey-Hill Mr. Mark Hill ’67 & Erness Abron Mr. Marttise Hill ’13 Dr. Stephen Hill ’94 Mr. Willie Hill III ’04 Mr. Xavier Hill ’19 Mark Hillery

Mr. Bernard Hines ’76 & Danita Hines


Vanessa Isabell

Mr. Oscar Horton Jr. ’66 & Mrs. Delories Horton Mr. Colin Hosten ’04

Mr. Joseph Hines II ’08

Mr. Jermaine House ’08

Joseph Hines II

Mr. John House ’87

Mr. Nicholas Hines ’15

Mr. Michael House ’83

Mr. Spencer Humphrey ’03

Mr. David Hunt Ms. Ayatta Hunter Mr. Bryant Hunter II ’96 Mr. David Hunter Jr. ’63 Mr. Marcus Hunter Jr. ’08 Mr. Dimitrius Hutcherson ’82 & Mrs. Monica Hutcherson Jordan Hutchinson Drs. Lajuan Hutchinson ’88 & Sonya Hutchinson

Charles Hinkle

Mr. Arthur Houser Jr. ’80

Mr. Trevor Hinton ’89

Dr. William Hutchinson ’55

Mr. Kevin Houser ’95

Mr. Eric Hylton ’90

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Dr. Janice Jackson

Mr. Kevan Jackson ’81 Mr. Lamel Jackson ’05 Mrs. Lillian Jackson Mr. Marcus Jackson ’06 Mr. Matthew Jackson Mr. Matthew Jackson ’96 Mcclinton Jackson III Mr. Michael Jackson ’75 Mr. Ocoszio Jackson ’14 Mr. Omari Jackson ’03 Mrs. Pearlie Jackson Mr. Randall Jackson ’00 Dr. Raymond Jackson Ms. Roni Jackson Mr. Samuel Jackson ’72 & Mrs. Latanya Richardson Mr. Taj Jackson ’07 Mrs. Tonya Jackson Mr. Troy Jackson ’00

Mr. William James ’92 Mr. Marc Jardine ’01 Mr. Michael Jardine ’01

Mr. James Jefferson Jr. Dr. Jonathan Jefferson ’82 Dr. Hasan Jeffries ’94 Mrs. Alice Jenkins Mr. Chancellor Jenkins ’11 Mr. Hamilton Jenkins Mr. Isaiah Jenkins ’11 Lawrence Jenkins Mrs. Nicole Jenkins Mr. Keelan Jennings ’95 Dr. Robert Jennings ’72 Sir Samuel Jennings ’66 Mr. Kipton Jensen Robert & Jessica Sadow Mr. Darius Jessie ’13 Mr. Henteves Jester ’12 Mr. Austin Jeter ’20 Mr. Leroi Jiles ’03 The Rev. Dr. Joan Wharton Grey Joel Mr. Russell Joel Brown ’86 The Rev. Dr. John Cox ’03 Palmer Johnny Mr. Richard Johns ’94 & Mrs. Lynn Johns Joshua Johnsom Aleta Johnson Ms. Alicia Johnson Mr. Alonte Johnson ’11 Ms. Altonia Johnson Barrett Johnson ’23


Jonathan Henley


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Mr. Booker Johnson Jr. ’97

Mr. Randall Johnson ’90

Mr. Michael Jones ’12

Mr. Matthew Kelly ’15

Mr. Jeremiah Knight ’01

Mr. Brett Johnson

Dr. Reuben Johnson ’94

Mr. Nathan Jones IV ’14

Mr. Ronald Knight ’07

Commissioner Brian Johnson ’95

Rodriques Johnson

Mr. Rejosef Jones

Mrs. Mona Kelly & Mr. Gilbert Kelly Jr. ’78

Dr. Calvin Johnson ’88

Mr. Richard Jones, Esq. ’81

Stephanie Kelly

Taylor Knortz

Mr. Carlton Johnson ’99

Mr. Roy Johnson Sr. ’71 & Mrs. Patricia Johnson

Mr. Robert Jones ’69

Mr. Richard Kelsey II ’91

Mr. James Knowles

Dr. Charles Johnson ’90

Dr. Rucker Johnson ’95

Mr. Sean Jones ’98

Mr. Jason Kemp ’95

Glen Knutti

Mr. Charles Johnson ’82 & Mrs. Melody Johnson

Mr. Seanta Johnson ’01

Mr. Terrence Jones ’98

Mr. Nicolas Kemp ’02

Patrick Koch

Mr. Tevin Jones ’13

Russell Kempker

The Rev. Charles Johnson Jr. ’97

Mrs. Susan Johnson & Mr. Felton Johnson

Mr. Joel Kolker & Ms. Anne Sheerin

Mr. Cornelius Johnson III ’93

Dr. Theodore Jones ’78 & Mrs. Pamela Jones

Mr. Bryce Kennard ’01

Mr. Talon Johnson ’16

Mr. Demond Kennedy ’00

Ms. Carol Kosel

Cornelius V. Johnson III

Ms. Traci Johnson & Mr. Ken Johnson

Mr. Thomas Jones Jr. ’18

Mr. Kevin Kennedy Jr. ’96

Susan Kowen

Mr. Tony Jones, Esq. ’06

Mr. Corey Kent ’19

Susan Krabbe

Mr. Travis Jones ’08

Rose Kernochan

Mr. Douglas Kridler

Ms. Valerie Jones

Mr. Booker Kevin ’90

The Rev. Vernon Jones, M.Div. ’83

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Donalson Sr. ’94 & Kimberly Donalson

The Honorable Kristopher Colley Sr. ’78 & Mrs. Janet Colley

Mr. Coy Johnson Jr. ’99 Mr. Dana Johnson ’97 The Rev. Darron Johnson ’03 Darryl Johnson Mr. David Johnson ’69 & Delores Johnson

Mr. Travis Johnson ’87 Tyler Johnson Mr. Waymon Johnson ’18 Dr. Yvette Johnson

Travis Knipe “Starrez”

Pat Johnston

Mr. Walter Jones Sr. ’75 & Mrs. Gayle Jones

The Honorable Kevin Ross ’85

Ellen Kuroghlian

Mr. David Johnson ’98 & Mrs. Venetia Johnson

Mr. Jonathan Jolley ’10

Walter Jones Sr.

Mr. John Kevin Franks, Esq. ’93

Daphne Kwok

Edward Delano Jonas Jr.

Dr. Wendell Jones ’80

Katari Key

Mr. Ian Labitue ’02

Ms. Debra Johnson

Mr. Aaron Jones

Mr. Wilbert Jones ’01

The Rev. William Key ’73

Sherri Labouef

Mr. Derek Johnson ’97

Ms. Adrienne Jones

Mr. Yergan Jones ’84

Ms. Alisha Keyes-Dix

Mr. Steven Labroi ’87

Mr. Derrick Johnson ’09

Mr. Agai Jones ’95

Mr. Anthony Jordan, Esq. ’88

The Rev. Dr. Keyon Payton ’01

Mr. Devin Johnson, Esq. ’00

Mr. Aquil Jones ’18

Mr. Branden Jordan ’10

Mrs. Willma Khalil

Mr. Anthony Lacey ’90 & Latrina Lacey

Dr. Dirk Johnson ’95

Mr. Archie Jones ’93 & Mrs. Tiffini Eugene Jones

Ms. Felicia Jordan

Todd Khoury

Mr. Don Johnson II ’00

Mr. Brandon Jones ’02

Mr. Gregory Jordan ’83

Mr. Jermaine Kidd ’03

Don Johnson Sr.

Mr. Calvin Jones ’95

Mr. Jarrell Jordan ’19

Donna Kiel

Mr. Errol Johnson ’86

Mr. Gregory Kight

Evan Johnson

Mr. Cameron Jones

Mr. Paul Jordan ’08

Mr. Carnell Jones ’05

Mr. Randall Jordan ’93

The Rev. Harold Kilgour ’81

Mr. Frederich Johnson II ’86 & Stephanie Neal

Mr. Robert Jordan ’06

Dr. Darnita Killian

Mr. Frederick Johnson Sr. ’58

Mr. Christopher Jones ’97

Mr. Ross Jordan ’19

Mr. Robert Kilpatrick II ’04

Mr. Garrett Johnson ’07

Mr. Christopher Jones ’99 & Dr. Jerrilyn Jones

Mr. Theodore Jordan ’95

Mr. E. Kimani Middleton ’91

Mr. James Lamar ’60 & Mrs. O. Lamar

Mr. Wilbur Jordan Jr.

Emilie Kimball

Ms. Kathy Lamar

Mr. Jordan Joseph ’14

Mr. Vernell Kimbrough ’83

Mr. Devon Lambert ’13

Mr. Cedric Joubert, Esq. ’70 & Mrs. Angela Joubert

Mr. Marlon Kimpson, Esq. ’91

Mr. Percy Lambert ’07

Mr. Maxwell Kimpson ’91

Tyrone Joubert

Mr. Raymond Lambert

Mr. Milton Kimpson

Mr. Dorian Joyner Sr. ’88

Mr. Raymond Lambert ’83

Eric Kindall

Mr. Eric Joyner ’95

Cheryl Lampkin

Mr. Katende Kinene ’02

Mr. Shannon Joyner ’08

Mrs. Adrienne Lance Lucas

Dr. Aisha King

Kenneth Julian

Bruce Land

Alan King Jr.

Mr. Adam Junior ’07

Mr. Carl Lane II ’81

Mr. Byron King

Dr. Keith Junior ’84

Mr. James Lane ’07

Ms. Catherine King

Mr. Mohamed Kakay ’00

Dr. Curtis Langley ’63

Mr. Dominic Jones, Esq. ’10

Mr. Damani King ’98

Mr. Michael Kalumba ’06

Mr. Trent Langley ’99

Major Drevon Jones ’99

Donna Edmond-King

Dorian Kandi

Mr. Leonard Langston Jr. ’04

Mr. Ellis Jones ’19 Mr. Eric Jones ’02

Mr. Sanpha Kargbo ’07

Mr. Keith Lanier ’88

Mr. Kamauru Johnson ’04

Gregory King ’90 & Ms. Sharon King

Mr. Ken Johnson & Ms. Traci Johnson

Dr. Frank Jones ’85

Mr. Keith Karlawish & Mrs. Noelle Karlawish

Mr. James King ’06

Dr. Kevin Johnson ’96

Mr. Ian Jones ’00

Jonathan Karron

Mr. Kevin Johnson ’01

Dr. James Jones ’65

Nishmin Kashyap

Mr. Louis King II ’81 & Mrs. Beverly King

Mr. Komichel Johnson ’97

Mr. Jason Jones ’01

Dolly Katz

Mr. Marlon King ’99

Dr. Lincoln Johnson ’94

Mr. John Jones ’79

Noelani Kawashima

Mr. Ryan King ’03

Mr. Lloyd Johnson II ’04

Mr. Jonathan Jones ’04

Mr. Theodore Kay

Mr. Stephen King ’03

Dr. Marc Johnson ’98

Mr. Jordan Jones ’11

Ms. Kate Kearns

Wesley King, DDS

Mr. Mario Johnson ’01

Mr. Jordan Jones ’14

Gregory Keel ’09

Cahba Kingwood

Mr. Matthew Johnson ’11

Mr. Justin Jones

Mr. Jason Keene ’03

Mr. Justin Kinsey ’08

Mr. Michael Johnson ’87

Kaelan Ashford-Jones

Nefertari Kirkman-Bey

Mr. Michael Johnson ’90

Mr. Kevin Jones

Mr. Robert Keene & Mrs. Linda Keene

Mr. Myron Johnson Jr. ’76

Mr. Kevin Jones ’82

Mrs. Dannie Keepler

Mr. Aaron Klepinger

Mr. Najee Johnson ’10

Mr. Kyle Jones ’04

Mr. William Keith

Tom Kloiber

Mr. Ola Johnson ’92

Mr. Lawrence Jones Jr. ’93

Mr. Jeffrey Kellar ’84

Luz Lopez-Knicrumah

Mr. Oshea Johnson ’15

Dr. Louis Jones ’83

The Rev. Mark Kellar ’86

Mr. Carlton Knight ’08

Ms. Pamela Johnson

Mr. Blaine Kelley Jr.

