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November - December 2011 Newsletter

Also In This Issue New Tier One Vendor - Elite Extra MMG to Celebrate 20th Anniversary NADA 2012 Tentative Agenda NADA 2012 Registration Information MMG Members Meet with ADP MMG Supporting Vendors Jeep Leads Chrysler to 20% Gain! ADP FenderBender OEConnection UPS Rousseau Storage NABC Honors Five Pride Award Recipients MMG Executives & Committees

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MMG Welcomes Magneti-Marelli Super Performance Group - NADA 2012 MMG to Hold Election of Officers Never Attended a MMG Meeting? What Type of Leader are You? Are You Convenient to Your Customers? Reynolds & Reynolds Magneti-Marelli Elite Extra Mopar News Corporate Billing Electric Car Fire Serves as Warning Check Your Vehicle Lights & Wipers

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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New Tier One Vendor - Elite Extra By Rick Monteiro

Please welcome our newest Tier One Vendor, Elite Extra located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Some of our MMG members have been using Elite Extra’s delivery, tracking and routing program for well over a year now. Elite Extra’s dedicated team is innovative, creative and responsive whose employees are second to none. Elite EXTRA ™ (Extreme Tracking and Routing Application) is an online, real-time tool that streamlines deliveries, while lowering operational costs. This innovative, yet affordable delivery system transforms antiquated paper-based and phone call-dependent processes into automated and integrated traffic control centers. EXTRA automatically creates optimal routes on a web-based interactive map, increasing productivity for your dispatchers and drivers, reducing vehicle and fuel expenses. Elite Extra helps increase profit margins providing advisors and customers web interface showing them when parts will arrive. Here at Jack Powell Chrysler Jeep Dodge we just started using our new Sprint Motorola Admiral Phones. This is the first Android smartphone that supports Nextel's venerable push-to-talk network that works well in our parts delivery environment. Prior to having these new devices my drivers carried an HTC HERO Android smart phone to run Elite Extra and an i205 Motorola iDEN with Nextel push to talk. As far as I’m concerned both devices are a must have. Now we have the best of both worlds in one phone. The recently introduced Elite Extra Android App dramatically improves our parts drivers experience on the new phone. Simple commands on the phone let our driver move between Nextel, the Elite manifest, and Navigation instantly. These quick commands are a precious time saver and give our customers world class service. Some of you may have met Ross Kleiner the Business Development manager for Elite EXTRA along with Matt Porter Senior Account manager and Lori Liddell Operations manager at our reception in San Francisco last January. This team is led by President Jim Ward who is intricately involved in all aspects of the product including customer support, business, sales, and application development. Welcome, Elite Extra from all of us here at MMG. We look forward to many successful years together. You can find out more about Elite Extra here:

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild welcomes partnership with Magneti Marelli! We recently completed the process of Magneti Marelli becoming an official supporting vendor of the Guild. Annette Wolford their Sales and Business Development Director has been instrumental in putting this together. We look forward in partnering with Magneti Marelli to assist them with front line feedback and working with them to develop their product offerings that will be distributed by us through Mopar. Magneti Marelli Company: Established in 1919 in Italy, today Magneti Marelli is a major, global automotive component manufacturer. With 33,000 employees in 18 countries and more than $7 billion in sales, Magneti Marelli is able to provide solutions to many OE and aftermarket channels through its business lines: lighting, electronics, powertrain, suspension, exhaust, aftermarket parts and services, and motorsport. Magneti Marelli is a company of the FIAT Group. Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar: This program provides over 26 product lines and 3,000 part numbers for any vehicle brand. You can use the parts for: Express lane, service bay, used car reconditioning, and wholesale to become the one-stop shop for your independent repair facility customers. The parts are high quality and provide unique features and benefits. As part of this article I was going to write a little about their history and their presence in the global market. With sourcing information it became clear that this task is overwhelming. This is a huge organization ya’ll! I recommend that you hit their website The only problem I had was when I had to choose a language I couldn’t find southern drawl! You Texans will have the same problem. By surfing through their site I am sure that you will draw the same conclusion about the size of their organization and all that they are involved with globally that I did. This is and can be a huge opportunity for the CJD dealers across the country. My hope is that this could help neutralize some of the down turn in business that will occur as we progress through the lack of car park issue. I am excited and look forward to working with this new vendor which in turn will hopefully help us all prosper.

