Notions Fall/Winter 2022

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Fall/Winter 2022

The Fabric Tube Maker easily creates tubes for Jelly Roll Rugs, Bowls, Baskets and more.

No more tedious folding and pressing.

Batting and fabric are folded at the same time.

A. Fabric Tube Maker

Stk# 4022

Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $8.50


B. Hot Hemmer Square Stk# 7813

Pack 1 Retail $24.75



Measure, mark, fold, and press hems and more in one step. Use for pressing quilt blocks, appliques, and geometric shapes for quilting, hemming, and mitered corners. Features: Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler. Thin and accurate. Can be used with dry or steam iron. Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results. 6” x 6”

Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems, miter corners and home decor. Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler. Can be used with dry or steam iron.

Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results. 4” x 14”.


C. Hot Ruler Large Stk# 7814

Pack 1 Retail $37.75


Keep your prepared binding nice and tidy on our new Quilt Binding Spools. Each spool will hold enough for a whole quilt -- whatever size you make! 5.75” x 5.25”

The Add-A-Binding allows quilters to use this one tool through all the steps of adding a binding to their quilts. With this tool you can cut 2.24” or 2.5” binding strips trim a 45 degree angle, precisely trim the tips for matching seams and there are specialized inserts in the tool to help with folding and pressing the binding in half. Bindings are now made simple and perfect every time. 3” x 11.5” ruler.

D. Quilt Binding Spool 2ct Stk#243

Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $19.99


E. Add A Binding Stk# CMAAB

Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $34.99


2 New NOTIONS @modafabrics

A. Seam Width Gauge

Stk# 858 Pack 1

Mult 3 Retail $7.99


B. Measure and Mark Ruler

Stk# 857 Pack 1

Mult 3 Retail $25.99


Perfect for measuring & marking buttonholes, buttons, pleats, tucks, and decorative stitch lines.

C. Tomato Pattern Weight 4ct

Stk# 559

Pack 1 Retail $39.99


Crocheted tomato pattern weights add charm to the sewing process as they hold tissue and paper pattens securely to fabric while cutting.

D. Annie’s Scissor Holster

Stk# AH Pack 1

Min 3 Retail $12.99


A thicker version of the acclaimed Sew-Tacky Technology is used to adhere to your sewing machine, cutting table, or craft table. Made in America by our family!!

E. OmniRack Mini

Stk# 2117 Pack 1

Mult 3 Retail $14.99


Can be used alone or cozied up to the original when extra storage space is needed.

4” x 55/8” x 7/8”

F. Kim Diehl’s Best Applique’ Freezer Paper 50ct

Stk# P157 Pack 1

Min 3 Retail $17.99


4-1/8" wide x 18" long, a complete half yard with additional yardage markings at 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 yards. Measurement markings in 1/16" increments, with metric equivalent. Bias angles for marking bias lines. Parallel slots at 1/4", 1/2" and 5/8" increments for tracing wheel and pencil markings. Centering markings for design placement.


The practically perfect tool to keep your scissors and thread snippers where you want them to be!




3 New NOTIONS To • 800-527-9447



This modern table runner is based off of a modified version of a flying geese quilt. A simple block construction uses equilateral triangles and half hexagons to create an elongated hexagon block. English Paper Piecing makes the Y-Seams stitch together with ease. English Paper Piecing is an old method of quilt making, used for many years because of its accuracy and ease of construction. This is still true today, offering a portable project that fits today’s lifestyles.

A. Flocked Table Runner + Papers Stk# FLOCKED COMBO Pack 1 Retail $19.49


B. Flocked Acrylic Template 2ct Stk# FLOCKED 038 Pack 1 Retail $9.99


Tula Pink uses the art of Alchemy to magically transform an array of simple hexagons into a colorful mosaic of medallions. Designed as a row-by-row quilt, Alchemy emphasizes color placement, working with variations of a single hue to create a larger pattern. The rows interlock, forming a gradient down the quilt top, so the placement of the pieces does the visual work in this quilt.

C. Alchemy Acrylic Fabric Cutting Template is made with special transparent pink acrylic & is perfect for fussy cutting Tula's Pom Pom's fabric using the center circle.

Acrylic Alchemy Template Stk# ALCHEMY 038 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $9.49 )EDCJB|10822Y

D. Alchemy Pattern + Complete Paper Piece Pack includes all of the Paper Pieces to make the quilt. Acrylic Template NOT included. 66” x 77.25”

Alchemy Pattern + Piece Pack Stk# ALCHEMY COMPLETE Pack 1 Retail $119.99 )EDCJB|10817U

E. Alchemy Pattern + Starter Paper Piece Pack includes just over half of the Paper Pieces to make the quilt, perfect for reusing your papers. Acrylic Template NOT included. 66” x 77.25”

Alchemy Pattern + Starter Pack Stk# ALCHEMY STARTER Pack 1 Retail $74.99 )EDCJB|10818R


4 What’s New For ENGLISH PAPER PIECING @modafabrics

Iron On/Semi Water Soluble Templates

EPP (English Paper Piecing) Iron Ons are die cut from Hugs 'n Kisses applique paper. This paper is 50% water soluble with a light glue coating on one side. To use, the shapes are fused to the wrong side of the fabric, roughly cut out with an approximate 1/4" seam allowance, glued over and then stitched together by hand or machine. The papers DO NOT need to be removed. If washed the 50% stiffener will dissolve and remain in the project as soft natural fibers. **Note that the papers may have slightly browned edges due to the nature of the laser, however this will not affect their usability in any way.**

1/2” Hexagons 100ct Stk# HNK HABY03

Pack 1 Min 6 Retail $5.99 !CIGHC|40253T

1-1/2” Hexagons 50ct Stk# HNK HABY05

Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99


3/4” Hexagons 100ct Stk# HNK EPP03 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99 !CIGHC|40346S

2” Hexagons

50ct NEW Stk# HNK EPP118 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $12.49


1” Hexagons 100ct Stk# HNK HABY04 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $7.99


4” Hexagons

40ct NEW Stk# HNK EPP126 Pack 1 Retail $39.99


3” Hexagons

54ct NEW Stk# HNK EPP30 Pack 1 Retail $33.49 !CIGHC|40473V

Fuse to wrong side of fabric, cut out roughly. Glue or tack edges over. Sew shapes together by hand or machine and use as desired. Leave paper as a stabiliser or wash to soften and partially dissolve.

Semi water soluble, single sided fusible, semi transparent for hand tracing and ink-jet printable. Cut your own templates for Glue Stick Applique, Prepared Edge Needle Turn Applique, English Paper Piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing, or use as a temporary stabilizer. 20 - 8.5” x 11” sheets

Applique Paper

Stk# HNK HABY13 Pack 1 Minimum 2 Retail $23.99


5 What’s New For ENGLISH PAPER PIECING To Order: • 800-527-9447




A. 6” Vintage Kite Stk# ISE 792 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $11.99


Let’s go piece some kites and send them soaring! The 6” Vintage Kite Quilt Block Foundation Paper by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Company is the first of her Vintage Block series. Includes: Shaded diagrams for clear color placement, fabric cut sizes and quilt layout guide.

B. 6” Snail Trail Stk# ISE 790 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $8.99


C. 12” Snails Trail Stk# ISE 791 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $11.99


Sew perfect Snail Trail quilt blocks every time! Shaded and numbered templates make this simple paper piecing fuss-free. 42 Sheets Per Pad.

June Tailor’s Quilt As You Go patterns printed on batting allow you to create a complete layered quilt project with the top, batting, and backing in one step. The patterns are printed on batting in an easy-to-follow sew-by-number system. Additional quilting can be added using a standard sewing machine.

6 E

D. QAYG Tree Skirt Stk# JT 1492

Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $19.39 (DAJHG|01492S

Tree Skirt measures: 40” diameter

E. QAYG Holiday Square Stocking

Stk# JT 1488

Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $11.19


Stocking measures: 10” x 18


A. Pineapple Log Cabin Foundation Papers

Stk# JKD 8885 Pack 1

Multiple 6 Retail $12.99

B. Double Date Foundation Papers

Stk# JKD 8892

Pk 1 Multiple 6 Retail $23.99

C. Double Date Pattern

Stk# JKD 8427

Pk 1 Retail $18.59

D. Lamingtons For Tea

Stk# JKD 8786

Pack 1 Multiple 2 Retail $18.59

E. Lamingtons Foundation Papers

Stk# JKD 8908

Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $17.79

F. Lamingtons For Tea Pattern w/Templates

Stk# JKD 8915

Pack 1 Retail $39.00

G. Winki Stars Paper Piecing

Stk# JKD 8878

Pack 1 Retail $41.99

H. Wensleydale Foundation Papers

Stk# JKD 8847

Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $19.79

Quilt Recipes Book

Stk# JKD 8717

Pack 1 Retail $55.00

)FGIGG|00888V What’s New From JEN KINGWELL To Order: • 800-527-9447
)FGIGG|00887Y I.

Felt Ornament Kits

Each kit includes easy to follow instructions, precut felt pieces, embroidery floss, plastic needle, polyester fiberfill & embellishments.

Great for Beginner Classes or Make & Takes!

