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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Core Values

To improve the health of low-income people who face the greatest barriers to care access.

To be a primary care medical

Healthcare access for all;

home - providing high quality,

quality services provided with

comprehensive healthcare,

compassion, respect and cultural

delivered in a culturally and

sensitivity; and organizational

linguistically appropriate manner.

excellence and integrity.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT + EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR It was a year ago that MobileMed received the wonderful news that we had been awarded Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status. This designation is not only a testament to our track record of accomplishment, but also an affirmation of our ongoing role in addressing unmet needs in the community. For nearly 50 years, MobileMed has remained committed to improving the health of people who face the greatest barriers to care access. Our co-founders, Dr. Herman Meyersburg and Dr. George Cohen, envisioned that MobileMed would provide high quality primary healthcare to low-income residents of Montgomery County who might otherwise forego necessary care due to financial or cultural constraints. That vision still guides us. Our core values, then and now, are: healthcare access for all; quality services provided with compassion, respect and cultural sensitivity; and organizational excellence and integrity. As the County has experienced significant demographic shifts, economic cycles, and the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, MobileMed has adapted. We have established culturally-specific clinics; employed bilingual staff; expanded primary care services to include integrated behavioral health; and developed valuable collaborations with diverse community groups. From our origins in the basement of a Kensington church to our multiple primary care clinics located throughout the County, MobileMed has consistently focused on effectively serving disadvantaged populations within our community.

We are very proud of achieving FQHC status, but we view it as a beginning, not an end. Looking forward, this federal award provides an extraordinary opportunity to increase our impact in the community, to expand services, and to reach more vulnerable populations. MobileMed will continue to make a difference as a provider of comprehensive primary care. We will be there for the newly enrolled Medicaid patients who need MobileMed’s culturally competent services to help them navigate the healthcare system. And, as always, we will be there for the tens of thousands of low-income County residents who are ineligible for insurance and rely on MobileMed as a safety net provider. The support of the community – its financial and in-kind contributions, and the complementary programs that we are able to leverage for our patients – remains absolutely essential to our success. MobileMed is deeply grateful to our elected officials; to the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services; to our community collaborators and hospital partners; to our volunteers; to our generous donors; and, finally, to an outstanding staff, always willing to go the extra mile for our patients.

Connie Lierman

President, Board of Directors

Peter F. Lowet

Executive Director

MobileMed ’s 2015-2016 Highlights SERVED MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESIDENTS IN NEED. Our multilingual staff of 35, plus 75 volunteer clinicians, provided primary and preventive healthcare services to more than 4,000 low-income, uninsured and underinsured residents of Montgomery County. We delivered 13,000 medical visits in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Korean, Amharic, and Farsi) at our seven accessible primary care clinics—including three mobile sites—and two specialty clinics. We were also given the opportunity this year to expand our homeless services, including onsite clinics at two County shelters. A recent patient satisfaction survey found that 94% of our patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the services they received. As always, we never turned anyone away for an inability to pay.




ENHANCED OUR QUALITY OF CARE . MobileMed continued to enrich its comprehensive primary and preventive care delivery, driving improvement in our clinical outcome measures. Our focused effort to apply best practices for diabetes care resulted in a major decrease in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Our rate is now better than the 90th percentile of the HEDIS Medicaid benchmark. We have also made significant strides in our colorectal and cervical cancer screening rates. As part of our integrated behavioral health program, we have achieved near universal screening for depression and anxiety among new patients, and continue to show statistically significant improvement for a majority of those who are referred to therapy.

FORTIFIED OUR SUSTAINABILITY AND EXPANDED OUR REACH. We completed our first year as an FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center). This new status comes with a grant to serve the uninsured, and enabled us to apply for and receive supplemental grants to funds valuable initiatives such as Outreach & Enrollment. As an FQHC, MobileMed has the opportunity to serve more people in need, develop innovative programs, and extend outreach to underserved populations.

FOSTERED PARTNERSHIPS FOR OUTREACH AND CARE . MobileMed leveraged scarce resources by engaging in partnerships and by helping patients access programs for specialty care and medications. Our robust collaborations with social service agencies and faith-based organizations remain essential to our community outreach efforts to serve hard-to-reach populations. In addition, our hospital partners – Adventist HealthCare (Shady Grove and Washington Adventist) and Suburban Hospital – along with their physician partners – continue to donate substantial diagnostic lab, radiology, and cardiac testing for MobileMed’s uninsured patients. We have expanded our transitionsof-care program for uninsured patients discharged from the hospital, in order to reduce hospital readmission rates and unnecessary ER visits.