Paul Allred Vendor Chairman Mopar Masters Guild

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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As everyone should know by now our 20th Mopar Master’s Guild Meeting is being held this coming February 3rd and 4th, 2012 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand and MGM Signature Hotel. We will begin our MMG meetings on Friday February 3rd. and conclude the MMG portion of the weekend on Saturday February 4th. We will also be hosting our Annual Friday Night Reception at the “TABU” Nightclub from 7:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. This Year is particularly special because, of course, we are Celebrating the MMG’s 20th year of existence. Our Reception will include Live Music, as well as a Casino Night Theme, (to make this event even more unique and memorable). For sleeping rooms this year we have been able to arrange some very favorable rates for our Members, Supporting Vendors and Guests… the MGM Signature, An All Suite Hotel! The rates are as follows---RATE INFORMATION Day





February 02, 2012

February 03, 2012

February 04, 2012

Signature Deluxe Suite




Signature One Bedroom Balcony Suite




The above rates are based on single/quadruple occupancy. All bedding is one King sized bed and one Queen pull-out sofa. Clark County room tax, presently at twelve percent (12%), will be applied to the above rates, as well as to the Resort Fee. The room rate charged to the end-user shall not be greater than the rate provided by Hotel to Group without the prior written consent of Hotel.

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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RESORT FEE A resort fee which is $20.00 per room/per night (“Resort Fee”) will be added to the above denoted room rates. The Resort Fee, which is subject to change, will afford the following services:

     

Internet access (in-suite and public areas) Two (2) bottles of water per room, per day Local and 800 number phone calls Access to The Signature Fitness Center In-suite private label coffee Valet parking

Please be sure to make your reservations as soon as possible! Our Room block expires on Tuesday January 3rd 2012. The Guild is guaranteeing a total of 45 rooms, so the sooner that you make your reservations the better it will be for us to honor our commitment to the MGM Signature Hotel.

To make your reservations call 877-880-0880 Group Name: Mopar Masters Guild Group Code: MOP999

Super Performance Group to be held at NADA 2012 in Las Vegas The 2012 NADA Performance Super Group is quickly approaching! We would like to remind all of you to enroll for this meeting as soon as possible since there is limited space and will fill quickly. (Offering #436176) Because you have been a Performance Group attendee as a Mopar Master, we would like you to take advantage by enrolling prior to our invitation to new members of Performance Groups. To enroll for the Service and Parts Managers Performance Super Group, log onto > Training Tab > Chrysler Academy Learning Center > Search Offerings > Type in offering number 436176. If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me anytime. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! Best Regards, Jennifer Short Chrysler PerformanceGroup Coordinator Chrysler Academy Cell: 616-337-8927 Email:

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

NADA 2012 - Las Vegas Mopar Masters Guild NADA 2012 Tentative Agenda Thursday, February 2nd Travel and arrive in Las Vegas TBA

Officer & Executive Committee meeting Exact Time & Place to be announced

Friday, February 3rd Guild Functions: 7:00am - 7:30am 7:30 - 8:45

8:45am - 9:00am 9:00am - 12:00pm

Casual Welcome Guild Business/Committee Reports Opening address by Guild President Dan Hutton Welcome Comments from Vice President Mike Mulkins Treasurers Report from Steve Hofer Secretary’s reading of the minutes from Rick Cutaia Break Vendor Presentations 1-2-3