Finished product sizes: approx. 3” x 4”

A. Unicorn Stk# NC FLTK UNICRN2 Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $3.99

B. Bee

Stk# NC FLTK BEE Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $3.99

C. Flamingo

Stk# NC FLTK FLAM Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $3.99

D. Owl


Pack 1 Multiple 3 Racetail $3.99

E. Sloth

Stk# NC FLTK SLOTH2 Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $3.99

F. Butterfly

Stk# NC FLTK BFLY Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $3.99

8 A New KITS @modafabrics
'JJJBJ|34392Y B C D E F
9 New Kits To Order: • 800-527-9447 Mini Cross Stitch Kits Cactus Stk# GG232 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.99 'BCGBF|11427S Deer Stk# GG233 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.99 'BCGBF|11428Z Kits include: 3" Bamboo Embroidery Hoop, Floss, Needle, 4.25" square Canvas, & a Pattern Guide with helpful tips on getting started Pack 1 Minimum 2 Retail $27.99 Each kit contains: Pre-printed (in color) fabric pattern, Coordinating embroidery floss, Needle, 6” hoop, Full color image on front, Stitching notes on back, A getting started with hand embroidery guide and Instructional how to for a few basic stitches. Embroidery KitsCOZYBLUE HANDMADE “slow down. get cozy. get crafty” Butterfly Stk# DEKBFLY (FCBAG|72238V Moon Flow Stk# DEKMOFL (FCBAG|72240Y Greenery Stk# DEKGREEN (FCBAG|72239S

Easy to use clear acetate Embroidery Templates! You will appreciate how versatile these templates are, use them along a seam or for adding stitching embellishments. Flip them over to create mirrored patterns or combine them for even more complex designs.

The templates can be used in sewing, quilting, embroidery and other crafts where a beautiful hand stitched design is desired. While these templates can be used “as is”, our recommendation is to cut them apart into individual seam/motif templates. Dashed lines are included between the individual templates, so you can easily see where to cut them apart, a pair of utility scissors is all you need.

Each individual template also has a single, slightly larger hole punched out near the end, so that the entire set can be easily organized by placing on a key/binder ring or tied together with cording/ribbon, etc.

Basic instructions are included, however if you would like more detailed inspiration see Kathy Seaman Shaw’s books below by C&T Publishing.


10 New For EMBROIDERY @modafabrics
A. Embroidery Shape Template Set Stk# KSS 301 Pack 1 Retail $22.99 )HBAJH|01192T Set of 5 sheets , 6” x 6” B. Embroidery Stitch Template Set Stk# KSS 201 Pack 1 Retail $31.99 )HBAJH|01191W Set of 5 sheets, 9.5” x 7” C. Mini Embroidery Stitch Template Set Stk# KSS 202 Pack 1 Retail $28.99 )HBAJH|01199S Set of 4 sheets, 9.5” x 7” A B C ED D. Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts Stk# 11329 Pack 1 Retail $29.95 *HYRGRH|457739] Book - C&T Publishing *HYRGRH|459016] E. Dazzling Diamonds Crazy Quilting Stk# 11371 Pack 1 Retail $27.95 Book - C&T Publishing

A. Embroidery

Scissors 3.75” w/Stars & Stripes

Stk# 6340 82

Pack 18 Retail $4.29 (FAFFH|34082Q

Acrylic display with 18, 3.75" Embroidery Scissors

B. Embroidery

Scissors 3.75” Black & White Stk# 6340 11

Pack 18 Retail $4.29


Acrylic display with 18, 3.75" Embroidery Scissors

C. Sharpener

Stk# 05021

Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $8.99


D. Buttonhole

Cutter Set

Stk# 1704

Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $10.95


Finish buttonholes like the pros! Kit includes: Buttonhole Cutter Knife, Circular Cutter Punch, and Hardwood Apple Shaped Cutting Block in a reusable clam shell case.

E. RB45H-2

Endurance Blade

2 count Stk# 1139991

Pack 1 Retail $28.49


F. Quick Cut

Stk# 170758

Pack 1 Min 6 Retail $5.99


A stick-on cutter that adheres to flat surfaces. It is great for cutting thread, ribbon, string and tags. You can stick one in every room.


11 New NOTIONS To Order: • 800-527-9447

Felted Wool Pin Cushions

Classic Tomato pin cushion in six fun colors!

Approximately 3.5” diameter and 2.5” tall

A. Tomato Pin Cushion Asst 1 Stk# DLFT 1111 Pack 6 Retail $9.99 each )ECHAC|19760Y

Six brightly colored pin cushions, each one has a different quilt block needle felted on the top.

Approximately 3.5” diameter and 2.5” tall

B. Pin Cushion Asst 2 Quilt Design Stk# DLFT 2222 Pack 6 Retail $9.99 each )ECHAC|19761V

12 A B New Notions From MODA

A. Felt Garland Sewing Kit

Stk# 229

Pack 1 Multiple 2 Retail $21.99


B. Felt Garland Fall Kit


Pack 2 Retail $15.99


Pack two includes one of each: Pumpkin Garland and Halloween Garland.

C. Felt Garland Holiday Kit


Pack 2 Retail $15.99


Pack two includes one of each: Peppermint Garland and Christmas Garland.

Each Garland Kit is packaged in a plastic jar with all the felt pieces, a needle & string.


13 New Felted Wool Kits From MODA B Approx. Size 35”long Approx. Size 28”long C Approx. Size 47”long Approx. Size 38”long A Approx. Size 37”long
To Order: •

A. Sewing Basket Octagon Black Scissors

Stk# Z10008 221

Pack 1 Retail $37.99


A silvery tossed scissors print adds refined charm to this premium sewing basket trimmed with silver cord. An ideal size to keep basic sewing or embroidery supplies handy.

• Molded sturdy tray

• Pin cushion & pocket attached to lid

• Magnetic snap closure

• Size: 9.25” x 9.25” x 4.75”

B. Deluxe Rolling Sewing Machine Tote

Stk# Z11076

Pack 1 Retail $130.69


Sewist, Quilters and Crafters will appreciate the ease of a wheeled tote designed to transport a sewing machine and project supplies to classes and retreats.

• Inner strap secures machine for transport

• Three exterior zippered pockets

• Removable accessory tray

• Rectangle handle and sided handles

• Four swivel wheels

• Interior size: 18” W x 10”D x 13”H

14 New From DRITZ
B A @modafabrics

C. Pin Cushion

Dress Form

Stk# Z00380 221

Pack 1 Retail $24.99

A decorative pin cushion shaped like a dress form adds a fashionable flare to the sewing room.

Covered in a pretty floral print with black metal stand and trim.

3” x 2.25” x 13.25”

D. Sewing Basket

Pink Sewing Machines

Stk# Z10051 221

Pack 1 Retail $49.99


Premium quality basket in beautiful floral sewing machine print. Large size for organizing sewing, quilting or craft supplies.

• Molded sturdy tray

• Pin cushion & pocket attached to lid

• Magnetic snap closure

• Size: 11.5” x 87/8” x 7.5”

Pin Cushion Sewing Machine Black/Buttons

Stk# Z00496 221

Pack 1 Retail $19.99


This pin cushion is shaped like a sewing machine complete with a mini tomato cushion attached. The “wheel” is an actual retractable tape measure.

6” x 3” x 4-3/8”

Pin Cushion XL

Tomato Black/Buttons

Stk# Z00697 221

Pack 1 Retail $16.99


This oversized version of a tomato pin cushion is charming in a multi color button print fabric. Trimmed with a printed tape measure and hanging strawberry.

4-7/8” diameter x 2-7/8” high


15 New From DRITZ
C To Order: • 800-527-9447
16 MUST HAVE NOTIONS Perfect Scissors 6” •KKB004• Pk 1 Retail $29.50 !AADAJ|52444T RB45H-1 Endurance Blade •1128127• Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $15.99 !JBFBB|22023Q Frosted Ruler 6” x 24” •QR 6X24• Pk 1 Min2 Retail $32.49 !JBFBB|30091Y RTY-3/G 60mm Rotary Cutter •9653• Pk 1 Retail $35.49 !JBFBB|30037W 60mm Endurance Blade •1132759• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.49 !JBFBB|22044V RTY-2/DX 45MM Ergo Rotary Cutter •9654• Pk 1 Retail $34.49 !JBFBB|60029S Seam Ripper White •482W• Pk 3 Retail $5.50 !FBCCB|50320X That Purple Thang •TPT• Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $3.50 )FGDEJ|00012S Rotary Mat Double Sided 6” x 8” Navy •1136545• Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $4.99 !JBFBB|22078Q RM-SG Rotary Mat 18” x 24” •9881• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $36.49 !JBFBB|30012T !JBFBB|30093S Frosted Ruler Square 12.5” •QR 12S• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $33.99 Spinning 12” Rotary Mat •RM 12S• Pk 1 Retail $49.49 !JBFBB|30082W True Grips 15ct •17015• Pk 1 Mult 12 Retail $5.95 'DGDED|17015X Quick Curve Ruler •SKW QCR• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $26.00 !JBADH|50570V Universal Machine Needle 11/75 5ct •1718• Pk 10 Retail $3.99 !DGDEG|31718S Oh Sew Clean Brush & Cloth Set •ISE 739• Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $8.98 'ACFHD|57983R Retractable Tape Measure 120” Blue •37269• Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $5.99 (DJDAB|37269Q Frosted Ruler Square 6.5” •QR 6S• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.99 !JBFBB|30087R Perfect Scissors Multipurpose 7.5” •KKB027• Pk 1 Retail $31.95 !AADAJ|52775Y The Little Gypsy Gripper •TGQ003• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.00 !JJAED|00053V Sewing Edge •20344• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.95 (DEIBH|20344V KAI Sewing Scissors 8” •N5210• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99 %JQBDTR|501784] (FCBAG|10632R Elan Embroidery Scissors 4” w/Florine •E4• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $23.95 Frosted Ruler 6”x 12” •QR 6X12• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $23.49 !JBFBB|30092V Mini Simple Folded Corners •AQDR2• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $12.99 )FDIHE|00381Z
17 MUST HAVE NOTIONS Applique Pressing Sheet 13” X 17” •BT206• Pk 1 Min 2 Rdetail $15.99 'AGIAC|10206X Freezer Paper 8.5” x 11” 50ct •FREPA8112• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.25 )BCAAC|00038Q Water Soluble Glue Refill Blue •FAB50013• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $3.95 %JYJHYT|070133] Water Soluble Glue Pen Blue •FAB50012• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070126] Stash N Store Navy •ISE 727• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $11.49 'ACFHD|57904W Iron Clean10 Sheets •5003• Pk 1 Min 6 Retail $3.99 (CDDCF|20800U Magic Pins Quilting 13/4” 50ct •21715• Pk 1 Mult 2 Retail $11.99 (GGBFC|21715T Wool Ironing Mat 14” x 14” •1414WOOLMAT• Pk 1 Retail $39.99 )BGEEI|02708W Mighty Travel Iron •653380• Pk 1 Retail $36.99 !HCIHJ|27023V Fold Away 12” x 18” •2103• Pk 1 Retail $51.39 (GCFBB|02103U Diagonal Seam Tape 10yds •CCS 192• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $7.50 'HBDDJ|56058R Hera Marker •490• Pk 3 Retail $6.00 !FBCCB|50013Y Wonder Clips Assorted 50ct •3183• Pk 1 Retail $34.95 !FBCCB|73183Z MagnaFingers Blue •MP BLUE• Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $8.99 )GAAAB|74010T Thread Magic Round •21403• Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $10.99 *GGBFC|21403T %JYJHYT|070324] Pencil Trio White Black Pink •FAB50030• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $17.95 Binding Needles 12ct •PRI 253• Pk 1 Pack 12 Retail $6.00 )HGECA|00253R To Order: • 800-527-9447 Variety Lead Refill 3ct •FAB50033• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.50 %JYJHYT|070294] Styla Water Erasable Roller Pen •FAB50034• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $5.50 %JYJHYT|070331] Add A Quarter Ruler 6” •CM06• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $9.49 'DFBAF|00006Q Quick Press Seam Roller •ISE 735• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $18.99 'ACFHD|57995U Sure Guide Needle Threader •FAB50036• Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $15.95 %JYJHYT|070355] 12” Wooly Pressing Bar •8442• Pk 1 Retail $32.99 !HEBHBI|408442] Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion Purple •ZK961• Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $19.95 'IFDEJ|94961Y Carol Doak Foundation Paper 81/2”x 11” •10985• Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $15.95 (DEIBH|10985T


