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D O R O T H EA FLEISS EA S T W ES T ARTISTS Art Residencies Worldwide Mallnitz 2016 23 September-1 october


Private viewing of 15 Artists of DFEWA Residency Mallnitz Osterreich 2016 From 23 September to 1 Ocotober 2016 Bartosz Fraczek Gulay Alpay Gyori Csaba Ibrahim Ghazala Leah Kathleen Woods Marisa Cortese Milija Stojanović Mirela Traistaru Morakot Ketklao Nikola Smilkov Roberto Gianinetti Dang Tuan Vasile Fuiorea Virginia Piscorean Vittorio Tonon



In the past 10 years in Carinthia, Austria d. fleiss & east-west artist e.V. with the Pro Arte Mallnitz e.V. organized all years one time, The DFEWA Symposia of modern art, curated by Dorothea Fleiss and Elisabeth Koch. The DFEWA Event exhibition opening 2016 was linked with the opening of the Art and Aqua Sculpture Park Mallnitz, where are exhibited sculptures created during the past 10 year by the participants at the DFEWA RESIDENCY MALLNITZ, at the Hotel Kärntner Hof. The sculpture park will be the start of a planned art-tracking-route in the Tauern Valley where in future several wells will be built in cooperation with international and local artists residents of the DFEWA ( D. Fleiss & East West Artists) Symposia Mallnitz, to demonstrate the importance and value of water.

Elisabeth Koch & Dorothea Fleiss.

CURATOR Dorothea Fleiss 1965, born in Grosskarol living in Dresden, Germany and Chiang Mai, Thailand Fine Arts Education 1996 -2003 :

The Art Institute, Filderstadt, Germany The Art Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

2007 - 2013 :

IB University Stuttgart, Germany Creative Pedagogy and Art Therapy - B. Sc.

2010 - 2016 :

L’Ecole Européenne de Psychothérapie Analytique (Eepssa), Strasbourg, France – Psychotherapy

2009- 2013 :

Società Italiana di Biosistemica, Bologna, Italy – Biosystemic Psychotherapist

2011- 2013 :

HKT University Nürtingen Germany, Art Therapy- M.A.

2013- 2016 :

Doctorate candidate at the National Universtity of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

2016 :

National University of Arts, Bucharest- Ph.D.

Biennales since 1998 selection: 2009

- Biennale 3000 San Paolo Brazil - XI Biennale Guadalupe Mexico - Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon, South Korea


- 8. Biennale DakÁrt, Senegal, Africa


- 7th International Biennale of Cuenca, Ecuador


- 10th International Biennale of CAIRO, Egypt


- Biennale 3000 San Paolo Brazil - XI Biennale Guadalupe Mexico

Biennales bookart since 1998 selection: 2010

Imagining the Book IV. International Biennale, Alexandria, Egypt


International Book Biennale -Année int. L S SENGHOR -Senegal


Imagining the Book II. International Biennale, Alexandria, Egypt

Fine Arts Teaching selection: 2017- 2018

Guest Professor at the Department of Painting, Facultyof Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University Thailand


Guest Professor at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India


Professor at Beijing Institute for Technology, School of Design and Arts, Beijing China


Lecturer- Facultad des Artes- Universitad de Cuenca (UNIVERSITY CUENCA)Ecuador


Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Calw, Germany


Associate Professor, University Oradea, Romania


Visiting Lecturer, Boston College Fine Arts Department and Northeaster University's Department of Visual Studios (with a visit to MIT's Office of the Arts)


Visiting professor Inner Mongolian University, Art. Dep. Huhhot, Inner Mongolia

More than 60 of Personal Exhibitions since 1996 Participation on more than 180 group exhibition since 1996 Memberships: - IAA (International Association of Arts) UNESCO, Paris, France - Württembergischer Kunstverein (Artists Ass.) Stuttgart, Germany - “d.f.e.w.a.” ( Artist Association) Stuttgart, Germany


Bartosz Fraczek Poland |

Bartosz Fraczek (Painter, Academic teacher, Art curator) was born in 1974. He graduated from the Painting Departament. The Faculty of Art At the Pedagogical University in Czestochowa (Poland). He was gain a doctorate in art at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He was given the President of Czestochowa Scholarship four times. Currently he works in the department of Drawing and Painting of Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa. He was the initiator and organizer of the International Biennial Of Miniature Art (6 editions). Curator of many exhibitions and art symposiums in Poland and abroad 190 collective, over 70 individual shows. His works are in collections all over the world.