12:00pm - 12:45pm

Lunch TBA

12:45pm - 5:00 5:00pm

Vendor Presentations 4-5-6-7 Adjourn


Mopar Masters Reception Tabu Nightclub Dress-Business Casual

Saturday, February 4th 7:00am - 10:00am 10:00am - 12:00pm 12:00pm - 1:00pm 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Guild Business - Open Discussion Vendor Fair Lunch TBA Mopar




Open Night: Las Vegas

Sunday, February 5th


Monday, February 6th Tuesday, February 7th

Super Performance Group Session Time & Place TBA

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild to hold Election of Officers at NADA 2012 Every two years there is an Election of Officers for the guild. Any Mopar Masters Guild member can run for office. If you wish to nominate any member for office please make sure that the person which you are nominating is willing to run and accept that position if elected. After the election, there is a transition period in which the newly elected President is brought up to speed on current affairs. Typically the outgoing President will announce the transition of power. It is always nice to see different members run for office. The Mopar Masters Guild is based on “the sharing of information and the power of knowledge”. So, MAKE A DIFFERENCE and get involved in YOUR Mopar Masters Guild! Mopar Masters Guild Past Presidents          

1992-1994 Chuck Hartle’ Founder and 1st President 1994-1996 Ernie Wennerstrom 1996-1998 Gerry Oakes 1998-2000 Paul Allred 2000-2002 Rick Monteiro 2002-2004 Alan Yancey 2004-2006 Marvin Windham 2006-2008 Gerry Oakes 2008-2010 Mike Gerber/Brent Hoge 2011-2012 Dan Hutton

ATTENTION ALL NADA 2012 ATTENDEES! If you plan on visiting the NADA Convention FLOOR YOU MUST REGISTER ON YOUR OWN! Register Online! Online CONVENTION REGISTRATION is now available at

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Never Attended a Mopar Master's Guild Meeting? The annual meeting is of great value to every MMG member. Here are some of the benefits:

Presentations from top Mopar corporate managers These are no-bull two-way information exchanges that allow you to plan for what’s coming during the year. You will also likely get a chance to talk informally with these same top managers at the opening reception or another of the guild’s social functions.

Presentations from the guild’s supporting vendors All of the most important vendors to your dealership will have their top brass and technical gurus here to tell you what’s in the pipeline, including new products and software modifications.

Learn what the top Mopar dealership parts managers are doing You’re one of the top, too, or you wouldn’t be a member! Come and share your experience.

Input to the annual Detroit meeting with Mopar Executives Want to put your two cents in? Members assemble a list of “Detroit issues” that the guild executive committee takes to Detroit for candid discussion. Mopar execs ask us our opinion of possible new programs and explain their business positions. These discussions have resulted in many positive changes for all dealers. They also give Mopar a better understanding of our needs.

The NADA convention floor alone is worth the trip! Mopar has a big exhibit with all the right people and info. Check out all the other vendor exhibits; maybe buy some new equipment for the store! NADA’s educational seminars are presented by the top names in all dealership areas and cover a wide variety of useful topics. You also receive a binder with notes from all sessions, including those you could not attend.

The Super Performance group held in conjunction with the Guild meeting earns you training credits and lets you hear great ideas from managers not in your area. The Dealer Composite lets you compare your numbers to those of every dealer attending. If you notice another member’s number in a certain area (GP on tire sales, stock order discount, etc.) is where you want your number to be, just make a note and ask him how he does it.

Wearables! Make room in your suitcase – you will receive stylish additions to your in-dealership wardrobe, each bearing the MMG logo. Good food and friendship awaits. Most likely someone you already know will be attending, and, with the wide variety of activities available, it’s even more likely you will strike up a friendly relationship with someone you meet. The guild has made it possible for all Mopar Masters to enjoy these benefits, which actually amount to a competitive advantage for your business.

What do you need to bring with you? Just a willingness to participate and share your knowledge and perspective. If you are a Mopar Master, you have something to offer the guild. Sometimes the simplest idea, the one you were even a little embarrassed to mention, is just what another member needed to hear.

