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H IRBIZ Year 16 Issue 1

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CONTENTS ANDIS – Create Your Way


10 Editors Letter 22-25 Industry News 58-59 Hair Shop 60 Dateline Imports


12-14 Manifesto By Julie Bellinger-Gibb 16 10 Minutes with Jo Coles 18 A Brand New World By Zoe Richards 44 Meet Darcey Maria with Errol Douglas MBE 50 Trend Forecast for 2022 By Kristie Kesic


28 2021 AHIA-Business Crowns Winners 30-37 Celebrating the 2021 AHIA Business Winners 48 Meet the 2021/22 Hotshots team – Leanne Kay


38 Headhunters Hair Studio Celebrated 30 Years 40 Lady & The Hair


46 Massimo Tirimacco Wins L’Oréal Professional Global Style & Colour Trophy


54 ghd Launches New Thin Wand



64 We Are Women, Hear Us Roar By Jenni Tarrant 65 For The Love Of The “Brand By Gary Latham 66 Are You Ready For 2022 By Brodie-Lee Tsiknaris 67 Don’t Let Your Past, Cloud Your Vision of A Great Future By Clive Allwright 68 The Conscious Consumer Is On The Move By Paul Frasca 70 Motivating Creativity By Dario Cotroneo



72 Boosting Apprentice Commencement Funding By Anthony Gray 76 Things to Do in January By Kym Krey 78 Having the Tough Conversation with Yourself By Kerrie DiMattia 80 But Why By David Watts 82 Creating A Winning Advertisement For Team By Estelle Carroll 84 The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Face of Change By Simone Lee 86 Could Your Industry Do Better in 2022 By Sandy Chong 88 3 Reasons To Strengthen Your Personal Brand In 2022 By Sarah Garner 90 You Can’t Just Rely on Instagram To Grow Your Biz By Nicole Healy 92 3 Marketing Habits We’re Not Bringing Into the New Year By Rachel Medlock 94 Security On Commercial Leases By Kelly Cunningham


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CONTRIBUTORS Louise May Julie Bellinger-Gibb Zoe Richards Errol Douglas MBE Kristie Kesic Jenni Tarrant Gary Latham Brodie-Lee Tsiknaris Clive Allwright Paul Frasca Dario Cotroneo Anthony Gray Kym Krey Kerrie DiMattia David Watts Estelle Carroll Simone Lee Sandy Chong Sarah Garner Nicole Healy Rachel Medlock Kelly Cunningham


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I think the most exciting part about this particular Editors Letter, compared to the others I have written over the last 14 months, since I have been in this role, is welcoming in a new year after the nightmare we have all endured in 2021. The biggest lesson learnt from 2021 for me is to always take “imperfect action.” This last year many of us have had to pivot, not having the time to procrastinate or wait until we had everything perfect. We just had to go for it! If you wait for things to be perfect before you action them, you will never gain momentum. For me personally this whole process of imperfect action has been a huge game-changer in my business life. It has reminded me that when we need to show up and do our best, based on the circumstances around us, generally, while we may be used to crossing all the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘i’s ten times over, we still seem to do ok, in fact forced spontaneity can often give us great results. We are also reminded that we have the experience to make quick decisions if needed and can trust our knowledge, foresight and instinct to do the right thing within a much quicker time frame than we have enjoyed in the past.


I know one important thing that has been desperately missed over the last 12 months and that is LIVE industry events! And I must say I am extremely excited about our beautiful industry being able to get back to some form of normality, and this is our year for it!


We have so much happening in 2022! From Hot Shots House, to the AHIA Creative event, to Hair Festival weekend, to the AHIA Business event, and so much more... it is certainly going to be a year of working hard and playing hard!

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In this fabulous first issue of 2022 we congratulate our AHIA Business winners of 2021, we meet another one of our Hot Shot winners and we spend 10 minutes with the absolutely gorgeous and down to earth Jo Coles from Lily Blue. We also celebrate 30 years in business with Headhunters in W.A and visit Manifesto in the UK, get introduced to Darcey Maria by the one and only Errol Douglas MBE, and learn all about The Art of Building a Brand with our new segment by UK’s Phil Smith. Joining us this year is social media Guru ‘Nicole Healy’ and the very much loved and admired ‘Kerrie Di Mattia’, who is going to be sharing her years of experience and knowledge in business along with our other business writers and bloggers giving you ‘our readers’ as much advice, tips and tricks as they possibly can to help you have the most successful year possible in 2022. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Wishing you all a safe and amazing year ahead.

Lou x Louise May, HAIRBIZ EDITOR



C o n t a c t S a b re C o r p o n 1 3 0 0 7 6 4 4 3 7 o r s a le s @ s a b re - g ro u p . co m *




By Julie Bellinger-Gibb, Gorgeous PR, UK

Built on a philosophy of ‘cut technically, style naturally’, Manifesto has established itself as a ground-breaking force in the world of men’s grooming. Left to right: Rino Riccio; Corrado Tevere; Mikey Pearson

Now with salons based in two of London’s coolest districts – Leather Lane, Holborn, and Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross and a thriving education programme, Manifesto continues to push the boundaries of men’s hairdressing. Founded by session stylist Mikey Pearson and Corrado Tevere, the man behind progressive salon group Radio London, Manifesto was always going to bring something different to the table. Says Corrado: “I opened the first Radio London salon in 2010, and I brought that experience to Manifesto, so we were able to avoid many of the mistakes that new businesses often make. The biggest challenge for most new business owners is the people management side. This is a real learning process. There are always different situations arising and you need to know how to resolve them. This was something I had a vast experience of. I was also able to help with all the legal and administration side of running a business because I had done it all before. This meant we both had more time to focus on the creative side of developing a brand – creating photographic collections that represented what we were all about for example.” The pair had a clear vision of the brand they wanted to create, and it’s a vision they have stuck to from the outset. Says Mikey: “We saw a gap in the market for a brand that took a salon approach to men’s grooming. We also wanted to bring our session styling experience into a salon environment, creating styles based on the concept ‘cut technically style naturally’. We saw on Instagram that barbers were doing some great technical work, but often the finish was too product-heavy and overstyled.” Manifesto takes a salon approach to men’s grooming, offering a relaxed atmosphere for its clientele, with thorough consultations before any service and plenty of advice offered on homecare during every appointment. All stylists are trained to deliver any style of cut, from short to long, with both partners’ session styling experience helping to shape Manifesto’s work from day one. 12

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

Word of Manifesto’s work and unique offering has spread beyond the local area, with the salons gaining coverage in national media, including The Sunday Times, GQ, and Wallpaper magazine. It was also featured as a major force in men’s grooming in the New York Times. All this publicity helped grow the Manifesto brand, and made opening the second salon a reality, but Mikey believes that the main reason for Manifesto’s success is the ‘cut technically, style naturally’ philosophy that the brand is built on. It’s an ethos that also forms the foundation for the Manifesto education programme, which is delivered to all team members, and is also available in the form of a three-day course to any hairdresser wanting to learn to cut and style the Manifesto way. With both salons attracting new clients on a daily basis, the education program continuing to spread the Manifesto ethos, and a partnership with Italian haircare brand, Davines, it won’t be long before ‘cut technically style naturally,’ is being quoted and followed in salons across the UK and beyond. With such solid foundations in place, Mikey, Corrado and Rino are committed to grow Manifesto into a globally renowned brand.

MANIFESTO: EDUCATION Shortly after opening the first salon, another leading session stylist, Rino Riccio, joined the Manifesto team, helping on the salon floor, while also working with Mikey and Corrado to develop an education programme which would spread the Manifesto ethos far and wide. Manifesto Education has been well received, with Rino taking the role of Head of Education. To date they have developed their own platform in both English and Japanese offering two intense programmes CLASSIC NOW – which aims to teach experienced hairdressers how to cut and style the Manifesto way, and ADV – a course covering six different advanced cutting and styling techniques covering disconnection, razor cutting, asymmetric shapes, visual cutting, and editorial styling – tailored to barbers and hairdressers with a strong basic knowledge but who would like to explore new creative techniques. “We see CLASSIC NOW as a foundation course, introducing our ‘cut technically style naturally’ ethos, incorporating all the essential skills including scissor-over-comb, graduation, long hair, layers and clipper cutting,” says Rino. “We always focus on creating cuts and styles that suit the client, that are based on skilfully created internal shapes, with attention to detail always paramount. There is no pass or fail. The course is about conveying the Manifesto ethos, while passing on knowledge and skill.” • cont’d over page Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


• cont’d from page 13

Rino is also immensely proud that leading brand Davines were attracted to the work of Manifesto and invited them to be their Men’s Educators/Ambassadors. This role included devising an educational programme for Davines – which was a total sell out when launched throughout the UK and Ireland pre lockdown. This partnership with Davines is a great opportunity for the Manifesto team to pass on their knowledge, skills, and passion for men’s hairdressing. The partnership with Davines is a great opportunity for Manifesto to pass on their knowledge, skills, and passion for men’s hairdressing. As with all of their courses they don’t just talk about cutting hair, they cover everything including suitability to the client, internal shape, and attention to detail; and when it comes to styling, they talk about the importance of preparation, styling techniques and finish. Within two months of launching their new education programme for Davines all eight of their courses had sold out.

BEHIND THE LENS Nothing ticks Rino’s box however than creating a collection under the Manifesto banner – “I love working on a photographic shoot – it’s all about working as a team. I enjoy the creative energy that comes from collaboration and the fact that the hair is just part of the bigger picture. It is all about the complete image, which appeals to me as a creative. Am equally excited either following a brief wearing my session hairdresser hat or working collaboratively with like-minded individuals from the Manifesto team.” AWARD WINNING Although just out of lockdown both Mikey Pearson and Rino Riccio received national acclaim. Mikey at the Modern Barber Awards for his award-winning imagery, and Rino at the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards where he was crowned Men’s Hair Specialist.


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



owner of Lily Blue Communications

Jo Coles is a strategic thinker and brand champion with a heart as big as the ideas she manifests for her clients. She is the driving force behind leading marketing and communications company Lily Blue Communications providing services for a number of industries. She is also the creative genius behind various branding and PR activity for the mocha group not to mention looking after all of the award winners under the mocha umbrella. Rio, Jax and Harley For many that know Jo personally, life over the past few years has not been easy, but she strives for perfection with grace and kindness in all that she does which includes bringing up her three beautiful children and creating opportunities for her clients, that secure notoriety and business success.

Tell us what you do in the industry today?

I’m Director/Owner of Lily Blue Communications. We work with small businesses, brands, and individuals on all aspects of marketing, with a little bit of PR thrown in. My job is a mix of brand creation and evolution, image management and written communication for print, media, and client communications. We also help get the creative word on the page by providing assistance with competition submissions and social media dialogue. Recently, in addition to 2022 strategic planning for our core client base, we have been working on the very exciting rebrand of Mocha Group and supporting the winners of the AHIA’s, AMBA’s, ABIA’s and AMIA’s with PR opportunities and advice which has been so rewarding.

To help us get to know you a little more, would you share a little about your upbringing?

My older brother and I had a very fortunate upbringing and got to experience music, art, and travel from a young age. I spent the initial few years of my life in PNG as my parents were both Drs there. Whilst they worked and my brother was at school, I was looked after by a native PNG lady called Cocofu and my first language was Pigeon English – which explains my love of languages! We then moved to Scotland where I lived for 5 years, then England 16

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

for 12 years followed by 2 years in France thanks to my first Uni degree in French Literature. I then moved back to the UK to do my Masters in Marketing Management, before moving to Australia in 2006, just my rucksack and me, with dual citizenship thanks to my Dad. My parents worked really hard and loved their work. They taught me my strong work ethic and the importance of having fire in your belly for what you do. Moving around so much growing up also showed me that you can pretty much live anywhere in the world you want to, which gave me the confidence to travel and a certain resilience I have really had to tap into these past 2.5 years.

How did you first get involved in the industry?

Following 8 years working in Corporate Marketing for the likes of Pernod Ricard, Nestle and SJ Johnson (as well as Weetabix in the UK), I had my first son, Harley, in 2009. On maternity leave, one of my closest friends then, and now, Laurie Creasy, asked me if I could help her with a couple of little projects she had been asked to work on whilst also on maternity leave from Schwarzkopf Professional. She felt that my consumer marketing knowledge would complement her industry specific trade marketing experience. We quickly realised there was a gap in the market for small business marketing communications consulting, and Lily Blue Communications was formed, officially, in 2010 – I can’t believe it has been 12 years!

Jo with her dad

What achievement are you most proud of in your life or career?

If I were asked this several years ago, it would have been my three children. Today, it is getting my three children, and myself, through the past few years having lost my husband to suicide in May 2019, and my Dad to cancer just 7 weeks later. It’s been a really tough ride, and it’s far from over, but the incredible support, generosity, and kindness I received from the hair industry was a fundamental part of getting to where we are today – something I will be eternally grateful for. It is definitely a uniquely supportive industry – one like no other I have ever experienced.

Was business ownership always a priority for you?

Not at all. In fact, had I been asked whether or not I wanted to have my own Marketing Comms business, I would have said no, and doubted my ability to do it ha-ha! But now I love it. The fact that I can first-hand see the difference I am making to others’ businesses, brands and individuals’ reputations, and the flexibility it gives me to also focus on my kids when they need me, has made it the perfect career choice.

Share with us some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the journey and how you overcame these.

I think most recently watching our industry have to face COVID has been so difficult. So many people and brands we had worked with for a long time were faced with something that impacted them on such a fundamental level financially of course, but also mentally. The Lily team tried to step up to support them wherever we could and now finally we are able to start to look ahead at positive growth and recovery in 2022.

Describe your ideal Sunday.

My ideal Sunday morning would be enjoying a hot cup of tea and shower in peace followed by hot yoga and a walk along the beach in the sunshine with my dogs. But in reality, as a busy mum, it’s very different. Most Sundays are spent drinking lukewarm or cold cups of tea on the go as I run the around to countless sporting activities and birthday parties, ha-ha!

What’s on your bucket list?

To eat sashimi in Tokyo. To own my own horse and teach my daughter, Rio, to ride. To have a pet pig – I’ve had this on my bucket list since I was about 4 years old!

Craziest, funniest, or most unusual thing/s you’ve ever done?

Definitely jumping out of a helicopter – a birthday present given to me by my late husband Adam, to help conquer my fear of heights?!

What’s playing on your Spotify right now?

My Spotify account has been hijacked by the kids, in particular my 10-year-old son, Jax – currently his playlist consists of Switch Disco, Adele, Post Malone, ACDC and Powderfinger. The latest addition has been ‘Face Off’ by The Rock?! He has eclectic taste!

Do you have a motto or signature life philosophy?

Always be kind, honest and respect others, and their differences – this was instilled in me growing up and is all I ask of my kids. Recently, one of my kids who has struggled to find his groove, was being teased at school for ‘not being good at anything’. His response was to say…. ‘But I am kind. And kindness is a superpower.’

If you could leave this industry having achieved just one thing, what would that legacy be?

There have been so many times when I have been working with a salon owner or an up-and-coming stylist, given them a piece of advice and seen their faces light up because something has ‘clicked’ for the next part of their journey, or it has helped them fix an issue they were struggling with. Being able to pass on all of my knowledge to as many people in the industry I can, so that they can be truly happy and successful, would be an incredible legacy. Lily Blue started out as a little idea, but we are proud to have made quite a few dreams come true and I hope we have had an impact on the health of the industry as a whole.

Three things you’re passionate about:

Family. Especially my kids. Family includes friends for me too though. When living overseas away from family, your friends soon become family. Balance. I work hard, I am a busy Mum, but I know the importance of finding balance in life and doing the things that fill my cup, and ensure I can be the best version of me. Personally, this is hot yoga and running (when my back permits). Both are a little escape for me and allow me to both reset and recharge the batteries. An ice-cold G&T of an evening also helps! Giving Back. Over the years, I have been fortunate to work alongside and promote many charities and charitable events through the work of my

wonderful clients. Starlight Children’s Foundation, Sydney Homeless Connect and most recently, Restart A Heart Day have been just a few of the amazing organisations we have been able to support. Leveraging my skills and contacts to help others and to see the impact is definitely a huge career highlight for me.

What’s your greatest fear?

Giving up! I am pretty determined once I commit to something. I was also really scared of spiders before moving to Australia (so English I know), but I have learnt to overcome that fear – most the time!

What’s something interesting or quirky we might not know about you?

Hmmmm, I used to play the Oboe in a classical orchestra, and I also competed in Show Jumping for many years, hence my love of horses.

Greatest indulgence?

My first morning cup of English Breakfast tea with a square of Lindt chocolate – BEFORE the kids wake up. Even if it means I have to get up at 5am. The silence is golden, ha-ha!

What has been your greatest lesson or piece of advice along your business journey?

I’d say two things- the importance of empathy and also the ability to accept change, both of which I learned from my parents. They always encouraged me to try to understand the feelings and perspectives of others, whatever I am doing, and I think that has helped me so much when working out how best to help our clients. When it comes to embracing change, I’m still working on it, but remembering this has helped me so much personally also helps when working in such a fastpaced role.

What’s on the agenda for the future?

It’s always busy here so I try not to worry too much about what is ahead and to live in the moment but I’m excited about 2022. At Lily I’ll be continuing to help others develop and grow, continuing to share advice and knowledge whilst also continuing to educate myself to make this all possible. We all know we need to be eternal learners! Our clients become part of the family so watching them hit those goals they set themselves as we start to make our way out of COVID is really exciting for me. Go team Lily! As for at home, I’ll be surviving solo parenting 3 young kids with a healthy dose of puberty and high school transition in the mix to keep things interesting. Wish me luck! Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



He’s one of the biggest names in British hairdressing but Phil Smith’s success extends beyond the UK. Having bought and sold multi-million-pound salon empires, launched his own best-selling product range and achieved some of the industry’s most significant accolades, Phil has run salons and sold products globally. And now, his sights are once again set on Australia! Phil Smith’s resumé is stuffed with successes most other hairdressers could only dream of. By his early 40s, he owned 28 TONI&GUY franchise salons globally, with over 600 staff and annual sales of £16m. He went on to launch his own independent salon and two product ranges. He has a list of celebrity clients that includes rock star royalty and primetime stars, became a daytime TV regular himself, was nominated eight times for British Hairdresser of the Year and has scooped a clutch of other awards besides. Unusual for someone whose name has hit the big time, humility and a self-effacing normality are two of Phil’s most notable features. By his own admission, Phil says he’s not the best hairdresser. “I know there are better hairdressers out there. But I do have a million per cent determination.” Perhaps it’s that quiet drive, coupled with a reluctance to get swept up in his own hype that has kept him at the top of the game for over 35 years. Phil’s first foray into hairdressing was a YTS apprenticeship at Raymond’s in Guildford, Surrey under the leadership of the infamous ‘Mr TeasyWeasy’. The salon was old school in every sense and brought with it a strict dedication to discipline. Phil recalls that how diligently you scrubbed the toilets was the manager’s benchmark for quality in your work. A commitment to small details would translate to how well you cut hair. Even today, it’s a philosophy he lives by. “If you ever think you’re too important or too powerful to do the little jobs, you’ve lost it,” he says. Phil got his first real appetite for business success when he went to work at John Carne, also in Guildford. “John had a Porsche and a swimming pool and it blew me away. I saw what hairdressing could offer.” He credits Carne as being a savvy businessman with a great work ethic. Eager,


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

enthusiastic and showing signs of an emerging entrepreneurial spirit himself, Phil was keen to open his own salon and when a first attempt to launch in Guildford failed, he was introduced to Toni and Anthony Mascolo. TONI&GUY was on an upwards trajectory, taking over the British hair scene and looking for franchisees to capitalise on the potential of its lucrative salon brand. Despite the safety net of TONI&GUY, Phil Smith the route to success didn’t come easily. Phil struggled to make his first salon in Salisbury pay the bills. “The During the 90s, Phil’s empire was steadily day Salisbury opened, I had just three clients,” he growing - Swindon came next and he had recalls. “I had to build the business from literally soon opened up a string of salons across the nothing. I was 23 years old with a loss-making South West of the UK. Hungry for creative salon and I was living in a house share.” Opening recognition too, Phil won Wales & South West up another salon in nearby Bath soon after was Hairdresser of the Year three times and then both a risk and a masterstroke. He borrowed the a campaign for British Hairdresser of the Year money he needed to take on the extra franchise began. He was nominated eight times. Much and it turned out to be a gamble that reversed to his astonishment, Phil was also invited to his fortunes. Bath was a different story. Busy and appear on stage alongside his hairdressing profitable (taking three times as much as the heroes. One such highlight being on stage at Salisbury salon, in fact), it benefited from the Sydney Town Hall alongside Dennis Langford cool factor TONI&GUY was enjoying in the 90s. (head of TONI&GUY in Australia), Trevor Sorbie Phil was the first TONI&GUY franchisee to have two salons and he was the youngest franchisee in the company. Eternally grateful to the late Toni Mascolo, Phil admits, “most of what I know in business came from him.” One such lesson Phil stands by is that “people never work for you; they work with you. Anything else creates an ego.” Today, he’s generous to his staff and gives and expects fierce loyalty in return. A scrupulous approach to money management was also a masterclass that shaped Phil’s way of doing things. “Toni would do anything to make 10p,” Phil laughs.

and Richard Thompson. He also had a regular slot on the Lorraine show on UK daytime TV. “Opportunities like that would make me sick with nerves,” Phil confesses, “but they are some of my real ‘pinch me’ moments in life.” At the peak of his success, Phil had 28 TONI&GUY salons, not just in the UK, but also in Australia and Canada. He recalls opening up his first TONI&GUY franchise in Manly in 2000. “I had a member of staff working for me in my Bath salon called Casey Vincent. She was keen to open a TONI&GUY in Australia and so I contacted Dennis Langford, who was responsible for salon growth.” Phil describes an instant love for Australia as soon as he touched down. “The lifestyle really appealed to me. The fact that you could catch a boat from the city centre and be on this cool and very beautiful stretch of surfer’s beach in minutes, travelling past the Sydney Opera House on the way… Well, it just blew me away.”

Before long, Phil had teamed up with Grant Norton, whose boss when he worked in the UK was a good friend. They hatched a plan to launch more salons together and over the course of the next three to four years, the pair had seven salons in the Sydney suburbs and one in Melbourne. The dynamic clearly worked and Phil describes Grant as “the guy on the ground very creative and great in business.” Meanwhile, Phil raised the finances and kept the formula ticking over. With business expanding rapidly, there were numerous long hauls from Heathrow – a punishing commitment but regardless, Phil retains a fierce devotion to Australia. “It wasn’t just the lifestyle I loved,” Phil explains. “The whole mentality of business felt less formal too. For instance, never once did I have a meeting in a bank – business was conducted in a café or by the beach. I felt like there was a more optimistic, outdoorsy, upbeat perspective on life to be found on every level.” The next few years were fast-paced and the reality of running a huge portfolio of salons meant that life was a juggle of spreadsheets and staffing issues and yes, those long-haul flights. The big success had become a big stress and it was while doing a show in Russia in 2009, a final wake-up call coupled with a health scare made Phil rethink his priorities. The Australian salons – along with the rest of Phil’s going concerns - were put up for sale.

