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• Tiara 44 Coupe • Hatteras 45 EX • Chris-Craft Since 1874 • Pursuit DC 325

Efficient Hull Design Circumnavigation of Grand Traverse Bay NOTABLE BOATERS: Peter and Ann Sears, Ziba Graham, Brian and Lori Klym

Sharing your passion for boating since 1946





Table of Contents 4 From the Wheelhouse 5 Walstrom 12th Annual Summer Cruise 6 2015 Calendar 7 On the Docks 8 Bay Harbor Update 10 News from Rivertown 12 Chris Craft Since 1874 15 Wonderful World of Center Consoles 16 Hatteras: 45 Express Series 18 Customer Profile: Peters Sears 21 The Latest News: Tiara Yachts 22 Bill Blakemore: 50 Years with Walstrom 23 News from MBIA 23  Update from Michigan State Waterways Commission

27  Hull Form Characteristics

28  Building Traditions One Season at a Time 32 34 36

Circumnavigating Grand Traverse Bay Fuel Dock Update Singlehanded Safety at Sea

38  Plagued by Plastics 40 41 42 46 48

Microbeads in the Great Lakes

New Hires at Walstrom Why Walstrom? Tiara: 44 Coupe Customer Profile: Ziba Graham, Jr. Pursuit: DC 325 Dual Console

50  Walstrom Marine & Garmin 51

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A Dynamic Duo

Customer Profile: Brian & Lori Klym

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Hi Stover Ward Walstrom Jr., David Lyle, Brian Granger, Charlie Duray, Hi Stover, Heidi Hayner, Dave Lesh Joel Shoemaker, Rick Venner Heather Conaway Ward Walstrom Rick Venner

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Propellers Update Previously Owned Boats Crossing the Bar Sharing your passion for boating since 1946

From the Wheelhouse W e’re living in the ‘Digital Age’, the ‘Information Age’, the Computer Age. The iPhone was introduced way back in 2007 and last year worldwide smart phone sales exceeded 1.2 billion units. Everyone has a computer on their desk and a smart phone in their pocket. With the right apps we can turn our phone into a level, a juke box, a stock ticker, and charge our coffee. Our cars even talk to us giving us directions whether we need them or not. Amazing times. As the old folk song reminds us, “The times they are a changing…” And they are changing fast. Our service technicians hook up their computer to your outboard motor to diagnose its operation. Satellites give us our wonderful Global Positioning System and tell us exactly where we are. The National Weather Service gives us real time radar images of weather systems and we can now overlay them on our Garmin plotters and radars. Our autopilots can be programmed to make turns by themselves at the waypoints we set. Joystick helm control is now available on inboard engines, outboard engines and inboard/outboard engines.

Our kids can now dock our boats. Computers control the fuel flow on all our engines and with the new night vision available we can see in the dark. Wow. All these technical advances make the ‘sport’ of boating much easier than the days of sextants and lead lines. Loran is a forgotten word. But in the end, Boating is really a ‘sport’. Computers help us in the end, but Boating is recreation. It is an adventure. It is fun. Fun is not technical. You have it or you don’t. Our old friend Kenneth Grahame nailed it in 1908 in “The Wind in the Willows”: “Believe me my young friend, there is nothing— absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” So when you’re boating this year and the water is up, the stock market is up, you’re throwing out the anchor for a family picnic in your favorite secret cove, the sun is on your face and the afternoon breeze is in your hair remember this: “In or out of boats, it doesn’t matter. Nothing seems really to matter, that’s the charm of it.

Bay HarBor yacHt cluB

Whether you get away or whether you don’t, whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all, you’re always busy and you never do anything in particular, and when you’ve done it there’s always something else to do.” That’s Boating. We feel lucky to have shared your passion and enthusiasm for it since 1946. See you out on the water.

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Summer Walstrom 12th Annual


Somerset Yacht Club and back on the 100 year old tug “Ottawa”. The return trip turned into an intentionally slow sunset cruise enjoyed by all. Dinner at Sommerset Yacht Club was made to order for our group of almost 100 people. Again, live music and excellent food and drink. The boating, social interaction amongst all ages, fun events and delicious food and drink all topped off by perfect weather... Let’s do it again!

Looking Forward to the 2015 12th Annual Cruise/Rendezvous Recap of the 2014, 11th Annual Walstrom Marine Cruise The destination was Boyne City after an easy run from Lake Michigan, through Round Lake and down to the East end of Lake Charlevoix. Boyne City’s Harbormaster, Barb Brooks was the most accommodating host and source of help anyone could hope for. Special arrangements were made to hold the Walstrom Marine welcoming reception at the shuttered Dilworth Inn. The wine and food pairing at the Dilworth Inn was provided by Boyne Country Provisions, and Ed Brehm, owner and Certified Sommelier, was on hand to assure everyone of a wonderful experience. Live music in the lounge was highlighted by none other than David Lyle playing back-up vocals on stage. Our next full day was filled with great weather and good times including dozens that turned out to go Zip-Lining, touring Van Dam Custom Wooden Boats, and Classic Instruments for a look at making new gauges to look like the originals for collector cars and boats. What may have been an unintentional highlight of the cruise was a trip by water from Boyne City to

August 2nd and 3rd

Destination for 2015: Onward and upward to St. Ignace City Marina and Mackinac Island. This year hopes to highlight a rendezvous of boats of any size for the overnight stay. Nearby hotels are abundant for those who may not have the comfort they desire for an overnight stay aboard but still want to socialize and enjoy the fun we have planned. Our main event will be a visit to Mackinac Island and private Grand Hotel catered dinner at Fort Mackinac overlooking the harbor. The Dinner on the island just might be in for some competition for earning the highlight of the day’s adventures with our return trip. We are arranging for horse drawn carriages to the harbor and a chartered ferry back to St. Ignace. Based on our timing, we hope to catch the sunset under the bridge. Contact Walstrom Marine if interested in joining us. The next morning is an optional cruise to the North Channel. Walstrom Marine will lead the way to destinations north for an informal introduction or reunion to the North Channel. | 5


Calendar Dates 15

Opening Day Bar-B-Q


Memorial Day



First Day of Summer


Blessing of the Fleet and Summer White Party - Harbor Springs

27 3

Twilight Preview - HS Sales Office 6pm - 9 pm 10th Annual Harbor Springs Waterfront Wine Festival


Bay Harbor Fireworks Happy Independence Day!


Lou Anna Simon, MSU President

Parade and Fireworks- Harbor Springs, and Petoskey


107th Annual Chicago to Mac Race


92nd Annual Port Huron to Mac Race


13 7

Little Traverse Bay Regatta U Gotta Regatta Little Traverse Conservancy - 26th Annual Save the Trees Fundraiser


Walstrom Marine Annual Summer Cruise St. Ignace, Drummond Island, and Beyond

Harbor Springs Car Festival


Labor Day, Mackinac Straits Swim


Taste of Harbor Springs


First Day of Autumn

12 1 3 5-9


Columbus Day - Discover someplace new in your boat!


Daylight Savings Time Ends Election Day Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


Veterans Day




Harbor Springs Christmas Tree Lighting


6 |

17th Annual Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival




13th Annual Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show



August 2-4

Traverse City - Boats on The Bay Father's Day - Buy Dad a boat!


June 19-21





Mother's Day - Buy Mom a boat!



May 23



Harbor Springs Holiday Merchants Open House




Walstrom Marine Holiday Open House - Harbor Springs Showroom

ON THE DOCKS Every Season, Every Day By Joel Shoemaker, Dockmaster


nother harsh Northern Michigan winter made for a busy season of keeping the docks safe and clear of ice. Steady subzero temperatures combined with prolonged dry periods made for ideal ice building conditions. From the outside it would appear that ice is rather dormant: it forms, sits atop the lake for a few months, and then disappears back into the same water where it was born. It isn’t until further examination that you start to feel that the ice is a living, conscious, actuality that can turn a beautiful marina into a scene of near catastrophe in just a moment’s time. Everyone is familiar with how ice forms, but did you know that it also grows once formed? Water, like most substances, will steadily contract as its temperature drops. However, unlike most other substances once water hits a certain temp (32.9 F) it reaches its maximum density, partly explaining why ice floats. Below that temperature water is unlike any other type of matter in that it actually starts to expand once again. The pressure from the expansion causes the ice to crack

and push, ultimately growing towards the shoreline and unfortunately our precious docks. Walstrom Marine uses a number of methods and approaches to try to combat ice damage. “Whirlys,” as we call them, are small submersible electric motors with propellers suspended below the dock that bring the warmest water from the depths up to the surface. In doing so it also creates a disturbance on the surface that creates difficulties for the ice to form. Although the “whirlys” work well in most situations, they’re somewhat cumbersome as each are individual units that cover relatively small areas. The other effective method is through the installation of a compressor motor that pushes air through copper tubing resting below the docks. The “bubbling system” is much more efficient as it is just a single motor running. However, if that single motor quits for any reason, you now are faced with an entire dock that is iced in versus just a smaller, more manageable section.

Once the ice takes hold of the dock, many different events can happen, all of which are highly destructible. The floating docks will be twisted and ripped apart and the pilings on the fixed piers will be pushed upward out of the lake bottom. The necessary repairs to the docks are not only very time consuming during a very busy season, but also extremely costly. As you can imagine, we approach this with much care and caution, performing daily ice checks and bubbler maintenance. Add to it the risky operation of working on the ice and 300 slips and you have a very busy winter. At times it seems almost a cruel campaign between you and the ice; clearly a not-so-dormant object, and you can bet we all breathe a little easier when the ice finally disappears. In fact, it may contribute in part to the massive smiles seen on the faces of Walstrom Marine employees during the launch season, after the ice has gone away, preparing for another great season of boating. | 7

Bay Harbor UPDATE 2015

VNTG_Docklines_HalfPage_FINALX.indd 1

2014 was an exciting year in the Village at Bay Harbor as the community celebrated their 20th Anniversary. The summer was filled with great activities and celebrations commemorating the success of the Bay Harbor community. A key announcement was the launching of The Center, Bay Harbor's new Performing Arts Center. The Bay Harbor website has up-to-date information available for you to keep tabs on the development of the project. Groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2015, with completion in the Spring of 2017. And now, 2015 in Bay Harbor is shaping up to be another great year. Our Bay Harbor yacht sales office was updated this spring with a fresh look and a new dedicated listings TV mounted in our front window. It will provide the opportunity for HD viewing of our listings and should be outstanding. We are truly excited about the opportunity to add Legacy by Tartan to our product mix this year. Featuring a 'Downeast' style and exceptional craftsmanship, the Legacy brand dates back to the late 1990s when they were manufactured by Freedom Yachts on the East Coast. Recently purchased by Tartan Yachts located in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Legacy is an outstanding addition to our offerings and represents our fifth American Made brand. Our first Legacy will be the Legacy 32. A 42 and 36 will be added in time for the Fall 2015 boat shows and available for Spring 2016 deliveries. Be sure to stop by the Walstrom Marine Bay Harbor Yacht Sales office, located in our Propellers lifestyle store the next time you are in Bay Harbor. You'll be glad you did!