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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MMG Members Meet with ADP in Bedford, TX On September 26th the MMG ADP committee met in Bedford, Texas with ADP representatives Pat Braziel, Director of Product Marketing and Randy Emerick, ADP Manufacturer Solutions & Consulting. MMG members consisted of Dan Hutton, Rick Montiero, Mark Skinner, Gerry Oakes and Joe McBeth. Pat has hosted this event for at least the past five years and we would like to thank her generous hospitality. If you are an ADP user and you have not heard of the word ‘DRIVE’, then you must live on another planet. ‘Drive’ is the operating platform from which all new applications will be built upon. Actually ‘Drive’ is not all that new. It has been in dealerships for well over a year. Once on ‘Drive’ the ability to access data that is crucial to our everyday business is just a click away. Much of our discussion was based upon the new applications and the impact they will have on our daily workload. One tool that Joe McBeth is currently using that is available on ‘Drive’ is ‘Warehouse Management’. This tool tracks parts sold on wholesale invoices from the time of invoicing to when it goes out the door. The MMG members were able to visit Joe’s dealership on Sunday of that weekend. Unfortunately we were not able to see his parts department in action. Even without the action one could see where ‘Warehouse Management’ has become a viable part of Joe’s wholesale operation. If you have a large wholesale operation this is one piece of software you should check out. Rick Montiero brought up the fact that he likes the ‘Service Connect’ tab on the ADP ‘Desktop’ for handling any situation that required ADP support. He especially appreciated the timely response via the ‘Web Chat’ feature. Never having used this feature I tried it out upon my return. ‘Service Connect’ is easy to use and the support received was great. I now handle 99% of my support management in this manner. Another tool that I use is the ‘Knowledge Based’ search that is also on your ‘Desktop’. There is a wealth of information in this area that I’m sure you will find extremely helpful. During much of our day in Bedford we had ample time to discuss what enhancements would make our DMS even better. Whether it was part number change logic or suggestions to enhance the ‘Drive’ applications Pat was very receptive to our inquiries and ideas. We look forward to seeing some of our thoughts come to fruition. ADP has been an ardent supporter of the Mopar Master Guild for many years. And, it is meetings such as these that demonstrate their support by listening and appreciating our input. Thanks again, to Randy and Pat for putting on another beneficial meeting this year. We will be looking forward to seeing you both at NADA 2012. Gerry Oakes Baxter Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Omaha, NE

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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What Type of Leader Are You?: Segment 3 Decision Making: Normative Decision Model Steve Hofer - September 22, 2011 Organizational leaders are faced with many different decisions. Each decision may require a different level of involvement from various associates or in some cases no involvement from the associate or possibly even the leader. The Normative Decision Model, also referred to as the Vroom-Yetton model, applies four different methods of decision making (Nahavandi, 2009). The four different decisions included in the model are autocratic (A), consultation (C), group (G), and delegation (D). As a leader reviews all of the information surrounding a situation, these four decision options help that person decide to include or not to include associates in the decision-making process (Nahavandi, 2011). If included in the decision process, the leader will also make a decision as to what level the associate’s involvement requires. Table 1 demonstrates the path that these different decisions can take. In order to better understand the table, refer back to the four types of decisions and the associated abbreviations.

Decision Styles in the Normative Decision Model A1 

Leader takes known information and then decides alone.


Leader gets information from followers and then decides alone.