“I KNOW THERE ARE BETTER HAIRDRESSERS OUT THERE. BUT I DO HAVE A MILLION PER CENT DETERMINATION.” In the meantime, there was another enterprise that Phil had set his sights on. A chance encounter with the legendary Umberto Giannini while on holiday with his family made up his mind. “A chat around the pool made me wonder if I could create my own product range. Umberto really was the inspiration,” Phil admits. “We got on like a house on fire and he became one of my best friends in the world.” It’s ‘happy accidents’ like this that Phil believes have shaped his destiny. While his profile was flying high off the back of his British Hairdressing Awards nominations, Phil had secured a deal with UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to endorse a product range with his name on it. When the range looked set to be dropped after 18 months, Phil was given the chance to fund his own line and sell it in. Originally a licensed deal with a product manufacturer, in 2007 Phil Smith Be Gorgeous – a range of haircare, electricals and accessories - was born. Craving more control, Phil went on to buy out the range to acquire exclusive ownership and today maintains full control of it. Overseeing every single detail of their production, he pours his heart and soul into every bottle. Never more has this commitment been tested than over the last 18 months. “Every single thing about my business has changed,” explains Phil. Explaining stock issues and cost of goods increases, Phil’s dedication is being pushed to its limits. But he’s not giving up. “Seeing my products stocked in Australia is a massive goal of mine,” Phil confides. In fact, he made a vow not to set foot back in the country until his products were on the shelves. It’s a big ambition, but Phil is steadfast in his determination, “There is no other territory in the world I want more to be,” he says. And anyway, if there’s one thing Phil has learnt from his time in Australia it’s that business doesn’t have to be stressful, adding, “we all face everyday problems, it’s how you handle them that is the making of you.” Closer to home, less than three years after giving up all but one of his TONI&GUY salons (his wife, Louise still runs the original one in Salisbury), Phil set about restoring a small, old woollen shop in his hometown of

Salisbury. Midway through the project and craving a new challenge, he decided it would be the perfect location for a salon. Opened in 2013, Smith England was an opportunity to finally compensate for all of Phil’s years of being a salon owner with a frustrating lack of say over the brand. “I didn’t want this to look like a typical salon environment,” Phil says. Influenced by the aesthetic of Soho House, he’s incorporated details such as wooden floors with oak beams, a beautiful writing bureau as reception desk, free-standing, oversized mirrors, antique leather chairs and pieces from his personal art collection on the walls. It doesn’t just look good, it’s already winning awards for its fresh approach and enlightened commitment to creating a community spirit too. The salon is headed up by Phil’s daughter Ellie. In fact, both his children have followed the same path as their parents into hairdressing. “Ellie has a great work ethic,” he says proudly. “As well as running Smith England, she’s instrumental in the product range.” Meanwhile, his son George is displaying a real talent for men’s hairdressing, having already won an award at the Wella Trend Vision Award and been nominated for several more. Phil’s advice for his kids is the same as he’d give to anyone else starting out, “Whatever you do in life, you’ve got to work hard. There’s no quick or easy way to success.” The hard work shows no signs of stopping for Phil anytime soon and there are no plans to retire, “I’ll keep working forever, albeit at a slower pace maybe,” he confesses. Having enjoyed the fortunes of his success over the years (“of course you get into business to buy nice things,” he admits) he claims he’s not motivated by money anymore. Smith England is the first not for profit salon in the UK. He shows up there twice a week to see longstanding clients, some of whose hair he’s cut for over 25 years, and he still just charges a modest fee for a haircut. So, what does drive this quietly determined hairdresser then? “It brings me joy to see my products on the shelf and to work with a talented team of people,” he admits. It seems pretty sure to say that we’ll be seeing Phil Smith’s name back on the map in Australia soon.

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



At the launch of the Jobs Victoria and Box Hill Institute partnership. L to R: Apprentice Chiara Perrone, Ohana Hairdressing owner Olivia Zynevych, CEO & Managing Director of Box Hill Institute, Vivienne King, and The Hon Jaala Pullford MP, Minister for Employment and Small Business.

Jobs Victoria and Box Hill Institute have launched a partnership to provide the opportunity to support 75 participants to go into a Certificate III in Barbering or Hairdressing. Victorian Hairdressing and Barbershop employers are invited to participate in the innovative and inclusive program that provides 75 subsidised apprenticeships with enhanced skills training and support. “The industry has been hit hard during the COVID19 pandemic, so this program has been developed to support the shortage of apprentices as well as transition those experiencing difficulty into meaningful jobs,” Executive Director Educational Delivery Jane Trewin said. A further benefit for employers is the Federal Government’s Job Booster program that provides 50 percent wage subsidy for employers, if registered by 31 March 2022. As the industry reopens and demand for stylist’s or barber’s increases, the initiative will see aspiring hairdressers and barbers complete two weeks of pretraining before starting employment. Employers will liaise with a respected industry leader as the mentor and Box Hill Institute’s Head of Hair and Beauty (Industry Engagement) Ruth Browne. As part of the ground-breaking program, Box Hill Institute are investing and assisting each individual involved to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. In addition to learning the skills that is part of their Certificate III qualification, it includes: • Comprehensive recruitment process aligning talent and employers • Individual mentoring from day one, assistance and support from Box Hill Institute at every level • Initial skills and personality assessment to identify areas for development, with opportunities to participate in an accredited micro credentials program to fill in any gaps • Multiple Masterclasses from high profile industry experts in hairdressing and barbering • Tailored ‘Job Readiness’ training of soft skills including communication, teamwork and client care Jane Trewin said that the student’s course fees would be covered, and they would also receive resources including hairdressing kit, uniforms, and Pivot Point education materials. A skills assessment will be completed upfront to gauge their capability, soft skills training will then be provided aligned to microcredentials, attendance to multiple industry master classes and a mentor for the first year of their training. Each apprentice participating in this program will receive around $15,000 in value of training and support. “This program is the first of its kind in Australia, and the demand for hairdressing and barbering has never been higher, so we are pleased to be addressing the employee shortage in this way to help employers and the industry sector.” Jane Trewin said. Hairdressing and Barbering employers who are keen to be part of the program should visit call Ruth Browne on 0411 052 208 for more information.


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


Style with ease and achieve sleek smoothness with the E-STYLER, the latest ‘hottest’ innovative release from EVY PROFESSIONAL, Australia’s premier thermal tools and accessories brand! If you loved the EVY PRO-STYLE, it has been given it a makeover! - you’ll fall madly in love with the beautiful, sleek NEW EVY E-STYLER! It’s got all the sophistication of the PRO-STYLE yet with MORE features and benefits to ensure easier styling. A new sleek design, the E-STYLER features luxe extra-long flexible floating plates for easier, faster styling, and is equipped with EVY’s patented Mineral Infused Technology, allowing you to lock in hydration for the perfect, enviable salon finish with amazing shine! The Mineral Infused titanium blade provides a quick heat-up time and holds heat evenly throughout the iron ensuring the best results. The benefits of the E-STYLER allows you to reach 230°C heat which is perfect for naturally thick, curly, or coarse hair or used for in-salon Keratin services. Universal Voltage means you’ll be style ready for that next holiday you’re dreaming of! You’ll also receive a COMPLIMENTARY stylish THERMAL CLUTCH (valued at $34.95) with your E-STYLER! Stand-out FEATURES include: • 1” (25mm) Professional Styling Iron with extra-long plates 
 • Digital display allows for precise temperature control from 160-230° 
 • Flexible floating plates with inter blade for fast styling & smoothing 
 • Mineral Infused Technology for inner hydration and ultimate shine 
 • Super smooth glide to straighten, smooth and curl all hair types safely 
 • Intelligent sleep mode, automatically turns off after 60 minutes if left unattended 
 • MCH heating element 
 • 3-metre professional swivel cord that rotates 360° degrees - rotating both ways for 
maximum convenience and durability 
 • UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE 100-240V - 50/60Hz 
 • 24 months warranty


Winner of the Best Non-Salon Business performance of the year for AHIA 2021 “Foil Me”, in conjunction with Adelaide salon, Kabuki Hair, introduces The Kabuki, an elegant, one-of-a-kind foil that is an ode to Kabuki Hair’s style and individuality. Foil Me’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, and Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter, collaborated closely with Kabuki Hair owners, Silvano and Annie Fox, to create the ultimate monochromatic collection. Emily hand-

INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS illustrated the design, which includes multiple layers of artwork to create this beautiful, tiled masterpiece “We had a ball creating this foil with the Foil Me crew,” says Silv. “From the moment we chatted about it, it was a truly professional and fun experience. that collaboration with Emily & Foil Me was going to be a success.” Emanating sophistication, this unique foil features luxe bronze packaging, wrapped in Chelsea and Emily’s hand-drawn Mandevilla flowers reflecting the salon’s façade. Featuring Foil Me’s signature embossing, the Kabuki Foil is adorned with an intricate illustration of mosaic tiles from the interior of Kabuki Hair. Foil Me is renowned for innovating with exclusive designs, and the Kabuki is no different! When you flip the box, you will see Kabuki’s French doors, ready to open with Foil Me’s signature Push Me tabs. Says Silv, “Our foil has truly become a talking point in the salon, not just something we use every day. This leads to so much conversation about the industry, how the foil was made, how we came up with the design and how we dispose of it using Sustainable Salons Australia.” “Our favourite part of the process was dissecting all our salon’s little features and putting it on a box; with Foil Me bringing it to life! We absolutely love the design and all the team at Foil Me who have supported our industry over the years, and the best thing? It’s South Australian!!” The Kabuki foil is available to salons directly and through Australian distributors.

“The AHC is committed to the betterment of our industry,” says Sandy Chong, CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council. “We hope this program helps many achieve success by supporting their dreams and goals. Thank you to the many AHC members involved.” Stay tuned with more details about H.E.L.P to come!


The Event


Over the past 12 months the AHC has conducted a number of Think Tank meetings with industry influencers and salon owners around the country to get feedback on the state of the industry and to identify what support our salon owners and industry needs - because things have changed and evolved. The AHC also built a working panel of forward-thinking industry members to gain valuable insight into where our industry currently sits and where it’s heading post pandemic - Mia Di Vries, Pete Walstab, Tom White and Pete Kolziel - and we are most grateful for their knowledge and ideas. As a result of these conversations, heads have been put together for months to bring an exciting new program to life and create projects that will help lessen the gap between a salon owner and employee, and to encourage a culture of working together towards ONE goal… Success, happiness, financial security and confidence. Introducing H.E.L.P, a new resource program available FREE for AHC members and their staff, launching in February 2022. There are four key libraries within H.E.L.P, each loaded with an ever-growing platform of videos, podcasts, interviews, templates, pdfs, and other resources, branded under the following chapters: H = Health & Happiness, both physical and mental. This chapter contains information on mental health, stress, anxiety, health management, personal growth and physical wellbeing. E = Elevating Education. This chapter contains creative skills, both fundamental and fashion-oriented, with videos aimed particularly at newer stylists to the industry on colour, cutting and styling techniques from a wide range of industry educators and teachers. L = Logic & Life Skills. This chapter will feature resources around taxation, financial management, and a host of every day life skills to master for personal and financial success. P = People. This chapter will be full of inspiring tales from people inside and outside the industry and their career journeys, aimed to enthuse, entertain and showcase a myriad of different avenues to kick your professional goals. It’s a blueprint on how to create a career, with true success stories from role models and mentors.

Pavel Okhapkin

Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, Robert Eaton, British Hairdresser of the Year, and Julian Crane, General Manager for Henkel Beauty Care Professional UK & Ireland.

The very best of British hairdressing talent was celebrated at the end of the year at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards 2021, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional. The prestigious black-tie event took place on Monday 29th November at Grosvenor House, a J W Marriott Hotel in London’s Park Lane, with winners received their awards in front of a 1,400 strong audience of hairdressing peers, influencers and press. Host for the evening was Rylan Clarke-Neal, who was joined by Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards and General Manager for Henkel Beauty Care Professional UK & Ireland, Julian Crane. The awards – now in their 37th year – are a celebration of hairdressing excellence, recognising the outstanding achievements of stylists from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The competition is fiercely contested over two rounds and requires entrants to submit a photographic collection showcasing their expertise, both in terms of technical skill and creative ability. Categories acknowledge the best hairdressers from nine British regions, as well as standout talent in eight specialist categories including Afro, Men’s, Avant Garde and Colour Technician. The biggest award of the event – British Hairdresser of the Year – is by nomination only and widely regarded as the greatest accolade in the industry. Robert Eaton scooped the title – the second time this business owner from Leeds & Barnsley has been crowned British Hairdresser of the Year. Robert represents a range of outstanding hairdressing skills with his entry collection, and in winning he beat strong competition from 9 other hairdressers who are leading names in the industry. Moscow based stylist Pavel Okhapkin of Fashion Hair Studio, was named International Hairdresser of the Year. Jayne Lewis-Orr said: “These awards recognise the very best of British hairdressing talent, celebrating the passion, artistry and expertise of individuals from across the country. All our winners have demonstrated that they are accomplished and gifted stylists with an impeccable eye for detail. Every year, this competition gets tougher as the standard of entries improves. Congratulations to all our winners who should feel incredibly proud to be recognised at this level.” Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1




Andrew Barton Fellow with honours

Sally and Jamie Brooks are celebrating 20 years in business this month, reflecting with the team on an incredible journey so far – and this is just the beginning! The partners launched Brooks & Brooks in November 2001 after meeting while working at the Trevor Sorbie salon in London. The pair opened their Holbornbased salon and have become one of the most successful partnerships in British hairdressing, dominating creative and business awards over the last 20 years. Sally has been named as British Hairdresser of the Year three times, with the team picking up more than 30 British and international awards – that’s more than one every year they’ve been open! Sally said: “I can’t believe it was 20 years ago when we first opened the doors with exciting plans and expectations. It’s been hard work but we’ve worked with some amazing people and have had great opportunities to do shows in front of our peers. Creativity has been at the heart of everything we do; we’ve travelled the world, presented some brilliant live shows and created collections that have been published around the globe. Now, we have an incredible Creative Team who are putting their own stamp on the Brooks & Brooks identity.” Jamie added: “We opened during a recession and the business world has certainly changed a lot since then. We are continuing to be challenged everyday due to the pandemic, but have some exciting plans for 2022, with a new location for our salon due to open in the spring. We’re growing our Brooks Education platform, investing in our team and are looking forward to the next chapter of our journey.” 24

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

Errol Douglas Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing was founded in 1946 as the Fellowship of Hair Artists of Great Britain and over the years has grown in stature and now covers many areas of the professional hairdressing industry. The independent, non-political organisation is run by members, focusing on promoting artistic and creative quality, and providing support for future hairdressing talent keen to make their own mark in the industry. After a virtual Awards in 2020, the British Fellowship were back with a glittering Luncheon & Awards at the coolest hotel in London, The Londoner, in Leicester Square. Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges and President Ken Picton welcomed some 420 guests to the Ballroom, to celebrate the past 75 years and get ready for an exciting future. “We have faced the worst, but we came out as the best,” Ken said. “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you and we have embraced the changes while living by our core values.” Chairman Barry Stephens paid respect to those in the industry we had lost this year, while presenting a special Fellow of Distinction to Chris Williams from Rush Hair & Beauty, accepted by Andy Heasman. He also presented a cheque for £3,720 to the Hair & Beauty Charity for money raised through the special 2021 Yearbook.

INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS | INDUSTRY NEWS For Joico’s celebrated hair visionary, Aspiras, designing Gaga’s spot-on looks was a deeply personal creative mission; one he knew the industry would be eager to experience in detail. So, some very special guests were recently invited to an evening at the London West Hollywood in Beverly Hills, where they were treated to a chic welcome reception; a first-look screening of the House of Gucci; and an up-close Q & A with Frederic himself. It was a uniquely thrilling moment for film, for hair, for Hollywood. Those present were taking through the various looks, their inspiration and what Aspiras and Gaga experienced in recreating the character of Patrizia for the film through the ages. Aspiras revealed to the audience how intricate the hairstyling was, explaining, “I had to be as authentic as possible by using the exact techniques as q hairdresser of the 1970’s… wet-set rolls, back-combing, french lacing… spiral perms – you name it. It was done exactly to a T from that era….” It was important to both him and Gaga that what came across on the screen was to “not see Lady Gaga” but the character of Patrizia. “I wanted the texture, I wanted the vibe, I wanted the feel, the way it moved… because it needed to transport you to that time.” Apart from coloring and styling “ten-thousand-dollar wigs” that were fragile, Gaga also wanted her normally platinum blonde-colored hair, colored brown to be as true to the character as possible (then back to blonde for the press tour and premieres.) Joico hair care and color were key in keeping both Gaga’s hair and the wigs’ integrity and style.

Drinks with the President

International Image of the Year 2021, Jacky Chan, Oscar Oscar Salons

F.A.M.E. Team leaders Gary Hooker and Michael Young talked about the challenges they faced, but applauded the professionalism of the 2021 team, who took everything in their stride over the difficult months, before announcing the four new members who have a year of amazing opportunities in front of them; Darrel Starkey, Taylors Hair Studio, Lydia Wolfe, Jack & the Wolfe, Jessica Hau, Rush Wimbledon and Alex Cook, Wispers Hair Salon. In true Fellowship tradition, the awards followed a delicious three-course meal, with Errol Douglas MBE picking up Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year to a standing ovation. This is the second time he has won the award, having first won it in 2004. Full list of winners can be found at


Starring in House of Gucci, Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, the “black widow” as she was described by Italian press. The highly controversial woman who ordered the murder of her husband Maurizio Gucci, then heir to the luxury fashion brand by the same name, continues Gaga’s big-screen acclaim after her much-lauded role in A Star Is Born. For Gaga, embodying the character was accompanied by looking the part and for that she turned to her personal hairstylist of many years, and Joico Celebrity Hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras, to help tell the story visually – and for her experientially – via the hairstyles donned in the film.

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


2021 AHIA - BUSINESS: CROWNS WINNERS FOR BIGGEST YEAR EVER! As Australia’s hair industry finally starts taking steps to reopen, rebuild and recover, Sunday the 28th November saw the winners of the 2021 AHIA- Business categories announced on social media livestream as entrants watched on with anticipation. After an incredibly challenging 18 months and the disappointment of the cancelled awards gala event due to continued border uncertainty, it was time for these talented creatives to celebrate with their teams closer to home. Launched in 2014 by esteemed media company Mocha Group, the AHIABusiness are the trusted national award platform which provide a benchmark of excellence across specialist, group and individual categories. The 2021 awards marked the largest number of entries ever received in the AHIA history across the 27 awards demonstrating the importance that this program has within the hair industry framework, pushing each and every hairdresser and salon owner to be their best on set, backstage and behind the chair.



Pure Organic Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner

Sponsored By Shortcuts The Fox & The Hair



Heliplex One Step Bond Complex


DNA Antifrizz Hydro Crème


SALON TEAM MEMBER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Excellent Edges Evie Golding, Rokstar

SALON MANAGER/CO-ORDINATOR OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Wella Professionals Meagan O’Connor, Oscar Oscar Salons – Broadbeach

BUSINESS DIRECTOR/OWNER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Kitomba Amy Gaudie, Urban Chic

The comprehensive list of expert judges includes Charles Marcus (Canada), Ruth Hunsley (UK), Faye Murry and Julie Bellinger-Gibb (UK) as well as media including Nicole Healy - Melbourne Hair Blogger, Samantha McMeekin Beautyheaven, Amy Starr - Freelance Beauty Journalist, Louise May - Hair Biz and Clare Lamberth - Beauty Biz. This year’s judges all agreed that the calibre of the entries was outstanding.


Kingston locals Bond Hair Religion were the biggest winners of the night at the AHIA’s, scooping the awards for AHIA State Salon Business of the Year NSW/ ACT 2021, AHIA Best Customer Care 2021 and the big one- AHIA Australian Salon Business of the Year 2021. As Australia’s hair industry finally starts taking steps to reopen, rebuild and recover, Sunday the 28th November saw the winners of the 2021 AHIA- Business categories announced on social media livestream as entrants watched on with anticipation. After an incredibly challenging 18 months and the disappointment of the cancelled awards gala event due to continued border uncertainty, it was time for these talented creatives to celebrate with their teams closer to home.


Sponsored By Salon Lane Nicole Kae

SALON TEAM OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Goldwell Togninis

EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR – INDIVIDUAL Sponsored By Redken Jules Tognini

Sponsored By Sustainable Salons MIG Training

BEST IN SALON TRAINING Sponsored By Zing Project DiMattia & Co

BEST SALON DESIGN Sponsored By KMS Allure The Salon

Sponsored By Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Hair Religion


Sponsored By DNA Organics Little Birdie Hair Co

SALON BUSINESS NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Revlon Professional Etcher

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR NSW/ACT Sponsored By Hot Tools Bond Hair Religion

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR QLD Sponsored By Wella Professionals Tigerlamb Coorparoo

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR SA/TAS Sponsored By Timely SJ Establishment

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR VIC Sponsored By EVY Professional Oscar Oscar - Chadstone

State Salon Business of the Year WA/NT Sponsored By L’Oreal Professionnel Circles of Hair

AUSTRALIAN WHOLESALER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Private Label Dynamics Salon Depot

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD Sponsored By L’Oreal Professionnel Leanne Cutler, Siren Marketing & Hair Shots 2 the World



2022 AHIA Creative Open For Entry 8/11/21 Round 1: Photographic Deadline 14/3/22 Finalists Announced 11/4/22 Round 2: Written Submission Deadline 9/5/22 Gala Night 13/6/22

2022 AHIA Business


Open For Entry 1/3/22

Open For Entry 8/11/21

Product Entry Deadline 23/5/22

Entry Deadline 14/3/22

General Entry Deadline 11/7/22

Finalists Announced 11/4/22

Finalists Announced 22/8/22

Gala Night 13/6/22



Launched in 2014 by esteemed media company Mocha Group, the AHIA- Business are the trusted national award platform which provide a benchmark of excellence across specialist, group and individual categories. The 2021 awards marked the largest number of entries ever received in the AHIA history across the 27 awards demonstrating the importance that this program has within the hair industry framework, pushed each and every hairdresser and salon owner to be their best on set, backstage and behind the chair.


