Notions Catalog Fall 2021

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Fall/Winter 2021

New Templates From Jen Kingwell - Book “Quilt Recipes” A


Acrylic Templates Only. Instructions are in Jen’s book “Quilt Recipes” A. Wensleydale Template Stk# JKD 8724 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $31.80


B. Diamond Exchange Template Stk# JKD 8731 Pk 1 Retail $43.90


C. Point Addis Template Stk# JKD 8748 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $38.40


D. Tomar Template

Stk# JKD 8755 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $12.10




E. Winki Stars Template Stk# JKD 8762 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.10


F. Clopin Cushion Template Stk# JKD 8779 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $12.10


Quilt Recipes Complete Set of Templates Stk# JKD 8793 Pk 1 Retail $122.89




Hard cover book - 184 pages - Full Color 12 Quilt Projects - 8 Baking Recipes Quilt Recipes (Book) Stk# JKD 8717 Pk 1 Retail $51.99

*HYQGUF|076004] 2

New Templates

A. A Scrapbook of Quilts

A Scrapbook of Quilts by Carrie Nelson and Joanna Figueroa serves up a beautiful mix of 30 plus projects from just six quilt blocks and a collection of scraps, along with tips and tricks, artistic guidance on scrap quilting, and a bevy of inspiration, sprinkled with a bit of friendly banter!

Stk# ISE 945 Pk 1 Retail $27.95


B. Oregon Trail Template Set Stk# ISE 783 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $12.99


Three piece acrylic template set to make the “Oregon Trail” quilt from the book “A Scrapbook of Quilts”. C. Basic 2.5” Template Set 2 5ct Stk# 2001 13 Pk 1 Retail $18.99


5 fluorescent green acrylic templates. Each template is 2.5", the seam allowance is marked and has a placement hole. Comes with a chain so you can store the templates together or hang them nearby. Perfectly sized to work with Jelly Rolls and other 2.5” strips.


D. Paper Piecing Specialty Paper Stk# 20473 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.95


25, 8.5” x 11” sheets of smooth, sturdy paper, perfect for printing your own English Paper Piecing Templates. Tested and selected by quilt expert Becky Goldsmith of Piece O’ Cake designs. Use this paper to create the blocks in Becky’s book “HAND SEWING” E. Hand Sewing (Book) Stk# 11419 Min 2 Pk 1 Retail $28.95


F. Slit N Sew Steeple Chase 6” Finished Stk# 031627 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $13.95


Instructional booklet included. G. Slit N Sew Steeple Chase 8” Finished Stk# 031658 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $19.95


Make Your Own English Paper Piecing Templates



Our patent-pending Slit 'N Sew method represents a truly revolutionary improvement by allowing piecing to be done quickly and easily each and every time! Using the CutRite™ Slit 'N Sew templates, simply use a rotary cutter to make small cuts that are precisely located on the templates. Then proceeding a slit at a time, line up the next slit from each piece that is being pieced together and sew to that slit. • No paper piecing! • No tedious and time-consuming pinning! • Easy to see fluorescent green acrylic color! • May be performed by quilters of all skill and experience levels. • Ideally sized to work with standard pre-cuts, such as 5" and 10" squares.

Instructional booklet included.

To Order: • 800-527-9447

F-G 3

New Cutting Tools A. Cordless Cloth Cutter Stk# 2000FR Pk 1 Retail $249.00


-Cordless control, the 2000FR's battery-operated powerful servomotor can cut a single ply of fabric right up to a 1" high stack, making it a very versatile, lightweight machine. Includes two 14.8V lithium batteries and a charger with an optimal 2 hour run time between charging.

Great For Cutting Shop Kits!

-With 5 speed settings, the 2000FR is perfect for sample making or other light-duty operations. -With an extra thin base plate and light design, the 2000FR is a pleasure to operate. -The 200OFR's 4.3" high-speed steel (HSS) blade is optimal for cutting. -ORMD Ground Shipping - can not ship by air.

B. Quick Cut Thread Cutter

10.7”L x 7.8”H x 4”W

Stk# 7490 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $23.95



Quickly and easily separate your “chain piecing” patchwork. The blade turns in 12 positions to get a new blade edge. The blades are replaceable. Instructions included. 31/16” x 21/8” x 11/2”

C C. Perfect Scissors 4” Multipurpose Stk# KKB031 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99


Karen Kay Buckley 4

Great for cutting templates, fabric and fabric with fusible stabilizers. Stainless steel blades and the handles have a soft ergonomic grip. They cut sharp to the point and come with a protective cover. Can be used for both right and left hand cutting.

New KAI Scissors and Rotary Cutter


These razor-sharp scissors are made with heavy-duty, high carbon Japanese stainless steel with vanadium.


They are hand polished and balanced allowing for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabrics. Soft ergonomic handle grips offer superior cutting action for quilting, crafting or dressmaking.


A. Embroidery Scissors 5.5” Very Berry Stk# V5135 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99


B. Embroidery Scissors 5.5” Teal


Stk# V5135T Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99

%JQBGQR|001693] C. Sewing Scissors 8” True Blue

Stk# V5210B Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $26.99

%JQBDTR|505003] D. Sewing Scissors 8” Very Berry

Stk# V5210 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $26.99



E. Rotary Cutter 60mm Stk# RS 60 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $24.99

%JQBDTR|502637] F. Rotary Blade 60mm


Stk# RS60BL Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.99


To Order: • 800-527-9447


New Notions From It’s Sew Emma Open size: 10" x 13" x 3.25”

A. Berry Mad For Plaid Project Bag Stock# ISE 812 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $14.99


Flat size: 11" x 16"



B. Charcoal Mad For Plaid Project Bag Stock# ISE 815 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $14.99


Stitch Card Boxes Are A Colorful Fun Way To Organize Your Cross Stitch Cards.

Stk# ISE 785 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99



Stk# ISE 787 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99




D. 3/4” Cross Stitch Finishing Dots


Adheres to art boards, foam core & more without leaving residue on your fabric. Acid free, double sided, 240 - .75” dots.


Make perfect Squarein-a-Square quilt blocks every time! Shaded and numbered templates make this simple paper piecing fuss-free. 1.5”

Stock# ISE 816 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $14.99

Stock# ISE 813 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.98

6” x 7.5” x 8.625” Includes: 30 divider cards 1 foldable spacer 2 label inserts

NEW Sizes! Square in a Square Foundation Papers

C. Olive Mad For Plaid Project Bag

E. 1-1/2” Cross Stitch Finishing Dots Stock# ISE 814 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $16.98


Each pad makes 42 blocks.

Adheres to art boards, foam core & more without leaving residue on your fabric. Acid free, double sided, 144 - 1.5” dots.


F. Red Stitch Card Box

Stk# ISE 784 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99



Stk# ISE 786 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99



Stk# ISE 788 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99


Stk# ISE 818 Pk 1 Retail $34.99


G. Denim Stitch Card Box Stk# ISE 817 Pk 1 Retail $34.99


H. Teal Stitch Card Box Stk# ISE 819 Pk 1 Retail $34.99


New Notions From Dritz


A. Storage Tower

Stk# 3187 Pk 1 Mult 2 Retail $12.99


This Storage Tower provides compact and convenient storage for small sewing, quilting and craft supplies. B. Magnet Pin Cat

Stk# 274 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $5.99


Cat got your pin? Meet your purrrfect sewing companion. This Cool Cat Pin Magnet suctions to smooth surfaces keeping your pins and needles right where you want them. 1.5” x 1.5” x 1” with 1.75” suction cup.

The five round containers have hinged lids for easy access to contents and are translucent for easy viewing. 7” assembled tower height, 5” container diameter and 1.25” individual compartment height.




C. Sewing Box Kit


Stk# 27086 Pk 1 Mult 2 Retail $29.99


This kit includes the essential tools needed for cutting, pinning, measuring, marking, hand stitching and for removing the occasional unwanted stitches. D. Bobbin Boat Trio 3ct Stk# 888 M Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $12.99


Now available in a 3-Pack. Holds ten class 15 or class 66 bobbins. Curved interior “hugs” bobbins securely in place. 4-7/8” x 1”



E. Sewing Basket w/Pin Cushion Stk# Z10457

Pk 1 Retail $44.99


This pretty Dritz sewing basket is an attractive addition to any sewing or crafting space. F. Sewing Basket Vintage Stk# Z10332 211 Pk 1 Retail $39.99


A Dritz sewing basket is an attractive, portable solution for storing and organizing essential sewing, quilting or craft supplies.

101/4” x 61/4” x 63/4”. Tomato pin cushion - 4” x 23/8”. Pocket and pincushion attached to inside of lid, magnetic snap closure. Color coordinated sturdy plastic handle. Includes removable tray.

Large oval shape 12” x 8” x 7” . Metal handle with black wood accent. Pocket and pincushion attached to inside of lid. Magnetic snap closure. Includes removable tray.

To Order: • 800-527-9447


New Notions

Use on wearables like ponchos, backpacks as well as placemats, tote bags, and more!

A. HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl 8.68oz

Wonder Clips 26 piece variety pack includes: 6 jumbo clips, 10 classic size clips, and 10 mini clips. Each unique clip holds your work in place wherever you may need it.


Stk# 3919 Pk 1 Mult 4 Retail $13.99


Product Details: 1 jar = 8.68 oz, Oil Cloth Effect, Stain-Resistant, Waterproof, Clear and Flexible once dry, Can be machine sewn, Wipes Clean with a damp cloth. Non Toxic & Phthalate Free


B. Wonder Clips Variety Pack 26ct Stk# 3190 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $18.95


C. The Gypsy Sit Upon Stock# TGQ206 Pk 1 Retail $33.00


13” diameter - 2” thick D. Heat Resistant Thimbles 48ct Stk# TGQ099

Pk 1 Retail $30.00




This handy Spool & Bobbin Buddy organizes your bobbins on top of matching spools of thread.

“Spool Huggers” stop thread from unraveling, keeping thread tangle free. Fits most sizes of spools.

Protect your finger tips from iron burns with the Gypsy Quilter silicone Heat-Resistant Thimble! Three sizes of thimbles nested together. To be used on three fingers to help protect from heat. Tub contains 16 sets of thimbles. E. Spool Huggers 8ct

Stk# 317 Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $3.99


F. Spool & Bobbin Buddies 8ct

Stk# 318 Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $3.99




G. Vintage Strawberry Mini Cutting Mat

Double sided self healing 6” x 8” Cutting Mat.

Stock# ISE 741 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.99


H. Raffia & Bodkin 3ct Stk# JJ13 Pk 12 Retail $2.79


G 8


Set of 3 different, 2 7/8” long flat needles. 1 Tape Threader, 1 Straight Raffia, and 1 with a bent point. Great for inserting elastic, draw strings, afghan weaving or huck embroidery.

New Notions

A. Magic Quilt & Craft Trigger 16oz

Stk# 20307 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $8.99

Two versatile tools for every sewing kit.


The seam ripper is ergonomically designed for comfortably removing lines of stitching.

B. Magic Quilt & Craft Aerosol 15oz

Stk# 20308 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.99


Removes wrinkles, flattens seams and reduces stretch for point matching. Improves accuracy for cutting and sewing. Fragrance Free and Flake Free. C. Seam Ripper & Tape Measure Set Stock# 107520 1001 Pk 1 Retail $7.29

Auto-retractable 60” tape measure includes both inches and centimeters for easy measuring and converting.




D. Sassy Clip Yellow Stk# 40001 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $6.99


E. Sassy Clip Orange Stk# 40002 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $6.99


F. Sassy Clip Green Stk# 40000 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $6.99


G. Purple Carrycard

Stk# EMA7 17 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.99


The Sassy Clip is a handy table clip that keeps your cups, drinks, and cans off your work surface but within reach!


Polka Dot Needle Carrycards

Carry your needles in style with these cute leather like needle holders.

H. Aqua Carrycard

Stk# EMA7 18 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.99


I. Red Carrycard

Stk# EMA7 2 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.99


J. Lime Green Carrycard Stk# EMA7 12 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.99



To Order: • 800-527-9447


New Notions

A. Jen’s Essentials Collection Stk# JK5012JE5 Pk 1 Retail $25.00

KIT INCLUDES: Three tote patterns

50wt: 2375 6724


1. Tablet Tote, large enough for e-readers.

12wt: 2375 6724 4241

2. Bottle Caddy, for water, wine, or gifts.

Jen has used Aurifil thread from the day it was released in Australia, and this collection contains all of her essentials. Every project in Jen’s new book has used these Aurifil threads

3. Crossbody Carry All, for wallet, phone and passport.

Stk# JT 1675 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $14.99

B. Tote Triple Play



Revolutionary insulating fabric can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Revolutionary insulating fabric can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.



Tape Measure Twill Tape is 100% cotton. 25 yard spool, black, shows both inch and centimeter markings.

There are three totes in one kit and the "Sew On The Line" patterns are printed on a lightweight, durable stabilizer. Complete instructions included. C. Insulating Fabric Chefs Mitt

Stk# 8862 CHEF Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.59


These longer mitts offer wrist protection for outdoor grilling as well as baking. Die cut mitt shape to make one Chef's Mitt, 2 - 17" x 8.5" pieces. D. Insulating Fabric Jiffy Mitt Stk# 8862 JIFFY Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.29


This mini screwdriver has all the necessary “bits” that you need in one handy place. Quick change bits, non slip cushion grip handle makes this easy to use, carry and store.

Die cut mitt shapes to make one Jiffy Mitt, 2 - 6.5" x 12" pieces. E. Antique Ruler Twill Black/White Stk# 80487 Pk 25yds Retail $.60yd




Use as ribbon to wrap quilt kits, fabric bundles, or around your favorite quilters' gift. Use to embellish quilts, wallhangings, home decor and more. F. Its All That Screwdriver

Use this beautifully-clear vinyl for see through pockets or windows in organizers, bins, purses and bags, wallets, and more. The vinyl is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a cloth, or it may be safely machine washed and dried on medium heat. Just be sure to take it out of the dryer promptly and lay it flat to cool. The vinyl is packaged on a roll, which prevents wrinkles and folds and makes it very manageable and easy to use. A white paper backing clings to the vinyl so it is extra-easy to see the edges of the vinyl when cutting.

Stk# IATS1 Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $5.99

Sturdy, yet flexible, this premium weight vinyl is 54” wide and double polished for maximum clarity. A 16-gauge vinyl, it is the perfect weight to hold up to extended use while still being easy to sew through.

H. Premium Clear Vinyl 16” x 54”





G. Premium Clear Vinyl 54” x 15yd Roll Stk# SUP151 15YD4 Pk 15 Retail $13.99yd


Stk# SUP151 16X54 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.99


New Notions

A. Holiday Collection 3 Scissors 3.5” Stk# 6340 19 Pk 18 Retail $4.29 each


B. Holiday Collection 4 Scissors 3.5” Stk# 6340 89 Pk 18 Retail $4.29 each


C. Quilty Barn (Lori Holt) Stk# ISE 820 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $17.99


D. Vintage Housewife (Lori Holt) Stk# ISE 821 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $17.99


E. Needle Minder Nocturnal Owl (Gingiber) Stk# GB NM001 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $13.99

18, 3.5" Embroidery Scissors with Acrylic counter display.



18, 3.5" Embroidery Scissors with Acrylic counter display.

A NEEDLE MINDER is one of those sewing notions that make you wonder, "what did I do before I had one of these?" Their purpose is to hold onto your needle when you need to put down your embroidery or cross stitch project. No more misplacing your needle when you have to take a break from your stitching.


F. Queen Bee (Sweetfire Road)

Stk# SFR QB Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $14.99


G. Clear Blue Tiles Essentials Set Stk# KDTL105 Pk 1 Retail $129.99


USB ESSENTIALS SET INCLUDES: 372 Files, 6 background designs, 6 bitty blocks, 186 block-by-block and 186 allover quilting designs. H. Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Pack Stk# KDTL106 Pk 1 Retail $39.99


If you have an embroidery machine with larger hoop sizes, add to your Clear Blue Tiles Collection. EXPANSION SET INCLUDES: Block Tiles in sizes 2”x 12”, 4” x 12”, 6” x 12”, 8” x 12”, 2” x 14”, 4” x 14”, 6” x 14”, 8” x 14”. Border Tiles in sizes 1” x 12”, 2”x 12”, 3” x 12”, 4” x 12”, 5” x 12”, 6” x 12”, 1” x 14”, 2” x 14”, 3” x 14”, 4” x 14”, 5” x 14”, 6” x 14”.

C-F Quilt your projects in-the-hoop with professional results. With Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles, it’s easy to stitch through a quilt sandwich of top fabric, batting, and back fabric. Choose allover quilting for a continuous flow, or customize each block with a different design! Because they have the same scale, you can use a variety of tiles on the same project.