Special Thanks

to Our Generous Donors Who Help MobileMed Serve the Community VISIONARY ($5,000+) Irma Poretsky Sam Statland Total Wine & More

BENEFACTOR ($1,000+) Mary Pat and Darren Alcus Bernard Family Foundation Circle Fellowship Church Catherine and Charles Cleland Lenore and George Cohen, MD** Hon. David Davidson** Fitzgerald’s Lakeforest Toyota The Leonard A. & Linda K. Greenberg Charitable Foundation Judy and Sheldon Grosberg** Constance Heller Clare Herington and Laurence Platt Herron Printing & Graphics JJF Management Services Charlotte Jenkins Wendy Krasner and Richard Levine Jean Lanham Lee Development Group** Cal and Jeffrey Leonard Connie Lierman Terry Lierman Ann Malester and Daniel Barney Grace and Henry Masur, MD Nauticon Imaging Systems Original Pancake House Linda Pickle and Jim Pearson Dale Rosenthal and Michael Cutler Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Inc. Schiro-Zavela Foundation Sidgmore Family Foundation Jaswinder Sidhu Anita O. Solomon, PhD Samson Stern Nancy Switkes and Jeffrey Fienberg Annop Tantisunthorn, MD Bonnie and Robert Tarone George Wasserman Family Foundation Cliff and Deborah White Family Foundation

SUPPORTER ($500+) Ada Adler* Amerigroup Maryland Ellen and Simon Atlas* James Babson Marion and Jeffrey Barker CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield The Christian Mixter & Linna Barnes Charitable Fund Tony Conrad Eileen and Paul DeMarco, MD Faith United Methodist Church Barbara and Kenneth Firestone** Janet and Andrew Gallant GFWC Metropolitan Club of Montgomery County Kristina Gilbertson and Munro Meyersburg** Maryann Gosnell Diane Gould* Lois Gutowski Royce Hanson Sara and James Harris** Kathaleen and Smith Hempstone Jerry Herbers, MD Sandra Read, MD and Hugh Hill, III, MD

Abigail and Alan Hoffman Susan Jack Susan and Pat Lanham Nevins Catherine and Hon. Isiah Leggett Charles & Margaret Levin Family Foundation Lyceum Insurance Services, Inc. Jane Lyder and Alan Palisol J.W. McCartin Insurance, Inc.** Thelma and Barry Meyer, MSW Marilyn and Douglas Mitchell JoAnn and Wendell Mohr Monument Bank German Paraud Carlos Picone, MD Vadim Pogosov Linda Privitera Marcy and Ronald Prussick, MD Denise and Rex Reed Lucia and Fernando Rossel Saggar & Rosenburg, P.C. St. Luke Lutheran Church and School Ellen and Herbert Schulken Emma Shelton and Florence Millar Renee and William Stevens Diana and Francis Sullivan Gail and Michael Wolyniec

ASSOCIATE ($100+) Nancy and John Abeles Katherine and David Abeshouse Rhoda Abrams Abigail and Mark Adelman Barbara and Ralph Alterowitz** June Amling Clare and Phil Amoruso Laura and Perry Apelbaum* Donna and Bryan Arling, MD Carolyn Avery, MD Julie Bader and Thomas Schneider Lynn Barclay Hilary and Jeffrey Barker Joan Barron and Paul Lang Beatrice Baum Walter Bauman Charles Beard Ann and Thomas Benedict Susan and Paul Berman Elyse and Jeffrey Bernstein, MD Marina Bills Howard Blum** B’nai Israel Congregation Victoria Bor and David Dugoff Beverly Bosselmann Mary and Chuck Bowsher Cyndy Brenneman Bud Miller Associates, Inc. Eva Burger Brigitte and David Burgett