Pure Organic Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner The perfect balance of nature and science, the Pure Haircare range of products are blended with naturally derived ingredients which have been carefully researched to substitute more traditional synthetic ingredients. The aim is to develop a safer, gentler, environmentally friendly haircare regime by creating natural haircare solutions without compromising performance. This approach keeps Pure Haircare at the forefront of ‘free from’ and natural haircare solutions, with formulas which use modern, clean and green ingredients. They have developed and continue to develop safe, gentle and sustainable products using organic ingredients that are 100% certified and substituting synthetic ingredients with natural plant-based alternatives. At Pure Haircare we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to enter such a prestigious AHIA award and are honoured to now accept this award for Best In Care for our Pure Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner. “The Pure Goddess Range is loved by many and we are so grateful for the products to be receiving this incredible accolade and further recognition. We would like to personally thank Linda and the team at mocha group, the amazing judges as well as sponsor HARBIZ” Luke Weber


Heliplex One Step Bond Complex Distributed by Bellezza Australia, Heli’s Gold is a new generation of hair care products that make scalp health the number one priority, because a well-nourished scalp is the perfect foundation for fuller, shinier hair that’s radiant with health. The hero ingredient that makes Heli’s Gold so incredibly effective is the little-known Helichrysum Italicum flower. These golden flowers are one of nature’s powerhouses, packed with rejuvenating and rebalancing properties, they’re nothing short of miraculous. HELIPLEX One Step Bond Complex consists of 2 actions that make it easier to reconnect sulphur bridges inside hair that are broken by constant exposure to chemical substances such as colouring, bleaching, perms and/ or mechanical stress. It prevents damage before it appears, by creating new bonds and strengthening existing ones, adding elasticity and strength to hair, while ensuring its structure is intact. “We are so thrilled to have the Heliplex One Step win the award for the Treat category. It’s always difficult being the new brand on the block but we knew that this product with its philosophy was unique and different to anything on the market. We launched during covid so it was difficult to get it into people hands but those that did were blown away with the results. We are excited to continue the brand in 2022 and thank you so much to Mocha and Hairbiz for making the AHIA happen.” Rob Tamburro 30

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


DNA Antifrizz Hydro Creme DNA Organics was created by Tony Awad out of a need to detox and rebuild his mind and body whilst working. DNA became a brand where clean ingredients, a luxury customer journey of healthy hair and skin, high performance results and a sensory paradise are everything. DNA is the ultimate in clean luxury organics, using expertise in blending certified organic ingredients effectively to engineer high performance, award winning professional products. As the most awarded, professional luxury organics option for salons, products have no PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, silicones, parabens, SLES or SLS, Pegs, DEA, phthalates, persulphates or animal origin. Proudly vegan, gluten free, 100% Cruelty Free, this business is also 100% Australian Owned. “Other than outright exciting, it was such an honour to win the Best styling product category for 2021 with our Anti-Frizz Hydro Creme. There are so many awards floating around out there but nothing at all means more to me and my team than the actual Australian Hair Industry Awards - AHIA. For my team and I, these awards are the pinnacle of the professional industry’s recognition and to win is just the best feeling in the world. Thank you, mocha group, for having the insight to create such a level playing field for all brands but especially for empowering boutique brands like DNA to enter awards and have a chance to be judged on the merits of the product inside the bottle.” Tony Awad


Foil Me Foil Me was established in 2014 out of the desire to help colourists have an easier, more enjoyable and luxurious experience in the salon. They provide innovative, premium quality and creative hair foils and colour brushes, some of the most essential salon tools, across the world complete with fun designer prints and styles. They work with some of the most exciting Brand Ambassadors and hairdressers around the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden revolutionising the industry from right here in South Australia. “We are absolutely ecstatic to be recognised by our peers in the hair industry for such a prestigious award. Many thanks to Linda Woodhead and the mocha group for organising and ensuring such a successful awards program is maintained even throughout the tumultuous time we have all experienced in the past two years. It is no mean feat to make it even to the finals and we congratulate everyone. We are eternally grateful to our Foil Me movers who inspire and motivate us every day – sending you all a big virtual hug! What a way to almost finish 2021!” Emily Ciardiello

SALON TEAM MEMBER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Excellent Edges

Evie Golding, Rokstar As Senior Stylist/Colourist at Rokstar, the brilliant Evie is renowned for creating breathtaking balayage colour and working her styling tools creating looks for the West End’s style set. Known throughout the industry as an exciting one to watch, she was also named one of the hotly contested members of the 2019 HOT SHOTS team. She is a genius at styling long hair and crafting the coolest lived-in haircuts and has acted as Hair Director at a fashion show for Queensland TAFE. An invaluable help to her Rokstar Director and mentor Brodie Lee Tsiknaris she has worked backstage and on set on countless special projects and shoots across the state. “Being the winner of AHIA Salon team member of the year is such a surreal feeling. I was already so honoured to be a finalist next to other hairdressers that I admire and think so highly of. So now to be the winner, I just can’t say thank you enough. I can’t wait to take this opportunity to be a role model for the younger generation of hairdressers. I look forward to this, opening doors to expand my knowledge and growth within the industry, to then bring back in salon to educate others. I’m just so excited to see where this goes and soak up everything I can.” Evie Golding

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



Meagan O’Connor, Oscar Oscar – Broadbeach Meagan’s career began in Ireland where she was born into a hairdressing family before moving to Australia and starting her Oscar Oscar journey at the Robina salon. She has since risen through the ranks, moving to the Pacific Fair location as Salon Co-Ordinator where she is firmly ensconced as the heart of the salon. She is a strong and respected leader who was proud to lead her team to a Finalist position for the AHIA Salon Team of the Year 2020. Oscar Oscar Salons has celebrated 30 years of creating award-winning and glamorous hair under the direction of celebrity hairdresser Oscar Cullinan and is known for luxury hair services, relaxing treatments and delectable refreshments all together within the sleek, designer-clad walls. “Being recognised as Australian Salon Manager of the Year is such an honour, I have been part of the industry for over 10 years so it is an incredible achievement. I love being part of the Oscar Oscar group and my team makes my day to day fun and exciting, no 2 days are the same! I’m a working mum to 2 young children so this award for me means I have kicked goals in being a role model and leader hopefully for anyone out there who is balancing it all.” Megan O’Connor


Amy Gaudie, Urban Chic Amy is the founder of Urban Chic and has more than 20 years of hairdressing experience under her belt which includes travelling around the globe for numerous fashion weeks and photos shoots working with amazing stylists and designers. She is also the current AHIA QLD Hairdresser of the Year 2021 making this award the second big one for the year. A member of the Wella Professional Creative Artist Team, she is dedicated to educating both her team and the industry on the very best in technique and creating truly incredible cuts, colours and styles. Her true passion lies with the power of hairdressing in the way it can improve someone’s day and make them feel incredible, something which she and her team manage to do each and every day. “I was literally lost for words on the awards night, which is also hard to happen to me! I’ve been chasing this one for a while always striving to be better, stronger and more inspiring to those around me whilst always remembering to stay true to the core values of why I started Urban Chic in the first place and adapting with every curve ball thrown my way. I feel privileged to be able to go to work every day to do what I absolutely love, surrounded by a team and clients that support and drive my business as strongly as they do. Massive thank you to Linda and mocha group for giving us all a platform to shine through as business owners and shout out to Kitomba Software for sponsoring this award. Congrats to all the winners and finalists, you inspire me every day!” Amy Gaudie


Nicole Kae Dynamic, fresh and bubbly are just three words to try to sum up the effervescent hairdressing powerhouse that is Nicole Kae. Her infectious nature has made her the local Newtown gal who people call on time and time again, whether it be her much loved clients in salon, the hairdressers she inspires or the editorial teams entrusting her with their artistic vision. She is a three-time AHIA NSW Hairdresser of the Year Finalist and has a 20-year history in the industry with her work featured across countless editorial titles. Specialising in cutting and styling hairdressing education, Nicole holds a senior role in the EVO International Creative Team, where she teaches out in the field, writing and developing content, or working in the EVO lab on product innovation and testing. “This award means the world to me as I’m celebrating 5 years of entering, as a sole trader. It’s really awesome to be recognised and I’m so keen to share what the future brings. This one’s for all the sole operators out there who are living and breathing it. You’ve totally got this!” Nicole Kae


Sponsored By Goldwell

Togninis Since 1987 Tognini’s has cared for clients who consider their hair to be an essential part of their persona and the ultimate fashion accessory becoming friends, confidantes and advisors. Led by the iconic industry family of Benni, Tracey, Jules and Kristian Tognini, this award-winning team draws from years of experience in salon and travelling the world teaching and learning, with this most recent accolade further recognition and testament to their dedication and passion. Situated within the stunning lifestyle and fashion mecca of James St precinct, this is a salon experience unlike any other with a luxury focus on the world of hair, skin and beauty. “We are so honoured to win AHIA Salon Team of the Year, it’s fantastic recognition for the salon and for the team for the toughest 18 months to have been in business. Congratulations to all the finalists and looking forward to an amazing 2022.” Kristin Tognini


Jules Tognini Jules’ list of career highlights are extensive to say the least! Owner/Educator/Stylist of two cult favourite salons - Tognini’s and the new Hey Hair, Owner/Educator of private education company lil’ off the top, Global Creative Director & Director of Goodtimes, evo Ambassador, spokesperson for Excellent Edges, ghd, Bulldog skincare, VS for men and Owner/Developer of Joe Bloe and Josie Bloe keeps him pretty busy. His role as an educator has taken him all over the globe teaching and inspiring in USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, China, New Zealand, Finland, Russia, Spain, Germany and more. His work has been featured across Courier Mail, Style magazine, Urban List, Hair Biz, Instyle, Men’s Health, Body & Soul, QLD Weekender, Dmarge, Indulge, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio, Channel 10 and Channel 9 to name just a few. “Educator of the year whoop whoop. So honoured to receive this award. To be recognised for doing something that helps other hair lovers is so bloody special. Means the world to me, couldn’t be happier” Jules Tognini

EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR – ORGANISATION Sponsored By Sustainable Salons

MIG Training MIG is a third-generation hair industry education pioneer and celebrated a milestone 30 years in business in 2021. The Brisbane-based registered training organisation is a family business with a proud heritage of more than 60 years in Australian hairdressing and is one of only 17 RTOs in the country to hold gold standard accreditation as ‘RTO Select’ from the Australian Hairdressing Council. Located just 15 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, MIG delivers tailored apprenticeship training to 252 salon and barber businesses across Queensland and Tasmania and through their busy street front salon and barber shop that is open to the public. “Winning Educator of the Year – Organisation is the culmination of a 30-year education journey for us at MIG. To be named a finalist alongside the best educators in industry was a huge thrill so to win the award is truly humbling. This award gives us the confidence to continue to innovate and develop new and exciting ways to provide the very best education to the salons and apprentices we work with.” Anthony Gray

BEST IN SALON TRAINING Sponsored By Zing Project

DiMattia & Co Established for over 17 years, Director Kerrie Di Mattia has created an oasis hidden away from the hub of everyday life. DIMATTIA & CO is a 140sqm urban loft style salon which offers the very best professional and personal services have seen it become one of the most sought-after destinations in the Clarence Valley. Hairdressing is one of the few career fields which continues to educate beyond qualification level and most would be surprised at the extent of most hairdressers extensive training. DIMATTIA & CO take this seriously and are heavily invested in every team member to deliver the most incredible experience from start to finish for their clients. “BLOODY PROUD id how I feel! Helping our team members get to their “next best place” is something that is a high priority for us. With young hairdressers we want to be that influence that steals the heart right out of their chest; we want to be the salon that they look back on in 10 years’ time and say I’ll never forget what they taught me - they shaped the way I saw hairdressing.” Kerri DiMattia


Allure The Salon Allure the Salon is the Central Coast’s most premium hair destination creating beautiful, effortless hair whilst providing a luxurious experience. It is a destination, a place for clients to not only be transformed, but to feel like they’re somewhere uniquely beautiful, somewhere completely different. The salon’s space is inspired by one of Owner Renee Marshall’s favourite destinations in the world - Italy. When you walk through the salon, you can see elements and finishes inspired of the raw beauty of the Mediterranean and the traditional architecture of Puglia in the south. A range of unique, designer, and custom pieces were sourced from around the world, with warm tones of terracotta and rich leather paired with white-washed walls and luxurious textures like Italian linen and marble. “Allure The Salon is so very proud to accept the title and winner of Best Salon Design in Australia. Our journey here and further beyond is to elevate our experience of hair in the chair and showcase that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. A big Thankyou to KMS for sponsoring this category.” Renee Marshall


Sponsored By Shortcuts The Fox & The Hair Already a multi-award winning salon in the heart of Wollongong’s CBD The Fox & The Hair are the go to authority on all things hair. Founded by industry darling Mia DeVries, they have been making hair dreams come true since 2005. The unique interiors aesthetic has made them a destination salon with clients clamouring for their green wall, preserved floral installations, pink bricks and flamingo bathroom. It’s the home to the area’s best colourists and stylists but this is also a team with heart. Taking part in “The Stars of Wollongong Dance for Cancer”, Mia and her Manager Amanda spent 10 weeks learning a Napolean Dynamite inspired dance routine which was performed in front of an audience of 600+ people, raising over $10,000 for the community. “It’s been a weird time for small business and a weird time for the hairdressing industry. Being closed for 7 of the past 18 months has meant #hairinspo pics were in short supply but I hope I still managed to share and inspire my team, our salon clients, our community and the hair industry throughout this pandemic with messages (and memes) of love, hope, resilience, the NSW PHO, loads of online education and the ultimate DIY lockdown salon renovation to keep us all motivated and entertained. In truth we are all winners for surviving the past 2 years.“ Mia DeVries


Sponsored By DNA Organics Little Birdie Hair Co Little Birdie Hair Co. have yet again taken the industry benchmarks in sustainability and reinvented them, setting themselves apart as industry leaders for the eco movement. Constructed using recycled and upcycled materials, the business has been carefully designed with long term sustainability and ecological impact in mind, from the way the towels are washed, the hair is recycled, the materials which are used day to day, right through to the way clients are educated around sustainability. With staff who are genuinely passionate about playing their part, eco-awareness is a way of life for this salon. Their impact can be seen in the 55 litre bags of hair which are donated to their local community garden each month and their much-loved Sustainable Sunday community events, not to mention their commitment to compostable single use items, extensive use of plants and zero plastic policy. But above all, they also create some of the best hair in Queensland using their eco-friendly products and extensive skills. “We are elated and so proud to be the recipient of the Best Eco Salon of the Year! This is a huge honour not only for me but for all of the Little Birdie community. Winning the award last year opened a lot of doors for us and helped spark conversation with both clients and brands we work with. We hope that this year’s award will continue to progress the conversation of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in an industry that has the potential to pave the way for more environmentally responsible choices worldwide.” Tenille Lawrence

SALON BUSINESS NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Revlon Professional

Etcher Created by Lauren Cooper and Matthew Stadler, the goal of Etcher was to open a salon space with a focus on celebrating individuality and what makes each person different, a salon where anyone and everyone is welcome and won’t feel the need to define their identity by anyone else’s norms. One thing that sets them apart is that the services are priced on hair length, not gender, and so fall under categories of short, medium or long. A beacon of vibrancy and fun, the 220sqm space started off as an empty warehouse but has been transformed into a warm and inviting oasis. Every element was curated with hand-picked and hand-painted artworks and finishings from Adelaide’s most exciting artists like Sustainability was top of mind during the design process and the team are proud to lead the way among the local community through Sustainable Salons Australia. “We are so happy to be awarded the AHIA 2021 Business Newcomer of the Year. After the rollercoaster year of opening a new salon during a world pandemic, we are so grateful to be recognised as an industry leader by the AHIA. We couldn’t have survived the last year without the wonderful team at Etcher, the great people at Evo, and of course our beautiful clients. Being surrounded by such amazing people has made life at Etcher so much easier” Matthew Stadler

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR QLD Sponsored By Wella Professionals

Tigerlamb Coorparoo Tigerlamb erupted vivaciously into Coorparoo in 2017 and were definitely not your average Brisbane salon. With a team of 16, they hold the perfect balance between glamour, style and sophistication within their central location in Coorparoo Square. The salon has a welcoming and warm atmosphere and is a hair wonderland that consistently attracts a high level of A-grade clientele offering high-end services with specialists across cutting, colouring, chemical straightening, keratin smoothing, tape, weft and clip-in extensions. Now part of a group of 4 vibrant salons with alternate locations in King Street, Portside and the new salon at West End each salon is known for the same impeccable quality. The Tigerlamb team are no strangers to the awards space having been named Finalists and Winners for the AHIA’s for 6 years in a row now, including taking out QLD Salon of the Year back in 2019, only to take it out again. “Winning QLD State Salon is really special for us. To know we are in the company of other amazing salons all uplifting our industry making us stronger is a great feeling. Recognition of being on the right track is an honor and we salute every salon with an open sign on their door in Australia at this time.” Helen Owens


SJ Establishment Sam James is renowned within the industry for both her education and salon work as well as extensive accolades, so it’s no surprise that SJ Establishment has already been named best in the state. It was designed with the ultimate client journey in mind, whether the time-poor professional, busy mother or cool young fashionista. The stunning salon is located on Prospect Road alongside some very cool boutiques and cafes and from moment you walk inside, you realise you are in for a special experience. Gone is the old-fashioned check-in desk, instead guests are welcomed into the space immediately to feel part of the fun and relaxed vibe. The salon is ever evolving thanks to the monthly featured artist works lining the walls and features the latest in PIIQ digital mirror technology. “Winning the AHIA 2021 SA Salon Business of the Year is an extremely proud moment for the whole SJ team. These Awards allow us to market our Salon and Team’s high standards, being recognised as one of the Industry greats. Our clients are excited to see us growing and thriving, with continuous passion for what we do.” Sam James


Oscar Oscar – Chadstone The Oscar Oscar salon group has celebrated 30 years of creating award-winning and glamorous hair under the direction of celebrity hairdresser Oscar Cullinan and is home to some of Australia’s best hairdressers, who are regularly involved in events such as Australian Fashion Week and frequently feature in Australia’s leading fashion magazines for their expert hair advice and styling tips. The Chadstone salon led by dynamic duo Nathan Armagnacq and Jacky Chan is known for luxury hair services, the world’s best hair-care and styling products, relaxing treatments and delectable refreshments all together within the sleek, designer-clad walls. “Thank you mocha group for this award. It is the validation that many of the operational things we do day to day are best practise and helps us strive for better each and every year! It’s not only a win for my team but also for our industry.” Nathan Armagnacq

STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR WA/NT Sponsored By L’Oreal Professionnel

Circles of Hair Circles of Hair consists of two of the hottest salons in the country- Circles of Subiaco the original flagship, and the newest Circles on Fitzgerald. Director and Owner Sharlene and the team are no strangers to the limelight thanks to their work with celebrity Katherine Langford, providing her with a showstopping copper makeover that made headlines around the globe including Elle, Girlfriend, In Style, MTV, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29 and W Magazine. They are also the go-to salon for Perth’s social set for special events and festivals and their work with many local influencers. “Winning is always the ultimate goal but being able to be a part of this amazing industry is what humbles me. I love representing the salon world and I truly love being able to share my wins with my team, their strength and drive is what keeps me inspired to reach the best of the best. As a salon owner I always try to inspire other salons owners to push their limits and reach goals they never thought were possible.” Sharlene Lee

AUSTRALIAN WHOLESALER OF THE YEAR Sponsored By Private Label Dynamics

Salon Depot Taking out the Australian Hair Wholesaler of the Year is a testament to how much Salon Depot is loved by their clients and the industry as a whole. Winning best in State for QLD, Salon Depot also took out the highest accolade by being named the National Wholesaler of the year which is based purely on the highest number of votes received. “As a team, winning National Wholesaler of the Year 2021 at the AHIA Awards was very exciting and the highlight of the Year! It makes you feel appreciated for your hard work, dedication and passion for the industry and acknowledges each member’s contribution to our success. As a business, we have found Awards open doors to new customers. Being Voted by customers within our own industry provides a credible third-party endorsement and new customers get a sense of our knowledge and business standard. It’s also great to show off our Awardwinning achievements on social media creating a magnet for future potential customers! “ Lynelle Schofield

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD Sponsored By L’Oreal Professionnel

Leanne Cutler, Siren Marketing & Hair Shots 2 the World This annual award is determined through a collaboration of nominations by the Australian Hair Industry and the mocha group. Leanne Cutler has been instrumental in getting Australia recognised, globally, as a creative leader and forecaster of hair fashion trends.Through her company Hair Shots 2 The World - a global PR service, she has for many years, been committed to getting hair collections published in trade and consumer media worldwide. Through her unrivalled international network, she has secured media placement for literally hundreds of clients and through Siren Marketing, an integrated marketing communications firm, she has excelled in the field of mentoring and creating awards submissions in both the creative and business fields. Add that to the role she played in initially securing HAIR EXPO as an iconic, national event in Sydney and a judge to numerous industry awards and competitions, not to mention her passion for advocating hairdressers in general, this award is most certianly well deserved. “My work over the past 30 plus years has been to put other people, businesses or events in the spotlight while I run the back engine, so it feels really special to have my decades of work and ideas recognised in this way. No matter what the project, I’ve always wanted to enhance the hairdressing industry, people’s businesses and most importantly, their lives. So, this award proves I’ve had some success at that and that makes me feel really gratified. I most of all hope that this attention will help raise funds for Hair Aid through the Hair 2010 – 2019 coffee table book that I created during lockdown. Its marketing has been so very stop-start due to lockdowns so onward and upwards! There is a stream of people to thank which I will do in other ways, but right now thanks to my secret nominators, mocha group and sponsor L’Oreal Professionnel.” Leanne Cutler


ALSO WINNERS OF BEST CUSTOMER CARE - SPONSORED BY SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL AND STATE SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR NSW/ACT - SPONSORED BY HOT TOOLS Bond Hair Religion Bond Hair Religion was created 17 years ago by Owner Jenni Tarrant and is a multi-award winning 5-star salon which provides a variety of cutting, colouring and styling services. Having recently undergone a complete renovation and expansion, this glamorous and elegant Art Deco inspired space is busier than ever making luxury accessible to all. As an Australian Hairdressing Council Gold Salon Select and Accredited Green Select Business this is also a salon which takes community responsibility seriously. They made the best of difficult COVID situations by bringing smiles to everyone around them with their lockdown bonding activities with a fun daily photo challenge and call to support Walk The Talk. However, Jenni is perhaps best recognised for her dedication to giving back, most recently creating ‘The Women’s Empowerment Project’ to give a helping hand ‘up’ for local ACT survivors of family violence to get work experience within all facets of the Bond salon business. This enriching program enables women to get back on their feet, have recent experience on their resume, and be more able to support themselves and their family. “There were 28 of us gathered to watch the awards at a private dining area - thank goodness! There was so much screaming and jumping around, the poor wait staff were as shocked as we were. Winning Australian Salon Business of the Year for the third time blew us away. The consistency in all we do, and our passion for customer care, was also recognised with an award. Team Bond is a truly amazing team of talented people who are as passionate as myself about our business and our salon guests. Thank you to Linda, Kellie, and everyone involved with the judging process. Thank you also to Hair Biz, Hot Tools, and Schwarzkopf Professionals” Jenni Tarrant


Headhunters Hair Studio celebrates 30 years in the hairdressing industry this year. Based in the Peth suburb of Wembley, HeadHunters Hair Studio was founded in 1999 by multiple awardwinning stylist Donna Greyson growing from a modest salon to a highly sought after hair and beauty destination.

Greyson’s passion has always been to create beautiful, healthy and wearable hair with the salon known for its superior services and highly trained professional stylist team. Greyson’s passion has always been to create beautiful, healthy and wearable hair with the salon known for its superior services and highly trained professional stylist team. The salon’s success has been built on a commitment to constantly evolve, improve and develop the teams’ skills and services. A champion of ongoing training and education Donna recognises this saying, “business development is a never-ending journey, you can’t take your finger off the pulse, and I am always striving to make things more personal, innovative and above all provide the best service experience for every client.” “I believe that my commitment and flexibility towards our salon guests has been a huge part of our success, we always roll with a “yes” attitude and our salon guests really are like friends to us.” It’s this unwavering dedication and strive for excellence that has seen Headhunters Hair Studio continue to grow year on year. 38

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

The Headhunters Hair Studio embraces a culture of service excellence. Donna and her team of stylists are specialists in colour, colour techniques, cutting techniques for all hair lengths as well as event hair. “I believe that your hair is the most important part of our image, it shows individuality and a person’s personality. These days that’s a really important thing. We wear our hair every day and the way we style it completes our look. There is nothing better than watching a salon guest strut out of the salon after transforming their hair,” says Greyson.

