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Dear Readers The temperature is rising, school is almost over and soon new olim will be coming to Modiin. Remember that “fresh off the boat� feeling? Even if you arrived years ago, you know what it was like to come to a foreign country. And even years later, no matter how much you may have integrated, you know how frustrating it can be to navigate the bureaucracy, how hard it is to read the labels in the supermarket, and how difficult it can be to articulate your thoughts. As the olim community in Modiin continues to grow, the new olim are able to benefit from the experiences of veteran olim as well as enjoy the greater resources that have increased over the years. In this issue, Deby Rauch speaks from personal experience about the difficulties that immigrant children face, leaving everything familiar to come to a new country (page 30). Tamar Pearlman of Tamarim, an olah herself, talks about how a concierge can help smooth the transition process (page 24). Debbie Cohen of Lehem Erez Reut tells of her aliyah experience, coming to Israel, speaking no Hebrew, working and starting her own business (page 14). Meet Council Member Merav Pelleg, who spent some years on shlichut and knows what it is like to live in a foreign country (page 26). Read about the Ezra family who made aliyah, suffered a great tragedy and started an amutah to help olim in the name of their son (page 6).

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S 6 Aliyah Story: The Ezra Family 8 #WeTravelKosher and Tikkun Olam 12 Seeing the Whole Picture When Considering ADHD 14 Behind the Business: Lehem Erez Reut 18 Acrobatic Gymnastics Champion! 20 How Much Do I Have to Try? 24 Accessing the Inaccessible 26 Meet Council Member: Merav Pelleg 30 Aliyah Acculturation and Anxiety 32 Household Electrical and Maintenance Tips 34 Torani Education in Modiin 36 Getting a Mortgage in Israel 40 Summer Craft Corner 43 Healthy Tips for a Healthy Summer 46 Candle Lighting

We hope that the information in this issue helps the new olim who just arrived this summer as well as the olim who have been here for years. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy summer! Rachel & Caryn

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Aliyah Story: The Ezra Family By: Mala Ezra

Aliyah always begins with a dream… This particular dream was Nadav’s my eldest son’s dream… I remember one Sunday afternoon in London, before we made aliyah, a person from the Aliyah Department, saying that the time to judge whether your aliyah is successful is after 10 years. You will sit on your balcony in the summer, look out over the land and feel that you belong. Well, we as a family have just passed 10 years, my belonging to the land is complete, part of me is now buried here in the land. Nadav, our firstborn son, was killed in a road accident just over two years ago on the way home from his army base. My husband is Israeli, so throughout the time we lived in England, we would come to Israel every summer for a holiday. Our children, Nadav (forever 21), Itamar (21), Maayan (18) and Yasmeen (13), grew up with a love of Israel and a huge longing to be with their cousins, which at the time numbered around 50. As the children grew older Nadav began to express his desire to live in Israel and serve in the Israeli Defense Force. As a mother, I knew that I wasn’t going to let my son be a “lone soldier.” We decided to make aliyah around the time of Nadav’s bar mitzvah. We decided to come to Modiin as it was close to family in Yehud and also had quite a large Anglo community, which was important for me. We arrived in the summer of 2007 and started life in an empty apartment and awaited our shipment. No furniture or cooking utensils, and boredom of wearing the same clothes every day, but 6

the euphoria of being in Israel outweighed all the initial problems. The summer passed and September soon arrived, Nadav began Yachad High School, Itamar and Maayan started Avnei Hachoshen Elementary School and Yasmeen at Gan Shaldag. The children received huge amounts of support from each of their respective schools, to which we are hugely thankful. However, a week into the school year, my husband’s father died and he soon left with his sister, who lived opposite us, to be with his family while they prepared for the funeral. I was left with my four children, her two children, a rental car which I had never driven and a message as to where the funeral would take place. My aliyah then took on a very steep and rapid learning curve. Each child dealt with their aliyah in a completely different way. Nadav found it difficult with the culture, language and people. He only really felt good about himself again when he was able to help others instead of being helped. Itamar totally immersed himself in the culture and within a short time had mostly Israeli friends and was on par with his class (fifth grade). Maayan took longer to establish herself but felt very much at home. Yasmeen, who was then two and a half, became a selective mute and took around four months to begin talking again. My husband soon found work in his profession as a dental technician. I suppose, I took a step backward in my career. I was an assistant principal of a school in England and here I am a Dovrei Anglit teacher. It is hard to be objective today and reflect on our aliyah. However, if I am honest, my children all feel happy here and have had many wonderful opportunities. Israel is a very dynamic country… Just a few months ago we stood as a family on Yom HaZikaron next to Nadav’s grave, then the day after, on Yom Ha’atzmaut, we were at The President’s Palace with Itamar, as he received the President’s Award for Excellent Soldiers. In the next few months Maayan will finish mechina and will enlist into the army. Come Friday, Itamar and Maayan come home with full bags of laundry. Now it is just Yasmeen who is home most of the time. A once busy home of four children that became permanently three. Israel is our home. We are attached to this land. And this land is attached to us.

Ezra MiNadav In Nadav’s memory I have established an amuta, which is based on the essence of his inner beauty. It is called Ezra MiNadav created from his name, Nadav Ezra. Nadav, after having made aliyah faced various issues relating to language and feeling confident and secure with the absorption into his new home. He felt his aliyah successful when he could give back of himself and contribute to his community. During Nadav’s shiva, there was a recurring theme when people spoke about Nadav. His generosity, kindness, heart of gold and his genuine desire to help. Capturing Nadav’s kind nature, Ezra MiNadav gives young olim, returning citizens and Israelis an opportunity to volunteer together, fostering language exchange, integration and a love of Israel.

The amuta, although in its first year, has over 150 volunteers at present and there are many exciting projects available to volunteers. We are working in liaison with Modiin’s Education Department and the Absorption Department on extending our programs for next year. In addition, Ezra MiNadav has re-established “Aliyah Anonymous” which is a self-run group of teenage olim and returning citizens who support each other and have fun. They hold weekly meetings in Modiin. Another exciting project is “Challenge 21” which is a program designed to raise awareness of Ezra MiNadav and the needs of youth olim and returning citizens. “Challenge 21” celebrates the 21 years of Nadav’s life which he shared with us. Over the next three years I will participate in 21 challenges, ranging from jumping from an airplane, diving in Eilat, and being a desert nomad to working in a soup kitchen, home improvements and producing a poetry book together with photos which Nadav took. If you would like further information about Ezra MiNadav or would like to join us as a volunteer or a sponsor enabling us to maintain all our unique programs and future projects, please contact: Mala Ezra 052-6631964. To donate via bank transfer: Bank Leumi: 10 – 895 – 40341/19; Swift Code: LUMIILLITTLV.