4/13/15 4:22 PM

NEWS from Rivertown It’s been said that with each sunrise, we are given a chance for a new beginning. We witness some magnificent sunrises as we commute to work each morning, with variegated shades of pink, orange and yellow spanning the horizon. While we may be running through our mental checklists of all we have to accomplish during the workday, we know that our business is devoted to the leisure of our customers, and that each day presents an opportunity to provide you professional and prompt service. Walstrom Marine has experienced some recent changes in Cheboygan which effectively mark a new beginning. Though the company prides itself on employee retention, two positions became available this year when former employees altered their career paths to pursue new professions. After wishing them well with their future endeavors, we banded together to get the job done. We are fortunate to be able to utilize employees from our Harbor Springs facility (and vice versa) as needed. There was a month when only three Cheboygan employees were busily maintaining the workload, and we appreciated the assistance from our co-workers in Harbor Springs. In mid-August, the parts manager position became available. Technician Dana Chapman rose to the occasion, filling the void by ordering and stocking parts. He reorganized the parts department while also continuing his duties as a technician. With guidance from

By Heather Conaway

our Harbor Springs parts team, Tom Lyle and Wayne Peterson, Dana was quickly educated on the parts and inventory modules of our software system, and was up and running. Our parts room now showcases a Garmin display and an updated electrical selection, featuring examples of various electronics equipment. The service manager position opened in January. Until a replacement was found, Dana and Heather focused on preparing estimates for customers. Technician Tim Burdick handled nearly all of the mechanical work until Chris McConnell was called back from layoff. Harbor Springs salesmen Brian Granger and Rick Venner contacted our Cheboygan brokerage customers to introduce themselves and pledge continued dedication to selling their boats. Production Manager Dave Lesh and Service Advisor Zach Ward traveled to Cheboygan to offer their assistance. Controller Kathy Motschall arrived to review IT-related items and Service Manager Charlie Duray made weekly visits. Harbor Springs technicians were called upon when needed to keep the progress flowing. We thank them again for their time and availability during our reorganization. In March, Dana was named service manager in Cheboygan and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Dana was hired by Walstrom Marine in September of 2012. He is certified by the National Marine Electronics Association, NMEA, as a marine electronics installer, and has received American Boat and

Yacht Council, ABYC, technical certifications in marine systems and marine electronic repair. He owned and operated Cardinal Marine from 2009 – 2012, where he performed electronic installation and repair while supervising a crew of three employees. He earned his degree in business management from North Central Michigan College in Dana 2011. Dana enjoys Chapman living in northern Michigan and boating along the 40-mile Inland Waterway. He is eager to represent Walstrom Marine and help promote boating throughout the region. “We are fortunate that Walstrom Marine’s location allows us to be the gateway to the Inland Waterway while also putting boaters in close proximity to Lake Huron, the Straits of Mackinac, and the North Channel,” Dana remarked. Since taking the helm, Dana has been active in community events. He and his wife Michelle recently attended the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner, as well as a Chamber 101 session. He looks forward to growing Walstrom’s presence in Cheboygan by supporting downtown business and events and creating full time jobs. His energy is contagious, and with the staff fully behind him, the future looks bright at our facility! Continued on page 57

10 |

Capri 21 The legacy of Chris-Craft can be seen on the water today in this beautiful vertical bow model that showcases the history and progression of a company that has been building boats for 140 years


Visit to build yours today

Since 1874...


n 1874, Chris-Craft set a standard by which all other boats were measured. Today, nothing has changed. On the other hand, since that time, everything has changed. Back in the day, early Chris-Crafts had miniscule gas engines, if an engine at all. Today, Chris-Craft utilizes the most modern propulsion systems available from Volvo, Yamaha, and Ilmore. With the recent addition of Ilmore inboard engines, Chris-Craft is back in the inboard boat business, first in the new Capri 21 and this fall in a Capri 24. Volvo I/Os start at twenty-one feet with the Capri/Carina and run up to the Corsair/Launch 36' with gas and diesel options both available, singles to twenty-five feet. Outboards from Yamaha power boats from the Catalina 23 Center Console to the new, award winning, triple engine Launch 36 OB. And, with twin engines, Joysticks are available for Yamaha Outboards and Volvo sterndrives. Boat design has also changed dramatically. Or has it? With the launch of the wildly successful vertical bow Capris and Carinas, Chris-Craft reintroduced a popular design theme from the 1900s. While today's ChrisCrafts are crafted largely from fiberglass, teak is still an integral design, style, and functional component of today's boats. Not surprisingly, Chris-Craft has taken the wood "look" a step further by utilizing synthetic teak (in addition to the real stuff) on the rugged Catalina Series, getting the look they were after while reducing

12 |

maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, check out the sculpted stainless steel windshields on the Launches and Corsairs. It's a material rarely used by competitors due to cost and complexity. And the rainbow of colors that modern ChrisCraft impress with is now a special DuPont paint for added cosmetic appeal and durability. Walstrom Marine started 2015 with its largest offering of Chris-Crafts in recent years. The amazing Capri and Carina return as beautiful as ever. Note that our stock Capri is powered with the largest Volvo available at 320HP. Truly a sports car for the water with ride and performance to match. We add to our offerings with the Launches (Chris-Craft's open bow models) this year by stocking the 22, 25, 28, and 32' versions. Each one is unique and meets a variety of boating needs whether you are on one of our inland lakes or venturing offshore. From the Launch 25 on up, all have a comfortable head compartment to extend your time on the water. Finally, we want to give you a heads up to keep your eyes peeled for two of Chris-Craft's newest models cruising our local waters. Around the time of the Bay Harbor In-Water Boat Show on Father's Day Weekend, you may see the new Catalina 34 Center Console running around. The Catalina 34 redefines the term "loaded" when considering a Center Console. With four sitting areas, a bow sunpad, dedicated storage for the cocktail table, hardtop with sun shade and an overnight berth in the console, the Catalina 34 should meet all of your needs. Oh, and check out the refreshment center behind the helm it has, get this, stove, sink, grill, ice maker, microwave, and refrigerator. It's amazing! The other boat to look for is the Launch 36. It's a special order. It won its first award as boat of the year with I/O power. Then, it backed that up when the Outboard version was introduced this year. It's a 36' Chris-Craft dayboat with features galore. See you on the water! | 13




The Wonderful World of CENTER CONSOLES, and their close kin

By Brian Granger


alstrom Marine has center consoles from 23’, (the Chris-Craft Catalina) to 34’ (the Chris-Craft Catalina), and many in between. They’re not just for fishing anymore! In the past, many people when looking at center consoles would say, “we don’t fish.” You don’t have to fish to enjoy the walkaround ease of docking and running that the open deck plans of center consoles offer. Big sunning pads and great seating make many center consoles comfortable and fun. Water sports are easy with a center console; tubs, water skis and wet bathing suits just

go hand in hand with the ease of maintenance of a center console. Add a bow table - it's a great spot for evening harbor cruising with your best friends and your favorite beverage. The current trend of gunnel to gunnel T-tops allows you to get out of the sun and still be outside. Our Pursuit S 280 and ST 310 offer amenities beyond what is expected of center consoles. They even have a full isinglass enclosure wrapping the center console for three sided weather protection. Chris-Craft Catalinas feature sports car looks, tuck and roll seating surfaces, available teak decking and lots of entertainment space. Check out the triple engine Catalina 34 with performance, styling and innovation that make this a one of a kind center console. For the more traditional center console user, the Pursuit C230, C260, C280 and C310 offer serious offshore capabilities, great cruising range, and ease of maintenance. Inset bow rails and retractable cleats keep the

Pursuit C260 fishing lines from fouling and give these center consoles a clean look. Center Consoles are a breed of their own and they’ve evolved from stripped down, bare bones fish boats to extreme fishing machines and luxurious entertainment platforms. Call us to help fit a “Center Console” into your future. | 15

The All New...



hen you combine innovation with the best possible design, you create something iconic. The new Hatteras 45 Express Series features versatility, cutting-edge technology and legendary Hatteras performance, carried out with meticulous craftsmanship. Two distinct configurations, style options and features make this series extremely versatile for the expert angler and inspired traveler alike. Choose from the Sportfish version with a full tower, outriggers and an arsenal of fishing amenities, or choose the Cruiser version with a low-profile exterior, spacious cockpit, swim platform and bow pulpit, and a luxury yacht finish.

deadening materials. Powered by available twin CAT C-18A diesel engines rated at 1,150HP each, the 45 EX easily tops 40 knots.

FUNCTION IN AMAZING FORM The comfort of a boat is directly proportional to the care that goes into it. With the 45 EX Cruiser, Hatteras considered every surface, every angle to ensure an ergonomic and luxurious setting. Details like the seamless one-piece windshield provide unobstructed visibility, and the elevated helm chair is optimally located to see past the bow while navigating.

DREAM ON After a day of play, relax and unwind in the forward stateroom. Think of it as your after-hours oasis, featuring a stereo, 20-inch TV and DVD player. There is private access to the head compartment with quartz countertop and backsplash, and expertly finished wood cabinets. An optional Hatteras interior arrangement provides additional overnighting space in a portside guest bunkroom without compromising living space or luxury in the cabin. The over-under arrangement is complemented by additional storage and overhead hatch to provide natural light. With the 45 Express Series, Hatteras has turned a dream into reality. But not just any dream. Your dream.

LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE Hatteras has always been known for their legendary performance, and the 45 EX properly carries on that tradition. The resin infused hull provides unsurpassed strength and ride quality, and is further enhanced by custom engineered sound

16 |

CROWD PLEASER Creature comforts include a home theater system with 32-inch TV, dinette seating with functional storage underneath, and warm accents and furnishings. The u-shaped galley offers quartz countertops, a ceramic cooktop, convection microwave with finished wood cabinets and under-counter lighting. You can move the party outside as well and take advantage of the standard cockpit grill and refreshment center and abundant cockpit seating.