C1 C2  G1  G2  D1 

Leader shares problem with followers individually, listens to ideas, and then decides alone. Leader shares problems with followers as a group, listens to ideas and then decides alone.  Leader asks for others help, and there is a mutual exchange based on experience. The leader and one other person make a decision.  Leader shares problems with followers as a group and then seeks and accepts consensus agreement.  Other person analyzes and makes decision.  (Adapted from Nahavandi, 2009)

As part of the Normative Decision Model, there are also contingency factors that a leader will take into consideration. For example, an organizational leader operating within the model will consider the importance of the decision, commitment required, information that applies to the decision, and other factors such as the employee involvement and support (Nahavandi, 2009). Each of these contingency factors is just as important as those described in the decision model. Figure 1 illustrates the flow of this decision process. The importance of each step is translated as such:

(Continued on page 11)

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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(Continued from page 10)

QR = Quality requirement of the technical aspects of decision CR = Commitment required by the direct report LI = Leaders information level on the situation ST = Problem structure CP = Commitment probability of direct report if decision were made by leader GC = Goal congruence CO = Direct report conflict SI = Direct report information (Nahavandi, 2009, p.79)

Figure 1 – Normative Decision Model

While leaders may not always have sufficient time to follow the process of the Normative Decision Model, it is important to be aware of the various steps. This decision model can be very effective for leaders. It helps to slow down the decision process and minimize mistakes. It also helps to recognize when associates have the ability to provide input thus creating more involvement in the decision-making process. Next time a decision is needed consider the Normative decision model and if it can help produce the desired outcome.

References: Making Better Decisions. (2011). Five styles of decision making. Retrieved April 2, 2011 from: Nahavandi, A. (2009). The art and science of leadership. (5th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Our Supporting Vendors Support those who support you

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

Our Supporting Vendors Support those who support you

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Are you “Convenient” to your customers? In today’s environment being available for business when the customer is ready is a HUGE advantage. Once a customer is motivated to “buy” typically the #2 reason they may consider a business as their vendor of choice is “convenience”. Let’s take a look, according to NADA, what the differences are today vs. 10 years ago. Dealerships providing: Evening extended hours only



Net Change




What? Dealerships providing less hours running extended evening hours only? Let’s look further. Dealerships providing: Neither evening nor weekend hours 39.5%



What? This doesn’t seem to going in the right direction but let’s continue. Weekend Hours only




Both evening and weekend hour’s







Average hours of operation per week WOW! What a change. But isn’t that what most every business is doing to attract not only current customers, but also inactive or new customers? A business traveler is a good example. Some business travelers travel 40 50 weeks a year to provide for their families. A large number leave home on Sunday or Monday and don’t return until Friday or Saturday. They don’t have time to do personal business except on the weekends. (I resemble that remark!) What are “other” businesses doing? How many of you have seen a drug store on a corner have a competitor pop-up across the street that opened 24 hours from day one. What did you notice your drug store change not long after the new one opened? Do you have any Wal-Marts where you live? I bet if you have several in your area, one if not all, are open 24 hours/7 days a week. We could list more and more businesses moving toward extended hours to be available. Remember when your dealership was only open Monday-Friday? What hours are you open in todays environment? The chart above is an obvious answer. All businesses are building in reasons to be as convenient as possible for customers to choose them as “ their vendor of choice!! Why do you think there is a business segment labeled “convenience stores”? The Final Two Questions… 1) Are you open at your convenience or your customers? 2) Are you their “VENDOR OF CHOICE”? Bruce Gamble M5TM Management Services