#WeTravelKosher and Tikkun Olam By: David Walles Kosher travelers today have the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world in comfort and style without compromising their Jewish lifestyle. As the managing director and operations manager of Eddie’s Kosher Travel, Chana and I are fortunate to have experienced world-class kosher cuisine on Pesach programs, deluxe cruises, exotic land tours, European summer vacations, and African Adventure Safaris. “We always felt that something was amiss,” said Chana. “As Orthodox Jews, our clients and we ourselves, insist on the highest standards of kosher certification for our food, pray to G-d three times a day, and study Torah. However, when we step outside the grounds of our hotel, we close our eyes to the poverty around us.” Last year, we made a decision. I turned to Chana and said, We

have to do something. It is our duty to show compassion for other human beings and to repair the world through good deeds. It is time for Tikkun Olam. With the same passion that propelled us to leave our home in Melbourne, Australia and make aliyah to Israel, we – along with our two youngest children, Netanel and Atida – used our vast resources and experience in travel to embark on the tikkun olam mission iJourney January 2018 Trip to Malawi. We embarked on this journey with Sivan Ya’ari, founder and president of Innovation: Africa. Innovation: Africa uses Israeli solar power technology to bring 8

light, clean water, food, and medical care to African communities. Over the last six years, the organization has helped 80 villages and nearly a million people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Empowered by Sivan, we used the time before iJourney to raise awareness in our community about the outstanding mission of Innovation: Africa. The school chosen to be the recipient of Innovation: Africa donations, the Dembo Primary School, is located in a remote village in Malawi. Thousands of people live in absolute poverty, in sub-human conditions without electricity, and clean water. Yet, as bleak as the picture looked, we were proud to be partnering with Innovation: Africa and affecting change in the area. Through the support of family members, friends, and Eddie’s Kosher Travel generous donations, we were able to raise the $20,000 necessary to install solar panels at the Dembo Primary School, in Malawi, Africa. Our son, Netanel, joined the efforts and designed a special soccer ball for African kids. Friends helped to pack suitcases

filled with clothes, supplies and toys. On Tuesday, January 23, we, along with the Innovation: Africa delegation, including Sivan Ya’ari, founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, and former Knesset Member Rabbi Dov Lipman, visited the Dembo Primary School, for the official installation of solar energy Continued on page 10

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and light at Dembo Primary School in Malawi. On the day of the dedication, the Innovation:

Africa delegation was greeted with song, applause, and Israeli flags, as the solar panels were installed at the Dembo Primary School in Malawi, Africa. Chana said, “With Israeli flags in their hands, they thanked us over and over for installing solar panels at their school with the innovative Israeli technology that provides electricity.� Today, lives are being saved. Doctors are now willing to

work in the remote villages. Refrigerators can store vaccines and medication. Women can give birth at nighttime with proper lighting. Electricity fills the hopes and dreams of the children. Electricity empowers students to study before and after school hours. Electricity enables teachers to improve the quality of the lessons, by being able to use a computer. Electricity inspires the children in the Dembo Primary School to dream of a brighter tomorrow, a future where they can continue their education, apply to university, and build a career. There is still a tremendous amount of work to do, as Innovation: Africa strives to modernize over a thousand villages in the next decade. The feeling of pride, as we stood together, with the local Malawi population, waving our Israeli flags high in the air and watching the solar panels be installed, was an honoring and humbling experience. We fully understood the mission of Tikkun Olam. It was clear to us that our trip to Malawi and being a part of the Innovation: Africa delegation was the essence of Kosher Travel. For more information about how you can be a part of this outstanding project check out the Innovation: Africa website and

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Seeing the Whole Picture When Considering ADHD By: Stephen Reingold, MD According to its textbook definition, diagnosing ADHD should be straightforward. However, in reality it is often not that simple. The standard diagnostic guidelines for ADHD are based on symptoms of (1) inattention: difficulty or inability to concentrate and/or (2) hyperactivity, including restlessness and impulsivity. The symptoms are simple enough to identify, but their cause is less obvious. A diagnostician must also rule out any other possible cause for the symptoms. This includes learning disabilities, emotional challenges, medical illnesses and the like. For example: Yoav is a nine-year-old boy who has been having difficulty paying attention in school. However, Yoav also has dyslexia. The question is whether Yoav’s inattention is due to his dyslexia – he can’t read well and it is hard for him to follow lessons – or in addition to (and exacerbated by) the dyslexia. The same question arises for a child with emotional challenges, motor-coordination difficulties, medical illnesses, etc. In a proper evaluation, the physician needs to see the complete child from all aspects. Together with the child and parents, they need to come up with a plan that takes into consideration not just the symptoms, but also the root cause. It needs to take into consideration “co-morbidities,” or multiple scenarios that are playing out simultaneously. Using Yoav as an example again. He may need remediation for his dyslexia, but also may need Ritalin for ADD. A comprehensive approach is essential. The treatment is no less simple than the diagnosis. For Ella, for example, a 10-year-old child with straightforward and uncomplicated ADD, a stimulant medication may be a simple and practical answer. However, for Sara, an 8-year-old with ADHD, dyscalculia and tactile sensitivities, the treatment must be multifaceted.


Sara’s management needs to address all her challenges and these modalities need to complement each need. At her age, working with a psychologist may be as effective as a stimulant medication for ADHD symptoms or she may benefit from a combination. But the psychologist can also address the sensitivities, or alternatively, be addressed by an occupational therapist. Going back to Ella for a moment. Even when using medication, the approach is not always predictable. One cannot know from the outset which stimulant will work best for any given child. Adjustments usually need to be made both regarding the medication of choice and the dosing. Stimulants are very successful in treating AD(H)D, but only when: (1) a proper diagnosis is made; (2) other issues are addressed concurrently; and (3) adequate follow-up is provided to deal with side effects, dosing, etc. Any suggestion of medication should include a discussion of side effects and how to manage them. Parents and the child need to know what to expect, how to deal with it and whom to turn to as the need arises. Scheduled close follow-up at the beginning of treatment is imperative and may be spaced out as time goes on. Medication, though, is not always the answer. For preschoolers, behavioral therapy and parental coaching is preferable as a firstline approach. This latter, often confused with “blaming the parents,” is supposed to be helping parents do what they do best. As children enter elementary school, medication is no more effective than behavioral training or therapy. Teens benefit more from medication alone but also have options of coaching and other skills-building techniques. In summary: For any child of AD(H)D, there are two cardinal rules: (1) use a comprehensive approach to both the evaluation and treatment; and (2) have an open and continuous dialogue with the treating physician. Stephen Reingold, MD is a pediatric specialist with over a decade of experience. He is board certified in the U.S., recognized by Misrad Habriut and licensed to diagnose and treat ADHD. He accepts ADHD clients at his private clinic, Hakshevna, in Nof Ayalon. For more information:; 08-979-0420;

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Behind the Business: Lehem Erez Reut By: Rac hel Kops and Car yn Meltz

Growing up in Harrisburg, PA, Debra Cohen never imagined that she would move to Israel, let alone, open a restaurant. It was a chance meeting on the metro in Paris that brought her to Israel. After her second year of college, Debbie transferred to university in Paris to pursue a degree in French and Communications. Ronnie, an Israeli, on his post-army trip saw her reading an English book and approached her to ask for directions – and they just so happened to be getting off at the same stop. They set a time and place to meet up later so that Debbie could show Ronnie and his friends around town. That meeting led to a long-distance relationship which eventually led to Debbie moving to Israel.

