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January 2013

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parents clothes

If you looked back at what your parents wore when they were our age, you would see the typical 70’s and 80’s styles. Our moms had the big hair, neon colors, big earrings, leg warmers and shoulder pads. Our dads wore the parachute pants, Members Only jackets, and tried to rock the hip hop/ MC Hammer look and always wore tennis shoes, no matter what kind of pants they were wearing. Fortunately for us, the times have changed and we don’t wear the things our parents used to. An 80’s day for spirit week is all fun and games, but to imagine wearing those clothes on a daily basis makes us grateful that the styles have changed.

hideous windbreaker sweatpants they wore? Yep, they came in neon. Heck, they even had leg warmers in those colors. Not to mention prom dresses and swimsuits. Could it get any worse? Sure, we throw some neon colors into our wardrobe these days, but it’s in small doses like accessories, not our entire outfit. Let’s face it: our parents looked like traffic cones in the 80’s.

Have you found your mom’s old prom dress or at least seen pictures of it? One of the first things you notice is the shoulder pads. I don’t know what our moms were thinking. How was that comfortable at all? They started out small, and Luckily for me, my parents’ clos- then slowly got bigger until they reached ets are completely rid of all of the clothes a colossal size. Okay, that’s an exaggerathey used to wear in high school, but tion, but still, those shoulder pads were some people haven’t had such luck. Have huge. They were included in dresses, you ever gone in your parents’ room and jackets, coats, and even everyday shirts. seen some of their old clothes? I haven’t The pant suits that business women wore had that experience, but I can imagine had some of the biggest shoulder pads of that wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Looking all. All I have to say is good thing those at those clothes online or in old movies are out of style. is interesting enough, but to imagine our Leg warmers were also really parents actually wearing them is not a popular during out moms’ teen years. welcome sight. and some people still wear them. They One of the most popular things are more likely to be seen on dancers, our moms would have worn when they but some brave souls will wear them over were our age was neon colors. The yel- their heels, skinny jeans, or with leggings. lows, oranges, pinks, greens, and even They were originally made from wool, but bright blues were in styles then. You could they evolved with the style and are now find anything in neon colors, including made of anything from cotton to synthetpants, shirts, jackets, and shoes. Those ic fibers. Anyone who had any sense of


Emily highfill

style in the 80’s had a couple dozen pairs of leggings in every color you can imagine. Can you honestly imagine your mom wearing a pair of leg warmers? They may be cute now, but the way they were worn back then was a little ridiculous. Our dads were just as guilty. They liked to think that they were cool and dressed in hip-hop styles, and copied MC Hammer’s fashion style. Reality check: they actually looked like they were tying way to hard. The parachute pants they wore were huge too, and I don’t just mean they were in style. They were literally like parachutes that someone tied at the bottom. I know most guys don’t care a lot about their style, but why would they ever think that that was okay? Another typical outfit included an open and baggy tuxedo jacket, a plain t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Wearing tennis shoes with any outfit that involves a tuxedo jacket is not okay under any circumstances. Our moms might have been bad, but I think that our dads were just a little bit worse. As you can see, compared to our styles today, our parents had very different ideas of fashion back when they were in high school. Our moms at least matched, but had some crazy colors and styles. Moms get the award for going the biggest, which isn’t exactly better. Dads get the award for worst dressed. Next time you see your parents, give them a hard time for their styles.


sabrina duran At the beginning, they didn’t mention their own experiences, but as I continued to speak about it, they joined me. This is a bit of proof that maybe taboos really can change. In a society, taboos can be necessary. If violence was openly accepted, there would be more crime and deaths. Taboos help a society stay safe. If nothing was taboo, there would chaos all around us.

There are only two taboos that are The topic of taboos is very in- taboo. There are many more. It depends teresting. What is a taboo, you ask? Well on which culture you’re part of. Here in universally common: incest (to date/fornisimply, a taboo is something that isn’t ac- America, it is considered taboo to date or cate/marry a relative) and cannibalism (to cepted in a social group and is typically marry more than one person at a time. In consume the same species as you). fact, to have more than one husband or avoided. If you’re interested in taboos, wife is illegal in the U.S. In many Islamic I read this book once that was societies, to have more than one spouse I would suggest watching “Taboo” a National Geographic television show. It is about the English language. It made a is considered honorable. definitely one of my favorite shows. good point about taboo words, such as Just because something is tacurse words. It said, to get rid of taboos in our language, people have to use those boo, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur. words more often and casually. Now I’m For example, in high school, teen pregsure this sounds like a horrible idea, let- nancy is taboo. Everyone knows teen ting everyone cuss at free will. But, think pregnancy happens much more often about it, if no one acted surprised by the than we would like to admit. words, they would no longer be unacLately, cepted. If children of young ages used those words, without realizing they were I’ve been conduct“wrong” or being corrected, eventually ing a little experias generations passed by, those same ment of my own. I words would no longer be taboo. I’m not have openly begun telling anyone they should start cussing to discuss the topic more often, because that would just get of bowels (poop) them into trouble. Cussing is a taboo that with relatives and friends. Most people has not yet been eliminated. thought I was just disgusting. Curse words are just one type of being



theater etiquette We’ve all had bad experiences whilst going to the theatre, whether it was because someone brought their whiny child, or because you’re sitting next to a friend that won’t stop talking or narrating the entire movie. Yes it’s annoying, yes it’s inconsiderate, but you probably do it too, hoping that no one else will notice, right? Some of us don’t even realize that it’s not acceptable to do certain things, and we continue to do them anyway. Here’s a list of things that you most definitely should not do in the movie theatre.

1.) Eating food noisily while the movie is playing.

While it’s perfectly alright to have food, please for the love of God; do not bring loud, crunchy snacks into the theatre. And on top of that, if you do, open them before the movie starts. It’s not hard, and when you take three minutes just to open all of the packaging on your food, it annoys everyone in the theatre, and makes them hate you.

7.) Putting your feet on the back of someone’s seat, or kicking it.

you should have done it before the movie started.

4.) Putting things in a seat to make it look like it’s taken.

