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As I write this welcome message, I find myself still coming down from the high of presenting this year’s MONDO-DR Awards on the opening night of InfoComm in Orlando. With so many fantastic entries across all 15 categories, everyone who left with a trophy on the evening was a worthy winner, and I’m already looking forward to seeing the projects that are entered next year.

Once again, the pages that follow are overflowing with projects, interviews and show reports as we scour the globe to bring you the latest goings on across the industry. The Report takes a look at recent installs across the Retail & Leisure market, and we have deep dives on a variety of different venues including restaurants, theatres (both new and old), and a spectacular outdoor fountain.

I sat down with Thomas Riedel during the week of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool to discuss the past, present and future of communication giants Riedel. There is also a discussion piece with Digital Projection, and we spoke to John Maier to detail the new setup at Bose Professional following his appointment as CEO. Enjoy the issue.



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10 JOSEF KAJETÁN TYL THEATRE Pilsen, Czech Republic 12 HALE CENTRE THEATRE Utah, USA 14 HAN THEATRE HALL Wuhan, China FOCUS 18 REPORT Retail & Leisure 36 THE BIG INTERVIEW Thomas Riedel, Group CEO, Riedel 46 ZENN Liverpool, UK 54 LA CONDESA Paris, France 56 SANDBOX VR London, UK 60 QUEEN MIAMI BEACH Miami, USA 66 WOOLWORTH THEATRE Nashville, USA 72 NITA MUKESH AMBANI CULTURAL CENTRE Mumbai, India 80 KISS THE STARS Phu Quoc, Vietnam BUSINESS 86 MONDO-DR AWARDS 2023 88 SHOW REPORT InfoComm, Orlando, USA 96 SHOW REPORT Integrate Middle East, Dubai, UAE 97 SHOW REPORT Prolight+Sound Guangzhou, China 98 SHOW REPORT Saudi Light & Sound Expo, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 102 SHOW REPORT PALM Expo, Mumbai, India 106 COMPANY PROFILE Bose Professional 108 IN DISCUSSION Digital Projection 110 PRODUCT GUIDE Moving Heads 118 SHOW PREVIEW 120 IN DETAIL Yamaha 122 IN DETAIL Alcons Audio 124 IN DETAIL Renkus-Heinz 126 PRODUCT DIRECTORY


L-Acoustics Ambiance Acoustic System delivers a breakthrough at the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre

The New Theatre in the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre, Pilsen, Czech Republic, is the location of the first European installation of the L-Acoustics Ambiance Acoustic System.

With two main venues – the Great Theatre and the New Theatre – the facility was purposefully designed to accommodate four main genres of theatre craft: opera, plays, musicals and ballets.

The New Theatre needed a flexible audio system to meet the demands of the performances it held, and management chose the L-Acoustics Ambiance Acoustic System, which was installed by ProMusic, to provide a versatile acoustic toolkit and elevate the sonic experience for the audience.

The New Theatre’s team recognised the importance of providing optimal acoustics for a diverse range of performances, including unamplified concerts such as string quartets. To achieve this goal, they sought a solution that would allow for greater flexibility in sound perception and ensure ideal room acoustics for both performers and audience.

With Ambiance, the team can now increase the reverberation time from 0.95s up to 2.0s with the press of a button on the L-ISA Controller. This allows them to activate the appropriate Ambiance pre-tuned configuration for orchestral music, opera or theatre production, delivering the ideal room sensation for each scenario.

Ambiance uses an array of strategically placed microphones to capture the existing acoustical energy of the venue and processes the signals through the L-ISA Room Engine built within the L-ISA Processor II. The L-ISA 3D audio reverberation leverages the powerful DSP resources within the L-ISA Processor II through a cross-functional approach. It gives the power to shape the venue’s acoustic identity, crafting Ambiance Signatures by finely adjusting three key types of reflections.



Hale Centre Theatre invests in zactrack

Hale Centre Theatre is a family company headquartered in Sandy, Utah, USA, and dedicated to enriching lives through its world-class productions, which include a range of traditional Broadway and off Broadway plays and musical theatre shows – around 10 per season – staged in two venues under one roof.

The larger auditorium, the Young Living Centre Stage, has a capacity of 911 for its dynamic inthe-round format and has recently invested in a zactrack SMART real-time tracking system.

The venue’s head of lighting and video, Jaron Kent Hermansen, was lighting a recent production of The Little Mermaid directed by Ryan Simmons and realised he wanted the show’s main character, Ariel, to be constantly lit, which was difficult to achieve with the theatre’s previous lighting setup. Having previously seen a zactrack demo around 12 months prior, and trying out other similar options, Hermansen decided it was the best and most appropriate solution for the theatre – both for now and for future productions. And so, with the agreement of venue CEO Mark Dietlein, the purchase of the zactrack SMART system complete with 20 Trackers proceeded.

“Utilising zactrack enabled me to create numerous looks and scenes in The Little Mermaid production that would not have been possible without the tracking,” declared Hermansen.

Hale Centre Theatre’s house lighting rig features 120 moving lights and 350 other luminaires, and the console is an ETC Eos Ti, with every lighting cue for The Little Mermaid containing zactrack data.

“It is a very powerful and flexible system from which we will all benefit,” stated Hermansen, adding that the overall reception has been great, together with “brilliant” technical support from Barbizon’s Michael Gray and zactrack’s US distributor ACT Entertainment’s Aria Hailey, who headed up the installation and training.



Green-GO comms solution for Wuhan’s Han Theatre Hall

Communication systems from Green-GO have been chosen for Wuhan’s Han Theatre Hall, part of the vast International Expo Centre in the city’s Hanyang District. Developed by general contractor Wuhan Construction Intelligent Technology Co., the centre covers 55,000 sq m, integrating conference, business, theatre, exhibition and hotel facilities as well as residential real estate and an ecology park. Within the complex sits the 2,350-capacity Han Theatre Hall and EZPro was brought in to provide clear, reliable, flexible and scalable audio solutions for this landmark building, including its communications. At Han Theatre Hall, five Green-GO MCXD multi-channel desk stations are situated at various locations including the mix, video control, lighting control and stage operation positions, plus the voting control position for directors and other staff to use. There are 25 intercom network outlets in all, including in the amplifier room, signal switching room, mix position, and various lighting, backstage and bridge positions, for the connection of six Green-GO BPX multi-channel wired beltpacks. Furthermore, four Green-GO WAA wireless active antennas are separately configured both on- an off-stage to provide wireless communication signals for 16 Green-GO WBPX wireless beltpacks. The system is also equipped with Green-GO InterfaceX, which links two-wire or four-wire analogue intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network, also to facilitate the connection between the intercom system and the PA system. In addition, a Green-GO RDX Radio Interface is provided for linking portable radios into the Green-GO system.






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17 FOCUS | WWW.MONDODR.COM 18 REPORT Retail & Leisure 36 THE BIG INTERVIEW Thomas Riedel, Riedel 46 ZENN Liverpool, UK 54 LA CONDESA Paris, France 56 SANDBOX VR London, UK 60 QUEEN MIAMI BEACH Miami, USA 66 WOOLWORTH THEATRE Nashville, USA 72 NITA MUKESH AMBANI CULTURAL CENTRE Mumbai, India 80 KISS THE STARS Phu Quoc, Vietnam


Impressive enhancements made at shopping and recreation venues around the world.



COMPANY: Pioneer Pro Audio

LOCATION: Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Run by four generations of the same family, bicycle shop Emrin has been in existence since 1908. Located in Brabant, Belgium, the shop caters to every aspect of the cycling world, from sales and leasing to repair, maintenance, clothing, accessories, and bike-fitting measurement.

In 2022, Emrin moved to brand-new premises. Designed by architects Mossoux Architecten, the new, high-tech, ultramodern store has more than 700 sq m of floor space and comprises a sales unit, mechanics unit, maintenance unit, high-end race bicycles unit, basement storage and offices. The Emrin team chose to equip its new premises with a Pioneer Pro Audio sound system to match the store’s concept, both technically and aesthetically.

Prior to the move to new premises, Emrin had arranged for Iwan Fol of specialists FOL Sound, Light and Vision, and Joeri Verholen of Pioneer Pro Audio, to present a short demonstration of CM-Series commercial audio loudspeakers at its old store. Having established their suitability for the project, installation then took place across the new store’s three large areas, on the ground floor, first floor and mechanics department.

“Our store is about experiences of all kinds,” Emrin’s owner David Gilis explained. “Customers can then try out all our bikes in a virtual or real setting and all our products are supported by a state-of-the-art service department, cleaning division, and even a special tracking system to follow up on repairs. With Pioneer Pro Audio, we wanted to be sure that the audio quality complemented our vision.”

FOL installed 16 CM-S54T-K four-inch in the store sales unit and four CM-S56T-K six-inch surface mount speakers in the

mechanics unit. The system is powered by two Powersoft Mezzo 604 AD 600W/4 channel compact amplifiers with DSP and Dante

Iwan Fol, of FOL Sound, Light and Vision commented: “The purpose-built store comprises a lot of concrete and raw materials, so speaker positioning was very important across the different spaces. We needed to reduce reflections as much as possible while making sure there was no loss of coverage and took our time to tune the system via the DSP in the Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers.

“For discreet high-quality audio in the showrooms, we used the very compact Pioneer Pro Audio CM-S54T attached to the walls and opted for the larger CM-S56T in stereo in the workshops. This means that the technicians can enjoy louder music with more bass while working on the bikes. The sound throughout the store is well-spread, clean and present, enabling clients to take time to consider their choices in a relaxed atmosphere that is never intrusive.” Store Manager Romy Roef enthused: “We’re really pleased with the installation, which completely fulfilled our expectations. All our colleagues, particularly the technicians, are very happy with the system. Pioneer Pro Audio is the audio equivalent of cycling brands like Specialized or Stromer, where once you ride it, you are sold. In the same way, Pioneer Pro Audio sound is flawless – an addiction for the ears!

“At Emrin, we stand for service, speed and friendliness, and we expect the same of all the brands we do business with; Pioneer Pro Audio certainly meets this requirement.”




Having built its reputation around the UK and beyond with boutique fitness facilities in various locations, 1REBEL launched in the UAE earlier this year, opening its first branch in Dubai. Requiring a first-rate level of AV production and technology, local distributor and integrator Levels AV was awarded the project during the design and project commercialisation phase, overseen by Turner & Townsend project management.

The installation called for high-end audio and lighting across a variety of specific workout zones and over 40 EM Acoustics loudspeakers and subwoofers were deployed to supply the high-octane soundtrack intrinsic to the workout experience across an area of 10,000 sq ft.

“1REBEL was clear about the level of AV system that this project required. Its gyms have an impressive reputation, and part of the appeal is the polished look and party atmosphere of the 1REBEL experience,” explained Hassan Alwan, Levels AV Managing Partner. “The products installed needed to reflect this. This 1REBEL project required nightclub-quality sound across a variety of zones in what is their first open-plan gym. We needed high-quality loudspeakers that could be relied upon to produce crystalline audio across a mixture of music genres,” explained Alwan.

“EM Acoustics was an obvious choice for this project. Its loudspeakers are powerful for their size and deliver matchless audio quality meaning we could ensure smooth, even sound coverage without interfering with the overall modern, industrial aesthetic. The range of flexible rigging and mounting options meant we could get sound where we needed it across all areas of the gym.”

Six EMS-81X high-output loudspeakers and S-15 and S48 subwoofers are set up in the RIDE room, while the RESHAPE room also features six EMS-81X loudspeakers, supplemented by two S-12 subwoofers. Intended for personal sessions and individual training, the Open Gym area features overhead custom lighting, contributing to the ‘nightclub’ atmosphere. Levels AV deployed eight EMS-61 two-way loudspeakers in this area, ensuring even coverage across the gym floor. Guaranteeing a continuation of the party atmosphere, not even the changing rooms were overlooked, with four EMS-41 loudspeakers fitted in both the male and female facilities, compact models ideal for providing discreet yet coherent audio. Consolidating the atmosphere of the entire 1REBEL facility, background audio in the reception area is supplied by two compact EMS-51 loudspeakers.

Throughout 1REBEL Dubai, all sound and systems are controlled via Xilica, with Linea Research amplifiers driving all of the EM Acoustics loudspeakers and subwoofers. Reflecting on the outcome, Alwan of Levels AV asserted that EM Acoustics was the right product for the project: “We’re thoroughly pleased with the end result at 1REBEL and believe that we’ve crafted a Sporting AV experience unlike any other. The different spaces each required unique solutions, and with EM Acoustics loudspeakers we’re confident that the system provides the uncompromised sound quality and complete coverage required for the immersive workout experience users expect from a name such as 1REBEL.”


H&M COMPANY: Leyard Europe


At the end of last year, H&M unveiled its redesigned flagship store on London’s Regent Street, featuring cutting-edge, generative artwork displayed on a double 4K resolution LED screen from Leyard Europe. One of Europe’s largest indoor LED screens, it was installed by London-based LEDTek Solutions. The LED screen, which frames a set of escalators and fills the entire rear wall of the store, has been designed to showcase a series of progressive and stylish digital materials that complement the aesthetic of the brand and act as an extension of the H&M’s elevated architecture.

Created by London-based design and technology studio Hirsch & Mann in collaboration with H&M and with the support of the Creative Coding company Variable, this unique system continuously evolves throughout the day by responding to customer activity on the escalator. This constant live generation of materials results in unexpected, beautiful and dynamic visuals dancing across the 4,200 pixel-wide by 3,536 pixel-high (10.5m by 9.5m) 2.5mm Leyard LED screen in rich double 4K detail.

“The artwork’s materials have been curated to be highly glossy in their aesthetic, allowing them to reflect lighting and colours of digital environments within their 3D scene, as well as have more depth,” explained Daniel Hirschmann, CEO at Hirsch & Mann.

He further noted that as customers move up and down the escalator, a series of 3D depth cameras attached to the store’s ceiling track each person’s position on the escalators, creating the effect of ripples and folds on the material behind the person, like a trail.

When more than three people use the escalator simultaneously and are standing in close proximity, the

system smartly interprets their presence as a collective which can manipulate the material as a single force, further adding to H&M’s customers’ experience.

The system also caters for quick and easy updates to the generative artwork through its live schedule and allows the H&M team to perform LED canvas takeovers through its content management system.

“We are thrilled to see our LED solution as the centre piece of H&M’s flagship store in one of the world’s most prestigious lifestyle destinations,” said Leyard Europe’s Luke Marler-Hausen. “We were approached with a unique set of challenges that suited our products perfectly. The wall also had to be installed in a very tight space which was less than 30cm from the wall to the escalators, so it needed to be bright, to be delivered in a very short time span and be super dependable.

“Our AT series was the clear winner here. It boasts a depth of only 29.5mm utilising the very latest in LED technology that we also manufacture in Slovakia here in the EU. It uses a fanless design with remote ‘hot swap’ power supplies enabling seamless operation with very few moving parts. We are so confident in the product that we backed it with a lifetime warranty!” All of these technology advancements reduced instore power requirements, supporting H&M’s green ethos which Leyard is also fully committed to whilst delivering a stunning visual display in the centre of London. “We successfully delivered the screens ahead of the time, despite a very tight timeline,” added Marler-Hausen.

Hirschmann concluded: “We enjoyed the collaborative spirit of this project and are pleased with the result.”


Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya

COMPANY: HARMAN Professional Solutions

LOCATION: Chonburi, Thailand

Mahajak Development Co. collaborated with HARMAN

Professional Solutions to outfit Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya with audio and lighting solutions by Soundcraft, JBL

Professional, dbx, Martin, BSS, AMX, and Crown.

Located in the seaside city of Chonburi, Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya is Thailand’s first space-themed five-star hotel. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities that combine outer-space-inspired design and innovative amenities, including a 12,000 sq m intergalactic water park – the largest of its kind in the country. To support worldclass guest experiences with the latest technology, hotel owners turned to Mahajak Development Co. to bring their vision to life with a suite of cutting-edge solutions.

Mahajak worked closely with HARMAN Professional Solutions to outfit the complex with a comprehensive audio and lighting installation consisting of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixing consoles, dbx signal processors, Martin lighting fixtures, BSS network devices, and AMX control units.

The Space Convention Centre required versatile AV solutions that could support a variety of functions. Mahajak installed JBL Control 18C/T, Control 14C/T, and Control 19CS ceiling speakers to provide balanced and even coverage throughout the modular meeting spaces. The team also included Soundcraft Si Impact digital audio consoles, JBL BRX308-LA line array speakers and BRX325SP subwoofers to be used as the main PA and mixing system for events requiring concert-style presentations. Additionally, the team included JBL PRX Series portable speakers and subwoofers for maximum flexibility when

organising spontaneous events in miscellaneous locations. For lighting, Mahajak equipped the space with Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures.

In the Space Water Park, the team installed JBL Control 25-1 speakers fitted with IP55-rated WeatherMax foam grilles to protect against inevitable water splashes. Networked by a BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 signal processor, the Control 25-1 speakers provide immersive background music as well as emergency announcements and fire safety alerts. A JBL CSPM-1 dynamic close-talking microphone completes the paging system. Mahajak also installed an AMX NX3200 Integrated Controller and Modero Series touch panels to give staff intuitive and convenient control over the audio system.

The hotel boasts a façade design that is permanently projection-mapped. Content is carried over HDBaseT protocol with AMX DXLink transmitters, which allow the media playback system to remain in a safe location from weather conditions up to 100m away. Mahajak also installed a Martin-powered lighting system to enhance and accentuate the projection-mapped façade effects.

To provide a unified audio experience across the building’s entrance and outdoor areas, the team installed AMX7215/95 and JBL ASB7118 two-way loudspeakers treated with WRX weather protection, as well as JBL Control 88M mushroom landscape speakers. The entire audio system is powered by Crown amplifiers with digital signal processing provided by dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker management systems.

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BJ’s Bingo & Gaming

COMPANY: LEA Professional LOCATION: Washington, USA

When BJ’s Bingo & Gaming in Fife, Washington, began expanding its facility last year, it decided to upgrade and integrate its entire AV system. BJ’s management worked with Tacoma-based AT Productions, who called on LEA Professional to amplify the facility’s many rooms and spaces.

“BJ’s is technically a bingo hall, but it’s huge and is operated like a casino with bingo, slot rooms, restaurants, bars, a cigar lounge, and many other rooms and spaces,” said Austin Taylor, Founder and Owner of AT Productions.

To best cover and manage the AV for the large, multi-use facility, the team designed a 50-zone, 70V, distributed system. AT Productions worked with Seattle based professional sales partner Brownestone who recommended LEA’s Connect Series amplifiers for the project.

“We knew right away that LEA’s technologies would be a great fit for this project,” commented Mike Charles, Principal at Brownestone. “We were proud to introduce AT Productions to these groundbreaking amplifiers, the complex needed an innovative solution to improve efficiency, and LEA’s technologies did just that.”

The system is built upon a Dante network and is controlled by touchscreen-based software from Symetrix. Sonance speakers are used throughout the facility. The slot rooms and restaurants feature background music, and the bars have audio support for big-screen, televised sports, and other programming. The facility’s two-floor bingo hall features a main downstairs floor with a couple of audio zones and two additional zones upstairs. The previous system was underpowered and built upon different systems and platforms over the years, so there was no continuity; some areas were too loud, some too soft, and there was no global control.

“We put a callback system in place with a monitor above the bingo caller bringing in audio from upstairs so the bingo caller can hear if anybody upstairs calls bingo,” said Taylor. “We

placed ceiling microphones upstairs that feed down through the DSP to the bingo callers monitors. For the bingo hall, it’s all very transparent. They can now hear every “bingo” called out.”

Taylor explained that there are three separate fibre-connected IDF (intermediate distribution frame) racks in the facility. There currently is a mix of 10, two- four- and eight-channel, Danteenabled digital amplifiers from LEA Professional powering the system. Specifically, the team specified LEA Dante Connect Series 168D, 354D, and 352D amplifiers.

The Connect Series is a commercial-grade audio amplifier family perfectly suited for small to medium-scale installations. Featuring three ways to connect, users can engage the builtin Wi-Fi access point, connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi, or use the FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable. The Connect Series also features cloud connectivity allowing users to harness the power of the cloud for remote control, monitoring, configuration, and more from any personal device. The Connect Series also features HiZ and LoZ channel selectable analogue inputs, Dante inputs, and external I/O control for remote on/off and fault monitoring.

“When I first learned about LEA amps, I immediately saw that the feature set is incredible. This is definitely an amp line I wanted to carry,” said Taylor. “The form factor is great, the channel count, the power, the flexibility — the remote configurability was a huge selling point for my client since I can remote into the system and monitor and fix things that might need to be adjusted.”

The BJ’s Bingo project was the first time Taylor specified LEA amplifiers. Still, in the meantime, his team has used LEA amps on other projects, and each of those projects has been easily commissioned, with very happy end-users.

Taylor added that he is now specifying LEA amplifiers for every 70V installation project that is coming across his desk: “We have other projects in the works and I’m very excited to use LEA amplifiers.”

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Cracker Zac’s


LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa

Cracker Zac’s, the latest addition to The Fun Company in Rosebank, Johannesburg, offers a unique entertainment experience for over 21s, featuring a boutique tenpin bowling alley, augmented reality darts, and a retro arcade inside an upmarket bar. To complement this unique atmosphere, audio installation company, Get Connected, selected FBT speakers to create a versatile audio system. Jonathan Isaacs, the owner and audio installation expert at Get Connected, was tasked with finding a speaker system that would look neat, be versatile enough to be used as a background music system by day and deliver a powerful audio experience by night. Isaacs chose FBT’s J8A Active Speakers, which met all the requirements of his client.

“We went for lots of small speakers as opposed to two or three massive speakers to keep things looking neat whilst evenly distributing the sound throughout the venue,” said Isaacs. “The FBT J8A Active Speaker has a proper compression driver with a high frequency but is still a really small speaker.”