They got married about a year later. Shortly after, they moved to America for five years where Debbie worked at a private insurance company. Upon their return to Israel, they moved to Holon before moving to the new city of Modiin in 1998. Debbie’s first job in Israel was running a foundation for the Chabad Youth Organization. She worked in English because at the time she didn’t know any Hebrew. Having an ear for languages, she started to pick up Hebrew and then went to work at the research authority at Bar-Ilan University. One day she got a call from a biotech start-up called BioLineRx and was hired to work for them as the company’s executive assistant, supporting their public relations and investor relations activities.

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The company dealt with pharmaceutical clinical trials so she took a course to learn more and that led to a career as clinical trial

manager for bio-tech companies in Israel and abroad. When the company she was working for in 2013 decided to move its operations to America, Debbie decided it was time for a change. However, she needed to take a break and figure out her next step. She didn’t want to freelance and was tired of all the travel required in her field. She thought about her passions and

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since she had always been a big foodie, she decided to explore what options existed in that arena. The thought of opening a bistro was very intriguing as it combined her love of food with her interpersonal skills. Once she decided to open her own place, she needed to figure out what and where. It was a long process during which she considered all her options. Then, one day, she had a meeting at a local café when a patron came in talking about the new Lehem Erez in Ramat Aviv and it just clicked. Lehem Erez in Modiin! It took a year and a half to bring the idea to fruition – researching and finding the right location and setting up the business. The food business is known to be very difficult. Her friends and family thought that she was crazy to enter this arena, but Debbie remained upbeat and determined. She knew that she could do this and she is! The restaurant just celebrated three years since opening. She has infused the business with her personality and customer service. Her motto is “you get what you give” – if you approach someone in a positive way then your customers will be happy. She demands a high level of customer service from all of her employees. Her workers must adopt her vision of service in the restaurant. L e h e m E r e z Reut is more than a restaurant, it is an experience. Debbie started providing cultural events at the restaurant last year. She allows local independently employed professionals to promote themselves. It is a full-service restaurant, combining food, content and culture. The cultural evenings vary – there are professional lectures, author evenings, comedy nights, Greek nights and most recently vegan night. Lehem Erez Reut provides residents with the option of a local night out that is more than just a meal. Debbie also loves the catering side of the business. She tailors each event according to the needs of the client – there’s no such thing as a set menu. She has private events in the restaurant for up to 80 people. She also caters off-site events up to 300 people. Next time you’re up for a night on the town, check out Lehem Erez in the Lev Reut Center. Call for reservations: 08-9470047. Visit Lehem Erez Reut on Facebook: ‫לחם ארז – רעות‬


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Acrobatic Gymnastics Champion! By: Naomi Refaeli Amy Refaeli is a 10-year-old acrobatic gymnast from Modiin who practices at Hapoel Begin Holon. She recently won a gold medal at the Israeli Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship level C and has a bright future in the sport. Being a young athlete, Amy is learning great life lessons. Her ability to focus on her goal and hard work ethic sets her apart. Amy is extremely responsible and manages her time wisely. She is very organized and even makes sure she has time every morning to make her brother’s sandwiches for school. She enjoys it, stating that her sandwiches are special because of all the love she puts into them. Being an acrobatic gymnast takes precedence over afterschool play dates or celebrating classmate’s birthday parties. Some sacrifices are inevitable, however, Amy’s determination makes her choice easy and she is willing to put in the

effort. She is lucky to have a lot of support from her friends and her school (Reim). Amy’s quiet time consist of coloring or creating something wonderful with arts and crafts, enjoying music, reading and singing. She is thrilled to spend time with friends – when her schedule permits – which always fills the house with giggles and fun. She has a great respect and love for this beautiful and elegant sport, for her team and for her coaches. Acrobatic gymnastics has given her the opportunity to do what she loves! It is a combination of strength, flexibility and balance around an intense dance routine. Tumbling and flying high in the air while keeping it elegant are what makes this sport so special. Through teamwork and perseverance, she will reach many goals. Success in anything requires hard work and hard work pays off. Being a national champion is a great achievement and hopefully just the beginning. Amy’s passion may change in the future – she is still very young but no matter what path she chooses, with her endurance and drive she will conquer the world!

Dror’s Tires Shilat

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How Much Do I Have to Try? By: Rav Gideon Weitzman There is a classic question in Jewish thought regarding the relationship between effort and faith, hishtadlut and emunah. How much effort does one have to do and how much must they have faith in God’s plan? There are several approaches to this question and its relevance to many aspects of our life. I would like to look at just one area: questions of medicine. Does one have to spend a tremendous amount of effort and money to go to the world’s best doctor or should we promote prayer and more spiritual pursuits? The discussion focuses on understanding a mishna (Pesachim 4:9) that enumerates six actions performed by King Chizkiyahu, three of which met with rabbinic approval and the other three met with rabbinic scorn. One of the commendable actions was that he hid away Sefer Refuot, the Book of Remedies. The commentators differ in their explanations of why this was considered to be a praiseworthy act. Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura explains that people relied completely on the remedies that appeared in the book and did not pray to God to make them better. When people became ill, instead of realizing the spiritual reason

for their ailment and improving their ways, they turned to the therapies that appeared in the Book of Remedies and their medical situation improved. The implication is clear; when we get ill we should turn to God and follow His word. Since it is He who sent us the illness it is logical that He should remove it as well. The Ramban in his commentary on the Torah (Vayikra 26:11) famously claims that if the Jewish people would follow the Torah they would have no need to go to doctors who only exist as a concession to man’s weakness and lack of faith. This is an unusual statement for someone who himself worked as a doctor. But he explains that while people should not go to doctors, if they decide to do so the doctor is permitted to treat them. The Rambam has a very different explanation of the Book of Remedies; he explains that the book contained various medical treatments that were based on idolatry or contained forbidden ingredients. Chizkiyahu was praised for removing this halachically problematic book but this does not imply any inherent problem with using medicine and utilizing the best medical treatments. Continued on page 22


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Continued from page 20

The problem with the Rambam’s explanation is that while the Rabbis commended Chizkiyahu for getting rid of the problematic book, the book had been used before Chizkiyahu without any apparent problem. Why was the book originally accepted and only later needed to be censured? Rav Kook (Ein Iyah, Berachot 1, 143) has a fascinating and unique explanation. He writes that people need to make the appropriate and necessary effort in all walks of life, including in the area of medicine. At the same time they need to believe that God will bless their efforts and deliver the desired result. The question therefore becomes what is the best way to see God’s hand in our salvation and our health. Originally the Jewish people were on the high level that they were able to see God in nature and in what appeared to be a natural process. They went to doctors and were healed and offered up prayers to the Almighty before, during and after the medical treatment. Their entire being was intertwined with a recognition

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of the Divine and thus seeking medical treatment did not negate their connection with God. At a later stage people were less capable of seeing God’s hand in nature and nature became a god in of itself, and the natural process was viewed as being outside of the realm of God’s control. When this happened Chizkiyahu felt the need to hide away the Book of Remedies since it had replaced the need for connection with God in many people’s minds. Our obligation is to see and find the Divine in our own lives, to see how God’s hand guides us even when He is hidden in what appears to be a natural process. God has not been replaced by nature; God is to be discovered in nature. During the summer we tend to spend time enjoying nature, let us see God’s hand and beauty in that nature. Rabbi Gideon Weitzman is the Rabbi of the Merkaz Modiin Synagogue (sometimes called the Bunker) and is the Director of the English Speaking Section of the Puah Institute for Fertility and Medicine in Accordance with Halacha. He is also a Visiting Associate Principal at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and writes a popular weekly column in the Torah Tidbits. He is a Sex Counselor working in Ma’ayan Ganim together with Jodi Wachspress to offer sex therapy within a halachic framework. His latest book is “His Words, Their Voices – Essays on the Haftarot” and is available from the author at 052-8362339.

