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2nd Issue 2017


DIGITIZATION FROM A BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE We are half way through the year, and at Mjølner, 2017 has

Our Software Architect, Johan, shares his experience

been enlightening so far. I have encountered numerous

from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San

company owners and CEOs who know that digitization

Jose, California. Finally, this issue’s last segment is a

is what they should be doing, but they are not sure how.

sneak peek at our free e-book on how you can boost your

That is simply not good enough.

competitiveness with data.

The tech industry, ourselves included, has been too

Enjoy your read.

focused on our own world, and our communication drowns in buzzwords and industry jargon. What we really should

Best Regards,

be doing is show the rest of the world that digitization really is just about optimization, adding business value, and in the end, cost savings. In this issue of Mjølner UPDATE, we try to do just that. Learn how we took Danske Bank from ideas to tested prototype on a new security module to fight fraud on their web platform. Following that, four of our experts explain

some of today’s most powerful technologies. We then bring you pictures from our strategy day that ended with a fun and rainy night for all our colleagues at the Northside festival 2017.

Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, CEO



FROM ROUGH IDEAS TO TANGIBLE AND TESTED PROTOTYPE The Danske Bank Group, headquartered in Copenhagen,

brought Mjølner in.

is the largest bank in Denmark and one of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe with over five

The work process went through our traditional user

million retail customers.

interface concept course, followed by prototype experience test sessions, investigating concept value and ease of use

The Challenge

concerning targeted customers.

Fraud is a growing problem in the financial industry. To put it in simple terms, it has become more convenient for

Throughout roughly two weeks, Mjølner had the first draft

criminals to initiate false payments than to rob a bank.

ready. It went through a few reviews at Danske Bank with comments and corrections before a prototype was ready.

Fraudsters have several ways of tricking large amounts from companies and it usually involves the payment approval process. This type of fraud involves an estimated $8 billion a year. Danske Bank is constantly working on minimizing this risk for customers. They wanted to add an extra security module to the system in order to help prevent fraud.

Mjølner ensured that we were on track with the right solution before development began. Lasse Bæk, Business Developer, Danske Bank

The Solution

Now, it was set for user testing. Danske Bank recruited

In order to get specific and create a user-friendly

a handful of business test participants. Together with

and inviting new system module, Danske Bank

domain experts from Danske Bank, we carried out

the test sessions in order to create the efficient and accurate hypothesis-driven testing course we always strive to achieve. We created a collection of structured questions in order to carry out the role of test moderator.

Mjølner’s fast-paced approach and facilitation was the perfect set-up for our ideas to come to life in a clear and user-friendly design. This ensured that we were on track with the right solution before development began. – Lasse Bæk, Business Developer, Danske Bank

Besides testing the functionality and level of intuitive performance of the new module, our experts were also

Danske Bank now have a validated and tested solution

interested in observing if any particular elements would

they can share internally with relevant stakeholders.

create extra value.

They have gained a good basis in order to get the product through the following gate and decide what the next step

Ultimately, the test was succesful, and the course

should be.

was concluded with thank-you gift baskets for the test participants and a presentation of the results to

With Mjølner’s help, Danske Bank quickly went from loose

Danske Bank.

ideas to a tangible and well-tested design.

Added Value

Contact Kasper to learn more:

Before Mjølner entered the picture, Danske Bank held several meetings about their issue. They had good ideas

Kasper Mathias Svendsen

about the module they wanted to add to their preexisting

Digital Innovation Evangelist & Senior UX Consultant

online business system, but they needed help faciliating

and, foremost, designing it.

+ 45 41 95 36 23


MJĂ˜LNER EXPERTS EXPLAIN FOUR POWERFUL TECHNOLOGIES The tech industry is evolving rapidly. Trying to keep up with the array of new technologies and methods can be hard. We asked some of our experts to explain four of the most powerful technologies around.

Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) describes the expansion of the Internet - and the Internet’s applications - that takes place, when internet-connected sensors are placed in every conceivable type of equipment. IoT makes it possible to retrieve, analyze, and apply data from many differenct data sources at once and in real-time. The fact that machines can exchange data and communicate with each other also creates new possibilities in relation to intelligence and automation in the network.

Data Science Data Science is the discipline that you use to convert data into knowledge. A data scientist has his or her set-off in data and uses mathematical models and/or visualization techniques to create an overview, find contexts, and provide answers. Thus, a good data scientist is characterized by a flair for math, a good sense of business, as well as strong analytical and code skills.


Machine Learning Machine Learning is an important tool for a data scientist. It utilizes mathematics, statistics, and computer science in order to build a computer model, which can, for example, analyze new data based on historical data. We call it machine learning because the machine �learns� from historical data. The machine can then use this learning to estimate the likelihood of a given event occurring in the future.

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance is a way of using technology to optimize production maintenance and avoid crashes. Predictive maintenance solutions use data streaming from sensors and devices to predict when the production equipment needs service before expensive repairs are needed. Internet of Things is used to gather data, Data Science is utilized to analyze that data, and Machine Learning predicts the need for service. In other words, the above-metioned technology concepts present a new way to create business value for production companies.