Tracy Burns** Jane Bybee and Harold Meyers** Suzanne Byrnes** Stephen Cannon Sandi Cave and Alan Banov** Howard & Jacqueline Chertkof Foundation Ling Yu Chuang and Chii Ren Tsai Ruth Cipolla Barbara and Hank Clark Dale Clayton-Morrison and Kent Morrison Rosanna Coffey and Tim Stranges* Esther Cohen** Ellen and Harvey Cohen, MD Marlene and Victor Cohn, PhD Antoinette and Carlton Collins** Beverly and James Collins Pamela and Richard Cook** Audrey Corson, MD Catherine Crockett Natalie and Brian Crowley, MD Patricia Cusumano, MD and Boris Lushniak Dolores and Lawrence D’Angelo Joel Davidov Emily Davidson Ellin Davtyan** Leonard Deitz, MD Nancy and John DeVierno Susan and Edward Dosik Margaret Douglas Mary Dragoo Hope Eastman Martha and David Eddy** Kyoko Enomoto and Blair Hall Merle Fabian Sharon and Izzy Feldman Lois and Alan Fern Maureen Feroli, MD and Edward Feroli Joellen and Alan Fishman* Liliane Floge Lucile Freeman Patricia Friedman and Blair Levin Stephen Garvey Margaret and Jacques Gelin Asher Gerecht Susan and Jon Gerson** Kenneth Goldman Diane and Martin Goldstein Helene Grant Mary and James Griffin Carol and Joel Gurin Samuel Hack Bonnie Harkness and James Rogers Susan Harris Alice Heiserman** Ann and Edward Hengerer Janet and Robert Higgins Judy Honig

Cheryl and Jay Hoofnagle Michelle and Eric Howell Andrea Hugill* Ann and Tom Humphrey Ella and Howard Iams** International Monetary Fund Hilary and Alex Joel Safia Kadir and Dennis Rice Sudhaker and Aruna Kaveeshwar Ellen Kohn and Tim Muzzio Sondra and Jeffrey Komarow Ellen and Bill Kominers** Philip Kopper Muriel and Edward Korn Benjamin Kramer Areta Kupchyk Belinda Lai Courtney and Walter Lamb** Araba Lamouse-Smith, PhD Lyn Lansdale Trude Lawrence Robin and Keith Lawson Dorothea and Arnold Lear Amy and Hun Ya Lee Carley and Harry Lee Phyllis Lerner Debra and Joshua Levin Marion Lewin Dorothy and Gerald Liddel Stephanie Loughlin and Robert Kaye Lynne and Jeff Love Jonathan Lowet Craig Ludwig Linda and Michael Madden** Bonnie Malkin and Robert Vogel Kathy Mannes* Wendy Marberg** Frances Marshal and Lewis Schrager Jenny Masur* Ellen Mayhew Amelia and James McConnell Jeanne McDermott Roberta McKay Ellen and Willliam Mentzer Diane Mesirow Marilyn Meyers, PhD Richard Meyersburg Joan Moyers Nalini and Raju Natarajan Kathy and Dennis Neill Paula and Warren Nesbitt Theresa Nuzum Rick Oleszewski Thomas Olson Susan O’Neill* Marcy Oppenheimer and Joseph Neale Christine Owens and Sandord Newman* Jean Panagakos Katherine H. Parmalee Linda and Barry Perlis Lisa and Jeffrey Perlmutter* Geraldine Pilzer Judith Polish Marjorie and Monroe Pray, CRNP Thomas Purcell Linda and Fred Richards Tammy and Steve Roberts Corinne and Steven Roberts Roni Robins* Farida Robinson** Patricia and John Robinson Kathleen Rodriguez and Uri Yokel Joan and Joseph Romeo, MD

Lynn and John Sachs St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Constance Salemi Barbara Sanders Laura Savely and David Sturm** Gertrude Scanlan Tamara and Arthur Schatzkin Louise and David Schmeltzer James Schoettler, Jr. Dee Schofield** Alecia Scott Nancy and David Scull** Barbara and Mike Selter Jen Sermoneta, PsyD Loretta and Mark Sherringham Michelle Silbert** Virginia Sloss Nancy Sloss Rebecca and Thomas Smith Douglas Smith Caroline and Ian Smith-DeWaal Judith Sprei, MD and Allan Lazarus, MD Esther Starobin Robyn Strachan Hon. Helen Strang** Sherry Sundick Marvin Tabb Alisa and Jon Talisman Lill and Len Taylor* Hadassah Thursz Catherine and Roger Titus** Ruth Tockman Carol Trawick Carmelita Tuazon* Janine Tucker and Ira Schwartz Nancy and Robert Turner Ann and Eric Vaughn Carmen Vincent** Mary and Leo Von Euler, MD Beverly Walcoff Julie Watson and George Lorenzo Janet and Hans Wegner Jane Weiman Marcia Weinberg William Willcox, Esq. Karen and Roger Winston Woman’s Club of Bethesda, Inc. Karen Zacharia and Raymond Paretzky Elizabeth and John Zinner Amy and Mark Zusy Catherine Zusy and Samuel Kendall