To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


MUST HAVE NOTIONS Deluxe 45MM Ergo Rotary Cutter •9654• Pk 1 R $32.39

RB45H-1 Endurance Blade RTY-2/G •1128127• Pk 1 Mult 3 R $14.99

RTY-3/G 60mm Lg Rotary Cutter •9653• Pk 1 R $33.38

60mm Endurance Blade •1132759• Pk 1 Min 2 R $20.27

RM-SG Rotary Mat 18” x 24” •9881• Pk 1 Min 2 R $34.63

Rotary Mat Double Sided 6” x 8” Navy •1136545• Pk 1 Mult 6 R $4.66

14” Rotating Cutting Mat •14WGR• Pk 1 Min 2 R $50.49

Frosted Ruler 6” x 24” •QR 6X24• Pk 1 Min2 R $30.78

Frosted Ruler 6”x 12” •QR 6X12• Pk 1 Min 2 R $21.98

Frosted Ruler Square 6.5” •QR 6S• Pk 1 Min 2 R $17.89

Frosted Ruler Square 12.5” •QR 12S• Pk 1 Min 2 R $31.88

Wing Clipper •UDT07• Pk 1 Min 2 R $26.59

Tucker Trimmer •UDT03• Pk 1 Min 2 R $24.59

120” Retractable Tape Measure •FF205• Pk 1 Min 6 R $5.00

True Grips 15ct •17015• Pk 1 Mult 12 R $5.95

Sewing Edge •20344• Pk 1 Min 3 R $9.95

Perfect Piecing Seam Guide •PDG 301• Pk 1 Min 3 R $6.99

That Purple Thang •TPT• Pk 1 Min 6 R $3.50

Oh Sew Clean Brush & Cloth Set •ISE 739• Pk 1 Min 6 R $8.98

Universal Machine Needle 80/12 •1833• Pack 10 R $7.29

Seam Ripper White •482W• Pk 3 R $4.50 ea

KAI Sewing Scissors 8” •N5210• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99

Elan Embroidery Scissors 5” •E6• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $15.95

Perfect Scissors 6” •KKB004• Pk 1 R $29.50

Multipurpose 7.5” •KKB027• Pk 1 R $31.95



























MUST HAVE NOTIONS Pencil Trio White Black Pink •FAB50030• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $17.95

Variety Lead Refill 3ct •FAB50033• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $6.50

Styla Water Erasable Roller Pen •FAB50034•

Pk 1 Mult 5 R $5.50

Hera Marker For Applique & Sewing •4002• Pk 3 R $6.50

Diagonal Seam Tape 10yds •CCS 192• Pk 1 Min 3 R $7.50

Wonder Clips Assorted 50ct •3183• Pk 1 R $33.95

Magic Pins Fine (Patchwork) 17/16” 100ct •21723• Pk 1 Mult 2 R $17.99

Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion Turquoise •ZK960• Pk 1 Min 2 R $19.95

Magnetic Pin Wand •360• Pk 12 R $2.29 ea

Stash N Store Purple •ISE 736• Pk 1 Min 3 R $11.49

Water Soluble Glue Pen Blue •FAB50012• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $7.95

Water Soluble Glue Refill Blue •FAB50013• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $3.95

Sewing Needles Sharp #8 •THN 013E• Pk 1 Mult 6 R $9.60

Sure Guide Needle Threader •FAB50036• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $15.95

Thread Magic Round •21403• Pk 1 Mult 3 R $9.99

Add A Quarter Ruler 6” •CM06• Pk 1 Min 3 R $7.99

Quick Press Seam Roller •ISE 735• Pk 1 Min 3 R $18.99

Carol Doak Foundation Paper 81/2”x 11” •10985• Pk 1 Min 3 R $14.95

Applique Pressing Sheet 13” X 17” •BT206• Pk 1 Min 2 R $15.99

Quilters Freezer Paper Sheets •20107• Pk 1 Min 3 R $14.95

Velocity Sensor Steam Iron •230IR• Pk 1 R $148.99

Mighty Travel Iron •653380• Pk 1 R $34.99

Iron Clean10 Sheets •5003• Pk 1 Min 6 R $3.99

12” Wooly Pressing Bar •8442• Pk 1 R $32.99

Wool Ironing Mat 14” x 14” •1414WOOLMAT• Pk 1 R $39.99


























To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


Mighty Travel Iron Stk# 653380 Pk 1 Retail $34.99


OVO Travel Iron and Steamer Stk# 150GT Pk 1 Retail $48.99


Velocity Auto Control Steam Iron Auto Off Stk# 260IR Pk 1 Retail $168.99


Maven Steam Iron Station Auto Off Reliable Stk# 120IS Pk 1 Retail $168.99


Compact Travel Steam Iron No Auto Off Stk# DA1560 Pk 1 Retail $55.00


Velocity One Temp Steam Iron Auto Off Stk# 160IR Pk 1 Retail $98.99


Velocity Sensor Steam Iron Auto Off Stk# 230IR Pk 1 Retail $148.99


Perfect Steam Pro Station Rowenta Stk# DG8624 Pk 1 Retail $408.50


14 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.

s ’ n e l l E y r a M PRODUCTS

See website for full collection:

Mary Ellen’s Best Press Makes Ironing (almost) Fun! Available in 4 sizes Unscented and in 8 scents.


• Two products in one: starch and sizing • No Clogging, No Flaking, Residue or Spotting • Relaxes stubborn wrinkles and guards fabric from soiling • Acid-Free • Made in the USA

6 ounce

16 ounce

32 ounce




Stk# S60032 Pk 48 Retail $3.95 ea

Stk#60032 Pk 6 R $7.95 ea

Stk# 60042 Pk 6 R $14.95 ea



Mary Ellen Requires A $60 Minimum Order Drop Ship Only

Stk# 60038 Pk 4 Retail $43.50 ea


makes ironing easier starch free formula

8 ounce bottle • Pack 6 • Retail $12.00 each Scentless




Stk# F08 6S

Stk# F08 6G


Stk# F08 6Y



Pineapple Grove



Stk# F08 6F

Stk# F08 6P


Stk# F08 6L


To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


Mountain Mist

90% Wool and 10% Polyester

Ewe & Me Wool Co.

90% Wool and 10% Polyester Wooly Pressing Bar has a 100% wool surface to press your seams open. Once seams are pressed, lay the wooden base on the seam to set them. 12” Wooly Pressing Bar 12” x 3.25” Stk# 8442 Pk 1 Retail $32.99


Wool Pressing Mat 8.5” x 8.5”

Wool Pressing Mat 13.5” x 13.5”



Stk# B00417 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $20.99

2 in 1 Wool Pressing Mat 18” x 24” & 13.5” x 13.5” Stk# B00435 Pk 1 Retail $88.99


Stk# B00418 Pk 1 Retail $41.99


Wool Ironing Mat 17” x 17” Stk# 1717WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $54.99





100% Wool

Stk# 0909WOOLMAT Pk 1 Mn 2 Retail $18.99

Stk# 8435 Pk 1 Retail $42.99

Stk# BR00529 Pk 1 Retail $246.99

Precision Quilting

Wool Ironing Mat 9” x 9”

20” Wooly Pressing Bar 20” x 3.25”

Pressing Mat 24” x 48” x .5”

Gypsy Quilter 100% Wool

Wool Ironing Mat 14” x 14”

Wool Pressing Mat 141/3” x 187/8”

Stk# 1414WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $39.99

Stk# TGQWM1319 Pk 1 Retail $53.59


Wool Ironing Mat 17” x 24” Stk# 1724WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $69.99



Dryer Balls 4ct Stk# TGQ029 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $16.99


Wool Pressing Mat 4” x 4” Stk# TGQWM4 Pk 1 Retail $4.99


11.75” x 13.75” x 88”

Meet Stella, the world’s most loved personal lighting solution. People love the Stella for arts & crafts, reading, quilting, sewing, and general task lighting. All Stella products give the user maximum control over color, dimming capabilities, and light position. Stella has no bulb to replace, minimal energy consumption and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Adjustable Floor Light Stella Sky Two Floor Light Black Stk# SS2 10W IM 002B Pk 1 Retail $399.00


Stella Sky Two Floor Light White Stk# SS2 10W IM 002W Pk 1 Retail $399.00

You are an artist who creates with your hands and eyes, you sew! Your hands and eyes are your tools and they need to work under light that shines for you and helps you see what others don’t yet see, your light is a Daylight! We understand your journey and are here to help, offering a wide variety of sewing and quilting lights that are ideal for true color matching, give you the flexibility and portability that you require all while giving you low heat and durability. 10” diameter base 32” Tall 28” flexible arm 12” lamp Electra floor Lamp Stk# U35231 Pk 1 Retail $150.00



2.25” base 10.25” Tall 8” arm Smart go Stk# UN1370 Pk 1 Retail $65.00


22.5” x 7.5” x 7.5”

Tricolor Table Lamp Stk# U45200 Pk 1 Retail $140.00


Desk Light Stella Two Desk Light Black Stk# ST2 10W IM 002B Pk 1 Retail $229.00


4.5” x 6.25” x 12”

Stella Two Desk Light White Stk# ST2 13W IM 001W Pk 1 Retail $229.00


7” diameter base 14.5” vertical arm 13.75” horizontal arm 6.5” lamp

Foldi Go Stk# UN35050 Pk 1 Retail $120.00


To Order: • 800-527-9447


Use For: Hand Applique, Wool Applique, precision cutting, curves and points. (Right or Left Handed)


Use For: Cutting template material-plastic or freezer paper, fabric with fusible stabilizers. (Right or Left Handed)

Serrated Blade Scissors

Multi Purpose Scissors

1.75” Serrated blades grab your fabric giving you better control of your cut. 6” scissors with comfort grip handles. Includes plastic protective cover.

7.5” scissors with comfort grip handles and 2.75” stainless steel knife edge blades, sharp to the point. Includes plastic protective cover.