“Animal Lover, 2016”

Gulay Alpay Turkey |

Gulay ALPAY’s eco-urban art happenings are part art exhibition and part performance. She asks people of all ages to stop snapping photos with their phones, and participate in her pieces. Even her body becomes part of the canvas. At similar events held in public squares in Istanbul, Vienna, New York and London hundreds of members of the public became art participants and engaged with her pieces or even picked up to create a collective canvas. Gulay’s work is less high art more high purpose, and blurs the lines between artist and spectator. NY Arts described Gulay’s paintings as “full of poetry, vibrant colors, and light.” Her rich use of color evokes the work of Kandinsky, Pollock and De Kooning, and her public interactive work blends the boundaries between craft and fine art. Viewers in the end are struck by its beauty and grace.

“Sounds of Mountain, 2016”

Gyori Csaba Romania |

Art and Music College Satu Mare, Universtity Brasov Psychopedagogy M.A. Born on October 3, 1965 Targu Mures, Romania. Studio: street Petofi nr 30, Baia Mare, Romania. Studies: Academy of Visual Art “Ion Andreescu”, sculpture department, 1997. Member of The Artist Union of Romania. Curator of varies exhibition such as exposition 2007 - 2013 “Identity” - Baia Mare/Romania, exposition “Noaptea Galeriilor” Baia Mare-MilleniumIII-2011, International Art Symposium, Coltan/Ro-2011-2013 and International exhibition “Contemporary Artists” - Baia Mare/Ro, 2011. Exhibitions/ Residencies DFEWA Residencies Romania 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, DFEWA Germany 2009/ 2010 DFEWA Austria 2011, 2016 2010 EIBAB European BookArt Biennale Art Museum Satu Mare Romania 2012 EIBAB European BookArt Biennale Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2014 Micul Print, Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2015 Alb- Negru Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2016 Personal exhibition Museum of Art, Satu- Mare, Romania

“Metafor 3, 2016”

Ibrahim Ghazala Egypt

Graduated from the faculty of fine arts ,Cairo 1984. He works as an assistant Professor at Fine Arts Faculty. Minia University. Visited Italy and Yugoslavia in artistic trips, represented Egypt in the conference of nonallied countries for culture and art,1988 Titograde -Yugoslavia. He traveled to Sultanate of Oman with dr. Shaban Meshoal & Mohamed Sabry for the documentary of the Omani landscape, Ministry of Culture from March 19 to April 1990. Participated in landscape workshop in Pentedattilo Cecilia, South Italy 1998, held an exhibition in Venice 1990. Director of Luxor International Art studios. General commissar of Luxor international symposium for painting. Editor of Alkhayal Art magazine.

“Untitle, 2016”

Leah Kathleen Woods USA |

Navigation is a new body of work exploring the communication of experiences and emotions through the framework of maps. Using my own experiences as a starting point, each sculpture communicates a story and expresses how that story felt, whether painful, difficult, positive, or joyous. The viewer is not able to pinpoint the location of each map as far as it’s setting in a particular country or city, but rather is encouraged to connect and empathize with the emotions experienced during each journey. Maps as communicators of experience exist across a multitude of cultures and activities. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail, for example, will often leave simple drawings for one another in logbooks throughout the hike. These drawings can explain experiences ranging from a lean-to that leaks rain, to a particularly rocky path, to a vista that should not be missed. While each one of these ideas could be written as easily as drawn, there is a profound feeling communicated in a stick figure drawing of a person sleeping under a simple shelter with rain drops falling down and tears running down his face, or the simple line-drawing of a sun over a cliff, implying words could not do justice to express the impact of that experience. With these ideas in mind, my sculptures take journeys from my life, some physical others psychological, and express them predominately through the use of wood. These wall hung “maps” use line, curve, and the shadow projected onto the wall in order to symbolize movement through an event or experience. Because the geography as well as each particular situation is not evident to the viewer, information is revealed through clues in the title of each piece, as well as in the use, texture, and surface treatment of material.