Caroline Knight

Mr. Pierre Johnson ’92

Mrs. Marie Jones & Mr. Paul Jones

Ms. Patricia Kelley

Mr. Quentin Johnson ’02

Martin Jones

Dr. Frederick Knight ’92 & Mrs. Mariya Knight

Mr. Ramon Johnson ’18

Mr. Matthew Jones ’18

Mr. Gerald Johnson II ’02

Christopher Jones

Ambassador Gregory Johnson & Mrs. Lyla Johnson

Professor Christopher Jones

Mr. Harry Johnson Jr. ’07

Mr. Dante Jones ’07

Mr. Henry Johnson

Mr. Darien Jones

Mr. Henry Johnson ’58 Mr. Hugh Johnson Jr. ’77

Mr. David Jones ’83 & Sheila Purnell-Jones

Mr. Ivon Johnson ’04

Mr. Dennis Jones ’06

Mr. J. Johnson Jr. ’76

Mr. Derrick Jones ’84

Ms. Jacqueline Johnson

Mr. De’Vetus Jones ’95 & Mrs. Samantha Jones

Mr. Jawuan Johnson ’19 Mr. Jeremy Johnson Mr. John Johnson & Mrs. Anita Johnson

Mr. Damion Jones ’97

Mr. Gerald Jones ’16

Dr. Cecil Kelly ’67 Mr. Jonathan Kelly ’74

Rev. Joel L. King Jr.

Mr. T J Kirkland Jr. ’81

Drs. James Knight & Octavia Knight

Mrs. Kimberly Lacey-Foster Mr. Antoine Lackland ’08 Mr. Adetokunbo Ladejobi ’97 Kimberly Lafond Mr. Shaun Lain ’90 & Ms. Shannon Lain Judith Lallis

Mr. Antoine Lankford ’10 Mercedese Large Mr. Xavier Larkin ’19 Mr. James Larkins ’88 The Rev. Dr. Larry Dixon ’69 Claude Lataillade Mr. R.M. Lathan ’92 Mr. Henry Latimer Tanya Latore Brenda Lauderback Mr. Anthony Laurent ’90 & Tammy Laurent Mr. Nicholas Laurent ’08 Kevin Lavender Mr. Kenneth Lavergne ’04 Arlene Lawrence Mr. Brandon Lawrence ’09 Mr. Frank Lawrence Jr. ’19 Dr. Jeff Lawrence ’79 Mr. Jermaine Lawrence ’01 Mr. Michael Lawrence ’83

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Stacy Lewis ’93 & Mrs. Magdalen Lewis

Mr. Tarrik Mabon ’07

Bill Martino

Mr. Marcellis McCray ’08

Mrs. Kara Mabrey

Mrs. Njemile Marunda

Mr. Jeffrey McCullen ’04

Mrs. Kathy Lawson & Mr. A. Peter Lawson

Stephen Lewis Sr., Ed. D.

Elise Macdonald

Mr. Micah Maryland ’07

Mr. Lewis McCulloch ’00

Dr. William Lewis ’88

Mr. Brandon Marzo, Esq. ’95

Mr. Marcus McCullough ’07

Mr. Lowell Lea ’08

Jedidiah Lewison

Dr. Audley Mackel III ’77 & Mrs. Sharon Mackel

Dr. Kevin Mason ’79

Simon McCune

Mr. John Leak ’72

Mr. R. L’Heureux Lewis-Mccoy ’00

Mr. David Mackey ’05

Ms. Patricia Mason-Robinson

Andrew McDaniel

Mr. Ray Leaphart ’70

Meredith Lichtenberg

Mr. Robert Mackey ’91

Ms. Venola Mason

Mr. Darian McDaniel ’93

Nkosi Leary

Mr. Jelani Liddell ’00

Laura Maclean

Viella Mason

Mr. Elliot McDaniel ’02

Mr. Gerald Leavell II ’03

Mr. Harold Light ’61

Patrick Madden

Mr. Joseph Massaquoi ’95

Mr. Don Leduff ’07

Jack Lightsy

Mr. Dominique Maddox ’04

Mr. Albert Massey ’84

Mr. Robert McDaniel Jr. ’81 & Mrs. Candace McDaniel

Kevin Ledvina

Harold Ligon Jr.

Mr. Justin Maddox ’04

Mr. Amin Massey

Rowan McDaniel

Ms. Ashley Lee

Mr. Nicholas Limbal ’06

Mr. William Madison IV ’95

Dr. William McDaniel Jr. ’67

Mr. David Lee ’14

Steven Linde

Mr. Na’Im Madyum ’97

Mr. John Massey & Mrs. Kimberly Massey

Mr. Dwight Lee

Ms. Cheryl Lindsay

Kelvin Magee

Mr. Kristopher Massey ’03

Mr. Eric McDonald ’87

Mr. Eric Lee ’02

Mr. Anthony Linley ’14

Polly Magee

Mr. Alvin Massy ’04

Mr. Frederick McDonald II ’88

Mr. Eric Lee ’93

Mr. George Little ’77

Mr. Marques Maggitt ’02

Dr. Aaron Mathews ’08

Ms. Susan McDonald

Mr. Henry Lee ’66

Mr. Milton Little Jr. ’76

Troy Maier

Venis Mathews

Mr. Antonio McDowell ’04

Mr. Johnnie Lee

Perry Alphonza Little

Mr. Brian Major ’06

Mr. Willie Mathews

Mr. Justin McElderry ’15

Mr. Justin Lee ’18

Mr. Vincent Little ’88

Mr. Justin Major ’11

Mr. Andre Mathis ’16

Mr. Luther McElroy ’00

Mr. Lawrence Lee ’05

Mr. Michael Littlejohn ’79

Mr. Reginald Mathis ’92

Mr. Andre McEwing ’83

Dr. Ralph Lee ’57

Mr. Darone Littleton ’97

Mr. John Majors IV ’95 & Mrs. Monika Majors

Mr. William Mathis ’85

Ken McFarland

Evan Lefft

Mr. Jarrod Loadholt ’05

Dr. Reginald Makerson ’06

Mr. Kent Matlock ’82

Mr. Andrew McGee ’10

Mr. Jadyn Leftridge ’19

Mr. Richard Makerson III ’03

Mr. Martin Matthews ’83

Mr. Ellis McGee ’96

Aubrey Legrier

Mr. Marquis Lockett & Mrs. Cassandra Lockett

Mr. Fred Makobongo ’16

Stacey Matthias

Kathleen Lemay

Mr. Isaac Lockett Jr. ’04

Ms. Mariam Malik

Hany Mawla

Mr. Kevin McGee ’93 & Mrs. Andrea McGee

Mr. Marcus Lemond ’07

Mr. Kendrick Lockett

Mr. Jose Mallabo

Mr. Ernest Maxey Jr. ’93

Mr. Ryan McGee ’96

Leslie Lemonick

Mr. James Lockhart

Mr. Eric Maxie ’82

Mr. Raymone McGhee ’02

Mr. Jonathan Leonard ’86

John Loesel

Mr. Robert Mallett ’79 & Mrs. Terri Mallett

Mr. Travis McGhee ’84

Mr. Martavius Leonard ’14

Wanda Lofton

Mr. Kevin Mallory ’11

Mr. Daquan May ’17

Mr. Brian McGlaun ’82

Mr. Oscar Leonard ’68

Mr. Dontavius Logan ’11

Christopher Malloy

Thahal May

Mr. Eric McGlothen

Mr. Theodis Leonard Jr. ’93

Mr. Joshua Logan ’97

Mr. Alex Malone

Mr. Paul Mayer

Mr. Jason McGowan ’05

Mr. Christopher Lesesne ’08

Mr. Lewis Logan III ’12

Ms. Keshaundra Malone

Mr. Brock Mayers ’99

Mr. Kevin McGowan ’10

The Rev. Dr. Lester Mccorn ’88

Benjamin F. Logan Sr. ’60 & Mrs. Pearl Logan

Mr. John Malvern

Mr. Todd Mayfield ’87 Torrence Mays

Adrian McGraw Mr. Mark McGruder ’94

Mr. Michael Logan ’97

Mr. Dequandre Manley ’17

Mr. Shawn Mazyck ’99

Mr. Michael McIntosh ’92

Dr. Michael L. Lomax

Mrs. Ritche Manley Bowden

Ejiofo Mbanefo

Mr. Todd McIntyre ’96

Dr. Damon Lombard ’95

Mr. John Mann Jr. ’88

Mrs. Chrystal McArthur

Mr. Harrison McIver III ’74

Mr. Clinton Long ’80

Mr. Morris Mann ’94

Mr. Quinton McArthur ’01

Randle McKee

Mr. Marque Long ’19 Mr. Richard Long ’66

Mr. Seith Mann ’95 & Mrs. Elyce Mann

Mrs. Sandra McBride Mr. Adelric McCain ’00

Mr. Rodney McKenzie ’89 & Mrs. Elaynor McKenzie

Mr. Sean Long ’04

Mr. Matthew Manning

Shawn Long

Mr. Brandon Manor ’19

Mr. Manuel Lopes ’01

Blythe Mansfield

Dr. Kito Lord ’04

Mr. John Manson ’00

Mr. Jeffrey Lothian ’13

Mr. Reginald Marable ’95

Randi Levinas

The Honorable Louis Douglas ’87

Mr. Elliott Marbury ’74

Mr. Recardo Levy ’00

The Honorable Louis Stokes ’76

J Marcus

Jessie Lewid

Mr. Dewitt Love ’92

Ms. Nyya Marion

Ms. Aalyah Lewis

Mr. Michael Love ’88

Dr. John Mark Oliver ’94

Ms. Ella Lewis

Mr. Dequan Loveless ’06

Mr. Derek Marks ’90

Mr. Jeffrey Lewis ’87

Amy Lovell

The Rev. Dr. Marlon Scott ’88

Mr. Joseph Lewis ’81

The Rev. Eugene Lowe ’69

Monica Shuler-Marroe

Ms. Julie Lewis

Ms. Josephine Lowe

Dr. Eric Marshall ’94

Mr. Kenneth Lewis

Fred Lowery

Dr. Harry Marshall Jr. ’80

Mr. Kevin Lewis

Leda Lozier

Mr. Jason Marshall ’96

Mr. Lawrence Lewis ’96

Mrs. Althea Lucas

Myron J. Lewis

Mr. Arron Lucas ’07

Mr. Joseph Marshall Jr. ’69 & Mrs. Ave Maria Marshall

Mr. Nathan Lewis

Mr. Devon Lucas ’96

Mr. Nigel Lewis ’89 & Benita Lewis

Mr. Lawrence Lucas & Mrs. Sharon Lucas

Mr. Obinna Lewis ’97

Reginald Lucien

Mr. Darren Martin

Mr. Ray Lewis Jr.

Mr. David Luckens

Mr. Gregory Martin ’93

Mr. Reginald Lewis ’90

Mr. Derrick Luckett ’91

Mr. Johnny Martin

Mr. Robert Lewis V ’05

Mr. Jerome Luke ’79

Dr. Joseph Martin Jr.

Mr. Roderick Lewis ’90

Sandy Luttrell

Mr. Michael Martin ’81

Mr. Shawn Lewis ’05

Mr. Christopher Lynn-Logue ’09

Mr. Samuel Martin Jr. ’68

Mr. Kenneth Lyons Jr. ’11

Mr. Wayne Martin II ’06

Ms. Candace Lawson

Lebert Lester III Dr. Ronald Lester ’93 Ms. Katina Lett Mr. Justin Letts ’01 Mark Leuchter Rabbi Bradley Levenberg Mr. Todd Leverette ’08 Ardelia Levesque Kesha Levesque Mr. Michael Levesque ’89 Mr. Robert Levin & Mrs. Abby Levin


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Mr. William Mandeville ’89

Dr. Lewis Marshall Jr. ’79 Dr. Aldwin Martin ’08 Mr. Brian Martin ’80

Dr. Howard McCalla ’95 & Mrs. Alicia McCalla

Mr. Elijah McDavid III ’15

Mr. Jason McKesson ’11

Sarah McCallum

Mr. Jabari McKie ’19

Renee Peterkin-McCalman

Mr. Reginald McKie ’93

Mr. Nicolas McCalop ’07

Matt McKillop

Mr. Melvin McCammon ’80

Dr. Charles McKinney Jr. ’89 & Mrs. Natalie McKinney

Dr. Clark McCants ’12 Mr. Donald McCarthy ’89 Mr. William McChriston ’16 Caress McClain Mr. Reginald McClendon ’04 Dr. Rodney McClendon ’90 Mr. Taylor McCleod ’13 Dr. Arthur McClung III ’98 Mr. Louie McClure ’73 Mr. Timothy McClure ’96 Brian McCollum ’99 Mr. Clarence McCollum ’90 Ms. Delores McCollum Ms. Yolanda McColumn Markquail McCord Mr. Lerrick McCorvey ’09 Dr. Kevin McCowan ’86 Mr. Calvin McCoy Mr. W McCoy ’65 ’65 & Mrs. Helen McCoy