FRIEND (UP TO $99) Florence and Edward Aaron Nancy and Bernard Abeshouse Edward Abrahams** Celeste Abrams Joette and Stephen Alkire Barbara Allen Allie and Matthew Ammerman, MD Corinne Axelrod and Martin Rosenthal, MD Sandra Balsam Marla Banov Rosalie Barr, MD Toby and Philip Berman Andrew Bethke Jessica and Eric Boehm** Helen and Paul Bollwerk Helen and Robert Borochoff Carole and Nicholas Brand** Hon. William Bronrott** Bruce Buchanan ** James Butler Greg Byrnes** Barbara and Hereward Cattell Belia and Sal Ceja Nancy Cheng Sharron Cochran Lisa and Nelson Cohen

Anne and Stephen Colgate Deborah and Avery Comarow Gary Cortellessa John Dassoulas** Patricia Davenport Jeanne and Harry Davis Sacha de Lange Linda and Roy Deitchman Andrew DeMarco* Laura and Douglas Denault Jo Ann and Robert Devaney** Ibrahima Diallo Marilyn Dickey Natalie and Laurence Dickter Sharon Kay Dooley** Lisa and Marc Dorfman

James Kelley Christine and Hugo Keunen, MD Richard Klinkner Rebecca and Marc Korman** Elena Kovalov David Krasner Jeanette Robert Kreiser Pauline and Irwin Kurtzack, DO* Judith Levin, MD and Jonathan Levin, MD Roberta and Ernst Liebman Carol and Donald Lipton Carolyn Lodish, MD Mortimer P. Lowenfeld Stephanie Lowet Peter Lowet** Melissa Ludwig

Lucille and James Ronan, MD Susan and Kenneth Rosenbaum, MD Joan Rosenstein and Kenneth Roberts Barbara and Douglas Rosing, MD Judith Sarah Ryan Marian Saffan* Phyllis and John Schmitz Susan and Robert Schoenberg Ila and Thomas Schoettler** Harolyn Schwartz Ellen and Larry Schwartz Rita and Alan Seifert Melvin Shapiro, MD Bobbi and Lawrence Shulman** Sharon and Ira Silverman Ellen and Jim Sivon Rita Skolnik and Steve Crowley Lois and Irving Slott Suzanna Smuckler Herbert Snyder* Selma Sokolower Lucy Spagnolo, RN Betty St. Marie** Barbara and Dale Steinacker* Beverly and Edwin Stennett William Stratton Sharon Strauss Frances Thompson Ann Todd Lottie Traunfeld Harriet Tritell* Molly and Stuart Turkewitz Millicent Wasell Sandra Wool Joan and Marc Zlotnik

EVENT IN-KIND DONORS Alison Drucker and Thomas Holzman Suzanne Ducat and Stanley Cohen Jonina Duker* Eugene Ebert* Margaret Engel and Bruce Adams Suzanne Epstein Hon. Gail Ewing Michael Falk* Dolores Farr, RN Elaine Feidelman and Irwin Shuman, MD Jeanne Ferris Constance Finch and Roy Bevington Barbara and David Fishback* ** Elayne Flax Mary and Thomas Fleisher Rose Mary and Christopher Flint Melanie Folstad Stephanie Garber** Carol Garvey, MD and Thomas Garvey, MD Susan and Harold Geisel Tamara George Ellen Gerecht Barbara and Charles Gholz Miriam and Manny Ginsburg Irene and Robert Glaser Judith Goldstein Harriet Granger Gordon Susan Green Joyce and Larrie Greenberg, MD Gary Greenfield** Michael Greenspun Sharon Grosfeld** JoAnn Henry Jan and De Fischler Herman Linda and Robert Horowitz, MD Jane and Samuel Ireland Tanya and Warren Jones Tara Joseph, MD and Kuriacose Joseph Ann Joseph** Virginia and Richard Katon, MD Doreen and Wesley Kaufmann**

Diane Lynne** Robert Mac Steven Macht, MD Karen MacIntyre Chelsea and Josh Madden Ken Marsh** Lalitha Peters Martyres, MD Carrie Masur Corinne Masur and Theodore Fallon* Nancy Masur* Sara and Steven Mathis Karen Mazze and Shanker Krishnan Bill McCloskey Jennifer and Alastair McKechnie Natalie McLeod Karen and James McManus** Erica Meadows** Toori and Hassanali Mehran Libby and Ronald Merrill Francine Meyer Barbara Anne Miller, MD Michelle Misler* Judith Morenoff Yvonne Moritz Sally Gilbert Moskowitz Rosalie and Ben Mulitz Mary Mutisya Elaine Newman Diane and John Noble Susan Okie, MD and Walter Weiss, MD Irnest Oser, MD Ann Parker Frederic Parsons Shirley and Andrew Pelmoter Althea Peters Rolf Piekarz, MD Arlene Polangin Elizabeth and Robert Quinn Neville Ramroop Sylvia and Edwin Reis Marion and Donald Robertson Robin Robinson*