Isaacs used custom-made brackets to hang the speakers from the ceiling. He added FBT Subline 115SA Active Subs for enhanced bass, which were hung from the ceiling using custombuilt brackets keeping the floor area free from obstruction.

Isaacs praised the FBT gear for being easy to install and for delivering an exceptional audio experience. He also commended StageOne, the FBT supplier, for its support and backup. “Peter Berry has been very helpful, and Rishaad is amazing with support and backup,” he said.



COMPANY: Green Hippo LOCATION: Liverpool, UK

British luxury fashion multi-retailer Flannels’ new flagship store is attracting customers with an ongoing series of projections onto its impressive façade with the help of a Hippotizer Nevis+ Media Server.

The 120,000 sq ft seven-storey megastore, in the heart of Liverpool, opened in the summer with a curated projection show, highlighting the in-house brands and offering a sense of what visitors can expect inside. The success of the beamed video content led to the projections becoming a permanent installation, with an Epson 20K lumen projector positioned on the roof of a building opposite the Flannels store. Beneath the projector is a weather-proofed rack where the Nevis+ is rigged and constantly running. Motion Mapping was approached by the Flannels’ AV team to deliver the project, with Stuart Harris at the helm of the projection solution. He supplied a graphics template for the Flannels team, who then uploaded video, stills, and branding content for Harris to process into a seamless video, using the Nevis+.

To manipulate the visuals to be projected onto the curved façade of the building, Harris used Hippotizer’s SHAPE 3D Mapping tool, meaning he could arrive on-site and set up the projector with confidence in its alignment and focus.

“We had a short window of time to get this project delivered and set up with all of the content and projection right, including all alignment and blending with the framework of the intricate architecture of the building,” said Harris. “Our projector position is off-centre, opposite the Flannels building. SHAPE made it simple to warp and blend the images so that they appeared correctly, while being beamed from the rooftop of another building. We even had to do some of this in real time, and the Nevis+ handled it with ease.”

Being a single-output job, the Nevis+ was the correct solution for the project, offering one DisplayPort 1.2 output with EDID Management, along with its compact size and flexible mounting options.

“The special launch night for Flannels’ flagship UK store meant that we needed a reliable media server that I knew would just deliver the job,” added Harris. “Now that the project is a permanent installation, I’m confident that it can continue to deliver – despite its small size, the Nevis+ is a robust and consistent machine and it does the job perfectly. The software also makes my job far easier.”

Harris and his team have installed a remote camera so that they can view the projector and Nevis+ from anywhere, and operate them remotely, which he does using ZooKeeper Control. He is also using Sync Manager in Hippotizer to manage when the projections start each evening, as sunset changes from summer launch to winter continuations. “This feature is really cool,” Harris continued. “I just enter the location of the Nevis+ and it automatically knows when to kickstart feeding the video data to the projector, when daylight comes to an end. And it also controls the projector on-off to save power and help the projector last longer.”

Flannels is now one of Liverpool’s most exclusive and experiential department stores, fusing retail and leisure under one roof with a blend of top brands, dining options, and in-house experiences.

THE GLOBAL STANDARD IN IP AUDIO PRODUCTION NATIVELY IMMERSIVE mc2 56 mc2 96 mc2 36 mc2 Series LAWO.COM Watch the video: Immersive Live Streaming from Tomorrowland, with Love.
mc2 36xp


COMPANY: Audio Pro LOCATION: Manchester, UK

Founded in 2005, END is one of the UK’s leading fashion and design destination retail brands, originally conceived to serve discerning customers in the Northeast of England and now with stores in London, Milan, and Glasgow as well as Newcastle.

Recently added to the group is a flagship store in Manchester. The new location displays all the expected END aesthetic signatures – ultra modern lines, crisp, clean lighting and an audio system that is both discreet and high-performing.

The audio installation was designed, installed, and commissioned by Tyne and Wear-based Blaydon Communications and centres around a speaker system from Audio Pro Business that, in Blaydon MD Paul Dougherty’s words, “sounds superb, looks as good and helps create an in-store ambience to encourage customers to stay longer.”

With brands mindful of every aspect of the customer experience these days, the sonic character of the store was important, as Dougherty explained, “END, as with other retailers, need complete control of their brand. They want to ensure safe music is played into the store with no profanities and the genre of music must be in line with brand and customer demographic. To achieve this, the client provided a small audio streaming unit that would provide a music feed to the store – once in store, we would take over and distribute that as required.

Although the same music was required throughout, zoning was still required to ensure a balance of audio volume levels. The zones for this project were ground floor retail space, first floor retail space, and changing areas.”

APB’s wireless speaker line-up is designed to make installation and control as simple as possible, with individual units being plugged into existing retail lighting track, negating the need for additional power cabling. And with everything from subs to compact full-range speakers on offer, in both black and white finishes, and operating on 1.9 GHz, an APB system is easy to fit into a commercial situation.

The APB system installed at END Manchester included 12 SP-1 wireless speakers, nine SP-3 2-way bass reflex speakers, four subs (both 8-inch and 6.5-inch versions) and two SPW-5 ceiling/wall-mount speakers, all installed on END’s existing lighting track, enabling fast, efficient, cablefree installation. The entire system was specified in white – including transmitters and volume controls – to match the clean, modern END styling in store.

“APB provides a way to achieve simple zoning without installing any cabling,” said Dougherty, “The store had a lighting track installation that was compatible with the APB brand, making installation of the entire system extremely quick and painless. In addition, retail spaces


are often dynamic and regularly change in layout - with the APB products the sound system can be just as dynamic as the retail space, allowing loudspeakers to be easily moved or added to as required.

“The APB solution is a superb hybrid system that sits nicely between the domestic and commercial worlds. It offers the audio quality and control of domestic systems but has a robustness and ease of installation that is ideal for commercial environments. Whilst it may be a little more expensive than wired solutions, the ease of installation more than offsets those additional costs.

“Wired systems obviously need cables installed, then a bracket fitted to the wall, speakers installed and connected, then you need a separate amplifier too. With the APB product you simply set which channel you want to pair the system too, clip it into the lighting track, hit the pair button, then sit back and enjoy some high-quality music. It’s a great solution for high-end and time-pressured installations.”

Cobra 3.1

 New, extremely silent nozzle

Noise at max. output: 82.5 dBA

 Constant fog output at any pump level due to the use of two pumps

 Control via Ethernet, DMX512, analogue (0-10V) or directly at the machine

 RDM-capable

 Touchscreen with simple navigation

 Finest adjustments of the output

 Adjustable pump characteristic: Impulse, Extended, Flood, Continuous

 Adjustable performance curve to balance different fog amounts

 Internal Timer

 Internal working hour meter

 3100 W, 230V/50Hz

Fog is our passion! · Fog machines made in Germany Solutions Look Look Solutions GmbH & Co. KG Buenteweg 33 · DE - 30989 Gehrden Phone: +49 - (0)5108-91 22 10 · Fax: 91 22 111



With a range of programmes, exercise equipment, and professional instructors, Legacy has expanded to include facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Coral Gables, and Wynwood in Florida. Manning Sumner is the founder and CEO of Legacy Fitness. After years of training professional athletes and celebrities, Sumner developed a fitness system called Partner Interval Training (P.I.T.) that made professional-level fitness results accessible to everyone. Music is an integral part of the programmes, and this is precisely why sound reinforcement systems from DAS Audio were selected, which include models from the company’s ACTION-500 Series, ARTEC Series, and E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio product line.

The Wynwood facility also serves as Legacy’s headquarters. In addition to housing Sumner’s office, there are staff administration offices, a conference room, a podcast room, a cold plunge facility, sauna, IV Suite & Smoothie Bar, as well as the open gym. In this location, the DAS Audio system includes eight ARTEC-310.96 compact two-way wide array enclosures, eight ARTEC-308 wide-range two-way passive systems, plus four ESBR18 passive direct radiation subwoofers from the E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio catalogue. E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio EP-6K4 amplifiers power the system, with signal processing from BSS Audio. At Legacy’s Fort Lauderdale location, the DAS Audio equipment deployed includes six E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio ES-10 2-way point

source loudspeaker enclosures mated with two ACTION-S18 passive direct radiation subwoofers. Like the Wynwood location, E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio EP-6K4 amplifiers power the system, with signal processing from BSS Audio. The Legacy Pembroke Pines facility meanwhile has a similar setup to Fort Lauderdale.

When asked about the performance of the various DAS Audio sound systems, Sumner was complimentary: “At each location, the one most important and consistent factor regarding the quality of sound is the clear, natural, and balanced performance. As you move about the various spaces, the sound is very consistent.”

In charge of the installation was Guillermo “Willy” Rodriguez, owner/operator of Willy-Tech Services of Miami, FL, an A/V system integration services firm and E11EVEN Sound certified installer. He was supported by DAS Audio’s John Fiorito, who designed, managed, and commissioned all Legacy Fit installations, and Geovanni Ortiz, DAS Audio’s Applications Engineer and certified Rational Acoustic SMAART engineer, who handled loudspeaker optimisation in each location, as well as Santiago Ruiz, certified BSS Audio programmer.

“Adding DAS elevated that experience and gave us superior sound quality to complement our business model,” Sumner said. “Both our staff and customers are very pleased with the results.”


Bowl & Co


LOCATION: Leonberg, Germany

Located in the southern German town of Leonberg, Bowl & Co takes bowling to a whole new level. Visitors can enjoy a choice of 18 lanes, with state-of-the-art Spark technology on eight lanes enabling the projection of custom photographs, game results and stats directly onto the lane.

Central to the delivery of a thrilling visitor experience is a NEXO ID Series sound system installed by local audio-visual technology specialists Fein.Media.

Designed in collaboration with the Nexo Engineering Support team, the system provides the power and headroom to go way beyond background music and announcements, creating a party atmosphere in the venue, particularly on the regular DJ nights.

“Each pair of lanes is covered by a pair of Nexo’s compact ID24 speakers, with a pair of IDS110 subs in cardioid mode for every two double lanes,” said Mario Schmidt, Planning and Sales Manager at Karlsruhe-based Fein Media. “In addition, six ID24s are complemented by a further three IDS110 subs in the restaurant and lounge areas.”

Amplification and processing come from a rack of seven Nexo NXAMP4X1Mk2 powered controllers in a Dante network with a matrix mixer and wall-mounted control panels.

Sounds Familiar


LOCATION: Rome, Italy

In the heart of Trastevere in Rome, STUDIOTAMAT transformed an old garage into a new trendy hub for the capital’s vinyl lovers.

“When Ornella Cicchetti contacted us, we talked at length to understand exactly what she had in mind. The store had to reflect clubbing and the familiarity that distinguishes the brand – a space to display merchandising and design objects, but also a cozy environment, a reference point for enthusiasts, and at the same time be a pleasant stop for the curious passers-by. All in just 40 sq m,” explained Matteo Soddu, Co-Founder of STUDIOTAMAT.

The architects have focused on an open and versatile layout, which allows the space to be transformed from a store into a listening room, from a meeting point to a stage, which can host a DJ set and performance. Listening stations, shelving and disc racks lend themselves to different space configurations. Phonon headphones provide shoppers with an intimate listening experience from the Technics turntables at the listening stations, while the store’s main audio is fed from a NAD C268 amplifier to a pair of speakers from local Hi-Fi company Strateg.

“I would like it to become a meeting place for those who share our love for music, for those who want to learn more and have time to wile away and get lost, listening to our musical selections,” concluded Ornella Cicchetti, the brand’s Founder.

“The unobtrusiveness of the speakers combined with their performance and the avoidance of unwanted LF in the bowling lanes by deploying subwoofers in cardioid mode led to an expectation of the best results and a high level of customer satisfaction. But it’s no exaggeration to say that the results exceeded even my expectations and those of our customer! The owner is planning another bowling centre and would also like to have this venue equipped by us exclusively with Nexo components,” concluded Mario.


StylePhotos Studios


LOCATION: Mississauga, Canada

ARRI Solutions has delivered conceptual design, consultancy, and technical integration services for StylePhotos Studios, an advanced production facility in Canada. The studio is primarily designed for e-commerce and commercial customers but is also equipped to support high-end feature productions.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, the 12,000 sq ft studio facilities comprise seven dedicated, modular areas for e-commerce content creation. The studio environment includes a 46ft by 15ft immersive LED volume, a 75ft by 16ft curved cyclorama, as well as bespoke studio sets, such as a kitchen set for food product commercials and cooking shows.

“E-commerce requires high volumes of content that needs to be produced in the quickest and most cost-effective way, often to very demanding deadlines. A key touchpoint for StylePhotos Studios is to ensure that our customers are reassured that production values are not compromised at any part of the production pipeline,” explained Khasan Aripov, CEO StylePhotos Studios. “By commissioning facilities that are designed around immersive, cutting-edge technology, clients have access to the very latest products and workflows that will maximise their time on-set.”

ARRI Solutions was engaged at a very early stage in the project, collaborating closely with StylePhotos Studios’ founders, Khasan Aripov and his brother Husan, to realise their ambitious vision for the facilities. The team provided concept design and engineering for the main studio areas, consultancy on power systems and distribution, and camera and lighting integration throughout the facilities.

“Being involved from the outset of this project was invaluable, as we were able to consult with the architect, general contractor, and engineering teams to ensure practical elements of the studio build were coordinated with construction, for example aligning planning for air conditioning units and the electrical system,” explained Stephan Ukas-Bradley, Vice President Solutions ARRI Americas. The team also designed lighting integration across the facility, with an

array of ARRI SkyPanels and ARRI Orbiters providing high-quality lighting sources. In the LED volume, lighting and cameras are integrated into Unreal Engine to deliver authentic image quality within the volume. “While high-quality lighting is integral to filmmaking, it could be argued that it is even more important in advertising content, where accurate, authentic colour and texture replication is critical,” continued UkasBradley. “We took care to ensure the lighting design was tailored to each of the spaces within the studios, and that it would retain as much colour and detail as possible.”

The wide-ranging project required close collaboration and communication with a range of technical partners, in particular for the LED volume, where ARRI Solutions worked closely with partners including Absen, Brompton, MRMOCO, and Mo-Sys.

To complement the studio spaces and deliver a full turnkey service, StylePhotos Studios has also invested in an extensive range of high-end production equipment from leading manufacturers, which customers can rent for their projects. The inventory includes the ALEXA 35, ARRI lenses, ECS (Hi-5), camera stabiliser systems including TRINITY 2, lighting fixtures, and an extensive portfolio of accessories. “We want our clients to have access to the very best filmmaking equipment, and by having a full range in-house, they can focus entirely on their project, knowing they have everything they need to bring their creative vision to life,” Aripov continued.

StylePhotos Studios is now welcoming customers into the new facilities. “The scope of the project was already ambitious, but then we also had to contend with restrictions during the pandemic,” concluded Aripov. “The ARRI Solutions team worked tirelessly, not only during the design and installation phases. They also delivered invaluable support to our team as we prepared for our first commercial projects.”

Photos by StylePhotos Studios.
The Only Truly Integrated System Solution Art and Music meets technology


COMPANY: Martin Audio LOCATION: Boston, USA

When ITI Systems installed a sound system at the new B/SPOKE Studio in South Boston, MA recently, it was its fourth such integration for founder Mark Partin’s cycling concept – and all four feature Martin Audio CDDs and subwoofers.

The Beltsville, MD based integrators originally came onto Partin’s radar after he visited a club in New York that they had fitted out and was impressed with the sound quality. He knew what he wanted when it came to equipping his new boutique fitness studio concept, specialising in Indoor Cycling, Strength, and Yoga classes.

System Designer and Project Manager, Eugene Yi specified a combination of Martin Audio mission critical solutions, focusing mainly on the hugely popular CDD series, in a fast-moving concept that continues to evolve. “Mark Partin wanted a high-quality, clean yet loud PA,” he explained.

The price to performance ratio offered by CDD ticks all the boxes, he said. As a result, he selected a blend of CDD12, CDD8, and CDD6, underpinned by SX218, SX118 subwoofers. To this he added ceiling and ADORN speakers from the British manufacturer’s catalogue.

B/SPOKE Studio South Boston operates on 8,000 sq ft over two floors and boasts 56 bikes and 26 mats for classes, with a personal training area. In terms of audio feeds, both the yoga / strength and cycling rooms broadcast audio via instructor laptops with separate mic feeds for the instructors.

Mark Partin had nothing but praise for the installation’s audio component. “Music is a big part of our programme and brand identity, and we believe the quality of playback can completely change the client experience, leading to better retention over time,” he said. “Martin Audio’s CDD speaker line provides the perfect balance of performance at an attainable cost for small businesses like our own. We now use them in all our studios, in all workout rooms and common area spaces.

Tangram Mall



ADJ in New York. The primary fixture utilised for the project was ADJ’s flagship Focus Series moving head spot luminaire, the Focus Spot 6Z. Ten of these fixtures were installed, spread across the five rigging bars positioned around the circular atrium.

The central atrium of the new Tangram Mall in Queens, New York has been equipped with a lighting system comprised of ADJ Focus Sport 6Z moving heads and Vizi Wash Z37 wash units, specified by Canal Sound & Light and installed by AV Pros NY.

Canal Sound and Light’s owner, Jeffrey Kwan, received technical support from Jonathan Schwille of Healy Sales, which represents

To augment the pattern projections of the Focus Spot 6Zs, Canal also supplied seven of ADJ’s Vizi Wash Z37 dedicated wash fixtures. The system is controlled using the ONYX platform from ADJ’s sister company Obsidian Control Systems. A touchscreen PC running ONYX software, paired with an ONXY NXWing control interface, is kept in a utility room on the mezzanine floor. From here the mall’s management can easily choose from a selection of programmed shows that have been created by Canal’s Uriel ‘Chicken’ Coria.

Photo by Brian J. Dowdle.

BB Club


LOCATION: Surat, India

With a gym, trampoline park, bowling, as well as indoor and outdoor dining on offer, the BB (Black Bunny) Club in the West Indian city of Surat is a hub for fitness and entertainment. Keen to create a space with an appearance and sound quality to match its gastronomy and entertainment offering, the venue’s operator engaged supplier and integrator Evenflow Eternal to come up with an elegant audio solution. “The management placed great importance on a consistent sound experience throughout the building, without compromising on transparency and efficiency,” described Evenflow Eternal Owner, Ankit Vadodariya. “They also wanted the speakers to integrate perfectly with the interior of each room.”

The company specified a mix of several LD Systems speaker series – CONTRACTOR Series 2-way wall-mounted speakers for the hospitality areas and bowling hall, SAT G2 installation speakers for the Crossfit and Zumba rooms, and ICOA Series coaxial PA speakers for the fitness area.

The Evenflow Eternal team also received comprehensive support from the Indian LD Systems distributor, Stagemix Technologies in terms of deciding placement of the speakers and subwoofers.

In the quiet restaurant and café areas, Evenflow Eternal installed the versatile CWMS 52 two-way wall speakers from the CONTRACTOR Series on the brick walls (indoors) and posts of the pergola awnings (outdoors) to achieve even sound coverage. The CWMS 52s are also used in the bowling hall. Here, the all-round speakers can prove their assertiveness even in noisy environments – supported by the compact and powerful SUB 10 A 10in subwoofer with integrated three-channel power amplifier.

Two more SUB 10 A units provide motivating beats in the Crossfit/Zumba area, which are played via Bluetooth to the subwoofers by the trainers. The SAT 62 G2 6.5in installation speakers – which feature a bass reflex design – are used here as powerful full-range systems, which integrate discreetly into the modern and urban fitness ambience. In the neighbouring trampoline area, the SAT 82 G2 8in version is used in combination with two SUB 10 A subwoofers. To safeguard both people and technology, the 120 W (RMS) two-way speakers were welded directly on to the existing metal structures at a height of 4.6m.

The fitness area provided a particular challenge, as it comprises the largest sound reinforcement area at around 250 sq m and there is also always a high ambient noise level. “We needed a rich, assertive sound pressure to support the guests’ workout.”

The solution: four ICOA 12 coaxial PA speakers with 12in woofers and 1in tweeter drivers, aimed at the area from an elevated position via ICOA 12 UB universal mounts. Additional bass support down to 36 Hz is provided by two active ICOA SUB 15 A bass reflex PA subwoofers.

Fotos: Aatu Heikkonen / Inspiroiva Creative

Moment Magnet

Customer: Helsinki Outlet

Lighting Design: Lighting Design

Collective, Jari Vuorinen

Technical implementation: Audico Systems Oy

Stay Connected



Essential LED Technology Made in Cologne.
Photo by Prachi Khasgiwala.

After spending his teenage years creating custom AV solutions for his own local rental business, which itself grew out of a fledgling career as a magician, Thomas Riedel found his calling in the communications business. Now, as Riedel enters its 36th year of operation, the company is enjoying its most successful period, with two record years in succession coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a third set to follow in 2023. With a series of acquisitions and new partnerships and projects announced on a regular basis, the growth in the company is evident, but it might have all been very different had it not been for a few key moments and milestones in the early days back in Wuppertal, which lies in North RhineWestphalia, Germany.

“I grew up with an interest in showbusiness, and when I was 10 years old, I enjoyed performing as a magician –which were mostly private performances for friends and family,” said Thomas. “This was my introduction to the entertainment world, and when I was 15 or 16, I became interested in organising parties, and for those I needed specialised technology.”

In addition, Thomas felt his own performances needed speakers and spotlights to enhance his stage presence, and so his interest in technology grew. “With my limited budget – which at the time was close to zero – I needed to build things myself, and so I built my own loudspeakers and spotlights, doing as much as I possibly could with

very little resources. This gradually built into a small rental business and any little bits of money I earned from putting on parties went towards the next bit of kit I needed to build or buy.”

After turning 18, Thomas officially founded his own business, but admittedly without any clear, ambitious plan for the future, and it was by chance that his head was turned by organising an event that needed two-way radios for communication.