Dr. Edward McKinney ’62 Wade Hampton McKinney IV Mr. Jordan McKinnie ’13 Dr. Michael McKinnie Mr. Robin McKinnie ’17 Mr. John McKissic ’74 Mr. Clifton McKnight ’74 Mr. Terrance McKnight Mr. Terrance McKnight ’86 Ms. Mariella McLachlin Mr. Miles McLaughlin ’19 Mr. Marshall McLean Mr. Marvin McMillan II ’18 Mr. Ross McMillan ’07 Mr. Reynard McMillian ’89 Mr. Alvin McNair ’08 Mr. Joshua McNair ’06 Ms. Keshia McNeal Mr. Yohonn McNeal ’01

Mr. Vincent McCraw ’80

Mr. Ernest McNealey

Mr. James McCray Jr. ’73

Dr. Brian McNeil ’97


Mr. Nicholas Lawrence ’06


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Mr. Matthew McNeil ’08

Jasmine Millerkleinhenz

Mr. Marcus Moore

Mr. Maurice Murrain ’11

Mr. Sebenza Nkomo ’99

Mr. Richard McNeil

Mr. Jimmy Millhouse ’69

Mr. Marquette Moore ’11

George Murray

Dr. Nathan Nobis

Lt. Thomas McNeil ’05

Mr. Marlon Millner ’95

Mr. Michael Moore ’90

Mr. Herbert Murray III ’19

Mr. Eric Nobles ’93

Ms. Lashander McQueen

Ms. Paulette Moore-Akonnor

Mr. Leonard Murray II ’92

Mr. Cameron Nolan

Mr. Terrance McQueen

Mr. Lev Mills & Dr. Joyce Mills

Mr. Rashad Moore ’12

Mr. Lodriguez Murray ’04

Mr. Fredrick Nolan ’92

Mr. Terrance McQueen ’19

Mr. Carnegie Mims III, Esq. ’01

Mr. Ravaris Moore ’04

Erin Strother Murray

Mr. Theodore Norman III ’07

Mr. Edward McRae ’11

Mr. Darrell Mims

Mr. Richard Moore ’84

Mr. Winfield Murray II ’98

Nathaniel Norment

Floyd McRae II

Mr. Bradley Minniefield Jr. ’00

Mr. Robert Moore ’05

Mr. Ryan Murrill ’12

Mr. Douglas Norton ’95

Mr. Lorenzo McRae

Kimberly Minor

Mr. Robert Moore ’72

Mr. Kenneth Norton ’67

Mr. Leonard McReynolds ’94 & Mrs. Jennifer McReynolds

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Minor ’83

Mr. Ronald Moore ’86 & Mrs. Lisa Moore

Mr. Justin Murry ’04 & Ms. Kimberly Murry Mr. Adisa Muse ’97

Mr. Charles Norwood ’05

Mr. Arlin Meadows Jr. ’80 & Carla Meadows

Mr. Dwight Minton & Marian Minton

Mr. Ryan Moore

Winifride Mwebesa

Mr. Edwin Norwood III ’91

Mr. Ryan Moore ’19

Mr. Harvey Myers ’68

Mr. Franklin Meadows ’86

Mr. Roger Mintz

Isaiah Norwood II

Mr. Stephen Moore ’93

Mr. Stewart Myers ’89

Michael Meadows

Mr. Andrew Mitchell ’14

Mr. Will Norwood III ’05

Mr. Vanorris Moore ’11

Dr. Tracy Myers ’88

Kellan Meitzeheimer

Mr. Brian Mitchell ’93

Mr. Brandon Nowden ’02

Mr. Victor Moore ’94

Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris

Mr. Le Mel Lindsey ’12

Mr. Ceasar Mitchell III, Esq. ’91

Mr. Kirk Numa ’18

Mr. Robert A Moorhouse

Mr. Jermaine Myrie ’97

Mr. Kody Melancon ’10

Mr. Harold Mitchell Jr. ’91

Mr. Martin Nunnally ’99

Mr. Jakob Moppin ’92

Matthew Nagle

Mr. Jerrell Melton ’18

Mr. James Mitchell & Mrs. Jannie Mitchell

Mr. Ahmad Nuriddin ’92

Mr. Ira Moreland ’83

Mr. Churchman Napper ’80

Mr. Phillip Nwachokor ’18

The Rev. Barbara Morgan

Sandra Napper

Mr. Christian Nwachukwu Jr. ’04

Mr. Barell Morgan

Dr. A. Nash Jr. ’91

Mr. George Nwanze Jr. ’16

Dr. Herman Morgan ’65 & Mrs. Laura Morgan

Mr. Bruce Nash, Esq. ’84

Justin Nwokeji

Mr. Calvin Nash ’09

Mr. Steven Morgan ’88

Mr. Okwudili Nwosu ’76

Mr. Paul Nash

Mr. Armaad Morman ’10

Ms. Nancy Nye

Mr. Aaron Morris ’19

The Honorable Nashad Carrington ’08

Mr. Kevin Nzuwah ’10

Dr. Darius Morris Jr. ’06

August Muench-Nasrallah

Mr. Joe Morris III, Esq. ’93

Kimathi Nathaniel

Oranell Morris

Tonija Navas

Mr. Ray Morris ’66

Mr. Hammad N’Cho ’96

Mr. Robert Morris ’03

Ms. Pikiswa Ndebele

Mr. Ruben Morris ’04

Mr. Sean Nealy ’00

Mrs. Thelma Morris

Brian Neary

Mr. W. Morris ’69

Dr. Abraham Nelson ’65

Mr. Dah-Uh Morrow ’97

Mr. Bryan Nelson ’93

Dr. Jeffrey Ogbar ’91 & Mrs. Jeanna Ogbar

Dr. David Morrow ’80 & Mrs. Karan Morrow

Mr. Derick Nelson

Mr. Keith Ogboenyiya ’02

Dr. Elbert Nelson ’63

Mr. Chima Ogbuokiri ’98

Mr. Eric Nelson ’07

Mr. Uwagbale Okojie ’19

Mr. Mark Nelson ’98

Mr. Zephyrinus Okonkwo Jr. ’17

Mr. Nekosi Nelson Jr. ’00

Mr. Michael Okrah ’02

Mr. Patrick Nelson ’96

Mr. Martin Okun

Mr. Anthony Moses ’94

Mr. Earl Nero Jr. ’72 & Mrs. Brenda Nero

Mr. Phillip Okwo ’03

Mr. Kasahun Neselu ’14

Dr. Ernest Mencer ’66 & Mrs. Thomasine Mencer

Jaseth Minott

Mr. Jared Mitchell ’18

Edward Mendez

Lt. Karlton Mitchell ’13

Mr. Hakim Mendez ’93 Mr. Jerome Menifee ’10

Mr. Kevin Mitchell ’05 & Mrs. Nkechl Mitchell

Mr. Jerome Menifee ’80

Mr. Malik Mitchell ’94

Mr. Jason Mercer ’05

Mr. Marcellus Mitchell

Mr. John Merlino & Mrs. Melissa Merlino

Mr. Maurice Mitchell ’98

Marcus Merner

Mr. Aaron Mitchem ’07

Mr. Richard Merrill

Mr. Aaron Mitchom ’19

Mr. Ashley Merritt ’00

Karen Mittendorf

Dr. Jantraveus Merritt ’08

Patrick Mlauzi

Dr. Terence Merritt ’89

Mr. Dontavious Mobley ’09

Mr. Nicholas Merriweather ’06

Ms. Susan Moga

Mr. Jarred Meteau ’02

Ms. Julie Molock-Sills

Mr. Robert Meza & Ms. Carolyn Meza

Mr. John Monds ’87 & Dr. Kathaleena Edward Monds

Dr. Scott Mial ’82

Anthony Mongolas

Mr. Chal-Micah Wilson ’99

Mr. Peter Monroe ’88

American Home Mortgage Inc Deguenther

Mr. J. Michael Willingham Sr. ’70

Mr. James Montgomery Jr. ’72

Kwanza Morton ’91

Mr. Christopher Mickens

Mr. Tash Moseley ’00

Dr. Prenard Mickens ’96

Mr. James Montgomery Jr. ’77 & Mrs. Valerie Montgomery

Mr. Dacari Middlebrooks ’06

Mr. Jonathan Montgomery ’93

Capt. Fredrick Middlebrooks ’87

Mr. Mark Montgomery ’11

Dr. Chrissie Middleton

Mr. Victor Montgomery

Dr. Edwin Moses ’78 & Mrs. Gladys Moses

Mr. Dante Miles ’11

Mr. Bruce Moody ’85

Dr. Kelvin Moses ’96

Mr. James Miles Sr., Esq. ’76 & Mrs. Teresa Miles

Mr. Charles Moody III ’07 & Mrs. Christella Moody

Mr. Carlton Mosley

Mr. Jason Miles ’04

Mr. Daniel Moody

Mr. Jonathan Miles ’00

Dr. Ernest Moody Jr. ’77

Mr. Kyle Mosley ’08 & Mrs. Davlyn Mosley

Mr. Lewis Miles ’18

Mr. Myles Moody ’13

Mr. Kyle Mosley ’89

Mr. William Miles ’99

Mr. Boris Moore ’87

Mr. Artesius Miller, Ph.D. ’09

Mr. Desmond Moore ’08

Mr. Michael Moultrie ’82 & Mrs. Sandra Moultrie

Ms. Deborah Miller

Mr. Eugean Moore III ’13

Ms. Gloria Miller Dr. Gregory Miller ’05 Hawanya Miller Mr. Jamal Miller ’96 Jocelyn Carter-Miller Mr. Justin Miller, Esq. ’99 Ms. Karen Miller Lt. Cmdr. L.A. Miller Mr. Lenard Miller ’81 Mr. Leroy Miller ’99

Mr. Victor Mitchell II ’14

Mr. Anthony Moses ’86

Mr. David Neverson ’03 Ms. Patricia Neverson Mr. Anthony Newbold ’99

Mr. Larry Norton ’87

Mrs. Margo Nzuwah Mr. William Obleton ’73 Mr. Idris Obrien ’95 Mr. Feyipitan Odebode ’14 Corey Odol Mr. William Odom ’87 Ada Oduwa Mr. Charles Ofori ’11

Daniel Oladele Tracy Olawumi Mr. Mark Oliphant ’91 Mr. Jimmy Oliver II ’88

Mr. Bruce Newby ’88

Mr. Kevin Oliver ’95 & Mrs. Crystal Oliver

Mr. Jose Newell ’88

Mr. Raynard Oliver ’79

Mr. Vann Newkirk ’10

Mr. Ronald Oliver ’85

Mr. Marcus Newman ’05

Jodi Olshevski

Mr. Robert Newman III ’14

Nioyonu Olutosin

Kevin McCowan MPH

Mr. Ronald Newman Jr. ’01

Mrs. Colleen O’Malley-Driscoll

Mr. Eulus Moore III ’01 & Calandra Moore

Richard Sterling Moultrie Jr.

Mr. Christian Newsome ’10

Julien Serrano-Oneil ’21

Mr. Farai Mtetwa ’01

Mr. Tevin Newton ’19

Dr. Harold Moore Jr. ’79 & Scarlet Moore

Suzanne Onorato

Sean Mubry

Ihaku Ngokwey

Mr. Allen Orr Jr. ’95

Mr. Jumba Mugwanya ’08

The Honorable Nicholas Richards ’05

Mr. Najja Orr ’97

Mr. Jerome Nicholas Jr., Esq. ’75 & Mrs. Angelia Nicholas

Dr. William Osborne ’79

James Moore ’03 James Moore III Mr. Jeremy Moore ’11 Mr. Jevon Moore ’09 Mr. Johnny Moore ’00 Mr. Joshua Moore, JD ’11

Mr. Malakai Miller ’18

Lt. Col. Keith Moore ’93 & Mrs. Angelica Moore

Ms. Michelle Miller

Mr. Kendall Moore, Esq. ’92

Deacon Vohnterrell Miller ’85

Mr. Kenny Moore

Mr. Yusef Miller ’96

Mr. Marcellus Moore Jr. ’94

Mr. Eric Mosley ’11

Mr. George Muhammad IV ’08 Mr. Louis Muhammad ’81 Mr. Rabb Muhammad ’07 Ms. Tuwanda Muhammad Mr. Darnell Mulkey ’95 Christopher Munroe Steve Murch Dr. Sean Murdock ’01 & Mrs. Amber Murdock Michael Weston-Murphy

Mr. Marlon Nichols ’92 Mr. Titus Nichols, Esq. ’06 Mr. Jarred Nicholson Mr. Glenn Nickerson Jr. ’18 Bill Nix Mr. William Nix ’68 & Mrs. Deborah Nix Ms. Isabelle Niyonshuti

Mr. Vernon Orton II ’00 Mr. Thomas Otey Smith Mr. Harmon Outlaw ’72 Kristn Overman Ms. Myra Overton Mr. Sorin Ovreiu ’16 Mr. Othel Owen ’81 Dwight Antonio Owens Mr. Frederick Owens ’04