Hyatt Regency Bethesda StandupComedyToGo.com Suburban Hospital

*IN HONOR OF Marin Allen James Bailey, MD George Cohen, MD Hon. David Davidson Paul DeMarco, MD Benjamin Fassberg’s 90th birthday Tobias Gottesmann Sam Hack Hugh Hill, MD Wendy Krasner Jean Lanham Connie Lierman Craig Ludwig Grace Masur Mary Mutisya Anita Solomon Sam Statland

**IN MEMORY OF Martha Cox Adelle Dassoulas, RN Mildred Flyer Hon. Esther Gelman Jesse Kaiser William Marberg Arnold Meyersburg, MD Ronald Ottenberg, MD James Schoettler, MD Ann Statland Tzip Weinstein

What FQHC status means to MobileMed FQHC DESIGNATION …

Leads To

Core Federal grant dollars to expand and enhance services to our target population

Supplemental funding opportunities to address specific initiatives

Reinforced focus on case management and patient navigation

Required composition of Board of Directors to ensure focus on community health needs

… MOBILEMED IMPROVEMENTS Strategic priorities include expanded capacity to address unmet needs in East Montgomery County

New dollars for expanded outreach & enrollment; future funding for improving clinical information systems and achieving patient-centered medical home (PCMH) recognition Opportunity to address patient needs that are not reimbursed through “fee for service”

Majority of members on reconstituted Board are current MobileMed patients

FQHC Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, MobileMed Annual Meeting, October 2015 Left-to-Right: John Sackett, COO Adventist HealthCare; Monique Sanfuentes, Director, Community Health and Wellness, Suburban Hospital; Del. Craig Zucker; Mark Luckner, Executive Director, Maryland CHRC; Montgomery County Council President George Leventhal; Peter Lowet; Connie Lierman; Sen. Brian Feldman; Sen. Susan Lee.

Thank You

TO OUR COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS Adventist Healthcare African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association Aspire Counseling CASA Catholic Charities CHEER Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind Episcopal Church of the Ascension Gaithersburg HELP Holy Cross Health Center Interfaith Works Islamic Education Center Korean Community Service Center Mercy Health Clinic Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless National Institutes of Health Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church Shady Grove Medical Center Suburban Hospital Washington Adventist Hospital


Andrew Bethke, Consumer Representative on the MobileMed Board

The reason I accepted an invitation to be a patient-stakeholder on the MobileMed Board is simple - I have a deep appreciation to MobileMed for being there for me. Several years ago, having no other way to get medical care, I heard about MobileMed and decided to go to their clinic to see if they would take me. Happily, they did, and I’ve been with MobileMed ever since. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier staff. They always make me feel included and wanted. Three years ago, MobileMed sent me to the hospital for tests due to an ongoing problem with severe indigestion. While doing these tests, it was discovered that I had two pulmonary embolisms. I was admitted to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. Now I get monthly INR checks with MobileMed to make sure my blood thickness is at the right level to prevent any more blood clots. If it weren’t for MobileMed taking me on as a patient, I might have died from a blood clot. That was three years ago. So, I have had three years – and counting – with my son that I might not have had. Thank you MobileMed!

Marvin “Marvin,” an uninsured man in his 30s, came to MobileMed feeling tired, depressed, and agitated. He was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. MobileMed’s Primary Care Provider explained the nature of this chronic disease and discussed appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle activities that would help Marvin manage his health. Two weeks later, Marvin came back to the MobileMed clinic for prescription refills, and was examined by both a podiatrist and optometrist as part of MobileMed’s diabetes care program. Within three months, the patient had significantly lowered his A1C level (a key indicator of diabetic control) and was feeling much better. Over the course of a year, Marvin continued to return to MobileMed for medication refills and also went to the MobileMed/ NIH/Suburban Hospital Endocrine Clinic for consultation. Marvin credits MobileMed for providing him with the support that he needed to keep his chronic condition under control.