Use For: Getting into tight places when doing hand or machine applique, cut away applique and lace work.


Use For: Cutting batting, trimming backing and batting on your quilts or cutting heavy weight fabrics.

Specialty Scissors A. Perfect Scissors 6” (Karen Kay Buckley) Stk# KKB004 Pk 1 Retail $29.50


B. Perfect Scissors Multipurpose 7.5” (Karen Kay Buckley) Stk# KKB027 Pk 1 Retail $31.95



Mini Duck Bill Scissors

Batting Scissors

4” high grade steel scissors with 1” razor sharp blades and .5” duck bill. Off set handle. Rust & corrosion resistant.

Specifically designed to cut batting, they are 11.5” long with 5” blunt tip straight blades. Ergonomic handle.

Use For: Snipping threads while at the machine or hand sewing. (Right or Left Handed)


Use For: precision snips on thin to heavier threads and thick layers of fabric.

C. Duck Bill Applique Scissors 4” (Famore Cutlery)

Stk# 712MD P Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $12.00


D. Handi Batting Scissors 11.5” (Handi Quilter) Stk# HG00413 Pk 1 Retail $44.99


E. Blunt Tip Snip Eze 4.75” (Havels) Stk# 33012 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $19.99

Blunt End Thread Snips E

Rounded curved blades protect fabric when cutting or snipping threads. Lightweight for quick one-handed pickup. 4.75” with .75” blade.

Use For: Hand or wool applique, tight trimming areas and cutting threads.

Heavy Duty Snips F

4.5” Spring action, sharp knife edge nippers. 1” blades. Made in Italy.


F. Thread Snips Knife Edge 4.5” (Gingher) Stk# 220671 1101 Pk 1 Retail $36.39

Use For: Making Rag Quilts, snipping wool, flannel or other thick fabrics.


G. Needlecraft Scissors 4” (Omnigrid) Stk# 2064 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $19.49


Rag Quilting Snips

Detail Needlecraft G 18

4” scissors with 1” ultra sharp, very pointy blades. Stainless Steel, Rustproof. Made by KAI for Omnigrid in Japan.


Spring-action, ergonomic, self-opening shear with cushion grip handles and locking latch. 6.5” long with sharp knife edge 1.25” blades. Made in USA.

H. Rag Quilting Snips 6.5” (Heritage/Klein) Stk# VP7 Pk 1 Retail $51.99


Moda Exclusive

Clear Bags

14” x 14”

5 sizes

Dressmaker Scissors

14” x 12”

Smooth florine finish, non-stick coating, stainless steel. Dressmaker Scissors 8” w/ Florine Stk# E8 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.95


Clear Bag w/ Zipper 14” x 14” Stk# PB14 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99


Clear Bag w/ Zipper 14” x 12” Stk# PB12 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99

17” x 17”


Embroidery 5" Great for tight areas. Sharp pointed tips, stainless steel.

13” x 10”

Embroidery Scissors 5” Stk# E6 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $15.95


Embroidery 4" Smooth florine finish, non-stick coating, serrated edge, stainless steel. Embroidery Scissors 4” w/ Florine Stk# E4 Pk 1 Mn 2 Retail $21.95


5” x 8”

Clear Bag w/ Zipper 5” x 8”

Clear Bag w/ Zipper 13” x 10”

Clear Bag w/ Zipper 17” x 17”




Stk# PB5 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $6.99

Stk# PB13 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99

Stk# PB17 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $10.99

Miracle mats


Applique 5" Curved blade & comfortable handle. Stainless steel. Appliqué Scissors 5” Curved Blade Stk# EA Pk 1 Mn 2 Retail $19.95


Hobby 6.5" Heavy duty utility scissors. Perfect for Rag Quilting! Hobby Scissors w/ Florine Stk# EH Pk 1 Retail $25.95


24” x 36” Grid

Stk# 9924 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $52.95


18” x 24” Grid

Stk# 9918 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $26.95


To Order: • 800-527-9447

12” x 18” Grid

Stk# 9912 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $15.95


9” x 12” Grid

Stk# 9908 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.95





SCISSORS • Right or Left handed use • Steel alloy blades

Display Includes: 5 - White Fabric Mechanical Pencils FAB50037 10 - Fabric Glue Sticks FAB50012 10 - Styla Water Erasable Pens FAB50034 10 - Aqua Eraser Pens FAB50035 Sewline Display Set •FAB50067• Pk 1 Retail $218.28


Sewline Snippet Scissors 5.5" •FAB50054•

Pk 1 Retail $16.99


Sewline Fabric Scissors 8" •FAB50053•

Pk 1 Retail $21.99


GIFT SET • 1 each of Trio & Black Refill • Glue Pen & Blue Refill • White Mechanical Pencil • Eraser Stick • Sewline Pencil Box

Fabric Pencil 1.3mm Blue •FAB50047• Pk 1

Mult 5 Retail $2.95


Fabric Pencil 1.3mm White •FAB50048• Pk 1

Fabric Pencil 1.3mm Pink •FAB50046• Pk 1

Mult 5 Retail $2.95

Mult 5 Retail $2.95



Stayer Permanent Marker

Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen

Stayer Permanent Marker Black •FAB50045• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.50

Fine Line, smooth roller ball point pen. Lines vanish in 2-3 days.

Stayer Permanent Marker Brown

Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen




•FAB50051• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.50


d Purchase if e lu a V Retail arately $63.24 Sep

•FAB50027• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.50

Sewline Gift Set w/ Case

•SGS• Pk 1

Retail $47.99


Sewline Pencil Box

•6740AM• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99


Aqua Eraser

Stain Maid

Perfect for removing Sewline & other soluble marks on fabrics.

A magical blend of orange oil & natural ingredients with a proven ability to dissolve & effectively lift all kinds of stains.

Aqua Eraser Pen

•FAB50035• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95


Aqua Eraser Nib Refill •FAB50025• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.95


Stain Maid

•FAB50042• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.95




NEEDLE THREADERS You can thread your fine needles with ease! Stronger mechanism prevents breakage.

Fabric Mechanical Pencil TRIO

Includes 3 different colors: • White Lead • Black Lead • Pink Lead

Needle Threader For Sizes 4-8

Includes: • Black Lead • White Lead • Tracer Ball Pen

Needle Threader Cartridge Sz 4-8

•FAB50044• Pk 1

•FAB50059• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $15.95 Mult 5 Retail $5.95

%JYJHYT|070447] %JYJHYT|070621]

Pencil Trio White Black Pink

•FAB50030• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $17.95

You can thread your VERY fine needles with ease! For size 9-12


Variety Lead Refill 3ct

Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio •FAB50023• Pk 1

•FAB50033• Pk 1

Mult 5 Retail $6.50

Mult 5 Retail $16.95



Quilting Needle Assortment •FAB50055• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.99


FABRIC MECHANICAL PENCILS This mechanical fabric pencil with ceramic lead gives you clear, clean lines that are easily removed with its attached eraser or a damp cloth.

Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $13.95









Lead Refill Black


%JYJHYT|070065] %JYJHYT|070072]


%JYJHYT|070355] %JYJHYT|070287]


IRONING PAD 18” x 12”

24” x 18”



Ironing Pad Large Pk 1 Retail $59.95




Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.50

Lead Refill Pink

•FAB50029• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $15.95 Mult 5 Retail $5.95




Needle Threader Cartridge

•FAB50036• Pk 1

Pk 1 Retail $39.95


Lead Refill White

Sure Guide Needle Threader

Ironing Pad Small



Hand Stitch Needle Assortment •FAB50056• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.99

Lead Refill Green


Lead Refill Yellow


%JYJHYT|070096] %JYJHYT|070102] %JYJHYT|070089]

Styla Water Erasable Pen • Water erasable roller ball • Glides beautifully across fabrics • Does not snap or fray fabric • Fine smooth even lines Styla Water Erasable Roller Ball Pen •FAB50034• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $5.50