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Accessing the Inaccessible By: Tamar Pearlman Concierge noun [ C ] UK /ˌkɒn.siˈeəʒ/ US /kɑːn.siˈerʒ/ The French word concierge is likely derived from the Old French cumcerges, related to the Medieval Latin consergius meaning fellow slave. Another possibility, suggested by French authors as early as the 19th century, is that “concierge” is a contraction of comte des cierges (“count of candles”), a servant responsible for maintaining the lighting and cleanliness of medieval palaces. Possibly the reason why many apartment blocks and hotels have a “concierge” overseeing the building and running errands for guests. More recently, stand-alone companies offering concierge services are becoming ever popular. So what is a modern “concierge”? No matter what business you are in, everyone is basically looking for an expert. Whether that be a plumber to fix your sink, a barista to make your coffee, or a lawyer to handle your house purchase, we all hire someone to fix a problem and make our lives easier. A concierge is just that, an expert. A concierge knows what you don’t about a location, a restaurant, a hotel, an internet or cable company, a taxi firm and the list goes on. Why do I need one? A concierge, like most professions, is there to save you time based on expertise. The service is there to make sure your experience goes off without a hitch. A concierge, plain and simple, does the things you need done, where you need them done, when you or your mind are elsewhere. A concierge is about logistics and execution. A concierge is your access to the inaccessible. A concierge in Israel For many people abroad, Israel is much much more than a vacation destination. Friends and family live here, vacation homes are owned here, students come on gap-year programs or 24

summer programs for extended periods, simchas are made here and of course, for some it’s the place we come to live. All this means that there are frequent occasions and many reasons that someone outside of Israel needs something done in Israel. Aside from the potential language barrier, it can be a real challenge and a time-consuming business trying to achieve your objective from overseas, even for something as relatively straightforward as having a gift for chag delivered to friends or family. This is where a concierge service can meet your needs – a service in English based locally that can assist you in accessing the inaccessible. A concierge service typically represents you and therefore has your best interest at heart. The service acts as your local representative and should be flexible enough to respond to all your varied requests. How do I know which concierge to choose? A good concierge should have excellent local knowledge. The service should demonstrate flexibility and creativity in the services and solutions it offers confirming its ability to respond to a wide range of requests. It must have well developed relationships with local providers and be able to demonstrate extensive experience and customer satisfaction in the services it offers. Above all else, it is about the relationship. It is important to look for a concierge that values building a good client relationship with you, because the value in you having a concierge is its ability to become your number one contact in Israel for all your needs. Tamarim Concierge Tamar Pearlman is the owner and founder of Tamarim Concierge. Since making aliyah with her family from London in the summer of 2007, there is very little she has not dealt with in terms of Israeli bureaucracy, culture and daily life challenges. She has earned the respect and admiration of her peers and clients due to her amazing ability to “get it done.” Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Tamar is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with over twenty years of experience specializing in bilingual children. Tamar leverages her professional communication and customer/patient care skills and her drive to succeed along with over ten years’ experience as a new immigrant to deliver clients a level of service that is hard to find in Israel. Based in Israel Tamarim Concierge provides assistance to those traveling to Israel, moving to Israel, or requiring almost anything at all done in Israel. Contact Tamarim at 054-313-7365;

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Meet Council Member: Merav Pelleg By: Caryn Meltz and Rachel Kops Merav Pelleg is a full-time teacher, mother and one of only three women on the Modiin Maccabim Reut City Council. We sat down with Merav during one of her busiest times of the year, right after the Yom Hazikaron tekes she organized at school and as she was preparing her sixth grade class for graduation. She is also the mother of four boys, one of whom is a toddler. Merav studied music and education at Bar-Ilan University and then received her master’s in music at Tel Aviv University. She started her career as a music teacher and is currently a homeroom teacher at an elementary school in Tal Shachar. Before moving to Modiin, Merav and her husband, Chovav, spent several years on shlichut to Holland where she taught in a school there. While they were on shlichut, they decided on their own to be ambassadors for Israel – talking to the locals about Israel

‫אבחון וטיפול בהפרעת קשב וריכוז‬

New in the Modiin Area

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new clinic for ADHD:

‫ נָ א‬- ‫קׁשב‬ ֵ ַ‫ה‬

A Clinic for the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric ADHD. Dr. Stephen Reingold

08-979-0420 Ariel 27, Nof Ayalon.


and helping them connect to their Jewish identity. They were able to portray Israel in a positive light. Merav said, “When you live in chul, you understand that there are so many ways to be Jewish – something that Israelis don’t necessarily comprehend.” Israel is home and in 2001 the Pelleg family moved to Modiin in the middle on the Intifada. Shortly after their arrival here, Merav took her children to a tekes on the first day of school which turned into a moving experience. The teachers and students started to sing “lecha eten et haartez hazot,” “to you I will give this land,” and those words couldn’t have rung truer especially having just returned to Israel. She now understands how to answer the question that many olim receive: “Why did you make aliyah – it’s much easier in chul.” The answer is that certain aspects may be better – such as salaries – however the easiest place to be a Jew is in Israel. Although Merav and her family are orthodox, she has a very pluralistic outlook to religion. She was one of the founders of the Darchei Noam minyan – men and women sit with a mechitza, but Continued on page 28

smile for life ‫אורתודנט מומחה‬

Josh Wachspress, DDS Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

Celebrating 19 years in Modiin Dimri Towers, Yigal Yadin 37


w w w. b r a c e s . c o . i l

Maccabim Sport Center

Two studio rooms for adult chugim

Shambaz Pub restaurant for pool users

Heated pool

Children and youth chugim run by the leading schools in the city

Fitness room

QT activity room – up to age 4

Find us on ‫מרכז ספורט מכבים‬ w w w. m a c c a b i m s c . o r g . i l

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both men and women can read from the Torah and receive aliyot. She also started the Kabbalat Shabbat program at Heichal Hatarbut – residents of the city are invited once a month to participate in Kabbalat Shabbat – open to everyone from secular to religious. She always volunteered on school committees and Iriyah committees. Merav’s volunteer work led to several parties approaching her to join their list in the 2013 elections. After careful consideration, she decided to join Moish Levy’s Shachar Osim Hinuch party. Originally on the opposition, she sat on the audit committee which is one of the hardest jobs in city council. It enabled her to delve deep and have a complete understanding of how the various committees in city council work. Once Shachar Osim Hinuch joined the coalition, she became the head of the “promoting the status of women” committee. Her approach is that women have the capabilities to tackle any position. The committee provides women with tools needed to do just that. There are seminars, networking, and courses which include the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” course. She notes that there are fifteen hundred women who work from home in Modiin. She also heads the Arnona Discount Committee; single parents and disabled receive automatic exemptions. Then there are other people who don’t fit into those categories and need a break. Those cases need to be reviewed in depth. Merav made it clear that the entire process is anonymous and that the committee is not privy to names or identification in order to preserve the privacy of the person.