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Ken Patridge ’85 & Mrs. Kelley Kenner-Patridge

Mr. Warner Pinchback III ’01

Mr. Terrence Prather ’91

Mr. Elijah Ratcliff ’18

Dr. Anthony Pinder ’85

Ms. Jacklyn Pratt

Mrs. Carla Ray

Mr. Tracy Owens ’94

Mr. Danny Patterson Jr., Esq. ’09

Mr. Glen Pinder ’88

Mr. Kenneth Pratt ’95

Mr. Gian Ray ’18

Mr. Twyman Owens ’81

Mr. Darvin Patterson ’93

Mr. Brandon Pinderhughes ’09

Mr. Joe Prempeh ’09

Mr. Harrison Rayford II ’98

Mr. Christopher Owoyemi ’10

Mr. Jason Patterson ’07 Mr. Levan Patterson ’96

Mr. Reggie Prepetit ’99 & Mrs. Kimberly Prepetit

Dr. William Raymond IV ’81

Mr. John Owusu ’94

Mr. Willie Pindle ’74 & Mrs. Sharon Pindle

Dr. Orhan Oz ’81 & Mrs. Mondrell Oz

Mr. Marvin Patterson & Mrs. Anne Borders-Patterson

Mr. Paul Pinkett ’19

Mr. Reginald Prepetit ’99

Mr. Martin Reavis ’03

Mr. Brian Pinkney

Mr. Andru Prescod ’94

Joyce Pace

Mr. Robert Patterson

Renato Recio

Mr. Paul Pinkney ’87

Mr. Richard Pace Jr. ’03

Timothy Patterson

Dr. Eddie Red ’00

Mr. Roderick Pinkney ’82

Mr. Edward Presley ’76 & Ms. Donna Presley

Mr. Theodis Pace ’98

Mr. Marcus Patton ’95

Mr. Donavan Pinner ’20

Mr. Kenneth Pressley ’87

Mr. Harry Redd III ’92 & Mrs. Adreena Redd

Mr. Joshua Packwood ’08 & Saba Packwood

Mr. Dejuan Payne ’09

Mr. David Pittaway

Mr. Carr Preston ’84

Mr. Ron Redd ’88

Mr. Kerry Payne ’09

Mr. Michael Preston

Mr. Quincy Paden ’99

Dr. Lionel Pittman Jr. ’08

Ms. Tomanika Redd

Mr. Michael Payne

Mr. Michael Prevost ’86

Dr. Ernest Page II ’92

Mr. Malcolm Pittman ’13

Mr. Alan Reddick ’79

Mr. William Payne ’12

Mr. Jason Pitts ’07

Dr. Darrion Prewitt ’86

Ernest Page II

Mr. James Reddick II ’04

Mr. Chaz Payton ’12

Mr. Bryant Price ’07

Mr. Jeffrey Page ’78 & Mrs. Debra Page

Christine Place

Mr. Lewis Reddick Jr. ’02

Mr. Edward Payton ’09

Mr. Ed Platenburg Jr. ’00

Dr. Gregory Price ’82

Michael Reddick

Mr. Jason Payton ’00

Mr. Jarvaris Platt ’02

Dr. Mckinley Price II ’00

Mr. Nsilo Reddick ’97

Michael Pearson

Dr. Manu O. Platt ’01

Mr. Raymond Price Jr. ’99

Ms. Anna Redding

Mr. Renaldo Pearson

Jeannen Michelle Pridgeon

Mr. Keenan Reddish ’91

Mr. Reginald Peek ’92

Drs. Matthew B. Platt ’03 & Teri Fair Platt

Mr. Daniel Primous ’14

Mr. Mark Redekopp

Mr. Ernest Peeples ’87

Mrs. Dorothy Pleasant

Mr. Zachary Prince ’16

Mr. Daniel Pelham ’00

Mr. Gregory Plummer ’04

Ms. Sarah Pritchard

Mr. Gregory Redmon, Esq. ’81 & Dr. Estrellita Redmon

Mr. Dennis Pemberton Jr. ’90 & Mrs. Jill Pemberton

John Poindexter

Mr. Orlando Protho ’71

Lamont Redrick

Mr. James Pruitt ’87

Mr. Carl Reed ’84

Mr. Donald Penn ’14

Dr. Kevin Poindexter ’83 & Kelli Poindexter

Mr. Daniel Reed ’76

Mr. Ryan Penn

Mr. Reginald Poindexter ’07

Mr. Robert Pruitt & Ms. Jenny Pruitt

Mr. Gera Peoples

1st Lt. Ephesian Poinsette ’14

Drs. Robert Perdue ’61 & Betty Perdue

Timothy Poisson

Dr. Jonathan Pryor ’86 & Mrs. Loan Pryor

Mr. Ricardo Polk, Esq. ’97

Mr. Lloyd Prysock ’69

Mr. Joshua Reed ’19

Mr. Curtis Perkins ’80

Mr. Edward Pollard ’07

Mr. Allen Pugh

Mr. Mathew Reed

Kim Perkins

Mr. Jason Pollard

Fredrick Dwayne Pugh II

Ms. Pamela Reed

Mr. Theodore Perkins ’04

Rachelle Pollard

Mr. Ronald Pugh ’74

Mr. Wil Reeder, Esq. ’95

Arlene Cota-Perla

Ms. Simone Pollard

Elizabeth Pulawski

Ms. Conchita Perry

Mr. Ron Pollock II ’88

Shelly Pullian

Mr. William Reeder II ’75 & Mrs. Deborah Reeder

Ms. Debra Perry

Mr. Ronald Pollock Sr. ’68

Dr. Patrick Pullin ’94

William Reeder ’75

Mr. Jason Perry ’00

The Rev. Christopher Polston

Mr. Dion Pullmam ’94

Mr. Charles Reese ’85

Dr. Jonathan Perry ’97

Mr. Paul Purdy Jr. ’95

Mr. Morris Reese ’84

Mr. Kevin Perry ’93

Dr. Millery Polyne ’96 & Mrs. Judy Polyne’

Samantha Purnell

Mr. Kevin Reevers

Mr. Steven Perry ’92

Mr. Samuel Ponzo ’99

Mr. Domonic Purviance ’01

Mr. Jabari Reeves ’95

Annie Persampieri

Mr. Jacob Qualls III ’99

Mr. John Reeves ’85

Chaplain Darryl Person ’86

Dr. Terrence Poole ’80 & Mrs. Sarita Poole

Maj. Travis Reeves

Mr. Dorian Person ’99

Mr. Roland Pope ’12

Mr. Ernest Quarles Jr. ’83 & Mrs. Cynthia Quarles

Mr. Gordon Person ’03

Mr. Johnny Popwell Jr. ’62

Mr. Martin Quarles ’82

Mr. Homer Reid ’73

Paul Person II

Louellen Porreca

Mr. Radcliff Quarterman ’97

Mr. Arvon Perteet, Esq. ’91

Mr. Alvin Porter ’90

Mr. Michael Quildon ’94

Mr. Victor Reid, Esq. ’78 & Dr. Malva Reid

Alan Peterson Sr.

Mr. Andrew Porter ’82

Mr. Brian Quinn ’04

Mr. Ronald Pettaway ’84

Mr. J. Porter & Mrs. Angelyn Porter

Mr. Nelson Quinones Jr. ’06

Drs. Walter Reid III ’81 & Angela Shannon- Reid

Bill Quivers

Susan Reines

Mr. Brian Porter, Esq. ’95

Mr. Carl Rachelson

Joe Reinkemeyer

Mr. Dale Porter ’82

Mr. Tiago Rachelson

Mr. Charles Releford Jr. ’81

Mrs. Margaret Petty

Mr. Darius Porter ’94

Mr. Derek Ragland ’00

Mr. Colin Releford

Mr. Drake Phifer ’94

Mr. Eric Porter ’06

Mr. Micah Ragland ’00

Youdlyne Renard

Mr. Charles Phillips Jr. ’07

Dr. Fulton Porter III ’89

Mr. Aljuan Raiford ’94

Lt. Col Ret. Brent Bailey ’83

Professor Damon Phillips ’90 & Mrs. Katherine Phillips

Mr. Joshua Porter

Mr. Joshua Raiford ’03

Carol Rey

Lavelle Porter

Mr. Brandon Rainey ’07

Candace Rhea

Ms. Francello Phillips-Calhoun

Melanie Rivera Ramos

Mr. John Rhea, Esq. ’90

Mr. Hwesu Cobb Phillips ’98

Mr. Thomas Portis ’68 & Mrs. Jennifer Portis

Mr. Melvin Rhodes ’15

Mr. J. Todd Phillips ’97

Mr. Jonathan Potts ’04

Mr. Eric Ramsey ’88

Mr. Robert Rhodes II ’85

Mr. Jason Phillips ’04

Mr. Gregory Powell, Esq. ’87

Stephanie Rance

Dr. Raphael Ricard ’94

Jonathan C Phillips

Mr. Joshua Powell

Mr. Bryan Rand ’01 & Dr. Tiffany Rand

Mr. Jovel Phillips ’12

Marjorie Powell

Mr. Travis Randle ’12

Dr. David Rice ’95

Mr. Lamar Phillips ’92

Mr. Oliver Powell Jr. ’68

Kat Randolph

Mr. Eric Rice ’95

Mr. Herbert Phipps, Esq. ’64

Dr. Richard Powell ’75

Dr. Frederic Ransom ’68

Mr. Levar Rice ’01

Mr. Rudolph Pierson ’05

Mr. Sidney Powell ’98

Mr. Malcolm Ransom ’19

The Rev. Rice

Vijay Pillai ’99

Mr. Travis Powell

James Rapp

Mr. Stephen Rice ’97

Mr. Anthony Pinado ’85

Mr. Jackie Powers ’05

Mr. Shaka Rasheed ’93 & Dr. Lela Weems-Rasheed

1st Lt. Richard Williams ’12

Mr. John Page ’89 Michael Palazzo Mr. Bryson Palmer ’05 Ms. Ethelene Palmer Mr. Johnny Palmer III ’72 & Mrs. Darlene Palmer Mr. Kadeem Palmer ’13 Mrs. Mary Palmer Ms. Sonya Palmer Mr. Eugene Palmore ’76 Lawson Paolini Mr. John Papadopulos & Mrs. Susan Papadopulos Mr. Jacques Pape ’11 Adlai Pappy, MD ’80 Mr. Johnny Parham Jr. ’58 Mr. Niles Parham Ms. Shelia Paris Mr. Averick Parker ’05 Dr. Calvin Parker III ’95 Mr. Errol Parker Sr. ’90 Mr. Ian Parker ’04 Mr. Jeffrey Parker ’95 Mr. Kevin Parker ’99 Mr. Paul Parker ’00 Mr. Sarquis Parker ’98 & Mrs. Keilani Parker Mr. Cetewayo Parks ’93 The Rev. Clarence Parks ’86 Mr. Clinton Parks III ’98 Ms. Sharena Parks Mr. Gregory Parris Dr. Ronald Parris ’83 The Rev. Walter Parrish III ’81 Drs. Taft Parsons III ’97 &. Sherida Dubose Parsons Catherine Parton Mr. Willie Paschal ’49 Mr. Keith Paschall ’91 Mr. Quintin Paschall ’19 Anthony Pasqua Mr. Edward Passmore ’13 Samir Patel Ishani Pathmanathan Mr. Arnie Patrick ’90 Lt. Col. Patrick Barnwell ’88 & Mrs. Yolanda Barnwell Mr. Dennis Patrick ’87 & Mrs. Monique Patrick Mr. John-Patrick Gary ’04