This is totally fine if the theatre is full, but if the theatre is mostly empty, sitting right next to someone who you don’t even know is creepy. At the very least, leave one seat between you and the person next to you, so that it’s not weird for either of you.

3.) Using your phone while the movie is playing.

When the movie is playing, turn off your phone. Not only is it embarrassing for you to have your phone go off playing Katy Perry’s latest single, but it only makes everyone in the theatre mad that you’re taking forever to turn off your phone when

Imagine going in for a drink from your beverage and having the person behind you kick the top of your seat, causing you to lurch forward and impale the back of your throat on the straw. Or imagine sitting through an entire two hour movie with someone’s dirty grimy feet sitting on the back of your head. Doesn’t sound like that great of a time, right?

While this is okay when you actually are saving a seat for someone, when the theatre is full and people are trying to find a 8.) Bringing small children to an seat, you just seem like a total jerk when R rated movie. you’re the only one with any leg room because you have an empty seat with all of Don’t be that person who brings their sibyour junk in it next to you. ling who they were supposed to be look5.) Narrating the entire movie to ing after to a movie theatre full of adults who want to watch a film. Especially if the person next to you. they’re a crier.

2.) Sitting right next to someone When you’re in a movie theatre, the you don’t know.

Kristin Minturn would you like it if every time someone came to your house, they brought a bunch of food and threw it on the floor and hid their drinks in miscellaneous places for you to clean up after they left? You’d be pretty mad, yes? So don’t do it to other people.

general idea is to shut up and watch the movie. This is what you should do. Stop talking during the movie. It’s incredibly annoying to everyone around you when you won’t stop talking, and making comments at every little detail in the movie. The people in the theatre have paid to hear the movie, not your oh-so accurate and not so intriguing narration of it.

6.) Throwing your garbage on the floor.

While it is indeed the job of the theatre staff to clean the theatre after every movie, it’s still not okay to throw your garbage on the floor or kick it under the seats after you’re done watching the movie. How


9.) Don’t come late to the movie. You know those jerks who obnoxiously walks down the aisle, yelling “’Scuse me! Pardon me!”? Yeah, it’s annoying, right? Get there early, and you won’t have to apologize for stomping on people’s feet or falling in their laps.

10.) Getting up during the movie. There’s always that one person that gets up during the movie at least three times to use the restroom or get more refreshments. They’re annoying. Get what you need, and use the restroom before the movie.


wresting Fourteen weight classes, two strict coaches, and countless moves. This can only mean one thing… Wrestling season is here! After months and months of preparation and disciplined training, the wrestling boys are reading for COC’s. Teams from all over the Ozarks will gather at Reeds Spring High School on January 19th to compete. This is the first time ever that the conference is being held at our school! Whoever does well at COC gets to move onto wrestling state competition, which is held at the Mizzou Arena in Columbia. It is a 3-day long event. I sat down with senior wrestler Tyler Miller, who ranks 1st in his weight class, to discuss his season and the upcoming state competition.

taylor byler

Tyler: I wouldn’t say that they look up to me, but they do learn a lot from not just me, but the other three upperclassmen as well.

Pulse: How is your personal season going, Pulse: How are the Reeds Spring wres- c o m p a re d to your past tlers doing this season? seasons? Tyler: For being such a young team we are all doing very well, a lot of the un- Tyler: Comto derclassmen are pulling their weight and pared last season helping the team in a big way. I am doing Pulse: Would you say that the younger way better, freshman look up to you as a mentor? last year it all the way to the semi-finals before I my overall record was 32-12 and this year lost a match, and then I ended up finishI am 20-2 so I have improved a ton, but I ing fourth in the state. still have a lot of things to work on if I plan on getting a state title. Pulse: What is your favorite part about the state competitions? Pulse: What have you done to prepare for the upcoming COC? Tyler: My favorite part of the state tournament is the three day format. Since it is Tyler: Training, training and more trainthe biggest tournament of the year, it is ing. COC is just another opportunity to nice to not have to wrestle all your matchget ready for state, so really just wrestling es in one day; but that just means every throughout the year has prepared me for day you have to be prepared and ready Saturday. because every match will be tough. Each match is even tougher than the last. Pulse: Are you planning on making it to state this year? Pulse: What would you say has helped you succeed as a wrestler thus far? Tyler: If I do not make it to state I will be very disappointed. As a leader on the Tyler: Tons of things have helped me team and along with the success I have throughout my career so far but I think been having I expect myself to make it. the two biggest things have been playing football and wrestling for nine years Pulse: Have you ever been to a state in a row. Football has kept my conditioncompetition before? ing and weight where it needs to be, and Tyler: Yes, last year was my first year ever the nine years of wrestling has just helped making it at the high school level. I made me get my technique better and better every year. My coaches know exactly what I


need to improve on and they make sure I have all the success I’ve worked for over the years. Pulse: You mentioned the coaches, would you say they’re lenient when it comes to discipline, or are they on the more strict side? Tyler: They are as lenient as they need to be at practice. If we aren’t getting anything done and we are just messing around they will punish us, mainly with up-downs, but for the most part they are pretty easy going and easy to be around. It sounds like Tyler has worked hard this year to prepare himself for the state competition. If he is any reflection on the rest of the team, then they are sure to finish the season out strong! Aside from all of the hard training and preparation, there is one thing that can make a big impact on the wrestling team’s success: loyal fans cheering them on! Sure, you may not be able to go all the way to Columbia to show your team spirit, but there are other ways! Be sure to wish the wrestlers good luck as the competition approaches, and try to stay posted on how the team is doing!