“The Myth of Perception, 2016”

Marisa Cortese Italy |

Born in Vercelli nel 1954, lives in Verbania. Graduated from the Accademia Albertina, Turin. A teacher of art and chromatology, curator of art events. She has exhibited in the major Italian cities, in Budapest and Bekes in Hungary; in Sant’Anton and San Michael in Austria; in Carei, Satu Mare and Garanà in Romania; in Essen, Stuttgard and Nuremberg in Germany; in Santander and Tenerife in Spain; in HeZe, China; in Delft, Holland; in Saarijarvi, Hovinkartano, Viitasaari and Hauho, Aito, Finland; in Fiume and Sesana, Slovenia; in Tessaloniki and Patrasso, Greece. She has participated in around 70 simposia, curating around 20 of them, 11 of which in Verbania.

“Untitle, 2016”

Milija Stojanović Montenegro

Born in Podgorica, in 1980. Graduated from the Secondary Art School “Petar Lubarda” in Cetinje, in 1998. godine. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in 2003 and earned his MA from the same faculty, Department of Sculpture, in 2010. Member of the ULUCG (Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro) since 2006. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. He authored several monumental sculptures; (busts in bronze, monumental reliefs in stone...) as well as numerous works of sacral stone sculpture in Montenegro and the region. He is a freelance artist. He participated in the following international sculpture symposiums: Shkoder, Albania, 2011 (sculpture "Sleeper") Danilovgrad, Montenegro, 2013 (sculpture "Street Spirit") Mallnitz, Austria, 2014 (sculpture "Architecture of Broken Sun") Ardud, Romania, 2015 (sculpture "Mechanical Baby") Coronel XC, Brazil, 2015 (relief " Simon Cirineus ..") Mallnitz, Austria, 2016 (sculpture “ Falling head-star”) Ostrozac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017 (sculpture “The shape of broken memories”)

“Falling Head-Star, 2016”

Mirela Traistaru Romania |

Born in Bistrita and a graduate of the “Romulus Ladea” Plastic Arts High school and of “Ioan Andeescu” Plastic Arts Academy from Cluj, artist Mirela Traistaru is already familiar to Romanian audience not only through her numerous personal and group exhibitions, but also through a rich theatre, cinema and television activity (costumes and settings), through her participation in international festivals, fashion shows, seminars and creation workshops. She has works in private collections from France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egipt, India, China, Japan, South Korea and USA.

“Heitage, 2016”

Morakot Ketklao Thailand |

Morakot Ketklao is an artist and lecturer.Lives and works in Chiang Mai.Studied in Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University from 1990-1994. From 1996-1998 Studied master degree in Painting at Silpakorn in Bangkok. From 1999-2003 Studied Intermedia (Media Art Department) at Academy of Visual Art Leipzig, Germany.She starts to create her work with different media by thinking about herself and everything around her in particular space and time-space. An initial idea developed into abstract forms that can be approached both in a cognitive and emotional manner, raising concerns related to her environment. Morakot Ketklao was invited by IASPIS(International Artist Studio program in Sweden) in 2008 and was asked from the International affair in Vienna to make a show with Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten in Austria in the same year. In 2009-2011, she had a show with The Ministry of Culture “Imagine Peace” and another show with Goethe Institute “Return Ticket Thailand -Germany” at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Thailand. During 2012-2015 She has an exhibition with woman artists make an “ Triangle Circular” Exhibition at Gallery See Scape in Chiang Mai. In 2015, She was invited from D.Fleiss & East-West Artist ev. to participate with an international artist and show her work in Ardud, Romania. In 2016 she was asked to D. Fleiss & East West Artists Residency Mallnitz Austria by Curator Dorothea Fleiss & Elisabeth Koch, And she had opportunity to shown her book sculpture in a The 4th EIBAR (European International Book Art Biennale) at IFFI- GOA, India She showed her work in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and aboard. Currently, she works full time as the Art lecturer and interesting more about environment effects act and the Art of Sustainable Living.