Eraser Refill 6ct Butterfly MP

•FAB50019• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $5.50


Eraser Stick Convenient way to erase pencil lines from fabrics. Eraser Stick

•FAB50015• Pk 1 Mult 5 R $4.95


Duo Marker & Eraser

Fine •FAB50050• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95


Duo Marker & Eraser

Duo Eraser

•FAB50031• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95

•FAB50032• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $4.95



Glue Pen & Refills Water Soluble Glue PEN Blue

Water Soluble Glue Refill Blue



•FAB50012• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95

•FAB50013• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.95

Water Soluble Glue Refill Yellow

Water Soluble Glue Refill Pink



•FAB50014• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.95

Glue Refill Assorted 6ct

•FAB50062• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95


To Order: • 800-527-9447

•FAB50021• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.95

Glue Refill Blue 6ct

•FAB50063• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95




Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.60 APPLIQUÉ

6 needles per pkg 3 Long & 3 Reg

6 needles per pkg



6 needles per pkg

6 needles per pkg

Appliqué Big Eye #10

THN 009E


Appliqué #10

THN 008E


Quilt Basting Long/Reg

Appliqué #11

THN 011E

THN 010E





8 needles per pkg

6 needles per pkg

Sewing Sharp Ast#7,8,9

Easy Threading Assorted Thin Sizes

Piecing #8

THN 108E

THN 001E



Piecing #9

Easy Threading Assorted Sizes

THN 002E

THN 058E





2 needles per pkg

4 needles per pkg

THN 090E


Sewing Sharp #7

THN 012E

Bullion Knot Big Eye Short/Fine


THN 109E

Sewing Sharp #9


THN 014E


Bullion Knot Big Eye Long/Regular

Sewing Sharp #8

THN 100E

THN 013E



Leather Short

THN 048E


Leather Middle

THN 049E

)EGFFA|01306W THN 101E

THN 050E





6 needles per pkg

8 needles per pkg

Milliners #1Big Eye THN 099E


Embroidery Ast #3 - 10 THN 106E

Embroidery Sharp #4 THN 016E



Milliners #10 Big Eye THN 093E

Milliners #3 THN 076E

Milliners #8 THN 079E

Embroidery Ast #3,4,5,6 THN 023E

Embroidery Sharp #5 THN 017E

Embroidery Sharp #8 THN 020E

Milliners Ast #3,5,7 THN 082E

Milliners #7 THN 078E

Milliners #9 THN 080E

Embroidery Ast #7,8,9,10 THN 024E

Embroidery Sharp #6 THN 018E

Embroidery Sharp #9 THN 021E

Milliners Ast #8,9,10 THN 083E

Milliners #5 THN 077E

Milliners #10 THN 081E

Embroidery Sharp #3 THN 015E

Embroidery Sharp #7 THN 019E

Embroidery Sharp #10 THN 022E

)EGFFA|01461S )EGFFA|01297X )EGFFA|01298U


Kogin Needles

Leather Long

)EGFFA|01291V )EGFFA|01293Z


)EGFFA|01294W )EGFFA|01295T )EGFFA|01296Q

)EGFFA|01277Z )EGFFA|01278W


)EGFFA|01271X )EGFFA|01272U )EGFFA|01273R

)EGFFA|01274Y )EGFFA|01275V )EGFFA|01276S


Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.60 CHENILLE

SASHIKO 6 needles per pkg


6 needles per pkg

6 needles per pkg Tapestry Round #18

THN 104E


Sashiko Assorted Short

THN 031E

Chenille Asstd


Tapestry Round #20

THN 088E


Sashiko Assorted

THN 030E

Chenille #18


THN 084E


Sashiko Big Eye Thin Size

Chenille #20

THN 103E

(4 needles per pkg)

THN 085E



THN 105E

Tapestry Round #24

Tapestry Round #22

THN 025E

Tapestry Round #25

Tapestry Round #23

Tapestry Ast #22,23,24,25


Chenille #22

THN 086E



Chenille #24

THN 087E

THN 026E





THN 027E


THN 028E


THN 029E



6 needles per pkg

6 needles per pkg

2 needles per pkg Tapestry Yarn #13

THN 064E

Quilting Between #8

Quilting Between #12

THN 006E

Silk #2 THN 041E

Silk #8



Quilting Between #9

Quilting Between #13

Silk #5

Silk #9



THN 003E


THN 004E

6 needles per pkg 2-#17,1-#18, 1-#20, 2-#23 Tapestry Yarn Assorted Sizes



THN 007E

Quilting Between #10

Quilting Assorted #8,9 10,12



THN 005E

THN 063E


THN 042E


Silk #6

THN 089E

Retail $20.00

THN 043E


Pack 1

THN 044E


THN 045E


Silk #10

THN 046E


Multiple 3

Smooth wood base with cotton fabric top SIZE: approx. 2.25” x 2.5” diameter





Stk# THP 001E

Stk# THP 002E





Stk# THP 005E

Stk# THP 006E


Stk# THP 007E


To Order: • 800-527-9447

Usuzumi-iro Stk# THP 0011E



(Foundation Paper Piecing) What is a Moda Cake Mix? It’s a recipe for block parts that makes baking a Layer Cake quilt easier than ever. This unique triangle paper is designed to work in conjunction with Moda’s 10” square Layer Cakes. There are also Cupcake Mixes for the 5” Charm Packs! Each tablet has 44 sheets – one for each layer in a Layer Cake or Charm Square – and a couple of extras for practice. Each pad also includes a few simple block and layout ideas – just add 1 or 2 Moda Layer Cakes or Charm Packs and you’re ready to start stitching. There are twelve different Cake Mixes and four different Cupcake Mixes available… check the Moda Fabrics website for free Cake Mix recipes.

Pack 1

Retail $12.00

Cake Mix Recipe 1

Cake Mix Recipe 2

Cake Mix Recipe 3

Cake Mix Recipe 4





Cake Mix Recipe 5

Cake Mix Recipe 6

Cake Mix Recipe 7

Cake Mix Recipe 8





Cake Mix Recipe 9

Cake Mix Recipe10

Cake Mix Recipe 11

Cake Mix Recipe 12





Stk# CM1

Stk# CM5

Stk# CM9


Multiple 4

Stk# CM2

Stk# CM6

Stk# CM10

Stk# CM3

Stk# CM7

Stk# CM11

Stk# CM4


Stk# CM12

(Foundation Paper Piecing) Pack 1

Multiple 6

Retail $7.00

Cupcake Mix Recipe 1

Cupcake Mix Recipe 2

Cupcake Mix Recipe 3

Cupcake Mix Recipe 4





Stk# CC1

Stk# CC2

Stk# CC3

Stk# CC4

ASSORTMENTS CAKE MIX ASSORTMENTS INCLUDE: 4 of each - 16 Recipe Cards Total Cake Mix Recipe 5 - 8 Assortment Cake Mix Recipe 9 - 12 Assortment Cake Mix Recipe 1- 4 Assortment Stk# CM ASST2 Pk 1 Retail $192.00 Stk# CM ASST3 Pk 1 Retail $192.00 Stk# CM ASST Pk 1 Retail $192.00




CUPCAKE MIX ASSORTMENT INCLUDES: 6 of each - 24 Recipe Cards Total Cupcake Recipe 1- 4 Assortment Stk# CC ASST Pk 1 Retail $168.00


16 projects from some of the quilting industry’s most popular designers. 96 pages, Full color, 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”, Soft cover. *Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Feeding America. Moda All Stars: Mix It Up! Stk# B1502

The Cake Mix Quilt Book hits the sweet spot by offering two easy quilt patterns for all eight Cake Mixes for a total of 16 quilts! 69 pages, hard cover, spiral bound.



Pk 1 Retail $27.99

The Cake Mix Book Volume 1 Stk# ISE 920 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.95

To Order: • 800-527-9447


Designed Specifically For 5” Charm Squares. 60 Sheets In Each Package

Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $7.00 1/2”

Stk# PRI 228 (1080 triangles)



Stk# PRI 235 (480 triangles)



Stk# PRI 227 (1080 triangles)



Stk# PRI 225 (480 triangles)



Stk# PRI 226 (480 triangles)


Variety Pack

Stk# PRI 233 Retail $8.00 15 sheets each: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, & 11/2”


The fastest, easiest and most accurate way to make half square triangles from 1 large sheet.

Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $7.00 1/2” Stk# PRI 212 11 sheets Makes 924 HST


1” Stk# PRI 214 25 sheets Makes 1000 HST


1-1/2” Stk# PRI 219 10 sheets Makes 480 HST


2” Stk# PRI 221 15 sheets Makes 450 HST


Small Variety Pack

Stk# PRI 231 4 sheets each: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, & 11/4” Pk 1 Mn 3 Retail $10.00



3/4” Stk# PRI 213 13 sheets Makes 780 HST


1-1/4” Stk# PRI 218 11 sheets Makes 616 HST


1-3/4” Stk# PRI 220 13 sheets Makes 468 HST


2-1/2” Stk# PRI 229 15 sheets Makes 360 HST


Large Variety Pack

Stk# PRI 232 5 sheets each: 11/2”, 13/4”, 2” & 21/2” Pk 1 Mn 3 Retail $10.00


The Triangles on a Roll Quilts book by It's Sew Emma is a compilation of 16 quilts that let half-square triangles sparkle and shine. With designs featuring eight different sizes of Triangles on a Roll, you are sure to find several that are sew right for you! 65 pages, soft cover, spiral bound.