NS 2017

STRATEGY AND NORTHSIDE WITH THUNDER AND LIGHTNING This year’s Mjølner Pre-Summer Party took place at Northside with VIP tickets, dinner, and some great company. Before we took off for an evening of music and fun at the festival, we all joined forces in a co-creation workshop about culture and strategy.

What Makes You Happy in Your Daily Work?

Mjølner Brought the Thunder

The workshop took place in small groups named after the

As our group of more than 100 people from Mjølner arrived

artists performing at the festival that day.

at the festival area, exactly as the Norse legends go, so did the thunder. Thankfully, Thor’s rage and his hammer,

We used silent brainstorm and prioritization in order to see

Mjolnir (Danish: Mjølner), calmed down quickly, leaving us

some trends between our colleagues. The overall question

only with masses of rain.

was: ”What makes you happy in your daily worklife, and what would make you happier?”

The rain did not stop us. We indulged in a delicious dinner in the VIP Restaurant and great performances by Veronica

Indoor Barbecue

Maggio, Saveus, Tina Dickow, Mø, and Frank Ocean, to

We enjoyed a delicious indoor barbecue (due to the

name a few. Who says you cannot dance in knee-high

rain) for lunch, and finally, when the sun showed up, we

mud? We have our boots to show for it.

concluded our workshop on our terrace with a cold beer and a summary from our CEO, Brian Jeppesen.


RECAP FROM APPLE’S WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE Our Software Architect, Johan, attended the Apple

The Developer Tool Changes

conference WWDC in San Jose, California. HomePod,

As an iOS developer, I found most interest in the changes

Xcode, and Augmentet Reality news - here are the main

in the developer tools and the iOS platform. Here, the

takings from Johan’s week in The States.

session called ’State of the Union’, which is always right after the keynote, presented huge news for developers.

Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC mainly targets developers on Apple’s platforms. However, the

Xcode has gotten a complete overhaul with speed and

conference is also well-known (and hyped) for the keynote,

stability improvements, wireless debugging, and support

where Apple has made it a tradition to launch new

for multiple simultaneous simulators.

hardware as well as a new version of all of its operating systems for Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

The Launches This year was no exception: there were launches of a new iPad, iMacs, MacBooks, as well as a new version of all operating systems. There was also a brand new hardware product, the HomePod – a Siri enabled speaker, that can detect the space around it and use this information to optimize the music playback.

Best of all, it also contains many new refactoring

Augmented reality is also very interesting for production

possibilities - one of the best things that could happen

companies, who will now be able to view and walk around

to this IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

their 3D models in the real environment.

in my opinion. If you want to read more about what was introduced at

The iOS Updates Regarding


WWDC, has a really nice overview. there




updates as well. I would especially like to highlight the built-in Augmented Reality engine, the vision framework, the machine learning framework, and finally drag-and-drop support on iPad (the first beta version also has drag-and-drop support in some apps on the iPhone, but I suspect that this is unintended, and it will most likely be disabled before launch).

My Recommendations

Contact Johan to learn more:

I am especially looking forward to the new possibilities that the Augmented Reality engine gives developers, and

Johan Rugager Vase

I expect that some really cool games will be released the

Software Architect

following year. +45 60 23 53 07


HOW DATA CAN BOOST YOUR COMPETITIVENESS We have written a how-to e-book on data, and what

there is a need for service, is profitable to such an extent

data can do for manufacturing companies of all sizes. It

that predictive maintenance has been called the holy grail

centers on predictive maintenance, and on how you can

of manufacturing.

get started. Here is a sneak peek.

Reduce Costs by 20-30 Percent The unforeseen is expensive. When machines go down






due to malfunction or wear, it can cause big losses.

maintenance costs by 20-30 percent*. For a manufacturing company that uses machines to produce a product, there

That is why most companies spend a lot of money and

is great value in keeping productivity up.

effort on a fixed service program that can prevent unpleasant surprises in the production flow.

For the machine manufacturer, who supplies machinery to other manufacturing companies, predictive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

can provide you with a service agreement that separates

This is called preventive maintenance. The problem is

you from the competitors.

that it is expensive. Service on a well-functioning machine and regular replacement of perfectly fine parts make the

In this e-book we give you insights into how you can work

production more expensive.

with predictive maintenance in a step by step approach where you get value from the very start. The e-book

In recent years, a new concept called predictive maintenance has gained ground. The ability to collect data from machines and use them to predict exactly when

is in Danish. *inside BIGDATA, sept. 2016

Get your free e-book here:


Mjølner Informatics A/S

Finlandsgade 10, DK-8200 Aarhus N

+45 70 27 43 43

Tech, Innovation & Business. Mjølner UPDATE Q2 2017  

The tech industry, ourselves included, has been too focused on our own world, and our communication drowns in buzzwords and industry jargon....

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