If you can’t run with the big dogs, you’d better stay on the porch. The new Hatteras 45 EX. A refined combination of legendary Hatteras performance and meticulous Carolina craftsmanship. Stuff the dependable Caterpillar 1150 HP C-18’s and you’ll see 43 knots at wide open throttle. You can cruise at 35 knots all day. And she’ll cut up a Great Lakes chop like a hot knife through butter with her wide body 16’ 6” beam. Her awesome standard equipment list includes: an integrated hardtop with a single pane windshield for superior visibility, substantial noise and vibration reduction, innovative new above the gunnel air intakes, bow thruster, underwater lights, helm deck A/C, aluminum bow rails, a 17 kW generator, and more. The all new Hatteras 45 EX. Get off the porch and run with the big dogs! | 17

Customer Profile

PETER SEARS Part-time Employee, Full-time Boater By Ward Walstrom, Jr.


emember the by-gone days when the old salts hung around the docks to watch ships come and go, smoke pipes, and trim their nails with their jack knives? Pete Sears is reminiscent of those days. If you see a guy in a brown Carhart jacket hanging around the door to our shop, it’s probably Pete Sears. He knows everybody who works here on a first name basis. If you want to know whose boat is in

18 |

what slip, ask Pete. He lives close by. Pete lives and breathes boats since he was a little kid on Lake Macatawa. Here is Pete’s story. “I grew up in Grand Rapids. My family had a cottage on Lake Macatawa. My first interest in boats came while attending Camp Charlevoix in 1946 at age 12. My parents put me on the train from Grand Rapids to Petoskey. At camp, I learned how to sail. Two years later, I became

a sail instructor at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club. I was paid $1.00/hr. and I furnished the boat. My first experience racing was the International 110 class in a 24’ double ender fixed keel. I came in dead last for 3 years. Then I got serious, started studying, and started to win. My father was an avid sailor. I crewed on his 42’ sailboat and sailed in 6 Chicago Mack races.” In the summers during the 1950’s, Pete worked at the Chris-Craft plant in Holland, sanding windshields and other wood parts. Off and on, he attended Northwestern University. Pete went on active sea duty for the US Navy in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and New York in the late 50’s. In 1960, Pete joined Bissell Corp., starting in New York as a junior salesman. While in NY, he sailed at Larchmont Yacht Club on the north shore of Long Island. “I raced in the International Club and thought I would teach easterners how to sail,” Pete told me. “I came in no better than third from last.” Pete worked for Bissell for about 50 years mostly in Grand Rapids, first in sales and marketing, then as Vice President for Administration. Satisfied that he had enough sailing in his blood, Pete bought his first powerboat: a 24’ wood Chris-Craft. He recalls, “I did all the painting and varnishing myself. To save money, I would pick up brushes that others threw away.” This was the first of seven Chris-Crafts Pete owned. The largest was a fiberglass 31’ CC Commander. He bought a 22’ Tiara in Racine around 1970. “I first came to Harbor Springs to visit friends and stayed at the motel on the corner of Bay and Zoll. I kept a boat at the city marina and in the WM parking lot in winter. Then, I moved my boat to the Walstrom Basin and was one of the first docked on C dock. Walstrom had Tiaras and I liked them. I bought a 26’, then a 27’, first and second of seven Tiaras from Walstrom Marine. While on C dock, I met Ann, got married, and spent our honeymoon at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, attending a Tiara Rendezvous about 1997.” “Apart from boating, the greatest experience of my life was running the Olympic torch. I ran in 1984, for the Los Angeles Olympics, and in

1996, for Atlanta. I called the United Way for many weeks to get a slot. My first run was one kilometer in St. Helens, Oregon, carrying the torch. There were over 10,000 runners across the country.” Pete retired from Bissell in 1997, left Grand Rapids, and moved to Harbor full time. He and Ann live on the bluff in the summer and in Palm Springs, CA, in the winter. Pete received two Harbor Hero awards, one Beautification Award for the clock tower, and a Can Do Award. He was active in SCORE in Petoskey for 10 years. “I didn’t have a background in cruising until I came to Walstrom. I started going to Charlevoix and taking short cruises. We have gone on every Tiara Cruise and almost every Walstrom Cruise. The cruises allow us to meet new people. It’s also a chance to get to know employees of Walstrom.

I took the Power Squadron twice. I have owned 40-50 boats of all sizes. “My International 110 sailboat used to be blue. I got tired of it and painted it red. Since then, I love red. My first boats were called “Water Wagon”, later changed to “Fire Wagon.” Recently, I radioed in to Mack Island Harbor and said this is “Water Wagon” checking in. The dock master replied, you mean “Fire Wagon”, Mr. Sears.” As I listened to Pete’s story, I began to understand his love for boats and jokes. He speaks with a slight grin and twinkle in his eye as he tells of pranks played on him. “I used to come down to the marina at 7am for coffee with the early bird crew,” Pete mildly brags as one of the good ole boys. He tells me of the time the Walstrom crew was power washing a boat and he asked if he could borrow the power washer

to wash his truck. A week later, he got a bill for $60 to power wash his truck. Pete went into the office and everyone was laughing. Marge had sent him a dummy bill. “When I was in the hospital, I got a package from Marge. It was a tug tee shirt from the annual employee tug outing,” Pete proudly boasts. “Walstrom has wonderful employees. They are like friends. I have enjoyed getting to know them. Ron Kurtz loves trains. After one trip out east, I brought a Penn Railway coffee cup back to Ron.” Pete still buys Girl Scout cookies from Mike Downey’s daughter. Pete Sears loves boats, docks, and the people who surround them. He loves Harbor Springs because his heart is in this place. We are happy to have Pete hang around here. It makes us feel wanted. As Pete walks out the back door of his house, Ann asks, “Are you going down to Walstrom’s again?”

110 E. Third Street Harbor Springs 526.0585 Your Downtown Family Salon

Owner, June Blakemore Continued on page 00 JunesSalon_1/2.indd 1 3/18/14 | 19 11:26 AM





First Mate Yacht Care is a detailing and cleaning service that works on yachts of all sizes in northern Michigan. Providing quality work at competitive prices, the experienced and friendly staff will take care of your needs to simplify your life. FIRSTMATEYACHTCARE.COM 248.974.8351 INFO@FIRSTMATEYACHTCARE.COM



The Latest



By Rick Venner, Tiara Brand Manager


iara Yachts’ continuous business relation with Walstrom Marine dates back decades now and we are very pleased to be able to talk about the many great things that have transpired over just the last year. Great product starts with great people and Tiara continues a stronghold with many talents in production, sales, marketing and engineering design. I would be negligent if I didn’t mention that Leon Slikkers, Chairman, with youngest son Tom Slikkers, CEO, along with many other family members, are driving the company forward with the same passion that has made this Michigan family-owned business iconic in the boating world. As of this update in March, Tiara has a continuous backlog on all production lines with everything 44 feet and over scheduled out until a November delivery. The majority of boats on the line are sold, retail ordered boats, a good sign of the public’s demand for Tiara’s new products as well as fueling demand for the more classic Tiaras. With Leon’s drive and vision, Tiara is launching the all new Q series, an entirely new market segment of adventure yachting. The first 44 model will be on the Great Lakes this summer. You may spot Leon Slikkers at the helm during the Walstrom Marine St. Ignace rendezvous in August. The Q44 may be optioned with Volvo Penta pod drives or a traditional straight drive system powered by Cummins. Also exciting and planned for the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in October, is the introduction of a new member to the Coupe series, rounding that series out to three models. New in Holland, Michigan, is a talented marketing manager and sales service personnel. Take another look at the “Tiara Collection” of wearable store accessories, refreshed and enhanced with new product. All of us at Walstrom Marine are excited to discuss the ongoing good news we see happening with our valued partner, Tiara Yachts.

Walstrom Marine: Oldest Tiara Dealer! | 21


50 Years with Walstrom Marine

Bill with his wife June


local man out of the navy, Bill Blakemore came to work for Walstrom Marine in 1966. Bill’s familiarity with boats started with the job of running the “Pointer,” a private passenger boat for Harbor Point. At Walstrom, Bill did a variety of jobs, but his specialty was painting. During winters, he painted and varnished wooden boats out of the Main Street building. In the same building, Bill assembled aluminum davits for Walstrom Products, a division of Walstrom Marine. One winter, Bill built a new wood helm to house electronics and controls for a 60’ Chris Craft. When Wilbur Melching retired, Blakemore assumed the operating of the elevator lift used to haul large boats downtown. Boat construction began its conversion from wood to fiberglass in the mid to late 60’s,

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Bill learned how to work with fiberglass, and Walstrom Marine became a leader in repair of fiberglass boats. Also in the 60’s, Walstrom moved repair to the basin shop building. There have been many damaged fiberglass boats, some that you could see right through the hull, that Bill has rebuilt. One of his finest accomplishments was the re-construction

of the bow of a 35’ Bertram that was totally crushed. Walstrom Marine is honored to claim Bill Blakemore as its longest standing employee with 50 years of service. No other person has totally dedicated his career and livelihood to this company.

Michigan Boating Industries Association As we go to press, Walstrom Marine is getting ready to host the MBIA’s Board of Directors Meeting for the Northern Region of Michigan. We have long been a member of the MBIA and feel honored to be involved with the organization and a current director. The MBIA is tasked with the promotion, protection, and advancement of recreational boating in Michigan. It currently represents over 300 marine businesses in our state. It serves as the voice of recreational boating in our fair state which has 3.126 miles of Great Lakes Shoreline, more freshwater shoreline than any other state. As a result, Michigan has nearly one million registered boats. The Association is involved in improving conditions in the boating industry, enhancing facilities development, protecting water resources, monitoring State and Federal legislation, and advancing the education of those in the industry. They are also a partner in the noteworthy Michigan Clean Marina Program with which Walstrom Marine is affiliated. In short, the MBIA is here to support the 7 billion dollar Michigan marine industry with its 1,194 square miles of inland lakes and 38,575 sq. miles of Great Lakes. “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”


from Michigan State Waterways Commission By Ward Walstrom, Jr.