The Velocity 240IR uses our patented 2 heating element and micro pump technology to provide our most advanced level of steam output with both Eco and Turbo temperature settings. Spitting and leaking are over as the 240IR turns the irons water into steam before it reaches the soleplate. The iron’s sensor technology means you have steam on demand when you need it. The anodized soleplate is the hardest, most scratch resistant and best gliding material that exists for ironing. Ergonomic design, it’s a joy to use.

Velocity Sensor Steam Iron

Stk# 240IR Pack 1

Retail $158.99



The Maven 125IS is the ultimate home ironing station that delivers professional quality results.

- 10 min Auto Off, Ready in seconds - 30 second reheat between fills

- Continuous Steam System, Electronic


The Velocity 270IR uses our patented 2 heating element and micro pump technology to provide our most advanced level of steam output and temperature control with 8 pre-programmed settings. Spitting and leaking are over as the 270IR turns the iron's water into steam before it reaches the soleplate. Sensor technology means you have steam on demand when you need it. The anodized soleplate is the hardest, most scratch-resistant, and best gliding material that exists for ironing.

Velocity Auto Control Steam Iron

Stk# 270IR Pack 1

Sug Retail $178.99



Reliable’s patented built-in Steam Generator produces up to 55% more steam than traditional steam irons for perfect ironing in less time. Velocity irons will give you perfect constant steam even the lowest temperatures yet 100% safe for all fabrics.

Auto Off

Weighs 3.75

Velocity One Temp Steam Iron Auto Off

Stk# 160IR

Auto Steam Control - Weighs 6.4 pounds, Measures 13.2” x 8” x 9.5” - 4.2 cups Water Capacity - 8’ - 360° Swivel Cord - Ceramic Sole Plate, Iron lock in Place for Easy Moving )IFIIF|00564T Maven Steam Iron Station Stk# 125IS Pack 1 Retail $178.99
with bypass ability -
pounds - Measures 12.5” x 5” x 6.5” - 1.26 cups Water Capacity -1800 Watts - 8.2’ - 360° Swivel Cord - 1 year limited warranty
Pack 1 Retail $98.99 )IFIIF|00499Y

Drag the cleaning blade across the surface of your wool mat to remove stray threads, lint, pet hair, and sewing debris.

To Order: • 800-527-9447 Wool Ironing Mat 17” x 24” Stk# 1724WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $69.99 )BGEEI|02569T Wool Ironing Mat 17” x 17” Stk# 1717WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $54.99 )BGEEI|02568W Wool Ironing Mat 9” x 9” Stk# 0909WOOLMAT Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.99 )BGEEI|02572T Wool Ironing Mat 14” x 14” Stk# 1414WOOLMAT Pk 1 Retail $39.99 )BGEEI|02708W 2 in 1 Wool Pressing Mat 18” x 24” & 13.5” x 13.5” Stk# B00435 Pack 1 Retail $88.99 !DEAHC|00435S Wool Pressing Mat 8.5” x 8.5” Stk# B00417 Pack 1 Min 3 Retail $20.99 !DEAHC|00417Y Wool Pressing Mat 13.5” x 13.5” Stk# B00418 Pack 1 Retail $41.99 !DEAHC|00418V Pressing Mat 24” x 48” x .5” Stk# BR00529 Pack 1 Retail $246.99 !CHCAG|00529V Precision Quilting 100% Wool Gypsy Quilter 100% Wool Wool Mat 141/3” x 187/8” Stk# TGQWM1319 Pk 1 Retail $53.59 (EDCIF|01057Y Wool Mat 4” x 4” Stk# TGQWM4 Pk 1 Retail $4.99 (EDCIF|01055U Mountain Mist 90% Wool and 10% Polyester Ewe & Me Wool Co. 90% Wool and 10% Polyester Wooly Pressing Bar has a 100% wool surface to press your seams open. Once seams are pressed, lay the wooden base on the seam to set them. 20” x 3.25” Stk# 8435 Pack 1 Retail $42.99 (EBHBI|40843V 12” x 3.25” Stk# 8442 Pack 1 Retail $32.99 (EBHBI|40844S 6” x 3.25” Stk# 8406 Pack 1 Retail $19.99 (EBHBI|40845Z Wool Mat 215/8” x 583/8” Stk# TGQWM2259 Pk 1 Retail $145.99 (EDCIF|01058V Wool Mat Cleaning Tool Stk# TGQ135 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.99 (EDCIF|01254R


20 Starch Savvy 16oz Spray Bottle Stk# JT 445 Pack 1 Multiple 4 Retail $11.19 (DAJHG|04450Z • Formulated specifically for quilting cottons • Fragrance and flake free formula • Controls the level of stiffness with single or multiple applications • Stabilize
to avoid block distortion and create flatter seams • Made in USA Starch Savvy Magic Quilt & Craft Aerosol 15oz Stk# 20308 Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.31 !BHFAA|20308U Magic Quilt & Craft Trigger 16oz Stk# 20307 Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.98 !BHFAA|20307X • Removes wrinkles, flattens seams and reduces stretch for point matching. • Improves accuracy for cutting and sewing. • Fragrance Free and Flake Free. Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting Spray 1 Gallon Stk# AP10086 Pack 1 Retail $69.69 'CICFA|47019S 16oz Stk# AP10022 Pack 1 Mult 12 Retail $15.89 'CICFA|47003R Combo Stk# AP10087 Pack 1 Mult 3 Retail $27.19 'CICFA|47020Y • A highly-effective, proprietary treatment that makes it easy to create accurate, flat seams every time you quilt. • Improve cutting and sewing accuracy • Add volume to fabric • Inhibits fraying Use instead of starch or starch alternative Easy Press Fabric Treatment Iron Cleaner .34oz 2ct Stk# 40105 Pk 12 Retail $3.99 (DAJHG|04450Z Safe to use on both steam and non steam irons, flat irons and curling irons. Removes sticky fusible residue. Works while iron is hot. Non flammable and non toxic.

Ellen’s Best Press Makes Ironing (almost)

21To Order: • 800-527-9447 8 ounce bottle • Pack 6 • Retail $12.00 each Scentless Stk# F08 6S (FFHCI|00244W Celebration Stk# F08 6G (FFHCI|00245T Yuzu Stk# F08 6Y (FFHCI|00247X Fig Stk# F08 6F (FFHCI|00248U Pineapple Grove Stk# F08 6P (FFHCI|00249R Lacey Stk# F08 6L (FFHCI|00246Q Mary Ellen’s PRODUCTSSee website for full collection: SCENT FREE 16 ounce !DFCDE|60034U Stk#60034 Pack 6 Retail $8.95 ea Gallon !DFCDE|60041S Stk# 60041 Pack 4 Retail $43.50 ea 32 ounce !DFCDE|60044T Stk# 60044 Pack 6 Retail $14.95 ea 6 ounce (FCBAG|76651Y Stk# S60034 Pack 48 Retail $3.95 ea Mary Ellen Requires A $60 Minimum Order Drop Ship Only Mary
Fun! Available in 4 sizesUnscented and in 10 scents. • Starch alternative • No Clogging, No Flaking, • Residue or Spotting • Relaxes stubborn wrinkles • Guards fabric from soiling • Acid-Free • Made in the USA makes ironing easier starch free formulaFLATTER
22 Rotary Cutting With OLFA @modafabrics 12.5” x 12.5” Stk# QR 12S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $33.99 !JBFBB|30093S 9.5” x 9.5” Stk# QR 9S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $25.99 !JBFBB|30086U 6.5” x 6.5” Stk# QR 6S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.99 !JBFBB|30087R 4.5” x 4.5” Stk# QR 4S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $13.99 !JBFBB|30088Y 6” x 12” Stk# QR 6X12 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $23.49 !JBFBB|30092V 6” x 24” Stk# QR 6X24 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $32.49 !JBFBB|30091Y 1” x 12” Stk# QR 1X12 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $10.99 !JBFBB|30081Z RECTANGLES Non-Slip surface for stable and safe cutting. Frosted acrylic surface with black numbers for clarity on light and dark color fabrics. The ruler allows the user to make precise measurements and cutting angles. Accommodates both right and left-handed users. 16.5” x 16.5” Stk# QR 16S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $56.99 !JBFBB|30085X SQUARES Self-healing professional quality rotary cutting mats. Double-sided with yellow grid lines on one side for precision cutting, solid on opposite for general cutting. Rotary mats protect your work area and help extend the life of your rotary blades. 24” x 36” Stk# 9891 Pk 1 Retail $69.99 !JBFBB|22066X 18” x 24” Stk# 9881 Pk 1 Retail $36.49 !JBFBB|22066X 12” x 18” Stk# 9880 Pk 1 Retail $20.99 !JBFBB|22066X 6” x 8” Stk# 9952 Pk 1 Retail $4.99 !JBFBB|22066X Spinning 12” Stk# RM 12S Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $49.49 !JBFBB|30082W Spinning 17” Stk# RM 17S Pk 1 Retail $94.49 !JBFBB|30094Z Olfa's Rotating self-healing professional quality rotary mats rotate 360° smoothly, eliminating the need to move your body or your project around. It's simple to use, just cut, rotate mat, and cut again! Non-slip back for stable, safe cutting and light-weight. Frosted Advantage Non Slip Rulers Rotary Cutting Mats