“Looking back, this was the milestone that got me interested in communications,” he admitted. “For a long time, this was the focus of Riedel. Soon after, our business grew to become a big player in the radio rental business.” It was a period of discovery for Thomas as he began to develop products, such as headsets for the radios, which did not previously exist. “This was back in the early 1990s, and while products like that were available in the security industry, dedicated ones to work across broadcast and entertainment settings did not,” said Thomas, who admitted that there was a lot of learning on the job.

“I received some feedback, with people asking if they could connect to a talk-back intercom system, and I would ask ‘what’s that?’ because I had no idea back then,” he said.

“But I learned, because it was a relatively simple concept to understand, and from there I built an interface to connect them. That interface was called RiFace, and that was my first real product which was sold to broadcast stations


and production companies. That was the foundation of the manufacturing side of Riedel, which is today called the Product Division.”

The company’s rental radios are today part of Riedel’s Managed Technology Division, while its third division is known as Riedel Networks. While the three divisions effectively already previously existed in some form, it was made official during a company restructure which was announced in December 2021, after the pandemic had afforded Thomas and his colleagues time to reflect on the state of the business.

“That whole period was very tough on the industry, and for us 2020 was not a nice year,” said Thomas. “But it can help to reflect, to take a break and look at things. We came out of the pandemic massively stronger than we went into it. 2021 was a record year, and then 2022 was as well. Now, we sit here in the second quarter of 2023 and Riedel is on path for another record year.”

Thomas highlights an upsurge in staffing levels as evidence of the company’s growth. “We have more than 1,000 members of staff now, and we are hiring, on average, three or four people per week across our 35-plus locations around the world,” he said. “From that point of view, I believe that somehow, putting in that forced break – at a time when we were constantly on full throttle with no time to think – forced us to think and gave us that time.”

One other aspect that Thomas looked at during this

period was his own personal development. “I was initially looking at two divisions – Managed Technology and the Product Division,” he said. “Riedel Networks had been run independently by its own CEO since 2012, and is very successful, so that made me think that this setup could work for the other two divisions, and would allow me to try new things. I need to make the company independent from myself, not that I want to sell – I am fully committed to this company. But there is responsibility where a company should be independent from a single person.” Recently, with a little more time to pursue other interests, Thomas announced the Germany SailGP Team alongside F1 star Sebastian Vettel and double Olympic sailing bronze medallist Erik Heil, with SailGP co-founder and CEO Sir Russell Coutts presenting a yellow wheel of the F50 boat to Thomas, Heil and Vettel as a symbolic welcome to SailGP. “As a company, Riedel has always been able to not only understand formats but evolve them through technology and innovation,” said Thomas at the announcement in June. “I see great potential in all directions with the Germany SailGP Team: sports, business and media. We believe that a great movement can emerge from this.” Back at Riedel headquarters, bringing in a CEO for each of the three divisions “creates a type of back-up” according to Thomas. “My position as Group CEO means that operationally I’m not involved in the day-to-day business, but in another way I’m involved constantly everywhere on

Left: The Comédie-Française — the oldest active theater company in the world — has deployed Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system in a standalone configuration at its primary venue, the Salle Richelieu.

Below: Involved in Formula 1 since 1993, Riedel manages all audio and video feeds received from the racetrack and distributes them to all racing teams, their factories, the F1 governing body, and the host broadcaster. Photo courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari.

a business development level, because people want to talk to me and I want to talk to them. It is about balance – me not wanting to annoy those managers too much, but still wanting to contribute something.”

Thomas has been contributing meaningfully every step of the way from the earliest days of their development in the communications field – often growing with the need and creating solutions for needs that didn’t exist previously.

“In our early beginnings, we took on a lot of exciting projects, winning contracts with the International Olympic Committee and Formula 1 in the first half of the 1990s,” said Thomas. “At that time, neither of those organisations were highly developed in the communications field, so there was a need for them to have better systems – and across both the organisational and broadcast elements of their events.

“So, I grew with that need, and although at that time there were some settled players in the broadcast intercom market, they didn’t have many challengers. And Riedel was a young, hungry company that wanted to challenge them, with new features and new ideas.”

Towards the end of the 1990s, Riedel had developed the Artist intercom system, which Thomas says was different to intercom systems in the market at that time. “This was the product which saw us become much more of an international business,” he said.

Looking back, Thomas admits that the installation element to Riedel was embedded in the company’s DNA from day one. “In the very early days, locally to us across Germany, we were selling our products for use in theatres,” said Thomas. “And even before the launch of Artist, I had built a smaller intercom system called Riedel Compact, which was a small matrix of 32 by 32 in and output.

“That was sold primarily to theatres and convention centres, often at quite a high number and there are still some in use today that we

service – systems that are 30 years old that still work. One thing I understood in those early days was that if I wanted the company to develop and grow, we needed to invest in technology.”

For Thomas, this means re-investing profits into technology that allows for further growth. “Even up to today, I believe that investment in technology is the key to success,” he said. “That is how we have always progressed, both via R&D and via acquisitions, which often are a shortcut to buy the technologies which others have developed and fit nicely with what we have.”

Another key aspect to Riedel’s operation is respect – both internally and externally. “It is super important to respect you clients, and equally to respect all the staff in our company, our suppliers and our partners,” continued Thomas. “If you have the right level of respect, no matter if the needs of a client are very small, or if it is a huge project, then you will do well. It is worth remembering that small clients can become bigger clients later on, and if you treat people fairly, then you can set up a relationship for life. And this is true from both a business and a personal perspective.”

Respect for clients is a core element to Riedel’s business, but effective, user-friendly product is also required, and Riedel came to the fore in 2017 with the release of Bolero, its flagship wireless intercom system. “We have done a number of cool things as a company, but I admit that Bolero is the most successful product we have launched, and it has become a global standard in an area over such a short period of time,” said Thomas. “It has exceeded our expectations. I think we have good experts on both business and technology internally, and we had a business plan in place acknowledging the market, but we exceeded those numbers – and by far.”

One of the key reasons why Bolero is such a success is because it

Above: Thomas Riedel at the announcement of the Germany SailGP Team alongside F1 star Sebastian Vettel (centre right), double Olympic sailing bronze medallist Erik Heil, and SailGP cofounder and CEO Sir Russell Coutts (left). Photo by Norbert Schmidt.

unexpectedly began being used in areas which had previously not been covered by wireless intercom systems. “On one hand, we saw it used in applications which were previously covered by two-way radios,” said Thomas. “But where the new business came from is those new applications where we saw wireless intercom being used in ways in which even we didn’t think of. The COVID-19 pandemic caused untold challenges to our industry, and one example of that was the social distancing rules that were enforced.

“Now, some industries needed ways to work around that in order to continue operating. The film industry in Hollywood needed a good, hands-free communication system to work around those restrictions, and so some invested in Bolero. Now, long after those restrictions are over, they have continued with those Bolero systems –that’s an area of the business that previously did not exist.” At the age of 55, Thomas is still keen to shape the company into an image of his likening. “One of my goals is to make Riedel more international and more multicultural, because I believe that has been a big part of our success so far,” he stated. “I come from a small city in Germany, but I see myself as more ‘European’ than German. I’m a huge fan of Europe and believe that the multicultural elements that we have across Europe is a huge asset, and in some ways this multicultural structure protects our democracy across Europe, and is a strong foundation for the future.”

With a central location in Europe, the city of Wuppertal just happened to be the starting point in life for Thomas Riedel, and while both he and the company have their roots there, only once previously had there been a discussion to relocate the business.

“Back in 2003, we had a serious discussion about moving to Berlin because we saw the company growing internationally,” admitted Thomas. “But there were two clear reasons why we didn’t make the move. Firstly, most people wanted to stay in Wuppertal, and I would have lost a lot of core people and talent had we made the move. Secondly, we could purchase a big facility in Wuppertal at a fantastic price – and this remains our HQ to this day. That gave us the opportunity to grow without moving, and both of those reasons were the right ones to stay.”

Casting his mind back even further, Thomas is keen to acknowledge a huge influence on him taking the career path that he did, and that is former audio technician Günther Schütte.

“Günther was one of the pioneers after WW2 who built technology when nothing existed, and he developed audio consoles and tube amplifiers,” said Thomas. “He passed

Left: The historic Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, also known as the De Munt Theatre, has upgraded its entire staff communications infrastructure based on intercom equipment from Riedel Communications. Consisting of the Artist digital matrix intercom, Bolero wireless intercom in both integrated and standalone modes, and SmartPanel multifunctional user interfaces, the Riedel solution surpasses the theater’s requirements for highly flexible, reliable, high-quality, and futureproof intercom operations.

Above: Riedel provided the communications solution for the Red Bull Stratos skydive by Felix Baumgartner, integrating both wireless and wired digital intercom systems. Additionally, Riedel furnished the fibre-based video and signal distribution as well as the wireless video links from the capsule’s on-board cameras. Photo by Joerg Mitter.




PROTEUS MAXIMUS ™ Market-proven all-purpose power luminaire! THE PROFILE PROTEUS EXCALIBUR ™ Brightest IP65 full-featured beam fixture ever! THE BEAM PROTEUS BRUTUS 75000 lumens of cutting power! THE WASH BEAM FX PROTEUS RAYZOR BLADE ™ The market‘s mostversatile FX bar! THE CREATIVE PROTEUS LUCIUS ™ Little but lethalthe Maximus mini-me! PROTEUS RAYZOR ™ Beam, Wash, Sparkle. More than just a pretty face! THE BEAUTY THE COMPACT

away 10 years ago and he was a mentor in my early days helping me, not so much on a technical level, but teaching me the fundamental things that I now believe in. He was very humble and I am super proud that I met him when I did. I had a great father, and Günther was very much like a second father to me.”

When it comes to his life outside of business hours, Thomas likes to spend his downtime with his family, including his brothers and sisters and their children. Having said that, he admits he rarely switches off fully. “My brain never stops thinking about how to improve things – no matter where I am,” he laughed. “If I’m on vacation, sat at a harbour watching boats coming in and out, I am thinking about the management of that. Or If I see things that are not well organised in a restaurant I’m tempted to get up and help… of course I don’t, but in my mind I’m thinking about how I can do things better!

“I believe there are two main reasons why someone buys a product,” he added. “The first is that you save money because you get more efficient with the new product. The other is to make money – so you buy something that you can then do more with.

“No matter where I go, I have these thoughts in my head: ‘How can I make things more efficient, save money and do things better?’. The other reason is innovation. And the combination of those things, if it’s done right, no matter what business you’re in, I think you will be successful. That’s my personal recipe for what we do at Riedel. I carry that with me constantly.”

Below: The Riedel team pose triumphantly at the conclusion of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, the company’s 15th year of providing advanced intercom and signal distribution technologies and on-site engineering support at the annual event (photo by Ralph Larmann). Below, left to right: Lutz Rathmann, CEO Managed Technology, Michael Martens, CEO Riedel Networks (photo by Nicole Effinger) and Rik Hoerée, CEO Product Division (photo by Sven Kubeile).


For more than 35 years LaserAnimation Sollinger has been your partner for outstanding laser projectors and controls. Our developments empower our customers to imagine, design, and create new and unique laser applications.

LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH • Crellestraße 19/20 • 10827 Berlin • Germany Phone: +49 (30) 780 963 00 • Email: PHAENON XD MINIPROJECT: INVERSION © DAVID EGGER, NIKLAS GERSTNER / PHOTO: HARSHINI


New three-tiered nightspot in Liverpool opens with a sophisticated NEXO sound solution delivered by Audiologic and installed by

LIVERPOOL / UK EMEA A to Z Supplies.

Having previously operated bars and clubs in Liverpool, Kevin Midgley and his team recently made their first step into the restaurant sector with the opening of Zenn, and when it came to detailing the AV solutions, Midgley turned to a trusted source.

“We have been involved in three previous projects for the owners of Zenn,” said Gary Wynne of A to Z Supplies. “I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I powered up my first NEXO installation for them, over 20 years ago. They couldn’t believe the power from such a compact system, and so from that day on I’ve always specified NEXO speakers whenever the budget allows, and I knew that NEXO would be perfect for Zenn.”

With Zenn operating over three levels – including a rooftop garden – and needing audio solutions across each level, the brief for the venue’s system was for it to be discreet yet powerful.

“Zenn functions as a restaurant in the early part of the evening, but come 10pm it becomes more of a nightclub type environment,” explained Wynne. “With that, the owners wanted something that was loud when they needed it to be, with really strong volume, but with great clarity at low levels – and for it to be as discreet as we can make it.”

Once Wynne got the go-ahead, he reached out to NEXO distributor Audiologic, which began work designing the system, with Applications Engineer Diogo Scutti using

NEXO’s NS-1 configuration and simulation software to create a 3D model of the system.

“The first thing I did was attend a site visit so I could understand the space, and from there start planning the suitable speaker positions and their coverage,” said Scutti. “The Zenn team had supplied all the construction documentation, with structural and electrical plans, elevations, and furniture details, which allowed me to create an accurate 3D model to be used on NS-1 software.”

As Zenn is a multipurpose site, Scutti admitted it was a challenge to find suitable speakers for both the restaurant setting and the more upbeat nightclub setting.

“The main challenge was to deliver something with a high level of quality and intelligibility when in restaurant mode, and also good SPL and coverage when the late night mode kicks in,” said Scutti.

The ground floor restaurant level is split into three zones, with six NEXO P10 point source loudspeakers distributed throughout the main dining area, supplemented by NEXO ID24s to infill the supplementary spaces, and another P10 in the DJ booth.

A pair of ID24s are also deployed in an outside area to cover guests who may be waiting to get into the venue, and four NEXO L15 subs extend the low-end response on the ground floor.

Seven ID24s and an additional pair of L15 subs are deployed on the mezzanine level overlooking the

Thinking. Inside the box. From local arenas to flagship international stadia, NEXO delivers a thrilling sonic experience for fans along with full safety compliance for stadium operators. Find out more about pitch perfect sound at

restaurant, while the roof terrace bar features five ID24s and two L15 subs. All amplification and processing come from a rack of four NEXO NXAMP4X2MK2 four-channel powered controllers.

“Using the NS-1 software, I could match the suitable speakers, using a range of ID24 speakers on several different coverage degrees for the mezzanine and terrace summed to L15 subwoofers, while P10s with different dispersion angle flanges and L15s for the main area,” said Scutti. “As the NEXO speakers are also known for their outstanding acoustic headroom, I knew those would sit nicely on this project.

“Being able to vary the HF dispersion for the P10s and ID24s was a great help in achieving even coverage throughout each of the zones,” reported Scutti. “I was impressed by how closely the performance of the installed system followed the software predictions. NS-1 also enabled us to produce comprehensive documentation to hand over to Gary, who did a really great job on the install.”

“When the system was fully installed by our partners at A to Z Supplies, I attended on-site to start the system’s tuning and calibration,” continued

Scutti. “This mainly consisted of phase alignment between HF and LF speakers, minor tweaks on equalisation (because the NEXO preset already has most of the needed as default), and levels setup between all space floors, because the main ground floor system interacts substantially with the mezzanine – and vice versa – due to the shape of the space.”

Scutti was impressed by the space’s acoustic condition, with its geometry and furnishings helping, but he still needed the NS-1 to iron out some minor imperfections in sound coverage.

“Using the NS-1, I could identify possible lousy interaction between the system and the space, and spot the right positions for installation, optimising the RT there,” he said. “Clearly, when the venue is full the system behaves even better, however I was pretty happy when I heard the system with the space completely empty.”

For Wynne, the installation process went smoothly thanks to the collaboration with the venue’s builders. “We were on site a lot throughout the process and the builders were very co-operative,” he

Right and below: The rooftop bar at Zenn features the IP65-rated ID24s loudspeakers and L15 subs.
As your global leader and trusted partner, AVI-SPL elevates customer and employee experiences with innovative technology solutions and award-winning services. Together, let’s shape the future today. AV Integration - Unified Communications and Collaboration - Experiential Technology - Managed Services +971 4 810 8100 | +44 (0) 800 181 4425 |
Shape the Future

said. “We had marked everything in detail on the plans to where the speakers were to be fixed, and some of them were located on the steelwork, so they drilled through that in order for us to get the cabling set up and the fastenings in for the speakers.”

Alongside the amplifiers in the rack room is a single Cloud DCM1E Digital Zone Mixer unit, for distributing the audio output across the four zones in the venue. Bar staff can then adjust the input source and volume levels on the Cloud CDR-1 FB digital wall plates, which are situated at each bar.

For Midgley, the project represented a job well done by all involved, and he was keen to highlight the role of Scutti in the success of the venue’s audio system.

“This was quite a big project, and Diogo came to the site with a really scientific approach to choosing the right speakers for the space,” he said. “Gone are the days of having huge speakers, because smaller boxes can produce the same results, and they’re much more discreet. The science behind it is brilliant; he went over the plans in great detail and it was a dream for the project managers.

“He came down and gave us a demonstration on his computer on how the system would work. Then, at the venue’s opening, he was sat down with his computer – half eating a steak from the restaurant and half fixing any ‘pink noise’ in the room – it was amazing. He really put the finishing touches to the audio system, so special credit must go to him.

“The whole service from Audiologic was first class,” he continued. “They are a great company to work with. They came to the site and stipulated that ‘this is what you need for this’, and they took on board what I had in mind – and ran with it.”



13 x NEXO ID24-I12060

5 x NEXO ID24 I6060

3 x NEXO ID24-I12040

2 x NEXO ID24 I9040

7 x NEXO P10-I

8 x NEXO L15 Subwoofer


1 x Cloud BT-1EB

4 x Cloud CDR1-FB

1 x Cloud DCM1E

“Gone are the days of having huge speakers, because smaller boxes can produce the same results, and they’re much more discreet.”

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mondo judging panel for declaring us winners of the 2023 Mondo-DR Sustainability Award.

There’s never been a more important time for the AV world to reduce its environmental impact – so come and join us in putting sustainability at the very heart of our industry.

To find out more, visit

Image courtesy of Supercell, Helsinki.
Thank you!


Michelin Star-awarded restaurant invests in Funktion-One to enhance its overall dining experience.

Located on Rue Rodier in Paris’s 9th district, La Condesa stands as a culinary gem in one of the city’s most exciting food destinations. The area boasts a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering innovative cuisine and unique dining experiences. La Condesa, one of the first Michelin Star-awarded restaurants in the district, is setting standards in more ways than one.

Intent on complementing his gastronomic standards with a high-end audio experience, owner Chef Indra Carrillo Perea selected a Funktion-One loudspeaker system for the venue.

The restaurant draws its name and inspiration from the vibrant neighbourhood of La Condesa in Mexico City. Known for its art deco architecture, galleries, trendy shops, parks, and dining experiences. La Condesa, which means ‘Countess’ in Spanish, is where Chef Indra began his culinary journey at the age of 12. This connection to his roots made it an obvious choice for the name of the restaurant.

La Condesa’s emblem, the hummingbird, is born from Chef Indra’s childhood memories of hummingbirds entering his family home, and its significance in Mexican culture. The hummingbird symbolises the importance of never forgetting one’s origins while constantly moving forward. It serves as a reminder to cherish the past and embrace the future.

Chef Indra’s culinary journey began with an apprenticeship and developed through academic training at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon. Working in some of the world’s finest restaurants and training with culinary masters in various fields, Chef Indra cultivated his own unique style. This led to the establishment of his first restaurant, La Condesa, which was awarded a Michelin Star in 2019, making him the first Mexican chef in France to achieve this coveted recognition.

When it comes to fine dining, every detail matters, including the audio experience. Chef Indra explained his high standards: “We wanted to give the best environment and experience possible to the guests coming to La Condesa and precision is something we value and seek in every element and interaction. Excellence is what drives us on

Photos courtesy of Laurent Dupont

our daily basis as a restaurant and as a team and we seek to work and be surrounded with people with the same passion and values.

“The pursuit of precision is in everything, in every detail. Precision to me is being present. Present with all my senses, appreciating, rediscovering moment by moment everything around me. This allows me to innovate and create new dishes.”

The collaboration between Chef Indra and architect Camille Flammarion, his long-time creative accomplice, produced a welcoming venue with a warm and intimate atmosphere. A key consideration in the restaurant’s design was the integration of a sound system that not only met performance requirements but also worked with the modern aesthetic.

Chef Indra contacted his cousin, Ramón Salazar, owner of Loto Audio (Funktion-One’s distributor for Mexico) who supplied La Condesa’s sound system in collaboration with Funktion-One’s French distributor, Solution One. In response to Salazar’s advice, and prior to installation of the Funktion-One sound system, soundproofing work was carried out to improve the acoustics, ensuring optimal sound distribution and volume control throughout the venue – in the three dining rooms, kitchen, and other areas.

La Condesa Paris chose Funktion-One sound to enhance the dining experience. Chef Indra commented: “Funktion One’s sound design gently leads us to align our mind, body and spirit to embark on this succulent journey through flavours, textures and colours that will last in our memory. Even before taking the first bite, the journey has already begun.”

Salazar’s colleague at Loto Audio, Alexander Danielewicz, explained: “Chef Indra was convinced that the missing element in the recipe was a great sound system to add to the restaurant and complete the experience with audio. The system, like all Funktion-One sound systems, delivers low distortion, high efficiency and superb natural sound,” he added. “The signature Funktion-One midrange

purity and acoustic imaging yield great results for this install.”

For this installation, Loto Audio primarily focused on two Funktion-One Compact Range models: the ultra compact F5 mid/ high speaker and the SB8 bass enclosure. Logistics and video meetings played a vital role in the planning stages, before culminating with Loto Audio completing the installation in early 2023. Salazar explained: “The request was to have a perfect audio experience to complement the restaurant’s very high standards of cuisine. We installed everything in only two days and the result was really great. La Condesa Paris is one of the best restaurants in the world and the sound system fits their standard.”