he Michigan State Waterways Commission completed the Emergency Dredging Program in 2014 with the dredging of 45 harbors out of 58 that originally applied. In 2014, the commission passed a resolution to require a five-year recreational or master plan from all municipalities that apply for grants for new construction or improvements. Also a resolution was passed to support the Sustainable Small Harbor Management Strategy Project. Six harbors have been chosen as models to assess infrastructure, operational costs, changes in population and use, linkage to cruising destinations, and economic impact with the community. The goal of this project is to design harbors to become self-funded and fully functional in today’s and future markets. Also, resolutions were made to urge complete hydrologic separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins. Harbors toured last summer included Higgins Lake Access Sites, Grand Haven, East Jordan, Boyne City, and Harbor Springs. Major projects funded were East Tawas State Harbor dock improvements, South Higgins Lake Access Site improvements, Aloha State Park dredging, Cheboygan Lock and Dam embankment repair, and Mackinac Island and Hammond Bay improvements, Boyne City fixed dock improvements, and East Jordan sediment diversion wall. The Commission promoted several marketing events such as the Michigan Boating Week with Governor Snyder kicking off the weekend fishing on a boat on the Detroit River to increase public awareness of its harbors and marina facilities. Seventy-two percent of boaters staying in waterways marinas are now using the on-line reservation system. The purpose of the Waterways Commission is to advise, consider, and make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Division of the Department of Natural Resources on the development, improvement, and maintenance of the State Harbors, Grant-in-Aid Harbors, and Boating Access Sites. There are presently 19 State Harbors, 63 Grant-in-Aid Harbors, and 1,324 Boating Access Sites. | 23

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Sharing your passion for boating since 1946 | 25

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Wave Piercing Hull

HULL FORM Characteristics By David Lesh


ith fuel prices hovering around $2.50 in northern Michigan as I write this article, it is hard to think about the increasing price of fuel; however it is an inevitable obstacle that the marine industry will face in the future. Having a background in naval architecture and yacht design, I was asked to touch on fuel efficiency and one of the factors that contribute to it; hull form. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to explain a few of the most common hull forms that we see and how they relate to fuel efficiency. A displacement hull, though known for fuel efficiency and sea kindliness, is not the first choice for speed seekers. All hulls exhibit displacement characteristics when moving at slow speeds because the primary resistance on the hull is frictional resistance. As the speed increases, a displacement hull will eventually reach what is termed “hull speed”. The speed at which this point is reached depends on the length of the vessel’s waterline. A rule of thumb for this speed can be figured using the equation 1.34 x’s the square root of the boat’s waterline length in feet. This will give you the theoretical hull speed in knots. It is possible to push the hull faster, however the amount of horsepower required to do so is impractical. This is because as the speed increases, the wavelength of the bow wave increases too, until the transom begins to squat, causing the hull to slow down. No matter how much power is applied, the hull will not create enough lift to overcome this effect and climb out of the hole being created by its own bow wave. Sailboat and motorsailer hulls are most often full displacement. A semi displacement hull begins to address the lift issue, while still incorporating some of the sea kindliness of a full displacement hull. Hulls that fall into this category are able to break free of the hull speed rule. They can have either hard or soft

Full Displacement Hull

Semi Displacement Hull

Planing Hull chines, but most will also have a keel of some sort. As a compromise between sea keeping ability, efficiency, and speed, semi displacement hulls are a good choice. Most trawlers and traditional lobsterboats fall into this category. A planing hull, which is what we primarily maintain at Walstrom Marine, is designed to operate most efficiently on top of the water. Depending on weight and wetted surface area, the downside to this design is the amount of power, and fuel consumption, required to achieve planing speed. At displacement speeds, planing hulls are not ideal due to the large amount of

wetted surface area creating resistance. Planing hulls usually have less deadrise, or V, in their hulls, especially towards the transom, which helps achieve plane faster. However, a certain amount of deadrise is required to dampen pounding when heading into the waves. The Legacy line of powerboats, for which Walstrom Marine is now a dealer, is a good example of a planing hull that incorporates consistent deadrise for sea kindliness, while at the same time being fuel efficient through the utilization of a single diesel engine and large chine flats to achieve lift. There are other various, less common, hull forms that are starting to make waves on the issue of fuel efficiency. The most promising that I have seen is the wave piercing type of hull design. This hull form is nothing new as it was used around the turn of the last century for early race boats before planing hulls were developed. Today it is a common hull form on large yachts and catamarans. It is characterized by a long slender hull, which cuts through the water with a minimum amount of power, thus diminishing the resistance created by waves. A good example of a small cruiser which utilizes wave piercing hull form is the Nigel Irens designed Rangeboat. A 39’ downeast styled cruiser, the Rangeboat is able to cruise at 14 knots utilizing an 80 hp engine, at a fuel consumption rate of 4.4 gallons per hour! Now that’s efficient! The above descriptions are very brief overviews of a subject that is incredibly detailed, studied, and ever evolving. Many boatbuilders are exploring electric or hybrid propulsion with promising results for the long distance cruiser, in addition to more efficient hull forms and appendages such as hydrofoils to create lift. Though the cause of this change (rising fuel prices) is something everyone dreads, it is exciting to see the marine industry evolve and rise to the challenge. | 27




s the Boathouse of Harbor Springs begins its sixth season as a premier yacht club on the Great Lakes, the members are starting to build new traditions while honoring the facility’s great history started by Walstrom Marine in 1946. As of this writing, the Club is nearly sold out as there are only two memberships remaining for sale. Additionally, waiting lists have been created for several of the Club’s sold out sections. The Club received a light facelift in 2014, with a fresh coat of paint on nearly the entire building and a new custom-built garage door. Plans are underway to finish painting this spring, to install new entry doors to match the new garage door, along with additional upgrades such as new furniture for the lounge and a yardarm. Changes to the Club’s website are on track for this summer as the private members’ site will be revised to offer more information on daily activities, as well as an online store to purchase merchandise. The Boathouse enjoys a great relationship with Stafford’s Pier Restaurant, which will continue to provide daily lunch and dinner service to members on the Club Deck for the fifth consecutive summer. For those who wish to cook their own meal, the facility offers an onsite kitchen, grill, and food storage areas to support anything from a small family dinner to a large gathering. The Club has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as private rooms that are available for members to use at any time. Additionally, the large covered parking area can be quickly converted into an intimate, one of a kind setting for an event or reception. This summer will mark the sixth consecutive Lobster Boil Party at the Boathouse of Harbor Springs, which has become the Club’s cornerstone event offering great food and entertainment. Club members have created a grand tradition with this great party, which serves as the kickoff to summer for members and their guests. The Club has also continued the Walstrom Marine tradition of hosting a Fourth of July post parade picnic on the lounge deck, which serves as a great way for the members to spend the holiday with family and friends. This coming summer will also see several other events take place at the Boathouse. The third annual Blessing of the Fleet and Harbor Springs Historical Society White Party is scheduled for June 24th, and a fundraiser for the Village of Hillside project on July 12th. Additionally, the Club will host informal social gatherings in the Boaters’ Lounge for members every other Friday throughout the summer. As the Boathouse of Harbor Springs continues to grow and evolve, the Club and its members eagerly look forward to building new traditions and carrying on old ones, one season at a time.

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The Ultimate Homeport The Boathouse of Harbor Springs is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Harbor Springs, with a variety of shopping and restaurants nearby. The Boathouse offers 62 exclusive slips — some covered and protected, others open with spectacular views. Quaint and eloquent, yet bursting with the rustic charm of boathouses of a bygone era, the Boathouse of Harbor Springs is the Great Lakes’ newest yachting club and destination. • Covered and uncovered memberships available from 42 feet, starting at $200,000 • On site fuel, with discount for members • Priority service from Walstrom Marine • Private indoor and outdoor vehicle parking in downtown Harbor Springs • Large covered waterfront event center for elegant parties and celebrations • Pump-out conveniently located near each slip • Clubhouse with kitchen, boaters' lounge, dining room, and board room • Lunch and dinner served daily on the club deck

105 Bay St, Harbor Springs, MI 49740 • 231-526-0800

Grand Traverse Bay Photo by Jim Anderson, Arial Photography

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Northport Beach



Grand Traverse Bay By Ward Walstrom, Jr.

G Suttons Bay

Traverse City Docks

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rand Traverse Bay is actually two bays; East Bay and West Bay. Most of the harbors and towns are on West Bay including Traverse City. Coming from Charlevoix or Little Traverse Bay, Northport is the first good harbor to explore as you enter the entrance to West Bay. Before you enter Northport, there is a nice anchorage and beach on the north side of Northport Point. After rounding Northport Point, head west and look for the bright red roof that can be seen entering the harbor of Northport. Northport is a cute little town with a great sandy beach next to the marina and large grass areas for relaxing. There are several good eateries that have opened up. Tuckers is a lively place with bowling, arcade, live music, and great food. The Boaters Lounge and Showers with laundry are new. The cinnamon twists are to die for at Barb’s Bakery but get there early in the morning before they sell out. Suttons Bay is a port you won’t want to miss, about half way down the West Bay. The Bay has good protection inside Stoney Point. A narrow channel accommodates boats up to 45.’ There is a beautiful beach next to the marina. The town is busy and is near the crossroads for traversing the Leelanau Peninsula by car. Suttons Bay has first class restaurants and cute boutique shops worthy of satisfying every boater’s wife’s shopping addiction. At the southern end of West Bay is the bustling metropolis, Traverse City, famous

for the Cherry Festival. The Park Place Hotel is a landmark to locate downtown from the water. Clinch Park Marina has recently been renovated with floating docks. You will need to call ahead for one of only 57 transient slips that serve this large boating area. From the marina, a short walk under the new underground walkway leads to downtown. The ladies will shop till they drop here. Some really fine restaurants such as Georgina’s Fusion and Red Ginger will make you feel like you’re in the big city. The recently renovated State Theatre has exceptional, unusual films. The film festival also attracts a large crowd you may want to avoid. Cruising back up the west side of Mission Peninsula, you come to Bowers Harbor. This is a delightful little village with limited, if any dockage. You will probably have to anchor. But, Bowers Harbor Inn is famous and worth the trip. Or, you could just spend the night here on the hook for some peace and quiet. Here is something to consider for a change of pace. We found a cruising speed of 9-10 knots a delightful way to take in all the beauty of this grand bay. There is no need to be at cruising speed because ports are close enough to reach in an hour or two at displacement speed. You’re going to be much more relaxed and save fuel to boot. I consume only 9 gal/ hr. at 9 knots. Going north around Mission Peninsula is shallow. There are two lighthouses; one

Mission Pointe off shore and one on the point. Watch your depth going around. You don’t need to go all the way around the light offshore. Once around, go south and follow the east shore of the peninsula. It becomes very deep close to shore until you come to Mission Peninsula Campground Harbor. Watch for shallow water going around this entrance. There is plenty of water in the harbor. There is a nice beach call Haserot Beach owned by the township. We tied up to a mooring ball that was unmarked assuming it was for visitors. This is well protected except for the south. The last port of call for us was Elk Rapids, just a short distance southeast and across East Bay. Elk Rapids is a wonderful port for almost everything you need except a commercial marina with haul out. There is a marina on Elk Lake in town on the other side of the dam, not accessible by boat. The docks at Elk Rapids Marina are new with complete protection.