“Impression Mallnitz, 2016”

Nikola Smilkov Macedonia

Nikola Smilkov was born in 1973 in Shtip, Macedonia. He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts, University Ss,”Cyril and Methodius” - Skopje where he graduated and mastered in 2002 in the field of sculpture in the class of Dragan Poposki Dada. In 2012 he got the title PhD at the Faculty of Education, University St “Kliment Ohridski” - Bitola, in the field of Methods of art teaching. He has attended many international symposia, during which he exhibited monumental sculptures and Group exhibitions. 2009 – International Symposium of Sculpture -Topola , Republic of Serbia 2010 – International Symposium of Sculpture - Volavje Republic of Slovenia. 2012 – International biennial of miniature art – Gornji Milanovac, Republic of Serbia 2012 – International Ceramic Workshop on Ceramic Arts Knydos Culture and Art Academy, Datça, Turkey 2013 – 7Th International DFEWA Symposium of Modern Art, Mallnitz, Austria 2014 – Jaipur art Festival –Jaipur India 2014- 8th International DFEWA Symposium of Modern Art, Mallnitz, Austria 2015- International Art Workshop, Antalya, Turkey 2016 – Open studio "CONVERSATIONS" Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, France certs-expositions-corridor-openstudio.html 2016 - 10th International DFEWA Symposium of Modern Art, Mallnitz, Austria He has exhibited in single exhibitions: 2003 – Culture center “Aco Shopov” – Shtip, Republic of Macedonia 2004 – Cultural informative centre, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2013 – Culture center “Marko Cepenkov, Prilep, Macedonia 2014 –MKC (Youth Cultural center) Skopje Macedonia Nikola Smilkov won the first prize for the sculpture “Dimo Todorovski” from the Macedonian Artist society in 2008 and 2016 - Prize for sculpture of DLUM (Macedonian Artists Society) He has set several monumental sculptures: 2003 – “The Defenders of Macedonia 2001” – Shtip, Republic of Macedonia 2006 – “Alexander Third the Great”- Town square, Shtip, Republic of Macedonia 2013- “Aristotle” - Shtip, Republic of Macedonia

“Vertikal form, 2016”

Roberto Gianinetti Italy |

Born in Vercelli, 1957, graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1984, graduated at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan with thesis in engreaving techniques (xilography and relief techniques), tutor in 2004/05 at the Department of engreaving, Prof. Bacco (Brera) and teacher in engreaving techiniques at ACME Academy, Milan (a.a. 2005/06/07/08), Assistant in 2007 of Prof. D. Kaza in Urbino, guest in 2005 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland), from 2007 he is approved in the Repertoir of Italian Engreavers, Bagnacavallo (RA), teacher in Engreaving techiniques, College of Fine Arts in Vercelli 2013/14; Workshops and Symphosium: Siluva (Lithuania), Verbania (Italy), Garana (Romania), Sicevo (Serbia), Verdello (Italy), Sviyazhsk (Russia); he follows the 2nd International Printmaking Symphosium at Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (Germany). 1st Prize - “II Kazan International Printmaking Biennale, State Museum of Fine Arts, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. He exhibited in Italy and abroad: Denmark, Poland, Spain, Chile, South Corea, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Brasil, Canada, USA, Austria. He deals almost exclusively with research in relief techniques; his works are “in folio”, as artist's books or printed on fabrics. He also collaborates with theaters and musicians groups. Curator: “3 Serbian Artists/3 Italian Artists, engravings”, “Alicja Habisiack, Lodz Poland, solo exhibition”, “Workshop about artist's book with Stephen Copland, Australia”, “Slobodan Radojkovic, Nis Serbia, solo exhibition”. “ERROR” 7th International Artists' Books Exhibition from Vilnius at Museo Leone, Vercelli, cocurator: Kestutis Vasiliunas. “ERRARE”, artists' books exhibition, catalogue: Vercelli, Studio 10 City Gallery; Coniolo (AL), Sala Consiliare; Verbania, Villa Giulia; Carnago (VA), ex Chiesa di San Rocco. “ACQUA e FANGO”, International Artists' Books Exhibition in Acqui Terme (AL), Palazzo Chiabrera; Verbania, cocurator: Carmelina Barbato; Verbania, Villa Giulia – Wunderkammern “Water and Mud”, cocurator: Marisa Cortese – SIVIERA Assoc. Residency/workshop, May 2017: “Vercelli-Kazan: Contaminations and Influences in Contemporary Printmaking Art”

