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I was born in Germany, Black forest, and grew up with my three siblings. We were a funny “gang” and my grandma sewed a lot of clothes for us children. I always set down next to her old PFAFF and felt so comfortably. She once told me: When you are tall enough to get your feet down to the pedal, I’ll teach you sewing too. Maybe this was one of the best things anyone could give to me. So I started sewing at the age of six and I hope I mustn’t end before I’ll die :-). Of course as a German girl I’ve never heard about quilting. I just sewed my own clothes, loved to have unique things to wear. When I had to decide which profession or study to choose it had to be something creative and I decided for Interior Design. But more and more I was drawn to all the students in the room next to me acting with needles and thread and so I ended up as a student of Textile Design. I became mother of three wonderful children who fill my life with their laughter, adventures and individuality. In my mid age it happened that I stumbled in a bookstore about a wonderful pictured quilting book and was hooked at once. I had to try it my own and got hopelessly addicted to patchwork. Of course there are always a lot of projects I’m working on simultaneously - as every quilter does.. I needed fabrics, lots and lots of different fabrics to dive in. And so it came that I could not longer keep me back to start my own little online shop with quilting fabrics (and this means I can take pieces of fabrics at any time right here in my house - what a feeling) .

BRIGITTE HEITLAND brigitteheitland.de

It’s like a law: as a Textile Designer I had sooner or later to create my own line of fabrics. And so I did - it led to my roots of Interior Design: When developing a fabric or even a design for a quilt the entire impression of a room comes to my mind. I see the light, the furnitures, the color concept, the style and my quilt is a natural element of this scene, fitting in harmoniously. I like clarity in a room, an environment of simplicity where you are surrounded by only the things you really need and love, where you can relax, find your inner peace and balance. So my quilts are kind of this reduced, pure and clear style. They show as much color to give your eye a juicy catcher and as less patterns to let it rest there for a while.

The one thing every quilter needs all the time? Blenders! Prints that read like a solid, but have the extra vibrancy of a texture in it. You can never have enough and the wider the color range, the better. Spotted comes with a retro texture, which we know from posters from the 50’s: Little subtle spots in the printed surface. With its bright hues the color palette serves especially the modern quilter excellently. Spotted is an essential collection and with all the standard precuts you have the perfect product to provide for a quilter’s stash with a great color box!

1660 46

1660 13

1660 14

1660 15

LOG CABIN Project DescriptionFUN PDF-download here

1660 65

Let your imagination run wild andDescription sew a pillow from Mini Charm Packs Project

1660 61

1660 16

1660 66

1660 67

1660 28

1660 29

1660 27

1660 69

1660 25

1660 24

Flying Geese Miniquilt Project Description

free pattern by purl soho

1660 21

1660 20

1660 19

1660 71

1660 68

1660 70

1660 33

1660 62

1660 31

1660 73

1660 72

1660 54

1660 74

1660 38

1660 37

1660 75

1660 34

1660 40

1660 41

1660 76

1660 77

1660 79

1660 78

1660 44

1660 43

1660 64

1660 63

1660 80

1660 48

1660 50

1660 11

1660 86

1660 85

1660 81

1660 82

1660 12

1660 18

1660 83

1660 84

1660 88

Project Description

Zippered Pouch, made from 1 single Mini Charm Pack Tiny Tiles Quilt Project Description

free pattern by purl soho

1660 87

1660 51

1660 55

1660 52

1660 53

1660 90

1660 56

1660 89

A beautiful day on the beach... Azure skies, the warmth of the sun, a light wind in your hair and the gorgeous hues of blue offered by the sea. Like its name, Breeze brings all of these delights together in a fresh, youthful fabric line with a light, airy blue as its predominant color. Splashes of pale pink add a pretty, feminine feel and white and navy blue bring depth through different hues to Zen Chic’s newest fabric line. The motifs of the fabric patterns offer large scale prints as with the use of multi-colored circles. These can be used in the borders of a quilt, the backside of a quilt or perhaps with a project like a fun and beautiful bag. The line also uses medium scale geometrics like stripes and sashiko stitching motifs. Small scale motifs make wonderful blenders that go very well with other fabric collections as well.

1690 11

1690 12

1690 15

1690 13

1690 16

1690 14

1690 17

1691 11

1691 16

1691 22

1691 23

Geranium Dress Pattern PDF-download by Made By Rae

1694 11

1694 18

1694 20

1696 11

1696 12

1696 13

1692 11

1693 11

1693 14

1693 16

1693 17

1692 12

1692 13

1692 14

1693 18

1692 15

1695 12

1692 16

1695 15

1692 17

1695 17

Flying Geese Miniquilt free pattern by purl soho

BLUE LABYRINTH PDF-download here Loose yourself among interlocking squares of blue and white hues. The Blue Labyrinth is a modern and innovative variation of a classic Quarter Log Cabin.

Stiched Denim PDF-download here Playful print swatches neatly arranged on a denim background give this quilt a clean, graphic look. The charm pack makes this an easy weekend project.

Flying Geese pillow Using a Mini Charm Pack of Breeze and some Chambray background fabric,free pattern by Moda. Follow the Moda Blog for a download

Tissue Pouch Visible mending style

Half-Square Triangle Pillow using 2 Mini-Charm Packs of Breeze plus a white solid, for more information follow my blog.

GROOVIN PDF-download here Swinging curves playfully arranged over a background of low volume fabrics turn on your music and groove along!

LONDON BLUES PDF-download here Horizontal lines and fresh accents on a deep blue background match a youthful denim look. This quilt is quickly finished, using a Jelly Roll and the raw edge machine appliquĂŠ technique.

1680 16R

1680 18R

1680 21R

1680 22R

Sorbetto Shirt

free pattern by Colette

Geranium Tunic Pattern PDF-download by Made By Rae

Canvas Pencil Pouch free pattern with tutorial by Noodlehead

1692 11L

1692 17L

1692 19L

More cute projects Mochi Linen Adjustable Apron free pattern by Purl Soho

Injabulo Pouch free tutorial (German)

Lavender Sachets Drawstring Shoe Bags free pattern by Purl Soho

free pattern by Purl Soho

Lavender Sachets free pattern by Purl Soho

Fanny Pack free pattern (German) by Milliblus

F OR M OR E OF ZE N C H I C : https://www.facebook.com/zenchicquilts/ http://instagram.com/zenchicmoda https://www.pinterest.com/brigittezc/ https://www.brigitteheitland.de/blog

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