There is plenty of green space for walking dogs and taking hikes out by the breakwall. There is a lovely library on a small hill next to the marina. You can hike or bike to town and make a circle around the library back to the marina. Also, you can wade across or float down Elk River to the city beach next to the marina. There are superb shops, delis and restaurants. Our favorite is Siren Hall, which used to be the fire hall. Leaving Elk Rapids, you will head north up and out of Grand Traverse Bay for the short run back to Charlevoix or home. Don’t forget to go around the buoy that marks Fisherman’s Island shoal. I know a guy who ran on this and wiped out his outdrive. Happy boating and enjoy our marvelous cruising around northern Michigan.

Mission Pointe Campground | 33



Update 2015

alstrom Marine is committed to providing the best possible experience in all areas of your boating activity. One of our most important areas of focus is our Harbor Springs fuel dock. We have spoken at length about using the proper marine fuels in your marine engines. To that end, Walstrom Marine dispenses only ValvTech marine fuels that are specially formulated for marine use. Most importantly, the gasoline blend does not contain ethanol. This fuel is also known as Rec-90. Rec-90’s benefits are many. It is a non-ethanol based fuel that is engine and fuel system friendly. It doesn’t break down quickly like ethanol fuel, so the high octane allows your marine engine to operate at peak performance. It’s not alcohol based, so it doesn’t break down your fuel lines. Ethanol fuel attracts water, and we all know what water does in fuel systems. Because of the significant differences in automotive fuel and marine fuel, it could become a very costly mistake if you fill your boat at your local gas station with automotive fuel. Rec-90 fuel is pumped at many gas stations in the Florida Keys in a separate pump for the fishing guides and boaters. It is often a bit more expensive than standard automotive gasoline at the pump and it's well worth it to protect your boat's fuel system and engine. ValvTect also formulates a premium marine diesel fuel. ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel contains BioGuard™ biocide, lubricity improver, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer and is specifically formulated to prevent problems caused by the reduction of sulfur content in over-the road diesel fuels. Whether gas or diesel, Walstrom Marine dispensed the best fuel available for your marine engines. Ask Mac and the crew at the fuel dock if you have any additional questions.

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ValvTect Marine Gasoline VS. Automotive Gasoline FEATURES & BENEFITS

ValvTect Automotive

Helps Prevent Ethanol Related Problems



Stabilized for up to 1 Year



Contains Extra Corrosion Inhibitor



Contains Extra Moisture Dispersants



Cleans-up Fuel Injector Deposits



Cleans-up Intake Deposits



Cleans-up Combustion Chamber Deposits



Reduces Harmful Exhaust Emissions1

Yes No

Improves Power and Performance1

Yes No

Improves Fuel Economy



Based on Clean-up of injector and fuel system deposits.


ValvTect Marine Diesel VS. Automotive Gasoline FEATURES & BENEFITS

ValvTect Automotive

Helps Prevent Ultra Low Sulfur Problems



Contains Bio Guard Micro-Biocide



Free of Bacteria & Algae



Stabilized for up to 1 Year



Contains Extra Moisture Dispersants



Prevents Sludge & Plugged Fuel Filters



Cleans-up Fuel Injector Deposits



Contains Extra Lubricity Improver



Improves Power, Performance & Fuel Economy Yes


Trident Funding Corporation Specialists in Yacht Financing

“We are proud to be Walstrom Marine’s preferred choice in marine lending.” Vincent S. Luzietti, Vice President

Trident Funding Corporation

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Singlehanded Survival at Sea



alstrom Marine works very hard to keep the boating experience safe, problem free, and fun for you, your families, and friends. Education and maintenance are two areas of focus that never end. Sometimes, a boater, even with a high level of experience, will throw caution and good planning to the wind with potentially disastrous results. Read on as we recap the story of Robert Konrad and his brush with a nearly fatal boating experience that could have easily been avoided. On January 7th, 2015, Robert Konrad set out on a 30 mile trip up the Florida Atlantic Coast from Boca Raton toward Riviera Beach at around 11:00AM. He told his wife that he would be home for dinner with their two young daughters, and his assistant was going to spot his car in Riviera Beach for an easy trip back home. Point #1: Robert filed a float plan, of sorts, letting different people on land know his plans. From this point forward, it's all downhill. You will recall Robert Konrad's story from the nightly news of those early days in January. Robert, a former Miami Dolphin and experienced boater, was moving his boat up the shore for service. While again boating alone, he thought he would fish for a while on the trip north. He was in 6-8' seas and hooked onto a fish. He moved to the back of the boat to reel it in and was pitched overboard by a large wave. His casual approach to the day nearly cost him his life. Point #2: Robert went overboard without wearing a PFD. Point #3: His boat was on autopilot, headed for the Bahamas, 90 miles away. He was approximately nine miles off shore in the Gulf Stream. While the story does have a good ending, at that point in time, Robert's chances of survival looked slim. The water he was in was in the low seventy-degree range, much more survivable than the fifties and sixties of the Northern Great Lakes. So, doing the only thing he could do, he started swimming back to shore, approximately nine miles away.

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When was the last time you went for a swim in six foot seas? For nine miles? Many hours later, Robert finally made it back to shore, landing in Palm Beach and ringing a doorbell at 4:30 in the morning. Jellyfish stings and being circled by a shark added to his drama. A rescue helicopter flew overhead but missed seeing him. Authorities figure that he swam 25+ miles that night before reaching shore. At 38 years old and in excellent physical condition, he lived to share the story.

His ordeal could have been altogether avoided had he adhered to a few standard operating procedures. First, he should have been wearing a PFD. There are a number of auto-inflate options on the market that will let you fish and move about in comfort. A compact EPIRB can be attached for an extra degree of safety. Second, he never should have left the helm and moved to the cockpit with the autopilot engaged, particularly while he was alone. It happens all the time! We all have friends who fish and do the same thing out of convenience. When talking to the Walstrom Marine Service Department about this article, we discussed the option for a tether to be installed. They are mandatory equipment on outboards, I/Os, and PWCs and are installed to stop the engines in the unlikely event of the skipper going overboard. In this instance, Robert Konrad's boat would have stopped in its tracks and allowed him to make his way back aboard. Another safety option for Robert to have considered is a waterproof, portable VHF, securely attached to his PFD.

The outcome of Robert's story is that he survived and has lived to fish another day. The lesson learned is that while we all completely enjoy the boating lifestyle and the variety of activities it offers, we all need to do a quick review to make sure that our standard operating procedures are safe for ourselves and our guests, whether we choose to enjoy the solitude of boating alone or the entertainment that a large group can bring. Enjoy a safe season on the water this year, and if you have any questions about safe boating procedures we are happy to assist you in the process.



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PLAGUED BY PLASTICS Microbeads in the Great Lakes

By Jennifer McKay, Policy Specialist, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council


ometimes it is the small things that can have the biggest impact. Unfortunately for the Great Lakes, a big impact is coming from a barely visible threat - microbeads. Microbeads are tiny particles of plastic used in hundreds of cosmetics and personal care products such as facial scrubs, soaps, and toothpaste. These microbeads, typically used as abrasives and exfoliants, are flowing by the billions into the Great Lakes and other waterways. When you wash your face or brush your teeth, you may be unknowingly discharging these tiny pieces of plastic into our Northern Michigan waterways.

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Microbeads, while extremely small, are used in large quantities. One product alone can contain over 300,000 microbeads. A 200 ml bottle can contain as much as 21 grams of microplastics, roughly a tenth of its weight. Because of their small size and buoyancy, wastewater treatment plants are not able to filter them out and they are discharged directly into our rivers and lakes. Once discharged, there are no known methods to effectively remove these microplastics or microbeads from the environment.

Beginning in 2012, a research team that included scientists from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia and The 5 Gyres Institute began sampling the Great Lakes to better understand plastic pollution in our most treasured resource. The research results are alarming. Lake Michigan had an average of 17,000 microbeads per square kilometer. The levels were much lower in Lake Huron and Lake Superior, but much higher in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario's levels are highest, with counts of up to 1.1 million plastic particles per square kilometer!

WHY ARE THESE TINY MICROBEADS A BIG PROBLEM FOR THE LAKES? The microbeads have the potential to cause harm to Great Lakes aquatic species. The microbeads are about the same size as many fish eggs, which means that they can look like food. Fish, turtles, and waterfowl are unable to distinguish between food and microbeads and, therefore, feed on microbead plastics. If fish or birds eat the inert beads, the material can block their digestive systems depriving them of nutrients from real food. Researchers are already finding these tiny plastics in the stomach of some Great Lakes fish species, such as perch. Additionally, the microbeads are not biodegradable and the petroleum in the plastic serves as a magnet for other pollutants in the environment like DDT, PCBs, flameretardants, and other industrial chemicals. Because microbeads easily attract and absorb toxins, the beads are potentially toxic to any wildlife that eat them. The toxins from the

beads can also accumulate in fish and wildlife, potentially reaching humans who eat wildlife around the Great Lakes region. The only way to stop the threat from microplastics is to prevent them from entering the ecosystem in the first place. This means we need to stop the use of the plastic microbeads in consumer products. Since plastic microbeads are not an essential ingredient in personal care products, this can be achieved voluntarily by companies choosing to replace plastic abrasives with alternatives or through a law prohibiting the sale of products containing microbeads. Your actions can help both of these become a reality. HOW CAN YOU HELP? First, avoid personal care products that contain microbeads by checking the product ingredient list for “polyethylene” or “polypropylene” microbeads. Instead, look for products that are using alternatives such as ground almonds, oatmeal, sea salt, and pumice. The 5 Gyres Institute created a free

app, Beat the Microbead, which can scan a product's bar code and tell if it contains the beads. You can download the app at www. If you currently have any products containing microbeads, stop using them and properly dispose of them at any local POD Drop-off location. Drop-off locations throughout Northern Michigan can be found at Next, support a ban on microplastics and microbeads in consumer products. Bills have been introduced in the Michigan legislature. Public support is critical to get a ban on microbeads in Michigan. Contact your elected officials today and tell them you want the Great Lakes protected from these tiny plastics that are plaguing our waters. While these small microbeads are causing a big problem for our Great Lakes, small actions from you can make a big difference in stopping this plastic pollution. With your help, we can protect our precious, yet vulnerable, Great Lakes from the threat of microbeads.