EDITOR LOUISE MAY CAUGHT UP WITH DONNA TO FIND OUT A LITTLE MORE ABOUT HER JOURNEY OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS. This year Headhunters Hair Studio celebrates 30 years, what an amazing achievement. Can you tell us how the salon first came about and some of the milestones you are most proud of?

I come from a very business-oriented family. My parents probably were the ones that gave me the confidence and the push I needed to start my salon in Geraldton. I was 22 and I guess I thought I had nothing to lose. I have learnt so many lessons about people and business since HeadHunters began. I competed and encouraged

my team to compete in state and local competitions and we were very successful. I sold my salon in Geraldton and moved to Perth in 2003 keeping the salon name HeadHunters, I opened up in Subiaco. I feel proud that I was able to start HeadHunters in Perth on my own with basically no clients and build my business to what I have today. Having success in competitions, marketing this to the local community and still travelling to the East to judge hair competitions, attend Goldwell conferences, MBE and hair expo has allowed me to meet so many inspirational people in this industry. I then was lucky enough to buy my own property in 2016 in Wembley. After many months of planning and designing my new premises, we moved there in May 2017. We have never looked back; we have gained so many new clients and managed to retain most of our clients from Subiaco.

How do you think the industry has evolved in the last 30 years?

I think the power of social media has helped us to engage directly with new and existing clients.

What has been the secret to Headhunters Hair Studio’s success?

Probably many things but I do like to keep things real in my salon. Flexibility for all our salon guests and the power of not using the word NO. Our motto is if you want it, we will make it happen. No one wants to wait for anything anymore so where possible we will always say yes. Our clients truly appreciate that.

Your vision at Headhunters Hair Studio is to create beautiful, healthy and wearable hair – can you sum this up for us? Hair is what we wear every day, it’s as we say if your hair doesn’t look good you don’t feel so great. It is such an important part of our image.

What or who inspires you and who do you most admire in the hair industry? There are a lot! Robert Lobetta is the first person who springs to mind, his

vision and creativity was always next level. I love Angelo Seminara’s work, I also love following Sophia Hilton she is so real and such an individual, there is not enough of that these days in my opinion.

30 years is an incredible achievement for any business, how do you stay motivated and abreast of trends?

I am lucky enough to be involved with Intercoiffure in WA. We have an incredible group of salon owners who I’m lucky enough to network and train with monthly. I have always travelled to any hair event I can. In the past 12 months it’s been Zoom training and following different hair artists on social media. Goldwell is always an integral part of our salon training programme.


You have also been a Goldwell partner salon to the Kao Salon Division for 30 years! What do you love about working with the Kao Salon Division?

I’ve been with Goldwell for 30 years. Everyone I have come in to contact with over the years from the CEO to Marketing, reps and technicians are nothing but friendly and willing to get to know me and my business. They have always made me feel included and like a friend, not just a client. I have had some wild times with the Goldwell teams over the years, (we all love to party in our industry) the connection I have had with many of them over the years has been so important to my relationship with the company.

How would your team describe you?

Probably a control freak and a workaholic HAHAHA. They all know how passionate I am about every detail in my business and respect that. My mission is always help them to become the best hairstylist they can. I want to get the best out of them every day and I believe they give it to me.

What will the future bring for you and Headhunters Hair Studio?

Hopefully more success, lots of laughs, a stable salon team and travel again. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



Lady and the Hair owner Prue Taylor started out as a business owner in her garage at home in Melton, Victoria. Prue began her hairdressing journey as a young apprentice at a local salon, but had big dreams and was hungry for the best in education, so she found the perfect salon in St Kilda and completed her apprenticeship there, where she received some amazing training and met so many great people who had a such a positive influence on her career. The home-based salon business grew, and 4 more chairs and another basin were added, but it came to a time where Prue needed to find a bigger space! Prue found her first shop front salon with 15 chairs, and then had to renovate that one to add another 4 chairs. Prue then introduced the new Sunbury Salon in Victoria, which is growing along beautifully. We absolutely love the community there and feel like we fit in really well, says Prue. After 5 years in my shop front in Melton it was time for a revamp…. Prue says. So, the “super salon” was born! with 27 stations and 10 basins of absolute heaven… It’s truly such a fun space to work in. The salon experience has been designed to be all about your comfort and relaxation, delivering not only a great service to each and every person, but also by providing an exceptional experience. Our guests feel at ease from the moment they enter the salon, thanks to our down to earth environment. When their service is finished, they bounce out the door looking and feeling amazing, with the hair they 40

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

have always wanted! Amazing hair doesn’t end when they leave the salon, they are given the tools, the products, and the know-how, so they can recreate that salon-fresh finish at home. Our Team is made up with strong technical hairdressers who are not only talented but also extremely passionate about what they do. We are always up skilling with the latest hair trends and education, so that we can deliver a level of service and care found nowhere else. We take great pride in being a sustainable salon, which means we recycle 95% of all of our salon waste. We love leading the way in sustainability and being part of such a great cause. I absolutely love doing hair and everything about the industry… says Prue. I’m back on the floor 5 days a week, because after Covid lockdowns I just wanted to keep busy and be back on the tools. I love how the industry is always growing and changing, because it keeps me on my toes and needing to always stay ahead of the game.

I love all things colour! there isn’t a colour I don’t love to create. I also have a passion for hair extensions because I love how they make a client feel. I love having my salons because it gives me an opportunity to train young woman to become the best hairdresser they can possibly be, and offer them an exciting career where they will always be able to support themselves. The sky’s the limit for lady and the hair. I would love to see more salons and I would love to develop a training and education plan that will help build up apprentices skill up quickly, but also hopefully help the industry with our currently skill shortage

Hair Biz Editor, Louise May, spent some time chatting with owner PRUE TAYLOR. Tell us a little about your career prior to opening your salon. I worked for some really amazing salons that moulded and inspired me to be the hairdresser I am today, such as Hair Room in St Kilda, Luxe Cutter and Heading out, where I developed my skillset as a stylist. I started in my garage in Melton and while in that space I did a marketing session with Carissa Hill and had Business Coaching with Caitlyn Menzel, which propelled me to take my $7000 and create a salon space in Bakery Square, and start a team of stylists that became Lady and the Hair. Was business ownership always a priority for you? Yes definitely, I feel like I reached a point where I was unemployable and was ready to forge my own journey in the industry. Share with us some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the journey and how you overcame these? Staffing 100%, I feel like the excitement of being a hair stylist is not there anymore. I feel like we need to make the industry better and draw the younger generation and kids to the industry, this is something that I am very passionate about and want to work on in the future. Who were your industry heroes in your early years and who inspires you today? Tracey Hughes was a big influence and motivator for me in the early days and has been a big influence on how I train my team within my business. These days I look to Jaye Edwards who said something at a 2-day private session I had with my team that really changed the way I look at colouring “you can’t use old techniques to achieve modern colouring”. Loz Main from The Rumours are True with her approach to business and running a team, Carl and Belinda Keely from Chumba and the way they take to time to educate and train salon owners. Also, Loreal Australia, I have one of the most amazing business managers in Melissa Drinkwell, who is always helping me grow. What do you enjoy most about your business, team, or clients? I absolutely love working with my clients and spending time with them when they are in my chair. having a personal connection with my clients that I have been seeing for years is a real privilege and something very special about hairdressing. I still have a weekly client that comes in that I learnt to shampoo on Team – where do I start, I love my team and they

are my FAMILY, from my Area Manager/PA to my reception staff and my stylists we are not just a work team, but we are family who support each other in professional and our personal lives. Business – being able to support myself and my son as a single mother, and that I can offer to show young stylists that they can support themselves and build a successful career in our industry. What do you feel is so unique about your brand/ business? 100% our down to earth, inclusive, and relaxed vibe. What specific qualities or characteristics do you look for when selecting potential staff for your salons? Passion for the industry and the want to be a stylist also making sure they are the right fix for the salon atmosphere that we have created at Lady and the Hair. How do you find, keep, and grow high performing staff? Word of Mouth and social media is how a lot of the team have come to Lady and the Hair, we have great incentives in place for team members like profit share, great working hours, team lunch on a Saturday, team building and a huge focus on the mental health of the team where we have an EPA program and also, they have a Culture and Wellbeing program that we have introduced since covid 2020. How do you develop your team to help them be the best they can be? With the unique training systems and training plan that we do in-house each week and we are always attending training through Redken, Loreal and Kerastase as well as other industry leaders like Jaye Edwards and Chumba . You are known for retaining staff long term. What has enabled you to achieve this? Like above, the environment we have created at

Lady and the Hair and the family values. What are your secrets to juggling the demands of running a busy salon and large team? Firstly, my amazing Area Manager and Personal Assistant Wil Wegert, Good Systems down to taking the rubbish out to how to make a coffee to how to blow wave and foil, We have a Lady and the Hair system for it all and lastly by putting trust in my team around me How do you achieve your balance between the creative and the commercial needs of your business? As above and having discussions with the team on dated trends and upcoming trends and products on the market such as introducing K18 and adding Redken Flashlift with Bond inside to a growing range of Loreal Australia products that we use. What’s your advice to others who aspire to open their own salon? Get ready to work hard, make sure you constantly grow and learn from your peers and don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help – take that leap and don’t let anyone hold you back. What has been your greatest lesson or piece of advice along your business journey? Tracey Hughes told me – you should always invest in your team and train them as much as you can, even if they leave, they might stay… and this changed my business. What would you say are the core values or philosophies which define your business and leadership style? Honesty, Trust, Fashion-Forward, Hard Working, Loyalty and Family. What’s on the agenda for the future? I can see Salons in the future, growing this empire that I am so proud that I have created, and I want to shape the future of our industry – Develop the future training and education for our industry. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1





Continuing our series and In recognition of the emerging global talent surrounding Errol Douglas MBE, Errol spotlights some of these talented individuals that are, most definitely the ones to watch. “I had the good fortune to meet Darcey at a Fellowship event and since this time we’ve kept in contact, becoming firm friends.”

Darcey is a 21-year-old Senior hair stylist, located at award winning Shropshire hair salon, Ashley Gamble. “I have been a part of the hair industry since the age of 15 and in that time, I’ve gone from strength to strength, developing my career to its full potential.” she says. “One of my proudest achievements to date is winning Junior of the Year at the British Hairdressing Business Awards back in 2018. Since then, I have grown an addiction for entering competitions!” Going down a slightly different route to follow on from her win, she was fortunate enough to get a place on both the Fellowship of British Hairdressings’ ClubStar Art Team in 2020- 2021, and the Schwarzkopf Collective Team. “The opportunities I have been fortunate enough to be a part of in that time have simply been out of this world, whether it’s working with Schwarzkopf Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin at Rankin Studios for the latest issue of Hunger Magazine or showcasing my hair work on the Fellowship stage at Salon International, I have been well and truly spoilt!” “Since the first lockdown I’ve also discovered the world and potential of social media within the hair industry. I spend my time away from the salon I have launched myself into Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube, creating content to help both my clients and digital audience with their lockdown hair problems.” With now a collective following of over 28,000 followers across all of her social platforms she says it was one of the best decisions she made in her career as she is now known as “the one that does the videos” in the salon. 44

Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 6

“On a daily basis I have clients and followers tell me that they’ve watched one of my videos and have been able to finally crack that one hair problem they have struggled with for years. I find this one of the most rewarding parts of my job when I hear that I’ve helped someone from just making a short video and sharing advice. When I’m in the salon I’m focused on creating amazing hair to boost my client’s confidence when they walk out of the salon door!”


My perfect 9-5 would look like a full column with clients both old and new, creating amazing hair with that fresh out of the salon feeling as they walk out the door!

What has been the most favourite workday in your life to date-and why, what was so special about it?

That’s a tough one! There’s so many to choose from. I have to say one of my top days in the salon has got to be when I received the call from the Fellowship of British Hairdressing to say that I had been successful in securing a place in the ClubStar Art Team 2020. I remember bursting into tears of joy as I hung up the phone! That was such a milestone in my career as it was the first Art Team I auditioned for. What is the most favourite aspect of your

hairdressing career- what part of hairdressing do you enjoy most, why- and how much time can you allocate to it? My favourite part of hairdressing constantly changes if I’m honest with you. Whether it’s working in the salon on my cutting skills or outside of the 9-5 working in London behind the scenes on a photoshoot. In my opinion I feel like your favourites and interests within hair should always be changing. I believe it develops you into a well-rounded hairdresser with experience in every area. If we don’t push ourselves away from our ‘favourites’ then sometimes we can develop a safe zone that we are scared to come out of.

1-1 with any hairdresser who would it be and why?

For me it’s got to be the legend that is Vidal Sassoon. Even to be able to pick his brains and see how his mind works would be such an honour, let alone watch him work and educate me!

What would your advice to other young people considering a career in hairdressing?

Go for it. Like any career you’re going to have really fantastic days and really bad days too, but it’s how you come back from those bad days that really defines you and your mindset. People will judge you and will make you feel like you aren’t good enough, but don’t let that defeat you. It’s down to you to prove those people wrong.

Over the next few issues of HAIRBIZ, special guest contributor, Errol Douglas MBE, spotlights some young talented individuals that are, “On The Up” and the ones to watch!

If you could turn back your creative clockwhat would you have done differently?

If I could go back and tell that 15-year-old girl sweeping the hair off the salon floor anything, it would be to stop caring about what others think of you. If you envision something in a certain way, then use your creativity to make that vision come to life. Of course, take guidance and pick up on other techniques but use those to create something that reflects you and your creative side.

How do you see the next 5 years in hairdressing spanning out?

In the next 5 years I’ll be 26. By that age I’d love to be progressing and planning to make the move to have a salon of my own. Outside of that I will have a British Hairdressing Awards title of my own. And to also have secured myself a place on the Fellowship Of Hairdressing F.A.M.E. Team and by then I’d love to be an ambassador for Schwarzkopf, working my way up to Global Ambassador. Most importantly I’d love to remain my happy and passionate self.

If there is a special technique you could be better at, what would it be?

I would love to develop my techniques in braiding. I adore the work that Efi Davies and Sylvester Finould create, and I feel like I’m almost in a trance whenever I look at their work. I aspire to one day have the braiding skills like they do!

On a global platform who is it that you most admire in hairdressing and why? Name 3 people for different talents?

Errol Douglas - I first met Errol on a shoot he was leading with the prestigious F.A.M.E. Team. I had won a competition to be able to assist them on their photographic collection for Black Beauty Magazine. After spending the day with Errol and the team I was blown away by their skills and knew I wanted to be a part of it! I dropped Errol a message on Instagram, thanking him for having me on set and how much I enjoyed the day. Errol took the time to reply and said how much he enjoyed having me there and we chatted and got to know each other. After meeting at several social events after the shoot, Errol invited me to lunch and offered me a role to be his mentee. I obviously was over the moon with his offer and immediately accepted! Ever since he has given me his precious time and energy to help me with anything I needed. Attended events to watch and cheer me on, motivated me and shared such powerful and strong words of wisdom. It’s not hard to see that Errol is such an icon in the industry and his passion motivates me every day. He wants to give back to the next generation of hairdressers, and I respect that. I’m so excited and eager to properly start my mentorship with Errol.

Nick Irwin - Nick has been someone that I only recently met. But in that little time, he is someone that continues to inspire me. I first met Nick at the Schwarzkopf Collective X Hunger Magazine shoot. From start to finish, Nick was nothing less than kind, skilled and included every single one of us on the team as he believes “we are the next generation of hairdressers, ” so he felt it was important that everyone got stuck in with the hair. He took time to find out about us all individually and made us feel at home. That entire shoot was one of the best days of my career. Since then, at every event I’ve seen Nick at he’s taken the time to come over and talk as if we’d known each other forever. After watching his opening show at this years’ British Hairdressing Awards, I was astounded - the whole room was blown away by the sheer talent and skill that Nick has. Sally Brooks - Sally is someone I’ve admired since I very first started hairdressing. I remember, after winning British Hairdressing Business Awards Junior of the Year, I was asked to write up questions so I could interview Sally for a hairdressing magazine. I jumped at the chance and since then have always looked up to Sally.

What are the wisest words you have ever adhered to?

“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

What is your go-to hair product in the salon?

In the salon I’m constantly picking up a can of Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler Spray! I use this one 99% of my clients as it is the perfect finishing touch to any style! And who doesn’t want shiny, healthy-looking hair!

When did you realise you wanted to be a hairdresser?

I have always been a creative person, even from a young age. I never set out with the intention of being a hairdresser but almost fell into the hair world really. I went to Ashley Gamble on a weeks’ work experience when I was in my last year of school. I fell in love with the environment of the salon and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Funnily enough the week previous to being in the salon I had worked at a graphic design company as it was something I felt I would like to develop into a potential future career. However, I found myself counting down the hours until the day was over, so I knew the office environment wasn’t for me. My second day of working in the salon Ashley offered me an apprenticeship and I took a Saturday girl role whilst I was still at school. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

For me it has to be The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters. Can’t tell you how much of an effect this book had on me. It changed my whole

perspective on how the mind works. With that it’s also made me look at how I view and value myself differently, I’m a much more positive and confident person from reading it.

What’s the greatest film you’ve ever watched?

Erin Brockovich. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a mustsee film! I think it signifies that you should never give up, no matter whether people tell you that you can’t do something or that you aren’t good enough. Twist those words and use them as motivation to prove those people wrong.

In the performing arts- what presentation literally blew you away?

This is a massive guilty pleasure for me, but I always remember going to my first concert at the age of 7 and watching McFly. Now some of you might laugh and think McFly? Aren’t they just the 00’s boy band that have a few hit songs? But I will always remember the amount of energy and passion that they put into their performance. I have continued to be a lifelong McFly fan and jump at any chance to buy tickets for their concerts as no matter how many times I have seen them live, I am always left blown away and feeling like I’m on cloud nine!



Massimo Tirimacco, ZoHair with Mark Thompson, L’Oreal Professionnel

Massimo Tirimacco, ZoHair Announced as the International winner of the Style & Colour Trophy Finale in a special episode of Run Le Hair Show, Massimo Tirimacco, represented our national community in a group of nine finalists from around the world. Over 40 countries entered their national winner into the next stage and Massimo was selected into this prestigious final round, reflecting his work under the theme of French Balayage. Massimo is the multi-award-winning Owner and Artistic Director of ZoHair Salon in Adelaide, South Australia and has been crowned Winner of the Australian L’Oréal Colour Trophy two years running for 2019 and 2020. He has also been recognised consecutively for the Marie Claire Australia Reader’s Choice Award 2019 and 2020. Massimo has made waves within the Australian hairdressing industry with a simple ethos to create looks that make you feel amazing. The Zohair Salon is led by Massimo and his wife Madeline, who together have over 32 years of industry expertise. Beginning his career in hair at the age of 17, he has elevated his craft and passion for creating beautiful hair becoming an expert in colour, balayage and styling. Massimo’s talent has been at the forefront of editorial fashion and beauty landscape gracing publications such as InStyle Magazine, RUSSH and Marie Claire Australia. 46

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

The Style & Colour Trophy has brought major exposure for the hair pro community globally while introducing hair lovers around the world to the latest trends and greatest talent in the hair industry. It showcases the world’s brightest hairdressing talent, turning the best among them into internationally known stars of the world of hair. The international finale of Style & Colour Trophy was highlighted by a special episode of Run Le Hair Show, the international web series by pros, for pros and all hair lovers and at a special breakfast,, hosted in Adelaide at ZoHair, excited friends, family and colleagues, not to mention HAIRBIZ waited with anticipation for the winning result.

“It’s been a process to get here and I have worked so hard; it’s a huge personal achievement for me and something I’ve always wanted to win. Missing out on going to Milan and New York for previous finals was hard, but the fact I can celebrate this with my friends and family in my home town of Adelaide in the salon that took me 5 years to find is such a special moment. Being with all of those that have supported me along the way adds to this win 1000%. My staff are inspired to enter next year and I’m excited to watch and support them in a way of giving back. We have a big year ahead!” In the next issue of HairBiz, editor Louise May, gets up close and personal with a very special feature on Massimo, his career, his salon and the ultimate accolades he has so far enjoyed! Stay tuned.

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Meet the 2021/22


Originally from Scotland Leanne has been in Australia for 8 years moving here when she was a young 18-yearold having worked as a Saturday girl from when she was 12 working her way up through the ranks.

“My mum’s a hairdresser, says Leanne, “and I have always looked up to her. Growing up she always dressed really cool and would have the most amazing hair; that’s where my love of hairdressing began, watching her work and run her salon.” Fast forward to today and you will find Leanne at Stevie English Hair, Sydney, working as a senior stylist, educator and social media manager. “I have a passion for photography and content creating which is why I took on the social media manager role, having worked here for just over six years. The crew at Stevie English are like a family and I love coming to work with them every day.” Leanne has a love for educating the team of apprentices and watching them grow both personally and professionally gives her a sense of extreme pride. Over the last year not only has Leanne been named as a member of the coveted HOT SHOTS Team but also finaled for 2021 AHIA Salon Team Member of the Year and between lockdowns runs a full column of clients. In our series of Meet the 2021 Hot Shots, this month, it’s time for the wonderfully creative LEANNE KAY … Leanne, what made you want to become a hairdresser? Growing up watching my mum definitely inspired me to become a hairdresser. I actually don’t remember a specific point in time when I decided as I knew from such a young age. I remember flicking through the hair mags and being mesmerised by all the different cuts and colours and playing for hours on my barbie styling head chopping away with plastic scissors.


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

What kind of hair work is your fav and why? Creative colour is definitely my biggest passion within hairdressing although I do enjoy all aspects. I get excited when I see a huge colour transformation in my column. How do you manage work life balance? I definitely live by the quote “choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” so work life balance for me is always good. Who inspires you in the creative field of hairdressing and why? Currently I have been extremely inspired by Lyndal Salmon; not only is her work mesmerising and extremely cool she also has given so much back to the hairdressing community through the pandemic/lockdowns by letting us all tune into her living room lockdown sessions and keeping the industry inspired through some tough times. If you could spend a day with anyone from a business or lifestyle mentorship perspective who would it be and why? I would love to spend a day with Angelo Seminara as his work is so incredible and inspiring. He is a creative genius and I would find it interesting to see how he creates from a concept through to a final collection/image. He would have so much knowledge to share and the best stories I’m sure! How important are competitions and awards to you? I’m grateful to have entered competitions and especially to have won a spot on Hot Shots but the most important thing for me is coming into work and loving my job and surrounding myself with a team who laugh all day long. Being able to enter competitions and attend awards nights is an added bonus to a career I am so passionate about. Can you tell us a little about what you are most looking forward to being a member of the Hot Shots team? Over lockdown as a team we had some zoom chats and even collaborated on some education for each other’s teams, so for me I am so excited to meet the team again in person and work creatively together. I’m extremely excited to get in to the Hot Shots House and begin our mentoring program, meet all of the incredible mentors and learn as much as I can from the whole experience. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? I would love to have my own salon with a strong apprenticeship program as I have a huge passion for educating. I would love to still be learning and becoming the best version of myself that I can be. As my dad always says, ‘every day is a school day!’.