“Terra (Soil), 2016”

“Acqua (Water), 2016”

“Breakfast in Mallnitz, 2016”

Dang Tuan Vietnam

Human origins and the essence of sexual love has been the main inspiration for my work for years. There is a longing for a time when humans lived in harmony with nature and when they could forget their anxiety about an uncertain contemporary world. This modern life is one in which more technology leads to less love and more discovery leads to more pollution. People become more realistic and less romantic so coming back to their origins becomes a popular aspiration. My works not only address specific social problems but mostly they have echoes of humans and wild nature as the object. The constant search for freedom, a personal release from sadness in daily life with the emotions of love, sex and endless survival is the main point of my works and is evident in the way I paint. Each of my works is a journey: a journey of love, happiness and passion. A journey to the deepest desire of human beings, and it is also the journey back to our origins and the childhood of humankind.

“Natural no.1, Natural no.2, 2016�

Vasile Fuiorea Romania

Born on 11 May 1972, Peştişani Commune, Gorj County, Romania 1992-1998 West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Decorative and Fine Arts, Painting, in 2007 Member of Plastic Artists Union of Romania (UAP ),in 2010 present- Chairman of PAU, Târgu Jiu Branch, Professional Artists Association in Visual Arts ( now the DepartmentTârguJiu of UAP România) 2009, Lecturer, Ph.D. University "Constantin Brancusi" of Târgu Jiu, Teaching activities. 2008 – 2013 Coordinator of the Licence Papers at the Specialisation Pedagogy of Plastic and Decorative Arts. Making and participation at cultural manifestations (expositions and info-media projects) Collaboration and participation at curricular activities: projects of partnership with Culture Institutions, Associations and Foundations(The Center for Culture and ArtConstantinBrâncuși, the County Museum Gorj, the Art Section, the Foundation „Word ofGorj“, UniversityConstantinBrâncuși, Partner teacher in the European Scholar Project MEDIART(2000-2004), unfolded between the art High Schools from Romania (Tg-Jiu), Belgium (Habay la Neuve) andthe Czech Republic (Pisek): coordinatorof the painting expositions belonging to this project. Curator of the painting camp GorjEthnographic Landmarks -2007 Participation with papers of scientific research and art expositions at Scientific Sessions of Communications at Constantin Brancusi University Art Section (2007- 2017) Painting (secco technic) – 2002 Work of mural painting made in the amphitheater of the National College Virgil Madgearu, Tg-Jiu, together with the 2002 promotion, Painting section of the Music and Plastic Arts High School ConstantinBrailoiu, Tg-Jiu, prizes and distinctions accorded by UAP, GorjDepartament, Town Hall Tg-Jiu, Students Ligue from University Constantin Brancusi, Tg-JIu.