Rotary Cutters


One Blade Per

60mm Stk# 9455 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $15.09

Endurance Blade 60mm Stk# 1132759

Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.49

45mm Stk# 9452 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99

Endurance Blade 45mm Stk# 1128127

Pk 1 Mult 3 Retail $15.99

Two Blades Per Package

45mm Stk# 1079062 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $17.49

18mm Stk# 9463 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.99

28mm Stk# 9561 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99

Endurance Blade 45mm Stk# 1139991 Pack 1 Retail $28.49

Five Blades Per Package

60mm Stk# 9458 Pack 1 Retail $65.12

28mm Stk# 9459 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $21.99

45mm Stk# 9460 Pack 1 Retail $39.49


23 Rotary Cutting With OLFA To Order: • 800-527-9447
10ct Stk# 9453 Pack 1 Retail $73.99 !JBFBB|50046S 60mm Stk# 9653 Pk 1 Retail $35.49 !JBFBB|30037W 45mm Stk# 9651 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $22.99 !JBFBB|30018V 28mm Stk# 1131976 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $17.49 !JBFBB|22035T 18mm Stk# 9657 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $14.99 !JBFBB|60046Z 45mm Quick Change Stk# RTY 2NS Pack 1 Retail $34.49 !JBFBB|30099U 60mm Stk# 9655 Pack 1 Retail $52.99 !JBFBB|60045S 45mm Stk# 9654 Pack 1 Retail $34.49 !JBFBB|60029S Ergo Handle 45mm Navy Stk# 1136835 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.99 !JBFBB|22080T 45mm Ergo Cutter Pacific Blue Stk# 1136602 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $34.49 !JBFBB|22077T A Splash of Color 6” x 8” Navy Stk# 1136545 Pk 1 Mult 6 Retail $4.99 !JBFBB|22078Q 24” x 36” Navy Stk# 1135484 Pk 1 Retail $69.99 !JBFBB|22066X 12” x 18” Aqua Stk# 1132644 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $20.99 !JBFBB|22039R 12” x 18” Pink Stk# 1132643 Pk1 Min 2 Retail $20.99 !JBFBB|22040X 45mm Aqua Stk# 1110720 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $18.99 !JBFBB|61083T

Super Bright Portable LED Lamp. 24 LED bulbs stay bright for 100,000 hours.

3 levels of brightness. Adjustable size: Opens to 9.5" tall. Folds as flat as 1.5". Battery or USB powered. Includes 3.5' USB power cable.

Super Bright Portable LED Light

Stk# JB6921

Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $17.89

Worn around the neck it lights up your personal space for tasks like quilting, embroidery or walking in dim or dark places.

- 50 hrs of run time using 6 LEDS

- 100 hrs of run time using 3 LEDS

- Extra wide, extra bright beam

- 2 filters for relaxing light

- 6 lighting options

Beam N Read Light

Stk# BNR LED6 3F

Pack 1 Retail $29.95

You are an artist who creates with your hands and eyes, you sew!

Your hands and eyes are your tools and they need to work under light that shines for you and helps you see what others don’t yet see, your light is a Daylight! We understand your journey and are here to help, offering a wide variety of sewing and quilting lights that are ideal for true color matching, give you the flexibility and portability that you require all while giving you low heat and durability.


These unique lamps have two functions. The upright position is light therapy mode with 10,000 lux & a 30 minute timer. Put the shade down and you have a task lamp with adjustable light settings. Both lamps are light and portable.

TwoSun Therapy Lamp Stk# U36201

1 Retail $174.99

Move between Daylight, Cool light & Warm light. Built in USB port for charging devices. 6.5” diameter shade.

TriSun Therapy Lamp Stk# U36401

1 Retail $199.99

24 3 step dimmer switch, easy twist shade for accurate positioning. Switches off automatically when you close the shade.

Taking the original Slimline to another level, the third generation Daylight Slimline, comes with superb additional features. The new aluminum shade emits a brighter light with better diffusion. A four step dimmer allows brightness control. The clamp has been re-designed to be even less obtrusive and comes in brushed steel for a sleek look and feel, while the round switch adds neatness to the finishing touch. Flexible joints for perfect positioning.

The brushed chrome table base can be used with the Slimline Table Lamp instead of clamping it to the table. 4 pound weighted base 8.5” across, non-scratch, no slip felt bottom.

Slimline Table Base Stk# U52107

Pk 1 Retail $49.99

)AJIAC|52107Y Third Generation Slimline Silver Brushed Aluminum 19" 10" 5" Slimline 3 LED Table Lamp Brushed Aluminum Stk# U35108 Pack 1 Retail $234.99 )AJIAC|35108Y

Dressmaker Scissors

Smooth florine finish, nonstick coating, stainless steel.

Dressmaker Scissors 8” w/ Florine

Stk# E8 Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $21.95


Embroidery 5"

Great for tight areas. Sharp pointed tips, stainless steel.

Embroidery Scissors 5”

Stk# E6 Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $17.95


Embroidery 4"

Smooth florine finish, non-stick coating, serrated edge, stainless steel.

Embroidery Scissors 4” w/ Florine

Stk# E4 Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $23.95


Applique 5"

Curved blade & comfortable handle. Stainless steel.

Appliqué Scissors 5”

Curved Blade

Stk# EA Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $19.95


Hobby 6.5"

Heavy duty utility scissors. Perfect for Rag Quilting!

Hobby Scissors w/ Florine

Stk# EH Pack 1 Retail $25.95


(FCBAG|40100W 24” x 36” Grid Stk# 9924 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $52.95 (FCBAG|40102Q 12” x 18” Grid Stk# 9912 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $15.95 (FCBAG|55003S 9” x 12” Grid Stk# 9908 Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $8.95 (FCBAG|40101T 18” x 24” Grid Stk# 9918 Pk 1 Min 2 Retail $26.95 (FCBAG|58190W Clear Bag w/Zipper 13” x 10” Stk# PB13 Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99 (FCBAG|58189Q Clear Bag w/Zipper 17” x 17” Stk# PB17 Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $10.99 (FCBAG|07863V Clear Bag w/Zipper 5” x 8” Stk# PB5 Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $6.99 Clear Bags DOUBLE SIDED, SELF-HEALING, VERSATILE, DURABLE Miracle mats 5 sizes Clear Bag w/ Zipper 14” x 12” Stk# PB12 Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99 (FCBAG|40515Y Clear Bag w/ Zipper 14” x 14” Stk# PB14 Pack 1 Mult 6 Retail $9.99 (FCBAG|40516V 17” x 17” 14” x 12” 14” x 14” 13” x 10” 5” x 8” To Order: • 800-527-9447 Moda Exclusive

Sewline Fabric Scissors - can be used right or left handed. Fine tapered point, stays sharp, cuts cleanly without forcing. Soft feel grip for comfort, control and cutting ease. Advanced technology steel alloy blades.



Does not snap or fray

Fine smooth even



FAB50035 Retail $7.95

• Water erasable roller ball •
smoothly on fabrics •
fabric •
Water Erasable Pen Styla Water Erasable Roller Ball Pen Stk#
%JYJHYT|070331] Aqua Eraser Perfect for removing Sewline & other soluble marks on fabrics. Aqua Eraser Pen Stk#
%JYJHYT|070348] Aqua Eraser Nib Refill Stk# FAB50025 Retail $4.95 %JYJHYT|070249] Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen Fine Line, smooth roller ball point pen. Lines vanish in 2-3 days. Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen Stk# FA50027 Retail $4.50 %JYJHYT|070263] Fabric Pencil 1.3mm Blue Stk# FAB50047 Retail $2.95 %JYJHYT|070461] Fabric Pencil 1.3mm Pink Stk# FAB50046 Retail $2.95 %JYJHYT|070454] Fabric Pencil 1.3mm White Stk# FAB50048 Retail $2.95 %JYJHYT|070478] FABRIC MECHANICAL PENCILS Stayer Permanent Marker Stayer Permanent Marker Brown Stk# FAB50051 Retail $3.50 %JYJHYT|070508] Stayer Permanent Marker Black Stk# FAB50045 Retail $3.50 %JYJHYT|070430] Sewline Snippet Scissors 5.5" Stk# FAB50054 Pack 1 Cost $6.50 Retail $16.99 %JYJHYT|070553] Sewline Fabric Scissors 8" Stk# FAB50053 Pack 1 Cost $8.50 Retail $21.99 %JYJHYT|070546] Pack1 Multiple 5 SCISSORS