Foundation Paper Piecing

Triangles On A Roll Quilts Book Stk# ISE 932 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $19.95


Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $12.00 Makes 3,480 .5”

Stk# ISE H050


Use with Jelly Roll Makes 630

Makes 1,200

Stk# ISE PC100

Stk# ISE H100





Makes 1,160

Makes 1,050

Makes 800

Makes 700

Makes 600

Stk# ISE H125

Stk# ISE H150

Stk# ISE H200

Stk# ISE H250

Stk# ISE H300

Makes 540

Makes 258

Makes 485

Makes 222

Makes 176

Stk# ISE H350

Stk# ISE H375

Stk# ISE H400

Stk# ISE H450


)BEAJJ|00020V 3.5”



)BEAJJ|00002R 3.75”



)BEAJJ|00003Y 4”



)BEAJJ|00004V 4.5”


To Order: • 800-527-9447



6” Stk# ISE H600



Moda Exclusive

Bias Bias Assortments 40 yards of 2¼” Single Fold Bias on each roll

Wooden Bias Tape Display

Moda Bias Tape Displayer: Sturdy & attractive Wooden Bias Tape Dispenser holds 18 rolls of Moda Bias for easy measuring, cutting & storage. 25¼”L x 7”W x 3½”H FREE with purchase of any Moda Bias Assortment.

QB2 Bias Tape Displayer •QBD• Pk 1

Cost Item $25.00


QB2 Grunge Bias Assortment •QBA 4• Pk 1 Retail $715.20


GRUNGE Assortment Includes: Sunflower, Paradise Pink, Cherry Red, Maraschino, Peacoat, Navy, Purple, Christmas Green, Cream, Tan, Gris Fonce, Black, & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.

Marble/Grunge/Bella/Assortment QB2 Combo Bias Assortment •QBA 3• Pk 1 Retail $1,072.80


Includes: 6 MARBLES: Bright Yellow, Burgundy, Purple, Royal Blue, Indigo & Jet Black 6 GRUNGE: Tan, Sunflower, Maraschino, Purple, Navy & Black Dress 6 BELLA SOLIDS: Natural, Christmas Red, Admiral Blue, Leaf, Silver, Black & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.


Includes: Silver, Chartreuse, Leaf, Etchings Charcoal, Natural, Orange, Moda U Brown, Christmas Red, Robins Egg, Admiral Blue, Black, Navy & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.

QB2 Bella Bias Assortment •QBA 2• Pk 1 Retail $715.20


MARBLES Assortment

QB2 Marble Bias Assortment •QBA 1• Pk 1 Retail $715.20


Includes: Christmas Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Indigo, Navy, Turkey Red, Burgundy, Hunter, Bright Yellow, Jet Black, Grey, Charcoal, & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.

KTQ FAVORITES 40yd Bias Rolls Pk 1 Multiple 40yds Retail $1.49 per yd


Gold •QB2 4602•


Purple •QB2 4606•


Black •QB2 4607•


Bella Silver •QB2 4501•

40yd Bella Bias Pk 1 Multiples 40yds Retail $1.49/yd

Chartreuse •QB2 4502•

Leaf •QB2 4503•

Etchings Charcoal •QB2 4506•




Admiral Blue •QB2 4515•

Black •QB2 4517•

Navy •QB2 4518•




Moda U Brown

Christmas Red •QB2 4512•

Robins Egg •QB2 4514•

•QB2 4511•




Marbles Christmas Red •QB2 4101•

Purple •QB2 4102•


Natural •QB2 4507•


Orange •QB2 4510•


40yd Marble Bias Pk 1 Multiples 40yds Retail $1.49/yd

Royal Blue •QB2 4103•

Indigo •QB2 4106•

Navy •QB2 4107•

Turkey Red •QB2 4108•







Burgundy •QB2 4116•

Hunter •QB2 4117•

Bright Yellow •QB2 4118•

Jet Black •QB2 4124•

Grey •QB2 4148•

Charcoal •QB2 4149•




Grunge Sunflower •QB2 4307•

Paradise Pink •QB2 4308•




40yd Grunge Bias Pk 1 Multiples 40yds Retail $1.49/yd

Cherry •QB2 4309•

Maraschino •QB2 4310•

Peacoat •QB2 4311•

Navy •QB2 4312•







Purple •QB2 4313•

Christmas Green •QB2 4314•

Cream •QB2 4315•

Tan •QB2 4316•

Gris Fonce •QB2 4317•

Black •QB2 4318•






To Order: • 800-527-9447

(FCBAG|37155S 29

Oh...Sew! Organized

Stash‘n Store

Pack 1 Minimum 3 Regular: 8.25” x 1.5” Mini: 4” x 2” Retail $9.49


MINI Purple





Stk# ISE 743

Retail $11.49

Stk# ISE 748



Stk# ISE 722

Stk# ISE 736



Pack 1 Multiple 2 Retail $19.99 4.5” x 4.5” x 1”


Stk# ISE 726



Stk# ISE 747



Stk# ISE 728


Hummingbird (Green)

Martin (Purple)



Stk# YN 103

Stk# YN 101

Peacock (Lt. Blue)

Bluebird (Blue)

Flamingo (Pink)

Cardinal (Red)

Raven (Black)






Stk# YN 104


Stk# ISE 745

Stk# YN 105

Stk# YN 102

Stk# YN 106

Stk# YN 107



Art Bin Boxes are made of translucent clear ACID FREE polypropylene

• Extra deep for storage of larger bulkier supplies • 3 removable dividers to customize space • Stackable

3” x 23.25” x 3.25” (inside box measurements) Storage box molded in high quality translucent, acid free polypropylene. Sturdy back hinges and integrated front latch securely keeps lid closed and contents safe. Includes 2 adjustable “Stoppers”. Holds up to 3” wide fabric strips

Semi Satchel Double Deep

Fabric Strip Case

15.25” x 8” x 6.25”

Stk# 6925AB Pk 1 Multi 4 Retail $16.99




Stk# 6999AB Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.99




Super Satchel with Aqua Divider Stk# 6990RH

Pk 1 Retail $30.99


15.25” x 14” x 6.25” Comes with 8 removable dividers to customize box for storage options. Super Satchel Double Deep Aqua Stk# 6990AA Pk 1 Retail $32.99


15.25” x 14” x 3.5” Store jelly rolls, charm squares, works in progress. Keep your project all in one place.

Super Satchel Double Deep

Super Satchel Transparent

Super Satchel Aqua




Stk# 6990AB Pk 1 Retail $31.99

Stk# 6955AB Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $15.79

To Order: • 800-527-9447

Stk# 6955AA Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $15.99



Foldable Mini Boxes 5”L x 6.5”W x 5”D Made from tear-proof, dirt-resistant polyester Folds & unfolds in three easy steps Secures with elastic band Two elastic mesh pockets inside PK 1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99

Midnight Magenta Stk# A100837



D E F A. Tangerine

B. Lava Black



Stk# A100344


Stk# A100427

C. Hibiscus Red Stk# A100084

Stk# A100209

D. Pink Berry

E. Azure Blue

F. Spring Green





Stk# A100100

Stk# A100085

G H I Make the Foldable Mini Box even more functional with this slide-in insert that creates separate compartments. 5.75" x 3" x 4.5"