It’s not easy being a woman in politics, but her husband’s support makes it possible. Merav sees politics as a way to get things done for the good of the public. Everything in politics takes time. When you have an idea, you need to wait for the right opportunity. Merav collaborates on events and activities with all of the council members. Politicians will never have a 100 percent approval, she said, “Criticism is a sign that I did my job. If it’s genuine criticism then I take it and learn from it.” We asked how she has time in her schedule for all the volunteer work and she answered that when you enjoy what you’re doing and the work is meaningful, you can always find the time. She added that her motto is “I learned, I did it, I had fun!” Merav is always available to answer questions:; 054-6323190.

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Aliyah Acculturation and Anxiety By: Deby Rauc h There are so many moments I remember about my final days in Buenos Aires before we boarded a plane and moved to America. I remember telling my father that I did not want to leave my country. I remember watching my grandmothers sobbing at the airport as we got further and further away from them. I remember looking up at my older sister who was crying, which automatically meant that I needed to cry too even though at the young age of six I could not have grasped the magnitude, the loss, and the utter loneliness that my family would soon encounter. In a new land, with a new language and culture, we were all on own and we had to figure it out – just like thousands of other families that chose immigration and specifically to Israel. The children are the real heroes in every immigration story because at such young and vulnerable ages, they learn that lives can be turned upside down and they are forced to survive, persevere, and eventually thrive. Sometimes, adults justify uprooting children because they see them as resilient, able to handle change and to learn new skills with facility; after all their brains are malleable and still growing. But the truth is, they also experience loss, grief, anger, lack of control, frustration and loneliness. Most of them have left behind good friends, teachers, family members (grandparents, uncles,

Memory Loss? Migraine? Adult ADHD? Unexplained Neurological Symptoms? The holistic approach to your brain health

Ely Simon, MD US-trained Neurologist in Modiin Private and Maccabi patients Solomon Center, 9 Hativat Golani St., Modiin Tel. (clinic) 072-2120666 24-hour automated scheduling



cousins), sports teams, and their own rooms. And teenagers? They have been “asked” (without much choice) to give up everything they worked so hard for, including their sense of self and identity. They might feel betrayed, angry and full of spite – their sadness and grief beyond words. A simple Google search on “culture shock” reveals the commonly known stages of the phenomenon (honeymoon, crisis, adjustment, adaptation, and reverse culture shock). We know (some of us from experience) how intense the process of acculturation can be, from a sense of euphoria to deep despair and everything in between. These heightened emotions are a normal reaction to an extremely difficult process. It is expected that children will show signs of anxiety while they are adjusting. Here are some behavioral signs that your child may display when experiencing anxiety: · Exhibits some type of worry every single day · Seems worried often about events beyond his or her control · Tries to avoid particular situations or events · Demonstrates a preoccupation with pleasing everyone · Changes in behavior including clinginess or moodiness · Development of nervous habits such as nail biting or tics · Suddenly starts getting into trouble at school

Raheli Kuperman Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Specializing in pelvic floor, prenatal, postnatal, and menopause therapy Qualified sexual counselor Physiotherapy sessions in a private, intimate clinic in Mazkeret Batya Treatment for pelvic pain, incontinence, PO prolapse, diastasis recti, sexual dysfunction Reimbursement from Kupat Holim and medical insurance Workshops and lectures in women’s health around the country

054-4410379 PelvicFloorRaheli

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Perfectionism with school work Fears going to school Worries excessively about his or her own safety or the safety of loved ones · Complains often about headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, or muscle aches · Sleep problems · Wants to be near parents at all times · Unable to concentrate on simple tasks · Gets scared easily · Rarely seems calm or relaxed · Fidgets often, can’t sit still · Frequently in a bad mood ( If your child does exhibit these symptoms and they are impacting daily functioning, it is best to intervene before it gets worse. The first and most fundamental step is to recognize that you (the parent) are the most important person in your child’s life! It is within the parent-child relationship that the child needs to feel safe and secure. Listed below are three ways to cultivate this relationship and help alleviate anxiety in children. 1. Choose to connect. This is very hard because when children feel anxious, they usually act out, which automatically causes parents to distance themselves emotionally. One of the hardest challenges that we face as parents is to stay connected while our kids are being rude, apathetic, having temper tantrums and/or difficult to control. Perhaps · · ·

at that moment you cannot connect, so make it a point to connect when things are calm. Build a reservoir that can be used to get through the hard times. 2. Address the fears and worries. Children who experience anxiety also feel very alone in their distress. Addressing their anxiety means you are giving your child permission to talk about it. 3. Validate and empathize. Once children express their fears and worries, do not try to solve, minimize or dismiss their stress in an effort to make everyone feel better. If you want to de-escalate a feeling, you need to see it, label it and accept it and then with their cooperation explore ways to resolve it. Parenting, while simultaneously dealing with immigration, acculturation and anxiety can seem like an impossible task. However, the parent-child relationship is the anchor amidst the chaos. Children need their parents. Taking time to nurture and cultivate the parent-child relationship is the biggest gift parents can give to their children. And the greatest gift parents can receive from their children is watching them thrive. Deby Rauch is a clinical psychologist who works with children, adolescents and adults. She treats anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders. She also gives parenting support for parents in crisis. Deby sees patients at her clinic, 37 Yigal Yadin. Contact Deby at 052-4000786 or or Facebook: Dr. Deby Rauch.

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Native English speaker covering all areas of risk management for olim, individuals, families and businesses. Insurance for your car, home, business; health insurance and nursing care; life insurance and pension plans; mortgages; hishtalmut; kupot gemel; and more.... Providing personal service, with clear explanations and guidance through the maze of the Israeli insurance system. Representing the leading insurance companies, so you benefit from attractive rates, and a multitude of exclusive insurance plans.