Pills flushed and thrown in the trash get into our waterways and can harm fish and wildlife. Put your pills in the POD. | 39





Life-long area resident Steve Pike

brings youthful enthusiasm to the job.




brings 17 years of painting experience

Corey’s family vacationed in Indian

to Walstrom Marine. Steve ran the

River; the Inland water route was his


early playground.

equipment company for 14 years and

Building Avalon and Tahoe Pontoon





was self employed for 3.

boats was his introduction to the






professional side of the boating world.

damage, Steve has had the opportunity

Corey moved north in 2008 and continued his career in the

to prove his painting skills. From severe damage to looking

marine industry by going to work at a marina on the Inland

almost new, it is amazing what he can do with a 25 year

Water Route. There Corey specialized in outboard power

old boat. Steve has enjoyed the before and after of these

and O/I repair and maintenance. Since joining the Walstrom

major projects. He will be doing some engine covers to put

Team he has continued his marine education, attending both

that custom boat look on some of our Pursuit boats. Steve’s

Tiara and Pursuit Tech. In the future Corey will be expanding

skills will allow Walstrom Marine to take care of your painting

into Yamaha Outboard, and Volvo Penta systems.

needs both large and small.

The ULTIMATE Tender Lift Solution The freedom to use your watercraft where and when you want with just the touch of a button! FreedomLift® is the ideal solution for transporting your tender or PWC. n Installs independent of your swim platform n The ONLY lift with easily removable lift arms n Features wireless, hydraulic remote control operation n Lifting capacity of 800+ lbs. n Innovative design better than old-style platform lifts

See our dynamic video and digital portfolio on the web:

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WHY Walstrom?

pproximately two years ago, I received a call from a gentleman that was traveling the “Loop” and was planning on being in Harbor Springs in late August or early September. He was interviewing service departments, inspecting storage facilities and checking out the business in general looking for a winter home for his boat. We spoke several times and finally made plans for he and his wife to come visit us late that winter to talk and look over the facilities. The end result was that we stored the boat the next winter, as well as performed some maintenance, some gel repairs, some electronics updates, varnish work and some custom work. Then we found out that he changed his plans and decided to stay for the next summer and not only docked with us but stored with us again that next winter. A change in family plans resulted in his beloved boat going up for sale by our Sales Team during the second year storing with us. I bring this up as I am often asked why someone should become a member of the Walstrom Boating Family and I think this is a great example. Walstrom Marine has been around for quite some time and we have always felt that our customers are something special –we are celebrating our 70th year in business in Harbor Springs next year! – and in fact we consider our regular customers members of our extended family.

This attitude is practiced throughout our company, from Sales, Storage, Service, Detail Department, and Dockage. We are constantly updating our facilities, such as installing pump outs at almost all slips, building a Customer Lounge area (not completed yet), making sure that cable TV and WiFi is available, installing a laundry facility, putting in new B-Docks that were reconfigured, raising or lowering fixed docks as necessary to facilitate boarding your boats, keeping our storage buildings clean and secure, using and maintaining the best equipment available to haul and transport your boats, keeping new products and parts in stock, to name a few. Walstrom Marine Techs are attending the various schools and seminars to keep abreast of the latest technology. Our Techs stay current with certifications such as ABYC, NMEA Installers, Garmin Certified Installers, Yamaha and Volvo schools, as well as attending Tiara Tech and Pursuit Tech Seminars. Our Management Team also stays on top of the latest trends by active membership in MBIA, maintaining our Clean Marina status, maintaining our Five Star Certification, attending industry sponsored seminars, such as MDCE and IBEX and many more throughout the year. We also bring “the Family” together several times a year by having Opening Day BBQ’s, Tiara VIP Tours, Twilight Preview, The Walstrom Annual Summer Cruise, and even a Holiday

By Charlie Duray

Open House for everyone to come and see us and your fellow boaters. Additionally we offer Saturday morning coffee and doughnuts in the Sales Center and many other often impromptu events. As our staff has a combined total of well over five hundred years of marine experience working towards a common goal – your satisfaction, I guess the question really shouldn’t be “why should I store/buy/sell/ or service my boat with Walstrom Marine” but “Why Shouldn’t I become a Walstrom Marine Boating Family Member?” Cruise far and Safe | 41


By Rick Venner, Tiara Brand Manager 2013 brought us the introduction of the all new Tiara 50 Coupe, a new standard of yachting enjoyment and enhanced technologies from Tiara Yachts. Fast forward to the introduction of a smaller classmate, the 44 Coupe, fall of 2014. To say it rode on the heels of the successful, bigger 50 would be an understatement. Walstrom Marine has four new deliveries this spring alone, the last with a hull numbered 31. Production availability is now running toward the end of 2015 and into 2016 for the 44 Coupe. Why all the buzz and immediate success? The 44 Coupe embraces the latest in new technology and is built using Tiara’s designed and engineered quality construction with features for the desires of today’s yachtsman. Starting with the helm area, you experience not only the technology of joystick docking but full cruise speed joystick driving. The Garmin (glass-dash) electronics are fully integrated with a clean, user-friendly interface. I would anticipate that any member of the family would feel confident to competently run or dock her. Moving away from the helm and on to the rest of the salon’s intimate surrounding area, you’ll find ample lounging, dining, and will notice the social benefit of a galley up design. Going below decks is only for heads and beds; in other words, two spacious bathrooms (one with an independent shower stall) and two sleeping and

42 |

lounging staterooms. The forward stateroom is a luxurious master with a modified queen pedestal bed. The mid-stateroom has two beds that can easily be converted into one. Boarding through the easy access transom, you will be immediately struck with the lack of necessary canvas. The cabin entry is a large sliding glass door. If you desire an environmentally controlled space, close it up but, for an open air day, open the sliding door, the sunroof and sliding side windows in the salon and let the sun shine in and breeze gently cool you. Below decks has ample natural light with hull windows in the mid-stateroom and opening ports and deck hatch in the master. The 44 Coupe’s performance with the Volvo Penta pod drives has a confident cruise at 2530 MPH and a top end of 35 MPH. To find out more about this new exciting Tiara Yacht, contact your Walstrom Marine salesperson, we’re excited about it too.

COUPE | 43


(231) 838-6700


880 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor 3 bedrooms - 3 1/2 baths 3,500 sq. ft. - 50’ private dock $995,000

80’ on BAY HARBOR Lake

1140 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor 5 bedrooms - 3 full, 2 half baths 5,100 sq. ft. - Boathouse $2,775,000

75’ on BAY HARBOR Lake

1080 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor 5 bedrooms - 6,500 sq. ft. Boathouse with 50’ interior slip $3,199,000

60’ on BAY HARBOR Lake

930 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor 4 bedrooms - 3 full baths 4,738 sq. ft. - Elevator $1,799,000

429’ on Walloon lake

3,080’ on walloon lake

5085 Sand Point Lane, Petoskey

2851 Camp Daggett, Petoskey

7 bedrooms - 5 1/2 baths 4,800 sq. ft. - Sandy beach $2,499,000

5 bedrooms - 5 bathrooms 135 acres - Individual lots available $10,900,000

Northern Michigan’s #1 real estate agent with over $208 Million in sales in the last 5 years


*According to the NMMLS by volume



4040 S. Lake Shore Drive, Harbor Springs | 1000’ of Lake Michigan Waterfront Privately gated | 100 acres | 5 bedrooms | 4,689 Sq. Ft. | $6,599,000

5131 Maple Grove, Charlevoix | 440’ of Lake Charlevoix Waterfront Infinity edge pool | 8 acres | 6 bedrooms | 15,000 Sq. Ft. | $8,499,000

3122 Townsend Road, Petoskey | 167’ of Walloon Lake Waterfront Full log home | 7 bedrooms | 10,000 Sq. Ft. | $3,495,000

Customer Profile Ziba Graham, Jr.

6 GENERATIONS at Graham Point on Crooked Lake

By Ward Walstrom, Jr.


iba Graham Jr.’s great-grandfather, also Ziba, had a farm in southern Indiana. Around the turn of the century, because of hay fever, Ziba and his family came north before the corn harvest. They came up by train and stayed in a hotel in Oden. Ziba loved to fish and discovered a great fishing hole near a point on Crooked Lake. Each day, he would row a boat across the lake to the point. His son Bob said, “Why don’t you buy the point so you don’t have to row across the lake?” So he bought the point from Capt. Barns who had a fish camp and a steam paddle wheeler. The first Grahams would hook up wagons with pigs and chickens and drive down to Conway. Eventually the family built thirteen houses in the vicinity of Graham Point. Young Ziba, Jr. was always interested in boats since he was a kid. He learned to sand and varnish the family’s rowboat. His dad, also named Ziba, built a Lightning in the garage in

46 |

Indiana. He learned to sail racing Lightnings on Crooked Lake. Ziba Jr.’s dad bought a 36’ Chris-Craft with his brothers after WWII and kept it in Cheboygan. “In the early 50’s, we loved to go to Mackinac Island for lunch. The only “electronics” were a compass and lead line. Sometimes it was rough so we would hug Bois Blanc Island. The Chris-Craft had a bell. It was my job to hang on to the bell ringer because if my grandmother heard it ring, she would make us go back home. “ As Ziba, Jr. grew up, he raced on the interlake races. You could go to each lake and race individually owned boats. There were Nippers, 14’ sail boats for the younger ones. In Harbor Springs, they raced NM’s and Marlins. On Walloon Lake, it was Snipes and Seventeens. Another race was from Petoskey to Harbor for 14’ sailboats or shorter.

“When I got a bigger boat, dad said “Rule#1, never scare your wife. Rule #2, see rule #1.“If you break the rules, hang a for sale sign on your boat. As soon as you see your wife worried, turn back.” Ziba, Jr.’s father was nicknamed Big Z even though he wasn’t very big, but he always cut a big path. He had close to ten boats. His first wife, Winifred, refused to allow Big Z to buy any more boats. One day Winifred said, “From now on, for every boat you buy, you have to sell one.” On rainy days, Ziba would come to Harbor and look at boats at Walstrom’s. I could tell when Ziba’s enthusiasm would wane because he knew he had to sell a boat first before he could buy a new one. When Winifred died, Big Z married his good friend, Sally Dunlap. “None of us told Sally about the ‘sell one buy one’ rule,” his son chuckles. “Big Z was liberated.” “I have 6 grandkids,” Ziba, Jr. boasts. “I teach them about knots and give them a certificate. Every year we review knots and boating safely. They are the sixth generation of Grahams on Graham Point.” One day I took Ziba, Jr. and his dad and Sally out on a demonstration of a 40’ Hatteras. We looked back at Big Z and Sally holding hands and Ziba, Jr. said to me, “You just sold a boat.” “Cathy likes to boat as much as I do,” Ziba, Jr. proudly claims. They boat to the North Channel, Sault Ste. Marie, Bear Drop Harbor, and Little Current. And of course, they still love to go to Mackinac Island. The Grahams dock the Hatteras named “A Biz” in Duncan Bay and enjoy it with a group of boaters. Ziba says, “The Hatteras was sold by Walstrom and maintained by them so I know it’s a good one. We are very happy to be with the Walstrom crew in Cheboygan,” And, Walstrom Marine is happy to have Ziba and his family part of our family. After all, six generations of Grahams is a lot of family boating.