G. Candy Mint

H. Granite



Stk# A100531

I. Dream Rose Stk# A100530


Stk# A100526

J. Mini Insert 3 + 1 Stk# A100405 Pk 1 Mn 3 Retail $8.99


Reusable Pocket Shopper 23" x 15" A








A. Red Dot

B. Blue Dot



Stk# A100721 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $6.99

E. Orange Pinstripe Stk# A100784 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $6.99


Stk # A100720 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $6.99

F. Blue Pinstripe

Stk# A100782 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $6.99


C. Ivory Bloom

Stk# A100789 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99


G. Orange Wide Stripe Stk# A100785 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $6.99


To Order: • 800-527-9447

D. Navy Shine

Stk# A100790 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99


H. Moody Florals

Stk# A100849 Pk1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99



NEW C&T Publishing Books

Quilting In The Rain Password Keeper Stk# 20474 Min 3 Retail $9.95



Free-Motion Combinations Stk# 11452 Min 2 Retail $24.95


Quiltmaking For Beginners Guide Stk# 20479 Min 2 Retail $7.95


Sewing For Beginners Pocket Guide Stk# 20480 Min 2 Retail $7.95

Rotary Cutting Basics Stk# 11450 Min 2 Retail $9.95

The Ultimate Guide Transfer Artist Paper Stk# 11417 Min 2 Retail $21.95

Modern Folk Art Cross Stitchery Stk# 11463 Min 2 Retail $19.95

Adventures In Improv Quilts Stk# 11433 Min 2 Retail $27.95

Hand Embroidery Dictionary Stk# 11412 Min 2 Retail $29.95

Iron On Quilt Labels Stk# 20451 Min 2 Retail $14.95

Embellished Art Project Planner Stk# 20463 Min 2 Retail $19.95




Modern Crewel Embroidery Stk# 11430 Min 2 Retail $24.95







NEW Search Press Books

Sew Eco-Friendly Stk# SPR 9262 Min 2 Retail $16.95

The Coverstitch Machine Manual Stk# SPR 8562 Min 2 Retail $24.95

RSN: Goldwork Stk# SPR 7039 Min 2 Retail $29.95

Modern Mending Stk# SPR 9606 Min 2 Retail $23.95

Big Stitch Quilting Stk# SPR 8210 Min 2 Retail $23.95

Debbie Shore’s Sewing Room Secrets Stk# SPR 7473 Min 2 Retail $16.95

Half Yard Summer Collection Stk# SPR 9286 Min 2 Retail $19.95

The Art Of Punch Needle Embroidery Stk# SPR 9026 Min 2 Retail $19.95

Hand Embroidery Stk# SPR 8388 Min 2 Retail $23.95

Stitched Textile Animals Stk# SPR 8227 Min 2 Retail $25.95

Love To Sew Stk# SPR 7923 Min 2 Retail $16.95

The Complete Book Of Patchwork Stk# SPR 8852 Min 2 Retail $24.95













To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


NEW Martingale Books

2022 TPWP Quilt Calendar Stk# C155 Min 2 Retail $19.99

Quilt Club Stk# B1559 Min 2 Retail $26.99

Little Gatherings Stk# B1581 Min 2 Retail $25.99

Dear Jane Stk# D6024 Min 2 Retail $29.99

A Quilting Life Planner Stk# B1593 Min 2 Retail $21.99

Cross-Stitch Christmas Countdown Stk# B1601 Min 2 Retail $18.99

A Season In Blue Stk# D5006 Min 2 Retail $32.99

Moda All Stars Soft Spot Stk# B1577 Min 2 Retail $26.99

Tabletop Stitchery Stk# B1573 Min 2 Retail $19.99

A Quilting Life Home & Hearth Stk# B1575 Min 2 Retail $26.99

Handmade Happiness Stk# B1574 Min 2 Retail $22.99

It Takes Two! Stk# B1580 Min 2 Retail $16.99














NEW Books From: Fox Chapel Landauer

Jim Shore 2022 Calendar Stk# FC 1343 Min 2 Retail $12.99


Wonderful Curves Sampler Quilt Stk# LAN 720 Min 2 Retail $22.99

Fat Quarter Patchwork Quilts Stk# LAN 805 Min 2 Retail $17.99



The Mending Directory Stk# LAN 829 Min 2 Retail $22.99

Scrappy Improv Quilting Stk# LAN 621 Min 2 Retail $22.99

Sooo Big! Baby Quilts Stk# LAN 713 Mn 2 Retail $21.99

Quilting With Stash Or Cash Stk# LAN 652 Min 2 Retail $22.99

Print Pattern Sew Stk# RH 4621 Min 2 Retail $29.95

Quilts In An English Village Stk# TP 071668 Min 2 Retail $29.99





From: Penguin Random House & Taunton Press Ultimate Quilt Block Collection Stk# LAN 2805 Min 2 Retail $19.99




To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


NEW Patterns

Kid Quilt Mini Stk# ABD 295 Retail $29.00

Step Right Up! Stk# ATK 208 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Trinkets 2 Stk# GB 058 Min 2 Retail $7.00

Flag Day Stk# CHD 2123 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Stitched With Pride Stk# CHD 2124 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Beach Camping Stk# CQ 01231 Min 2 Retail $28.00

Up Down Stk# CQ 01234 Min 2 Retail $11.00

Dragonflies & Butterflies Stk#JNQ 00278P2 Retail $60.50

Pandas In Sweaters Stk# EH 064 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Armadillos Stk# EH 065 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Big Island Stars & Stones Stk# WCS 034 Min 2 Retail $11.99

Scattered Sprinkles Stk# WCS 035 Min 2 Retail $13.99

Easy Street 3 Yard Lap Quilt Stk# FC 092023 Min 2 Retail $5.99

Heartland 3 Yard Lap Quilt Stk# FC 091829 Min 2 Retail $5.99

Sew Quick 3 Yard Lap Quilt Stk# FC 091124 Min 2 Retail $5.99

















NEW Patterns

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Stk# WS 40 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Cornerways Stk# WS 39 Min 2 Retail $11.00

Starlite Stk# PP 113 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Deltille Stk# RSQ 112 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Homestead Star Stk# PP 002 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Triangular Stk# HEJ 102 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Sail Stk# HEJ 108 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Aglow Stk# MM 006 Min 2 Retail $12.00

Burn Bright Stk# MM 007 Min 2 Retail $12.00

It’s A Girl Stk# QP 008 Retail $19.99

Christmas Traditions Stk# QP 013 Retail $19.99

Pleiades Stk# MOD032 Min 2 Retail $11.50









Comet Trails Stk# MOD033 Mi 2 Retail $11.50




Autumn Spice Stk# TPB 2103 Min 2 Retail $9.95




Around The Block Stk# TPB 2102 Min 2 Retail $9.95


To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


NEW Patterns

Cross My Heart Stk# SW P292 Min 2 Retail $10.50

Love Lives Here Stk# SW P293 Min 2 Retail $10.50

Alpine Pattern Stk# TB 257 Mn 2 Retail $10.00

Joyful Stk# TB 258 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Mountains Stk# SGD 067 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Star Struck Stk# SGD 068 Min 2 Retail $10.00

First Night Stk# VRD RC226 Min 2 Retail $2.00

Garden Villa Stk# VRD RC227 Min 2 Retail $2.00

Mile End Sweatshirt Stk# CC 026 Min 2 Retail $20.00

Plateau Joggers Stk# CC 025 Min 2 Retail $20.00

The Hibiscus Shirt Stk# TSW PP082 Retail $22.95

Marias Knit Dress + Top Stk# LC 040MD Min 2 Retail $16.95

Wynnwood Robe + Sleep Shorts Stk# LC 041WR Min 2 Retail $16.95

The Queenie Bag Stk# CSC 245 Min 2 Retail $12.50

Firefly Tote Stk# AG 550 Min 2 Retail $10.00

















NEW Patterns

Simple Mini Duffle Stk# TG 2054 Min 2 Retail $12.50

Inside Outside Pouch Stk# AH 104 Min 2 Retail $12.50

Hexagon Clasp Purse Stk# ZW 2620 Retail $14.99

Everyday Clasp Wallet Stk# ZW 2637 Retail $14.99

Gnome On The Range Bench Pillow Stk# JHD 145 Min 2 Retail $15.00

Under His Wings Bench Pillow Stk# JHD 143 Min 2 Retail $15.00

Pine Ridge Tabletop Stk# PQD 242 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Christmas Stitchery Runner Stk# PTT 228 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Bouquet Needlebook Stk# PTT 227 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Deck The Boughs Stk# KS 2102 Min 2 Retail $9.50

Autumn Picnic/Memory Lane Stk# CH 2222 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Hill Flower Farm/Memory Lane Stk# CH 2219 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Watermelon Harvest/ Memory Lane Stk# CH 2220 Min 2 Retail $10.00

The Mystery of Enchanted Hollow #6 Stk# CH 3531 Min 2 Retail $10.00

The Mystery of Enchanted Hollow #7 Stk# CH 3532 Min 2 Retail $10.00
















To Order: • 800-527-9447 To place an order, please contact your sales professional or CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.


Embroidery Kits & Samplers Each SAMPLER KIT comes with an 8“ x 8” preprinted cotton-linen embroidery pattern, 6” hoop, embroidery floss, and needle.

Be Yourself Stk# GB KIT024


Take A Deep Breath Stk# GB KIT020


Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $19.99

Give More Than You Get Stk# GB KIT025


Each SAMPLER comes with a 10“ x 10” preprinted cotton-linen embroidery pattern, paper pattern and a stitch guide. These embroidery samplers fit in an 8” hoop. Hoop and thread not included.

Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $13.99

Atmosphere Stk# GB 51



Sweet Things Stk# GB 50


Dwell In Possibility Stk# GB 49


Humblest Task Stk# GB 48


Embroidery Samplers

Kola Stk# GB 46

Llama Stk# GB 45

Sloth Stk# GB 44

Flamingo Stk# GB 43

Little Piggy Stk# GB 42

Blue Chicken Stk# GB 41

Black Sheep Stk# GB 40

Dapple Pony Stk# GB 39

Deer Stk# GB 38

Squirrel Stk# GB 37

Raccoon Stk# GB 36

Hedgehog Stk# GB 35

Bear Stk# GB 25

Fox Stk# GB 24

Owl Stk# GB 23

Deer Stk# GB 22













To Order: • 800-527-9447






Embroidery Kits

COZYBLUE HANDMADE “slow down. get cozy. get crafty”

Each kit contains: Pre-printed (in color) fabric pattern, Coordinating embroidery floss, Needle, 6” Wooden hoop, Full color image on front, Stitching notes on back. A “Getting Started with Hand Embroidery Guide” and Instructional how to for a few basic stitches.

Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $24.00

Coming Up Roses Stk# DEKCUR


Summer Garden Stk# DEKSG


Leaf Dance Stk# DEKLD

Sky Song Stk# DEKSKSO

True Bloom Stk# DEKTB

Summer Breeze Stk# DEKSMBZ

Bee Lovely Stk# DEKBL

Merry Gold Stk# DEKMGD

Autumn Mandala Stk# DEKAM

Tannenbaum Stk# DEKT



Queen Anne’s Lace Stk# DEKQAL Nigel Nine Lives Stk# DEKNNL










Embroidery Kits


Whether you are a beginner or advanced stitcher making an “Embroidery Stitch Book” is a fun & practical way to keep track of all the different embroidery stitches. Master 15 basic Embroidery Stitches while stitching your own reference book. Tulip Embroidery Sampler Book Kits are available in Pink or Blue.