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Household Electrical and Maintenance Tips By: Shimon Zac k The summer is upon us and I would like to share with you some helpful tips to keep your household appliances working well and try to save you money. Let’s start with cooling off our homes. Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular nowadays and using them with your air conditioners is very efficient and can save you money. When choosing a ceiling fan it’s important to take some things into consideration. The fan should be good quality with a good warranty. It should be powerful enough with blades that are the correct size for the room it’s going to be installed in. Good quality fans are sturdier and quieter when running. I recommend using a qualified electrician and certified installer to help you choose the right fan for your needs and for installation. Keeping a fan clean is important and the easiest way to clean the blades is by putting a pillow case over the blade and pulling it toward you. That

way the dirt will fall into the pillow case. If you can see the motor then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. How do ceiling fans save you electricity? There are days that are warm so rather than running the air conditioning, turn on the ceiling fan to keep you cool. If you have your air conditioner on then definitely put your fans on. The ideal recommended temperature your air conditioner should be set to is 25 degrees Celsius. Every degree below that will raise the running cost by 5%. So instead of setting your air conditioner to 21 or 22 degrees, you can leave it on 25 degrees. The ceiling fan will move the cool air around and you will feel cool and most important, save money. In the winter, you can switch the fan to winter mode and when you use your heat put on the fan and the hot air will be pushed down instead of rising up. Air conditioners To have them work efficiently it’s very important to keep the filters clean. Usually, the filters can be taken out and all you need to do is wash off the dirt, let them dry and reinstall them. Another

Ensure your family drinks enough water this summer! Our Drinking Water Filter Systems provide your family with unlimited, clean and healthy water saving you money and worries. ENJOY OUR


052-8983396 WWW.ACPLUMBING.CO.IL * 32

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important tip is to check that the motor, which is outside, has nothing blocking the airflow around it, such as trees, bushes or anything lying against the motor. Dud Shemesh Now that the sun is out, in order to keep the dud shemesh boiler working efficiently I recommend washing down the solar panels which are usually on the roof. If it’s difficult or dangerous to get to, then call a professional who deals in this field. Another tip to save money is to install a timer for the boiler. This way it will only come on when you need to heat water. General Electricity Tips Another money saver is to unplug phone chargers, laptop chargers and to totally switch off computers when not in use. These all use electricity and in the end every little bit adds up. For health reasons try not to have your cellphone charging next to your bed while you sleep.

“Embrace and love your body, it is the greatest thing you will ever own.”

Lastly, I highly recommend you have your friendly electrician pay you a visit and check your electrical panel to make sure that all screws are tight and that there are no loose wires or connections and all looks okay. I recommend having this done at least twice a year. Your electrical panel is like your car, it needs to be checked and serviced. Remember, loose connections can cause fires. Wishing everyone a cool and healthy summer! Shimon Zack is a qualified (Israeli license no. 056560) electrician, certified installer, and supplier of Swing, Star and Hunter ceiling fans. He has over 25 years of experience; solving all electrical related problems. He uses only high quality parts, work is fully guaranteed and always cleans up after work. Available for consultation about problems over the phone. Contact Shimon at 052-2953717. Not on Shabbat.

Marriage and Family Therapy Couple's and Sex Therapy Art Therapy

the s i y t bili ne a r e n l "Vu ornersto ce" c fiden of con own 054-494-0415 chavimonheitrd cm.nutrition

é Br Bren

For more information or to make an appointment please call

Jodi Wachspress Dimri Towers, Yigal Yadin 37

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Torani Education in Modiin By: Cherie Albucher and Jacqueline Rose This summer, Modiin Maccabim Reut is expected to welcome 50 new families who are making aliyah. As with all new olim to the city, each will be exploring the educational options to meet their family’s specific needs. There is a range of educational systems available in Modiin catering to the different needs of the varied population here including secular, religious (dati/Torani), reform and pluralistic, and a new special needs school. Over the years the need for Torani educational options in Modiin has grown and today your child can be educated in the Torani system from the age of two years and up. Ganim: Meorot Modiin Ganim are a private network of religious ganim that educate in accordance to Jewish traditions and religious enrichment. Their teaching staff is fully certified and supervised by the Ministry of Education. Each gan is spacious and well equipped with a wide selection of didactic games and learning programs. The ganim serve as complete and supportive educational institutions where every child can develop in all cognitive, emotional, social and motor areas. Gan opens at 7:10 am and there is a quality after-gan program option (13:30-17:00

pm). Children receive a nutritious hot meal every day, and enjoy extra-curricular programs including cooking, art, drama and more. There are a number of ganim located in neighborhoods around the city so you are sure to find a Meorot gan close to home. Registration is directly through Meorot Modiin. Elementary Schools: There are two Torani options in the city for kids aged 6-12 years. The Ariel Torani School located in the Moriah neighborhood accepts children from all over the city. The school is part of the Ministry of Education and follows a regular state curriculum. Unlike other schools in the city, the Ariel School, a semi-private school, finishes at - 15:30 pm four days a week, with extra Jewish study hours and chugim included in the weekly timetable. As part of the school curriculum, the Ariel School provides a special English-speakers supplementary English program from third


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grade. Registration is through the Iriyah and acceptance to the school is based on space availability. Lemaan Achai School, situated in Shilat, is part of the national Lemaan Achai network dedicated to providing secular education, which is infused with Torah values at every level. The school accepts children from Modiin and the surrounding areas including Nof Ayalon and Hashmonaim. Their main objective is to imbue students with moral foundations of proper education, love for the Torah and following its commandments, values and respect for tradition and for others. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education and is under its supervision. The uniqueness of the Lemaan Achai School is in providing students the best in religious studies, secular studies and quality enrichment classes. English is taught from first grade as part of the curriculum, including a special English-speakers program, and chugim are included in the weekly timetable. The school finishes every day at 15:00 pm. High Schools: There are two Torani options for high schools in Modiin. Ulpana Orot Bnei Akiva for girls and Yeshivat Lapid Bnei Akiva for boys. They are located on two different campuses and are the largest religious high schools in the city. Both schools have recently enhanced their Torani tracks. The track offers extra Beit Midrash learning, extra shabbatonim during the year and special social activities based on Torani principles. The Torani track offers families in the city an appropriate social and learning environment, while still being part of the regular programs in the school. This academic year for the incoming seventh grade, the Ulpana School plans to open three new Torani classes and the Yeshiva plans to open four new classes. The Shalavim boys and girls schools offer an additional Torani option for high school children. They are located on two separate campuses in Nof Ayalon and are a mere 10-minute drive from Modiin. As Modiin has grown over the last twenty years more educational options have become available and Torani education is now a viable option for those families who choose it. 35

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Getting a Mortgage in Israel By: Eyal Abramowitz

Buying a home is a big step for any family and one that requires many substantial financial decisions during the process, but when it comes to buying a home, not all financial decisions are created equally. In the case of buying a home, the largest, longest and most expensive cost a family will likely need to deal with is the mortgage to finance the purchase. Although the process of attaining a mortgage in most countries is not an overly complicated one, in Israel not only can the process itself be overwhelming, but the mechanics and structure of the mortgage are substantially different. Consequently, even the smallest mistakes can cost a family tens and even hundreds of thousands of shekels. To avoid this, it is critical that a potential borrower understands the basic requirements necessary in order to be approved for a mortgage, as well as some of the basic terms that will be “thrown� at them when speaking with a mortgage bank. Let’s start with the level of financing banks in Israel are allowed to offer a potential borrower. Over the last decade, the Bank of Israel has instituted a number of regulations meant to lower the risk to banks as well as to potential borrowers. When related to the level of financing, which is known as the LTV (Loan To Value) ratio (Achuz Mimun), there is a differentiation between different types of buyers. First-time buyers in Israel can be offered an LTV ratio of up to 75%. Buyers who have already owned a home in Israel but will only own one property can be offered a maximum LTV ratio of 70% and investors who own more than one property are limited to an LTV ratio of 50%. Another area where strict regulations are imposed concerns the monthly payment. The regulations here limit the ratio of the monthly mortgage payment vs. the total net income (i.e. after taxes) of all the borrowers (yachas hechzer). The Bank of Israel Continued on page 38


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Lev Modiin is for the broader community - to foster greater unity through Torah study, community lectures, holiday events, social activities, weekly Shabbat services and meaningful programs for men, women and children.