Kelsey Petterson Dr. Roderic Pettigrew ’72 & Mrs. Robin Pettigrew

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Dr. David Poyer

Mr. Stanley Raynor ’00

Mr. Dewayne Reed ’84 & Dr. Anita Reed Ms. Josephine Reed-Taylor

Dr. E. Reginald Rector II ’86

Mr. Cleon Rice ’10


Mr. Ronald Owens & Mrs. Lois Owens


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Mr. Arrin Richards ’10

Mr. Terrance Roberts & Mrs. Rita Roberts

Dr. Glenwood Ross II ’71 Jakathryn Ross

Mr. Antonio Samuel ’84 & Mrs. Rachel Samuel

Mr. Willie Sennette III ’86

Mr. Mpumelelo Richards ’06 Mr. Ramon Richards ’99

Mr. Toronto Roberts ’94

Mr. Jason Ross ’06

Mr. Stephen Samuel ’99

Hideko Sera

Mr. Rohaven Richards ’90 & Ms. Monica Richards

Mr. Vincent Roberts Jr. ’12

Mr. Jordan Ross ’18

Steven Samuels

Mr. Aden Seraile ’01

Mr. Winston Roberts

Mrs. Lisa Ross

Mr. David Sanders ’90

Lola Serrano

Lt. Col. Wayne Richards & Mrs. Sabrina Richards

Mr. Lonzy Robertson ’98

Mr. Deryl Sanders ’89

The Rev. Dr. Seth Pickens ’00

Mr. Michael Robertson ’90

Mr. Mark Ross, Esq. ’90 & Dr. Nicole Ross

Mr. Eric Sanders ’89

Mr. Anthony Richardson ’93

Mr. Christioher Settle

Mr. Derrick Robicheaux ’01

Mitchell Ross

The Rev. Jeffery Sanders ’88

Mr. Arthur Richardson & Mrs. Jay Richardsaon

Dr. Said Sewell III ’92

Stewart Robinette

Mr. Justin Sanders, Esq. ’97

Mr. Jacques Sexton ’99

Mr. Ajene Robinson ’15

Mr. Robert Ross ’81 & Jacqueline East

Mr. Maximilian Sanders ’19

Mr. Vernon Ross ’08

Mr. Costin Shamble

Dr. Barrett Robinson ’99

Mr. Reginald Sanders Jr. ’12

Ms. Randi Rossignol

Mr. Tau Shanklin Roberts ’09

Mr. Brant Robinson ’88

The Rev. William Sanders ’71

Mr. Brian Rounsaville ’02

Mr. Curtis Sharif Jr. ’97

Mr. Cecil Robinson ’86

Mr. Katarro Rountree ’04

Dr. Wallace Sharif ’96

Mr. Charles Robinson ’04

Dr. Andrew Sanderson II ’97 & Mrs. Natasha Shields-Sanderson

Mr. Christopher Robinson ’95

Dr. Charlie Rouse ’84 & Ms. Deidre Rouse

Mr. Brandon Sanford ’92

Mr. Alfred Sharp ’90 & Mrs. Bernadette Sharp

Mr. Charles Sanford ’87

Ms. Dorcus Rouse

Darlene Sharp

Mr. Lorenzo Sanford III ’11

Mr. Emmanuel Rowe ’02

Kristi Sharp

Jarrett Sappington

Mr. Paul Rowe ’67

Mr. William Sharp II ’05

Mr. Daraka Satcher ’96

Mr. Derek Rowell ’98

Mr. Intaba Shauri ’04

Sabra Stepanian-Satherlie

Adrienne Rowland

Mr. Christopher Shaw ’06

William Satterwhite

Mr. Jeron Rowland ’11

The Rev. James Shaw Jr. ’87

Devin Roy

Dr. Joseph Saulsbury II ’87 & Mrs. Glynis Saulsbury

Mr. Justin Shaw

Mr. Matthew Robinson ’13

Dr. Frank Royal Jr. ’90

Mr. Bernard Saunders ’11

Mr. Michael Robinson Sr. & Mrs. Louella Robinson

Mr. Sheldon Royston ’01

Mr. Ernest Savoy

Mr. Joncy Rickett ’99

Mr. Francis Rozier ’19

Mr. Stephen Sawney Jr. ’12

Mr. Edward Rickmond ’00

Mr. Nathaniel Robinson ’95

David Rubin

Ms. Dorie Saxon

Mr. Darron Ricks ’09

Mr. Oliver Robinson ’78

Dr. Carlton Rucker III ’97

Mr. Eric Saxon Jr. ’99

Mr. Ecleamus Ricks Jr. ’04

Ms. Anne Sheerin & Mr. Joel Kolker

Dr. Press Robinson ’59

Emily Ruda

Mr. Malcolm Ricks ’93

Amelia Rudolph

Mr. Eric Saxon Sr. ’72 & Marie Saxon

Mr. Eric Sheffield ’90

Dr. Reginald Robinson ’90 & Deborah Robinson

Mr. David Richardson ’89 Mr. Edward Richardson ’85 Mr. Eric Richardson ’89 Guy B. Richardson Henry Richardson Mr. Jonathan Richardson, Esq. ’94 Mr. Michael Richardson ’08 Mr. Ray Richardson ’74 & Mrs. Carmen Richardson Mr. Roger Richardson ’01 Mr. Andre Richburg ’89 Mr. Sekou Richen, Esq. Mr. Russell Richey Mr. Oliver Richmond III ’11 Mr. Sidney Richmond ’94

Mr. Clarence Robinson Jr. ’63 Mr. Dwayne Robinson II ’13 Mr. Elliott Robinson ’06 Mrs. Felicia Robinson Jackie Robinson ’78 Lacie Robinson Larry Robinson & Sharon Robinson

Mr. Mark Sequeira ’98

Mr. Marcus Shaw ’99 Mr. Steven Shaw ’96 Ms. Eileen Shay Mr. Nicholas Shearer ’07

Mr. Paul Rue II ’03

Richie Scales

Mr. Don Shegog II ’90 & Dr. Jamehl Shegog

Mr. Renardo Robinson ’16

Chuck Rieger

Mr. Cedric Ruffin ’08

Shawn Scandrick

Mr. Darnell Shelton ’12

Mr. Robert Robinson

Mr. Bruce Riggins ’88

Mrs. Judith Ruffin

Mr. David Shelton ’98

Ms. Shirley Robinson

Mr. Charles Riggins ’72

Mr. Rob Rumley III ’98

Dr. Douglas Scarboro ’97 & Mrs. Nichole Scarboro

Dr. Murray Riggins Jr. ’77

Mr. Torian Robinson ’04 & Chriny Robinson

The Honorable Rupert Byrdsong Sr. ’91

Mr. Robert Righter

Mr. Travis Robinson ’11

April Rushin

Mr. Ibert Schultz

Anthony Rigsby

Mr. Wayne Robinson ’80

Mr. Demetriouse Russell ’88

Mary Scialo

Mr. Kevin Riles ’95 & Mrs. Cher Riles

Mr. Clarence Robinzine II ’72

Mrs. Holly Russell

Mr. Hannibal Scipio II ’06

William Rocco Jr.

Mr. Jamel Riley ’11

Ms. Tamara Russell

Mr. Keir Rocha ’99

Mr. Theodore Ruth ’16

Mr. Scotch Scocimara & Mrs. Julia Scocimara

Mr. Jeffrey Riddle, Esq. ’90 & Mrs. Shelly Riddle

Mr. Marsena Riley ’92

Mr. Kenneth Rochester ’06

Kelly Rinehart

Mr. Khari Rockward ’14

Mr. Harold Rutherford ’63 & Mrs. Doris Rutherford

Cheryl Schatzman Jennifer Schramm

Michele Sconiers Mr. Diron Scott ’88

Mr. Matthew Ripley

Mr. Dedrick Rodgers ’96

Mr. Jahmar Rutherford ’06

Mr. Edward Scott ’92

Mr. Byron Risdon ’03

Mr. Kenneth Rodgers ’03

Mr. S. Rutland II ’66

Mr. Enrico Scott ’15

Ms. Elizabeth Ritter

Mr. Nicholas Rodgers ’17

Mr. Napoleon Rutledge Jr. ’95

Mr. Herman Scott ’71

Mr. Keith Rivers ’98

Mr. Shaun Rodgers ’03

Mr. Stanley Ryan

Mr. Isaiah Scott ’11

Dr. Larry Rivers

Mr. J. Rodriguez

Mr. Bilal Saafir ’07

Mr. James Scott ’90

Mr. Linje Rivers ’06

Mr. Michael Rogers ’02

Malik Saafir

Josh Scott

The Rev. Prince Rivers ’93

Mr. Mitchell Rogers

Mr. Julius Scott

Margaret Rizzo

Mr. William Rogers & Mrs. Ruth Rogers

Drs. Kirk Saddler & Belinda Saddler Mr. Nolan Saddler

Mr. Merwyn Scott ’92

Mr. David Roach ’87 & Mr. Wayne Green II ’95

Mr. Justin Scott-Young

Mr. Neil Rollins ’02

Thomasina Sadler

Mr. Michael Scott

Mr. Keith Roach ’89

Wykenia Rollins

Catherine Saez

Mr. Osborne Scott ’04

Mr. Emmett Robbins ’84

Dr. Louis Rolston-Cregler ’08

Mr. Clarence Sailor ’05

Mr. Roosevelt Scott

Mr. Sidney Robbins, Esq. ’00

John Roman

Ms. Joyce Sakai

Dr. Shana Scott

Dr. Charles Roberson ’88

Justin Romeo ’07

Mr. Abdul Salaam II ’88

Mr. Thomas Scott ’13

Mr. J. Robert Carr, Esq. ’72 & Jeanne Carr

Mr. Warren Romine ’93

Atty. Micah Salb

James Ronan

Mr. Yohance Salmon ’10

Mr. Thomas Scott ’84 & Dr. Rhonda Scott

Mr. Brian Roberts ’88 Dr. George Roberts III ’78 & Lily Mcnair-Roberts Mr. Lewis Roberts Jr. ’89 Mr. Mark Roberts ’81 Mr. Reginald Roberts Jr. ’97 Mr. Roscoe Roberts & Mrs. Angela Roberts

Mr. Greg Rooks ’81 & Mrs. Joan Rooks Mr. Gerald Roper Jr. ’01

Mark Terra-Salomao Mr. Kevin Salter ’90 & Mrs. Romeldia Salter

Dr. Walter Scott III ’82 & Ms. Carolyn Scott Jerome Seaman

Mr. Mohamad Sami

Mr. Bertram Sears Jr. ’86

Nathaniel Rosenblatt

Thomas Gatewood Sampson II

Mr. Michael Sears ’87

Mr. Alphonzo Ross ’70

Mrs. Ingrid Sampson

Mr. Derryk Sellers ’87

Mr. Benjamin Ross ’90

Chief Darryl Sams ’84

Mr. Michael Selma ’89

Mr. Curtis Ross ’97

Mr. Roderick Sams

Anastasie Senat

Alvina Rosales

Mr. John Shelton ’00 Mr. Marc Shelton ’91 Mr. Jaylen Sheppard ’19 Mr. Joshua Sheppard ’09 Temarius Sheppard Dennis Shields Mr. Syade Shields ’18 Mr. Maurice Shines Norma Shipp Dr. Thomas Shockley Jr. ’82 & Lilliemae Shockley Mr. Bernard Short ’07 Mr. Courtney Showell ’00 Mr. Jordan Showell ’13 Mr. Daniel Shoy Mr. Christopher Siaplay ’09 Thomas Sibley Elizabeth Sido Evan Siebert Mr. Ennis Sigler ’86 Robert Silber Mr. Jim Sills III ’80 Lynette Silver Mr. Pablo Simmonds ’01 Dr. Alan Simmons ’93 Ms. Alexis-Faye Simmons & Vincent Zugay Mr. Arnold Simmons ’74 Mr. Charles Simmons ’11 Mr. Clifford Simmons ’07 Drs. Deroyce Simmons ’03 & Kimberly Simmons Mr. Dustin Simmons ’07

Mr. Damon Ross ’96

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Mr. Don Smith II ’03

Mr. David Solsberry ’88

Sara Stephenson

Mr. Brian Swann ’90

Mr. Douglas Smith

The Rev. Keith Somerville ’92

Mr. Devaughn Swanson ’12

Mr. Johnnie Simmons ’70

Mr. Dwight Smith ’82 & Mrs. Cherylen Smith

Mr. Marco Sommerville ’11

Dr. Torrence Stepteau ’88 & Mrs. Kristi Stepteau

Sameer Soneja

Dr. Howard Sterling ’93

Andre Swauncy

Mr. Robert Soriano-Hewitt ’06

Mr. Michael T. Sterling ’04

Mr. Moses Swauncy ’96

Mr. Marcus Simms

Mr. Edgar Smith Jr. ’83 & Dr. Toni Smith

Lt. Col. Steven Coffee ’00

Mr. Kevin Sweeney ’81

Mr. Jonathan Simon ’93

Dr. Edward Smith III ’10

Mr. Josef Sorrells ’19 Mr. Abdul Soudan ’96

The Honorable Steven Reed ’96

Mr. Josiah Sweeting ’14

Mr. Ronnie Simon ’95

Mr. Edward Smith-Lewis Jr. ’07

Mr. Terence Stevenson ’97

Mr. Erwin Sweetwine II ’15

Angela Simpson

Mr. Harvelle Smith

Mr. Ade Soudan ’92 Mr. John Southall ’81

Mr. Tyree’ Stevenson ’19

Mr. Koboi Simpson ’92

Dr. Henry Smith III ’74 & Mrs. Cheryl Smith

Mr. Andre Southern ’19

Lt. Col. Stevie Hamilton Jr. ’00

Mr. Michael Swick & Mrs. Amy Swick

Mr. Jermaine Southern ’95

Chad Steward

Geoffrey Swift

Thomas S. Southern

Lashonda Steward

Tislam Swift ’13

Henry Smith IV

Mr. Devon Southlea ’18

Dr. Tyran Steward ’00

Mrs. Louise Swindler

Mr. Jacquese Smith ’10

Natalie Southwell

Angela Stewart

Mr. Christopher Swinney ’05

Dr. Jimmie Smith Sr. ’81

Marilyn Soutner

Mr. Ashley Stewart ’03

Stacy Swinson

Mr. John Smith III ’08 & Mrs. Sabrina Rose-Smith, Esq.