Chef Indra feels La Condesa pays attention to a part of restaurant design that is often ignored or forgotten. He said: “Music is such an important element and sometimes not taken into account in fine dining restaurants. With Loto Audio and Funktion-One we wanted to create a unique environment to all of the senses, an immersive experience with the best possible sound system. The answer then seemed obvious, having already experienced different concerts with the outstanding quality of Funktion-One.”

In the world of gastronomy, where excellence is everything, La Condesa has set new standards by integrating a world-class sound system into its culinary journey. The fusion of exceptional cuisine and extraordinary audio is a testament to Chef Indra’s unwavering commitment to perfection.

Danielewicz concluded: “From the early days in this project, everything went smoothly. It felt great to collaborate on this with something we live for and are so passionate about. When we were finishing the system tuning, Chef Indra decided it was a good idea to create the first meals in his very new Mauviel 1830 Kitchen with custom BonnetThirode Maestro piano. He fired everything up and made dinner. It was amazing.”

“The system, like all Funktion-One sound systems, delivers low distortion, high efficiency and superb natural sound.”


Crossover designs and delivers the AV package for this bustling virtual reality experience location in central London.

Spanning three floors of a former Royal Mail Sorting Centre in London’s Covent Garden, Sandbox VR offers an immersive VR experience which is ably supported by an AV concept, designed and installed by London-based AV integrator, Crossover.

The concept of Sandbox VR is inspired by the holodecks featured in Star Trek, with groups of up to six entering virtual worlds for a fun, competitive and social experience – with the social element enhanced afterwards when participants get together to review and relive their performances and enjoy refreshments.

With two holodecks in the basement and two on the ground floor, the Crossover team supplemented these areas with sound and video solutions to match the high levels of technology offered in the VR games.

“There are various zones across the different levels in the venue that all required various AV solution, with the main socialising area focussed around a large bar on the ground floor,” explained Ben Manning, Project Manager for Crossover.

“In addition to the two main floors, a mezzanine level serves as a multifunctional events space which can be hired out by larger groups to extend their stay within the venue, and part of the vision for this space was to implement AV-enabled presentations from laptops onto a projection screen for use during team building days and the like.

“For this, we installed an Epson EB-755F projector, because the low ceiling meant we needed to fit a relatively shortthrow projector, and that particular model fit the brief and budget very well.”

Digital signage was also required across various locations in the venue. Each of the four holodecks features one wallmounted 43-inch NEC Multisync E438 display to provide information to the team about the missions their have


chosen, while eight 65in LG LG65UR640S screens are set up in the post experience viewing areas for participants to re-live their performances.

Outside the venue, four 49in LG 49XS4J-B displays are set-up to drive pavement appeal, while two 75in LG 75UR640S are deployed in the foyer to welcome participants to the venue.

When it came to the venue’s audio, two systems are deployed, and the nature of the venue’s layout and industrial finish provided an acoustic challenge for Crossover’s Lead Desinger, Juan Garcia.

“The Sandbox VR team wanted really good audio quality throughout the whole venue, with a focus on the bar and mezzanine, and so for those areas we supplied a Martin Audio system powered by Powersoft amplification,” said Manning.

A total of 14 Martin Audio CDD6TX-WR passive loudspeakers are deployed, with four to cover the ground floor bar, four in the post experience viewing areas and six in the mezzanine, with two SX110 subwoofers adding low end. Two Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 amplifiers power the system, with audio processing handled via a Symetrix Jupiter 8.

The corridors, which provide a link between the rooms where lowlevel audio output is required, are covered by a separate audio system featuring Apart speakers, and while the mezzanine features the Martin Audio loudspeakers, it is also served by the secondary system, with two Apart Mask 6C speakers set up, powered by a Cloud MA40 amplifier.

“The Martin Audio speakers up in the mezzanine are for the background music, but they can be turned down if the space is in use for a corporate presentation,” explained Manning. “And for the Apart system, there is the Cloud amplifier and a Blustream input plate and receiver for control. The Cloud MA40 offers great functionality at a great price, and was a really good fit for this particular standalone part of the project.

Blustream is also a manufacturer we have been using for projects with similar requirements for a while, and we have taken to using them over some larger, more expensive brands because they provide a solid, costeffective solution and their products are nearly always available to us.” In order to maximise audio clarity, Garcia had to fit acoustic treatment, with dampening panels hanging from the ceiling in the ground floor and mezzanine levels. The walls of the holodecks weren’t built to the full height of the ceiling, so in order to reduce the amount of sound travelling from inside the hollodecks over the partition and reverberating around the rest of the spaces, Crossover fit a multitude of acoustic panels to help deaden both the noise of the participants in the holodecks, and to help acoustics generally across the venue.

The acoustic panels that were installed were chosen carefully for their aesthetics in addition to their absorptive performance, and installed in a manner to enhance the overall ‘industrial’ feel of the interior design. Another thing to help combat noise levels travelling through the building was the selection of Powerdrive anti-vibration mounts to isolate the loudspeakers from the structure of the building.

“Sandbox VR are only occupying a small section of a very large building,” confirmed Manning. “So there were concerns of noise pollution throughout the building, which is why we used the isolation mounts on the concrete and metal structures.”

The success of this install has led Crossover to be selected to supply and equip the AV solutions at future Sandbox VR sites around the UK, with a venue in Birmingham currently in production. Jake WilmotSitwell, Co-Founder at VR Entertainment Group // Sandbox VR (UK & Ireland) concluded: “Crossover did an amazing job deploying our AV requirements into the first Sandbox VR venue in Europe, so much so we are now using them for our Birmingham site – highly recommend!”



14 x Martin Audio CDD6TX-WR, 2 x Martin Audio SX110, 2 x Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404, 8 x Apart MASK6CT, 2 x Apart MASK6C, 2 x Apart CM20DT, 2 x Apart Mask 6C, 1 x Apart Revamp 4120T Class D Amplifier, 1 x Apart Revamp 2600 Class H Amplifier, 1 x Symetrix Jupiter 8, 1 x Cloud MA40 Amplifier, 1 x Blustream HEX70CS-RX


1 x Epson EB-755F projector, 2 x LG 75UR640S displays

8 x LG 65UR640S displays, 4 x LG 49XS4J-B displays, 2 x NEC

55 Multisync E558 display

Networking Audio Flexible & expandable. UK manufacturing for over 45 Years Harmonic Design is a German manufacturer of high-quality loudspeaker systems and stands for research, development and engineering of cutting-edge technology for more than 40 years! Engineered Made In Germany HybridLineSource Speaker System The HybridLineSource is a new and worldwide unique loudspeaker system invented by Harmonic Design. It dramatically reduces the space, required for a conventional system, and improves the quality of a PA-system to a new level. hd HLS20 & hd HLS24 Coverage 100° x 40° Undistorted sound up to 144 dB 2 x LF Neodymium + LineArray Waveguide integrated 3-Point FastRig - Rigging Standalone and array usage Harmonic Design Audiotechnik GmbH Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 11, DE-74382 Neckarwestheim * SPLmax Peak level measured at 1m under free-field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4 143 dB 107 dB hd HLS20 hd HLS24 108 dB 144 dB60 Hz - 20 kHz 70 Hz - 20 kHz 45 kg 34 kg 480 x 675 x 560 400 x 520 x 540 Transducers SPLmax * Weight Sensitivity (1W / 1m) Freq. Range (-68 dB) Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 2x 10" + 3x 1.4" 2x 12" + 4x 1.4" Hybrid horn-loaded-, vented-, coaxial- and LineArray- enclosure design SMALL BUT MIGHTY! ance does not d ecn seod ton d



Iconic former art deco theatre and movie house in the heart of Miami is reborn into a high-end restaurant through DAS Audio and iDesign collaboration.

Below: The stunning interior at Queen Miami Beach is equipped with a DAS Audio sound system and a vast array of entertainment lighting fixtures.

Originally established in 1946 as a diverse theatre and premier movie destination, the Paris Theatre and its surrounding neighbourhood in Miami Beach faced several challenges during the 1970s. However, in the 1990s, it underwent a renaissance, being repurposed as a music and video production studio. Additionally, it became a sought-after backdrop for numerous renowned artists, including U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. Today, the Paris Theatre, an art deco masterpiece located on the city’s 5th Street corridor, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to the restoration efforts and creative reimagining by the Massa Investment Group, the venue has become the coveted home of Queen Restaurant and Lounge, one of the most exclusive dining destinations and hotspots in the neighborhood. In July 2020, the Massa Investment Group acquired the building for a significant sum of £13 million, paving the way for this exciting development.

The owner of the Massa Investment Group, Mathieu Massa, shared his ultimate vision for the venue. He envisioned the Paris Theatre as a vibrant hub that attracts a sophisticated, educated, elevated, and more mature clientele. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence, Massa aims to create an atmosphere that appeals to discerning individuals seeking a refined and elevated experience in the city.

By breathing new life into the historic Paris Theatre, the Massa Investment Group has successfully revived the 5th Street corridor. Today, it stands as a testament to the power of restoration and the potential for transforming spaces into thriving destinations that captivate and inspire.

Queen Restaurant and Lounge has solidified its place as a premier establishment in the neighborhood, drawing in a discerning clientele who appreciate the fusion of art, history, and culinary delights.

Extravagance was the defining feature of Queen’s installation. No expense was spared in creating a high-end, sophisticated restaurant and bar that boasts world-renowned DJs performing through a state-of-the-art DAS Audio E11EVEN Sound audio system. The lighting design, which incorporates Cameo, Robe, and Elation Professional fixtures, adds to the overall ambiance.

The concept for Queen was conceived by Michael Meacham of iDesign, while the design and execution were entrusted to John Fiorito, the National Sales Manager for DAS Audio Hospitality and Nightclub.

The audio system includes 16 E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio ES-10 10-inch systems, complemented by 46 DAS Audio DECO-6-TB two-way ceiling speakers.

What truly sets the system apart is its crystal-clear, powerful bass. The setup comprises a range of E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio ES-Series subwoofers, such as the ES-212 and ES-212.95 dual 12-inch cabinets, as well as the ES-221 dual 21-inch systems. These are accompanied by ESBR-18 bass reflex boxes and DAS Audio Quantum Series Q-10 compact installation subs.

DAS Audio and iDesign have enjoyed a successful collaboration on various projects in the past, including renowned Atlanta nightclub The Cheetah and Miami’s E11even. Michael Meacham reflects on their partnership, stating, “We have had a longstanding partnership with DAS Audio. I’ve known John Fiorito since the 1990s. When we work on large-scale projects like Queen together, there is always a great synergy and energy.”

The venue’s audio system, powered by DAS Audio EP-Series multichannel amplification, was installed by Guillermo ‘Willy’ Rodriguez of Willy Tech Services, with assistance from Koncept Systems. The system was meticulously tuned by DAS Audio


applications engineer Geovanni Ortiz, with additional adjustments made by John Fiorito. System drive and processing are handled by BSS BLU 160 DSP, with Crestron control programming expertly done by Santiago Riuz. Through the expertise of the audio team at E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio, the integration of sound into the venue’s rich architectural features is executed with precision, resulting in high-quality, well-balanced sound.

The interior design by Samy Chams is mediculousy crafted to cater to various atmospheres, whether it’s lounge music during dinner or a lively late-night setting, ensuring a perfect sound experience throughout each hour of operation.

Built in 1946 by the renowned art deco architect Henry Hohauser, preserving the venue’s former movie house characteristics was of utmost importance to the new owners during the two-year project.

Jillian Rio, the Project Manager for Massa Investment Group, emphasised the significance of maintaining the historic integrity and architectural charm of the Paris Theatre while also modernising it to meet the demands of contemporary fine dining and

nightlife. Striking the right balance between preserving its legacy and creating a fresh, opulent 21st-Century experience was their goal.

A team of talented designers and architects who shared this vision and understood the importance of honouring the venue’s historical significance was assembled. Principal Carlos Rodriguez from Modplay Studio collaborated with architect and designer Samy Chams to craft a space that exudes unparalleled elegance and allure.

The construction teams, led by Jillian Rio, Thiago Menezes, and Construction Manager Selin Susoy, were dedicated to conserving the building’s historical integrity. They also worked on the detailed interior lighting design in collaboration with Lux Populi.

For entertainment lighting, 22 Cameo Opus S5s take centre stage at the mezzanine and arch, providing dance lighting and elegant aerial looks, while six Robe Viva CMY’s are part of Robe’s remote follow spot system. Additionally, Elation Dartz fixtures are integrated into 48 individual ceiling domes surrounded by LED tape, and 12 Cameo Z300 strobes enhance the overall lighting setup.

Above: The grandiose main dining room is anchored by a medley of rich, textural focal points abound below a dome ceiling clad with custom articulating LED video petals.


IPControlandMonitoringthroughALMA SoftwareTM


System optimizationwithFIRfiltersthroughDASaim TM

Internalsystem processingat96kHz


8-Channel,ClassD amplifier,6000W RMS




1MeasuredMaximum SPLat1m usingburstnoise




System optimizationwithFIRfiltersthroughDASaim TM

Internalsystem processingat96kHz


4-Channel,ClassD amplifier3000W RMS





E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio comprising: 16 x ES-10, 46 x DECO-6-TB, ES-212, ES-212.95, ES-221, ESBR-18 bass reflex and Quantum Series Q-10 subs, EP-Series multichannel amplifiers, BSS BLU 160 DSP


1 x MALighting grandMA3 light, 2 x MALighting grandMA3 NPU, 3 x Cameo XNODE 8, 1 x Rosendahl Studiotechnik MIF4, 22 x Cameo OPUS S5, 6 x Robe VIVA CMY, 1 x Robe RoboSpot, 48 x Elation DARTZ 360, 12 x Cameo AURO SPOT Z-300, 1 x Robe RoboSpot MotionCamera, 1 x TC-Supply ShowKontrol, 1 x PreSonus Studio 1810, Qlab, 1 x Avolites Ai Q4 Media Server

The collective efforts of the audio team, designers, architects, and lighting experts have culminated in the meticulous restoration and enhancement of the venue. This transformation seamlessly combines historical charm with modern luxury, providing an unparalleled experience for all visitors.

The control systems utilised include an MA Lighting grandMA3 light console, an MA3 network processing unit, Avolites Q4 media server, Show Kontrol for Timecode, as well as the Robe Robo Spots. Incorporating a Robe follow-spot system, the venue offers enhanced versatility. With the ability to utilise any of the six Robe moving lights, such as the Viva CMYs, performers can be effortlessly followed through a remote system located in the booth. This eliminates the need for a traditional follow-spot operator, as the moving lights can be seamlessly controlled, providing dynamic tracking of individuals throughout the venue. Syncronorm’s D2 software played a vital role in the presentation and pre-visualisation process.

The grandiose main dining room features a captivating array of rich and textural focal points. Below a dome ceiling adorned with custom articulating LED video petals, an Avolites Ai media server, expertly set up and mapped by Ruben Laine of Creative Integration Studio, utilises UV mapping techniques to enhance the ceiling’s visual impact. To introduce a more theatrical element, a large 50U by 6U P3.9 LED video screen was installed. Custom video content, provided by DMDS7udio’s Scott Chmielewski, a three-time Emmy nominee for his work as LD for America’s Got Talent, adds a unique visual dimension to the space.

Every technical element was thoughtfully combined to create a truly immersive sensory experience for Queen’s guests. As owner Mathieu Massa describes, meticulous consideration was given to various elements to achieve this effect. Upon entering through the golden doors, guests are immediately captivated by the intricate details that await them. The entrance is adorned with a custom mosaic, painstakingly handmade in Italy, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and setting the tone for the luxurious experience that lies ahead.

Above, a magnificent mid-century brass chandelier from J.T. Kalmar casts a warm and inviting glow, enveloping the surroundings with its timeless beauty. The visual ambiance inside the venue is meticulously curated, with exquisite design, lighting, and captivating art installations such as Queen’s signature LED-panelled dome ceiling. Carefully curated playlists and live performances further enhance the space, filling it with enchanting soundscapes and evoking emotions that enhance the overall atmosphere.

Queen and the Paris Theatre have undergone much more than a simple restoration; they have become integral to the revival and rejuvenation of a legendary chapter in the city’s history, serving as a powerful symbol for its future. Since its inauguration in January 2023, the venue has stood as a beacon, radiating the renewed energy that flows through South Beach.

“The Paris Theatre holds a special place in Miami’s history, and Queen is undeniably one of the brightest stars in this vibrant district,” commented Fiorito. “The new owners spared no expense in remodelling and creating a world-class venue, and we were equally dedicated to crafting a sound system that reflects the meticulous attention to detail.”

Meacham added: “Working in a space with such a grand ceiling and remarkable volume is a rare opportunity. When you step into a venue like this, you can’t help but think, ‘This is the most stunning venue I’ve ever had the privilege to work in.’

“Mathieu Massa had a clear vision of what he wanted, and he entrusted us to bring it all together,” Meacham continued. “I vividly remember the opening night because, at that point, my role was complete – I had finished all the programming and training. As I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but raise my fist in victorious celebration, knowing that I was part of something truly extraordinary. It is genuinely breath-taking, and I say this without exaggeration, that it is one of the most exquisite venues I have ever been involved with.”


Cameo For Lumen Beings®

Lighting Design by iDesign Integration by Koncept Systems



S&L Integrated utilises EAW and DiGiCo to transform historic Nashville building into a one-ofa-kind event venue and theatre for the city.

Sitting proudly as a registered historic site in the Fifth Avenue Historic District of Nashville for its role in the Civil Rights movement, the former Woolworth building has recently been repurposed as an event venue and theatre, with a capacity of 750. Back in 2021, country music artist Chuck Wicks and partners 615 Ventures and investor and entrepreneur Rob Bellenfant acquired the building, with a view to turning into a Las Vegas-inspired space which could host music, acrobatics performances and comedy acts for the people of Nashville.

Enlisting locally based AV company S&L Integrated to design the venue’s audio system, an EAW Anna ADAPTive system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) was designed by Account Executive, Nathan Tomberlin and his team, with a DiGiCo SD12T console chosen for control.

The building’s notoriety stemmed from a landmark day in 1960, when a group of students began a non-violent movement at the dining counter of the Woolworth store to challenge the then enforced racial segregation. They seated themselves at the counter and refused to leave until they were served.

The resulting violent backlash, as well as the ensuing national and international media coverage, helped reinforce the nascent equalrights movement.

Now, after the transformation of the building – which included Wicks working with the Tennessee State Museum to honour its history and preserve the original storefront marquee – the venue functions as a multipurpose theatre.

When it came to the audio solution, Tomberlin knew that it wasn’t going to be straightforward from the moment he walked into the room. “From a sound design perspective, the room is very challenging,” he commented. “It has a very low and shallow balcony — from the stage to the back wall it’s only about 40ft deep. Rather than a traditional theatre which is long and narrow, this is the complete opposite. We also had the presence of glass in the balcony, which we could not touch due to the building’s

Photos by Brian McCord, Realty Pictures, LLC

historical status, so with that we knew we were going to have to throw back the audio and needed a system that could keep all our anticipated reflection issues to a minimum. I immediately thought about the Anna ADAPTive system from EAW.”

Tomberlin and his team designed a system featuring those loudspeakers in order for the sound to be directed away from the balcony face.

“We would still have audio coming towards the stage, but it provided a big enough dip or contrast to absolve the reflections that would cause a problem,” he confirmed. “In addition, since the room was being used for various other concerts and events, we needed to design a system that could not just cater to vocal performance, but also operate at up to 105dB with a country band in the room.

“It’s a very good feeling when the design and the actual measurements are spot on, as was the case for this project. We needed a pro rig, and the Annas provided that.”

The new EAW PA system installed at the theatre features six Anna boxes, with three speakers discreetly placed behind cut-outs on each side of the stage. Also included in the new system were JF60Zs for front fills, four SBX218s for subs under the stage, MKD1064s for side fill, MKD1026s for the outer balcony. RSX12M are utilised as floor monitors while UXA4410 DSP amplifiers driving the fronts and the out fills.

Although this project marked the first time using EAW’s ADAPTive PA, Tomberlin was familiar with the brand. “I had heard EAW’s ADAPTive products before and I knew that no one manages audio coverage like they do. EAW is really the only one that does it on a large scale and does it well. What made it even easier is that John Mills, whom I had worked with in the past, was now working at EAW. Also, HWPco had

picked up EAW as an AV systems partner in the area, so all the pieces fell into place perfectly and the decision to go with EAW was a no brainer.”

The audio is run over Dante through a DiGiCo SD12T digital console, which was carefully chosen by Tomberlin, who admitted they tried to balance the combination of high-performing technology with cost effectiveness when choosing products and systems.

“This was going to be a sizable theatre in downtown Nashville, used for house shows and additional promoted events. We wanted to make sure that everything was rider-friendly so that any touring show or artist would feel comfortable walking in and performing without the need to bring in outside lights and sound for concerts,” he explained. “That meant a brand like DiGiCo for sound – a platform that the industry is already familiar with and liked. The SD12T with the theatrical license was the perfect choice as it checked all the boxes.”

The console check those boxes in other ways, as well, as its compact form factor and footprint allowed it to occupy a small space in the theatre that didn’t sacrifice seats or operator functionality.

In addition, with the house PA and wireless microphone systems both using a Dante network, the SD12T was able to interface with that via an Appsys ProAudio Flexiverter, chosen by Tomberlin as a format-conversion interface between those platforms and the MADI-enabled desk. But both Tomberlin and Hayden Chipley, Technical Director and FOH Engineer at the venue, cited DiGiCo’s customer support as perhaps the console’s greatest strength. Noting one system glitch early in the installation, Tomberlin recalled that DiGiCo’s tech-support team not only had a new desk sent over the same day, but had a tech onsite

Put your equipment on a sound footing with a König & Meyer stand. Robust and durable, it will be your companion for a long time to come. Made in Germany from finest quality materials and according to our high-quality assurance standards. Rely on innovative designs and user-friendly functionality, plus a five-year warranty. Built To Inspire Made in Germany for 70 Years

to patch it in and had it ready for that evening’s performances. “They white-gloved the entire thing,” he said. “They’re not just supporting a product; they’re supporting a brand, and that’s what a customer wants to see.”