Add an hour once a week and join the Lev Modiin Beit Midrash program. Pick a time Sunday – Thursday starting at 8:30 pm. Pick a topic and you’ll be set up with an excellent study partner (chavruta).

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We ek l y S ha b b a t S e r v i ce s

Lev Modiin Shul, in the Keizer neighborhood on the 2nd floor of the AMIT Boys’ School, 4 Emek Zevulun, is conveniently located near Dimri Towers, Shimshoni neighborhood and the mall. The Lev Modiin Shul is a warm blend of olim and native Israeli families from different backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity and comfortable way to integrate into Israeli society. Friday night Carlebach-style davening: Summer schedule 6:30 pm; Sept-May, 10 minutes after candle lighting. Shabbat morning services begin at 8:45 am. Delicious kiddush following morning services every week. Child care provided.

For more information:,, 050-405-5521, LevModiin

Lev Modiin offers varied programming: Men's Beit Midrash program Community lectures Pre-holiday prep workshops Classes Social events Holiday programs and parties One-on-one learning Children's programming Women's Rosh Chodesh programs Women's chavruta learning

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allows the banks to approve mortgages with a payment to income ratio that is as high as 50%, but payments above 40% will require that the banks set aside cash reserves that are equal to 100% of the extended loan. As such, the banks will not approve mortgages that carry a payment to income ratio that is higher than 40% and, in general, the banks will only approve a mortgage with a monthly payment that is up to a third of the borrower’s net monthly income. It should be noted that even if a bank agrees to approve a mortgage payment that is equal or even above a third of a borrower’s net monthly income, for most families it is not recommended to commit to a monthly payment that is higher than 20%-25% of their net monthly income. It is also critical that a borrower understands the structure of the mortgage. In Israel, a mortgage will generally be based on what is called a mortgage package (tamhil mashkanta). What this means is that your mortgage can actually be split into multiple loans or what are referred to as mortgage tracks (maslulei mashkanta). This means that part of your mortgage can carry a fixed interest rate, part can carry a variable/adjustable rate, a portion may be linked to a foreign currency and parts may be linked to CPI (Cost Price Index). These mortgage tracks can also be amortized over different terms, and as such, part of your mortgage may carry a 20-year term, part may be for 30 years and other parts may be for 15, 25 or anything in between. The tracks your mortgage package is built on is without a doubt the most important consideration a borrower must consider. The make-up of the package will also affect the interest rates the banks will offer. It is always extremely important to understand the exact differences between each track and to not be enticed by a lower rate that could vary in the future. Building the correct package is the only way to ensure your mortgage will fit your family’s needs and goals in the future. As I’m sure you can tell from reading the above, the mortgage process in Israel is a complicated one and it has many “moving parts” that must be considered carefully. For this reason, it is highly recommended to consult with an Independent Mortgage Consultant before making any mortgage related decisions and ideally, it is recommended that you consult with a mortgage expert before you have even started looking for a home. Eyal Abramowitz is an Independent Mortgage Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the Israeli mortgage market and a founding member of the Israel Mortgage Consultants Association. Contact Eyal at:

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Back ular by pop d deman

Shlomo Artzi Summer tour 2018

Rita “Nissim Shkufim” ("Transparent Miracles”)

Special guest:

Idan Amedi

Shlomi Shabat

Eyal Golan & Ethnix

Ivri Lider & Dikla

(“The Entire Country Is Singing”)

Special guests:

“Kol HaMedina Shara”

Park Anabe at 21:00 Gates open at 19:00 T i ckets o n s ale at H e i ch a l H a ta r b ut 0 8 - 9 7 3 - 7 3 3 3 Or on the Heichal H a ta rb u t web si te w w w. sh ow s. org . i l


Summer Craft Corner By: Rina Tarablus

Polymer Clay (Fimo) Teddy Bear Supplies Clean flat work area Half a package of orange polymer clay (or any color of your choosing) 1/8 package skin-colored polymer clay 1/8 package yellow polymer clay (for the balloon) Black wire Black polymer clay for the eyes Acrylic backing to soften the clay Toothpick Ruler to measure diameter of the circles (optional) or standard ruler Instructions Soften the orange clay with the rolling pin by rolling and folding the clay, until soft Roll up the clay like a sausage and cut it with the ruler – see photo Shape balls sized: 4, 6, 6, 10, 10, 13, 13, 16, 19 mm Take the large ball, 19 mm and elongate one end on the surface so that it is pear shaped Take the 16 mm ball and squeeze slightly with three fingers until it is a triangle with rounded sides Take the 10 and 13 mm balls and elongate them for the arms and legs Take the small balls and elongate slightly for the ears Connect all parts of the bear according to the photo – stand the pear-shaped body on the surface then attach the head, and the arms and legs on the sides Attach the ears on both sides of the head Add hands, eyes and nose – see photo Roll a small ball and add to the back for the tail Add clay balloon attached with wire Good luck! Rina Tarablus runs activities, parties, chugim and kaytanot with polymer clay (Fimo). Contact Rina at 054-2076454, RinaFimo@gmail,


Meorot Modiin Ganim

A network of religious ganim in Modiin Registration is open for 2018-2019 school year. Ganim for ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. Certified teaching staff, supervised by the Ministry of Education.

Ganim based on Jewish traditions and religious enrichment. Spacious well equipped classrooms with wide selection of didactic games and programs.


Essential learning programs and equipment adapted for early-learning development according to age. Large well maintained play areas for each age group. Superb after-gan program options (13:30-16:30/17:00pm).

Special Gan groups for age 2-3 years in Buchman and Kaiser.

Children receive a nutritious hot meal every day, and enjoy extracurricular programs including cooking, art, drama and more. It is essential to us that our gamin serve as complete and supportive educational institutions where every child can develop in all cognitive, emotional-social and motor areas.