Rose “Rose,” an uninsured, 38-year-old woman, called MobileMed for an appointment.  Although the schedule was full, the Medical Assistant who answered the phone sensed that something was wrong and had the woman come in that day as an add-on. Following routine behavioral health screening that MobileMed conducts for all primary care patients, she was put on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications, and referred to our therapist who did an initial evaluation that same day. The combination of appropriate medications, on-site behavioral health therapy, and follow-up telephonic monitoring made Rose “a new woman.” As she described it, “My life has been turned around!” Long estranged from her sister, Rose reunited with her. Rose fondly calls that Medical Assistant “my guardian angel.”

Patient Stories

Marie “Marie,” a Haitian-born woman with no health insurance, came to MobileMed’s Women’s Clinic where one of our volunteer physicians confirmed a lump in her breast. The MobileMed Nurse Manager arranged for the patient to receive a free mammogram that day. When the mammogram did reveal breast cancer, the Nurse Manager helped Marie navigate through her successful chemotherapy and radiation treatment at Shady Grove Adventist, a key hospital partner. Afterward, Marie’s sister expressed her gratitude, saying “If it weren’t for MobileMed, I don’t know what would have happened. You saved my sister’s life. Thank you and keep doing the good work.”

Frank “Frank,” an older gentleman who was homeless, came to MobileMed suffering from multiple illnesses, including high blood pressure and arthritis. He described himself as being “at an alltime low.” Beginning at MobileMed’s Germantown Clinic, he was seen at multiple MobileMed clinic locations during his treatment. Reflecting on his experience, Frank had this to say: “With the help of MobileMed, I was able to secure Medicare, gain access to Disability benefits, find a home and get my life back. Never let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you do to help the community.”

FY2016 Financials (July 2015 – June 2016) REVENUE Contributions

Patient Reimb.

Private Grants


Federal + State Grants

General + Admin.



BOARD OF DIRECTORS Connie Lierman, CRNP, President Marina Bills, Vice President Wendy Krasner, Secretary Alan Hoffman, Treasurer

6% 13%


Charlotte A. Jenkins, MBA, Past President

16% Facilities/ Vehicles

Andrew Bethke


James Butler Jeffrey Camejo

15% 78%


Catherine Cleland, MBA Sheldon Grosberg Dianne Guillory Jerome E. Herbers, Jr., MD, MBA Nataly Johanson

County + City Contracts

Mary Mutisya

MobileMed’s FY2016 revenue grew 19% to nearly $3 million. Thanks to generous public and private support, we were able to fund program development and strengthen our balance sheet.

Winifred Wilson

HONORARY BOARD George J. Cohen, MD, Co-Founder Simon Atlas

Thank You

Lola Jean Cross, MPH, RN


Hon. David Davidson Sharon Kay Dooley, RN

Adventist HealthCare

Maximus Foundation

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Meyer Foundation

Benjamin C. Fassberg, Esq.

City of Gaithersburg

Montgomery County Community Development Block Grant

John J. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Montgomery County Dept. of Health & Human Services - Montgomery Cares - Head Start

Sara N. Harris, OT

Montgomery County Executive and Council

Jean Lanham

Carl M. Freeman Foundation Health Care for the Homeless

Phase Foundation

Cynthia A. Meyersburg, MS

Healthcare Initiative Foundation

Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County

City of Rockville Clark-Winchcole Foundation Community Foundation in Montgomery County - Sharing Montgomery Fund

Homer & Martha Gudelsky Foundation

Suburban Hospital, a Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

Susan G. Komen National Capital Region Maryland Community Health Resources Commission Maryland Community Investment Tax Credit Program Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene

9309 Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, MD 20814

U.S. DHHS - Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) United Way of the National Capital Area Venable Foundation Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ

301.841.0825 | info@mobilemedicalcare.org www.mobilemedicalcare.org

Dolores Farr, RN

Hon. Esther Gelman (1931-2016) Hugh F. Hill III, MD, JD Kenneth Howard Marion Hayes Hull, PhD Thelma Meyer, MSW John Moscato Rex Reed Anita Solomon, PhD Hon. Helen Strang Andrew Weiss


MANAGEMENT Peter F. Lowet, Executive Director Audrey Corson, MD, Medical Director Kathleen Luton, CRNP, Clinical Director Linda Madden, Director of Development

UW #8157


CFC #86936

Profile for Mobile Medical Care

MobileMed Annual Report FY16  

MobileMed's annual report on our 2015-2016 fiscal year.

MobileMed Annual Report FY16  

MobileMed's annual report on our 2015-2016 fiscal year.


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