“The night spirit of the mountain, 2016” “Autumn in Mallnitz, 2016” “The day spirit of the mountain, 2016”

Virginia Piscorean Romania

Born 1959/11/8 Micula Romania Art and Music College Satu Mare Universtity Brasov Psychopedagogy M.A. Exhibitions/ Residencies: DFEWA Residencies Romania 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, DFEWA Germany 2009/ 2010 DFEWA Austria 2011, 2016 2010 EIBAB European BookArt Biennale Art Museum Satu Mare Romania 2012 EIBAB European BookArt Biennale Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2014 Micul Print, Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2015 Alb- Negru Art Museum Satu- Mare Romania 2016 Personal exhibition Museum of Art, Satu- Mare, Romania

“Untitle, 2016”

Vittorio Tonon Italy |

Vittorio Tonon starts very young his artistic career as a figurative neorealist painter then he moved to the “informal” and “abstract”. He studied at Brera the Academy in Milan and presented his first personal and collective exhibitions in the Seventies, cooperating with cultural centers in Milan and Novara through installations, stage designing and urban works. Vittorio studies and go further in Modern and Contemporary Art, referring as a source of inspiration to great artists such as Schiele, Rothko, Bacon and especially Marcel Duchamp. In 1980 he works for Provincia di Novara and Regione Piemonte on a “moving exhibition” about XXth century artistic vanguard, based on the movement of Dadaism. His first exhibition at Broletto in Novara is followed by seven more stagings in other important Italian towns such as Urbino (Palazzo Ducale), Mantova (Palazzo della Ragione), Milan (Politecnico University of Architecture), Turin (Palazzo della Promotrice). His artistic activity becomes interdisciplinary with interests ranging from Land Art to Conceptual Art. In the nineties he experiences new forms of installations using recycled materials. In the last twenty years he organizes Contemporary Art events and produces large installations with the involvement of educational and public institutions, his objective is to deliver the message of conservation and respect for the environment.

In 2006 he is in Paris (Mairie du 5e Arrondissement, Place du Pantheon) for the “Castelli aperti” exhibition, promoted by Regione Piemonte and European Cabinet to promote cultural tourism through contemporary Art exhibitions held in historical houses. Recently he has organized social and cultural events with artists and students in Novara: in 2009 the moving exhibition “Storie d’Aria, d’Acqua, di terra e di lune”, to improve environment respect and protection. In 2011 he organizes “150 artisti raccontano la nostra storia” at Archivio di Stato in Novara, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy. In the same year he presents in Novara and Alessandria university “Di chimica ed altre storie”. In 2012 the moving exhibition “Passaggio in Cina” with a Chinese artist and an American artist. In the summer of 2013 he organizes the contemporary Art Event “AcquiArte” in Acqui Terme city centre, where he shows site specific installations, with the support of the European Cabinet. In the last few years he organizes and participates to art symposiums and collective exhibitions, national and international (Italy, France, Finland, Austria, Romania, Brazil, India, China). In 2015 he is leading and exhibiting the international event “ Milan Expo from 1906 to 2015 - 110 Artists tell Italy” at Milan, Palazzina Liberty. A collection of personal artworks and many other artists in collaboration with Municipality of Milan and EXPO International Exhibition Milano 2015.

“My atelier, 2016”

“Valkirir, 2016”



Hotel Kärntner Hof


Front cover: Cropped; “Sounds of Mountain, 2016”, Gulay Alpay Artists: Bartosz Fraczek Gulay Alpay Gyori Csaba Ibrahim Ghazala Leah Kathleen Woods Marisa Cortese Milija Stojanović Mirela Traistaru Morakot Ketklao Nikola Smilkov Roberto Gianinetti Dang Tuan Vasile Fuiorea Virginia Piscorean Vittorio Tonon

Curator: Dorothea Fleiss

Co-curator: Elisabeth Koch

Opening reception venues: The Art and Aqua Sculpture Park Mallnitz Hotel Kärntner Hof.

Booklet designer: Gadesabye’s workspace

DFEWA Residency - Mallnitz Osterreich 2016  

Private viewing of 15 Artists of DFEWA Residency Mallnitz Osterreich 2016 From 23 September to 1 Ocotober 2016

DFEWA Residency - Mallnitz Osterreich 2016  

Private viewing of 15 Artists of DFEWA Residency Mallnitz Osterreich 2016 From 23 September to 1 Ocotober 2016