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Jeep leads Chrysler to 20% gain; Wrangler sets record The Jeep Wrangler outsold every other model in the Chrysler Group lineup last month except the Ram full-sized pickup, the perennial leader. DETROIT -- The Jeep Wrangler gets a new Pentastar V-6 engine when the 2012 models come out at the end of August. But consumers aren't waiting. They are buying up Wrangler models equipped with the old 3.8-liter V-6 in record numbers. In July, the Wrangler outsold every other model in the Chrysler Group lineup except the Ram full-sized pickup, the perennial leader. Wrangler sales in July jumped 43 percent from July 2010 to 14,355 units. That number eclipses Wrangler's previous monthly sales record of 13,997, set in March 2007. "It's summertime, and there's a big push on them," said Ralph Martinez, owner of Town & Country ChryslerJeep-Dodge-Ram of Wilsonville, Ore. Martinez said his sales got a boost because he's finally starting to see more inventory from Chrysler in most vehicle lines. Chrysler offered an incentive on the Wrangler: 0 percent financing for 60 months or $1,000 in customer cash. That incentive was similar to those offered on many other Chrysler vehicles as part of the automaker's summer clearance sale. 3-year retail peak Overall, Chrysler Group's U.S. sales rose 20 percent for the month to 112,026, the 16th consecutive month Chrysler has posted a year-over-year gain. The increase far outpaced the industry, which edged up 1 percent in July. "In a market that remains tougher than a cheap steak, we were able to produce our highest retail sales in more than three years," said Reid Bigland, Chrysler Group's top U.S. sales executive, in a press release. He is also CEO of the Dodge brand. Chrysler said retail sales grew 33 percent from July last year. The company does not list its retail unit volumes. Spurred by the Wrangler, Compass (up 240 percent) and Grand Cherokee (up 76 percent), Jeep was the automaker's top-selling brand in July with sales of 38,691 units, up 46 percent from a year earlier. Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat up Among the company's other brands, Chrysler posted an increase of 5 percent as the Chrysler 300 sedan began arriving in dealerships in significant volumes. The Chrysler 200 remained the leading seller with 6,509 units, more than double the year-earlier volume of its predecessor, the Sebring. Dodge sales grew 9 percent in July to 33,653, and Ram truck brand sales were flat at 21,217 as the pickup market stalled amid continuing economic uncertainty. Fiat 500 sales totaled 3,038 units, the highest monthly tally yet. The Fiat 500 went on sale in March. Chrysler has been struggling to keep up its minivan sales in the face of new models from competitors Honda and Toyota. Chrysler Town & Country sales dropped 20 percent to 6,503, and the Dodge Grand Caravan was off 16 percent to 6,485 Source:

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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Electric Car Fire Should Serve as Warning to Repair Facilities Disconnecting the main battery is a common sense procedure for worker safety when repairing a collision damaged electric vehicle. But, discharging the battery, even though it is disconnected, can be just as important for repair facilities that may have one of these vehicles inside their shop. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the cause of a fire in a Chevrolet Volt that burst into flames three weeks after its lithium-ion battery was damaged in a government crash test. According to a report in the Associated Press over the weekend, the car that caught fire was crash tested in May and three weeks later, while the car was parked at the test facility, it caught fire and set several nearby vehicles on fire. According to the AP report, the crash test facility did not follow GM's procedure of discharging the battery after a crash and a coolant leak may have caused a short in the still-charged battery leading to the fire. The Lithium-ion batteries used in the Volt are similar to those used in laptop computers and other consumer devices, which also have a history of sometimes catching fire when damaged. For this reason, airlines no longer allow these types of batteries to be included in checked-baggage. "NHTSA is focused on identifying the best ways to ensure that consumers and emergency responders are aware of any risks they may encounter in electric vehicles in post-crash situations," NHTSA said in a statement. "Ultimately, we hope the information we gather will lay the groundwork for detailed guidance for first-responders and tow truck operators for use in their work responding to incidents involving these vehicles. The AP report said that the NHTSA investigation is not questioning the safety of the Volt, but the agency is investigating how to handle the vehicles longer-term, for the safety of tow truck drivers, salvage yards and body shops. The agency recommends against storing a severely damaged electric vehicle inside a garage or near other vehicles. Jim Federico, General Motors chief engineer for electric vehicles, said in a separate statement relating to the NHTSA investigation, "Safety protocols for electric vehicles are clearly an industry concern. At GM, we have safety protocols to depower the battery of an electric vehicle after a significant crash. We are working with other vehicle manufacturers, first responders, tow truck operators, and salvage associations with the goal of implementing industry-wide protocols."