6 Needles, 2 each of 3 different sizes. Size 6 thru 9. Made in Hiroshima Japan.

Hand Stitch Needle Assortment Stk# FAB50056

Retail $4.99




Stk# FAB50013

Retail $3.95

Glue Refill

Stk# FAB50021 Retail $3.95

Glue Refill

Stk# FAB50014

Retail $3.95



Stk# FAB50059 Retail $5.95





27 Includes: • Black Lead • White Lead • Tracer Ball Pen Fabric Mechanical Pencil TRIOIncludes 3 different colors: • White Lead • Black Lead • Pink Lead SEWLINE TRIOS LEAD REFILLS FABRIC MECHANICAL PENCILS Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $6.50 %JYJHYT|070300] Duo Marker & Eraser Stk# FAB50031 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070317] Duo Eraser Stk# FAB50032 Retail $4.95 %JYJHYT|070379] %JYJHYT|070072] Black Stk# FAB50006 %JYJHYT|070102] Green Stk# FAB50007 %JYJHYT|070089] Yellow Stk# FAB50008 %JYJHYT|070065] White Stk# FAB50009 %JYJHYT|070096] Pink Stk# FAB50010 %JYJHYT|070119] Eraser Refill 6ct Butterfly MP Stk# FAB50019 Retail $5.50 ERASER REFILLS %JYJHYT|070362]%JYJHYT|070409] %JYJHYT|070386] You can thread your fine needles with ease! Stronger mechanism prevents breakage. Pencil TRIO %JYJHYT|070485] Duo Marker & Eraser Fine Stk# FAB50050 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070324] Pencil Trio White Black Pink Stk# FAB50030 Retail $17.95 %JYJHYT|070294] Variety Lead Refill 3ct Stk# FAB50033 Retail $6.50 This mechanical fabric pencil with .9mm ceramic lead gives you clear, clean lines that are easily removed with its attached eraser or a damp cloth. NEEDLE THREADERS Sure Guide Needle Threader Stk# FAB50036 Retail $15.95 %JYJHYT|070355]
Threader Cartridge
$5.95 %JYJHYT|070287]
Sz 4-8
Pad Small Stk# FAB50057 Pack 1 Retail $39.95 %JYJHYT|070591] 18” x 12” Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio Stk# FAB50023 Retail $16.95 %JYJHYT|070218] Needle Threader For Sizes 4-8 Stk# FAB50044 Retail $15.95 %JYJHYT|070447]
Maid A magical blend of orange oil & natural ingredients with a proven ability to dissolve & effectively lift all kinds of stains. Stain Maid Stk# FAB50042 Retail $4.95 %JYJHYT|070416] Eraser Stick Convenient way to erase pencil lines from fabrics. Eraser Stick Stk# FAB50015 Retail $4.95 %JYJHYT|070157] To Order: • 800-527-9447 You can thread your VERY fine needles with ease! For size 9-12 Cuticle Oil Pen Stk# FAB50049 Retail $12.99 %JYJHYT|080019] CUTICLE OIL PEN This pen-like applicator contains natural rejuvenating oils with a pliable brush that gently coats the cuticle. Glue Pen & Refills Glue Refill Blue 6ct Stk# FAB50063 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070676] Water Soluble Glue Pen Blue Stk# FAB50012 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070126]
%JYJHYT|070140] Glue Refill Assorted 6ct Stk# FAB50062 Retail $7.95 %JYJHYT|070669] Glue
%JYJHYT|070133] %JYJHYT|070195]
28 TULIP HIROSHIMA NEEDLES Sewing Sharp #8 THN 013E )EGFFA|01267Q Sewing Sharp #9 THN 014E )EGFFA|01268X Sewing Sharp #7 THN 012E )EGFFA|01266T Sewing Sharp Ast#7,8,9 THN 090E )EGFFA|01376Z 8 needles per pkg SEWING MILLINERS 6 needles per pkg Milliners #10 THN 081E )EGFFA|01296Q Milliners Ast #8,9,10 THN 083E )EGFFA|01298U Milliners #10 Big Eye THN 093E )EGFFA|01461S Milliners #9 THN 080E )EGFFA|01295T Milliners Ast #3,5,7 THN 082E )EGFFA|01297X Milliners #8 THN 079E )EGFFA|01294W Milliners #7 THN 078E )EGFFA|01293Z Milliners #5 THN 077E )EGFFA|01292S Milliners #3 THN 076E )EGFFA|01291V Milliners #1Big Eye THN 099E )EGFFA|01514V EMBROIDERY 8 needles per pkg Embroidery Sharp #9 THN 021E )EGFFA|01275V Embroidery Sharp #8 THN 020E )EGFFA|01274Y Embroidery Sharp #10 THN 022E )EGFFA|01276S Embroidery Sharp #5 THN 017E )EGFFA|01271X Embroidery Sharp #7 THN 019E )EGFFA|01273R Embroidery Sharp #6 THN 018E )EGFFA|01272U Embroidery Sharp #4 THN 016E )EGFFA|01270Q Embroidery Ast #3,4,5,6 THN 023E )EGFFA|01277Z Embroidery Ast #7,8,9,10 THN 024E )EGFFA|01278W Embroidery Sharp #3 THN 015E )EGFFA|01269U Embroidery Ast #3 - 10 THN 106E )EGFFA|01719U Quilt Basting Long/Reg THN 011E )EGFFA|01265W BASTING 6 needles per pkg 3 Long & 3 Reg Piecing #9 THN 002E )EGFFA|01256U Piecing #8 THN 001E )EGFFA|01255X PIECING 6 needles per pkg Leather Short THN 048E )EGFFA|01305Z Leather Middle THN 049E )EGFFA|01306W Leather Long THN 050E )EGFFA|01307T LEATHER 2 needles per pkg 6 needles per pkg APPLIQUÉ Appliqué #11 THN 010E )EGFFA|01264Z Appliqué #10 THN 008E )EGFFA|01262V Appliqué Big Eye #10 THN 009E )EGFFA|01263S Easy Threading Assorted Sizes THN 058E )EGFFA|01308Q EASY THREADING 6 needles per pkg BULLION KNOT 6 needles per pkg Bullion Knot Big Eye Long/Regular THN 100E )EGFFA|01515S Kogin Needles THN 101E )EGFFA|01516Z 4 needles per pkg KOGIN NEEDLES Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.60 Easy Threading Assorted Thin Sizes THN 108E )EGFFA|01798Z Bullion Knot Big Eye Short/Fine THN 109E )EGFFA|01804X


29 TAPESTRY 6 needles per pkg Tapestry Ast #22,23,24,25 THN 029E )EGFFA|01283Q Tapestry Round #22 THN 025E )EGFFA|01279T Tapestry Round #23 THN 026E )EGFFA|01280Z Tapestry Round #25 THN 028E )EGFFA|01282T Tapestry Round #24 THN 027E )EGFFA|01281W Tapestry Round #18 THN 104E )EGFFA|01653R Tapestry Round #20 THN 105E )EGFFA|01654Y Smooth wood base with cotton fabric top SIZE: approx. 2.25” x 2.5” diameter Pincushions Retail $20.00 Pack 1 Multiple 3 Akabeni Stk# THP 001E )EGFFA|01640R Shinonome-iro Stk# THP 002E )EGFFA|01641Y Sora-iro Stk# THP 005E )EGFFA|01644Z Unohana-iro Stk# THP 006E )EGFFA|01645W Ruri-iro Stk# THP 007E )EGFFA|01646T Usuzumi-iro Stk# THP 011E )EGFFA|01650Q Chenille #18 THN 084E )EGFFA|01299R Chenille #20 THN 085E )EGFFA|01300U Chenille #22 THN 086E )EGFFA|01301R Chenille #24 THN 087E )EGFFA|01302Y Chenille Asstd THN 088E )EGFFA|01303V CHENILLE 6 needles per pkg SILK 6 needles per pkg Silk #2 THN 041E )EGFFA|01517W Silk #5 THN 042E )EGFFA|01518T Silk #6 THN 043E )EGFFA|01519Q Silk #8 THN 044E )EGFFA|01520W Silk #9 THN 045E )EGFFA|01521T Silk #10 THN 046E )EGFFA|01522Q Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $9.60 SASHIKO 6 needles per pkg Sashiko Assorted THN 030E )EGFFA|01284X Sashiko Assorted Short THN 031E )EGFFA|01304S Sashiko Big Eye Thin Size THN 103E (4 needles) )EGFFA|01586S
6 needles per pkg Quilting Between #8 THN 003E )EGFFA|01257R Quilting Between #10 THN 005E )EGFFA|01259V Quilting Between #13 THN 007E )EGFFA|01261Y Quilting Between #9 THN 004E )EGFFA|01258Y Quilting Between #12 THN 006E )EGFFA|01260R Quilting Assorted #8,9 10,12 THN 089E )EGFFA|01375S 2 needles per pkg TAPESTRY YARN Tapestry Yarn Assorted Sizes THN 063E )EGFFA|01310T Tapestry Yarn #13 THN 064E )EGFFA|01309X 6 needles per pkg 2-#17,1-#18, 1-#20, 2-#23 TULIP HIROSHIMA NEEDLES To Order: • 800-527-9447

(Foundation Paper Piecing)

What is a Moda Cake Mix? It’s a recipe for block parts that makes baking a Layer Cake quilt easier than ever. This unique triangle paper is designed to work in conjunction with Moda’s 10” square Layer Cakes. There are also Cupcake Mixes for the 5” Charm Packs!

Each tablet has 44 sheets – one for each layer in a Layer Cake or Charm Square – and a couple of extras for practice. Each pad also includes a few simple block and layout ideas – just add 1 or 2 Moda Layer Cakes or Charm Packs and you’re ready to start stitching. There are twelve different Cake Mixes and four different Cupcake Mixes available… Check the Moda Fabrics website for free Cake Mix recipes like this one.