You may be hesitant on keeping up with a sport you don’t know much about, so I asked Emily Gilderson, one of the wrestling managers, some questions about it! Pulse: When you first started managing the wrestling team, did you know much about the sport? Emily: When I first started managing, I really knew nothing about the sport. Honestly, I only started to manage because I wanted to hang out with my friend Jessica, the other manager. The sport is easy to pick up on though; I had it down after just one or two duals. Pulse: Tell us some basic facts about the sport that can help us understand more about it. Emily: Scoring wise, you can earn points for different maneuvers. The initial takedown is worth two points. From there, you can earn two to four back points, also called a near fall, or the other wrestler can earn one point for escaping, returning the wrestlers to a neutral position, or he can get two points for a reversal putting him in control. Caution points are given when one has received too many warnings or when an illegal maneuver has been attempted. The wrestler wins his match three different ways; by having the greater amount of points after the three two minute periods have run out, having a 15 point lead over the other wrester, or by pinning his opponent. Pulse: Are there any common misconceptions about wrestling that you have heard?

you are still wrestling for yourself. Plus, the matches can get so heated and intense, how do you not get caught up in the moment? Pulse: You attend almost every competition; do the wrestlers seem to do better when they have the support of fans? Emily: I have had many wresters tell me they appreciate hearing the fans and supports cheer for them while they are in the middle of a match. Knowing that people are rooting for you to pull a win has got to be motivating. I know that if I was out there, I would want some encouragement and support. It could be that enthusiasm from the crowd that can give you that last boost to make your move and pin your guy.

Emily: You always hear that the wrestlers wear leotards, when in reality they are singlets. I know it sounds silly that anyone would get worked up over someone calling them leotards, but it gets old quick hearing that from There you have it folks! You people who have never even watched need to check out the wresting team, and one match in their life. support those wolves! Pulse: What about it do you find so interesting or entertaining? Emily: You are part of the team, yet



Emily gilderson

Roses are red, violets are blue, available at places such as Wal-Mart, desserts are sweet Walgreen’s, or even Dollar and so are you! This General if you do not already month, say goodhave some at your house. bye to your trusty This will show that you put wing man and inthat much more effort into stead brush up on your special dessert. Also, your baking skills to have optional toppings to snag that lucky peradd to the personal cheese son you’ve had your cake cups. The following eyes on. toppings are very popular on cheese cakes: chocolate Cheesecake Cups chips, caramel or chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, Cheesecake is a fresh or frozen fruits (blacktreat that always berries, blueberries, strawseems to taste better berries, or cherries), and pie fillings. for the occasion. Add an extra ingredient to this delectable dessert this year when you make it your own… Add a hint of love Sugar Cookie Pops this Valentine’s Day when you make your 1 cup butter or 1 cup margarine very own cheesecake cups! Your crush will fall head over heels with your spec- 1 cup sugar tacular dessert of choice when you reveal 1 large egg the masterpieces you have made. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract food coloring In a large bowl, cream together the confectioners’ sugar and shortening until smooth. Gradually mix in the milk and vanilla with an electric mixer until smooth and stiff. This usually takes about 5 minutes. Finish by adding the food coloring if desired.

Add a little extra to your cookies before you give them to your Valentine this year! Cut your cookies into heart shapes. Cookie pops are the “in” thing right now and they are super easy to make. By inserting a popsicle stick into the heart shaped cookie before you put them into the oven to bake, lollipop style, you will be on your way to making your Valentine’s Day cookie pops. Make sure you have the appropriate sized popsicle stick for your cookies, any size too large or too small will not only look goofy but may also have trouble supporting your cookie. After your Ingredients: 2 teaspoons baking powder cookies have baked and finished cooling, add frosting to your cookies. Use white 16 vanilla wafer cookies 2 3/4 cups flour and pink frosting, adding a variety of as2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, sortments to your cookie pops. Next, add softenened Start by reaming your butter and sugar to- different sprinkles, such as red, pink, or gether. Add the egg and the teaspoon of white. Colored granulated sugar sprinkles 3/4 cup white sugar vanilla. Mix all of the remaining dry ingredi- and themed sprinkles, like hearts, add 2 eggs ents together then add slowly to the butter yet another lovely touch to the cookies. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract cream mixture until When you dole they are completely out your cookPreheat the oven to 350°. Next, line your mixed together into ies, a cute way muffin pans with cupcake papers. Place a nice doughy conto individually one vanilla wafer cookie on the bottom of sistency .Roll out wrap them is each cupcake paper. In a medium bowl, onto a lightly floured to use goodie cream together the cream cheese and cutting board to debags. (These sugar. When the cream cheese and sugar sired thickness. Use can be found in are completely creamed together, beat in cookie cutters to cut the craft isle or eggs and vanilla until smooth. Pour the out your shaped the baking isle cream cheese mixture over the vanilla sugar cookies and at the store.) wafers in the cupcake papers. Bake for bake at 400° for 7There are clear 15 minutes or until set. Allow the cheese 10 minutes. When or Valentine’s cake cups to completely cool before the cookies are Day themed serving. done baking, they bags available. should be light in color with light to no Slip the bags over the cookie, stick side *Try this for Valentine’s Day!* browning on the edges. out. Tie the bags shut with pink, red, or white ribbon and use scissors to curl the When planning out this ideal Valentine’s Optional Frosting: ends. Last, but not least, give them out Day dessert, go the extra mile for that to your special ones and… Mama Mia, 4 cups confectioners’ sugar special someone and use special you’ve got yourself a fantastic Valentine’s Valentine’s Day cupcake wrappers! There 1/2 cup shortening Day gift that everyone will love! are a wide variety of these wrappers 5 tablespoons milk


pet peeves Everyone has those little irks that they just can’t stand. Everyone is guilty of having them and everyone is guilty of annoying people. Some are physical and some are more of just actions. Some are caused by a bad experience, while others are just caused by being really annoyed. People who have OCD usually have more pet peeves than just an average person, such as people who drink out of the milk carton; seriously just get a glass. Here are some common pet peeves.

• D r i v e r s who don’t use a turn signal.

• Bad table manners.

• Classmates who ask ridiculous questions and waste time in class.

Police who tail you for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

People who spit when they’re talking.

• When people take your phone and get annoyed that they don’t know your passcode; then proceed to lock your phone for an hour. •

People who walk into a restaurant five minutes before it is supposed to close.

Noisy eaters.

• People who keep tapping their pencils during a test.

marrissa peebles

• People who always ask for favors but never give favors.

• When people constantly touch their face.

• When people smoke or reek of smoke.

• People who take up two parking spots.

• When people don’t dress their age; you’re five…you don’t need UGGS.