For Chipley, one major aspect behind choosing the desk was its dual functionality. “We chose the SD12T because it can handle theatrical and music production equally well,” stated Chipley. “It was important that we had a desk that could do both, with plenty of worksurface area, and yet also have a compact form factor and footprint to maximise the available space without compromising power and features.”

The venue hosted its first original production, Shiners, created by and co-starring Wicks, after it opened last October. “The SD12T is playing an important part in making the Woolworth Theatre an important venue in Nashville,” said Chipley.

There are good reasons for that. Chipley cited the SD12T’s ease of setting up and modifying EQ and dynamics profiles for each character in each production. “Even for understudies, which isn’t the easiest thing to do usually,” he explained. “You can make a copy of a profile and then edit it to perfectly fit any actor, even on short notice.”

He also cited how streamlined the snapshot process is on the console, as well as its workflow flexibility. “There are a ton of useful tools on it,” he said. “And I used all of them on Shiners, which combines dialogue, music and comedy. It’s a diverse show and the console handles it easily. And once another show joins the space we can swap profiles and snapshots between them instantly.”

When it came to the venue’s lights, Tomberlin worked with long-time Lighting Designer Peter Morse who had designed the lighting system, and had to make minor changes to what was specified because some of the equipment came in over budget. However, one item where no expense was spared was the choice of console.

“We put in a grandMA3 compact lighting console because it’s the industry standard,” said Tomberlin. “Again, as with the choice of the DiGiCo desk, we wanted to make sure that everything that we put into the venue is a well-known product to the industry, so that any country artist that comes through the door can take over the system using equipment that they are very likely to be familiar with.”

Behind the stage sits a 21.5ft by 11.5ft LED wall supplied by local manufacturer Uber Displays, which features a 2.6mm pixel pitch, and is fed content that can be scaled pixel to pixel to match the 2496 by 1344 custom resolution by a Resolume Arena media server. While no projects of this type are completed without the occasional hitch, Tomberlin sites that supply chain issues were the main challenges to overcome. “We had to work really closely with the manufacturers that we partnered with to keep on top of any problems that arose because of that,” he said. “That was probably the most stressful thing about the whole project.”

Above: Woolworth Theatre TD/ FOH Engineer Hayden Chipley (left) and S&L Integrated Account Executive Nathan Tomberlin at the venue’s new DiGiCo SD12T console.


feel the freedom

Bringing you a sensation of freedom has always been one of AYRTON’s most sincere promises.

For the first time in its history, AYRTON is launching a weather-sealed effects luminaire that offers as much creative potential indoors as outside.

This luminaire presents a minimalist design incorporating features for total protection against harsh weather with easier internal access, and its front window, made of highly resistant and exceptionally transparent polycarbonate with a V-0 protection rating, is designed to ensure optimal visuals.

By allowing for more precision and exactness, ARGO 6 add a breath of creativity. Rediscover a new sense of pure freedom.

EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE UK AMBERSPHERE SOLUTIONS LTD - Phone: +44 20 8992 6369 - - 6 Series - Source 19 RGBW LED Zoom aperture 4° to 56° IP Rating IP65 Frontal Lens 19 x 50 mm Weight 22 kg Lumens 13,000 9S 3S 6S


Honouring India’s rich artistic heritage, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is India’s newest art and culture landmark featuring a plethora of AV innovations.


Named after its Founder & Chairperson Mrs. Nita Ambani – Bharatanatyam dancer, educationist, philanthropist, businesswoman, and a patron of the arts – Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is a first-of-its-kind, multidisciplinary destination in Mumbai’s central district of Bandra Kurla Complex.

The venue officially opened on 31 March, 2023, with a three-day-long gala that unveiled the best of Indian heritage in the presence of the biggest Indian and global names including the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, as well as Nick Jonas, Zendaya and Gigi Hadid. Along with partners TVSdesign, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, BAi, Lighting Design Alliance, AECOM, ETC, Rose Brand, SERAPID, Wenger, WET, and many more, Theatre Projects supported the design of this vast new space as theatrical consultant with Michael Nishball, TP Principal, on hand as Project Manager.

As part of the Jio World Centre, located in the heart of India’s financial capital, the Cultural Centre adds to its list of existing precincts, with multiple world-class venues, including: The Grand Theatre, a 2,000-seat multipurpose theatre for the biggest Indian and international theatricals; The Studio Theatre, an intimate 250-seat space for cutting-edge performances; The Cube, a 125-seat space for

emerging artists and unique art forms; and a four-storey dedicated visual arts space in the Art House.

“TVSdesign was the architect and lead design firm of the project and has brought a multi-use complex to Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex with outstanding results,” said Nishball. “We all have valued this chance to acknowledge our partners in India, celebrate the achievement, and inform others who may be developing centres for culture and business.”

The standout facility is The Grand Theatre, with a design that borrows elements from Indian culture with an international appeal. It uses the lotus – India’s national flower that represents spirituality, knowledge and illumination – in the architectural composition to beautifully reference India’s vibrant heritage.

Designed by Steve Clem and Nick Wolfcale of TVSdesign, in collaboration with Brian Hall of Theatre Projects Consultants, The Grand Theatre is the most technologically advanced performing arts space of its kind in India. Three levels and 18 boxes fill out the hall, including an integrated Dolby Atmos Surround Sound and a Virtual Acoustic System along with a distinctive lighting system designed as an homage to India’s heritage.

The most eye-catching feature of The Grand Theatre is


its bespoke ceiling, with 17 large lotus petals custombuilt by Austrian company Waagner Biro. They feature a perforated arabesque pattern that is studded with no fewer than 8,400 Swarovski crystals, which themselves reflect light. The solid crystals also contain individually programmable RGBW+WW LED lighting fixtures, exclusively made by Eleva Escénica, which allows the canvas to appear in a whole new way. This pixel-mapping element, programmable by Madrix software and hardware, transforms the theatre’s centrepiece into a jawdropping theatrical-performance element.

LEDSCONTROL lent its expertise as lighting programmer, creative content creator, and technical control consultant for The Grand Theatre, using a custom server with Madrix 5 pro controller, 12 Madrix Luna 8 network notes and Madrix SMPTE for timecode synchronisation.

Mumbai-based distributor Integrated Entertainment Solutions (IES) provided solutions for the venue’s professional lighting needs, supplying over 100 Robe fixtures to The Grand Theatre’s inventory of more than 700 luminaires. Speaking about its involvement with the Cultural Centre, Rasesh Parekh, Founder and Proprietor of IES, explained: “We have been associated with the Centre from the very early stages, and this project is a labour of



1 x ETC Eos TI console, 10 x ETC 5 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC

Source 4, 75 x ETC 10 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4, 50 x ETC 14 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4, 75 x ETC 19 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4, 75 x ETC 26 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC

Source 4, 100 x ETC 36 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4, 10 x ETC 50 Degree Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4 (Iris and gobo holder), 25 x ETC 15/30 Degree Zoom Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4, 25 x ETC 25/50 Degree Zoom Ellipsoidal ETC Source 4 (gobo holder), 50 x ETC Par EA Fixture (Interchangeable lenses), 24 x ETC Par EA Fixture (Fixed lenses), 50 x Robert Juliat 6-inch Fresnel 1kw 310HF, 30 x Robert Juliat 8-inch Fresnel 2kw 329HF including: 8-inch bamboo (4 way), 5 x Robert Juliat 10-inch Fresnel 5kw 350HF Consisting of: 10” bamboo (4 way), 4 x Robert Juliat Follow spot Long Throw Aramis including GT400 Tripod Stand, 36 x ALTMAN SSCYC200 3K6K BK; Spectra cyc 200 Watt LED wash, 10 x Robe 1200 Watt ROBIN MMX Blade, 13 x Martin Lighting 1200 Watt Mac Encore Performance CLD Fixture, 44 x Robe T2 Profile, 38 x Robe T2 Fresnel


2 x Yamaha Rivage PM10, 1 x Yamaha CL5, 14 x d&b Audiotechnik Vi8 Tops (left array), 10 x d&b Audiotechnik Yi8 Tops (centre array), 14 x d&b Audiotechnik Vi8 Tops (right array), 5 x d&b Audiotechnik Vi Subs (left subs), 5 d&b Audiotechnik Vi Subs (right subs), 9 x d&b Audiotechnik E4 (front fills), 11 x d&b Audiotechnik E4 (orchestra fills), 6 x d&b Audiotechnik E6 (delay fills), 12 x d&b Audiotechnik M4 (stage monitors), 12 d&b Audiotechnik M6 (stage monitors), d&b Audiotechnik 30D amplifiers


22 x d&b Audiotechnik E8 loudspeakers, 4 x Audio-Technica ES933C microphones, 4 x Audio-Technica P12219 (ESE-ML)



1 x Christie CP4230 digital projector, 1 x Dataton

WATCHMAX media server, 1 x Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E, 1 x Leyard CLI LED screen

love that has taken nearly a decade from conceptualisation to realisation, thanks to the Ambani family’s endeavour to ensure that India has a world-class facility.”

A total of 44 Robe T2 Profiles are installed – the largest installation of this fixture anywhere in the world –alongside 38 Robe T2 Fresnel and 10 Robe Robin MMX. More than 80 Robert Juliat fixtures also feature, including four long throw Aramis follow spots, while an array of ETC Ellipsoidal Source 4 fixtures are also fitted inside the room. The Grand Theatre’s stage lighting system is controlled by an ETC EosTI desk, with 12,000 channels using DMX over Ethernet for DMX distribution.

The ETC Paradigm System, together with the ETC Echo relay panels, is used to switch between architectural and work lights, and allows for the control of house lights, blue lights, work lights and rehearsal lights. This can be controlled via the lighting desk or the Paradigm system, with its touch screens located in the lighting booth or at stage manager’s desk.

Harlequin Floors supplied over 500 sq m of Black Cascade and over 300 sq m of Liberty sprung flooring and accessories for The Grand Theatre. Harlequin Liberty is a modular panel-based sprung-floor system that features dual-density shock dampening elastomer pads, giving


uniform and consistent shock dampening across the floor. The panels join together quickly and simply using Harlequin’s proprietary ‘one turn of the key’ latch and lock mechanism, while Harlequin Cascade is a heavy-duty vinyl dance floor, with mineral fibre reinforcement for stability and durability.

Meanwhile, the 69 Titan hoist-powered fly bars by JR Clancy act as a high-performing hoist for flying scenic elements, production lighting and audio being designed for high capacities, travels, and speeds.

As well as the JR Clancy stage automation desk, the theatre is also equipped with an integrated chain motor control system featuring 42 Stagemaker chain motors that allow for rigging over the stage and much of the auditorium. One important aspect of the Theatre’s AV concept was a quality projection system for use during cinema events or if a production called for projected content, and so a Christie CP4230 digital projector was selected due to its ability to provide 3D images with ease of operation and maintenance, as well as display premium 4K content or 2D/3D feature films with high frame rates. A multi-display software to compose and manage all different media elements such as videos, still images, graphics and camera live feeds to be played back on multiple displays is facilitated by a Dataton WATCHMAX media server and a Blackmagic ATEM 2 ME switcher.

A large Leyard LED screen consisting of 240 CarbonLight CLI 2.6 panels is equipped with a fast and reliable

magnetic catch assembly, which ensures quick installation. The Grand Theatre’s PA is a d&b audiotechnik system with a L-C-R line-array, supplemented with stage front fills and under balcony delays.

The left and right arrays are made up of 14 Vi8 loudspeakers and 5 Vi subwoofers, with the centre array featuring 10 Yi Tops. A total of 20 E4 loudspeakers are distributed across the front and orchestra fills, with six E6 loudspeakers set up as delay fills.

Powered by 30d amplifiers, the system is networked through Dante enabled DS10 audio network bridges. Stage monitors are a mix of M4 and M6 models, while the venue also features a virtual acoustic system made up of 22 E8 loudspeakers and eight Audio-Technica microphones – four each of the ES933C and P12219 models.

A further 65 portable d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers are incorporated, which when set up and aligned with the more than 120 speakers that are purposefully mounted across the walls and ceiling of the venue, form a Dolby Atmos certified audio system.

The main PA system can also use additional d&b audiotechnik SL-SUBs at stage level to provide the extended low-frequency needed to enhance the listening experience and can also be used to complement the Dolby Atmos system.

Two Yamaha Rivage PM10 consoles are set up as the FOH and monitor desks, while a portable Yamaha CL5 can be utilised in their place for smaller events if required.

Left: The Studio Theatre at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre.
developed and
by BRC
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Johnnie Walker Princes

The venue features a portable Shure PSM 1000 inear monitoring system, which included 12 P10T dual transmitters and 24 P10R wireless receivers and SE535 earphones. The venue’s wireless communications is handled by a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Eclipse system, with FreeSpeak II wireless belt-packs allowing technicians to roam freely around the site while talking and listening to all, or selected members of the team.

The wired communications at the Cultural Centre is powered by a Clear-Com HelixNet Digital Network Party line intercom system.

Another statement space within the Cultural Centre is the technologically-advanced yet intimate 250-seater Studio Theatre, which features a telescopic seating system that allows quick and easy transformation depending on the needs of the event and allows for artistic flexibility and a Dolby Atmos integrated surround sound system.

The Studio Theatre also features a tension wire grid – the first-of-its-kind in India – which makes lighting and rigging during production much easier, helping save valuable time during production. Fully integrated video recording and production capabilities help complete the space.

An ETC lighting system is installed, with a range of Lustre Series 2 fixtures sitting alongside six Robe MMX Blade, 12 Martin Lighting Encore CLD and two Robert Juliat short throw follow spot, all controlled by an ETC Gio console. The FOH audio system consists of two d&b audiotechnik Vi10P loudspearkers and a Yamaha TF1 console.

A Shure Axient Digital Wireless Microphone system is

supplied while the room’s Hearing Assistance System consists of a Bosch INT-TX08 transmitter and four LLB 4511/00 Integrus Radiators.

Also within the Centre is the 125-seat Cube – an incubator of new talent and ideas that encourages and promotes emerging Indian artists. With flexible stage and seating arrangement, The Cube can be transformed to host a variety of performances, making it the go-to space for discovering innovative and emerging talent.

A similar lighting and audio inventory as The Studio Theatre is installed in The Cube, with the same Hearing Assistance System. Both The Cube and Studio Theatre are equipped with Christie Digital projectors, with a CP4220 in The Studio Theatre and a 12K1 DLP in The Cube.

Adding to the cutting-edge technology within the space is a fully integrated video recording and production setup and 5G connectivity, making filming and streaming live performances simpler.

The Cultural Centre also boasts a huge assortment of microphones across all its venues from a range of manufacturers including Shure, Sennheiser, DPA, Audix, AKG, Neumann, AEA, and Earthworks. There is also a large inventory of Konig & Meyer mic and music stands. The Centre’s dedicated four-storey space for visual art is the Art House. Envisioned as the epicentre of Indian and global art and designed as per global museum standards, it weaves the beauty of art into everyday narratives with a shifting array of artworks and exhibits by Indian and global artists. The Cultural Centre’s facade – which serves as the

Left: The smaller Cube Theatre. Above: A view of the boxes and the statement ceiling feature in The Grand Theatre.

backdrop to the iconic Fountain of Joy and as window to the world for Art House visitors – welcomes visitors with a larger-than-life cuff bracelet design, a nod to India’s rich heritage. While the Fountain brings revellers together, the distinctive architecture of the Art House sparks curiosity for deeper exploration. The space also lends itself well to tech programmes, workshops and educational events.

Serving as the Founder & Chairperson’s representative for the past nine years, TheatreDNA Principal and Co-Founder Benton Delinger has shepherded the project from design and construction and has overseen all start-up operations for this cultural landmark.

“Never before has there been a theatre building in India that could support international West End and Broadway tours,” explained Delinger. “This project has provided a wonderful place for these tours to finally come to India and perform in. It is also a wonderful place to showcase the immense cultural expression that is within India. India has many rich traditions in music, dance and spoken word. The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre has been built to accommodate all the different types of performances, and with the different size theatres and the attention to the needs of artists and patrons this venue will truly become a destination for all emerging and exciting talent.”

When asked about some of the challenges he faced during his time building the Centre, Delinger explained: “The hardest part of this project is that something of this scale was being built for the first time in the country. Therefore,

there was lack of local knowledge on how to build a high specification performing arts venue,” continued Delinger. “I spent a lot of time making sure that things were built properly, and when required showing the contractors how things should be done – especially techniques that they may not have seen before. I think that being on site full time with the full resources of the Reliance Projects team allowed us to solve these problems when they came up, and at the same time created a new knowledge base within India for future projects.”

Praising the Centre’s Bosch Assisted Listening system, Delinger described how the team resolved coverage problems within The Grand Theatre due to its grand size and geometry by increasing the number of emitters in the space and rearranging their positions. The venue’s completion marks the achievement of a “life-long dream” for Mrs. Nita Ambani who hope that the Cultural Centre helps “bind the community through the common thread of the arts” and “bring the best of India to the world and bring the best of the world to India.”

Aiming to make art “accessible to everyone”, Founder & Chairperson Mrs. Nita Ambani said: “For the past few years, my daughter Isha and I along with our team have immersed ourselves in this dream project. The NMACC is envisioned as a platform to spotlight Indian arts and culture at its best, both for the audience and the artists. A truly inclusive centre for performers and visitors, for dreamers and creators, for one and all.”



Creators and producers renowned and spectacular multimedia shows around the world, the latest outdoor permanent water and multimedia show by ECA2 is located in Vietnam, and features a versatile set-up that enables the venue to be used for a multitude of different types of events.

With the skilful design of a striking customised structure featuring embedded multimedia technologies, the Paris-based creative studio of international show producers ECA2 Group has created a spectacular outdoor theatre complex on a stunning stretch of coastline in southern Vietnam.

Real estate company Sun Group enlisted ECA2 to produce something special at their Sunset Town resort on the shores of Phu Quoc, and it was achieved with a complex setup, which includes the discreet integration of more than 30 Barco projectors, Modulo Pi media servers, an army of Robe moving lights, water and fire effects tailor-made by ECA2’s sister company Crystal, laser effects by LaserAnimation/LSE, an L-Acoustics sound system, and ECA2’s own show control architecture.

“It was a huge challenge to design, manufacture and install cutting-edge and tailor-made effects of monumental proportions for this project,” said Aurélien Bouvier, Technical Director, ECA2.

“For example, one aspect is the largest water-based screen ever designed, which measures over 1,000 sq m.”

For ECA2, the aquatic stage represents the biggest of any of its worldwide projects. The main arch is 30m tall and 65m wide, while the architecture can be lowered into the sea, submerging it to enhance the ‘island’ effect.

“We ensured the overall design of the project,” continued Bouvier, “and we had a team of designers for each specific aspect – the lights, water effects, audio system – these workings were then brought together for a final technical design.”

The ECA2 teams were tasked with implementing their ideas into an existing masterplan, with the Kiss Bridge already in situ and to be incorporated into their plan. The lead architect on the project, Erminio Serpente, designed the concept so that the Kiss Bridge and the sunset is visible for the audience during the show.

“We built the structure and the water pools in such a way that we can embed tailor-made effects in specific locations for the show, rather than building something and putting brackets to hang equipment on it,” stated Bouvier.

“Everything is embedded, so during the day, the equipment is not visible. Effectively we didn’t fit a show into a venue, we designed the venue for the show, so everything was conceptualised for the show and designed in a way that the technology can be

PHU QUOC / VIETNAM APAC Photos courtesy of Ralph Larmann

embedded inside it. The show control aspect, which is one element of our expertise, has been implemented so that they can take control of some of the effects, and everything is easy for them to apply for their own use.” continued Bouvier.

Feeding the video projectors is an integrated platform by Modulo Pi, featuring a Modulo Kinetic media server, with three Kinetic Designer workstations connected to five Kinetic V-Nodes, each with six outputs. Within the software is a user interface section, allowing for the customisation of control, which gives the user access to specific functions and trigger tasks such as turning on projectors, or launching the show directly from a connected and compatible device.

“When it comes to projects like this, we are on site for as long as it is necessary in order to deliver a successful job for the client,” said Emmanuelle Charotte, VP Business Development, ECA2. “The main phases for this project were the concept, schematic and detailed design, procurement, programming, operation and training.

“Our core expertise is permanent installations, and we do also produce live events, as long as they have some sort of a creative and technical challenges. We’ve been doing permanent shows such as this around the world for the past thirty years. We currently have ten permanent shows running every night worldwide, all operated by a local team we have been training.”

For Bouvier, using familiar products from manufacturers he trusts was an important element to the project.

“We have worked with L-Acoustics for a long time and have a very good relationship with them,” he said. “Our audio acoustician is a specialist with L-Acoustics technology and their L-ISA spatialised capabilities, and

theirs is a product that we know is reliable. Also, we worked alongside Robe to add a new feature to their fixtures, which is working well for this project, and will soon be added to every Robe product going forward. This is a common theme with our productions – we work closely with the manufacturers to deliver exactly what we need for certain situations. It takes a long time, but it is worth it.”

All the water features are designed and manufactured internally.

“Everything with regard to the special effects in the water and pyrotechnics was designed and tailor-made for the project,” said Bouvier. “When we start to design a show, we have a blank page and only an idea of the technical visual effects or cinematography. Then we develop the effects alongside the architecture.”