Use Stk# CM7 To Make This Quilt

Cake Mix Recipe 1 Stk# CM1

Cake Mix Recipe 2 Stk# CM2 (FCBAG|34489R

Cake Mix Recipe 3 Stk# CM3 (FCBAG|34490X

Cake Mix Recipe 4 Stk# CM4 (FCBAG|34491U(FCBAG|34488U

Cake Mix Recipe 5

Stk# CM5 (FCBAG|37348Y

Cake Mix Recipe 6 Stk# CM6 (FCBAG|37349V

Cake Mix Recipe 7 Stk# CM7 (FCBAG|37350R

Cake Mix Recipe 8 Stk#CM8 (FCBAG|37351Y

Cake Mix Recipe 9

Stk# CM9 (FCBAG|44035X

Cake Mix Recipe10

Stk# CM10 (FCBAG|44036U

Cake Mix Recipe 11 Stk# CM11 (FCBAG|44037R

Cake Mix Recipe 12 Stk# CM12 (FCBAG|44038Y

Pack 1 Multiple 4 Retail $12.50

Cupcake Mix Recipe 1


Cupcake Mix Recipe 2

CC2 (FCBAG|37719W

Cupcake Mix Recipe 3 Stk# CC3 (FCBAG|37720S


CAKE MIX ASSORTMENTS INCLUDE: 4 of each - 16 Recipe Cards Total

Cake Mix Recipe 1- 4 Assortment

Stk# CM ASST Pk 1 Retail $200.00 (FCBAG|34501Q

Cake Mix Recipe 5 - 8 Assortment

Stk# CM ASST2 Pk 1 Retail $200.00 (FCBAG|37532R

Cupcake Mix Recipe 4 Stk# CC4

Cake Mix Recipe 9 - 12 Assortment

Stk# CM ASST3 Pk 1 Retail $200.00 (FCBAG|44285W

CUPCAKE MIX ASSORTMENT INCLUDES: 6 of each - 24 Recipe Cards Total

Cupcake Recipe 1- 4 Assortment

Stk# CC ASST Pk 1 Retail $180.00 (FCBAG|37722W

16 projects from some of the quilting industry’s most popular designers. 96 pages, Full color, 8 3/8” x 10 7/8”, Soft cover. *Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Feeding America.

Moda All Stars: Mix It Up! Stk# B1502

Pack 1 Retail $27.99 (EEFCH|11502Q

The Cake Mix Quilt Book hits the sweet spot by offering two easy quilt patterns for all eight Cake Mixes for a total of 16 quilts! 69 pages, hard cover, spiral bound.

The Cake Mix Book Volume 1 Stk# ISE 920

Pack 1 Multiple 2 Retail $14.95 *HYQJZI|983806]


31To Order: •
(Foundation Paper Piecing) Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $7.50
32 The fastest, easiest and most accurate way to make half square triangles from 1 large sheet - 8.5” x 11” Designed Specifically For 5” Charm Squares. 60 Sheets In Each Package Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $9.00 1” Stk# PRI 226 (480 triangles) )HGECA|00226V 3/4” Stk# PRI 227 (1080 triangles) )HGECA|00227S 1/2” Stk# PRI 228 (1080 triangles) )HGECA|00228Z 1-1/4” Stk# PRI 235 (480 triangles) )HGECA|00235X 1-1/2” Stk# PRI 225 (480 triangles) )HGECA|00225Y Variety Pack Stk# PRI 233 Retail $12.00 15 sheets each: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, & 11/2” )HGECA|00233T 1/2” Stk# PRI 212 11 sheets Makes 924 HST )HGECA|00212Y 3/4” Stk# PRI 213 13 sheets Makes 780 HST )HGECA|00213V 1” Stk# PRI 214 25 sheets Makes 1000 HST )HGECA|00214S 1-1/4” Stk# PRI 218 11 sheets Makes 616 HST )HGECA|00218Q 1-1/2” Stk# PRI 219 10 sheets Makes 480 HST )HGECA|00219X 1-3/4” Stk# PRI 220 13 sheets Makes 468 HST )HGECA|00220T 2” Stk# PRI 221 15 sheets Makes 450 HST )HGECA|00221Q 2-1/2” Stk# PRI 229 15 sheets Makes 360 HST )HGECA|00229W )HGECA|00232W Large Variety Pack Stk# PRI 232 5 sheets each: 11/2”, 13/4”, 2” & 21/2” Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $12.00 Small Variety Pack Stk# PRI 231 4 sheets each: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, & 11/4” Pk 1 Min 3 Retail $12.00 )HGECA|00231Z Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $9.00

“Triangles on a Roll Quilts” book by It's Sew Emma is a compilation of 16 quilts that let half-square triangles sparkle and shine. With designs featuring eight different sizes of Triangles on a Roll, you are sure to find several that are sew right for you! 65 pages, soft cover, spiral bound.


33To Order: • 800-527-9447 Pack 1 Minimum 3 Retail $13.99 1” Stk# ISE H100 )BEAJJ|00001U Makes 1,200 1” Stk# ISE PC100 )BEAJJ|00056U Use with Jelly Roll Makes 630 1.25” Stk# ISE H125 )BEAJJ|00020V Makes 1,160 1.5” Stk# ISE H150 )BEAJJ|00002R Makes 1,050 2” Stk# ISE H200 )BEAJJ|00003Y Makes 800 2.5” Stk# ISE H250 )BEAJJ|00004V Makes 700 3” Stk# ISE H300 )BEAJJ|00005S Makes 600 3.5” Stk# ISE H350 )BEAJJ|00022Z Makes 540 4” Stk# ISE H400 )BEAJJ|00006Z Makes 485 4.5” Stk# ISE H450 )BEAJJ|00044R Makes 222 6” Stk# ISE H600 )BEAJJ|00041Q Makes
Makes 3,480 .5” Stk# ISE H050 )BEAJJ|00057R Triangles On A Roll Quilts Stk# ISE 932 Pack 1 Mult 2 Retail $19.95 *HYRHTD|960823] The
3.75” Stk# ISE H375 Makes 258 )BEAJJ|00058Y

Bias Assortments



Includes: Silver, Chartreuse, Leaf, Etchings Charcoal, Natural, Orange, Moda

Brown, Christmas Red, Robins Egg, Admiral Blue, Black, Navy,

Wooden Bias Tape Display.

MARBLES Assortment

Includes: Christmas Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Indigo, Navy, Turkey Red, Burgundy, Hunter, Bright Yellow, Jet Black, Grey, Charcoal, & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.

THATCHED Assortment


Sunflower, Paradise Pink, Cherry Red, Maraschino, Peacoat, Navy, Purple, Christmas Green, Cream, Tan, Gris Fonce, Black, & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.



Includes: 6 MARBLES: Bright Yellow, Burgundy, Purple, Royal Blue, Indigo & Jet Black. 6 GRUNGE: Tan, Sunflower, Maraschino, Purple, Navy & Black Dress. 6 BELLA SOLIDS: Natural, Christmas Red, Admiral Blue, Leaf, Silver, Black & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.

Wooden Bias Tape Display


40 yards of 2¼” Single Fold Bias on each roll
QB2 Combo Bias Assortment •QBA 3• Pack 1 Retail $1,576.80 Sturdy & attractive Wooden Bias Tape Dispenser holds 18 rolls of Moda Bias for easy measuring, cutting & storage. 25¼”L x 7”W x 3½”H FREE with purchase of any Moda Bias Assortment.
QB2 Bias Tape Displayer •QBD• Pack 1 Cost Item $25.00
(FCBAG|98805X QB2 Marble Bias Assortment •QBA 1• Pack 1 Retail $1,051.20
(FCBAG|98806U QB2 Bella Bias Assortment •QBA 2• Pack 1 Retail $1,051.20 Includes:
(FCBAG|37156Z QB2 Grunge Bias Assortment •QBA 4• Pack 1 Retail $1,051.20
Assortment Pansy QB2 4811 (FCBAG|72441Z Chocolate Brown QB2 4812 (FCBAG|72446U Washed Linen QB2 4810 (FCBAG|72439W Soft Black QB2 4809 (FCBAG|72438Z Midnight QB2 4808 (FCBAG|72437S Seafoam QB2 4807 (FCBAG|72433U Chartreuse QB2 4801 (FCBAG|72419Y Gray QB2 4802 (FCBAG|72420U Royal QB2 4803 (FCBAG|72422Y Turquoise QB2 4804 (FCBAG|72423V Graphite QB2 4805 (FCBAG|72427T Scarlet QB2 4806 (FCBAG|72430T Thatched 40 yards Thatched Bias Pack 1 Multiples 40 yds Retail $2.19/yd Includes: Chartreuse, Gray, Royal, Turquoise, Graphite, Scarlet, Seafoam, Midnight, Soft Black, Washed Linen, Pansy, Chocolate Brown & FREE Wooden Bias Tape Display.(FCBAG|72648S QB2 Thatched Bias Assortment •QBA 5• Pack 1 Retail $1,051.20
35 (FCBAG|52219Q Christmas Red QB2 4101 (FCBAG|00001Y Purple QB2 4102 (FCBAG|57767R Royal Blue QB2 4103 (FCBAG|57770R Indigo QB2 4106 (FCBAG|57771Y Navy QB2 4107 (FCBAG|57772V Turkey Red QB2 4108 (FCBAG|57780Q Burgundy QB2 4116 (FCBAG|57781X Hunter QB2 4117 (FCBAG|57782U Bright Yellow QB2 4118 (FCBAG|57788W Jet Black QB2 4124 (FCBAG|94116Y Grey QB2 4148 (FCBAG|94117V Charcoal QB2 4149 (FCBAG|94119Z Silver QB2 4501 (FCBAG|94120V Chartreuse QB2 4502 (FCBAG|94121S Leaf QB2 450 (FCBAG|94124T Etchings Charcoal QB2 4506 (FCBAG|94125Q Natural QB2 4507 (FCBAG|94128R Orange •QB2 4510 (FCBAG|94129Y Moda U Brown QB2 4511 (FCBAG|94130U Christmas Red QB2 4512 (FCBAG|94132Y Robins Egg QB2 4514 (FCBAG|94133V Admiral Blue QB2 4515 (FCBAG|94135Z Black QB2 4517 (FCBAG|94136W Navy QB2 4518 Gris Fonce QB2 4317 (FCBAG|37154V Black QB2 4318 (FCBAG|37155S Tan QB2 4316 (FCBAG|37153Y Cream QB2 4315 (FCBAG|37152R Christmas Green QB2 4314 (FCBAG|37151U Purple QB2 4313 (FCBAG|37150X Sunflower QB2 4307 (FCBAG|37144W Paradise Pink QB2 4308 (FCBAG|37145T Cherry QB2 4309 (FCBAG|37146Q Maraschino QB2 4310 (FCBAG|37147X Peacoat QB2 4311 (FCBAG|37148U Navy QB2 4312 (FCBAG|37149R To Order: • 800-527-9447 40 yards Bella Bias Pack 1 Multiples 40 yds Retail $2.19/ydBella Marbles 40 yards Marble Bias Pack 1 Multiples 40 yds Retail $2.19/yd Grunge 40 yards Grunge Bias Pack 1 Multiples 40 yds Retail $2.19/yd