• When people pronounce things wrong.

• When you know someone read

your text but they still haven’t replied. An hour later.

• People who refer to themselves

in the third person or purposely use bad grammar.

• When someone scrapes their plate to get every last crumb.

• Driving in front of someone who has really bad road rage.

• Bad grammar and spelling,

when texting or even just talking. Such a turnoff.

People who constantly cancel plans.

• People who read out loud what they’re writing, or in the case of today typing.

• Couples who sit on the same

side of the booth, too much PDA.

• Using speaker phones or those

Bluetooth ear pieces where you can’t tell that a person is on the phone. Those things are perfectly fine for driving in the car, but in public it’s just weird.

• When people blame everything

and everyone for their own faults and failures.

• Drivers who don’t turn right on

• People who are in relationships

• When someone interrupts you

but talk to multiple people. Just don’t date if you’re going to do that.

red, we all have places to be.

while in the middle of telling a story.


• Bosses

who don’t understand that you’re still in high school.

• People who honk in front of a

house instead of getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell.

usless facts

mackenzie mattix

bite of an apple, onion, and potato they will toons where both parents are present and all have the same sweet taste. The difference don’t die throughout the movie. in their flavor comes from the smell. When you sneeze, air and particles travel Birds can’t survive in outer space. They use through the nostrils at speeds over100 mph. gravity to help them swallow, so in a non- During this time, all bodily functions stop, gravity environment the birds would quickly including your heart, contributing to the imchoke and die. possibility of keeping one’s eyes open during a sneeze. There are a lot of strange phobias out “Almost” is the longest word in the English there and honestly, language with all the letters in alphabetical some are a little order. Apples are the ridiculous. Clinobest thing to phobia is the fear wake you up in Coca-Cola would be green if coloring weren’t of beds, Taphephothe morning. added to it. bia is the fear of Although most being buried alive, people go directly A person cannot taste food unless it is mixed aulophobia is the to coffee to get with saliva. For example, if a strong-tasting fear of flutes, Authem running in tomatonophobia is substance like salt is placed on a dry tongue, the morning, you the fear of ventrilo- the taste buds will not be able to taste it. As might give an apquist’s dummies, soon as a drop of saliva is added and the salt ple a try instead. animatronic crea- is dissolved, however, a definite taste sensatures, wax statues tion results. This is true for all foods. The longest name or anything closely for a place that is still used today is Taumatawhakatangihangao- related, I understand that one a little though! Kangaroos can’t hop backwards. auauotameteaturipukakapikimaungahoronu- Linonophobia is the fear of string, and metrokupokai-whenu a kitanatahu. It is the name of phobia is the fear or hatred of poetry. If you The longest word in the English language, aca hill in New Zealand, but I don’t know what have nosocomephobia, the fear of hospitals, cording to the Oxford English Dictionary, is: it means, and neither does Google Translator. it probably means you have nosophobia, the pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. fear of becoming ill. The saying, “Goodnight, sleep tight,” came It was disfrom Shakespeare’s time. Their mattresses Ta b l e c l o t h s covered on a used to be tied to the bedframes by ropes. were originalThe tighter you pulled the ropes the firmer ly meant to space mission the bed would be. that a frog can be served as throw up. The towels with Apparently there are a lot of things about os- which dinner frog throws triches that we don’t know. For one, ostriches guests could up its stomdon’t even stick their head in the sand, it is wipe ach first, so their just a myth. They can also run faster than hands the stomach is and horses, but it would probably look strange dangling out faces after riding an ostrich. The males can roar like liof its mouth. eating! ons, too! Then the frog uses its foreTourists visitSouth Pittsburgh, Tennessee is known as The arms to dig ing Iceland Cornbread Capitol of the World. Down there, out all of the should know they take this title pretty seriously. There is stomach’s coneven a law stating that “cornbread isn’t corn- that tipping tents and then at a restaubread unless it is made correctly. Therefore, swallows the all cornbread must be hereby made in noth- rant is considstomach back down. ing other than a cast iron skillet.” If you break ered an insult! this law there is a fine of one dollar. Most American car horns honk in the key of F. On average, 100 people choke to death on ball-point pens every year. Whenever you have to eat something you don’t like, it always helps to pinch your nose, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Lady and the right? Well, if you pinch your nose and take a Tramp, and Mulan are the only Disney carAll spiral staircases in medieval castles run clockwise. Knights were strictly right handed because left handed people were considered to be of the devil back then. Clockwise spiral staircases allowed the defending knights to have their sword fighting hand free, but the intruding knights would have difficulty climbing the stairs. Except, of course, if they were left handed, but that didn’t happen.


upcoming movies This time of the year there always seems to be a drag in good quality movies coming out. After all, Hollywood knows that if it wants to make money, they should release all the great titles while teenagers are out of school. However, there is still hope! So here is a list of some films that will be coming soon to a theater near you, starting with early March and working our way backwards.

Jack The Giant Slayer

March 1st

Film makers these days sure are keen on taking beloved fairytales and turning them into something fresh. This one takes the tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ to a whole other level. Nicholas Hoult (best known for his portrayal as Beast in the X-Men movies) stars as Jack, a young farmhand who accidentally opens up a gate between his world and a world of cruel giants. He must lead an expedition up the beanstalk – if you have not guessed yet, that is the gateway – to rescue the kingdom’s captured princess. Acting alongside Hoult is Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor.

Dark Skies

February 22nd

With the release of Guillermo del Toro’s horror film Mama in mid-January, the producers of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister follow suite with Dark Skies. Much like their other titles, a family experiencing some troubling activity in their home (things stacking up by themselves, unexplained injuries, drastic mood swings and strange black outs) try to beat the supernatural as best they can. Unlike the others, which have dealt mainly with the paranormal, Dark Skies appears to Oz the Great and Powerful be more about the extra-terrestrial than anything else. Starring Keri Russel, Josh March 8th Hamilton, and Dakota Goyo, the producEverybody knows the story of Dorothy, a ers have gone the same route they alyoung girl from Kansas who gets whisked ways do: casting people we do not know away to the Land of Oz and begins a jour- much about. However, with such a big ney to the Emerald City to meet the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. However, this new movie puts a spin on the classic: this is the story of how the wizard got to be where he is. It follows Oscar Diggs (James Franco), an unethical magician, and his own journey into Oz. He meets up with the three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams). They are not so sure that Oscar is the magnificent wizard that everyone else in Oz thinks him to be. Just by the trailer, it is easy to see that this movie is going to be big on the scenery, like most fantasy movies are today, and with such popular actors, it is sure to be a hit at the theaters.


lacey curtis name titles under their belt already, I am sure this movie will rack in a lot of money!