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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NABC Honors Five PRIDE Award Recipients The National Auto Body Council (NABC) announced the winners of the 16th annual Pride Awards, the cornerstone of NABC'S mission to create positive public awareness of the collision repair industry, and an institution with a legacy almost as long as NABC, itself. The honors were bestowed at the Collision Industry Achievement Luncheon in Las Vegas on Wednesday, November 2 in conjunction with the SEMA Show. The accomplishments of the recipients are as diverse as they are inspiring. One afternoon while out running errands, Jordan Hendler saw a teenage girl on a freeway overpass. She looked like she was going to jump. Jordan called 911 and started walking toward her. She and another Good Samaritan started to pull the teenager off the bridge, but the girl fought back, hysterical, struggling with Jordan to free herself. Almost four minutes later, an eternity when you're wrestling with someone determined to commit suicide, the police and ambulance arrived and the girl was safe thanks to Jordan's unwavering efforts. "I can't explain exactly what gave me the strength and the will to do it," Jordan says. "I hope that young girl gets some help so that whatever is burdening her can pass." It was about 10:30 at night when Joe Gloar dropped off his last load of windshields for Safelite Auto Glass in Waterloo, Iowa. Joe was heading home to Davenport, when a sport utility vehicle broadsided his truck, hitting it so hard it flipped and skidded upside down into a building. In the meantime, the SUV caught fire. Joe unbuckled his seat belt, climbed out of his truck, and ran to the SUV. He saw that the driver lay dazed and still. Joe threw open the door, unbuckled the driver's seat belt, and pulled him out. Seconds later the SUV burst into flames. The driver was safe, thanks to Joe. A student of collision repair at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, Jessica Anderson is a Skills USA participant that decided she wanted to use her collision training to help people. She knew there were always students in need of affordable, reliable transportation, and saw plenty of cars in the area just waiting to be fixed. Utilizing the resources at her school, she brought a car in need of repair to the mechanical department for safety inspections, then she and her team of dedicated students and instructors finished the collision repair work. That project went to a full-time criminal justice student with a family of four, previously without transportation. This is to be the first in series of reconstructed vehicles that will be donated to students recommended by their instructor. Jessica is working with her own instructor, Mark Tilson, to procure more cars and expand the program into the community. Derek Willemson owns Micherner Auto Body in Kentbridge, Ontario, Canada. His shop is at the crossroads of Longwoods Rd. and Kentbridge Rd., an intersection notorious for bad accidents. Last August he heard a horrific crash while working in his shop. Derek looked out and saw a truck straddling a car in the intersection, engulfed in flames. He ran to help and despite being surrounded by fire, pulled a man and a woman from the back seat. The woman's leg was caught between the door and the front seat. Derek ripped the rear door off to get her out. "I just knew I had to get those people out of the car," Derek told the police. "The people in the front seat; they were not moving." Derek has begun to work with the Kentbridge Township as an active advocate for better traffic control at the intersection. For Richard Henegar Jr., Quality Paint and Body in Roanoke, Virginia is the family business. Jr.'s best friend, Jason Clary, was deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne. Jason left his truck at Quality for a tune-up. Jr. knew Jason always helped people and never asked for anything in return, so Jr. (Continued on page 33)

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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decided to do something nice for him. He, with help from friends and vendors, performed an interior and exterior restoration of Jason's car, including the sound system. They painted the bottom of the truck gold pearl, and the top black, a re-creation of the Afghan desert environment. The rear truck box wall was painted like a rock climbing wall, a passion the two friends share. When Jason came home, Jr. organized a surprise party at the shop covered by a local television station. It was a tearful welcome for a brave warrior.