Mr. Aaron Spain Bey ’16

Mrs. Desira Stewart

Mr. Shawn Swinton ’19

The Rev. James Span Jr. ’96

Mr. Henry Stewart ’99

Dr. Ellis Sykes Jr. ’68

Mr. John Smith III ’90

Mr. Joshua Sparks

Mrs. Michelle Sykes-Cassamajor

Mr. Joshua Smith

Ms. Andrea Sparrow

Mr. Justin Stewart, Esq. ’02 & Ms. Stephanie Stewart

Mr. Julius Smith III ’04

Dr. Jean Spaulding

Mrs. Lucretia Stewart

Tasha Syrdahl

Mr. Kelly Smith III ’01

Mr. Samuel Spaulding Jr. ’86

Ms. Tambara Stewart

Craig Szczesiul

Mr. Kelsey Smith ’10

Mr. Peter Speaks ’76

Mr. Reginald Tabor ’87

Mr. Kevin Smith Mr. Kevin Smith ’91

Drs. David Spearman ’70 & Barbara Spearman

Mr. Alexander Stickney Jr. ’80 & Mrs. Karen Stickney

Mr. Kewan Smith ’01

Mr. Roy Spearman Jr. ’96

Mr. Kyle Smith

Mr. Shaun Spearmon ’01

Mr. Lydell Smith ’10

Dr. Christopher Spears ’11

Dr. Malone Smith ’95

Mrs. Jan Spears

Mr. Manuel Smith Jr. ’92

Mr. Ron Spears ’91

Mr. Marcus Smith ’04

James Spee

The Rev. Michael Smith ’74

Mr. Keith Spelmon ’96

Mr. Mitchell M Smith ’86

Professor Adam Spencer ’96 Mr. Glen Spencer Jr. ’00

Mr. Ron Smalls ’03

Drs. Patrick Smith II ’02 & Ozzie Smith III ’01

Ms. Tammy Smalls

Mr. Philip Smith ’02

Michael J. Spencer III

Mr. Otis Smart ’01

Quentin Smith ’07

Mr. Vincent Spencer ’95

Mr. Stephen Smart ’97

Mrs. Rebecca Smith

Mr. Timothy Spicer Jr. ’14

Stanley Steven Smartt

Mr. Richard Smith

Mr. John Spillers III ’86

Mr. Adam Smith, Esq. ’86

Mr. Robert Smith

Mr. Ernest Spradley ’96

Mr. Alan Smith ’10

Mr. Ron Smith ’94

Tarell Spriggs

Mr. Almuhtada Smith, Esq. ’05

Mr. Ronald Smith ’95

Dr. Kendell Sprott ’73

Dr. Anthony Smith ’94

Mr. Jeremy Sprouse ’12

Mr. Aubrey Smith ’95

Mr. Rudolph Smith ’67 & Mrs. Joyce Smith

Mr. Bernard Smith ’74

Mrs. Saddie Smith

Brian Smith Sr.

Ms. Sandra Smith

Dr. Calvin Smith III ’01

Mr. Sherman Smith III ’89 & Renee Nunley

Mr. Joseph Simmons Jr. ’07 The Rev. Timothy Simmons ’02

Mr. Primas Simpson ’91 Ulanda Simpson Mr. Aaron Sims ’92 Dr. Derrick Sims ’01 Mr. Dexter Sims ’94 Mr. Dudley Sims ’59 & Mrs. Mattie Sims Mr. Frank Sims Dr. John Sims ’87 Mr. King Sims ’00 Ms. Robyn J Sims Mr. Herbert Sinclair Mr. Harold Singer Jr. ’99 Kirpal Singh Mr. Andrew Siwo ’02 Mr. Jonathan Skinner ’12 Christopher Skipwith Mr. Lemar Slater ’98 Mr. Michael Slater James Sledge Harry Sleeper Mr. Maceo Sloan ’97 Mr. Leonard Small ’98

Dr. Carlton Smith ’81 Mr. Charles Smith Mr. Charles Smith & Bootsie Smith

Mrs. Shirley Smith Mr. Stephen Smith Mr. Theodore Smith ’19

Mr. Charles Smith ’61

Mr. Timothy Smith ’86

Mr. Charles Smith III & Mrs. Traci Smith

Mr. Van Smith ’82

Mr. Charles Smith III ’95

Mr. Wesley Smith ’94

Ms. Che Smith

Mr. Ziavan Smith ’09

Mr. Clinton Smith Jr., JD ’82 & Mrs. Sheryl Smith

Mr. Rory Smoot ’14

Mr. Corey Smith ’93 Mr. Curtis Smith Cmdr. Damon Smith ’98 Mr. Danard Smith ’03 Dr. Daphne Smith Mr. David Smith ’01


Mr. Henry Smith Jr. ’73 & Mrs. Barbara Smith

The Rev. Wallace Smith

Tjuana Smylie Mr. Paul Snead III ’98 Mr. Nicholas Sneed ’06 Teneya Sneed Katrina White Sneed Timothy Snelling

Mr. David Smith ’06

Mr. Davon Snipes ’99 & Mrs. Robin Snipes

Mr. Demetrius Smith ’02

Mr. Corey Snow ’18

Mr. Derek Smith ’99

Christa Sobon

Mr. Devon Smith ’18

Mr. Bobbie Solomon ’99

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Prince Marcus Spencer ’12

Mr. Quran Squire ’15

Mr. Darrell Stinchcomb ’97 Christopher Stipeck Mr. Graham Stoddard ’18 Frank Stoeckel Kevin Stokes Mr. Quincy Stokes ’94 Brandon Stone Russell Stonework Ms. Alysa Story Mr. Clifton Strain ’85 & Mrs. Gina Strain Dr. Larry Strawn Jr. ’84 Mr. Geoffrey Streat ’96 Dr. Michael Street ’11 Mr. Stephen Streeter ’09 Mr. Christopher Streety ’05 Mr. Richard Strong ’72 Mr. Rodney Strong ’76 Dr. Miguel Stubbs ’83 & Mrs. Nicole Stubbs

Mr. Joe Swanson Jr. ’72

Mr. Albrion Symonette

Ms. Kathleen Tait Mr. Wayne Taliaferro ’10 Mr. Victor Tall ’84 Eugene Tanner III Mr. Drefus Tarpkin ’78 Mr. Brandon Tarver Cmdr. Darian Tarver Sr. ’00 Dr. James Tarver Jr. ’97 Andrew Van Tassel Mr. Brian Tate ’90 Mr. Ernest Tate Jr. ’77 Mr. Jeffrey Tate ’04 Michael Tate Mr. Ronald Tate Jr. ’92 Mr. Thomas Tate Mr. Randall Tatem ’08 Mr. Cedric Taylor II ’92 Mr. Charles Taylor The Rev. Clayton Taylor ’68 Mr. David Taylor ’06 Mr. Don Taylor ’13

Mr. Zeno St. Cyr II ’76

Mr. James Suber Sr. ’64 & Mrs. Grace Suber

Mrs. Lizzie Stafford

Larry & Sue Ellison

Dr. Gregory Taylor II ’96

Mr. Frank Staley ’80

Mr. Charles Sueing Jr. ’90

Mr. Jason Taylor ’01

The Rev. James Stallings ’67

Mr. Kelvin Suggs ’00

Mr. Jeff Taylor ’90

Mr. Michael Stallings ’76

Mr. Kiel Suggs ’04

Mr. Justin Taylor ’06

Hugh Stanfield

Mr. Wilbur Suggs ’04

Mr. Charlie Stanford ’75

Mr. Fred Sullivan II ’93 & Mrs. Alonda Sullivan

Mr. Lon Taylor ’94 & Mrs. Melanie Taylor

Mr. Archie Stanley Jr. ’73 Drew Starke Mr. Adam Starks ’13 Mr. David Starks ’18

Dr. Louis Sullivan ’54 & Mrs. E. Ginger Sullivan Toni Sullivan

Dr. Leonard Starks ’84

Mr. Walter Sullivan III ’87 & Mrs. Claretta Sullivan

Mr. Robert States Jr.

Rasheed Sultan

Mr. Jared Stearne ’06

Mr. Christopher Sumlin ’17

Mr. Jordan Stearns ’19

Mr. Steven Summers ’15

Andrew Steiner

Kristen Surface

Mr. Erwin Stephens ’94

Mr. Elvin Sutton Jr. ’97

Mr. Harry Stephens ’99

Leonard Sutton II

Mr. James Stephens

Mr. Samuel Sutton ’14

Mr. Lee Stephens III ’81 & Lisa Stephens

Mr. Aaron Swain ’86

Mr. Mario Stephens ’11 Mr. Michael Stephens ’96 Ann Marie Stephenson Thomas ’98

Mr. Eddie Swain ’90 Dr. Freddie Swain ’99 Mr. Kevin Swan Sr. ’01 & Mrs. Yolanda Swan

Dr. Elton Taylor II ’09

Mr. Robert Taylor ’83 Mr. Ronald Taylor ’70 Ronald Taylor Mr. Steven Taylor ’19 Mr. Winston Tease Jr. ’91 Mr. Shawn Teasley Mr. Michael Temba ’03 Ms. Diane Terrell Ms. Joyce Terrell Octavius R. Terrell Mr. Justin Terry ’05 Mr. Linston Terry ’03 Mr. Martagus Terry ’11 Jonathan Thibeaux ’16 Dr. Raphael Thigpen ’95 Allison Perkins-Thomas Mr. Berkley Thomas ’09


Mr. Jamal Simmons ’93 & Mrs. Jewel Simmons


Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors



Our Network of Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors

Bertram Thomas Jr.

Mr. Darrell Tiller ’83

Paul Tucker

Mr. Bertram Thomas Jr. ’97

Dr. Alvin Tillery Jr. ’93

The Rev. Phillip Tucker ’90

Dr. Emanuel Waddell ’91 & Mrs. Karol Waddell

Sen. The Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock ’91

Mr. Bradford Thomas

Brent Tilley

Mr. Matt Tuffuor ’11

Dr. Emanuel Waddell Jr. ’15

Mr. Gareth Warren ’00

Mr. Bryant Thomas ’08

Mr. Germaine Tinsley ’98

Mr. Timothy Tukes ’17

Maurice Waddell

Mr. Kobby Warren, Esq. ’97

Mr. Corey Thomas, Esq. ’93

Mr. Jeremy Tinsley ’11

Mr. Badan Tuladhar ’00

Mr. Evan Waddy-Farr ’09

Mr. Rashad Warren ’03

Dr. David Thomas & Ms. Willetta Lewis

Dr. Vasanne Tinsley

Mr. Chris Wade ’13

Karen Tisdale

Mr. Mossi Tull ’95 & Mrs. Carmen Tull

Mr. Jarvis Wade ’10

Dr. William Warren & Mrs. Reba Warren

Mr. David Thomas ’05 & Mrs. Shakira Thomas

Mr. Cameron Titus ’10

Ms. Nzinga Tull

Mr. Merrill Wade

Chuck Warshaver

Dr. Forrest Toca ’95

Mary Tully

Kristen Wagoner

Dr. Anthony Turner ’82

Mr. Benny Walk ’02

Mr. Alex Washington III ’96 & Mrs. Devanee Washington

Mr. Demond Thomas ’95

Mr. Anderson Todd IV ’02 & Mrs. Stephanie Hall Todd

Mr. Artis Turner ’95

Dr. Edward Thomas Jr. ’93

Anderson Todd IV

Audrey Turner, Ed.D.