Includes 2 easily removable thread trays that securely hold thread spools regardless of how the closed box is stored. 108 spool pegs.

Super Satchel Thread Box

Stk# 9002AB Pack 1 Retail $29.99


*Thread not included. 15.25" X 14" X 3.5"

Serger Thread Tray

Stk# 6901AB Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $29.99

Sturdy base with 25 easy to insert pegs. Keeps your serger & cone thread organized. Fits in the Art Bin Super Satchel Double Deep storage boxes. 12.5" x 12.5" x 6" with prongs

This storage box with handle molded in high quality translucent, acid free polypropylene, sturdy back hinges, integrated front latches securely keep lid closed and contents safe. Great for charm squares, layer cakes, fat quarters, and quilt blocks.

6 x 6

Stk# 6953AB Pack 1 Multiple 6 Retail $5.29

12 x 12 Stk# 6912AB Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $11.29

This storage box with handle molded in high quality translucent, acid free polypropylene, sturdy back hinges, 2 integrated front latches securely keep lid closed and contents safe. Great for precuts, fat quarters, quilt blocks, WIP, thread and small sewing supplies.

12 x 12 w/Handle

Stk# 6913AB Pack 1 Multiple 3 Retail $12.19

x 13-5/8"W x 3"H

!HBGBH|02708X ESSENTIALS: 6x6 and 12x12
!HBGBH|02646S Essentials
!HBGBH|02489V 6.25" x 6.25" x 2" 14” x 13-5/8” x 3”


Art Bin Boxes are made of translucent clear ACID FREE polypropylene


15.25” x 8” x 6.25”

• Extra deep for storage of larger bulkier supplies

• 3 removable dividers to customize space

• Stackable

Semi Satchel

Stk# 6925AB Pack 1 Multi 4 Retail $18.29


Semi Satchel Aqua Dividers

Stk# 6925AA Pack 1 Multi 4 Retail $18.29



Super Satchel with Aqua Divider Stk# 6990RH Pack 1 Retail $34.99



15.25” x 14” x 6.25” Comes with 8 removable dividers to customize box for storage options.

Translucent Stk# 6990AB

Pack 1 Retail $34.49


Aqua Stk# 6990AA

Pack 1 Retail $34.99

Rose Gold Dividers

Stk# 6990RK

3” x 23.25” x 3.25” (inside box measurements)

Storage box molded in high quality translucent, acid free polypropylene. Sturdy back hinges and integrated front latch securely keeps lid closed and contents safe.

Includes 2 adjustable “Stoppers”. Holds up to 3” wide fabric strips

Fabric Strip Case

Stk# 6999AB Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $16.49




One Compartment

15.25” x 14” x 3.5” Store jelly rolls, charm squares, works in progress. Keep your project all in one place.