Worst fashion moment Accidentally wearing see through pants to work and having to run to vinnies for an outfit change. Worst Hair day Would have be the micro fringe my mum used to cut me as a kid, as I clearly couldn’t sit still long enough to have a fringe. Fav Destination Anywhere with a beach. Fav Drink Margarita If you weren’t a hairdresser you would be a…. I think I would have probably became a photographer or makeup artist. As a teenager I used to make my friends be my models and I would do their hair and makeup to create photoshoots which looking back were extremely cringey but good memories to look back

TREND FORECAST FOR 2022 By Kristie Kesic

“Blondes are out”, “Playground Highlights”, “Expensive Brunettes”; these are just some of the 2022 colour headlines. Hair colour trends are still being heavily influenced by social media influencers and celebrities, but the reality of a “trend” is that they only last a hot minute. I went to some of the best colourists is Australia, who own the coolest salons in their towns to get their take on what colours we should be looking out for in 2022 and more importantly, what colours we should leave behind in 2021. When Hailey Bieber changed her platinum sun kissed locks to a deeper, more natural blonde, the internet suddenly exploded with cries of “Blondes are out!” To me, blondes will never be out, that’s just not possible. What I believe will change is the tones and aesthetic our new blondes have. Magazine publications and celebrities describing colours like ‘expensive brunettes’ is a great marketing tool, because it gets the consumer thinking it’s a brandnew colour or technique; but reality is it’s just baby lights or soft balayage pieces to create dimension in an otherwise flat brunette. Something colourists have been doing for years now. So, in saying all this, what are the colours or tones we should be looking out for in 2022? I asked Sheree Knobel, Owner of Bixie Colour, Redken Artist Australia, and ultimate colour queen, and Chantelle Castle, Owner of Viva La Blonde, the West Coasts’ original and best blonde salon.

SHEREE: ‘Pastel highlights! So, your same gorgeous lived-

in highlights, but in pastel tones of pink, champagne, or soft lavenders. These tones are totally wearable with your natural colour and fade out beautifully so why not have some fun’! “Do mix it up and play around with your glosses. Play with tone”.

CHANTELLE: “I think we are seeing a returning of lighter pastel blondes across a variating tonal spectrum, really light but glossed in beiges, pearls, honeys, with less lived in darker colours “.

Now let’s look at the year that was 2021 Trends are like fashion and each one goes full circle. I mean, never did I think the 90’s Spice Girl Ginger Spice statement piece would be back, but it was one of the hottest looks in 2021. I made peace with that and ended up loving it for a short moment (on the right person). However, I’m ready to move on from that. While we’re on the 90’s trends, I recently read that there would be a resurgence of the 90’s contrasting stripe foils. One thing I can assure you will never walk out of my salon is the contrast stripe foils. You know exactly what I mean and that is one trend that 100% needs to stay buried in the past. I asked Sheree and Chantelle for their opinions on what they thought was fun, but we should now leave in 2021?

SHEREE “For me, I think the strong, chunky, stripy money

piece must go. I absolutely love doing them, they’re so fun, but I found that every client I did one on only kept it for a few weeks as it grows out fast & the regrowth was INTENSE, so let’s leave that trend behind”.

CHANTELLE “Thick bleach face frames need to be left behind”.

So we’re all on the same page, it’s Safe to say the strong money piece is recommended to be left in 2021. I think it safe to say it’s always going to be about personalisation. We’ve seen it all before, and rather than seeking out a trend or waiting to seek the approval of what a social media influencer says is the colour must have, it’s more about listening to your clients’ needs, and allowing your client to be their own true trendsetter. Heres to a wonderful 2022 filled with beautiful colour and happy clients. Kristie Kesic, Cobelle Creative


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


thin curling wand, the new addition ® the ghd curve e of 185°C and aGlobal speedyto 30 second leaders inheat hair andrange. fashion ght curls from 3 seconds**, with minimum ghd have kicked off 2022 with a Featuring their a unique bang, launching new 14mm thin thin barrel, the ghd thin wand creates styling time and wand long-lasting tool exclusively in ghd Elite defined ith the new ghd curve thinand wand. even curls* that last Salons throughout Australia andfor up to 24h,from with no extreme heat. New Zealand January 10, two months ahead of the consumer launch in March.

The ghd curve® thin wand is the 5th addition to ghd’s growing curve® portfolio, and creates tight, defined and even curls in as little as three seconds. Featuring a unique 14mm thin barrel, the ghd curve® thin wand creates defined and even curls* that last for up to 24h, with no extreme heat. The ghd curve® thin wand collection offers a full styling suite of tools for all hair types and lengths, to create stunning and healthy-looking curls. The ghd curve® thin wand has been highly requested by professionals for a number of years, thanks to the versatility of looks it creates, from deep glamorous Hollywood Waves right through to tight, defined and textured curls. As a brand that’s born in the heart of salon and used by more than 250,000 professionals worldwide, giving salon professionals in Australia and New Zealand exclusive first access to a new tool launch is just one of the ways the brand supports their ghd Elite Salons. “The ghd curve® thin wand will make such fresh and unique content for our social posts, as it allows style creativity and amazing transformations that will be super engaging for our customers, plus our clients can get the ghd tight curl look in our salon first!” says Kira-Lee Honor, Owner at The Place Hairdressing in Bundaberg, a ghd Elite Salon. With two months of exclusivity up their sleeve, ghd Elite Salons and artists will be among the first to showcase the thin wand tool, giving them the ability to create transformative and defined looks for their clients as well as being the first in Australia and New Zealand Using the optimum styling temperature of 185°C and a speedy 30 second to stock and sell this exciting new product to consumers.

up time, ghd curve thin wand offers tight curls from 3 seconds**, with minim

“Retailing in our salon is so important to our business growth. Having access to a premium product from a brand like ghd before effort and less and damage.*** anyone else to use and sell is so exciting.”

Getandahead the curve; enjoycollections a quickbefore styling time andElite long-lasting In addition to receiving early previews access toof new tools and campaign anyone else, ghd Salons also benefit curl definition with no extreme heat,experts, with premium the new ghd curve thin wand. from elevated business support including exclusive education sessions by ghd styling visual merchandising collateral, VIP and consumer event support, elevated profit margins, performance rebates and much more. *once the hair is wrapped around the barrel.

tighter beachy waves


TRIED & TESTED BY PROFESSIONALS “The ghd thin wand is great for any hair length and curl type, even for super short hair. The consistent temperature creates curls that look healthy and bouncy. This is my new go-to tool for creating unique and head turning curls.” – Charlotte Mensah, Global Brand Ambassador. “I’m so excited about the ghd thin wand given my natural corkscrew curl and until now, there haven’t been enough hot tools on the market for our hair type available. The thin wand is really versatile and can easily achieve a glam wave on fine hair or add natural curl and definition to textured/afro hair. The matte texture of the wand itself makes it super easy to use and control, whatever your skill level. A must for my kit now.” – Táne Tomoana, Creative Lead Dry & Tea AU & NZ.


“At ghd, we are dedicated to constantly being at the forefront “At ghd, we are dedicated to constantly being of innovation and pioneering at the forefront innovation andhair pioneering tools that willofhelp satisfy the needs both professionals tools thatofwill help satisfy the and hair needs of consumers. The and new consumers. ghd Thin The new both professionals provides maximum ghdWand curve® thin wand providescurl maximum curl definition in minimum time, without definition in minimum time, without extreme extreme heat to maintain the health heat to maintain the health of your hair.” of your hair.” – Ludovic Dellazzeri. Managing Director,Director, ghd ANZ.ghd ANZ. Ludovic Dellazzeri. Managing #ghdcurve #ghdthinwand is$250 greatand forisany hair length and curl type, The new“The ghd ghd curvethin thin wand wand is available fromfor January 2022hair. in Elite even super 10 short TheSalons. consistent temperature creates curls that look healthy and bouncy. This is my new go-to tool For further press enquiries please contact creating unique and head turning curls.” TMC PR:for Phoebe Parsons:

Charlotte Mensah. ghd Global Brand Ambassador.

*consumer testing, 130 women, April 2021. **once the hair is wrapped around the barrel. ***compared to curler at 210C with equivalent or higher contact time.

speedy 30 second heat perfect for professionals that demand quality, but also conds**, with “It’s minimum

perfect for our clients who want their curls to last all day and all night without dropping!”

ng-lasting urve thin wand. Sheree Knobel. Bixie Colour and ghd Creative Artist.

To find out more about the ghd thin wand or to join the ghd elite program, contact your ghd representative or call 1300 443 424.

#ghdcurve #ghdthinwand Follow on instagram @ghdhair_anz

We spoke to Sheree Knobel, Owner of Bixie Colour in Sydney, colour educator and ghd creative artist about the NEW GHD CURVE® THIN WAND Your first thoughts of the new ghd curve® thin wand? I have been lucky enough to play with the ghd thin wand for a while now and it has opened a whole new world of styling potential. It’s such tighter beachy waves a thin styling tool and it honestly blew my mind that I can create a consistent curl from root to tip in a matter of seconds.

ultimate hollywood hair

What are some of the features you found using the ghd curve® thin wand? The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to use and the styling speed of the new 14mm barrel. I can say that transforming a look has defined natural curls never been easier, from straight to wavy you can expect hair a lot of tight ultimate hollywood curls in a matter of minutes. It’s 38% longer than the rest of the ghd curve® range and can be used on any hair type but what I love most about it is you don’t run out of barrel before you run out of hair. Not only does it work at a lower and safer temperature to respect hair health, it also creates long lasting results with up to 24 hour definition. As a ghd creative artist, what makes you excited about this latest product? I have been using ghd since 2001 and it’s so exciting to see this definedofnatural curlsin the brand, not just for me, but for my explosion innovation clients and team too. The ghd curve® thin wand allows me to create a whole new look for my clients, which they can then recreate at home with confidence. Such transformative results, coupled with a complete respect for integrity of your hair all come from ghd’s over 20 years of experience with hair heat technology design. As a colourist it is crucial for me to protect colour fading at every step of the salon journey. As with all ghd tools, the ghd thin wand allows your colour work to stay shiny and vibrant. This is thanks to the optimum styling temp of 185 which remains consistent across the barrel. With ghd there is no compromising on the hair health or the colour fade. Who would you recommend the ghd curve® thin wand to? For anyone wanting to get creative or ramp up your styling repertoire, the ghd curve® thin wand will not disappoint! It’s perfect for professionals that demand quality, but also perfect for our clients who want their curls to last all day and all night without dropping!



NEW Strong Hold Hair Spray By bhave

In the world of styling products, hair spray is a must-have in any stylist’s arsenal. Whether creating a polished up-do for a blushing bride, finishing off a beautiful bouncy blow-dry or inspiring our industry as a sassy session stylist, you can now confidently lock in your creations with our long-anticipated strong-hold hair spray. Suitable for all hair types AND proudly AUSTRALIAN-MADE PROVIDES AMAZING BENEFITS... • lightweight feel • ultra-strong hold • provides volume • goes on dry • provides structure • humidity resistant • lightly scented • maintains and locks-in hairstyles with ease • washes out easily • compatible on colour/keratin treated hair AND BOASTS... • olive leaf extract with smooth and shine-enhancing qualities which help moisturise and hydrate. • bamboo leaf extract’s antioxidant properties help improve hair health with its silica-rich nutrient base.

Always Performing. Never compromising. KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE

A new and innovative way to strengthen your consciousness for preserving the planet and the people who populate it, without sacrificing performance or individual style. KMS has eliminated the compromise that often comes with being eco-friendly but creating consistently fabulous hair. That’s why KMS is making it simple to make conscious choices and get superb results with its new and innovative CONSCIOUS STYLE line. This range of gentle essential hair care products designed for daily use is formulated with minimal, mostly naturally derived, yet high performing ingredients with a nominal impact on nature. Ideal for normal to fine hair and safe for color-treated hair, CONSCIOUS STYLE works from start to finish imparting weightless hydration, enhancing natural texture, protecting against environmental* pollutants and creating pure, individual style. CONSCIOUS STYLE is all about using less to achieve more. The range incorporates streamlined formulations composed of pure, simple, and mostly sustainable ingredients carefully chosen to live up to your hair styling expectations; up to 98% are naturally derived and up to 97% are biodegradable. Meanwhile the line also incorporates KMS’s unique TRIfinity Technology, which was developed to complement START. STYLE. FINISH. in every style you create.

NEW Beach Bod Salt Spray By bhave

There’s no doubt tousled; textured beach waves are the epitome of sexy summer hair. And when it comes to achieving that perfect “beach-hairdon’t-care” style, there’s no need to bust a$$ to get beach body ready with the NEW Beach Bod styling/finishing spray. • Ideal for all hair types • Boosts body to fine and thinning hair • Helps fine hair appear thicker/fuller • Enhances and defines wavy, curly hair • Creates texture • Natural matte finish

Saddle Stool By Joiken

NEW COLOUR-WAY NOW available in TAN UPHOLSTERY Features • Tan Upholstery (Also available in Black or White Upholstery) • Saddle seat available with Back or NO Back • Gas lift • Available in Chrome or Black base • Click’nClean castor easy rolling wheels for mobility (Clear castor easy rolling wheel option also available)

CONSCIOUS STYLE packaging utilizes up to 53% recyclable PCR (post-consumer recycled materials). Both Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner are up to 100% recyclable. Bonus: Through reducing and recycling virgin plastic consumption, CONSCIOUS STYLE significantly decreases carbon emissions. THE LINE-UP: KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE EVERYDAY SHAMPOO 300ML This daily mild shampoo gently cleanses and helps maintain the natural balance of the scalp while providing weightless hydration to leave hair with a natural touch and healthy shine. Formulated with KMS’s AHA Structure Complex that improves not only the internal structure of hair with organic acids but also the external structure, priming hair for optimal style creation. Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse. Repeat if necessary. KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE EVERYDAY CONDITIONER 250ML This mild and nourishing daily treatment gently detangles and maintains the natural balance of the hair and scalp while enhancing manageability and elasticity. Formulated with KMS’s AHA Structure Complex that improves not only the internal structure of hair with organic acids but also the external structure, priming hair for optimal style creation. Hair is left with a soft touch and healthy shine. KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE STYLING PUTTY 75ML This paste/cream with a firm consistency that softens easily in your hand for even, perfect distribution features an innovative blend of naturally derived Carnauba Wax and a natural styling polymer. KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE MULTI-BENEFIT SPRAY 200ML This hybrid flexible styling spray/finishing hairspray features minimal ingredients, including an innovative polymer that creates a flexible shield around the hair that in perfect combination with a moisturizer enhances hair elasticity and manageability.

HAIR SHOP Go From Yellow to HELLO And Brassy to CLASSY
With The NEW Intense Toning Masques By bhave

Say goodbye to those unwanted brassy tones with this luxurious toning masque that gradually neutralises, eliminates and counteracts unwanted yellow to cooler silver, ash and platinum tones, all while hydrating and nourishing your locks at the same time. Infused with the signature bioactive keratin technology to deliver essential repair and protection. bhave Intense Toning Masque: SLATE Enriched with: Indian Lotus - adds natural shine, strength and elasticity to brittle, dull hair. Blackcurrant - contains Vitamin A to keep hair moisturised Jasmine - helps strengthen the root, making hair stronger and less prone to breakage with amazing moisturising properties Bhave Intense Toning Masque: VIOLET Enriched with: Lavender – helps promote hair growth with beautiful soothing properties. 
 Ylang Ylang Leaf Extracts – provides condition and gorgeous shine 
 Jasmine - helps strengthen the root, making hair stronger and less prone to breakage with amazing moisturising properties

New additions to the Defy Damage Range By Joico

Introducing the two new additions to Joico’s ‘Defy Damage’ Range - the Sleepover Overnight Nourishing Treatment and the Protective Shield. Rich in Protective Lipids, Arginine and Moringa Seed Oil, these two new saviours act as the first line of defense against UV damage, fundamental to creating healthy, strong, damage-resistant hair. The Defy Damage range holds a particular focus on healthyhair transformation. With these two new additions, the collection works together to protect all hair types from the ravaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution that leads to dry, dull, lackluster locks. So, Defy Damage this Summer and let Joico protect and strengthen hair bonds, nourishing your mane and boosting shine and softness. All the better, the Sleepover treatment works while you sleep!

LUMI10 By Joico

‘Going grey’ is a bold choice that not everyone is ready to make, and there is no doubt that touching up those pesty locks is a time consuming and often tedious process for professionals. When time is of the essence, we need a fast-acting, longlasting colour for every just-say-nay-to-grey personality who walks in your door – to colour in the fast lane, as they say. Joico is delighted to announce the launch of their new lightning-fast permanent hair colour range to Australian salons. Some call it a miracle. They call it Joico LUMI10 The professional hair colour contains fast-acting high-performance pigments and deep conditioning ingredients to deliver rich, glossy colour in only 10 minutes, making those last-minute and unexpected walk-ins more manageable. Each professional hair colour in the LUMI10 range is pre-blended and easy to formulate, making colouring development super speedy. Whether clients require a quick root touch-up, lightening and brightening, or total grey coverage, the carefully selected range of 15 shades suit most colour re-touch clients.


Go fast in red. Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer’s new colour for 2022 is red. Ultra-lightweight with 2250 watts of potent power. Antibacterial technology.


Lightweight, compact, ultra-high performance. Silver Bullet Evolution Professional Hair Dryer is powered by an extraordinarily fast BLDC 110,000 rpm motor. Next level blow-drying.


A new era of in-salon permanent straightening. Qiqi Vega is the only permanent straightening treatment which is NOT alkalinebased. 3 formulas for all hair types. Easy, simple, proven and stateof-the-art.


BaBylissPRO Double Foil Shaver and BaBylissPRO Skeleton Outliner Trimmer now available in combo packs. Close-cut performance and precision. Exciting additions to the colour range: BlueFX and classic GoldFX.



100% vegan haircare for colour protection. Bokka Botanicals harnesses the world’s highest quality botanicals to extend the longevity and vibrancy of all colour treated hair. Mindfully created, clean beauty.


The perfect product for the perfect look. Crafted from 25 years of professional hairdressing experience, HH Simonsen hair care is available in Australia from January 2022.

Let Silver Bullet Layback Clipper do the hard work for you. This conscientious clipper features 3 blade speeds of 5,500-7,500 rpm, superior ceramic cutting blade and layback charging base.

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After being in hairdressing for nearly four decades (yikes!) I have seen the industry landscape change significantly. When I first started my apprenticeship, high-end salons were run by men, with women making up the majority of smaller salons. Males in our industry led the way, winning the state and national awards for business and creative work. It seemed comparatively rare to see women taking out such accolades. More and more, I am witness to outstanding women running very high-end, successful teams and businesses and/or being the creme de la creme of creativity and overall leaders in our industry. The thrill I get from this ‘evolution’ is about the equality of women and men sharing the space as the best Australia has to offer our population and the world. I have always been so proud of the way our industry welcomes diversity and have rarely encountered any personal bias on the basis of my gender. The only time it seems to happen, even nowadays, is when I am asked what part my husband plays in my business. People are still surprised to find out that I am running my businesses solo with no input from a business partner or my husband. Operating a highly successful salon obviously takes a dedicated team of professionals helping to keep everything running smoothly and consistently, but all the bucks stop with me! I wonder how often males in my position are asked a similar question. Generally speaking, I believe it has been a choice many women have made, in the past and today, to run smaller salons and balance family and/or other parts of their life. The thought of running a massive team and the non-negotiable commitment it requires to run a million dollar business solo can easily be overwhelming - even when one has been doing it for a long time. Today, I see this being achieved by so many women, 64

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

both younger and older. Flexibility in the workplace for both men and women provide options and opportunities for solutions which may not have been available when I started my career, and even opened my first salon. One of the reasons I love the hairdressing industry is because I believe we are true pioneers when it comes to welcoming diversity. There are few other business collectives that embrace differences in the way we do. Seeing both men and women of all ages and backgrounds shine is incredibly powerful as role models and mentors, giving us all an equal opportunity to learn and flourish. I am so proud of what we are and what we stand for as an industry and I truly believe we are leaders and innovators when it comes to showing the world what we can achieve. Every leader, from salon owners to apprentice groups, need to pat themselves on the back for what we are creating - both for future generations and inspiring other industries to embrace equality. So, for all the young stylists coming up through our ranks, hear this: Anyone can succeed and anything can be achieved in the Australian hairdressing industry. Dedication, passion, and belief will take you as high as you are willing to go. And I can assure you that I won’t be the only one applauding your successes from the sidelines. Jen xx



By Gary Latham

Around the turn of the century it was all about branding. It wasn’t enough to be a company or to have a product you had to be a brand. The best reason not to do something was “it’s not on brand” the only reason to do something was to “build the brand”. The brand got to mean so much people stopped referring to the name of their product or business but instead constantly called it “the brand”. It was ridiculous. If the brand was so important why not actually use its name every chance you get. I’ve always tried to insert Wild Life into any sentence in place of “the brand”. I think hairdressing has fallen into a similar trap, or should I say “our industry” has. On a one-to-one level there a few businesses to client conversations like those in the salon but as a collective we tend to lose the thread. I don’t know of any industry that uses the word industry to describe itself as much as “our industry”. We even just use “the industry” not even qualifying which industry we actually mean. It’s not the “hair industry” as you may hear of the “fashion industry” or “automobile industry” we just go with the “industry”. We are proud of our industry; we support the industry, and we give back to the industry. It’s like we wanted the world to know that Hair is actually an Industry. OK the job done let’s aim higher. Let’s use its name and be proud to promote that, trouble is we can’t agree on a name. Hairdressing, Hair Styling, Hair Cutting, Hair Colouring, Haircare etc. I’d settle for The Hair Industry or even the Hair Profession. Unfortunately, the Hair Profession can be its own worst enemy at times. We struggle to attract staff and battle against those who are trying to under cut the Hair Profession. Passion is a huge plus for the Hair Profession, but it is a double edge sword. Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you don’t charge for what you are doing. Actors

and sportspeople always talk of doing what they love but at the same time draw in some of the world’s biggest pay cheques. The love of the job alone won’t address the skill shortages. You can’t tell me that the reason the trade attracting the most apprentices is plumbing because people love s-bends and sewerage. We need to be more to get more. If given the choice between a long lunch at Bondi Icebergs or a ham toastie at home I’m going to Bondi every-time. Hairdressing markets to itself beautifully but to the consumer poorly. Run your eye over the collections that are sent into the many hairdressing awards and ask yourself if this would attract a new client? Social media was to be the saviour and, in many ways, its helped greatly in talking to clients although it again seems to be talking to other hairdressers more than the public. The ratio of followers to clients is often staggering. Call me a dinosaur but if some kid in Buttfuck USA wants to follow my salon than why should I care. As I said earlier the client hairdresser relationship is one of the most special going. How do we recreate that on social besides showing the backs of people’s heads. Is it just as simple as talking to them like we would in the salon? Are we just too busy convincing other hairdressers, or ourselves how wonderful we are. In short clients want to be beautiful, hairdressers want to be creative, for that to work we need to be creating beauty. *FYI the numbers on this dinosaur are I have over 40 staff who I respect and cherish, 280 follows who I mostly know personally and 12554 customers none of which live in Buttf*@k USA. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