Embroidery Sampler Book


Pack 1

Retail $39.99


Stk# EK 102E

Stk# EK 101E



Dragonfly Embroidered Pouch Kit

KIT INCLUDES: Tulip Embroidery Needles Sharp Tip #5 & #8 21 colors of embroidery floss Semi-finished Pouch Illustrated instructions for beginners

Embroidery Pouch Kit Dragonfly Stk# EK 001E Pk 1 Retail $45.99


To Order: • 800-527-9447


DMC Cross Stitch Kits










Pack 1 Mult 3 Retail $5.99 Kits include: 14 count Aida cloth, 6” hoop for finishing, tapestry needle, floss and instructions A. Pineapple Stk# BK1833

B. Succulent Stk# BK1834

C. Baby Moon Stk# BK1835

D. Unicorn Stk# BK1836

E. Cactus Stk# BK1911L

F. Exotic Flowers Stk# BK1912L

G. Cat Stk# BK1914L

H. Carmen Stk# BK1915L

I. Bicycle Stk# BK1917L

!HHFEA|94766Z !HHFEA|94769Q !HHFEA|98754S


!HHFEA|94767W !HHFEA|98748R !HHFEA|98756W

!HHFEA|94768T !HHFEA|98750U !HHFEA|98760T

Cross Stitch Kits

Kits include: Floss, 14 count Aida cloth, 6” hoop for finishing, needle and instructions Kit allows you to stitch in Pink or Blue

Home and Heart Stk# 72408 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.69


Meow Stk# 72 75983 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.79

Baby Footprints Stk# 72 74127


Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.69



Kits include: 3” Embroidery Hoop Floss Needle Canvas Pattern Sheet Instructions B C


Pack 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.99 A. Rose

Stk# GG178


B. Bird

Stk# GG180


C. Butterfly Stk# GG179


D. Mushroom Stk# GG181


To Order: • 800-527-9447


Embroidery & Cross Stitch Notions A


A. Floss Bitties Floss Drops Stk# ISE 810 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.99


20 Floss Drops in four stitch friendly designs! These plastic Floss Drops are perfect for organizing and labeling your floss. Size: 2" x 2.5" B. The Beekeeper Thread Minder Stk# ISE 729 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.98


For projects with multiple hues, keep each color tied to a different numbered slot. Then record the color name with the corresponding number on a Thread Guide as a reference.


C. Floss Flower Bobbin & Label Set Stk# ISE 730


Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $11.98


Your floss will stay neat, tidy and pretty darn cute on these Floss Flowers! Wind individual skeins on a flower, then record the thread color on a label and simply stick it on. Keep them locked together with a simple binder ring or key chain. D. Library Card Label Pack Stk# ISE 804 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.98


14ct Aida Cloth 15” x 18” Natural Stk# GD1436BX 5200 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $5.69



Packaged in a plastic tube, pegboard ready.

14ct Aida Cloth 15” x 18” White Stk# GD1436BX 6750 Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $5.69


Inspired by old-school library book cards, this set of 12 acid-free cards & envelopes let you label your cross stitch pieces any way you like. The card is double-sided for extra room to express yourself. Simply fill out the card, slide it into the pocket envelope and attach it to your project with It’s Sew Emma’s Cross Stitch Finishing Tape or your favorite acid-free glue. Card size: 3” x 5” Envelope size: 3.5” x 5.5”

Embroidery & Cross Stitch Notions High Quality Hardwood Hoops

These English Tapestry needles are blunt and have an extra long eye which makes them ideal for Cross Stitch. Needles are packaged in individual sizes or a mixed set nestled in wool inside a matchbook. Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $7.00

(8 needles in each matchbook)

Tapestry Mix Size 20, 22, 24, 26 Stk# TNB 100


8” Hoop

Stk# 202 8 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.06


6” Hoop

Stk# 202 6 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.49


4” Hoop

Stk# 202 4 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.97


These magnetic line keepers attach to your chart, so you can easily see exactly where you are at. Set includes four folding line keepers, two 1" x 6" and two 1" x 7.5".

Size 20

Stk# TNB 120


Size 22

Stk# TNB 122



Key displays a Reference Guide for floss count & needle size, a Cloth Counter to determine stitch count, a Ruler for general measurements, and a Corner Guide to help position your designs.

Cross Stitch Line Keepers

Cross Stitch Key



Stk# ISE 807 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.99

Size 24

Stk# TNB 124 Retail $7.49

Stk# ISE 802 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.98

This double-sided, acid-free tape adheres to art boards, foam core and more without leaving residue on your fabrics and without needing pins, staples, glue or clips. 3/4” x 10 yards

Keep track of 50 projects and inventory of all your thread with an inventory list. With its compact size and spiral binding, easily take it with you wherever you go! 56 pages, 8.5” x 5.5”

Cross Stitch Finishing Tape

The Cross Stitch Journal



Stk# ISE 803 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.98

Stk# ISE 930 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.95

To Order: • 800-527-9447


Cross Stitch Patterns

Little Fox Cross Stitch Stk# BC C001 Min 2 Retail $6.00

Little Owl Cross Stitch Stk# BC C002 Min 2 Retail $6.00

Little Raccoon Cross Stitch Stk# BC C003 Min 2 Retail $6.00

Sew Happy Cross Stitch Stk# ISE 453 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Granita Cross Stitch Stk# ISE 451 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Snowballs For Sale Stk# ISE 449 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Peppermint Lane Stk# ISE 440 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Vintage Christmas Sampler Stk# ISE 402 Min 2 Retail $7.98

Fresh Cut Stk# ISE 442 Min 2 Retail $7.98

Hello Summer Stk# ISE 443 Min 2 Retail $7.98

Home Sweet Home Stk# ISE 446 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Stitchy Stars Stk# ISE 441 Min 2 Retail $6.98

Prim Stitch #10 Love & Friendship Stk# ISE 429 Min 2 Retail $7.98

Prim Stitch #11 Gratitude & Grace Stk# ISE 430 Min 2 Retail $7.98

Prim Stitch #12 Hands & Heart Stk# ISE 431 Min 2 Retail $7.98

















Cross Stitch Patterns

Flea Market Flowers Stk# ISE 438 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Prim & Proper Stk# ISE 435 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Pumpkins For Sale Stk# ISE 434 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Sew By Row Stk# ISE 432 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Prim Village Stk# ISE 412 Min 2 Retail $16.98

Bringing Home The Tree Stk# ISE 410 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Happy Camper Stk# ISE 408 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Quilty Love Stk# ISE 405 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Sew She Did Stk# ISE 404 Min 2 Retail $10.00

Quilter’s Cottage Stk# ISE 403 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set E Stk# ISE 419 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set F Stk# ISE 433 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set G Stk# ISE 436 Min 2 Retail $9.99

Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set H Stk# ISE 439 Min 2 Retail $9.98

Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set I Stk# ISE 447 Min 2 Retail $9.99















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Moda Exclusive

Made with long staple cotton and the softest polyester to create a soft comfort blend. Will not shift or shed. Stitch up to 10" apart! Ideal for machine quilting.


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting CRIB •LP 2145• Pk 1 Min 2 R $12.49


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting FULL •LP 2181• Pk 1 Min 2 R $25.99

Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting TWIN •LP 2172• Pk 1 Min 2 R $22.99


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting QUEEN •LP 2108• Pk 1 Min 2 R $29.49


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting KING •LP 2120• Pk 1 Min 2 R $47.49



A bamboo and cotton blend that is softer than cotton, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. Will not shift or shed. Stitch up to 8" apart!


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting CRIB •LP 1145• Pk 1 Min 2 R $13.49


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting FULL •LP 1181• Pk 1 Min 2 R $30.49




Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 120"x25yd •LR 21120• Pk 25yds R $9.99yd



Kyoto Bamboo Blend BOLT 96"x10yd •LB 1196• Pk 10yds R $10.49yd



Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 96"x30yd •LR 2196• Pk 30yds R $7.99yd



Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting KING •LP 1120• Pk 1 R $45.99


Luna Loft Cotton Blend 96"x10yd BLACK •LB 2196B• Pk 10yds R $10.99yd


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 90"x16yd •LR 2190• Pk 16yds R $11.49yd


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting QUEEN •LP 1108• Pk 1 Min 2 R $32.49



Luna Loft Cotton Blend BOLT 96"x10yd •LB 2196• Pk 10yds R $9.49yd

Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting TWIN •LP 1172• Pk 1 Min 2 R $25.49


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 90" x 16yd •LR 1190• Pk 16yds R $11.49yd


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 96" x 30yd •LR 1196• Pk 30yds R $10.99yd


To Order: • 800-527-9447

Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 120"x25yd •LR 11120• Pk 25yds R $14.49yd


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