Super Satchel Transparent Stk# 6955AB Pack 1 Mult 3 Retail $16.99

Super Satchel

Aqua Stk# 6955AA Pack 1 Mult 3 Retail $17.25





37To Pack 1 Retail $34.49 •
38 C D F G H D. Lava Black Stk# A100427 %CWADXV|034147] C. Tangerine Stk# A100344 %CWADXV|033447] F. Pink Berry Stk# A100209 %CWADXV|032099] G. Azure Blue Stk# A100100 %CWADXV|031009] H. Spring Green Stk# A100085 %CWADXV|030859] E. Granite Stk# A100526 %CWADXV|035076] E Foldable Mini Boxes storage SOLUTIONS Made from tear-proof, dirt-resistant polyester Folds & unfolds in three easy steps Secures with elastic band Two elastic mesh pockets inside 5”L x 6.5”W x 5”D Pack 1 Multiple 5 Retail $12.99 A. Hibiscus Red Stk# A100084 %CWADXV|030842] A B B. Midnight Magenta Stk# A100837 %CWADXV|038022]
39To Order: • 800-527-9447 Granite Grey Stk# A100533 %CWADXV|035144] Azure Blue Stk# A100058 %CWADXV|030583] Foldable Small Boxes storage SOLUTIONS Made from tear-proof, dirt-resistant polyester Folds & unfolds in three easy steps Secures with elastic band Two elastic mesh pockets inside The Small Box fits perfectly in standard 11" deep shelving units 10.25"L x 12.75"W x 10.75"D Pack 1 Minimum 2 Retail $24.99 Reusable POCKET SHOPPER 23" x 15" %CWADXV|038145] Moody Florals Stk# A100849 Pk1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99 Blue Dot Stk # A100720 Pk 1 Mult 10 Retail $7.99 %CWADXV|036714] Ivory Bloom Stk# A100789 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99 %CWADXV|037544] Navy Shine Stk# A100790 Pk 1 Mult 5 Retail $12.99 %CWADXV|037551] Hibiscus Red Stk# A100062 %CWADXV|030620]
40 New Books - MARTINGALE Tucked Away Treasures Stk# B1612 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562269] Fresh Start Quilts Stk# B1605 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562085] Plain & Fancy Quilts Stk# B1586 Retail $27.99 *HYRGYD|562092] Two Of A Kind Quilts Stk# B1602 Retail $29.99 *HYRGYD|562108] Precut Parade Stk# B1607 Multiple 2 Retail $23.99 *HYRGYD|562184] Holiday Hoopla Stk# B1608 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562191] Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Stk# B1610 Multiple 2 Retail $23.99 *HYRGYD|562252] Make It Mini Stk# B1606 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562177] Charmed By Moda Bake Shop Stk# B1614 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562276] Stashtastic 2 Stk# B1609 Retail $26.99 *HYRGYD|562245] Moda All Stars: All Time Favorites Stk# B1611 Retail $27.99 *HYRGYD|562238] Simple Double Dipped Quilts Stk# B1603 Retail $29.99 (EEFCH|11603U
41To Order: • 800-527-9447 New Books - C&T PUBLISHING Fun With Panels Stk# 11520 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 *HYRGUE|032930] *HYRGUE|031810] Represent! Embroidery Stk# 11476 Multiple 2 Retail $24.95 Perfect Piecing Handy Pocket Guide Stk# 20506 Multiple 2 Retail $9.95 *HYRGUE|033609] Quilts Of Praise Stk# 11512 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 *HYRGUE|032770] Quilter’s 2-1/2” Strip Precut Companion Stk# 11523 Multiple 2 Retail $9.95 *HYRGUE|033012] My Sewing Workshop Stk# 11503 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 *HYRGUE|032688] Paper Caper Mini Quilts Stk# 11501 Retail $27.95 *HYRGUE|032442] Beginner Guide To Sewing Stk# 11504 Retail $27.95 *HYRGUE|032428] Love Fat Quarter Quilts Stk# 11524 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 *HYRGUE|033036] How Do I Quilt It? Stk# 11438 Retail $27.95 *HYRGUE|030806] Foolproof Art Quilting Stk# 11458 Retail $29.95 *HYRGUE|031322] Swatch This Stk# 11496 Multiple 2 Retail $24.95 *HYRGUE|032275]
42 New & Recently Released Books Hand Quilting Techniques Stk# LAN 928 Multiple 2 Retail $21.99 *HYRJUH|163928] Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting Stk# LAN 959 Multiple 2 Retail $24.99 *HYRJUH|163959] Springtime Sewing Stk# AS 141485 Multiple 2 Retail $9.99 (DCFCG|43515X Quilts To Make In A Weekend Stk# AS 141493 Multiple 2 Retail $9.99 *HYRGUA|255517] Hoop Quilts For Beginners Stk# LAN 881 Multiple 2 Retail $17.99 *HYRJUH|163881] Lovely Little Embroideries Stk# LAN 775 Multiple 2 Retail $17.99 *HYRJUH|163775] Two Color Quilts Stk# AS 141494 Multiple 2 Retail $9.99 *HYRGUA|255531] Black Girls Sew Stk# HNA 4845 Multiple 2 Retail $24.99 *HYRERJ|754845] Precut Strips & Squares Stk# AS 141508 Multiple 2 Retail $12.99 *HYRGUA|255555] 3-Yard Quilts For Kids Stk# FC 032242 Multiple 2 Retail $15.99 )JHAIG|00085T Make It Christmas 3-Yard Quilts Stk# FC 032241 Multiple 2 Retail $15.99 )JHAIG|00060Q 3-Yard Quilt Favorites Stk# FC 032240 Multiple 2 Retail $15.99 )JHAIG|00084W
43To Order: • 800-527-9447 New & Recently Released Books (AHEGG|73600Y Stripology Mixology 3 Stk# GE 516 Retail $29.96 Simply Half Yards Stk# ISE 951 Multiple 2 Retail $19.95 *HYRHTE|931693] *HYRHYC|219279] Half Yard Spring Collection Stk# SPR 9279 Multiple 2 Retail $19.95 *HYREUG|308745] Sewing For The Soul Stk# IG Q8745 Multiple 2 Retail $24.99 Scrappiness Is Happiness Stk#ISE 950 Retail $34.95 *HYRHTE|931686] Take Two Fat Quarters/Bags Stk#SPR 9682 Multiple 2 Retail $16.95 *HYRHYC|219682] *HYREUG|308691] 100 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks Stk# IG Q8691 Multiple 2 Retail $24.99 Creative Chaos Stk# JMP CCBK Retail $26.95 )JGEJH|00259T The Crafty Gentleman’s Guide Stk# SPR 9743 Retail $25.95 *HYRHYC|219743] *HYREUG|308707] Crumb Quilts Stk# IG R8707 Multiple 2 Retail $22.99 Red & White Gatherings Stk# PRI 1016 Retail $32.00 )HGECA|01016R Sewing Machine Manual Stk# SPR 0217 Multiple 2 Retail $19.95 *HYRIQA|920217]
44 Cat Lady Stk# ABD 297 Multiple 2 Retail $19.00 )JAIEI|00269Q New PATTERNS Chex Mix Stk# ANK 341 Multiple 2 Retail $9.50 )BHCDE|00341T Beach Time Quilt Stk# ABD 298 Multiple 2 Retail $19.00 )JAIEI|00270W Gone Plaid Stk# ANK 339 Multiple 2 Retail $9.50 )BHCDE|00339Q Winter Wonder Sampler Stk# ANK 340 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 )BHCDE|00340W Chance of Flurries Stk# ANK 342 Multiple 2 Retail $9.50 )BHCDE|00342Q Hope Blooms #6 - 11 & 12 Stk# CH 3541 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 )HFDFC|00549Y Under the Tree Stk# ANK 343 Multiple 2 Retail $9.50 )BHCDE|00343X Shamrock Ridge on Wander Lane Stk# ATH 170P Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 'DCFFC|00170R Bunny Knoll on Wander Lane Stk# ATH 171P Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 'DCFFC|00171Y Hope Blooms #7 - 13 & 14 Stk# CH 3542 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 )HFDFC|00552Y Golden Hour Stk# CJ 119 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (BHJDC|34470V Twilight Garden BOM #5 Stk# CH 3553 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 )HFDFC|00551R Twilight Garden BOM #6 Stk# CH 3554 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 )HFDFC|00553V Sleighbells Stk# CH 460 Retail $30.00 )HFDFC|00554S
45 New PATTERNS Forest Friends Stk# LHFW FF Retail $34.00 'FJCEF|77112T Summer Pop Stk# LBS 123 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (IHEBG|38090R To Order: • 800-527-9447 Support Group Cross Stitch Stk# ISE 466 Multiple 2 Retail $9.98 'HCJHF|76908W You Are The Boss Stk# ISE 470 Multiple 2 Retail $9.98 'HCJHF|76914X Mini Unicorn Stk# LHFW MU Retail $30.00 'FJCEF|78983Y Whatevers #46 Penguin Stk# LHFW WHAT46 Multiple 2 Retail $8.50 'FJCEF|78704Z The Pumpkin Patch Stk# CSC 250 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 'GBHAI|61882R A Tisket - A Tasket Stk# FT 1860 Multiple 2 Retail $10.50 (IHHJA|28375R Archer Button Up Sizes 14-32 Stk# GS 11004 1432 Multiple 2 Retail $18.00 )AEFIJ|60490X Sleigh Ride Stk# ISE 464 Multiple 2 Retail $10.50 'HCJHF|76898Q My Little Project Nest Stk# KS 2202 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 'ABJDF|20222W Bee In My Bonnet Stitch Cards Set M Stk# ISE 471 Multiple 2 Retail $9.98 'HCJHF|76917Y Support Group Stk# ISE 256 Multiple 2 Retail $8.98 'HCJHF|76880V Nordic Gnome Stk# CJ 120 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (BHJDC|34471S Baby Bentley Stk# CSC 249 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 'GBHAI|61881U
46 New PATTERNS Deco Diamonds II Stk# SCC 404 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 !CCAJJ|87350R Turn, Turn, Turn Stk# SCC 405 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 !CCAJJ|87351Y Every Day’s A Holiday Stk# SCC 302 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 !CCAJJ|02043R Bubble Fish Baby Quilt Stk# PPD 003 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 (FCBAG|72694Z Bucket List Stk# QLD 113 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 (AAFIH|02972R Holiday Trimmings Stk# SH 20223 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (EJDFA|75869X Tavern Window Stk# SH 20222 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (EJDFA|75868Q Separate Ways Stk# SH 20218 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 (EJDFA|75866W Daydream Stk# SGD 034 Retail $30.00 (FDBIC|96466Z First Responder Stk# SCC 409 Multiple 2 Retail $12.00 !CCAJJ|87356T Night and Day Stk# PBA 298 Multiple 2 Retail $9.95 )BFCBH|02301U Quilted Apple Bottom Bag Stk# PPD 002 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 (FCBAG|72693S See and Sew Tote Stk# PPD 001 Multiple 2 Retail $10.00 (FCBAG|72692V Get Out of Town 2.1 Stk# PBA 227-2.1 Retail $9.95 )BFCBH|02299U Carrying Strap and Pad Stk# PBA 296-25 Multiple 2 Retail $19.95 )BFCBH|02283T
47To Order: • 800-527-9447 New PATTERNS Twister Pinwheels & Panels Stk# TWS 124 Multiple 2 Retail $6.50 )FEGBE|00412X Twister Flower Garden Stk# TWS 123 Multiple 2 Retail $6.50 )FEGBE|00411Q Flicker Stk# TLQ 1014 Multiple 2 Retail $16.00 (FCBAG|72815Y Sterling Jacket Stk# TSW PP094 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 'GJAAC|97630S Ikina Two Jacket Stk# TSW PP076 Multiple 2 Retail $22.95 'GJAAC|97629W Egg Rolls Stk# VRD MC073 Retail $2.00 'AJGHA|63141X Slice Of Summer Stk# VRD OQ065 Multiple 2 Retail $2.00 (AEDDF|15166V Through The Window Stk# VRD MC072 Multiple 2 Retail $2.00 'AJGHA|63140Q Hypnotized Stk# VRD RC235 Multiple 2 Retail $2.00 'AJGHA|63139U Throwback Stk# VRD RD060 Multiple 2 Retail $2.00 'BJCGE|93256R Lanti Swing Dress Stk# STG SEWG36 Multiple 2 Retail $21.00 !IDDFB|46894R Carolina Culottes Stk# STG SEWG37 Multiple 2 Retail $21.00 !IDDFB|46895Y Bentley Table Runner Stk# SJ 129 Multiple 2 Retail $9.00 (GECID|71079W Rocky Road Stk# SJ 020 Multiple 2 Retail $9.00 'BEGFH|13020T Color Chaos Quilt Stk# TCJ 128 Multiple 2 Retail $13.00 (IHEBG|06096U

Made with long staple cotton and the softest polyester to create a soft comfort blend. Will not shift or shed. Stitch up to 10" apart! Ideal for machine quilting.


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting


Luna Loft Cotton




Retail $12.99

Luna Loft


Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting



Luna Loft Cotton Blend Batting


A bamboo and cotton blend that is softer than cotton, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. Will not shift or shed. Stitch up to 8" apart!

Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting CRIB


Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting TWIN

Retail $15.59


Retail $25.99


To Order: • 800-527-9447
CRIB •LP 2145• Pack 1
TWIN •LP 2172• Pack 1
2 Retail
FULL •LP 2181• Pack 1
2 Retail
Cotton Blend
QUEEN •LP 2108• Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $32.99 (FCBAG|72350U
KING •LP 2120• Pack 1
2 Retail
•LP 1172• Pack 1
•LP 1145• Pack 1
(FCBAG|71430U Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting FULL •LP 1181• Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $30.99 (FCBAG|70524R Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting QUEEN •LP 1108• Pack 1 Min 2 Retail $38.99 (FCBAG|71429Y Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting KING •LP 1120• Pack 1 Retail $46.99 IN A BAG ON A ROLL (FCBAG|72351R Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 90" x 16yd •LR 2190• Pack 16yds Retail $14.19yd (FCBAG|25919V Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 96" x 30yd •LR 2196• Pack 30yds Retail $11.99yd Luna Loft Cotton Blend Roll 120" x 25yd •LR 21120• Pack 25yds Retail $13.59yd (FCBAG|41531X ON A ROLL (FCBAG|70525Y Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 90" x 16yd •LR 1190• Pack 16yds Retail $15.29yd (FCBAG|25918Y Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 96" x 30yd •LR 1196• Pack 30yds Retail $13.39yd Kyoto Bamboo Blend Roll 120" x 25yd •LR 11120• Pack 25yds Retail $15.99yd (FCBAG|41529U BY THE BOLT Luna Loft Cotton Blend BOLT 96" x 10yd •LB 2196• Pack 10yds Retail $10.99yd (FCBAG|41532U Luna Loft Cotton Blend 96" x 10yd BLACK •LB 2196B• Pack 10yds Retail $10.99yd (FCBAG|41533R BY THE BOLT Kyoto Bamboo Blend BOLT 96" x 10yd •LB 1196• Pack 10yds Retail $13.59yd (FCBAG|41530Q PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Moda Exclusive
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