ARE YOU READY FOR 2022? By Brodie-Lee Tsiknaris

What an exciting year to be jumping in to! With Borders opening and vaccination rates increasing, we are seeing some more normality for a lot! I don’t know about you, but this excites me! A new year means new goals, new opportunities. So, let’s take time to look back, reflect and plan for success both professionally and personally! If you don’t set goals for your life, then it’s almost certain that you will be very disappointed with your results. Aiming at nothing is setting yourself up to achieve nothing. To make sure I feel set up for success - I love to start the year with a planning day. A day where I sit down, and I don’t do anything until I’ve done a SWOT analysis and listed out my SMART goals for the year. I love looking back at the past year and what worked and what didn’t. Sometimes it surprises me not only if something I thought worked didn’t but looking at every single number in my bottom line and how we could’ve done better. Then I move forward, close that chapter ready for success in new year. For me a planning day consists of purely both business and personal goals. I break it up into four yearly quarters and I list all of what I need to achieve and create smart goal. A smart goal is specific, measurable, actionable, reliable, and timely. It’s something that I know is going to bring my business results and I just need to put a plan in place to maximise how we’re going to achieve that as a business and a team. Sit down, if it’s a financial goal, then break it down. I look at how much more I want on our profit or sales whatever that might be and the difference and how I need to achieve that. When we know where we can achieve that and how that looks in the year, it’s very very easy to do the rest. It’s exciting to create goal in personal and in my business but I can’t have a business without team members that have goals. Each team members goal may be very different, you could have a team member who simply wants more of a work life balance or more time off you? You could have a team member who would like to be finalist for awards who would like to be a part of the HotShots Team. A team member who would like to do a photo shoot. If you don’t sit down with those team members and help them conquer their goals, how are you going to help you conquer your business goals. If they win, we win as business owners. I love helping young people achieve their goals! Tips for success for 2022. Have a goal setting day alone, just you and your business Have a team goal setting day, Brainstorm as a team your goals. Have your one-on-one meetings! Schedule them in and help everyone to achieve their goals. Know your numbers! Get really clear on your business numbers and what they are, How your P&L looks, and work out how much you want to grow your business by. Set that goal in monthly amounts. Have a marketing plan – A plan to execute it If you don’t have the resources to achieve the goals find someone to help you, outsource what you can, recognise your weaknesses and find someone with a strength in that area to grow it. I wish you all a successful end to 2021 and an exciting 2022. May all your dreams come true. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes…

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar Until next time reach for the stars Brodie x


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



By Clive Allwright

Happy New Year and let’s kick off 2022 with a fresh renewed attitude of achieving some big personal and professional goals. The past 2 years have certainly been challenging for us all, however, don’t let your past cloud your vison of the future, it’s what made you who you are today. Maybe some of us will start 2022 with some New Year’s resolutions? Some of us might be attempting to do more exercise, move into a bigger new space, not drink so much, or save money for a holiday, government lockdowns are no holiday! In late November 2021, I was fortunate to coach a group of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds into becoming new Piloroo salon assistants, enabling salons to have help throughout the busy periods into Christmas. So many salons contacted Piloroo in search of more assistants after the lockdowns in Sydney, we needed to find and train more assistants fast, in order to help these salons. Over the past 2 years we have worked with an amazing organisation helping disadvantaged young adults get back into the workplace, the organisation is called “The Sticking Together Project” They do some incredible work finding suitable candidates to work with us as salon assistants. We also reached out to Rita Marcon GM of Kao Corporation Australia & NZ, we asked if we could utilize the sparkling new Kao Salon Academy in Sydney’s CBD, Rita kindy jumped at the opportunity to assist us. We would like to say a massive “Thank You” to Rita and all the Kao crew who helped us during the training, especially Academy Manager Madeline Weightman, you were brilliant. During day 1 of the training, we asked a young gentleman called Aaron to join us, Aaron had completed the Piloroo training program back in Feb 2021. We asked Aaron to share his own story with the group, of how he was once in a similar position to those on the course 9 months earlier. Since completing his Piloroo training we helped Aaron find a fulltime apprenticeship at The Barbershop in Sydney. As I write this article, Aaron is currently moving into his own apartment today. For the first time in a long time, Aaron finally has a place to call home for Christmas.

Some of the toughest moments for me was hearing some of the personal stories. Like the story of being homeless and living in a train station for over a year, or coming to Australia in a boat with their family at the age of 3 as a refugee, or born into a family with parents addicted to drugs and being placed in care from a young age. After hearing all these stories, I went home later that night and hugged my family a little tighter. Once again, I felt so much gratitude for the life I have today. Despite all their stories of hardship and sometimes tragedy, everyone turned up with a smile, some obviously a little shy on day one, but they were all super keen to try and attempt to make a brighter future for themselves. On the second day they all showed up with so much more confidence and pride, they were excited about the possibility of the new adventures about to happen in their lives. We had an amazing few days educating these great people on what it takes to become the best salon assistant. After the course we sent them off for additional mentoring at one of our Piloroo partner salons, this particular class went to Murphy Gozzard and Valonz. They helped us mentor all the new assistant’s “Thank you so much to everyone involved” Piloroo assistants have worked in so many different salons such as E Salon, Stevie English, The Fox & the Hair, Tognini’s, Frank Provost, Valonz, Murphy Gozzard, Fuchs Hair and Premal by Oscar Oscar, and Suki just to name a few. You can imagine for many people these new work opportunities would be like winning the lottery, especially for those who were once sleeping rough or living in temporary accommodation.

These young assistants never gave up on their dreams, despite all the odds stacked against them. They turned the tables of fortune just by showing up with a smile and willing to put the effort in to have a brighter start to 2022. If your salon is in Sydney and you would like to have one of our assistants help out in your salon for the day, simply post a shift when you need them on Our mission for 2022 is to grow this program to be more accessible to more salons across Australia. Helping more young adults find a career in hairdressing, maybe some didn’t think it was even possible. This program can only grow with help from our hairdressing community, salons and stylists who are willing to help us mentor these candidates. It costs nothing to mentor assistants, just your time. We hope by mentoring someone you might just find your next apprentice. Hopefully they will find a salon they love and see a bright new future being a full-time team member just like Aaron. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to pay it forward to someone, I am sure your heart will thank you for it. We are looking for more salons to help mentor more assistants and additional venues to hold further trainings throughout 2022 If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in? Please contact or If we all work together, anything and everything is possible! Hair Biz Year 15 Issue 6




Conscious consumers are everywhere. Several decades ago, people were loyal to brands they knew and loved. Today, they’re shopping based on values, and brands that don’t meet consumers’ ethical standards are having a hard time. These consumers are the biggest spending individual in town, so understanding their motivations could considerably impact your bottom line. If I ask you to think about a conscious consumer, you might imagine a shaggy haired uni student wearing a ‘save the whales’ tee. Okay, so that might be a bit of an extreme cliche, but it’s probably not far off what most people imagine an ethical buyer looks like. Well, I’m here to tell you that those days are over. It’s not the 90’s anymore, and it’s no longer that simple to pick a conscious consumer out of a line-up. Conscious consumers are everywhere (and, thanks to you, they have better hair). In fact, odds are good you don’t just serve conscious consumers in your salon; you’re one of them. Do you buy your meat at the local butchers rather than Coles or Woolies? You’re a conscious consumer. Do you bring a reusable cup to get your morning caffeine fix? You’re a conscious consumer. I could go on, but you get the point. There’s now so much information out there on the web, on TV, or even just in people’s social circles that you’d have to have spent the last decade under a rock not to be aware of the environmental disaster we’re living in. Thankfully, most people haven’t. Instead, they’ve done their homework on brands’ ecocredentials, and they’re ready to put their hardearned dollars to work for a better world. Today’s conscious consumers are asking some tough questions of the brands they engage with: where was this made? Did it provide a job locally? Under what conditions was it made? Where does it end up when I’m done with it? 68

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

Consumers are moving towards a ‘glocal’ way of living. That means they want global connection, but they want to know that the money they’re spending is going back into their local economy, not into the economies of other countries. Aussies are buying less made in China and working to keep profits circulating around their own communities. This goes hand in hand with their desire to buy from brands doing their bit to protect the planet. A Planet Ark report from 2018 showed that not only are 91 per cent of Aussies worried about the environment and sustainability, 79 per cent think that companies should be responsible for the impact they have on the environment. More specifically, plastic pollution and landfill waste ranked as areas of greatest concern for consumers. If that’s not a clear directive to companies to up their environmental game, I don’t know what is. Let’s face it; the hair industry is notoriously wasteful. Hair trimmings, metres of aluminium foil and more empty shampoo bottles than you can poke a stick at all add up. Ethical consumers know this, and they’re asking salons like yours what you’re doing about it. I know this can seem like an overwhelming issue, but it actually represents a huge business opportunity. While the client’s focus is on people and the planet, as a business, yours is on profit. Luckily, your eco-credentials will be one of the things that keep your clients coming back again and again, referring friends and family, and leaving you reviews as good as your haircuts online!

Your clients want to keep their locks in topnotch condition, and they want to make the world a better place by doing it. Sustainability isn’t a feel-good add-on anymore. It’s critical to a thriving business. As a sustainable salon, you’re part of a wholeof-system approach that keeps jobs local, materials out of landfills, profits in the country and the planet happy. These are the things your clients want to see in the companies they support and will turn clients into valued friends. Besides, we know it works. Sustainable Salons in Australia and New Zealand are visited by over 65,538 clients every week! That’s because here at Sustainable Salons, we’ve understood the assignment. Our focus is on the planet, its people, and profits. The materials we recycle from salons like yours are processed in depots around Australia. These depots create jobs for locals, and the materials we recycle become part of a circular economy. Rampant globalism is out, and eco-chic is in. Luckily for you, you’ve got the ‘chic’ bit down pat. Just work on the ‘eco’, and the clients will come to you. Keen to join the movement? Find out more at!


grey weave new colour-way

KATE STYLING CHAIR Grey Weave Code: 42300 An encompassing design produces super relaxing salon atmosphere. The chair blends in any interior and has a seating comfort as if the cushions wrap you around. Offers your customers a relaxing moment in the salon.Three layered cushions give both softness and a moderate repulsion to keep the fatigue of long seated period to the minimum. Also lso available in Tan or Black upholstery Hydraulic Disc Options Available: 42300D-CH Chrome Disc Base 42300D-BL Black Disc Base 42300D-GO Rose Gold Disc Base 42300F-CH Chrome 5 Star Base 42300F-BL Black 5 Star Base Tan Code: 42299 Black Code: 42298

also available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BELLE Code: 42272

GOLDIE Code: 42260

LAYLA Diamond Stitching Code: 42276

*Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour finish, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Joiken will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Joiken, you agree to accept the risk that there will be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website.

A: 89 Per cival Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164 | P: 02 87810123 | W:



By Dario Cotroneo

As we start 2022, I want to focus on what I love… motivating creativity. As a hair creator, you probably know how satisfying it is to get a rush of unexpected inspiration, fuelling a productive streak. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen every day. If you waited around for the right mood to strike each time you might be waiting for a very long time! Learning how to stay motivated is a valuable skill for any creative professional. From increased productivity and earnings to improved work quality, learning how to become motivated will pay off throughout your career. Using techniques to help you get motivated and stay motivated will allow you to produce a more consistent flow of new work. That means adding to your social media content portfolio and landing more clients! Developing that healthy flow of clients, who pay you well, to do the creative work that you love, is the dream for many stylists. To help you get there, here are 9 useful tips on how to feel motivated as an (hair)artist. 1. Schedule Short, Focused Self-Training Periods Decide on an amount of time that you can commit to, and don’t stress too much about how long it is. 2. Seek Input from Others If your creative practice is collaborative, such as hair cutting or colouring, you have the benefit of other people you can bounce ideas off to help you stay motivated. If your independent, getting new opinions on your work can be helpful in finding motivation. Talking through your creative block with a close friend or fellow (trusted) stylists might be the thing that helps you get motivated and back to creative work. 70

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

3. Create Space in Your Schedule for Your Craft Sometimes hairdressers get so busy they forget to be creative. Our brains are wired to learn through play, but, as adults, we do less and less of it. Giving yourself some creative time with your craft could be the thing to help you stay motivated. 4. Revisit Your Favourite Inspiration For me its architecture. Every time I start thinking of something new, I always look at my favourite architect’s current works. It stimulates my creative thinking and flow. I look out for anything that can teach me about their design and process. 5. Share Your Creative Process Make an effort to post your work on social media (online portfolio). My tip is only publish your best photos, using great models, to showcase your work at its best. There are occasions when seeing “real hair in the chair” can be relatable to your audience, but bear in mind, what you publish is what you will attract, so be honest with yourself about what you should and should not post. 6. Read Art Quotes Daily There are tons of ways you can access inspirational positive quotes daily. These little regular reminders can be very helpful, particularly on those days when you need the extra push to get to work. 7. Increase You Earnings, With Your Art Money can be strong motivator, especially when many years of work go into mastering your art. When people are willing to pay more for your talents, it helps you get motivated to create more and to work through any block or low period you may be having.

Here are some things to keep in mind: • Identify your niche - Cutting, Styling or Colouring. • Brush up on your client relation skills. These are essential if you plan to make money with your art. Hence why I teach so much about consultations. It’s all about long lasting connections with your client on a deeper level. 8. Acknowledge How Much You Have Accomplished Revisiting your past work can be a great tool for finding motivation. Take some time to review your past successes and see how far you’ve come. Seeing those projects from a few years ago and noticing how you really have improved your craft with time, can be very inspiring. 9. Challenge Yourself If you’re feeling low on inspiration, it could be because your current clients aren’t challenging enough. Challenging yourself can be a powerful tool for finding motivation. A great method to challenging yourself is enrolling in a course or workshop. Learning new techniques within your craft will push you to rethink what you are currently doing and allows you to see things in a different light. This will force you to work at a different pace than you’re accustomed to. It’s an awesome way to get motivated. Now, aren’t you all fired up and ready to create something new? You can do it! Love Dario xxx Founder and Educator DCI Education

2 Ardena Crt, Bentleigh East VIC 3165 Australia Phone: +61 3 9575 0600 Fax: +61 3 9575 0699


By Anthony Gray, MIG Training

31ST MARCH 2022 – IS A KEY DATE FOR EMPLOYERS As this magazine goes to print the clock is ticking on the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement (BAC) funding initiative which has had such an incredible impact on the number of new people entering our industry since it was first announced in October 2020. Without further government intervention the program has an end date of 31/3/2022. Designed to assist with the recovery from Covid-19 the Boosting Apprenticeship commencement funding provides a subsidy to the salon or barbershop owner of 50% of the wages paid to a new apprentice. In dollar terms this equates to $7000 per quarter or $21 000 over the duration of the first year. In addition to this first year support the government has announced that employers will then transition to the Completing Apprenticeship Commencements (CAC) incentive for the second and third year of the apprenticeship. Under the CAC salon owners will receive a 10% wage subsidy in the second year and 5% wage subsidy in the 3rd year of their employee’s apprenticeship. The program was initially only meant to be in place for 12 months but due to its success it has been extended for a further 6 months as salons get back on their feet across the nation. The impact of this initiative to date have been significant. Despite large parts of the country being in lockdown the number of apprenticeship commencements has risen by 35% across all trades nationally when comparing the numbers with the same time in 2020. Drilling even further into this data shows that along with construction, the personal services trades of Hairdressing and Barbering are leading the charge when it comes to signing up new apprentices. With incentives for employers remaining relatively unchanged for over 20 years what we are seeing as a training provider is in line with those national numbers and it shows no sign of slowing up anytime soon. The activity is at the point where keeping up with the volume of apprentice sign ups is a challenge across most training providers. The BAC incentive is available to all and has increased the demand for apprentices across all of the salons and barbershops we work with. Salons large and 72

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

small are fuelling growth with new people. It is an exciting time for the industry, one that many will argue is long overdue. We have talked about chronic skills shortages for many years and with skilled migration currently at a standstill the time is right to make the changes that will sustain our industry in the time it takes to complete a 3 – 4-year apprenticeship. Funding has provided an opportunity that the industry has embraced with open arms but for it to be the trigger for lasting change to our shortage of qualified hairdressers and barbers we need to inspire and train in order to retain these new people beyond the first 12 months of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship completion rates remain below the 50% mark and will be the biggest hurdle to making the most of the opportunity we have been given. The good news is that as a collective the hair community is incredibly progressive with salons and barbershops embracing the latest in workplace practices. Many of the salons we work with offer flexible working hours and conditions to suit the needs of their team and challenge them to build practical skills quickly in order to feel productive and to become an

engaged member of the salon or barbershop. For those employers who have not recruited an apprentice before or if it has been many years since you took on an apprentice then there are a couple of easy steps you can take to access the information you need. The best thing to do is to contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider such as Busy at Work, MEGT, MRAEL to name a few. They will guide you through the process of signing up an apprentice. Alternatively, a head to www. This site will help you to answer all of your apprenticeship question and provide guidance on how to navigate the system With only a couple of months remaining until the employer funding reverts to an amount of approximately $4000 over the life of an apprenticeship there has never been a better time to invest in your team and future proof your business. The acute shortage of qualified Hairdressers and Barbers which is holding many businesses back and the business uncertainty that has gripped our lives for the past 18 months has created the perfect environment to build your team and grow your own.








“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” African Proverb Do you find yourself beginning each new year making all sorts of plans and goals for your business …… but then getting swamped when the team come back from holidays and the pace picks up again? You start out with all the right intentions, buy a nice new wall planner or diary, but by April those goals are a distant memory and you’re back into the same routine.

The more specific you are with your intentions, the more clearly you’ll see them, feel them, and take action toward them. And I use the word ‘Intention’ rather than ‘goal’, very deliberately. ‘Goal’, to me, still feels like a wish. A ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ statement. Like “Wouldn’t it be great to win lotto?” There’s no commitment in that.

How can you make sure that this year, you finally do what you need to do to get the progress you need?

‘Intention’ has some skin in the game. It says: • ‘Here’s what we’ll be turning over by June’. • ‘These are the services my apprentice will be performing on the floor by April’ • ‘Here are the days I’ll be working from March’ • ‘Here’s how much money I’ll have in the bank by November’

In my experience, it comes down to 3 things: 1. Clarity 2. Bite-sized tasks 3. Implement like a Mofo!

The difference between the ‘goal’ statements and the ‘intention’ statements is the word ‘will’. Not ‘like’ to have. Not ‘hopefully I’ll have’. It’s ‘I WILL’ have.

Clarity: You must get very, very clear on exactly what you want to happen. No vague statements like ‘I want to make more money’, ‘I want to attract more clients’, ‘I want to work less in the business’. Vague. Ambiguous. Destined to fail.

It says, ‘Here’s how this is gonna roll!’.

So, how can you make 2022 different?


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

I can feel the commitment in that… and that gets me excited. That’s when BIG stuff starts to take shape.

So think about each important area of your business: • Financials/Money • Staff progression (skills) • Staff performance ($$) • Culture/Team • Lifestyle Now, think about how you want your business to look in each of those areas and write a clear, specific statement of intention that makes a commitment to a precise outcome. Example: MONEY • The salon will generate $1m in turnover by December 31, 2022 • The salon will be averaging $15,000 week by July • I will have paid off all credit cards by Christmas 2022 • I will be personally earning $100,000+ year by January 2023 • I will have total wages costs under 40% by July Staff progression (skills) • I will have Lucy foiling up to full head on the floor by April

• I will mentor Tracey into a 2IC/Manager role by June • I will have employed a great Salon Coordinator by April • I will have Brenton on the floor cutting by August STAFF PERFORMANCE ($$) • I will have Bailey consistently hitting target by March 31 • I will have all staff above 15% retail by September • I will have all staff above 70% rebooking by August LIFESTYLE • I will begin 2022 working 4 days on the floor • I will reduce to 3 days week by May • I will attend my favourite yoga class every Wednesday morning • I will take a minimum of 2 x 2-week breaks + 4 x long weekends away in 2022 Get the idea? Bite-Sized Tasks: One of the biggest reasons why our goals don’t stick is that we leave them as big, scary ambitions that seem so far away. We don’t see a clear path forward and often we just don’t know how to get started. I’m a huge fan of the 90-day plan. Long enough to get big things done but short enough to maintain momentum! Here’s how you do it: For each of the intentions you’ve created, work backwards to create smaller milestones. E.g. • ‘To be averaging $20,000 week by December, we need to be averaging $18,000 by September, $17,000 by July, $16,000 by April’. • ‘To have paid $9,000 off credit cards by Christmas, my balance will be under $2,500 by September, $5,000 by June, $7,500 by April, $8,000 by March • To have Lucy doing full head foils by April, she’ll be competent at half-head by end February.

• To achieve 15% retail by September, we’ll be above 13.5% by July, above 12.5% by May, above 12% by March Then, create 4 x 90-day plans which will capture all of your intentions in small steps. That way, you don’t need to worry about achieving 15% retail when you’re sitting on 10.8%, you only need to get to 12% in this quarter. Easy peasy! • Jan- March • April-June • July-Sept • Oct-Dec What you end up with is something like this: In the next 90 days, we will achieve: • Average weekly turnover of $14,000 • Total wages costs under 44% (inc. annual + sick leave & super etc) • Retail at minimum 12% • Lucy foiling to ½ head within 60 minutes • Brenton doing basic long haircuts on the floor • You working max. 4 days week on the floor

Your highest performing senior is going to want to cut back to 3 days week. You’re going to work around that and keep going. You’re going to get so close to paying off your credit cards and your hot water system (or washing machine, or…) is going to die and you’ll need to buy another. Buy what you need to buy and get back to your savings plan. You’re going to put months of training into your new apprentice and they’re going to tell you that they just don’t think hairdressing is for them. Cool, next! You’ll just cut back to your 3 days a week and feel like you’ve won the lottery…. and then your senior brakes her wrist roller skating and you’re back on the floor for 8 weeks. Arrange meal delivery and a house cleaner and get in there! It’s all temporary and it won’t stop you. It’s. Worth.It. It doesn’t matter what happens or how frustrating it is… it’s all part of the journey of business and the price of creating a life you love. It’s just ‘stuff’. Do it anyway.

Then you re-set each of those goals with milestones for the next quarter. It also helps to break these down further into monthly intentions, e.g. ‘To hit these milestones by end March, where do we need to be by end Feb? End Jan?’

Nothing is going to take you off your path. You will have the lifestyle, the income, the business you choose to have because you’re not going to settle until you do. Simple!

There’s one more thing that’s vital to the process, and that’s if it goes into the 90-day plan, it gets done! That leads me to the 3rd step…. implement.

Is it your time now?

Implement. OK, here’s where you need to get serious. You really have to want this or you’re just not going to be willing to do what it takes and get uncomfortable if you need to. All of this is do-able… it’s just a matter of steps, but you know it’s not just going to fall in your lap, right? Stuff is going to go wrong… and you’re going to do it anyway. You’re going to employ and invest in a promising new staff member, and they might not work out. Start again.

Now… will you do this for you?