Mr. William Walker & Mrs. Betty Walker

Mr. Henry Thomas V ’07

Brandon Marshall-Todd

Mr. Corey Washington ’01

Henry Thomas V

Mr. Darrell Walker & Mrs. Laura Walker

Mr. David Thomas ’13

Mr. Anre Washington ’13 Mr. Barry Washington ’67

Mr. Dewayne Tolbert ’82

Mr. James Turner & Mrs. Janice Turner

Mr. James Thomas II ’94

Mr. John Tolbert ’91

Ms. Jeryn Turner

Mr. Eric Walker ’93

Dr. Jason Thomas ’02

Mr. Steven Tolbert ’83 & Mrs. Melba Carey

Mr. Lincoln Turner Jr. ’99

Mr. Eric Walker ’95

Mr. Denzel Washington & Mrs. Pauletta Washington

Mr. Gerald Walker ’81

Mr. Derrick Washington ’81

Mr. Guillermo Walker

Doris Washington Dr. Eric Washington ’86

Mr. John Thomas III ’04

Mr. Darryl Washington ’89

Mr. Jonathan Thomas Wilkins ’01

Mr. Victor Tolbert ’87

Mr. Stuart Turner ’86 & Ms. Andrea Turner

Mr. Juan Thomas, Esq. ’92

Mr. Truman Tolefree ’02

Mr. Thaddeus Turner ’75

Ms. Karen Thomas

Mr. Braxton Toler III ’95 & Mrs. Laverne Toler

Mr. Van Turner Jr., Esq. ’97

Dr. Henry Walker Jr. ’69 & Mrs. Anna Walker

Mr. Nathaniel Tutt III ’94

Mr. James Walker ’91

Thomas J. Washington III

Mr. Marshall Thomas & Mrs. Donna Thomas

Wilmetta Toliver

Mr. Labert Twiggs Jr. ’19

Mr. Jason Walker ’07

Mr. James Washington ’07

Mr. Jason Tolliver ’04

Mr. Chinelo Tyler ’17

Dr. Kevin Washington ’94

Mr. Marshall Thomas ’70 & Veronica Carpenter-Thomas

Glynis Toodle

Ms. Gayle Tyler-Stukes

Mr. Jerome Walker ’81 & Mrs. Cherena James-Walker

Mr. Marcus Tyler ’04

Joey Walker Jr.

Mr. Lawrence Washington Jr. ’52

Mr. Naquan Thomas ’01

Dr. Darryl Tookes ’82 & Venus Tookes

Justin Walker

Mr. Mark Washington ’06

Mr. Phillip Thomas ’86

Mr. Quintin Tookes ’85

Mr. Diallo Tyson ’98

Mrs. Katrina Walker

Dr. Patrick Washington ’03

Mr. Rodney Thomas Jr. ’07

Mr. Tucker Toole ’20

Mr. James Tyson Jr. ’86

Mr. Leemonde Walker ’96

Mr. Robert Washington Jr. ’95

Mr. Stephen Thomas ’91

Mr. Dwayne Toomer ’85

Mr. Best Uchehara

Mr. Melvin Walker III ’97

Stephen Washington ’06

Dr. Wesley Thomas ’01

Mr. Eric Toone ’08

Major Khalil Umrani ’05

Mr. Randolph Walker Jr. ’97

Dr. Thomas J. Washington III ’63

Mr. Kurtis Thompkins ’86

Omar Torres

Mr. Troy Underwood ’89

Mr. Richard Walker ’02

Mr. Timothy Washington ’13

Mr. Angus Thompson II, Esq. ’74

Mr. Jason Torrey ’04

Mr. Norense Uzamere

Terry Walker Sr.

Ms. Angelette Waters

Mr. Anthony Thompson ’91

Mr. Brennan Towe ’14

Mr. Jomal Vailes ’99

The Rev. Terry Walker ’89

Faith Waters

Mr. Carl Thompson Jr. ’78

Capt. Devereaux Towner ’99

Mr. Pedro Valdes III ’96

Mr. Dorian Watford-Mair ’08

Mr. Darrell Thompson

Mr. Rashad Townsend

Mr. Curtis Valentine ’00

Mr. William Walker & Mrs. Betty Walker

Mr. Darwin Thompson ’08

Mr. Terrence Townsend ’09

Mr. Kevin Valentine ’96

Dr. Dwight Thompson

Mr. Daren Trammell ’91

Mr. Willis Walker III ’95 & Mrs. Sonya Walker

Dr. Joseph Vanable Jr. ’58

Mr. Emile Thompson ’05

Mr. Garrick Trammell ’92 & Mrs. Helen Trammell

Mr. Bryan Wallace ’06

Dr. Eric Vannoy ’89

Dr. Alfred Watkins ’85 & Jill Watkins

Cathy Wallace

Ms. Sandra Vantravis

Mr. Avery Watkins Jr.

Mr. George Trammell ’64 & Mrs. Carolyn Trammell

Mr. George Wallace ’64

Angela Varriale

Mr. Reginald Wallace

Dr. Clyde Watkins Jr. ’84 & Mrs. Noveta Watkins

Hermine Vartanian

Mr. Arthayer Waller ’72

Mr. Dion Watkins ’00

Amy Vattuone

Mr. Iverston Walrond ’06

Mr. Donald Watkins Sr.

Mr. Memphis Vaughan Jr. ’79 Mr. Anthony Vaughn Jr. ’96

The Rev. Michael Walrond Jr. ’93 & Mrs. Lakeesha Walrond, Ph.D.

Mr. Emmitt Watkins ’69 & Mrs. Harriette Watkins

Mr. Jordan Vaughn ’07

Bill Walsh

Mr. Joseph Watkins

Dr. Robert Vaughn Jr. ’72

Kevin Walsh

Ms. Consuelo Vazquez

Thyais Walsh

Dr. Myron Watkins Sr. ’53 & Mrs. Barbara Watkins

Ms. Sandra Trimble

Ms. Nicole Venable

Mr. Gery Walston ’91

Mr. Richard Watkins, Esq. ’97

Mr. Leroy Tripette ’95

Mr. Paris Venable ’95

Ms. Alice Walton

Mr. Malik Watler ’19

Mr. Patrick Triplett ’84

Mr. Dru Verbal

Mr. Costell Walton III ’05

Mr. Malik Watler ’91

Mr. Thane Trotman ’95

Jane Verkouteren

Mr. Alvin Trotter ’92

Mr. Nduka Vernon ’16

Professor Jonathan Walton ’96 & Mrs. Cecily Walton

Dr. Ben Watson ’67 & Mrs. Mae Watson

Mr. Marshall Troup

Lonnie & Veronica Camp

Mr. Kyle Walton ’02

Mr. Damon Watson ’01

Mr. Douglas Troutman ’75

Dr. Christopher Vick ’03

Rose Walton

Mr. Elijah Watson ’98

Dr. Keith Troy ’76 & Brenda Troy

Mr. Maxim Vickerie ’02

Mr. William Walton II & Mrs. Flavia Walton

Mr. John Watson Jr. ’87 & Mrs. Monica Watson

Milton Troy III

Kristin Walus

Mr. Kenneth Watson ’01

Leslie Vincent

Mr. Robert Truesdale ’71

Mr. Mark Watson ’92

Dr. William Vincent ’07

Brent Ward

Andrea Truitt

Mr. Sanford Watson II ’85

Mr. Terence Viner ’95

Dr. Harold Trulear ’75

Mr. David Ward ’07 & Mrs. Tianna Ward

Mr. Jamel Vinson ’08

Harold Trulear

Mr. Warren Watson ’02

Mr. M. Tuck ’97

Mr. Al Vivian ’83 & Mrs. Deana Jo Vivian

Mr. Sterling Ward ’78 & Mrs. Cynthia Ward Bruce Ware

Mr. Elgin Tucker Jr. ’07

Yolanda Voglezon

Mr. Akee Weaks ’18

Ms. Carol Ware

Mr. Klj Tucker

Mr. Richard Voke

Mr. Stephen Weatherall ’92

Dr. Roderick Ware ’92

Mr. Miles Tucker ’18

Kara Vona

Mr. Alonzo Weatherby ’03

Mr. Ayinde Waring ’94

Mr. Morgan Tucker ’95 & Mrs. Jennifer Tucker

Cheryl Vowels

Loren Weatherly

Mr. Byron Warner ’08

Mr. Chris Weathers ’17

Dr. Kecia Thomas

Mr. George Thompson Jr. ’66 Mr. Gerald Thompson ’89 Mr. Julian Thompson ’07 Mr. Kenneth Thompson ’80 Mr. Kip Thompson ’04 The Rev. Larry Thompson ’60 Michael Cox-Thompson Mr. Nicholas Thompson ’11 Mr. Nnamdi Thompson ’95 Mr. Ross Thompson ’02 Mr. Samme Thompson & Mrs. Janet Thompson Stephen Thompson Ms. Terri Thompson Mr. Wesley Thompson Mr. Cedric Thorbes ’16 Dr. Alvin Thornton ’71 Mr. Eric Thornton ’07 Mr. Frank Thornton ’91 Mr. Otha Thornton II ’89 Mr. Timothy Thornton ’79 Mr. Travis Thornton ’02 Evan Thrailkill Commissioner Kenneth Thurston ’72 Mr. Perry Thurston Jr. ’82 Mr. Christopher Tidwell ’95 Damion Tidwell Suranjit Tilakawardane Mr. Bryan Tiller ’88

Mr. Gus Trammell ’65 Mr. Thomas Transou Dr. Bobby Trawick ’95 Mr. Reginald Treadwell ’89 Mr. Jason Triche ’05 Mr. Walter Triche Jr. ’76 & Mrs. Patricia Triche

Mr. Roderick Tyler ’96

Nicholas Vigil

Ms. Gail Washington

Laquelle Washington

Mr. Fred Watke & Mrs. Anna Watke

Timotheus Watson M.D. Mr. Michael Watts ’92

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


Lewis A White Jr.

Elijah Wortham

Mr. Montgomery White ’76

Drs. Guy Williams ’79 & Bonnie Williams

Cedric Wilson

Mr. Michael Weaver Jr. ’04

Mr. Cedric Wilson ’01

Anderson Wright III

Mr. Raymond Weaver II ’91

Ms. Pamela White

Mr. Guy Williams ’93

Mr. Corydon Wilson ’12

Mr. Dwayne Wright ’01

Mr. Reginald Weaver ’88

Mr. Raymond White ’19

Mr. James Williams II ’96

Dr. David Wilson ’95

Dr. Gary Wright ’91

Mr. Andrew Webb ’65

Mr. Roland White ’15

Dr. Jason Williams ’05

Mr. De Juan Wilson ’97

Mr. Imari Wright ’00

Mr. Curtis Webb III ’13

Sandra White

Mr. Jason Williams ’10

Mr. James Wright ’96

Mr. Kenneth Webb ’97

Mr. Terrance White ’13

Dr. Jeroson Williams ’14

Mr. Frank Wilson IV ’84 & Mrs. Donna Wilson

Mr. Kyle Webb ’07

Mr. Wesley White ’06

Frank Wilson IV

Mr. Kalefe Wright ’06

Ms. Terri Webb

Mr. Brandon Whitehead ’12

Dr. John Williams ’69 & Mrs. Isa Williams

Dr. Jamal Wilson ’02

Mr. Louis Wright

Sandy Weber

James Whitfield ’06

Mr. Johnny Williams ’91

Mr. John Wilson ’09

Mr. Donald Webster ’81 & Susan Webster

Mr. Timothy Whitlow ’19

Mr. Joseph Williams ’96

Joseph Wilson ’11

Mr. Milton Wright Jr. ’90 & Mrs. Valerie Wright

Julie Williams

Mr. Khadeem Wilson ’19

Mr. Philip Wright

Mr. Ariel Weekes

Mr. Bryant Whitten ’08

Mr. Kenneth Williams ’12

Mr. Leroy Wilson Jr., Esq. ’62

Mr. Reginald Wright ’88

Jerome A. Weems

Mr. Delmar Whittington ’96

Mr. Khalid Williams ’05

Dr. Lucas Wilson ’81

Blake Wehling

Robert Wicks

Mr. Kurt Williams ’10

Mr. Rashad Wilson ’00

Mr. Ronald Wright ’81 & Mrs. Lynda Wright

Ms. Susan Weil

Noah Widmann ’20

Mr. Kurt Williams ’88

Dr. Earl Wiggins ’82

Mr. Roger Wilson ’73 & Mrs. Deborah Wilson

Mr. Sean Wright ’98

Mr. Timothy Welbeck, Esq. ’04

Dr. Samuel Wilson ’81

Mr. William Wright ’15

Mr. Landon Williams ’85

Mr. Trey Wilson ’19

Mr. Sekou Writes ’93

Mr. Leon Williams ’99

Professor Vincent Wimbush ’75

Mr. Derrick Wyche ’11

Levern Williams Jr.