Charotte added: “We started the production of water screens and Cascade Screens© for a huge show called The “BIG-O” – the icon of the Yeosu Expo site in South Korea. For that project, we couldn’t achieve what we wanted with a regular water screen, so we developed and manufactured products that allowed us to project the content how we wanted. We have seen it referred to as a ‘hologram effect’ because we use different layers of water, and the resolution is incredible. Since then, we have been developing specific water screens for each project, and the Cascade Screen© that allows us to project at a certain resolution onto the water is a game-changing technology.”

One specific challenge for this project was the exclusive use of sea water for all the elements of the show that involve water.

“There are two challenges that come with using sea water – the first is the fact that we have to extract the water from the sea to fill the pool, and so we designed all the technical filling and emptying systems,”

Watch the video WWW.FBT.IT

explained Bouvier. “This allows us to fill and empty the pools in two hours, but this was a huge challenge as we needed to use a 400m pipe out to sea, to be sure that the water we use is as clean as possible. The sea salt is actually a good thing for us because we don’t need to use any filtration, because there are no bacteria in sea water.”

Bouvier and the team specified a dedicated stainless steel, which is developed specifically for use with sea water, to be used across the facility. “A tricky aspect to this project was the windows which the light and laser effects beam out of,” continued Bouvier.

“As soon as the water dries on those windows, it can leave a salty residue on them, which can affect the quality of the effect passing through it, so being able to keep the quality in place by being able to clean those windows is important. There are a lot of small windows, and cleaning them is a challenge.

“Another challenge is the fact that there is so much water involved – jets are coming from on top of and behind the structure, and the amount of water coming down on the enclosed fixtures can be too much, even for a waterproof enclosure. So, when we throw that water up, there is a huge amount coming down, both within the arch and in the technical area, so we needed to design the layout in a way that it could withstand that kind of water-based environment.”

The project’s overall control system is custom made by ECA2, with a user-friendly interface design for the benefit of the end user. There is a setting for the main ‘Kiss the Stars’ show, and settings for equipment testing and for monitoring atmosphere levels such as temperature and humidity levels – which is controllable remotely via the ECA2 team. The show’s lights are programmed using an MA Lighting grandMA console, which is then played back via the Modulo Kinetic media server.



24 x Flame Generators


34 x 2D Focus Jets in Pools With LEDs, 20 x 2D Focus Jets in Black Hole with LEDs, 8 x 2D XL Jet in Pools & Black Holes with LEDs, 8 x 3D Jet in Pools with LEDs, 16 x Straights Jets with LEDs, 7 x Geysers Units with LEDs, 4 x Mist Series, 1000 sq m Cascade Screen©


9 x Barco 40k projectors, 22 x Barco 19k projectors, Modulo Pi Kinetic media server: 3 x Modulo Kinetic Designer, 5 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node


40 x Robe Forte Spot, 32 x Robe Mega Pointe, 1 x MA

Lighting grandMA console, 2 x LaserAnimation PHAENON XD 15500, 3 x LaserAnimation PHAENON XD 30000


20 x L-Acoustics K1 loudpspeakers, 12 x L-Acoustics KS28 subwoofers, 16 x L-Acoustics KIVA II loudspeakers, 4 x L-Acoustics X8 loudpeakers


“This project was designed for the ‘Kiss The Stars’ show, but we created a second interface within the servers, so the clients are able to run certain elements of the technology in a customised way,” said Bouvier. “It’s a truly versatile setup because the clients are able to host private events at the location, in addition to the regular show.”

ECA2 worked with Modulo Pi to produce a server that had the capability to do everything that was required of the show, including its hard drive capacity and the input and output requirements.

“With every manufacturer that we worked with for this project, we do not have their regular product – there is a customised element to every item,” confirmed Bouvier.

‘Kiss the Stars’ has been opened, only in its multimedia version, since December 2022, and is presently under finalisation, with the full opening planned for the end of 2023, in its full hybrid cast and multimedia version, and Sun World Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad Loxley, is delighted with the finished project.

“The timing of the ‘Kiss The Stars’ show allows guests to admire a stunning pre-show, courtesy of mother nature as the sun sets into the south Phu Quoc sea, which is framed by the show’s gigantic arches and the picturesque Kiss Bridge in the background,” said Loxley.

Daan Duijm, Sun World Group Director of Operations & Set Up, said:

“The ‘Kiss the Stars’ show is not just pushing boundaries in Vietnam, but worldwide. From the 1,000 sq m Cascade Screen©, to the almost 300 special effect fixtures, guests will be impressed by the iconic arches and immersed in a world-class show experience.”

grandMA console located in the show control room is used for special events held at the site, so the local team can manually control the light fixtures when needed.
BUSINESS 85 BUSINESS | WWW.MONDODR.COM 86 MONDO-DR AWARDS 2023 88 SHOW REPORT InfoComm, Orlando, USA 96 SHOW REPORT Integrate Middle East, Dubai, UAE 97 SHOW REPORT Prolight+Sound Guangzhou, China 98 SHOW REPORT Saudi Light & Sound Expo, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 102 SHOW REPORT PALM Expo, Mumbai, India 106 COMPANY PROFILE Bose Professional 108 IN DISCUSSION Digital Projection 110 PRODUCT GUIDE Moving Heads 118 SHOW PREVIEW 120 IN DETAIL Yamaha 122 IN DETAIL Alcons Audio 124 IN DETAIL Renkus-Heinz 126 PRODUCT DIRECTORY



This year’s InfoComm witnessed 700 exhibitors showcasing the brightest and best AV products and solutions, with almost 30,000 verified attendees from 115 different countries walking the show floor across the three days. Official reports confirmed that 20% of the visitors came from overseas, and 37% were first-timers to InfoComm. The vibe among exhibitors was largely positive, with many reporting impressive footfall on their stands every day.

Clear-Com demonstrated its IP-based Arcadia Central Station and highlighted new product features in its flagship Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Intercom System, including Dynam-EC real-time production software, role-based workflows, and a new desktop touchscreen panel. InfoComm was an important show for Fulcrum Acoustic as its new

Fulcrum Immersive division debuted its hardware and software tools in the company’s first ever demo room at the show. The company is the USA distributor for Belgian amplifier manufacturer APEX, with APEX products featured on the Fulcrum Acoustic booth and the demo room, and the new APEX CloudPower Dante-equipped power amplifiers made their USA debut at the show.

Q-SYS demonstrated its new PL Series of installation loudspeakers, a portfolio designed to enhance any Q-SYS system in a range of applications, including auditoriums, houses of worship, theatres, small sports venues and more, and includes a wide range of form factors including line array, point source and subwoofer. Christie showcased its range of AV solutions, from projection and LED and LCD displays to a preview of Christie Hedra, a powerful new video wall processor. “We were thrilled to return to InfoComm and meet old friends and new acquaintances in person and discuss how Christie’s powerful and customisable solutions can meet their needs,” said Arlonna Seymour, Executive Director, Corporate Marketing, Christie. Pliant Technologies unveiled its the latest addition to the MicroCom family, the MicroCom 900XR Wireless Headset, which combines the sound, range, and price point of MicroCom XR with the comfortable fit, exceptional noise isolation, and flip-up microphone muting technology of the SmartBoom PRO headset, all without the wire.

6 7 8 10 12

Absen showcased its top-performing products across a variety of product lines including Data Visualisation, Virtual and Live Production and Absen iCon, and all-in-one LED screen for conferencing to help users better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decisionmaking. There was also a hands-on interactive area featuring the Polaris (PL V10), Mars (MR), Venus (VN), and Jupiter (JP) series.

“InfoComm 2023 provided a fantastic platform for us to connect with industry professionals and showcase our latest LED innovations,” said Stephanie Carten, Marketing Manager, Absen. “We were proud to demonstrate our commitment to delivering cutting-edge products that empower businesses and enhance visual experiences.”

Digital Projection introduced two new laser projectors at the show, the M-Vision 27000 WU, which boasts 27,000 ISO lumens output and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and the newest member of the TITAN family, the TITAL 41000, which delivers up to 47,000 lumens at WUXGA and 41,000 lumens at 4K-UHD.

AtlasIED demonstrated its new IsoFlare ceiling loudspeakers in one of the show demo rooms, the first product developed by the company as part of its investment in Fyne Audio.

Meanwhile, LEA Professional showcased its range of audio solutions, including its SharkWare control software, which was demonstrated in North America for the first time.




Dwayne Slack of Adamson. 2 Stephanie Frey and Amanda Dooley of Shure. 3 Micah Bermudez and Frank Ren of Absen. 4 Bernice Cramer and John Maier of Bose Professional. 5 Members of the Linear Research team on their stand. 6 Eric Huber of Blaze Audio. 7 Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics. 8 Peter Stauber and Ryan Osterlindof Green-Go. 9 The CHAUVET Professional stand. 10 Mark Ravenhill of GLP. Angela Ciocioloof Fulcrum Acoustic. Marc Lopez and Brad Maiden of d&b audiotechnik. 13 William Bear and Tony Politz of Crimson AV. 14 Members of the digiLED team on their stand.
3 89 5
15 Jose Leon and Julia Mannarino of 1 Sound.
4 9 13 1415

K-Array returned to InfoComm and launched its latest technology in the form of a fully connected software suite, with new software offerings that complement its hardware and enhance user experience.

INFiLED prominently featured many LED display solutions across its main areas of concentration – live events/rental and staging, fixed installations, as well as XR and virtual production, and unveiled its new ‘Screen Your Dreams’ campaign. L-Acoustics demonstrated its L-Series and L-ISA 3.0 in one of the many audio rooms, while on its booth, it showcased its Soka column loudspeakers. d&b audiotechnik demonstrated a Soundscape experience and hosted a networking seminar on Milan in its demo room, while new to InfoComm for the company was HeadroomCalc, the latest update to the ArrayCalc software.

ACT Entertainment presented lighting controls from Amsterdam-based manufacturer Visual Productions to its US customers, including the brand’s latest solution, RdmRelay, as well as its CueCore3 and TimeCore products.

AV Stumpfl presented its Flex Black PRO screen surface material for the first time in the USA and also highlighted new features of the upcoming PIXERA media server system 2.0. The Austrian company presented its AnyShape technology, which makes it possible for AV professionals to order customised projection screens with a large variety of frame shapes.

Epson highlighted its 3-chip 3LCD laser projector portfolio and demonstrated its new PowerLite L series with 4K Enhancement2 for the first time in the region.

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) showcased its new MKD526 two-way full-range dual-woofer loudspeaker – both on its booth and in the demo room. The passive loudspeaker is engineered to deliver output, fidelity and reliability.

90 EXPO - INFOCOMM 2023 | WWW.MONDODR.COM 1 7 2 5 3 4 9 8 6
1 The Digital Projection stand with VIOSO. 2 Mark Bishop of LynTec. 3 David Glaubke of HARMAN. 4 Guy Low of Bosch. 5 Teria Lee and Rog Mogale of Void Acoustics. 6 Members of the Renkus-Heinz team. 7 Jeffrey Horan, Daniella Kohan and Sonia Ochani of Sennheiser. 8 Steve Capling of Christie. 9 Solveig Busler of Schnick Schnack Systems.

Versatile | High-quality | Discreet CM Series speakers

High-quality sound, o ering flexible installation options - making them perfect for hospitality and commercial spaces

CM-S54T, CM-S56T, CM-S58T

Full-range surface mount loudspeakers

¥ Soft dome tweeter delivers short-throw, high-definition high frequencies

¥ New Vortex Bass Accelerator technology for warm bass

¥ Flexible 8 ohm impedance

¥ Dust and water resistant (IP54-rated)

¥ Available in black or white



¥ Compact cabinet with floor and wall mounting options

¥ Newly developed Vortex Bass Accelerator technology for rich, punchy bass

¥ Flexible 8 ohm impedance

¥ Available in black or white

CM-C54T, CM-C56T

Ceiling Speakers

¥ Crystal-clear sound in a discreet embedded design

¥ Newly developed 3/4 inch tweeter

¥ Flexible 16 ohm impedance

¥ Magnetic fluid field design driver

¥ Available in black or white

Adamson Systems Engineering put its FletcherMachine in the spotlight, setting up an immersive audio system using ten Adamson IS5c ultra-compact two-way integration-ready coaxial loudspeakers.

Obsidian Control Systems put forward its new NETRON installation solutions and its first IP65 rated data distribution range at the show. Also highlighted was the latest software expansion of the ONYX control platform.

Nanolumens had extended presence at the show, as in addition to its main booth, it presented a new experience called Ethereal Entities for AVIXA’s Interactive Experience, created by Moment Factory, utilising Nanolumens dvLED screens.

Alcons Audio returned to InfoComm with its Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, partnering with FLUX technologies and their SPAT Revolution immersive platform, with DiGiCo providing a Quantum 338 console package, and Mega-Lite providing lighting, video and truss systems.

LynTec debuted its new LCRP-12 Lighting Control Relay Panel, which builds on the reliable lighting, sequencing, and power control features of the company’s legacy LCRP-10 relay panel with a critical redesign that delivers additional cost savings and features, including compatibility with any DMX control system.

Renkus-Heinz announced the launch of its latest innovation in beam-steering technology – OmniBeam – which revolutionises its steerable product line. The new OmniBeam algorithm replaces the previous ‘best-fit’ approach of UniBeam to now deliver unmatched sound and coverage for 100% of venues, with less time and knowledge required than ever before.

1 Regis Cazin of Arbane Group. 2 TJ Smith of EAW. 3 Mark Lahey of SE Electronics 4 Tom Knesel of Powersoft. 5 Justin Knox of RGBlink. 6 Eric Loader of Elation Professional. 7 The Wharfedale Pro team.
3 4 8 6
8 Chris Barrow of Biamp.


REAN delivers a comprehensive range of connectors featuring ultra-robust, high-reliability designs that promise unrivalled cost-performance ratios. THE SMART WAY TO CONNECT

Powersoft debuted its next generation cloud-based amplifier platform Unica in the United States. Unica represents a significant milestone in Powersoft’s development of IoT devices with cloud-native connectivity and remote monitoring functions without the need for any specific product registration or configuration.

Ross Video launched its new “Let’s Make it Real” brand platform, which showcases the company’s commitment to customer imagination and enables the transformation of ideas into reality. It serves as an invitation to customers, partners, and industry professionals to challenge conventional thinking, imagine the extraordinary, and collaborate with Ross to bring their creative visions to life.

Shure showcased conferencing initiatives from its Microflex Ecosystem and Stem Ecosystem on its booth, while in their meeting room space

Shure experts hosted technical discussions and highlighted collaborative solutions with their industry partners.

The industry was out in force and the floors were busy every day. With the audio demo rooms in close proximity to the main floor a steady flow of visitors passing back and forth was maintained, and this certainly felt like an InfoComm of old, with packed stands, new technologies on display and bustling walkways. It gave another clear indication that the industry is returning to its pre-pandemic levels of productivity. Next year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas will be held from 12 – 14 June.

94 EXPO - INFOCOMM 2023 | WWW.MONDODR.COM 1 7 2 5 3 4 9 8 6
1 Frank Luppino of Blizzard. 2 The Panasonic stand. 3 The Yamaha stand. 4 Jordan Feil of Navori Labs. 5 Kurt DeYoung of Nanolumens. 6 Becky Bates and Simon Browneof Clear-Com. 7 Destin Klug of ACT Entertainment. 8 Members of the YesTech team. 9 Gary Rosen of Pliant Technologies.

Simple, secure remote lighting control

+44 (0)20 7471 9449 @pharoscontrols 272 Gunnersbury Avenue London, W4 5QB United Kingdom
Save valuable time and the financial and environmental costs of site visits with Pharos Cloud , a simple and secure remote lighting control and management solution for your lighting installations. Access from any Internet-connected device, anytime, anywhere in the world.
Tana Bridge, Norway Image: © Frank Martin Ingilæ

1 Jaswinder Guleria of Absen.

2 Khalid Sweidan and the ROE Visual team.

3 Kevin Boujikian of Provision AVL.

4 Mahesh Singh of Christie.

5 Benny Peng of YesTech.

6 Simon Westland of Blackmagic Design and Riad Obaid of Media Cast.

7 Lesley Dong of Ledman.

8 Samer Otaibi of INFiLED

9 Hisham Abdulla Mohd Al Shirawi of Oasis Enterprises.


DUBAI, UAE / 16 - 18 MAY, 2023 EMEA

The inaugural Integrate Middle East was held alongside the long-running broadcast show CABSAT, and gave the pro AV community the opportunity to showcase their solutions in an already established setting. The feedback from the show floor was overwhelmingly positive as many manufacturers and distributors collaborated to great effect to create inviting booth designs and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

With a stand that incorporated an 18m by 4m (8k) LED display, which covered almost half of the wall at one end of the hall, Absen was one of the show’s most prominent exhibitors. “To exhibit on such a large scale at the show was really worthwhile from our perspective,” said Jaswinder Guleria, Industry Development Director MEA, Absen. “We decided to highlight our premier products for virtual production – the Polaris PL 2.5mm with high refresh rate screen, and rental and staging – the Neptune NT2.6mm with corner protection and two panel sizes for flexible setup, in order to showcase our latest capabilities across our major markets. We followed the event’s dual theme across Integrate Middle East and CABSAT, with product selections to showcase both the ‘big’ and the ‘new’ in terms of Absen’s offerings for the relevant sectors.”

ROE Visual used the show as an opportunity to announce the opening of its new subsidiary office in Dubai, which marked another milestone in the company’s ongoing international expansion, enabling the company to further drive growth in the region.

The BenQ stand was busy as their team demonstrated their products across a myriad of markets. “We wanted to create an environment that would really bring our products to life and give people the opportunity to interact with them in a more meaningful way,” said Deepak Singh, Business Development Manager, BenQ Middle East. “The way we exhibited gave our customers the opportunity to explore the products in an engaging way, allowing them to gain a better understanding of how they can improve their lives, with the goal for them to see first-hand how our technology can make their lives easier and more enjoyable.”

VUEAV showcased cutting-edge displays and collaborative and processing technology solutions from some of their partners, which include Christie Digital Systems, AV Stumpfl, PIXERA and Hall Technologies, while GSL Professional highlighted products and solutions by many of its brands, including Genelec, Panasonic and Audio-Technica.

Next year’s Integrate Middle East show takes place from 21 – 23 May.

1 7 4 8 9 5 6 3


Dimming the lights on May 25, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2023 (PLSG) has illuminated a strong outlook for the global entertainment and pro AV industry, with a significant 61% increase in visitors reaching 85,046 – a new high. The four-day show also featured over 50 fringe events and showcased 1,403 exhibitors, representing a 35% growth from the previous edition. According to the organisers, the enthusiastic response underlines PLSG’s status as an indispensable platform for both local and international industry players. This year’s show once again went beyond just showcasing the latest advancements in entertainment and pro AV technologies to also highlight the vast potential applications of these solutions in a variety of industries: from construction and the commercial sector, to cultural tourism and personal use. The Recording and Production Zone, for example, was strategically separated out from other business areas this

year to help industry players capitalise on rapid growth in the personal recording market.

In tandem with this, as the cultural and entertainment industries make a full recovery, markets such as concerts, stage performances and cultural tourism are flourishing. As a result, the PLS Unicorn Series was once again a highly popular attraction at the fairground, illustrating its position as a leading benchmark for showcasing excellence in the industry. The immersive experiences created by the pro AV solutions, media art and stage installations captivated audiences and demonstrated new standards for what’s possible in the world of events and live performances. The next edition will take place from 23 – 26 May 2024 in Areas A and B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. For more information please visit or email

1 PLS Unicorn Series: Xtage – The Journey of Time. 2 Spark Rebirth: Immersive Interactive Showcase. 3 PLS Unicorn Series: Immersive Entertainment Space. 4 The DAS Audio Group S.L booth. 5 International visitors at PLSG. 6 The Harman International booth.
1 2
7 The Yamaha booth.






The Middle East’s AV industry is going through a transformation and the emergence of Saudi Arabia is gradually changing the landscape in the region.

The country is aiming to transition from its oil-based economy into a more mixed offering, with tourism and entertainment a particular focus. With huge infrastructure projects like NEOM and Qiddiya being built, offering completely new destinations within the country for both native Saudis and overseas tourists to visit, this has created a whole new market and need for products and services within the Middle East.

Aiming to act as the conduit for suppliers, DMG Events in Dubai launched the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo, aimed at the theme park market, and in 2022, the co-located Saudi Light & Sound Expo also launched. In its second iteration this year, SLS Expo showed some remarkable growth, with 59 exhibitors on the show floor, which was a net floor space increase of 110% on last year.



1 Fadi Costantine of Sennheiser with Ismat Assafiri of Venuetech. 2 Peter Prokopcak and Dusan Navara of Kvant. The Hilights Event Solutions stand. Mark Payne of ER Productions. The Prince AV team. Silvio Bartolo of Huda Media & Events.
1 98 EXPO - SAUDI LIGHT & SOUND 2023 | WWW.MONDODR.COM 2 3 4 5 6 7
Members of the SLS Production team showcasing their Super Structure Equipment.

The exhibitors were a varied mix of local and international distributors, rental companies and a few manufacturers.

Visitor numbers saw a year-on-year increase of 57%, with a total attendance of 4,693 (excluding exhibitors). The attendees included 28% from outside of the KSA – and there was a very large presence of UAE based companies at the show. The programme included a full conference schedule running on the show floor, with talks on all aspects of the industry.

Notable speakers included Koert Vermeulen of ACT Lighting Design; Mark Reeves of Six Flags, Qiddiya; and Mark Jan Kar from Coca-Cola Arena. Next year’s show will be moving to The Riyadh Front Centre – a larger exhibition hall which, based on this year’s growth, will certainly be required. Judging by the number of overseas manufacturers visiting this year, it’s a guarantee they will start booking floor space to capitalise on this nascent market.

Make sure to save the date for next year’s show –7–9 May, 2024.