Make it so. If THIS is the year that you’re finally going to make it happen and you’re ready to step up, then I have something exciting for you. If you’ve dreamed about having a business mentor for years but worried about the cost, you’re about to get your New Year Wish! Salon Business Accelerator is the most costeffective business coaching you’ll ever find for guidance at this level. We start January 2022 with limited places, so don’t miss your chance! Grab your spot now at https://programs. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



By Kerrie DiMattia

When we first think about opening a salon we have a dream, a vision of what it will look like, how it will run, the incredible success it will be and how much money we will make! First, we look for the perfect location - or at least one that looks ok and is within budget, then we get excited, plan the decor, pick the furniture, plan the menu, decide on pricing, what products we will stock and the team that will help us bring our dream to life!! Sounding familiar? That’s the fun part right…The planning, the excitement building as your vision becomes reality, it’s all coming together beautifully, and you can’t wait to open those doors and welcome the clients in. And for a while you are loving life, you ride the euphoric wave of success, the team you’ve hired seem to be the perfect fit, the books are starting to fill, the dollars are coming in and everything is going exactly as you had envisioned…… Until it isn’t! There are so many things that can slow down or even grind to a screaming halt a salon’s success and leave the salon owner feeling like the proverbial duck on a pond, calm on the surface but paddling away frantically underneath just to stay afloat! I hear everything from a little frustration to full blown anxiety from salon owners I’m working with, over issues that revolve around STAFF, MONEY, CLIENTS & TIME. This is NOT what they signed up for, why didn’t anyone warn them it was going to end up like this. The truth is, for so many salon owners the reality of the day to day is a far cry from their original dream, they wonder what it is they are doing so wrong, when in our social media driven world everyone else seems to be doing it so right…… right?


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

And I can totally relate… as I think over the 30+ years I’ve been a salon owner I’ve experienced as many lows as I have highs and compared my salon to others many times and managed to convince myself there were many reasons, they were doing better than me, from the location to the brands we were stocking. At some point you may, like I did, reach your F**K IT moment! You may even feel like a bit of a failure as a salon owner, I know at times I did! Years of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, repeating the same mistakes but continuously expecting better results... You just want your salon to run like it should, to make a profit, you want to love every member of your team and to have them love you right back, to have the type of culture that you had dreamed of in the beginning of this story.

Well, here’s the thing…Reaching your F**k it moment may possibly be the best thing that ever happens to you, I know it was for me. And this may not be EXACTLY what you want to hear but here goes: the first lesson I had to learn was that the biggest problem I had was…. ME. I was the one that causing most of the issues!! Not on purpose by any means, but by default, simply because I was working hard not smart, in every aspect of my business from managing my money to leading my team, I owned myself a good job, but I was no salon owner!! Now before you slam the page shut, just hear me out, and it may be tough to hear...but if you want things to improve, if you want to stop feeling like the duck or the Hamster, if you want to actually feel like you have your shit together, then again like me, you have a few things to learn…

“FIND A COACH, A GROUP, A MENTOR THAT YOU FEEL SAFE WITH AND TAKE ONE SMALL ACTION TOWARD YOUR GOAL.” Firstly, the time for beating yourself up is over, you and your business are where you are right here and right now…looking back at what went wrong, or what you could have done better won’t grow you, acknowledge your mistakes yes, learn from them, but don’t focus on the past it’s time to move forward. It’s time to step up, be brave, reach out and ask for help! Now in saying that, no one knows better than me how scary that is, reaching out means baring your soul, it means admitting to the things you don’t understand and the systems you don’t have in place, it means being honest with both the person you are confiding in and yourself, it also means this is where the works begins! Feeling overwhelmed already? I get it! You can

feel the fear rising, just thinking about making that phone call or enrolling in your first course. I was at this crossroad many times before I bit the bullet and faced my biggest fear, humiliation! I had owned salons for half my life and here I was about to admit to someone that I had no bloody idea what I was doing! Fast forward a few years and here I am taking everything I’ve learned from some of the best in the business and not only applying it to my own salons and teams but helping out others as well. So, if you’re reading this and can relate to some of it or all of it, here’s a few tips that may help… Where do I start - Firstly, find out what’s broken, make a list of the things you struggle with. Then prioritise them and address them one at a time, NOT as a whole, otherwise you will very quickly become overwhelmed and go right back to wanting to just give up!!! Who do I reach out to - There are so many fabulous coaches in our industry, ones who specialise in certain areas and others who can help across the board, but if engaging a coach straight up feels a little scary straight away you may even just start by joining a Facebook group for salon owners or a great industry specific podcast you can listen to on the way to and from the salon each day.

The important thing here is to just start, find a Coach, a Group, a Mentor that you feel safe with and take one small action toward your goal. What will it cost - That varies, depending on where you start and who you choose to guide you, you may think you can’t afford it, but it will be the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business. Being a successful salon owner, managing people, time and budgets can be a tough gig, but you aren’t in it alone, it takes courage to ask for help but I promise you it will be a game changer! Kerrie DiMattia is the owner/creative director of DIMATTIA & CO, an award winning, uniquely progressive Salon offering services of the highest quality. Hidden away from the hub of everyday life, this urban loft style salon’s signature guest experience has seen it become one of the most sought-after destinations for Hair Care by both Men & Women in the Clarence Valley. The salon recently won the 2021 AHIA Best In-Salon Training award and Kerrie is now also part of the Total Salon Academy group as a Certified Master Coach offering her 40 years’ experience and business knowledge to help other salon owners in their journey to financial success. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1


BUT WHY? By David Watts

There is a skill in life that is solid in childhood, then for many, it mysteriously fades away. Losing this skill is costing us the opportunity to have more meaningful conversations. It is stopping us from having the best business we can. It is limiting our relationships with our teams and restricting our possibilities with our clients. Have you guessed it? It is simply asking questions. Remember when you were four? You had and instinctive desire to know everything, there was not an answer that could satisfy your curiosity. Even when something was explained in detail and logically, you always had one more question…but why? Two simple words, however two extremely powerful words.

with them, they are your new best friends. Their names are who, what, when, where, why and how. Their names are deliberately different to yours as they are the prompts for you to ask more magical questions.

Questions give you more detail, that detail gives you a greater understanding, then you can then make better decisions with the information you have. How many times have you wished you knew a little more before you acted on something? For me the answer is PLENTY of times!

Asking questions using these words will essentially change the perception people have of you too, it will make them feel more valued. People love to share and will often present that key information you hadn’t yet considered. It also allows them to answer without your thoughts influencing what they say. This is critical when trying to get a variety of ideas.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. My Grandma used to tell me this a lot, probably because I talked too much. Realistically this is every hairdresser I have ever met; it probably comes naturally for you. To be successful in this industry you must love people and be confident to talk to them. Although if you want to take your success to the next level, you need to ask more questions, listen carefully to the responses, then act on what you have learnt. By the way, I need to throw this out there early, this is not easy to do (well not straight away.) Life is so much easier when you run on autopilot, getting through each day without adding any stress, it is your natural response. Unfortunately, you end up in the same place you started. Throw more questioning into the mix and suddenly you are more innovative, more creative and more willing to implement the changes your life or business needs.

Can questions framed with these words still be lousy? Absolutely they can, they are not a magic wand for more productive conversations, rather a tool to help you uncover more information. Some of my favourite follow up questions do not use any of these words. “That’s interesting, tell me more about that” or “I’m not sure I understand, could you give me some more detail.” This article is about your salon, I am not asking you to uncover from people, “what is the meaning of life?” You need to be asking questions for things that require action. Your questions need to be difficult enough to provoke interest yet easy enough for people to want to answer. At the end of the day, you want answers, you just need to make sure you are asking the right questions to get them. Ask better questions Get better answers. When considering your clients, the area where improving your questioning will make the most dramatic difference in your salon is during consultation. If you have ever worked with a coach or attended a sales training day, you know that consultation is key to your results.

How do you ask more questions? Look at the six spunky salon owners in the picture, get familiar 80

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

The word consult simply defined means, to seek information from someone. How do we get that information? By asking magical questions. Numerous surveys have shown that the one

thing clients want more from the stylists is better consultations. How do we give better consultations? Yep, better questions, you need to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly about their hair. Your doctor is likely a great questioner, they need the information you have in your mind for them to solve your problem, they want descriptions of EVERYTHING. I often tell my clients to be more like their local GP and watch their salon flourish. A great activity for you and your team is to start asking questions of each other in your team training sessions. Here are some BASIC questions on customer service: What does good customer service look like? What does poor customer service look like? When have I received good customer service? When have I received poor customer service? Based on this, how can we improve our customer service? There are no right or wrong answers, even on this basic topic. It is thought provoking and brings new ideas to the table. Inquiring about both sides of an issue will give you a better understanding and allow you to make more informed decisions. What now? Use your new best friends, talk less, listen more and watch yourself flourish with new ideas, innovative concepts and greater creativity. A salon owner and support coach on Team Chrissy – The ZING Project. David has a diverse background in sales, marketing and operations and is passionate about improving the professionalism of the industry. Contact David via email or DM on Instagram @davidwatts_zing


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By Estelle Carroll, The Zing Project

A very high percentage of our industry are looking for team right now. Commentary on social media will say ‘the team members (who we are all looking for) have either left the industry, started to work independently either freelance work or set up from home. Why is it that there is now a shortage of skilled workers? Well according to the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business reports there has been a shortage of hairdressers in Australia for more than 20 years. So, it’s possible that the shortage crisis over the last 20 years had us thinking ‘oh one day it will turn around ‘yet it hasn’t. And instead of proactively doing something about it - we find ourselves in this position. At the same time salon owners are saying ‘they can’t find team’ there is still some - who can. So, what is it that they are doing differently? As a Business Coach in the hair and beauty industry I have my head in lots of businesses so I can see patterns emerging. Let me break it down. The reason a client comes to our salon is not too different to why a team member does. The two main reasons a client comes to our salon are for an expert and an experience. An Expert meaning the operator knows what they are doing and an Experience for a memorable happy experience. These two reasons are also the same for what a team member is looking for. Your new team member wants a salon to work in that has an emphasis on ‘expert and experience’. When we place ads like we have been doing over the past 20 years like. ‘WE WANT YOU’ or ‘you must be reliable, trustworthy, show initiative’ - It says nothing about what is in it for them. Nothing that says this salon is an Expert and will offer a great Experience for them. Don’t worry - we have all done it. We keep pushing these ad formats out, and wonder why they are not working? It’s ironic in a way. Our ability to change with the times being in the fashion industry should have meant we were all over this - but no, we missed the mark. So how do we advertise now… 82

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

Firstly, lets break down what Expert and Expertise means to a new team member.


To a potential employee it means the salon is committed to growth to level up their expertise of its members. And that it. - encourages growth of its team in skills, mindset, and personal development - has regular 1 on 1 meetings, monthly meetings, and planning days - Education budgets - Education planner for the team and the individual - Regular educators coming to the salon - Uses great products


To potential employee it means the salon has created space that gives them and their clients an amazing experience.

Things like. - Beautiful salon space - Team building activities - Great parking - The vibe is great - Great music, heating, cooling - Parking - Great pay - Great employee benefits like profits share, targets, commissions So, if that’s what they want - how can we add that into your ad? Let’s write the ad together now.

1) Make a list of ‘What’s in it for them’

Why should they leave their current job to work in your salon - what do you have on offer that would be appealing to them?

CULTURE - Team birthdays - Salon birthdays - Team building days - Team meals out - Themed days - How you have fun - Conflict resolutions systems

PERKS - Large staff room - Private bathroom, lounge, kitchen, and lounge space - Close to shops, great walking tracks nearby - Cafes nearby - Parking

COMMUNICATION - 1 on 1 meetings weekly - Monthly meetings - Morning huddles - Team planning days - Annual retreat - Team values - Personal Profiling tools - Biannual reviews

Create 2 ads? What do you mean and why would I do that?

TRAINING - Team education - Education planner - Individual education plans - Personal development program - Outsourced educators - Industry events - In house education - Career pathways - Bonus structure BALANCE - Additional days off - Annual leave opportunities - Flexible working hours - No Saturdays - No late nights - Start late finish early BENEFITS - Pay offering (paying above award will sweeten the deal yes!) - Holidays - Birthday - Profit Share - Retail commissions - Retail discounts - Referral commissions

2) Create a ‘story’ AND a ‘short’ ad.

A story ad would be a longer written ad that might tell a little story of the day in the life of working on your team. This adds character and gives the new team member a snippet into life in your salon. For those not interested in the position - they won’t read to the end, but for those fence sitters, getting a look into the salons vibe makes really helps their decision to jump ship and join your team. The short ad might include a brief outline of what to expect and the role. Creating two ads means you can double your chances of ‘being seen’ by your audience. It also an interesting exercise to see which add gets the most views, likes, shares, comments.

3) Fire hose approach to advertising.

This means don’t just put an ad up once and wait. Put the ad up, put in on your stories regularly, make sure your social media pages, flyers, little business card signs on each station, on the front window, community notice boards (paper and online). If you want to get a new team member 0 let’s, put some real effort into spreading the word.

4) BOOST your profile

Make sure that at a glance a potential employee can look at your website, and social media pages and see - This is a beautiful space - These look like nice people (smiles on the

team members faces) - The work they do is beautiful - They use lovely products - They offer training (photos of you at events, in salon training etc.

5) Testimonials

Ask your team for written and or video testimonials to use on socials. Nothing says that’s a great place to work - than actually hearing it from a team member. Also ask them to write a testimonial for the Leadership team. The salon may look lovely, and the employers is too - but is the Team Leader aka Manager a dragon? Put some passion and renewed energy into this Salon owners. These new team members we are wanting are giving us a challenge and opportunity here. If we were really nailing our Expert and Experience areas - our struggle to find team members will either be reduced or none. How do I know this - I’ve seen it. The salons that are nailing are retaining team members and attracting them too. It’s time to take a good hard look at things. Would we want to work for us? Would we want to work for that amount? That environment? I’m up for the challenge of creating a space that exemplifies Expert and Experience. And I’m excited for the opportunities this will bring my team, the new members, the clients, and the business when all do. Will this mean as an industry the wages and benefits might increase - yeah probably, and in turn will this mean the prices we charge will too - absolutely! It’s time. Estelle Carroll is a Senior Coach, Salon Owner, NLP Practitioner and Speaker. Contact Estelle on 0428 443 404 or email Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



A person’s view on who they are, the world around them has a significant impact on their capacity to envision future goals for value creations. I know this firsthand, being told at the age of 15 by my grandmother, who I lived with, that I was “simple” and therefore “I should find a salon to work in as there was nothing more for me” even though I was a straight-A student at school. Unfortunately, these words shaped how I thought about myself and my place in the world for many years until the day my entrepreneurial mindset kicked in. I have spent close to three decades working as a hairdresser full time, and this year my business is 25 years old, and I am studying to become a PhD doctor! In today’s ever-changing world of cuttingedge technologies, economic instabilities, the potential for entrepreneurial opportunity has never been greater. Research has found that those who harness and use a robust entrepreneurial mindset, particularly young people, have the brightest future entrepreneurial potential, as they can recognise, seize, and exploit opportunities and innovate in times of crisis or when faced with setbacks (Ikonen, 2013). Higdon (2005) details seven characteristics of entrepreneurially informed young people as: They challenge conventional thinking They see connections where others do not They understand the value of the team They focus on the larger goal They learn from setbacks They foster and respect a sense of self They communicate effectively

What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Early research exploring entrepreneurial mindsets have applied attention to why ‘some people identify opportunities and others do not, and how they can ‘leverage and combine existing and new resources in an innovative way given the dynamic and complex environments.’ (Nauman). Daspit et al., argues an entrepreneurial mindset is: A cognitive perspective that enables an individual to create value by recognizing and acting on opportunities, making decisions with limited information, and remaining adaptable and resilient in conditions that are often uncertain and complex. How do cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset? 1. Reflect. Think about your beliefs, what you need, want, or desire and try to find ways to connect with what is most important to you. From this starting point, authentic, clear


Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

pathways or directions can be formed which enable you to better relate to business clients and staff. 2. Adapt. Swap attitudes or thought patterns that do not align with your needs, desires or goals and replace them with beliefs systems that do. 3. Regulate. Take time out. Constantly evaluate how you feel about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 4. Connect. Immerse yourself with likeminded people or achieve things that you aspire to achieve and who believe in you. Let go of negative people who drain your confidence and move your mindset forward. To convince myself that I could reach the highest academic level and achieve a position to become a student of the Doctor of Business Leadership and management I told myself I was one of the most innovative smartest people in the world each day during the process. I had “tickets on myself”. Which I felt was a far better train of thought than thinking I didn’t graduate high school, I have not completed a bachelor with an honour’s degree, or … what would I know I’m, “just a hairdresser”. I have used an Entrepreneurial mindset from the time I understood what it was to: • create, • innovate, • market my brands, and

Free myself from financial difficulties, such as my first salon burning out in a fire that was not appropriately insured, leaving me in a mountain of debt, the Global Financial Crisis, rent a chair, and of course, right now, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left us all in an uncertain business world, where planning for tomorrow is a challenge heightening the need for us all to seize today! Most importantly, the best use of an entrepreneurial mindset has been to satisfy my curiosity, a trait I have found common to most hair artists. I highly recommend all hairdressers to investigate the power of entrepreneurial thinking, to positively propel your world in 2022 and beyond. References: Daspit, J. J., Fox, C. J., & Findley, S. K. (2021). Entrepreneurial mindset: An integrated definition, a review of current insights, and directions for future research. Journal of Small Business Management. Higdon, L. I., Jr. (2005). Liberal education and the entrepreneurial mindset A twenty-first-century approach. Liberal Education, 91(1),34. Ikonen, H., M. (2013). Precarious work, entrepreneurial mindset, and sense of place: female strategies in insecure labour markets. Global Discourse, 33 (4), 467-481. https:// 1080/23269995.2013.864085 Naumann, C. (2017). Entrepreneurial mindset: A synthetic literature review. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 5(3), 149-172. https://doi. org/10.15678/eber.2017.050308

Simone Lee. Australian Institute of Trichology

Receive a complimentary Tone Me brush with every order of The Kabuki collection until 28 February 2022. Please enter HAIRBIZ at checkout.



Are you one who has commented in the last 12 months that you can’t find staff? Do you advertise and get no applicants? Has your 1st year apprentice left the industry or moved on to another salon? Were you upset that your suppliers could not deliver all of your Christmas orders in 2021? Does seeing professional only products sold at discount outlets upset you when you are a loyal account? As an industry, could we do better this year? Could salon owners be better business leaders? Could apprentices be better apprentices? Why are staff leaving to be self-employed? What would make a difference besides one great haircut every time? What about we all try to be a little bit fairer on each other and consider the following….


Apprentices deserve a lot more respect! For the salons that do well with apprentices, they understand that apprentices are their business’s future sustainability. They’re an investment of your time, energy and yes, money. Their role is not to clean all day, every day. Their role is to learn from day one and your role is to provide all the training they need to be your most productive and best future senior stylist. Yet our industry loses 65% of our apprentices in the first year. Why? The most common reasons are the way they were treated, the way they were spoken to, and incorrect pay. (AHC survey 2021)


Work with your apprentice’s college. Align your salon training with their college training and communicate and engage their college teacher. You’re paying for your apprentice to attend college, so negotiate, communicate, and make it a relationship that works best for everyone. When did you last engage with your college or Tafe?


Our industry is under the Hair and Beauty Award. This is the minimum amount of pay for an employee, however the most successful salons pay much higher wages to reward productive stylists. Commission is profit sharing. Our industry is known for low pay and the only way we can change this image and attract more staff is to pay more in line with other trades and careers.


Change your ads. With Headhunter Recruitment we see ads that say, “We’re hiring”. Your reputation is not enough to attract a new staff member. They’re only interested in what you’re offering them. WIIFM is the formula ….What’s In It For Me. Write your ad with a list that covers lifestyle, work, and balance. The AHC surveyed sole operators and home86

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

based hairdressers. Many miss the salon culture, tribe, and vibe of a creative salon. They miss team training, ventilating clients for new clients… and they hated clients knowing where they live. There’s thousands of potential qualified hairdressers wanting to return to salon life. What would your ad say to attract them to your salon?


Don’t do it! It’s fair to employ an applicant that is replying to your ad. But blatant poaching in our industry shows a lack of integrity. Some may say “that’s business”. I say let’s do the right thing and have each other’s back, especially with the industry skills shortage. Employ an apprentice and train your own staff, versus poaching from someone who has put in that time and effort.


Build a relationship with your product suppliers. Why is it that the first question asked to a supplier is “What discount do I get?”. How would you feel if your salon guests asked this? Build relationships with suppliers. Look at what support they provide you with education, marketing and building your business.


Misleading advertising on online platforms is common. It’s predatory pricing used to undermine the value of a professional only product and company. Professional products are advertised, but at checkout they’re “out of stock” or there’s only one available. This kind of advertising of professional only products is frustrating and a constant battle for many professional only suppliers who do not supply these discount platforms. Parallel importing is accepted by the Australian Government to the detriment of our supplier businesses. They see it as fair competition. Our industry doesn’t see it this way and many a reputation is damaged.


Suppliers haven’t been able to get stock into

Australia. The supply chain in 2021 halted supplies for all industries due to the restrictions on transport during the pandemic. Container costs blew out from $4,000 per container to $20,000 with a three month or longer wait. Many salons were missing stock for Christmas…. but the suppliers have also tried to do their best. Let’s be fair….yelling at a supplier or your rep isn’t fair. It is as it is, and they can only do their best.


Enter as many awards as you can. Writing a submission gives you clarity on your roadmap to success. You recognise what you can do better and what you do well. Often the result is a good pat on the back! And if you win, there’s no greater feeling than being recognised by the industry for your hard work.


Choose wisely! There’s many a complaint that comes to the AHC, often too late with many thousands of dollars lost on a coach that does not deliver what was promised. In fact, if their offer sounds too good to be true - that’s probably right! There’s some amazing coaches in the industry. The AHC is happy to recommend credible coaches who have helped hundreds of salon owners. We all need a little bit of help sometimes!


The last two years have been rough. I’ve watched the most resilient business owners crumble with the uncertainty of their business’s future. Financial and mental stress wore many down. The thought of losing staff or letting staff down were very real and debilitating. The concerns around Covid and health decisions around vaccination divided many. My belief is to live with hope. Work with hope. Let’s hope 2022 is the best year for all of you and our industry. “Be the change you want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi


grey weave

new colour-way

OSLO SHAMPOO UNIT Designed with simplicity to add a crisp curved and concise edge to any space


Features • Manual Adjustable Legrest • Available in Black or White Ceramic Basin • Includes Australian Approved Tapware Measurements Length: 1580mm open 1300mm closed Width: 660mm Height: 960mm

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*Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour finish, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the installation location, slight differences in product finishes over time and other factors. Joiken will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not factory faults. In purchasing from Joiken, you agree to accept the risk that there will be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website.

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Fun fact: you, yes you, are already a brand. It is up to you to discover what it is about your brand that makes you shine.

Think about when you picture a particular celebrity or politician. From the moment you hear their name, a characteristic, whether that be positive or negative, comes to your mind immediately, right? Putting aside the flashy movies and marketing campaigns, these people have had to establish the WHY behind their name first. Characterised by their values, objectives, and messaging, it all begins with crafting their personal brand. Personal branding isn’t limited to the rich and famous; literally anyone from any industry can have a personal brand and maximise it to expand their name in their field and showcase what makes them, them. Just like that one word or feature that comes to mind when you hear the words “Oprah” or “Tony Robbins”, the exact same thing can happen when your name is mentioned. So, what is a personal brand? The Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, once described a personal brand in a single sentence and we think he did a pretty good job of it. “A personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. It encompasses the way you communicate and 88

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

present to the world including your beliefs, values, goals, and innate purpose – aka your WHY. It represents all your unique characteristics and celebrates your expertise and strengths.