Safe Haven

February 14th

If you are a big fan of the movie adaptions of Nicholas Sparks’s books, then you will be happy to know about Safe Haven. Starring Cobie Smulders, Julianne Hough, and Josh Duhamel, the story follows a young woman with dark secrets, who is forced to face her past when she bonds with a North Carolina widower. Of course it is a love story, and I am sure there will be something that will shake their relationship, much like all Nicholas Sparks based movies. Plenty of people will still rush to the theaters to see it, though, so there is no doubt that it will be a popular movie, especially with a release date on Valentine’s Day!

A Good Day To Die Hard

February 14th

Veering off the path of romance, Bruce Willis is returning in this fifth installment of the Die Hard series. This time, John McClane travels to Russia to help his son, only to find out that his son is a CIA agent trying to prevent a nuclear-weapon burglary. This causes the duet to team up against the criminal forces. Like the rest of the films, this movie is sure to be full of action and explosions. So if you are not into the mushy, gushy stuff for Valentine’s Day, you can always spend your time watching this thriller instead.


A new school year bring on exciting new events and fun times, but in particular there are two big sporting events that happen every year and are always big deals at any school you go to, no matter what, and that is the football homecoming game and the basketball court-warming game. You have your pep rally before the end of school where the candidates all participate in entertaining games; you obviously have your candidates for the freshmen, sophomore, and junior class, then the eight seniors who get voted on by the students during the week. Although the wolves didn’t have the best of luck in the first homecoming game this year, they

tyler miller look to change that luck around and get a victory in the February first game, when they square off against the Bison from Buffalo. Fortunately, the Bison look to be a tad bit behind while posting a re-

a 41-40 victory. With a full house, the wolves celebrated the win and enjoyed the dance that followed the victory. If all goes good and well the wolves should have another packed house and hopefully pick up another victory to throw in their winners column. Since it’s a new year and another court-warming, there will obviously be new candidates and those fourteen students consist of the following: representing the freshman class is Tim Lynn and Jamie Booth, representing the sophomore class is Blake Ball and Baylee Blume, and finally finishing up the underclassmen candidates are the juniors Tren-

In last year’s Court-Warming game seniors Tom Porch and his girlfriend Maggie Row were pronounced king and queen at the halftime festivity. Then, during the game it was a very close one coming all the way down to the wire as the wolves held off the Spokane Owls with

ton Blevins and Ashley Bauer. This year for the senior class the guys in the running for the crown are Riley McLamore, Keith Hoffman, Dallas Dodson, and Joey Longstreet, who is actually a member of

cord of only 2-10 to this point in the season.


the varsity team. The girls in the running for Queen are Meghan Ternasky, Callie Thomas, Mary Aquino and Jessica Huck. Pairs won’t be chosen till a few days before the actual event but the way the voting works the pairs don’t have to win together necessarily. All voting is done at lunch time and all votes are counted by members of the student council. Along with the excitement of the game comes the spirit and one of the newer things that is becoming a tradition here at

Reeds or at least trying to become one by students is the “decorate the hallways” competition. In this competition each class is given a specific area of the school to deck out to make it look the most spirited for the game. The freshmen always have A hallway, sophomores are given B and C hallway, juniors are given D hallway and finally the cafeteria goes to the seniors. Last year’s competi-

tion was SOMEHOW won the sophomores (now juniors) but should have been won by the juniors


(now seniors) because we rocked the office and entrance area windows. You can just tell how competitive the school is and how much spirit there is in Reeds Spring when you come to a game like Homecoming or Court-Warming. This year plans to

be fun, crazy and full of entertainment from the time the pep rally starts till the time the last person walks out the door of the dance afterwards.

unusual restaurants A s consumers in America, we are used to the common eating establishments— everything from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut. After a while, doesn’t it start to become boring to eat at the same places over and over again? Several restaurants across the globe had this same mindset, and they gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “thinking outside the box”.

happy medium. This restaurant is located in our own back yard; Sherwood, Arkansas, just north of Little Rock. Ever since they opened in 1994, Pig’n-Chik has strived for nothing less than quality award-winning food for affordable and reasonable prices. At this unique barbeque restaurant, not only is their service relatively fast, but they pride themselves on having a variety of menu options, each crafted from “carefully created recipes”. The one fact that sets Pig’n-Chik apart

One “restaurant”, called Dinner in the Sky, was originally developed by the company Events in the Sky. The experience offers up a unique dining style for anyone who can afford it. Instead of dining on the ground like normal people, up to 22 people can dine while suspended 50 meters—almost 160 feet—above the ground! In addition to that, Dinner in the Sky can be located anywhere in the world! You could dine over the Grand Canyon or in the beautiful city of Istanbul. As the company advertises, the sky really is the limit! They apply the same concept to their price, since the price tag on such an excursion is a whopping $40,000! Considering that this price includes crane rental, catering, and, of course, the chefs and entertainment. After all, who would want to be stuck in the sky—no matter how beautiful the view— for up to eight hours without anything to pass the time?

from other restaurants, however, is their food challenge. If you can eat a 4 pound burger (which comes with a 1 pound bun) within 30 minutes—and keep it down—it’s free! However, if you don’t finish it, this monster burger will cost you an astounding, yet accurately priced, $24.95. When you compare the prices at Pig’n-Chik with the prices at many fast-food chain restaurants, you’ll find that their prices are actually better, as is their quality. For what they call a “Jumbo burger” it will cost you $4.25, whereas when you buy a double cheeseburger and fries from various fast food joints, it could cost you approximately $6.00. To top it off he burger at Pig’n Located in a slightly differ- Chik comes with pickles, onions, lettuce, ent price bracket Pig’n-Chik, The Great tomato, mustard, and mayonnaise, much American Barbeque House, is a res- like any other burger at a fast food dintaurant where price and quality meet a er. All in all, Pig’n-Chik goes beyond the