1 The MediaPro International team. 2 Andrea Granata of Meyer Sound with Alice Macaluso of Venutech and Andrew Nu of Kraftwerk Living Technologies. 3 Members of the Robe team. 4 The GSL Professional team. 5 Laurant Rossion, Patrick Awouters and Arnaud Meulemeester of Laser Systems Europe. 6 Stefan Zubovic and Audrey Houle of Pixmob. 7 Claypaky 360 Experience’s Olivier Monod de Froideville, Claypaky’s Alberico Damato and ACT Lighting’s Koert Vermuelen.
3 6 8 7 5 4 1 2
8 The Protec team.
FIND OUT MORE AT FUNKTION-ONE.COM Extraordinary Design. Extraordinary Performance.


MUMBAI, INDIA / 25 – 27 MAY, 2023 EMEA

Justin Gawne reports from the show floor of this year’s PALM Expo...

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the PALM Show in Mumbai, nearly 10 years. So, I thought I’d better drop in and see how the show has progressed over the years, and in the post COVID-19 world.

Held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, a venue which was past its best even on my first visit, the show was certainly busy. Organisers Hyve stated a total of 27,786 attendees, of which 21,659 were unique visitors.

The crowds outside were such that we couldn’t get our badges because they had to stagger the admissions – obviously a good sign, but being stuck out in the Mumbai heat probably didn’t please everyone. On top of this, the floor space had grown from my last visit and it now took up three halls – Pro Audio in 1, Pro AV in 2, and Lighting in 3.

Hall 1 was the largest and had most of the big Indian distributors in situ showing just about every major audio brand available, as well as international lighting brands they carried.

Indian loudspeakers companies were also present in abundance as the size of, and price sensitivity of the Indian market, does allow for domestic manufacturing to flourish, but strangely similar to Brazilian manufacturers, these products don’t seem to travel beyond the domestic market. Hall 3 mainly consisted of lighting distributors, and if you ever needed free laser

1 Aditya Deokar and Mawesh Deokar of Pinto Electronics.

2 The Adamson team on its stand.

3 Alex Bryan from Fenix Stage.

4 James Baker and Ian Staddon of Digico.

5 Pankil Ahuja and colleague of Claypaky.

6 Ashish Menta of Star Dimensions.

7 Davinder Wadhwa, his son, Menze van de Sluis of Sixty82, and Sofia of Antari.

8 The Meyer Sound team on the Sun Group stand.

9 Rasesh Parekh and the IES team on their stand.

10 Aarambh Dewaskar and colleague of Ansata.

1 3 2 7 6 5 10 4 102 EXPO - PALM EXPO 2023 | WWW.MONDODR.COM 7 8 9


The latest addition to the beam projectors range, Baracca 360 has a 260W laser source. Thanks to its 130mm lens, Baracca 360 provides an illumination of 159,000 lux at 20m for an aperture of 1.7° and produces an extremely present beam in space. Baracca 360 incorporates a CMY trichromatic color system, a 17 colors wheel, a 19 fixed gobos wheel, 2 combinable prisms and a frost. Its infinite Pan/Tilt movements supported by CK EFFECT technology will allow you to achieve complex and original effects in unparalleled speed. +33 1 48 63 11 79

eye surgery, here was your chance to try it out! Most of the distributors had Chinese OEM products on display, but there were a few Indian lighting manufacturers, too; if memory serves me, this was the first time I’d seen this. Hall 2 was billed separately as the AV-ICN show and had a mix of LED screen and projector distributors. This hall and branding was a nod to the more AV integration market and consisted of projection mapping displays and collaborative space features. Obviously this space was quieter by design, but also in attendees, even though it was situated between the other two halls. The show also featured demos with HARMAN India taking a huge demo space between halls and also Coda and Pequod utilising outside demo stages. Organisers Hyve were also running a conference covering studio sound, live sound, lighting and AV topics. A lighting design showcase was presented on the show floor by SSL Media Technology Solutions. And on the second night, Hyve presented their annual PALM Sound and Light Awards. Overall, the show was bustling and exhibitor feedback was pretty positive on the quality of attendees, and showed the Indian market to be fairly robust in the install and live events market.

I’d question the AV-ICN part of the show and feel it’s been added to counter InfoComm India – something I don’t think they need to worry about as PALM has its niche in the entertainment technology side and should look to grow that. As ever, trade shows trying to corner every sector sometimes lose focus and end up disappointing exhibitors and confusing attendees.

1 Peter Peck of Wharfedale Pro and its distributor.

2 Saeesh Nevrekar of LIFTKET India.

3 Pankaj K Singh and colleague of Bosch.

4 Dave McKinney and the Generation AV team with Adrian Ickeringill of Sonance and Ian Wright of HH Electronics.

5 Jakub Butrym of Flash Butrym and Sathya Prabhu of VL Ventures.

6 The K-Array team on their stand.

7 KC Pant of Sun Group with Hakan Sjoo of Audiofocus.

8 Davinder Wadhwa with Franco Zaghini of MALighting.

9 Members of the HiTech team on their stand.

10 Jayesh Darekar of SEPL Visual Solutions.

11 Royal Peter of Leksa Lighting Technologies.

12 Ikram of Lotus with David Ganske of Astera.

13 Hanslee Lim and Wouter Verlinden of Martin Professional on the Harman India stand.

13 8 4
1 2 3 5 6 7 9 1011 12 EXPO - PALM EXPO 2023 | WWW.MONDODR.COM 104


Earlier this year, Bose Corporation announced the sale of its Bose Professional division to private equity firm Transom Capital Group (Transom), effectively making Bose Professional its own standalone company. Soon after, Transom appointed John Maier as CEO of Bose Professional. Here, Maier discusses his background in the industry, his role in the transition, and the ideas, vision and excitement he has for Bose Professional moving forward.

Left: The new PowerShareX adaptable power amplifiers build on the success of the existing PowerShare amplifier range, providing even higher power levels and enhanced features, making them the perfect complement to Bose Professional loudspeaker systems.

Right: Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, completed its renovation in 2022. The Cathedral moved from a pew-back audio system to an integrated solution consisting of MSA12X steerable array loudspeakers and DesignMax loudspeakers. This ensured both music and spoken word were rich and clear throughout the sanctuary and balcony, while also blending into the nearly century-old architecture.


“Bose Professional has been a part of Bose Corporation for more than 50 years, and I like to joke internally that in a way Bose Professional has been something of a ‘pirate ship’ within Bose, because it is a very specific channel with specific customers, yet there is a lot of brand crossover. Consumers of headphones or home speakers may recognise the Bose name on products used in restaurants, hotels or stadiums, but those products and its customers are very different because it’s a very technical sale.

A few years ago, Bose Corporation made the decision to sell the Professional division –quite a big deal since it’s not often a leading global brand sells off a successful part of itself. Transom Capital Group was the partner selected, and effective 1 April of this year, Bose Professional is owned by Transom. Since then, we have worked quickly in the background to move through the steps required to carve out Bose Professional as an independent company.

Throughout my career, I have held various positions including CEO of Blue Microphones and TC Group Americas, where we built several brands including Tannoy, LabGruppen, TC Electronic and Lake. I then had the opportunity to join Transom as an operating partner for several years overseeing Mackie before they asked me to lead Bose Professional – a chance I jumped at because the idea of focussing my attention on a brand that I really admire was very exciting.

At this point, we are three months into being an independent company. And while we are still working with Bose Corporation, we are adding operational resources and have rounded out our leadership team including the appointment of Mark Ureda to the Board of Directors. Mark brings nearly four decades of experience across a variety of strategic leadership roles, including many of them in the pro-AV industry.

Transitioning away from Bose Corporation like this enables us to make sure there is no disruption of business so we could ship and deliver products to our customers – and so far the process is going very well.

For us to be fully focussed on our own destiny is important and I have had a lot of discussions – both internally and externally with customers and vendors – to understand where our biggest opportunities lie.

The main thing for Bose Professional to remember is what got us where we are today – and leads us to focus on what we call our ‘middle market’, which includes hospitality, retail, houses of worship, higher education facilities and corporate.

In Europe and Asia, we are involved in larger projects, such as soccer stadiums and racecourses, but our core is more aligned with those aforementioned markets. With that, we are looking at what we currently offer right now, and assessing those options to see if there are any gaps in our product offering where we don’t have the whole

solution to fulfil certain projects in those markets. On the other side of that coin, we want to make sure that what we do have provides robust and flexible options as well. It will be a case of doubling down on what has been the key to our success, making sure this is maximised, and then moving on from that point of strength and expanding on it.

Examples of our expansion includes the move into video conferencing with the Videobar VB1 and VB-S devices, and collaborating with other leading brands like we did recently with the launch of our new PowerShareX adaptable power amplifiers.

Our relationship with Powersoft enabled us to take advantage of a robust and proven technology platform to develop products that are fully integrated into our ecosystem –helping our customers create a wider range of audio solutions, faster and more efficiently. It is a very exciting time for us and our customers. We are in a unique position to build up and expand the business as we separate from Bose Corporation – keeping the parts of our heritage that make us great while adding to them. As all of this continues taking shape, we will assess what this means as we evolve our brand.

It’s not often when an opportunity presents itself to create a new company with such a rich legacy whose main purpose is to create incredible audio experiences. And we are working extremely hard to roll this out in the coming months.”



With guest expectations at an all-time high, it’s never been more important for visitor attractions businesses to invest in the right technologies. From theme parks to museums, galleries, heritage sites and resorts, demand for interactive, participatory attractions has led to the development of immersive AV technology that places the visitor inside the show – with projection, despite recent challenges, continuing to offer the best experience for companies operating in this important industry vertical.

Why Projection?

Despite the popularity of alternative display technologies, such as LED, in other sectors, projection remains by far the most suitable technology for museums, visitor attractions, art exhibitions and other cultural sites, given its unique mapping, blending and 3D capabilities.

People are no longer content to view an exhibit or attraction passively – they want to be immersed in it, exist within it, and interact with the attraction and its content – and it is projected images, with their with their unrivalled image quality, ability to completely fill a visitor’s field of view, and suitability for mapping onto buildings and irregular shapes, that provide the optimum means of delivering this experience.

Ahead of the curve

This is borne out by consistent growth for Digital Projection in the attractions sector, especially in expanding markets such as the Middle East, with some huge projects on the horizon. This growth is driven partially by recent advances in projection technology, such as Digital Projection’s Multi-View and Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) systems, whose ability to deliver realistic immersive experiences that engage all the senses – be they large-scale projection-mapping visitor attractions, traditional exhibits in museums or the next generation of dark-ride content and interactivity – is elevating the visitor experience to previously unheard-of levels.

With the ultra-fast frame rates (360fps) exclusive to the Multi-View projection system, for example, a single projector can for the first time provide multiple visitors with a collective 3D experience, allowing them to see and interact with stereoscopic content and with each other in a truly shared, collaborative way. Tailor-made for visitor attractions, this award-winning technology can enable virtual tours of ancient buildings, 3D rides in theme parks, or a lifelike experience of an invaluable artefact exhibited in a museum. Though still important, brightness and resolution are no longer the only factors to bear in mind when it comes to display technology.

When it comes to visitor attractions, smaller, quieter and brighter is also a constant requirement. No one wants big, heavy and noisy projection systems in a museum or planetarium which can distract from the content being shown. It is for this reason that we developed Satellite MLS, which allows very small and compact projection heads to be used in almost any situation, with all the heat, noise and bulk situated up to 100m away thanks to a proprietary fibre connection. This makes it possible to meet the growing yet seemingly contradictory demand for brighter, yet smaller and quieter, projectors.

Smaller and/or modular systems really come into their own in environments with limited space, which includes many museums and visitor attractions venues. These systems make installation a reality in places where previously it was very difficult – in heritage sites and historic buildings, for example, where it is often impossible to hang big, heavy projectors.


Additionally, accurate colour reproduction, such as that offered by 3-chip RGB laser projectors, is becoming more and more important, given many attractions’ reliance on visitors’ social media photos and video to help build buzz. Though once the preserve of very high-end applications, the cost of RGB laser is now at a point where they are accessible to a wider market.

Challenges and opportunities

PThat’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing for projection technology, particularly in recent months. According to Futuresource Consulting, market volume in the front projection sector fell 10.4% in Q1 2023, compared to −8% in the worldwide flat-panel market overall, as economic headwinds – including the supply-chain crisis, low economic growth and high rates of inflation – hit projector manufacturers, integrators and end users. However, this data is skewed by the fact that the same period last year was characterised by a post-Covid ‘boom’, which saw many major projects finally going ahead after years of delays. Additionally, experts believe that the global chip shortage, which has wreaked havoc on the pro-AV business as a whole, will ease as 2023 progresses as governments and industry continue to invest in superconductor production.

With its unique market position and technological offering – along with strong demand from the attractions sector, as well as other verticals, such as education, simulation and the workplace, creating new pathways for immersive technology – the outlook is bright for high-end projection.

Above: The Spirit of Japan art exhibition at the Kadokawa Culture Museum deployed more than 30 Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 10K projectors. Below: Digital Projection technology is helping to breathe new life into the work of Alphonse Mucha at the Eternal Mucha exhibition in Paris. Photo by Maxime Chermat.




Cameo OTOS Series

Cameo has expanded its OTOS Series. After the OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-SpotWash Hybrid Moving Head already impressively proved in 2022 that the demand for IP65-capable, light-intensive and lighter moving heads is growing, the German manufacturer is now expanding its portfolio with the specialist OTOS SP6 (Spot Profile) and OTOS B5 (Beam) models. These two IP65 moving heads are aimed at lighting designers and rental companies looking for tools for outdoor use, and they mark the spearhead of technological development at Cameo.


With the claim of the OTOS Series, Cameo sets the direction: if you don’t want to do without powerful beams, spots and washes even in heavy wind and weather, you need reliable and proven partners at your side. Whether it’s a hybrid all-rounder or specialist – the IP65 moving heads of the OTOS Series impress lighting professionals with their powerful output, high robustness and flexibility, and particularly low weight.


The OTOS SP6 is an IP65 spot profile moving head with a 600W LED light source and an illuminance of 75,800 lx at a beam angle of 7°.


The OTOS B5 is an IP65 beam moving head based on a 480-watt discharge lamp. It delivers an illuminance of 511,000 lx @ 15m.


The OTOS® H5 not only lets you master this challenge with flying colours as a true hybrid device, but it can also be used for outdoor purposes in accordance with the IP65 rating. Its moving head is capable of many jobs, from a beam to a spotlight or wash light.


ADJ Focus Profile

ADJ’s Focus Profile is a feature-packed automated profile luminaire powered by a potent 400W LED engine that generates an impressive output of 20,000 lumens. The flagship model of the extremely popular Focus Series, it is the brightest and most feature-rich fixture in the range to date. Offering the excellent build quality and value for money for which the series has become known, it is designed for theatrical, concert touring and event production applications and offers a versatile array of creative features. These begin with four framing shutters, each controlled using two independent motors, one for either side, which allows the individual blades to be applied at any desired angle. In addition, +/- 60° rotation of the combined shutter assembly means the shape created using the shutters can be rotated. Other beam-shaping tools include an animation wheel, motorised zoom (beam angle 7 - 45°), motorised iris, motorised focus, CMY colour mixing and variable CTO colour temperature control, an additional colour wheel loaded with six dichroic filters, two separate GOBO wheels (one with interchangeable indexed-rotating GOBOs and the other with static metal-stamped GOBOs), a replaceable (medium) frost filter and two independent indexed rotating prisms: three-facet circular and six-facet linear.

CHAUVET Maverick Storm 4 Profile

One of the newest members of the CHAUVET Professional Maverick Storm family of lighter, brighter, stadium-power moving heads built to rugged IP65 standards, Storm 4 Profile delivers extreme performance for the wildest ideas on earth.

Maverick Storm 4 Profile brings indomitable long-throw performance to even the largest venues. Its ambitious design launches over 60,000 lumens across incredible distances with commanding brightness from its 1260W LED engine. Built to outshine, this Maverick brings more to shows than just its long throw. Master the art of domination with a sophisticated variable CMY+CTO system that delivers fantastic colour rendering. Double down on crisp gobos to create complex looks with two rotating gobo wheels, two prisms, two frost filters, and an animation wheel to add even more texture to scenes with this effects powerhouse. Lastly, sharp shutter framing, smooth iris and 8.5:1 zoom complete a Maverick that delivers key light and high energy kinetic effects, in an advanced IP65 alloy body that carries SunShield tech inside to protect optical components from any solar ingress. Take the brightness higher, make load-ins lighter, and deliver the performance a stadium show requires, with this ambitiously designed high-power IP65 LED moving head built to command the largest arenas.

Claypaky Arolla Aqua

The Arolla Aqua is Claypaky’s top-of-the-range weather-resistant light. It is a true workhorse with IP66 rating and technical and construction features which were once unimaginable for this kind of light. The Arolla Aqua fits a white 900W (7000K) LED light source, capable of a 40,000 lumen output. This means it can compete with both high-power-range lights (given its output) and medium-power-range lights (given its small size and weight). Its uniform light beam is another key feature. The high quality of the beam, its density, and the total absence of spurious lights can be appreciated with the naked eye, and its zoom can be adjusted over a linear 5.5°-50° range (9:1). Thanks to our exclusive “Go-Bright” technology, there is no light loss or colour shift when gobos are inserted into the beam. The Arolla Aqua sets a new benchmark for professionals who are looking for a high-power IP66 light which is compact, reliable and complete in every aspect, with top performance.

DTS Lighting Synergy 5

SYNERGY 5 PROFILE is a brand new powerful and compact LED profile moving head. The unit employs a 420 W pure white LED source (7000K 16,500 Lumens output), coupled with a long excursion 4.6° - 43° motorised linear zoom with autofocus. This carefully studied match delivers a massive 49,900 Lux luminosity (4.6° @ 5 m) with an evenly diffused and flat beam. The unit features a rotating framing system with four blades.



For the first time in its history, Ayrton is presenting a weather-sealed effects luminaire that offers as much creative potential indoors as outside. Argo 6 combines a minimalist design incorporating features for total protection against harsh weather with easier internal access. The window, made of highly resistant and exceptionally transparent polycarbonate with a V-0 protection rating, is designed to ensure optimal visuals. A new composite alloy, reduction in thickness of the parts, an optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance, and integration of low-density optical components, mean Ayrton has been able to reduce overall weight by 20%.

Available as Wash or FX versions, Argo 6 is equipped with 19 LEDs of 40W with RGB+W additive colour synthesis that can deliver a light output of 13,000 lumens. Argo 6 can obtain a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°.

Argo 6 Wash

Also, Ayrton has provided individual control of the LEDs on the Argo 6 Wash version and added a virtually infinite library of effects. Argo 6 Wash is a precise machine that can obtain perfect colour reproduction. A complete library of pre-programmed colours allows quick creation of subtle, dense and contrasting swaths of light. Its black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources help to significantly boost the level of contrast.

Argo 6 FX

Argo 6 FX is a versatile fully equipped luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features of the Wash version and offers continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement I.R.S.. Argo 6 FX is equipped with a high-definition liquid effect system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb that can generate complex graphic effects LiquidEffect. Both Argo 6 Wash and Argo 6 FX can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix. By allowing for more precision and exactness, they add a breath of creativity. Part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources IP65 6 Series, Argo 6 allows you to rediscover a new sense of pure freedom.

Ayrton Argo 6


LED moving head DREAM L650 BSWF is a full-featured four-in-one luminaire, featuring profile, beam, spot, and wash. The fixture is compacted and powerful, as well as a well design flexible fixture for almost any application, providing an excellent return on investment for users. With our tailor-made light engine of 650W white LED module and refined optics, it projects a uniform lighting across the light-spot, also provides four dimming curves and four dimming speeds for choice of use, have linear dimming effect in low-light. Its advanced features include a wide range of linear zoom range of 6-56°, electronic dimming and strobe, linear CMY+CTO filter and smooth-running colour wheel create endless colours, fast iris for beam adjustment 5-100%, includes seven rotate gobos and eight static gobos in two gobo wheels. DREAM L650 BSWF configured with DLW’s innovative profile framing system, delivers a high degree of flexibility for the lighting designer as the full blades can be separate movement and fast operation, the complete framing can be bi-directional infinite rotating (360° continuous rotate). Having dual rotating prisms dual frost effects, auto follow focus and zoom in zoom out, the fixture delivers stunning visual effects, advanced in its class.

ETC Halcyon

Halcyon is the next generation of automated framing luminaires from ETC. Offering matching feature sets and high performance across all fixtures, the High End Systems Halcyon range consists of Gold, Titanium, and Platinum. Created to meet the needs of rental operations, theatres, and opera houses, Halcyon is a family of framing fixtures designed for the exacting demands of lighting production. The fixtures – which are available with two LED engine options: Ultra-Bright and High Fidelity – boast exceptional colours and increased output at a reduced cost. Its best-in-class colour mixing system uses tighter, next-gen gradient dichroics and a linear mixing curve supported by ETC’s renowned scientific research for smooth and even colours, both in and out of focus.Halcyon also offers a new, custom selected package of patterns which brings a full library of aerials, rotational effects, breakups, diffusion, and prisms. Its patented Whisper Home technology employs a dual sensor system, allowing the fixtures to home with little movement, while also being quiet, fast, and precise. Halcyon is backed by ETC’s industry leading customer service and is competitively priced without sacrificing on features or performance.


Fuze Wash 500

The Fuze Wash 500 from Elation Professional is a full-spectrum LED Fresnel moving head fixture designed for theatre, television, events and a wide array of other precision lighting applications. It houses a 500W RGBMA LED engine and delivers a powerful output of up to 17,000 lumens with CRI of 92. It is designed for any application where an automated Fresnel fixture with outstanding and impactful colours, a wide zoom range and a soft field of light is required.