Naturally, the qualities people find about you personally, then influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions towards the brands you’re associated with, such as your own salon or clinic.

When you have a clear and purposeful personal brand, it allows you to seamlessly identify opportunities that work or don’t work with your brand. Just like the brand of your business or ones that you admire in the industry, every decision you make is guided by the values your personal brand is built upon.

From the way you show up on social media, the messages you share online to the way you visually present yourself, these all-foster characteristics of your personal brand that people will remember. As people’s interest in your personal brand grows, they naturally find themselves learning about your business and offerings with a pre-existing understanding of the qualities behind it.

Now that we know what a personal brand is, let’s take a look at three reasons why strengthening your own personal brand should be on your radar in 2021.

You are an extension of your brand

Your personal brand should always be the most authentic version of yourself. There’s no point in building a brand around someone that you’re not because at the end of the day, authenticity and transparency will always shine through.

If we think back to the idea that a personal brand introduces you before you even speak, then everything you share online is a reflection of this.

One of the things we love most about successful personal brands is that despite them being in control of the way they’re perceived to the world, it’s not always about rainbows and sunshine because let’s face it, that’s not real life! Impactful and memorable personal brands show vulnerability and are open about the positives and negatives of their field because that’s where relatable, human connection can be made. Personal brands shouldn’t just be about being someone others

Let’s face it. People connect with people. As a small business owner, you’re often much more connected to your audience and clients than the CEO of a big corporation. Whilst your business brand and personal brand are separate strategies, they often share similarities in values and behaviours.

aspire to be but rather someone they can relate to and feel connected with. Be clear on your values, mission, and the way you want to present yourself to the world and use these as guiding principles when communicating.

It enhances trust and expertise

As the hair, beauty and wellness industries grow and expand, we’re seeing more professionals step forward as total powerhouse experts in their field, ready to share their knowledge and lessons with the wider community. One thing that those that have done this most successfully have in common is that they’ve spent the time building and nurturing their personal brand. Whilst they may be known as a successful salon owner and operator, their personal brands allow you to establish your name as a thoughtleader and total expert in your field. If you have a specialty that you want to share with the world, your personal brand is where that first impression begins. People cannot find out that you’re a go-to in your field unless you tell them which is why your personal brand needs to drive this message and boost visibility with your audience. Like many branding initiatives, you need to give people a reason to like and trust you and when it comes to personal branding, this begins with showing people that you care about them. Ask yourself how you can boost your credibility, what initiatives can you be involved in to expand your reach and who are the people you need to be networking with to grow your audience? The most visible you become to your target audience, the stronger that long-lasting impression will become and the more opportunities to influence arise.

It helps you to identify your greater purpose

Deciding to strengthen your personal brand can be a powerful step towards uncovering your greater purpose and mission. Ultimately, your personal brand is here to showcase your strengths, expertise, and the legacy you want to be remembered for so when you begin to craft it, your mind begins to race with goals, ideas, and ways you can share your purpose with your audience. Just like developing any brand, defining your personal brand should begin with outlining the core values that it is built upon. With first impressions so integral to a personal brand, we believe this should be the non-negotiable first step to your development. These are your driving force behind all activities you undertake within your personal brand and

decipher the opportunities and initiatives you get involved in. On the flipside, it also assists you in easily identifying opportunities that are not a good fit or aligned with your personal brand. Secondly, what is your WHY? What are your strengths, purpose and what do you want to do with them? These hard-hitting questions help you to pinpoint the direction you want to head in, where your energy is worth investing and the path you inevitably want to follow. This can be in both your personal and professional life because remember, your personal brand is a well-rounded reflection of yourself. By doing so, you’re able to attract and network with like-minded people who are also connected by similar values or purpose. This widens the community of people you can be exposed to and share your purpose with.

Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your growing hair, beauty, or wellness business turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1



By Nicole Healy

2021 wasn’t the year many of us hoped for in our businesses, it was much like 2020, if not almost identical, for me in 2020, this was my BEST year in business, as salon owners like yourself reached out, and used their time in a global lockdown to better understand how to pivot their businesses and understand the power social media marketing could have in growing their salons to another level, and also being able to still connect with their customers when they physically couldn’t see them in person, whether this meant for clients to be able to still purchase from you, through retail sales or like some salons did, made colour kits to get their clients through months without visits to the hairdressers. If we think back to times before technology, we are lucky we do have access to such incredible tools like this, being able to contact our clients with EDM (email marketing), and a simple DM through Instagram. If this was happening back in 1990, clients would only have access to calling a salon directly at the location or sending a letter by mail… how times have changed. I have found over the past two years that many stylists have started to rely on Instagram as their main point of contact with clients, however this can not only be exhausting, but also risky, and here’s why. In May 2021, I lost my Social Salon School Instagram account - an Instagram Coach lost their Instagram account? How? I have no idea, I was logged out when I was simply posting a Story and my account was gone, never to be seen again. I had multiple Leads and Potential client enquiries gone, and thousands of dollars of sales in my DM’s - never to be transferred into coaching clients, not to mention I was only a few hundred followers away from that magic 10K followers that everyone strives for. This was only a small part of my business that was lost, and I didn’t have time to panic, I had a two week old baby at home and I knew I could start again with the knowledge I had, I could build it back up again quick smart, it made me start to think, if this was a salon that particularly relied on Instagram for everything and it really can be gone in an Instant, that this is very risky for any business to rely on just this as a form of contact. Salon owners need to know that don’t own your Instagram account - Instagram does and you can’t just rely on this solely to grow your business and it can literally be taken away from you in just seconds. Even though using Instagram Marketing as a tool that has helped to grow salons and stylists to six and seven figures a year, still doesn’t mean this is the only platform to use. 90

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

For me, my business was social proofed to the extent that I had another Instagram account with over 118,000 followers, I had a website, I had a Facebook page, I had an Email Marketing Database, they could contact me through email, and I had grown my name in the industry over the past 20 years. Being contacted through Instagram was only a small part of my business, but for some, this is one of their only points of contact their clients know to contact them.

Doctors, you fill in your health history and add your contact details

If you’re a salon that only relies on Instagram to contact clients or for clients to contact you, it’s time to change your ways, and here are my tips on how.

Ask on your form what their Instagram @ is, this way if you need to contact them, you have their Instagram handle - as a last resort for contact. So, you can also follow them on Instagram too - which is what Instagram is all about, building relationships and connections.

1. Take your Instagram Community off Instagram and onto an Email Database these are your contacts, so if one day you were logged out of Instagram, hacked, forgot your password, whatever it might be - you still can contact people who followed you on Instagram and via email. 2. Have Text Message Marketing - you can contact your customers via Text, this is the most direct way of making contact and they won’t miss your email 3. Facebook Group for Clients only. Create an Exclusive Clients only Facebook Community group. This can be a place you advertise any deals; VIP offers or updates 4. Have a Website - I’m surprised at how many people don’t have one, and for me as a business, this is where most people contact me to book. You can also showcase more about your business than you can on Instagram! So how can clients find out about these ways of making contact? Have the conversation with them in person at their appointment. Teach your clients about your contact etiquette in case they have trouble one day being able to find you or contact you. Design a Form that every client fills in when they arrive at your salon and store this information on your salon database. Just like when you go to the

Your form may mention these points. - Name, Phone Number, Address, Email When they list their email address and phone number, ask would they like to be contacted via Text for Promotions & Emailed Newsletters?

Ask your clients would they like to join your Client Only VIP Facebook Group - mention the group’s name and how to join. It’s up to you as the salon owner, to be in control of how people contact your business and buy from you - and just relying on one source of contact can be really challenging. Be ahead of the game and the hairdresser heard on Instagram - have multiple points of contact. To super proof your DM’s I suggest to turn on FAQ’s and/or Quick Replies on Instagram. FAQs are a fantastic way for clients to get the quickest response possible for them - and the answers they’re looking for in just a few taps. You can simply set up Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram by heading into the Hamburger Menu (the three lines in the top right-hand corner), going into Settings, Business or Creator and then you’ll see Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll need to turn this on by tapping on the toggle. Below you’ll see Questions. You are allowed to have 4! For more tips and ideas on Instagram for your Salon, follow me & @ melbournehairblogger. I run weekly Instagram Lessons inside of my Social Salon Members group. For more info visit www.melbournehairblogger.



I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that the list of things we’re leaving behind in 2021 is long… like really long. So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m adding a few more things to that farewell list! They all have to do with the way hair salons embrace, or don’t embrace, their digital marketing. Over the past 2 years, many of you have gotten quickly acquainted with the online world to keep your business afloat during lockdowns. As we welcome this brand-new year with your doors permanently open, I encourage you to not dismiss what you’ve learned over this challenging time but take what’s worked well for your business and keep doing it! The way consumers shop and engage with hair brands online has changed forever which is why these are 3 digital marketing habits we’re not welcoming into 2022. Thinking you own your social media presence Something that ramped up in 2021 was our social media accounts being taken away from us with no notice. From the hot minute that Australians couldn’t access news via Facebook to the great Instagram outage of 2021, it’s become increasingly apparent that the relationship with our social media accounts can be as stressful as someone with pitch black hair hoping to go platinum blonde in one session. We do not own our social media presence; we never have, and we never will. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say I want you to farewell relying on your socials for every form of marketing communication in your business. Without a doubt, social media should play a leading role in your digital marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only one! If these platforms were to disappear one day, you’d be suddenly left with very little to work with.

me that social media ‘takes too much time’, I’d be typing this article from my private island in Mexico. Yes, running an effective social media presence takes commitment but when managed correctly, it doesn’t need to eat up your time every single day. Just like a good haircare routine, am I right?! ;) This is your year to pre-plan and schedule your content. No more winging it! Just a few hours, one day a month, can have your next 30 days of content locked and loaded so all you have to do is get on with doing what you do best. I call this the Social Media Scheduling Date, where you book time in your calendar to create social media posts that reflect your overall marketing calendar for that month. Then, schedule them in your go-to scheduling tool on the days and times that work best for your page and watch them seamlessly land on your feed without you needing to lift a finger. A few hours a month to take control of your socials versus frustration every couple of days whilst you figure out what to post? I know which one I’d choose.

Embrace the list of followers that you DO own – your database! The list of people that have signed up to your email marketing and those that have ticked ‘yes’ to receiving marketing communications from you in their client intake form. These are the people that you want to have front and centre when launching a new promotion.

Ignoring the power of video You have without a doubt seen the rise in popularity of Instagram Reels, TikTok’s and Instagram Lives over 2021 and it’s no coincidence that brands have jumped on the video train with them – video is queen! I know the term is king, but queen just sounds so much better don’t you think?

They already know, like and trust your business and can convert to sales much quicker than those cold leads that need to work their way through your marketing funnel first.

When you break down WHY video performs better on social media, it’s actually pretty simple. Video content is seriously prioritised by the social media overlords because it keeps the user engaged on their app for longer. Good video content (yes, it still must be worth watching), it’s naturally favoured by an algorithm that’s

Leaving your socials to the last minute If I had a dollar for every time someone has told 92

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

designed to foster relationships and get the user logging back into the app more often. If your content is ticking those boxes, it’ll generally reach more people and stay in the spotlight for longer. I want to see more video content on your feed in 2022, especially Instagram who is prioritising video content like no other. Now, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean telling you to get infront of the camera and start practicing your dance moves (totally go for it thought, if that’s your thing) but to press record and give your followers a more detailed look at your offerings, products, space, and client experience. Think of the difference between taking a photo of some freshly waved balayage versus a versus a 30 second – 1 minute video of that service actually being performed and revealed to the (overjoyed) client. Which one do you think is going to grab the attention of the follower quicker and keep their eyes on it for longer? Take a look at the posts you’re planning for that month and ask yourself, “can any of these be turned into a short video?”. You’ll find that your content will likely perform better, and you may find some extra booking enquiries in your DM’s sooner! Win win! Connect with Rachel on Facebook Instagram voe @doyouebensocial



Personal Guarantees … Bank Guarantees … Security Deposits …What does it all mean? What are the risks? Can I negotiate them out of my Lease? As a regular part of the work we do in representing Tenants in their commercial leasing matters and in getting to know our clients, one of the standard questions we ask is “Do you have a Personal Guarantee as part of your Lease”? If you don’t know what a Personal Guarantee is or if you don’t know if you have one in your Lease, then be assured, you are not alone! This is quite a common situation, that we hear regularly! It is not uncommon for a Tenant to just accept that a Personal Guarantee and/or a Bank Guarantee/Security Deposit is a standard clause in all Leases. It is not uncommon for a Tenant to agree to include these in their Lease, without really understanding the real implications and exposure they have, should the security need to be relied upon by the Landlord at some time in the future. Landlords rely on this lack of understanding to extract more security than they really need. Can guarantees be negotiated? As is the case with most items in a Lease, guarantees are negotiable. We regularly negotiate them out of our clients leases entirely or alternatively, negotiate limitations or tight restrictions on the level of guarantee being provided, as part of our lease negotiations for Tenants. Being able to achieve this, often depends on things like the stability of the business, how long the business has been operating, the Landlords level of desire to have the business as a Tenant, the amount of rent being paid and broader market conditions, but we achieve this all the time where appropriate. What is a “Personal Guarantee” and what are the risks? In relation to a commercial lease and as the heading suggests, a Personal Guarantee is the Tenant personally providing a legal promise to pay the Landlord for any liability in relation to the Lease. If you have a 5-year Lease with an annual rent of $100,000, you are personally promising to cover the full 5 years rent or $500,000. Items such as makegood expenses (returning the tenancy back to the condition it was in at the start of the Lease) as well as any other associated costs which relate to exiting a tenancy, can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the tenancy and the circumstances surrounding the exit. When you sign a Personal Guarantee, you are personally promising the Landlord that you will also cover all of these costs, in the event of an exit. What if my Lease is in my personal name? If a Tenant holds the Lease to their premises, in their own personal name, that means they are automatically providing the Landlord with a 94

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

Personal Guarantee, meaning that any of their other personal assets, also held in their own personal name, such as the family home, are at risk of being sold by the Landlord to fulfill the financial obligations of the Lease, in the event of a default. These guarantees are often unlimited without an expiry date. What if my Lease is in the name of a company entity? If a Tenant holds the Lease to their premises, in a company entity, it is common for a Landlord to seek Personal Guarantees of the company directors, as the value of the company itself may be lower than the total value of the financial obligations of the Lease, over the full term. What is a “Bank Guarantee”? A Bank Guarantee is an amount of money which is held by the Tenants bank in the Tenants name, that must remain on deposit for the term of the Lease and must be accessible by the Landlord in the event of a default. The value of the Bank Guarantee is usually 3 - 6 months’ rent, depending on what is negotiated at the time of entering the Lease. In the event of the rent not being paid, the Landlord has the ability to go to the bank and access the money secured by the Bank Guarantee to cover their loss. What is a “Security Deposit”? A Security Deposit is an agreed amount of money paid to the Landlord by the Tenant, usually 3 - 6 months rent, that is held by the Landlord in one of their bank accounts. It can be accessed by the Landlord for the same purposes as a Bank Guarantee. The funds of a Security Deposit are held by the Landlord and the funds for a Bank Guarantee stay in the bank account of the Tenant, however, both are accessible by the Landlord when appropriate.

Can I negotiate a Personal Guarantee, Bank Guarantees or Security Deposit? Personal Guarantees can be negotiated out of a Lease completely, depending on the circumstances and the other items being negotiated at the same time. If a Personal Guarantee is a firm requirement of the Landlord, we will always try to limit the exposure of the guarantee to the value of the lease liability, rather than it being completely unlimited. Bank Guarantees / Security Deposits can be negotiated too. Typically, a Landlord will seek 3 – 6 months’ rent for a Bank Guarantee or Security Deposit, but we are regularly negotiating these down to 2 – 3 months’ rent, depending on the other items being negotiated at the same time. What is the best outcome I should be trying to achieve? The best outcome is to negotiate a Lease that has no Personal Guarantees at all. However, there is sometimes a trade off in achieving this, in the form of a higher Bank Guarantee. For example, offering a Bank Guarantee or Security Deposit worth more than what the Landlord is seeking may be a strategy to remove the need for a Personal Guarantee. Increasing the value of the Bank Guarantee or Security Deposit could be a good outcome, as it eliminates the exposure of the Tenants personal assets and limits the general exposure to a limited amount. One of the strategies we often adopt is to offer a higher bank guarantee value at the start, with a programme for reducing it back to 2 – 3 months in value after an agreed period of time, for the balance of the Lease term. If you are about to renew your Lease or enter into a new Lease, feel free to call us on our FREE phone hotline 1300 356 702 to discuss the level of liability you have and the mix of security that you should be providing to your Landlord.

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You made it! 2021 is done and dusted and 2022 is here! But what now? And how do you tackle another 12 months when uncertainty and constant change has been the ongoing theme for the last 2 years?

There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the air and dealing with these uncertainties can cause a level of stress and anxiety; more for some than others. When it comes to change, we aren’t always able to control the outcome, but we can certainly control how we respond to it. That there is called resilience and we all have it! But again, how do we deal with uncertainty? First off, let it go! The reality is we can’t control everything. Focus on envisioning the best. Afterall, trying to spare ourselves disappointment by thinking how things could go wrong isn’t helping you. In fact, recent research in cognitive behavioural therapy shows that people tend to overestimate the risks and negative consequences that may result from a situation, but this leads to anxiety or even worse, sets us up for failure. Instead, try imagining the best possible scenario, you’ll feel calmer and clearer and help with decision making and boost your odds of success. Spend some time on reflection and remember, you’ve faced uncertainty before. The fact that you’re here now shows that you are strong enough 96

Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1

to make it through. Take the time to reflect on what helped you before, even write it down, it will be handy to read back when your worrisome thoughts begin to kick in. Avoid avoidance. A little uncertainty can be healthy, it activates our fight or flight mode, but when it makes us too anxious it can have the opposite affect and be quite paralysing. Remind yourself that dealing with uncertainty is hard, but there are consequences for not facing it head on. Recognise that there is only so much you can do right now, and that makes you human, not powerless! The way you treat yourself is in your control, so be kind, and immerse yourself in some of my suggestions as a starting point. 1. Mental first aid – think of this as a way to soothe your mind. Just like a first aid kit for physical ailments, we can also create a first aid kit for our mental health, especially when feeling bruised and battered by life. This kit can be more personalised to your individual needs and can include a variety of things, but what’s important is that this kit provides you with what you need, when you need it. So what are some things that you can include in this kit of yours?

Let’s start with your smartphone. An advantage of using your smartphone as part of your kit is that it’s the one item that you’re most likely to have with you all the time. Create a folder with various apps, but make sure these apps focus on your mental state and ways you can improve it and give yourself a boost when needed. Insight timer is a great one to access meditations, providing an array of subjects as well as choosing a timeframe, so no excuse to not be able to fit some me time in. Headspace is another simple but effective meditation app, and will teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day. If meditation isn’t your thing, then try creating a playlist of songs that uplift and inspire you, and make you feel energised. It doesn’t matter what your selection is; this playlist is only for you. Or perhaps it’s about time to go through your photos and create an album of images, quotes and people that bring you joy. Visualisation is a powerful tool so why not use some of your most loved images to give yourself a boost.

Do you have a notebook and pen handy? If not go out and purchase them and keep them close by so they can be accessed when needed. Extracting whatever is going on in your mind and putting it on paper is a great way to release what may be consuming you or weighing your mind down, but also a great way to jot down ideas when feeling inspired. It could be a todo list, or perhaps you’re having an internal argument with yourself, whatever thought it may be, writing them down can help release the burden and lighten the mental load. Don’t forget to focus on the good things around you and write these down also. It enables your brain to think of the positives, rather than the negatives, and can actually give your brain a break from the stress. Essential oils and fragrance can be underestimated when it comes to our mental health but are another great tool to have in that kit. In fact, scent can prove to be a speedy solution because when you inhale a scent it goes straight to your limbic system, which affects your emotion and memory. Have you noticed that sometimes all it takes is a pleasant aroma to instantly change your mood and bring back a fond memory? Try it! (Lynx Africa, oh those high school memories!) There are so many items to choose from but again, choose what resonates with you. 2. Create stability using effective habits. You may be thinking ‘what makes an effective habit?’ but one thing I can tell you that doesn’t work is rigidity. Let me explain. For those of us that may attend the gym, we may choose to attend gym at the same time each day, forming what we consider a healthy habit. Whilst yes, it’s obvious that going to the gym is in fact a healthy habit, what happens when our routine is disrupted? Perhaps you’ve been caught up at work, or maybe copped a flat tyre on your way. These inconveniences or change in plans are more times than not enough to throw our routine out, resulting in missing that gym class altogether. Now you may be wondering ‘what is the point to this?’ and the point I’m trying to make is if we want to form effective habits that stick, we need to learn how to roll with the punches. Yes, forming stable routines is key to habit formation, but if we really want to form the strongest of habits, learning to roll with the punches teaches us to be flexible when life throws us a curveball. In fact, I’d go as far to say that too much rigidity is the enemy of a good habit! Something for you to ponder… 3. Review your ethics. Think of ethics as the principles that guide our behaviour toward making the best choices and contribute to the common good of all. Ethics are what guide us to tell the truth, help someone in need and keep our promises. When encouraging you to review your ethics, this doesn’t imply that you may have ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ ethics, after all, social psychology research (Stout,2005) shows that only about 4% of the population could be considered ‘bad’, that is, habitually acting in an amoral and antisocial way. A low

percentage of the population, yes, however ‘good’ people can still do ‘bad’ things and this is where reviewing your ethics come into play. A good starting point is intention. What exactly are you trying to create from a moral perspective? Sometimes we can be blinded to the ethical aspect of an issue by unconsciously pattern-matching against something in the past, instead of assessing all the facts in that moment. Ask yourself ‘how does this support my values and principles?’ or ‘is this in the best interests of all concerned?’. Now more than ever, is the time to reconnect with our values, understand the flawed nature of being human and build community. Remember that a rising tide floats all boats! So, are you ready to shift? Do you hold that strong desire to not just survive 2022 but thrive? Whilst we often look to others for answers on how to thrive in life, sometimes we just need space to find them ourselves. These shifts don’t need to be wild and dramatic, and sometimes change can happen suddenly,

with the inevitable curveballs that life throws at us, but wild and dramatic shifts just aren’t sustainable, and the actions we need to take for these kinds of changes can be overwhelming. Focus on pursuing sustainable and consistent growth, both personal and professional and go within. Something that we don’t realise is that we’re hardwired to believe that someone else knows how to live our lives better than we do. This isn’t the case, however what they can provide us with is experience and advice, but ultimately, we have the answers, we have just forgotten. Step up, keep going and make space to find those answers, one action, one shift at a time. It’s time to thrive! I believe in you. Love & Bliss, Angeli xxoo Angeli is a Holistic Empowerment Coach, Mindset Mentor and founder of The Bliss Coach. To work with me in 2022, get in touch by visiting or follow us on our socials @theblisscoach to find out more. Hair Biz Year 16 Issue 1