Glenna Dement

bounds of other fast food eateries by offering quality food at quality prices. Though this next eatery is different from Pig’n-Chik in many aspects, they do have one thing in common—huge food! Known across the world as Big Texan Steak Ranch, the food at The Big Texan manages to live up to the establishment’s reputation. Though they’re located in Amarillo, Texas, they didn’t become famous for being located in the Yellow Rose of Texas. On their menu, you will find everything from a 72 ounce steak (4.5 pounds) to a 20 ounce T-bone steak. At this steak house, nothing they do is, by any means, little. You even have the option of ordering a 36 ounce Ribeye steak! Be warned, though! Eating at this steak house is no cheap feat. Just the 36 ounce Ribeye is $39.99, but the quality is evident. The Big Texan Steak Ranch is a worth-while restaurant with quality food, even if they don’t have as much of a variety as other establishments. Though this next restaurant may not quite have the appeal of 5 pounds of free food or giant steak dinners, they definitely make up for it in the entertainment department. At Ed Debevic’s in Chicago, Illinois, they take dinner and a show to a whole new stage—literally. This little diner has been around since the ‘70s, and was, at one time, run by Ed’s wife, Lill. At Ed’s, the most unique and possibly unusual aspect of his diner would have to be the servers. Dressed in character, they dance on counters and give a whole new meaning to “burgers and SHAKES”. In a restaurant where the servers are the entertainment, the diner is the only place where you can “shake a tail feather”. In addition to excellent entertainment, Ed’s has a wide variety of classic foods. From Cheeseburgers to giant salads, Ed’s has it all. In an effort to bring in all kinds of business, Ed’s even offers veggie burgers and other vegetarian-friendly options to choose from! From veggie burgers, giant steaks to dinners in the sky, there are many options to choose from across the world, and many of them are located right here in the U.S.A.


ms. lewis

Meet Ms. Lewis, for those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to have her as a teacher throughout high school. She’s definitely a teacher you’ll want to have. Now, we all know how entertaining it is to listen to her stories and how easy it is to get along with her quirky personality, but how well do you really know her? Well don’t you worry because she is our teacher featured this month and I have more interesting stories for you! Ms. Lewis has a master’s degree in natural science and has worked at Reed’s Spring from 1993 until today. She took a year off in 2001 and taught at Kickapoo but returned to Reed’s Spring the next year and has been teaching here ever since. I asked her what made her want to come back and she told me that Kickapoo just wasn’t the school for her. Kickapoo was a lot bigger than Reeds and she felt that many things weren’t going right in her life around that time, and then 9/11 happening on top of everything else, so she felt that it was best to move back to good old Reeds! I asked Ms. Lewis if she al-

callie thomas

ways started off wanting to be a teacher and she said “No, but not everyone does.” At first she considered marine biology and zoology but then as she got older, she thought that going into pharmaceuticals might be the more suitable option. The only thing that Ms. Lewis didn’t really like about that was the fact that being a pharmacist is such a boring job, doing the same old thing all day every day. She told me that “at least with teaching it’s always different, you get new kids coming in each year, all of them with different personalities and experiences, and it is interesting because it’s always something new.” The first year that Ms. Lewis taught, in Kansas City, she was part of the East Magnet Program. That first year, Ms. Lewis was elected to be the department chair in science. Ms. Tonya Lewis was named after a book called “Dr. Zivago” This book was also made into a movie. It was published in 1960 and she was born in 1961. She was named after the goodwife in the book. Growing up, Ms. Lewis had 3 siblings, 3


foster kids to be exact; 2 girls and a boy. Her first job was at Lazy Lee’s Resort cleaning boats. She filled up gas, cleaned cabins, mowed lawns; basically every job a teenager has growing up. When she was in high school, she went to a barn dance and won the Virginia Reel dance contest because a guy’s partner didn’t show up, so she volunteered. Well she proved to be a great replacement! When she was a kid she watched the Jacque Gusto specials on TV, he was one of her childhood heroes and she actually got to meet him before he died. She also had the pleasure of meeting Eugenia Clark, a marine biologist, another one of her science heroes from her childhood that was a start of one of the Disney science specials. One time she also met John Horner a famous dinosaur scientist at a national science convention. She had no idea who he was when he walked up to her and started talking until he mentioned his book! The character of Indiana Jones was based after this man because he always wore a hat. John Horner never really finished his course work at Montana because he was a person who wanted to take the classes he wanted when he wanted, but after finding a bunch of fossilized dinosaur eggs, they pretty much gave him his doctorate. Ms. Lewis’s hobbies consist of playing instruments such as the piano and guitar; she is currently working on learning how to play the banjo too. Ms. Lewis likes many different types of music but mostly acoustic, and Bluegrass especially because when she was a teenager, she worked at Silver Dollar City and afterwards she said that’s when the bands would really jam out to the music so she would stay after and listen. She loves to sail, she has a 1965 sailboat named Puff the Magic Dragon, which she is in the process of restoring. On nice days she said that she likes to go out on the lake and sail. Another one of Ms. Lewis’ many hobbies is watching films; it’s something she really loves. She also kayaks and hikes in her free time and is an amateur song writer. Ms. Lewis has written many songs, but one of them is actually published! It’s called Cowley County Girl. Ms. Lewis has a Golden Retriever named Rusty. She got him from the rescue when he was 2, and they’ve been inseparable since.