The first IP-rated moving head fixture in the GLP range, the impression X5 IP Bar is an IP65-certified, linear LED batten equipped with 18 40W RGBL LEDs, a wide zoom range and GLP’s new iQ.Gamut colour calibration algorithm, which produces perfect white spectra with excellent colour reproduction. With an all-new squared-lens design, the X5 IP Bar enables innovative light curtains in the narrowest zoom range of only 4.5°, as well as an even and homogeneous colour distribution in the wash up to 60°. In common with the new GLP X5 family, the X5 IP Bar’s extensive feature package includes selectable, calibrated white points; a tungsten simulation channel; magenta/green correction; virtual colour wheel; variable CTC; and twin-layer effects with multiple dynamic pattern macros. It also comes equipped with GLP’s patented fast tilt movement, in combination with seamless pixel pitch across fixtures, as well as wired and wireless control as standard.

Along with its sister model, the indoor-only X5 Bar, the outdoor/indoor X5 IP Bar was displayed for the first time at Prolight + Sound 2023 in Frankfurt

Martin by HARMAN MAC Aura XIP

MAC Aura XIP is a premium moving head wash light with a radical aura filament effect and full pixel control with video mapping capabilities onto the beam, aura, or both. It’s Martin’s latest addition to the MAC Aura family of workhorse wash lights and the first fixture in its class to be rated for outdoor use, with close to zero compromises in weight, size, and aesthetics due to Martin’s smart outdoor-capable design. It raises the bar for optical quality, featuring an even wash field with soft edge, minimal stray light, and high intensity mid-air beams with improved light engine control. Perfect for a wide range of concert and touring productions, MAC Aura XIP is equipped with a smart, outdoor design for festivals and events, while still being quiet and lightweight enough for theatre, television, corporate events and more. While MAC Aura XIP offers lighting designers a range of possibilities with its aura filament effect, narrower beam and better wash quality with improved light engine control; rental customers will appreciate a workhorse that is lighter and more versatile with optical improvements and a sealed design, allowing the product to be used virtually anywhere and require less maintenance.

Compact and lightweight while emitting stunning brightness, this 380W light fixture is perfect for stages, with a wide 50° beam angle for breathtaking light effects. Unique heat dissipation structure with high-quality aluminium window reduces temperature, protects components, and extends lifespan. Advanced electronic temperature control system ensures safety by automatically shutting off the bulb when exceeding the set value. Equipped with five high-temperature resistant black glass patterns, two coloured glass patterns, and K9 prisms, creating clear and intricate lighting effects. Perfect for stage performances and parties, adding uniqueness and spectacle. Patented base design stabilises heat dissipation, preventing paper from entering airflow. Each fan undergoes balance testing for smooth, durable operation. Multiple protection systems ensure safety. The electronic temperature control system instantly stops in case of failure or malfunction, avoiding fire or injuries. Advanced safety measures were considered during product design. This three-in-one moving head light combines exquisite appearance with powerful functionality, delivering a stunning stage experience for concerts, shows, and parties.

Prolight Elumen8 Evora CMY470 Hybrid

The Evora CMY470 Hybrid is a feature packed three-in-one moving head boasting an intense Osram SIRIUS HRI 471W discharge lamp. Crystal clear optics paired with an adjustable zoom from 1.8° to 42° allows for super tight beams through to wide washes to be achieved. The CMY470 offers both static and rotating gobo wheels, eight rotating prisms, two variable frost filters, animation wheel and motorised focus. Endless colours can be achieved with CMY colour mixing, along with its colour wheel and CTO filter. Suited to rental, stage, and touring the fixture is equipped with TRUE1 connections and has battery backup for offline configuration. Control is via DMX, RDM, Kling-Net, Art-NET and sACN protocols, and for further convenience wireless DMX is on-board via W-DMX Sweden.

LamaVita TN380 BSW




Robe TetraX

Need something exceptional to stand out from the crowd? Something very different to create a powerful signature effect. Lacking that missing X factor? Then go to the extreme with the visually TetraX. Developed from the immensely successful Tetra1, the TetraX adds dynamic pan movement with extremely high-speed continuous rotation, dramatically increasing sweeping effect possibilities of the fixture. Generating an ultra-tight 4° beam from each of the nine evenly spaced pixels, they combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light, as desired by lighting designers. The homogenised beams and smooth 11:1 motorised zoom provide ultra-smooth washeas out to 45°. TetraX sets itself apart by including three exclusive eye-catching Robe patented MCFE – Multi-Coloured Flower Effect – emitting sharp, multi-coloured spikes of light, with variable speed and rotation direction control, to further increase the projection of charismatic in-air animations. All-inclusive colour and dimming control are available via RGBW and CMY colour mixing modes, variable CCT of 2.700K – 8.000K, tungsten emulation simulating the red shift and thermal delay of tungsten lamps for whites from 2.700K – 4.200K, DataSwatch 237 pre-programmed colour library, and L3 Low Light Linearity dimming software for imperceptible fades to black. An Epass Ethernet switch ensures sustained network connectivity. A wide range of protocols (sACN, Art-Net or Kling-Net) allows quick network installation and control from media servers, DMX, or the internal effects engine.

Starway Baracca 360

Baracca 360 is a cutting-edge projector that offers impressive performance thanks to its 260W laser source and ultra-precise 1.7° beam angle. With a lifespan of 20,000 hours and a luminous flux of 7,906 lumens, it can produce bright and intense light with an illumination of 159,000 Lux at 20m.

Steinigke Futurelight PLH-420

This new moving head from Futurelight can be left out in the rain: It carries the protection class IP 65, so it is even protected against water jets. Even in heavy downpour, it can be operated safely. It is equipped with a very bright 420W discharge lamp that provides the necessary brightness even for large open-air productions. The PLH-420 is a hybrid fixture that combines spot, beam, and wash. The hybrid PLH420 offers high light output combined with a very versatile feature set. Its zoom optics create beam angles between 1° and 14° in beam mode and between 4° and 25° in spot mode. In beam mode, its 420W discharge lamp creates a targeted hotspot for a powerful light output, while in spot mode, it creates an extremely homogeneous image for consistent projections.

Featuring a colour wheel with 17 colours plus open, a CMY colour system and a fixed gobo wheel with 19 different patterns plus open, Baracca 360 can project a wide variety of patterns and colours to create stunning effects. The two-faceted stackable prism (linear six facets and circular 16 facets) adds another dimension to lighting effects. With DMX512, RDM, Artnet, sACN control, a 2.8-inch LCD display, and firmware updates via USB, Baracca 360 offers easy and comprehensive control for professional use. Intelligent temperature management ensures optimal lifespan. Its infinite Pan/Tilt movement supported by CK Effect technology will allow users to achieve complex and original effects in unparalleled speed. The sturdy Baracca 360 housing is made of die-cast plastic and steel, with an IP20 protection rating. With dimensions of 361 by 273 by 515mm and a weight of 22.2kg, it is easy to transport and install. Baracca 360 operates on a voltage of AC 110V - 240V 50/60Hz and a consumption of 400W.

Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile

The Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile is a high output precision profile designed for theatrical productions, TV events, and other key and effect lighting applications where quality and exactness are important. With a wide colour range for maximum flexibility, the VL1600 combines a high-definition tunable white LED source with CMY colour mixing. The tunable white engine lets designers achieve warm and cool light from a single luminaire without sacrificing output or CRI, along with a wide range of colours from subtle pastels to bold saturated colours. The VL1600 Profile includes the innovative Vari*frost system, giving designers a truly seamless graduated frost that diffuses the entire aperture at one time. This effect can be controlled remotely from the console and doesn’t require you to change glass or add filters. To simplify startup and minimize movement in the rig, the patented reduced-movement calibration system in the VL1600 Profile calibrates pan and tilt on the fixture while only requiring it to move to 50/50 home position during the process. Fixtures are calibrated in less time, with less lasting effect or potential for damage to the rig or hanging scenery.


ride far

with the razor-sharp beam



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Visitors to the TAIT stand will be able to get hands-on with our range of TAIT and Kinesys automation products. The TAIT talent team will be looking to connect with industry professionals to discuss our varied career opportunities. Learn more about TAIT’s global training offer, including our range of online, classroom and onsite courses.

• Leave feeling inspired following two TAIT panel discussions; “Set In Motion: LIVE” - exploring EN17206 in rock n’ roll, and an international case-study celebrating a moment that truly moved people.

• Make sure you drop by the TAIT supported ‘We Make Events’ industry drinks event on Monday 4th September.


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5 Accessories, 23 Setups! AED Audio offers you the most flexible audio system in the world

· FLEX6 – Multipurpose powered line source speaker. 2 x 6.5-inch neodymium + 1.4-inch compression driver / 1300W RMS / Max. SPL 130DB

· SOLID15 – Powered low cabinet or subwoofer. 1 x 15-inch neodymium driver / 1800W RMS / Max. SPL 132DB

· SOLID28 – Powered subwoofer. 2 x 18-inch neodymium drivers / 3000W RMS / Max. SPL 137DB

· AED Audio features multiple connectivity options: analogue, 4x4 Dante(AES67), Multicast Bluetooth and NFC. Free to download AudioShaper software enables 3D coverage prediction and NetControl allows remote configuration and control


Remote lighting control system. Has the ability to create scripts and scenes at once on multiple buildings, in accordance with the facades/monarq. Full diagnostic. Very simple UI. Live control.

Real time switching and scheduling.

Individual fixtures of groups. Video Converter feature, upload a video and highlight it over the scheme/luminaire to play back the video on the fixtures. Unlimited scenarios. Create scenarios remotely through CMS or locally through media players.

Sundrax Electronics
PowerLightsAugsburg Hofrat-Röhrer-Straße 16 D-86161 Augsburg Tel.: +49/821/2 63 94 47 Fax: +49/821/2 63 94 69 A brand of MBN Eventproducts
MBN F-630
MBN F-300 MBN FC-500
MBN FC-400 (cannons) cPot equipotential bonding system Power Container Power Rack Power Turtle
Power Strip


The new DM7 series of professional digital mixers from Yahama is the culmination of decades of development experience, and takes the best elements of previous digital mixing systems and combines them with innovative new features in a compact, powerful, ergonomic, flexible and expandable package.

Comprising two consoles and a control expansion unit, plus additional software packages, the DM7 series is designed to deliver exceptional results with enhanced workflow for live music, corporate events, theatre, broadcast, streaming and hybrid mixing, where one console is used to independently mix more than one feed.

An expandable, all-in-one digital mixer with a wide range of inputs and outputs, there are two models in the DM7 series. The DM7 features 32 inputs, 16 outputs and can process 120 input channels in a footprint measuring 793 mm by 564 mm, while the DM7 Compact has 16 inputs, 16 outputs and can process 72 input channels in a 468 mm by 564 mm footprint. Both models feature up to 144 in/out Dante networking at 96kHz, along with 48 mix, 12 matrix and two stereo busses. They can be used with the optional Yamaha R Series I/O Racks and a variety of Dante devices for extremely scalable, flexible audio systems.

Either console can be expanded with DM7 Control, to create the DM7-EX (or DM7-EX Compact) system. This unit adds more physical controls and is bundled with broadcast and theatre software packages. Combined with enhanced performance and new features, the DM7 series is extremely

flexible, adapting to the size and style of application, as well as the workflow of the engineer.

The DM7 series features a new user interface, which is simpler and more efficient with an excellent, intuitive user workflow, while still retaining the well-known familiarity of Yamaha consoles. Two large 12.1in (31cm) multitouchscreens (one on the DM7 Compact) combine intuitive, multitouch operation with precise operation, using physical screen encoders and Yamaha’s familiar ‘touch and turn’ knobs.

A major new feature of the DM7 series is Split Mode, which allows the input channels, scenes and mix busses to be divided, letting one DM7 or DM7 Compact function like two separate mixers. Using one console, users can mix Front of House and monitors, FoH and broadcast or streaming, etc. without compromise.

Onboard Dante networking supports up to 144 channels of input and output and can be connected to the devices from a wide range of manufacturers, for flexible and highly scalable audio systems.

Head amp remote and device control are also supported, making it easy and siple to patch and control Dante equipment from the console. The DM7 series also features a rear panel USB-C port with 18 input/output audio interface functionality for recording, distribution, playback and connection to conferencing systems, as well as control via MIDI devices and DAWs.



Mechanics, optics and LED technology unexpectedly merged into a new species of Fresnel and ellipsoidal projectors.

Evolution is not predictable Made in Italy

Check it out on our website


The LR15 is a two-way, ‘ultra-compact’ format line-source sound system, combining the highest sound quality possible with high SPL capabilities and throw in a very compact form factor. By implementing Alcons’ pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies, a very-fast impulse response with up-to-90% less distortion is achieved. This enables the LR15 to offer an intuitive linear response, with excellent intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at any SPL. The all-natural cylindrical wavefront of the multiple-patented and purpose-designed RBN502rs 5in pro-ribbon transducer with 5in voice-coil and the symmetrical component configuration bring a natural, unique pattern control in both the vertical as well as the horizontal plane up to the highest frequencies. The pro-ribbon’s power handling of 1000W and the 1:15 RMS-to-peak ratio, enable a combination of a long throw with a unique dynamic headroom reserve, even under the highest outputs. The LF-section consists of two next-gen 6.5in transducers; a hybrid of a woofer and mid-bass driver featuring a 2in dual-coil motor structure with significantly-extended excursion.

The woofers are loaded by new FlowVent ports, providing optimised flow with minimal port compression, while extending the usable LF response down to 53Hz. The resulting super accurate low-mid and bass response with excellent output under lowest distortion possible, is a perfect match with the pro-ribbon MHF section. The LR15 is driven by the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, optimising the system’s response by specific VHIR drive processing and feedback for each array configuration, including presets for phase-matched low-frequency extensions.

The Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring ensures dynamic cable/ connector compensation between the LR15 and ALC, This offers a 1:1, undistorted natural sound reproduction, regardless of cable length and amplifier impedance load (system damping factor 10.000). The LR15 is available with a 90° (LR15/90) or 120° (LR15/120) horizontal dispersion.

“We wanted to achieve the same horizontal dispersion control our LR18, LR24 and LR28 are known for,” said Philip de Haan. “However, these systems are bi- or quad-amped three-way systems. So, it was not an easy task to obtain this horizontal control with a passive two way system, especially not in the 120° version. With the all-natural cylindrical wavefront of our proribbon drivers, it was much easier to achieve the benchmarksetting side-lobe-free vertical projection.”

The LR15 is only the third system in Alcons’ 20 years existence that succeeds a previous system, following the LR16, Alcons’ first line-array and the recently QB363 arrayable subwoofer.

”The LR15 will eventually replace the LR14 system which was introduced in 2004,” continued de Haan. “The LR14 has been, and still is in production in the exact same form for almost 20 years, and even today is still more than competitive to recent systems. We believe this very long product life-cycle is a real testimony to the excellent return on investment that Alcons systems offer.”



REAN delivers a comprehensive range of connectors featuring ultra-robust, high-reliability designs that promise unrivalled cost-performance ratios. THE SMART WAY TO CONNECT


Renkus-Heinz has launched OmniBeam, its latest innovation in beam-steering technology that completely revolutionises the entire RenkusHeinz steerable product line. The new OmniBeam algorithm is the culmination of decades of in-house expertise in steerable technology, and replaces the previous best-fit approach of UniBeam to now deliver high-quality sound and coverage for 100% of venues with less time and knowledge required than ever before. The result is custom-tailored coverage, precisely dialled into the exact geometry of every space, resulting in the best, most consistent audio experience possible –that anyone, no matter their level of expertise, can achieve with minimal time, every time.

“We are constantly thinking about what we can do to elevate our technology. The introduction of OmniBeam takes our product line to the next

level by delivering coverage previously untapped,” said Renkus-Heinz Product Manager Brandon Heinz. “Anyone can use OmniBeam, and everyone should. It’s like a giant ‘easy’ button for configuring steerable arrays. OmniBeam changes the way we hear sound – everyone should experience that.”

Ralph Heinz, CTO at Renkus-Heinz, was instrumental in the development of OmniBeam.

“The driving philosophy behind OmniBeam was to give consultants and integrators back their time,” he commented.

“By taking the rocket science out of simulating and commissioning steerable arrays, Renkus-Heinz has demonstrated how beam steering is suitable for more than just reverberant spaces – they’re as simple to deploy as point and shoot.”


A Fog Shooter without CO2


1. Hive Media Control BeeBlade

HIVE’s BeeBlade represents a game-changing approach to media playback. It can be inserted directly into SDMcompatible projectors or displays, leveraging the advantages of the SDM format whilst simplifying installation and eliminating the need for expensive video distribution systems. Alternatively, BeeBlade can be deployed in a standalone box, a BeeBox, or for those seeking a high-density rack solution, multiple BeeBlade modules can be inserted into an accompanying product, the BeeHive, enabling 16 by 4k output from a single 5U rack.

2. L-Acoustics L Series

L Series comprises two elements that are designed to work together or on their own: L2 above and L2D below. One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a format that is 46% smaller and 40% lighter. Each element contains eight three-inch high-frequency drivers with eight ten-inch low-frequency drivers, complemented by four side-loaded 12-inch drivers with front and back exits to deliver efficient, highprecision broadband coverage with a choice of cardioid or super-cardioid patterns. L Series also features L-Acoustics Panflex technology, which provides sound designers with quick access to a choice of four horizontal directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical, or 90° asymmetrical on either side.

3. Alustage Aludeck LIVE (SCA13)

LIVE is a recent addition to the range of stage products available from Athletic Group UK. A familiar product on events and stage productions, the latest version now uses laser cut profiles for accuracy of fitment for both the birch ply deck, and the holes for joining the decks, or attaching the handrails. Noise reduction foam and 360 welds, as well as anodised Tee-nut attachment for quick removal of the deck, creates a high-quality finish helping you add to your inventory with confidence. Available in a full range of standard sizes, the SCA13 has a load capacity of up to 750kg/m2. In addition, a range of handrails, adjustable steps, and leg savers are available. Contact Athletic Group UK via their facebook or Linkedin pages for more info.

4. Pro Tapes Pro Glo Gaff

Pro Glow Gaff has the same high quality adhesive system as the premium gaffer product. It has good adhesion and clean removability. Pro Glow Gaff can be used for marking stairs and emergency exits. Pro Glow Gaff is printable and can be die-cut to any shape or size required. Pro Glow Gaff is hand tearable.


VIOSO 6 and VIOSO 6 SIM give you perfect control over multi projector setups! EXAPLAY is VIOSO`s powerful cue-based playback solution!

Software Server Service

We provide perfectly suitable hardware solutions to run our software smoothly. There are different options to suit every demand.

Planning, On-Site Service and Training

Whether it may be project consulting, production, or on-site training – it is your choice where you profit from our expertise. We offer a variety of trainings for our software products at different levels to ensure that users can get the most out of them.

VIOSO GmbH Ronsdorfer Str. 77a 40233 Düsseldorf / DE Tel.: +49 (0)211 / 544 75 33-0

1. Adamson IS7c

Augmenting its installation-focused, high-performance IS-Series of loudspeakers, the IS7c is Adamson’s new ultra-compact, lightweight, passive two-way coaxial speaker. The IS7c sports an ND7-C co-axial transducer utilising Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture, which exhibits superior performance in the upper mid-range, as well as incomparable durability. The IS7c offers a frequency range of 80Hz to 20kHz with 130dB of maximum peak SPL, as well as a nominal concentric dispersion of 90°. Rigging points are available in the form of top and bottom mini-SLR discs, each containing 3/8-inch threaded insert. Two Speakon NL4 connectors and a two-point barrier strip are available for connection..

2. Alumaster Lifting towers with steel base

Alumaster has announced its completely renewed new line of lifting towers with steel base. What changes thanks to the new base? You can place the legs at 45° or orthogonally to the tower, with the option to add additional legs for optimal stabilisation. These features make them suitable for multiple functions: ground support, roofing systems, support systems for large indoor and outdoor LED screens, delay towers and many others. The range includes the following models: SM06 tower with a maximum height of 8m and a load capacity of 1-tonne; SM08 tower with a maximum height of 10m and a load capacity of 1.5-tonnes; SM12 tower with a maximum height of 12m and a load capacity of 2-tonnes.

3. EAW MKD526

An ultra-compact and multi-purpose loudspeaker, EAW’s MKD5262-Way Full-Range Dual-Woofer Loudspeaker delivers high output, broadband pattern control and exceptional fidelity. With a max SPL of 127dB and an operating range covering 75Hz to 20Hz, MKD526 is ideal for front fills, under-balcony fills, corporate events, bars, restaurants, and more. Equipped with EAW’s cutting-edge features such as Focusing, Dyno and Symmetry of Sources technology, MKD526 ensures optimised performance and the utmost consistency throughout the coverage pattern. A small profile and flexible accessories additionally allow for seamless and discreet integration into any venue.

4. Wisycom MTP61 Miniature Multiband Transmitter

As the latest addition to Wisycom’s Symphony product line and the smallest and lightest multiband bodypack transmitter on the market, the MTP61 has the widest tuning range currently available (470 to 1260MHz). At just over two-inches tall and just under two-inches wide, and 3.1 ounces in weight, the miniature design of the Wisycom MTP61 is lightweight and comfortable for long-term use in applications that require discreet placement. It also operates with a standard 3.7 Volt Lithium-ion battery, boasting ten-hour autonomy.



Complete range of projectors

Built-in warping and blending software

Automated alignment and recalibration software

Monitoring and control for multi-projector systems

Powerful image processing

Content management and show control

Extended warranties and support

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Partner: Zhongqing Yingye Group
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Meet the newest members of our family of lighter, brighter, stadium-power moving heads built to rugged IP65 standards–extreme performance for the wildest ideas on earth.




So capable. So Unica.

Unica will have a fresh-out-of-the-box feel throughout its life, and it will be possible to integrate features and functionalities down the line, making it truly futureproof. Proving the engineering efforts undertaken in the development of this platform are 5 registered patents.

Unica cloud based amplifier platform. Unlock the power of consistency.


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