Asha Winfield

Lenn Wyche

Ensign Luther Williams ’89

Earl Wynn

Mr. Luther Williams

Mr. Joseph Wingfield Sr. ’83 & Mrs. Deborah Wingfield

Mr. Malvin Williams ’15

Mr. Kevin Wingfield ’09

Mr. Henry Wynne ’09

Mr. Marcel Williams

Katharine Winkelbauer

Mr. Tyler Wynne ’19

Mr. Marcus Williams ’99

Mr. Kahlil Winslow, Esq. ’98

Ms. Karen Yancey

Mr. Michael Williams ’09

Dr. Gregory Winstead ’89

Preston M. Yancy

Mr. Michael Williams Jr. ’04

Mr. James Winston III ’97

Lynette Yankson Mr. Camron Yarber ’11

Dr. Babu Welch ’93 & Mrs. Joanne Welch Diane Welch Mr. James Welch, Esq. ’67 The Rev. Kamau Welcher ’01

Mr. Jason Wiggins ’00 Mr. Jay Wiggins ’00 Mr. Phillip Wiggins ’12 Mr. Gerard Wilcher ’92

Dr. Landirs Williams ’86 & Mrs. Joanna Williams

Jamal Weldon

The Honorable Wiley Branton Jr. ’73

Mr. Cedric Wells

Luciona Wiley

Mr. Dennis Wells Jr. ’04

Remington Wiley

Mr. Ozro Wells Jr. ’86

Mr. Todd Wiley ’90

Rachel Wells Mr. Tigerron Wells, Esq. ’00

Mr. Franklin Wilkerson ’91 & Mrs. Carolyn Wilkerson

Mr. Ian Wenger ’95

Mr. Sherrod Wilkerson ’03

Mr. Raifael Williams, Esq. ’92

Dilcia Wepster

Mr. Maurice Wilkins ’11

Mr. Rawn Williams ’88

Mr. Chad Withers & Mrs. Beth Withers

Mr. J. Wesley Daniels ’98

Mr. Nathan Wilkins ’91

Mr. Robert Williams

Mr. Craig Withers

Mr. Korby Wesley ’12

Mr. Robert Wilkins Jr. ’04

Mr. Robert Williams ’00

Mr. Troy Wesley ’96

The Rev. Dr. William Guy ’57

Mr. Robert Williams ’12

Mr. David Witherspoon, Esq. P.C. ’78

Mr. Tyreke Wesley ’10

Mr. Aaron Williams ’91

Mr. Robert Williams Jr. ’06

Dr. Charles West ’66 & Mrs. Janice West

Mr. Aaron Williams ’97

Mr. Robert Williams Sr. ’69

Mr. Adam Williams

Roderick Williams II

Mr. William West ’65

Mr. Alexander Williams III ’99

Mr. Ronald Williams ’84

Mr. Bobby Westbrook Sr.

Mr. Alfrod Williams

Mr. Ronnie Williams ’82

Margaret Wetherald

Mr. Allan Williams ’92

Dr. Scott Williams ’95

Mr. David Wetmore & Mrs. Patty Wetmore

Mr. Angelo Williams ’79 & Mrs. Anita Williams

Mr. Scott Williams ’92

Mr. Faraji Whalen ’00

Lt. j.g. Anthony Williams

Thornell Williams Jr.

Mr. Arnold Williams ’65 & Ms. Marjorie Williams

Mr. Timothy Williams

Mr. Simeon Wharton ’00 Earl Wheatfall

Mr. Avery Williams ’86

Mr. Willie Williams ’09

Edward L Wheeler

Mr. Bobby Williams Jr. ’83

Mr. Donnell Williamson ’15

Mr. Grantley Whitaker ’18

Mr. Brandon Williams ’05

Mr. Rashawn Willingham ’05

Mr. Jason Whitaker ’99

Mr. Brent Williams ’84

Mr. Ryan Willingham ’07

Mr. Charles White Jr. ’87

Mr. Brian Williams

Mr. Carl Willis ’69

Mr. Daniel White

Ms. Carolyn Williams

Ms. Catherine Willis

Mr. Devin White ’12

Jannie Carter Williams

Mr. Eric Willis ’06

Mr. Donovan White ’19

Mr. Chance Williams ’95

Mr. James Willis ’12

Mr. Eric White ’03

Charlie Williams IV

Mr. Jesse Willis ’61

Mr. Ernest White ’90

Mr. Christopher Williams ’95

Mr. Lorenz Willis ’90

Mr. Evan White

Mr. Darin Williams ’06

Dr. Maurice Willis

Mr. Greg White Jr. ’93

Mr. Darrell Williams ’19

Mr. Rahmel Willis ’05

Mr. Gregory White ’79 & Angela White

Mr. Daryl Williams ’97

Dr. Vincent Willis ’03

Mr. Derrick Williams ’13

Mr. James White ’94

Charles Willoughby Jr.

Mr. Earnest Williams ’69

Mr. Jeremy White ’90

Mr. Chibale Wills ’98

Mr. Edward Williams II ’06

Mr. John White ’07 & Mrs. Kethlyn White

Mr. James Wills ’90

Mr. Eric Williams ’10

Dr. John Wills Jr. ’87

Mr. Et’Chane Williams-Towers ’99 Mr. Frank Williams ’01

Mr. Christopher Wharton ’06

Mr. John White Jr. Mr. Julian White Mr. Keith White ’97 & Mrs. Trina White Dr. Khalid White ’02 Kristopher White ’08


Mr. John Whitted ’72

Tselane Sheppard Williams

Mr. Vincent Williams ’06

Lt. Kamau Witherspoon ’95 Christian Witter Christine Witzel Cory Wofford Liz Wolfe Mr. Earnest Womack ’07 Mr. Hajj Womack ’95 London Womack

Mr. Jeffrey Wright ’84

Ms. Sharon Wright

Ms. Maisha Wynn

Mr. David Yarnall ’05 Mr. Larry Yarrell II ’04 Mr. Keenan Yates ’07 The Rev. James A. Platt, M.Div. & Mrs. Barbara Yates Mr. David Yearwood, Esq. ’88 Mr. Kyle Yeldell ’06 Dr. Gerald Yerby ’75 Phillip Yerby Mr. Brian Yocum Mr. Anwar Young ’96

Mr. David Wood ’02

Mr. Billy Young Jr. ’94 & Mrs. Marla Young

Mr. Roger Wood ’66

Mr. Brandon Young

Mr. Arthur Woodard Jr. ’05

Capt. Dwight Young & Joy Young

Mr. Carl Woodard II ’94

Mr. Harold Young Jr. ’74

Mr. Donald Woodard ’89

Mr. James Young ’88

Dr. Lawrence Woodard ’90

Dr. Lance Young ’95

Mr. Terrance Woodbury ’09 Mayor Randall Woodfin ’03

Dr. Michael Young ’94 & Mrs. Rebecca Paschal-Young

Maricia Bennekin Woodham

Mr. Michael Young ’98

Mr. Brennan Woods ’13

Mr. Nathan Young

Mr. Brian Woods ’99

Dr. Pauline Young

Ms. Charlotte Woods-Hampton

Rachael Young

Mr. Kenneth Woods ’73

Mr. Scott Young ’86 & B.J. Young

Mr. Martin Woods ’04

Mr. Sidiq Young ’04

Mr. Zerotti Woods ’14

Terry Young

Dean R. Woodson ’01

Mr. Tyron Young ’11

Mr. Kevin Woolfolk ’96

Dr. Dennis Youngblood ’81 & Susan Funtanilla

Mr. Ralph Woolfolk III ’81 & Mrs. Margul Woolfolk

Mr. Nathan Youngblood ’08

Dae Woolford

Mr. Marques Zak ’05

Mrs. Karyn Wills

Mr. Ken Woolford ’98 & Mrs. Alisha Woolford

Mr. Carlon Zanders ’05

Mr. Noah Wills IV ’15

Mr. George Williams

Howard Woolley

Albert T. Wilson

Douglas Zehner

Mr. George Williams ’62 & Mrs. Karen Williams

Mr. Mckinley Wooten Jr., Esq. ’88

Mr. Anthony Wilson Jr.

Meredith Zevallos

Mr. Akil Word-Daniels ’06

Mr. Avery Wilson

Hiwot Zewdu

Mr. Dante Wormley ’99

Mr. Brent Wilson, Esq. ’73 & Trojanell Wilson

David Zopf

Gregory Worrell

Mr. George Williams III ’97

MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Paul Zavodnyik


Dr. John Weaver ’86


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The Clorox Company

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Thurgood Marshall College Fund

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The Girard Fund

Marta Employees Charity Club

Reed Smith Shaw McClay LLP

Accenture Foundation

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Git Lab Inc.

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Coca- Cola Scholars Foundation Inc.

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The Merck Foundation

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Congregation Emanu-el of the City of New York The Entangled Group Ernst & Young Foundation ExpressJet Scholarship Fund Inc. The Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc. Amy Falls and Hartley Rogers Foundation Fidelity Charitable Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC First Baptist Church First Tennessee Bank Advisors (Foundation) Estate of Dr. Emile T. Fisher The Ford Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund Foster Family Giving Fund

HBO and Co. The HCA Foundation HDI Inc. Health 1st Foundation, Inc.

The Home Depot PAC Match Program

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IBM Employee Services Center

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

The Institute For Research, Education and Training In Addiction

National Marrow Donor Program

International Paper Company Foundation

National Philanthropic Trust

Interpublic Group JPMorgan Chase and Co.

Network For Good New Yonkers Community Church

Jewish Communal Fund


Jobs with Justice Education Fund

Ogunlesi Family Foundation

Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund Inc./ MBUSA

Ola Omicron Lambda Alpha

Johnson and Johnson

Pfizer Foundation Annual Giving Campaign

The Tom Joyner Foundation Inc.

Points of Light

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Porsche Cars North America Inc.

Frances Wood Wilson Foundation Inc.

KPMG Foundation

Georgia Independent College Association Inc.


Jack and Jill of America Inc.

The UPS Store

Georgia-Pacific Foundation Inc.

National Christian Foundation

Intel Corporation

The Fourth Presbyterian Church

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Moody Family Dental, LLC

Morehouse School of Medicine



MK Stevenson Corporation

Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund

Foundation for the Carolinas

The Frogs Club Inc.

The Minneapolis Foundation

Morehouse College Alumni Chapter of Broward County

Foundation Capital

Friends of Frank Reddick, Political Committee

Microsoft Corporation

Hebert Medical Consulting, Inc

Mitchell Kapor Foundation/ Kapor Center for Social Impact

Freddie Mac

Walter and Shirley Massey Fund

LaSalle Partners Inc.

The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

The Sorrel Group Spelman Class of 1980 The Springfield Foundation

Target Corporation TD Ameritrade Clearing TIAA Charitable Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. Trinity United Church of Christ Truist Tull Charitable Foundation Inc. Turner Broadcasting System Inc. Turner/WarnerMedia TYJ, LLC UCC of Toms River Russell United Healthcare Services United Way of Greater Atlanta, Inc. United Way California Capital Region United Way of Greater Los Angeles United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey The United Methodist Publishing House UnitedHealth Group The Uplifters Club, Friendship Baptist Church UPS Foundation US Bank Vanguard Charitable Verizon Foundation Visa USA

PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP

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Washington Hardware and Furniture Company

Prudential Financial Inc. PSEG Power of Giving Campaign

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wheat Street Baptist Church

Laurel Strategies

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

LegacyTree Foundation


Woods Family Charitable Fund

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

YourCause, LLC for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The Rich Foundation Inc.

M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Zion Hill Baptist Church

LinkedIn Corporation LKeeneArt Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

The Winston Salem Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund Charles Schwab

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT



Monique M. Dozier Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer

LaQuita Green Donor Recognition Coordinator

James Shaw ’87 Associate Vice President for Development

Armani Hansell Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Student and Parent Engagement

Joshua E. Carter Associate Vice President for Advancement Administration Chief Annual Giving Officer Michael Cade Director of Development, Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Services Tiffani P. Baker Senior Associate Director Advancement Gift Administration Jamela M. Benjamin Senior Reports Developer Elizabeth G. Bennett Senior Director of Technology Business Intelligence and Reporting Karon Chambliss Assistant Director of Corporate Foundation Relations and Proposal Writer D. Aileen Dodd Senior Director of Advancement Communications and Digital Strategy Rhonda I. Elmore Director of Donor Relations, Scholarship and Endowment Administration


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Oshiona M. Mathis Gift Accountant Advancement Services Justin Nwokeji Director of Development, Business, Math, Science, and Technology Alexandria M. Peters Executive Assistant and Office Manager Nicole Randall Director of Development, Humanities, CTEMS, and Creative and Performing Arts Johntavis Williams Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Alumni Giving, and Engagement Heather Varian Director of Annual Giving Louis M. Wright Senior Director of Development, University Initiatives Sandra D. Yates, CFRE Senior Director of Advancement Services

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


The mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. A private historically Black liberal arts college for men, Morehouse realizes this mission by emphasizing the intellectual and character development of its students. In addition, the College assumes special responsibility for teaching the history and culture of Black people.


MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | July 2020 – June 2021

Funds for Morehouse | GIVING IMPACT REPORT


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