I asked Ms. Lewis if she had any stories she wanted to share since she’s been a part of Reeds Spring for so long, and she had quite a few to tell. Ms. Lewis actually founded the stream team here with another English teacher in 1993. When they first founded stream team, there was no money in the program, but the class needed an incubator, so they attempted to make their own. After school for a week or two they would spend hours trying to make this incubator and finally they made a functioning one. It still wasn’t the best but they bought a nicer one after receiving a grant. One time her physics class built a bass out of a washtub, it was really hard to play, so all of the students including Ms. Lewis attempted to play it, and she was planning on giving it to whoever could play it best at the end of the year. A boy named Jeff Green was the lucky winner. The bass was fairly easy for him to play because he played bass in jazz band, so by the end of the year he had mastered it.

teenage runaway. The only problem? She was 34…. I guess that’s still pretty flattering right? Inconvenient, but flattering. Another time, for one of her chemistry classes, Ms. Lewis was doing a demonstration with sodium (which tends to be really reactive) and she left a book on the same table that she was doing the demonstration on. Somehow a piece of it shot up, bounced off of the ceiling, came down, landed on the textbook and burnt a hole through the book! She said that was kind of embarrassing and definitely surprised everyone!

To end my interview with Ms. Lewis, I asked her a few more questions. I asked her if she could travel anywhere, where would she go? She answered that question with a little list of places: she has always wanted to travel through Italy but not on a tour, she wants to travel freelance, talk to the locals and eat local food. She also wants to visit Egypt to see the pyramids because she said that it would Some of her many accomplishments in- be exhilarating to look up and see such a clude earning the youth environmental great structure! She wants to hike along board award and she has also been invit- the Appalachian Trail, but not all of the ed to the White House before; she wrote way. She said that she wants to be a trail 3 state incentive grants for teachers and angel. A trail angel is a person who picks received two of them in the same year. At a spot that’s easily accessible by car, sets that time, no teacher had ever done that up camp and makes food so when a hiker before so it was quite an achievement! comes through they are fed and have a Ms. Lewis and Mr. Walworth wrote a grant place to stay for the night. It would be refor the Emints Program, which teaches ally cool to be a trail angel because then teachers how to use technology in their classrooms. On top of all of this, she’s gotten to do some pretty cool things in her life. She’s traveled to British Columbia twice, took a group of students hiking in the Grand Teton Mountains for 9 days, and in the Bahamas, she scuba dove off of a 78 foot boat packed with 38 people and saw her first shark out in the wild. She has also been invited to tour Ozark Underground by the owner! For those of you who don’t already know, Ozark Underground is a cave off of 65 highway. The only way to see the cave is to be invited to tour it. At one time it was open to the public but since the balance of the cave is so delicate, only a select few are allowed tour it. One time, she was detained at the Canadian border because she looked like a


you get to hear all of the hiker’s trail stories without hiking the whole thing. Next, I asked her if she could eat dinner with anyone who would it be? Her first response to that was, “Dead or alive? Because it wouldn’t be very fun to have dinner with a person who was dead…” She thought about it for a second then decided on Bill and Hilary Clinton. I asked her why and she just smiled to herself and said “Well it would definitely be interesting!” Then she said, “If I could have dinner with someone who isn’t alive now, then I would pick Albert Einstein. Actually, no. I’d like to go sailing with him. He used to be a sailor, you know.” I asked if she could have any other name, which one would she pick? She responded with Savanna. That was her great grandmother’s name and even though she didn’t look like a Savanna, she always thought that would be a cool name to have. I ended the interview with this, “If you could time travel, would you rather be able to go only into the future or only into the past?” She told me that she would prefer the future without a doubt because it can only get better from now, she is curious to see how and what is going to change. Well there you have it guys, everything you need to know about Ms. Lewis. If you really feel like you need to know more, she has plenty of stories to share with everyone so don’t hesitate to ask!

college advice Going off to college can be daunting; most students are now dipping into the world of living without their parents and some are moving to different cities or even different states! Unfortunately, when we go off to college we no longer have our parents looking out for us, and we have to take up a lot of responsibility. Not only do we have to get to class and work on time, we know have to cook for ourselves, clean up our entire living space, and do our own laundry. It is certainly a big change from high school to college. With this new step in life comes many questions, so why not have them answered by those who have already been there? Of course, as we all know, teachers are a wealth of information.

kylee goddard

your professors during their office hours to get help. However, don’t go in and say “I don’t get it.” Have something to talk about, it shows that you care.”

this is what Ms. Lewis had to say about it: “Choose your major wisely, but make sure it’s something you love because you will be doing it for a long time. And have fun.” Picking a major is a difficult task; because Ms. Harrell’s advice was simple, of this many students don’t declare theirs yet so helpful! “First, have fun, but don’t until their second or third year of college! get so caught up in your social life that It’s also okay to change your major a few you forget why you’re at college to begin times, but make sure you have some sort with.” of idea as to what you want to do. Mrs. Holt says “Have fun, try to get along with your roommate, meet new people, and you should actually attended classes.” Those tips are definitely something to keep in mind.

Similarly Mr. Johnson states, “Do what you love and want to do because if you don’t, you will be miserable.” That’s some amazing advice no matter what you are going into, not just college.

Mr. Locke had this to say for his college advice: “The biggest lesson you could learn in high school that will help in A always, Mr. Kessinger had college is knowing yourself, in college it some very interesting advice. “First and is important to know who you are and not foremost, always go for the larger meal give in to peer-pressure. Become sort of plan because it’s better to have more than your own parent.” This is such good adto not have enough. Also, find the food vice, it is important to know who you are, they make well on campus. Attend class especially with such the big change of gobecause there is no worse feeling than ing from a high school student to a college showing up on a test day not knowing kid. there is a test. You should probably get an accountability partner to keep you on time Choosing a major is an imporand doing the responsible thing. Oh and tant task, especially for the seniors, so don’t turn your dorm hallways into slip and slides because they make you pay for the damages, but if you do make sure they are straight because you run into walls otherwise.” Words of wisdom!