For registration and details:



Office hours: 8:30-13:30

Office Tel:




30 years experience. References

EIN TIKAN )Cockroach Free(

Amos Rosenthal – P.O.B. 155 Maccabim Pest Control and Fumigation of Domestic Pests and Parasites

Cockroaches Ants Termites Wood Worm

Pigeon-lice, Moths, Wasps Ticks, Fleas & Bed-bugs Mice & Rodents Moles Spraying before events against flying insects License no. 942

Guidance & Consultation in Gardening and Agriculture Cellular:

050 541 0862




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Dr. Deby Rauch Licensed Clinical Psychologist #27-33687


052-4000786 37 Yigal Yadin, Modiin

Chugim Birthday parties Kaytanot

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Call 0 5 4 - 7 5 5 0 7 4 7 Free 20-minute introductory phone call

Marketing Strategy plans. Branding and Advertising plans. Social Media campaigns. Website design, graphics & content. Corporate events & Conferences. Mobile: 050-7663080

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Health Tips for a Healthy Summer By: Chavi Monheit The summer is here and the last thing you want to be thinking about is watching every single thing you eat and worrying about sabotaging your waistline. Everybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that there is lots of advice on how you might go about it. It can be difficult to know what is effective and what could be just another fad diet. The good news is that summer eating does not have to be stressful! Here are some effective strategies to help stay healthy this summer: Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. They are relatively low in calories compared to some other snacks we eat. They are packed with nutrients and refreshing for those hot summer days! Never skip meals. It has been shown that people who don’t skip meals throughout the day are able to control their appetite and manage their weight in the long term. If you’re not used to eating at a particular time of day, start with something small like

a fruit or yogurt. Plan your meals ahead of time. This will help you stay on track. Being able to figure out your meals ahead of time will help keep you from purchasing those last minute items which tend to include junk food. People who plan ahead are more likely to stick with their weight loss plan and meet their goals. Stick to healthy snacks. Try to stay away from chocolate, cookies, cakes and chips. If you are hungry between meals, try having fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, yogurt or nuts. Stay healthy at the beach/pool. Ice cream and iced coffee Continued on page 44

Israeli workers Over 15 years’ experience English speaking

For a greener garden Landscape Design Garden Maintenance Lighting Systems Synthetic Grass Installation Computerized Irrigation Systems To v i R i c h m a n


Free fertil izer for all New Custo mers


Continued from page 43

stands can be very tempting, especially when you aren’t prepared. When going out, try to pack a cooler with ice, water, sandwiches on whole-grain bread, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Drink water. Try to cut back on liquid calories. Sugary drinks and alcohol can add up and make all the difference between losing weight or not. Eat balanced meals. Don’t cut out food groups for quick weight loss. Your body needs a balance of nutrients to stay healthy. Avoid fad diets and trends that promise unrealistic results. Try to aim for a sensible weight loss of 0.5-1 kg per week. Eat mindfully. Slow down and concentrate on the food that you are eating. Do not allow yourself to be distracted (TV, driving, etc.). This will allow you to recognize when you are satisfied and will help you stop eating when you’ve had enough. Exercise. It is important to incorporate aerobic activity and

strength training in your day to day schedule. Aerobic activity: Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (brisk walking, swimming), or 75 minutes of vigorous activity (running, spinning) a week, or a combination of the two. Strength training: Do strength training for all major muscle groups at least two times a week, using a weight or resistance level heavy enough to tire your muscles after about 12-15 repetitions. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The industry sells us things like “Score a beach body ASAP” or “Drop pounds in days.” These suggest that the most important issue for us is to achieve a flawlessly smooth, thin body. This causes stress, guilt, shame and negative body image. Becoming the model alongside these headlines is near impossible. Even the model does not live up to that standard. Each body is unique, and the goal is to take care of it, nourish it, and appreciate it for it for how amazing it is.


Kosher Lemehadrin

Catering Café: Bagels & bagel sandwiches, salads & desserts Catering: Hot platters, cold platters, desserts, and more Dairy Food for All Your Events 15 Avnei Hachoshen, Modiin Tel: 1-700-50-11-10 Website: Email Additional location: 18 HaSivim, Petach Tikva Hours: S -Th 7:30-22:00; F 7 : 30- 1 4 : 00


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Overnight Oats Ingredients: · ½ cup milk/soy milk/ almond milk (plain) · ½ cup rolled oats · 1 tsp chia seeds Instructions: 1. Add all of the ingredients into a jar or container. 2. Stir and seal well. 3. Refrigerate overnight. 4. In the morning, add additional liquid if needed. 5. Top with fruits, nut butter, seeds or yogurt. *I recommend serving with yogurt for extra protein! Nutritional Information: Calories: 200 cal Protein: 10 gr Carbohydrates: 26 gr Fat: 4 gr

Yogurt Popsicles with Tahini and Date Honey Ingredients: · 400 ml unsweetened yogurt (1.5%-3%) · 2 tablespoons tahini · 2 tablespoons of date honey · Popsicle molds Instructions: 1. Pour ingredients into a bowl. 2. Mix well. 3. Pour into Popsicle molds. 4. Freeze overnight. * I recommend adding sliced fruit, nuts, cinnamon or nana.

Chavi Monheit is a Registered Dietitian, specializing in sports nutrition and CBT for weight-loss Yields: 6 servings management. Nutritional Information per Serving: Sessions include one-on-one counseling Calories: 70 cal and personalized meal plans. Protein: 3 gr Contact Information: 0544940415; Carbs: 5 gr; Fat: 4 gr w w w. c m n u t r i t i o n . c o . i l .

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Variety of Meat, Chicken and Lamb Fresh and frozen high quality meats, variety of seasoned meats, ready to be barbecued Top quality freshly prepared by us Fresh daily from Wednesday

Variety of wines, sauces, boutique beers, gourmet cooking products and iron cast cookware

Sharbat Center, 32 Emek HaChula, Modiin orders and delivery

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CLASSIFIEDS Professional, Effective, Practical & Caring Help Psychotherapy, Counseling & Coaching Anxiety, Depression, Stress Disorders, Family Issues

Treat Yourself Well - You Deserve It!

Sophie Sheldon

Rehabilitative Medical Massage Specialist And Feel Great Massage Specialist! Relieve Stress & Pain Enhance Health, Relaxation & Well-being

Dr. Simcha Sheldon

Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist Clinical & Medical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

w w w. h a p p y h a n d s . m e Call: 054-568-6521 Receive a Special Offer - Introductory Massage! Feel welcome to call: 976-1056


Is your Hot water taking longer then 30 minutes to heat? ! It may be time for a cleaning

Plumbers Sinks Leaks Toilets

Drains Sewers Faucets

T h i s space c ou ld be yours for 50 NIS + VAT


Caulking Water heaters

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This summe r is going to be HOT Get your air conditionin g installed ea rly!!!


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CANDLE LIGHTING June 22/9 Tammuz Parashat Chukat Candle lighting: 19:26 Shabbat ends: 20:32

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July 1/18 Tammuz 17 BeTammuz Fast begins: 4:10 Fast ends: 20:21

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New in Modiin! All treatments in one location We offer a wide variety of c o s m e t i c t re a t m e n t s BIOFOR facial treatments Manicure/pedicure gel manicure Nail strengthening Eyebrow shaping Waxing Hair removal using 4MP technology Blow dry/coloring/highlights Haircuts for men/ women/children Hair straightening/ ombre/balayage Hair extensions Hair repair

Euro Shops, 21 Menachem Begin, Modiin

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Ice Cream for Every and Any Occasion!

C e rt if i e d K o s h e r Selection of Ice Cream and Parve Sorbet All Products Are Freshly Made with All Natural Ingredients Take Away and Delivery Available

66 Emek Dotan, Mercaz Merlaz, 08-926-7595 Sunday-Thursday 9:00-23:00

Friday 8:00-16:00

Motzash 1/2 hour after Shabbat - until 23:00

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