When the goal is not riches, but to live richly. For the sake of discussion, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s say wealth is a relative term. To some, it could mean having an eight digit portfolio. To others, it might mean having friends, family and good health. To others still, it could be the ability to do and have what is most rewarding. Or all of the above. Whatever its definition, and regardless of whether wealth is a means or an end, those who have it also have goals that shape their decisions. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why clients of Greenleaf Trust benefit greatly from our goals-based wealth management approach. Thoughtful and holistic in its methodology, goals-based planning ensures clear-minded focus on managing your wealth so that you achieve the things in life that are most important and meaningful. At each step of the way, our client centric team model puts your well-being at the center of every decision, giving you peace of mind. To learn more about Greenleaf Trust, and how goals-based wealth management can help you live a life well spent, call John Welch or visit

Financial Security from Generation to Generation

t r av e r s e c i t y



w w w. g r e e n l e a f t r u s t. c o m

DC 325 Dual Console Take a Bow! By Hi Stover

48 |


he all-new Pursuit DC 325 Dual Console successfully combines their expected attention to luxury with unparalleled sport utility. When boating with your family, friends and significant others, the versatility of the new DC 325 gives you the perfect platform to enjoy your adventures on the water. You can camp, fish, dive or just cruise together with luxury, comfort and protection from the elements. The DC 325 embodies all these amenities in classic, timeless, Pursuit style. The DC 325 combines central utility, a starboard side helm center and tremendous seating functionality with exquisite Pursuit appointments. The DC 325 features an open bow design with full wrap-around seating and plenty of storage. The fully integrated fiberglass hardtop with visor is engineered with a tempered glass windshield system, composite frame forward and bonded to the fiberglass hardtop. Port and starboard glass is fixed in a white,

powder-coated aluminum frame complete with recessed enclosure track. The port side wraparound lounge, double-wide helm seat, cockpit seating and forward bow seating offer plenty of available spaces to satisfy everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite spots to ride along or run the DC 325. The dual consoles open to reveal port-side dedicated equipment storage and lounging area along with a starboard side head accessed via innovative, dual action door systems. Everything you need to entertain is right where you want it, including 12 volt refrigeration and an optional electric grill. Plus, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget the DC 325 will still fish hard when you want and comes complete with insulated fish storage boxes, tackle storage, rod-holders and plenty of cockpit space to catch whatever you desire. And remember, if fishing is not your favorite pastime, the insulated storage boxes will keep all of your food and refreshments for a day on the water in a cool dry place. Enjoy! | 49


A Dynamic Duo


armin. The mention of the name conjures up the image of finding your way. Founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao, Garmin has grown to become the leader in the personal GPS category having shipped over 126 million units by the spring of 2014. Walstrom Marine has recognized the ease of operation, functionality, and robust construction of the Garmin Marine offerings and now recommends Garmin for new builds and updates on boats of all sizes. Let's take a look at a few current offerings in the Tiara lineup and explore a couple of Garmin's premier offerings. Standard equipment on the new Tiara 50 Coupe, is the advanced Garmin/Volvo Glass Cockpit featuring two GPSMAP 8215 15" displays with GRID armrest remote and Volvo Autopilot with Joystick Driving for the IPS 950 pods. This system incorporates an interface that operates like your smartphone. Chartplotters, Sonar, Radar, Video, engine displays, can all be operated directly on the touch screen monitors or while seated at the helm via the GRID armrest remote. The bright, crisp XGA touchscreen comes standard with preloaded BlueChartÂŽ g2 maps of the U.S. coast and includes pinch-to-zoom and other touch

50 |

controls for intuitive operation. Anti-glare and LED backlighting makes it easy to view in bright sunlight. And auto-dimming provides outstanding visibility at night. GPSMAP 8215 integrates various sonar technologies as well as autopilot, connectivity, apps, engine data and multi-media. User data can be automatically synced for all networked 8000 series chartplotters across multiple helms â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

everything you need is at your fingertips, all on one screen. Note the helm photos of the Tiara 50 Coupe - the installation of the Glass Cockpit is so clean that there are only seven switches necessary to operate wipers and nav lighting. A small step down is the Garmin GPSMAP 7215 15" displays installed on the Walstrom Marine Tiara 39 Coronet. The 7215s offer similar ease of operation on the 39 Coronet powered by a traditional Cummins inboard diesel drive system as the Glass Cockpit system on the IPS powered 50 Coupe. Within minutes a new owner can be up-to-speed with system basics and feeling comfortable with the operation of their new vessel's electronics. Now is the time to consider what electronics you will have installed on your next vessel, and Garmin should be your first choice. Contact Walstrom Marine for a demonstration at your convenience. You'll be glad you did!

Customer Profile Brian & Lori



lthough growing up in different areas of the Mitten State, both Brian and Lori Ann Klym had the advantage of access to miles of lovely waterways, but ultimately “handpicked” Lake Michigan and Harbor Springs to be their true delight. Brian’s family summer cottage outside of Glen Arbor was where his love of the lake was truly composed. He spent countless days sailing his Sunfish and Laser across the stunning turquoise waters of Sleeping Bear Bay. At 14, Brian sought a more adventurous hobby and found that in windsurfing and has windsurfed some of the most highlighted locales in the world but still favors Lake Michigan over all others. After graduating from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1996, Brian made his first purchase, a Supra Ski boat. Splitting time between boating and cycling kept Brian active. The same ambitious spirit that motivated his windsurfing pursuit also led him to winning the 2010 Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race, a grueling 30 mile endurance race. Winning that race not only brought the distinguishable honor and ultimate sensation of achievement, but also a very significant congratulatory Facebook message from one Lori Ann Coscarelli. Lori Ann grew up in south central Michigan on the banks of the Grand River. Canoeing at her family home and spending time at the marina her grandparents owned on the Bellaire River was where her passion of the water was conceived. That passion of the water was paralleled by only that of her affection for architecture, which led her to becoming a project accountant for a construction management firm. Lori Ann primarily focused on projects in Washington DC and Georgia, and eventually northern Michigan, where she moved in 2002.

By Joel Shoemaker

Brian and Lori Ann were married in Leland in October of 2011 and in the same year she began managing Brian’s dental practice. Their introduction into Great Lakes boating came from friends that had a Tiara 35 Express they would occasionally cruise on. It was at this time that the Klyms realized that the condo they thought they were looking for wouldn’t be the best fit, but rather something they could travel on and still preserve all of the comforts of home. The search for their perfect boat commenced, and ultimately a Tiara 32 Open was chosen. Many memorable trips to Mackinac Island, Leland, and Traverse City were had on the 32 including a “white knuckling” ride through Grey’s Reef in a seven foot head sea during just their second season. Brian and Lori Ann are never cruising alone, always traveling with Elvis, their seven year-old cocker spaniel/ poodle companion. In May of 2014 Brian and Lori Ann purchased a Tiara 36 Sovran and have been delighted in it since. It allows them to anchor off places such as South Manitou Island where some of their best hikes have taken place. The Klyms still reside in Traverse City but have found the 150 mile round trip to Harbor Springs and Walstrom Marine well worth the drive. Whether it’s taking in the brilliant summer sunrise over the Petoskey State Park while savoring a cup of coffee in the cockpit of “Hey Girl”, walking Elvis to Zoll Park, or riding through the snaky tunnel of trees, it’s easy for the Klyms to choose their perfect way of spending a day in the town with a “New England feel, great restaurants, and a gorgeous harbor.” Walstrom Marine would like to thank Brian and Lori Ann Klym for being such wonderful customers and would like them to know that we would “hand-pick” them as well. | 51

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Bay Harbor Lake Marina is the perfect place for your home port this season. Bay Harbor Lake Marina is considered the Nautical Center of the Great Lakes with our deep water harbor and the picturesque views of Little Traverse Bay in northern Michigan. The marina can accommodate vessels and yachts up to 220 feet. Our floating docks, adjustable cleat system, and protected site make us the finest and safest choice for your vessel. Enjoy the many amenities available at your fingertips in the most scenic port including: -

Swim & Fitness Center Boutique Hotel & Vacation Homes Shopping & Dining 27 Hole Golf Course

Along with our everyday amenities and specialties, we also have premier events each summer including our In-Water Boat Show, Vintage Car & Boat Festival, 4th of July Parade & Fireworks, and the Arts Festival. Allow our expertly trained staff to take care of your every need. Bay Harbor Lake Marina is a true destination port specializing in the lifestyle that merits you. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also the perfect location for the best in Great Lakes day or week-long boating trips.

Seasonal and transient slips are Save the Date! still available for the 2015 2015 In-Water season. Take advantage of the Boat Show early season and first time June 19-21, seasonal promotions and discounts. Bay Harbor Lake 2015! Marina has much more to offer Exhibitor Packets are you than just a dock slip, but a available online at community and boating family worth joining. Please contact us or give us a call at today for more information on 231.439.2544! how to begin your journey! 231.439.2544

Both stores open daily

(extended hours throughout the summer months) Harbor Springs 10:00 – 6:00 Sundays 11:00 – 4:00 Bay Harbor 10:00 – 6:00 Sundays 10:00 – 4:00

Propellers is welcoming many new and exciting products to their offerings for Spring and Summer 2015. It’s always fun adding fresh pieces to your stylish “Up North” wardrobe and Propellers is always sure to offer what’s new for the season to keep you looking fashionable. You can always count on us to find the classic resortwear you know and love. Spring trend: Stackable bracelets – wear 2 or wear 10. Mix and match colors and sizes to complement every outfit and occasion. Bourbon and Bowties is taking the market by storm with their handmade in the USA bangles. This company was started in 2012 in the south by a young entrepreneur, Carley Ochs, and business has been booming ever since. We couldn’t be more pleased to add these stylish one-of-a-kind bangle bracelets to our Propellers stores this year. Bourbon and Bowties products feature a wide variety of natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, hand cut crystal, semi precious stones and other fine materials. #doyoubangle Nothing says summer on Little Traverse Bay like the perfect shift dress or tunic. They offer an easy style that takes you from day to night. Propellers is the largest Lilly Pulitzer specialty store in the Midwest and our stores are full of bright prints and the best resort styles for summer. To complement our preppy chic flair, we are excited to bring Sail to Sable to our brand offerings. The Sail to Sable brand was inspired by stripes, salty water, coral, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, bright and bold fabrics, and all things summer. They are known for their bold colors, intricate trimmings along the neckline and hem and coordinating prints. Our staff is ready to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience on every visit to our stores. Let us help you with all your shopping needs this season. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or something for you, Propellers has what you’re looking for. We stock everything from local cruising guides and life jackets to totebags and shoes. We offer a variety of nautical inspired gifts and accessories as well as mens, ladies and childrens clothing. Propellers is a one stop shop for the boating enthusiast. We can meet your every need for a day on the water or on the town.