A Bright Idea: Check Your Vehicle’s Lights and Wipers As the days get shorter, it’s a bright idea to make sure your vehicle’s lights and wipers are working properly so you can be seen by others and your visibility is not compromised, advises the Car Care Council. “Lights and wipers play a critical role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident increases if you can’t see or be seen,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “From the driver’s seat you may not notice a light that isn’t working, so inspect all of your car’s lights and replace those that are out. Also, inspect and replace wiper blades so you can see clearly when wet weather hits.” Lights are normal wear items that require periodic inspection and replacement. The lighting system provides nighttime visibility; signals and alerts other drivers; and supplies light for viewing instruments and the vehicle’s interior. In addition to replacing dimming, rapidly blinking and nonfunctioning lights, the following tips can help keep you safe:  Keep headlights, tail lights and signal lights clean. External dirt and debris can dim operational lights from being seen by others.  Make sure that your headlights are properly aimed. Misaimed headlights blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road.  Don’t overdrive your headlights; you should be able to stop inside the illuminated area, otherwise you are creating a blind crash area in front of your vehicle.  If there is any doubt on whether or not your headlights should be on, turn them on. Lights not only help you see better in early twilight, they also make it easier for other drivers to see you. The wiper system keeps excessive water, snow and dirt from building up on the windshield, maintaining clear visibility. Many factors can accelerate the replacement interval of wipers, including operating conditions (winter conditions are tough on wiper blades), frequency of use, material and type of wipers and sunny weather. In fact, wiper blades can deteriorate faster and need more frequent replacement in desert states.

Mopar Masters Guild Magazine

Nov - Dec 2011

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2011 Mopar Masters Guild Committees President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Dan Hutton Mike Mulkins Steve Hofer Rick Cutaia

Tom O’Brien Chrysler Jeep Dodge Go Chrysler Jeep West Park Chrysler Jeep Rick Hendrick Dodge

Executive Committee

All of the above and: Gerry Oakes Paul Allred Rick Monteiro Marvin Windham Alan Yancey Brent Hoge

Baxter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge Jack Powell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Benchmark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Hayes Chrylser Dodge Jeep Larry Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Membership Committee

Mark Skinner (West) Doug Price (East) Larry Morris (South) (North)

Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge Security Dodge Chrysler Fred Bean’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep TBA

Vendor Chairmen

Paul Allred Gerry Oakes Marvin Windham

Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge Baxter Chrysler Jeep Benchmark Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Newsletter Chairmen

Don Cushing Mike Mulkins

Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Go Chrysler Jeep West

Performance Group

Mike Gerber

Rairdon’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Kirkland

Finance Committee

Brent Hoge Steve Hofer

Larry Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Park Chrysler Jeep


Rick Monteiro Paul Allred Marvin Windham

Jack Powell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge Benchmark Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Gerry Oakes Mark Skinner Dan Hutton

Baxter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge Tom O’Brien Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Dan Hutton

Tom O’Brien Chrysler Jeep Dodge


Brent Hoge

Larry Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Tire

Steve Hofer Mike Mulkins Alan Yancey

Park Chrysler Jeep Go Chrysler Jeep West Hayes Chrysler Dodge Jeep (Dan, Brent, Steve, Mike & Alan are the Chairs for Snap-On, OEConnection and Dealer Tire)

Tracy Industries

Mike Mulkins Steve Hofer Brent Hoge Guillermo Nava

Go Chrysler Jeep West Park Chrysler Jeep Larry Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Buerge Chrysler Jeep

Reynolds & Reynolds

Rick Cutaia

Rick Hendrick Dodge

NADA 2012 Planning

Mark Skinner

Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Website Chairman

Steve Hofer

Park Chrysler Jeep

THE GUILD MOTTO “THE EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION BY LIKE SIZE DEALERS IN A NON COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT” This is the reason the Guild exists. The strength of our existence relies not on the voices of a select few, but on the combined knowledge of all. With this in mind, everyone should remember to become as proactive as possible. The Guild is YOURS, be proud of it and be part of it!

Nov-Dec 2011  

Mopar Masters Guidl Magazine

Nov-Dec 2011  

Mopar Masters Guidl Magazine