Last but certainly not least, Mrs. Hohnstein says to “find a place where you will be happy and you will excel. “

In typical Mr. Davis fashion, he quotes from Star Wars, “Do or Do not, there is no try; as Yoda would say.” Short, sweet, and to the point; and relevant too! Mr. Spinks remembers going off to college with some of his classmates, “I came from a large high school in St. Louis and out of the nineteen of my classmates that went to Missouri State University, by the first year only nine were left. They just weren’t ready for the responsibility.” Ms. Muller decided to address both your responsibilities living without a mom to do things for you and the responsibilities you have in your classes. “Make sure you know how to do your own laundry so you don’t end up with pink clothes. Not that that has ever happened to me, I just saw it happen to several people! But on a serious note, don’t be afraid to go to


We sometimes tend to think our teachers don’t know what they are taking about, or we tend not to listen to them; however, they have been through college and survived. So take their advice because they do actually know what they are talking about.

meet the staff Hey, I’m Lacey Curtis and I’m a senior this year. I’m the editor of the Pulse magazine, and next year I plan on majoring in journalism at Missouri State University. Here at the High School, I’m involved in band and theater as well as writing. I love writing, whether it is creative or journalistic, and spend most of my time doing just that. When I’m not writing, I spend a lot of time watching movies – if it’s popular, then I’ve probably seen it. I love horror movies, musicals, and most of all, superhero movies. I’m a big fan of Marvel; Captain America is definitely my favorite Avenger. However, I still have no problem with DC Comics and I can’t wait for the new Justice League movie in 2015! So, if you haven’t noticed, I enjoy writing about entertainment stuff like movies and television, and hopefully you’ll be seeing more of those from me in the next couple issues of the Pulse! M y name is Callie Thomas and a little about me, I’m a 13 year senior here at Reeds Spring. I’m proud to say that I’m a 13 year senior because not everyone can say that, so I feel like it’s pretty cool and unique! I love to write and that’s why I took journalism and when I graduate I will be attending Mizzou because they have a great journalism school there. My brother also goes to Mizzou. I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and a bird. I’m deathly allergic to milk. My birthday is June 4th, and I will still be 17 when I graduate high school. I’ve been on 5 cruises, and out of the country on multiple occasions. I want to move out of Missouri out of college and either move some-

where warm or to a big city. I’ve always wanted to travel across Europe because I think that would really be cool. Meet the Staff I’m Emily Highfill and I was born in Springfield, but lived in Kimberling City for the first 7 years of my life, then moved to Spokane for 4 years, until I moved back here. I will be graduating this year, which I couldn’t be more excited about. I will be attending college to study Athletic Training and sports medicine. I love watching sports including baseball, soccer, and college basketball. I’m an avid St. Louis Car-

dinals fan along with my younger brother, Andrew, who happens to be my favorite person in the world. I love my family and I’m pretty sure I have the best parents in the world. If you thought you did, you’re wrong. Just saying. I love running and have participated in a few 5ks. I’m working my up to a half- marathon which is my next goal. In the summer I enjoy my voluntary job of assistant coaching 12U baseball. I’m not the most interesting person, but I hope you enjoyed reading this and learned a little bit about me. Meet the Staff: Glenna Dement


I’m Glenna Dement and, currently, I am a junior here at RSHS. I will be a 13 year senior next year. My plans for college include attending MSU in Springfield. I hope to double major in Anthropology and in English, with a minor in medieval studies or music. I will also be participating in a Study Abroad program to Scotland for about a year—maybe two—so I can study my family heritage and experience a different and unique culture. Though these are a few of my interests, they are not my only interests. In my spare time, I love doing archery, making music, and doing charity work. I love playing piano and creating mashups of my favorite songs. I also love reading and working on writing my own stories as well as participating in color guard and watching more Big Bang Theory than any one person probably should. My name is Emily Gilderson and I’m a senior. I write the recipes section in the Pulse magazine every month. I have attended Reeds Spring School District since Pre-K. I am a member of the National Honor Society and a senior student body representative for Student Council and manager of the Football and wrestling team. I play first trumpet in the Wolf Pride Marching Band and also in the concert band, which I have been a part of for eight years now. This winter, I was informed that I have been accepted into the College of the Ozarks for the fall 2013-2014 semester to attend the nursing program offered there. I plan on staying in the area after college and applying for a nursing job in Obstetrics. As excited as I am to start college in the fall and a career shortly after, Reeds Spring will always be my hometown. Go Wolves!

Jan Answers

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final thought

Are you familiar with the phrase “I don’t care what people think about me.” Have you heard your friends say it? Have you said it yourself? Do you truly not care what people think about you? Well maybe you should. That doesn’t mean you should let people dictate your character, but it is a dog-eat-dog world and you have got to co-operate with people outside your social circle to survive. We all strive to show our individuality. With social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it has become easier than ever to display your uniqueness. However, we are a people of social standings, so our differences need to fit within the societal norm. When you apply for a job, employers have a legal right to view any information that you make public, and they do so to judge your character and decide whether you will be a valuable employee in their company. This means that anything you post online may be used against you. This is true for colleges as well. Evangel University has strict guidelines on student behaviors, and with the invention of social networking sites, the

school is able to ensure that the students adhere to their regulations. You’re now probably thinking “how does this apply to me? I’m in high school” or “I have no intention of going to college or getting a job that would care about what I do in my personal life.” If this be the case, this is what I have to say to you – the respect that must be shown applies to you today in this school. The realities of high school are that you are judged by your peers from the moment you walk in the doors to the moment you leave. For this reason, it is important that you keep your individuality but respect others’ uniqueness, too. What does it matter if a student is wearing clothes from Wal-Mart or American Eagle? As for vocation, not everyone has had privileges that allows for a brilliant future as a professional athlete or famous musician. According to Herbert Spencer, the fittest will survive while the weaker will perish. I disagree. I want you to think of the great minds of the twenty-first century:


Bob lynch

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. These three men committed many fashion faux pas, they were not extraordinarily popular, and they didn’t always have the most appropriate words of wisdom, but they were visionaries. Therefore, don’t tease the larger kids, the smarter kids, the dorky kids, or even the smelly kids (they may have some other issue they have no control over and being insulted doesn’t help them). Also, don’t do things without thinking of the repercussions. Do not give other people a reason to make fun of you – Care about what people think of you. Perception is 90% of life. Be yourself, be an individual, but think about how your actions may be perceived by others and don’t let two minutes of “not caring what people think about you” ruin a perfectly good school year. I leave you with these final words that I heard from good ol’ Joe Dirt – “Life’s a garden, dig it.”


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