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“Our Food System” WORKSHOP

April 22, 2011 Earth Day How much do you know about your local, regional, national and global food system? Do you debate whether to buy organic produce or believe it’s a hoax? Do you have questions about what it means to eat ‘sustainable’ foods? Do you feel overwhelmed by today’s food choices and if you’re making the right ones? This workshop aims to answer all of these questions and many more. Join us on Earth Day for an evening of learning, tasting and meeting others like yourself who are making the effort to navigate the complex world that is our food system today. Whether you are an omnivore (eat meat & veggies), a vegetarian, a vegan or any other type of eater, this workshop addresses your concerns too. Together we can create the kind of food system we truly want! What: WORKSHOP + WINE & CHEESE TASTING Hosted by Taste Of Timmins, Workshop presentation by Rosalia Rivera When: April 22, 2011 Where: Timmins Inn & Suites: 1800 Riverside Drive Time: 7pm-9pm Price: Ticket Price is $10 and includes a complimentary organic wine & cheese tasting~

About the presenter: Rosalia Rivera is a travel and documentary photographer, organic farmer and sustainable food activist. She has documented the practices of various pasture-based livestock farms in NY State which started her on her own journey as a farmer. Now living and farming in Timmins, Rosalia has delved deep into the local food movement, continually researching the global food system to understand it's interconnectedness, it's benefits and it's flaws. Her passion to help create food security in the Timmins and area communities led her to create the website with the intention to help others connect with their local food resources. The website aims to provide not only resources, but also education for those interested in learning more about sustainable foods and farming practices. As a farmer and documentarian, she has an inside perspective of what true sustainable farming is all about and the value it contributes to the community and the environment. Through upcoming workshops, film screenings and events she hopes to bring the community together to learn, share and be inspired about good food, good health and good environmental practices.

Our Food System  

A workshop about our food system

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