Want to see what else is happening at Propellers? Become a fan of our Facebook page. We update our Facebook page weekly with the latest in shipments, events, promotions and sales. Both Propellers stores sell gift certificates and we special order items to fit your personal needs. Need to call us? Harbor Springs store 231-526-6885 Bay Harbor store 231-439-2740

Freshly Squeezed ~ Stories From the Juice Stand June 24, 2015 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Crooked Tree Arts Center is pleased to announce the 2015 “Charitably Chic” fashion lecture luncheon. This year’s lecture will feature the ever classic, timeless designs and life of Lilly Pulitzer. In collaboration with Bay Harbor Foundation, Bay Harbor Yacht Club and Propellers of Bay Harbor, CTAC looks forward to seeing your best Lilly, June 24th at the Lange Center at Bay Harbor Yacht Club! Reservations starting at $75 per person. Contact the Crooked Tree Arts Center for ticket information 231.347.4337.

For a complete list of our new and previously owned boats, please visit

boats previously owned

54 |

PENDING 65’ 1998 Hatteras Convertible

64’ 2008 Hatteras Convertible

63’ 2002 Hatteras Raised Pilothouse

53’ 1999 Carver Voyager Pilothouse

53’ 1983 Hatteras 53 Extended Deckhouse Motor Yacht

52’ 2004 Tiara 5200 Sovran Salon

47’ 2004 Tiara Sovran 4700

44’ 2001 Sunseeker Camargue

44’ 1989 Viking Motor Yacht

42’ 2002 Regal 4260 Commodore

42’ 1987 Chris Craft 426 Catalina

42’ 1979 Bertram Motor Yacht

40’ 1995 Tiara 4000 Express

39’ 2014 Tiara 3900 Coronet

PENDING 52’ 2002 Tiara Express


PENDING 39’ 2007 Tiara Convertible

39’ 2001 Mainship Trawler

37’ 1989 Jefferson 37 Sundeck

36’ 2014 Pursuit SC 365i Sport Coupe

36’ 1989 Cruisers 3670 Esprit

36’ 1968 Chris Craft Corvette

34’ 1988 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge

PENDING 36’ 2006 Chris Craft Corsair 36

PENDING 33’ 1980 Bertram Flybridge Cruiser

32’ 1985 Grand Banks Trawler

30’ 1999 Grady White Marlin 300

30’ 1995 Pursuit 3000 Offshore

SOLD PENDING 28’ 1988 Bertram 28 Moppie

28’ 1975 Bertram 28 Flybridge

28’ 1975 Bertram 28 Flybridge

25’ 1997 Cobalt 252

Sharing your passion for boating since 1946 22’ 1988 Pulsifer Hampton Launch 22

15’ 2013 Tassier Skiff | 55



previously owned

36’ 2013 Tiara 3600 Coronet

32’ 2006 Tiara 3200 Open



50’ 2014 Tiara Coupe

39’ 2014 3900 Tiara Coronet

31’ 1989 Tiara 3100 Convertible

SOLD 31’ 2014 Tiara 3100 Coronet

#1 in Tiara Brokerage Sales on the Great Lakes! Sharing your passion for boating since 1946

Crossing the Bar

an excerpt from Alfred Lord Tennyson

Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, When I embark; For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. The Walstrom Marine team shares in the loss of our friends and fellow boaters: Bill Hoglund, Robert F. Cooke, Kari Way, Doug Pressler, Greg Krueger, Dr. Al Harvey, Jeff Hitchcock and Jack Batts.

56 |

News from Rivertown Continued from page 10 With the Cheboygan parts manager position once again open and spring just around the corner, filling the vacancy became a top priority. After consideration of several applicants, Rick Heiny was called in for a second interview. Rick had been working at a marine supply store for the past five years. His established relationships with a variety of marine vendors made him an especially viable candidate. Fast forward, we are pleased to introduce our new Parts Manager, Rick Heiny. Rick lives on Mullett Lake in Cheboygan and is a boating enthusiast. He owns three boats and several personal watercrafts. Originally from East Grand Rapids, he spent his summers in Holland, boating on Rick Heiny Lake Macatawa. Rick got his first boat, an eight-foot Ranger named Peter Puck, at the tender age of four years old. (Yes, you read that correctly!) He happily paddled around in it that summer. He had to wait to get a motor for it until he was a more mature five years old. His parents purchased the dinghy from a family friend who played hockey recreationally, thus the boat’s name. The stern sported a smiling hockey puck with arms and legs, which young Rick found amusing. As you can see, boating has long been in his blood. That passion, combined with his product knowledge, makes him a valuable asset to our company and a welcome addition to our staff. “I’m happy to be part of the Walstrom Marine team,” he stated. “It’s great to be able to work in a field I enjoy, for a company with the outstanding reputation Walstrom Marine has created for itself over the years. I look forward to meeting the customers and assisting them with all their boating needs.” As usual, our technicians attended various industry-related events and took advantage of continuing education sessions, both online

and off-site, during the winter months. Dana attended the Michigan Boating Industry Association, MBIA, conference in Lansing, and learned about the management side of marina operation, including such things as regulations and Clean-Marina topics. He also traveled to Holland, Michigan with Tim Burdick, and Harbor Springs technicians Corey Geiger and Steve Pike, for Tiara Tech, a two-day event which showcased new models, offered a tour of the plant, and featured segments on the care and maintenance of various systems their boats offer. Tim continued his online training through Yamaha and through the Volvo Penta Partner Network. Along with Harbor Springs technician Bob Smutz, he traveled to Massachusetts for a two-day Westerbeke generator class which focused on applications, troubleshooting and installation. In March, he flew to Virginia for an advanced, three-day course on Volvo Penta Integrated Propulsion Systems, IPS, which covered a variety of topics. Attendees performed removal and installation, as well as advanced calibrations on a functioning IPS training simulator. These training opportunities expand our ability to offer you quality service by certified technicians. We embrace the new chapter this season begins, with staffing changes which once again have us operating with a full crew. Walstrom Marine has been serving the needs of the boating community from Cheboygan for the past 28 years, from Bay Harbor for 21 years, and from Harbor Springs for 69 years, and we thank you for being an integral part of our story. While our Cheboygan crew has changed somewhat since last season, our core values remain the same. We strive to make your experience with Walstrom Marine carefree and to maximize your time on the water, where some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets can be witnessed. After all, we have been sharing your passion for boating since 1946.


• Make sure you have a first aid kit onboard. It doesn’t have to be EMT complex, but should be capable of dealing with most minor emergencies. You can buy a nice first aid kit for under $50.00. • After anchoring out, when you get back to the dock (or the next day), you may want to either open up the anchor locker or lay out the line on the deck or dock to dry. Doing this will help prevent mildew on the line as well as in the anchor locker. This will also help to prevent musty odors. • While cruising, if you notice your engine’s water temp creeping up at slow speeds, it may be your impeller telling you it’s about to fail. When running at cruise speeds, your water pump actually pushes too much water through your engine so it stays cool even though its efficiency is compromised. At slower speeds, the inefficiency is more pronounced and warns you by allowing the engine temperature to rise. • If there is oiled teak on your boat, when the teak’s appearance starts to look “dry”, it is time to apply more oil to the wood. This will maintain its golden appearance as well as avoiding having to bleach and clean the teak, or even preventing having to sand it. Sanding should be the last resort in teak care, so keep it oiled but make sure any teak oil that’s spilled gets cleaned up before it dries. • If you have children or grandchildren aboard, make sure their life jackets still fit properly. Youngsters grow at an alarming rate, as you probably already know, and having a properly fitting life jacket is very important. Also double check the condition of all your other life jackets and any throw-able devices. | 57

The Village of Hillside/Friendship Center




he Village of Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal Campaign partners these two organizations to raise $1.5 Million, which will allow them to expand their exceptional services to local Harbor Springs seniors through 32 new, affordable apartments that are accessible to seniors with disabilities; an enhanced, spacious Friendship Center and community center areas; and the establishment of a community-based program called Community Connections. This campaign will meet the increasing needs of Harbor Springs’ seniors and allow them to age in their community while providing them with quality affordable housing, an accessible community center, linkage to needed services and opportunities to engage in the vibrant Harbor Springs community.

Fred & Ruth Yoder (pictured above) have called The Village of Hillside home for almost 20 years, but are looking at a move. Fred can no longer easily and safely navigate the stairs to their second floor apartment, although Ruth helps him multiple times a day for his walks. Fred can’t fit his walker up the stairs and there are no elevators. So, after 20 years in their home, the Yoders are waiting for a first floor apartment to become available. “We will miss our balcony,” notes Ruth, but “this [The Village of Hillside] is where we want to stay.”


• A new two-story building with 32 open concept, barrier-free one- and two-bedroom affordable senior apartments • Completely accessible, energy efficient building with large elevator access to all floors • Green space to maintain the residential character and provide an oasis for residents and their family and visitors, staff and the neighboring community • 2,000 sq. foot common area space for the Friendship Center, including a full kitchen, high speed internet access and a private exam room for medical services

Friendship Center of Harbor Springs

• Community-based programming through Community Connections, a program providing seniors with“one-stop” shop access to social engagement, services and resources


The renewal of The Village of Hillside’s campus will replace the three original buildings, add eight new apartments to the campus and expand the Friendship Center’s space and services.


For more information contact: Mary Catherine Hannah, Executive Director The Village of Hillside and Perry Farm Village

Total Cost of Project:

$6.2 million

4241 Village Circle Drive Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740

Financed through local, state & federal sources:

$4.7 million

Phone (231) 526-1500 | Cell (231) 330-6886

Fundraising Goal:

$1.5 million

58 |

Office 248.281.2040 | Fax 248.281.2080 26200 Lahser Road, Suite 300, Southfield, MI 48033

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Walstrom Docklines 2015  
Walstrom Docklines 2015